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Everything feels Wrong.

Every step forward Monumentous

and yet gets you nowhere

Hard conversations leading to less answers and more fruitless explanations

Straining yourself in attempt to better your situation yet hard fought words falling on the hard shell of masks that hide harder hearts

Nothing is Right.

Every step forward Inconsequential

and yet creates great change

Easy expectations leading to more heartache and less certainty

Loosening the web you have so carefully woven to survive yet not allowing the delicate strands to brush eachother else they become wound together before their time

Tumultuous days

Anxiety a looming presence

Uneventful days

Self worth a skittering creature

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One of the most reliable methods of measuring growth in American society is how shocked and appalled we are at how things used to be.  I can only hope that in my lifetime we will realize that 2020 was a low point, from which we can only go up.  If future generations hate us, it means they’re doing better than we did.  Think how much life has changed since the 1990s, the 60s, the 30s.  We can’t even imagine what the 2050s will be like.  Hopefully it will be a time of justice and equality; of course, there is no magic force that’ll simply make it so, things can only be made better through the hard work and struggles we endure today.  That’s one thing that keeps me optimistic; no matter how bad it gets, people don’t give up.  People don’t stop working towards a better tomorrow, people don’t just lie down and take it forever.  As bad as things are, I think we are in a better place today than we were in 1920, which was better than in 1820, than they in 1720.  Although I will not live to see 2120, I’m confident it will be much better than we are today.

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In 1945, Ellen Wilkinson MP chaired the UK Labour Party Conference.  At that time, it was resolved that Labour would not support a continuation of the wartime coalition government led by Winston Churchill, and under the calm leadership of Clement Attlee, Labour went  on to win the general election later that summer in a landslide.

Labour campaigned effectively on their cradle-to-grave Welfare State manifesto, including universal health care, and invoked memories of  widespread pre-war unemployment and poverty.  Lord Peter Carrington, who later served as Foreign secretary in the first Thatcher administration, but was then in the army, said;

“…I don’t think any member of my squadron voted conservative…The very simple reason from their point of view was unemployment…A lot of them had been unemployed before the war.  They blamed the pre-war (National) government which they thought was basically a conservative government, it was a simple as that…”

Not everyone was surprised by the Labour victory.  Even Winston Churchill’s wife, Clementine, detected ominous signs during the campaign, as their daughter, Lady Soames, later recalled;

“…Of course he (Churchill)  had reason to feel optimistic.  During the course of the election campaign, he did these great tours in open cars, and great crowds assembled; rushing, cheering and surrounding him.  But my mother, she had noticed, in the crowds, that quite often, four or five rows back, there were people not cheering, or quite watchful, with hostile faces…”

Ellen Wilkinson, an independently spirited champion of human rights and against poverty and unemployment, served in Clement Attlee’s government as Education Minister, but died in 1947.

Winston Churchill led the Tories back into power in 1951, but many of Labour’s economic and social initiatives would remain in place, in what became known as the Post-War Consensus.

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Have the courage.

Have the courage to try. Have the courage to be you, who you really are. Have the courage to piss people off by making choices that align with your heart.

Hell, have the courage to follow your heart. 

Have the courage to love.To hope. To believe in forever. Have the courage to leave masks behind. To say screw make-up and beauty products that convince you you’re flawed. To be real, messy, fleshy, dirty and absolutely delicious. 

Have the courage to dismiss labels and styles and to look beyond appearances to souls. Have the courage to live a life you love. Really. To say no.  And really mean it. To not apologize, justify or even offer to make up for it. Just No. 

Have the courage to leave behind the script for normalcy and not feel guilt because it never felt like it fit. Have the courage to call out fakeness. 

The courage to ask for what you need and to walk away from anyone that can’t offer you just that. Have the courage to believe in the once in a lifetime kind of love. 

Have the courage to have confidence in yourself and dreams. In your visions and beliefs. In the life YOU want to live. 

Because I promise you there’s no gold medal at the end of all this for following the rules of society. For being or living how we’re supposed to. How others think we should. 

So have the courage…The courage to truly live.

~Kate Rose-

Painting by: Bojan Jevtić

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I could leave this blank and let you look at it

I could let you make the speech

I could give these two words a meaning

I could also leave them none.

For some it could be positive

For some may be negative

For some it’s both and also none

We’ve given society many awards

We’ve sacrificed for them ourselves

Some more, some less.

We’ve awarded art:

Through paint,



And films.

We’ve awarded society’s phobias

Be it homo,



Or bi.

We’ve awarded society freedom:

Through speech,



And power.

There are many more awards to give,

But let me pick apart the one

Who gave society it’s ‘thing’.

The prestigious award for hate,

Shown by racism,


Class systems

And wars.

We’ve all awarded this to society

By being quiet

By not speaking out and using our freedoms

By believing everything is fed to us

By thinking always one side is good and one is bad

Making heroes out of people who didn’t know what they signed up for

By always turning the other cheek.

We have given hate the power to root deep

And every time history repeats

The world keeps feeding into it

We support it when we see another human bullied

For the colour of their skin,

But detest it when ‘they’ point their guns and shoot.

We support it when we do not listen

To someone’s cry for help at night,

But detest it when ‘they’ take away our body rights

We support it when we joke about depression

In front of someone who’s about to die.

We have been made to believe that speaking out won’t help

Made to think that one person cannot change the world

But one person can help another

And another

And one person becomes 10

And 10 becomes 100

And 100 becomes more

And more can lead to change.

Society has been winning at hate for far too long

Digging deep and rooting in our core.

It’s time for change, let’s award society with love

Let’s help each other build new lives.

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Plaza Dignidad, Santiago, Chile. May 2020.   

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No man is an island,
entire of itself;
every man is a piece of the continent,
a part of the main.

If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less,
as well as if a promontory were.
as well as if a manor of thy friend’s
or of thine own were.

Any man’s death diminishes me,
because I am involved in mankind;
and therefore never send to know
for whom the bell tolls;
it tolls for thee.

John Donne, Meditation XVII

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