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#so that he can be closer
dyketubbo · 4 months ago
on one hand yes i want fireworksduo to be friends again and yes im happy about tubbo and philza being friends. on the other hand tubbo has never acknowledged his trauma in his life except for when he was telling off quackity for wanting an execution too and i just. im glad tubbo forgives but i wish he wouldnt shove aside his own feelings to do so. tubbo being the better person is nice but its so so sad when you think about how hes forced to be the better person when it comes to being nice to the grown ass adults who dont care that theyve hurt him.
all the posts about whether or not its technos fault that tubbo died (it is. yes its mostly schlatts fault but ultimately technos going to be the face tubbo sees when he thinks about it. he talked about rocket launchers instead of demands of making it hurt when he told quackity off for wanting an execution) and not a single one recognizing how the only apology techno gives is a lackluster "sorry" before he even actually pulled the trigger. not a single drop of remorse after. it shouldnt matter what reasons techno had. tubbo still has fucking trauma. whether or not techno was valid in killing tubbo shouldnt negate that the fireworks he shot into tubbos face and the way he made lmanburg into a crater are why tubbo sees nukes as a safety measure and made an even bigger crater to signalize that he can finally defend himself against people like techno now
itd be nice to see techno and tubbo be friends again yes, but if all the tommy sympathizers can say "bedrock bros only if techno shows remorse and introspection" then i get to say the same for fireworksduo. tubbos never going to get a chance to actually heal from his trauma if him repressing it is just enabled by him forgiving and befriending the people who hurt him all over again
if the relationship between the person who was hurt and the person who hurt them is a situation where the person who got hurt represses all of their emotions and trauma forgives the person who hurt them without the latter showing any actual remorse and even often shifting the blame off of themself while the former *does* show remorse and regret about whatever theyve done then its not a relationship that should be encouraged
#i love tubbo but god please please please i just want the people around him to acknowledge what theyve done god#tommy is the only one that i can remember whose acknowledged and has apologized for treating tubbo badly#dsmp#tubbo#c!technoblade critical#c!philza critical#like literally in technos stream he went all 'never fired a firework before!' and 'we can just blame dream for doomsday' like#he doesnt care that hes hurt tubbo and thats so so shitty and tubbo deserves better#tubbo cant get mad at schlatt because hes dead. he cant get mad at techno because 'well techno didnt have a choice'#he cant get mad at phil because phil doesnt have the full context and is closer to techno than tubbo was#he cant get mad at ranboo because ranboo doesnt know and theyre married#he cant get mad at niki because theyve barely interacted enough for him to know why shes around techno#tubbos stuck in a situation where if he gets mad he'll be seen as unreasonable and if hes not the better person#then hes a shitty person for not taking responsibility when the people around him refuse to#and its just so. sad#tubbos not willing to talk about his trauma. and no one is willing to prompt him. even if they did hed lie about it#because every time he speaks up hes reprimanded#the last time he made a choice that hurt someone else he was called a dictator. even months after the fact#one of technos first lines to him was calling him such and pressuring him into admitting it when tubbos first instinct was to defend himself#tubbo doesnt get upset because hes not allowed to. no wonder he represses everything when people get upset that he has emotions#if techno doesnt even try to see tubbos side i dont want to even see him be in the same room as tubbo. ever.#i can go without fireworksduo if it means tubbo acknowledging that he doesnt have to repress his trauma and can express negative emotions#never have i ever seen a fucking post acknowledging that techno should acknowledge just how harshly hes effected tubbo#instead of focusing on whether or not techno had a good reason to#tubbos fucking traumatized either way!!#why doesnt that matter!! it really should!!#mask mews
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smol-midgets · 6 months ago
The first thing that comes to mind when I think of soft andreil:
It's movie night with the foxes. Neil is super exhausted from practice and running. Andrew can see that so he spreads his legs, right knee propped against the arm of the couch, an open invitation. Neil comes and sits sideways between Andrew's legs and curls up against him. His back against Andrew's right leg, shoulder against his broad chest and face nuzzled in his neck. The foxes see this but wisely say nothing. Nicky is barely keeping it together.
Almost asleep, Neil brings up his hand and clutches Andrew's shirt close to his face, like he wants to keep him close. And then – he places a light, sleepy kiss to Andrew's neck. Andrew wraps his arms around Neil's waist and pulls him a little closer. He buries his face in Neil's soft, auburn curls and presses a kiss to the top of his junkie's head.
Theres a thud as Nicky bangs his head on the table.
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earthyorangeaid · 4 months ago
Okay if Luca got a sequel that was a few years into the future so we can get to see how Luca and Alberto’s lives have changed and how their new experiences have shaped them and how they’ve shaped their surroundings and the people who love them??? And maybe also get the first queer romance Pixar/Disney movie?? I would probably die from joy
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worstloki · 3 months ago
Stephen, knocking: are you decent?
Loki: not morally, but i'm wearing pants if that's what you're asking
#AU where Stephen faked his death in Infinity War bc for things to work out he had to be out of the way#(he makes sure the rat gets antman out)#but he also couldn't leave the Earth undefended for 5 years ya know since he's Sorcerer Supreme so he just lays low at home#meanwhile Loki who faked his death ALSO isn't supposed to mess with things in the 5 year period so yeah you know those few minutes offscreen#Stephen explained the situation to Loki who was happy to agree to stay out of the way#Strange reaches the Kamar Taj after the snap and finds Loki ready to bunk over#and he's like... no?>??? this wasnt part of the plan you just have to stay out of the way of mostly midgardians and also some space people??#and loki's like.... ye so i stay here that works right?? anyways you guys are out of ice cream :/#and strange has to admit keeping them both closer would be better in case somewhere along the line things mess up so he rereverses time#''and they were housemates'' ''omg they were housemates'' trope commences#it really miffs Stephen that Loki CAN use his magic for basic things but doesn't meanwhile Loki is miffed Strange uses it for useless things#they absolutely find each other's form and theory atrocious (thank you Midgard magic for being A Whole Process compared to Asgard)#Stephen: *complex finger arrangement. moving his arms. makes a set piece of magic using energy from other dimensions. etc.*#Loki: *waves an arm which sends a generic blast over using his own seidr but it doesn't have a cool geometric design*#Stephen trying to get faster to match Loki and Loki trying to put some order to his spells ensues#just two guys trying to act civil and not tear the other's hair out#OH#potential angst moment where Strange gets irritated and hits Loki in the chest and sends his astral form out and it's B L U E#Strange doing his regular hand exercises and Loki making fun of it because he Doesn't Know why the man's hands shake#just picture Strange moaning about how happy he is Wanda got snapped or as a huge probability magic user she'd be here with them too XD#potentially strangefrost#but im thinking by the end of their 5 year stay-in they're going to have a sambucky dynamic so close besties that complain about the other
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friendzoned61 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ego redesigns, Jim twins edition!
Thanks @ambrosiadreamer for the help!
#jim twins#markiplier#so the Jim’s were surprisingly hard#because in my head ive always thought of reporters as professional but the twins completely not#so the trick was giving them personality while also making them look good at their job#studio Jim is for the most part bland; hes got a grey suit gray shoes and a regular watch to complete the look#but if u look closer u can see how hes got a little highlighter on or contour and looks almost passive#hes got a makeup crew to help him between shots and to hide away anything that makes him looks stressed and is more likely to have a calm#or contemplative look than be expressive first for the quick story being told#field Jim has more leeway in what he’s allowed to wear since hes going to actually be out and needs to be comfortable in what hes moving in#so hes redder in the cheeks got slight eye bags and well worn tennies for moving fast#hes less messy and more casual is what i went with so button up and a tie but also those jogger type pants that look like capris??? idk#since hes out of studio he has to have everything he needs close by so hes got a big carrier bag thats got papers his mic water snacks all#making them twins was the hardest part cause every mark ego is just mark so to tie them they both have glasses and graying sides#the graying was to show theyve been at their job a while and theyve got those eye wrinkles and forehead lines#their glasses are opposite colors studio Jim has blue and field Jim has red i thought it’d be cute
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theobligatedklutz · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
according to jatp instagram, alex is a cancer. so uh what if he was born on july 22 and died on july 22
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comradekatara · 10 months ago
the idea of modern au mai ty lee & azula being high school friends is so funny to me bc if azula is just some random (rich) teenager instead of an imperial leader, then mai and ty lee would not be friends with her through coercion, and thus there would need to be another, equally viable reason that they are her (only) friends. for one thing, the fact that azula only has two “friends” in the show can be explained through azula only needing a “small, elite team” – why waste time recruiting other fighters when the three of them can singlehandedly take down armies? but in some banal high school setting, azula really just does only have two friends. and why would the quiet & bitter smart girl and the athletic & charming popular girl want to be friends with the intense & high-strung young republican? it’s simple: pity.
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panharmonium · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
new plan: somebody give rin AND obito medals for being the only two people to ever ask kakashi “are you okay” in a context that isn’t “are you injured.”
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