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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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not to politic but,.,, bernie sanders isnt even rly socialist and yall just went absolutely apeshit bc he was a liiittle more radical than most politicians., ,and he still lost because even tho someone whos not totally democrat or republican can run they will almost always never win (even if running as a democrat.,.,) bc we are so used to just settling for the lesser of two of evils. fucking over the people, or fucking over the people but a little nicer? its kinda cringe bro idk,,,.,,, im too tired to think rn so,, im probly saying dumb shit im just kinda thinking out loud </3

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“La evolución de una época histórica está determinada por la relación entre el progreso de la mujer y la  libertad, ya que de las relaciones entre el hombre y la mujer, entre lo  débil y lo fuerte, se desprende claramente el triunfo de la naturaleza  humana sobre la bestialidad.

El grado de emancipación femenina determina naturalmente la emancipación general…”

Karl Marx. La Sagrada Familia.

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1987 October Revolution Parade

Minister of Defence, Marshal of Soviet Union Dimitry Yazov along with Commander of the parade, General of the Army Arkhipov during inspection of troops of Moscow Garrison on 70th anniversary of October Revolution on Red Square, Moscow, Morning of 70th October - 7/11/1987

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