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canolatie · 7 minutes ago
tbh i do believe only queer people (of any kind) can write nuanced and intelligent queer stories, but i also think the gen-z white american christian-raised flavor of queerness is the only kind of queerness that the people who say that sort of thing are willing to accept
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buckybarnz · 9 minutes ago
absolutely incredible shit today with the midam wedding!! great job, team, hit the showers.
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phox-129 · 9 minutes ago
Do you ever think and just asfddgfhghgjgjgj
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worldend · 17 minutes ago
hey same anon here! im asian and typically if you learn english outside of a certain country (e.g. england) you usually wouldnt have the accent of that country unless you were to learn english there where youre surrounded by people with that accent. i dont think its an issue with the vas i think its great they got japanese vas for ryuu and susato, its just that susato's accent definitely does not sound british to me whereas ryuu and asougi do and most definitely would have learnt english in japan instead of england (at least for asougi). im not really pissed or anything its just strange to me they would have a character with an asian accent but then not give the same treatment to the other two main japanese characters
ooh ok i get what you mean now
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jabbers-wild-world · 18 minutes ago
Tumblr media
“Alright. I need answers now, or someone is going to get punched!” And with his quirk? A punch from Chuuya Nakahara, aka Lockdown as was the name he’d chosen for himself, was a punch with the crushing weight of a black hole if he wanted it to be. Perks, and downsides, to a gravity-related quirk like his.
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thoughtfulfangirling · 23 minutes ago
I just rewatched the Matrix recently, and of course there’s so much metaphor and symbolism in the movie that each re-watch, it’s fun to overthink everything. I’ve already had a couple of viewings in which I’ve focused on how Neo’s story is a trans narrative and how him ‘being the one’ in many ways is about him discovering himself. It’s a narrative that I think easily stood up before the Wachowskis confirmed it, but obviously is generally easier to spot and analyze with their confirmation.
This time however, I found myself focusing more on Trinity and the romance plot. Let me first just make a disclaimer that this is me reading super into the movie and that I know that in a surface reading, none of this stands up. But if we say... go down the rabbit hole a little of what these themes in the movie could be... well, I obviously feel there's some grounding for it.
In many ways, the romance in this movie is fairly traditional, but in other ways... it's just not. Neo never pursues Trinity in any way. In fact, he generally seems completely oblivious to the possibility that Trinity could be interested in him. Contrast that to Cypher, who feels entitled to Trinity, I think it's worth noting how there's an implication that at some point, he thought he could be The One. He clearly also knew what the Oracle told Trinity about her relationship to the one. And yet while he pines, there's this feeling that he is acutely aware that it's impossible that she would never be interested in him.  
Not only though does Neo seem almost to imagine Trinity could never be interested in him and Cypher has a resentful belief that she would never be interested in him, even Trinity acts arguably strange about the whole thing herself. There's an air to her reaction to the concept of 'The One' and her prophecy that while she wants it to be true and believes so much in Morpheus she will, it seems truly impossible to her. She holds it close to her chest and struggles so much with accepting how she feels, that there just feels like there's more going on under the surface. And with the narrative of knowing that Neo can stand in as a metaphor for a trans woman, I couldn't help but read in this viewing that Trinity is a lesbian. She's a lesbian who was told by the oracle that The One would be the man she falls in love with. The Oracle names things as they are in the moment, telling Neo he's not the one. So it makes sense when she saw Trinity that she would refer to him as he sees himself in that moment. But if being The One is also the story of him coming into realizing trans-ness, then it's no longer so strange that a lesbian would fall in love with The One.
Neo discovering himself as The One is the culmination of many things. The battles to get Morpheus back, to fight the agents, but also even Morpheus saying to Neo after he gets rescued, "There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path" is a reiteration of the Oracle's statement that he has it in him to be The One, but it seemed he was waiting for something. He has to choose to embrace it, to live it, and he starts down that path at least by the time he faces Agent Smith in the subway tunnel, declares his name is Neo.
But if we imagine for a moment that Neo was aware that Trinity was a lesbian (she strikes me as the type who wouldn't hide it) or even assumed as much, it would make sense he might just assume that like gravity keeps one grounded, her romantic disinterest in him was obvious. But the moment she whispers to him that he has to live because she loves him, one might see how validating, how solidifying, that could be. How he could start a new life. 
I think it was the scene where Cypher had her on the phone, revealing his betrayal, that the headcanon solidified. She cares so deeply for these people, and the actor so well manages to convey her despair as her friends begin dying, but she remains so steady and calm on the phone. She has this steel in her and an unwillingness to let Cypher see how much he's breaking her. And he takes a new tact. He taunts her about the prophecy, seeming to mock her for this destined love. It almost seems to say 'do you really even know yourself?' He's questioning her very sense of self because he wants to hurt her for not making herself accessible to him. He wants to punish her for making room for Neo and not him.
(*The spouse pointed out after watching that it struck him in this scene how Cypher is literally on top of Trinity, speaking to her, looking at her, making her his entire focus, whereas to Trinity, Cypher is just a voice on the other end of the phone. To Cypher Trinity takes up so much space, but it's the opposite for Trinity. Just a neat observation. )
In less tangible ways too, there's something about the way Trinity is played and filmed that felt queer coded. That could just be that it was written and directed by queer people though I admit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
To be fair, I will also admit here that I was happy to look for something that made the romance plot more palatable. To be fair to the movie, I do think it's done in a way that feels fairly organic to the plot, like it's saying something. But on the surface, it can feel pretty par for the course cinematically. So I found it enriching to go looking for a way that the romance would be saying something bigger than what other movies use it for, that further added to the metaphor, and this is how I parsed it for myself to make that work, and I felt like sharing in case anyone else would find it enriching too. Okay mostly to explore these thoughts more fully, but hey, if someone else finds this heightens their enjoyment, then hell yeah.
Thinky thoughts
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bloodmoonblitz · 24 minutes ago
catholic school sex ed was wild. nothing about sex: no consent, no condoms, no stds. all i learned is that you have no sex until marriage (and you must have the intent of making kids) and don’t even think about taking birth control!! the birth control think was the thing i most vividly remember because their reasoning against it was “it will make you have hundreds of physiological changes“. fucker i hope so that’s the point.
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neverdoingmuch · 25 minutes ago
im obsessed with the way 15 y/o wwx thought about lwj. i mean him going oh lwj is so boring that he’s the most interesting person ive ever met? perfection right there. wwx recognising that lwj acting cold and distant doesnt mean that he is cold and distant and doing everything he can to burrow under his defenses and get to know him? amazing. wwx, the guy who makes friends everywhere he goes and all but forgets them as he leaves, thinking about lwj months after he went back home to lotus pier? superb. wwx being so blown away by how handsome lwj is every time he sees him and getting so ridiculously excited that he can’t stop himself from chasing after him? incredible. just,,, the way that wwx has always cared so much about lwj and how, even if it wasn’t yet love, it was the promise of something incredible and sweet.
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dammitsammy · 26 minutes ago
my roommate: yeah one time my professor referred to me with they/them pronouns because they didn’t know how to refer to me and it made me super uncomfortable :(
me: so you agree? being misgendered is deeply upsetting and we should generally try to avoid doing that to people??
Tumblr media
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red-rochambeau · 29 minutes ago
aight kids we got another essay due in 3.5 hours about how karl marx contributed to surrealism and then it’s crunch time to catch up on mr prompt week
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lady-hollows · 35 minutes ago
Big Oof
when you try to write a very VERY serious aNgsTy fanfic but you thirst for the character too much.
PLEASE, have this unfinished drabble that is now not part of my fic because i realized halfway through it's just become too heated aNd i was nOt planning to write about smut—
Tumblr media
"What—" you clear your throat. "This is a pleasant surprise."
"I have taken it upon myself to enforce my own binds. I've undressed myself as well. I am ready."
You could see that.
When you came home from the alliance meeting for the Gods, you certainly did not expect the estranged creature you saved some months ago to be kneeling on the floor of your lair, bound by chains (you assumed he took from the jail cells), and kneeling on the floor in all his misplaced arrogant glory.
Red crawls its way up your neck, to your cheeks, and of course! He notices such a small detail. "For a God surrounded by darkness and cruelty, you are surprisingly innocent."
"Well, I don't often come home to a beautiful man offering himself to me like a feast."
To think, he had been so innocent when you first found him, unknowing of a human's material desires. He had not even started with greed went straight to—
"A feast?"
Was he provoking you?
"A feast," you echo. "You see, like this," your place the pads of your fingers gently against his chest, and slowly, you drag it down the expanse of his torso, featherlight and burning. "I could just eat you up."
The way his eyes dilate at the path your hand follows doesn't escape your attention.
If he wanted you to stop, there was no way to tell.
What with a shaky breath leaves him. His back arching closer to your touch and a shiver racking his spine.
The tension doesn't fade.
But he says the words: "P-Please stop.."
He says it just as you reach the skin of his pelvis. You follow his plead, but you don't put any distance. Just lift your gaze to his hateful expression, embarrassment flooding his soft cheeks.
"Don't— Don't misunderstand. This—" he gasps as you make a move to inch lower— "Ngh, this was not what I had in mind!"
Oh, you don't mean to be a sadist— but the way he strains against the chains, forearms tensing and fingers digging into his own palms at your touch.
Oh, Celestia. It's too much.
You don't know how you can constantly keep your mind off of touching all over him.
"You should explain, Alatus," you coo. "Or else I'll keep misunderstanding."
He almost preens, but he catches himself, clenching his teeth as his legs tremble. He glares into your eyes and yet his pupils are unfocused, chest heaving from the deep way he breaths and you know he is trying to keep his wits.
"I'll do it. Please. I'll explain. Just— haah~ please, w-wait!"
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