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#so we played as the kits
oceanspray5 · 2 months ago
I need people to not talk over me or other brown people when we say we are absolutely GUTTED about the fact that Amita had to watch a white woman in brownface peform the stunts she TRAINED FOR!
Inej Ghafa was so important to us! To me! She is a badass brown girl who stays loving and compassionate despite the trauma she faces, she defends herself and she holds on to her faith and she falls in love and she puts herself first and has goals and aims and is unapologetically herself! She's so dynamic and real and flawed and human and perfect! She made me feel SEEN in a way no other character in fiction ever has! I finally felt like I could write about a protagonist like myself and be well received one day! I found out Amita was cast and how passionate she was about Inej in the same way we all are!
Amita put her heart and soul into Inej and we LOVE HER for it! She performed her role MAGNIFICENTLY and worked so hard to be able to do it. She reread the book multiple times! She trained for the acrobatics and the knife skills all on her own even before the show started filming! She gained literal scars because of how hard she worked! She gave Inej Ghafa her all because like us, she finally felt SEEN in a piece of media and wanted to do her justice and She DID!
And then we all find out that we now have to share Inej Ghafa with a WHITE WOMAN who did BROWNFACE and the showrunners and producers just let it happen?? That Amita had to be told that all her hard work wasn't enough and that instead of a brown stunt woman, a white woman was brought instead and she had to sit and watch HER character be performed by someone who doesn't even understand the importance of her?
It feels disgusting. Inej feels tainted. Like she isn't OURS anymore. Like she doesn't belong to us brown girls anymore when we had been waiting for her for so long!
And to know that Amita trained SO HARD and ended up having to smile through the pain when a white stunt double was donning her skin color to do a stunt a BROWN stunt woman deserved to have been given the opportunity to perform, even if Amita couldn't fit the requirements for whatever reason? Inej Ghafa belongs to the brown women. She deserved to be shared with only a brown woman as a stunt double. She deserved to be played by a fellow brown woman who understood her significance!
It's disgusting. It's appalling and I HATE everyone who had a hand in making this happen. My stomach roiled in disgust when I found out. I wanted to scream and cry. Amita was so brave for having to tolerate that happen and be unable to do anything about it. I am so proud of her but the fact is she shouldn't HAVE to have experienced that kind of racism as part of her job to bring Inej to life for us.
And on top of that, they made Zoya, another brown girl in the show, racist for absolutely NO REASON. It served 0 plot purpose. The show would have been exactly the same without it. This character trait didn't even exist for Zoya in the books.
Please do NOT talk over brown women when we say that we are tired and hurt and upset and angry! Please help us hold Netflix accountable because in no way is this okay! Netflix and Eric and Leigh have been toting Shadow and Bone for diversity points and meanwhile have been silencing their poc cast in the background and forcing them to watch as more and more opportunities slip by them. As they are told once again that what they can do is nothing compared to what a white person can do.
Amita Suman deserves better. Desi women deserve better. POC deserve better.
AND as a note cuz I've seen white people talk about this: we DO NOT want the show cancelled! Thats avoiding the problem! Not fixing it! We demand a better production crew. There are so many POC in this cast: Archie, Jessie, Kit, Sujaya and Amita have put their heart and soul into these characters despite the racism behind the scenes. They deserve to continue to play these characters they love and put so much hard work into bringing to life while the production crew that's being racist behind the scenes get sacked!
Edit: Non POC can absolutely reblog this! I made this post so people would know and so that the message about how not okay this is could spread. I encourage you all to please help raise our voices because some days it feels no one else cares but us, especially when it comes to desi people.
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saetyrn9 · 9 months ago
oct. 4, 2020 | pet play
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Hinata Shoyo x F!Reader
Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Pet Play, Anal Plugs, mild dom/sub play, Master/pet Play, Scratching, Biting, Smut, Rough Sex, Post-Time Skip
Tumblr media
It’s been a long time since you’ve seen Hinata so red. He’s flushing so much it’s spreading down his neck.
He sits in his desk chair, one hand gripping an arm, the other tight over his mouth. His eyes are dark and unblinking, focused on where you sit quietly and nicely on the floor. He looks good, all tan abs and freckled muscles sitting lazy with his legs spread. He’s got a healing bruise on his left pec from where he took a volleyball spike to the chest during his last game. From this angle, you can see the curve of his cock in his jeans, can see his toes curl and flex restlessly against the floor.
While you were getting ready, he’d been chatty--clearly excited, leg bouncing with anticipation, making you giggle, even when he was sitting with his back to you. Since spinning around, he's been absolutely still and silent. You shift where you kneel, unable to help clenching down on the plug in your ass, connected to the fuzzy orange fox tail curled around your thigh. You're feeling restless; you didn't think this would affect you as much as it is, but seeing the look on Hinata’s face normally reserved for volleyball laser focused on you has you wanting to get fucked.
Needing it.
And so with a racing heart and jittery nerves, you give him big, innocent eyes and shift forward onto your hands and knees. Hinata sucks in an almost silent gasp through his nose, strong chest expanding, unblinking as he watches you start to crawl towards him across the floor. Held up by black garter that sits high on your waist, silky translucent black thigh highs offer some protection from the harsh wood flooring. Your hips sway side to side behind you, and a little sound escapes you at the rock of the plug, the teasing sweep of the tail across the back of your thighs and knees tickling across your pussy, too.
You freeze under Hinata’s gaze, shiver and revel in the pleasure oozing through you, out of you, already dampening your pussy with precious lubricant.
A creak of leather has you fluttering open heavy eyes, gnawing on your bottom lip. Hinata, still entranced by you and the hang of your bare breasts, has lowered his hand from his red cheeks, gripping both arms of his chair in tight grasps to sit up from his slouched position. He gulps, thighs spreading, offering you a final destination you're eager to take. “Come here.”
You clench around the plug as you move closer, your joints wobbling precariously under the weight of your lust. You moan softly and watch Hinata paw at his confined cock. "Sh-Sho…"
"You're so pretty," he chokes out, sighing and petting over your warm cheeks as you slide between his knees, nuzzling against one of his strong thighs. His other hand finds the back of your neck, hooks into the leather collar you put on for fun, tugging and cutting off your inhale til you wheeze. It makes your head swim, purring and arching as Shoyo pets your soft skin with strong, calloused hands.
You move to sit back and flinch with a gasp as the plug is pressed upon by your bent tail. Hinata’s eyes widen, grasping your arms. "A-Are you okay?"
You don't know what's come over you. You feel faint and needy, already debauched but unsatisfied.
"Pet me more," you plead, weakly grasping his wrist, pulling his hand down over your neck to your breast. You both moan, and Hinata’s face flares red, his other hand gripping the back of your neck so tight your head falls back into his hold.
"So greedy, kitty," he whispers, obliging you and stroking around your pebbled nipple, across the pillowy skin, pressing his fingers into your giving flesh and massaging you. His hand on your neck squeezes and strokes and pulls at your hair at the nape of your neck. The nickname makes you mewl, swirling your hips back on the press of the thick tail beneath you. Blown out brown eyes rove over your slacked features, down to your parted lips, and you whimper in delight when he leans down to kiss you.
He’s flushed all the way down to his chest now, and you paw at his freckled shoulders, pulling him down to kiss him harder. He twists your nipple in reprimand when your nails scrape across his skin, and you squeak, pulling away to gasp a breath.
You wiggle on your knees, tail catching on the floor between your feet, and you think you’re going to explode if you don’t get any more attention besides Hinata’s shy, though thorough handling of your bare breasts and shoulders. His touches feel like fireworks across oversensitive skin, bringing waves of gooseflesh and prickling heat, makes it hard to breathe and think.
Against his lips, you whimper and ask, “Will you pet me in other places, M-Master?” Hinata actually hisses, bumping his forehead into yours to gaze at you with wide eyes.
His voice is tight with need, his hand cupping around your neck, drawing you closer. “Where do you need me to pet you, kitty? Huh?” He leaves a lusty, sweet peck across your parted, pouting lips. A broad, rough hand presses between your breasts and explores down towards your stomach, fingers fiddling with the lacy garter. You quiver, grip his wrist with a little sound, stomach flipping in sudden anticipation. "Tell your Master."
You twist around, Shoyo’s fingers dancing over your skin, catching on your collar, giving you long strokes down your back when you’re on your hands and knees. You bend over, heavily planting your chest and face against the floor between his feet, arching your back up to present to him. Shoyo groans a curse, hands tightening on the fat of your hips. “I...I need to be pet u-under my tail. Please?” You sway your hips, feeling unsteady even just on your knees like this, and the end of it brushes teasingly back and forth along your calves.
You can hear how hard Shoyo is breathing, his little whispery fucks under his breath as he smooths his warm hands reverently over the globes of your raised ass. He snaps a garter strap against you, the sting muted by the clench of your insides. Your tail hangs down over your pussy, fur caught in the wet slick you can feel oozing over your throbbing clit, and whine when his thumb catches beneath it, gently pulling the orange fox tail away. The plug inside you tugs slowly with the motion, and you press your face into the floor, moaning with Shoyo as you wag your ass back and forth.
“Oh kitty,” he pants, massaging at an ass cheek as his other hand smooths around the base of your tail. He fists the thick fur and strokes down to the end trailing down your arched back. The plug pulls up, pulls against the resistance of your insides and the warm pleasing clutch. You gasp, nails dragging against wood, his other hand following after the first, knuckles dragging across your spine.
“Sho!” You cry into your arm, thighs quaking. “Sh-Shoyo, Master, please!” You twist to glance pleadingly over your shoulder at him, almost knocking the fox ear headband off in the process. You spread your legs as wide as you can, pressing your bare tits and cheek down into the cold floor, just about collapsing if it meant he’d finally touch your pussy.
His gaze is focused between your legs, his jaw slack and hunched over from his seat. His grip returns to the base of your tail, gently working the metal plug around and around. His other hand comes down, fingers splitting between your weeping pussy lips to follow the thick drip of slick across your buzzing clit. You jolt at his first touch, pant when he finally glances up at you, three fingers rolling and rubbing at your singing nerves, rubbing through the pouring desire squeezed out of your insides.
You moan, toes curling against satin, and push back on his hand. His grip on your tail keeps you from moving too much, content to watch you writhe and arch back for him as he rolls your clit around the way he knows you like.
“You’re so wet,” he tells you reverently, voice cracking. He smiles a little, cheeks very pink and eyes wide. “I didn’t think you’d like this so much, kitty.” You feel too good to feel embarrassed. You hum shaky, fingertips bit between your teeth as you give him a drunk look from your place on the floor, eyes almost rolling when he tugs on the plug in your ass with another long stroke down your tail, never faltering on your clit. His hand spreads wide and warm across your shoulders, back up the tilted expanse of your skin to press against the place your tail meets your asshole.
You clench, make a little disappointed sound when he stops playing with your clit to frame your ass with this thumbs, pressing into the give of your cheeks and spreading your further, as if he could get a better look at how your ass clenches down on the pretty copper of the metal plug.
“You look so cute with a tail, too. Are...Are you feeling full? Huh?” He brushes his thumbs across the sensitive puckered skin, and you clench with a heavy gasp at the touch, brow furrowing against the floor when he presses experimentally at the warmed metal to rock it inside you, strokes along the thick tail attached to it as his fingers return.
You give a tortured sound of affirmation, reaching back to grasp onto his ankle, just to ground yourself, as the familiar flutter of an orgasm builds up under his touch. “I...I want your cock, too, Master. Please? Will you give it to me? Fill up both...both of my holes?” Your pussy throbs at the thought of his cock lodged up inside you, and you sway your hips again, arching your back further.
A low groan leaves the pro athlete, his hot mouth suddenly biting down across one of your upturned cheeks, digging his fingers into the giving flesh. You gasp and whine, pressing into the floor to chase the feeling, only to find his fingers on your clit again, one warm hand still resting on the curve of your butt, fisted loose around the base of your tail.
“I’ll give it to you when you cum,” he pants, the pace of his hand speeding up, the wet slick sounds of your clit getting fucked by firm fingers loud in your ears.
It doesn’t take long with all the stimulation. You gasp and cry his name, call for your Master, cunt fluttering and ass squeezing. Shoyo tugs gently, rhythmically on your tail again, little pushes and pulls of the heavy metal plug, fur sweeping across your warm skin, making you grit your teeth and shake. He whispers you praise after leaving another stinging bite on your ass cheek, mumbling slurred and sweet epithets that make you whine for him, guiding you through your pleasure.
The loud sound of his chair rolling backwards and hitting his desk when he falls to his knees behind you barely registers as you slump forward in a sloppy version of puppy pose, shivering with the aftershocks of your pleasure, riding your high face down on the floor.
You gasp and jolt upright when Shoyo fists your tail again and tugs up. He spanks you, hard, the sound cracking through the room. You cry out, lifting your hips back up as fast as you can with shaky thighs.
“Don’t get lazy, kitty,” he growls, shuffling forward to kneel around your legs, his pants shucked and the hot velvet of his cock rubbing over your ass. Your breathing picks up, pressing your palms into the floor to keep from sliding as he rubs the head of his dick through your messy pussy, slapping it against your sensitive clit.
The press of him inside you is intense. You can feel the girth of his cock press up against the unforgiving plug in your ass, and it almost feels like too much, like they’re both fighting for space inside of you. Hinata chokes behind you, nails scraping across your sacrum while he restlessly strokes and grips the tail at the base. You whine, high and long and unsteady, sweaty forehead slipping against wood while he stretches you out and fills you up all the way with a steady roll of his hips. His grip on your tail is unrelenting, like he’s grounding himself with it and simultaneously driving you insane with the insistent pressure his grip puts upon the tight ring of your ass.
He pushes forward with a strong arm on the tail, shoving your front down into the floor with a heartstopping shock of pleasure running through you. At the same time, he withdraws. Then pulls back on the plug when he snaps his hips forward, clapping against the backs of your thighs with a heavy blow, forcing you to fall into his pace. Hinata fucks you in earnest, panting and groaning and tangling his other hand into your garter around your middle, using his elbows to keep you pinned down onto your chest. Not that he needs to, your arms are too weak to hold you up, doing nothing but keeping you from sliding forward with Hinata’s heavy thrusts, breasts and cheek catching on the polished floor. The dizzying part is the way he uses his strong grip to yank you into his rhythm, balls slapping quick and dirty against your swollen clit, cock driving into you with ease from how wet you are.
“Sh-Sh-Sho,” you gasp along with the slap of his hips, lifting your head up, fumbling with the headband slipping down over your teary eyes. “Y-You’re filling me up s-so g-good! O-Oh fuck!" His drags short nails down your arched back, and the sting pushes the breath from your lungs.
He’s mumbling under his breath, voice tight and growly with his steady, mind-numbing exertion. “Such a good kitty, so g-good for your Master, holy fuck.” Another jarring slap from a broad palm. It hurts, but it makes you sob when it rocks his cock and the plug against all of your swollen nerves on the inside.
He bends over you, gets one foot under him up by your grounded shoulder to put more force behind his thrusts with a strong thigh. He reaches down and presses on the back of your neck, fingers tangling in your hair and thumb slipping under your collar to feel your wild jugular. You stop giving a fuck about your headband, spreading your arms forward in front of you and arching your ass up as high as you can with the unforgiving grip on your tail.
Everything comes to a head quickly, the pleasure and the moans and Hinata’s pace crescendos until you fall, slapping your palms on the floor, tensing and writhing and uncaring if his roommates hear you through the walls when you wail into the floor. Hinata groans, lusty and shaky, and tugs your head back by your hair, fucks you through the tight clench of your pussy and your butt plug, wincing and twisting the tail up in his grip as he follows you over the edge. He fucks his cum up into you with slowing, smooth rolls of his hips, makes it drip out of you in long, swaying strands down to the floor between your knees, all while moaning sweetly for you and petting a shaky hand over your matted hair, trailing fingers down the tingling lines he left across your back.
“S-Such a good, good girl. Oh, my good kitty…”
You let your legs slide out from under you with a drunk little giggle, Hinata’s grip loosening on your tail to let it unwind and slither across your hip. His cock slips free, hands coming down beside your shoulders, his body leaning over yours to spread kisses down your sweaty back before rolling over to splay across the floor beside you with a happy sigh. His broad hand rests affectionately on the curve of your butt, fingers fiddling with the silky garter over your cheek while you both catch your breath. A pleasant silence follows as you cool off, his arm rising to wrap around you when you wiggle closer to cuddle.
“You look super cute, by the way,” Hinata sighs, hugging you close. “I don’t think I told you that.”
You grin into his shoulder. “You did, don’t worry. I’m glad you liked it so much.” He presses a kiss to your forehead, giving you a loving squeeze.
“You’ll need to tell Kenma he was right,” you whisper against his chest. Hinata snorts, gently dislodging the fox ear headband from your hair and flinging it across the floor with little care.
“Hell no, he’ll never let me live it down,” he mumbles back, both of you laughing. His hand slinks down your back, fingers veeing around the base of the fox tail and wiggling it slowly back and forth. You moan and stretch against him like a lazy cat, the press of the plug pushing more of his cum from your tingling insides in a drooling gush, making you bury your face into his neck and grip onto him tightly despite your shiver.
You feel his lips curl against your damp forehead. “But maybe I’ll tell him you liked it more than you thought you would.”
After cleaning up and cuddling, Hinata walks you out some hours later with every intention of feeding you and walking you home. It’s an unfortunate walk of shame through the living room, as both Atsumu and Bokuto sit on the couch watching a volleyball game on the TV. Bokuto barely bats an eye away from the screen. It’s Atsumu who raises his brows at you with a sly little smirk, one that makes embarrassment swirl in your gut.
You have every intention of giving him a breezy smile and sweeping out the door with your chin up and your shoulders back. Who cares if he heard you having sex with your boyfriend? It’s definitely not the first time, nor will it be the last.
“Bye!” You call pleasantly as you pass, Hinata’s hand pressing into the small of your back.
The blond grins back at you and gives a little wave from his slouching spot on the couch, his farewell making Hinata blush and Bokuto glance around in confusion.
“See ya later, kitty.”
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dams-racing · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Obviously, I could never be as skilled a drummer as Roger Taylor in the limited timeframe we had, and most likely could never be as good as him! But I wanted to do my best to pay tribute to the man’s talent. So, basically I just spent all day, every day locked away with my drum kit practicing over and over. I also had a great instructor in Brett Morgan. There’s no way I could have learnt to play so quickly without his help
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brycelahelas · a year ago
me pressing the option to save gaius despite talking shit about him for the past few weeks
Tumblr media
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madreofdragons · 2 years ago
remember when kit said he wanted to play a darker jon snow who wouldn't give a fuck that daenerys is his aunt and be 1000% into it?
Tumblr media
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jsperfhey · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
hey grishaverse fandom its not the first time this has been brought up—and it certainly wont be the last—but we need to fucking talk about this. it is not okay for shadow & bone to cast a light-skinned actor to play jesper, a canonically dark-skinned character (just like its not okay for them to cast a skinny actor to play nina). 
theres even less excuse for them to take kit, an already light-skinned actor, and wash him out in promotional posters so that his skin tone is the same or even lighter than that of archie, who plays mal. i took several swatches from each poster to compare but you dont even need the specific colors to see that jesper is way too light.
the bottom line: shadow & bone, do better.
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lesbian-mawile · 2 years ago
MEKA Roles and Design
Tumblr media
So I’ve talked a bit about these new MEKA designs with some friends, and I’ve been seeing people asking for a bit more depth to the analysis of their design features, and how MEKA would work as a team unit! So with my love of all things fictional engineering, I decided to take a crack at it.  Going from L > R I’m gonna talk about different noteworthy aspects of their designs, and how that’d reflect their roles in a cohesive unit.
Jae-Eun: Casino So the first things first is the streamlined, almost jet-esque design of Casino. Paired with it’s light artillery and slender design makes me think that Casino’s purpose is high speed precision fire- taking down specific targets and threats rather than handling swarms of enemy combatants. While the team focuses more on crowd control and cutting down numbers at large, Jae-Eun is sent to focus down things like disabling enemy artillery or other important weakpoints in a giant Omnic.
Yuna: D.Mon D.Mon is by far the bulkiest MEKA of the bunch. With Heavy armor, plenty of thrusters, and a larger cockpit fitted with an additional display, Yuna (in classic Red fashion) leads the MEKA squadron as their strategist and close quarters brawler. D.Mon has strength in defensive force and durability, and with it’s lack of visible ranged weaponry, probably fights on the actual Omnic itself as an infantry trooper. The additional display is to coordinate information from Overlord without clogging up her own visual field in combat.
Hana: D.Va We know plenty of D.Va’s kit already from playing her, but putting her in context of her team really shows how varied Hana’s kit is. She’s got CQC shotguns, longer ranged damage missiles, a powerful defensive matrix, and strong thrust that keep her in good pace with fast enemy omnics. This suggests a generalist responsible for team coverage and supportive pressure. She helps her team’s damage engage upon the enemy and cover their weak points. This also explains why her MEKA is so uniquely responsible for it’s high number of solo-kills: it’s got a little bit of everything in it.
Kyung-Soo: King King seems to be the ranged damage that contrasts Casino’s quick burst fire. With a heavier focus on King’s Micro-missiles, as well as longer, more rifle-like fusion cannons, King’s design suggests fighting more from a distance, laying down suppressive fire and shutting down large areas and clusters of enemies. With what looks like the basic amount of thrusters King is not a fast-moving MEKA, but holds a lot of influence over the field, much like his namesake.
Seung-Hwa: Overlord With Overlord’s large fan blades, multiple deployable drones, and a nose-mounted defense matrix, this design seems best adept for staying in static aerial positions, and observing the fight from the distance. Overlord can stay up in the air without burning thruster fuel and can monitor enemy movements and report them back to D.Mon. The Matrix mounted on the nose only protects the cockpit if the incoming damage is coming from an upward angle. Very combat-light, as there’s no real visible artillery on Overlord’s design; Seung-Hwa’s responsible for shot calling target positions and keeping their team out of harm’s way.
Needless to say a lot of this is just pure speculation and built around just what I think these designs are best suited for. But it was still fun to think up these anyways! Hopefully we’ll eventually get to see MEKA fight as a complete squadron, and I can see if I even got half of it right.
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this-is-an-open-letter · 3 years ago
Tessa Virtue Answers "Who is More Likely..." - The Kit
We play "Who is More Likely to..." with Olympic champion Tessa Virtue ⛸️ (Apparently Scott Moir is the one who owns the dance floor!)
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meggiscat · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
ima be real with you chiefs, squirrelflight and brambleclaw should’ve just stayed best friends….their relationship did not do it for me at all and i feel like they function better that way.
i have a personal revamp of the series, i’ve compiled a bunch of ideas under the readmore ->
 brambleclaw has his pre-existing personality mostly -- he’s under intense pressure to perform up to everyone’s standards to make up for the scorn he recieved as a kid, making him a very private cat. he bottles up his feelings a Lot as he’s scared of anything being percieved as a weakness. he’s bossy, stubborn, ambitious and naive, very likely to run from his problems rather than deal with them directly. he has a thing about family -- being abandoned by his dad and sister left him with issues, which is why he immediately latched onto hawkfrost. after his death, brambleclaw avoids mothwing but gets to know her much later
squirrelflight is the same, stubborn and annoying but also amazingly loyal and empathetic. she also has the guts to flip the bird at starclan and them trying to micromanage her life decisions
squirrel basically looked at bramble as a baby and decided that he was gonna be the cat she’d exasperate to death one day, and they’ve been at it since. so no romance here
brambleclaw is gay and preetty far in the closet. he had a thing for stormfur (not related to him in this version), but it only led to heartbreak as he chose to stay in the mountains. only squirrelflight knows about this
squirrelflight is bi, swings in any direction except ashfur’s. fuck ashfur.
squirrelflight also thought she’d be mates with shrewpaw one day, but his death threw her for a loop and took a while to recover from. brambleclaw helped her through her healing process -- something that she’s very grateful for
squirrelflight never claimed that leafpool’s kids were hers, she just said that she found them abandoned in the forest and decided to raise them as her own. she offered brambleclaw a chance to be their father figure meanwhile he’s figuring out himself. he accepts
since tigerstar instilled an idea about Bloodlines Being Important he’s kind of a clumsy father -- he loves his kids to death but he’s not entirely sure how to raise them. it was easier when they only wanted to play and cuddle, but not so much when they started saying “ugh dad are we still kits or almost full-grown adults”
i looove @marley-waters ‘s hollystar AU so that applies here -- brambleclaw steps down as deputy and resurrects hollyleaf by the moonpool, making her the leader. he realizes that the only way to truly let go of everybody’s expectations is to let go of his ambition and truly do something selfless for a cat he loves. he becomes warrior again and learns to open up and be happier with squirrelflight’s help. he comes out, too.
as how alderheart and sparkpelt came to be, jessy is a trans girl and had a fling with squirrelflight. she’s a welcome guest in thunderclan and comes by every now and then to see how they’re doing
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rookieforlife · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Motherwell Football Club are removing the word ‘Ladies’ from the name of the women’s team.
Going forward, Donald Jennow’s side will simply play under the banner of Motherwell Football Club, with reference being made to the team as women only when needed for clarity.
Since officially coming under the wing of the club in 2018, Motherwell have performed outstandingly, winning the SWPL2 title and promotion in record time, and reaching the SSE Scottish Cup final in the same season.
In general terms, the club does not think it is necessary to specifically highlight the different genders of teams when discussing any side which is part of Motherwell Football Club.
“Whether it is the first team, reserves or women, all of our players play as Motherwell FC,” chief executive Alan Burrows said.
“We want to completely remove the idea that our female players exist as some form of ‘arms length’ side”. The team, as you would expect, train in club facilities and obviously play in the same kits.
“We are all united together, and this name change is another indication of our intent to grow and promote our women’s team as they start life in the top flight.”
Forward Sam McManus added: “Since day one we’ve felt part of the club, so the name change feels a natural progression for everyone.
“We’re proud to wear the Motherwell badge and represent the club, and hope that supporters will get behind us as we start playing in the top flight of the women’s game in Scotland.
The team start the new campaign in the top flight on Sunday, when Stirling University are the visitors to Fir Park*. Kick off is at 2pm.
The women’s team’s social media content will also come from the official Motherwell Football Club accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter going forward.
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uwukirin · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"I owe them (Sansa and Arya) the truth." "Even if the truth destroys us?" "It won't."
This is actually my favourite Jonerys line from this season because I think it showed Jon really had faith in their relationship, that it can withstand anything. The way Kit delivered the line with so much assurance, that Jon was not going to let anything get in the way of them. He's a family man so he didn't want to keep anything from his sisters/cousins, and he also wasn't aware of how much of a conniving snake Sansa is.He didn't know anything about playing the game. All he knew was that he loved Daenerys and his family and that they could work things out, "we can live together."
Of course, I know that absolutely NOTHING this season made any sense: - Jon stopping by Dragonstone first before heading to Kingslanding because he was worried about Daenerys' well-being after losing Missandei and Rhaegal. "How is she? She shouldn't be alone" but when he comes to comfort Daenerys and tells her he loves her, he couldn't be physically affectionate with her, which I fully understand why. He was having a hard time having a physical relationship with her after finding out they were related but it doesn't mean he didn't love her. Maybe we don't know how that scene really ended, maybe he stayed and said some words of comfort. The editing along with the writing really sucked this season, only God knows how many scenes they deleted. - When Tyrion was attempting to convince Jon about killing Daenerys but Jon was constantly defending her, "You think our house words is stamped on our bodies when we are born and that's who we are? Then I'd be fire and blood too." He was trying to justify everything Daenerys had done, even by going against his own morals. When Tyrion mentioned his sisters, specifically Sansa, first thing Jon said was "She doesn't get to choose" which ironically are the same words Daenerys said that convinced Jon she was too far gone and was indeed becoming dangerous. *facepaaaalm* So anyway, I'm not even going to try and make a sense out of this season, not going to waste my energy on it since the writers clearly did not give a fuck. All I know is that Jon and Dany loved each other through it all and they deserved so much better.
Tumblr media
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yourplayersaidwhat · 2 years ago
So my buddy bought the Pathfinder starter kit the other day, looking to start DMing. We ran it with three players, the wizard, the rogue (myself), and the cleric. I’m typically the one who derails the campaigns, accidentally typically, yet somehow this night, I was the one playing it straight. With the exception of making the goblins our allies. And the following.
GM: They’re being very vague about this creature in the water. Big claws, crunchy on the outside…chewy on the inside.
Wizard: Okay, I’m going to ask them to describe it.
Rogue (while dying of laughter): Oh my god, it’s a rock lobster. Five gold says it’s a fucking rock lobster.
Cleric: (Helpfully starts singing the rock lobster song)
GM (laughing): They’re goblins. They’re idiots. You’ve got what you’ve got.
(Cut to us approaching the water.)
GM: And out of the water…leaps a reefclaw.
Rogue: IT’S A FUCKING ROCK LOBSTER OH MY GOD. (nearly falls over laughing)
Cleric: Okay, I’ve never seen one of these… (looks it up in adventurer’s handbook) It’s a crustacean with the top resembling a lobster and the bottom resembling an eel.
Rogue: IT REALLY IS A ROCK LOBSTER HOLY SHIT I CALLED IT. (actually falls over laughing)
(See this is what happens when I try to be a sarcastic asshole…I tend to actually be right. With us turning this into a full fledged campaign, I’m betting there’s going to be a lot of rock lobster jokes…)
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fuck-customers · 3 years ago
I hate these people.
I work at “Blaire’s.” I had a customer call on the phone around 3/10 and when I answered, she was already in a mood. I asked how I could help her, and she sighed and went on:
“I was in there earlier day and bought a make-up kit for my niece’s birthday and just got home and it’s missing a brush.”
Keep in mind, our make-up kits for kids include small brushes that fall out because customers rip the tape off the kits and open them and just lwave them around, because fuck acting like a civilized adult. So regularly we find misding brushes and have to re-pair them to their kit. We have a bin of loose brushes for this.
I told her I was sorry and that if she’d bring it in I’d be happy to exchange it or give her a new brush.
She says, “Well that’s not just going to cut it. It’s really inconvenient for me to come there again. I live really far and I never come there. I have three BOYS!!” (Okay? I don’t care and we sell stuff boys could play with like Pokemon figurines and Minions anyway.)
I said, “The only other thingI I can do otherwise is just offer you a refund. Those are really the only options.”
She grunted audibly and said, “I want to speak to your manager.” I told her I was the manager on duty. She told me to give her my manager’s personal cell. I said I couldn’t do that. She said, “You’re not trying to help me. 😠 I want a refund AND I want the brush.”
She wanted… the money and the item…?
I said frankly, “Ma'am. I did not sell this item to you. You’re asking me to do something that literally puts my entire job at risk. I can’t break a company policy like that.” She told me she didn’t care. :) Satan here didn’t care if I go hungry or homeless over a make up brush.
I asked calmly, “Ma'am. I want to help you. Tell me what you’d like, and I can try my best to do that for you.” She told me she wants a 20% refund for her trouble, and a new brush. I complied and forwarded it to my AsM.
The lady was going ON and ON about how far away she lives and how inconvenient this is!
Skip ahead to my next shift.
AsM: Oh! That crazy lady’s husband came in. He didn’t bring his card.
Me: … What? 😐
AsM: Yeah. I told him I can’t do his refund without the card and he insisted I give him cash. I offered him store credit. He said he’d need cash because they have 3 –BOYS–!! I said I couldn’t do that so he demanded corporate’s number. Also, they live in Pt. Pleasant. (5 minutes away. Literally.) He was really mad. But I gave him the brush.
Thankfully, for my customer service effort, I actually got thanked and told not to worry.
She had given him the brush and sent him on his way. Turns out the item this woman wanted me to break rules and/or lose my job over cost $9.99. That’s right. The wife, and by proxy, the husband, was/were incensed over a $1.98 refund. Oh wait, I forgot. They live a whole song’s length away and, oh yeah, they have 3 BOYS!!!!
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twstarchives · 7 months ago
Happy Birthday・Idia
Tumblr media
Part 1
     ♡—Ignihyde Dorm - Birthday Party Venue—♡
NRC School Newspaper Feature Interview with the Birthday Student ~Idia ver.~
Yuu: Happy birthday!
Idia: Huh...? U-Uh, um... Th-Thank... you.
That’s a lovely outfit.
Idia: You think so? This “Yo! I’m a big merry chief!”-looking outfit? Your aesthetic is something I can’t even begin to understand.
It’s fancy, it’s too tight, and it s-stands out.
But worst of all, I’m having people whose names I don’t even know just casually talking to me... Have you ever experienced something so horrifying?
I’m at my limit... Hah... I wanna get this thing off as soon as possible...
Alright, let’s get started with the interview——
Idia: Eee! Y-Y-You said “interview”? With me?
No, no, no, you’re joking...
That’s just way too impossible for a modest guy like me... I have to decline.
...I-I can’t? Y-You’re really stubborn. H-Hold on a second...
          (He switches to speaking from his tablet)
Idia: Okay, I’m good now. L-Let’s get this over with.
How does it feel with everyone sending you birthday wishes?
Idia: ...I-It’s nothing but literal torture to have flocks of normies come up and talk to me...
The idea that every single person wants a huge birthday celebration with lots of people is a complete lie!
Aren’t you happy it’s your birthday?
Idia: It just means my lifespan decreased by a year. What’s there to be happy ab—oh, wait, just kidding! Scratch that.
I’ve got loads of amazing birthday events in my games!
Between collecting limited voice lines and reading all my birthday stories... I’ve been extremely busy since this morning~.
S-So, can I go back to my room now...? No? Okay.
Part 2
Please let me continue with our interview.
Idia: N-No, the things I have to say feel kinda pointless. Haven’t you heard enough already...?
I’d rather not talk to you through a tablet...
Idia: ...Does that mean we can end this faster if we talk face-to-face? Okay then.
          (He discards his tablet)
Thank you. First off, what’s your favorite food?
Idia: ...Candy. They’re good and they’re easy to eat while playing games... It’s perfect.
I-I love educational candy kits the most. The ones where you can add water and mix it, sprinkle powders in it, make it solidify...
The candy itself is like a game, so I get so focused on playing it... Hehe.
I can make the colors and shapes whatever I want, so it’s really fun. And if you think it’s a game for kids, then you’re wrong.
What about your least favorite food?
Idia: ...Raw fish. I-It’s smelly, lukewarm, and the texture feels slimy, slippery, and sticky...
Plus it’s annoying when you can’t eat something without utensils. Getting those out takes so much time. I hate it...
It’s just important to get nutrition into your body, and well-balanced block candy does that fine! Yup, you can’t disagree with me!
Is there a reason you’re always wearing headphones?
Idia: ...O-Oh? So you can ask actually good questions. Obviously, it’s to listen to phenomenal music with the best sound quality.
It’s courtesy to the creators who brought these masterpieces to life to listen to them in HQ.
Oh. The noise canceling function is also very important. ...It lets me shut out the outside world.
What kind of music do you listen to?
Idia: ...I-I stan some idol groups... I love their songs.
The appeal of idols isn’t just their looks~ I wouldn’t stan a group if their songs sucked~
So you like idols? Do you have a favorite group?
Idia: Moirai! Moirai on the Edge! You don’t know them? This is why you’re a normie...
They’re a popular trio of veteran dancers and seasoned vocalists!
Listening to their godly songs makes me start chanting and clapping like I’m at one of their live concerts...
I-I could show you some of their music if you’re interested... No, I won’t force you if you don’t want to...
Part 3
Please let me continue with our interview just a little longer.
Idia: ...Are you serious? I’ve already been enduring this for so long keeping my tablet away...
H-Hey, can we just end this? I’ve talked enough. What do I even get out of this?
I’m the birthday boy or whatever (lol), but my opinion doesn’t get to be respected...?
I-It’ll be over soon, I promise... Um, tell us about a birthday memory you have.
Idia: Uhh... My parents gave me a lot of games as presents.
Console games, board games, all kinds of things for me to play in my room.
I was always ecstatic when I got them, and Ortho would play them with me.
I always won more than him when we were little. I mean, I am a genius, so what do you expect? Hehe.
But Ortho would get upset about it every time, so I slowly started changing the games we played.
To board games that use things like roulette wheels and dice.
Th-That way, Ortho could still have fun with them without needing to have any technique...
That was nice of you.
Idia: W-Well, it was my birthday... and I’m his big brother...
But it’s not like I can beat Ortho at computer games now!
I have one last question to ask.
Idia: Huh? I-Is it really the last one? I can’t do this anymore...
I promise it is. Has anything happened for your birthday today?
Idia: Um... Th-The second the day changed, I got dozens of birthday messages flying in from my online friends...
Oh, yeah. Sir Muscle Crimson gave me a rare weapon as a present~
Man, I was so touched!
...Hah. I wish everyone would just send me birthday wishes online instead of coming to me face-to-face...
The idea that talking in-person is more significant than online chats and texts is such an outdated point of view...
Extroverts should be aware that making eye contact and laughing puts so much pressure on someone...
           (He switches back to his tablet)
Idia: Speaking of, I’m much more attentive and genuine when I talk through my tablet lolol.
Thank you. Once again, happy birthday!
Tumblr media
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yourplayersaidwhat · 3 years ago
Poor Dwarven Scapegoat
Context: I’m trying to teach my friends to play so I got the starter kit and we were playing the Lost Mines sample campaign with the premade characters. The Folk Hero Fighter was Dan the Man who was pissed off at literally everything, the Halfling Rogue was basically a rabid badger trying to attack everything, the Wizard didn’t know what was going on, and the poor Dwarven Cleric was the scapegoat for everything.
They arrive at Thundertree ruins and decide to all sneak around to the tower. Dan: ok rogue, scout out the tower and tell us what’s in it. *rogue succeeds sneaking in and finds the green dragon asleep. Trying to be funny he whispers to me that he wants to snipe the dragon with his bow and find so it atta la the group. Rolls Nat 1*
Me: an arrow comes flying out the top of the tower and hits the cleric. What do you do now?
Wizard: I want to shoot magic missiles back at the tower *Nat 20*
Me:congrats, your missiles hit. But they awaken the dragon that was asleep inside, so your group is pretty much dead.
Dan: I roll to knock the Wizard out and leave him as bait.
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mrs-fairchild · 2 years ago
Prince of Hell and Herondales
(spoilers for Queen of Air and Darkness)
So, after the end of Queen of Air and Darkness, we have Ash (Sebastian Morgenstern and the Seelie Queen's son), Kit (the first heir and the lost Herondale), the Cohort who locked themselves in Idris and no less than two Jace Herondales. There is a lot to unpack but no doubt one of the biggest questions is: who is going to be the main villain in the series?
So now we have three big contestants: Ash, ThuleJace and the Cohort.
While I do think the Cohort will play a role in TWP, I can’t believe they will be the main villain, because 1) Cassie specifically said it would be the greatest threat they ever faced, and no way the Cohort is more dangerous than Sebastian and the Endarkened. and 2) Because they were already the main antagonists in The Dark Artifices.
So that leaves ThuleJace and Ash. Now, I am truly speculating, but I don’t thing either of them will be the main antagonists for this series and here’s why: I don’t see their motivations being a catalyst for the rise of this big threat. For one thing, the only thing we know for sure ThuleJace wants is Clary, but I doubt Cassie would write a whole book where the main villain wants to be with Clary against her will (again), especially since she will not be a protagonist in TWP. And for another, it’s pretty clear that there is some romance foreshadowed between Ash and Drusilla, and it would not make sense for him to be the main villain in that sense. Also, as powerfull as they are, I don’t think they alone could pose that much of a threat to everyone unless they allied themselves with the Seelie Court and the Cohort but even then, between Kieran and the Unseelie Court, most of the world’s shadowhunters and downworlders plus Jace and Kit, it would be a pretty balanced fight. It would also feel really similar to the end of Queen of Air and Darkness.
So who would be the villain then? Well...
We know why everything went wrong in Thule. Lilith got help from a really powerful demon, and as such she was able to kill Clary and then the whole world went to hell (literally). We also know that the threat in The Wicked Powers is the greatest they ever faced, so who better to be this threat than the guy whose mere help caused the very disturbing Thule scenario?
I also imagine that because TWP is the ultimate fight, and according to Cassie, the last trilogy of the Shadowhunter Chronicles, this villain will be someone that is connected to all the main trilogies in the TSC universe. Now, this is also speculation, but who better, then the demon who is personally connected to the Herondale bloodline? Tessa’s father, whoever he is, is a Prince of Hell. In TDA we assume Tessa was unafected by the blight because of her angelic inheritence, but what if it wasn’t because of that? What if it’s because all that was fueled by her fathers power and she was somehow immune to his magic?
His heritage is clearly a major plot point in The Last Hours, since James inherited demonic powers, and it would tie in well with him having helped Lilith in Thule and granted her so much power. It would clearly have an impact on Tessa and her descendents (aka Jaces + baby Carstairs), and so this particular fight could affect the different Jaces in different ways.
All I know it’s that if there’s a demon that could wreak this much havoc for our characters, that demon is Tessa’s father.
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shinsticks · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
"I idolised my mum," he says. "I followed her around the house. It was because of her that I wanted to be an actor. She used to take us to the theatre at least twice a week." But Deborah Harington didn't only teach her sons (Harington has an older brother, Jack, who lives in Dubai) about the transformative magic of the stage; she also introduced them to gender politics.
"I asked for a Mighty Max and she bought me a Polly Pocket. I asked for an Action Man and I got a doll - it was very gender fluid from the word go. And I went with it," says Harington. To this day masculinity and 'inherited male trauma' are the themes that he is most interested in exploring with his work.
"I feel that emotionally men have a problem, a blockage, and that blockage has come from the Second World War, passed down from grandfather to father to son. We do not speak about how we feel because it shows weakness, because it is not masculine. Having portrayed a man who was silent, who was heroic, I feel going forward that is a role I don't want to play any more. It is not a masculine role that the world needs to see much more of."
-- Kit Harington to the Sunday Telegraph, 2020
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yourplayersaidwhat · 2 years ago
(Quick set up - we were playing a Werewolf: The Apocalypse campaign with my husband as the DM. I’m a scrappy street kid werewolf named Kit Kat with serious short term memory issues. Our friend is Hallis Moonflower - aka Moony - a werewolf bard from Ireland…who can’t talk. He’s mute. He uses his flute and other varying instruments to communicate. This is ALSO the early, early 2000s - so no really accessible smart phones/texting tech available to us at the time.)
Me: *in the middle of a fight* We need some reinforcements here, Moony.
Moony: *shrugs, makes a gesture according to the DM Kit Kat only half sees*
Me: What the hell do you want me to do?
DM: Kit Kat, roll to see if you get shot.
Me: *grumbles as I roll a 1* Sonofa-!
DM: You hear a loud bang. Kit Kat, you go down with a hole in your stomach. It’s smoking, so you know you’ve been hit with silver. Your regeneration isn’t going to work while that bullet’s in there.  What do you do?
Me: *looks at Moony* Do you have a cell phone? Call 911!
Moony: *glares and flips Kit Kat off*
OOC everyone: *rolling on the floor laughing*
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moms-milfs-matures · a month ago
Tumblr media
She and her husband live a couple doors down the street. I’d never met her but I’d seen her out in their yard and was attracted in a big way.  One day her husband mentioned that she was impressed with the roses I had growing on the side of my yard and asked if he could clip off a couple to take to her.  “Of course” I said to him.
“Tell her she can come down anytime and clip what she needs and If she ever wants some pointers on growing them I’d be happy to share my little secrets.”
A couple days later I was out working in the yard and she walked over.  She wasn’t wearing a bra and I was having a hard time avoiding gawking at her magnificent tits. “Ronnie said you could give me some pointers” she said. And all I could focus on were her two glorious pokies.  
I managed to clear my head and shared a few tips on how to grow roses in our particular climate then I offered to give her a few cuttings. I pulled a pair of clippers from my tools and snipped off a half dozen or so of the best blossoms with long straight stems.  When I accidentally stuck myself with a long ornery thorn, she was especially attentive. 
She took my hand and watched as a bead of blood bubbled up and began to run down my finger.  That was when she put my finger in her mouth and licked the blood off and then used her tongue to play with my finger.  Her eyes were locked on mine, probably judging my reaction, and I smiled and let her continue. “do you have any band-aids in your house?” she asked as she gently nudged me to go inside. “I’ll help you put one on it.  You really don’t want it to get infected.”
So we went inside and I got out my first aid kit.  I leaned against the kitchen counter and she stepped up close and licked my index finger again before she applied a bandage to its tip.  “Do you think it will be okay?” she asked and while still holding my hand in hers she brought my hand down and placed it next to her heart.  I almost exploded as she pressed my hand against the bare skin between her breasts.
“It’s starting to feel better all ready.” I said as I smiled at her.  My other hand instinctively moved to her waist and with only minimal pressure she was pressed against me with my hand still on her chest between her breasts. “It was all my fault” she said. “If I hadn’t come over you wouldn’t have gotten poked by that mean old thorn.  Will you ever forgive me?’
I could feel her hold on my hand ease up and I moved my hand to cover one of her breasts. I ran my hand over her nipple to cup her tit in my hand. It was soft but firm and as I gave it a little squeeze she smiled. We kissed and played with her breasts for a few minutes before she got down on her knees. She ran her hand over the large bulge in my pants and undid my belt, then unzipped the zipper.
She explored me with her tongue and took me fully down her throat. Then stood up and while still holding my cock in her hand she gave it a little tug and said “Show me your bedroom?”   
We were there for an hour before she said she needed to be home before Ronnie got back from his work.  I’m still friends with Ronnie but only because he doesn’t know what’s going on between me and his wife.  She’s developed a real interest in gardening and stops by often for tips and secrets. 
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archivistsrock · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was Kit’s first red carpet, and sitting in the front row of an awards show […] He really enjoyed it. I thought he was really great at it. He handled it very well […] It was a lot of flashbulbs for someone who’s never been on a red carpet – for a 13-year-old […] That’s sensory overload for me! He was just so excited to see all the people, and he knows how much I love Tina Fey. She was sitting next to us and he turned to me and was like, “Tina Fey is right next to you! Tina Fey is right next to –” And I was like “Okay, okay, I know…we have to play it cool.” [x]
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