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#so the basic plot of the season is not a spoiler
sleepdeprivedthings · 2 days ago
I Need to Talk About This PT.1
A series of rents about some of the main relationships arcs in the third season of sex education. (Warning: There will be spoilers and this is quite of a big post)
(bonus Adam x Rahim at the end)
Tumblr media
First of all I would like to say that I don’t hate Eric for breaking up with Adam, but I am mad at how the writters basically wrote the same plot of season two for this to happen. 
Since season one we have seen the growth of Eric and Adam sexuality quite a bit, as well as seen how they bouth come from completely different sides of the LGBT+ community. 
Eric was always an outspoken and very free spirited person. He is also someone who is very impulsive, jumping into things very quickly, he is the type of person who wants to go all the way and wants the hole experience of life. We saw in his character jorney him going through alot to conquer this freedom, and even tho it’s not talked about all the time, we see through out the seasons how his up bringing- coming from a nigirian family, living in a mainly white country, having to deal with his own racial and sexual issues- affected his perspective over life and over his beliefs, and how he acts as a person because of it. So I do see his point when he said “I’m ready to fly, and you are still walking”. Eric is fighting for this since the very begining and it is easy to descredit him for this, bacause he makes things seems easy to handle even tho alot of times it isn’t. 
Adam, on the other hand, has completely different issues that he has to deal with. First, he is a white priveleged boy who never had to deal with preconception till this moment. You see that in the begining of this season, how this new situation is affecting him and how this new discovery about himself will change the way people sees him from now on, and even how he sees himself from now on. He never had to think about this kind of things before, and he is discovery a hole new world that can be very scary at first. Plus at the same time, his parents are getting a divorse, he just started a relationship, none of his issues with his dad were ever resolved, he obviously has a learning disability that he has to deal with. And all of those things just adds in the pile to makes him an overly insecure person, who also has a lot of difficult openning up to people. In resume there is a lot going on in Adam’s life at the moment, and what he definetly needed right now is someone who is willing to walk this extra steps with him, but he is a relationship with someone who is in hole nother frequency. 
Which leads us to the route of this relationship problems.
Tumblr media
What we need to understand in their situation is that loving someone doesn’t equal being ready for a relationship with them. Eric fought alot for being able to express and be open about who he is, while Adam is still learning how to do this and how to deal with this new side of him. This can be frustraiting for the both of them, because of the pression that they end up putting on eachother- Eric wanting Adam to be more outspoken, and Adam wanting Eric to slow things down a bit. This situation was already a warning for disaster.
Now, here comes the part that I’m really disapointed about, because they could have written their relationship to end in a different form. Let me explain!
There was a lot of ways to make them break up without having Eric be an asshole to his partner... again. Eric could have went to that party in Nigerea and just realized how he wanted to be more free and open, without having him kissing another guy. They could have made him comeback from the trip realizing that he is just not ready for a relationship at the moment, and have him has  a sincere conversation with his boyfriend about how he feels, and then having them breaking up. Instead of that, what the writters decided to do was basically reciclying the same plot that they did with Rahim in season two and expect us to accept it the same way. Which is just... a bunch of bullshit.
Tumblr media
Eric cheated on Rahim, because his partner wasn’t the one who made him sparkle. Eric cheated on Adam, bacause he wasn’t feeling free enough to be outspoken as he wanted too with his partner. Those are lame excuses to cheat on someone, and you can’t expect us as an audience to understand Eric’s side when you keep written him to act like an asshole with his partners. 
And listen I love Eric, I really do, he is one of my favorite characters, but you simply can’t make me simpatize with his situation if you keep fucking up the writting of his character like that. Plus this is bad writting at it’s finest, cause you are just making him cheat on his partners to have an easier/dramatic way for them to break up, instead of actually making them have a conversation out of it, and show us that two people can be in love and still not be ready to be toguether.
Actually, is kinda annoying how they can’t seem to portrait an health conversation with any of their main couples, and the ones that they are able to do it they just end it in a crap way, but this is a rent for another post.
What I actually want to talk about now is the ending situation with Adam and Rahim, cause I’m reaaaaly curious to that.
Tumblr media
I just wanna say that I love whatever is going on between them, how they started as a “I hate you because you stole my boyfriend” and now they are like “You aren’t as bad as I thought”. I think this is actually really great for a future dinamic, because we have seen before that Rahim is someone who likes to help people into their own sexuality since he is someone who got more experience in the matter and is already confortable being who he is. 
For Adam to have someone like Rahim, who is more grounded- not only in the matter of sexuality but in other aspects as well-, by his side will be very good for his development. I still don’t know if they will be just friends, if they will be more, this show likes to get me off guard when it comes to couples so for the moment I would just like to say that I will keep my eyes open for this two.
Anyways, this is all I had to say in this subject. If you have a nopinion, something to add, or even a desagreement, feel free to comment or reblog your thoughts, just be nice and lets have a matur discusion ok? Thanks for reading and I’ll be giving more insights on Sex Ed s3 soon.
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ssuckitlosers · 5 months ago
Oh by the way, since another new episode is dropping tonight, there’s a 80% chance your gonna get some hetalia spam from me so here’s how I’m tagging spoilers ect;
Anything from season 7 will be tagged as hetalia season 7, that includes spoilers from the show as well as redraws of scenes ect. (Basically, it’s not all spoilers per say, but it’s all related to the season, if that makes sense)
And then, I’ll also tag spoilers specifically as either spoilers or hetalia spoilers. That’ll include anything about what happens in the episode, screenshots ect.
Idk how much sense that makes but if there’s anything yous want me to tag hmu and I’ll keep it in mind.
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oksanasanna · 10 months ago
Why do so many people hate Irina?? I agree her S3 scenes without Eve or Villanelle are a misuse of screen time, but the character herself has so much potential??
A mini-Villanelle giving us insight into Villanelle’s early murder tendencies/teenage years without the need for retcon bottle eps to explore her background? Villanelle having a psuedo-sibling she actually relates to? Someone who understands her anger and family problems and distrust of Konstantin? Villanelle being the mentor to Irina that she never had?
Another murderous dyke on this glorious show about murderous dykes??
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izzythehutt · a year ago
I think I’ve figured out why TMA Season 5 fundamentally doesn’t work. It’s like Dante’s Inferno totally divorced from any sense of sin or objective morality, i.e. two dudes walking around in a mystical hellscape watching people get tortured in a variety of horrible ways for no particularly good reason.
Also it’s not frightening, just depressing and, at times, pretentious.
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Tumblr media
“This has Kylo Ren Energy” - Mod Second To Last Jedi
#star wars#i feel bad tagging it with these popular tags#eh maybe itll get buried#kylo ren#this is from#ben ten#ben 10#the live action movie#BY THE WAY THERE ARE TWO AND WE CANT FIND A WAY TO WATCH THE SECOND ONE WHICH SUCKS#the title of the movei is#ben ten race against time#spoilers#oof tagging spoilers and star wars on this post feels wrong to me#but ill summarize the plot of this movie so that none of you out there have to watch this shit#so basically ben goes back to school after TWO seasons of the 2005 show#didnt it run for 4 season i hear you ask and youre right but this came out between them i think so ignore the latter two seasons#so ben and gwen arent popular at school and typical 2007 movie hyjinks ensue#but a new alien is in town and its fighting ben and it may or may not have powers over time who cares#back to ben who is angsting over how cool he used to be in an ice cream shop#he causes shenanigans in there and then runs into teh alien again#he ran into the alien in the first scene of hte film but it was literally that forgettable that i didnt write it down until just now#so gramp max shows ben how fucking many plumbers there actually are in bellwood and holy shit its like every other person is a plumber#INCLUDING THE PRINICPAL OF THE SCHOOL WHO IS THE EMT ON STAR TREK: VOYAGER AND I NEARLY HAD AN ANURISM RIGHT THERE#so the alien comes back and threatens ben and KID NAPS HIM but its fine he escapes so now the plumbers are watching over him non stop#but that doesnt stop the alien from coming after ben AGAIN and ben challenges him to fight him in a park at midnight I THINK#so gwen stops him from doing THAT but its too late and ben gets captured and the guy takeS OVER BEN'S BODY THROUGH THE OMNITRIX#LET ME REMIND YOU THAT THIS IS STILL A TEN YEAR OLD#thats where hte pitcutre comes in#possessed ben goes to kill gwen and she encourages ben to take back his body and he defeats the villain in front of hte whole city i think#NO WAIT HE DOESNT
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sunny-little-yang · 2 years ago
Me, talking to my girlfriend about the finale: “It’s kind of a 50/50 between Eugene and Cass being the traitor at this point.”
My girlfriend: “Plot twist: Rapunzel is the traitor.”
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libertydevitto · 2 years ago
okay really though, I do Love this show a lot, and I do definitely believe that by Monday’s episode all of the story will be cleared up, and it’ll all make sense, and it’ll be entertaining and good. they’ll tell us who killed Lucille Palmer, some crazy shit will happen, it’ll be great. 
but I will never for the life of me understand their decision to have John accused of murdering a character we never once see alive on screen and have never heard of up until this point!
#murdoch mysteries#murdoch mysteries spoilers#even in all the other times#when the main characters were accused of murdering someone#even though the audience knew that they're good law-abiding people who would never do something like that#it was always interesting because 1) there was such strong evidence against them that everyone else was 100% certain they did it#2) the character who was murdered was a character we knew or knew of or someone who was involved in everyone's lives already#3) it had been set up for weeks or months or years at that point so the drama and stakes were v high#even though murdoch was accused of killing a young woman we barely knew#she was still someone who had made a lot of appearances over the last season and a bit#she was friends with nina#she was a character with a personality#and she actually appeared on screen and wasnt just a plot device for some basic drama#nothing about this story was set up before now#not the drama class not lucille or isabelle or arthur#you dont even get to see a few seconds of lucille on screen this episode#no flashbacks or anything#the closest we get to foreshadowing is#the fact that someone brought up john possibly being an actor earlier on#and the fact that he has gone from being totally flustered around women to being able to flirt and talk with them#i guess the fact that he's lying about everything and keeping both women a secret is supposed to set up conflict?#like ooooh what else is he lying about? what else is he hiding?#but really it just makes the plot seem both rushed (because they have to set up this entire character backstory in 45 min) and too slow#(because there's a whole ep dedicated to what we already know is going to happen based on the promo and next ep synopsis)#and it makes him seem like kind of a dumbass#which he's not#anyways
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mishasminions · 10 months ago
Here’s why the Supernatural Series Finale Sucked
First of all, I’d like to state, that this perspective is coming from someone who has watched, invested in, and dissected this show for 15 years. I’ve tried to rationalize and justify every single decision each of the main characters made throughout the years, and I’ve always tried to make sense of each of their story arcs from a “bigger picture” standpoint as each season progressed.
Anyway, before I can properly explain why the finale sucked, let me quickly take you through 15 seasons by segregating them into 3 eras, because you can’t really comprehend what Supernatural is about and what it’s become without going through how it tried to expand its universe.
Now, we all know that Kripke was always set in wrapping up Sam and Dean’s story in 5 seasons, and he did just that.
So, in this era, Supernatural is about two brothers who set out on a journey to fulfill “the family business”. They hunt mythical monsters that terrorize the world, while battling the monsters within themselves. Their ultimate “big bad” is an apocalypse.
Towards the end of this era, we find out that Sam and Dean are actually a parallel to Biblical characters who are brothers turned rivals. And that Sam and Dean’s destiny is to go up against each other.
However, as a dynamic, they have always been about making their own choices, choosing free will, and having a brotherly bond that can power through against any obstacle at any given day.
So, this era is neatly wrapped up with its finale. The characters grow, and get justified endings.
Dean, a man who thinks of himself as two things: 1. Sam’s older brother and protector; and 2. Daddy’s blunt little instrument.
He’s spent his whole life believing that that was his only purpose, and he knew that the only ending he’ll get would either be a bloody death fulfilling his duty to the family business; or laying his life on the line to save his brother.
Dean gets the ending he thought was never possible for him, something he thought he could never deserve. After years of living and dying for his family, he gets a shot at having an apple pie life--to settle down with a nice girl, raise a kid in a house with a white picket fence. With Sam gone, Dean’s responsibility now is to himself.
Sam, on the other hand, never wanted any part of it, because he wasn’t groomed the way Dean was, and because thanks to Dean, Sam wasn’t traumatized or forced into growing up too quickly the way Dean was.
So Sam aspires for a normal life, and works the cases with Dean so he can maybe get some semblance of it, when everything they set out to kill are laid to rest.
Ultimately, Sam performs a selfless act for his brother, who has given up everything for him, and for their cause--to save the world.
The journey is this: Dean sacrifices everything to save Sam, and Sam sacrifices himself so Dean could live.
Apart from being Dean’s “savior” and guardian angel, Castiel’s role in this era is to serve as a mirror to Dean’s journey. Castiel goes from being heaven’s foot soldier, following “God’s orders”; to an angel who learns to choose and feel for the first time in his existence.
After they realize that they’re both daddy’s blunt instruments, Dean starts choosing his own path for himself, and convinces Castiel to join him. Castiel stops following heaven, and starts following Dean.
In the end, with his newfound understanding of the world thanks to Dean, Castiel goes back to heaven to reform it.
We’ve resolved the biblical arc, and the character journeys.
So this is where the show realizes how vast its universe can be, so it tries to expand it by tapping into uncharted lands and experimenting with it.
They take on heaven, reform hell, explore purgatory, have the angels fall, turn Dean into a demon, and kill Death.
Dean and Sam recognize their codependency, and try to rise above it.
They go back and forth between which brother will risk it all for the greater good every other season.
Dean and Cas strengthen their relationship by recognizing the impact they have on each other’s lives.
Cas structures his life and decisions around Dean (Seasons 6-7), and Dean learns to trust and fight for Cas (Seasons 8-9).
Sam and Cas bond (mostly over Dean) because of their shared rationales in decision-making.
Dean, Sam, and even Cas also forge relationships with the people they work with. The concept of “found family” is introduced here.
This era was heavy on the plot while establishing, reinforcing, and solidifying relationships and dynamics.
At this point, it wasn’t just about the brothers anymore.
If Supernatural had ended in Season 10, the logical finale would’ve been Team Free Will, along with the family that they’ve found, going up against the latest big bad (Death or whoever). Maybe they lose them along the way, maybe they all make it out alive, or maybe they go down swinging, but at least the show recognizes and supports the message they keep saying, “Family don’t end with blood”
This is where the show runs out of ideas and decides to invalidate the seasons that came before it.
From bringing Mary back (basically rendering their whole journey pointless because they’ve literally started hunting because of her death), to changing the stipulations in being Michael and Lucifer’s vessels (another character struggle rendered useless), to God himself breaking the fourth wall by saying that the Winchesters get away with everything because “they’re the main characters in his story and everything they’ve been through was just part of a badly written narrative”.
But what we’re getting from this era is that Sam and Dean, along with Cas (who has also deviated from the story) ARE trying to escape a badly written narrative.
That’s the “big bad” in this era. The writer.
At this point, the characters have picked up so many strays (including those from alternate universes), and have settled into their roles in their “found family”. Dean, Sam, and Cas all become surrogate dads and uncles.
They’ve also graduated from the whole “we’re on different sides” and “going behind each other’s backs” drama. And they just want the whole family together.
They’ve all resigned themselves to the cause, but they’re also tired. Dean allows himself to contemplate about wanting more out of life or at least getting a vacation. Sam, on the other hand, realizes his capabilities as an effective leader. Castiel learns to love another being that isn’t Dean (spoiler: it’s Jack).
However, they also realize that they’ve just been puppets on a string all this time.
So what they want now, is to write their own story, and make their own choices knowing that God/the writer isn’t the one fueling their narrative.
So here’s why the finale sucks:
Andrew Dabb, the current showrunner, said that there would be two finales.
15x19 - The finale to wrap up Season 15, and 15x20 - The finale to wrap up the series by “resolving the characters’ journey”
In 15x19 the boys find a way to de-power God/the writer. For the first time in their whole lives, they are free from the story. Their lives are completely theirs now. They can make their own decisions. There are no more “big bads” to fight
And here’s what happens in 15x20:
Immediately after being freed from their story arc, Dean and Sam go back to hunting the monster of the week.
Dean eats pie, gets nailed (literally), makes a 10-minute speech to Sam because he knows he’s dying, then he goes to heaven.
Dean is greeted by Bobby, his surrogate Dad who he hasn’t seen (fully alive) since Season 7. Bobby’s expository dialogue comprises of him explaining that he got out of heaven’s jail, that John and Mary are next door, and that Jack and Cas fixed the dynamics of heaven off-screen.
The first thing Dean decides to do is go for a long drive in his Impala (as if he hasn’t done enough of that already).
Meanwhile, Sam decides to stop hunting after Dean dies, he gets the apple pie life he hadn’t wanted since Season 8 (while Dean was in Purgatory), and names his kid “Dean” for effect. He grows old and dies.
Dean drove around in heaven for so long that Sam catches up to him.
They hug. The end.
Great, right?
After 15 years of struggling to battle their own respective destinies, going up against big bads and even bigger bads, then finally being able to take charge of their own stories, Dean and Sam regress to hunting the monster of the week, and get killed off by a nail and old age. Okay.
Sam gets to retire and have a family, sure, but they still focus on him and the kid he named after his dead brother. Still just “Sam and Dean” through and through. Nothing to do with found family. Just lineage. Just blood. And it ends there.
See, the problem here is that this ending would’ve been passable in The Kripke Era. But we’re 10 years down the road since, and while Sam and Dean are the original main characters, the show isn’t just about them and their codependent relationship anymore.
So you see, even if you take out the whole “Castiel deserves to be in the finale because he’s also a main character with an unfinished story arc” argument, the finale still does no justice to the series it tried to “wrap up”.
But anyway, now I’ll make the case for the problem with Castiel not being in the finale:
In 15x18, we get a 5-minute rushed confession from Castiel to Dean. The context of which are as follows:
1. Earlier in the episode, Dean had wounded Death with her scythe. We later find out that this wound is fatal.
2. Their friends start to “blip out” in a Thanos-like snap, and Dean thinks that Death is causing it, so Dean seeks her out, and Cas goes with him.
3. Dean and Cas anger Death, apparently for no reason because she didn’t even do the thing they thought she did. She chases them to try to kill them
4. Dean and Cas lock themselves in a room. Dean starts a pity party.
5. As Dean goes through hating himself out loud, Cas decides to inform Dean of the deal he made with The Empty. He then proceeds to explain the stipulation of the deal (that he would get taken once he experiences a moment of true happiness), then discusses his newfound happiness philosophy. Dean is getting whiplash.
6. Cas goes on to imply that the one thing that he wanted that he knew he couldn’t have is Dean Winchester reciprocating his romantic feelings for him. (Don’t even try to fight me on this because Cas already has Dean’s platonic love, and he knows that Dean thinks of him as a brother, so if he really meant this in a “familial” way, then why would he think that he couldn’t have the thing that would make him happy?) So Cas’ realization is that telling Dean about his feelings is enough to make him happy.
7. Cas tells Dean all the reasons why he loves him (thereby combating Dean’s self-deprecation tirade), and all the reasons why he’s worthy of his love. Meanwhile, Dean is still winded from the fact that Cas is about to sacrifice himself for him again.
8. Dean never gets to process anything, because Cas is shoving him out of the way, as he and Death (who busts through the door) get taken by The Empty.
After this episode, Dean never speaks of it. Misha Collins supposes that Dean doesn’t reciprocate. Jensen Ackles says that Dean didn’t really get to process it because it was too much, too fast, and that Dean, still dense as ever, thinks that Cas, a celestial being, doesn’t interpret human feelings the same way.
So what was the point of this confession?
Politics and sensitivities of a 2005 network television aside, what does this do for the story?
Cas proclaims his romantic feelings to Dean, but Dean never acknowledges it, doesn’t even give it a passing thought afterwards. So Cas’ big declaration goes unheard.
Cas cashes in on his Empty deal to kill Death (who was dying anyway), in order to save Dean who dies two episodes after.
Dean makes no effort to save Cas (despite being really broken up about his previous deaths, or even spending a whole year in Purgatory looking for him), even after they’ve beaten God, not even asking Jack (who has all the power in the universe) to bring him back (when Jack has already done it before, with less mojo).
Dean moves on to fight the monster of the week. Somewhere off-screen, Jack rescues Cas from The Empty, but Cas uncharacteristically doesn’t even bother to go to Dean? (Every single time he comes back, Dean’s always the first person he goes to)
And Cas, who apparently helped craft and reform the new heaven, isn’t the one who welcomes Dean and explains the new dynamics of it?
Sure, Jan.
Supernatural, you’ve created a finale that only your casual viewers and people who dipped out after Season 5 can appreciate.
Just goes to show how much you actually valued the people who actually invested in your story and characters, and consistently helped keep your show on the air.
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obstinaterixatrix · 3 years ago
im trying 2 decide if i wanna watch more voltron bc i left off abt halfway thru s4 but the only thing ive seen beyond Keith's Hot Mom is ur post just now abt lotor is it still as mediocre as its been or is there stuff Worth Watching
if you watch the scenes in the trailers that’s like……….. 90% of the content I, personally, was interested in.
there is:
1) lance weapon upgrade (glad he’s getting Validated, but Why Couldn’t This Happen In An Interesting Situation Instead Of Just Something During Training)
2) Lance + Pidge + Hunk have fun with a new robo friend
3) Thats Basically It but hold on I’m gonna add links & also to the tags which I can’t do from mobile all in one sitting brb
ok all good
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Is there any episodes or plot points you had trouble fitting into the story? Like any "episodes" from the show that didn't fit or you decided not to do because it wouldn't fit? (Wait is this a spoiler? Sorry if so.)
Oh, sure, many! In fact, I'd argue that I probably don't often 'do' episodes as much as I touch of the events that transpired in the show. Most episodes from the show don't 'fit' perfectly into the story because WD!Steven is very different from Steven, and will often not take the same risks/do the same thing in a tense situation.
With Rose there, many Steven-shenanigans that drive the show are also missing. The CGs are focused on different stuff, so it's difficult to set up things such as the Red Eye and trying to find Rose's light canons.
For example, the Lunar Spire made a brief appearance in Season 2 but there wasn't really any reason for the CGs to go into it. The entire thing was orchestrated by them as a sort of test, and WD!Steven never needed that test. Instead it was more of a cameo:
Tumblr media
Centipeedle was merely a guest appearance because none of the Steven-drive story beats happened. WD!Steven, especially at that time, would never be able to get into the bubble room and accidentally unbubble her and bond with her.
Rose's Room didn't happen, Watermelon Stevens are none-existant - basically all of the things that were prompted by canon Steven being himself have to be changed!
I think there's a partial expectation by many fans that I'm TRYING to fit all the canon stuff into the story. Like I'm following a recipe, and trying to get the AU as close to canon as possible in terms of events.
But the truth is, that was never my intention. If canon was a recipe, then what I'm actually doing is taking all the raw ingredients and saying 'What ELSE can I make with this if we take out the strawberries completely and instead substitute some coconuts?' I don't mind missing episodes as long as the chronological progression of the non-Steven plot-beats remain as they are, and I am able to have characters react to those instead. :)
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metalandmagi · 2 months ago
Summer 2021 Anime Worth Watching!
It’s time once again to see what new shows the anime gods are gracing us with this season. This is the part where I tell you what's out there if you’re looking for something to watch this summer, but this season is like...90% isekai anime that I usually skip over. So if you’re looking for something that’s NOT an isekai (well...okay maybe just a couple) here’s just some of the shows that look interesting so far.
I’ll put a * by the shows that are on Crunchyroll...but spoiler alert, they literally only have one of the new shows that I’m listing. My trust has been betrayed.
Here are my lists for the 2021 seasons so far
2020 Anime Worth Watching
2019 anime Worth Watching
New Shows!
*The Aquatope On White Sand (Shiroi Suna no Aquatope): Grab your box of tissues, because PA Works is at it again with an original anime that’s going to tug at your heartstrings from episode one. When former idol Fuuka Miyazawa has a quarter life crisis after losing her job, she ends up working at an aquarium in Okinawa (which is apparently run by an 18 year old). Together, the two of them must keep the dwindling business afloat and help each other on their journeys of self discovery. Like most things from PA Works, it’s bursting with color and full of life, with characters you feel instantly attached to. Their shows are always worth looking into no matter how many tears you shed.
Tumblr media
And speaking of ex-idols...
Opera Girl!! (Kageki Shoujo!!): A school comedy/drama about an ex-idol named Ai Narada who is accepted into an extremely elite performance school famous for its top tier acting and musical productions. But rooming with the cool, indifferent Ai is the boisterous, 178 cm tall Sarasa Watanabe. The style is great, and all the girls have such distinct, dynamic personalities (which, for some reason, is a rarity in any piece of media). It bothers me a bit that this all girls school seems to have a majority of male teachers. But I’m curious about each character’s background, and I want to see more of their dynamics together. Also there is no way any of these girls are straight.
Tumblr media
Sonny Boy: An original sci-fi mystery from Madhouse that follows a group of 36 students whose school is suddenly swept into another dimension in order to awaken their hidden superpowers. It basically feels like what would happen if Satoshi Kon made Wonder Egg Priority. I love the power dynamics between the students and the mystery behind everything, but I have so many questions! Where did their food come from? Why are there cats everywhere? What causes their powers to awaken? This seems like the kind of show that may answer everything...or just say “don’t worry about it, it’s just part of the atmosphere.” It’s definitely the anime with the creepiest vibe of the season.
Tumblr media
Vanitas No Carte (The Case Study Of Vanitas): Have you ever wondered what would happen if a vampire hunter decided to cure vampires instead of kill them? Well, I hadn’t before, but I’m into it now. I don’t want to reveal too much of the plot, so just trust that it’s one of the standouts of the season for me. It’s set in a slightly steampunk 19th century Paris, with one main character whose style is reminiscent of early Welcome To Night Vale fanart of Cecil Palmer and another who is constantly roasted by everyone around him. It’s gripping and has unique takes on vampires, without taking itself too seriously. There’s a good balance of comedy and drama, and Bones rarely lets me down when it comes to story, characters, and great animation.
Tumblr media
The Detective Is Already Dead (Tantei Wa Mou Shindeiru): A hot mess of a teen mystery anime that follows Kimizuka Kimihiko, a middle schooler with a habit of attracting trouble who gets roped into working as an assistant to an ace detective named Siesta. While it starts out as a run of the mill detective anime, it starts to delve into the supernatural, with more going on behind the scenes that meets the eye. It gets a little too caught up in trying to add rom-com elements when they don’t really need to be there, but lots of people will probably enjoy it for that. It’s stupid, very stupid, but in an enjoyable, laugh at it not with it kind of way (at least so far). It feels like In:Spectre’s weird cousin that has the exact opposite kind of pacing issues.
Tumblr media
Re-Main: The only show this season in which the main character is involved in a car accident and DOESN’T end up in a fantasy world. No, it’s actually an original sports anime from MAPPA (so I’m already on board), about a boy named Minato who ended up in a coma and losing his memory due to a car crash in his last year of junior high. After he wakes up, he realizes he was apparently an ace at water polo, and he finds himself surrounded by people in his new high school pressuring him to join their team, despite the fact that he wants nothing to do with the sport and doesn’t remember the rules anyway. It’s certainly the most unique set up for a sports anime I’ve seen lately. It’s goofy with a fun family dynamic, so I’m already hooked.
Tumblr media
Uramichi-oniisan (Life Lessons With Uramichi-Oniisan): A comedy slice of life about a children’s television program with the world’s most unsettling host: an emotionally unstable millennial who happens to be a former gymnast (whose only hobby is keeping his gains and intimidating his co-workers). I had no idea what to expect going into this, but the characters are tons of fun. Uramichi is very relatable, and there’s some important subtext woven into the comedy, like how not taking breaks affects one’s mental health. This is the kind of show that’s easy to pass over, but it’s definitely worth checking out if that kind of comedy is your thing.
Tumblr media
Continuing Series!
*My Next Life As A Villainess-All Routes Lead To Doom! (season 2): Out of all the isekai anime airing this season, this is probably my favorite. Yes, even more so than Reincarnated as a Slime. In case you missed it last year, this lighthearted “harem” comedy follows a girl who has been reincarnated into her favorite otome the rich, bitchy villainess Catarina, who only has terrible ends at the end of each route. In order to avoid being killed off or exiled, Catarina ends up befriending all the potential love interests, including the heroine of the game, and everyone gets up to fun shenanigans at their magical version of Ouran Academy. It’s a super a sweet, relaxing, fun time, and it looks like the magic system is expanding to areas outside of the school, which I’m into.
Also Catarina was the Best Girl of 2020 in my heart.
Tumblr media
*To Your Eternity (Fumetsu no Anata e): I’m just going to copy what I said last season, because I still don’t have a better way of explaining this masterpiece. This is the epic, atmospheric story of a magical orb that can turn into different things, from moss, to giant bears, to people. Just trust me. It’s still best to go into this one knowing as little as possible. But with over 12 episodes under its belt now, it’s one of the best shows I’ve ever watched, and it’s something that will stick with you for a long time. Everything about it hits perfectly, from the music and animation to the voice acting, to the grounded world building, to the ever growing cast of characters we follow over the years. It’s my contender for anime of the year if it nails the ending.
Tumblr media
*Tokyo Revengers: An action/drama shounen anime where our main character Takemichi uses time travel to go back to his days as a middle school delinquent in order to prevent the death of his old girlfriend at the hands of a vicious gang. This show was such a stand out last season, which is really saying something when it had to compete with 86, Fruits Basket, To Your Eternity, and Shadows House. It’s very difficult to make a wimpy character likable, but Takemichi is the picture of character development, and I’m super excited to see where the show goes. This is definitely not one to skip, so catch up now!
Tumblr media
*That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime (season 2-part 2): It’s exactly what it says in the title. We’ve all at least heard of it by now. This wholesome slice of life isekai is getting more stressful by the episode. Now that the groundwork has been laid after a full season of worldbuilding, the sense of conflict is becoming more urgent, making every episode more engaging. However, it doesn’t abandon its comedic roots, and Rimuru is still overpowered as fuck (sometimes in a terrifying way, sometimes in a funny way), but if the first part of season 2 was anything to go by, I can see things getting much darker as it goes along. So out of the ten million isekai shows floating around, this is one of the few that’s worth getting into.
Tumblr media
*Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S (...just call it season 2): Pretty self explanatory: a slice of life comedy in which an ordinary salary worker named Kobayashi...has a maid who is a dragon. Shenanigans ensue, and cute girls do cute things as is par for the course. And it’s KyoAni, so even when there’s no big action sequences, they make everything look 100% God Tier. The fluid animation, the popping color palette, the performances, everything is styled to perfection (even if I’m not into the fanservice of the character designs). If you want a chill, fun comedy that’s slowly becoming a classic, this is the show for you.
Tumblr media
Honorable Mention
Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid: The ecchi version of Pushing Daisies, where a boy is cursed with killing everything he touches, and his maid is constantly trying to get him to touch her. If you don’t mind 3D animation and incredibly weird love interests, the story is interesting enough to want to get into. Maybe this is a sign to just read the manga.
Tumblr media
So there’s some of the new anime that look promising so far. There’s also the second season of the Higurashi reboot/continuation, if you want more cute girls doing murdery things. And Peach Boy Riverside had a great concept, but the character design drove me up the wall, so there’s that too if anyone’s looking for a fun adventure show.
See you next season!
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hurdlehoops · 10 months ago
SPN did Market Research for Dean & Cas
Disclaimer: Yes this is a sock for safety reasons. Post is long, but please read it.
No shit there I was checking my email, as you do, and I saw I had a screener from one of the market research groups I’m signed up with.  On average, I do a market research thing every 3-4 months because I like non-reportable money. And giving my opinions. And talking to people behind 2 way mirrors without having to go to a police station.   
Market research itself was early December, 2016. First email contact with the screener was late October or early November. 
I see it’s an “offsite,” meaning a market research company is subcontracted by another company who wants to do the market research at their own facility, but doesn't want to find the participants on their own, so they use the Market research company (in this case Schlesinger and Associates) as an intermediary. I can’t remember if this screener identified itself as being for TV, not all do, some might identify only as entertainment, and some might be even more vague until you get into the screener. Regardless of the identification for the screener (TV or entertainment), I fill out almost every screener I receive unless it’s obvious, from the subject, they won’t want me (ie looking for certain types of professionals)- it didn’t matter, then, if the subject matter was something I particularly like, I would’ve filled it out anyway.  
After normal, but more detailed than usual demographics questions, the screener asked about TV habits. Eventually,  it said the word “fandom” and asked what TV fandoms I’d count myself in.  It was roughly a list of 20 shows and listed “fandom” (defined as I watch every episode and read additional materials about the show. Note this is not what fandom itself would consider fandom, but people most fandom dwellers would still count as GA).  Beyond fandom, one could indicate they: watch all episodes but don’t seek out more,  watch most episodes, have seen some episodes, watched a few, or haven’t watched.  (I just got a screener for soap operas and realized that part was the same and made note). Therefore, fandom, to corporate, are people who watch everything and maybe buy some swag for the show- magazines/shirts. Then, they asked about conventions I might have attended.  And then asked about my dream vacation, so I babbled a lot about my dream to go to SDCC (I hadn’t at this point). Supernatural was on the list of shows, so I made sure I answered the essay questions about it, because why not? It was my favorite of what was listed.  It was a long screener. I don’t remember the rest. Though sometimes I might remember a detail if a screener reminds me of it. Most fun screener I’ve filled out.
A few days/weeks later, I got a call for step 2- the phone screener for the people that sounded good when filling out the form. And where they try and make sure your answers match or fit that same person who answered them. I passed step 2, and was told there would be homework, and asked ifI’d have time for it, since I would only have so many days to watch the assigned material and write essays about them. 
Homework arrives: I have to watch and write essays on all the bonus features of Supernatural S10. There might’ve been something in there from another year, too. And all the bonus features from some season of  Big Bang Theory.  Essays for all of it, too.  And I mean essays, not short answers.  It was like the SATs, and I was analyzing blooper reels (among other things).  I still don’t get why they wanted essay questions on blooper reels, but I’ll always happily write one again cause that was the funniest essay to have to write! 
I had to both print and bring and email all my answers ahead of time.  I did not keep them.  I’m honestly curious what I might’ve written.  
So in December, I get to go to WB’s market research department. Fun fact: the entrance to that building faces what had recently been the Supernatural poster. I check in. At this point I think it’s a group. Because most market research is done in groups. Also they said I was there for the “DVD bonus features study” 
I wait in the lobby, but I’m surprised there seem to be very few others around. I don’t think I got there too early, but all the others were taken back before me. And they didn’t seem to be there for the same study.  Oh and I wore business casual clothes but had some show-based earrings for fun.  
Finally a nice lady brings me back to a room. She turns off the lights and gives me a fancy remote and has me play with a new system for watching bonus features. I had to start with BBT. Then we did something else. Then I was allowed to scroll through and I picked Supernatural, and answered all the things.  By this point I figured I would be released soonish   because I was supposed to be there only for an hour. And this was at least half an hour at the most. No clock, though and cell phone off.  Maybe this part went faster than I remember, but it was less interesting so it felt longer? Or less interesting compared to what came next. 
We switch gears. I’m no longer allowed to pick what we watch and talk about my thoughts on if SDCC panels belong in bonus features.  (Me: should have a preorder and you get to watch it when the season airs with DVD to arrive when season ends. Silly to watch it after the season when it’s mostly vague spoilers for the first episode or so). Obviously WB doesn’t listen to me about everything.
Oh! In the screener as part of normal demographics, I was asked about my sexuality. It isn’t completely rare (I can talk about another market research where you had to be queer to be part of it), but there were some short answers about representation or something similar. Something that is significant *now,* but at the time I didn’t notice as being too weird.  Since they probably had me listed to the people behind the mirror as X (if they even got my name) Y resident, bisexual, age.  I very specifically said stuff to her about representation cause I wasn’t gonna miss my shot.
Anyway so we switch from dvd extras and she queues up video from another file.
She puts a scene of Supernatural on and has me watch. Then repeats it. And asks questions about my opinions on what’s happening.  Then has me watch and only pay attention to Character D and tell her what I think his emotions are.  Then again but with Character C.  
Complete torture… lol… at this point I’m confused, but enjoying this torture.
So there I am watching the Crypt scene over and over and analyzing it.  And talking about their feelings.  
And then I stop her and say something to the effect of “look I’m bi. There’s not a lot of good representation on what being bi is like.  But from episode 1 I’ve known Dean is Bi.”    And I babbled about how important a macho badass but closeted character is for representation. And that I hoped they did more with that.  I included some anecdotes from other lgbtq friends and straight allies and how they all felt as I did- Dean is Bi, Cas is whatever he wants to identify as, and we felt we recognized our experiences on the screen and hoped for continued and louder representation. 
Bam. My interviewer was called out of the room by the people behind the mirror. Suddenly I’m getting a whole new set of questions
Like this is the most baffling and amazing thing that's happened to me in years. It imprinted in my mind, and I haven’t mentioned it to too many people, because of the NDA and being afraid to jinx things. But now I don’t feel like it matters to be as quiet. Obviously I don’t want WB to go after me but... market research isn’t unusual, just mostly used for spin-offs or new shows not for plot points of shows already happening. At least, that’s my understanding. 
The interviewer  comes back after a short discussion with whoever was behind the glass. Asks a few more questions
We’re now very much going into various things about what I’d just said. I took my shot. And apparently it paid off big time.  At some point she’s pulled out of the room again and given a paper with more questions. Some were about Dean’s bisexuality, or how I, and anecdotally my friends, saw him as bisexual.  Others were about the potential romance. None, that I remember, were about Castiel’s sexuality- I guess that was a given or not important. 
I don’t know if any of the writers were behind the glass from the beginning, but I felt like they stalled to get someone there, maybe.
The interviewer was baffled and made sure I knew nothing that was happening was normal.  They wanted to ask me more questions than they usually care to get out of their market research volunteers. 
So those are the most important parts. Basically almost everything I was asked after that was about character analysis and queerness and a whole bunch of other things that were related (I also mentioned needing more disability rep, too).  I was back there for at least 2 hours.
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iaintnosidekick · 5 months ago
Hello! With Netflix adding Tcgf I anticipate some new people to the fandom. I am pretty new my self (Just since the first season finished airing), but I’ve been DEVOURING fanfics like there’s no tomorrow. I thought it might be nice to share a recommendation list for you all to get started! This is by no means complete and I’ll do my best to mark which ones have spoilers. Also these are just my options PLEASE go through the tag on AO3 as there are some amazing stories I just haven’t gotten to yet!
1. Digging for Orchids- betts @bettsfic
Explicit, No Archive Warnings apply
Spoilers- Non unless you don't know the basic plot of TCGF
This one. If you take no other recommendations from me, PLEASE read this one. It is a modern actor AU where XL has moved to LA after an accident on set and subsequent scandal. SQX then sets him up with a very hot, very shirtless art student to be his roommate while he's out of town. I cannot express how much I love this fic. I’ve re-read it more times than I can count and it just holds a special place in my heart. Needless to say I HIGHLY recommend it!
2. Take Your Pain Away- Saenda @saenda
General, No Archive Warnings Apply
SPOILERS- Chapter 2 references the worst thing that has happened to Xie Lian. If you're not sure what that is, then you don't know.
One of the first things you’ll learn about Hualian, is that we have some great hurt and comfort content. This is a sick fic where XL seems to really come down with something bad and HC struggles to figure out how to help his god. An enthralling read and again one I’ve gone back to a couple of times. And bonus: the author put in their art throughout the first few chapters!
3. Fly me too close to the sun- Linisen @linisen
Explicit, No Archive Warnings Apply
Spoilers- Again, basic plot points of TCGF
This one is self-indulgent, and a personal favorite. Do you like Recency Era high society content? Do you like swooning over hand-holding? Do you like questioning if it’s proper for HC to take XL home in his carriage without a chaperone?? Maybe even some indecent cuddle for warmth??? Then oh boy do is this the fic for you!
4. Love Like You- jeonenfant
Explicit, Graphic Depictions of Violence, Major Character Death
Spoilers- None beyond basic
An AU where XL is a prince who seeks out help from the gods when his people are burning. Little did he know he'd be making a deal with a very sexy HC. Mind the tags, but highly recommend!
5. we're after the same rainbow's end- Naamah_Beherit
Mature, No Archive Warnings Apply
I actually recommend everything @naamah-beherit has written for TCGF! I especially love their cannon rewrite series Crimson and Clover, but that is basically all spoilers.
Instead, I'll recommend their Modern accidental marriage AU. Well, it's not exactly an accident. XL's dad arranges a marriage for him without his permission, and HC's like "hell no, we're getting married instead". It also deals a lot with XL's mental health, and we even get to see him go to therapy! This is an incomplete fic, but each chapter is like its own little episode so you're never left frustrated that the chapters over (at least as of chapter 7). Great story so far and you should definitely subscribe for updates once you get caught up!
6. you'll know, you'll fall- mme_anxious
Explicit, No Archive Warnings Apply
Spoilers- None unless you don't know why XL gets so nervous when they talk about the White Calamity (briefly mentioned in Chapter 5)
Do you like seeing two people in a relationship talk about what they are comfortable with and communicate as they figure out intimacy together? If so, this is the fic. I'm an acespec person, so I personally really appreciated this story for really going slow and even exploring what happens if mistakes are made. Considering how many Kudos and Hits this thing has, I'm pretty sure it's required reading at this point, but I recommend non-the-less!
7. Matchmaker, Matchmaker- pengiesama @pengiesama
Teens and Up, No Archive Warnings Apply
Spoilers- None
This one is so funny. The gay panic alone had my crying with laughter, but then you have Shi Qingxuan dragging Feng Xin and Mu Quing down to ghost city to work her Matchmaking god magic. I'm laughing now just thinking about some of the things that go down in this fic. It is a great one if you want to smile, and there's some great fan art that Checa drew for it!
8. Whoops, I Almost Killed You Again 天官赐苦,鬼拂🈲️忌- TentativeWanderer @tentative-wanderer
Teens and Up, No Archive Warnings Apply
Spoilers- If you don't know about the ring then don't read this. Midway through Chapter 3, you get into more spoilers through references. I'd say this is a very spoilery fic.
This one saw XL's tendency for disaster and recognized the comedic GOLD that could be mined. SO SO funny. lots of spoilers though so if you're dongua only and avoiding spoilers, save this one for later! It’s definitely worth it.
9. Wu Ming Loving Hours- featherpoet @featherpoet
Explicit, Graphic Depictions of Violence, Major Character Death
Spoilers- Do you know who Wu Ming is? If not, move along (also if you don't know anything about what happened in Xian Le)
This is technically a sequel to To Love a God, but that one is all pain train (in the best ways so still recommend), and this one is just *chef kisses*. Again VERY spoilers, but so worth it. It starts very plot and heavy, but then it shifts to domestic fluff, bed-sharing and so much pinning. It's honestly everything I want in a fic, so definitely check it out!
10. Iridescent- hypermoyashi @hypermoyashi
Mature, Graphic Depictions of Violence
Spoilers- General plot points (maybe, kind of blanking on this one)
This is where I mention that our art god STARember has blessed us with so many masterpieces and that almost all of them have great fics inspired by them. This one is a Mermaid AU, which I recommend for its uniquely moody atmosphere. I love the mermaid lore and the plot gets genuinely harrowing at one point (mind the tags). If you like that kind of drama and angst, this is a great place to get your fix.
And there you have it! 10 (plus some) fics I recommend you check out! I've been keeping a much longer list for my roommate, so let me know if you're interested in more. I'm also interested in the fics you're reading and would love your recommendations as well!
Also just want to give a general THANK YOU to all these authors. You've given me such joy over these past few months, and I cant wait to see what you all write next. (Also, I’m a big fan of all of you and think you’re really cool)
Thanks everyone! -May
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Okay, so I finished watching Q Force and OMG I'm in love. This show made me laugh way more than I expected and the plot was nuts, but in a good way. Not mention, the characters are fantastic.
Spoilers ahead.
Steve Maryweather: Honestly my least favorite of the cast. He has his moments, but mostly he's so absorbed by his idea of saving the world he blocks out others wanting to help him. Still he's entertaining.
Twink: Was cautious about this character but now I would die for him. I love Twink so much. He's a surprisingly interesting character with a pretty decent backstory. Also his crush on Buck is stupid and funny and I'm here for it.
Deb: Mom friend of the year. I adore Deb to the moon and back. She's the mom friend we all wish we had. Her devotion to her wife is also very adorable. Her basically being the keeper of the team brain cell is wonderful to.
Buck: I was genuinely surprised how much I actually really liked him. It was interesting how they made his stunted emotions an actual part of his character with a backstory that's really rare. You don't see a lot of characters that show the effects of kids being raised in the foster system. Also, I'm feeling like he might actually develop some genuine feelings for Twink if the show continues. I'd ship it.
Stat: My girl is into freaky ass shows and drinks way too much soda. I love her. And her little thing with that robot was funny and sweet and almost made me cry. Beyond that she's a lot more expressive and sassy than I was expecting, but she totally works it. If there's a season 2, I hope she gets another chance at love.
V: My lord this woman is complicated. Her story was a little confusing at times, but the ending was really nice. I really loved her being a mother figure to Steve, with him even saying so. Also she apparently taught Buck how to fuck and that's just great.
Dirk: Fuck I hate this man. But that's a good thing, we're not supposed to like him. I especially didn't like how he played Steve's desire to be a big time spy, and I'm glad he got his ass kicked.
Over all, I was very happy with the show. And I'm definitely going to watch it again and again. I really hope we get a season 2. There are so many places they could take these characters.
Don't judge a show by it's trailer. Give it a shot. It's a weird ass action comedy that has gay people in it.
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novelist-becca · a month ago
I saw the first two newest episodes of Brooklyn 99 last night and…WOW.
The cast did say they were going to address the police brutality and racism in season 8, but I didn't think they would go THIS deep.
First of all, Rosa quit the force because she didn't like that she used to be a part of such an oppressive system. She still hangs with the main cast, but she doesn't work in the precinct anymore.
Holt is even more distraught, as the real world events impacted him so much that he neglected his personal life, causing him and Kevin to go on a break. (Spoilers, they started going to couples counseling at the end of episode 2 so they're fine).
In fact, it changed him to the point where he, in an indirect way, reached out to Amy, and I won't elaborate on how, but he opened up to Amy about how she was the one person in the precinct that understood him.
The second and third half of the first episode were really serious, especially with what's happening in real life right now. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.
As for the second episode, it was a bit more lighthearted. My favorite part of it was how the B-plot was Amy learning how to properly take care of her son Mac. I like it because, of course she won't be a perfect mom right away.
Basically she learns not to bother Mac so much while he's sleeping, and ironically, Charles ends up teaching her that lesson. Second best part? Charles accidentally locked Mac in his room, and when Amy found out, she broke the door down and was super pissed.
Also, Rosa was high on edibles for most of that episode.
TLDR; Season 8 of Brooklyn 99 is off to a good start.
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takeunknownroadnow · 12 days ago
Okay so I’ve been discussing S6 with a lot of people on the FH server but I want to put this post out there and get it off my chest so I can focus on the positives.
Feel free to add to the discussion, whether you liked the finale or not. All I ask is that people are respectful.
If you have not finished S6, do not read this post as it contains multiple spoilers. You have been warned.
Let me preface this post with two things: 1) I enjoyed the majority of S6, I think it was very well done for the most part. I loved the humor and I loved most of the endings for the characters; 2) I went into this season as someone who adamantly did not want a Deckerstar baby and yet, here I am, arguing that the narrative should have allowed him to stay and raise her.
So Chloe and Lucifer’s ending. This is the main issue I have with this season and it sucks because it overshadows so much of the good, not only for the season but the show in its entirety. Because on a very basic level, this ending for them was not only cruel, it made no fucking sense. I love a good bittersweet ending or even a tragic ending, if done well, but this? This ain't it.
First off, there was so much to deal with this season even without the inclusion of Rory. We had the God storyline, we had hell reform on the table, getting Dan into heaven, not to mention wrapping up all the individual character arcs (and frankly, they should have followed-up on Michael). There was enough there for the writers to work with without throwing in a surprise daughter from the future.
SO what is Rory’s purpose narratively? Besides drama. Well, the writers want you to believe its leading Lucifer to his ‘calling’ but I call bullshit on that. Why? Because Lucifer already knew that hell was broken, that people were capable of change and that everyone deserved a chance at redemption. He said it himself to Michael at the end of S5 (which is why its so frustrating that they never follow up with him this season). Hell, we see it again with Jimmy Barnes in 6.03, the idea that even the worst of people may not deserve an eternity of misery and torture. So Lucifer could have reached that conclusion without Rory.
What is her narrative purpose then? She’s a plot device, really. Her character is 1) a tool to set up the Deckerstar separation angst and 2) a means to ensure that Lucifer ends up the same as his father. Now I don’t know WHY the writers thought making Lucifer become his father by abandoning his own daughter was a good idea but they did and I’m spitting mad. Let’s deal with the separation first though and what it means for both Chloe and Lucifer.
The fact that everyone else got a happy ending but Lucifer and Chloe, the main characters, are once again forced to sacrifice their happiness and their chance at being together grinds my fucking gears. We’ve been here so many times before (S4 finale comes to mind), why do they have to have to suffer once again? Why do they need to ‘earn their happy ending’, as the writers said, through loneliness and suffering? Its absolute bullshit.
‘Oh it was for their daughter’. I’m not buying it. First of all, why should a concept like time travel, which was only introduced in the final season determine the endgames of these characters we’ve been following for over 5 years? Second, why even perpetuate the time loop? Why not break it so that Rory (and Trixie. Remember her? The little girl who literally just lost her father and was mad at Lucifer for leaving just last season) could have a better life, a happy childhood, one with both her parents? We’ve already stated how she wasn’t necessary to Lucifer finding his calling as the seeds for Hell reform has already been planted. And why should the audience take at face value that she knows with absolute certainty the rules of time travel?
Let me make something clear. When it comes to writing things like magic and time travel, which often have rules, the writers make the laws. If they decide on a hard and fast rule that somehow prevents a character from doing something, that is a deliberate choice. So the writers could have easily chosen to play into the free will vs. fate debate and had free will come out on top. But they chose not to.
No, the writers made it so that Chloe, who was terrified that she would be abandoned by Lucifer once again, was indeed left alone to raise two little girls on her own. They made it so that Lucifer, a character who's been severely traumatized by his own abandonment, perpetuates the cycle of trauma by abandoning his own daughter even though it’s his deepest desire to watch her grow up. Not to mention he ends up alone in Hell for millennia once again, separated from his friends and family.
Now some of you might argue, ‘well at least they reunited in the end’ and I’ll admit I was a little pacified at the notion that they would see each other once again. But the idea that ‘it was just temporary, only the rest of Chloe’s mortal life’ is frankly jarring. You only get ONE mortal life and as the idea of reincarnation has not been introduced in the narrative, the fact that Chloe has to go through it all alone is incredibly depressing because it means the rest of her life is spent wanting, waiting for the love of her life. Humans change so much but with this ending, Chloe is essentially kept static, unchanging.
Lucifer, similarly, is relegated back to a place that caused him millennia of misery and pain. His worst fear is realized and he has become his father, his story foretold with no room for his own choices. He’s grown and changed but he gets to reap none of the benefits. Frankly, I was okay with Lucifer stepping down from being God because I believed there were ways he could help even without that title. But then, why does Hell reform have to be a full-time job? Why can Amenadiel be God and still be there for his family? Why isn’t Lucifer afforded the same opportunity?
What Rory asks of them is incredibly selfish and damaging not only for them, herself but for Trixie too. She loses out on a father figure with Lucifer’s absence (and ugh, I’m so mad they gave all those family bonding scenes to Rory instead of Trixie. I know a lot of it was bc Scarlet was busy but I wanted Step-Devil shenanigans!)
Anyways, my point is if they were going to get us attached to the idea of Lucifer having a daughter, then they should have allowed him to raise her. He should have been better than his father.
Because what has been the purpose of this entire journey if not Lucifer growing, healing, allowing people in, finding a family, a home?
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unnecessarilygrandiose · 2 months ago
Listen. I am feeling extremely anxious to the point I have to remind myself to breathe because I need to talk about Young Royals. What a freaking amazing show. What. A. Freaking. Amazing. Show.
I mean there is so much I want to say about how perfect it is that I am overwhelmed because I have no idea where to start.
Okay. Okay. Deep breaths. Yes. There will be spoilers so if you haven't seen it I beg you to stop reading this and watch it at first opportunity.
Let's start with plot. What a plot. It wouldn't be difficult to make a plot where people say cliche things and do stupid stuff and make a story centred around misunderstandings and lack of communication but the writers, god bless them, did not do that. The characters communicated. The story had a life other than the teenagers being stupid and doing stupid teenager things. It moved forward and not at a single point it felt forced or dragged. Basically the story felt less like a story and more like it would if you were to actually start following around a bunch of boarding school teenagers around. Which is to say, realistic af.
The characters. The characters each had their own struggles. They were acknowledged without either being a huge deal or being stereotyped and glossed over. That's a balance which is hard to strike but the show struck it perfectly. No one was perfect and not one character did not grow. The popular girls could have been mean but were genuinely nice. Simon could have been a stereotype but had his own story, a life and friends outside Wilhelm. August was an imbecile and an asshole and the show made sure to highlight that instead of just portraying him as a villain. It would be easy to do that but in real life there are assholes more often than there are villains.
Acting, oh god those actors own my life now. The characters had flaws physically and they had awkward habits and you could actually feel exactly what they were feeling from the actors' faces.
The music. It felt as if the music contributed to the plot rather than just being there because something needs to be there. Omar Rudberg's voice is lovely.
The cinematography. I'm no expert but I just know some scenes wouldn't have been nearly as effective if not for the way they were shot. I mean, at the end when Wilhelm breaks the fourth wall and just stares at you, doesn't it give you goosebumps?
The sub plots. So happy that their romantic relationship wasn't the only thing about the whole show. People aren't only just their love lives, and the show made sure to do justice to that fact. Also really happy with where the plot left off. I want Simon and Wilhelm to be happy together of course, but I know it's not that easy and that their relationship needs to develop through the midst of all of the being outed but not really shit.
I would like to finish off with the highest compliment I can pay any show.
I have always preferred books to movies and shows because the internal monologue lets you feel exactly what the characters are feeling and that's a level of connection that you simply can't get if you're just watching their faces. But this show let me feel those things. It let me be them. More than once while writing this post I accidentally wrote something along the lines of 'reading the show' instead of watching it. Because watching Young Royals was as good as reading a well written book.
P.S. There simply needs to be a second season. I mean. Sara is accepting who she is rather than trying to fit in by kissing handsome assholes. Felice is standing up to her controlling mother. Wilhelm has indirectly acknowledged his relationship with Simon in front of the whole student body. The rebellion has begun. And we will see it to it's end, because if we don't, Netflix headquarters all over the world are burning down.
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