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#so underrated

Watch “Noah Cyrus - All Three (Official Video)” on YouTube

We’re suckers for the thrill, playing, fuck, marry and kills, well honey you’re all 3

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Aw, Non, I love his sense of humor so much. It’s very dry, isn’t it, and his expression, well, back in 1d anyway, was always so deadpan. Like he was being very sarcastic and funny, but you couldn’t be sure he didn’t mean it. This is your best one yet. 💞

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Reacting to Sleep Token :

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the game is telling me I’m around halfway through Remembrance and Destruction….. but I’m no closer to understanding anything

the only thing I know for sure is that I love Miura and I will protect him

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one day y’all will appreciate dorothea for the absolute bop it is and then you will realise™️

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En serio espero que sanes de lo que no me cuentas

Sé que soy malo en mates, pero sé si algo resta

Me haces facetime y cancelas planes a medio vestirte

Dices que estás cansada cuando quieres decir triste

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Anyone here used to play The Movies?

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1: soulfight by the revivalists (god i love that song so much)

44: bang! by ajr

57: everything’s alright from jesus christ superstar, sara bareilles version

79: wait for me from hadestown – andré de shields, reeve carney

92: younger by a great big world

might have messed up counting but all such bops.  showin my theatre nerd side on main now i guess

send me a number 1-100 and I’ll tell you the song it corresponds with on my top 100 playlist!

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one of my fav mutuals. thank you, angel 🤍


12. bombs away (rlp) by twin shadows

63. me & you together song by the 1975

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Artificial Heart - “Four Eyes” [src]
My Weakness, Your Strength (2014)

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I saw Little Rita of the West (or Crazy Westerners). I love it so much!!!! Please watch it. It’s on YouTube. Also, Rita is my look alike.

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