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tankism · a day ago
Today I was in the city, walking to the bus stop with my friend when we got stopped by an old man who said I looked like a “nice Jewish girl” and proceeded to follow us and compliment me for the next two blocks. I honestly don’t know if it was because I’m Jewish or not but it was terrifying. Never stop speaking out and don’t forget to advocate for yourselves. Stay safe ❤️✡️
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fruityradical · a day ago
Evil Isn't 'Human Nature'
Most humans are not inherently evil and many do not even possess the capacity to be evil. Capitalism, however, has introduced us to a society in which being evil comes with a monetary incentive. That's why our elite circles are littered with pedophiles, crooks, and fiends whilst the common person is decent and moral. Much of the bigotry espoused by the lower classes is the result of brainwashing by the powerful to prevent class solidarity. Evil isn't human nature, and it never will be.
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tankism · a month ago
The fact that thousands of Jewish families across the United States are being forced to decide whether to send their children to their first day of school or observe their religious practices is just more proof that antisemitism is culturally Ingrained and that westerners never cared about diversity or considering religious and ethnic minorities. Having one of the most important school days on one of the most important Jewish holidays (Rosh Hashanah) is so tone deaf, especially with the increasing amount of antisemitism and violence against America’s Jewish community this year.
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gothhorns · 5 months ago
When we talk about why we hate landlords, we need to tie gentrification into the conversation. We can't just assume people understand why renting is bad, because renting is insanely normalized. Everyone knows someone who rents, which is precisely why we should be talking about this more.
When someone asks, well why do you hate landlords? We say: Because of gentrification. Because we are losing housing as we speak. Because when poor neighborhoods are renovated and re-valued, they run poor and middle class people out of their homes, their communities, and then sell back to us the properties that were already ours. We say, because it's why we have homelessness. Because when we adjust incomes for inflation, housing continues to get pricier and pricier and if it doesn't stop, none of us will have housing.
There will be a point when rent is too expensive for any of us lower, middle-class, working-class people to afford, and we are reaching that point, and landlords telling us nicely that we can pay them insane amounts of money for houses and communities that were ours 10 to 20 years ago is the most shameless scam that we have ever normalized and it needs to go.
Our wages are getting smaller. Our costs of living larger. It really is an encroaching problem, and it doesn't stop if you're a homeowner, it doesn't stop if you're a renter. It will get worse, and if buying a home is expensive now, be assured that your children will not be able to buy or rent in the coming decades.
This is a problem that concerns the vast majority of people painted as an issue that only influences minorities because we were the ones who were hit first. Why do you think those in minority groups are always the first to become advocates for these issues? First it's us, but then it's you.
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decolonize-the-left · a month ago
I think something that's actually really shitty is how millenials harbored this "be humble" culture specifically regarding good deeds.
Endlessly enabling each other to be bullies and self deprecate? Sure. But if you posted about helping the homeless? Donating somewhere? Doing literally anything to help someone?
Ripped apart for being a show off. Because "if you were really a good person you wouldn't need to show anyone"
And what I personally feel now as a millenial pushing 30 is that we fucked up there.
Absolutely show yourself off doing those things. Y'all. As someone who actively is living off of the kindness of others it's Incredibly Painful to look at my surroundings and feel like absolutely nobody cares.
I was "discussing" with a leftist the other day about how I didn't think leftists are doing enough regarding Indigenous solidarity. Why did I think that?
Y'all aren't showing us. Where are the posts? The tweets? The videos? The reblogs? The tiktoks? The discords? idk. Whatever. Where is it? Show me the support, ya know?
And if even other leftists can't see what you're doing how is anyone else supposed to?
People can't be inspired or radicalized by actions they don't see.
And before you say "we discuss-" anyone can discuss theory. Any theory in fact. The rught discusses lots of theories and they had a fucking insurrection- based on one that wasn't even real!!!! They were able to organize and do that in a heartbeat off of some words Tr*mp said at a rally, before the rally was even over.
The left could never. And if we could... where is the proof?
Show us. Prove it. I'm literally begging you.
Those of us at the bottom literally can't wait for you to Show us the fruits of all these discussions and debate. To see support as much as we see infighting. And who knows, maybe if everyone did that we'd make a dent in the toxic individualism that seems to be stopping us all from caring about one another. Maybe we could popularize about caring for each other by Actually Doing It and showing it instead of making memes about how we "can't explain to you that should care about other people"
Sound cool?
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