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barnestuff · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
summary you take care of your drunk bucky.
pairing bucky barnes x reader
warnings drunk!bucky, needy!bucky, pure fluff.
a/n I hope you like it!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
“How did you even manage to get him drunk?” you said and sighed as you kept looking at your drunk boyfriend who was looking at you with a loving stare, Steve and Sam next to his sides, helping him stand up.
“I’m not drunk, baby.” Bucky said as he tried to shake off his friends’ arms on him.
“It’s that Asgardian Mead. We just wanted to try it but, well, Bucky carried on a little.” Steve said, almost like apologising. You sighed and shaked your head. Bucky had never got drunk before and you didn’t know what to expect.
“Okay. It’s okay. C’mere big boy.” you said as Sam and Steve left Bucky’s sides, him almost falling on the top of you.
“I’m not drunk,” Bucky said again as he tried to hug you, mostly leaning his beefy body on you. You tried to keep standing up as you mumbled goodbyes to Steve and Sam. They closed the door, leaving you with your drunk Bucky.
“Doll?” Bucky muttered as he kept hugging you. His arms were wrapped around your waist and his face was burried to your hair.
“I missed you. You smell good.” he said and smiled with delight. You broke the hug and looked at him. His hair was messy and eyes were a little tired, but he looked as good as always.
“Bucky, you had been away for 3 hours.” you mumbled, trying to walk him to your shared bathroom.
“I always miss you. Never leave me again, please.” he said and hugged you again. You tried to move away from his arms but it was impossible. It was funny to see your tall, beefy boyfriend clinging onto you like a baby.
“Bucky, I didn’t leave you. You just went out with your friends, remember?” you asked and he just hummed, kissing your hair.
“Let’s get you in shower, big boy.” you said as you tried to leave his embrace again but he whined.
“I don’t want shower. I want to cuddle, please. I missed you.” he said, cupping your cheeks and pouting.
“Buck-” you started and he sat down on the bed, pulling you to his lap with him.
“Please” he whined and you sighed. He laid down on his back and you laid on the top of him, your head on his chest.
“Oh god. I love you so much. I’m never going away again. Let's stay here forever.” he mumbled and kissed you. You giggled into the kiss. He grinned at you.
“Bucky, you just went out with your friends. I love you too.” you said and kissed his cheek.
“You are so pretty. You know that, right? God, I am a lucky man.” he kept rambling and you giggled.
“Bucky, you are drunk.” you said and closed your eyes, getting ready to sleep.
“Eyes are sober, doesn’t matter. I always think you are pretty. You are the prettiest girl ever. I love you so much,” he said, making laugh, you shake your head.
“You are soft.” Bucky said and tightened his arms around you.
“Goodnight, Bucky.” you mumbled to his chest.
“No goodnight kiss?” he pouted and touched your chin. You rolled your eyes and leaned in, kissing his lips. He tasted like asgardian mead and you giggled again.
“Goodnight, Buck.”
“Goodnight, angel. I love you.”
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
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markandlexies · 4 days ago
he’s a good friend
Tumblr media
Summary: reader is tired of watching bucky go on dates with leah and flirt with sarah. realizations are made about the way reader truly feels about the man she's always thought to be just a friend.
Pairing: tfatws!bucky x fem!reader
Word Count: 3.2k
A/N: hey! randomly decided to write this bc i’m soft for tfatws!bucky lol pls leave feedback this was super fun to write ok bye ily enjoy
After the long and tiresome last couple of months you, Sam and Bucky had endured, being invited back to Louisiana for the Wilson’s cookout was the best and only way you could’ve imagined celebrating your victory. 
The food was delicious, the laughter and happiness that filled the atmosphere was infectious and to have a moment of joy without the lingering fear of disaster was all you could have asked for.
You sat on one of the picnic tables by the water, the slight wind ruffling your hair, but you didn’t mind. Turning your head slightly to the right, your gaze fell upon Sam and the smile that took up most as his face as he posed for the camera with an older man who looked ecstatic to be in presence.
You were happy for Sam, truly. He deserved that shield. You watched as the others continued to smother the new Captain America with affection, taking pictures with funny faces and poses. You made a mental note to go over later and get a few pictures with him of your own.
You giggled to yourself as one of the women went on to kiss his cheek and as you turned your head, your eyes met a certain super soldier who was busy letting some of the kids hang off his metal arm. You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face.
The kids adored him. They were fascinated by the stories he told and his metal arm and you were happy to see him so carefree with them. You smiled at the idea of him being a dad. You knew he would be a good one.
You and Bucky had a strange relationship. You had been there with Steve, Natasha and Sam when it was first discovered he was the Winter Soldier. Steve had told you countless stories about his best friend growing up in Brooklyn, who he had presumed to be dead. 
However, you and the Super Soldier didn’t quite get along at first, after you had finally been formally introduced. Bucky was threatened by your relationship with Steve and would take it out on you any chance he got. 
Steve would refer to you both as an, “old married couple,” as most of your interactions were quickly turned into arguments and bickering over the smallest things. You both just couldn’t seem to get along.
However, Steve leaving had turned both of your worlds upside down, more than you could have ever imagined.
Living life without Steve had been difficult to adjust to. You had both looked up to him and depended on him in so many different ways and for a while, without him, you felt lost. 
As difficult as it was, you put your differences aside and discovered the comfort you found in Steve in each other. Steve could never be replaced obviously, but having somebody that mutually understood the pain was a start.
Bucky was a good friend. You liked to joke around with each other and of course the bickering would probably never die but at the end of the day you had helped each other cope with the loss of somebody you both cared about deeply.
And as the months went on, you and Bucky grew to confide in each other about things other than Steve.
You had been the one Bucky called during his 3AM sleepless nights, talking him through the nightmares. He would tell you the things he couldn’t tell Dr. Raynor, and the guilt he felt from his past, no matter how much he tried to fix it.
Bucky gave you a shoulder to cry on when you found out about Wanda and her current missing status. You felt gutted when you heard the news, another person you had loved so deeply out of your life. Wanda was young, she was confused and she was hurting. You so badly wanted to find her but you felt helpless. She was off the radar for good. Bucky listened to you cry for hours, offered to even help in your search for her.
But then, the Flag Smashers happened. John Walker happened. You were reunited with Sam again. You had missed him greatly but you wished the rekindling could have been under different circumstances.
The time you and Bucky spent together over the past couple of months had made you only grow closer as old feelings and emotions returned. Watching Walker pretend to be even half the man Steve was wasn't easy. But you got through it together. You kept each other grounded and reminded each other to stay calm when all you wanted to do was punch the sly smile right off of Walker’s face.
But still, Bucky was a good friend. Just a good friend.
The kids dangling off of his arm giggled and one of them even attempted to do some pull ups, ultimately failing. As you followed Bucky’s eyes, you realized his gaze was set upon Sam’s sister, Sarah, and for some reason, your face fell flat.
Sarah was beautiful and truly the kindest person you had ever met. Her smile was infectious and you had adored her from the second you met her. From the little time you had known each other, her presence comforted you in the same way Sam’s did. She made you feel just like family and you couldn’t thank her enough for her generosity and hospitality.
You didn’t know what it was, but lately, Bucky had been on your last fucking nerve.
It had started around his date with Leah, the woman that the sweet elder man, Yori, had set him up with. 
You were miserable. It had been weeks and with no sign of Wanda, you were feeling more hopeless by the day. 
It had become ritual for you to go over to Bucky’s whenever you felt like this. You would sit on his couch and either cry, rant or drown your miseries by helping yourself to his snack collection and watching shitty reality TV on his couch. 
It was an unspoken sort of thing, coming unannounced and all, and it didn’t really matter because you would usually end up being there to comfort him from his nightmares which was way easier in person than on the phone. It was basically a win-win.
You felt nice tonight, and decided to give him a heads up that you were coming. However, when you called, the line went straight to voicemail.
“Hey, this is Bucky. Leave a message… or don’t, I really don’t care.”
You rolled your eyes and headed over to his place anyway. It wasn’t the first time you had let yourself in while he was running errands or seeing Dr. Raynor. You knew he enjoyed your company whether he liked to admit it or not. 
You unlocked his door using the key he had given you for “emergency purposes only,” and locked it behind you, kicking off your shoes. “Hello?” you called out, only to be met with silence. Wherever he was, you figured he would be back soon.
You noticed a couple of different flower bouquets spread across his kitchen table. Who the hell was sending Bucky flowers? You nosily looked for a note, but there was nothing. Brushing it off you walked over to his couch, got comfortable and put on the TV.
About forty-five minutes later, you heard the lock rattle and soon enough your one hundred and six year old friend was walking through the door.
“Figured it was you, I could hear the Love Island theme song all the way down the hall.” He smirked, taking his jacket off as he waltzed over to the kitchen, filling a glass of water. “Remind me how you win that show again.”
“Buck, how many times do I have to tell you that’s not how it works- you know what? Never mind.” 
“Okay, grumpy. I’m guessing no news on Wanda?”
You turned the volume down and propped yourself off the couch, following his direction to the kitchen.
“Yeah, still no lead. It just... sucks. I feel useless,” you pulled back a chair and took a seat, giving him a defeated smile.
“I’m sorry, Doll. Do you wanna talk about it?”
“No, no it’s fine. Theres nothing to really even talk about honestly, thats basically the problem.” You sighed. 
“Theres gonna be something soon, okay? I promise.” He put his free hand over yours which was laying on the counter. “If anybody is gonna get through to her, it’s gonna be you.” He knew how deeply you cared about her and how badly her being gone was affecting you. 
You smiled, feeling the tears welling up as you gave his hand a small squeeze. You couldn't help but be emotional, Wanda was a soft spot. 
You removed your hand from his and quickly fanned your eyes. “Enough about that...” you began, “What I do wanna talk about is who is giving you all these flowers!” You laughed, gesturing to the scattered rose and sunflowers bouquets on the table.
Bucky let out a nervous laugh before scratching the back of his neck. “Actually, more like who I was giving flowers to,” he turned around putting the now empty glass in the sink. “I had a date and couldn’t really decide which flowers to get her.”
You were glad his back was facing you, because you were quickly taken aback.
“A-a date?”
He turned to you. “Yes, a date. Why? Is that so hard to believe?” He rolled his eyes.
“With who?!” 
“Leah. She works at that restaurant down the street. She’s a nice girl, Yori actually set it up.” He crossed his arms nonchalantly. “We played Battleship.”
The thought of Bucky nervously deciding over which bouquet of flowers to give this Leah girl made your heart sink for some reason. You couldn’t recall a time a man had ever bought you flowers, let alone stressing over which you would like best.
The silence was filling the room quickly and you felt the atmosphere becoming uncomfortable as he stared at you, with his eyebrow raised, waiting for a response. You didn’t even know why you were speechless to begin with.
“Well… w-why didn’t you tell me?!” You spit out, flaring your hands out for dramatic effect. 
He shrugged. “I don’t know. Wasn’t a big deal.”
“Not a big deal?! I mean… what did you guys talk about? Do you plan on seeing her again?” You asked, nervously running a hand through your hair. “Who even won the game of battleship…?”
He shrugged again. “Like I said, not a big deal.” He walked around the counter and walked towards the couch. “What does it even matter?”
“I mean it clearly must matter if you were nervous about what kind of flowers to give her! You must really like her if you wanted to make a good impression on her.” You exclaimed, turning around to face him.
“It was fun, okay? I had a good time, she’s a nice girl! Why do you even care anyway?”
You didn’t care, you were just confused. You didn’t understand why he wouldn’t tell you about it or at least call you for help on which flowers you thought were best. Not only were you probably his closest friend, but you were a girl and you thought he valued your opinion. Yeah, I mean, maybe you hadn’t been on a date yourself in… god knows how long, but you liked to think you knew a thing or two about what a girl likes.
Bucky just didn’t see you like that, you guessed. You were just a good friend. A good friend who he doesn’t think about going on dates with. A good friend who he isn’t attracted to and doesn’t associate with flowers. You tried to ignore the disappointment that flooded your body at that thought. 
Whatever. The bottom line is you thought you two were closer than that. You thought he was comfortable enough to confide in you about these types of things. After all, if he could tell you about his haunting past and nightmares, what was a little dating advice?
“I-I don’t, you’re right…”
He looked up at you, there was silence once again. He opened his mouth as if to say something, but before he could you changed the subject. 
“Wanna order food or something? I’m starving.”
Yeah. There was that. 
But then there was the shameless flirting with Sarah to go along with that. It came out of nowhere.
You understood why he would want to flirt with her, she was gorgeous, so incredibly kind and an amazing mother. You didn’t blame him, what was there not to like about her?
But despite all those things, your heart still sunk.
No matter how close the two of you had gotten or the secrets you had shared or the nights you had spent crying and being so honest and open... it just didn't matter. You couldn't help but wonder if he would tell Steve about his rendezvous with Leah. Or the crush he was harboring on Sam’s sister.
At the rate you two were going, you had practically told Bucky more than you had ever told Steve. You were foolish to think he would ever trust you nearly as much as you trusted him. 
“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”
You jumped, as Sam came from behind you, interrupting your thoughts. He laughed at your reaction as he took a seat next to you.
“Shut up! I’m just watching the kids. They’re cute.” You rolled your eyes, playfully smacking his arm.
“Yeah… you’re defiantly not watching the one hundred and six year old tin man that they happen to be using as their personal monkey bar…” It was his turn to roll his eyes.
“Oh, give it a rest, will you? Plus, even if I was he wouldn’t notice. He’s too busy giving bedroom eyes to your sister.” You laughed as he grimaced, purposely bringing it up knowing it would make him uncomfortable.
“One, don’t ever say that again. Two, someone sounds jealous…” He sang, pointing his finger at you.
“I am not!”
“You so are!”
“I’m not jealous, Sam. We’re just friends.” You defended, pushing his finger down. “I just thought that maybe if he was into Sarah, he would tell me… I don’t know? I guess I just thought we were closer than that…” You turned back to watch the pair a couple of tables down as they laughed about something. “After everything we’ve been through, I guess I just thought things were different.”
“You know I love you, so you know I mean this respectfully,” he began, resting his hand on your shoulder, “but for one of the world’s highest trained spies, you are oblivious.”
“What are you talking about?”
“You are so obviously in love with Bucky.” He smirked. “And what makes you even more oblivious is that you don’t even realize that he feels the exact same way.”
“Sam…” You cautioned. This wasn't the first time he had tried to say something like this. You usually just shut him down right away and he stops knowing you don't want to hear it. Because theres no way Bucky would ever think of you as more than a friend, if he even thinks of you as that.
“Y/N, when are you gonna figure out that you’re not upset that Bucky doesn’t confide in you, instead you’re just jealous that you aren’t the girls he’s flirting with or taking out on dates!” He elaborated, as he followed your gaze to where Bucky and his sister were sitting.
You looked over at Sam, realization flooding your features.
“And maybe you would be the girl he does those things with if you would just stop being so clueless and finally come to terms with the fact that you’re in love with him and you have been for a while now.” Sam smirked.
And just like that, you realized he was right. You so badly wanted to be the girl that had Bucky pacing around his living room, stressed out about which flowers were your favorite.
“But if he loved me too he wouldn’t be sitting here flirting with somebody else-“ You started before Sam cut you off.
“Please, it’s harmless flirting! It doesn’t mean anything! Sarah already told me that every conversation they have he always finds a way to bring your name up somehow anyway.” He laughed, before swinging his legs over the side of the seat, standing up. “The man’s whipped! And he has been for a while but he just thinks you don't feel the same way. Now please go confess your love to him before he continues flirting with my sister and I have to kill his cyborg ass.”
You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face and as you looked back over at your good friend who you just happened to be madly in love with for months, he was already looking at you. 
Desert was being brought out and you watched as the people dancing to the music stopped and eagerly formed a line behind the cake. 
“Hey, you.”
You turned around to be met with the same captivating blue eyes you hadn’t even realized became your home over the past couple of months.
“Hey, Buck.” You breathed.
“Where have you been? I feel like I haven’t seen you all day…” he put his hand behind your back and ushered you to stand by the edge of the dock, away from the music and people. “I missed you.” He uttered.
You smiled sheepishly. This wasn’t the first time he had said he missed you by any means, but after your revelation earlier, this time it gave you butterflies.
“I was just with some of the kids for a while and then I was with Sam…” you started, turning to look at the water before you, a sense of nervousness creeping up on you. “He was, uh, helping me realize something.”
“Yeah?” He questioned. “Like what?”
“Like how I’m in love with you.” You whispered. You didn’t want to look up at him and see his reaction but the silence was deafening.
Slowly meeting his eyes you continued. “I-I’m in love with you.” His mouth was slightly agape and his eyes were wide. “Bucky, I’m in love with you and this whole time I figured that I was just upset because I thought you didn’t value our friendship as much as I did and you didn’t trust me… b-but I was wrong. I’m in love with you and for some reason it takes you going on dates and flirting with Sarah to realize It was just jealousy all along-“
“You’re the first person I want to talk to when I’m upset but you’re also the first person I want to tell all my good news to- even if there’s not a lot of that lately. But you’re also the person I want to watch crappy reality TV with, even though I have to explain it to you every five seconds because you don’t understand it.”
His shocked expression soon became replaced with a soft smile and he lifted his hand to caress your face. 
You instantly melted at his touch and whispered, “This past year has sucked… so bad… but I want to spend all my bad days with you… because just being with you makes the bad days not so bad…” 
You couldn’t help the tears that streamed down your face as you expressed your love for him. The way you felt had been bottled up for so long, because not only were you trying to hide it from him, you were trying to hide it from yourself.
He wiped your tears with his thumb as he leaned in, pressing a soft, but tender kiss to your lips.
“I-I love you. I’m in love with you and I have been for a while now, Doll.” The adoration that he looked down at you with made your face heat up, and if you weren’t so happy you would be angry at yourself for not seeing it for so long.
He brought his other hand up to caress your face, his metal one, the cool texture sending a chill down your spine. Speaking of which, was not clad in a jacket which only made you smile harder. The fact he was able to finally be comfortable enough to not hide his vibranium brought you joy.
“I just feel so stupid that I didn’t realize it sooner…”
He pulled you in for another kiss.
“Yeah you’re pretty oblivious for being one of the worlds highest trained spies-“ He laughed.
“Hey-“ You yelped, slapping his chest.
“Thats what I said!”
You jumped before both of your heads turned to see none other than Sam WIlson standing not too far behind the two of you. God only knows how long he had been there.
“Sam!” You both whined, rolling your eyes.
“I’m very happy for you two, but please enough with the PDA! Theres kids here!” He groaned.
You and Bucky just laughed melting into each others touch more, as he wrapped his arms around your waist and peppered your face with kisses. 
This was how you wanted to remember your days as, pure bliss.
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wellwellfuckmewell · 12 days ago
Oh, Honey
Bucky x female reader
SUM: Bucky doesn't want the room next to yours anymore, and you need to know why
CONTAINS: soft smut, soft bucky, adult language, unprotected sex (don't be silly wrap your willy), handjob, implied mention of blowjob that never actually happens, reader doesn't cum, maybe angst? idk, fluff, mentions of masturbation, a little jealousy if you squint like really really hard, insecure Bucky, mentions of bruising by a non-violent action. Let me know if there's anything else!
NOTE: honestly not very good but hey, at least I’m posting something 😐
WORDS: 3.5K I'm sorry
not proof-read, feel free to correct me on any errors :)
Tumblr media
When you arrived at the compound as the latest recruit after working alongside the Avengers through SHIELD for nearly two years everyone was thrilled to have you officially be part of the team. Even Barnes cracked a smile at your welcoming party. And then you got assigned the room next to his. You were told several times that a new one could be arranged if you needed it. And although you knew everyone meant well, you still found it a bit disrespectful to James. He couldn't help his nightmares.
So when a month had passed and Bucky was the one to seek out Steve to request a new room it caused all kinds of confusion. And when Tony got involved he was quick to make a game out of it, including everyone but you. Whoever guessed the reason for his request would get twenty dollars from everyone else willing to participate in the bet. Which were nearly everyone in the compound and half the people over at SHIELD.
But he couldn't, or more wouldn't tell anyone the reason. Not even Sam, no matter how much he pestered Bucky about it. And it wasn't like Bucky didn't know about their bet, which made him all the more reluctant to tell them why. So when a month passed and nothing happened with Steve's promise of looking into the possibilities, Bucky knew it was only a matter of time before you got word of it. And during their monthly movie night, that's exactly what happened.
It wasn't like Wanda meant to let it slip, but when she happily informed Bucky about her moving into Vision's room, she mentioned how he could try hers and see if it was better. And that was the start of Bucky's personal hell about to break loose.
You scrunched your nose and looked over at Sam, but he just smirked and shrugged. The bastard knew something for sure.
''Is there something wrong with the room you have now?''
Had Bucky turned his head any faster he probably would've snapped his own neck, but he tried to act nonchalant. ''Hm?'' He raised his eyebrows and looked at a spot on the couch just behind your head. Only hoping you thought he was looking at you.
Sam nudged Steve's side as he cackled at the clear panic creeping up on Bucky. Was the bet finally reaching its end?
''I asked if there's anything wrong with your current room,'' you repeated, this time with less of a smile. The thick tension in the air told you there was something everyone knew but you. Something keeping everyone a bit on edge as your interaction with Bucky played out. As if they had been waiting for it. But you knew more than they seemed to think.
''N-no.'' Bucky cleared his throat and shook his head. ''No,'' he repeated with a more steady voice. ''No, there's nothing wrong with my room. I- uh, I just wanted some change.'' He smiled, but it was so obviously fake it looked more painful than anything else.
You didn't say anything for a moment, just looked at the way too intrigued people around you. And then in the blink of an eye you stood and held out your hand for Bucky, completely forgetting his issues with physical touch.
He looked at your hand as if it was going to burn him before meeting your hard stare, completely gobsmacked. But he couldn't will himself to move a single muscle as the only sounds were the forgotten movie playing in the background and Sam snickering to himself. Bucky made a mental note to smack him for that later.
You rolled your eyes and huffed. ''Can we please talk for a moment, James?'' you asked and left for the elevator without looking to see if he followed. You knew he would.
And he did. Although it took him a moment, he soon scurried to his feet and hurried towards the elevator. Hitting the back of Sam's head with a flat hand as he passed. He made sure to slow down and put on his best unbothered face when you turned. And just as the doors were about to close he slid in with a proud grin. But quickly wiped it again when he saw the unamused raise of your brow as you looked at him with your arms crossed over your chest. The chest that was covered by a shirt he suddenly recognized as his own.
''Is that my shirt?'' he questioned, breaking the silence between you just as the elevator dinged and the doors opened. A blush crept up his neck and he quickly averted his gaze when you hummed a confirming ''mhm'' and pushed your way past him. He followed you without another word and only hesitated for a moment before entering your room. He had never actually seen it before. Only imagined what it must look like. Most of it added up.
You sat down on the edge of your bed and motioned for him to close the door. He quickly obliged before stiffly walking over to you and sitting down on the spot you had patted. His back was unnaturally straight and he couldn't stop fiddling with his hands.
''You wanna change room because of me, right?'' you finally asked with a shaky sigh. ''That's why the others didn't involve me in their bet.''
His head shot up and looked at your quizzically.
''Of course I knew about it.'' You chuckled, answering his question without even needing to hear it. ''Brian told me after like, three days. I was just waiting for Tony to let me in on it.'' Whoever told Brian should have known he would obviously let his former field partner know about the bet, especially once people started making suggestions it was because of you. ''So who's the lucky winner?''
Bucky could only shake his head. He was at a complete loss for words. And he looked everywhere but on you, stopping on a suddenly very fascinating stain on his jeans.
''Do I snore obnoxiously loud?'' You started with a chuckle. ''Or do my farts make their way to your room? Is it my loud sour singing that makes you want to move? I would get that one, honestly.'' You both chuckled, but soon your mood visibly changed. ''Or maybe it's something more real. Like, do you just hate me or something? Have I done something to offend you?''
That was the thing that made Bucky finally look at you. And when he did his breath hitched for a moment. Your eyes were glossy and your lip already slightly bruised from biting it, a nervous habit of yours Bucky had noticed within the first week. And if he thought he was fidgety, it was nothing compared to you. It seemed you couldn't even sit still. His hand moved on its own accord and gripped your knee tightly. You met his gaze. Bucky nearly lost his courage when he drowned in your eyes.
''It's none of that. You haven't done...'' he let out a shaky breath, ''anything. You haven't done anything wrong. Believe me.''
''Please tell me why,'' you pleaded.
He tightly closed his eyes and let his brows fall into a frown. His heart was damn near about to break through his chest and he hoped you couldn't feel how sweaty his hand was through your thin pajama pants.
''I can hear you,'' he finally announced, emphasizing ''hear''. Had he dared open his eyes he would see the beyond confused look on your face. But the silence was enough for his nerves, so he chose to clarify before you could say anything to make him change his mind. ''When you bring guys home. I can hear you with them through the wall. For a billionaire, Tony sure was cheap when it came to them.'' He tried a chuckle to ease the tension, but I did nothing for him.
The silence following his confession was too long for his eyes to stay closed, so he carefully peeked at you and was taken aback by how hard you were blushing. Your entire face an entirely different shade from before, and now you were avoiding his gaze. Why were you embarrassed? He was the one sounding like a total pervert listening to you have sex for a whole month before even attempting to give you privacy. And on top of that never giving you a heads up about it. Just lying there in his bed with a rock-hard dick and shaky hands as he contemplated how wrong it would be.
''I- uh,'' you stumbled over your words, ''well I, I never brought a guy back here.'' You finally confessed and buried your face in your hands in pure embarrassment. Suddenly this confrontation felt like a terribly bad idea.
Bucky's brows fell back into a frown as he raked his brain for what you meant. And then it hit him. And boy did it hit him hard.
''Oh... OH.'' It was like they were playing fetch with the embarrassment, and now it was back with him. ''I uh, I honestly didn't realize.'' As if that would make any difference now.
You just nodded, still refusing to look at him. ''Well, uh, why... I mean, why didn't you tell me to keep it down or something?'' The question was ridiculous, even you realized that.
With a simple shrug of his shoulders, a sudden and unpleasant silence fell over the two of you. Neither one wanted to be the first to move from your spot on the bed. But was there anything left to say at all? And it dawned on Bucky that he would have to disregard his own embarrassment to try and soothe yours.
''I never told you because I... I liked the sounds you were making.'' You looked at him in surprise, but he kept his eyes locked on his hand that still hadn't left your knee. ''It's been a l-long time since, well yeah, since I... you know. And I don't know why I didn't just tell you right away. I'm sorry.''
Soon your hand found his and your eyes met again. This time the tensions in the room had changed.
''Did it turn you on, Bucky?'' you asked, your voice much lower than before. ''Did you get off to it? Thinking I was being fucked by someone else? Maybe you imagined it was you instead?''
He nodded shortly, gulping hard. And then you stood in front of him, your hand still holding onto his and placing it gently on your hip. He sat more comfortably on the bed and looked up at you. Your hair was framing your face perfectly as your eyes studied him. And when you leaned down to his ear and he could feel your breath on his skin he inhaled sharply through the nose. Goosebumps prickled his skin when your lips brushed against the shell of his ear as you spoke.
''I always imagine it's your hands instead of mine.'' Stilling to see what his reaction would be. ''But, just from feeling them on me during training, I knew mine could never compare.''
Bucky's movements were far from confident, his hands shaking and sweat forming in places he barely knew possible. But he still reached for the back of your thighs and pulled you down to straddle his lap. Your hands landed on his shoulders and then you were looking at each other again. Staring into each other's eyes and getting lost there.
You were the first to speak. ''Bucky, you are captivatingly beautiful.'' His arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you closer in the process. The action made your core brush over his crotch ever so lightly, but it was enough for him to hiss. ''I could get lost looking for the treasures in your soul that you try to keep hidden from the world. But I see it. I see you, Bucky.''
The second the words left your mouth, his lips were on yours. It was a clumsy kiss. He mostly puckered and pressed his on yours, but it put a grin on your face as your hands gripped the hair at the nape of his neck. It made an unexpected moan escaped Bucky, and it was impossible to tell which one of you was more surprised by it. But while it made Bucky blush furiously, it only spurred you on. Quickly your lips found their way to his jaw and down his neck. Kissing and nibbling teasingly as his grip around your waist got progressively tighter, holding you in place. He was too busy trying to make sense of the situation to notice you bracing yourself, but when your hips ground over his hard dick his head fell back with a loud groan. And when his grip loosened you saw it as your chance to fall to your knees on the floor between his legs. Your movements were too fast for Bucky to properly process, and suddenly his pants were off and the only thing hindering his erection was his boxers. And they were already stained with his pre-cum.
Your hand moved from his calf up to his bulge, scratching ever so slightly with your nails and smirking at the goosebumps following your movement. ''Do you want to?'' you asked as your right hand rubbed him through his boxers while the left stroked his thigh.
Bucky was a blubbering mess. Leaning back and holding himself up with his forearms, looking at you with wide-blown eyes and flushed cheeks. It took him a few tries to finally get the words out. And even then it was never a complete sentence.
''I... I haven't... Not since... It was before...I don't know if can make you... Are you... If you don't...''
Your left pointer pushed against his plush lips and you held back a laugh. ''I've been wanting this since the first time I met you, James. And quite frankly I don't care if I cum or not tonight, I want this to be about you.''
He nodded furiously at your words, and that was your cue to keep going. But before you could take off his boxers he started tugging at your-... his shirt. You took it off in one swift motion and giggled at his instant ogling. And just as swiftly his boxers were removed and your hand placed around his shaft, spreading the pre-cum around before pumping it slowly. You kept pumping him for a couple minutes before adjusting your position and pushing your hair away from your face. But Bucky stopped you once again before you could do anything, this time with his words.
''I want to kiss you,'' he blubbered out, making grabby hands at you and you couldn't help but laugh. ''I need to kiss you.'' His metal hand grabbed the back of your neck and pulled your face up to his. This kiss was different. It was passionate and hungry and needy. And it only took a few seconds before it turned messy with saliva and clashing teeth. And when you moved back to take off your pants and underwear he chased your lips to keep the kiss going.
When you sat back on his lap and let his member slide between your wet folds there was another shift in the air. And when you looked down at him you didn't see the brooding former assassin, you saw the true Bucky. Nervous and unsure of himself. But most of all full of absolute love. Despite all the hate he has experienced, he had the fullest heart you ever had encountered. And when you cupped his face using both your hands, his eyes closed and he became putty in your hands. His arms had encircled your waist once again, holding you against his chest as your hips kept moving over him in slow motions. You kept doing it for, well, not very long to be honest, before rising on your knees and guiding his leaking member towards your entrance.
Bucky wasn't even inside you yet and already losing his fucking mind. So when you looked at him for a final confirmation he quickly nodded and buried his face in your chest. You sunk down on him slowly and he was grasping onto you for what felt like dear life.
When you bottomed out and stilled for a moment he moved his head from your chest to look at you.
''Kiss me,'' he near begged with pouting lips. You were willing to bet that if you hadn't granted his wish immediately he would've whined. But you wanted it as much as him, if not more.
When your lips molded against his and you could feel the faint taste of popcorn he had been eating, you started moving your hips. Slowly. Barely even moving at all, really, but it made his jaw fall slack and he panted against your lips. Your kisses moved along his cheeks, down his jaw, to his neck, behind his ear, and back to his neck again. There would undoubtedly be marks left behind, and the thought of people seeing it prided you. And you knew there would be bruises on your waist from the hard grip Bucky had on you as he kept you pressed flush against his chest. The hard hold made it more difficult to move any faster or in bigger motions, but you figured it wasn't necessary anyway.
Because the sounds that were coming from Bucky could only be described as a mixture of pornographic and pathetic. He tried to silence himself by biting down on your shoulder, but the euphoric feeling was too much and he kept having to move away for air. The room was filled with his pants, whines, groans, and moans, but he only cared about the soft sounds you were making while seemingly kissing every inch of him you could reach. And when he hit a certain spot inside you, you threw your head back and moaned his name. Bucky was awe-struck as he took the moment to admire you riding him so delicately. Your soft pants spurred him on and he bucked his hips up to meet yours, earning him another moan of his name.
''Oh my God, Bucky,'' you pulled at his hair, ''do it again, please.''
Bucky started slow, thrusting up into you every now and then, soon he found your rhythm and even quickened the pace. He kissed your neck and did his best to leave marks, wanting everyone to see.
''Oh, honey,'' he moaned sinfully before biting down on your sensitive skin and making you squeal over him. He basked in your reactions to his every move and touch. ''I'm gonna-''
''Cum for me, Bucky.'' You interrupted him. ''You feel so good.''
It only took a few more thrusts before he slowed down and you rode him to his orgasm. With a string of curses mixed with your name and moans, he released inside you. His grip got impossibly tighter and for a second you swore you couldn't breathe. You stilled on top of him and hugged him close to your chest, brushing your fingers through his hair.
''I'm sorry,'' he spoke suddenly, making you lean back to look at him.
''For what?''
''I don't know.''
You laughed at him. ''Well, I'm not.''
He looked at you and smiled, a real dopey smile. ''Thank you, for that.'' He blushed again as if his dick wasn't still inside you.
''It was my pleasure.'' You cradled his cheek and pressed a peck to his plump lips before standing and heading to the bathroom.
Bucky sat there for a moment before following you. He walked in just as you turned on the shower. ''I really like you.'' He announced and looked down when you looked at him over your shoulder. ''I don't want you to think I only used you for sex.''
Without a word you stepped into the shower and let the hot water wash over your body. You enjoyed the sensation for a moment before turning around to face Bucky who was staring shamelessly at you. And when you reached out your hand for him to take, he didn't hesitate this time and happily stepped into the shower with you.
Silence fell over you. A comfortable one. And the only things you shared as you washed each other's bodies were goofy smiles and small pecks when the other least expected it followed by giggles.
It was when Bucky kneeled down to place soft kisses on your bruised waist and hips that you broke the silence.
''So, when are you moving into Wanda's room?''
He looked up at you and shook his head when he saw the devilish smile on your face. And when he rose to his feet he was quick to grab the back of your neck with his metal arm.
''Shut up.''
You got pulled in to him by the hand on your neck and your lips attached to his. This kiss was sweet and soft and slow. It was two fumbling idiots pouring everything they were too shy to actually say into one silly little kiss.
Thank God for making Tony build the walls so goddamned thin. And Sam, for suspiciously paying for everyones drinks the following weekend.
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bucksfucks · 20 days ago
    𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙗𝙤𝙙𝙮𝙜𝙪𝙖𝙧𝙙 | [𝟭/𝟭𝟬]
Tumblr media
summary┃you’re bucky’s new assignment.
pairing┃bodyguard!bucky x stark!reader
word count┃2,781 words
warnings┃significant age-gap [reader in early/mid-20′s & bucky in late 30′s], bratty reader, praise kink, authority kink, spanking, slow fucking burn, teasing, brat taming [on bucky’s end], pet-names [dove & sweetheart], size kink, reader pushes bucky’s buttons, soft moment [bucky sleeps on reader’s floor], so much sexual tension, mention of blowjob, slight ruined kink [smudged lipstick], an attempted sneak out that bucky stops, bucky has a slight russian accent, metal arm kink, THERE IS NO DADDY KINK BUT THE WORD IS MENTIONED [daddy’s money] — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
notes┃i don’t have much to say other than enjoy chapter one!
     You remember the day you met Bucky.
     It was what you thought would be an average Monday, but your dad had different plans.
     “This is Bucky, he’ll be your bodyguard, sweetheart.” He said as the tall, brooding man stood in front of you dressed head to toe in black.
     And no, you weren’t happy.
     “I don’t need a bodyguard,” you stood your ground and watched as Bucky’s jaw ticked and tensed.
     But he said nothing.
     “It’s not up for debate so I suggest you get to know him because you’ll be seeing a lot of him.” Oh how your poor dad didn’t realize just how much of a reality those words would become.
     You rolled your eyes, dramatically, before your dad sauntered out of the room and left you alone with large retired Russian spy.
     He took a few swift steps until he was standing in front of you.
     “I’ve worked with my share of brats,” his voice was low, a slight accent peeking through as you sucked in a harsh breath.
     “Don’t make me have to tame you.” It was a warning. An intriguing one.
   Those words replayed in your mind ever since. Haunting you in the dreams that were filled with Bucky’s lingering touches.
     Fuck. Bucky was the first person not to put up with your shit and you knew it was about to get interesting.
     You were right, of course, as Bucky didn’t hesitate to put you in your place. 
     Not like you minded. It was a fun game that you always lost at, but the punishment was so much better than any prize you could’ve gotten. 
     Still, getting on Bucky’s nerves and pissing him off became your new favourite hobby in the world. 
Tumblr media
     “Stop it.”
     His voice is firm, a deep & low timbre as you continue to ignore him.
     “Stop. It.”
     He says again only for you to look at him and take another cautious step backwards.
     “You really don’t wanna start with me tonight, gumdrop.” He warns lowly, so low that you can practically feel the vibration of his voice running through the expensive marble floors.
     “Or what?” You finally snap back, heart thumping in your chest because oh fuck, oh fuck, Bucky had the look in his eye.
     “Try me, I dare you.” The six foot fucking five retired Russian spy egged you on.
     It was nothing more than a game to him; cat & mouse.
     Your eyes darted around the room, looking for your next move because quite frankly…you didn’t think you’d get this far.
     “Five,” your head snapped in his direction.
     “Four,” your eyes met his darkened ones.
     “Three,” you really didn’t want to know what happened at one.
     “Two,” you were really running out of time here.
     You darted, a wild chase ensuing before Bucky had you pinned against the wall with your hands over your head.
     It was easy for him, he dominated you and let you know who was boss.
     “Now are you gonna stop actin’ like a brat?” He spat through grit teeth as you squirmed and whined.
     “Let me go,” you huffed, but of course it was useless. There was absolutely no way you were overpowering Bucky.
     He barked out a laugh, “yeah right.”
     Another whine — long, high-pitched, & drawn out left your chest.
     Another wiggle of your hips and—
     “Stop that.” Oh, Bucky wasn’t happy.
     Rather, he was a little too happy.
     It sparked an idea in your mind. A terrible, no good, slightly sinister idea that would surely leave you with a spank or two — if you were lucky.
     You wiggled your hips again, pressed snugly against Bucky’s crotch as you let out little breathy pants.
     “What did I fuckin’ tell you?” He growled, pressing his hips even tighter, the hard outline of his cock evident against your hip.
     “I don’t know,” you tried to play dumb, even batting your eyelashes and giving him your best pout.
     It didn’t seem to do anything other than frustrate him more as he pulled you off of the wall and over his shoulder.
     With a soft yelp from your lips, then a giggle, then silence as your eyes met his perfectly — almost too perfectly — sculpted ass.
     “God you really are just a brat,” he grumbled the entire way back to your bedroom before he shut the door and locked it.
     You were thrown onto your bed next, softly, as you bounced on the mattress before coming to a stop.
     “Maybe I wouldn’t have to be such a brat if you just let me enjoy things.” You mumbled in return, sitting up and crossing your legs.
     He rolled his eyes, “that’s not in my job description, dove.”
     You almost threw a hissy fit at how nonchalant he was being. He should be paying attention to you.
     “C’mon, it’s past your bed time.” Bucky scolded you, grabbing a pillow from your bed and tossing it onto the floor.
     He lay down, extending his far too long limbs over the hard floor as you looked at him bewildered.
     “Well? Do you want me to read you a bedtime story or what?” He teased but also completely serious at the same time.
     You groaned, falling dramatically backwards onto the soft comforter, “I’m not a baby.”
     It was a mumble, playing with the hem of your shirt before Bucky rose into a sitting position.
     “What was that, dove?” Oh how he loved using that nickname — watching the way you flustered, insides turning to absolute mush; he could never know.
     He looked menacing, not scary or dangerous, but quite clearly like a man who could make you melt with a single word.
     You swallowed thickly, only now realizing how dry your throat was and how hoarse your voice had become.
     You shook your head, averting eye contact with him as he hummed in response — lifting your chin with a single gloved finger.
     “That’s my good girl,” he purred, “now don’t make me put you over my knee.”
     Well then do it. I dare you, the voice in your head screamed.
     The sexual tension was undeniable, everyone could sense it but no one wanted to comment because well, just look at the guy.
     Dark, brooding, ridiculously tall with a metal arm?
     Yeah, you didn’t wanna fuck with that guy.
     “Go to sleep, dove. As much as you don’t want me here, you’re a flight risk,” he chuckled lowly, dropping your chin and laying back down on the floor.
     But I do want you here, I always do, you thought.
     You had to admit, at first, you hated the idea of a bodyguard — a glorified babysitter. But then you met Bucky and things weren’t all too bad.
     He made you laugh, kept you in check, and made you feel…
     Growing up with a mob-like boss like Tony Stark meant that you got whatever you needed, but never what you wanted.
     Bucky completed that puzzle, in a weird, slightly fucked up way.
     Still, you climbed under the covers, squeezing your legs and eyes shut simultaneously before letting out a quiet shaky breath that Bucky most definitely heard.
     Bucky didn’t let anything slide past him, it was that Russian instinct in him.
     You turned your body to the direction that Bucky was, but your bed was high enough where you couldn’t actually make out his silhouette.
     Then you furrowed your brows and pouted.
     You shuffled, reaching for the end of your bed where your favourite lush pink blanket lay — mostly for decoration.
     It was soft, knitted, and double your size which meant it was probably just enough to cover Bucky’s body.
     You leaned over the edge quietly, blanket in hand before you draped it over his body and you saw the smile that tugged on the edge of his lips.
     Bucky hated to admit it, but his heart was beating out of his chest the entire time — swelling and tripling in size as he closed his eyes.
Tumblr media
     “But I don’t wanna go,” you whined, pouting as you looked up at Bucky who had the same hard look on his face.
     “Well that’s not up to me. My job is to get you there and back, so get ready,” he grumbled, turning on his heels to walk out of your bedroom. 
     You were being a brat, you were well aware of that, but the last thing you wanted to do was attend your father’s boring gala.
     You would have to sit there, pretending like you’re having fun meanwhile you’d be counting the tiles on the ceiling to pass the time.
     Everyone would be stuck up and snobby — more than you were and that said a lot.
     Considering you were an occupational brat at this point. The put it on your resume and wait for the calls type of brat. 
     Best in the whole damn business.
     He shut your bedroom door right as you opened your mouth to say something, effectively shutting you up as you were forced to get ready for the gala you so desperately did not want to attend. 
     It only took an hour and half before you stepped out into the cool summer air just as the sleek black car pulled up, but Bucky was nowhere to be seen. 
      You were seconds away from a fit before you felt the distinct weight and temperature of his bionic arm on the small of your back, “you look good, dove.” 
     His voice was cool, low, and it made your breath hitch in your throat. But nothing could prepare you for what your eyes would meet as you craned your head to the side. 
     Dressed in all black, like always, Bucky was wearing a neatly tailored, fitted suit and fuck did he look good.
     You were embarrassed at the ache forming between your thighs and get a hold of yourself, you had to blink, snapping back into reality as Bucky tugged his bottom lip between his teeth. 
     For the first time in God knows how long, you were speechless. 
     “Come,” he said, voice unwavering, “we’re already late.”
     Your legs moved for you, sliding into the car as Bucky trailed after you and shut the door before the driver began moving, the destination now crawling closer and closer. 
     Bucky’s knee touched yours, thigh warm and thick as he sat with his hands folded in his lap. 
     What was wrong with you?
     You swallowed thickly, throat incredibly and suddenly dry as you dared to flick your eyes to take another peek at Bucky. 
     He saw, of course he saw, he was a fucking trained Russian spy. Nothing gets past him.
     “What? You’ve suddenly got nothin’ to say?” He hums, eyes trained forward as you feel your eyebrow twitch, coming out of your Bucky induced trance. 
     But you didn’t say anything, opting to remain quiet until the car pulled up to what looked like a palace and Bucky held the door open for you. 
     “Behave,” he growled as a reminder before he offered you his arm, to which you looped yours through.
     You gave him an annoyed look, but you sure as hell weren’t about to promise that you were going to behave. 
     Because you both knew better than that. 
     When you walked through the doors, entering the space, you were bombarded with photographers and friends of your father’s asking millions of questions.
     Bucky stepped up, clenched jaw and flared nostrils as he pulled you close and pushed through until you were in the ballroom away from the frenzied reporters. 
     He looked at you, face softening, “I’m fine.” 
     Now it was Bucky’s turn to roll his eyes, “you’re welcome.” He sounded annoyed, “or did you forget your manners?” 
     His statement was rhetorical, meant to get on your nerves as you grit your teeth, “this is your job, remember?”
     Oh, oh, oh.....bad idea. 
     Bucky’s eyes darkened, gripping you by your elbow as he tugged you into his chest.
     “I’d watch that pretty mouth of yours, sweetheart,” he purred menacingly, though it did nothing but light another fire deep inside of you.
     “Because you may have daddy’s money,” he reminded, “but you and I know both know you’d drop to your knees in a heartbeat for me.”
     It was suddenly 30 degrees too hot, skin prickling with goosebumps, feeling flushed as Bucky let go of your wrist.
     But you still felt the phantom indentation of his fingers gripping at your skin.
     “Now, behave.” He repeated his words from earlier as you had no choice but to smooth down the silk dress you were wearing and lick your lips.
     It was hard to focus on any of your surroundings when Bucky’s words replayed in your mind, any conversations people tried to have with you were one-sided as you felt the heat of Bucky’s body against your back.
     The night droned on, the time passing by agonizingly slow as you clung to Bucky’s arm.
     “I’m bored,” you whined looking up at the man who paid you no attention.
     “Bucky,” you whined again, getting no response from him, but you saw the way his jaw clicked. 
     “Bucky.” You tried again, this time, he cracked. 
     Head snapping as he snarled, baring his teeth to you, “quit actin’ like such a fuckin’ brat.”
     The next words that came out of your mouth would make Bucky see red.
     “Make me.”
     It made you shudder, the way his pupils blew, grabbing you by your upper arm and dragging you into one of the bathrooms.
     It didn’t have a lock, so Bucky bent the handle in a way that it jammed the door. 
     You were really in trouble now. 
     Yet here you were, vibrating with excitement as your heart hammered so loudly it reverberated in your ears. 
    He turned around slowly, two large strides and you were pressed up against the sinks.
     “Every goddamn day,” he’s growling, “you manage to become an even bigger pain in my ass.”
     You gulped, grabbing onto the lapels of his suit jacket. 
     “Now it’s my turn to be a pain in yours.” 
     You squeaked when he turned to around, gripping your chin with metal fingers, forcing you to look at him through the mirror.
     “Now bend that pretty little ass over, dove.” He purred with a sly smirk and you moaned. 
     You literally moaned at his words. 
     At his fucking words. 
     He just chuckled in response, “desperate for me, huh?’
     You bent over, face flat against the cool marble counter and you had to squeeze your eyes shut as Bucky kicked your legs apart. 
     You just prayed that you hadn’t soaked through your panties yet.
     He hummed, “you better put that dumb baby brain of yours and count.”
     Then there was a smack.
     You felt it in your core as your cunt clenched around nothing, biting down on your lip to prevent any other moans from slipping through. 
     “One,” your voice was small and shaky, “atta girl.”
     How the fuck did he realize that you had a praise kink?
     Another smack, “two.” And another, “three.”
     He smoothed a cold, metal palm over your cheeks after the fourth.
     “Five,” you couldn’t stop the soft pants or moans. 
     “Six,” being a brat has really paid off, you thought.
     You’re floating by the end of it, only slightly disappointed that it’s over. 
     Bucky saps the waistband of your panties against your skin to pull you back to reality, “think you can behave now?”
     It was evil, really, how easily you could push Bucky’s buttons.
     You just smiled, a giggle leaving your lips, “no.”
     He tensed again, fingers twitching along with his cock. 
     “I don’t remember giving you a choice,” he said lowly, leaning down until he was face to face and you could smell the spearmint on his breath.
     He snaked his hand to the back of your neck, gripping it lightly as you shuddered, “be a good girl and behave for me and maybe you’ll get a reward for once in your bratty life.”
     It was intriguing, an offer that you couldn’t resist as you reluctantly gave into him. 
    He hummed, smiling as he let go of you and fixed your smudged lipstick with his flesh thumb. 
     “Hmm,” he murmured, “ruined makeup looks good on you.”
     Oh fuck you, Barnes. That sure as hell didn’t help the ache between your legs as you tried to squeeze your thighs together.
     Bucky Barnes may be your bodyguard, but that didn’t seem to stop any of the sexual tension as he licked his lips and adjusted himself in his pants. 
     “Now let’s get back before people start gettin’ suspicious, dove.” He winked as if Bucky’s handprint wasn’t burned into the skin of your ass.
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barnestuff · 15 days ago
worth it
Tumblr media
summary bucky missed his girl.
pairing bucky barnes x reader
warnings fluff. soft!bucky.
a/n i hope you like it <33 not my gif
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Bucky had thought about many possibilities during his sleepless nights.
He thought about every way his life could go. Every scenario. Every bad and good thing that could happen to him.
But he had never thought about falling in love.
He never thought he would go to sleep with a girl in his arms. He never thought there would be somebody to hug him after his nightmares. He never thought of finding peace in somebody.
Then there was you. The girl who curls up to his chest during long nights. The girl who makes him chuckle at the smallest thing. The girl who bakes cookies for him. The girl who kisses him good morning every morning.The girl who brushes his hair after his showers. The girl who makes him feel alive after decades.
“Hey, pretty girl.” Bucky said softly as he walked inside the living room. You were sitting on the couch, your laptop in your lap, writing a mission report. You smiled when you saw Bucky which made his heart swell. You put your laptop on the coffee table in front of you. He walked up to you and kissed your hair before kissing your lips slowly. You smiled into the kiss. He sat next to you after breaking the kiss.
“I missed you.” you said and kissed his cheek, making him close his eyes with peace. He pulled you to his lap and kissed you again.
“I missed you too, angel.” he said and buried his head in your hair. You two stayed like that for a while, relaxing in each other’s arms.
Anything else besides you didn't matter for Bucky at that moment. He only wanted to keep you in his arms forever. He wanted to feel the warmth of your skin on his forever. He wanted to smell your scent, hear your heartbeat forever.
“Bucky, I really have to finish this report.” you said as you looked at him, your head still on his chest. You tried to move but Bucky only wrapped his arms around you tighter.
“Bucky!” you whined and he chuckled.
“Report later. Cuddles now. I missed my girl.” he said and you gave up, putting your head on his shoulder.
“What am I supposed to tell Tony?”
“I’ll talk to him. I just want to hold my girl now. I missed you, dollface.” he mumbled and you smiled, kissing his chin.
“Okay.” you mumbled to his neck and Bucky sighed.
Moments like this, Bucky felt like everything was worth it. Each second of the last 70 years was worth it because in the end, he had you in his arms. And he wanted to keep you forever.
“I love you, James.” you interrupted his thoughts. He looked at you, your cheek pressed to his chest, looking up at him. He wanted to keep you there, right next to his heart, forever.
“I love you too, angel.” he mumbled to your hair.
And he couldn’t help but think everything he went through was definitely worth it.
Because every second of it led him to you, and you were worth it.
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buckyhoney · 15 days ago
𝟓:𝟑𝟐 𝐚𝐦, 𝐛.𝐛
a/n: random little blurb that i couldn't get out of my head.
based on the song "come away with me" by norah jones
pairing: domestic!bucky x reader
reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged! however, DO NOT repost/steal ANY of my fics!
warnings: fluff, soft bucky, doesn't really have a plot, sorry for any missed typos (this not edited)
words: 356
Tumblr media
sound asleep, bucky is laying in the bedroom. it's early in the morning, and you're sitting with coffee in your hand.
it's grey outside. raining hitting the metal fire escape, every half hour the sound picking up to a drizzle. you can see the cars and the everyday hustle and bustle of the city underneath you, but the sound is drowned out by the rain.
the window is cracked open, letting in the cold fall air- flooding the apartment with the smell of rain. the sweat pants, crewneck, fuzzy socks, and coffee mug warm your body as you sit on the couch.
there is nothing planned for the day. there is no rush or obligations- something that is a rarity. bucky is usually out for a run or at the gym at this time. you'd be the one laying under the layers of blankets and surrounded by piles of pillows.
for the next hour, as the rest of the city begins to wake up, you sit with reruns of some sitcom on the tv. the volume is low.
the coffee didn't seem to be strong enough as your eyes get heavy.
bucky's groggy disheveled body enters the living room. hair tousled and sweats hanging low on his hips. the sound of the shuffles on the hardwood sends a tiny jolt of energy through you- just enough to turn your head to see the confused man in front of you.
"'morning, love." the soft barely audible greeting makes you smile.
bucky rubbing the sleep away from his face, takes a seat next to you. the empty coffee cup is placed on the end table.
not saying anything, you open the brown throw blanket- welcoming him.
sighing deeply, bucky kisses your forehead as his arm wraps around your shoulder- tracing small circles. settling into his chest, your arm drapes around his torso and the blanket is resting over the top of you.
despite the cold weather, bucky's skin was warm. his head rest against the couch cushion.
there isn't any conversation- just laying on the couch. the sound of the rain gets louder as it picks up again.
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bokutospup · 3 years ago
Fond of The Classics (smut)
Tumblr media
Summary: When the sexual tension between you and Bucky is stifling, Natasha becomes her scheming, conniving self.
Warnings: Smut, implied age gap [you’re around 21], masturbation (m), reader being a little bit of a creep, oral, metal arm kink, dirty talk, feelings of invalidation, joke referencing god masturbating, drinking, I wrote this w my own body type in mind so read it w ur body type
Words: 4,780
When Natasha slammed you hard into the sparring mat, you saw stars. You lay spread eagle on the blue floor panting hard with your eyes squeezed shut.
“I’ve met Death and it looks like Natasha Romanov.” You gasped, not taking her helping hand and deciding to continue to just lay down. You heard her laugh loudly and continued to stay quiet as it echoed around the large training gym. “Why do you literally want me to die, Nat.” You whined up at her.
She raised her eyebrow and kicked your ribs lightly with the toe of her boot. “I’ll stop doing that when you stop avoiding Bucky.”
Your nose wrinkled and you let out a noise of protest. You and Bucky had been dancing around each other since you had become an Avenger, and the tension growing between the both of you was suffocating the entire team. Since you couldn’t even be in the same room without having to hold yourself back from jumping his bones, you had taken to avoiding him— going to great lengths to dodge his attention. “My debilitating sexual frustration towards him is probably breaking so many HR rules that I should be in jail. It’s better for everyone to just not talk to him.”
“You’re a smart girl, Y/N, but that was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.” She said, crouching down and leaning over your head. Her new blonde hair making her look like some sort of angel staring down at you with the eyes of Death herself. You pushed her away from you and she was sent sprawling on the ground beside you.
“Well, how am I supposed to talk to someone like that? I mean, have you seen his thighs, Nat.” You deadpanned, rolling over and pressing your cheek into the mat.
“Dude, that’s gross get your face off of the floor.” She groaned, finally getting you to stand up and walk with her to the shower room. “And, yes I have seen his thighs— I’d ride those into the sunset if I—“
“Back off, Nat.” You cut her off and growled, your top lip pulling back over your teeth. In response, she held up her hands in surrender.
“I was going to say,” she said, pulling off her under armor sweatshirt over her head once you both got inside the change room. “That I would ride his thighs into the sunset if I were you.”
Your face flushed with embarrassment and you kicked your loose shorts off, stepping into the stream of water and letting it soak through your hair.
“I’m serious, we need a plan.” You scoffed at her words and spit out the water you got in your mouth. “We need you two to get drunk.”
You threw the avocado oil at her and she caught it easily, taking some in her hand and carding her fingers through her bleached hair. “Dude isn’t that morally corrupt or something.”
She shrugged in response and quickly mumbled something along the lines of ‘youre both too uptight to do anything, so whatever’, and you simply rolled your eyes and shut off the stream of water hitting your body. Knowing Natasha was up to something made a chill creep down your spine— she was too smart for her own good, and your heart fluttered when you remembered that her plans rarely failed. You had wanted Bucky on some sort of level since he had come back from Wakanda (your guilty pleasure was the man bun he wore when he was sparring with Steve, and the flyaway hairs clung to his face was something Gods masturbated to), and you had thought about him too frequently in the night when the moon was filtering through your blinds and when it was too quiet to even think about even sleeping. You knew he felt the same way, but as a result of management, you knew you would never be able to pursue him in any way you wanted to whether or not it was romantically or sexually.
You huffed angrily at this thought and swung your gym bag over your shoulder as you walked out of the change rooms.
“We drink tonight, Y/N! Common room at nine!”
“This is one plan that won’t work, Nat!”
It was around ten when you showed up. You had decided to wear your favorite and most comfortable outfit, knowing you had barely anyone to impress and it would honestly most likely result in the whole team crashing together on the huge couches Tony had insisted on buying. When you walked in, the eyes of the party all turned towards you and you raised your brows in response.
“I’m sorry I’m late?” You smiled, raising your hands in surrender as if they were about to sick themselves on you.
You surveyed who was all there, and when your eyes locked with Bucky’s blue ones you felt as if your organs had turned to magma. His jaw was clenched shut, and his nostrils were flared— he would have looked angry if you hadn’t known him, but since you and he seemed to rotate around the other you knew this was something else entirely. You knew he wasn’t angry because his chest moved as if he was taking in deep breaths to calm his racing heart rate. You knew he wasn’t angry because once he saw you, he spread his knees to take up as much space as possible so you wouldn’t be able to see anything other than himself. You knew he wasn’t angry because when you blushed and bit your lip under his gaze, he crossed his ankle over his knee to hide his rapidly hardening member.
When what felt like hours of staring at each other but was instead seconds passed, Natasha grabbed your wrist and pulled you into the kitchen to ‘get drinks’. When you had entered the kitchen, she flung you in there and placed her hands on her hips.
“You guys act like teenagers around each other. I talked to Tony— no shut up I’m talking. I talked to Tony and briefly mentioned that you may or may not really like Bucky— stop hitting me, you’re being dramatic. I mentioned your infatuation and he said that there would be no issues with HR because we don’t even have HR. The entire team hasn’t signed the contract as of yet so technically, we’re still a private organization so you can fuck like monkeys if you damn well please.” She said, fighting you off and talking over your protests when necessary. You glared at her (half-heartedly because while she had told Tony about your lusty feelings of the super soldier, you were allowed to ethically pursue him), and turned to grab a beer from the fridge. You hit the cap off by nicking it on the side of the marble counter and took a sip, not breaking eye contact with her until you placed the bottle on the table.
“So what do we do?” You grumbled, heat rushing to your face when she smirked at you.
“Well, all you have to do is follow my lead.”
You followed her into the room and took a seat on the love seat across from Bucky and beside Natasha, willing yourself to look at him despite the feeling of his gaze burning holes into the side of your face as you chatted with Wanda about something you honestly couldn’t remember.
After another beer, and two shots of something Tony had brought out, the flush in your cheeks were no longer of lust, but of the feeling of booze in your bloodstream and the laughter that infecting your night. Once you felt safe (drunk) enough to spare a glance towards Bucky, your movement caught his eye and he was back to meet your gaze.
Bucky had a flush on his own cheeks, and no matter how much he talked to Sam or Steve, he couldn’t get the idea of you out of his head. The idea of you underneath him, leaving deep red scratches on his back as he fucked you into the covers underneath you. The idea of you not flinching away from his metal arm, the new technology from his modern-day best friend (Shuri— they didn’t speak too much to each other, but they would send each other things they thought were funny; she called them memes) that would hum so quietly beside him, now a soothing sound rather than the noise the arm Hydra gave him. He thought of the idea of you, with your loud laugh, only wearing one of his shirts in his bed laughing at a bad joke he had told you.
The very idea of you being his made him want to lose his mind. So, when you looked at him and smiled that toothy grin of yours, he almost took you right there not the table in the middle of the party— but he couldn’t do that, so he just settled for watching you from across the room with a warm glass of mead and a cold bed waiting for him.
He knew you didn’t like him, you avoided him as if he was one of the four horsemen, and he knew it was because he was the Winter Soldier, he knew it was because of the things he had done.
Not feeling very drunk, and rather sad for that matter, he got up and went to his room— some lame excuse muttered to whoever wanted to listen and then he was gone.
Natasha had noticed several things at that moment. First, Bucky had left. Second, you hadn’t noticed him leaving— you were texting your mom she was sure. And third, it was her time to shine. She elbowed you hard in the ribs and with a yelp and a glare you whipped around to face her.
“What the fuck was that for?” You slurred, alcohol making your words bleed together. She nodded her head in the direction of the rooms, and you had managed to understand what she was getting at— Bucky had left, and she wanted you to do something about it. “Okay, what do I do?”
“You go to his room, and knock on his door and take it from there.”
“Nat, I can’t.”
“Why not?”
“I don’t— I can’t just—“
“Don’t be a dumbass. Go, now.”
Never in a million years would you have thought you finally gathered enough guts to knock on Bucky’s door, let alone have FRIDAY let you in when he didn’t answer (‘you’ve been granted special access as a request of James’). His apartment was simple— plain brown furniture, a worn but expensive-looking couch and a flatscreen perched on top of a gas fireplace. There was an island separating the living room from the small kitchen and a hallway that led down to what you assumed to be the bathroom and bedroom. There were minimal points of personalization— you were sure it was because he hadn’t quite known who he was yet, as Tony had been very clear in making him feel welcome.
“Buck?” You called out, padding further into the house. It smelled like him, and you wrapped your arms around yourself as you took a deep and dizzying breath in. When he didn’t respond, you called out again, walking down the hallway and looking at the pictures framed in traditional frames that lined it. There was one of Steve and Bucky during one of Tony’s elaborate parties, one of the entire team in front of the new compound in New York, and finally one of him and Shuri in Africa. She was a gorgeous young lady, and the ease in Bucky’s expression as a result of what she had done for him made you like her even more.
When you heard a noise come from the bedroom, you stopped in your tracks. A few seconds followed in silence when someone sounded like they were gasping behind the door. It sounded almost as if there was music playing softly in the background, and when you heard a grunt overtop of that music. Thinking someone was in trouble, you turned the knob in your hand and edged the door open, not wanting to alert whoever was in there with Bucky so you could manage an ambush of some sort.
What you did not expect, however, was Bucky Barnes butt naked laying on his bed with his eyes closed. There was a sheen on his skin-  as if he had recently showered, and the long hair that was fanned around his head on the pillow was wet as well. Your eyelids fluttered when you saw his metal hand fisted around his throbbing member, stroking it slowly and milking that pleasure for all it was.
You stood frozen in your place, watching his hand pump himself, brushing the light dusting of hair on his pubic bone and letting the cold metal of his thumb brush over the swollen tip and using the pre-cum that leaked from his slit to make his movements more fluid. An unbearable heat erupted in your stomach, and your core tingled at the very thought of him pleasuring himself— sure, you had thought about if he did or not, but seeing his stomach flex and his feet flex in pleasure was nothing like you had imagined.
“Y/N/N.” He sighed, pressing his head harder into the soft pillows and crunching his brows. You couldn’t even find it in yourself to look away and give him the privacy he needed, not even when his eyes opened at the creak the floor made when your weight shifted from one foot to another. You couldn’t even look away when he pulled the blankets over himself. You couldn’t close your lips that had parted in surprise or even wet the cracked skin with your tongue.
“Y/N, I’m sorry I didn’t—“ He stuttered, blushing, and tears welling in his eyes in shame. The glaze of his eyes broke you out of your trance, and you closed the door behind you, pressing yourself against it.
“Please, don’t stop on my account.” You whispered, breathlessly. He blinked once in confusion and the tears slowly disappeared. His cheeks were red and flushed, and your eyes became locked on the blankets fisted over his junk before they flicked up to his own. You walked forward slowly, not wishing to break eye contact as you came near his bed. Your knee came up to rest against the end of the bed, and your hand brushed lightly over his ankle where the hair stood on end as a result of your touch.
“Is this okay?” You asked, not wanting to make him entirely uncomfortable in the situation.
“Yeah,” his voice cracked. “Please.”
You nodded to yourself and your hand went to rest upon his own metal one, pulling it and the blanket away from him, and further exposing him to you. His shaft was thick and long, and glistening slightly in cum. The skin was blushing, and when your hands came to rest on his upper thighs, the muscles twitched in anticipation.
“You sure this is okay? I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable—“ He cut you off by sitting up quickly and pressing his own lips against yours. His lips were rough against your own, and he tasted like coffee and toothpaste, and God, when your tongue traced his own you never thought you could have been happier. You straddled his waist, not ignoring the way he was pressed against the inside of your thigh, and rested one hand on his face, tracing the rise of his cheekbone and the other coming to grasp the hair at the base of his neck, pulling lightly and electing a quiet growl from his throat. His hips thrust into your own and the pressure applied there made you gasp and whine lowly.
You pulled away and looked down at him, smiling softly at the softness of his blue eyes and the dilation of his pupils.
“I thought you were afraid of me, you were avoiding me.” He mumbled into your neck as his nose grazed the edge of your jaw. He kissed it lightly, and you pulled away from the warmth of his lips to look at him, almost offended.
“I could never.” You whispered, kissing him once more. You kissed him on the jaw, and traced the lined of his throat with open-mouthed kisses, leaving a dark purple bruise over his Adam's apple. You kissed down the center of his chest and pushed him on his back so you could trace the contours of his abdomen with your tongue. He was breathing so heavily by now, and you let your nails scratch his sides. You smiled up at him when he let out a high moan, and felt the fingers of his flesh hand tangle into your hair. You left tiny clusters of hickeys on his hipbones, and as you kissed just below his navel you felt the tip of his cock against your throat.
You grasped it in your hands and felt it throb under your touch, your cold fingers making him thrust his hips closer to you. You jerked him slowly, watching as his face tensed and released with your movements. You bent down, laced on your stomach and sucked the soft skin of his balls lightly, soon enough taking the whole thing in your mouth and swirling your tongue around them.
“Baby, holy shit.” He cried, fisting your hair harder. You hummed in pleasure at the tug and licked a solid strip up the underside of his dick before your tongue swirled around the edge of the head and sucking it hard. He cried out again, and you braced yourself against his thighs when his hips thrust into your face. You forced yourself to take as much as you could of him, letting him hit the back of your throat before finding a pace to bop your head at. You hollowed out your cheeks and pumped what wouldn’t fit in your mouth with one hand while you softly massaged his balls in the other.
“Baby Girl, please. I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop and I need to cum in you, please.” He begged, his voice quivering at the effort. You backed up from him with a pop, and he pulled you close to him, sitting up lazily against the headboard and lifting you to hover over his left thigh.
“You wanna ride my thigh, Baby?” He mumbled into your neck, biting the skin just behind your ear and rolling his tongue over the bruise he left. “I want you to just be in me, we can do that later I promise.” You said, lifting your sweater over your head and throwing it somewhere across the room. “Take care of me, Buck.”
He nodded slightly and leaned down to kiss the rise of your breasts tenderly, you pressed yourself against his thigh to give him the hint that he needed to just hurry up. He unlatched your bra and flung it across the room and his lips immediately latched onto one nipple while his other hand rolled the other in his fingers. You threw your head back and moaned, pressing your self not only closer to him but harder down on his thigh.
“Bucky, please you need to stop teasing.” You pouted. You rolled off of him and took your leggings and panties off, not even bothering to kick them off the bed but instead rolling back on top of him and kissing him hard. Your hands trailed from his long hair, over his neck where you squeezed briefly and across his shoulders and down his arms where they rested on his biceps. You broke the kiss, pulling back far enough to look into his eyes and grabbing his metal hand and pressing the cool, smooth palm against you.
He blinked in surprise when you did this, and he appeared to be breathless for three seconds.
“Are-are you sure?”
“I’ve wanted this for so fucking long, Bucky, please.” You whispered against his lips and rubbed yourself with his hand. The metal was cool, and while it wasn’t entirely smooth it wasn’t an unpleasant roughness so the friction it gave you made you almost purr in satisfaction. You gasped when he slid one thick member into you, only pressing into you to the very first knuckle.
“You’re so tight, Doll. What am I gonna do with you?” He crooned, and kissed the top of your head, pressing his hand closer to you. He felt your teeth graze the skin where his metal arm met flesh, and since the skin there was scarred and sensitive he let out a shaky sigh of pleasure. You shifted your hips down so you could take more and you latched your teeth onto the soft muscle that made the transition from shoulder to neck and he swiftly added another finger, making you keen and bite down harder and nearly break the skin.
“You gon’ ride my hand? Huh, you gonna ride my fingers like a good girl?” He asked, pumping his fingers into you at a constant speed. You rolled your hips against them and when his fingers grazed your g-spot you swore loudly.
“Right there, Buck!” You whimpered, almost sobbing at the pleasure he had been able to give you. He added another finger, and all three moved inside you in a way you hadn’t been able to even dream about. You humped his hand harder and wrapped your arms around Bucky’s neck to stabilize yourself as you moved quickly.
“Cum for me, baby.” He kissed you, and you pressed your lips against his hard when his other hand came up and pinched your clit. It was as if a dam had been broken, and the orgasm that washed over you didn’t compare to the Magic Bullet hiding in your underwear drawer. He rubbed you until you came down from your high, and when your body stopped shaking he kissed your hot forehead.
“Can you go another one, Doll Face?” He asked. In response, you just pushed him down onto the mattress and kissed him hard, tongue slipping through his lips and tasting him again.
“Fuck me, James. Fuck me until I’m screaming your name and everyone in this fucking building hears us.” You crooned as you brushed his hair away from his face. You smirked lightly. “If you can.” Bucky growled and flipped you onto your back, supporting himself above you and rubbing his erection from your asshole to clit, making you gasp. Growing impatient, you wrapped your leg around his waist and pulled him close to you by digging your heel into your lower back. He thrust into you, and you pushed him into you until you felt the soft skin of his balls against your ass.
“Holy shit, Doll.” He moaned into the crook of your neck. He began thrusting slowly, making sure that you were both comfortable with the tightness of the fit and only speeding up when he heard you let out a breathy moan into his ear. At your reaction, he pulled almost all the way out, hooked your knee over his shoulder and began to rut hard into your sex. You let out a guttural moan and pulled him close to you so you could rake your nails hard down his back. He let out a whine and brushed his thumb against your cheek almost lovingly and kissed you, both of you breathing loudly through your noses while your tongues danced violently together. When you pulled away, and you looked up at him with the devil in your eye.
“That all you got, Sarge?” You panted. He stilled inside of you and glared down at you. When you gave him a toothy grin he pulled out of you and flipped you onto your stomach, pulling your hips up to him and he thrust into you. The angle he was fucking you at made you see stars, and as you pushed your face into his pillows to muffle your moans his hand came around to your front and began roughly rubbing your clit. You screamed into the pillow, and his flesh hand came down to spank you roughly.
“Oh my fucking God, James. I need you faster.” You swore, hand drifting down to your own body and guiding his fingers against you. He thrust harder into you, and he bent over to press his thick chest against your back and thereby pushing you to lay down on the bed.
“Fuck, Princess. You’re so fucking tight— I’m gonna cum in your tight little pussy, yeah?” He growled, hands now coming to rest on your ass and using that as leverage to thrust harder.
“Yes, Buck. Please, I’m so close Baby.” It only took a few more thrusts for him to still inside you and spurt his hot load into your sex. He continued thrusting hard into you until your walls were fluttering around him and you were letting raspy screams into his pillow.
When he pulled out of you, he lifted your quaking body and pulled the sheets around you, hugging you tightly to his chest and kissing your clammy forehead. You hummed into the crook of his warm neck, and soon the feeling of sleepy contentment washed over the pair of you.
“I really like you, Y/N.” He murmured into your hair. His large hands traced over your body, and pressed on the tense muscles he found on your shoulders and back. You moaned happily and kissed the soft skin between his pectoral muscles.
“I’m really happy we feel the same way, James.” Your fingers traced the feeling of his scars you couldn’t see and soon, you both fell asleep in the arms of the man you happened to be very fond of.
The next morning, you woke up to an empty bed. You huffed once, before rolling over and taking note of how very sore your entire body felt. With some struggle, you got out of bed and pulled your shorts over your strong and thick legs before wandering over to Bucky’s closet and finding some sort of soft shirt.
You decided on a military green long-sleeved shirt, and the fabric that strained over Bucky’s torso made you feel small and bagged around your waist and hips. You shuffled out of the room, and down to the kitchen to follow the smell of coffee emanating from the kitchen. When you turned the corner, you found Bucky in soft grey sweats, a white shirt, and messy bun. Without even giving a second thought you walked up behind him and wrapped your arms around his waist and resting your head between his shoulder blades.
“Mornin’, Doll. I was gonna surprise you in bed with breakfast but since you’re up— the coffee is brewed and the toast is done. I’m almost done with the eggs, so if you wanna fix your toast and coffee I’ll dish this out to you.” He hummed, his fingers intertwining with yours over his belly button.
“Who knew James Barnes could cook, huh?” You joked, kissing the back of his neck and grabbing a mug from the cabinet in front of him and pouring the coffee from the large French press.
“Hey, I cooked for Steve all the time, he never complained.” He defended himself with a wide smile on his face.
“Yeah, and how long ago was that? Seventy-five years ago?” You joked, bumping your hip with his. He sent a playful glare your way and spooned some scrambled eggs onto your plate.
“Who truly hates the classics?” He said, kissing the top of your head. You smiled up at him and he smiled back, the skin at the outer corners of his eyes wrinkling happily. You kissed his lips quickly and reached around to tap his bum.
“I find myself quite fond of them.” You grinned.
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constantwriter85 · 9 months ago
Love, Honor, and Obey
A Bucky Barnes Series (AU)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mob!Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader (AU)
Word Count: 83K
Chapters: 18 (Complete)
Warnings: *18+*, Blood and Graphic Violence, Injury, Criminal Activities, Medical Procedures/Whump, Rape/Aftermath of Rape, Pregnancy/Birth, Depression, Anxiety, Angst, Smut, Fluff. 
Series Summary: Faced with blackmail and the loss of your beloved charity, you’re forced to marry the son of your mobster father’s friend, James Barnes, in order to keep the peace between the families. Little did you know, James had fallen in love with you at first sight. As he tries to woo his new wife, a new rival family comes into play, threatening all you’ve come to hold dear.
A/N: This was originally a request from @jennisahoe​. She requested “ Would you mind writing for Mob!bucky? Maybe reader is forced to marry him by her family to end rivalry and he wants to win her heart and get her to warm up to him slowly because he low key fell in love with her before she married him when he saw her pictures?” I absolutely fell in love with this idea, and I felt a oneshot wouldn’t do this rich storyline justice, so I made a series. I hope you enjoy it!
Chapter One 
Chapter Two 
Moodboard -  Romania
Chapter Three 
Moodboard - New York
Chapter Four 
Chapter Five 
Chapter Six 
Chapter Seven 
Chapter Eight 
Chapter Nine 
Moodboard - Safe
Chapter Ten 
Chapter Eleven 
Chapter Twelve 
Chapter Thirteen 
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fifteen 
Chapter Sixteen
Moodboard - Family
Chapter Seventeen 
My Masterlist
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barnestuff · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
summary bucky loves cuddling.
pairing bucky barnes x reader
warnings fluff. mentions of nightmares. soft!bucky
a/n have a nice day/night <33 not my gif
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
“No one’s ever touched me like you did before.”
He never had anyone touching him lovingly before he met you.
He never had anyone to kiss goodnight before, he never had anyone to cuddle during long nights.
He loved that you were so gentle with him, he wasn’t used to it but he craved it.
He wanted your hands all over him, all the time.
He loves it when you scratch his beard while cuddling.
Or play with his hair.
“It feels so good, honey.” he would say with a raspy voice and you would smile at him.
And although he would never admit, he loved cuddling.
He loves the feeling of your body pressed to his.
“Baby, c’mere.” he would mutter sleepily when you leave his warm embrace unconsciously during the night.
“I’m here, Bucky.” you would mumble.
“I need you closer.”
Bucky couldn’t relax without knowing that you were next to him, safe.
“I can’t sleep without feeling you, doll.” he would say.
He slept better when you were next to him too.
The sound of you breathing and your heartbeat would always calm him down.
And if he ever has a nightmare, he would put his head on your chest and listen to your heartbeat as you play with his hair and beard.
“Talk to me, dollface.” he would say after calming down a little.
“About what?” you would ask.
“Anything. I need to hear your voice.”
And you would tell him about your memories together, the things that you know would remind him that he wasn’t the winter soldier anymore. He was your Bucky now.
He would calm down after a while and start talking with you.
Somehow, being sleepy made Bucky confident and honest.
“You know I’ll marry you one day, right? I could never even imagine being away from you, pretty girl. I want to give you my ma’s ring one day, and my surname. Do you like Louisiana? We might have a wedding there. Oh, you would be so beautiful. Do you think we sho…”
You couldn’t help but smile at his words. (You didn’t know if he remembered them in the morning, but you would never bring up your late night talks.)
You two would talk about anything and everything before sunrise, then you would realise how late it is.
“It’s crazy how time passes so fast when I’m with you, baby.” Bucky would say playfully and kiss you.
“It is not fair that you are so warm all the time, Bucky.” you would say before curling up to him and pressing your face to his bare chest.
“It is not fair that you look so good in my clothes, baby.” he would say and grin, making you giggle.
He would lean in to kiss you, his chapped lips pressed to your soft ones.
“Goodnight, Bucky.” you would mumble to his lips.
“Goodnight, pretty girl.”
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maichan808 · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Special thanks to my author (@levicastho) for writing the loveliest Soft!Bucky ever. It's been a pleasure working with you for @cabigbang and bringing TsumTsum!Cap and unicorn pants to life.
Art for What's In a Name by levi_cas_tho (Stucky | Bucky Recovery | 86K) Following the attack on the Triskelion, the Asset is left injured, confused, and without guidance. Directionless and with no superior to give it orders, it must establish its own protocols. It assigns itself a new mission: gather intel on everything and anything regarding Captain America and Hydra, stay under the radar, and survive. Simple. Except its not.
Featuring a confused and questioning Bucky Barnes who doesn’t know how to handle his newfound freedom, a pining Steve Rogers who doesn’t know how to handle feelings, and the journey of a punk and a jerk as together they rediscover themselves, each other, and what it means to be in love.
read the fic | purchase prints
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bokutospup · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
ws!bucky x reader
In which Y/N gets captured to be the Winter Soldiers pet
Warnings: kidnapping, torture, swearing, angst and fluff
words: 4.5K
He had noticed her in the 60’s the first time. She had been at the Kennedy parade, smiling and squaring with excitement as JFK, and his wife Jackie rode by, waving and smiling. Her hair was in a tight, and high ponytail, slicked back and long as was the style of the time, and the jewel she wore in it glinted in his eye as his sniper rifle passed over her. He had seen the way her face crumpled into a horrified scream as he hit his mark expertly, and he had seen the way she looked so pretty as she cried into her friend's shoulders, mascara dripping down her face, marking it with her grief. His caretaker at the time noticed his gaze, and muttering quickly in Russian, hit the comm on his ear and proposed a plan to his superiors without the Assets knowledge. 
The Asset hadn’t known how they got the right woman, or why she was here, but he assumed that it was a simple way to keep him coming back to base— a reason not to run. If he ran, she would never be able to again. 
He saw her the second time huddled in the corner of his room, the green-tinted fluorescent lights making every blemish and blotch on her skin horribly apparent. Her dress, similar to the some he had seen her in the other day, was torn and dirt stained. Her fingertips were bleeding, and her nails were torn and despite not even being in the same vicinity as her for more than five seconds, found his chest swelling with pride at her will to fight. Her eyes grew wide in fear as she noticed him— his hulking stature and muzzle and shaggy hair that was a little too heavy with grease— and immediately, he tried to make himself smaller. He fell to one knee and slouched his back and held out two hands in surrender— a sign of submission he had learned when the torture his caretakers went too far. Her fear lessened somewhat, but she refused to leave the corner of the room for the next few days— going so far as to sleep and defecating in that spot. Her fear paralyzed her, and Bucky woke every day on his too-springy mattress and hoped to find her clean and in a chair or something other than that horrid corner. 
They took her for the first time that day, and he cursed his hearing abilities, for he could hear her screaming in pain— from what, he never wanted to know. 
He found out eventually, as they shoved her back in wearing what looked like cheap underwear and a cargo shirt he wore under his uniform. Her skin looked like it had been pressure washed, and from the small dots hidden in the crook of her arm, he hoped they had taken blood from her rather than injected her with something.
“что они сделали с тобой, милая?” (what have they done to you, sweet thing?). His voice was raspy as he neared her. His movements seemed to be too quick for her liking as she backed away and pressed herself to the bars of the door she was shoved through seconds before. 
“они причинили тебе боль?” (did they hurt you?). He asked, making himself smaller once again so she could ease her mind. It seemed to work somewhat, and his rough hands reached out to touch her. She flinched away, terrified that his hands would grip her arms the same way those men in black had. His touch, however, was gentle and soft and whispered of the person he used to be. His rough thumbs traced the insides of her arms, going over the bumps they had injected that bright blue serum into her and up over the caps of her shoulders. She winced when he touched the angry red lines the hose had left, tearing off layers of grime and skin in its wake. 
“I don’t understand you.” She whispered, her voice trembling with every emotion she could feel. She was scared for the obvious reasons— she had been taken the night, in the comfort of her bed and with her parents in the room next door. She had been pressure washed after hiding in a corner with a huge stranger of a man, and now there was something flowing in her veins that she knew wasn’t supposed to be there. And yet, those were not the things that broke her— it was his gentle touch after all this. It was him, showing basic human concern for her wounds and the worry for her in his eyes and he had no idea who she was. 
“вы в безопасности, маленький. Отдых, пожалуйста” (you're safe, little one. Rest, please). He whispered, his grip tightening only slightly as he pulled her to his bed. It wasn’t much, but it was some sort of comfort in this horrid cell and he hoped that one day she would feel safe with him. By the look of her injection sites, she would soon need all the comfort she could get. Instead of complying and following his request, she looked from the bed up to him and began fighting. She cried out and her fists pounded against his shoulders and her legs kicked out— she was fighting him, but why?
“нет, я не причиню тебе вреда. вы будете спать, и я буду отдыхать на полу.” (no, i will not hurt you. you will sleep and i will rest on the floor.) He rushed, letting her go and sitting on the floor against the cot. Her shaking body coward for a second, before finally understanding what he wanted. She crawled into the bed, then with one ghost of a smile pulled the covers up to her shoulders and closed her eyes. 
She woke hours later to the smallest itching in her wrists. It wasn’t enough to cause outright discomfort, but it was enough to wake her during a dream of family and home and she woke with a gasp. The Asset, hearing her wake, stayed laying on the hard floor staring at the ceiling and listening to her heartbeat quickly increase and the decrease and then increase again. 
It was her whimper that made him shoot up from his place of rest. She was curled up on her side, clawing at her arms and shoulders as if she were trying to peel off the very skin that covered her body. 
“I’m burning— there’s— there’s something burning.” She whispered, seeing him move up tot he side of the bed. It was true— the blood that ran through her veins had turned ice cold one second and then molten the next. It hurt to move, but it hurt to remain still, and it was basic instinct that she reached out to him, grabbing his shoulder and digging her broken nails into his scarred skin. 
He would have winced— the flesh that joined his metal arm to his body was horribly sensitive, but the pain that suddenly flooded her body made him almost throw up. A horrible groan tore from her throat, and he didn’t know if it was her who pulled him to her, or if it was him that wrapped himself around her aching person, but suddenly he was under her, pulling her to his chest and wrapping his legs around her own. His thick fingers thread themselves into her hair, and they pulled her head closer to his body— close enough to hear his hammering heartbeat. Instead of focussing on the pain that was flooding her body, she counted his heartbeats— erratic as they were. 
It was eighty-eight beats until his pulse calmed down.
It was another 4,761 until the pain slowed to a dull throb.
It was an added 8,905 beats until it slowed— he had fallen asleep.
It was another 12,934 until she lost count and let her eyes flutter shut. 
They woke up within seconds of the other. The Asset woke up first, and for a second, he could have sworn everything as normal. The bed for once was comfortable, and the room for once was warm. The covers were low on his hips, covering her shoulders as she had her arms wrapped around his waist. She was puffing heavy breaths over his navel, and her lashes were longer than anything had ever seen before. Her eyelids fluttered with dreams he would never know of, and he could feel her hands and legs twitching against him— maybe she was running through a soccer field. Maybe she was dancing, or maybe she was chasing a younger sibling around a park. Maybe she was running across a busy Houston street to her work with a coffee in hand and with a pretty skirt dancing around her knees. 
She woke up and the first thing she noticed was the hard mass she had fallen asleep against. He was hot— temperature wise of course— and she found that the hair at the nape of her neck was damp, clinging to the skin there. She noticed the way she clung to him, and then she remembered the soreness she had felt as a result of the night before. 
“Good morning.” His voice, heavy with Russian accents, woke her up fully, making her eyes flutter open and a huff of air leave her nose. 
“So you do speak English?” She whispered, trying to keep them both in the moment and far away as possible from the horrors mere feet away. 
“I speak many languages.” Was his short reply. She hummed, and traced the lines in his shirt, unknowingly sending chills up his spine. Maybe in another life, she loved him— and maybe in another life, it was because she wanted to, not because she was stuck in the same cell as him. 
“How many?” She asked, continuing her motions until his hand gently fell on her own and intertwined their fingers together. 
“Enough.” He whispered back.
“That’s not an answer, you know.” She half-joked, breathing in. He smelled good, despite their surroundings. Something earthy and spicy. 
“Your name, what is it?” He asked, changing the subject. She took a deep breath and buried her nose against his stomach, not wanting to think of the life she had been ripped away from. However, it spilled through her lips as if a ghost had possessed her body. 
“Y/N.” She said quietly. It was so quiet in fact, that he wouldn’t have heard it if it weren’t for his enhanced senses. 
“Y/N.” He tasted the words on his tongue, and he rather liked the way they tasted. 
“What’s yours?” She asked, ailing her face up to look into his eyes. She saw a flash of confusion and pain flash over them before he masked it up and looked down at her. 
“I do not know. They call me the Asset. Their солдат. The public apparently calls me the Winter Soldier. I do not have a name otherwise.” He replied, thousand mile stare directed at the wall across from his bed. 
“What have they done to you?” Her voice broke as she spoke, and his head whipped to look down at her. There were tears in her eyes, and that truly confused him— why was she hurting for him? They had only known each other days. 
“Winter.” She said after a short while.
“Извините?” (excuse me?). He asked, startled. 
“I will call you Winter. It’s my favorite season.” She hummed.
“Спасибо.” (thank you). His voice was weak as he spoke.
“I still don’t understand you, Winter.” She replied, scratching the small of his back lightly with her nails. He hummed under her touch and she half smiled against his stomach. 
“You will learn yet, моя луна и звезды.”
She doesn’t quite know what’s happening when they pour into their cell a week later, but by the look on Winter’s face, it is something to dread. He complies with their every wish, not even fighting back as they kick in his knees and physically drag him to another, larger room with her being pushed and prodded behind him. He takes their kicks and stomps without so much as a huff of pain, and she struggled in their grip to comfort him. She saw the bruises blooming like flowers over his exposed shoulders and face, and she stepped on the blood streaming from his nose and dragged in smears and trails after him. 
“Wh-What’s going on?” She screamed, pulling against the restraints. They tug her arms upwards, and the sockets of her shoulders screaming pain— she refuses to show them it hurts, and she continues with speaking more. “Stop it! Can’t you see you’re hurting him? Stop it!” 
Her protests are met with a hard punch to the face, and the world spins as she falls to the ground with her ears ringing. Something red drips from her nose, and she’s sure her cheekbone is shattered. 
When Winter turns his head and sees her stunned person on the ground, something horribly primal steps in and he tears his arms from their restraints, smashing the skulls of either guard to his side with the raw strength of his hands, and launching her attacker across the room, probably shattering his spine with the force he hits the adjacent wall. He elbows another guard in the face, shattering his jaw easily and snapping the neck of a guard who felt confident enough to take him on next. 
It’s another few seconds, and another few deaths until he picks her up in his arms and pulls her into his lap. He’s trying his hardest to reel the monster in, and he does so by tracing the lines of her face as he murmurs sweet nothings in all the languages he knows. 
She only focusses her gaze when he speaks English. “Y/N, you’re okay, Little One. You’re safe, I got you. I will always have you.”
She sees there are tears in his eyes, and she wipes them with the tips of her fingers. “I’m okay, Winter. I’m okay.” His head jerks up when he hears yelling of men, and the electric sticks ignite and he brushes your hair out of your face, cupping your broken cheek (that is healing faster than it should) and he leans down to press a soft kiss to your hairline. 
“I will see you soon, my pet.” He mumbles, Russian accent still thick. “Soon.”
She doesn’t remember much afterward, just that they tear him away from her, jerk her to her feet and drag her to a chamber that makes her feel so horribly cold. So, so cold. 
They told her it was the 80’s next time she woke up. The room she was in was cold— too cold in her opinion, and it takes her a while for her brain to seemingly unfreeze to comprehend that she had missed almost two whole decades of her life. 
“How.” Her voice was raspy and weak, and as she stared at the man who sat her up too quickly, she knew she wouldn’t like the answer. 
“Well,” his voice was slimy and his breath smelt of stale beer and cigarettes. “We injected your pretty little body with a watered down version of the serum the Asset was given. Then, we froze you until we knew that He would need you. You’re nothing more than a means to an end little girl. You are nothing more than the Assets plaything.” Her eyes watered as she thought of her family and friends, and she looked up at the guard, spitting in his face and taking pride in the offended expression that flits across his face. 
“There are hoards of people looking for me, you know. You won’t get away with this.” She snarled, glaring at the man who was now wiping the spit off of his face. 
“All of your friends are dead. Killed by a rogue bomb that the Asset planted. Your family is too, killed in their beds the night you became nothing more than His plaything. You will die here, and you will be forgotten— but He won’t. He will keep on coming back because of you, and he will continue to serve humanity the way it deserves to be served.”
She could have cried when she was pushed back into a room. It’s a little more than a cell this time, a desk and a few books and a bed scattered carelessly across the room. There’s a picture on the wall of strangers she has never seen before, and by the way that there is blood splattered on one of the walls, she assumed they were all dead. 
He’s sitting there, at the desk holding what looks like a journal and he’s flipping the pages in a way she knows he isn’t paying attention to what is on them. IT’s simply something to do with his hands to pass the time, and it is only her shifting her weight from foot to foot that finally catches his attention. 
He looks more than tired and by the way that his eyes crinkle more at the corners, he looks older too. More mature. He drops the book to the ground, and she is only barely able to register that he’s moving towards her until he picks her up in his arms and wraps her tightly in his embrace. She immediately returns the gesture, wrapping her arms around his neck and burying her face in his neck, letting out a sob which she isn’t sure is of grief or relief or both. 
“They’re horrible, horrible people, Winter.” She cried into him, arms shaking as the guard's words roll over and over in her head. He shushed her, swaying his body back and forth and pacing the room, carrying her with him as if she weighed nothing. Her hair is buzzed short— close to her scalp now, and he knows it’s a tactic created by them to make one feel like they have nothing. No identity. 
“You’re safe, Little One. I won’t let anyone touch you.” He crooned into her neck, nose tickled by the buzzed hair still on her neck. 
“Have you been awake long?” She asked once he has let her go. They sat on the bed next to each other, holding hands with the thought that it is now them against the world. 
“I was awake a few times in the 70’s. A few missions— not awake for more than a few hours at a time. They have a few assignments for me to do this month, so I think they have you awake so I don’t try to run off. I think they’re scared that I’ll remember who I am and run off.” He said, his metal fingers playing with hers.
“Why don’t you? Runoff and start the life you deserve.” She asked, looking up at him and catching the ghost of a smile dance across his lips. 
“I don’t deserve anything— I kill people for a living. I’m a walking talking weapon and weapons don’t have lives to live.” He spewed, reciting the words he had been told the first time he had tried to run away. Words were spoken between long periods of being dunked underwater until the point of drowning. “And I know I’m a human, and I know I must have had a family at some point— maybe even a best friend or a pretty girl to call my own. But, they’re all gone now. And it’s impossible for me to remember at his point.” 
She can feel her heart breaking for him, and she gripped his hand tightly in her own, pressing it to her heart and waiting to speak until he looked at her. 
“You mean something to me, Winter.” She whispered, leaning forward to press her forehead to his cheek in an odd half embrace. 
“и вы имеете в виду больше, маленький” (and you mean more, Little one). He whispered, pressing his rough lips to her forehead. She nudged his shoulder in contempt and he looked down at her smirking face. 
“I still don’t understand you.”
Decades passed in the same manner, and late one day in 2014 she was thrown into the same room as him as he was wrestled into a chair with his feet restrained after another failed mission. He had become slow in his work— he had been out of cryo for a while now, and as memories and feelings continued to resurface, the Hydra soldiers had found new ways to make Winter compliant. 
He was quiet when he saw her— a different reaction to the usual fluffy one he gave his pet. Instead of tender hugs and long nights in each other’s arms, he looked at her with that thousand mile stare that even she had troubles pulling him from. There was a man that had been flown across the room as a result of Winter’s flashbacks, and she rushed out of the guards grasps to run to him. 
“Winter.” She whispered, falling to her knees in front of him and taking his flesh hand in her own, squeezing it hard to try to bring him back to her. He looked down at her and pulled his hand from her grasp to softly trace his knuckles down her face. 
“мой питомец, ты в порядке?” (my pet, are you okay?) He whispered, and she gave him a sad smile, leaning into his hand and nodding. She had since learned all the languages he knew— long days trapped in the same room as each other lead to long lessons. While she knew not how to speak to them, she could understand him well.
“I’m fine— the men were nice enough to leave me alone.” She tried to ease his mind with her words, as she could tell how much this mission had truly shaken him. He gave her a horribly forced and small smile and it wasn’t until Peirce and Rumlow walked in the room that he pulled his hand away from her cheek and she stood. The two men had since doubled their torture and anything either of them could do to distance themselves in front of each other they did. They didn’t want either man to know just how much they truly cared for each other. 
She hovered, however, standing in front of her soldier to shield him from the muzzles of the guns pointed at him. She faced the Director head on, and only stood aside when he threatened her life once more. They both knew it was an empty threat— she was much too necessary for the soldier, but it didn’t stop the snarl that ripped from the Assets chest. 
“Mission report.” He demanded. The words didn’t phase Winter, who was too focussed on assessing if he had hurt his pet in any way. 
“Mission report. Now.” His voice was harsh as he spoke. When he was met with the same silence, he walked forward and gripped the Assets face in one pasty white hand, forcing him to look into his eyes and squeezing hard enough for the blood to rush to Winter’s face. He dropped his hand and quickly replaced the touch with a rough backhand. Y/N screamed and went to rush to his side, only to be held back by Rumlow— his too-strong cologne tickling her nose in the worst ways. 
“There was a man on the bridge,” The Asset began. “Who was he?”
“You met him on a mission earlier this week.” The Director replied cautiously. He knew that the Asset would need to be wiped— he couldn’t have his best soldier delving into sentiments of the past. Not when there was a war to be started. 
“I knew him.” He said, his eyes flickering over to the corner where Y/N had stopped struggling to hear him talk. 
“Your work has been a gift to mankind” Alexander said, grabbing a chair and sitting in it. “You shaped the century, and I need you to do it one more time.” The Asset reverted his face to Y/N, knowing what the words were implying. 
“Society is at a tipping point between order and chaos and tomorrow morning we’re going to give it a push. But, if you don’t do your part, I can’t do mine.” At the director's words, Winter’s face crumpled, and Y/N could see that there was an emotional flush to his cheeks. “And Hydra can’t give the world the freedom it deserves.”
“But I knew him.” He whispered. TheDirector nodded once, and after realizing that the Asset had developed too much emotional attachment, turned to the doctor and said the words that made both Y/Ns and Winter’s stomachs drop to their feet. 
“Prep him.”
“H-he’s been out of cryo for too long.”
“Then wipe him, and start over,” Pierce said over his shoulder. Y/N kicked against Rumlow, who simply grunted and held her tighter to his chest. 
“NO! YOU CAN’T DO THAT! DON’T HURT HIM!” She screamed, begging for the Assets life, knowing that he would do no such thing for himself. However, nobody seemed to hear him, and as the mouth guard was shoved into his mouth, Winter’s face turned to look towards his best girl and all he could do as stare at her as the pain of electric shock coursed through his body, grounding him and reminding him to not let go. To not just fucking die already. 
The following day, Y/N woke to the sound of blaring alarms and rapid fire gun sounds. She shot up, her sleep clothes loose around her shoulders and blankets hiked around her shoulders. There were some more screams, some more gunshots, one thud and then the door to her cell was swung wide open, revealing a bleeding, broken but alive Winter. 
She shot out of her bed, whipping the blankets to the other side of the bed and launched herself into his arms. His wetsuit soaked her outfit, but she couldn’t care because he was alive and but he looks of it, free. 
“What’s going on?” She asked, wiping the hair back from his face and latching herself on to him. He dropped the empty rifle to the ground and wrapped his arms around her waist, nuzzling his face into her neck and taking a second to calm his racing heart. 
“We’re getting out of here, Doll.” He spoke. She would never get over the way he sounded in that moment. Free, safe— happy, almost. 
“Where are we going?” She asked, pulling back and smiling, the thrill of finally leaving the bounds of torture behind them making a zing travel through her heart. 
“Wherever the hell you wanna go.” He replied, almost smiling down at her. He pressed a soft kiss to her lips, and when he pulled away her lips chased his in a desperate attempt for more loving. 
“It only took us fifty years to do that,” He smiled down at her, and she blinked once before throwing her head back and laughing. He had made the first joke in her whole time knowing him. 
“About damn time, Winter.” She hummed, running her hands through his damp locks and scratching his scalp lightly. 
“Bucky.” He replied, squeezing her waist briefly. 
“That’s my name. That’s who I am.”
“Well,” she smiled. “Nice to meet you, Bucky.” 
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buckys-bug-archive · 2 months ago
Imagine if Steve left his little for Peggy and she was sitting playing with her toys just waiting for him to come back but he doesn’t. When Bucky finally comes to visit he finds her horrible sick. Bucky tells her Steve left and she refuses to eat or sleep or play. She literally becomes mute and Bucky has to pick of the pieces and put her back together. She becomes happy after a while and allows Bucky to become her daddy. But Steve returns and Bucky lets him back in and she refuses and tries to run away from them but they don’t let her and tell her to not worry because they’ll be one big happy family.
he’s gone
summary: where steve leaves you for peggy and bucky has to pick up the pieces.
pairing: daddy!steve rogers x little!reader, daddy!bucky barnes x little!reader, daddy!stucky x little!reader
warnings: soft!dark stucky at the end, angst, nightmares, not eating, not sleeping, crying, swearing
w/c: 3.5k
note: this request inspired me instantly and i started writing and went a bit crazy with it 😳 i low-key hate it though. please let me know what you think and leave feedback!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You’ve been doing a lot of waiting recently. Waiting for your Daddy to come home; waiting for him to come and take care of you. You miss him so much it’s ridiculous. You miss him so much that it consumes your entire being - all you can think about is him. Every minute of every hour of every day. All you want is him.
And you know that today is the day he’s returning.
You try to distract yourself as best as you can, getting all of your toys out to play, trying to pass the time. Every minute feels like 10, every hour like 2; time moves agonisingly slowly for every minute you’re away from him.
Hours pass. The sun sets. And your Daddy still isn’t back. You curl yourself up in his bed, breathing in the scent of him to calm you, your whole being yearns for him, the only thing that could comfort you in this moment is a bear hug from him and only him - all you want is to fall asleep in his arms. You feel incomplete without him.
Days pass. Weeks. You don’t leave the house. You don’t eat. You can barely sleep without him. You’re an absolute wreck. Your eyes are puffy and your cheeks swollen from crying.
After two weeks, Bucky finally comes to visit you. He raps on the door four, five times, the sound of metal fingers against wood ringing through the silent house. No answer. He calls out your name and all he can hear in reply is a strangled whimper.
“Baby, I need you to let me in.” he says gently, forehead resting against the cool wood of the front door.
You drag yourself to the door, swinging it open slowly; he takes in your appearance and his face softens.
“Where is he?” you ask, your voice is so small and frail and Bucky dreads the news he’s about to give you. It’s going to break you. “Why isn’t he back?”
“Baby, he’s gone.” He steps into the house, closing the door quietly behind him and crouching down to look you in the eye.
“What? W-what do you mean?”
“He’s not coming back, sweetheart.” His eyes never leave yours as he watches with a concern filled gaze; a sob forces its way out of your chest and you double over, clutching your stomach. He has to be lying. Your Daddy would never do that to you.
“Liar! You-you’re lying. He wouldn’t d-do that!” you cry; Bucky pulls you into his arms, collapsing onto the cold floor with you in his lap. “Why w-would he-he do that?” Your tears soak the front of his shirt but you can’t find it in yourself to care. He shushes you gently, rocking you in his arms as you break down. Tears well in his own eyes as he watches you but he pushes them back; what you need most right now is someone to take care of you.
“C’mon, baby. You need to sleep.” he coos, lifting you into his arms and carrying you to the bedroom.
“Can’t.” you whimper, “Need Daddy.”
Bucky’s heart breaks in two at that and he kisses your forehead lightly, wishing he could take your pain away.
“I know you do. But the best I can do is me, okay? Let me help, please?” he asks softly, laying you down in the bed that still smells like your Daddy; that only makes you cry harder, your throat on fire as you scream into the pillows. You can feel Bucky’s hand rubbing comforting circles into your back; he lays down next to you and pulls you into his side, holding you close until your sobs die down to quiet whimpers.
“Wanna know somethin’?” you mumble quietly, so quietly that you doubt Bucky would have heard if it wasn’t for his enhanced hearing.
“Sure, doll.”
“I always knew that there was a part of him that didn’t love me. Loved her more. An’ I was right.” Another few tears escape your eyes and he wipes them away with his thumb.
“Oh, baby. He loved you.”
“Nah. Not e-enough.” you hiccup. “I g-get it. ‘M not pretty or sm-smart like her. ‘M just a stupid baby.” Your voice is filled with self hatred; you’d always been insecure but Steve has inadvertently confirmed everything you hate about yourself in your eyes.
“Baby, you’re beautiful. And so smart. And if he couldn’t see that then he didn’t deserve you. You deserve somebody who’s gonna love every part of you. Just you. Okay?”
“Th-thanks, Bucky.” He can see the gears turning in your head as you mentally list every reason Steve had to leave: every flaw, everything you hate about yourself. He holds you close as you cry yourself to sleep, clinging to him to ground yourself until you fall into a fitful slumber, your dreams plagued by Steve’s absence.
You wake with a start, drenched in sweat as your breath comes in ragged pants. Bucky’s right there with you, pushing your hair out of your face and comforting you as you struggle for breath.
“Shh, baby. It’s okay, breathe for me. In and out, yeah?” You do as he says, trying your best to regulate your breathing as he holds you to his chest.
“Sweetheart, do you want a bath? I’ll get your fishies and your rubber duckies for you to play with.” You just shrug, leaning against him but not really paying any interest to Bucky’s words. “Come on.” he coaxes you out of the bed and into the bathroom, sitting you on the closed toilet lid and beginning to fill the tub, adding bubbles and your toys.
“Arms up, bub.” You do as he says without so much as a whine - very uncharacteristic behaviour from you - and he lifts your shirt over your head before reaching behind you and unclasping your bra. He then pulls your trousers and panties off, leaving you bare and shivering as the cold air hits your skin.
“I know, baby. Come on let’s get you in.” He hooks his arms under your legs and lowers you into the bubbly water carefully, letting you sit for a minute before beginning to clean your body with care.
You don’t even attempt to play with your toys - your favourite duckies and fishies - and instead sit completely still and unmoving, eyes glazed over as you stare at the wall vacantly.
“Sweetheart.” Bucky murmurs, voice filled with concern. You don’t respond. You don’t even look at him. He sighs gently, finishing washing your hair and teasing the knots out with his fingers before lifting you out of the tub and wrapping you in a towel.
“Let’s get you dressed and then I’ll make you some breakfast, okay?” Talking to you is like conversing with a brick wall. Your brain has disconnected from your body, too consumed by grief to function at all.
He dresses you in a pair of sweatpants and one of Steve’s hoodies in an attempt to comfort you; and it does momentarily. As the scent of him envelops your body, you close your eyes and allow yourself to pretend. Pretend that he didn’t leave. Pretend that he loves you.
Carrying you to the kitchen, Bucky sits you down and pours a bowl of cereal for you, setting it in front of you.
“Baby, you gotta eat.” No response. You barely even acknowledge him. Picking up the spoon, he scoops a spoonful of cereal up and brings it to your mouth, nudging your lips gently with the metal. “C’mon, open up.” Your tired eyes meet his and his face softens with worry. “Please eat, baby.” You push the bowl back towards him, screwing your face up in distaste.
“You want somethin’ else?” You shake your head. You don’t really feel like doing anything, even being out of bed is exhausting currently. So you push yourself up from the chair and trapse away, back into the bedroom where you wrap yourself in blankets and cry until you feel empty and numb.
Bucky joins you a little while later, cooing sweet nothings to you as he slips in the bed, letting you climb onto him and rest your head against his chest; listening to his heartbeat calms you - you have something to focus on. You accept the gentle whispers and the soft touches even though you wish he was somebody else.
You let the rhythmic sound of his heart lull you back to sleep; snoring softly against him, your face slackens with much needed slumber.
Every now and then, you’ll whine in your sleep, clutching onto him desperately as though he’ll disappear from underneath you. And sometimes, you’ll call out for Steve; and your calls soon turn to screams as the nightmare of him leaving you plays over and over in your dreams.
“Baby, wake up. C’mon, sweetheart. ‘S just a dream.” Bucky murmurs in your ear, pulling you away from the fragments of Steve that haunt your every moment, even when you’re asleep.
When you wake, you whimper and curl further into Bucky, trembling like a kitten. You’re so lost without your Daddy. You don’t eat, you barely sleep and when you do, you’re plagued by terrors; you don’t play and you certainly don’t speak. All that’s left of you is an empty shell, void of the life that once inhabited your soul and body.
Bucky takes care of you the best he can, he’s a natural caretaker through and through, but he’s never had a little before. In that way, he’s learning along with you. Eventually, you begin to accept him. You’ll sleep as long as he’s in the bed with you; you’ll eat as long as he’s there with you; you’ll play with your toys if he’s in the room. He makes you feel safe. Loved. He holds you tightly, the cracks that Steve left in your exhausted body finally starting to heal.
As you begin to come back to life and return to your old, bubbly self, Bucky sits down with you and asks you a very important question.
“Hey, sweetheart, can I talk to you?”
“M’kay. What’s up?” you ask as you play with your toy dinosaurs.
“You know I love you, don’t you?”
“Mhm, I lub you too.” you grin, shooting him that toothy, lopsided smile that he adores.
“How would you feel about me becoming your Daddy?” Your face lights up at his question and you bounce up and down excitedly.
“Yup. If you want me, that is.”
“Yes! Yes, yes, yes!” you squeal, jumping into his arms and attacking him in a hug. Tears spill down your cheeks and his brows knit together with worry.
“Hey, you alright, baby?”
“Mhm. You’re the bestest ever. Lub you so much.” you croak, burying your face into the crook of his neck.
“I love you too, baby girl.”
From then on, your relationship with Bucky flourishes. He takes you out on dates and takes care of you, loving every aspect of being your Daddy; his favourite part being how cuddly you are. If you could, you’d cuddle him all day, every day. You’re like a live teddy bear.
You start to forget about Steve, instead replacing all of those memories with new ones with your new Daddy. And he loves you endlessly, always reminding you of how beautiful you are and how much he adores you and only you.
You sleep with him at night, a mess of entangled limbs, so close to each other that you breathe the same air. And now, when you call out for your Daddy, you don’t mean Steve. You mean him.
And then it all comes crashing down again. The wounds in your heart tear back open, as fresh as the day Steve left.
Steve realises that he’s made a mistake and decides to come back.
The first person to know is Bucky. They talk and decide that Steve will come back to live with him and you - after much deliberation.
Bucky enters the house first, calling for you.
“Baby, come here. I have a surprise.” As he waits for you to come to him, his whole body is like a live wire, taut muscles and racing thoughts. This could go so horribly wrong. This could undo every ounce of progress you’ve made.
You bound into Bucky’s arms, hooking your legs around his waist and breathing in his scent deeply.
“Missed you, Daddy.”
Steve’s heart shatters as he listens to the conversation from outside. He is supposed to be your Daddy. He is the one that’s supposed to come home to you every night. But he ruined it. He ruined everything.
Bucky sets you down on the floor, stroking your face gently.
“I have someone here to see you, bub. C’mon, man.”
Steve steps through the door and your face drops.
“No.” Steve’s heart sinks. “No!” you scream, lunging at Steve and beginning to pummel your fists into his chest. “Asshole! I hate you.”
You sob uncontrollably, your knees buckling; you would’ve hit the floor if Bucky didn’t catch you. Your tears soak his shirt once more and he can feel all the progress you’ve made slipping away. A sickeningly strong sense of deja vu washes over him as you sob into his chest on the wooden floor of the hallway. It takes him back to the day that he broke the news of Steve leaving to you.
“Why is he back? Why did you bring him here?” you cry, sobs racking your whole body.
“Baby, he’s back. Don’t you want your Daddy back?”
“No!” you shriek. “I want you. He doesn’t love me. Please don’t leave, please, I love you.”
“Shh, you’re alright. I’m not going anywhere.” he croons, rocking you back and forth as the situation overwhelms you; all you want is Bucky and you’re terrified that things are going to go back to the way they were before - that he’s going to leave you and Steve’s going to take his place.
“You don’t want to be my Daddy anymore.” you sob into his chest. “You’re gonna leave just like h-him.”
“No, baby, that’s not true. I’m not going anywhere. You’re my best girl, I could never leave you.”
“I promise, bubba. Now, c’mon, say hi to Stevie.”
“No.” You bury your face into his chest, hiding yourself from Steve.
“Baby, I’m sorry.” Steve coos, crouching down next to you and Bucky. As his hand reaches out to rub your back in what’s supposed to be a comforting gesture, but you jerk away, a pained whine sounding from the base of your throat. “I never should have left. I’m so sorry. I love you.”
“Liar!” you screech, pressing yourself further into Bucky. The sound of his voice sends shockwaves of anguish through your exhausted body. You’re so fucking tired. “You’re not my Daddy anymore. You don’t love me. You left!”
“I know. But it was a mistake. I shouldn’t have left my sweet baby.”
“I’m not your baby. I hate you.” Your eyes are red and swollen as you sob brokenly into Bucky, clinging to him like a koala.
“You don’t mean that.” Steve’s voice wavers and you laugh darkly through your tears. How dare he? How does he possibly think he has the right to be upset at your words? He broke you into a million pieces, leaving Bucky to clean up the mess that he made.
“Yeah, I do. ‘Cause you ruined everything. You ruined me.” You peel yourself away from Bucky and stand on shaking legs, staggering back up to the bedroom to hide from them both.
“Sweetheart.” Bucky calls. “It doesn’t have to be like this. We can be a family.”
“I don’t wanna be a family. I jus’ want you.” you cry, stumbling up the stairs and away from them. It’s all too much to comprehend. Why now has he decided to come back?
Bucky sighs deeply, running a hand through his hair.
“You’ve gotta give her time. I don’t think you understand how much it ruined her when you left.”
“She’s okay now. She has you.”
“She didn’t talk or eat or sleep for weeks! She wouldn’t even look at me. It took so much time for her to get back to herself and all of that progress has just been undone.”
“I thought she’d be okay.” Steve’s voice is laced with heartbreak and he knows that he deserves the treatment that you’ve given him.
“You know what she said to me the night I told her you were gone?”
“That she knew that there was a part of you that didn’t love her because she knew that you still loved Peggy. And she said that she understood. Because she wasn’t pretty or smart like her. Broke my fucking heart, pal.”
“Just give her time. She’s been through a lot since you were last here.”
Meanwhile, you’re pulling clothes out of your wardrobe and stuffing them into a duffel bag; you refuse to stay in a house with the man who broke you - who made you believe that you were unlovable. You sneak down the stairs with the bag slung over your shoulder, managing to creep past the living room where Steve and Bucky are talking. You’re nearly there - until you open the door.
Their heads snap towards the noise and they hurtle down the hallway as you throw yourself outside, trying your best to dodge their advances. Bucky’s arms wrap around your waist and he pulls you into his chest, shushing you gently as you scream and wail.
“Let me go!”
“Shh, baby. Stop. What are you doin’?”
“I don’t wanna stay here with him. You just let him back in like nothin’ happened. You know what he did to me! So you have to pick.”
“Me or him.”
“I’m not choosing.”
“You have to. Or I’m leavin’.” Bucky’s jaw sets as he lifts you off of the floor, slinging you over his shoulder as though you weigh nothing.
“No! Put me down!”
“You’re staying. We can be happy with Stevie. We’ll be a family.”
“I don’t want to be a family.” you sob, all of your pent up rage and grief clawing its way out of your chest. It feels like there’s a hole forming in Steve’s heart as he watches you thrash and cry against Bucky, screaming incoherently. He sets you down on the couch, pinning you to it when you try to run again and holding your face, focusing your gaze on him.
“Baby, breathe for me. In and out, come on.” He places your hand on his chest to feel his heartbeat, knowing that it calms you. “Talk to us, okay. Tell me what’s goin’ on in your mind.”
“Daddy…” you whimper, tugging at his shirt to bring him down and close to you. He scoops you up in his arms, laying you against his chest as your breath begins to regulate itself and you slump against him tiredly.
“You’re alright. C’mon, help me understand how you’re feeling.”
“‘S all ruined. Everything’s ruined.” you mumble tearily. Your world feels like it’s crashing around you and the only thing keeping you from drowning is Bucky, his firm body underneath you the only thing holding your fragile psyche together. He cards his fingers through your hair as your eyes droop shut.
“Don’t worry, baby girl. It’s going to be just fine. We’ll be one big, happy family.” You murmur tiredly against Bucky’s chest. You know that Steve’s here to stay. Bucky let him back in in an instant despite how badly he hurt you. You, however, are going to take a lot more convincing.
You’re done for when the couch dips and Steve presses his warm body against you from the other side, peppering soft kisses against your jaw and cheek.
“I’m so sorry, sweetheart. Let me make it up to you.” you whimper and your tear filled eyes meet Steve’s, his own filled with regret and remorse. You hold your arms out for him, making grabbing motions and he chuckles softly, shuffling closer to you. You bury your face into the crook of his neck, his scent so familiar that it makes you dizzy.
“Daddy.” you croak, your heart torn between the two men.
As though he can read your mind, Bucky begins to speak quietly to you as he runs his fingers through your hair.
“You don’t have to choose between us, bubba. That wouldn’t be fair. We can both be your Daddies.”
“Really?” you rasp, voice trembling.
“Yeah, honey.” Steve murmurs, kissing your cheek. “We’ll all be together.”
Your face becomes serious as you gaze at Steve, not even entirely sure that he’s real.
“Do you love me?”
“I do. I love you so much and I was a fool to think that anybody could compare to my sweet baby girl. I’m an idiot.” His voice oozes with sincerity but you’re still not entirely convinced. Casting your eyes downwards, you collapse against his chest with your legs draped over Bucky’s lap.
“Why didja have to go? Hurt me so bad.” you grumble into the material of his sweatshirt and he sways you from side to side in his hold.
“I was an idiot. I’m so sorry baby.”
You’re not quite there yet, but hopefully you’ll be able to let Steve back in one day.
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a-drought-of-thoughts · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That's it guys. We've cracked it.
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aesthetical-bucky · a year ago
Soft Hearts Beating As One
Pairing: Beefy!Bucky x chubby!reader
Summary: Bucky is inevitably in love with you, and when you ghost him after sharing a passionate first kiss, he’s hurt and makes it his mission to find out why you’re running from him.
Prompt: Bucky and chubby!reader share their first kiss and afterwards reader ghosts him. Days later he hears her talking to Wanda that readers last bf left her after they got more intimate because he obviously found her unattractive after all. And reader doesn’t want this to happen with Bucky but also doesn’t know what to do. Now Bucky’s even more determined to show her he loves her the way she is and won’t let her go as long as she’ll have him.
Word Count: 2.1k
Warnings: insecure reader, soft smut, 18+ only please :)
Authors Notes: This is written for @the-ss-horniest-book-club and just wanted to remind you that your body is perfect and never let anyone, whether it’s a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, a stranger, tell you otherwise!
Thank you so much to @becs-bunker​ for proofreading this for me! I truly appreciate it honey!!! Love you 😘
Tumblr media
Bucky couldn’t understand it. The kiss the two of you shared just a couple of days ago was perfect and full of passion. Bucky didn’t think anything was wrong, he even made sure to brush his teeth with his new toothpaste and eat mints up until the moment, so it couldn’t have been his breath that made you ghost him days later. 
Bucky had a big crush on you since the second he saw you. He thought you were the most gorgeous person he ever laid eyes on. Your curves in all the right places; your hips, your thighs, your butt. He often imagined you riding him during his dreams, his hands on your soft waist as you came undone around him.
He much preferred you to the skinny ladies with fake boobs that often threw themselves at him during Tony’s dumb parties.
You simply didn’t understand why Bucky was so interested in you because you saw the kind of woman who lusted after him and he could have any woman he wanted. But as the days went on, you noticed his presence lingered around you more and more. And eventually, he had opened up to you about having a crush, which you, of course, did reciprocate.
So, that’s why Bucky couldn’t understand your sudden ghosting. The way you would scatter from the room if he entered. Apparently, none of the team knew either. He thought you liked him, and he didn’t remember doing anything wrong during the kiss. 
Bucky was about to enter the kitchen when he heard Wanda and you talking.
“I thought you liked Bucky?”
“Oh, I do, so much. He’s amazing.” You smiled into your coffee, and then your sad thoughts came back.
“So what’s wrong?” Wanda pushed, knowing she could just enter your mind and find out if you weren’t going to say anything. 
“I just. I’m scared. My last boyfriend left me after we had sex for the first time, he clearly found me unattractive and I’m just scared Bucky will do the same. He’ll see my fat on my body and be disgusted with me, or even worse his large frame won’t fit between my thick thighs. Sorry, that’s too much information.” 
“Not at all. This is what girls are for. Come on sweetheart, do you really believe Bucky would do or think that? We’ve all seen the way he looks at you.”
Wanda’s right, Y/N. Listen to her, for the love of God.
Bucky nibbled his thumbnail as he desperately wanted to know your answer. 
“I don’t know what to do. The kiss we shared was amazing, I just can’t help the feeling I’m not good enough.” You said sadly and Bucky heard enough. 
You and Wanda left the compound for a few hours after your talk, to go girl shopping for some new lingerie and clothes. It was just so nice to be carefree and away from it all. 
This gave Bucky plenty of time to muster up his plan and put it into action. He had stopped by the flower shop and picked the biggest bunch of scented red roses. Bucky sprinkled rose petals on your duvet and put a bottle of champagne in ice on your table next to the bed. 
You returned to the compound a few hours later as it started getting dark outside. You bid goodnight to Wanda and decided on relaxing with a rom-com movie in bed and some chocolate. 
There was a soft glow under your door, but you thought maybe you had left a lamp on and thought nothing of it when you opened the door and slipped inside your room. You sighed as you kicked your shoes off and lowered your bags on the floor. 
You turned around and froze. Bucky was semi-naked on your bed with a rose between his lips. Soft music started playing in the background and the light you saw from the hallway, was actually a couple of candles flickering. The shadows danced on the ceiling and you stood there with your mouth gaped open. 
“Hi, doll.” He grinned as he removed the rose and put it to the side. His broad chest on inviting you to stare as he stalked towards you. Bucky stood in front of you, his hands on your waist and he pulled you closer. 
“Hi, Bucky,” you whispered back, confused by what all this was about. It was like he had the power to read your mind. Because, before you could ask him, he spoke.
“I just need you to know doll, that I absolutely love everything about you. You’re perfect, there’s nothing I’d change about you. And I kinda eavesdropped the other day, please believe me when I tell you I’d never dream of walking out on you because I’m nothing like that asshole. I wouldn’t do that to you. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, you have a beating heart, and it’s full of gold, a fantastic personality and there’s never a day that goes by where you don’t make me smile or laugh. I love you Y/N, and I want to show you how serious I am.”
Tears welled up in your eyes and fell when you blinked. Those were the words you longed to hear when you were with your ex-boyfriend. And Bucky is right, he’s nothing like your ex. Bucky is more respectful and the more you thought about it; you never once heard a negative comment from him about your weight. 
“I love you too, Buck. And I’m sorry for feeling so scared.” You said after a few moments. 
“Don’t be scared, baby. I promise I won’t let anything happen to you.” He grabbed your hands and pulled you gently to the bed. 
Bucky slowly pushed you down on the soft mattress and tentatively lifted your shirt over your head. Your first instinct was to cover your chest and your arms wrapped around yourself. A lump formed in your throat and you were relieved the lights were off since the candles didn’t give you too much light. But Bucky wasn’t having that, he pried your arms and interlaced his fingers with yours and held them above your head. Bucky kissed down your neck to your collarbone, where he nipped the sensitive skin. 
A soft and quiet moan, only audible to Bucky thanks to his enhanced hearing, left your parted lips. 
“That’s it, baby. Let me hear your pretty little sounds. I’ll make you feel good, I promise.” He wiggled his fingers free from yours and reached round your back to unclasp your bra. Your natural big breasts bounced from being free and Bucky moaned at the sight of them. 
“Absolutely perfect.” He moaned, running his tongue over your nipple and gently grazing it with his teeth. The sensation caused you to arch your back and moan as your hands trailed in his hair. 
Bucky spent a couple of minutes on each breast, giving each one his undivided attention. He slowly kissed down between the valley of your breasts and towards your hips. Bucky nipped the sensitive skin as he unbuttoned your jeans and pulled the zipper down. Bucky hooked his thumbs on either side of the waistband and pulled them down your thick thighs along with your underwear. You were mildly aware that your pubic mound was a bit larger than most women’s, and you worried about what Bucky would think of it. 
“I’m sorr-”
“Shh. It’s perfect, doll. You’re perfect. There’s more to lick here.” His words made you tingle and you rested your head back and closed your eyes. 
Bucky teased your lips with the tip of his tongue. Your thighs were held open by his large hands and you lifted your hips for more. 
Before you could whine about it, Bucky’s tongue slithered through your wet folds and licked up and down on your sensitive, tingling clit. You moaned loudly, your hands tugging his hair harshly and he groaned against you, signaling he liked it. Bucky shook his head side to side and you became a moaning, withering mess. 
You felt the familiar warmth in your lower belly and you panted. 
“Bucky- fuck, I’m gonna cum!” You moaned as he sped up, groaning. His voice vibrated against your core and you were done for. You came hard over his tongue and you felt like you were teleported into a whole new world. Bucky licked you clean, taking every little thing that leaked out from you.
Bucky sat up and licked his lips with a grin. 
“Doll, hope you know I’m gonna do that every single day. The most delicious pussy I’ve ever eaten, and I haven’t had many.” He chuckled and you blushed, biting your lip. 
Bucky rid himself of the rest of his clothes and climbed on top of you. His hard length poking your inner thigh and you sighed. 
“Do you want me?” He asked, massaging your inner thighs with his hands. 
“Yes, I do, so much.” You answered honestly. 
Bucky moaned as his hard cock slid between your folds and poked your entrance. 
“Are you ready baby?” He groaned, feeling your walls clenching just from his close proximity. He knows you’re going to be the death of him someday. 
“I’m ready, Buck. Fill me up.” Bucky growled from your words and slowly, pushed himself in, eliciting a loud moan from you both simultaneously. Your walls immediately strangled his hard cock and his head was thrown back, chanting your name as he kept going, inch by inch until his balls rested against your butt. 
“Fuck, baby!” Bucky moaned out, thrusting at a comfortable pace that had you clenching and unclenching around him. Every vein of his cock dragged against your walls and his tip poked your sweet spot every time. 
Bucky hooked your legs around his forearms and he was able to go deeper than he’s ever gone with a woman. Bucky felt all of you and he loved it. Your soft, warm and rigidity walls sucked him out and were reluctant to let him go. 
Bucky’s intention was to make love to you, to show you how much he loved you. But the way you felt, he was having a hard time controlling his movements. 
“Bucky! I want you to cum inside me!” You moaned as you felt his shaft swell. 
“Doll-!” Bucky flicked his thumb over your clit and you clenched so hard Bucky was unable to move in and out freely. 
The warm feeling was back in your lower belly and you couldn’t hold it any longer. You needed the release, you wanted to cum over him. 
“Cum for me baby.” A rush of euphoria washed over you as you came hard. Bucky moaned and growled all at the same time as he thrusted harder, chasing his own orgasm. With a few hard thrusts, his sticky mess painted your insides and you both sighed as he rode out your orgasmic bliss. “You’re the best I’ve ever had.” He said, capturing your lips in a passionate kiss. 
“You’re the best I’ve been with too.” You whined at the loss when Bucky pulled out and rolled beside you. He pulled you close to his body and wrapped his arms protectively around you. Your head rested on his chest and under his chin. 
“I’m never letting you go, doll. I’m yours for as long as you’ll have me.” He kissed the top of your head and you looked up. 
“I’m yours too. Thank you for making me feel loved, Buck.”
Bucky chuckled and you smiled.
“You say that like we’re only gonna do it once baby. I’m gonna make love to you the whole night.” 
“So what are you waiting for?” You asked with a cheeky grin. Bucky peeked down and poked his half-hard cock. 
“Him.” He said and ah-ha’d when it finally stood up proudly. 
This was going to be the longest night of your life. And Bucky made sure you were happy and loved. 
He loved you so much and you loved him. Nothing could keep you apart because in the end, soft hearts beat as one.
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bokutospup · 3 years ago
Safe House
Tumblr media
AN: Y'all, this starts out super angsty but it does get super domestic and fluffy in the second half, I promise. This is also me being selfish and letting myself write a story with pups. 
When a mission goes south, you make it a personal mission to make your boyfriend Bucky Barnes see the light at the end of the tunnel by taking him to your safe house. 
words; 3505
Your hand reached across the granite countertop in the Avengers compound to reach your ringing phone that was ringing only a foot away. You shoved a mouthful of Cinnamon Toast Crunch into your mouth and shoved your recent mission reports away as you glance at who had been calling you. 
Steve Rogers. 
Your brows furrowed in confusion and you glanced over to the calendar taped to the fridge— Wanda, Bucky, and Steve weren’t due back for another three days from their mission, so as a result, your heartbeat picked up in anticipation. You slid your finger across the screen and were met with the sound of raspy breathing on the other line. 
“Steve?” You asked, mouth still full with your breakfast. You and he had gotten close since you had joined, and had grown even closer since you had begun your relationship with Bucky— so formalities weren’t too much of a concern for you both. 
“Y/N,” he began. His voice was laced with pain, and the effort of which he spoke sent chills run down your spine. “The mission didn’t go to plan, and we’re on our way home. I’m just calling you to tell you—“ His voice cut off as if he was looking around him for anyone that could be listening. 
“To tell you that Bucky is going to be blaming himself for this one. I don’t want to tell you what happened over the phone, but we found some things out that could mean bigger things for us.” Your eyelids fluttered closed and your fingers came to rest delicately on your forehead. You welcomed their cold touch as they calmed your suddenly feverish skin. 
“Get home soon, Stevie. I’ll be here for him.”
It was another day before the party was home, and the hours in waiting passed so slow it was almost painful. You tried to busy yourself with spending time in the lab and face timing an old professor to discuss new outfit designs. You tried to busy yourself in the gym with Natasha and posing yourself harder than you had before. When the treadmill under your feet seemed to cling to the bottom of your favorite sneakers and throw you off, Nat had run up to you and told you to go take some time for yourself in your apartment. So, you busied yourself with meal prep and cleaning and organizing your bookshelf full of your university textbooks alphabetically. You almost sighed with relief when FRIDAY announced the arrival of the party and you rushed across the compound to the arrival dock, waiting with bated breath. 
First, Wanda came out looking vaguely shaken, but alive nonetheless with someone who looked vaguely familiar in tow— you would find out later that it was the General of the Dora Milaje, Okoye and a more familiar face T’Challa. You bowed your head in greeting and hugged Wanda tenderly in greeting. She let a sharp breath of pain when you put pressure on her ribs and she was quickly winked off to the medical bay. 
Steve followed with Bucky under his arm in some form of comfort. There was a large gash on Steve’s face parallel to his beard line and your heart broke when you noticed both men stepping gingerly and favoring one leg over the other. You nodded at Steve when he got close enough to you, and you wrapped your arms around Bucky’s waist in greeting. His own arms didn’t wrap around you, and you sighed in sorrow. He always denied himself of your touch whenever he was hurting and you guided him through the halls towards his own compound apartment. You knew he would be more comfortable in his own surroundings, and when you got to his door, he slumped against the wall as your hands fished through his pockets for his key card. 
“Darling, please look at me.” You whispered once you had found it and pressed it to the identification keypad. The door opened and you pulled him in, not turning away from him, but holding both hands in your own gently. When he had managed to unlatch his gaze from some spot behind you to look down at you, you felt a lump rise in your throat. His eyes were filled with unshed tears and anger at himself. Your hand came to rest on his scruffy cheeks and you swiped your thumbs underneath his eyes, smoothing the bags that had swollen under his eyes and providing some sort of temporary relief against the pressure he felt in his face. Still, his hands rested at his sides, and you leaned up to press your lips against his softly not expecting him to move against you but nevertheless providing him with the love and comfort you knew he deserved. 
You undid all of the belts and buckles that kept his suit where it was supposed to be and pulled his jacket off, revealing bruises and scrapes that had managed to get past the vibranium sewn material. You hadn’t known that there was a weapon in existence that could tear through the material, so when you saw those scrapes you knew that the mission had truly gone south. You moved to his zipper, next and your hands ghosted the line below his navel in a way that would often make him gasp. He had yet to break eye contact with you, and when he let a few tears trace the lines of guilt on his face, you kissed them away softly. 
You pushed his pants down and instructed him to kick them off of his ankles and he did so slowly— making sure he favored his right leg which sported a huge bruise that dominated the lower portion of his thigh and turned his knee a putrid green color. 
“Oh, my love.” You whispered, tracing your hands over every scratch and bruise and watching them melt away under your touch. He sighed in relief and when you hugged him close, he let out one sob into the crook of your neck. You pulled him to the bed in the middle of the room and collapsed on it pulling him with you and settling him between your legs. You pulled the sheets over you both, and he nuzzled his face into the fabric of your sweater to take in your comforting scent and to feel your human heartbeat against his ear. 
Bucky fell asleep within seconds with tear tracks staining his face. 
The next morning, you woke up with the weight of a super soldier on your chest. His arms had circled around your waist, and he held you close to him in his sleep in a grip that could have been bruising if you didn’t have the regeneration skills you did. 
Without opening your eyes, your arms circled around him and began tracing the sinewy muscles of his back. At your featherlight touch, he began to stir and purr in reaction to your touch on his naked skin. He loved the moments after waking up with you that made him feel untouchable by the world. The only things that mattered in those moments were your touch and your warmth and the softness of the white sheets that cocooned you in a safe bubble that was impenetrable by the rest of the world. 
Soon, however, the events of yesterday washed over his foggy mind and he groaned against the skin of your neck. He had managed to pull your sweater neckline far enough to the side where he was able to rest his soft lips and nose against the softness of your skin right over your pulse. 
“Good morning, Baby.” You hummed as you began to feel him stir. He only grunted against you and let his arms circle tighter around your waist, making you gasp in protest. 
“Okay, Superman.” You huffed, arching your back into him to try to make some room for your lungs to expand. “Time to get up, I have some plans for us today.” He whimpered at your news and rolled over so that you rested on him. 
“No.” He grunted— the first word he had spoken to you in a whole week. You wriggled in his grasp and you heard his metal hand whir against your skin as his fingertips pressed into your skin in protest. Realizing you would have to actually use your powers against him, you sighed and kissed him softly on the mouth before using your super strength to free yourself. 
When you got up from the bed you turned to see him reaching for you pathetically. He made a noise of discontent in the back of his throat and you rolled your eyes. This move had worked on you countless times before, but since you knew this was a way he used you to hide from the world you built up an immediate immunity against his blue puppy-dog eyes. 
“No, James. You don’t get to hide from the world when things don’t go to plan. Get ready, I’m leaving with you in ten minutes no matter how you look.” You said, walking out of his room without looking back and closing the door while he let out a loud and exhausted groan. 
He came out to the kitchen soon after dressed in blue track pants and a black hoodie with his long hair tied into a bun at the base of his neck. You had been chatting idly with Wanda and Okoye— discussing the mission that had gone so sour without truly paying attention. You had been too busy healing Wanda’s ribs to pay much attention to anything else, but when Bucky walked in, your concentration faltered. He had never failed to be the center of your attention since the day you had met. 
You pulled away from Wanda, leaving her with a dull ache rather than unmovable pain and asked over to your beautiful yet tired looking boyfriend. As you got close enough to see the look in his eyes the tightness in your chest eased a little when you only saw a dull sadness rather than fiery guilt. You walked into his warm embrace and kissed him feverishly on the mouth, ignoring the groans from Tony and Clint at your public affection. 
“We’re going out for a few hours, we’ll see you later.” You said over your shoulder as you lead him to the parking garage and over to your humble 1998 Subaru. He climbed in the passenger side and waited for you to start the car before he opened his mouth. 
“I can’t do anything public today, babe. Please.” His voice sounded broken, and you looked over at him and smiled softly. You shifted the gears of the standard car as you left the parking lot. 
“We’re just going to my parent's house for dinner. No biggie.” You said, pulling the shift stick closer to you and watching his face relax. He had met your parents a few months ago, and you both tried to get back to your childhood home as often as you could just to escape from the life of a superhero for a few hours. Your parents were cautious about him at first, as any protective parents would be, but once they both saw the way Bucky seemed to treat you the same way a sunflower treated the sun they accepted him into their lives with open arms. 
The drive was spent talking about anything that came to mind; from the unrelenting snow that had plagued New York for the first few weeks of spring to the recent instalment of the Star Wars franchise (Bucky had decided he liked the second movie of the prequels the most, not because it was good by any stretch of the imagination, but because he thought Natalie Portman looked really good in the white outfit). It wasn’t too long until you pulled into the cookie cutter suburb home that you had grown up in and clambered out of the car, walking up the recently shoveled pathway and knocking softly on the door. Your knock was almost immediately responded with various tones of barks and the voice of your father trying to get his way through the mass of dogs you knew would be on the other side. 
When he opened the door, you and Bucky were almost immediately ambushed by five dogs. Lucy, the largest and Bucky’s personal favorite bounded forward and jumped on him— she was tall enough to reach his face and drowned him in her Newfoundland dog drool. The skinniest one, a greyhound mutt named Worm wiggled at Bucky’s feet in pure excitement. You smiled as you own pup, a golden retriever-pit bull mix sat at your feet and bunny hopped towards you in excitement. You bent down and he curled into your open legs, smiling up at you with his wide mouth. 
“Sid, oh my love. I missed you.” You crooned into his fur and his thin tail wagged harder against your thigh making you wince as it hit you faster than a bullet. “Jesus, man. You’re gonna break your tail one day if you don’t calm down.” You smile as he only wiggles more at the joy in your voice. 
“Well, if it isn’t the White Wolf and Poder Rojo herself?” Your dad smiled down at you where you crouched and you smiled back at him, showing off the matching smiles and crows feet. You were young, but you had inherited your father's smile lines at a young age. You got up and hugged your father tightly, and smiled softly as you watched him and Bucky shake hands fondly. 
Your mother soon joined you, another two dogs at her heels. You noticed they both had matching cones, and after asking she had replied that there was a rather unfortunate run-in with a certain porcupine. They had to have surgery to get the needles out, and since they kept trying to clean themselves of the ointment that had to be applied, your mother had shoved them into the Cones of Shame. 
You pulled Bucky into your home and took seats at the dinner table to watch your mother butter around as dinner cooked in the oven. You had called ahead of time, of course, and when she heard that Bucky wasn’t having the best time she promised to pull out all of the stops. She had made her famous lasagna, and even baked fresh bread to go with it— the smell of the warm bread made Bucky’s stomach rumble softly and you smiled over at him as you heard it. A  faint blush dusted his cheeks as you heard and you winked playfully, doing everything in your power to make the blush more intense. You leaned over the table and kissed him noisily on the cheek before running around the island to help your mother with the cleanup. 
When she was sure that Buck was fully distracted by your father, she turned to you and handed you a dry cloth to wipe the crumbs from the counter around the toaster. 
“Is he okay?” She whispered. You looked over at him, and seemingly noticing the action he made eye contact with you and the corners of his lips turned up slightly. You turned back to your mum. 
“There was a mission that went south recently, and I just figured that he needed to get away from the compound for a minute.” You replied, leaning against the counter and watching her check the temperature of the food. 
“You guys are really good for each other, you know.” She smiled at you. 
You looked over again and dropped your eyes into a wink when Bucky once again looked over at you. “I know.”
Supper came an went with minimal issues (“Y/N, stop feeding Churro your food please.” “I’m not the only one doing it!” “Babe, you cant rat me out like that to your parents!”), and soon you and Bucky stood side by side over the sink. You were washing the plates and other dishes from dinner, and you handed them to Bucky who dried them. It was a quiet affair, and you hummed softly to yourself as Bucky leaned into you subconsciously, his metal arm whirring softly as he brushed the dishes gently with an old dish rag. You scooped a handful of bubbles and placed it on his cheek and he laughed loudly— the homemade food making his stomach warm and shoulders relax— before leaning down and rubbing his face against yours. Soon, you were in a full-blown bubble and water war, and you swore to ever God that was out there that his laugh was the best sound in the world. 
You squealed when you slipped on a patch of water and bubbles and you didn’t even have time to think about hitting the ground before Bucky’s strong arms wrapped around you securely. He was holding you in a dipping position and he leaned down to kiss you softly before swinging you up to sit on the faux granite countertop. You watched as your boyfriend began cleaning up the mess you had both made and took note of the way the wet spots on his white undershirt became slightly see-through, making the scars on his body apparent. You felt an element of warmth pool in your tummy, as you had always found his damaged body to be rough and attractive, and you knew that he knew you felt this way— you had shown him multiple times. 
You hadn’t realized you were staring until his hands came to rest on your knees, and pushed them apart far enough for him to step between them. You blinked rapidly, and his now warm blue eyes looked up at you. 
“Your mom’s right, you know.” He mumbled, kissing your collarbone lightly. You sighed contently and angled your head to expose more space of your neck for his lips to find a home. You hummed as his lips trailed over your throat and he kissed your chin before pulling away slightly. 
“What d’you mean?” You slurred, your voice slow and heavy with affection. 
“You’re good for me. I would have stayed in my room for the rest of the week if it weren’t for you.” He nuzzled his nose into the warmth of your neck and you hummed happily. Your hands came to wrap around his neck and tangle in his hair at the base of his neck gently. He let out a breathy laugh when Lucy leaned against the back of his legs and pushed him closer to you. You laughed and looked at him to stare down at the large dog who looked as if she was smiling up at you. 
“Well, Mr. Barnes. You make me want to be better for you.” You hummed and scraped your nails against his scalp, eliciting a delicious groan from his throat. 
“I love you, Doll.” He whispered, lips brushing your neck and making your skin erupt in goosebumps. 
“I love you so much more, James.”
“If you two are done making out on our counter, there’s a Star Wars marathon on Space TV if you want to join us.” Your dad piped up from the entryway. You and Bucky jumped away from each other and blushed heavily. Bucky coughed into his elbow nervously and looked down at his toes, too embarrassed to look your father in the face. You, however, ignored the hot blush on your cheeks and glared at your dad. 
“We were having a moment, father dearest.” You grunted over at him and he laughed in response, pointing a finger at you. 
“I don’t care. Also, get off the counter— counters are for glasses not asses.” He said over his shoulder as he left to join your mom once again in the living room. 
“Good one, dad! Where’d you get that one? The back of a cereal box?” You yelled at him and laughed when you saw his hand pop from around the corner to give you the middle finger. Bucky laughed when he saw it and held his hand out to you. You reached out to grip his metal on your own and hopped off the counter, pulling him close to you and snuggling into the warmth of his embrace. 
“Let’s go watch Star Wars with your parents for the 65th time.” His chest rumbled against your ear as he spoke and you let out an amused breath from your nose before kissing his lips softly. 
“I love you, Buck.”
“I love you, Bear.”
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sinner-as-saint · a year ago
(see now i’m over thinking it and thinking it’s gonna be shitty but whatever. gotta shoot my shot) ah fuck it here’s the HC i was the thinking of. a needy and whiny bucky that’s like saying please way too much and it’s almost hot and it’s just 🥺
Lucky for you, I like the idea of a whiny, needy Bucky
Tumblr media
okay but can you imagine; the big, mean and muscular Bucky being whiny and needy all the time and being all polite and adorable each time he wants something from you? 
The soft look in his baby blue eyes
the slight pout on his pink lips
and how he pulls you on his lap and looks up softly at you; needy for your attention and your touch
and he wouldn’t say anything, he’d just push his face into your neck and whine
And he'd inhale your scent and mumble something against your skin
You'd giggle and pull his face away from you
"What do you want, you big baby?" you'd ask, looking down into his deep blue eyes
"You," he'd hide his desires behind that innocent face, adding a gentle "I need you, baby. Please."
You'd smile and give him whatever he wanted
Can you imagine him casually walking into your room and throwing himself on your bed carelessly while you're sat there, reading
And he'd just lay there and whine like a child until you paid attention to him
"Baby!" he'd whine, dragging out the nickname
"What is it?"
"Buck, what is it?"
"I want you." he reply finally, pouting a little and giving you puppy dog eyes.
And you'd drop everything and give your needy boyfriend all the attention he needs
Imagine him moaning quietly as he leans into your touch while you slide your hand in his hair because he loves it so much
And whimpering with need when you kiss him deeply
Or perhaps he'd ask for the kiss, with a slight pout and while staring at your lips
"Kiss me," he say in a hoarse whisper, "please" he'd add and lick his lips mindlessly
He'd be breathless after the kiss, keeping his forehead pressed against yours while he catches his breath, eyes closed just waiting for you to tell him what to do or simply just waiting for you to love him
And you would each time
Needless to say, he usually liked having you on top; riding him while he begs for more, or whines as you set the pace
OKAY but can you imagine his little whimpers and moans as you take his cock perfectly
Or how he'd throw his head back and moan, eyes shut as he feels a warm and tingly sensation rush all over him
He was strong, and it wouldn't cost him anything to just flip you around and fuck you however he'd like
But that's not who he was around you
He was a mean soldier to the world, but to you he was always more submissive and soft and needy, very needy
BUT can you imagine how shy and slightly hesitant he'd be each time he wants something?
He'd open his mouth but shut it again
And you'd notice and you'd grab his chin gently and slowly tilt his head so he's looking into your eyes
"What do you want, baby? Tell me."
"I... I just wanna feel you." he'd tell you softly, voice barely above a whisper
You'd smile and know just what he needs, but you'd still ask because you liked how he'd blush
"Need me to keep your cock warm? Is that what you want?"
OKAY but can you imagine him biting on his lip while he nods, blushing and almost whining with need again because that sounds perfect
That's exactly what he needed
I bet he'd whine each time you'd tease him; holding your hips still right when you know he's about to cum
And he'd peel his eyes open and look up at you, pleading "Baby, please... Can I cum?" he'd ask
He'd accidentally moan in between each word because he's just so sensitive and you feel so good around him
And you'd smirk and lean down to kiss him, telling him yes, he can
And sometimes he would thrust his hips up into you gently, repeating his actions until he came undone
Or other times he would flip the two of you around and fuck you hard into the bed or the couch while chasing his orgasm
He'd always have his face pushed into the crook of your neck while moans and whimpers as quietly as he can
And he'd just lay there, in your arms while you both came down from the high
And maybe he stays like that for you to cuddle him afterwards, and play with his hair because he likes that a lot
"I got stuff to do baby, you have to let me go" you'd try to get away from him, but he'd just use his strength and tighten his grip around your waist
"No, stay." he'd whisper against your skin, "please."
And you'd smile and stay with him for a long as he wanted you to; snuggling up to him and enjoying the warmth of his embrace
"I love you"
"I love you more"
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em-imagines · 3 months ago
okay a drabble?
bucky x mom!reader where reader's daughter calls bucky dad for the first time and they have a super soft moment and bucky takes on the dad role and picks her up from school and everything
i hope this is okay!
family additions (bb imagine)
Word Count: ~650
Tags: Mom!Reader
“Hey, sweetheart,” you crouched down to get on eye level with your daughter Rosie, “How would you feel about Bucky picking you up from school today? He can take you to Baskin Robbins!”
“No way, really!” She buzzed with excitement and darted over to Bucky to give him a leg hug, her small form barely reaching his waist, “Yes please!”
Bucky met your eye with a grin and soft eyes, and you mirrored it back.
You’d been working on a lot of small steps to integrate Bucky into your family slowly. You knew how upset kids could get when parents’ new partners were forced on them. And it was way too important for Rosie to like Bucky for you to risk anything.
You were working your way up bit by bit, going on dinners and walks together but making sure that the majority of your time with your daughter was without Bucky. You didn’t want her to feel replaced or demoted in your life— not that she ever could be.
But she was taking to Bucky fabulously, and you could tell how touched he was at that. You remembered the night before you introduced them, him spooning you in bed and whispering softly his biggest fear: “She’s going to be so scared of me.”
You had turned around immediately and taken his already wet face in your hands, assuring him she absolutely would not. And she hadn’t, even for a moment. In fact, she had curiously asked about his gloves and excitedly begged him to show her his hands. She’d marvelled at the metal arm with big wide eyes, and asked if she could tell her friends. He looked at you with wide, surprised eyes from such a reaction. You’d only laughed and gave him a reassuring smile. After that, she actually requested that he be invited to things.
But now you were working on the first steps of getting them to spend alone time together without you. Part of you was nervous, but you trusted them to bond well. They were both amazing, and you trusted their ability to recognize each other as amazing people, too.
Snap back to now, and you could tell Bucky was elated at her response. You gave him a thumbs up out of her eyesight.
“Can I get a double scoop!?”
“Only if you’re good at school, kiddo,” he leaned down to meet her eyes and not-so-whispered, “Otherwise you’ll get three scoops,” he winked at her.
Rosie grinned and turned back to you, shocked, “Really?!”
“No! Not really,” you argued, grabbing Rosie’s backpack off the kitchen counter and helping it onto her, “He’s being a punk. And a liar, because we both know he likes you too much to not give you a triple scoop either way.”
Bucky chuckled, and Rosie “boo-yah”ed.
“Alright, well, have a lovely day at school sweetheart,” you too her lunchbox from Bucky’s fingers and handed it over, “And let Miss Patty know you won’t be riding the bus back home after school.”
“Okay, Mommy.”
You stood up and opened the front door, already seeing the bus pulling up from down the street.
“Alright, baby, gimme a hug,” you scooped her up into your arms and she squeezed back as hard as her little body could, “I love you 3000, Ros.”
“Love you, too!”
The bus came to a stop and she pulled away from your arms, “Bye Mommy! Bye Daddy!” And she ran off down the pathway.
You froze, your eyes flickering to Bucky who was now standing beside you.
“Babe, did you...?”
You watched your little girl climb onto the bus and give you one last wave. You both managed through your surprise to wave again and close the door.
When you met Bucky’s eyes finally, you say he was crying.
You grinned and took his hand, “Looks like we’re making more progress than we thought, baby.”
He fought back his tears with a watery smile and squeezed your hand, “Yeah. We are, aren’t we?”
~~~ send me bucky headcanons/drabbles/etc ~~~
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bokutospup · 3 years ago
You Don’t Have to be Alone
Tumblr media
Modern!AU, bucky x reader
Warnings: ptsd, angst, fluff, best friend to lovers trope, use of the word r@tard
words: 3.8
In which Bucky Barnes, a soldier who lost his arm on a peacekeeping mission overseas in Syria is having issues adjusting to being a disabled man in modern times. You, Barnes’ best friend since childhood, take it upon yourself to help him the best you can
With arms full of groceries that Bucky Barnes wouldn’t buy for himself, she huffed up the outside stairs to his upper-level apartment that may as well have been both of their homes. She came to his door and kicked it in an attempt to knock, waiting for a bit before letting her head fall back and groaning loudly in annoyance. 
“Buckyyyyy.” She yelled, kicking the door again and wincing when the heavy plastic bags dug into her forearms. “Open the door, James!” She waited a few seconds more and leaned her head against the numbers on the door, hitting it against the brass ’31’ repeatedly. Finally realizing that she wouldn’t get her way by being polite, she dropped all of the bags onto the welcome mat (ironic) and reached up to skirt her fingers over the doorframe, kicking the pot, and even going so far as to knock on the neighbours door to ask if they had a key. You eventually found one under the welcome mat and groceries and after five minutes of purely struggling with life, she was able to open the doors and bring the groceries in. 
“Buck, that so wasn’t cool. The hottie that lives down the way was openly staring and— oh my god, James.” She had come to the apartment today with all the intentions of treating him like she would before his mission trip to Syria, but seeing him curled up on the floor of the kitchen with his hand tugging hard at the hair that had grown out had her stopping dead in her tracks. 
“Leave me alone, Y/N, please. I don’t want you to see me like this.” He sobbed quietly, misreading her silence for disgust. Instead of following his order, she dropped all of the bags on the floor (all of the bread was smashed and all of the eggs were broken) and dropped to her knees in front of him, crawling into his lap and pulling his head into the crook of her neck. He had weakly tried to push her away, but she had been so affectionate her whole life with him that he knew it wouldn’t do any good. 
“I’ve seen you shit yourself when you were drunk, this is nothing.” She cooed into his hair while she guided his right hand to wrap around her waist. “Amputee Bucky has nothing on Shit Bucky.” He let out a sobbing laugh against her neck and hugged her tighter to him. It was another half an hour on Bucky’s kitchen floor in his lap until his cries settled down, and he sighed into her neck. 
“Things are never gonna be the same again, huh?” He mumbled into her neck, lips ghosting over the skin as he spoke and hiccuping another tiny cry. He hadn’t realized what he had until it was all literally blown to bits. He missed their movie nights where they would laugh themselves to sleep, and he missed the nights he would be able to sleep without seeing the bloody body of a child half under a collapsed building or seeing his buddies be mowed down by the enemy. He missed the days with Y/N where he wasn’t plagued with phantom pain and with visions of the car bomb that had taken him out. He hated the idea of them not being able to go to New Years or July 4th parties because they would be too loud, and the fireworks would throw him into a blind, feral panic. He hated the idea of not being able to hold his best friend the way she deserved to be held, and he hated that she genuinely didn’t care about any of that. 
She promised to take him Upstate to one of her uncle's cabins for a quiet New Years and Independence Day (Steve and Natasha would be there, with their dogs). She promised to forgo the action movies for quiet indie films and nature documentaries on their movie nights and would buy bags of popcorn instead of popping them in her microwave because the sound made him twitchy. She would rub oils into his shoulder, and change his bandages, and hold him for an hour on his kitchen floor because the pain was just too much. He hated that she was so kind and loving and he hated that she genuinely couldn’t care less about his trauma and disability. 
“Things don’t need to be the same for them to be good, James.” She crooned, pulling back and wiping his tears with her sweater sleeves and smiling softly at him. He searched for any disdain, or disgust at his red eyes and swollen skin, but all he saw was affection and love for her best friend. 
“I’m gonna keep you safe, James. If it’s the last thing I’ll do.”
“You’re too good for me.” He sighed, leaning back against the cupboards. She pulled herself to stand and held out her left hand to help him up. He accepted her hand and she pulled him to his feet with surprising strength. 
“I’ve always been too good for you, Barnes.” She smirked, shoving him lightly and motioning to the mess she had made moments before. “Now help me clean this up, there’s milk everywhere.”
“Yes, Ma’am.”
It had been a few months since he had come home, and you were curled up under Bucky’s covers and watching him putter around his room to get ready for a date he had asked you to step up for him. His therapist, Sam Wilson, had suggested that reintegrating himself back into the world slowly would benefit him most. At first, it was Y/N taking him to the dog park with Nat’s dogs and talking to other dog owners there— it had taken him a while to not have an anxiety attack when they asked him about his arm, but with Y/N by his side he eventually was about to say the sentence ‘I was a peacekeeper in Syria’, without shaking for hours afterwards. 
Then, it was stopping by a Starbucks on the way tot he dog park. At first, the noise from the espresso machine made him want to wait in the car and count his breaths until she came back with his too-sweet coffee. Then, it was her coaxing him slowly in as if he was a small child and letting him feed Rocko the Pup Cup. Then it was her nudging him before her in the line and having him order for them both— the fourth time he did so, he only stuttered twice and Y/N found herself beaming with pride. 
Then, it was him peaking over Y/N’s shoulder as she scrolled through Instagram and watching her comment on one of her coworkers (Marlene) pictures with too many heart emoji’s. He had asked who she was, and after answering all of his questions, she asked if it would be alright if she could set them up together— Y/N’s coworker had had a crush on Bucky for some time now, and she could swear Bucky was actually jittery with excitement. 
Since Marlene was aware of Bucky’s situation, she had offered to pick him up and take him to the Keg for a good steak and even better company. Bucky’s heart had swelled at the offer, and he promised to pay for her meal in kind. Marlene had texted him that she would be at his place in five minutes about two minutes ago, and it wasn’t until the clock was counting down that Bucky found himself growing red with anger because goddamnit, he couldn’t tie his damn tie, damnit. 
Y/N watched him huff to himself for a few pitiful seconds before she was up and walking towards him with a smile. She strolled up behind him wearing his regiment sweatshirt and his favorite grey sweats— he had always thought she looked better than him in his clothing. She turned him around by his broad shoulders and snatched the tie that was hanging lumpy around his neck. 
“Need any help, Jimmy?” She smiled and laughed when he rolled his eyes hard at the nickname he hated so much. 
“That would be nice,” he sighed, knowing he would never be able to tie his own tie tonight. She only shook her head, a small and fond smile on her lips as he walked her through the Windsor knot. 
“Okay, and now pull it up to the collar.” He instructed and she pulled it gently up his chest and letting the knot rest at his throat. He tried to ignore the way his skin flushed when her fingers brushed his skin as she fixed the collar of his dress shirt and brushed his shirt flat. She spun him around to face himself in the mirror and for the first time since before his tour, he found himself really liking what he saw. His long, thick legs were hugged tightly by his black slacks and his slim waist was adorned with a brown belt where his maroon dress shirt was tucked in. The black-tie suited the whole get up, and when Y/N pulled his long hair into a bun at the nape of his neck, he barely even recognized himself. 
“Well, Mr. Barnes,” Y/N smiled from around his shoulder up at him and he smiled at himself in the mirror. “You are looking like a damn snack if I do say so myself.”
He flushed just as red as his shirt and his gaze flicked down to his smiling partner in crime. Just as he was about to open his mouth to thank her, there was aloud, rapping knock at the door and Y/N almost began to vibrate with excitement. She ran ahead of Bucky who was hot on her heels and she ripped open the door to see a nervous looking Marlene on the other side. She looked as if she was going to piss herself and pass out, and the flowers she was holding in her hands were shaking in time with her hands. 
“I um— these are for you, James.” She smiled, handing the tulips and sunflowers to him. He took them and blushing rushed to find a glass to put it in. Y/N not even thinking invited Marlene to step in and her heart dropped to her stomach when Marlene’s nervous expression turned to one of disgust. Bucky hadn’t yet been able to figure out how to clean everything properly without his left arm and best friend, so the floor and most of the shelves and tables looked rather dusty and unkempt. There were pillows strewn across the room, and a mess of both Y/N and James’ clothing was strewn across every hair, couch and flat surface. The kitchen had still been filled with bread that hadn’t been tied back up in the bag, and there was an impressive pile of dishes still in the sink. 
Before Y/N could think of something to say about the mess, Bucky tripped around the corner while trying to shove a polished dress shoe onto his foot. He took Marlene’s hand and began to lead her out of the apartment after kissing the crown of Y/N’s head in goodbye. 
Y/N turned, and scanning the empty apartment, put on her music and began to clean. 
Bucky had come back only an hour later with the slam of a door. It made Y/N jump out of her skin and turn just in time to see Bucky storm through the apartment to the bedroom door, slamming it behind him and screaming at it. It took Y/N a few shaking breaths to steel herself before flying to the door and ripping it open to find Bucky throwing his mirror stand across the room. His tie was long discarded, and his hair was loose from his bun, flying around his face wildly and pairing quite well with the destroyed snarl on his face. Y/N dodged a full water bottle that had been thrown at the wall beside her, and she thought quickly before calling Bucky’s name. 
“James.” Y/N’s hands were held out in front of her as if she was approaching a dangerous animal and she took a few steps forward. She only hesitated in her movement when Bucky’s feral gaze was turned on her, but instead of hightailing it out of there like her gut told her, she pushed ahead and found herself standing two feet away from her best friend. 
“What happened?” She whispered, not looking from his eyes. They watched her every move with that thousand mile stare that broke her heart, and they only really focussed on her when she placed a hand on his rapidly beating heart. “Jamie. Please, come back to me.” She whispered. 
His face turned from anger to complete heartbreak as he sank onto his bed and pressed his head into her belly. Her hands immediately moved to sink themselves in his hair and she shushed him quietly as he cried into her. His right hand gripped the back of her thigh in a bruising grip, and he pulled her as close to him as he needed. 
“A waiter dropped his tray and dishes went everywhere and I dove under the table because I thought it was a landmine, and I spilled red wine all over her dress and fuck, Y/N.” He rushed out through his bared teeth. The tears leaking from his eyes were beginning to make wet spots on the sweatshirt she wore, but she only pulled him closer. 
“And then she looked so scared of me— she left me in the restaurant and I tried to follow her and explain but she didn’t want to hear anything I had to say.” He cried and Y/N’s own eyes filled with tears of heartbreak for Bucky. 
“I’m so sorry, Buck.” Y/N whimpered and looked down at him. 
“I don’t deserve to be loved.” He whispered. His words echoed loudly in the room despite the volume of his voice and Y/N shook with grief in Bucky’s arm. 
“Don’t you say that, Barnes. You are one of the strongest, most compassionate, emotional men I’ve ever had the honor of meeting. You deserve the world on a golden platter and I’ll be damned if I don’t get that for you.” She said around the lump growing in her throat and pushed him towards the head of the bed. She untied his shoes and threw them across the room before moving to his belt and ridding his person of that too. She then climbed up into the bed beside him and pulled him to her chest, cradling him safely in her arms and letting him cry. 
“Thank you, Y/N. I don’t know why I did to deserve you.” He sighed into her neck, and she hummed as she traced patterns over the warm muscles of his back.
“I’m the least you deserve, Bucky Barnes."
Y/N woke up in Bucky’s bed in the early hours of the morning to a crashing sound in the kitchen followed by a few muttered curses and an empty bed. She moaned lowly, stretching her body and rolling her sore neck before rolling out of bed and wrapping one of the decorative blankets on Bucky’s bed around her shoulders. She shuffled to the kitchen and turned the corner to see Bucky trying his best to clean up the glass of water he had dropped. There was water and glass sprawled across the floor, and Y/N’s heart broke when she heard him cursing himself out and degrading himself for being a ‘retarded asshole’.
Y/N coughed loudly when she heard him say that, and he whipped around to see her glaring at him with tears in her eyes in response to his words. 
“Go back to bed, Y/N.” He grumbled, turning back and picking up the rest of the glass. Y/N was quiet for a few moments until she heard him scoff at the sight of her still standing there. 
“Are you okay? Do you need any help?” She asked, her voice small and tired. What she wasn’t expecting to happen was Bucky clenching the glass hard in his right fist and spinning around to glare at her hard. She winced when she saw the blood from the glass digging into his hand, and almost coward at the mirth and hatred so obvious in the glare that was directed towards her. 
“No, Y/N. I don't. I don’t need you to hover around me constantly, I don’t need you to put my hair into a ponytail, I don’t need your to tie my fucking shoes or do my fucking dishes. What I need you to do is just fucking leave me alone and stop fucking worrying about me!” He screamed, backing her into a corner and pressing his finger hard into her chest. 
“Because you know what, Y/N? I can damn well take care of myself.” He growled, pushing away from her and trying to shake the glass from his hand into the open trash can. Y/N, with tears in her eyes, left the kitchen to go find the first aid kit she had made him keep in his bathroom. She threw the bag onto the counter and leaned her hand against the counter, looking at herself in the mirrors and glaring at her pathetic-looking reflection. 
She could leave him. She could walk out and never return and leave Steve and Natasha to look after him and drive him to his therapy sessions with Sam, but a life without her best friend was no life at all. His smile made the sunshine, and his touch had her heart hammering in her chest for the past 24 years, and his jokes had her laughing even not the darkest of days. He had been the only one to stick around her when four of her grandparents died within three months of each other, and when her dad moved away for work. He had been there for her when her mom battled her cancer, and when her brother had gotten himself tangled with the New York mafia. He had been her rock for her entire life and she’d be damned if she didn’t treat him the same. 
So, with new gusto and determination, she snatched the first aid kit from the counter beside her and stormed into the kitchen where Bucky was still trying t wash the glass from the cuts his hand. 
“Sit down at the table, Buck.” She demanded, only to be met with his angry glare. 
“Fuck off, Y/N.” He cursed. Instead of following his orders, she grabbed his shoulder in a bruising grip and spun him around, pushing him into the chair rough enough for it to slide back a few inches. 
“I said. Sit. Down. Buck.” She snarled, and kneeled in front of him, unzipping the case and grabbing his wrist in her aggressive grip. 
“Y/N, I’m fine I can do this.” He whispered, caught off-guard by her uncharacteristic hostility towards him. She had seldom been mad with anyone, and while they had their occasional spats, they would always end up smiling and laughing within the hour. This anger was a quiet anger that he had never seen— it was smoldering and building up to something that he wasn’t sure he wanted to face. 
“No, no you can’t James. You can’t do things by yourself anymore, and you shouldn’t feel like you have to.” She grumbled, tweezing the shards that had buried themselves into the flesh of his large hand. She showed no remorse in her excavation, and wouldn’t even flinch when Bucky took in sharp breaths of pain. Once she had finished clearing out all of the glass, she decided he didn’t need stitching and went for the antiseptic cream and gauze wrapping it tightly and glaring up at him. 
“You don’t have to do things alone, James.” She began, her head racing with the effort to place herself in his shoes. “I don’t understand the need for you to do things alone— you’re someone who has been through enough trauma for one million lifetimes, and I don’t know what it’s going to take for you to just realize that you’re worth it all. I want to scream at everyone who has ever hurt you and that includes yourself. I want to punch you and fight you and just knock some damn sense into you because you’re my best friend and you’re my family and me just— oh, God. What’s the matter?” She cut herself off when she saw that there were once again tears streaming down his face. She thought that she had broken his heart and that she had destroyed everything they had built over the last 24 years and wait, why was he smiling. 
“You’re so beautiful.” He whispered and let his bandaged hand rest on her cheek. “So beautiful.”
His hand circled around her neck and pulled him up towards her, not even feeling the need to hesitate before pressing his shaking lips to hers. He was so warm against her, and he tasted so good, and oh god, was this what she was missing out for so long? He continued to pull her into his lap, and she straddled him on the chair holding both sides of his neck and bumping her nose against his. It was a desperate kiss, one of animosity and anger and one that had been waiting to happen for their entire lives. His tongue traced her lips, and she immediately opened them for him, coaxing him closer and allowing him to taste every inch of her mouth. Her tongue was rough against his, and they danced together in a way that wasn’t seeking dominance, but in a way that shared the control. Y/N’s hands then tangled themselves in his hair and pulled him closer, wiggling her hips and making him groan loudly into her mouth. Before they could get too carried away, however, she pulled away from him and kissed the lips that chased after her own, not satisfied with the initial kiss. 
“What did I do to deserve you, Y/N Y/L/N?” He murmured, kissing her nose, chin, and lips quickly. She only giggled and pressed her own lips against his forehead. 
“Nothing at all, James Barnes. Let’s go to bed, okay?” She climbed off of him and lead him to the bed that would now be theirs to warm and to mess up and clean and help each other. 
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jobean12-blog · 8 months ago
Morning Sunshine
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Word Count: 559
Summary: You need help with something so you ask Steve, only to have Bucky swoop in and save the day!
Author’s Note: This is for the HBC’s @the-ss-horniest-book-club drunk drabble clean up and the super fun prompt below! Thanks a bunch anon, hope you enjoy this! Thank you all for reading! Much love always! ❤❤❤
Tumblr media
Warnings: sweet and fun fluffy fluff! 
Tumblr media
Steve knocks get louder and louder the longer he stands at Bucky’s door. “Get up punk. Sam and I are going for a run.” Steve waits before pounding on it one more time, Bucky’s grumbled cursing getting more frequent and flashier. Finally, Steve presses his shoulder to the door and gives it a good shove, nearly falling through in the process. “Come on Buck!”
The disturbance is met with a flash of silver flying toward Steve’s head, Bucky’s knife wedging itself in the wood right at his eye level. “Oh man. Forget it!” Steve shakes his head, throws up his hands and slams the door, leaving the knife sticking out the other end. Bucky grunts and rolls back over, throwing the covers over his head before his breath starts to even out and he’s almost asleep again.
Your voices carries down the hall as you yell after Steve’s retreating form and Bucky’s ears immediately perk up at the sound. “Hey Steve, are you busy? I need help with something.” When Steve replies and says he’s just about to leave, Bucky shoots out of bed and rushes to the door. He quietly opens it and watches the two of you walk toward the kitchen.
“Sam and I should be back in 30-40 minutes and I’d be happy to help then.” Steve smiles and squeezes your arm before he grabs his sneakers. “Thanks so much! Sounds great! Have a good run.” You turn to leave but hit a wall. “Oof, ow.” Thankfully before you hit the ground a cool metal arm snakes around your waist, “sorry doll face. Are you ok?”
You look up into Bucky’s blue eyes, “hey Buck, yea. Thanks. Just wasn’t expecting that.” Your palms lay flat against his chest and try your best not to feel him up. “So hard,” you whisper, unable to control your mouth and instantly feel your cheeks heat up. He smirks and rubs your back, still holding you around the waist, “what did you need doll?” Your eyebrows draw together in confusion, your mind still lingering on thoughts of his chest, “what?”
“What did you need help with? I heard you ask Steve.” You can hear Steve and Sam snickering behind you and you spin around to glare, “oh yea, um, well I just need someone to help me hang a shelf in my bedroom, I can’t really reach and I don’t think I can manage it myself.” When you look back at Bucky, he’s giving the boys an angry scowl but as soon as his eyes turn to you, they soften, “I’d be happy to help.”
Steve grabs Sam’s shoulder and starts to push him away, the two of them exchanging knowing glances before smiling at you and Bucky. “Well, now that you’ve got this ray of morning sunshine to help you, we’re going for our run, see you guys later.” With that they head out, nearly smacking their heads together when they start laughing and whispering.
“What the hell?” you ask quietly, watching them leave. Bucky plays dumb and shrugs, taking your hand in his and walking back toward your room, “ok, lets see this shelf!” You suddenly stop, pulling him back, “wait Buck, weren’t you asleep?! I don’t want to bother you, it can wait.” Bucky kisses your knuckles and smiles sweetly, “not at all doll, I’m all yours.”
@addikted-2-dopamine @bugsbucky @book-dragon-13 @breezy1415 @buckys-henley @bisousbucky @buckstaybucky @chuuulip @eurynome827 @hiddles-rose @hailmary-yramliah @hawksmagnolia @harrysthiccthighss @ikaris-whore @jhangelface0523 @jewels2876 @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 @lorilane33 @lokilvrr @lookiamtrying @loricameback @littledarlinhavefaithinme​ @littleredstarfish​ @marvelandotherfandomimagines​ @marvelgirl7​ @nano--raptor​ @pinkdiamond1016​ @randomfandompenguin​ @sallycanwait68​ @tuiccim​ @the-wayward-robot​ @this-kitten-is-smitten​ @tales-of-spring​
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