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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#so yeah the more members..

this is kinda a tough question, specifically cuz i just completely forgot how i even got into the dreamsmp in the first place, also im just completely bad at explaining things, but i think the best place to start is to watch tommyinnits videos on the smp? his first one is “i joined dreams minecraft server. now he hates me”. i dont believe he has a playlist of all his dreamsmp vids, so u kinda have to click around to find the right ones (just check the videos on his channel in order, he should mention the dream smp in the intro if its a dreamsmp vid)

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honestly 😔

#im tired ?? of people being like oh arabs are like this and that when literally the entire world has our problems and more, #not excusing the messed up shit we have but some people have the nerve to be like oh gays arent treated well in middle eastern countries !!, #we should never ever set foot there !! when literally every other country in the world is the same minus europe maybe and the us ??, #why is it that when it's us we're suddenly the only fucked up people ??, #it speaks volumes if im being honest, #just say youre islamophic and go that race is happening in saudi whether u like or not u fucktard, #like i know we have issues we need to fix i know and i used to suffer from them too at some point in my life. im not blind., #my family and every person in my hometown is in constant fear of being kicked out of their jobs or harassed in public i see these problems, #but i also see that everyone else has the same problems. some even worse., #it really shows how we're all ready to stand up for people of color and members of the lgbtq+ community but only a little portion of us, #batted an eye at what's happening to muslims in china. it really fucking shows and i'm sick of it, #i'm not trying to look like the victim here i live a very privileged life nonetheless and im not gonna sit around here and pretend im, #oppressed. yeah u heard that right. i'm not oppressed how surprising despite coming from the most religiously conservative province in saudi, #but that does not excuse the blatant and even encouraged hatred and silence when it comes to muslim people, #stop justifying it with the shit that happens here unless you're also gonna protest things like events in every other country in the world, #yes there is a problem yes it must be fixed no it is not exclusive to the middle east and islamic countries, #(also ?? to all the people who bring up islamic battles to claim land like 1000 years ago and say that our leaders did it, #here's a history lesson. the people you talk about belong to one sect of islam and surprise surpise islam has various sects, #and i'm sure you'll be enlightened when you hear what us the other sects in islam have to say about islamic history so stop generalizing, #it's not a good look), #furat iskiti 🖇️, #to be deleted
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OMG YES the caption was like somebody’s about to see that they’re icy i diedddd when i saw that,, they had the pigtails on it and everything! and yes! when red velvet debuted i was nowhere to be found of course so this is going to be a ride. esp with this ai stuff i have no idea what we’re in for 😬 apparently there are going to be four members but sm is saying that each of their ai’s are gonna count as members too so there’ll be eight members?? so in a way i was close with my guess haha and i know what you mean kjdfhjd there’s really no right way to phrase that. the more members = the more excitement!

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