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#so writing and study questions are actually super fun for me!
asktheheirofslytherin · a month ago
I thought 'prescheduled volding' was an euphemism for sex until I realized it was your queue tag lmaoo
anyway, onto my question: any tips for studying, Tom? you obviously know something about it, since you got great marks on your OWLs and NEWTs :))
I admit, for me, it depends upon the subject in question. Some subjects are fascinating in their own right - I can study these for hours and be unaware time has even passed. Other subjects are more tedious. 
Sometimes - especially now - I prefer to study alone, as I can find others distracting. I find discipline to be essential, so I study something I find uninteresting for half an hour before I move on to what genuinely interests me.
I have noticed that many of my peers would merely highlight or underline sections of text - and this can be helpful, but you must take care to not merely underline everything. Place a star, or another symbol, beside key points. And take notes in the text. This engagement helps you retain things longer. Even a simple “I am not sure here,” or a “but what about xyz?” can help. And then, you may start to notice patterns in your thinking - are your questions being answered in the following paragraphs? Excellent - you are an insightful reader. Are there certain concepts you continue to react to with confusion? Excellent - you know what to follow up on and research. Notes provide a pathway mere underlining does not. Oftentimes, now, I find myself providing a running commentary in the margins.  
If you do study with others, as many people do, take care to surround yourself with friends who are like minded, and will actually help you study. Good companionship can indeed make things go by much faster - ah, I do fondly recall the many nights in the library or the common room with my schoolmates, the scratch of parchment on paper, the flipping of pages, the odd thunk as Yaxley hit Avery on the head with a charms textbook.
Essays are a topic worth mentioning. As a prefect, I had many younger students whining to me all the time about how they cannot craft an essay of just a few inches. And as a prefect, I was duty bound to assist them. I will tell you what I told them, I suppose. When assigned essays, you must identify the following three points: what I am trying to say, why I must say it, and how I will back it up. 
Any essay can be broken down into these three questions. I find many people struggle with the “why” - they know the topic or argument, and they know they need to use their textbooks and research as evidence, but they get lost in the weeds of why the damn thing is important in the first place. 
A common first year essay is the use of fresh vs dried herbs in potions. If I have one more first year come to me about that bloody herb essay- ahem. They know they need to cover the uses for both. That is the what. They know they must go to the library and look up the differences between the two, in terms of effects on potions. That is the how. They never seem to think about the why. They seem to simply copy the dry definitions for the original texts, coming quite close to plagiarism or a list in paragraph form. Nothing they show me ever sounds engaging. I must ask them, time and time again; why are they even writing about this? Well, for a grade, of course, but also to put theory into context. Who is this for? You need to compare the two, give examples of their use, and why, and how things could go very wrong if you used dried nettles instead of fresh, for example. Pick a potion, explain what it is supposed to do, and then talk about the reasons why using the other type of herb fails to preform. For the love of Merlin, be creative. 
Note I never addressed mechanics. This is because grammar, spelling, vocabulary - that can all be fixed with time as one advances in academics. The more one reads and writes, the better one gets at those things quite naturally - barring certain barriers such as dyslexia, but with proper study habits, an understanding tutor, and a spell-check quill (NOT from Weasley’s wizard wheezes, mind you, a proper one) the same logic still applies. (Or you could quite possibly pay a keen-eyed, entrepreneurial fourth year in chocolate frogs to proofread your papers. Slytherin house is full of these opportunities, and I do not judge.) Content, however, is fundamental, and must be consciously worked on from the beginning.
I do hope this helps. 
-Tom Riddle (a.k.a. Lord Voldemort)
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secondhandnewsradio · 17 days ago
by Claire Silverman
Thea Mundy, a recent graduate from The College of Saint Rose in Music Industry, released her debut album Frame by Frame in March 2021. Mundy grew up in Long Island, New York, and became an active guitarist and songwriter at age 15, playing gigs in the New York City area.
CS: Hi Thea! Congrats on releasing your debut album, Frame by Frame! It’s awesome.
TM: Thank you so much!
CS: I was thinking we could do a little deep-dive into a few songs off the album. Starting off with the first track, “The Quiet”--epic way to open up your album. What was the writing process of that song like, and how did it end up as your first track?
TM: All of the songs in this album were written between my junior year of high school and the fall of last year. I hadn't planned to have them all be connected in the way that they are. But “The Quiet” is a song I wrote during my junior year of high school, about how much I wanted to go away to college and just leave home and start over, and so much wanting in that moment for things to change. In the last year or two, I looked at it again, and I always really liked the song, so I went back and edited certain lines and wrote a new bridge. I felt like now that I had been in college or a few years, and studied composition, I had the tools to go and tighten things up. It felt more like “oh, this is really a song I think could kick off the album.” Partially just because it felt like it was the beginning of the journey of “Oh my gosh, I'm ready to leave, I'm ready to do big things.” My family and friends heard it five years ago when I wrote it, and now hearing it produced is very exciting for them and for me, because I had always only played it on guitar and now hearing it with everything is really crazy and cool.
Tumblr media
CS: I also want to talk about your song “Obsessed,” I feel like there’s definitely a story in there.
TM: Oh yeah! I wrote “Obsessed” during my freshman year of college. I had been challenging myself that first semester of school to write a song every week. We have a student record label here, and I was part of the songwriting group. I remember a lot of the songs I was excited to write, but maybe they weren't my best. But it was good to get the creative juices flowing and just start being able to pump out songs like that. I had never really done that before. I had this crush on someone. “Obsessed” is about [that moment] when you know you're really into somebody and you know it's not going to work out but you're already too far into it to stop yourself from feeling that way. So  you kind of have to  let yourself feel it all and go through it and ride the roller coaster. But it was definitely a kind of painful moment. Obviously, some of it is creative liberty, but it was about taking very raw feelings and being like, “this is how I'm feeling.” I had met my friend Bailey Gore through Quadio, the college streaming service app. We were in a songwriting workshop together for a few weeks, and every single song he'd bring in would be stuck in my head for days after, and I thought “I have to work with him.” He is in New York City, and I was [in Albany], so we produced the entire song over Zoom by sending files back and forth, trying to figure it out. I co-produced, but he really was the one going in there and finding things and giving it that sound that it now has, and my roommate did the backing vocals, which was really fun as well.
CS: What's your attitude towards putting pronouns in songs? I'm just curious as to what's your process with that?
TM: For me, I think putting in the pronouns of the person I'm talking about feels correct. When I was writing certain songs on this album, I had debated changing the pronouns. I was like, “would this make me more comfortable if I changed it and made it kind of more anonymous?” but then it’s not going to feel correct to my experience, because I remember specifically writing “Obsessed” and thinking should I change this to “he,” so people don't ask me? But, no, because I was trying it, and I was singing it in there, and I thought “this doesn't feel right.” For me, it feels more authentic to incorporate that, and there's a power in that as well. I remember watching an interview with King Princess, who I really like, and she was talking about the power of putting pronouns in the song and how it's liberating in a sense to just be able to say, whatever it is about, whoever it is about, you can just put it in there, and having the power to have that narrative is really special. So for me, it was important to stick to it.
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CS: I want to ask you about “Frame by Frame” because that's the title track on the album. That one feels a bit more calm compared to some of the angst of the other songs, so how did that song come about? And how did you end up landing on naming the album “Frame by Frame.”
TM: I think the theme of that song just kind of summed up what all the other songs are about, which is why I felt like this one should be the title. That's my favorite song on the album, for sure. It sums up a very big learning experience for me about the overarching theme of change, of dealing with and accepting change when it's good, and when it's bad, and when it's bittersweet, and then all the things that happen in between. I had gone through like a falling out and lost some people in my life that I wasn't preparing to lose, and when things end that you're not ready I equipped to handle that, do I want to handle that, and feeling like I have to be present in the moment of “Okay, this happened, I have to process it.” But then at the same time feeling like, “I'm grieving for my innocence, I wish I could just go back and change it and make it less painful.” And the feeling of wanting to know the full picture before you're supposed to. I remember in that moment, I was like, how is this supposed to measure out in the grand scheme of things? This visual of wanting to watch it back like a movie, even though I'm not supposed to know how this ends right now. I could visualize this picture of me in the mirror, and I thought it could be a really cool idea. And definitely it was a very big moment in my own growth that I wanted to document.
CS: So what first got you interested in music?
TM: Oh, man, big question. I've been singing since I was maybe seven or eight. I grew up singing in church, and I still sing in church. I’ve been playing the cello since third grade or so. Those were the things I enjoyed doing more than anything else. I was really big into Taylor Swift, around the 2010 Speak Now time, when she put that record out. After that album, which she  wrote all herself, I saw somebody who's writing all their own music, and it's really good and people respected it and listened to it and connected to it, and I connected to it. And, wouldn't it be crazy if I could do the same thing. I’ve been on this path to learn the guitar and write my own songs. I wrote throughout high school and of course they started out very rough and funny. I didn't really show my music to a lot of people, I was writing for myself and trying it out and playing guitar. But then just after years and feeling like I was good enough at it, where it could be a thing I studied further, or something I wanted to keep studying further, I thought I want to do this in college. And then I was here at college actually doing it, which is cool.
Tumblr media
CS: We’ve talked a bit about Taylor Swift, but do you have any heroes you dream about collaborating with?
TM: Oh, yes. Yeah, probably Taylor Swift would be awesome, in a dream world. Taylor Swift. I love Phoebe Bridgers. I love Orla Gartland. I know you play her on the radio, which is exciting. I didn't know if a lot of people know her or not because I know she's very big in Europe. I’d say the three of them, maybe Clairo as well. I love Clairo. I feel like I'm just so much more interested to hear what female artists have to say. There's some male artists I love. I love Jack Antonoff, I love Harry Styles. There's great male artists, but I feel like my top favorites are all women.
CS: Since you’ve just graduated from college (congrats by the way), do you have an idea of what your plans for the future are?
TM: Thank you. It's very strange. I'm currently trying to look for internships. I'm hoping to intern my way into having some sort of job because I don't personally feel very prepared to have a job [right now]. I haven't had any internships because I was supposed to intern last summer and they got cancelled because of COVID. It's less scary to me to start as an intern and then hopefully branch out into either meeting people that are looking to hire or like being hired by wherever I am.
CS: What music have you been enjoying lately?
TM: Oh my gosh, there's just so many things. I think the big one has been Arlo Parks’ new album Collapsed in Sunbeams is really great. The Charlie Hickey EP Count the Stairs and Claud’s album Super Monster are really awesome. Those are the new releases I'm really enjoying.
CS: Well, it was great to chat with you. I've got my fingers crossed that everything works out for you the way you want.
TM: Thank you! I'm honored to have been asked.
[This interview has been edited for clarity and length]
Tumblr media
INSTAGRAM: @theamundy
TWITTER: @theamundy
YOUTUBE: Thea Mundy
SPOTIFY: Thea Mundy
Originally published on Instagram @shnradio on May 28th, 2021.
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foxcomics452 · 22 days ago
Learn Chinese Pdf
Tumblr media
Learn Chinese Pdf With Audio
Mandarin For Beginners Pdf
The Chinese Outpost 6/30 Learn Chinese Angle 1: Basic Strokes of Chinese Characters A good first step in making Chinese characters less intimidating is identifying their most basic parts. A number of unique, identifiable strokes (individual marks of the brush or pen) are used to write Chinese. “Fundamentals of Chinese Characters” (Yale University Press) This book is probably the best guide.
Chinese for Beginners – so you are new to learning Chinese, right?
Great, your journey to fluency starts right here and you’ve come to the perfect place!
With over ten years experience teaching Mandarin to foreigners we know the ups, downs and everything else in between that every single student goes through.
At one point we were all beginners in Chinese.
The good thing for you is we know what should be done, and what shouldn’t and that’s where the idea for this Chinese for Beginners PDF came from.
Ten fluent non-native Mandarin speakers all had their very own unique experiences, including our very own founder, Andreas Laimbock.
It’s not about competing against others, racing to the finish line, or having an amazing memory… it’s about finding what works for you and when you find it, you are on the right path.
For example, LTL’s founder, Andreas, went to university to learn Chinese but was getting nowhere fast. He even got one of the lowest scores in his class when studying English. He wasn’t a natural when it came to languages and knew there was a better way. There was… download to find out what it is.
Greg Bell – another one of our ten Chinese experts reveals the secret to learning Chinese isn’t hard at all. In fact it’s staring us in the face… download our learning Chinese language for beginners pdf to find out!
Learn Chinese Pdf With Audio
Chinese for Beginners – Free Download
PLEASE NOTE – You will receive two emails. One to confirm you subscription and another providing you with your free e-book. Please check your Spam Folders.
Below we introduce you to the ten fluent Chinese speakers who feature in our Chinese from Zero PDF and their methods for success which they will share with you, for FREE.
Chris Parker
Chris teaches us the importance of speaking and nailing the tones from an early stage:
“One thing I always tell people is that as with any language, it’s a good idea to practice speaking or at least get your mouth moving as early as you can. This is doubly so with Mandarin”
Olle Linge
Olly gives us some expert tips on how to improve our Chinese listening skills:
“Try listening while working out, going for walks, eating and before falling asleep at night. The key here is to make sure you always have audio with you and that it’s easy to access.”
Hugh Grigg
Losing motivation is all too easy when learning a language, Hugh helps us avoid that:
“Here’s one of the best motivation tricks there is. When you’re not motivated to learn Chinese and find yourself procrastinating, just do five minutes of study.”
Richard Simcott
You don’t just need to be in China to learn Chinese. Richard is living proof of that, as he tells us here:
“You simply need to access the language from where you are. This is exactly what I did when I started learning Chinese in Macedonia. We simply need to take some steps to integrate Chinese”
Greg Bell
Learning a language shouldn’t be all blood, sweat and tears, you should have fun, as Greg explains:
“The fastest way to learn and improve is to find what you like and enjoy in English, then find the Chinese equivalent. Trust me, it’s out there. You just need to look for it!”
Benny Lewis
Benny actually studied with us at LTL before, he teaches us how to remember Chinese words:
“While it’s true that most words you learn don’t resemble English at all, you’d be surprised at how many Chinese words you know already.”
Verena Menzel
Verena guides us through the earlier stages of Chinese grammar and how to succeed, fast:
Mandarin For Beginners Pdf
“In Chinese, the focus lies on what happens to things and how they change, not on a distinction between certain chronological orders like past, present or future, like in Western languages.”
Andreas Laimbock
Mr LTL himself, Andreas founded LTL in 2007 after discovering the best way to learn Chinese:
“Some people are talented language learners; unfortunately I was never one of them. Yet, today I can read a Chinese newspaper and understand Chinese movies.”
Sborto Zhou
Sborto tells us how to utilise technology to learn Chinese with so many choices at our fingertips:
“Apps for mobile devices have turned into one of the most powerful tools to improve the efficiency of studying Chinese. However, finding something useful in the market can be very difficult.”
Marcus Pentzek
Marcus gives us some insight into how to learn, and remember Chinese characters as a beginner:
“A friend of mine calls them birds’ foot scratches in the sand. I see pictographs representing images and ideas. Either way, at first sight Chinese characters will look like a puzzle to be solved!”
Small Group Classes
Nothing can beat actually getting stuck into a new language – as your free Chinese eBook will tell you, getting your mouth moving early on is essential.
At the same time being part of a group of 30 other students isn’t exactly a great way to get speaking, will you even get chance?
That’s why we offer classes with no more than six students, for this very reason.
Our learn Mandarin PDF will tell you the importance of speaking from an early stage ESPECIALLY with a language like Chinese which is tonal.
Tones often scare beginner Chinese students – they needn’t.
It’s a transition, sure, but one that can be overcome quickly, with the help of a great teacher, and we boast a tonne of them, whether it be in person or learning Chinese online. The end result is the same.
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What can I learn with Free Learn Chinese PDF?
You will learn how ten non-native speakers became fluent Chinese speakers.
Learn from their mistakes and make a blueprint for success thanks to their invaluable advice.
Learning Chinese is something no one takes lightly and it’s very easy to fall into the common traps which include not speaking enough, avoiding the tones and failing to fully immerse yourself.
By discovering the mistakes of our ten friends, and how they overcame them, you can create the perfect plan for success yourself.
Can I learn Chinese free?
You can indeed, but this requires much motivation, and some shrewd planning.
There are many apps you can download for free and take advantage of for example.
Making friends with native speakers is also a proven way to succeed alongside which Chinese TV programs and listening to Chinese music.
Of course, nothing beats a proper Mandarin teacher, but there are certainly ways to learn Chinese free if your budget is tight.
What are some good Chinese TV shows to watch?
There are so many great choices for learning Chinese, some of which include:
and many more!
Is Chinese the same as Cantonese?
No, they are completely different.
You can find out more about Chinese vs Mandarin vs Cantonese here.
Can I learn basic Mandarin with your PDF?
Our free Learn Mandarin PDF does not teach you how to say things in Chinese, but simply tells you the way you should go about learning Chinese.
If you want to learn basic Mandarin we advise you check out this blog about the basics of Mandarin or go to our YouTube channel.
Can you teach me some basics for Chinese?
Here’s some super useful resources for learning the basics of Chinese.
The numbers in Chinese
How to say Hello in Chinese
How to say I Love You in Chinese
How to say Happy Birthday in Chinese
I want to take a Chinese course, how can I do this?
Simply drop us a message!
We specialise in Chinese courses for students of all ages, all backgrounds and all levels.
Is Chinese hard to learn?
For sure, Chinese isn’t easy to learn but it’s never quite as hard as you think.
Once you start to get beyond the basics and the tones, it actually becomes incredibly logical.
Study the Chinese fundamentals, e.g. how to construct questions, pronunciation etc.
Learning the Chinese characters is hard. Decide if you want to learn them or just focus on spoken Mandarin
Focus on learning the four tones correctly early on as the wrong tones can change the meaning of words completely
Chinese Mandarin learning App L-Lingo which contains 105 lessons with grammar notes, thousands of words and high quality audio.
The Chinese you are learning here is the official language of China, which is also called Mandarin Chinese. It is different from another popular Chinese language, Cantonese, which is mainly spoken in Guangdong province and Hong Kong. Mandarin Chinese consists of characters/ standard script (你), phonetic script (ni), and tone marks, e.g. (ˇ) 你 (nǐ).
When compared to other Languages, on a fundamental level the Mandarin grammar is actually very simple.
no conjugations, no plural forms, no genders and no articles. Whereas the English verb “to know somebody” might have different forms like “knows”, “knew”, “known” etc., the equivalent Chinese verb 认识 (rèn shí) itself always stays the same, regardless of the context.
the first tone (ˉ), the second tone (′), the third tone (ˇ), and the forth tone (‵); because the concept of Tones is not existing in many European Languages including English. The best way to practice the tones is to listen carefully and to repeat the words and sentences.
Nouns are pretty simple in the Chinese language. They do not have articles or genders, and there is no distinction between singular or plural.
countable nouns, to express or to emphasize plural or numeral, various measure words, such as 个 (gè/measure word for general use), and For example, 女人 (nǚ rén) can be understood as 'a/one woman' or 'women (female)'. 个 (gè/ measure word for vehicle) is a measure word for general use. Since Chinese doesn't have articles, ‘a woman’ is equal to ‘one woman’, in Chinese it is 一个女人; ‘three women' is 三个女人.
Now that we already learned how to use nouns, in order to make complete sentences, we need to know about verbs.
Chinese words (whether nouns or verbs) never change their form. Additional information (e.g. tenses, plural etc.) is conveyed by adding additional words (e.g. tense makers and measure words).
Present Progressive Tense
nà gè nǚ rén zhàn zheNow that we have learned our first sentence, let me explain a little about the standard word order.
Past tense
了 (le) – (article for past tense) which is placed after the verb.
那匹马跳了. The horse jumped.
Future tense is indicated by Example:
nà pǐ mǎ jiāng yào tiào.Adjectives
follows the noun
这件蓝色的衬衫是新的. The blue shirt is new.
two adjectives following the noun shirt ‘衬衫 (chèn shān)’:
2) 新的 (xīn de) indicates that the shirt is new.
这 (zhè) refers to the place of the shirt (like the English word 'this').
In this lesson, we will learn our first prepositions such as on 里面 (lǐ miàn), or under One important concept in Chinese Grammar is the use of the prepositional verb
一个 婴 儿 在 车 里面 A baby is in a car.
There are a few different ways to make questions in the Chinese language.
You can use the general question words This question words is just added at the end of the sentence.
你好吗? Are you well? /How are you?
You can also make questions by using specific question words like what 哪里 (nǎ lǐ), who 为什么 (wèi shén me).
nà gè nǚ rén zài zuò shén me?To answer this question, we just need to 做什么 and replace with the answer: 那个女人在烹饪 (nà gè nǚ rén zài pēng rèn/[That woman is cooking]). As you noticed, the order of the rest of the words in the sentence remain the same.
where 哪里
(nǎ lǐ / where)
那个婴儿在哪里? Where is the boy?
在 (zài) is also used since the question asks for a This example shows you how to construct a what 什么 (shén me / what) question.
那辆汽车是什么颜色的? What color is the car?
noun, for example 白色 (bái sè/[white]), and 黑色 (hēi sè/[black]); and as an
in front of the noun to be modified and 的 (de/ [possessive particle]) need to be added Example:
bái sè de wū zi黑色的汽车 black car
nà gè nǚ rén zài chī shén me?You will notice that in this example a particular reference is made, ‘the woman’. In Chinese, a particular referred figure, ‘the man’ is equal to ‘that woman’, ‘the’ is translated as ‘Okay so let's repeat that again. If a sentence does not refer to anyone in particular and it is a singular sentence, a woman is ‘Negative Statements
front of verbs /adjective
. When (bù) is followed by a last tone word, e.g. 是 (shì/ [yes]),
is read as ‘bùshì / [be not]’, instead of ‘bùshì’.
这个电话不是红色的, 它是黑色的 This telephone is not red, it's black.
In this section we will learn how to ask for something or make a request. This is very common, such as in restaurants wherein we ask for a plate or a drink.
请把汤匙给我! Please pass me the spoon!
请 (qǐng) which starts the sentence and corresponds to the English 'please'. 把 [adverb] sentence is quite complicated.
'Because' sentences are pretty easy, so I need to give you only a short explanation here.
Tumblr media
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shaelinwrites · 24 days ago
hey! sorry this isn't abt writing (feel free to ignore) but when u moved to a different city for university, how was that transition like for u?? was it hard? do u have any tips for new undergrads abt to live on their own for the first time far from home? <3
Good question! 
It’s honestly weird to think back on, because at first I’m like “haha yeah moving out was fine!! I am so independent!” but then I remember how absolutely terrified I was, which is totally normal because it’s a big life change and you’re pretty young!
Now, to preface, I had some ~really weird~ life circumstances that I think made my moving out experience very different than most people’s. I won’t get into it since it is a Story let me tell you, and not the point of this ask, but my family was kind of ~falling apart~ and we didn’t have anywhere to live, so when I moved out to university, I didn’t actually have a home to go back to at the time, and it was a relief to get away from a home situation that was, at the time, very tense and unpleasant. I kind of skipped the really rough, really normal Homesick Phase simply because my family was going through it real bad so I kind of didn’t have the option to feel that way?
So, very odd for me, and my situation was a bit weird compared to most people’s since most people really do miss home but I literally had no home to miss so I couldn’t really lmao (life hacks for ya!) but these are my tips.
If there are Adulting Things™ you’re nervous about, start learning now
If you’re nervous about say, not knowing how to cook, start learning now while you’re at home. Different people have different levels of experience and comfort with different things, but you’ll feel more confident if you familiarize yourself with the skills you’re worried about now. 
Reach out to anyone you kind of know
One reason I was scared to go to uni is because I didn’t have any close friends going to the same university as me, so I was worried about not knowing anyone. But, if there’s anyone you vaguely know, reach out to them! There were a few other people I knew from my high school going to my university, and even though we weren’t super close in high school, it was really nice to just have people I knew to hang out with and we got a lot closer at university. One friend of mine, that I’d known in high school but we’d never been super close, is now one of my closest friends and we’ve lived together for four years! So if you’re worried about making friends, don’t be scared to reach out to anyone you kind of know, because they’ll probably be super relieved to have someone they know with them. 
It’s not as scary once you get there
As absolutely terrified as I was to move out, once I got there it was actually pretty chill. It’s overwhelming to think of, but once you get there, you really just take everything one step at a time. Everyone is as confused and lost as you are, and there are people there who can help you if you need it (your dorm RAs, other students, friends and family you can call). 
If your first year is not everything you dreamed of, that is okay! You still have time.
First year gets so romanticized and you think you’ll immediately meet your best friends for life and go on spontaneous road trips and make memories etc etc. But, for most people, first year is probably going to be the most underwhelming year of their degree. It’s actually really hard to make friends in first year, in my experience, because your classes are huge. I didn’t really make friends in first year, and I know a lot of people who didn’t. You’re told that you’ll immediately ‘meet your people’ and in first year I didn’t, and by the end, I was wondering where I’d messed up. But the truth is that first year is where everyone is confused and figuring stuff out, and for many people, your programs haven’t gotten specialized enough for you to spend time with a consistent cohort. My university experience only got better and better as it went on, because I made a good group of friends (the kind of friends I could have coming-of-age movie adventures with! It took time but it did happen eventually!) and also just became comfortable living life on my own. 
If it takes some time to get your footing, that’s okay. I left my first year really lonely and sad and confused as to why my first year was nothing like everyone says first year will be. I even considered transferring schools, so I could at least be with some of my childhood friends and have a social circle and be near my family and not be totally isolated like I felt at my university, where I just hadn't clicked with anyone and felt pretty adrift. But, I’m so glad I didn’t because I went on to meet amazing friends and have great experiences and I felt at home with the people I was surrounded with. It just took time!
That said, on the topic of making friends, if you meet someone you click with, you really have to put in effort
This is a rude awakening: making and maintaining friendships as an adult is sooo hard. 
It’s so easy in high school, because you see your friends every single day. But, now everyone will be on different schedules, so if you want to build a friendship, you can’t just wait for it to happen. What will happen most likely is you’ll spend an hour talking to a stranger in the dining hall, exchange numbers, then never talk again. 
I made one closer friend in first year, and the reason we actually maintained a friendship is because we had night lectures both semesters together and neither of us had other friends in the class, so we saw each other twice a week and would walk back from class together. If you don’t have a consistent reason to see someone, and you don’t put in effort to see them, you probably won’t become friends. It can be a hard adjustment when you’re used to friendships happening with no effort because you see your friends every day, but if you want to build a friendship, you really do have to make the effort to reach out to that person. Even just asking them to study or something. Since I was in a writing program, asking people to go to readings was a good way to connect with people since it’s something people were generally interested in! This is a big part of why I struggled to make friends in 1st year. I was expecting friendships to just magically happen like they had when I was younger, and they didn’t. 
I met a lot of really cool people in first year, then never built that into a friendship because I didn’t know how to build and maintain friendships outside of high school, where it kind of just happens organically and you have friends you’ve known since childhood. I was expecting it to be just that easy like I was used to, but you have to start putting more effort into building friendships. Honestly I think the reason I ended up meeting a really close group of friends is because those people made the effort to befriend me! And bless them for it, truly! So when in doubt, just befriend one (1) extravert, and let them do the friendship-building-heavy-lifting lmao. 
So if you meet someone cool and exchange numbers or add each other on Facebook (which you likely will many times) actually message that person! 
Advocate for yourself
My experience in the elementary and high school systems was that I was taught not to advocate for myself. Students who advocated for themselves when they were treated unfairly were punished, even when they were trying to advocate for themselves and their own education.
Because of this, it took me a while to realize that in university, you are much more capable of advocating for yourself. I had a good conversation about this with some friends and we all had multiple examples of times where we tried to advocate for ourselves or a peer in high school or elementary school, and were punished or labelled as disrespectful/lazy/rude/etc for doing so.
I find that in university, profs are more likely to see their students as intellectual equals who they want to work with, rather than in high school, where they seemed to view students as inherently-disrespectful and unwilling to learn. 
(**disclaimer: there are still shitty profs, but in *general* I find profs to be much more open to discussion with students if you need help! You will probably deal with at least a few pretty awful profs during university, but many are lovely and will try to help you as best they can, and even go out of their way to help you succeed!)
In my experience, most profs are open to giving extensions, to revising their assignment criteria or syllabus if a student brings up a concern, or otherwise accommodating students as needed. If you are having a rough time and you need support, most profs will help you if you reach out. My grades were low in 2nd year because it was a rough time for me personally, and I lost my scholarship as a result. But for some reason I refused to ever just ask for an extension even though most profs probably would have given me one, and it would have made my life so much easier if I’d accepted that asking for help to make my life easier was allowed. It was pretty bad self-care practice of me to refuse to ever make any effort to relieve stress just by asking for help, but I did it throughout my entire degree. But you don’t need to be like me! Although not everyone will be understanding, in all likelihood there are going to be some people who are, and who can help and support you when you need it. You don’t always need help from everyone to help you through a tough time, sometimes the support from just one person, the right person, will really take some of the weight off.
Say yes to opportunities
My grandma has a motto she lives by which is “Say yes in life, you’ll have more fun.” My mom then graciously rebranded this to “Say yes in life, you’ll have more fun (except to drugs, in which case, you should say no)”. 
It can be really easy to get into a habit of saying no to opportunities because this is just what feels easier, especially if you’re pretty shy like me, and although I do think it’s okay to respect your boundaries and not do anything that makes you uncomfortable (for example, I really don’t like parties where I don’t know anyone because it makes me very anxious to be around drunk strangers, so I think it’s fair that I tend to pass on those!), but I think it’s good to challenge yourself to say yes to opportunities, rather than getting in a habit of just passing on every invite. I regret the opportunities I didn’t take, but don’t at all regret the ones I did!
All in all, I was a very nervous, anxious, shy person when I moved out, and I didn’t feel ready at all. But it didn’t take too long to find my footing and I started to love the independence of living on my own! It can be scary, but if you just take it one step at a time and reach out to friends/family/profs/anyone if and when you need it, it can be a really great experience, and you can see yourself grow as a person! I’m so proud of how much I grew as a person in just a year of living on my own, and can see such a huge different between who I was at 18, and how much more confident and independent I was just a year later.
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snughugz · 25 days ago
when to use margin trading
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options finance
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put call definition Once you initiate a deposit, they’ll let you start trading immediately, even before they receive the funds.
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gerrydelano · 26 days ago
to make a more lighter note: i know you (or was it ren?) had the list of avatar tim's and how likely theyd be. what are your opinions on au's where jon is an avatar of anything other than the beholding? personally ive found a sort of... fondness for vast!jon and im not entirely sure why, might just be my personal love for the vast -🐗
that was ren, yep! as for jon, hm... okay, yeah, this is a genuinely tough question! and through process of elimination, we discovered that the one that makes the most sense to us is actually the buried? which we were not expecting in the slightest!
like ren said while passing behind me as i typed: “warthog anon used surprise ronologue! it’s super effective!” shut up jhffkjnr it sure was!
SIKE! it’s also the end. it’s end/buried. let’s go.
overall, neither of us are super invested in any particular other entity alignment for him? it’s definitely not something we’d begrudge other people for exploring though because we’ll be the first to agree that the context of an AU changes Everything. i’m literally doing corruption!sasha in PBR, and other really startling choices are to come for other characters you wouldn’t guess that route for, either! making weird shit make sense is so much fun.
but there’s a reason i’m openly Not aligning jon with any singular entity in PBR! there’s a reason he’s going to be “studying under” adelard, and fall into a category of people who operate on the fringes like him, leitner, mary, even gerry before a wrench got thrown into his story for this AU.
BUT enough on that, i’ll go by canon jon and traits he has, and then the contradicting elements you’d have to justify to make something work!
vast!jon isn’t something we can really see happening based on what pulled him towards the eye and the things about him that made him suit it. if you’re looking for someone who could suit the vast through this angle, though, vast!basira would be REALLY cool. i considered it for PBR but i’m having trouble finding a way to make it work, so honestly i’d love to see it elsewhere!
but i think jon is too attached to the pursuit of One Real Answer (despite knowing that’s not even possible) to be all that Big Picture about anything. i do write a lot of vast into his backstory and i plan to play with it in the future in PBR, but i don’t think he’s necessarily inclined towards it in an avatar sense.
that’s another reason web!jon isn’t quite right, either, even without his personal trauma. the web relies too much on the big picture and also getting others to do things for you, and he’s way too intent on doing everything Himself.
and even with that in mind, it’s not a lonely thing, either? he’s still fairly forthcoming about things and does seek people out even if he doesn’t regard it later. he does crave connection, he does crave support, but his roadblocks lie in being able to play his role in keeping them.
and you can’t say corruption because of that, either, because it’s not quite enough! despite how heavily marked he was by it in canon. again, that’s one that would fuck him right up. a huge part of the reason i’m doing corruption!sasha is because so much in canon went tits up because they loved her and lost her. that combined with how little we actually know about her character allows me to reverse engineer and give her a similar impact if she lives. her threads come back to grief, family, guilt, expendability and value. those are all things that you could connect to her story in canon, too! jon has less of that kind of thing going on where he would turn to it, i think.
you could play on the way he keeps secrets and mess around with the dark? because he wants to know things but doesn’t particularly care if other people do, but i think there’s too much willful ignorance involved to really make it feel right for him.
same with spiral and stranger, he’s far too black and white for those, despite any issues he might have with psychosis or identity disturbance. having those things going on does not make a person suited for using the fear of it against people, it’d be. potentially kind of ableist to try justifying those choices with any of his implied mental health/any HCs you go with for him in that vein. those two in particular messed him up so badly in ways that i don’t see translating all that well even in AUs because those marks relied on fundamental pieces of who he is at his core, even if the environment and story might change. every avatar has to be at least a little afraid of their patron to make it work but they also have to be willing to weaponize it and i don’t think he would be, with these.
on a purely surface level, you could even say hunt for the same reasons adelard seems inclined towards it (based solely on how he dedicates himself to an intellectual pursuit for decades on end, doesn’t give up until he’s figured it out or put something Away, etc) but imo there’s way too much baggage with his canon experience with it to feel comfortable given that everyone portrays him as a brown guy on top of that. like, there’s definitely some merit in exploring the elements of the hunt that exist outside of police allegory but i don’t think jon is the character to use for it.
slaughter and desolation straight up make, like. no sense whatsoever. next.
flesh.... meh? jon has a lot of trauma surrounding his autonomy, being used to achieve an end, being physically hurt and torn up by the people around him, and i feel like that’s once again just. something he’s way more susceptible to as a victim than someone who would ever turn to it for solace, comfort, power. but consider flesh!martin, though. now THAT’S sexy.
this leaves the buried and the end! both of which are actually a little stronger, and my personal favorites. i think these are the ones you could best justify in an AU where he’s in a position to make these choices, and i might actually check it out instead of scrolling past like “nope.” i’d be interested in seeing if anyone could make them work.
the end is a pretty decent candidate because of his history. so much of jon’s life and his path are shaped by loss through death. his parents died in such quick succession before he was even 5, and that set the tone for how he was raised by his grandmother (who i personally portray as being marked by the vast! but there is a lot of end in there due to just how much she’s lost, especially growing up during wartime.) this, in turn, influences what he comes to expect from the world. how practical or acceptant he might be about the idea of death after such early exposure to it, constant exposure to it later on. he was willing to smite people in canon in this righteous sort of way, his usage of death specifically as a tool. it’s one he second guesses a shitload in canon, but in an AU, you never know! it might start out that way and as time goes on, it changes, too - which, it also kind of does in canon.
but i didn’t expect to consider the buried for him! this man can fit so much mental illness and guilt and shame in him. personally, jon reads as very OCD to me and that aligns way too well with the buried; usually i would say that it also means he’s more susceptible to being its victim like the rest of the ones up there, but there’s more to it than just the illness. it’s also about the responsibility he takes and doesn’t take, his willingness to (even inadvertently) burden other people with preventable weights; like georgie asking him and asking him what the hell is going on and how can i help you and him just brushing her off, over and over. he buried himself in his work, he dug himself a grave and just hopped right in; multiple times, both literally and figuratively tbh!
so much of tragedies are rooted in preventable things that could have been avoided but weren’t. it feels like a buried concept, and i’d love to see that explored with jon given the choices he does make in canon that throw dirt all over everyone.
g-d yeah wow it just hit me that you favor vast!jon and then subsequently awoke a liking for buried!jon in me. which is REALLY fun because as much as they oppose each other, they also overlap! so, a lot of the things i said about the buried could even apply to an attempt at vast!jon, if you played your cards right! i am INTO this. UP TOP!
to quote jacob geller: “have you ever thought about how agoraphobia and claustrophobia are the same thing? because Now i can’t think about ANYTHING ELSE. 🙃”
thank you for this question i had fun jhbkjn <3
EDIT 5/20/2021: I HAVE MORE END!JON! from sammy @treeroutes​!
ron! i love your boar anon. i clicked on the read more on your answer to their jon ask like 'please say end!jon please say end!jon please say end!jon'. i think it could make sense, and also it could make his and georgie's relationship very different depending on who gets marked first (and potentially make their break up more painful).
and in the context of being the archivist/an archival assistant like. they're all basically surrounded by statements from dead people, he maybe wouldn't have this need to Know that comes from the eye (though he'd still have his own curiosity) so his approach to statements would be different. but i can see him still being drawn towards them in a way
also! you mentionned OCD for buried!jon (which is so smart acftually!) and i think i could fit with end!jon too. because (maybe that's stretching it but bear with me) the end is a 'clean' entity. not as in not dirty but as in, there are rules you cannot break because if you do something bad will happen (see that guy who cheated death) which is a big OCD mood for me.
link that to oliver being an accountant and jon being an archivist, those are two professions where your job is basically to sort and order stuff (be it statements or numbers). *and perhaps end!jon could give a hug to early rtd tim 🥺*
and i LOVE this. the end was honestly my thought when we first started writing this and at first i thought the buried overtook that a bit but HONESTLY. it’s literally neck and neck. end/buried dual wielding GO. like, being end with buried tones? sexy. that’s the answer for me.
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herrera-n-hayes · a month ago
Nico , mabel and link
Game night
Game Night
For real, Mabel Tseng is my absolute favorite person to write in Nico/Schmico fics and this fic just proved that I gotta get back into the trend of that. I love her. Thank you so much for the prompt...enjoy...
“Okay, we need to go over some rules,” Mabel told Link seriously once they were in the elevator together. Link frowned at her once he had pressed the button that would take them to Nico’s floor, he always hated when she got the serious edge in her voice. It was terrifying how serious she could become at the drop of the hat and Link genuinely prayed for the interns and residents that would study under her for the rest of her medical career. She was going to be an amazing surgeon but an intimidating boss.
“We’re playing Jenga while drinking, I’m pretty sure I don’t need to go over any rules Tseng”
“I also have Twister in my bag” she revealed, holding up the rather large bag that she had brought with her. From the way the movement of the back caused the glass bottles to clink, Link could tell he was definitely going to be suffering from a bad hangover tomorrow. “And I’m not talking about game rules, I’m talking about Nico rules”
“Nico rules?” Link questioned, wondering if it was anyway possible for them to actually finish this conversation before arriving on their friend’s floor. He didn’t want to spend the night riding the elevator while Mabel lectured him
“You’ve been on paternity leave and minding three other kids, he’s hiding what’s going on from you” Mabel sighed, hoping that Link wouldn't drunkenly reveal this conversation to Nico later. She knew he wouldn’t take kindly to her warning Link about the do’s and don’ts of their hangout but she felt it was necessary “He doesn’t want to offload his crap on you right now and tonight has to be fun. So there are rules”
“Okay, lay them on me” Link nodded, making a mental note to try and get Nico to confide in him after tonight. He didn’t want the other man bottling things up because he thought Link didn’t have time for him anymore, Link needed him to know that that wasn’t the case.
“You cannot under any circumstances mention Schmitt, no teasing, no enquiring about him, and certainly no commenting on anything you’ve heard about them. They are complicated and messy right now and we’re here to cheer him up” Mabel warned, waiting for Link to confirm that he understood before continuing “No talking about surgery and how much you miss it, no covid talk and no kid talk”
“Why can’t I talk about my kid?” Link asked, he understood the other rules but the last one had him confused. Nico liked Scout and was super chill listening to Link gush about him, he couldn’t think of one reason why he shouldn’t be allowed to talk about Scout.
“I’m not the biggest fan of kids” Mabel shrugged after stepping out of the elevator “I’m here to drink and play games, not look at cute baby pictures”
“You know what Tseng? When I come back from paternity leave next week, I’m going to have a lot of fun bossing you around” Link smirked, already excited about the switch in their dynamic his return to work would create. He’d met Mabel a few months ago when he’d come by Nico’s unannounced to find them watching The Bachelor and eating pizza and had almost immediately learned why Nico often called her a force of nature. The three of them had hung out numerous times since then with Mabel more often than not found a way to boss Link around, he wasn’t going to abuse his status as an attending or anything but he was most certainly going to have a little fun with her as a form of revenge.
“Yeah, yeah” she waved her hand dismissively before knocking on Nico’s door “Tonight though, I’m going to have a lot of fun beating you”
- - - - -
“She has to be cheating right?” Link asked, glaring at the fallen tower of Jenga pieces once Mabel had retreated to the kitchen in the hopes of finding something to eat “There is no way anyone is this good at Jenga”
“Just accept the fact she’s smarter than you, even when she’s tipsy” Nico laughed, feeling lighter after a few hours with his friends than he had all week. He knew that they were trying to play their visit off as just a spontaneous get-together but Nico knew better to believe anything with Mabel was spontaneous, she’d put a lot of planning into cheering him up.
“I will never admit to that,” Link replied, not wanting to give Nico or Mabel the satisfaction as he folded his arms across his chest similarly to the way Bailey did when he sulked, “I think we should play Monopoly next time, I know how to cheat at Monopoly”
“Mabel would know how to as well, the only game she doesn't win at is Mario Kart” Nico whispered, knowing that Mabel would likely kill him for providing Link with that information. Nico loved Mabel and truly valued her friendship but could never resist the temptation to tease her over the few things that he had in his arsenal, it wasn’t like she wasn’t constantly doing the same to him.
“Then we’re having the next game night at mine” Link smirked, knowing it would be fun to see Zola and Bailey beating Mabel at the video game. They might be the answer to knocking her triumphant grin from her face 
“She’s a good friend, you know” Nico commented. He knew that despite their tendency to wind one another up that Link and Mabel actually liked one another quite a lot but still he often felt the need to remind them just how great the other one was “She may be way better at Jenga than us but she’s a really amazing friend”
“Probably better at the whole friend thing than me as well lately right?” Link sighed, not even giving Nico the chance to object before continuing “I know there’s stuff that you don’t feel like you can tell me and I’m not going to force you into it man but if you ever need me I’m here”
“I appreciate that” Nico smiled, watching as Mabel returned from his kitchen precariously balancing bowls of snacks. Seeing as it was his apartment, Nico knew that he probably should have been the one to fetch the snacks but Mabel had insisted and it wasn’t like she hadn’t spent enough time there to know her way around his kitchen “I think we should do this more often, these not-so-spontaneous gamenights”
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livingstill-life · a month ago
was law something that at the time, you were passionate about and what you thought you wanted to do with your life? like did you choose to study law? was it something you had dreamt of doing or was it a safe pick to cover up what you actually dreamt of doing? basically i’m just curious on how you chose to study law and when you knew it might’ve been something you would do forever
for me, i’ve always wanted to go into criminal law and im coming up on my senior year of hs and i feel likes lines are blurring. everything just makes me nervous.
sorry this is kind of a loaded question and i hope it doesn’t come across as rude
I don’t think it’s rude at all I’m happy to share :)
So when I was in college and I was taking my law classes and getting my pre reqs done for my certificate, they’d always go around and ask you like, why law? And I literally dreaded getting called on because I never really ✨knew✨. You had most of the class being like “yeah I’ve wanted to be a lawyer since I was 8” or “my dad was a lawyer so I want to be one too” but my reasoning was superficial at best.
I went through several phases when I was young. My family is full of doctors, so from the ages of like 5-8 I wanted to be a baby doctor. Like the ones that do surgery on fetuses lol I’m crazy. But it was very soon evident to me that I am horrendously bad at math and science and do not possess the hand eye coordination to work on a adult heart let alone a newborn one.
The arts have always been my thing. I used to draw up designs for clothes and shoes in my journals, I would draw, I would write down dumb stories. I liked to sing. I was in dance until about 11 and I’m mad I never picked it back up after moving away from my dance school. But yeah, the arts have always been my thing. But my family always pushed arts and stuff as hobbies and not as like, valid career paths. I always felt like I was expected to do more.
I enjoyed crime shows as a kid. Dexter and bones ans CSI: Miami (which is so fake Miami oml) and law and order. My mom and my aunt are huge cop show fans, so I kind of would watch it as they watched it and I always thought the drama And stuff was so cool but I never considered they were being lawyers or anything.
My “interest” in law came in the literal 12th grade lmfao. I was a senior in high school. And this warrants some sort of background so, like I said I love drawing and writing, and I loved history. My favorite book is a historical fiction romance from WW2, like I’m THAT bitch. A lot of my electives always surrounded that. I took figure drawing, and advanced art, and ceramics (pls i was so bad at ceramics). In junior year, I wanted to take Jewish history, because I had heard it was a super cool class, and they covered a lot of the complexities of the Holocaust and I was interested in diving deeper into it than mu world history class did.
My mother; was not for it. I was 17, the SATs were coming up, my cousin, who was in the same grade as me, was already applying for colleges and declaring her bio major because my aunt is a doctor and her ex husband is a world class surgeon and that’s just what a lot of doctor’s kids do. So the pressure of “what is Paola going to do?” Started to mount up on my shoulders.
I tried to ignore it as much as I could, and just get a feel for everything, because whenever someone asked me “what are u doing after high school” I didn’t have an answer.
I wasn’t allowed to take Jewish history. Not becuase my school didn’t let me, but becuase my mother refused to sign off on my class selection list unless I chose “fundamentals of law” as my elective. She said “maybe that can give u a good idea, it can help u for college, because u need a scholarship.”
I don’t understand the logic but alas I was 17 and a big people pleaser, and my favorite English teacher was teaching the law course anyway. So I took it.
It was interesting enough. The cases had the same kind of suspense and drama that I’d feel when I was watching dumb shit like law and order, only it was real life and made more sense. We covered philosophy and asked questions that mh mom hated when I brought home bc I loved to “devils advocate” her all the time. (Isn’t it funny how our parents push us to get educated and then get mad when we apply that education to their faulty reasoning, but that’s besides the point)
All of this is to lead to the big turning point for long decision in law:
I was taking advanced art that same year. I’d grown a lot in mh skill and ability. I’d fallen in love with water color and graphic design. My teacher was impressed with me, and he sat down and he was like “what do u wanna do?” And I said I wasn’t sure. He told me he saw a lot of potential in me. He broke down the path for me if I did decide on art school: illustration, graphics, film, animation, writing. He gave me the info for the school he went to: and it was CalArts. He said “It’s a little expensive and idk if u wanna go to California but it’s good”
I took it home to my mom and she gave me this frozen smile like “art school? Are you sure?”
That was followed by abour 4 lectures from my mom, my aunt, my grandma, and everyone else who thought themselves a valid opinion telling me that I had to strive for the lifestyle I wanted.
“You like the good life,” my aunt would say. “You like the newest phone, and nice cars, and pretty clothes, and makeup. Just keep that in mind as you plan your future.”
I went to class a few weeks later; mu law class. And god some reason we got to talking about starting salaries. For corporate lawyers and stuff. My teacher let me know, after law school, you could land yourself a job with a starting salary of $120K.
$120K, at 24 years old?
I took THAT home to my mom, and the excitement in this woman’s face Probably competed with the excitement she had when I got a full ride to FIU. While it was just an idea in mh head, she’d called the entire family, telling them that her baby girl was going to be a lawyer, and that soon everyone could do what they wanted in the steeets because Paola was going to keep them out of jail.
I don’t know if she meant to put that kind of pressure on me. I don’t think so. My mom was very much forced into doing what she didn’t want to do in college and was adamant that she didn’t want to do that to me, but I mean it all adds up. The difference in her reaction to law vs. Art, the pressure I had on myself, the lectures about wanting to lead a good life… it all kept me there. All I’ve ever wanted to do was buy my mom the house that my dad lost for us in the divorce. So I figured hey if I’m making 120k straight out of law school, I can do it.
(Just a side note: do ur research. Not everyone gets a job straight out of law school, not every lawyer makes that much that soon or at all, and when ur paying of $150K+ in loans, $120K a year is nothing)
So again that led me to the classrooms where my professors would ask me why I chose law. I’d come up with some Bullshit thing: passion for justice, a love for defending our rights. It was all genuine, I did like that side of the law where you could help people (aka criminal and civil law) but that’s not the law I was working towards. I needed big law, that would pay me big, so I could become a rainmaker and make my family proud.
The first thing they tell u in any law conference or classroom is that money should NOT be a driving force in your decision to pursue law. If you don’t have the innate passion, it’s not worth it, because you’re going to slave away for years, drown yourself in debt, all for a profession that will not give you rest and make you miserable.
I ignored that. I did my certificate. I applied to my law schools. I took my internship. And I found out that they were right. Becuase I hated it. It wasn’t that fun justice-driven law that I practiced in mock trial; it was writing demand letters against time shares (I think I wrote 500 letters in a week, so I was working 15-17 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the Christmas break, and I was just an INTERN); meetings and newsletters and burnout.
It took a lot out of me, and when I quit my Inter shop I sat down and I realized I hadn’t written a story or drawn anything in over 3 years. My last solid creative work was from my senior year of high school. I hated that.
And now I’m here. Haha. Law was very much my “easy answer” to all the pestering about my future. But I soon realized: it’s MYfuture thst I HAVE to live in, no ones going to be there with me. So who cares if they don’t like that I go to art school. They’re not going with me lmao
If I had any advice for you, if criminal law is something u dream of doing, and you’ve got that innate passion for it, and you’ve got the right reasons going in, then follow that.not to get all “follow your heart” on you but essentially, yeah. Lol
It’s not easy. Trust me. You’re going to get overwhelmed and nervous and mad and cry. But that’s to be said about anything. As long as you remember it’s UR life and what U want to do and no one else is going to live it with and for you, it’s worth it :)
I hope that helps haha it was so much I’m sorry
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seductionreddit · a month ago
TL;DR: Something changed in my dating life. Here are the things that I worked on (they're not particularly new or ground-breaking):Experimented with a new hairstyle and got better fitting clothesAsked a friend to take better dating app photos. I got them to take photos of me doing the things I would want to do on the first date.Started swiping selectively, declined to use the kind of "funny" opening-lines seen on r/tinder; started the conversation as I would in real life; bailed politely if I wasn't getting a response; moved to IRL date asap; accepted this part was going to be a numbers gameOutcome independence / Inner Game: Dissociated dating outcomes with your self-esteem and stop taking it so seriouslyWorked on kino: hug at start of date, hold for longer and compliment on hugging technique; learnt to flirt, escalate to holding hands, recognizing the moment to go in for the kiss and eliminating the hesitance/shame of asking them over to my placeI'm not an especially good-looking, slightly pudgy, 5'10'', brown Indian guy living in a European capital for the past two years. I don't have a super strong accent, but I did grow up and study entirely in India, mostly outside of the big cities with limited exposure to dating culture. So, when I moved, I basically had to learn how to date from scratch - what to say, how to escalate, how not to be shy, etc. It went horribly as you can imagine, in that it didn't go anywhere. I barely matched with anyone, I didn't know how to approach people in real life (I still don't really, but at least I have more confidence in initiating conversations), and a few colleague-friends I asked out thought we were hanging out as colleague-friends.However, in the last 10 months or so, something changed and these have roughly been my stats (primarily on Hinge):100 matches20 first dates5 lays2 people I would have liked to be in relationships with0 relationshipsThese might not be amazing numbers to some, but for me they are infinitely more than what I expected out of life. So keep that in mind for the rest of this "advice". This community has been a source of support in those times, and I wanted to give back by describing what I think accounts for that "success".Obviously, a big chunk of this "success" comes from the lockdown as it probably got more women onto the apps and taking it slightly more seriously. That might have played a huge part but not something I really controlled.But here's the things I did control:I grew a beard and let my hair grow longGrowing up a goody two-shoes in India, having been warned away from caring too much about how I look lest I become a lafanga (good for nothing, unemployed guy), I always had a clean-shaven and no-frills, no maintainence, short hair. Through lockdown, I figured why not take a chance. I grew out my hair and beard and when things opened up again, I started getting a lot of compliments. Maybe it was just some, but if it goes up from zero, everything feels like a lot.I lurked on /r/malefashionadvice and got myself more European, better fitting clothes. I got a few compliments on my clothes.Lesson: If you're in a rut, experiment with a new hairstyle and get better clothes. I had to overcome some cultural conditioning.I finally updated my dating app photos to be explicitly for dating appsI finally asked a female friend to help me take some photos. Apparently, this was super normal request, and not at all the big, judgy thing I was expecting it to be. With my new found confidence from the compliments I was getting, we headed out to the park with some costume changes (jackets, glasses, etc.) and got a couple of good photos.I asked her along to a bunch of activities that I do, or would want to do on a date (like bouldering, kayaking, cooking, etc.) and took more photos there, so that my dating profile would show some personality and also show the kind of things I'd imagine us doing together on a date. My match rate "skyrocketed" (again compared to before, which was basically zero)Lesson: Ask that friend (guy or girl) to help you take good dating photos.I did a mushroom trip and read a therapy book (Feeling Good by David Burns)And something changed inside my head. I wasn't as concerned or worried about dating. If it happened, it was good. If it didn't, it wasn't that big a thing. And it definitely didn't have anything to do with my worth as a human or potential partner. I worked on my self-esteem and negative self-talk. And my depression became less severe. I became less anal about following an algorithm and became more comfortable with just being me and being in the moment.Lesson: I can't say go do shrooms, so let me just say work on your inner gameI started to only swipe on people I actually thought were interestingI used to swipe on anyone I found pretty. Unfortunately, because of my cultural conditioning, I found most of the people on the apps 'pretty'. So I changed my approach to swiping only on people I found interesting. Lowered my standards a little bit for outer beauty and increased my standards for what side of their personality was the person highlighting and if I thought we'd actually have anything in common, other than being on the app. So instead of running out of likes and having wasted them on people I had nothing in common with, I ran out of likes while only swiping on people I actually would have liked to talk to.Once I matched, I'd start the conversation normally, like I would in a real life. Reveal a something about myself (interest, activity I'm doing, what I recently read) and ask a question. I decided to refuse to play the opening-line game and just behave 'normally' like I would in real life. Might not be the most successful strategy but it is definitely a less stressful strategy.There was one moment when I was speaking to 6 women at the same time. It was overwhelming. I didn't know who was who anymore. I empathized more with why women ghost and I accepted ghosting as part of the process. I don't ghost. Even if the women isn't putting in the effort. I will end the chat with a simple, "Hey, I don't think we're really connecting. So, Im going to unmatch but I hope you find what you're looking for." No blame. Just facts. And move on.After a couple of back and forths, when they ask me the next question, I respond with "How about I tell you when we meet at XX on XX?" If they're not asking you questions, time to bail.Lesson: Conversations on an app are a numbers game. Be kind. Move to an IRL date asap.I learnt how to flirt and escalate through practice and missteps.My first couple of dates, now that I had started getting dates, fizzed out and didn't go anywhere. I spoke too much about myself, didn't really flirt and had no idea how to go for the kiss. I decided to treat the dates as practice sessions, now that I was slightly more confident in getting more dates, not every date was a do-or-die situation. I decided to just tell them, "I'm going to kiss you now," when I felt like kissing. It helped that we were post-lockdown but still Covid, so there was an excuse to "seek permission". But phrasing it like an intent would make it work even otherwise, I guess.Most women would just smile and nod and I would kiss them. Some would say no, and it would be awkward for a few moments. In that case I powered through the conversation to other subjects and we usually ended the date 15m later or so. I got better at calibrating what I felt inside and how things were going outside and when I should make the move.At the end of one of these earlier dates (my flirting technique still in a fledgling state), the girl just straight up asked me if I wanted to go back to her place. I couldn't believe it. And also how easy and straightforward her approach had been. So, after we're making out, I also just started asking to go back to my place in an easy and straightforward manner.At the same time that I was calibrating my kissing-moment-radar, I also experimented with simple kino escalation. I was extremely shy about hugging. Didn't even know how to go for one. Learnt that if I just smiled and held out my arms, most women would just hug. I experimented with how long to hold the hug and rubbing their back towards the end of it (some of this might sound aspie, but I had to work through it). As with the kissing, I just decided to go for hand-holding, when I felt like it. I figured, I feel like holding hands, and I like holding hands. If I don't make that be known, how is it ever going to happen. You know what? Not that big a deal, as it was in my head.Finally on flirting. The book that helped me the most (and yes I've read a lot) was "Double Your Dating: Cocky Comedy". I dislike the PUA scene, but this book really did help me by offering simple advice like "intentionally misunderstand sexually", etc. I stole jokes from my favourite comedians, accepted and then leaned into my own sense of humour (silly, punny and sometimes dark); and just had fun with it. Sometimes, I even pretended in my head to be a stand-up testing out his material. As I gained confidence in myself, I was able to become even more sexual in my flirting.Lesson: Hug at start of dates, hold for longer, compliment. Eye contact. Flirt. Hold hands. Make out (just saying "stop" works to give you the 'moment'). Ask to go back to my place.So, yeah, that about covers it, I think. Hopefully, this helps someone. I've tried to write in a way that would have been useful / inspiring to someone in my position a year ago.My next goal is, as bars open up and things start going back to normal, to be able to translate these skills and learning to "real life" meet-ups. And as I push myself to do that, try not to lose sight of that fact that having fun is the point. via /r/seduction
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sentom · a month ago
About Me
I guess the best way to start an introduction is by actually introducing myself. So, hello, my name is Mark/Sentom, I’m 25 at the time of writing this, and I’m an INFP.
I started my journey in MBTI around 8 years ago, at the age of 17 or 18. I was by that time a very big fan of Carl Jung, having discovered his work after reading an article explaining the end of a certain movie. To say his work changed my life would be an understatement, I was very in love with Jung and his theories. And although be it I had a very superficial understanding of his concepts, I did go and buy his book “Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious” and devoured it in probably 2 or 3 days. I only say this because once I realized that MBTI was based on his work, I was quite impressed.
So, I was browsing the web one day, bored, and decided to look up “personality test” on Google, for fun, so it led me to the MBTI test on 16personalities and I got INFP on the first try. I read the description for INFP and felt quite identified with it, I was very sure I was an INFP. Of course, I do remember going on their website to read other personality types and getting overwhelmed really fast, Thinking “what is really the difference between this type and this type?”. I would read the description for ISFP and think, “hey that sounds a lot like me!” even more so than INFP because I was a guitar player at the time and spent pretty much all my time dedicated to creating art. And then whenever I decided to read the dichotomies between two letters (I’m talking between N and S not even the functions) I didn’t ever quite understand it. I only understood the difference between I and E (shy vs talkative), F vs T (Feeling vs logic preference/orientation), and P vs J (flexible or organized), yet I clearly remember never even learning what N and S meant. And even then, I didn’t pay much attention to it, I took the general descriptions of a personality as the leading factor to understanding them.
Anyways, I did try to browse some forums at the time since I had an urging grow to talk to other people about it, specially to meet other INFPs (the forum was Personality Café). And that was my first glimpse at cognitive functions. I saw people talking about them, but whenever I tried to understand them, I was incredibly confused. Keep in mind there was nowhere that called them “cognitive functions” so I had to go on google and type “Fi” or “Ne”, and when I did manage to get any results, they were always super confusing, and I wasn’t that interested. So I showed the test to some friends and they got different results, I was like “oh cool” but really had no idea what they meant. I only thought “oh yes they are an E type that was so obvious” cause in my mind everyone but me was an E type.
It was then after talking about it 2 or 3 times with my friends I dropped the subject completely for many years. Until around 2 years ago when I started studying a new career in vocational training. So, I was going to class with around 20 other people, and one day, I was bored with one of them and told them to take the test. She took the test and got ESFJ (which she is). After a couple of days, I realized people in the class were taking the test (she must have told someone), and sure thing, in about a week everyone had taken the test. I was quite amazed at the Willingness of everyone to take the test, since whenever our teacher told us to take the “color test” or “Big 5” they all seemed quite annoyed that they had to do it. But now they were actually Willing to do another test… I guess its just an aversion to taking orders sort of thing.
So anyways, people started asking me “what does this mean?” or “what does that mean?”, to which I always tried to answer and after more questions my final answer would always be “I really have no idea”. I had an ENTP in class which I got along with very well and he always put in question everything I told him (it might sound annoying but this is exactly the mentality I use in life, question everything, this is why we get along so well, and why I get along with ENTPs so well in general). So, in response to that, I decided to learn the letter dichotomies (I vs E, N vs S…) better, but it didn’t help much. I dropped the subject for a while, until the second year (it is a 2-year course) where I started reading each personality individually and comparing it to the people in class. I started looking up YouTube videos about those types and it seemed to coincide pretty well with the way they acted.
So, after a while, and with the ENTP questioning me, I decided to give a go at the cognitive functions. By this time, I was quite aware of Reddit, and knew how to use it. So, I went on the MBTI subreddit to get some resources. And its all downhill from there. I started watching Harry from Cognitive Personality Theory on YouTube. I remember my first ever video on cognitive functions was his video, where he re-visioned the functions for people who already understood them. I was quite lost in this new sea of information, having to build both the puzzle behind me and in front of me. I was quite frustrated because the method I use to understand something is by having clear what the actual word means. So, when there is no clear definition for cognitive function, and much less for the actual cognitive functions specifically, it was quite frustrating always wanting to learn more, but nobody ever truly said anything meaningful. This is when my mind unconsciously decided to take matters into its own hands and started developing a web (don’t take this too seriously second-time readers) of information. Writing a book in my mind from beginning to end, every contradiction I ever found made me start the book from the beginning, until I could go from beginning to end without finding any contradictions.
So here I am, many months later, and my mind can finally go from beginning to end without finding any contradictions in my definitions for the cognitive functions, their inner workings, and their inter-relations. And I am now comfortable sitting down, and writing down my findings, for everyone out there who is as frustrated as I was before. I am, in a way, writing this text for my past self. For an inner anger towards the MBTI system and the unspecified nature of Jung’s work.
I will finish this chapter with an analogy. As Jung walked over the beach sand, with a metal detector, it beeped, giving sign of deep hidden buried treasure. Jung then dug a while until he found the treasure chest, but thought that the chest itself was the treasure, that it wasn’t worthy of deeper exploration. Many have tried finding the key to open it, they have tried to open it with a crowbar, and while their findings have only been superficial, as relating to the sound the contents made when they shook the chest. I am quite sure I have managed to open it. Don’t take this too seriously either, for since I think I have managed to open it, I have yet to explore the concepts that are hidden inside. I am only here to say I have finally found the key, and that the investigation that went on in my head for the past months only lead to finding the tip of the iceberg, to opening a chest with no bottom. I hope you are ready to quench your curiosity, I hope I don’t disappoint.
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jeankrlev · a month ago
Ooooh, can I do a matchup? Also, I wrote a lot, so really sorry for all you have to read lmao
Okay, so, I’m a lesbian, so any of the girls (Hange included) are cool with me, and I go by she/her but am also really comfy with they/them. My sign is Taurus I think (I don’t follow zodiacs much lol), and my MBTI is INFP (and 5w4 if you know enneagram). Physical appearance wise, I’m tall-ish (5’8), pale skin with freckles and light brown hair, and am kinda muscular (not a lot a lot but I’m not skinny by any means).
My love language is mostly words of affection and physical touch. The physical touch part doesn’t even have to be much, just leaning on their shoulder or sitting in between their legs just to know they’re so close to me. But also words of affection, too, since I consider myself a really good listener, and also compliment and encourage the people I care about. I let them know through complete honesty how I care about them, and not really being afraid to pour my heart out into speech if I feel like it (but only to that one person). As for hobbies, I really like music. I listen to it, play a few instruments (drums, piano, ukulele, etc.), and I’ve even started studying music theory so I can write my own songs. And, like video games, but much more relaxed ones (think Minecraft or Stardew Valley or something). Plus, I’m kind of a nerd, so I’ll often go into rants about an engineering project I’m working on or start talking about psychology (two big passions of mine).
Personality wise, I have a pretty aloof exterior. I grew up with very little friends, so I’ve grown to be very independent and keep to myself a lot. So I will usually avoid conversation and interaction with most people. But, after I’ve known them long enough, and started to trust them, I’ll talk to them more. It doesn’t take much to gain my trust, maybe just a little patience at first. Once I do, I’m actually kinda playfully mean. Playful insults are my favorite, and they’re fun to throw back and forth so long as nobody is actually getting offended. If I do step too far (which happens a lot, I’m quite oblivious to that), I feel really bad, and try to be super positive and nice to that person to lift their spirits and subtly tell them that it was all in good fun, and I didn’t mean it. But, if they’re uncomfortable with the joking, I stop. If you go even further past the “playfully mean” phase, too, and I trust you even more, I get very sincere and affectionate (platonically, or romantically if I think there’s mutual interest). I comfort them, help them with what they need help with, and just try to be a great person to them, because I trust them deeply and care about them a lot. Also, once I’m in the “stage” of the relationship, I am very protective. I really don’t like seeing the people I care about in distress, so I diffuse the situation/stressor/whatever as quickly as possible, and go to comfort them. Comforting those I care about is one of my favorite things too, I love knowing that I managed to improve someone’s mood so much, and it makes me feel loved in return. Shifting over to what I want in a relationship, I can get quite upset easily, and am prone to panic attacks occasionally because I have triggers from a traumatic event, so someone who can be there to comfort me without asking any questions or expecting me to say anything is very much needed. As much as I love feeling like somebody’s support, and someone to lean on, I really need it in return. I also need someone who can be patient, because, as I said earlier, I’m really aloof, and don’t open up easily, so someone who understands that sometimes I have to be alone or I don’t want to talk to them at the moment is ideal. On a less serious note, though, I really appreciate a partner who isn’t super uptight. I wouldn’t want anyone who can never take things seriously, but if my partner never jokes around when I do, I start to feel really awkward and insecure about it. Overall, I just want a partner who is patient, and takes the time and just gives me a chance to ease into it, and trusts me just as much as I trust them, that way we can both support each other, and I can feel loved, even if sometimes I feel I don’t deserve it. Yeah, that’s really long. Sorry you had to read that. But I’m curious who you think I’d work out with?
I don’t get many girl request so I’m excited !
I match you with Ymir !!
Tumblr media
- Ymir is someone who isn’t afraid to make it known she cares for you. She would most likely be the one to initiate conversation when you caught her eye.
- she would love banter just going back and forth testing eachother. It would never get too mean or anything and she would probably go easy on you sometimes because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.
- Y’all would be eachothers rocks.Ymir had a rough life so she knows what it’s like to hit rock bottom and deal with trauma. So she would have no trouble comforting you whenever you get upset. She’d be there even when you feel like you don’t deserve her.
-She would love that you’re super musically inclined and would ask you to play some pieces for her. would be your personal hype man at any type of event that involved performing
- Cuddles would be amazing I think Ymir would enjoy spooning you the most but she wouldn’t mind if you spoon her. She’d love listening to you rant about psychology and eingineering it’s like a lullaby and she’d learn a couple of cool things along the way.
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sugarshinsuke · a month ago
study date with the haikyuu captains!
i would not pass a single subject if i studied with them, i would get too lost in their eyes. 
Tumblr media
shows up exactly on time
brings every textbook except the one you /actually/ need (he “accidentally” forgot it, but really he wants to share a book so he can sit closer to you)
pulls a “for every answer that you get wrong, you have to give me a kiss!” but he ends up getting more questions wrong than you so he’s just there like 😐😐😐
announces a snack break as “time to fuel our brains!” before detailing exactly why each snack is helpful
if you start crying/panicking because you’re stressed out, he takes you on a walk outside and jokes the entire time to distract you
when you get back home he says “don’t worry you’ve studied with the best!” which makes you laugh a bit and he smiles softly at you because he managed to cheer you up
he says goodbye at your doorstep like “you’ll be fine, kid” before ruffling your hair
you laugh and grab his hand to make him stop and say “tetsurou, we’re the same age”
Tumblr media
you show up and he’s already gone through half the material just to bug you
“let’s have a competition to see who gets the most answers right!”
“but tooru, you’ve already revised half of it, that’s not fair”
“sucks to be you, then”
you change the settings in his calculator to give you an advantage, he gets so mad at you when he notices  
if you ask him for help he teases you about it but explains without being condescending (he’s secretly elated that you asked him)
even though he’s sitting next to you he will get out of his chair and stand behind you, hand on the table beside yours, leaning in close and explaining everything into your ear
starts laughing when he sees you blushing, so you hit him with a book
Tumblr media
you enter his room and everything’s all set up; there’s fruits and granola bars on the table, green tea, books are already out, he’s even lending you his stationary
mans has a curated study playlist of instrumental and lofi music
you work in semi-silence, engrossed in the material, but you glance up every now and then because seeing your boyfriend concentrating is too cute to miss
once he catches you and looks up from his work, frowning as he asks “is everything alright? do you need help?”
you giggle and hide your face behind a book, “no no everything is fine! you just look good when you’re focused”
kita looks away, r e d from head to toe - “I’m glad it’s nothing serious” but my guy is blushing profusely 
after you’re finished his grandmother INSISTS that you stay for dinner (and you happily oblige)
“thank you so much for the lovely evening, shin” you say, standing at his doorstep, “good luck with the test tomorrow.”
“you’re welcome,” he replies, and pulls you in for a hug
“aren’t you going to wish me luck?” you ask, his arms still firmly wrapped around you
“you don’t need it - you’ve worked really hard, so I know you’ll do great” he says nonchalantly, pressing a kiss to your temple — you know he means it.
your insides flood with warmth, and for that, he gets a kiss from you (not like you weren’t going to anyway).
yes he blushes again, he is so whipped for you 
Tumblr media
brings all of the snacks
just,,,, so much food
“kou, we’re preparing for a test, not for hibernation”
“kuroo said it’s important for thinking!”
cannot sit still - has his leg up on the chair, or on the table, or he’s cross-legged in the chair, etc - will change positions every five minutes
asks you questions non-stop but the whole time you’re explaining he won’t stop staring at you
“kou, are you paying attention?”
“nope, sorry, just admiring how smart you are!”
you explain again completely beet-red in the face, not taking your eyes off the book a single time
the whole date is a test of patience/resilience because he will try to distract you every chance he gets 
“kou, i swear we will do fun stuff once this test is over” 
pouts but tries his hardest to concentrate anyway
once he’s calmed down he ends up lying across the chairs, his head on your thighs as you feed him snacks and talk him through the important bits
Tumblr media
he arrives and immediately greets everyone in your family because this man is nothing if not respectful
it would go really smoothly, and it couldn’t be any other way, he is diligent and committed  
if you're struggling with anything he puts his hand on yours before softly asking, “are you okay? do you need anything?”
you refuse, but he doesn’t really believe you, and he keeps stealing glances at you as you get more and more frustrated, until you just snap
“i just- i don’t get it! this doesn’t make any sense”
“come here,” he says, gesturing to his lap “ill show you”
“daichi, what-“ you say, confused, but he shushes you and gestures to his lap once more
you oblige, climbing into his lap and leaning into his chest
he explains everything with an arm on the desk, writing down the solutions, and the other one wrapped around your middle
“did you understand?” he asks, smiling up at you
and how can you tell him that you were entirely too lost in the warmth of his embrace to actually process anything
“mmhhmm” you hum, nodding quickly
he raises a quizzical eyebrow, not believing you about this either
he explains again anyway, “just to make sure” - but he doesn’t mind; it means having you in his arms for longer, and he’s not about to complain
Tumblr media
as soon as you walk in the door he says “my mother isn’t home,”
which gets you excited 👀👀👀
but he follows it up with “which means we’ll be able to study in peace and quiet.”
yep, that’s your boyfriend for you
you can tell when he’s getting frustrated because he just,,, stares at his notebook, his frown becoming increasingly prominent
“toshi, d’you need any help?”
“no thank you, i will figure this out on my own” (spoiler: he doesn’t)
when he finally sighs and asks you for help, you laugh under your breath but explain anyway because how could you not?
he’ll listen super closely and pay loads of attention to you
you’re just so proud of him once he finally understands, you have to give him a quick kiss 
“i knew you’d get it,” you say once you break away, smiling against his lips
he coughs and abruptly pulls away
“uh we should really focus on studying”
you’re left like 😐😐😐 again
but you know he’s just looking out for you - he wants to make sure you’re both fully concentrated so you can do your best on the test
at the end of the evening he does notice you’ve been a bit pouty at the lack of affection
you say goodbye and give him a hug before turning to leave
he calls your name and reaches out, grabbing your arm and spinning you round to face him, catching you completely by surprise
he kisses you deeply, wrapping his arms around your waist, crushing you to him
you’re too stunned to say anything once you pull away, staring up into his eyes
“thank you very much,” he murmurs under his breath, pressing another kiss to the top of your head
you can’t even begin to process it until you get home
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ayellowcurtain · a month ago
For a slice in the life: could you write something about Sobbe not being together, yet, and sander works at a museum and robbe comes in super late and something happens and they get locked in together?
Robbe walks around the place with no rush even though it’s a little bit dark and he would be scared any other day. He’s feeling a rush he never felt before, he looks over his shoulder and Sander is still there, following, interested in where Robbe is going or if he has any questions Sander can help with the answers.
He shakes his head and laughs under his breath, almost sure Sander can’t hear it. This feels like an outside of the body experience. Like it’s freshly out of a romantic, classic movie.
A storm made him rush inside the first door he ran into, his favorite museum where, by accident, his platonic love works. It’s late, the museum was closed and now he’s stuck inside an art museum, talking to his dream guy who he only watched from afar before this, never even had the guts to say hi, or think about a random art question to start some conversation that wouldn’t sound dumb or too easy to be asked.
Sander looks at him in a way that makes Robbe blush before saying a word, he feels all his body go into overdrive and he can feel Sander is reading right through him. So he doesn’t try to find an excuse. Fuck it. If Sander can read him, at least Robbe won’t have to say what he feels.
“I like working here…”
Robbe jumps with the sudden smooth voice behind him, looking over his shoulder. “What?”
Sander snorts. “That’s a question people often ask me. Thought you would like to ask too.”
Robbe starts walking even slower, looking up to see the light that comes through the high windows right before the loud thunder. Sander catches up, walking next to him.
“Do you make art too? Or to just look and talk about it?” Robbe asks, now even more curious since the awkwardness is slowly being forgotten.
“I like looking at pretty, interesting things, yeah. But I try to make some things too.” Sander shrugs, and Robbe notices a hint of doubt in the way he talks.
“Really? What type?”
“I like drawing, taking pictures...sometimes I spray paint.” Robbe’s heart starts beating even faster. He went to a place to spray paint not too long ago. It felt fun and exhilarating. He’s still not sure if because it was illegal or actually fun. “And you, nameless boy that comes here every week, any interest in arts? I don’t like assuming things but you do come here often so I assume you like some paintings, at least.”
Robbe stutters in his thoughts, only then realizing he never said his name. They just looked at each other and at the storm outside, and Robbe managed to lie like it was something that made sense, saying he was going to look around for a minute and Sander followed him. He knows his name because he uses the tag with it.
“Robbe.” He stops and offers his hand like a dumbass, introducing himself and asking for a handshake five minutes after meeting the boy. Sander looks at his hand and smiles, finally shaking his hand.
“Nice to meet you, Robbe.” He keeps shaking their hands, and Robbe feels like one of them has to break it, to let go but they don’t until they both do a lot later than what a handshake should last.
“Nice to meet you too.”
Robbe closes his hand, hoping that way he can hold the feeling for a second longer. Sander’s hand feels like how an artist's hand would feel, Robbe assumes. It’s nice, the feeling of knowing how it is to hold a boy’s hand, the boy of his dreams.
“So, Robbe, do you like art?”
“I like making videos…”
“Really? Never tried that one.” Sander seems to think about the possibility now that it was mentioned.
Robbe sighs, shaking his head. “It’s a thing I do for myself, nobody knows about it.”
Sander nods his head. “Is it bad if I ask why I am the first? I’m flattered, honestly. I’m very curious though.”
It’s not like Robbe hides it from people. He’s sure his mom and at least Jens and Moyo already saw him filming things for no reason. They don’t ask why or to see what he’s doing so he doesn’t tell them either. Sander is the first one to show any interest.
“Nobody ever asked. So it’s no big deal.”
Sander laughs, walking a little too close. “Well, I was hoping it was a big deal. I was thinking I was important already…”
Robbe looks down, blushing from head to toe, he’s sure. If he was brave enough he would ask why there is so much interest. Nobody is ever that interested in what he’s thinking or what he wants to say. Robbe craves like he can’t even admit. Robbe craves a lot and lets it out very little. He craves affection, interest, attention, love, care.
“You want to be important?” He asks before he can sabotage himself with the constant self-doubt.
Sander moves his head quietly, like he’s not sure what he’s trying to say, if it’s a no head shake or a yes. He finally nods his head.
“It would be nice.”
Robbe smiles without meaning too, his heart beating all over his body, almost making him shake or faint, one of the two.
“I’ve noticed you before...I think you are the person I’ve seen the most since I started working here.”
In the back of his mind, Robbe knew it would be hard to go completely unnoticed. He comes here basically every day he can. He’s not sure if Sander noticed him stealing quick looks whenever he was busy with another visitor. He hopes he didn’t notice that part.
“Is it too much if I ask if the reason why you come here so often is me?”
Robbe laughs nervously because everything he has of shyness, Sander has in his bravery to ask anything so bluntly. But he likes Sander, likes the ideas of him that Robbe created watching him interact with his visitors. If he misses the one opportunity he might have with the boy, Robbe won’t stop hating himself for it. He turns on his heels, contracting every muscle in his body with anxiety.
“If the answer is yes, what will you think?”
“Of you?”
“Generally, I think.” Robbe shakes his head, trying to fix his hair to look better without showing he’s trying.
“I would be happy, generally. You interest me…”
“I do?” Robbe frowns, surprised he would ever interest anyone. Sander nods his head, smiling comfortably.
“You’re cute.” They walk back to the first floor, walking around the empty, long halls, adjusting any bench that might be slightly out of place grabbing some piece of paper an art student might have dropped while taking notes to throw it in the nearest trash.
“Do you have a favorite art piece here?”
Sander nods his head, stopping to sit on one of the benches. “You.”
Robbe blushes, looking down and turning to sit next to him, not too close.
“Are you always this flirty with your visitors?”
Sander snorts, messing up the back of his hair like he’s nervous. Robbe stares to take that in because it doesn’t seem to happen often.
“Sorry. Shit, sorry. I’ll stop, didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”
Robbe moves to look at him, feeling bad for the over use of apologies because he’s often the one to do it.
“There’s no need to apologize, I’m not uncomfortable because of you.” Robbe digs his short nail against his palm. “I never thought you would flirt with me. But it’s nice.”
Sander frowns like he just said the most absurd thing. Robbe wishes so badly he could film Sander right now, or at least take a picture. He wants to have proof of this moment, of being stuck inside a museum with his platonic crush. Nothing that you save in your memory has this many details, like the thick, dark eyebrows, with the black shirt and tanned skin in contrast with the white hair. He’s a dream, a lot more beautiful than any of the art pieces on the walls.
“It’s funny that you say that because I was nervous to flirt with you. To, hm, try and see what happens because it took me weeks to gather the courage to introduce myself. And you’re here, thinking I would never flirt with you.” He takes a second, trying to understand. “Why?”
“You’re a cool guy, confident and social and smart and into the arts. I’m pretty basic for you.”
Robbe gets up to see the piece on the wall in front of them but he’s seen this one so many times that he doesn’t really stare at it for long, looking at Sander again.
“You think too far ahead. I try to take things minute by minute. I read this somewhere, or watched somewhere and it feels right. Thinking too far in the future gives me too much anxiety. But you don’t seem too basic for me, not now, not ever.”
Robbe taps his feet on the ground, the noises of the rain dying down outside but still being loud enough to make it hard for him to hear his own nervous noises.
“Do you feel like grabbing a coffee? Maybe tomorrow afternoon.”
Sander smiles, looking at him, always feeling like he looks for a second too long but in a good way, feels comforting and not inquisitive.
“Yeah, yeah, of course. Where do you study? I can stop by and we can walk to whatever coffee place you like.”
Robbe blushes, already daydreaming about Sander there, waiting for him outside his school for them to go on a date. Everyone might see him, and Robbe won’t know how to explain it. He can already imagine Zoe or Jana rushing to ask about him the next morning.
They exchange phone numbers and Sander offers to show him his second favorite thing in the museum
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clearpeanutcollector · a month ago
Bets College Homework Mac App
Tumblr media
College isn't all fun and games (unless you want it to be.) Don't sweat it, though. Take a look at these 25 apps — they'll give you a smoother college experience by helping you study smarter, connect with new people and wake up in time for your early lectures.
Jul 06, 2020  BET+ is a premium online streaming service with over 1,000 hours of your favorite Black content from the best Black creators. Now, you can stream Black culture: the movies you remember, the TV shows you love and the new series you can't live without. And they're all in one place, commercial free. Everything from classics like Martin and House of Payne to modern favorites like Bigger and Carl. The best part about this app is that the students can opt for one-on-one interaction with a tutor and clear their doubts instantly. Download: iOS. Student Agenda. This homework app offers a free planner and diary that is designed by the students for an uncluttered usage.
Your university probably has its own app, too — download it. It will provide you with a more tailored breakdown than a national application.
See also: 12 Things Students Should Never Do on Social Media
Any helpful ones we missed? Let us know in the comments!
1. BenchPrep
Image: BenchPrep
BenchPrep is an interactive course library with all the graduate and professional exam study material you can handle. It includes hundreds of practice questions, flashcards, in-app purchases and almost 600 study lessons. Go ahead and pick your poison: LSAT, MCAT, GMAT.
Available for free on iOS and Android devices.
2. iStudiez Pro
Image: iStudentPro
iStudiezPro keeps track of your deadlines, grades and more across all Mac devices — all you need to do is plug your class schedule into the app. It comes with both Cloud syncing and iCal integration.
Bets College Homework Mac Application
Available for $2.99 for iOS. The free iStudiez Lite version limits the number of classes you manage, but it's useful nonetheless.
3. Evernote
You've probably heard a lot about Evernote, and yes, you should try it. What have you got to lose .. your homework? The app syncs all your stuff — text, audio, photo, video — to an online account, so you're always connected with resources to study.
If you're feeling overwhelmed by Evernote's many features, check out this comprehensive beginner's guide.
Available for broke college students (read: free) for iOS and Android devices. The premium version is even more useful, at $5 a month or $45 a year.
4. StudyBlue Flashcards
Flashcards are an effective way to memorize information, but making them is a headache. With StudyBlue, use text, pictures and audio to create the perfect stack of (digital) flashcards; or, search the massive database to borrow someone else's.
Bets College Homework Mac App Free
Available for iOS and Android devices.
5. RealCalc Scientific Calculator
Did your little brother steal your calculator once you finished AP physics? Use RealCalc for serious computing — it's a perfect alternative for the calculator-less.
Available for free for Android. If you need a heavy-duty upgrade, try RealCalc Plus for $3.49.
6. Engineering Professional
More than 650 chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, hydrology and mechanical formulas are updated in Engineering Pro — so don't worry about buying multiple formula apps. Save or Favorite the formulas you need most often.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Available for $11.99 for iOS.
7. EasyBib
Image: EasyBib
EasyBib generates citations in MLA, APA and Chicago style wherever you are — just scan the book's bar code or enter the title. The app also lets you easily email and export the bibliographies to yourself. Using this, you have no excuses for putting off that term paper.
Available for free for iOS and Android devices.
8. Notella
Image: Notella
Some professors drop the most important bombs when you least expect it ('Have a good spring break, everyone. Oh! One more thing: We're having an exam worth 60% of your final grade the day you get back. See ya!').
Don't miss a thing with Notesdeck. This super-fast note-taking app opens to a new note by default, lets you create custom hotkeys and syncs notes from other apps — iCloud, Evernote, Simplenote and Dropbox. You can even search within those other apps from one search bar.
Mac map mouse button app download. Feb 06, 2007  Question: Q: Mouse Button Mapping More Less. Apple Footer. This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only. Apple may provide or recommend responses as a possible solution based on the information provided; every potential issue may involve several factors not detailed in the conversations. May 28, 2012  ‎Joystick Mapper is an application that allows you to configure your joysticks or gamepads to simulate keyboard keys/mouse movement/mouse click/mouse scroll, so you can control any app or game using them, even the ones without built-in support. It also lets you remap the Scroll Wheel Button to some useful functions like Mission Control and it features a refined Smooth-Scrolling algorithm, which I think strikes a great balance between fluidity and control. Mac Mouse Fix is very light on system resources and it's a System Preferences Plugin so there's no status bar item. X-Mouse Button Control by Phillip Gibbons (Highresolution Enterprises) is a free application that can help you customize the functionality of your mouse buttons (set new functions to mouse buttons). Sadly, there is no version of X-Mouse Button Control for Mac available for download, but there are other tools that can help you change the.
Available for $2.99 for iOS.
9. Wolfram Alpha
From thermodynamics to baseball, the Wolfram Alpha reference app uses its supercomputing Cloud to quickly generate answers — across thousands of domains — to all your research questions.
Available for $2.99 for iOS and Android devices.
10. Mobile
With more than two million definitions, synonyms and antonyms,'s fast and user-friendly mobile app will decode that confusing media law textbook in no time.
Available for free for iOS and Android devices.
11. Babylon
Whether you're a Spanish lit major or just looking to finish your general education requirements, Babylon provides comprehensive dictionary results and translations for dozens of languages. With pasteboard integration and access to more than 1,500 glossaries in 75 languages, you'll never struggle to find an accurate definition for your foreign language presentation again.
iBabylon is available for free for iOS; Babylon Translator is available for free for Android.
12. Jumpcut
You have better things to do than copy and paste all day. Make light work of data entry assignments with Jumpcut: copy as much text as you want, one after another, and paste using simple keystrokes.
Available for Macs only.
13. Dragon Dictation
Ever wish you could type faster? Dragon Dictation uses accurate voice recognition software to let you speak and instantly see your words in text. Dictate statuses to your social networks or pretend you're talking to someone if you're trying to write a speech — even send statuses straight to your social networks. Try this if you're in a time crunch and really need to churn out an essay; or, if you're just someone who prefers speaking over writing.
Available for free for iOS.
14. SelfControl
Image: Flickr, jonas maaloe
It's finals week. You have a huge essay to finish .. but then there's Reddit, emitting its bewitching siren call. Every. Damn. Time.
SelfControl lets you set a period of time to block certain websites or mail servers by adding them to a 'blacklist.' It's too bad if you finish your work early — restarting your computer or deleting the application won't negate the timer.
Available for free for Mac OS X.
15. Studious
Avoid interrupting class and getting on your professor's bad side with Studious. Once you input your class schedule, Studious will silence your phone during those hours.
Available for free for Android. Upgrade to Studious+ for $1.99 to bypass the ads.
16. Circle of 6
Ever feel uncomfortable when it's dark and you're in a new part of a city — or even campus? Circle of 6 won the White House's Apps Against Abuse challenge. It helps you stay safe by connecting you to six trusted contacts, whenever and wherever. Use the pre-programmed 'come and get me' message with your GPS location, or easily call national and local emergency hotlines in critical situations. It's a fast and discreet way to put your safety first.
Available for free for iOS and Android devices.
Addendum: You don't actually need six people if you want to double up on contacts.
17. Skype
Image: Skype
Hi!The last days I've noticed how every time I start Safari everything freezes (finder included) for a couple minutes. Macos bitcoin miner in Then I can write something in the search bar, and then it freezes another time!
Video interviews are not going away any time soon — so you might as well get a heads up now. Microsoft's Skype is a reliable way to connect with faraway family and friends via text, voice and — of course — video.
Available for free for iOS and Android devices.
18. LinkedIn
LinkedIn and all its nifty mobile features makes connections a breeze — for better or worse, college is a time of both personal and professional connections.
Available on the web, of course, but also for free for iOS and Android devices.
19. Twitter
Don't be the only person in class who isn't up-to-date with world events. Use Twitter to keep yourself in the loop in both the academic and social aspects of your life. In today's contemporary classrooms, you may even be asked to participate in class discussions via Twitter.
Available for free for iOS and Android devices.
20. Sworkit
There are a lot of things to do in college. Exercising isn't always one of them; especially when there's socializing and studying to be had. Sworkit's greatest asset is its ability to let you choose your exercise time allotment in five-minute increments — starting at, yes, the very low threshold of five minutes. Doable, right?
It also boasts an extensive list of work out routines.
Available for free for iOS and Android devices. Sworkit Pro comes with advanced features and costs $0.99 for iOS and Android.
See also: 10 YouTube Channels That Will Make You Smarter
21. Mint
Club fees. Books. Tuition. Food. College adds up — quickly. Mint is a web and mobile app that helps you keep track of your spending. Plus, it's never too early to start cultivating good credit.
Available for free for iOS and Android devices.
22. Sleep If U Can Alarm
Bets College Homework Mac Apps
Come on, you lazy bum — you're paying for these early classes, remember? Nicknamed the 'world's most annoying alarm,' Sleep If U Can gives you two options to silent the alarm: 1) Shake your phone; or 2) Physically go the place shown on your screen (see: the bathroom sink in the video) and take a picture.
Available for $1.99 for iOS and free for Android.
23. Pocket First Aid & CPR
Mashable composite, images: Pocket First Aid & CPR
While it's not the sexiest app to have at your disposable, you never know when it might come in handy. Along with clear and concise CPR instructions, Pocket First Aid and CPR contains 34 videos and 46 high-resolution illustrations.
Available for $1.99 for iOS and Android devices.
Bets College Homework Mac App Download
24. Between
Attempting the long-distance relationship course? Kudos — that's no small task. Relationship app Between can help ease the separation anxiety by letting you send messages, voicemails, memos and photos. A private timeline makes it easy to reminisce about the good old days with your significant other(s).
Available for free for iOS and Android devices.
25. TED
Image: TED
In an environment often congested with bad influences, a heavy dose of genius goes a long way. TED Talks give you instant access to the biggest thought leaders of our time.
Available for free for iOS and Android devices.
Image: Mashable, Meghan Uno
Whether you're taking the first step towards school or passing out of the college, your life can be a total mess including assignments, surprise tests, homework, examinations, attendance and so on. All you do is wake up early, go to school and come back. That becomes your routine cutting out the quality time to spend with your family and friends. How disheartening is that? With such a busy schedule and a massive number of deadlines to fulfill, it becomes quite challenging to keep track of homework or anything that has to be submitted on the next day. In such circumstances, a homework planner or organizer could be reliable to oversee and update you regarding the assignments, homework and other deadlines. Of course, it's a daunting task to look out for a suitable homework planner who can assist you with your regular tasks.
Top 5 Homework Planner Apps for College Students
Because it is a tedious job, we have come up with the best homework planner apps for students that will help them to do their tasks without any hassle:
1. School Planner
School planner is a full-scale homework planner app that is designed mainly to pay attention to students so that they are well focussed about their career. This app has a pile of features ranging from simple features to ones that you can think of. Besides your homework and timetable, school planner app assists you to keep track of your attendance. You can also add your teachers' contacts on the list, combine recorded lectures which could be beneficial during exams and add multiple planners too. Initially, it is a tedious job to use this app as you have to enter all your details in a form. In addition to your details, you must enter your teacher's details, timetable, and other college details. But once that's done, you're good to go! The app also supports backing up all the data that you feed in via Google drive, calendar, etc. This app does not fail to give you weekly reports, give reminders on the day of submission of assignments, attach snapshots to any reminders. Although the school planner offers a lot of features, it has the best performance with a beautiful framework. In case of your research paper you can use Edusson at affordable pricing.
2. Istudiez pro
Istudiez pro is yet another student-friendly homework planner app and probably the oldest app when compared to all of the mentioned apps. Like school planner, this app also offers a wide range of features including grading, attendance and subject wise organization of activities. It is way easier to set up when compared to a school planner. But the prominent feature in studies pro is that it is integrated with Google Calendar which gives you all the details like holidays, exam schedule, daily routine and so on. Not just that, it is also supported in all operating platforms like iOS, Mac, and windows. All the apps sync well and therefore you can operate this homework planner anywhere anytime on your laptop.
3. My study life
The next homework planner app for college students is My Study Life. The best thing about this app is that it has its web app which makes it unique. The web app can sync well(mostly on Android) therefore making your data accessible from any remote location using your device. Make sure that you've got a web browser installed in your device. This is a goal-oriented app and keeps reminding you about how much is completed and how much is left to achieve the goal. In addition to that, the calendar feature keeps track of all the important dates, it could be deadlines or project submission dates. The only con of my study life is that it is quite lengthy to set up. Once it is correctly done, you're all set!
4. ChalkBoard
One of the smartest homework planner app for students is a chalkboard. It is pretty quick regarding its features and subject wise allocation of teachers on the app. When you open it for the first time, it prompts you to fill the name and subjects of all your teachers along with the timetable. Cool, isn't it? Although the setup process is a tedious job, it is entirely reliable and smooth. The amazing part is you don't have to memorize your timetable as you can see the upcoming classes on the home screen. Not just that, you can also find pending assignments and other tasks on the screen making your job way too easy. Features like these make this app stand out when compared to other homework organizer apps and gives you a great overall experience. This homework planner app would have been much more superior if it had a calendar feature in it.
5. Egenda
It's quite easy to set up Egenda when compared to others. All you need to do is, add the subjects and classes that you have. Once that is done, you have the choice of adding any homework, deadline, project or test. The pending tasks can be seen in the form of cards and have to be swiped away once it's completed. The best part about this homework planner app is that it keeps you updated, could be regarding the upcoming assignments, tasks or competitions. This will help you plan ahead and complete the job on time. Unfortunately, the app doesn't have a timetable feature. But in its latest update, you will find a calendar that can assist you in keeping track of dates. Backup option not available in this app, therefore data can't be recovered once you lose it.
Final Words
So these were some of the coolest homework planner apps exclusively for career-oriented students who want their tasks to be completed on time and who do not wish to struggle till the last minute to meet the goal. We genuinely understand your problem and these apps are going to be of great use to you!
Tumblr media
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jimalim · a month ago
I imagined a kinda pre island AU where Fatins supposed to be setting up one of her boy mates up with Leah at a party but she ends up being into her instead that Id love to see you write !
Ahh! I wasn't planning on writing this today as I already answered a prompt, but this one was just too fun I couldn't help myself! I really hope you enjoy!
“Been there done that.” Fatin teases the tall boy offering her a drink, “Jamie, baby, you know I don’t do seconds unless the game is strong, and hate to break it to ya,” She leans in and uses her hand to block her mouth whispering, “you weren’t that good.”
“Harsh.” Jamie replies with only the tiniest tinge of hurt, his buzz having him too high to be too upset. But he doesn’t drop the conversation just yet, hoping to get some kind of concession out of it. “but you could make it up to me by being my wingman-wingwoman! for the evening.” He grins and raises his hands in the air waiting for Fatin to agree.
Fatin narrows her eyes and dramatically scoffs, “And damn some poor girl to the same tragic fate, I’m not that rude.”
He laughs along, again not taking offence to her rather cutting remarks. The alcohol warming his body and having him feeling right. He puts his arms down and crouches low to get on Fatin’s eye level, begging. “Come on please? I’ll put in a good word with Raf for you.” He points in the direction of his friend across the room playing beer pong with a crowd of onlookers: a tall, insanely handsome, curly haired man with a manicured beard.
He was certainly a person of interest in Fatin’s eyes, but she refuses to give Jamie the satisfaction. “As if I’d need your help to lock that down.” She glances back at him again; well it couldn’t hurt right? “Fine, pick someone and I’ll talk her up for you.”
He scans the room looking for a prize. “Her!” He grins as he points to the brunette standing awkwardly by the bookcase.
She’s new, Fatin thinks as she lays her eyes on the girl, never having seen her on the party circuit before. It takes a moment to register who exactly she is. The girl from her English class freshman year. From what Fatin can remember of her, the girl was the quiet type. Mousy, her head always in a book. This party must be completely out of her element, hence the painfully awkward stance, hand griped around a cup Fatin notices she never drinks from, and the other curled around her waist.
Fatin finally takes the drink from the boy and leaves, making her way across the room. She gets right to it as soon as she reaches her, “Hey I know you don’t I? We go to the same school right?”
The girl looks around a bit confused by the sudden intrusion, caught off guard not only by Fatin’s presence, but the close proximity in which she stands, fully occupying her personal space. ’“Um yea, we do.” There’s an uneasiness about her, and Fatin picks up on it right away. She understands this is going to take more small talk than she expected to really warm her up.
“We had English class, with Mrs. Wolfe.” Fatin states rater than questions, she knows she’s right. The girl nods her head. “Thought so. I know I don’t know you super well, but I wouldn’t have pegged college parties as your kind of scene.”
She eases up at this, letting out a dry laugh. “Oh they aren’t. My friend dragged me here then promptly disappeared.” She glances around the room looking for him, not seeing him anywhere.
Fatin leans against the bookcase casually, “so why haven’t you left.”
She has to shift to properly face Fatin. Her balance moving from one leg to the other. It’s still an odd pose, but looks more comfortable than before, more open. It’s working. “He was my ride.”
“Called an uber?” Fatin counters.
She shrugs, “I don’t know, I guess I needed some time out of the house.” She mulls over the lukewarm drink in her hand. Not but two sips taken since she’d arrived. “Away from my parents.”
This admission intrigues Fatin, she can commiserate with that explanation. “Tell me about it.” She downs the drink in her own hands.
“I’m Leah by the way. I feel like you don’t know that.” Leah studies her. Eye contact never wavering, brow slightly furrowed. Fatin is amused by Leah’s accusation. She’s not wrong. She did struggle to remember her name, but that’s not what she was here to do was it?
There’s something about the way Leah’s eyes hold her own. Her bright blue beautiful eyes. They were captivating to say the least. But what was really interesting about them was how they bore into her, as if looking right past her. The quizzical quirk of her features only further accentuating the intensity. No one had ever really looked at her like that before, like they were really seeing her as opposed to looking at her. It made her stomach feel weird, or was that just the alcohol?
Fatin thinks for a moment, just watching Leah watchingher and she just can’t let it go. “Full disclosure, I was sent over here to talk you up for my friend.” She looks over her shoulder to see Jamie watching them from afar. She turns back to Leah, greeted with a lazy smile and her mind begins to turn. “But now I’m not so sure…” She lets the thought hang in the minimal space between them. Waiting for Leah to pick up the thought and hopefully run with it.
“You want him to yourself.” Leah states, visibly deflating, retreating back into herself, looking more reminiscent of the awkward girl standing alone Fatin first laid her eyes on minutes ago.
“Oh god no, I was actually thinking quite the opposite.” She’s bold, perhaps too bold by the look on Leah’s face. Her eyebrows shoot upward and she blinks rapidly a couple times. Fatin tries to backtrack in case she offended her, holding her hand out. “I don’t mean to presume.”
A large grin overtakes Leah’s face and she bites her lip. “Wait, The Fatin Jadmani is hitting on me?”
And this time Fatin deflates, only slightly, for a moment, before straightening back up. “Once again my reputation proceeds me.” It wasn’t a secret Fatin was a party girl, one who got around. She never tried to hide it because she’s not ashamed. But every now and then she’s reminded of how her peers view her, often negatively, and she’d be lying if it didn’t bother her a little.
Leah leans against the bookcase to mimic Fatin’s position. “You say that like it’s a bad thing. I thought you thrived off the attention.” She’s not at all defensive, rather honest and kind. It’s a shockingly respectful reaction that Fatin can’t ever remember being treated with. Then Leah smiles softly and Fatin’s stomach feels weak once again.
She decides to take the leap. Maybe it’s the liquid courage, or just the general kindness Leah offered, but Fatin knew she had to take a chance. “Sure I do, but it can be a real pain in the ass when I’m actually interested in someone.”
“oh” The realization on Leah’s face is comical when paired with the deep blush that quickly rises up her chest. Leah straightens up and extends her hand. “Well maybe you wanna get out of here? Split an uber?”
Fatin nearly jumps up, taken aback by Leah’s forward gesture. She’s been surprised Leah all night, it shouldn’t be this much of a shock, what should surprise her though is the way her stomach flips in her throat at the thought. “Huh wait, so are you proposing we-”
Leah makes sure to reach out and tuck a strand of hair behind Fatin’s ear. She makes a real show of it, not just to rattle Fatin, but to be sure whoever the friend Fatin was supposed to be playing wingman for saw that Fatin was doing a truly awful job. “I’m not ruling it out, but I’m not like your typical targets. You’re gonna have to earn it.” Her fingers trail down Fatin’s neck, coming to a rest on Fatin’s shoulder.
Fatin reaches up and takes her hand in hers and threads their fingers together, ready to lead them out of this musty old frat house, Jamie and his friend long forgotten. “Oh baby, I’m definitely up for the challenge.”
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dearwriters · a month ago
This one isn't really an advice question (so feel free to ignore lol). I'm 24 too and it's kind of super depressing to find someone so good at writing things my age.... :"D All the good writers I know are older than me, so, denialing I guess, woo. Have you ever written anything yourself? (I've had a fanfiction in the works since 2018, but with nothing but an few excerpts and 2 comp books of notes to show for it lol) How you so good at advice and stuff??
First things first: Never get discouraged by what other people are doing. It has nothing to do with you. We’re all on our own paths.
In my case: I actually was an apprentice at a publishing house for two years, learning under editors, marketing, production, etc. I am still working at this publishing house, right now in distribution, but I am aiming for editing. Plus I study comperative literature in university (now in the masters programm). So it’s basically my job to think about book stuff. I still learn more and more about the publishing industry and literary theory, etc. I also spend a lot of my private time reading and learning about storytelling. Because it’s fun!
I am no expert but I like sharing thoughts and ideas and tips with others. I also think most writers actually already know what to do by instinct and sometimes they just need someone to talk about their problem, hear a new opinion and then they’ll figure things out for themselves!
I’ve never actually published anything (other than some quite unfortunate fanfiction in my early teens). But I am always writing since I was a child, mostly for fun. I am working on something serious right now that I would like to get on an agents desk someday. We’ll see!
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ashtcnirwin · a month ago
god typing your url is always so hard for me i don't know why but i always want to type ashtocn ANYWAY how about this: gimme a director's cut for jalex in paris, change my mind fic, or makeup artist ashton fic. yes those are the three you wrote for me. i'm giving you the option to only break down one of them if you don't wanna have to dig into all three. but like you can hit all three if you wanna! go crazy. whatever floats your boat. love youuu xoxo bella
you and me both, i keep spelling it as aschtnirwin whenever i have to type it out🤡
hmm giving me choices... i like that, thank u miss bella! i haven’t really talked much about any of these fics (that i can remember), and i can’t quite make up (heh heh) my mind (heh heh) so i’ll just do all three and here’s to hoping i can keep it at least a little bit short
⭐ we’re doing director’s cut of fics guys⭐
jalex in paris aka we go together (or we don’t go down at all)
writing this fic was really hard in one way because i’d never written a fic for a fandom that i barely knew anything about, and i remember that i spent that whole morning/early afternoon looking at atl interviews and miscellaneous vids to get a tiny teeny grasp of their vibes. and it’s like...when you’re part of a fandom, you keep picking up all these little pieces of information about whatever/whoever it is you’re a fan of, things that you won’t find on a wiki page or anything, but to try and pick up all those little details in one day just wasn’t gonna happen obviously. 
i think you, bella, commented on smth in the fic, a little detail or smth that didn’t add up with the real people, and i never went back to fix it (cos it just...didn’t matter to the story at all really) but i remember thinking to myself like “ah fuck...okay making little mistakes like that is really irritating cos if this was 5sos (or 1d for that matter) i’d never ever make a mistake like that”, yk?
anyway, i love paris a lot, i’ve been there a few times, and i’d been meaning to write you some jalex for a while when...either sam or meghna said smth about jalex in paris, and i thought...yeah...i can do that...mhm. so i did. and you know me, i’m usually all about the angst and the emotional torture and the heartbreak and all that stuff, BUT in addition to this fic being written for you and i know you’re all about the easy love, writing this as angsty or have jalex have a bigass argument over their relationship or anything like that just didn’t feel right AT ALL. 
in my mind at least, the combination of how jalex act irl, both as individuals and as a duo, and the general vibe i was going for in the fic, the easy love-path was the only thing that made sense. it was just like...they spent a day wandering around paris, being a little chaotic, and ended with them sitting at a restaurant in the early evening, waiting for their dinner, and then jack just being like “are we on a date?”, totally casual, and then that was it, sort of. no conflict, no long conversation, no colliding expectations, etc etc, and it was lovely to write.
(but ofc, in true me-fashion, i had to throw SOMETHING in there, hence the nods towards a fwb-arrangement)
(in my defense, if it wasn’t for that, there never would’ve been a ‘is this a date?’-question tho so)
and i really, really enjoyed writing this piece, far more than i thought i would, and getting to write about parisian vibes (and cute boys complaining about awfully hot parisian summer weather) was just...i felt like a soft boiled egg by the time i finished and posted it😌
change my mind-fic aka we dance along
would you believe that this was the first fic i ever wrote that was inspired by a song? actually, so far it’s the only song-inspired fic i’ve written, i haven’t written another one since. why haven’t i? it was so much fun...huh 
well i’m a wh*re for 1d, i was deep into the fandom back in the heyday, and this song was my sad jam back when tmh came out, so writing a fic for it eight years later and for a different fandom felt a little odd, ngl, especially since i wrote it as non-au? which would indicate that 1d exists in this universe? and that 5sos went on tour with them? i don’t think i put a direct timestamp on the fic, but they were in stockholm when the events of the fic went down and it was established that they were in sheffield a week prior, so that would have been the myt tour, so...yeah, they would have toured with 1d a few years prior, and now they’re hanging out, drunk, in an hotel room, speaking in 1d lyrics? that’s a vibe
just like the jalex in paris-fic, there’s easy love here, too. i think i said something in the club a little while back (it might have been in response to...nik asking for general writing tips?) about how sometimes, people things, they don’t think it through, they don’t stress out about it or anything; they want something and they go for it, and it just isn’t deeper than that. not everything has to be super fucking deep, right?
and i remember thinking as i was getting started on writing malum’s whole conversation about what went down in sheffield, that if any 5sos ship was gonna hook up and then a week later be like “ykw? i like you, i liked kissing you, i liked hooking up with you, so let’s just run with it and see where it takes us” with just a brief, minor freakout and not getting themselves into a whole pining, angsty situation over it, it would be malum. cos the basic premise of this fic COULD have been turned into an angsty slow burn, no doubt, but it made sense to me to drop the argument all together and just go for a soft and easy conversation
makeup artist ashton au aka something old, something new
ah awkward, nervous luke...loml. this one was SO FUCKING HARD to write for the sole reason that idk shit about makeup, like i’m literally barely able to paint my own face without ending up looking like heath ledger in the dark knight, u feel? had it only been hairdresser!ashton. i know way more about hair. well anyway doesn’t matter.
it’s been so long since i wrote that fic now (or, it feels like it’s been super long, in all actuality it’s only been like half a year) and i wrote it so quickly that i can’t remember a lot about my thought process as i wrote it, tbh?
the only thing that stands out to me is the line in the fic that goes, “He chooses to not say anything about the fact that it’s the judgement he’s passing on himself that’s the main problem.” because while i’m obviously not gonna sit here and speak for everyone else, i often find that when i make a big change in my life, be it with my looks or my job or my studies or in personal relationships or whatever else, i tend to be more focused on judging myself for whatever it is i just did than i am on whatever judgement other people may be passing on me.
i wrote luke as being super nervous and unsure about asking ashton to put makeup on him, but his nerves definitely came more from being scared of taking that step than from worrying about other people judging him. i didn’t elaborate on it in the fic as far as i can remember, but i imagine that the reason he was so nervous was that he was scared of taking another leap away from traditional masculinity and what it might lead to. i feel like...a part of him was hoping that he wouldn’t like his face with makeup on, simply because then he could take it all off and carry on with his life, but well, that didn’t happen. he’s a pretty boi, even prettier with makeup.
also, in hindsight, i realise that this is one of those fics that could have been left pairing-less and it wouldn’t really have changed the story much at all. the focus of the fic was very much on luke, not as much on the interactions between him and ashton, and i think the main reason why i did include some flirting (or, clumsy attempts at flirting at least (luke just going ‘hey do u have snapchat? pls? i wanna talk to u more)) was that it’s become more or less second nature to me when writing fic to include at least a nod or two towards a romantic relationship?
yeah i did not manage to keep any of these particularly short? surprise surprise but thank u bella for giving me the chance to talk abt these fics that i have a tendency to forget abt, ily🧡
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honeykeigo · a month ago
fratboy!mirio x virgin!reader
(nsfw, minors dni)
Tumblr media
wc: ~2.8k
cw: virgin!reader, reader is female, corruption, size kink, overstimulation, mentions of alcohol and drug use, but reader and mirio are sober, fratboy!mirio is actually very nice<33 and man consent is so sexy
a/n: this is my piece for @seita’s corrupt-a-virgin collab! be sure to check out the other cool writers here. thank you afton for letting me join🥺❤️ tank you bestie for reading this over for me again! @dailuna love you mwah
song rec: nasty by ariana grande, because i listened to this song on repeat while writing this.
Tumblr media
dim lights, ping pong table, unknown alcohols on the island in the kitchen, loud hip hop and edm, all the essentials needed for the frat house party.
watching your friend—wasted—stick her tongue down the throat of some stranger isn’t exactly the friday night you were anticipating, but the cold coca-cola in your red solo cup only serves as a reminder of your role as designated driver tonight. you are not feeling the loud group crowding around for a game of beer pong, and you turned down the invitation from a friend to the room down the hallway that smelled distinctly of weed—not that you were against it, but the impending headache from the vibrating bass of the speakers somehow told you it was best not to say yes.
the days were long and hard, university taking up most of your time as you trudged through one of your hardest semesters. you weren’t failing, but a break once a week was definitely needed to keep you from getting burnt out. though, your idea of a break was cuddled in your bed watching netflix, not stuck in some stuffy university apartment where there were only two small windows to air out the place.
“need company?”
you feel the couch cushions behind you dip from the weight, making you turn around, coming face-to-face with someone familiar. mirio togata, is it? a friend of a friend, well known in the frat as the resident “sunshine boy”. isn’t one to play around with girls, or guys, that you know of, at least. either way, you don’t know him well enough to make any kind of assumptions, shrugging your shoulders tiredly, indifferent to his question.
he moves to your side cautiously, deciding it is best to sit on the couch with a space between the two of you. he leans his arms forward onto his thighs, turning his head to glance at you. the fringe of his hair falls forward and into his eyes. you could spot a glint of something in his eyes, something you couldn’t make out.
“not having fun?”
you nod your head towards your friend, who somehow, still had her tongue down the stranger’s throat- wait- is that someone different?
“her D.D. tonight.” you say before taking a sip from your cup. “i wouldn’t say i’m not having fun, just not feeling it tonight, i guess.”
mirio’s mouth opens with a silent “oh,” deciding to lean back onto the couch. the silence isn’t awkward; it’s almost calming. you barely know him, but him there makes you hate being there just a little less.
you turn to study him, a blue button up and black ripped jeans, typical get-up for a house party. you can’t deny his attractiveness, the muscles of his arms and chest barely held in by the button up shirt he decided to wear tonight, the way he sweeps his blonde hair back with his fingers. your gaze moves up to his face, startled when you realize he’s making eye contact with you, a smirk making its way up his lips. 
“like what you see?” 
blood rushes to your head, heating up your face, your hearing zeroing in on the way a small chuckle leaves his lips. you know he’s just teasing, but you would be lying if you answered no to his question. you look to your friend, suddenly nowhere to be found, only reassured by a notification on your phone from her saying that she went home with some guy from her chemistry class. it doesn’t hurt to have a little fun, right?
“and what if i did?”
mirio is taken aback by your boldness, to say the least. upon first look, he thought it would be nice to accompany a lonely friend. though he doesn’t miss the slight falter in your facade, giving him some idea of what may be in store for tonight. he laughs, his arm rising and falling on the back of the couch behind you. leaning his face near your ear, you can feel his breath fan over and down your neck as he whispers.
“why don’t you come upstairs with me and find out?” 
the little confidence you had is blown out of the water, his voice sending a shiver down your spine. your heart is beating out of your chest, and you hope to the universe that he can’t hear how loud it is the way it’s beating in your ears. nonetheless, your head nods timidly, hearing a chuckle from him as he takes your hand in his to lead you upstairs, down the hall and stopping at a door on the left: his room, you presume. your mind runs fast, trying to mentally beat down the thought of the well known mirio togata taking a virgin. 
he sees your hesitation to walk in, turning and tugging once more at your hand to pull you into his hold. his bulky arms settle around your lower back, keeping your bodies flushed against each other.
“somethin’ wrong, sunshine? we don’t have to if you don’t want to, you know-”
your eyes widen at your own interjection, placing your palms gently on his chest as you collect yourself. you stare at your hands splayed over his broad chest, not brave enough to meet his eyes. mirio is patient, always has been, and for a pretty flower like you, he was willing to be just that.
“i just...haven’t…”
“you haven’t…?” mirio’s voice trails off before his brain clicks, his lips again forming the shape of a small “oh” in realization. not only that, his mind goes haywire. the same pretty flower, standing in his hold, and he has the chance to defile it. only he could guess what things he had in mind, but of course, he is patient.
his hands rub at your lower back soothingly, trying his best to relax you.
“we can always go slow, if you want to, of course…” he says lowly, his hands rubbing moving lower. you unconsciously whine, your body pressing up against his and making his hands drop to your ass. you look up to him through your lashes, something close to desperation behind your eyes, and it took everything in mirio to not eat you up right there.
“i-i want to.”
your hands fist at the fabric of his shirt, using the leverage to pull him closer as you connect your lips with his. he chuckles against your lips as he grabs at your ass to bring you closer, his tongue swiping your lip before pushing into your mouth. your whines are swallowed by the kiss, your tongues curling with each other messily. he bends down to grab the back of your thighs, hoisting your legs up around his waist as he carries you towards his bed and setting you gently back onto the mattress. the kiss never breaks, not until you pull away for air. he admires how your face is flushed, lips kiss-swollen, breaths panting over his face as you catch your breath. 
mirio wants to devour you, wants to ruin you for any other man just with his cock, but he’ll take his time with you. he sees how the hazy look in your eyes, already in a trance just from the kiss and chuckling at the doe-like look you give him.
“love it that much, huh? we’re gonna have a lot of fun, sweetheart…”
he dips his face down to your neck, kissing down it while nipping lightly and sucking on the skin. he revels in the quiet gasps you make, prompting him to tug at the hem of the loose shirt you decided to wear that night and looking up at you.
“can we take this off?”
the way his eyes sparkle at you is enough for you to nod your head timidly, bringing your arms up as he peels the shirt off your body and leaving you in your bra. rather than feel the need to cover yourself up, you find yourself comfortable, thanks to the way his eyes raked your skin. confident, he likes that.
“beautiful…” he mumbles before he dips back down to nip at your collarbones and down to your breasts, one hand moving up to grope the flesh from on top of the silk material of your bra. the soft mewls echoing the room has him growling, pulling down the cup of your bra before taking your nipple between his lips. he smiles against your skin as his tongue flicks over the hardened bud, your back arching your chest further into his mouth. he makes sure to give your other breast the same attention before pulling away, whines instantly falling from your mouth.
“mirio, more, please…”
a smirk makes way to his lips as he moves back up, bringing you face to face with his usually bright blue eyes, now dark with desire. he tugs on one of the belt loops of your jeans, teasingly letting the loop bring your hips up slightly before letting you fall back to the mattress.
“are you sure about that, sunshine? let’s see if you can handle this then.”
he moves back lower to help you shimmy out your jeans, your hips lifting momentarily to allow his hands to slide you pants off. he moves back up, cock hardening even more at the sight of your matching pastel yellow lingerie. not the super fancy kind, just a set that could be worn casually, but something about this was awfully sexy. his rough hands move up your inner thighs, spreading them slightly as he settles between your legs on the bed. a low growl vibrates from his throat at the sight of the wetness between your legs, already soaking up the light fabric of your panties. he rubs his fingers over the wet patch, running along your clothed folds as he watches your face contort with pleasure and frustration.
“all of this for me? and i’ve barely touched you.”
your whines become needier, annoyed at his light teasing. 
“mirio! need you…”
he chuckles, wordlessly pulling your panties to the side to slide in a finger into your sopping hole and groaning at the intrusion. you’ve always played on your own, whether it be toys or your own hands, but this is new. the way his thick digit slid into you so easily despite the resistance had you getting even more wet. his own mind is hazy, just from the thought that he is the one to do this to you first, the first man to ruin you.
“ tight for me, sweetheart.”
he works you for a bit before sliding another finger in, and working you some more before adding a third. at this rate your body is hot, your brain screaming for an orgasm as he continuously brushes over your sweet spot at a fast pace and his thumb rubbing harsh circles into your clit. yet, all he does is watch you. he watches your face, your body, how you squirm, and how you sound. he takes it all in, waiting for your high to wash over just from his fingers. once that string snaps, you tense up in his hold and shake a little as your arousal coats his fingers, the lewd sounds of his fingers pistoning in and out of you mixed with the loud bass coming from the speakers downstairs filling your ears.
“there ya go...atta girl, creaming so prettily for me…”
mirio keeps the movements of his fingers slow, letting you ride out your high until you whine from the stimulation. he makes a show of pulling his fingers out, making eye contact with you as he wraps his lips around his digits. mirio groans at the taste of you, almost like ripe fruit: so sweet, so so sweet.
your first orgasm already almost has you knocked out, eyes heavy as you watch him clamber on top of you and an arm near the side of your head. the other hand reaches down to slide your panties down and off your legs, throwing them near his discarded clothing on the floor.
“don’t think i’m done with you just yet.”
he makes quick work of taking off his clothes, kicking them to the ground as his body cages you in. you gasp at the feeling of something hot and heavy against your cunt, looking down to see the hardness of his cock throbbing as it collected the slick from your folds. your mouth gapes at its size, wondering how all of it is supposed to fit.
“mirio, i don’t think-”
“don’t worry, i’ll make it fit.”
he looks to you once more, eyes softening for a second to make sure you want this as much as he does. the small smile and nod you give him is enough, making sure to lean down to capture you in a kiss, one that feels...reassuring. secure. safe.
“i got you, i got you…”
he mumbles small words of assurance and praise as he lines himself up to your entrance, pushing in slowly. groans and moans spill from both of your mouths, the stretch almost painful as the tip barely slips into you. your hands fall to his shoulders, hisses seething through his teeth as the bluntness of your nails dig into his skin. you cry out as he pushes further into you, and though you are desperate for more, for him to pound into you like you know he can, you know his slow pace is for you, giving you enough time to adjust before pushing in just a little more.
“there you go...taking me so well. see that?”
you look down, only to see that a good length of his cock not swallowed by you. his gaze meets your wide eyes, only now realizing that you are full to the hilt, and he isn’t even fully inside you. your head nearly goes dizzy, but not before he starts to slowly pull out and push back in again. the pace is slow, agonizingly slow. he pauses for a second, just to let you feel things out. it’s the right thing to do...right?
he fills you up in all the right places, and to him, it feels like you were made for him. the way your walls hug his cock tightly, the way your hands grip to his back, and the way your legs snake up around his waist to bring him closer. it’s like you were asking for him to pound you, for him to lose all control, for him to not stop.
“m-mirio! don’t stop, please.”
and that’s all it takes for him to snap.
his hips slam into you, not a care for the cries and mewls leaving your mouth as he starts slapping his hips against yours. the pace is unrelenting, and you are sure that if someone were to walk past mirio’s bedroom, there would be no doubt that they would be hearing a show over the loud music coming from downstairs. the grunts vibrating from mirio’s throat, the lewd sounds of skin slapping, the bed creaking with the headboard lightly tapping against the wall. you have no time to think of someone possibly overhearing you two, not with how focused you were on the stretch of his cock against your walls, filling you up just right.
“l-look at you- fuck! it’s like this pretty pussy was made for perfect little flower, all for me.”
you nod eagerly as he throws your legs over his shoulders, the new angle has his cock hitting your sweet spot over and over as he thrusts. your walls finally tighten and clench around him, your orgasm washing over you as you shake in his hold. the pleasure is all too much, tears already pricking your eyes as mirio continues thrusting into you to chase his own high.
“m-mirio! ‘s too much- ah!”
he says nothing, his gaze focusing down where your cunt creams around his cock. the sight is enough for him to drive his length to the hilt with a grunt, spilling into you and grinding his cum into you. as mirio comes down from his high, he settles your legs back down to the mattress and leans forward to kiss the tears away on your cheeks.
“good fuckin’ girl...that’s it, you did so good for me…”
your eyes look up at him, lidded yet full of something that mirio can’t put a finger on, not until your arms wrap around his neck to pull him in for a kiss. the kiss is deep, greedy, hungry for more. he pulls back to see that shy look on your face again, too flustered to say the words that mirio already knows.
“more already? alright, but you better be sure you can handle me, sweetheart.”
Tumblr media
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tbctbloggers · a month ago
ICT Thoughts
The latest session we’ve had for ICT was a super interesting one. Not just in the sense I actually paid attention but also in that almost everything we covered seemed so familiar to me. 
The concepts that we looked at were things I’d never actually heard of before, But when their details were explained I was shocked to discover these were essentially paraphrased versions of principles I’d learned in high school and during my gap year as methods for success.
The 5 Principles of Effectual Logic especially caught my attention. Through my time playing video games at a professional level I quickly learned the “Lemonade” principle as being active, vigilant and adaptable were the key improvements I needed to make to reach the top level.
I’m essentially just gonna write a huge catch-up on some points in my life that are pretty heavily linked with the principles of effectual logic just to nail these points in my head. If anyone reads this monster I hope you get something out of it.
In my last couple years of high school I went through the IB DP, which is one of the toughest school systems in the world. They just throw too much at you for a person who is highly unorganized like me to deal with. As a result I inevitably got overwhelmed and started to sink into a pretty heavy depression. While that sucked and I didn’t get much done I wasn’t just sliding right down the spiral of depression going nowhere. While feeling like crap all the time I was thinking of methods to not feel overwhelmed and push myself to start getting things done. Eventually after a couple months of being an unproductive sap something clicked and I’d essentially taken on the “Pilot in the Plane” principle of focusing on what’s under my control and taking actions based on that. As a result I not only clawed my way out of my depression I also went on to pass the IB with a result higher than the predictions made the year prior during my slump. 
During the essentially forced gap year between my graduation in May and joining this course a couple months ago I figured I’d spend most of my time learning methods and approaches to success as an adult. I figured that while high school got me a few good skills that I’ll be able to take advantage of (like writing this stuff) I still had a huge amount I’d yet to learn that would be vital for my growth and success as an adult. I began by branching off things I’ve already enjoyed such as Psychology and video games. Though as useful as many of the things I’d learned from these areas have been I needed to go somewhere completely unexplored to learn some new lessons and just decided look at a comedy group I’d never really learned much about before.
I’m beating around the bush here but I purchased a subscription to the gumroad (essentially a patreon) of Sam Hyde. An American Comedian and co-founder of the comedy group Million Dollar Extreme. Sam’s a very controversial figure to say the least and I wouldn’t recommend finding out about him in any other way than his incredible anti-futurist mockery TEDx Talk where he managed to con his way into a legitimate TEDx Talk event and spouted complete nonsense and buzzwords for 19 minutes while holding in laughter. Sam Hyde and MDE went on to produce a TV show on Adult Swim which ran for 1 incredibly successful season before being “cancelled” over stupid political allegations.
During this time and for a very long while after Sam was producing videos in a series on his youtube channel called “HydeWars” where he told stories and shared lessons he’d learned over the years that he thought were worth hearing. I subscribed to the gumroad after seeing edited clips from these episodes on youtube where the gumroad boasted having unedited full hour long videos of the “wisdom” he was sharing. 
During my MIQ here in NZ I went through all of the hydewars episodes and essentially studied them to pick out the nuggets of info that I could apply to myself and my approach to things. One of the most important messages that he gave was EXACTLY the Crazy-Quit Principle of effectual logic. Find and connect with people who you KNOW can be trusted, work hard and feel nice to be around.
I’ve been putting that principle to work quite a bit so far making a very clear partnership with Jordan. He’s someone who’s very clearly flawed, but makes up for it by being hard working, reliable and fun to be around. Another lesson I learned from Sam’s videos is that if you find someone who fills a gap that you suck at and work with them, you should fill a gap that they refuse to. I’ve been doing that by focusing on the communication side of things with Jordan, along with figuring out logistics, playing the devils advocate and more general management work where necessary. So far it’s been working out pretty well and I hope that as we develop further the balance of work begins to even out more as my value in the group defines itself a little clearer than it is now. 
The main problem I see I’ve been running into is that while I’m very good at using the tools I’m familiar with I tend to disregard them if I’m told to set a goal of work that needs to be done. When I’m given a problem and some tools I become extremely crafty and resourceful, but when I’m given a problem AND told to come up with a solution I disregard the “Bird in Hand” principle and start going for pure abductive thinking which results in poorly executed creative work. 
One positive side of this is that Jordan from my observation adopts the “Bird in Hand” principle and Max my other Studio group member is very concerned with the “Affordable Loss” principle, so with our powers combined we do a pretty damn good job at solving problems and working creatively. Although we’re still bound to crumble to pieces during our work we’re very adept at putting things back together, and not necessarily the way they were before, but instead a way that works better for what we want to do.
I apologize Ricardo for not including any questions, but I’m still pretty happy with how this turned out. Also if dates save on posts just ignore this one, just a bit of the old late night jolt of inspiration.
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yakuza0 · a month ago
Reasons I want to stay alive (without any "but"s)
I'm keeping a list of reason I want to stay alive, and I can't say stuff like, "But I wouldn't be able to do this because..." "But it's just a faraway dream..." and stuff like that. I'm just going to keep a list no matter how small or how unrealistic it is :)
1. To go to the beach, to feel the warm sand between my toes, to walk in the water
2. To be in a band with some friends where I am allowed to scream (even though I have no musical talent)
3. To wear ALL the clothes I want to wear, to be super fashionable and have the confidence to look unconventional in public again; to have the confidence to wear really pretty lingerie lmfao
4. To get rid of all the personal belongings/material items and see my room get cleaner and have more space and feel lighter (idk why I love to get rid of things)
5. To be held. To be kissed. To be intimate
6. To apologize to everyone I've wronged that I haven't apologized to yet because I'm too stubborn and/or ashamed to have done it yet
7. To bake and frost a really shitty but cute and funny cake with or for somebody
8. (Possibly in addition to the cake) to help plan a big super secret surprise party for somebody I love
9. To GET a big super secret surprise party by people who love me
10. To wear the Hello Kitty apron my mom gave me more often because I don't use/wear it as often as I should/want
11. To learn cannabis terminology so I don't sound like an idiot loser LMFAO
12. To get more (candid) pictures taken of me, to have more pictures of me that are not selfies, to know I exist in other people's memories fondly
13. To fill up my journal so I can start a newer, prettier journal with the stationery I love to collect and use
14. To fall in love with someone who won't tease me/tell me to be realistic if they found out I've always wanted a movie romance, but instead they... secretly vow to make my dreams come true (LMFAO I'm so cheesy)
15. To finally be able to cry in front of somebody without feeling like an idiot, to be able to be vulnerable with someone I can fully trust, to finally release the tension in my jaw and shoulders
16. (In addition to being emotionally vulnerable) to finally be able to feel comfortable doing the MUNDANE things that I'm insecure about in front of people, to finally be able to pig out in front of people I love and eat grossly without judgment, to be able to fart around someone without believing they think lesser of me, to be able to take a shit in somebody else's place without feeling ashamed and nobody cares at all (yes, I'm genuinely insecure about eating in front of other people, at the moment I can only eat small foods that are not messy that can fit in my mouth without struggle, usually healthier foods too)
17. To make my bedroom my dream bedroom, my sanctuary, my temple lolz
18. To be able to be really, really good at yoga, I really want to be able to do those insanely complicated poses
19. To drink or get high with friends again, but like, REALLY intoxicated lol. Not regularly, but just at a party where I go crazy and have fun!!!
20. To make the best playlist I could ever make for myself (I have a playlist of songs that I think "represent me", but then I listened to it and got angry because I just didn't like the playlist enough for some reason!!!)
21. To see my distant relatives again (all on my father's side)
22. (In addition to seeing my paternal family again) to meet my mother's entire family for the first time, to get them to call me pretty, to know what they think of my sisters and me, to truly know if I look more like my mom or my dad's side of the family
23. To finally find out the reason why my immediate family was forbidden to ever meet my mom's family, to find out why we have only met my mom's brother's family even though all of my mom's family lives in the US and not Korea, to find out why my parents lied, to find out if my dad really did knock my mom up with me; to finally find the answers to the questions that my parents always dance around and avoid answering.
24. To have a girls' night out even though I'm not a girl, to meet a drunk girl in a bathroom and become best friends for the night
25. To hold and carry a baby in my arms again like how I used to "babysit" when I was younger, to have a baby grab my pointer finger like it's my hand
26. To finally being confident enough to call myself a real Buddhist! (I've been studying/trying to practice; I used to be Christian when I was younger, so I think the way of practicing is a bit confusing for me)
27. To start a YouTube channel with my friend LOL (and hopefully get insanely lucky and we become super rich and famous LMFAO)
28. To hold a conversation with a native Chinese speaker and then they ask me what part of China my family is from, and then I tell them, "Oh, I'm not Chinese actually, I'm Korean!" And then they go, "WOW your Chinese is really good!" LOL
29. To be really really good at Korean so I can write letters and send long nice texts to my distant relatives, to be really confident in speaking Korean so if I see my stroke-ridden grandmother again, she doesn't get pissed off at me again LOL
30. To be the best gift-giver anyone has ever met.
31. To eat raw beef with raw egg in Korea again... ugh so good
32. To grow the healthiest garden ever and be able to give lots of vegetables to my mom and my neighbors and my friends, to maintain a beautiful koi pond, to be able to grow lotus flowers and water lilies
33. To be really really good at (at least) one of those MMO games... like Fortnite LOL; I don't play video games at all, so I want to be able to play video games really well, and at LEAST one MMO so I can play with my friends :), to be brave enough to play Dead by Daylight lol and horror games in general
34. To get in a real fight with some bitch-ass dude!!! To punch a Nazi in front of everybody!!! I don't necessarily want fame for it I just want to punch a Nazi
35. To be really, really good at designing horror, to be really good at writing horror, to write something so good and so scary that it's literally just amazing
36. To ride a motorcycle!!! To either learn how to ride a motorcycle by myself or to sit behind somebody driving a motorcycle and hold onto them tightly, we both look sexy as hell.
37. To make the best boards on Pinterest.
38. (In addition to making a YouTube channel with friends) to be confident enough to become a streamer for fun :) if I get money out of it, definitely a bonus
39. To finish one goddamn large book despite having ADHD, to finish reading all my goddamn books
40. To grow my ivy plants so, so long that I can hang it around my room!!! To grow plants so long that my house/apartment looks like a greenhouse or something lol
41. To have a body I love, whether that means I learn to love my fat body with the fat and chub I've had all my life or to lose it all and become skinny or to be strong and muscley, I want to love my body, I want to live the way I look.
42. To grow my hair super duper long and super healthy!!! And then one day, to go through a life-changing event, and finally cut it all off. (That's why I'm growing my hair out right now lol)
43. To actually genuinely enjoy eating veggies... I won't lie I'm a really picky eater rn lol... to be able to eat and enjoy all the food in the world...
44. To go to Vietnam; to maybe learn Vietnamese (I tried to learn it once a few summers ago, then I learned there are 12 tones and gave up. Sorry LMFAO)
45. To smoke cigarettes (I miss smoking cigarettes), and then have a really dramatic moment that changes the trajectory of my life and then I finally quit forever with no desire to ever smoke again, to throw my cigarettes away into the ocean (if this actually were to happen though, I don't think I'd actually throw it out into the ocean lol I'd probably give it to someone dramatically)
46. (In addition to smoking cigarettes) to smoke one of those long cigarettes, with gloves on like a flapper, just to look sexy LOL
47. To wear a qipao and to look super pretty like the Chinese actresses who play characters from, like, the 40s to the 60s lmfao
48. To finally own my own hanbok, a real one, a traditional one.
49. (If I do get married:) to get married in a traditional wedding hanbok, to have a traditional Korean wedding (and to have multiple ceremonies if my partner belongs to another culture... because I love celebrating hehe)
50. To make lots and lots and lots of handmade ceramics, to make lots of bowls and plates and vases and to use them and give them away too :)
51. To learn and be really, really good at making hand-stretched noodles!!! God it's so freaking hard lol
52. To learn and be really good at making SOUPS... I love SOUP (and occasionally bread to go with it)
53. To cook food that my mom will like... to make my mom fat and hungry LOL (and NOT traumatize her like she does to me about being fat lol. It's not a revenge story, I just want her to eat a lot)
54. To dye a blue or purple steak in my hair (or to dye my whole hair blue, without bleach)
55. To get to know Sabrina more and become good friends, have the courage to call her (as well as have the courage in general to call people one-on-one), meet her in person; I want to be good friends with Sabrina :) to love her!!!
56. To buy this dumb bitch monky... to hold him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
57. To see Hannah again... I want to immediately get tired with her and have a sleepover on a queen sized bed again LOL I want to pet her ugly dog Pepero too...
Ok I think I'll reblog and add more to this list later as I go so I can look back on this when I'm feeling suicidal or depressed :)
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