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ghostdruggie · a year ago
social distancing is okay for me bc ive been touched starved since the 15th century. im used to it.
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rachelmpatterson · a year ago
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"Silly things do cease to be silly if they are done by sensible people in an impudent way." - Jane Austen, Emma
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usnatarchives · 29 days ago
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It's easy to wear a mask! United Newsreel NARA ID 89352. NARA GIF here.
DO NOT EXPECTORATE PROMISCOUSLY! & other helpful pandemic rules, circa  1918-1920
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Portsmouth Navy Yard flyer, 2/3/1920. NARA ID 6861947.
By Miriam Kleiman, Public Affairs
Students: Compare & contrast past and present pandemic guidance. Should the CDC advise the following?
- Avoid wet feet! - Stay away from Boston! - Boil or destroy your handkerchief after sneezing! - Keep regular hours! - Watch out for "coughers" and "sneezers"! - NO spitting! - Have back pain? Go home!
Most importantly, even if tempted, DO NOT EXPECTORATE PROMISCUOUSLY!!!
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Sanitary Precautions, Portsmouth Navy Yard, 9/12/1918, NARA ID 6861949.
Exercise caution when getting a haircut! Pandemic Flashback! U-C Berkeley 1919 U-C Berkeley creatively responded to the “pandemic hair” challenge (@1919) with an “Open air barber shop.” Students, soldiers and staff traded overgrown locks and scruffy facial hair for the fashionable “high and tight.”
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U-C Berkeley, CA. War Department image, 1/30/1919, NARA ID 26428662.
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See online:
Flu Pandemic of 1918
The Deadly Virus:  The Influenza Epidemic of 1918
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anxietyproblem · a year ago
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staff · a year ago
What are most common symptoms of corona?
Technically, spending 15 minutes within two meters of someone with the virus means a risk of catching it. The infection can develop anything from 1-14 days later. 
The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, tiredness, and a dry cough. 
Some people may have aches and pains, a blocked nose, a runny nose, a sore throat, or diarrhea. 
These symptoms are usually mild and begin gradually. Some people become infected but don’t develop any symptoms and don’t feel unwell.  
Most people (about 80%) recover from the disease without needing special treatment.  
Around one out of every six people with COVID-19 becomes seriously ill and develops difficulty breathing. Older people, and those with underlying medical problems like high blood pressure, heart problems or diabetes, are more likely to develop serious illness.
Also includes the answer to questions from: @adriennegil, @2happy-little-trees, @11hoss, @bitchass-slytherin-snakery
Check out the full Answer Time here!
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nickelcobalt · a year ago
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fortunrr · a year ago
Self Quarantine Activities 🌿✨🕊
•clean your makeup brushes- during this time give some love to your skin and go makeup free! Sanitize all your brushes/sponges and organize your beauty setup
•marie kondo your whole house- go through every closet, every drawer, every room and throw out what you don’t need anymore! Very soothing and you’re minimizing your items. Consider even donating these things to a loval shelter!!
•pick up a new hobby- learn how to do that hobby that you’ve always been fascinated by whether it’s crocheting, sewing, drawing, playing an instrument, or starting a puzzle; now is the best time
•begin at home exercising- there is an abundance of tutorials on youtube for just about anything, including exercising! Practice some yoga or in home cardio. Do some pushups and squats, do some burpees and sit-ups, dance even! It’s important to remain physically active while you are being cooped up in home
•start a journal- find an old notebook and create a journal! For me, I really love bujo journals. Track your sleep schedule, your acts of kindness, movies you’ve watched, your mood, anything really! I’ve found so many cute DIY template pages on Pinterest of journaling ideas. I add lots of detail and it passes time while being very cathartic
•read- for many people, the #1 reason why they don’t read is because they have no time. Now, there’s plenty of time! Pick up a new book or an old book and dive in. I like to take notes of what I’m reading to find a deeper meaning of the story, and then research about those themes. You don’t have to do all that, but certainly crack open a book and lose yourself between the words
•have a spa day- take a nice bath, light some candles, grab a drink, play some music and relax. Maybe exfoliate or give yourself a pedicure. Wear a cute robe and slippers and simply unwind
•watch a movie w a friend- if you miss your friends or SO, and wish you could just be with them and watch your favorite movie together, Google Chrome has an extension where you and another person can watch the same Netflix show together at the same time. It also comes w a chatrokm where you can share your live reactions to the program. Here is a tutorial on how to access this:
•write letters- write a letter to a friend, a family member, an old friend, an enemy, your SO, your past self, your pet, anyone or anything really. Just write something that you’d like them to know. It’s up to you whether or not to send these but I find it to be rather enjoyable bc I’m clearing my mind and getting things off my chest.
•make a silly video- do a dance, do an impression, create a skit, or give your take on something and video tape it! Send it to friends or upload it to a platform like TikTok or YouTube. Just have fun!
•rearrange your room- move your furniture around and create a new blueprint for your room! It’s something new and it can be time consuming.
This is all the activities I have that I think will cure your boredom and are also beneficial to your health! Please be safe and wash your hands. If you HAVE to go into public, bring a hand sanitizer or wear latex gloves. Please practice social isolation and be smart and safe!
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ayalaatreides · a year ago
Tumblr media
I wasn’t planning to hop on the coronavirus meme bandwagon, yet here we are.
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