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#socialist feminism
endangeredbodiesnyc · 2 years ago
One third of GoFundMe campaigns are for necessary medical expenses. People are "donating" their vacation days so that a new mom can stay home with her baby. A college-educated homeless man stood on the street handing out resumes in desperation, begging for a job, any job. Multiple posts about parents buying teachers necessities like a car and school supplies went viral.
Twitter and the media highlight these stories as heartwarming examples of "sacrifice" and people "pulling themselves up by their bootstraps."
I call bullshit. Only in a dystopian society would we feel anything other than horrified at the thought of people crowdfunding their most basic needs.
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ghibliboyfriend · a year ago
Looks like I’m gonna be full of ‘controversial’ opinions today so I’m just gonna be real about this next topic that’s been itchin’ at me for a while:
I genuinely don’t think a lot of white leftists understand just how integral anti-black racism is to keeping class oppression in power and they often gloss over their own internalized racism while using the argument of ‘uwu don’t assume all poor/rural white people are racists and have more compassion uwu’ as a way to try to ‘band’ together as a community of lower class people.
Here’s the thing, though: you CANNOT ‘defeat’ this class struggle, especially in the United States, if you CANNOT acknowledge the pivotal role that anti-blackness/racism in general has played in keeping poor communities struggling. Race has always played a part in determining rent, mortgage, education, and other basic human necessities within a community because if that community just so happened to have a lot of black folks in it, the ‘value’ of that area was inherently seen as ‘lower class’ or ‘unworthy’ of fair opportunities that could improve that area.
This should not be a surprise to ANY so-called leftist but I’m starting to see more and more white leftists try to weaponize the whole ‘don’t call rural white people rednecks, they’re not all racists’ and ‘we need to band together to defeat the rich and stop focusing on little things that divide us’ as a way to deter any deep conversation about the inherent racism involved in the class struggle.
Y’all really need to start reading more articles and books from past black/non-white leftists who have already talked about this entire subject YEARS before any of us became the ‘leftists who occasionally make good points on a public blogging platform’.
Because I’m tired of seeing white people complain about how poor/rural white folks are seen as racists and it’s ‘not fair’ to them while I’m an Afro Latino person who has lived in a rural area for MOST OF MY LIFE and has experienced nothing but racism from poor/rural AND rich white people, with no mercy.
White leftists need to stop using ‘class struggle’ as a way to band people together and actually work on their own internalized racism, do more research by actually READING information given about this subject by previous non-white leftists, and then confront the anti-black racism in their own communities. Especially if those white leftists live in poor and/or rural areas themselves.
Relying on black/non-white people to do all the heavy lifting for you and risk their lives by having to ‘educate’ rural/poor white people on how to be decent human beings to poc is not a good look.
EDIT: y’all can reblog this but if you start being disrespectful, I will block you.
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The same people who scream at women outside of Planned Parenthood are laughing at babies being teargassed at the border.
Spoiler: It was never about being "pro-life" and always about control.
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bustakay · 8 years ago
Thus it is our historical task, and only ours, to define what we call oppression in materialist terms, to make it evident that women are a class, which is to say that the category 'woman' as well as the category 'man' are political and economic categories not eternal ones. Our fight aims to suppress mena as a class, not through a genocidal, but a political struggle. Once the class 'men' disappears, 'women' as a class will disappear as well, for there are no slaves without masters.
MONIQUE WITTIG - One Is Not Born a Woman
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elonex · 4 months ago
Quick test : if you can't go out in public in zero makeup without feeling self-conscious, then your makeup is not a choice.
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baileywilson013 · a year ago
It is a contradiction that white females have structured a women's liberation movement that is racist and excludes many non-white women. However, the existence of that contradiction should not lead any woman to ignore feminist issues. Oftentimes I am asked by black women to explain why I would call myself a feminist and by using that term ally myself with a movement that is racist. I say, "The question we must ask again and again is how can racist women call themselves feminists." It is obvious that many women have appropriated feminism to serve their own ends, especially those white women who have been at the forefront of the movement; but rather than resigning myself to this appropriation, I choose to re-appropriate the term "feminism," to focus on the fact that to be "feminist" in any authentic sense of the term is to want for all people, female and male, liberation from sexist role patterns, domination, and oppression.
bell hooks | ain’t i a woman: black women and feminism | 1981
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As someone who was part of the "pro-life" movement in my late teens (and even attended the March for Life in Washington, D.C.), I can say with full confidence that this movement did irreparable harm to me as a young person and still affects me today. The "pro-life" movement isn't only opposed to abortion, but to all contraceptives and sexual intercourse that does not conform to stringent "Christian" values.
It does not care about providing healthcare for pregnant people and their families. It does not care about educating children. It does not care about the number of children in orphanages and foster care. It does not care about poverty, rape, incest, or any of the many other circumstances that would result in an unwanted pregnancy.
The "pro-life" movement's goal is to create a Puritanical Christian country where people are uneducated about sex and their bodies, where people are terrified of going to hell, where contraceptives are difficult if not impossible to obtain, and where people will die in botched illegal abortions.
The "pro-life" movement doesn't tell you that many teens who become pregnant were manipulated/impregnated by older men. The "pro-life" movement doesn't tell you that unwanted pregnancies have direct correlations to a lack of education about sex, a lack of availability of birth control, and high poverty rates. The "pro-life" movement doesn't tell you that the brochures it hands to you are Photoshopped, and that a fetus doesn't even develop consciousness until the 24th - 28th week of gestation.
Let me repeat this again: the "pro-life" movement is Christian fascism. Its aim isn't to end all abortions, but to create a world in which terrified and uninformed people submit to Christian authority.
I am deeply ashamed of my participation in this movement, and hope that in this moment of crisis, my experience helps or informs someone.
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Tumblr media
This is what I told a very well-meaning Facebook friend who posted this image and told everyone to stop using plastic bags. 
Thank you for sharing this and speaking out. We are in a desperate situation. Even if every single person decided to cut disposable plastics out of their lives, the Earth would still be doomed. The fact is, 63% of the industrial carbon pollution released into the atmosphere since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution can be traced to just under 100 companies. If we do not hold these major companies (Chevron, ExxonMobil, Saudi Aramco, British Petroleum, Gazprom, Shell, the National Iranian Oil Company, etc.) accountable, future generations will be left with a barely habitable planet. Also, major meat and dairy companies have become some of the world's biggest polluters. We need a complete overhaul of our current society. Yes, please avoid plastic bags and disposable cutlery when possible, but also support organizations that work to end climate change. Share the work of researchers who study climate change. Vote for politicians who take climate change seriously (our sitting president believes climate change is a hoax). Consider consuming less meat (especially since Americans already eat too much meat and dairy than is normal or healthy). Attend a climate march. We all need to take action—we only have one planet and it is being destroyed. 
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”I can’t believe he’s letting federal workers go without pay” the general public says of a man who allegedly never paid hundreds of his waiters, dishwashers, painters, and lawyers (the list goes on and on).
I’m shocked. Really. What a surprise. Never saw it coming. Who would have thought? 
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