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mjolnir-steve · a month ago
If You Love Me, Let Me Hear You
Ransom Drysdale x fem!reader
Word count: 8120 (Am I okay???)
Summary: Ransom and reader are idiots in love, but they haven’t told each other that yet. Ransom lets himself be vulnerable for the first time.
Warnings: soft!Ransom, explicit language, explicit sexual content (18+ only!!!!! - sprinkle of praise kink, oral sex (m receiving), unprotected sex (m/f), vaginal fingering, mildly subby Ransom, squirting (oops), calling Ransom daddy but not full-blown daddy kink???), mention of loss of virginity, brief mention of insecurity in appearance, suggestive teasing, teeny bit of angst, too-sweet fluff bc I need it to survive... Please let me know if I missed anything!
This fic is extremely self-indulgent. I am plus-size, so I obviously wrote this envisioning myself as the reader. However, I kept the mention of size brief. I don’t think I’ve written anything hinting at race/ethnicity, so I really hope this is something all can enjoy.
Please see end for A/N. :) This is unbeta’d because I was afraid of chickening out of posting!!
Divider by @firefly-graphics​!
Tumblr media
You met Ransom Drysdale at an event at his grandfather Harlan’s estate celebrating the release of his latest novel. It was the first event you coordinated in your new position as Harlan’s assistant, and you were positive that everyone in the room could feel your anxiety rolling off of you in waves. In spite of your self-imposed “no alcohol at work functions” rule, you ordered an amaretto sour, figuring it wasn’t that strong, just syrupy sweet and enough to take off the edge. Ransom took one look at you from across the room and immediately decided you’d be going home with him that night. It physically pained you to say no to him, but you did, and for whatever reason, he didn’t give up. After a few weeks of showing up at the office and demanding your attention, he asked you on an actual date – out to dinner and a movie – and you said yes, unsure of what to expect.
Now you were waiting for Ransom to take you out on your first actual dinner date in ages. You’d been together for six months, but you could count the number of actual dates you shared on one hand. There had been three, and you slept with him after the third. You tried planning a few more after that, but those plans went out the window every time Ransom saw you all dolled up for him. He couldn’t keep his hands off you once you’d let him get a taste, and you didn’t mind that a bit; however, you did take issue with two hours of work on your makeup and outfit being smeared and discarded in a matter of minutes. So today, after breakfast, you insisted on celebrating six months together with a proper date.
“We can go to Dunkin’ for coffee and munchkins if you want, but we have to leave the bedroom at some point. I wanna celebrate!” You pouted a bit, sure that you looked ridiculous, but you had every intention of standing your ground. Good thing you had the kitchen counter behind you to back you up.
Ransom looked you up and down, his crystal blue eyes darkening to the prettiest navy. He put his hands on your waist, the cool metal of his pinky ring making you shiver as it came into contact with the sliver of exposed skin that managed to sneak out from underneath your sweater… Well, his sweater that he accidentally shrunk in the wash when you insisted he do the laundry himself for once. He leaned forward and kissed over your collarbone, up your neck, and stopped just below your ear, whispering, “But we already celebrated, pretty girl. You didn’t forget, did you? In the shower after we woke up…” He pressed into you, so close that you could feel him hardening against you.. “...on the couch while we waited for the scones to finish in the oven.” He nipped at your pulse point, and you hoped he didn’t hear your breath catch in your throat. “We can celebrate here in the kitchen right now...” He kissed you then, cupping your jaw with one hand and beginning to push down your shorts with the other.
You sighed into the kiss and you almost gave in, but you came to your senses in the brief moment when his lips left yours, lungs in search of air. You pushed him off of you and yelled, “NOPE!” He tried to cage you against the counter again, but you ran around the kitchen island, putting a ridiculous amount of solid marble between you. You held back a laugh when you realized how unhinged you must have looked holding the dough-covered rolling pin you used while baking this morning. “You buy me all these beautiful dresses and all this gorgeous jewelry, and I never get to wear any of it anywhere,” you said, a little too calmly while waving the rolling pin in his face, as if it were anywhere near as threatening as those knives in Harlan’s office. “Just a few hours. That’s all I ask.”
He put his hands up in defeat. You thought you’d won until he bit his lip and raised his eyebrow, and you knew you were in some kind of trouble since he reserved the single-eyebrow raise for those moments, the ones when he formulated his most sinful plans for you and your body. “Fine. Dinner is all about you, but what we do after? That’s all about me.”
You tapped your finger against your chin, pretending to think about it but knowing your pussy already agreed to this deal. Traitor. “Fair, I guess. If you sweep me off my feet at dinner, then we can do whatever you want when we come home.”
Ransom had started rolling his eyes at you, but his face visibly softened a bit when he heard you call his house home. He walked around the island and stood in front of you, smiling like an idiot when he leaned in towards you. He jerked backward with a soft chuckle, easing the rolling pin out of your hand and onto the tabletop before taking your face in both of his hands and giving you the sweetest, deepest kiss, like some kind of Disney prince. With a soft peck to the corner of your mouth, he pulled away from you enough to see your dumbstruck face, stroking your cheek with his thumb before kissing the tip of your nose. “What was that you said about sweeping you off your feet?”
His cocky grin burst the bubble you were floating in, and you quickly came back down to earth, lightly smacking his shoulder. “You’ll have to do more than that, Hugh.” Your laugh bordered on a cackle when his jaw dropped at your use of his given name, so formal that most people didn’t even know it. With that, you took the stairs two at a time and settled into your seat at the vanity he’d had built for you so you could get ready for what could be either the most romantic or the most heartbreaking night of your life.
Tumblr media
Ransom always told you he didn’t think you needed makeup, but you weren’t going to let your extensive collection go to waste. You settled on keeping your base simple and going all out with a neutral smokey eye. You contemplated wearing red lipstick and decided against it, pressing your thighs together at the memory of how it stained the sheets last time you wore it, when he pounded you into the mattress, your screams and moans stifled by your pillow. You couldn’t seem to get your eyeliner right, and that’s when you realized your hands were shaking. 
You were in love with Ransom, and you wanted to tell him tonight. Although your relationship wasn’t traditional by any means, you knew you had gotten closer to Ransom than anyone else ever had – members of his own family included. His demeanor was caustic at best, and your friends didn’t understand why you were with him, even though he treated you like a princess in public just as much as he did in private – maybe even more so, since he couldn’t let a second go by without reminding the world you were his. His family (apart from Harlan, and maybe his cousin Meg) loathed you and made sure you knew it, taking every opportunity to call you a gold-digger and pull Ransom away from your side to introduce you to some heiress or other.
Over the last six months, you and Ransom had shared almost as many heartfelt conversations as you did orgasms. He told you he loved to write, but he was too scared to try to publish. He feared Harlan would be accused of nepotism and he never would be able to make his own name mean something. After a few weeks, you confided in him that he was your first, and he was almost angry that you didn’t tell him beforehand so that he could’ve made it special for you. Then in typical Ransom fashion, he remarked, “I’m impressed you took all of me on your first try.” You gasped and smacked his cheek, feigning disgust and failing to hold in your giggles. 
Another night, he told you that his mother Linda became “annoyed” with his childhood pet cat and gave it away one day while he was at school – that’s why he didn’t want another pet now, even though he lived in his own house. You shared that even though you were working on your master’s in publishing, you truly wanted nothing more than to be a stay-at-home mom one day, that you craved domesticity, having dinner on the table when your husband came home. He furrowed his brows at that. “Isn’t that, like, the opposite of feminism?”
You countered that it’s different when a woman stays home because she wants to do it, not because it’s expected of her. He said he would love to come home to you every day, whether you had dinner on the table or not. 
Most recently, he shared that he started learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone so that he could take you on your dream vacation throughout all of Spain and not be embarrassed. He blushed and the conversation ended there, with you kissing him so hard he regretted not telling you sooner.
Tumblr media
You chose a black midi dress Ransom bought you two months ago for your birthday. It was long-sleeved and not too low-cut. It fit you perfectly. The material was soft and slinky, but not so much that it would give away the surprise underneath, a lacy matching set you knew he’d love. 
You always worried about your tummy in outfits like this, but you knew Ransom would worship you no matter what you wore (or didn’t wear, for that matter). He reminded you, enthusiastically and repeatedly, that he wanted his hands full of your body. The first time he begged you to sit on his face – yes, Hugh Ransom Drysdale begged for something – you told him you were afraid you would suffocate him. 
“1. That’s practically impossible, sweetheart. 2. I can’t imagine a better way to go. About to cum with my mouth full of you and my head in between your perfect thighs? Murder me. Fucking do it. I’m telling Harlan to use this in his next book.” Cheeks warming at the memory, you finally slipped on your favorite strappy burgundy heels and walked downstairs, more anxious than you’d ever been, afraid you wouldn’t be able to stomach the food at dinner.
Tumblr media
If Ransom’s jaw could have been on the floor, it would have. The same could be said for you, taking in the sight of your godlike boyfriend. His dark hair was carefully coiffed away from his face, drawing attention to his long, even darker eyelashes. So unfair. He wore a pair of gray wool slacks, pressed to perfection, with black bit-loafers and a burgundy sweater which emphasized how flushed his own cheeks were at the moment. His sweater matched your shoes exactly, and you marveled at how he always read your mind. He took your hand, helping you down the last few steps, and twirled you around once you reached the bottom. He spun you in close to him, and like something out of a movie, he revealed the bouquet of pink peonies he’d been hiding behind his back and dipped you, dropping a short kiss to your lips. “Happy anniversary, baby.” He pulled you back up against him, kissing you again and somehow managing not to crush the flowers.
You thought you might say it right then and there, but he left you both speechless and breathless. Everything he was doing and saying indicated he felt the same, but you were still so afraid he didn’t, all too aware of how guarded he could be. You opted to enjoy the evening a bit before potentially dropping a bomb you wouldn’t be able to defuse. “Ran, thank you. They’re beautiful.” You kissed his freshly-shaven cheek, giggling as he tried to get you to kiss him on the lips instead. You couldn’t resist, and you let him kiss you until you felt his tongue attempting to gain access to your mouth. “Enough. We’ll never leave at this rate,” you chided, kissing him on the cheek once more before turning around to look for a vase. You were shocked to find he’d already left a vase filled with water on the counter. How had you failed to notice that, and why was he being so thoughtful, so charming?
Little did you know, Ransom was questioning if he was doing too much? Not enough? He hoped you wouldn’t notice his hands shaking as he took the flowers back from you, quickly trimming the stems and arranging them neatly in the vase. He had watched Fran do it at Harlan’s several times, and he hoped he was doing it right and not killing them. He noticed you watching him and could feel himself blushing for the second time in as many minutes. Your attempts to look away from him were futile, your eyes involuntarily fixed upon the way his thick thighs and round ass filled out his tailor-made slacks. You nearly got on your knees, but this date was your idea, after all. Instead, you opted to take the vase from him and move it to the windowsill. “You never did say where we’re going, Ran.”
It took everything in him not to spoil the surprise, that he reserved your preferred table at your favorite restaurant the next town over. You regularly ordered takeout from there, but Ransom had never actually been, so even he was looking forward to going. He also arranged the menu beforehand knowing if he didn’t, you would spend entirely too much time trying to make a decision and not enough time letting him make you laugh. He even asked them to make your favorite cake for the two of you since he knew it always sold out earlier in the day. He smiled at you, and you knew he had no intentions of telling you where he was taking you.
“It’s cute that you think the grandson of a mystery writer wouldn’t keep you in suspense..” He winked at you, moving to open the door for you. Biting back a smile, you rolled your eyes as you walked past him. He locked the front door quickly, wanting to get ahead of you and open the passenger door of the Beemer. Ransom was always softer with you than he was with anyone else, but he was taking it to the next level tonight. He was never cruel to you like he was to his exceedingly vicious family, but he also didn’t shy away from the odd sarcastic response. If anything, he was only guilty of teasing you, most often when you were begging him, sexually or otherwise. He hoped you had no idea how the butterflies in his stomach that first appeared when he saw you walking down the stairs were currently conspiring to make him vomit out of the sheer panic he felt, sure that he was about to royally fuck this up.
Ransom was in love with you. This was the first time he ever felt so strongly about anyone, and it made him sick because he felt undeserving of you. He wasn’t sure he even felt love for his family, apart from his grandfather. He had dated before you, but he wasn’t one for relationships, definitely not exclusive ones. But there was something about you, and he knew from the second he spotted you at that release party six months ago that he wouldn’t be able to live without you. He was drawn to you immediately. At first, he thought he just wanted to fuck you, but you turned him down when other women would have fallen to their knees. Normally, rejection would have pissed him off, quickly moving on to the next pretty thing to catch his eye. To his surprise, he found himself wanting to get to know you - the sex would just be a bonus. 
You had him wrapped around your finger after one date, totally whipped after two, and you didn’t even know it. Then you spent the night with him after your third date, letting him take you apart with his mouth, his fingers, his cock, and he asked himself what it would be like to have you every night for the rest of your lives. And later, when you told him he was your first? Initially, he was disappointed, even upset, that you didn’t give him the opportunity to be more gentle, more careful. He got past that quickly enough when he realized it turned him on a lot, not because he was a perv who relished ruining virgins or some shit like that, but because you wanted him enough, trusted him enough, to share that experience with him. His family barely trusted him to remember to feed his grandfather’s dogs, and you were willing to give him your body, letting him be the first and only person ever to make you cum and you let him do it about five more times that night.
All of this led Ransom to this moment, white-knuckling the steering wheel as he reversed out of the driveway. He wanted to tell you how he felt; you deserved someone who could give you that, shouting it from the rooftops by day and whispering it in your ear by night. He was in near agony, frightened to say those three words for the first time to a person and not his favorite sweater or his car, unsure if you felt the same. He wanted to believe you did, that this wasn’t just some sort of weirdly intimate exclusive fuck-buddy set-up where you didn’t actually want him as much as he wanted you, all of you. It had only been six months, and he was wildly inexperienced in the emotions department, but the way he craved you assured him that there was no way he could ever let you go. With all of that on his mind, he wasn’t certain he’d be able to tell you tonight, but he sincerely wished with all of his liquor-soaked heart that he could show you, at the very least. You could sense that he was lost in his own head and reached over to lace your fingers with his, pulling his right hand down to rest in your lap. He looked at you for a moment and gave you a tiny, shy smile, quickly returning his eyes to the road.
Tumblr media
You squealed when Ransom pulled into the parking lot at the restaurant, thankful that you chose to skip lunch, both to leave room for dinner and to avoid feeling sick with nerves. Ransom walked around to open your door and offered you his hand to help you out of the car. “I don’t believe I actually told you how breathtakingly stunning you look tonight. I’m the luckiest man in the world.” He kissed your hand that he was still holding as you smoothed your dress with the other. He shut the door behind you and moved to take your arm in his to walk you inside.
“You didn’t. I must look good if I somehow rendered a Thrombey speechless,” you grinned .He laughed at that, kissing you on the cheek. You stopped walking, turning to face him. “Seriously, what’s gotten into you? Have I made you soft, Drysdale? It’s been thirty minutes and you haven’t even cursed.” You smiled at him, eyes crinkling with amusement. He panicked for a moment before he realized you were only teasing him. He really thought for a moment that all of his efforts were for naught, that you thought it was overkill. 
He tried to play it cool, leaning forward to bring his lips to your ear. Lowering his voice, he whispered, “I’m saving that for when we get home from this expensive-ass date, baby.” The tone of his voice sent a shiver down your spine, straight to your core. You’d be lying if you said your panties were still dry. He moved back, grabbing both of your hands and looking at you with a bright smile and a wink. You laughed and closed the distance between you, bringing your hands up to cup his cheeks and kiss him, innocently at first. You turned it into an almost-messy, open-mouthed, tongue-filled kiss, ending it with a quick peck before it got too out of control. He looked wrecked already, cheeks flushing (again) and chest slightly heaving. Perhaps it was a not-great decision on his part in wearing his grey slacks since you could see the outline of his soon-to-be painfully obvious erection forming. He let out a deep breath and took your hand in his, walking you into the restaurant.
Tumblr media
Dinner was perfect, and the conversation between the two of you flowed as easily and sweetly as your favorite wine of which Ransom had ensured there’d be plenty. When you’d finished your meal, though, he seemed distant, sending the odd text and checking his phone in a way that was anything but discreet. The waiter asked if you were ready for dessert and you requested a moment to decide.
You reached across the table and put your hand over Ransom’s, imploring him to put down his phone. “I’m not sure if you’ve already arranged dessert, but I made you something at home if you don’t mind taking this to go?” His eyes widened, and you couldn’t quite discern his expression. He bit his lip, looking down toward his phone, and you realized he was nervous as he quickly sent another text. You scooted toward him in the rounded booth, lightly placing one hand on his thigh and gently squeezing his hand with your other. “Is everything okay, Ran?”
He placed his other hand on top of yours and smiled at you, but his voice was uncharacteristically shaky when he spoke. “Everything’s perfect. I just have another surprise for you at home that’s being set up while we’re here. I wanted to make sure it’s all done before we get back. I didn’t mean to worry you.” He kissed you on the cheek, his gentleness bewildering you further. “Dessert at home sounds great.” He asked the waiter to wrap up your leftovers, including the cake you hadn’t yet tasted. After placing a rather large wad of bills on the table, he stood up and extended his hand to you to help you to your feet.
Tumblr media
“So when you said you made dessert… Did you mean actual dessert, or was that a euphemism for sex? Because I’ve been rock hard since that kiss on the way in, and I think I deserve a reward for not simply having my way with you in the restroom.” Ransom looked at you from the driver’s seat with wide eyes, hopeful yet suggestive, as he lifted your hand to kiss it with his perfect pink lips. 
You smirked at him then, making the decision to toy with him. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” You moved your hand still entwined with his down to his lap, gently applying pressure where he so desperately craved it. Satisfied with the clipped moan that slipped from his mouth, you continued, slowly, barely rubbing him through his pants. “I do appreciate that, though – that you kept your hands to yourself like that, handsome.” You felt his hand squeeze yours, and you knew it was taking everything in him not to pull over and fuck you on the side of the road. You could feel the wetness beginning to pool in your panties. Maybe it was a bad idea, but emboldened by the way he was reacting to your words, you decided to push him even further. You leaned over and gently pressed your lips to the side of his neck, purring in his ear, “Only good boys get to have dessert, and you’ve been so good for me tonight.” 
You’d begun to suspect your boyfriend had a bit of a praise kink a few weeks ago when you jokingly called him a good boy after he proudly informed you that he did all of the dishes by hand and didn’t use the dishwasher or leave them for the maid. The words left your mouth, and his pupils dilated before he quickly cleared his throat and left the room, so you decided to hold onto that card and play it the next time you really wanted something from him. Tonight was that night. You actually did make dessert for him, and you wanted him to at least see it before he locked the two of you in the bedroom for the night. He turned his whole body to look at you like he just won the fucking lottery, and you felt the car accelerate the slightest bit. Using your free hand to pinch his chin, you directed him to face forward once more. “Eyes on the road now, Ran.”
Tumblr media
Ransom practically ripped the keys out of the ignition when he pulled into the driveway. The second you unbuckled your seatbelt, you thought he might tear the passenger door off the hinges as he reached in to scoop you up bridal-style. He kicked the door closed and started running toward the house with you in his arms, holding on tightly to his neck and squealing in excitement. He stopped in front of the door and adjusted the way he held you, wrapping your legs around his waist and supporting you with one arm as he scrambled to turn the key in the lock. The front door closed with a slam that surely shook the house as he made his way toward the stairs up to his bedroom. Was it your bedroom, too? Your own apartment essentially served as a storage unit at this point. You shook your head to yourself. You could think about that another time.
You came to your senses when you heard the creak of the first step under Ransom’s foot. “Wait, Ran, put me down!” 
He stopped with one foot in mid-air, ready to take the next step. He pressed his forehead to yours, whining, “Whaaat, Y/N? You’re torturing me, beautiful.”
You tried to soothe him, scratching through the hair at the back of his neck as you warily placed your feet on the ground. “I really did make dessert for you, Ransom,” you pouted. 
Of course you made dessert, Ransom thought. You were perfect in every way, and every single thing you’d done that day replayed in his head, reminding him that this had to be too good to last, that you were too good for him. Without thinking, he clapped his hand across his face, dramatically stretching his features downwards. “Can you at least let me blow your back out first? I’m in pain over here.” He waved his hands around in the vicinity of his glaring boner, looking like an air traffic controller. He’d made up his mind that you certainly would not stick around if and when he worked up the courage to say those three words, those eight letters, that made his stomach flip in truly unbearable discomfort, so he was on a mission to feel you around him, on top of him, underneath him one last time.
To his surprise, you scrunched your nose at him in the adorable way you always did when he made an overtly sexual comment. You reached out for his hand and led him to the kitchen. “Just let me show you before we go upstairs. I don’t mind if we eat it later, but I’m proud of this one. I made it just for you, honey.” Ransom knew you loved to bake. In fact, one of his favorite things was watching you sing and dance around the kitchen as you experimented, sugar, butter, flour everywhere. He wondered to himself when you had time to make dessert without his noticing. “Close your eyes for a sec. No peeking.” He watched you spin around toward the fridge before he covered his eyes with one large hand, the other resting on the countertop. “Open.” If your smile were any wider, your face would have split in half.
Ransom raised an eyebrow at the dish before looking back at you. “Cheesecake? What’s on top?”
You let out a deep breath. “Okay, so…” You tried to channel Vanna White, showcasing your creation with dramatic hand gestures. “I present to you… brown sugar bourbon cheesecake with… Drum roll, please, Ransom.” His cackle was cut short by the realization that you were completely serious. He did as you instructed, moving towards you to tap your hips in place of a snare drum. “... Biscoff cookie crust. I crumbled some on top, too. I snuck down here after you fell asleep last night so it would have plenty of time to set.”
Ransom felt the sting of tears in his eyes and quickly lowered his head to blink them away before you could see. He couldn’t imagine what he ever did to deserve you, this beautiful woman in front of him who found the most thoughtful, unbelievable ways to make him feel so special. In that instant, he let himself believe that maybe you loved him, too. Why else would you sacrifice your own sleep? Why else would you work so hard? Remember his favorite things and venture to find some way to combine them into what would, no doubt, be the most delicious thing he’d ever eaten besides you? This night was chipping away at his walls to the point where they might crumble, and for the first time, he thought maybe he was okay with that. 
He hugged you then, lifting you off the ground and spinning you around. He peppered kisses all over your face, ending with an unexpectedly sweet kiss to your lips. You thought you saw tears glistening in his eyes, but you didn’t say anything. “Thank you so much, baby. This is so thoughtful. You’re too good to me.” Something shifted in the air between you two, and you could tell he was not going to cut a slice of the dessert anytime soon, so you turned around in his arms to put it away. He leaned over you, growling in your ear from behind, “I can’t wait to share some with you in our bed.” He kissed your shoulder and wrapped his strong arms around your waist, unknowingly answering your earlier question as to whether or not the bedroom was yours, too. The warm sensation in your chest was almost too much to bear, but you didn’t want it to go away.
You placed the dish in the refrigerator and shut the door, turning around in his arms. “Now,” you hiked one leg up on his hip, “I believe you said something about blowing my back out, honey.” His hands moved down from your waist to support your ass, prompting you to wrap your other leg around his narrow waist, your arms around his thick neck, decidedly your new favorite method of transportation.
Tumblr media
Ransom took the stairs two at a time, anxious to see how Fran and Marta did with his request. “Close your eyes for me, baby?” He kissed your forehead, lips lingering for a moment as he watched your lashes flutter before he opened the bedroom door.
He smiled when he opened the door, taking in the view and the sweet scent of all of the candles and flowers. He texted Marta and Fran while you’d been getting ready, asking if they could pick up several dozen roses and candles to decorate the room before you got home from dinner. Neither of them ever had considered Ransom to be so romantic and were more than willing to help when he mentioned it was your anniversary. He smiled, satisfied with the job they’d done, making a mental note to Venmo them double what he sent initially. 
Ransom placed you down on the floor, holding onto your waist from behind and pressing a kiss to your shoulder. “Open.”
You couldn’t believe how beautiful your bedroom looked, covered in red and pink rose petals and bathed in the warm glow of the candlelight. “Oh, Ransom,” you gasped. You looked around for another moment, noticing the bed was made with the new duvet and sheets you’d been looking at online a few weeks ago. “This is too much.”
He turned you around to face him and kissed you, short and sweet. “Baby, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do enough for you.”
You looked up at him and smiled, eyes shiny with tears yet to fall. “I thought dessert was supposed to be all about you?” You placed your hands on his chest, relishing the feel of his heart beating faster at your touch.
“This is for both of us.” Smooth as ever, he reached behind your back to unzip your dress. “You get the girly, dreamy set-up, and I get to admire how sexy you are in this light.”
Your dress dropped to the floor and he helped you step out of it, picking it up and neatly laying it over the back of your chair. You were already wet, and this simple act of taking such care with you, with your clothes, only ruined your panties further. You stood with your hands on your hips, slightly flexing your biceps forward to maximize the appearance of your cleavage.
“Are you implying that I’m not sexy in other lights, Ransom?” You bit your lip so he’d know you were just playing, afraid to tease too, too much since he seemed so on edge.
His mouth hung open wide as he looked you up and down, arms reaching forward to run his hands up and down your sides before resting low on your hips. Ransom stepped back and took one of your hands in his, using his other hand to prompt you to turn around for him before pulling you in for another kiss. “That is actually the exact opposite of what I’m thinking, pretty girl.” He continued admiring you, sneakily slipping his fingers beneath the waistline of your panties. “You know this color on you drives me crazy, right?”
You smiled and nodded as he moved his fingers lower, gathering your wetness with a feather-light touch that made you pant. He groaned when he easily slipped two thick fingers inside you and met no resistance, a fresh rush of your slick leaking down his hand.
“Well, fuck me. Jesus, baby.” You whimpered at the loss of his fingers, but your eyes widened as you watched him suck on his fingers, lapping your juices from his skin. When he was finished, you pressed the length of your body to his, backing him into the wall behind him.
“That’s the goal, daddy.” You felt his cock twitch in his pants as you tightened your fingers in his hair, forcing his mouth open with a gasp, granting your tongue access to taste yourself on his lips.
Tumblr media
You never thought you would address a man other than your father as daddy until you were with Ransom. He was your first and only, so when he commanded that you “cum all over daddy’s cock” the first time you slept together, you did just that. From that point forward, you only ever called him that in bed, figuring it was just what he liked. It wasn’t necessarily your kink, but pleasing Ransom definitely was. Whether or not you were in the bedroom, it was a surefire way to get what you wanted.
Six months later, here you were, confidently sinking to your knees and unzipping his tented slacks. You were so nervous the first time you offered to suck your boyfriend off, but he was understanding, assuring you it was okay if you weren’t ready. His tenderness only motivated you, and you probably should’ve known then that you held his inexperienced heart in your hands.
Still pressed against the wall, Ransom gazed at you with a mix of lust and adoration, in disbelief that he managed to find you and that you willingly stayed with him. He let out a thin wheeze as you finally rid him of his briefs, planting a kiss below his belly button before your lips traveled south. “Baby, please, I need you.”
You smiled up at him, nuzzling your cheek against his thigh. “Who’s got you so needy tonight, daddy?” you whispered as you nipped along his perfectly defined Adonis belt. He pulled his sweater off in a frenzy, the sight of his naked form causing your walls to clench around nothing.
“You, pretty girl. Always you. Only you,” he whined, reaching down to cup your cheek as your eyes met his.
Ransom already looked gone, eyes hooded and sweat glistening on his forehead, his chest. You weren’t sure how long you’d last, and he’d barely touched you yet.
You hummed in response, then kissed the leaking head of his cock before swallowing the length of him. You bobbed your head back and forth, taking him as deep as you could. His moans grew higher in pitch with each movement inside your throat, and you squeezed your thighs together to relieve the ache between them. His hips bucked forward of their own accord until you brought a hand to his tummy, holding him still. You pulled off of him with a wet pop, a noise that in any other situation might gross you out but only served to turn you on further while you were on your knees.
“Patience, daddy.” You rose to your feet, kissing your way up his body. You leaned on him for support as you removed your heels. Once you were finished, Ransom surged forward, capturing your swollen lips with his, frantically licking his way inside your mouth, inevitably tasting himself on your tongue. You feverishly kissed him back, providing the closeness he needed to reach around and undo the clasp of your bra. He managed to toss your bra onto your vanity before ducking his head to pay your pebbled nipples some well-deserved attention. You cradled the back of his head, carding your fingers through his hair as you pressed his face to your tits.
Another wave of arousal damn near gushed from your core, prompting you to put an end to Ransom’s ministrations. “Take me to bed?”
Ransom squeezed your ass before giving it a quick tap. You jumped and wrapped your legs around his waist while he laughed at your enthusiasm, laying you down in the middle of the bed before removing your completely-drenched panties.
“I’d venture to say this is the wettest you’ve ever been, baby.”
You felt heat rising in your cheeks in response to his comment. “Well, what are you waiting for?” You grinned at him before pulling him down on top of you, eager to feel him inside you at last.
“Baby, slow down,” he gasped, breath ragged. He kneeled over you, reaching for the nightstand where he kept the condoms. You grabbed his wrist and brought his hand to your lips, kissing his open palm. Ransom inhaled sharply, waiting for you to speak.
Although your pupils were blown, your eyes were soft, searching his face. “I just wanna feel you, Rans–”
Ransom’s brows rose high on his forehead, but in what emotion, you were unsure. Now you were afraid you’d done something wrong, even though you didn’t do it on purpose.
“–I mean, daddy. Please.” You searched his face for any indication of what he was thinking, but he was giving you nothing.
Ransom was overwhelmed. No one had called him by his actual name during sex ever. Even his first girlfriend stuck to calling him “baby” or “handsome” after he clapped a hand over her mouth when she started to say his name. Once he was a bit older, he preferred “sir” or “daddy”. But then you came along, thawing out the block of ice in his chest where his heart always was meant to be. And you were telling him to fuck you raw? Another thing he’d never done with anyone else, wanting to be somewhat safe since he used to sleep around so much.
“Please say something,” you murmured, bringing him back out of his own head.
He leaned down, cupping your cheek and pressing his forehead to yours. “Are you sure that’s what you want, baby?” he prodded, voice laced with warm concern.
“I’m so sure.” You stroked the apple of his cheek with your thumb, smiling when he relaxed at your touch. “You’re the only person I’ve ever been with, and you haven’t been with anyone besides me in all this time.” 
The corner of his mouth turned upwards, showing off one of his dimples that would make you weak in the knees if you weren’t lying down already. “But you’re not on birth control, baby. Please don’t feel like you have to do thi–”
Pulling his face to yours, you kissed him hard. “–No, I’m not, but I’ve been tracking my cycle. We should be fine.” His eyes fluttered shut as you kissed him once more. You waited for him to open his eyes so you could look into them.
“I trust you.”
Ransom looked like the heart-eyes emoji; he had never heard those words in his life – not from family, not from friends. He kissed you again, sloppily, hungrily.
“If you change your mind, promise you’ll tell me?”
“I won’t change my mind, but I promise.”
Another kiss, gentler this time, made your head spin. It was different from any other kiss you’d shared, emotional and full of something you were hesitant to name. He lined himself up with your entrance, coating himself in your slick before pushing into you slowly.
“OhmyfuckingGOD,” he hissed as you adjusted to his thickness, your walls involuntarily tightening around him. “You feel so amazing, baby. I’m not gonna last long. Fuck.”
The sensation of his cock inside you was similar to the usual, but so much more intense. Ransom began to move, and you could feel each vein dragging against you with every thrust. Open-mouthed kisses along your throat left you panting. You were a pliant, fucked-out mess as he moved his hips with more intention, his tip hitting the spot that made you see stars.
“Ransom, please,” you screamed as one thrust in particular had you arching your back, pushing your chest into his.
Your eyes flew open as you tried to assess the damage you’d done. “Fuck, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”
Ransom slowed his pace. “Don’t be sorry, pretty girl.” He kissed your tears away as quickly as they came. “I’ve never let anyone call me by my actual name in bed before.” He smiled sweetly at you as he continued moving inside you, each stroke somehow more tender than the last. “Say it again, Y/N. Tell me who’s making you feel this good.”
You cried out as he began to circle your clit with his thumb. “You are, Ransom. Always. Make. Me. Feel. So. Good.” He punctuated each word with a perfectly-angled thrust.
You were so fucking close, and Ransom began to lose his rhythm, not far behind you. “Please, Ransom, make me cum.” You sounded pathetic, needing your release in the worst way. His hips snapped violently against yours, pushing you up the bed.
“Louder, baby. Scream my name when I make you cum.” Using his index and middle fingers together, he rubbed your clit harshly at lightning speed, making you choke on air as you fell apart.
His name left your mouth like a wail, volume so high that, if he had neighbors, they’d probably call the cops. Ransom continued fucking you through it, losing all control at the feeling of you squirting all over him.
“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum.” Ransom moved to pull out of you, planning to finish on your chest, but you crossed your legs behind him, pulling him right back in.
“Baby, please, I need to cum.” He pressed his face into your neck as he struggled to delay his climax.
Hugging him tightly, you kissed the top of his head before pushing him up to his knees, straddling him. “I know, baby, I know. I want you, all of you. I always will.” You snaked a hand down his back to grab at his ass, urging him impossibly deeper inside you. “Come on, Ransom. Please give it to me.”
He came with a roar, biting into your shoulder. The feeling of his cum filling you up was unlike anything you’d felt before, but not unwelcome by any means, and triggered another orgasm of your own, milking him thoroughly. You held each other, sobbing wordlessly as you came down from your simultaneous highs, eventually collapsing in a puddle of loose limbs. 
Tumblr media
You weren’t sure if minutes or hours had passed, you were so out of it, floating on the most blissful cloud. Ransom began to stir, kissing from your chest to your collarbone, from your throat to your jaw, before finally ending once again at your lips. You winced as he pulled out of you, the feeling of his spend leaking from your core unfamiliar and a little unpleasant. Ransom laid next to you, tucking your head under his chin and folding you into his embrace.
He smiled sleepily, unable to get enough of your voice saying his name with so much affection. “Yeah, pretty girl?” He held you tighter.
“Why did you let me say your name tonight?”
He shuffled down to face you, lifting your chin with his finger. He figured it was now or never.
“Because I love you, Y/N. You’re the only person who’s ever believed I could be a good man. You encourage me to be the man I want to be, not the man you want me to be or the man everyone else seems to think I should be. You’ve never tried to change me. I’ve only changed because I wanted to. I wanted to be better for you.”
You felt tears spilling down your cheeks, now that your boyfriend had confirmed you had nothing to be afraid of, after all. He felt the same way, and your heart was going to beat right out of your chest.
“And you make me happy,” he continued. “I love your laugh and the way you somehow always know what I want for breakfast. I love how you sing in the shower, then pretend you didn’t. I love how you let me be the little spoon on my bad days and when I’m drunk. I love that you read to me when I can’t fall asleep. I love your heart and your mind and your laugh. Everything. I love everything about you.”
The terrified look on Ransom’s face didn’t last long. It couldn’t – not when you were rolling on top of him to pull him into your millionth kiss of the night.
“I love you, too, Ransom. So fucking much. I’ve been wanting to tell you for so long now.”
The two of you held each other and cried, in need of emotional release following such an intense physical one. 
With another peck to your lips, Ransom untangled himself from you, going to the en suite bathroom to grab a washcloth to clean you up. His touch was soothing, careful around your most sensitive areas. He discarded the cloth in the hamper before leaving the room again. You wondered where he went, but you could hardly keep your eyes open.
Tumblr media
A few moments later, you felt something cold against your mouth. Opening your eyes, you found Ransom sitting next to you with a plated slice of cheesecake, holding a fork up to your face. You laughed, sitting up before taking a bite.
“I really outdid myself, didn’t I?”
“Absolutely, baby. This is fucking incredible.”
You brushed a crumb away from the corner of his mouth. “I think we should make post-orgasm cheesecake a permanent thing.”
Ransom placed the now-empty plate on his nightstand, getting under the covers with you. “I know we should make it a permanent thing.” He pulled you closer, wrapping his arms around your back.
“I love you, Ransom. I hope we’re a permanent thing,” you whispered into his chest.
He looked down at you before kissing the tip of your nose and holding you tighter. “I love you, too, pretty girl. I know we’re a permanent thing.”
Tumblr media
A/N: This fic is actually the reason I started this blog. I used to write fic years ago and stopped writing, fic or otherwise, for quite some time. Earlier this year, I started to venture into reading fic again and found some incredible authors here. I had submitted these asks (1, 2, 3) to Christy (@chrissquares​), knowing she loved Ransom as much as I do, and her responses inspired me to create a new blog and get back to writing. 
I’ve been working on this since the end of May when I sent in these asks, and I think this is as ready as I’ll ever be to share it. Thank you so much for the inspiration, Christy! I’m so happy to be writing again, and I hope people can enjoy this (much longer than planned) story. 🥺
As always, comments and reblogs are so appreciated.
Send me drabble prompts to help me flex these writing muscles again!
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the-iceni-bitch · 3 months ago
Too Precious
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x fem!Reader (OTP)
Words: 1.2k
Summary: Your dog hates the Fourth of July, and Ransom is worried about him.
Warnings: explicit language, extremely, upsettingly soft and fluffy Ransom (like, I honestly hate myself for coming up with this), major fluff
A/N: Welp, this is a hard left turn from the filthy shit I’ve been churning out but it popped in my head and took me less than an hour to write. I don’t know why I’ve made these two so soft, it’s killing me in the best way, so now you all have to suffer with me.
I no longer do taglists, so if you want to stay up to date on all the latest filth, follow my side blog @the-iceni-library and turn on notifications!
Tumblr media
You frowned lightly when Ransom got up for the third time in an hour, making you pause the movie again as he claimed he was going to the bathroom.
He’d been acting weird all night. You weren’t totally sure what was going on with him, the only thing that was different about tonight was that the occasional firework was going off as people prepared for the Fourth. Actually, you realized that every time an explosion occurred he made some excuse to leave the room for a few minutes.
His voice drifted to the living room from the hall, and even though you couldn’t make out what he was saying his tone was warm and reassuring. You let out a soft sigh when you rose to your feet to find out what he was up to, an inkling already niggling your brain as you made your way to the laundry room.
“Hey bubba, it’s ok.” Yep, he was doing exactly what you thought. “Don’t worry, bud, it’s just some noise.”
It had taken you a bit, but you were slowly starting to accept that your dog might like your boyfriend more than you. And the sight of him kneeling next to the big furball while he shook with anxiety was really cementing that fact.
“Ran.” He jolted when you spoke his name, giving you a slightly sheepish look but keeping his hand on Fionn’s head to give him reassuring ear rubs. “Baby, I told you, you’ve gotta act like everything is normal or it just reaffirms that he should be scared.”
“Honey, I don’t think I can do it.” God, both of them were giving you puppy eyes now, it was ridiculous. “He looks so terrified.”
“Sweetie, I promise the meds I gave him help with the stress, and having a safe space to go to is really helpful too.” You’d set up a nice little cubby for him to hide in when the noise got to be too much, and he was curled up in it now. “He’ll be ok if we just let him be, he might even wander out on his own eventually. C’mon, let’s go watch the movie.”
Ransom let you drag him to his feet reluctantly, giving the dog a forlorn look while you led him out of the room. He settled into the couch ok, resting his head against your chest and letting you curl your body around him with a deep sigh. Every time he heard an explosion, though, you could feel him tense up with a little start. Even your fingers running through his hair couldn’t help him relax, his eyes darting furtively to the hallway while he chewed on his lips with worry.
You had to put up with this type of shit for the whole week. Ransom refused to go to sleep until the fireworks had completely stopped and he could do a final check in on the dog to coax him up to your bedroom. As annoying as it was, it was also stupidly adorable. He’d almost refused to go to the massive fireworks display his family went to each year on the Third until you assured him your friend Becca was going to take amazing care of him, and that your old neighborhood barely had any fireworks so there was nothing to worry about.
Then the Fourth hit and the field near your house was apparently declared a designated war zone. Your poor dog was a cowering mess almost as soon as the sun went down, and even with the drugs and all the other anti-anxiety precautions you took, he was still shaking like a leaf in his little cubby. Ransom was almost as big of a mess, pacing around the house and wringing his hands while he tried to keep himself calm for the sake of your sweet pooch. 
“Ransom, please come to bed.” It was almost midnight, but there were still occasional explosions happening outside that made him jump. “This happens every year and I promise, he’s always fine.”
“I’m just gonna hang out for a little longer, baby.” He’d finally sat on the couch and was sipping on a beer, but the way his knee was bouncing let you know he was still freaking out a bit. “I’ll be up soon, ok?”
You just sighed deeply as you headed back up the stairs, rubbing a hand over your face and yawning while you made your way to your inviting mattress. Even with the intermittent noise, you quickly submitted to the pull of exhaustion, groaning with disappointment at the empty half of the bed next to you before your eyes drifted closed. 
Something woke you up around four hours later, though you weren’t sure what. You huffed when you noticed Ran’s side of the bed was still empty, getting out of the bed and wobbling on your sleepy legs as you determined to find out where exactly your stupidly soft boyfriend had fallen asleep.
He wasn’t on the couch when you got downstairs, and that made you frown. You had been certain he had passed out there while he waited for the fireworks to stop. The search of the guest bedroom also yielded no results, and you considered yelling to find him before something occurred to you.
As soon as you walked into the laundry room your chest started to ache. Your asshole boyfriend had crawled into the cubby you had set up for Fionn, and apparently fallen asleep with the dog sprawled over his chest. This was too precious for you, the man was supposed to let you get up all your pent up meanness, not make it feel like your ovaries were about to explode while your heart fluttered wildly. You knelt beside the cubby and crawled on top of them, pressing your lips to Ransom’s forehead and shaking him softly until his eyes fluttered open.
“Hey baby.” You grinned at him when his eyes met yours, brushing his hair out of his face while he blinked at you in confusion. “What’re you doing in here?”
“I felt bad leaving him by himself, so I thought I’d lay next to him until things calmed down.” He winced when he sat up, the dog wagging his tail when he woke up and saw the two of you there. “Guess I fell asleep.”
“Ok, well let’s all go upstairs to bed, hmm?” You pulled him to his feet and helped him straighten out when he stumbled a little bit, Fionn stretching then following after the two of you as you headed up the stairs. “Don’t think sleeping on the laundry room floor is gonna be the best thing for your neck.”
He just grunted softly and started stripping out of his clothes once you reached the master suite, watchin you and Fionn crawl into the bed with a small smile. You purred happily when he finally joined you, the two of you wrapping around each other while the dog curled up at your feet in a picture of domestic bliss that you couldn’t believe didn’t piss you off more.
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likeahorribledream · a month ago
ꜱᴡᴇᴀᴛʜᴇʀ ᴡᴇᴀᴛʜᴇʀ
Prompt: Reader knits and Ransom discovers the yarn stash and asks her to knit him a sweater.
Summary: You just started dating Ransom and he asks for a small favor, floof ensues.
Pairing: Soft!Ransom x Reader
Word Count: 4.8k
Warnings: Fluff, maybe a tiny bit of angst (if you squint), Ransom's family.
Tumblr media
As an avid reader, you knew very well who Harlan Thrombey was and as a resident of the same small town, you definitely knew who Ransom Drysdale was.
You've heard all the horror stories about the Thrombey family and unlike most people from your town, you stayed away from the drama and the gossip.
Unfortunately for you, the Thrombeys are everyone's favorite family to gossip about and no matter where you went you would run into someone talking about them.
Except for your safe place, where gossip couldn't be heard or passed on: the library.
It is your favorite place in town, it's both gorgeous to look at and it is filled with so many books that it would probably take you a couple of lifetimes to read them all. It is almost as old as the town itself and you love that it was renovated multiple times but that they kept it exactly the same every time.
You spend all your free time there, either reading or browsing through the rows of shelves. More often than not, you were alone there. Especially on Saturday nights.
But there was this one Saturday night where you thought you were alone but you could hear that someone else was looking at books and reading a few pages before putting them down again.
Though you were aware that someone was in the library, you still jumped when you turned a corner and found yourself face-to-face with the mystery reader.
You chuckled at yourself for being so nervous and apologized to the other person for almost slamming right into them.
The last person you thought you'd run into at the library: Ransom Drysdale.
You weren't surprised to see him at the library because, of course, he would love books. Harlan probably introduced him to them at a very young age so that he could share his passion with his first grandson.
What surprised you was to see him there at night, especially on a Saturday. With all the things you have heard about him, you thought you'd have more chance of running into him at a bar or at a club.
You were surprised but you thought he looked like he belonged in here as much as you did.
You smiled at him and apologized again.
"I'm really sorry. I'm not used to seeing other people here, I need to watch where I'm going."
You looked at the book he was holding and pointed at it. "I just returned this book earlier, you're going to love it!"
He looked at you, not saying a word and then it dawned on you that even if Ransom was at the library, it didn't mean that he wanted to be chatted up by the local nerd. Clearly he wasn’t interested in small talk because he didn't make any effort to engage with you whatsoever.
You cleared your throat. "Anyway, sorry again. Have a good night."
You quickly turned around and walked away to the other side of the library to make sure you weren't going to run into him by accident again.
Ransom watched you walk away with a small smile tugging at his lips.
Tumblr media
For the next 3 Saturdays, Ransom was there at night with you and it was beginning to annoy you. You tried not to bother him by giving him his space but he kept going through the rows of your favorite genre and that meant he kept you away from the books you truly wanted to read.
The third week, you arrived earlier and was relieved to see Ransom wasn't there yet. You went straight to the books you wanted and made your way through the small lists you had made earlier of the books you wanted to borrow.
Unfortunately, you hadn't been fast enough and Ransom walked in.
He moved in your direction and you sighed. "I'm sorry, I'm almost done then I'll get out of your way." You told him without looking at him.
"You were right."
You frowned in confusion and turned to look at the freakishly tall man standing next to you.
"I'm not sure I know what you mean."
"About the book, the other day. It was really good."
"Oh." You smiled and nodded. "I couldn't put it down. I'm glad you liked it too."
You turned back, thinking the conversation was over but soon Ransom spoke again.
"Do you have any other suggestions for me? You look like you read a lot and I've gone through my entire list."
Your eyes widened and you turned to face him. "You want my help?"
He nodded. "If you aren't too busy. If you want to."
After that, your Saturdays were now spent with Ransom as the two of you walked around and exchanged suggestions or sat around, talking while flipping mindlessly through books.
He was actually a very nice man, funny even. He was also extremely smart and you wondered why no one ever talked about this side of him.
After a month of weekly meetings, you exchanged numbers and soon after that you found yourself talking to Ransom every day.
You were shocked by how often he had been the first one to start a conversation. Almost every morning you would wake up to a text from him along the lines of "good morning" or "rise and shine", the latter always making you laugh.
You found yourself looking forward to your Saturday nights, looking forward to the hours you were going to spend with your new friend.
You never would have guessed it but you had a lot of points in common with him and you loved listening to him talk about the things he was passionate about. If anyone ever asked you you would deny it, but you had developed a serious crush on Ransom over the weeks. There was no way in hell that he'd go out with a girl like you, so you decided to keep your feelings to yourself and enjoy being his friend instead.
Little did you know that Ransom hadn't been able to get you out of his mind since the night you had almost crashed into him. You were so cute, polite and nice; it left him speechless and it's only when you had walked away that he realized that his silence had probably come off as if he didn't want to talk to you when in reality he had been terrified to open his mouth, terrified he might have said something that would have chased you away.
As it turned out, not speaking to you had done the exact same thing as you were avoiding him like the plague. You were always on the opposite side of the library. He decided to wait around where he had met you so that when you'd come to pick something off the shelves, he would be able to talk to you but it had been weeks and he hadn't gotten anywhere.
Until one lucky night when he arrived a little bit earlier than usual and found you at the exact spot he had been waiting for you all those nights.
Before he had time to think about it and talk himself out of it, he walked over to you quickly and finally talked to you.
You were just as sweet as he remembered and his heart melted with every word you spoke to him.
He didn't want to scare you away. He took his time with you and got to know you before making a move.
There was no way in hell that a girl like you would ever go out with a guy like him, he needed to show you that he was good. Good enough to spend time with you, good enough for you.
He had never been one to text much or to be on his phone but he couldn't help himself with you. He texted you all the time and found himself glancing at his phone every few seconds as he waited for your answers.
Ransom was crushing. Hard.
After 2 weeks of texting every day, it was finally time to make a move.
He waited until Saturday night and when you were sitting down to talk, he asked you out.
"Would you like to go out to dinner with me next Saturday?" He tried to look calm and collected, but inside he was a nervous wreck.
You looked up, surprise written all over your face. "You mean…"
"Like a date." He nodded.
You stared at him without giving an answer and Ransom's brain was going a mile a minute trying to find a way to take it all back. He was terrified that you were going to reject him. He should have thought this through.
"I'd love to." You finally said.
Ransom had been so lost in his thoughts that he barely heard you. He wasn't sure if you had actually said yes or if it was just wishful thinking.
"Wh- What?"
You grinned. "I'd love to go out with you."
He grinned back as he tried to ignore how his heart had been fluttering in his chest.
From the moment you started dating, you were inseparable.
Tumblr media
Unfortunately for some reason, the both of you thought that you weren't really what the other person wanted.
Ransom thought you deserved someone better than him and you thought he'd prefer a woman that was much cooler and interesting than you were.
Whenever he came over to your place, you'd make sure to hide any and all things that would make you look like even more of a dud.
That's how you found out how curious Ransom was and how shamelessly he snooped around.
"What's that?" He asked you one day, after he found your yarn stash.
Crap, you thought. It is over for sure now.
"That's yarn." You said, embarrassed.
"Yarn? What for?" He sounded curious.
"For knitting. I knit."
"You knit?" His brows raised with surprise. "Like scarves, mittens, sweaters and stuff?"
"Yeah…" You looked down, averting your eyes.
"That's so cool!"
Your eyes snapped up, thinking he was making fun of you but the excitement on his face was genuine.
"Could you knit me a sweater?" He grinned.
You should have known that Ransom would appreciate your knitting, the man's wardrobe was 90% knitted sweaters.
You had tried on multiple occasions to knit sweaters but they always looked like crap. You couldn't say that to Ransom though. He thought you knitting sweaters was cool, if you told him that you weren't any good at it he'd probably think it was useless and stupid.
"Sure." You smiled hesitantly.
"You're amazing." He had kissed your forehead, excited at the idea of his favorite person making something special for him.
The following weeks, Ransom would ask about his sweater. How it was going, when he would get it and how far along you were in the process.
Truth be told, it was going horribly. You couldn't get the pattern right and you had started over dozens of times. So you lied and told him that you hadn't had time to start yet.
You had the genius idea to call your grandmother. That woman could knit just about anything and you knew that if someone could help you, it would be her.
You called her to ask for help and she was more than happy to do so. You met several times a week after work, as it turns out knitting a sweater was very difficult and you kept making messes.
You were really getting annoyed and frustrated but you were determined to give Ransom the sweater he had asked for.
His birthday was coming up, it was the perfect moment to give it to him. At the pace you were going, there was no way you'd be finished in time so you met with your grandmother more often and sadly had to cancel your date with Ransom on more than one occasion.
"I'm sorry, bub. She just really needs me right now." You told your boyfriend over the phone after cancelling your date for the second time this week.
"I feel like we haven't seen each other in weeks. I miss you baby."
You sighed, feeling horrible. "I miss you too."
"Can I come with you to see her? You'd be with her and we'd be able to spend time together." He asked, hopeful.
"She's feeling a little bit sick, it's probably best if you don't come. I wouldn't want you to get sick too. Let's just wait until she feels better, ok?"
Ransom hummed, disappointed but not surprised that you didn't want him to meet your family. He isn't good enough for you. He isn't the kind of guy you bring home to meet the family. He's the kind of guy you keep hidden away until you meet the guy that you introduce to your parents.
"Ok… I hope she'll be ok. I gotta go."
Before you could answer he had hung up.
"Are you ok, sweetheart?"
You looked up at your grandma and nodded sadly. "Yeah. I just feel bad for lying to him."
"You're almost done. His birthday is next week and when you give him the sweater I'm sure he'll forgive you."
You smiled. "I hope so."
"Then, you can finally bring him home so we can meet him."
You grinned. "I can't wait."
You were supposed to celebrate Ransom's birthday at his home, just the two of you but during the week he texted you that you were going to Harlan's mansion for a family dinner instead. That certainly didn't help calm your nerves.
The sweater was finally done and you were very proud of yourself. Your fingers were hurting, you had started over hundreds of times but it was worth it. You chose black yarn to hide the few flaws from your knitting. It was far from perfect but it was good enough for his birthday. You'd just keep making him more until they were perfect.
Tumblr media
You had wrapped it in a little box and put a cute bow on top of it. You drove to Harlan’s by yourself, coming straight from work.
You were relieved to see that Ransom was already there.
You parked behind his car, grabbed the box and quickly got out. You were about to run inside when you noticed Ransom coming out of his own car.
"I thought you were already inside." You said as he walked over to you, surprised.
"And let you face them alone? I don't think so."
He stood in front of you and looked down into your eyes. You hadn't seen him in almost 3 weeks and you had missed him like crazy. He put one of his hands on the small of your back and the other one on the back of your neck and pulled you close.
"Hi baby." He smiled lovingly.
"Hi bub. Happy birthday." You grinned.
He pressed a quick kiss to your lips and pulled back, making you pout.
He moved his hand from behind your neck and brushed his thumb on your bottom lip.
‘’Don’t pout. I missed you too much and if I start kissing you it’s going to turn into a makeout session.’’ He chuckled.
‘’I don’t see why that’s bad.’’
‘’What’s bad is that we’re standing in front of my grandfather’s house and I’m pretty sure that my entire family has been staring at us from the living room window. I don’t really feel like putting on a show for them.’’
You laughed. ‘’Very good points.’’ You kissed his cheek. ‘’Why are we here, anyway? I thought you didn’t want to spend your birthday with them.’’
Ransom used his free hand to tuck a strand of your hair behind your ear. ‘’Harlan wanted to see me, and meet you. Unfortunately that means that everyone else has to be there.’’
‘’He wanted to meet me?’’ You were surprised that he even knew about you. ‘’Have you been talking about me when I’m not there, mister Drysdale?’’ You teased him.
‘’Of course I have.’’ He shrugged like it was no big deal. ‘’Even before we started dating.’’
His confession made your heart flutter in your chest and for the first time in your life you finally understood what people meant when they said they felt butterflies in their stomach.
You held his gift in one hand and wrapped your free arm around his shoulders and tried to bring him closer to you.
‘’I really want to kiss you right now.’’ You whispered.
‘’Later, baby. I promise I’ll make it worth your while.’’ He winked, making you laugh.
You kissed the tip of his nose and let go of his shoulders.
‘’Let’s go inside then. The quicker we eat, the quicker we leave and I can have you all to myself.’’
‘’That’s my girl. I like the way you think.’’ He let go of you completely and took your hand in his.
‘’Ready to meet my family?’’
You laughed. ‘’Nope.’’
‘’I apologize in advance for everything that’s about to happen in there.’’
You squeezed his hand and you both walked towards the front door. Ransom finally noticed the box you have been holding.
‘’What’s that?’’ He asked innocently. ‘’Did you get me a gift?’’
‘’Maybeeeee.’’ He tried to steal it from you but you quickly stopped him. ‘’Not yet.’’ You stuck out your tongue.
‘’Baby you better put that tongue back where it belongs if you don’t want me to-’’
He got cut off by the front door flying open. A tall woman with black glasses was now standing in front of you.
‘’Are you coming in any time soon or should we all move to the driveway?’’
You felt Ransom tense up at the woman’s words and you instinctively squeezed his hand to make him relax.
‘’Calm down, mother.’’
He pushed past her to get inside and you followed. You smiled shyly at his mom but she barely acknowledged you. This was going to be a long night.
Ransom took off his coat and took yours to hang them up. He grabbed your hand again and he guided you to the living room where everyone was.
You knew that his relationship with his family was bad but you didn’t think it was that bad, until you heard them groan when Ransom walked in. That’s one way to greet the birthday boy.
He quickly introduced you to everyone, keeping his dad for last. Richard had this weird smile on his face and tried to shake your hand when no one else had even moved to look at you.
‘’Don’t you dare come close to her.’’ Ransom hissed as he glared at his dad.
His dad rolled his eyes and walked back to his seat.
‘’Where’s Harlan?’’ He asked, to no one in particular.
‘’Right here.’’ A soft voice came from behind you.
You both turned around to face him and for the first time tonight, someone greeted Ransom with a smile.
‘’Happy birthday, Ransom.’’ His eyes fell on you. ‘’And you must be the woman I’ve heard so much about.’’
You smiled back at him and nodded. ‘’Well, at least I hope I am.’’ You joked, making both men laugh.
‘’With Ransom, you never know.’’ Richard called out, scoffing.
‘’Must run in the family then, uh?’’ You answered, not even bothering to look back at him.
A collective gasp shortly followed your answer.
This was the first time that Ransom felt so much pride towards another human being in all of his life. He let go of your hand and put his arm around your shoulders, pulling you to his side. He leaned down and whispered ‘’That’s my girl.’’ in your ear, followed by a kiss on your cheek.
Harlan looked at the both of you with a little playful glimmer in his eyes. ‘’I can see why you like her so much.’’
Ransom proudly looked down at you. ‘’She’s the best.’’
You looked up at your boyfriend and smiled brightly at him. He kissed your forehead softly.
Harlan noticed the box in your hand and pointed at it. ‘’Should we do the gifts now?’’
‘’Yes!’’ Ransom answered, excited to finally be able to see what was in the box.
You were suddenly very nervous. What if he hated it?
You both sat down together in a loveseat and Harlan brought his gift to Ransom first, which you were thankful for.
He had gotten Ransom a first edition of a book he loved and the happiness in his eyes was everything. He gently put the book down next to him and made grabby hands at you. You hesitated for a few seconds and finally handed him your gift.
You watched his every move as he carefully undid the bow and tore at the wrapping paper. He opened the box and smiled. He touched the fabric with his fingertips and looked up at you. ‘’You bought me a sweater!’’
You shook your head no. ‘’I didn’t buy it. I- I made it.’’ You were too nervous to look at him and kept your gaze on the sweater instead.
‘’You made this for me?’’ He quickly took it out of the box and started looking at it from every angle.
‘’It’s the first sweater I’ve ever made. It’s far from perfect but as it turns out knitting sweaters is a lot harder than it seems.’’ You laughed softly. ‘’That’s why I was spending so much time with my grandmother. She was teaching me.’’
Ransom never thought he would get emotional over a sweater and yet, here we are. ‘’You made this for me.’’ He repeated, barely above a whisper as if he couldn’t believe it.
‘’Do you like it?’’ You asked nervously. ‘’If you don’t like it, it’s ok. I’ll buy you one instead, you don’t have to wear it.’’
Ransom’s head turned to face you so quickly you thought he had given himself whiplash. ‘’Baby, are you kidding? This is perfect. I don’t like it, I love it.’’
He reached over to you and grabbed your jaw with his hand, bringing your faces closer together. ‘’The sweater is amazing. You’re amazing.’’ He whispered before kissing you for a lot longer than he probably should have with his entire family just staring at you two but he absolutely didn’t care. He pulled back, just enough to allow you to breathe.
‘’Thanks baby.’’
‘’You’re welcome bub.’’
He kissed you again but kept it short and sweet, if he thought he had wanted you earlier it was nothing compared to how he was feeling at that moment and he didn’t trust himself to kiss you any longer.
‘’Ok. Enough.’’ His mother spoke up, ruining your sweet little moment together. ‘’It’s a sweater for God’s sake. Calm down. You own dozens of them already.’’
Ransom sighed loudly and turned to look at his mother. ‘’Is that jealousy I hear, Linda?’’ He smirked. ‘’When’s the last time your husband gave you a thoughtful gift that wasn’t some kind of bribe to keep you from divorcing him after you caught him cheating on you? Again.’’
‘’Watch how you talk to your mother.’’ His father warned him.
‘’Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were the only one allowed to disrespect her.’’
You bit your lower lip trying not to laugh at everyone’s expression.
‘’You all act like you’re better than everybody else because you have money, you look down on everyone with pity when you’re the ones who should be pitied.” He took your hand in his and intertwined your fingers, making you smile.
‘’When’s the last time any of you smiled at one another, a genuine smile, because you were happy to see each other?’’ He looked at his uncle and his wife, then his parents. None of them answered. ‘’Judging by your silence, it’s probably been years. So none of you are allowed to judge me or my girl because we are happy to see each other. You might only see a sweater, but I see hours of hard work that she put into making this sweater to make me happy. So, kindly eat shit. My girl and I are going to celebrate my birthday together and I’ll see you again at Christmas or something.’’
He stood up and gently pulled on your hand so that you’d do the same. He handed you his sweater and the book Harlan gave him.
‘’Could you hold this for me, please?’’
You took both and watched as he apologized to his grandfather and thanked him for inviting you both.
‘’I’ll call you next week.’’ He promised.
‘’It was really nice meeting you, Mr.Thrombey. Thank you for inviting me. You really have a beautiful home.’’ You smiled shyly.
‘’I have a feeling we’ll see each other again, dear.’’ He winked and gave a quick nod towards Ransom. ‘’Now, go celebrate. Have fun.’’
Ransom let go of your hand, took both of your coats and put his on first. He held yours so that you could put it on one arm at a time while still holding his gifts for him.
‘’Can I leave my car here? I’ll come back for it tomorrow.’’ He asked Harlan.
‘’Not a problem.’’
Ransom opened the front door for you and followed you as you walked out of the mansion. He shut the door behind him and felt like he could breathe again.
‘’Well, that went better than I expected.’’
‘’Did it really?’’ You asked, laughing.
He nodded. ‘’Ten times better.’’
‘’Thank goodness for that.’’ You pulled out your car keys from your coat’s pocket. ‘’Where are we going?’’ You looked up.
He stole your keys from your hand. ‘’How about we go back to your place, order pizza and watch movies?’’
‘’It’s your birthday, bub. We can do anything you want.’’
‘’Home it is.’’ He put his arm around your shoulders and guided you to the passenger side of your car.
You opened the car door to the backseat and put Ransom’s sweater and book in the back. Ransom closed the door for you and turned you around so that you were facing him. He caged your body between him and the car. One hand on your hip and the other holding the side of your face. Your hands gripped the front of his coat to keep him close. The look in his eyes made you shiver.
He gently stroked your cheek with his thumb, looking in your eyes.
‘’I love you.’’ He whispered, just for the two of you.
Your heart was racing in your chest. You had dreamed about hearing him saying those words to you so many times, it barely felt real.
‘’I love you so much.’’ He added. ‘’It scares the crap out of me.’’ He chuckled softly and brought you closer to him. He leaned down and pressed his forehead to yours.
‘’You don’t have to say it back but,’’ He closed his eyes and took in a shaky breath. ‘’Please don’t break my heart.’’
‘’I love you too.’’
His eyes opened as soon as the words came out of your mouth. He leaned back, just enough to look at you properly. He looked deep into your eyes, as if he was looking for any sign that you didn’t mean it.
‘’Say it again.’’
‘’I love y-’’
Ransom cut you off, crashing his lips onto yours. His hand moved from your hip to the small of your back, grabbing a fistful of your coat and bringing his chest flush against you, making you tighten your grip on his coat. He kissed you with so much desire and love that it literally took your breath away, only stopping when the two of you were completely out of breath and panting. He pecked your lips a few more times before pulling away, slowly unclenching his fist and letting go of your coat. He brushed his nose against yours and smiled brightly.
‘’Sorry.’’ He said, breathless. ‘’You were going to say something?’’ He chuckled.
You laughed. ‘’I can’t remember.’’
‘’Good.’’ He smirked. ‘’That means I still got it.’’ He wiggled his eyebrows and licked his lower lip.
‘’Dork.’’ You rolled your eyes, teasing him.
‘’Your dork. Forever.’’ He grinned goofily.
You shook your head softly and chuckled. ‘’Come on, dork. Let’s go home.’’
‘’Yes ma’am.’’ He kissed your cheek and moved to the right to open the passenger door for you and drove you home, hand in hand and smiles never leaving either of your lips. The thoughts that you weren’t good enough for him or that he did not deserve you were completely gone.
Tumblr media
The following weekend your parents had invited you over to meet Ransom and give him a proper birthday dinner. Your grandmother was absolutely in love with him and he loved her just as much. They were adorable together and it warmed your heart to see your boyfriend get along so well with your family. You couldn’t stop smiling as you watched him talk with your parents and laugh with them. He was finally able to enjoy some real family time and happiness sure looked good on him.
That, and the sweater you had made for his birthday that he was wearing, with pride.
Tumblr media
Adorable sweater divider by @firefly-graphics
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pagesoflauren · a month ago
Being Brave
soft!dad!Ransom x reader
Tumblr media
Summary: It's Harlan's first day of preschool and it's an emotional day for everyone.
Warnings: emotional Ransom, kid in a stressful situation (first day of school jitters)
A/N: A lil extra bit of Ransom and his family
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Tumblr media
You kneel down, face to face with your son.
He’s crying, absolutely losing his mind with red eyes and tears streaming down his cheeks.
“Mommy, don’t make me, I don’t wanna go!” he sobs.
“Oh, my little darling, I know,” you coo, your own eyes stinging with tears but you’re willing yourself to hold it together.
“Why do I have to go?”
“Because one day you’ll have to go to school. You know, like Marinette and Adrien in Miraculous. And we want you to be ready for that day.”
He snuffles a little before breaking down again into another fit of sobs. His teacher stands at the door, greeting a parent and throwing you a sympathetic look.
“Ransom,” you call to your husband.
He kneels down too.
“Daddy,” Harlan’s little voice implores. “I don’t wanna go.”
“Oh, buddy,” Ransom says, bringing him in for a hug as he sobs himself. “You don’t have to--”
“Ransom,” you snap.
“Ah, I mean,” he clears his throat, placing his hands on his son’s shoulders. “Harlan, you have to be brave.”
“But I’m scared, daddy.”
Gulping, Ransom looks at you, waiting for you to speak up. Your face reflects his, expectant and hoping that he’ll remember the conversation you had this morning before waking up Harlan.
“I can tell him all morning that he can do it, he has to do it, we’ll be there for him. But you’re closer to him than I am, and that’s okay.”
“That’s not true--”
“Yes it is,” you laugh. “Thick as thieves, you two are. He’ll need to hear it from you.”
Swallowing, Ransom feels his emotions clog his throat.
“How am I supposed to tell him that when I don’t want him to go either?”
You smile, running a hand through his hair and tilting his head down to press his forehead against yours.
“None of us want him to go,” you whisper. “But we know he has to.”
Inhaling deeply, Ransom looks back at his son. He looks like you, beautifully unmistakable features with cheeks rosy from emotion.
Pursing his lips, he brings his thumb up to his face to wipe away his tears. “I know it’s scary, sunbeam. But you’re going to have so much fun with the other kids. You’ll get to color and sing and play all you want. And mommy and I will be right here to pick you up at the end of the day.”
“Yeah, of course.”
His little eyes look at you.
“I’ll be here, too,” you swear.
“Excuse me,” his teacher comes up to him. “Hi, Harlan, do you remember me?”
He nods, then looks at the boy standing next to her. He’s a little bit taller; kind face and eyes framed with glasses.
“This is Thatcher,” she introduces. “He’s been at our school for a while now. He’s starting kindergarten in the fall. He saw that you were sad and was wondering if you wanted to walk in with him.”
Harlan looks at you and Ransom, both of you giving him nods of encouragement.
“Yes!” Thatcher cheers. “There’s the coolest block set inside that we can play with, do you wanna see?”
Your son gives a small nod.
“Okay, Thatcher,” the teacher interjects, “why don’t you wait for Harlan at the door?”
He scurries off, waiting under the doorframe.
“Okay, my little darling,” you say with a smile, capturing Harlan’s attention. “Here’s your backpack and jacket.”
“You’ll be here, right?”
“Right here at the end of the day.”
Putting the straps on his shoulders, he throws his arms around your neck, squeezing tightly.
“I love you so much,” you whisper.
“I love you, too.”
You kiss his cheek and he turns to his father.
“Bye-bye, daddy,” he says, hugging him a little longer.
Ransom isn’t the first to let go, unable to bear it as his son unwraps his arms from him.
“Go have fun, Sunbeam.”
“I love you, daddy.”
Sniffling, a tear runs down Ransom’s cheek that he's quick to wipe away.
“I love you too, buddy. Be good, okay?”
Turning to Thatcher, he walks slowly to the door. He looks back, gives one last wave, and disappears into his preschool.
Ransom exhales slowly as he straightens up next to you, sniveling a little. Standing up too, you place your arms around his waist.
“You did so well, darling.”
“Did I?”
“Yes, you were very brave,” you compliment, only half-teasing. You feel a small sense of satisfaction when you coax a smile out of him. But, as the two of you turn your attention back to the door, you see his teacher give a thumbs up and a wave.
You lead your husband out of the preschool yard, unlatching the gate and exiting before locking it again. This moment is heartbreaking for you, seeing your son going to preschool already. But you can't imagine how Ransom must feel, seeing the son he never expected to love growing up and stepping a little closer to independence.
“God, he'll be moving out in no time.”
“Let's not worry about that,” you remind him. “This is a big moment.”
“Besides, this is good practice. Harlan isn't the only kid we’ll send to preschool.”
It takes him a moment, but eventually he turns to you, bewildered and beaming and asking for clarification.
Guiding his hand to lay on your belly, you nod.
Tumblr media
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deliciousangelfestival · a month ago
I’m All Yours
Tumblr media
Character: Ransom Drysdale X Female Reader
Words: 3,658
Summary: You’re working like usual at Blood Like Wine Publishing company, but everything changes when your boss ask you a favor. 
A/N: English is not my first languange. Please pardon my mistakes if you find any grammar mistakes. I hope you enjoy reading this one-shot. Any feedback, likes, and reblog are much appreciated.
This one-shot tells you how the reader met Ransom. 
Tumblr media
It was a busy day like usual in the office. But it’s different for you. Your life changed because of a task given by your boss: Harlan Thrombey, the famous mystery novelist and the CEO of the company Blood Like Wine Publishing Company. 
Your finger stopped typing on the keyboard when your colleague told you, “(Y/N), the boss wants to see you.”
You’ve been working as an editor in the company for five years but never got called to see the boss. You took a deep breath before knocking on the door. 
Before you knocked on the door to his office, it was already open by someone—Harlan’s assistant for more than 30 years, Phillip, also your godfather. 
He’s one of the main reasons why you want to work in the company. Since you were a child, you have always been a bookworm, and your godfather Philip gave you mystery books as a birthday gift. Primarily the book was written by Harlan. You instantly became a fan. 
“Ah (Y/N), you’re here.” Philip's warm smile and familiar face made your nervousness gone. 
“Harlan, let me introduce (Y/N) (L/N).” 
Harlan, who was sitting on his chair, his mouth curved into a smile. “Hello dear, I heard so much about you.” 
He heard about your ability when working with a young and senior writer. You would help them if they got writer’s block. Even bring back their confidence to continue their work. You are famous for being a patient person to work. 
Finding out your boss acknowledges your hard work makes you feel proud of yourselves. “Thank you, Mr. Thrombey.”
“My dear, I’m going to ask you a big favor. After you listened to my request, you could reject it.”
You nodded and sat down on the couch.
“It’s about my grandson, Ransom Thrombey-Drysdale.” 
When you hear that name, you understand why Harlan asked for your help. 
Ransom has published his first mystery book, ‘The Dancing Mask,’ and it went best-seller. He even has loyal fans. Harlan couldn’t be more proud seeing his grandson's being passionate about something. Ransom told his grandfather that he already had an idea for the sequel. 
But it’s been two years, and he still hasn’t finished the sequel. 
Rumour said he got writer’s block. 
Harlan had sent an assistant and editor to help his grandson, but they couldn’t help Ransom. His grandson kicked them out. 
Perhaps with your trait as a patient person, you could help his oldest grandson. 
"There is something you need to know about Ransom."
Harlan heavily sighed about his grandson ”Brilliant writer but has rubbish personality.” 
Harlan raised his eyebrows. "Seems like you have heard about him?"
Yes, you did, but you won't tell Harlan the spicy rumor about his grandson. 
Trust-funded playboy turned into a famous writer. The playboy status is still there. 
He's one of the top famous bachelors in the city. Your colleague would throw hot gossip about Ransom at lunch hour. All of the female assistants and editors working with him left broken-hearted, and Ransom gave them a crazy what-to-do list for the male. 
"If you succeed, there’s an editor position with author Jonathan."
Well, his offer got your full attention. Harlan is your favorite author of all time, but for your generation, Jonathan is the one. You get up from your seat and shake hands with Harlan.
Philip drives you to Ransom’s house. His presence needed to introduce both of you. 
Ransom could be a jerk towards new employees, but he can't do that towards Philip because he was Ransom's former mentor. 
You have got to admit that Ransom was tall, lean, and had a handsome face. No wonder why your female colleague hates but loves him at the same time.
Ransom knows who you are because Harlan won't stop calling his phone. 
The first impression Ransom got when he met you; he thought Harlan was joking. You look so small compared to him.
He couldn’t believe his grandfather would send you to him. He called Harlan, “Don’t blame me if she comes back crying.”
“She’s different, Ransom.”
Tumblr media
After both of you got introduced, Ransom gave you many impossible tasks. 
Your patience got tested when you worked with him.
Working with Ransom is a big challenge. But you won’t quit because you keep saying in your head that Harlan and Philip put their trust in you. Do this for them and the fans of his book.  
Ransom thought you would be the same as any other woman who is trying to seduce him. 
He underestimates you at first. It turned out you were a stubborn woman. 
He kept kicking you out, but you kept coming back. 
You are persistent. 
One day he try to run away from you but it would be the last time. Because he almost embarassed himself. 
While you were busy, he took the chance and went to the club. 
His credit card got rejected, he thought that he would lose face around his friends. 
Suddenly the server said to him, “The lady already paid your bills, sir.”
Ransom found you sitting at the bar holding a glass of drink with a smirked smile.
You appeared in front of him like a godsend, but the truth is, you’re the reason why he’s in trouble.
It is the first time seeing you being this confident. But how? He forgot that your backup is his grandfather. 
You felt like a winner at the moment seeing him look dumbfounded. You put down the drinks and gave a big to the bartender. You walked towards him and took something out of your pocket. “I got your car key from the valet.”
Ransom wanted to snatch the key from your hands, but you were faster. You leaned closer to him and whispered, “Do you want to stay here without being able to pay your friends at the next club?”
There’s no way he would lose his face. Ransom wasn’t annoyed when you stood close to him; in fact, he liked the way you challenged him. “Fine.” 
Ransom’s friends are surprised to see their friend let someone drive his car. 
It was complete silence inside the car. Ransom keeps looking at the window while you drive. 
“I think I get it.”
Your sudden comment makes him curious “What?”
“I finally understand why you like this car.” Your fingers tapped the steering wheel. 
Ransom has a proud smile on his face. He starts talking about his beamer. 
You listened and answered him. You realized that it’s pretty easy to have a good chat with Ransom. But if it has to be something that he likes. 
When both of you arrived at his house, you thought he was still mad towards you. “You’re not going anywhere tonight, right?”
Ransom turns around and gives you a disbelief look. “Why would I? I have a story to finish.” It was an unordinary day; not everyone was brave enough to challenge him. With that, he has new material to write. 
It was your turn which looked surprised when you heard that. You thought that Ransom was joking. But no, when he gave you the story draft, it felt like a miracle. 
Tumblr media
For a whole week, Ransom shows good improvement. Harlan was surprised when you gave him an update about his oldest grandson. 
Harlan asked to come by the office. "How are you, my darling?"
Your eyebrows raised when he called you that. It seems like the news about Ransom makes him happy. You didn’t try to sugarcoat and tell Harlan the truth, “His arrogance was indescribable.” 
Harlan let out a big laugh. He likes your honest answer. “But are you going to give up?”
You shook your head.
Harlan knew it took another level of patience to deal with Ransom. “Why do you still want to help him?”
You smiled and answered, “It would be a shame to let his talent go to waste. Didn’t you say he was a brilliant writer?”
Harlan has a full smile on his face. You’re the only one who understands Ransom’s talent. He wasn’t wrong for choosing you to help his grandson. “Please stay beside him in the future.”
Tumblr media
Ransom started writing the sequel for his book again, but it’s still unpredictable when he submits the new chapter. It’s impossible to reach out for Ransom. If you call him by phone, he won’t answer. 
You have no choice but to have a sleepover at his house. But later, unintentionally, you started moving into his home. 
The only perk of becoming his housemate is that you could tell him directly if there’s a mistake—no need for chasing games anymore. 
For Ransom, he lets you stay with him because he doesn’t want the first thing he sees in the morning is you sleeping on the couch. “The pillow starts to smell because of your drool,” he said. But the truth is, he felt guilty seeing you went home late at night and slept on the couch. 
You are serious about helping him. Not like the previous assistant he got, all of them try to flirt with him and try to get a connection since he’s Harlan’s grandson. 
He got used to living alone. The weird thing is, whenever you are around, he doesn’t feel annoyed and feel suffocated. 
He didn't understand, but somehow he craved it.
When both of you started to live together, he learned that you're a natural caregiver. 
You always make sure he gets everything he needs. He never got this kind of attention, even from his parents. 
Ransom never cooks at his own house. 
But you did. Ransom knows you eat when you are stressed. Usually, you will eat your favorite oat biscuit, but you will cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. 
He won’t admit that he likes your cooking. Perhaps maybe in the future. 
Because of you, he stopped going outside and became more focused. 
Even his parents noticed the change; you gave him a good influence.
Everything you do, he found it adorable. He always likes the moment he got home, you would be there and said, “Welcome home.”
He loved it when you said that. 
Tumblr media
Both of you became used to each other's presence. Ransom doesn’t mind if you are wandering around his house while he focuses on writing.   
Like today, you were organizing his old mail. While you were busy arranging, you found a weird mail letter. The envelope already opened, your curiosity won over you. You can’t help yourself to see what is inside the letter. You felt shivered when you read it; the letter was creepy. It must be from an anti-fan. 
‘Your book doesn’t deserve the attention.’ 
‘Your success. It’s all because of your grandfather.’
Another letter said he uses a ghostwriter for his book. 
After you read the letter, you finally could connect the dots. You knew the reason why Ransom didn’t continue the book sequel. It turned out Ransom felt he didn't deserve his work to be good enough. 
All this time, he’s been hiding because he felt guilty. His family already underestimates and is skeptical about Ransom because of his bad history. Only Harlan believes his grandson. His success is because of all the connections from his grandfather’s company. 
You remember the image when you enter his study room; there’s a lot of research and new ideas. Even you were impressed by his research, but he never put it into his latest story. 
Ransom is a difficult person to deal with, but he always gives his best. You don’t know why but you feel sad knowing not everyone understands him. 
Ransom walking around his house after looking at the monitor for three hours found you in the dining room. He saw that your nose looked red, and you wiped your eyes. He doesn’t like it seeing you look sad, “Are you crying?” 
You were surprised to find out by him; you hid the old mail under the recent one. You answered, “No, I'm just allergic to jerks.”
Ransom tsked at your answer. He was this close trying to cheer you up. 
Tumblr media
Both of you are sitting inside his study room. You are almost done editing his latest chapter. Your eyes were still looking at the screen “Ransom; you are a good writer.”
Ransom’s fingers stopped typing; your sudden comment made him blush. “Uhm... thank you?”
You asked him why his book got delayed for years, then told him the truth that you found the hate mail. "Is that the reason why?"
Ransom closed his laptop; it took a few minutes until he answered, “Everyone looks at me like I don’t deserve it.”
“It doesn’t matter no matter how hard I work; people think I got success because of my grandfather.”
It's the first time you see him look defeated, and you didn't like it at all. "You know this is all bullshit. They don't know your hard work.” 
"Your book indeed got published by your family company, but it's not just any other book that gets published." 
"Blood Like Wine has a high standard. I bet your first book got multiple critiques and corrections from Harlan and Philip before it got published, right?"
"Prove them wrong, Ransom. Show them what you've got." 
Ransom was silent; he didn't know how to respond. He never got this kind of encouragement. 
You put your hand on him and said,” Ransom, let's finish it together.” 
When you said that, it felt affectionate and warm, fresh and sweet. This good feeling which couldn’t be explained and his heart pounded like crazy. It felt good to have someone who trust him. 
Tumblr media
Since that day, Ransom changed even with his work ethic. It seems like, after that talk, he got motivated. 
Because of your guidance and patience, he was able to complete his new book. When Harlan heard about the news, he was overjoyed. 
Everything went so fast; now Ransom and you are in his book launch event. His book ‘The Twisted Mirror’ became a best-seller. 
You are happy to see him signing his books and greet all his fans. 
Harlan was also at the event. When you greet him, he pulls you into a hug. “You did a good job, my dear.”
“Thank you.”
You didn’t notice someone standing behind Harlan. “Let me introduce you to Jonathan.”
You widened your eyes; the day had come, and Harlan was keeping his promises. Your idol is here in front of you, but you don’t feel any excitement. 
You’re supposed to be happy, but you don’t know why you feel sad for leaving Ransom. You hold your breath, put on a big smile, and offer your hand. “Hello, I’m a big fan of yours.”
Jonathan gave you a charming smile. “I can’t wait to work with you.”
Before you and Jonathan shook hands, you felt someone place their hands on your waist. With the perfume fragrance, you could tell it must be Ransom. 
“Ughh.” You huffed because you landed on his chest. 
“Don’t just stand there; we have to go.”
He doesn’t let you say anything and pull your hand. Ransom gritted his teeth; the way he stared made his grandfather guest scared. 
‘He looks like in a bad mood for some reason.’ You don’t want to make things get worse and keep silent. 
Harlan was watching how his grandson odd reaction. He stroked his chin and grinned. “Hmm, that’s interesting.”
Ransom dragged you to his beamer. After both of you entered the car, he asked you “Who the heck is he?”
“Oh, he’s Jonathan, soon I’ll be his editor.”
“Hold on, what does it mean?”
You gave him a ‘duh’ look and said, “I’m here to help you finish the book, Ransom.”
Ransom look at you with disbelief. “What? After everything we’ve been through, you’re just going to leave?”
“It’s not like I’m going abroad. I’m still working in the company.”
Ransom’s knuckles grip the steering wheel tightly “(Y/N). What do you think about me?”
“Friends?” You felt a lump in your throat when you said that. 
Ransom felt his heart get stabbed. 
The ride home was awkwardly silent. 
At night, Ransom saw you packing all your stuff from your room. 
“What are you doing?”
“I’m packing.”
He doesn’t like seeing you gathering all your stuff. He was afraid to see you leave. Ransom couldn’t sleep that night.
He starts to picture if your start working with Jonathan. Are you going to stay with him? Make sure he’s alright?
No, he won’t let that happen. 
Tumblr media
The next day Ransom meets his grandfather at the office. 
“You look like shit.” That was Harlan’s comment when he saw his grandson.
“Something bothering you?”
Ransom threw himself to the couch and hummed, “Hmm.”
“Is it (Y/N)?”
“Yeah, she’s all I could think about.” Ransom didn’t realize he told the truth to his grandfather.
“Why? It’s not like she’s quit.”
"It felt like it. I don’t like seeing her working with someone else.”
“Oh yeah, right, Jonathan.” 
Ransom’s ears were itchy when he heard that name. 
“You don’t want her to go, don’t you?”
“No, I don’t.” Ransom finally admits, if you leave, he will get lonely. But the truth is, he will be jealous. 
“You should do something.”
It was easy to say, but Ransom has to wreck his brain thinking how to get you to stay. Suddenly an idea appears in his mind. 
He grabbed his phone and typed something. After he was satisfied with it, he clicked ‘Post.’
Tumblr media
You were in a meeting when everyone's phones got notifications at the same time. 
“What’s happened?”
Your colleague, who gasped, grab your shoulder. “Ransom announced his new book.”
You tried to call Ransom, but he didn’t answer. You were focused on your phone and didn’t watch your surroundings. 
You thought you hit a wall, and it turned out it was Ransom.
Ransom has a smirked smile on his face. “Perfect timing.”
Ransom pulled you to Harlan’s office. “You heard the news. Since the fans already knew I had to work fast. And I need my editor back.”
Before Harlan could say anything, Ransom brings you again out of the room. 
Harlan is still looking at the closed door while Philip asks his long-time friend, “What the freak is going on?”
‘I haven’t seen him smile like that in ages.’ Harlan thought; he looked at Philip and said, “He is in love.”
Tumblr media
Right now, both of you are inside the airport. After Ransom posted an announcement for his new book, he told you to pack and bring your passport. 
Ransom knew you always wanted to travel on the Orient Express train. Just like your favorite author Agatha Christie. 
You couldn’t believe it when Ransom told you that both of you were going to London, then to Vienna. 
He remembered one of your bucket lists. 
You almost blushed after finding out he was giving you this surprise gift. But you can’t help to ask him, “Why?”
Ransom chuckled and pinched your cheeks gently. “Silly girl, both of us worked our ass almost for the whole year. We deserve a break.”
His action made you blushed again. This time he noticed it, and it’s good for him. Because the purpose of this holiday is to steal your heart. 
Ransom has outdone himself. Both of you enjoyed your time using the orient express train. The service was top-notch, the food, bar, music. 
But Ransom still craves something simple. “All this gourmet food, but I still prefer your home-cooked meals.”
You felt butterflies in your stomach. It sounds like Ransom wanted you to stay. 
“Ooh.. and hamburger.” 
Yeah, way to go ruined the mood. You pretended not to hear his previous words and went back to enjoy the holiday. It’s been a long time since both of you could relax. 
It’s a five-day trip; you met a few people, especially the elder couple who had dinner together since day one. 
She asked you, “Where’s your boyfriend?”
“Oh, he’s….” 
Ransom made his grand entrance with his perfect hair and outfits. Your eyes couldn’t help to check him out. He hugs your shoulder and kisses your hair. “Hey, sorry I’m late.”
His action made your silently screaming inwardly, ‘What the heck is even that?’
You whisper at his ears, “People will think that we’re dating.”
He murmured with a soft voice, “That would be nice.”
Ransom won’t stop showering you with romantic gestures. You are afraid that you read the situation wrong. 
You braved yourself and decided to ask him, “Ransom, why are you like this?”
“Because I like you.”
“You are the best thing that has ever happen to me. I want to hug you, touch you, and then after that kiss you.” 
“I only want to do it with you. No one else but you.”
“Tell me (Y/N) do you have any feelings towards me?”
Your cheeks turned pink when you heard his confession. 
The silence is eating his confidence; he was afraid of what you were going to say.
But he got nothing to worry about when you wrapped your arm around his shoulder, “I don’t want to risk our friendship, but I can’t keep this hidden anymore. I like you too, Ransom.”
The truth is… Yes. You do have feelings towards Ransom. 
You want to stay professional. That’s why you want to move out as fast as you can. 
You do notice how different Ransom treats anyone else besides you. It will be a lie if your heart doesn’t move, seeing how gentle he is towards you. But you won’t tell him that because it will build up his ego. 
You finally admit your feelings because you don’t want to be apart from him. 
When you smiled, Ransom felt his heart stop beating when he saw a pretty smile on your lips.
His eyes look at you with adoration and love. “If you say no, I won't know what to do next.”
“What are you going to do?”
Ransom smiled at your question. His hands stroked your back. “Can I kiss you?”
Your heart is beating fast, and you feel a tingling sensation in every place he touched with his rough fingertips. 
There was a special atmosphere between both of you. And you like this feeling.  
When he saw your smile, he immediately leaned in for a sweet kiss and hugged you tightly. He whispered in your ear, “(Y/N), I’m all yours.”
Tumblr media
Check out Masterlist if you want to see their married life. 
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sunflower-writings · 2 months ago
Hello! Hope you are well.
For the challenge, how about Ransom / minor car accident (Ransom’s fault) and you have to swap insurance information.
Accidentally in Love // Ransom Drysdale
(soft!)Ransom Drysdale x fem! reader
Summary: Ransom hit your car with his beamer. He insists on paying the damage and taking care of you.
Word count: ~1.5k
Warning: minor car accident, rest should be pure fluff
A/N: This is my contribution to @syntheticavenger "How it Started - How it's going 5k challenge" Congratulations on your new milestone😘 You are an AMAZING writer and I love your work so much❤
Ugh, I started this story on real paper because I was affected by the severe floodings in Germany. No electricity, no running water vor 5 days and I was in DIRE need of a fluffy fic [sorry, not sorry]. Now I finally managed to finish this. After my last Ransom story was rather dark, it was time to go full on soft. as always I am not an English native speaker so there will be probably some errors. Feedback is always appreciated ❤ Now enjoy!
Tumblr media
How it started...
It was pouring with rain and the windshield wipers were struggling to provide a clear view.
The drops were hitting your car so hard that you could hardly hear the music on the radio. The long hard day at work had taken its toll on you and all you wanted to do was get back to your cozy home and enjoy some hot cocoa.
The traffic light in front of you turned red and you came to a stop.
Suddenly, a jolt went through your car. Not so strong that your seatbelt jammed, but still strong enough to scare you quite a bit. After a few seconds you realized what had happened. Someone had hit the back of your car.
Shit. This was exactly what you didn't need right now. You pulled over to the side of the road, activated your hazard lights, pulled your thin jacket tighter around you and got out.
The wind drove the rain right against your face and you struggled to keep your eyes open. Oh great. The car that had crashed into you was probably a vintage BMW. One like that wasn't exactly an run-of-the-mill model, so the damage was sure to be costly.
Besides, you knew exactly what kind of people drove cars like that. Rich assholes, guaranteed to deny that the accident was their fault.
Panic rose in you. If the other driver denied being at fault and your insurance company didn't pay, you'd be stuck with the costs, and there was no way you could afford that.
You examined the deformed metal on the rear bumper. No severe damage, the car would definitely be able to go on, but still, it would be really expensive.
At that moment your opponent entered the scene. He was quite tall, his dark hair was slicked back, he wore a cognac-colored coat and scarf with paisley pattern. He approached you with large, menacing-looking strides. This made you all the more surprised with what gentle voice he spoke to you.
"Jesus, are you okay?" he asked, putting his hands gently on your upper arms. " Are you hurt?" His blue eyes scrutinized you, checking for possible injuries. "Um, uh, no. I'm okay, I think." You stuttered.
His tense features relaxed and he exhaled in relief. "I'm so sorry, I was inattentive and didn't react fast enough." His gaze shifted to the two cars. "Shit, that's really annoying, but I'll pay for the damage, of course."
He rummaged in his coat pocket, pulled out two small cards and handed them to you. "Here's my contact details and the information of my insurance agent. Contact him and he will take care of the reparation and the bill."
You were surprised at how competently and cooperatively he resolved the situation while you barely said anything. You accepted the business cards and glanced at them. "Hugh Ransom Drysdale." you repeated.
The corners of his mouth moved up and formed a wide grin. "So you've already heard of me." "Not easy to avoid that in this town." The Thrombey/ Drysdale family had a bit of a reputation, and he was no exception. You also handed him a card with your contact information. He read your name out loud "Sweet name," he added.
"Well Mr. Drysdale, thank you for your help. I'll be in touch." The rain was still pelting down from the sky and by now you were pretty soaked. "Please call me Ransom...and sweetie, are you sure you're okay? You seem a little shaky."
You really were a little unsteady on your feet. "Yeah, I'm fine, I just want to go home. It's been a long day and I did just get kind of scared," you explained briefly.
Ransom brushed back a strand that had fallen into his face. "Do you mind if I drive you home? It's my fault that the accident happened, and I don't feel comfortable letting you drive alone right now. We can park your car here and I'll send someone to take it to the mechanic later."
Your breath caught and you had to sort out your thoughts for a moment. "That's really generous, but I really don't want to be any trouble, Mr. Drysdale."
"It's Ransom," he corrected you, "and I'm afraid I have to insist. Come on, it's cold and wet out here." You agreed, too tired and exhausted to protest further.
After locking your car, Ransom put his coat around your shoulders and opened his passenger door for you. He then jogged around the car and got behind the wheel. "Are you ready?" You nodded.
How it's going...
The intense smell of coffee woke you up. You stretched out in bed and felt for his body next to you.
He wasn't there. It wasn't his style to get up so early, especially not on the weekend.
The need to stay in bed was strong. The weather outside was horrible and you had no plans for the day anyway.
The wooden stairs in the hallway creaked and a moment later a gentle knock sounded at the door. Ransom entered the room grinning, a tray of breakfast in his hand.
He set it down on the nightstand and gave you a kiss on the temple. "Good morning, sleepyhead. How are you?" "A little cold, but otherwise I'm fine," you mumbled sleepily.
Ransom laughed softly, got you one of his sweaters, and carefully put it on you. "Better?" You nodded and pushed the way-too-long sleeves up a bit. The fabric was soft and it smelled of his outrageously expensive perfume.
Much to Ransom's chagrin, you had a weakness for "borrowing" his sweaters or shirts. Sometimes, however, he liked to see you in his clothes, especially because you seemed relatively small in them; it aroused his protective instinct.
He slipped under the covers on the other side of the bed and pulled you close to him. Your head rested against his chest and he caressed your cheek with his fingers.
Suspiciously, you glanced at the breakfast tray. It was no one's birthday, your anniversary wasn't for another few months, and there was nothing else to celebrate.
"Hugh, what have you done now?" His brow furrowed. "Since when do I need a reason to make you breakfast?" That didn't convince you. Something was up.
Despite the relaxed environment, the tenderness, and the closeness, Ransom was somehow tense. You decided to let it go for now and continued to snuggle up to him, sliding your hand under his shirt and around his waist.
Ransom handed you a cup of coffee and placed the tray next to you. It looked and smelled fantastic. Buns, scrambled eggs, yogurt, fresh strawberries, and orange juice.
"Do you need anything else?" he asked. You leaned over to him and kissed his cheek. "It's perfect, just the way it is.“
After the breakfast, you snuggled back against Ransom's muscular body while he held you tightly against him. You could feel his heartbeat. Unusually fast.
"Are you going to tell me what's going on now?" His brow furrowed and he groaned in annoyance. "All right, you little pain in the ass." He sat up and took both your hands in his.
"You know what day it is, don't you?" You didn't really know what he was getting at. "Um, it's Saturday? Is your mom expecting us? Are Biscoff cookies on sale? I don't know."
His gaze was gently on you and he couldn't suppress a smile. "Three years ago today, I hit you in the back of the car. And man, if I had known what a wonderful, lovely person had come into my life, I would have definitely made that accident on purpose. You bring out the best in me. You know my dysfunctional family and because of that I never thought I could honestly and truly love someone, but I do. I love you."
You wanted to say something back, but you were so moved by his words that you didn't even know what to say.
"I love you so so much," his grip tightened, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you and only you. And that's why I want to ask you," reaching behind him into the nightstand drawer, he pulled out a small red box covered in velvet, "if you would like to be my wife?"
The sight of the engagement ring took your breath away. The band was silver and thin, but the diamond set in it was all the larger and sparklier for it.
Your lower lip began to tremble. The proposal took you completely by surprise.
You never thought that Ransom would be ready to commit to you through marriage. Inevitably, you imagined your future together. A wedding. A house. Children. Growing old together.
Yes, that was what you wanted and no one else but Ransom should be by your side.
A squeeze of your hand brought you out of your thoughts. Ransom stared at you with an almost panicked look.
Did he really think you would say no? You jumped into his arms and clung to him. "Yes, yes, yes I do, you little moron." Tears made their way from your eyes down your cheeks and you heard Ransom's relieved exhale.
Who would have thought that a car accident could be the beginning of a love story?
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belova-drysdale-rogers · a month ago
A Mirror Upside Down: Friday Night Lights
Ransom Drysdale x Reader
Summary: You’ve changed a lot since high school, but your old uniform still fits.
A/n: Listennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Ransom was just weirdly into lacrosse, like he was completely apathetic to everything in high school, except lacrosse so yeah.
Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content NO MINORS, Cunninglus f receiving, edging, possessiveness, Ransom being weird, stereotypical mean girls, alcohol consumption, toxic friend group but not to the reader (lmk if I missed anything)
Tumblr media
You were getting too old for Hannah’s rich people blow outs. You had spent the night at her Boston mansion, you kicked Josh out of their bed and slept with Hannah. Big mistake, she woke you up at six thirty to start getting the house ready.
Now you’re standing in Hannah’s closet room changing, your old volleyball uniform fits, and it looks good. Just… the last time you wore it you’d been made fun of. It’s tight, and for a teenager who’s already the “weird” girl it doesn’t get good press. You’re putting final touches on your “game day” hair when Hannah bursts into the closet, underwear halfway off under her cheer uniform.
“Ugh, I hate these skirts,” She says and comes to stand next to you in the mirror. “Always with the panty lines. Works out I guess, Josh gets horny when he’s drunk.” She fixes the bow in her blonde curled hair and then looks at you.
“Oh my god, still as sexy as ever,” she snaps the hem of your spandex shorts. You tug at the long sleeves of your jersey. Hannah, though the stereotypical popular rich girl, had never treated you like your were weird or ugly. She made you feel like you were normal, she’s your best friend. She’s a toxic, cruel overlord who made bitches move schools for even looking at Josh, but she was nice to you.
“I don’t know, Hannah-“
“Listen, it’s my party, if anyone has anything to say I’ll kick them out and blacklist them from like… everything. Okay? I got your back be-otch .” She smiles and grabs your hand, the matching white tennis shoes she’d gotten both of you squeaking on the hardwood.
You hear Josh complain about how long it took Hannah to get ready. She rolls her eyes and practically jumps into his arms, and his hand goes straight under her skirt. Typical. You turn on your heel walking to the kitchen to double check on the food you had laid out earlier.
Football season had started once again, Hannah had the amazing idea of hosting a party for the first game where everyone dressed in their old school uniforms. You’re pretty sure it’s just an excuse for her to wear her cheer uniform, but you aren’t going to say anything.
When you reach the kitchen you find the twins, Trealynn, and Braylynn. Bray had been a cheerleader, and Trea had been on your volleyball team. She was the one who introduced you to Hannah in eighth grade. They were excitedly babbling to Derik about the party.
“Ahh!” Once Trea caught sight of you she squealed and tackled you with a hug, as if you hadn’t gone to brunch last week. She kissed your cheek, you laughed.
“Hey, Trea. Hey, Bray.” You wave to the other twin. They were identical, same blonde hair, same big blue eyes, and same perfect smile.
“Hey,” Derik said awkwardly, you looked at him and you felt Trea’s hands tighten on your arms. No one really liked Derik, not even Josh who was the reason he was in the friend group anyway. He just never really got the memo.
“Hi.” You tell him and then turn back to the twins, Bray had now moved from the other side of the island towards you.
“You want to help check the last decorations with me?” You asked them and they rushed you out of the kitchen. It was no secret that Derik had this weird obsession with you. You had told the girls, minus Erika, about how creepy he was and they had determined they’d do whatever they could to keep him at a distance for you.
It was so strange how these girls terrorized the school, but also stuck their necks out and went the extra mile for you. When you reach the atrium again the twins squeal at the sight of their favorite lacrosse player.
“Ransom!!” You covered your ears as the bounded towards him. He had that cocky smirk on as they clung to either side of them. Ransom had regularly hooked up with them, individually and together, along with Erika, and probably the rest of the school when they were younger. Even though he was apart of the same friend group he never paid much attention to you, and you were just fine.
“Oh my god, Hannah, it’s been so long.” You hear the high pitched fake voice of Erika as she walks in from the kitchen. She must have come through the kitchen door. Hannah rolled her eyes and then turned to greet her.
“It’s been since brunch on Tuesday, but sure.” Hannah corrected and gave Erika an awkward side hug. She made her way towards you and Hannah, though taller than you wrapped her arm around yours.
“Erika, what the hell is your uniform, I told you and Braylynn that we were wearing the home uniform, not away.” Hannah snapped, Erika had been on thin ice with Hannah since Erika decided she had a crush on Josh their sophomore year. You didn’t try and tell her it was mean, you didn’t like Erika because she always wanted to steal the guys that you liked too.
“The other one didn’t fit.” Erika says and Hannah rolls her eyes.
“Whatever, go open the doors, people are going to be here soon.” Erika scurries over to the front doors to do just that.
“Damn, Hannah, old age has made you even worse.” Ransom laughs as he comes closer, twins still under his arms.
“Shut up, asshole, if she can’t take the hint, then I’m not going to tell her she isn’t welcome. Besides she’s a really hard worker.” Hannah still has her arm intertwined with yours. You see Ransom’s gaze fall on you for a moment. It’s lingers, and it’s different from the blank stares he gave you when you were in the conversation in high school. He looked… impressed? You weren’t exactly sure.
“Are you three going to fuck in the middle of my party? All I ask is that you do it upstairs, third guest bathroom, we don’t need to hear it.” Hannah rolls her eyes again and drags you away quickly to the front yard, to greet people.
Once there and out of earshot of everyone Hannah squeals and hits your arm lightly. “Did you see the way he looked at you?” She shook your arm excitedly. “Holy shit, he wants you so bad. Can’t blame him, my best friend is super sexy.”
Hannah pulls you against her, she’s has a thing with personal space, and you. “Hannah, he does not, I just probably look different than I did in high school. He hasn’t seen me in like five years.”
“You are so blind, ugh whatever I’m betting my whole fucking house that he’s going to make a move by the end of the night. And you better take it, it’s the best sex you’ll ever have. I’ve got it on good authority.” She winks and you laugh. There’s no way she convinced Josh to do a threesome with Ransom, but you wouldn’t be surprised if she had. She had almost gotten you to agree to one, almost, one look at Josh and you freaked.
Several hours later, the party is in full swing. Hannah decided there’s too many people inside, outside in the pavilion is where your friend group ends up. You and the twins had commandeered the whiskey and tequila, while Ransom and Josh had gotten the nachos.
It wasn’t the heart of fall or winter yet, but Boston always got too cold too quickly for you. Even in your long sleeve jersey you were starting to get cold as the sun went down. Some guys inside at the party had already places their jackets on the twins. It was the childish way for guys to claim the girls they were sleeping with. They’d been doing that kind of thing since high school.
As you rub your arms you feel someone placing their jacket over your shoulders. There’s no conversation, just someone letterman jacket covering your arms. It’s already warm and you turn to catch Ransom walking back over to Josh. Shit.
Hannah notices, she so notices if the mischievous gleam in her eye means anything. You know she’s about to say some shit that’s going to rile Ransom up.
“Oh my gosh, Mouse,” you rolled your eyes at the nickname. Josh had given it to you after the first week of being friends because you were quiet and rarely spoke at lunch and after school. “Have you ever noticed how you and Ran have the same number. I never realized that until now.”
You look down at your jersey and sure enough, Fifty one, was on the front of your jersey, and the back of his. You look up to meet Ransom’s eyes, they’re dark and possessive. You never should have gone to that PiYo class in college dammit.
“No, I never noticed.” You said not looking away from Ransom. There’s tension for a moment and he clenched his jaw, the muscle ticks. Which is way too attractive. Then he’s moving towards you and he grabs your arm, dragging you back towards the house. You can hear the whoops and whistles of your friends behind you.
“Hey, Ransom, seriously let go. Hey we don’t have to- if like the peer pressure is making you feel like- Oh fuck.” You’re barely inside the house before he pins you to the wall. You squeeze your thighs together as he looks into your eyes not breaking contact, and not saying anything.
“Do you want this?”
“Yeah, s-sounds fun.” You tell him swallowing down whimper as he presses closer. Like yeah, this was Ransom the biggest asshole on the eastern seaboard, but he was super hot, and Hannah promised great sex. Why not.
“You’re not a virgin are you?” He asks narrowing his eyes.
“Uh no, I was the weird girl in high school, not college.”
“Just needed to know, the last time I saw you, you were.”
“And how would you have known.” His answer is to kiss you, he’d pinned your arms above your head. The vulnerability of your body now open to his making your head dizzy.
His free hand travels from your hip, up your side to your breast, you gasp when he runs his thumb over your nipple. You don’t process the accent from your breast to your throat, but all of a sudden he’s pulling back and hand wrapped around your neck and his lips brushing your ear. Go upstairs, third guest room, nothing but my jersey.” He steps back and rips off his jersey, leaving him in the long sleeve Nike compression shirt. It leaves nothing to the imagination and you’re frozen for a moment staring at his body.
“You better hurry on your way, little mouse. Or I’ll fuck you right here in front of everyone.” That made your pussy throb, you made a small noise of surprise and then hurried upstairs, taking them two at the time.
Once you get to the guest room you take your uniform off faster than you ever have before. You slip on his jersey, it’s a little big on you, but you’re sure that will be apart of the appeal. You kneel on the bed waiting for him, and when he walks in, he growls.
He’s got you pulled to the edge of the bed, his kiss is almost violent. His teeth nipping at your bottom lip, your lips part in a gasp and he slips his tongue past to explore your mouth.
You grip the hair at the nape of his neck, holding on as he attacked your mouth. The way his tongue ran across your own was making you feel feral and lightheaded, the only thing you could do was hang on to him as he leaned forward. “Lay down.” He says pulling away and shoving you gentle back.
As you moved to the middle of the bed you watched him undress. He threw his undershirt across the room and shoved his shorts and underwear down in one motion. Climbing onto the bed and crawling towards you. “Fuck, you always looked too good in these colors, and then you wear my number. It’s like you want to get fucked like a little whore.”
“Well I mean I wouldn’t mind it.” You say and he gives you an unimpressed look. You try to stamp out your smirk, but fail miserably. Ransom seems to have this idea you’re a blushing virgin, and yeah you’ve got sensibilities that the rest of your friends don’t seem to have, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want sex. “So let’s keep moving.”
You start the “continue” motion with your hand when a sting to the outside of your thigh sends zip of pleasure through your body. You gasp and recoil from the area. “Fuck.”
“Don’t be a fucking bitch.”
“Then stop being so fucking slow. Jeez I wanna come tonight.” You gasp again not able to move with ransom’s weight now on you. His slap burns on your ass, but it makes your head fuzzy.
You whimper when you feel his fingers running through your folds gently spreading the wetness he found there around. He moves a slick finger to your clit rubbing small slow circles that leave you whimpering for more. “Ransom, come on.”
“What? Has it been a while?” He mocks you and you feel like you’ve known him for years, well you have, but in the way you know a friend. Not just some person in your class. You don’t have too much time to think about it as he slips a finger into your tight hole. “Shit, it has…” You glare at him weakly as he pumps his finger into you. “Let’s make it a good night then.”
You aren’t sure what he means until his head is in between your legs. You gasp at the first touch of his tongue to your clit. It has been a while since you’ve had sex, but it’s been even longer since someone went down on you. You’re not going to last long on this round.
“Ransom! oh fuck.” You sink your hands into his hair as he moves his tongue over your clit, and he adds another finger to your leaking hole. You cry out when he wraps his arms around your waist holding you down on his face. You try to buck up, but he holds firm moving to lick into you. It’s the obscene slurping and his hand coming back down to rub over the throbbing bundle of nerves that sends you over the edge.
“Ransom! Ransom! Fuck! Fuck me, need you in me come on!” You pull on his hair harshly, he retaliates by sucking hard on your sensitive clit. You spasm as the painful pleasure washed over you, powerless to stop it.
He finally pulls away, leaving you a panting mess on the bed. He’s surprising gentle as he enters you. The pace he sets is slow, you always thought he’d be more of a talker, but maybe he does that with women who are more his style…
“Ransom, come on! Stop teasing, make me come on your cock, I wanna scream ‘till I can’t talk.” You say clenching around him. He glares, then a moment later pounds into you. Hard. It’s exactly what you want.
You moan lowly running your hands through his hair, “Mmmm s’good. So good.” You’re nearing your end, it didn’t take long, still sensitive from your previous orgasm. Then he stops, your eyes fling open, an outraged roar rolling through you. “Ranso-“ you’re cut off as he picks up his pace again. He edges you three more time. You’re about to push him to the bed and ride him into the mattress when you’re pushed over the cliff and he follows right behind you. He lets out his first punched out moan that he tries to choke back.
You can feel him twitching as you roll your hips getting the last bit of pleasure you can. He pulls out flopping beside you. You’re both panting, his eyes are still closed like he’s still drifting through his high. “Okay, well uh, I gotta pee.” You say gathering your clothes from before and going into the en suite.
When you’re finished you can hear the door slamming shut as you open the bathroom door. When you don’t see Ransom you figure he’s back out at the party and that was him leaving.
When you make your way back to Hannah she’s got that happy like smirk on her face. “And?”
“It was good, didn’t talk much.” You shrug and she pulls you back into the den. The party had wound down and you slump onto a free couch with the twins. You can feel Erika’s death glare, and the pouty look Derik is sending you, but you ignore them as you and Trealynn talk about a weekend trip to the beach. Which Hannah and Braylynn join, and then Josh joins in. Excluding the other two. That’s when you realize that you hadn’t seen Ransom the entire time.
“Did Ransom not come back down here?” You ask Josh and he shakes his head.
“He left, said he didn’t feel like hanging around anymore.” Makes sense, got his dick wet and then he leaves. He’s not a gentleman.
“Sucks for him, cause I brought brownies.”
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dreamlessinparis · a month ago
🧚🏻‍♀️✨Bippity boppity bow chicka wow oww! You’ve been visited by the Shameless Hoe Fairy, and now you must pick one fictional babe and share a hoe thought including the prompts: sleepy + quiet purr of satisfaction. 😏 Go on and spread those shameless hoe vibes & your legs 😘
Oooo I'm so excited to be visited by the Shameless Hoe Fairy, and since I'm in my feels today, I give you a soft!Ransom. This was written over my lunch break today, and it's not the best. But enjoy! 😊
Tumblr media
soft!Ransom x pregnant!reader
Warnings: 18+, cockwarming, soft!Ransom, somnophilia (if you squint), fluff, mention of pregnancy
The house was quiet when Ransom came home; he knew it would be, he had stayed way later than he had intended at the publishing house. The kitchen light was left on, allowing some illumination in the foyer. Ransom knew you did that so he wouldn’t have to stumble his way through the house blindly and small things like this still caught him off guard. He wasn’t used to someone caring so much about him.
Slipping off his shoes and jacket, he tiptoed upstairs. He knew you were already asleep, probably tired out from the little spawn of his you were growing. The mere thought it warmed his heart, although he rarely showed it outwardly. He loved you and he love that baby more than he ever knew he could.
Pushing open the door, he saw you sprawled on the bed, the sheets haphazardly bunched around you. You weren’t wearing much, just a tank top and some boyshorts. The sight of you made his mind go blank and the only thing he could think about was the need to touch you. Quietly stripping as he approached the bed, he laid down next to you.
He maneuvered himself close to you, lining his body up with yours. Running his hand up your hip, he trailed it up the length of your body, reaching more around you to skim over your small bump, eventually cupping your breast and giving it a squeeze. This drew a moan out of you and he groaned, burying his nose in your hair. The scent of lavender and honey enveloped him.
Ransom’s hips rutted into you, his hardening member pressing against your ass. He ran his thumb over your nipple, feeling it stiffen through the thing fabric of your shirt.
“Ransom?” your voice groggy as you woke up, leaning back into him. He kissed your shoulder, your neck before capturing your lips when you turned your head. The hand on your breast came up to cup your face, stroking it sweetly.
“Hi Kitten,” he whispered against your lips, feeling you smile in response.
“I’m sleepy, Ran,” you replied sounding almost sad about the fact.
“I know gorgeous, I don’t want much. I just need to feel you, I missed you,” Ransom answered, nuzzling into your neck. You nodded sleepily, shifting yourself to face him. His arm draped over your waist instinctively, keeping you close. You rested your head on his bare chest, being soothed by his heartbeat.
You reached between your bodies, freeing him and relishing in his content sigh as you wrapped your hand around him. His hand slid past the waistband of your panties, grabbing a handful of your ass, before guiding them down for enough for you to kick them off. Hooking a leg over his hip, you slid the blunt head through your folds, preparing him before lining him up with your entrance.
It didn’t take much for you to be wet for him, a simple touch, a kiss, and you were ruined and that was before the hormones. Now it was a visceral reaction to just hearing his voice. “Fuck kitten, so fucking wet for me,” he groaned his hold tight on your hips as he pushed in slowly. You clenched around him, giving a purr of satisfaction as he bottomed out.
The feeling of him in you gave you a sense of fullness and you savored it every time, “Fucking perfect, made just for me,” he moaned, adjusting the two of you so you were both comfortable before settling his head on the pillow next to yours.
“Mhmm Ransom, I love you,” you mumbled, snuggling closer and breathing in his cologne. You began to drift off again, this time feeling whole and comforted.
“I love you too, Kitten. No one but you.” Were the last words you heard before darkness overcame you.
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amythedvdhoarder · 4 months ago
A request for some soft!Ransom with a summer fun activity and maybe he holds reader’s hand with ‘it’s busy here… I don’t want to lose you in this crowd’ 🥺♥️
Thanks, Amy! Love all your fluff so much and I’m just in the mood for some fluffy grumpy Ransom 🥰
Oh Carly, yes!!! Thank you so much for sending me this and actually making me want to write again. Ilysm hun 😘 Hope this is ok for you!
Mr Sunshine
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ransom x Reader
Word Count: ~770
Warnings: language
Not beta read, all mistakes are my own!
Gif is not mine, credit to the creator
The sun was beating down, soaking into the skin of your back. For a second you could almost imagine you were laying on the beach reading your book, instead of the on the soft green grass in Boston Park.
Kids were running around playing catch and couples cuddles up to each other on picnic blankets, sneaking kisses and whispering sweet nothings. You glanced up for a second to peek at your boyfriend. He looked uncomfortable and he all but confirmed this by grumbling when a tennis ball landed by his feet.
“Sorry mister,” the kid panted, as he came to fetch the rogue ball.
“This is why we should have stayed at home,” he muttered.
You rolled onto your side and lifted your sunglasses up so you could roll your eyes at him.
“Because a kid missed a catch? Lighten up. I’m having a nice time. This is what most people consider a normal thing to do in summer, Ransom. I told you to bring a book.”
Ransom scowled briefly then shook his head as if you were one the one being ridiculous. He was still wearing slacks in the summer heat. When you had questioned him about his wardrobe choice, he just said he wouldn’t become 'one of those pricks wearing shorts and loafers'. To be honest you were a little shocked he had opted for a short-sleeved linen shirt instead of one of his trusty sweaters.
Slowly, you sat up and placed your book back in your straw bag, deciding you had made him suffer for long enough.
“How about we walk down the river on the way back to the car?” You suggested, hoping that the promise of going home soon would help lift his mood.
“Fine,” he shrugged, getting to his feet quickly.
He waited impatiently, looking around bored, as you folded up the blanket into your bag.
When you were finished the two of you walked down to the river. The weather had brought everyone out today and you found yourself having to weave in and out of people on the pavement. Just as you were about to move away from Ransom to let another couple through, he grabbed hold of your hand and you stopped to look at him, frowning.
“Why have you stopped?” He asked, pulling you closer to prevent someone bumping into you.
You looked at your joined hands then back at him. “You never hold my hand. In fact, you shun every form of affection in public. Hell, even at home.”
Ransom blushed and awkwardly looked at his feet before muttering. “It’s busy, I didn’t want us to get separated.”
If it were possible for your heart to melt, it would have right then and there. This class A asshole actually did something sweet. There was an opportunity here to take the absolute piss, but you decided against it. Instead, you raised yourself onto your tiptoes and kissed his cheek before interlocking your fingers with his.
You smiled brightly at him and started walking again. Both of you fell into easy conversation; Ransom commenting on the stupidity of every other human being within a metre radius and you about the book you were reading.
A little further ahead there was a large group of people all huddled around a vehicle and you could feel Ransom pulling you closer. When you got a little nearer you realised what the vehicle was and turned to Ransom excitedly.
“Fine but if we have to wait more than five minutes then we’re leaving,” he huffed.
“That 'grumpy' act doesn’t work on me now,” you teased, squeezing his hand.
He led you over to the ice cream truck and stood behind you so your back was flush to his chest, his hands on your hips.
You looked at your watch when five minutes had passed and glanced over your shoulder at him, smirking when he showed no indication he wanted to leave.
“I knew you were just a big man-baby really,” you chuckled.
“Hmmm,” he hummed thoughtfully, “maybe I will prove to you just how wrong you are when we get home.”
You pressed your ass back against him. “I’m going hold you to that Mr Sunshine.”
“Don’t call me that,” he growled in your ear.
“Why not? I think it suits you. Very ironic,” you giggled.
Ransom pinched your sides and you squealed, making him burst out laughing. It wasn’t a sound you heard very often but it was one of the best. You were about to launch your own attack when a voice interrupted you.
“Excuse me, did you want some ice-cream?”
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drysdale-barnes · 5 months ago
hiii lily
Can i please request a comfort charles blackwood x reader/ransom drysdale x reader blurb where he comforts the reader about an emotionally abusive family. super fluffy please
thank you :))
softie | r.drysdale
w/c: 1.6k
pairing: ransom drysdale x f!reader
warnings: reader has an emotionally abusive family, some swearing, other than that pretty fluffy <3
note: i went with ransom for this one because i feel like he can probably relate to the reader’s situation and also bc i miss my fav spoiled brat and i haven’t written for him in the longest time :(
Tumblr media
“Babe, I don’t think this is a good idea.” You whine in the passenger seat of the Beemer as Ransom drives. Your destination? Your parents’ house.
“Babe, they can’t be worse than my family. C’mon, it’ll be okay.” He squeezes your thigh in what’s supposed to be a reassuring manner but it only makes your anxiety spike more. You grow more and more anxious as he drives, clutching your stomach as it churns, breathing heavily.
“Y/N, you’re overreacting.” he chides reprimandingly and you grumble obscenities under your breath.
“Just fucking wait.”
Ransom pulls the car into the drive of your childhood home and you shudder, memories long forgotten resurfacing in your mind.
“I’m really sorry if you want to break up with me after this.” you whisper, stepping out of the car before Ransom even has time to reply. Hooking your arm in his, you stride up to the door and knock quietly. Once, twice, thrice.
The door is swung open and you’re greeted by your mother; arguably one of the most terrifying women Ransom has ever seen.
“Darling, how are you?” she drawls, pulling you into a hug; your body tenses, muscles drawing taut like a bowstring under her touch. As you pull away, you don’t miss the smirk plastered across her face that warns you - you’re in for a rough evening. “And who’s this?” she asks, despite knowing the answer already.
“I’m Ransom, Y/N’s boyfriend. It’s nice to meet you, ma’am.” Extending his hand to her; she takes it, holding it a little longer than necessary - not that Ransom notices, he’s too caught up in the attention.
“Come in.” she ushers you into the hallway, scurrying off to prepare dinner as you and Ransom toe your shoes off, placing them neatly to the side.
“See, babe.” he whispers in your ear, the cocky smirk evident in his voice. “It’s fine.”
“Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet.” you chuckle dryly, leading him into the dining room.
“Sit.” Your father beckons you to the table and gestures for Ransom to sit next to him. You nudge him gently and he complies.
And then it starts.
The first snide comment. The hitch in your breath that your mother takes great enjoyment in hearing as you struggle to stay calm. Clenching your fists under the table, you take a deep breath, willing yourself not to give in. Because that’s what she wants. A reaction. You remind yourself of this fact as you grin and bear the passive aggressive comments; you don’t want Ransom to see you lose it. Not yet.
And then a certain question tips you over the edge.
“Ransom, dear. Why are you with our daughter, then? I don’t mean to be rude and she definitely needs someone to keep her in line, but haven’t you got any other girls interested in you?” Your fists slam down on the table suddenly, and Ransom’s head jerks over to your place at the table.
“I tried to be nice, I really did.” You seethe through clenched teeth. Your jaw is clamped so hard Ransom’s worried you may actually break it. “But honestly, fuck you. Why can’t you just let me have something nice, someone who actually cares about me! Why is that so awful?”
“Shut up.” You stop your mother in her tracks and her mouth hangs open in utter disbelief, not used to you fighting back. “I’m done. And I’m leaving. Thank you for reminding me why I left in the first place.” Your chair screeches as you push it back before sauntering down the hallway, collecting your bag and slipping your shoes on. You step out of the door with no more than a glance back. Ransom hastily scurries after you and slips into the car, revving the engine to life.
Tumblr media
The car ride back to Ransom’s house is deathly silent. You’re so quiet, too quiet.
“Baby?” Ransom asks you gently, holding his hand out for you to take. Your own hand trembles as you reach for him and his brow furrows, an expression of concern flashing over his face. So many thoughts are running through your mind, the most prominent one being the fact that you’re convinced Ransom is going to break up with you as soon as you get home.
You pull into the driveway and Ransom hooks his arm around your waist as you get out of the car, pulling you into his side whilst you walk to the house. Once you’re in, you sit down on the lavish couch shakily, letting out a breathy laugh.
“You know, just because my mother’s right, doesn't mean she has to be so fucking rude about it.”
“She wasn’t right, babe.” He crouches before you, in front of the couch and rests his hands on your knees.
“The reason I didn’t want you to meet them is because of this. She always wants to make me look bad in front of people so that they leave.”
“Well, I’m not going anywhere. Even if you are a pain in my ass.” he teases, opening his arms invitingly. Your shoulders sag and you let out a deep breath as you crawl into his arms and let him smother you, feeling small against his bulky frame.
“I’m sorry.” you whisper quietly, your voice wavering, and Ransom shushes you, rocking you back and forth in his embrace.
“You have nothing to be sorry for, okay? You’ve met my family and you still love me. Our families aren’t who we are.”
“Jus’ don’t want you to leave.” You sound so small all of a sudden, even to yourself, and any other time you’d berate yourself for being so weak. Ransom coos at you, peppering kisses all over your face affectionately.
“I love you. We’re forever, you and me, okay?”
“I love you too. You mean it?”
“Of course. Watch a movie with me? We can order a pizza, anything you want.” You squeal happily and Ransom can’t help but smile; there’s no doubt about it, he’s absolutely whipped for you. He’s never felt this way about anyone before, but there’s something about you that melts his cocky exterior, and you know you have him wrapped around your finger.
After the pizza has been ordered and you’re waiting for it to arrive, you settle down on the couch with Ransom, seated on his lap with your face nestled into the crook of his neck. The movie plays distantly in the background but all you can focus on is the feeling of his hands running through your hair. He chuckles - a low rumbling against your cheek - as your eyes droop and you struggle to stay conscious, emotionally exhausted from the day’s events. You nuzzle further into him, babbling incoherently.
“Love you Ran.” you mumble, although your words are slurred with tiredness.
“Love you too, angel.” he whispers back and you giggle softly.
“You’ve gone soft on me, Drysdale.” you mumble in amusement and he nudges you accusingly.
“Hey! I have not.”
“Yeah you have. ‘S nice, though. You’re cuddly now.” you snicker against his neck, planting a gentle kiss in the hollow of his throat.
“You’re lucky I love you, brat.”
“I know.” Bringing your hand up to his jaw, you turn his face until your noses are brushing together before pressing your lips to his in a searing kiss. Grunting in surprise, it only takes him a second to reciprocate, placing his hands on either side of your face and deepening the kiss.
A sharp ring of the doorbell has you pulling away from the kiss, much to Ransom’s dismay, and scampering to the door.
You pay the delivery guy and bring the box back to the couch excitedly, ripping it open and inhaling the scent of the pizza deeply. Ransom pulls you back into his lap as you take a slice out of the box and shove it into your mouth.
“Mmm.” you manage to get out around your huge mouthful of food and Ransom scrunches his face up at you. “Wh-at!”
You both eat in silence, refocusing on the movie playing in front of you; you’re just enjoying being in each other’s company. Quiet moments like these are rare, especially with both of your chaotic lives and families.
Once you’re finished, you curl up further into Ransom’s lap, humming contentedly as your eyes become heavy.
“Come on, baby. Let’s go to bed.”
“Mmm, yeah. Good idea, Ran.” You let him scoop you up in his arms and carry you to his bedroom, sliding you under the covers gently. You reach out for him and he hops in next to you, enveloping you in his arms. You press yourself as close to him as possible until you’re a mass of entwined limbs and entangled bodies. Breathing in his scent, you wrap your arms around his middle, tucking your head under his chin. You fit perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle, slotting together like you’re made for each other.
“Thanks for not leaving.” you mumble, carding a hand through his hair absentmindedly.
“I’d never leave, angel.”
“Aw, you big softie.” you snicker playfully as he pries your hand from its place in his hair, flipping it gently and placing a kiss to your palm. Dozing off once more, your body goes slack against Ransom, your soft snores filling the silence. Even if he is an asshole, and even if you fight and bicker and argue like children, and even if your relationship is unconventional and sometimes inconvenient, these moments make up for it all. Just you and your boy. You’d go to the ends of the earth for him, and him for you. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.
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kinanabinks · a month ago
Hi! I don't know if you still take Ransom requests? I would like to see like reader wants him! Always taunting him, teasing him. When on seating at the couch, straddling him and nibbling his lips . And at some point outright touching his tra-la-la! But Ransom LOVES the attention she is showing. And he LOVES making the reader all hot and bothered but not quite giving in and stretch the sexual tension as far as both of them can take?? Idk. Something like that! Don't feel any pressure though! Love your writing
Attention Whore
you love teasing ransom, but he constantly rejects you. why won't he just give in already?
content warning: ransom x reader, use of drugs, dirty talk, mature themes, angst, insecure!reader, smut (mean dom!ransom, fingering, degredation)
note: this was supposed to be fun and flirty but it ended up angsty and porny oops
Tumblr media
you're a spoilt little thing.
since the day you were born, you've been given everything you've ever asked for.
clothes, jewelry, cars. everything.
there's one thing that you haven't been able to obtain, though, no matter how hard you've begged for it for the past three years.
ransom fucking drysdale
the day you met, you found it hard to hide your attraction to him
the first words out of your mouth directed to him were, "give me your number, now."
he took one look at you, gave you an arrogant smirk and chuckled. "you think it's that easy, sweetheart?"
since that moment, you've been hell-bent on making him yours
and he has been just as determined to ignore your many, many advances
your friends enjoy watching your interactions, taking great joy as ransom knocks your seemingly unmoving confidence and resilience down a peg
so it’s a friday night and the gang is kicking back. there was a little party earlier, but it’s calmed down and now you’re all just smoking on the couch, watching a show about home makeovers that nobody is really paying any attention to. 
as always, you immediately take the spot next to ransom, because you feel a magnetic pull to him that you just can’t control. and because everyone else is too scared to sit next to him as they know you'll rip their head off
“how’s your night been, hugh?” you ask him with a coy smile, watching as he inhales from the blunt.
“meh,” he shrugs, his eyes on the tv. “nothin’ special.”
“oh,” you say, pouting. “that’s a shame.”
he grunts, before glancing down at you. “want a toke?”
you nod, eagerly taking the joint from his fingers and taking a drag from it. you blow out the smoke before smirking up at him. “we just basically kissed.”
ransom snorts. “idiot.”
you pass the join onto whoever’s on the other side of you, keeping your gaze on ransom. "you know, i'd totally let you put it in my ass," you whisper to him coyly.
"yeah?" he asks, looking down at you. "you would, huh?"
you feel a jolt in your heart. that's the first time he didn't instantly shut you down.
"i would," you promise, trailing your finger down his chest. "i'd let you do anything you want to me, no matter how nasty."
he smirks. "what an enticing offer."
"so do it," you press. "do whatever you want." you bring your lips closer to his until they're a whisper away.
suddenly, he snorts and shakes his head, gently pushing you back. "take a hike."
you feel your heart crack in two. with a huff, you get up and rush upstairs, utterly sick of rejection.
what's so wrong with you? ransom is a known fuckboy; he hasn't exactly been one to be picky. all of a sudden, you're not good enough for him?
you lock yourself in the bathroom, taking deep breaths. you are not about to cry over ransom fucking drysdale. get a grip.
sighing, you look in the mirror - possibly the biggest mistake you could make right now. all at once, you see a compilation of all the imperfections your mother would pick out while you were growing up. every blemish she roughly covered up with concealer, every time she spoke about which plastic surgeries you'd need to get the second you turned 18, every grimace as she complained that you looked too much like your dad.
everything comes swarming in at once. voices scream at you in your head telling you you aren't good enough and of course he doesn't like you back, you idiot.
just then, there's a knock at the door.
"y/n?" ransom's muffled voice sounds out. "let me in."
sniffling, you look up in an attempt to stop the tears from falling. "i'm peeing!" you say, doing your best to stop your voice from wavering.
"so what? just let me in," he says.
"i- i'm taking a shit!" you yell, fanning your face as though the air will dry your tears.
"so let me come wash your ass," ransom says.
with a huff, you walk over to the door and unlock it before pulling it open a crack. "what do you want?"
he places his hand on the door and pushes it further open, a frown on his face. "you're crying over me."
you snort. "don't flatter yourself, hugh. i'm crying because... i just remembered my cat that died a few years ago."
closing the door behind him, ransom sighs and walks closer to you. "don't fucking lie to me. why are you fucking crying over me?"
"are you kidding me?" you ask him, baffled. "you make me feel so unwanted."
he groans, rubbing his face. "is this because i rejected-"
"yes, ransom, it is!" you cry. "am i that undesirable to you?"
he lets out a sigh and pulls you over to stand in front of the sink. "you don't deserve me."
you scoff. "gee, thanks."
"i mean, you deserve better," he clarifies. "you've seen how i treat the girls i date."
"you don't treat me like that," you say quietly. "you're nice to me."
"and if we fucked, that would all go down the drain," ransom claims. "you'd be just another notch on my belt."
you rest your hands on the edge of the sink, looking down. "i think you just think i'm ugly."
"oh, my god, you're such an attention whore," he grumbles, before standing behind you and grabbing your chin, forcing you to look up at the mirror. "you think the reason i haven't fucked you yet is because i'm not attracted to you?"
you shrug, sniffling.
"look at yourself," he orders you sternly. "this is the face that makes my cock unbearably hard every fucking day."
your eyes widen at his admission.
his free hand trails up your leg, past the hem of your skirt and rests on your panties, making you gasp.
"you're so fucking needy," he mutters when he feels how soaking wet you are through the cotton, rolling his eyes. "locking yourself in the bathroom and crying just 'cause i won't give you the attention you want?"
"i- it just makes me feel like shit when you reject me so much," you say, holding back your moans as he begins rubbing your pussy through your underwear.
"you need to grow up," ransom growls in your ear. "grabbing on my cock and whining when i don't let you jerk me off. walking into my room half-naked, complaining when i don't fuck you then and there. such a desperate fucking whore."
his fingers slip under your panties and he begins rubbing circles on your clit, fast.
"if i fucked you, i'd ruin you, little girl," he threatens you. "i'm doing you a fucking favor by keeping my hands off you."
you grab onto his bicep, letting out wanton moans and not caring if anyone hears you. his eyes meet yours in the mirror, dark and dangerous.
"you can't even begin to imagine the ways i'd break you down," he goes on to say lowly. "and once i'm done with you, i'd throw you to the side and forget about you. is that what you want?"
"ransom, please," you whine, pouting at him. "i can fix you."
he laughs heartily at your words, plunging his fingers into your cunt with no warning and fucking you with them hard and fast. "you wouldn't even know where to start, little girl," ransom tells you darkly. "you think you'd mean any more to me than the others?"
"yes," you cry out as he curls his fingers inside you, hitting your sweet spot. "oh, fuck, ransom."
"you're my friend, and that's how you'll stay," he tells you sternly, wrapping his free hand around your throat. "my fucktoys don't last very long. i play too roughly and always end up breaking them."
your eyes roll back as you feel your orgasm build, making your thighs squeeze around his hand. "you won't break me," you promise. "you won't hurt me."
he growls against your neck as your legs shake. "shut the fuck up and cum for me. now."
his stern order is enough to send you over the edge, and soon you're cumming all over his fingers.
"fuck, ransom!" you scream as the pleasure drowns you. your cunt tightens around his fingers, sucking them in.
ransom continues fingering you through your high, pulling out when you convulse at how sensitive your pussy is.
"that's it," he whispers, kissing the side of your head. "good girl."
you remain silent as you catch your breath, resting your body against his chest.
he tilts your chin up, staring at you in the mirror, tutting and pouting patronizingly. "look at you, you dumb little girl. got mascara all over your face from crying over me."
you clutch onto his hand which is still around your neck, whimpering.
"black tear stains all over your cheeks," he comments sigh a whisper. "and you're still the prettiest little thing i've ever seen."
your heart swells at his words, but his softness doesn't last long.
"clean yourself up and get your shit together," he says, letting go of you. "and when you come back downstairs, you're gonna be right back to your usual, slutty self. no more of this self-pitying bullshit. do you understand me?"
silently, you nod.
ransom suddenly turns you around, forcing you to look up at him. "i asked you a fucking question."
"yes, sir, i understand," you say quickly.
that brings a smile to his lips. lightly slapping your cheeks, he shoots you a wink. "atta girl."
Tumblr media
• PART 2 • >>
ransom masterlist
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dadplease · 5 months ago
softie | chapter eight: for the first time.
← last chapter | series masterlist | next chapter (coming soon!) →
summary | ransom drysdale is the last person anyone would suspect to be a doting father. but when a paternity test reveals his relation to four year old georgia pine, the man finds himself turning into quite the softie for the peculiar little girl who’s been in such desperate need of his love and care.
warnings | mature themes related to child abuse/neglect, ptsd/trauma symptoms in a child (developmental discrepancies, de-humanized behavior, detachment, extreme fears). loss(mother) and gain(father) of custody. unknown/secret child trope. soft!ransom, soft!dad!ransom. lots of hurt/comfort.
As soon as Georgia’s wide eyes land on the two plates of food sitting on the kitchen counter, her legs freeze beneath her, startling Ransom as the little girl comes to a halt. Following her gaze to the steaming meal, the man frowns, now remembering the problems the child seems to face whenever offered food. Bottom lip trembling, Georgia swallows, the lump in her throat so big that Ransom can hear as she tries to make it disappear.
Turning back to face the anxiety-stricken girl, Ransom explains evenly, “I made us a nice breakfast. There’s eggs, toast, and sausage. You can have milk if you like, or I have orange juice. I wasn’t sure which you’d prefer.”
Barely able to look up at him, Georgia stumbles over her words. “I… can’t, sir… not allowed… can only have scraps.”
With guilt rising in his chest, Ransom does his best to put on a gentle smile, shaking his head at the child’s distressing words. “In this house, Georgia, you’re allowed to eat whatever you want. There’s plenty of food for the both of us, both in the fridge and in the cabinets. Scraps aren’t enough, sweetheart; you need real food to make you healthy and strong.” Though his words are meant to soothe the little one’s fears, Ransom frowns as he sees they’ve instead only worsened her state of panic. “Hey,” he hums, lowering himself to the ground to get even with the girl. “It’s alright, I know this must be scary. We’ll take things slow; it’s okay to have an adjusting period. How can I help you feel safer?”
Gulping again, Georgia attempts to blink back the tears in her eyes. “Sh-shred it up again? Maybe… won’t get in trouble that way.”
Nodding, Ransom agrees. “Alright, sweetheart. I can do that for you, but I want you to know that even if you ate the food just as it is, there would be no getting in trouble for you. You’re never going to be in trouble with me, alright? If something comes up, all we’ll do is talk about it. But I won’t ever discipline you like you were before; what happened to you was cruel and wrong.”
Georgia blinks, not seeming to know how to answer Ransom’s truthful words. Understanding, the man returns to his feet, letting go of the little girl’s hand as he makes his way over to the counter. “Y’know, guess it isn’t such a bad idea to cut this all up and throw it together,” he tries to lighten the mood as he prepares the food to the child’s preference, trying to make it look like a nice breakfast mash on the plate. Pausing for a moment, Ransom asks, “Is it alright with you if I shred mine up, too? Looks yummy this way!” he comments.
Looking up at him with wide eyes, Georgia surprises Ransom by nodding, a tiny hint of wonder shimmering in her gaze. Smiling down at her, the man grabs the food, carrying it to the table before pausing again. “Would you like to sit up at the table, sweetheart? It’s okay if you’d prefer the floor again, too. Just wanna do whatever’s most comfortable for you.”
Padding her socked feet over softly to stand at Ransom’s side, Georgia requests politely, “Floor… please? Can’t sit up there, not allowed.”
“Well sure you’re allowed, honey, but if you’d feel better sitting on the rug, of course we can. Would it be okay for me to sit down here with you?” Ransom asks as he folds his legs under him, setting the plates down on the woven fabric as he turns back to look at the child beside him. Eyes still wide, Georgia nods, as if she was completely expecting to have to sit through another meal at the man’s feet. “Great, thank you,” Ransom says with a smile as he gets back on his feet, “I’d much rather sit with you and keep you company instead of being all by myself. Now which would you like, sweetheart, some milk or some orange juice?”
“I- just… w-water?” Georgia questions, a look of uncertainty unfolding on her tender face.
“Sure thing, kiddo. You want ice in there?” Making sure to keep his expression friendly as she politely shakes her head, Ransom nods, going into an overhead cabinet and searching around. “Let’s see… the normal ones might be a little heavy for you,” he thinks aloud, grinning when his eyes land on a set of floral patterned paper cups. Grabbing one for the child, he walks to the sink, filling it a little more than half-way before grabbing his own drink, a glass of milk that’s been sitting out since the man prepared the meal.
“This look okay?” Ransom asks as he returns to their spot on the rug, handing the little girl the cup. “We can get you some fun cups when we go out shopping later, but for now, I bet this’ll be much easier than my big clunky glasses.”
“Y-yes, thank you,” little Georgia stutters, big eyes admiring the pretty flowers covering the cup.
“You like the design? I bet we can find all sorts of cool patterns at the store. Maybe even some Disney ones!”
“D-Disney?” the girl repeats as the pair take a seat on the rug, slowly beginning to eat their meal together.
“That’s the kind of movie you were watching last night,” Ransom tells her as he chews a bite of egg. “It’s called The Little Mermaid, it’s one of the best.”
“Mer-maid,” Georgia says slowly, a small smile forming on her face as she takes a bite of her own food. “So cool! Sings so pretty, too,” the little girl beams.
“That’s right, she is cool, isn’t she? And that voice, wish I could sing like that. Her name’s Ariel, by the way,” Ransom informs the child, an adoring smile crossing his face as he watches Georgia almost bouncing in her seat with delight.
“Ariel!” Georgia cheers, and as she thumps her foot excitedly while taking her next bite, for a moment, Ransom feels as if he’s in a way meeting his daughter for the first time in his life. For a split second, all of her fears and cares have disappeared; the walls she was forced to build up so high to protect herself have come crumbling down, revealing just Georgia: untainted, untouched.
“-under the sea, under the sea!” the girl sings softly, bringing Ransom back from his trailing thoughts. Chuckling, Ransom takes a sip of his milk, sighing happily as he thinks to himself, boy, this can’t be good. Not even a day in and she’s already got me wrapped around her finger. Maybe we should look for an Ariel doll at the store.
“You wanna go shopping after breakfast, sweetheart?” Ransom asks, his heart aching a little to see the smile beginning to fade from Georgia’s shining face.
“I… b-but… don’t have any money,” the child opposes once again.
Shaking his head patiently, Ransom gently reminds her, “That’s alright, honey. You’re not expected to pay for anything, okay? Not a single thing while you’re here. Money and stuff like that is for grown-ups to worry about, yeah?” Frowning, Georgia doesn’t respond. “And if you’re gonna be here for the next few days, at least, then I think we’re gonna need a little bit more than just the car seat your social worker provided and the bag of shit from Meg.”
“Shit,” Georgia repeats innocently, eyes widening as Ransom fumbles to take back his words.
“I-I meant ‘stuff’, bag of stuff. Must’ve just- I just said it wrong,” he coughs, unable to keep from laughing slightly as the poor girl continues to look up at him obliviously. “Anyway, as I was saying, we can throw together a list before we go and just pick up the essentials for now, how’s that sound? There’s even an ice cream place on the way back. You have a favorite flavor?” he asks.
“Ice cream,” Georgia says, eyes now wider than ever before. “Never had it,” she admits, “but saw it once, maybe in a book.”
“Never had ice cream?” Ransom fakes shock, clasping his hand over his chest dramatically to earn a round of giggles from the little girl. “Well then, we must stop and get some. It’s one of the essentials, that’s for sure.”
“You’ve had it?” Georgia asks through a bite of her toast, causing Ransom to nod playfully.
“Maybe a few more times than medically advised, but yes, sweetheart. I’ve had ice cream. I think strawberry’s the best, though chocolate comes in a close second. The place we’ll stop at has a ton of flavors; they’ve got an entire board up with all the names and pictures. Don’t you worry, kiddo. We’re gonna make sure your first ice cream experience is nothing but the best.”
“Allowed to eat it, too?” Georgia asks softly, Ransom’s heart breaking at the thought of the child being bought such a special treat only to not be able to enjoy it.
“Of course you’re allowed to, silly,” the man assures her gently, locking eyes with her in hopes of showing her he means it. “You and me can eat it together; they’ve got a nice set of benches right outside, okay?”
“O-okay,” Georgia reluctantly agrees, surprising Ransom a little by smiling up at him softly. “Thank you, Mr. Ransom.”
“Just Ransom is fine, sweetheart,” he replies, trying to keep his voice from catching in his throat. “And it’s no problem, honey. Really, it’s my pleasure.”
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the-iceni-bitch · 6 months ago
It Might Sound More than a Little Crazy
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x fem!Reader (OTP)
Words: 683
Summary: Ransom helps you calm down after a bad day.
Warnings: explicit language, other than that, nothing but fluff
A/N: Welp, shark week hit me hard this month y’all, and my work is being a bitch so I decided to write some extremely self indulgent fluff involving our OTP.
Check out my masterlist and join my taglist if you want!
Tumblr media
You’d had the worst fucking day.
Days you had to work in the clinic were already more stressful, but it was like every single asshole who didn’t deserve a pet decided to descend on your practice. You couldn’t even be rude back to them or they’d abuse the rest of your staff even more.
Plus you were PMSing, so dealing with all the bull shit made you even moodier. It was an hour after your shift ended before you were able to head home, unwilling to leave before the rest of your team after the crappy day you’d all had.
You texted Ransom to let him know you weren’t in the mood for any of your typical games, just wanting to have a drink and go to sleep. The whole ride home was just you taking deep breaths and trying to get your anxiety to decrease before you saw Ransom.
It took a couple minutes once you pulled up for you to feel fully calmed down, running a hand over your face in exhaustion as you walked inside.
“Hey babe, I got us some pizza.” Ransom called when you walked inside. “And some of that porter I know you like.”
He had gotten that fancy shit he knew was your favorite, where they drizzled the spicy honey over it. He was all stretched out on the couch waiting for you, giving you a lazy grin as you slipped out of your shoes. You didn’t even ask him to pick any of this up, you’d just wanted him to let you relax after your shitty day. Then he had to go and be all considerate and sweet and fucking perfect.
Oh no.
You started sobbing uncontrollably and Ransom panicked, scrabbling to get off the couch before rushing towards you.
“Shit, baby, what happened?” He wrapped his arms around you and you buried your face in his chest. He’d never seen you cry before and it was freaking him out. “Was it that asshole Dan? Do I need to beat the shit out of someone?”
You managed to choke out a laugh before sobbing again while he ran his hands over your back in a soothing manner. He had no idea what to do, he had never thought of you as the type of person who would cry after a bad day, or ever.
He started pulling you towards the couch, eventually scooping you up and carrying you when he got worried about you tripping in your state. Your chest was still heaving against his as he sank down and settled with you in his lap, grabbing a handful of napkins from the coffee table and dabbing at the tears on your cheeks softly.
“Honey, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do here.” He pressed his lips to your hair as he tried to figure out how to make you feel better.
“God, Ran, you’re doing fine.” You finally felt yourself starting to calm down and tilted your face up to look at him. “I just hate people sometimes, there’s nothing to fix.”
“You sure? Because I fucking hated that.” He rubbed his thumb over your cheek softly and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “Don’t ever wanna see you cry unless it’s because of my cock.”
“Oh my god, you’re such a dick!” You groaned when he buried his face in your neck, rolling your eyes at him. “Ran, can we just snuggle tonight? I’m so fucking exhausted.”
“Of course babe. We can do whatever you want.” He started turning you until your back was leaning against his chest. “Want me to just feed you pizza and beer until you’re ready to sleep?”
“Ugh, that sounds amazing.” You sank him with a sigh and settled against his chest, humming happily when he handed you a beer. “When did you turn into such a good boyfriend?”
“It’s just for you, sweetheart.” He purred, grabbing a slice of pizza for you and holding it up so you could take a bite. “Cuz I love your bitch ass.”
“Aww, I love your bitch ass too, baby.”
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likeahorribledream · 2 months ago
ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴅᴀʏ ɪᴛ'ʟʟ ʀᴀɪɴ
Request: Inspired by the song it will rain by Bruno Mars. Ransom's worst fear is to lose you, it scares him so much that he has the same recurring nightmare of you leaving him over and over again. Every time he wakes up sobbing and unable to go back to sleep until you're holding him and telling him that you aren't going anywhere.
Pairing: Soft!Ransom x Reader
Word Count: 4.4k
Warnings: insecurities, heartbreak, angst, fluff, Ransom crying.
Notes at the end.
Tumblr media
Ransom knows that you're too good for him. That with everything that he's done, how he's treated people, he doesn't deserve to have someone like you loving him but you chose him and he'd be the dumbest man on earth to let you go.
You're the best thing that has ever happened to him. You're his sun amongst a stormy sky. He loves you more than he ever knew he could love another human being. It terrified him but it was also the best feeling in the world.
He's always looking forward to waking up with you in his arms and to see your adorable sleepy smile. He likes when you come home from work and the first thing you do once you've entered the house is look for him and hug him. He loves it even more when he's the one coming home and you're there, waiting for him. He absolutely loves that he can still make you laugh and smile like he did on your first date. You love him unconditionally, just like he loves you the same.
You've been together for 2 years. After 6 months he asked you to move in and you gladly accepted and after a year together you sold his giant house and bought a smaller one. He didn’t really understand why you didn’t want to stay in his house, he didn’t understand what was wrong with it but he still sold it because he wanted to make you happy. Once you were moved into your new house, he understood. This feels like a home, your home. Where you’d have your family and grow old together. It was your love bubble, your safe haven from the outside world and no matter how much you loved each other, his old house could never have given you the same feelings of love and safety.
Safety is something Ransom desperately craves. The safety of knowing you aren’t going anywhere and that what you have together will last forever. He is terrified that one day you’ll realize that he’s no good for you and that you’ll leave or even worse, he’s scared someone will take you away from him. When he first told you about it you thought he was just feeling a little bit insecure because he wasn’t used to being in a loving relationship but the sheer panic and fear in his eyes showed you that it was more than insecurities. He was genuinely terrified. Every time he’d get that look in his eyes, your heart would break so you did your best to reassure him every day by telling him how much you loved him. You’d even talk about your future, about maybe getting married one day if it’s something he wanted and maybe even have children together just to show him how serious you were about spending the rest of your life with him.
He promised to marry you and give you the cutest babies while you promised to say yes to both when the time came that he was ready for either or both.
Despite all the love and promises of a future, Ransom couldn’t get rid of the fear, his worst fear.
Tumblr media
You were introduced by some mutual friends and were set up on a blind date. You were absolutely not the kind of girl Ransom usually goes for and when he saw you he almost pretended to be someone else and walked out but something in his gut told him to stay.
You were meeting for dinner at a restaurant he had chosen, he was paying after all so he wanted to make sure he was going to love the food. You were both surprised by how much you had in common, whether it was what you ordered for dinner or taste in books, music but his favorite of all is how you had a very similar sense of humor and you were both extremely sarcastic.
You had been somewhat indecisive as to what you wanted to order that night and Ransom suggested he’d order two different meals and they could share. Something you kept doing afterwards whenever you ate at a restaurant together.
Blind dates always scared you because it meant you didn’t know who the person was going to be and you couldn’t talk to them beforehand so it was impossible to know if you’d have anything to talk about on your date. You hated it when it was awkward and the conversations kept dying down only a few words in. That wasn’t an issue with you and Ransom, far from it. The only silent moments were when you were eating and even then you managed to laugh or make jokes. The world around the both of you had kind of faded out with the exception of the waitress coming over every once in a while to refill your drinks or ask if she could bring you something else. You were so engrossed with each other that you hadn’t even noticed when customers were walking out and new ones didn’t take their places. Your poor waitress had to tell you they had been closed for half an hour and they needed you to leave so they could finish the clean up.
To think Ransom had almost walked out when he first saw you because he thought there was no way in hell you’d get along and now he was being kicked out after closing time.
He had watched you apologize over and over again to the staff for being the reason they had to stay longer. He thought it was endearing to see you care so much and so sincerely about other people's wellbeing. Even total strangers.
You almost had your first fight a few minutes later when he went to pay and you said you’d pay for your half.Usually he wouldn’t have cared and he’d just let you have your way but not tonight, not with you. You deserved to be treated like a queen and that’s what he intended to do.
‘’You better put that wallet back in your pocket, sweetheart.’’ He looked up from the bill, his tone letting you know it wasn’t a suggestion he was making.
‘’I can pay for my own meal, you know.’’
‘’It’s not because you can that you should.’’
‘’But…’’ You pout, giving him your best puppy dog eyes.
He smiled and rolled his eyes. ‘’You’re gonna be trouble, aren’t you?’’
‘’Not if you let me pay.’’ You smiled, batting your eyelashes innocently.
The waitress came back and he gave her back the bill with his credit card as he leaned back on his chair, his eyes never leaving yours as he smirked.
‘’Trouble doesn’t scare me.’’
You laughed. ‘’I’m sure it doesn’t.’’
The waitress gave him back his credit card and they picked up their things to leave. He walked around the table quickly and helped you put on your coat after quickly putting his own coat on. He walked you to the door, his hand resting slightly higher than your lower back and held open the door for you. You turned your head to wish the staff a goodnight and stepped outside, Ransom following closely behind.
‘’Where’s your car?’’ He asked, looking around.
‘’I had to park a few streets down that way.’’ You pointed.
He held out his hand and smiled. ‘’I’ll walk with you.’’
You gladly took his hand and you started walking together.
The nights were getting cold, a little too cold to be walking and Ransom could have just given you a ride in his car and dropped you off to your car but that would have taken less than two minutes and he wasn’t ready for your date to be over just yet.
‘’Thank you.’’ You finally said, squeezing his hand gently.
He turned his head to face you and smiled. ‘’Thank you for what?’’
‘’For tonight. For paying.’’ You smiled back.
He wasn’t used to people thanking him, especially not women after he paid for them. They just always assume that he’ll pay and they never thank him because he was rich, so why should they?
‘’Anytime, sweetheart.’’
He fell in love with you that very night and since then his love for you has only grown stronger.
Tumblr media
When the two of you started getting serious, Ransom got cold feet. He couldn't remember the last time he had been in a relationship and he panicked. He treated you like shit, hoping that you'd break up with him so he wouldn't have to.
You had called him out for being an asshole and told him that he could either find the courage to break up with you or to start treating you right because if you walked away, he wasn't getting a second chance.
Loving you terrified him, but losing you scared him more. From that day on, he has been treating you as if you are the most precious thing on earth because for him, you are.
He introduced you to his friends soon after you got together, he wasn't surprised in the slightest that all of his friends loved you.
They started joking that they didn't understand what you were doing with an asshole like Ransom and though he laughed with them, he hated them for putting that thought into your head.
A few months after that, he brought you over to Harlan's house to meet his family.
They made similar comments as his friends had made but the words they used to describe him had been a lot more colorful and Ransom boiled with anger the entire night.
At some point during the night, you had leaned over to him and whispered in his ear that you two needed to talk later.
At that moment, he was sure that you were going to break up with him when in reality you wanted to make sure he was ok after hearing everything his family said about him. You reassured him that he wasn't the man they described him to be, the look in your eyes was so sincere that he almost cried. He wasn't used to people caring about him or his well being, he wasn't used to being shown love and affection. Sometimes, it was overwhelming and he often got emotional but you never judged him for it. You'd hold him tight, kiss the top of his head while you ran your finger through his hair and you'd do it for as long as he needed you to. You’d never let go before he did.
2 years later and he is still terrified that you might finally realize how much of a shitty person he is and leave him. He even had nightmares of you leaving him.
The hour before you go to sleep is your peaceful time together. No matter how hectic the day has been, you took the time to relax and spend time together. Without really meaning to, you started a bedtime routine and it stuck. You often joke that you already act like an old married couple, but you wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Ransom does his thing in the bathroom and once he’s done, he gets into bed and he waits for you while either watching TV or reading a book. When he sees you come out of the bathroom, he moves to lie under the sheets and holds them up for you. He lies on his back so that you can lie down against his side with your arm draped across his chest and your head resting on his shoulder. One of his arms rests on your back to hold you and keep you close to him and the other one joins yours on his chest, resting his hand on your bicep. You both talk about your day or anything else that comes to mind until one of you gets sleepy, it’s usually you, then Ransom kisses your forehead followed by the top of your head. He wishes you a goodnight and waits until you are asleep before letting himself drift off.
The nightmare is always the same, sometimes certain details change but for the most part it’s always the same. Which makes it worse because he knows what’s coming but he never manages to wake himself up before it’s too late.
It always starts with the sun shining so brightly it’s almost blinding but it never bothers him. His sole focus is on you and how happy you look, how happy HE makes you. You’d tell him that you love him and that you’d never leave him and his answer to you is that he'd never do anything to hurt you and that he loves you more than anything.
The words are barely out of his mouth and the sky changes and suddenly clouds appear. The sudden change makes him look up and when he looks back down, you aren’t smiling anymore. He tries to make you smile, to make you laugh but you push him away and tell him to leave you alone. He asks you what he did wrong and you’d laugh at his question.
‘’It’d be faster to say what you did right, which is nothing. You’re no good, Ransom. You don’t do anything, you don’t work, you don’t know how to do anything. You’re completely useless. Your family’s right, y’know? If we take away your trust fund, what's left of you? Absolutely nothing. The only good thing about you is your money and even for that you didn’t have to do anything to get it. They warned me about you when we started dating but I was blinded by love and didn’t listen. I should have listened. You’re not good enough for me Ransom, you never were. My parents were right to try and keep me away from you.’’
One after the other; you’d use all of his insecurities and all the things his family ever said about him against him. His heart breaks with every word you say. He doesn’t have time to apologize or to tell you he’d do better, try harder, he doesn’t have time to beg you to stay because you were already gone.
The sky is almost pitch black by now. Thunder roared somewhere far in the distance. He’s frozen in place, incapable of moving or talking and he’s forced to watch you find someone else, someone better than him.
He watches, completely powerless, as you move in with him. He sees the pure moment of joy on your face and the tears of happiness that spilled on your cheeks as the man that isn’t him asks you to marry him. He thinks the pain he feels in this moment is the worst pain he could ever go through, he’s wrong.
The scene changes around him and suddenly he’s standing in the front row at your wedding, watching you walk down the aisle looking absolutely gorgeous all dressed in white. You look even more like an angel than you usually do. You look happy, excited and completely in love and Ransom’s heart flutters in his chest as he watches you approach him because he never thought he’d be lucky enough to be your husband, but you walk right past him not even slowing down and you go stand in front of a man that isn’t him.
He tries to scream, he tries to get your attention to make you realize that it isn’t him that’s standing in front of you, that you are marrying the wrong man. Nothing comes out. A crushing pain washes over him as he hears you say ‘’I do’’, officially making you someone else’s wife. The pain of his heartbreak makes him want to scream but all he can do is cry silently as he watches you fade away.
When you reappear, you’ve changed. You look even more happy than before, you’re glowing even and that’s when he sees it. The big bump underneath your summer dress, carrying the baby he knows you’ve been wanting for years. The baby he promised to give you, over and over again. He remembers the smile that would light up your entire face and make your eyes sparkle every time he’d make that promise. You could get him to do absolutely anything, as long as you were smiling at him. You were his weakness but your smile was his kryptonite.
He’s too busy admiring you, Ransom doesn’t notice that the sky changes again and suddenly he is completely drenched in water. The sky is darker than he has ever seen it before, clouds are rolling in unbelievably fast and water is pouring from them, almost resembling tears rushing down someone’s cheeks. The quick change in weather makes him look up once again, confused as to what is happening and when he looks back down he sees you cradling your baby carefully against your chest and he thinks you’ve never looked more beautiful than you did in this exact moment. The last bit of hope and joy that kept him going was completely crushed when arms wrapped around your body, gently touching your baby.
He watched his entire future unravel in front of him except he had been replaced by a better, more worthy of you, man. He tries to run to you but the more he tries and the further away from him you get.
That’s when he finally wakes up. The pain from his nightmare follows him back to the real world and tears are pouring out of his eyes; and judging by the state of his pillow he has been crying for a while.
Ransom’s first reflex is to quickly look to the side to make sure you’re still there and feels incredibly relieved when he sees you sleeping peacefully next to him. He gently moves from under your arm and sits up, moving slightly away from you to let you sleep. He takes in a few shaky breaths as he tries to calm himself down.
No matter how many times he has this nightmare, he’s as shook up as he was the first time it happened. His brain was torturing him by using his worst fear against him over and over again, he doesn’t know why it happens but he guesses it’s just karma for all the bad things he did and the people he hurt in his life. He knows he deserves every second of the pain he feels, it’s a small price to pay if it means he can keep being yours.
He brings his knees to his chest and wraps his arms around his legs, curling up on himself. He rests his forehead on top of his knees and tries not to make a sound as he cries.
You slowly start to wake up when you can’t feel Ransom against you anymore. You are barely awake but you know instantly that something is wrong. You open your eyes to Ransom’s side of the bed being empty. Then you hear it, the sound that you hate most in the world. The heartbreaking, soul crushing sound of Ransom trying to muffle his sobs so as to not wake you.
‘’Ransom?’’ You whisper softly, trying not to startle him too much.
Even if you were expecting the sight in front of you, you still feel your heart completely shatter as you watch Ransom turn his head to look at you, revealing his wet cheeks and his red nose.
‘’Oh, baby.’’ You whisper.
You open your arms and instantly he’s turning completely towards you and almost throws himself at you. Some nights were worse than others, sometimes he’d get lucky and he’d be woken up by a sound or you getting up to go to the bathroom before the nightmare got really bad but whenever he couldn’t wake up, it would take a lot of comforting for him to calm down enough to go back to sleep.
You lie on your back, bringing Ransom down with you as he lies on top of you and nuzzles his face against the crook of your neck. You bring back up the sheets and cover both your bodies with them to keep him warm. You wrap both of your arms around Ransom’s shoulders, one of your hands cradles the back of his head and you hold him tightly.
‘’It’s ok, baby. We’re ok.’’ You kiss his temple and forehead, putting all your love into those two small kisses. ‘’I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere.’’
He whimpers, actually whimpers against your neck and you close your eyes trying to hold back your own tears.
You have never hated someone more than you did his entire family for breaking him in the way that they did. You dreamed of the day that you’d be able to yell at them and tell them everything you’ve ever thought about them.
‘’You’re ok, baby. I love you.’’ You kiss his shoulder.
You gently stroke his back with your free hand. ‘’Talk to me, Ransom.’’
Ransom shakes his head ‘’no’’.
In his nightmare he isn’t able to talk or scream or do anything and when he wakes up, he is scared that if he tries to talk, nothing will come out, meaning he was still asleep and stuck in his hellish nightmare and you weren’t really there with him, holding him and comforting him.
‘’Come on.’’ You whisper softly against his ear. ‘’You know you won’t start feeling better until you talk. I promise you’re safe.’’
You wait and listen but all you can hear is Ransom’s shallow breaths he takes every couple of seconds.
‘’What’s the word?’’ You ask to encourage him to talk.
After a few months of trying to find solutions for Ransom waking up sobbing and unsure if he was really awake or not, you came up with the idea to choose a kind of ‘’safe word’’ for when he’s scared to talk and ground him back to reality.
‘’Always and…’’ You trail off to give him a chance to say it.
‘’Forever.’’ He whispers against the skin of your neck, making you shiver.
You feel him relax at the sound of his own voice.
‘’You’re awake and safe and with me.’’ You kiss his shoulder and tighten your hold on him to help ground him.
The safe word you had chosen was very cheesy, at first he made fun of it all the time but now he thinks it’s perfect. Always and forever, you and him.
‘’I’m sorry.’’ He says after a few minutes of silence.
‘’Sorry for what?’’
‘’For being a grown man that wake you up in the middle of the night because he’s crying.’’
You run your fingers through his hair.
‘’Never, and I mean never, apologize for crying or being in pain. I don’t care if it’s because of a nightmare or because you stubbed your toe against the furniture. I want you to wake me up whenever you need me, whatever the reason.’’
He brings his hands to his face to wipe away the tears and lifts up his head to look at you.
‘’Are you happy?’’ He asks.
‘’In this moment, seeing you cry? Absolutely not. But in general, with you? Without a doubt.’’
You tilt your head to look him in the eyes.
‘’Do you love me?’’
‘’More than anything.’’
‘’Promise.’’ You nod.
You brush your thumb gently over his cheek and push back a strand of hair that fell on his face.
He holds the side of your head in his hand and strokes his thumb against your cheek like you had just done to him. He brings your face closer to his, your noses almost touching.
‘’You’re my whole damn world, you know that?’’
You bring your hand up to the one against your cheek and wrap your fingers around his wrist.
‘’I do.’’
Two little words he had heard you say earlier, but this time it was to him. He leans towards you at the same time as he pulls you closer and kisses you. He starts soft with a few pecks before really kissing you. It was slow and needy, he was taking his time to make you feel everything he’s feeling. The fear, the doubt, the want, the need but most importantly the overwhelming love he has for you . He pulls away a few minutes later when the two of you are breathless and in desperate need of air. He puts just enough distance between the two of you to allow you to breathe. He needs to be close to you, the kiss you had just shared wasn’t enough for him and he places small kisses on your lips as you try to catch your breath.
‘’Angel?’’ He whispers.
‘’Mh?’’ Your eyes finds his again.
‘’Promise me that you’ll never walk away from me becau- because I don’t think I’d survive if you did.’’ He stutters a little, a sign that he feels extremely vulnerable.
It wasn’t a threat or him being overly dramatic, the pain of his nightmare had been so intense that he doesn’t even want to think about what it would be like if it was true.
You turn your head and kiss the palm of his hand that holds your face.
‘’I promise I’ll never walk away. Always and forever.’’
‘’Always and forever.’’ He repeats as it was an oath between the two of you, a small smile tugging at his lips.
He kisses you one last time and lowers his head back to the crook of your neck. ‘’Try to go back to sleep, baby.’’ He tells you.
‘’You too.’’
He hums and you smile a few minutes later when you feel his entire body go limp on top of you as he falls asleep, completely exhausted.
Like every time that he has a nightmare, you spend the remainder of the night awake and looking over him. Just in case he starts having another nightmare, you want to be able to wake him up before it gets to the bad part.
You had been waiting for the perfect moment to talk to him about something and you were sure now more than ever that the perfect moment would finally present itself in the morning when he wakes up and you’re finally be able to tell him that 6 months from now, he’ll have one more person to love unconditionally; always and forever.
Tumblr media
I didn't actually include the lyrics into the story but instead chose to inspire his nightmare from the lyrics, I hope that the person who requested this doesn't mind.
Thank you for requesting Ransom. I love writing soft Ransom so freaking much!
[General taglist: @n3ssm0nique | @lover-of-bucky | @beingagodsucks]
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deliciousangelfestival · a month ago
His Hidden Hobby
Tumblr media
Character: Ransom Drysdale x Female Reader
Words: 313
Theme: Fluff
Summary: You found out about Ransom’s hidden hobby. 
Check out Masterlist if you want to read more fluff story from Drysdale family.
Tumblr media
It turns out Ransom is good with knitting sweaters. 
It seems like he doesn’t want anyone to know his secret hobbies. 
You discovered it accidentally when you were cleaning his attic. There's one box that looks different from the others. It seems brand new. 
When you see inside of it, there's a needle and yarn. One thing that caught your attention was a small size knitted sweater.
"Ransom, I just found the cutest thing upstairs."
Ransom’s cheeks tinted in pinks when he saw you came down with the box.
"Does this belongs to you?"
There's no use denying it. All he can do is nod his head. He thought that you would make fun of his works, but he was utterly wrong. Instead, you admire the craft he made. 
Your fingers keep touching the sweater. "I'm so jealous; this is so good. I learned it before, but all I can make is a cloth rag." 
Ransom chuckled, seeing your pouted face. 
“Ransom, can I have this?”
“It’s so cute. He will look adorable in this.”
“For who?”
“My baby.”
Since you keep having a sleepover at Ransom house, you put your puppy in your parent’s house. 
But Ransom hasn’t found out about Rio. 
You don’t know how relieved he was when you showed him the dog. 
The dog was so damn cute, especially wearing the sweater that he made. 
Tumblr media
Ransom didn’t say anything the first time he met Rio because the dog was too adorable, and he wanted to keep his cool. Men like him shouldn’t feel anything towards cute things. 
But his cool image shattered when you found him playing with the puppy. 
After that, there’s no use in hiding. 
Ransom starts to knit a new sweater for you and Rio. 
And after Naomi was born, he made a new outfit for a family picture.
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lenathogwarts · 8 months ago
Afterglow (Soft!Ransom Drysdale x Reader)
Summary: Ransom starts developing a soft spot for his plaything. 
A/N: This is my first time ever writing for Ransom. It’s soft!Ransom, so probably a little bit off character. Hope you enjoy! ♥ (if you have a specific story request, let me know!) 
Warnings: language, mentioning of smut
Word Count: 690ish 
In the beginning, Ransom had prided himself with winning you over. As he had approached you at that bar a couple of weeks back it had become evidently clear that you were not the type for one-night stands. But this only spurred him on. Having to seduce you made it even more fun. 
What should have been a one-night stand, had turned into you staying the entire weekend. And the weekend after that. And the one after. 
You were addictive. Everything with you was easy. There was no pressure to define whatever this was between the two of you. But Ransom started to feel like there was definitely something there. Even though you had started out as his plaything, he slowly started to wonder about who was truly playing whom. 
Even sleeping with you had changed. What once had been purely about fulfilling his needs, his desires started to revolve around what he could do to make you feel good. Ransom couldn’t get enough of the sound of his name slipping from your lips in a moment of pure bliss as he guided you to highs you had never known before. 
He loved seeing you exhausted - curled up against his naked body, his arms protectively placed around you, while he got carried away in the sweet pleasure of the afterglow. 
Today was no different. Ransom caressed your hair and watched as your breathing started to slow. You had closed your eyes, his steady heartbeat almost lulling you to sleep. A part of him almost wishes you would fall asleep. Even though you had spent the night in his bed before, you always kept to your side while sleeping. Maybe today he would be able to hold you inside his arms as long as he wanted. 
“I have to go.”  
Your murmured words let Ransom's bubble of sweet afterglow pop. 
He stopped caressing your hair, at which you raised your head from his chest and turned your head to look at him. 
“I have plans tomorrow.”
Ransoms eyes narrowed. 
“Plans? What kind of plans?”
What could there be so important that justified you leaving in the middle of the night? Why not stay over – like the weekends before? 
You pushed yourself up into a sitting position, taking the blanket with you, leaving him exposed to the cold air of his bedroom.  
“You are not the only person in my life, Ransom.”
I beg your fucking pardon?
Ransoms mouth threatened to work faster than his mind, but right before he could say these words aloud, he caught himself and bit down on his lip. He had thought that the two of you were exclusive. 
Were you seeing someone else beside him? 
When? Hell, he was with you at least three nights a week. Ransoms thoughts started to spiral, and he almost missed what you said next. 
“My best friend has been nagging me about going out for lunch these last few weeks. I haven’t seen her in person, since – well – this started.”
“Your best friend?” he repeated, the relief in his voice more obvious than he would have liked. 
“Yes” you answered, your (E/C) eyes meeting his blue ones. Something was off about him today. Even though you couldn’t put your finger on what it was exactly, you could tell that something had changed. And it made you worry. 
“Ransom, are you okay?”  You couldn’t help but furrowing your brow as you studied his face, looking for any type of hint. 
However, you didn’t get very far in your examination, as he leaned over, bringing his face close to yours. 
“Yeah. I’m okay.” He had a smile on his lips. Not the smirk, that you were so accustomed to seeing, but a real smile. This was so not like the Ransom you knew. 
“Are you sure, because-“
Before you were able to finish your question, he crashed his lips upon yours. Ransom kissed you with a passion that made your heart flutter. He deepened the kiss even further and time seemed to stand still, until he pulled away, leaving you breathless. 
“I’ve never been better, (Y/N).”
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belova-drysdale-rogers · a month ago
New Girl ish AU
Ransom x Reader
Ransom has to keep taking deep breaths. You’re going to kill him. All these feelings he’s never really felt before coming to the surface.
Ransom isn’t a cuddler, he’s not into affection and things like that. He just… he’s physically unable to tell you no. You’re just so sweet and cheerful, like the world hasn’t ever hurt you. Ransom just wants that so much, to be so innocent. Okay you’re not completely innocent, but you’re way better than him. He secretly hopes that some of your goodness with rub off on his, or maybe he’ll absorbe it through osmosis with how much you lay on him.
It’s like as soon as Ransom said he didn’t want to date you, you put him in the friend zone, and that meant cuddling platonically. Because if he didn’t want you, but he still wanted to be friends, what’s a cuddle between friends right. He fucking hates your logic, but never wants it to end. If Frank and Collin ever found out he’d be forever in shame.
He lets out another shaky breath as you shift again over him. You’ve fallen asleep on top of him, in his room, in his bed. You started just pressed into his side, then a leg over his waste. But your sleeping body didn’t think it was enough. Now you’re on top of him. The weight of your body on his… He’s ascending, he’s fighting the cloudy feeling your body is causing him. He’s not even turned on you just feel so good.
Ransom could move you, he could wake you up, but he’s selfish and wants this high all the time, and he can’t bare to wake up your angel face of sleep.
“I’m so fucked.” He breaths out to the otherwise empty room.
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slothspaghettiwrites · 9 months ago
Made-up fic title: the big question
IM IN A RANSOM MOOD and I'm feeling like writing some absolutely fucking nonsense. Enjoy.
Tumblr media
The Big Question
Ransom watched you lose another round of Go to Harlan. His grandfather victorious laughter filled the study while he again tried to work up the courage to ask you the question. These weekend visits were your favourite, some of Ransom's favourites now. You loved the manor, the spookiness of it, the dogs (🙃🙃🙃), and you loved Harlan. You were almost as close to him as you were Ransom. It would be the perfect time, the perfect location, something that would be memorable and be a great story to tell your friends.
"Hughie! Your granddad is cheating, I swear to god," you huffed, but your words had a playful tone.
Jesus even your insistence on all calling him that stupid fucking nickname didn't bother him. It made him feel goddamn soft sometimes and Ransom Drysdale was anything but soft.
"That is absolute slander," Harlan chortled. "You're just bad at the game."
"Yeah, well, this is the last time I play with you."
Tumblr media
"C'mon baby, you can give me one more," Ransom grinned down at you, sweat dripping from his forehead.
You moaned, muscles visibly tendering under his grip on your legs.
"Eat shit," you groaned bring yourself off the mat and finishing that round of sit ups.
"These fucking morning gym sessions were your idea," he kept grinning.
Yeah, they were your idea, but you were using Ransom's guest pass to his private gym, meaning to go, you had to go with him. And that meant Ransom getting to see you all hot and sweat and wearing skin tight clothes. It also meant having to keep his boner in check and scaring off any of the punk ass losers trying to flirt with you at 6AM.
"I'm pudding Hughie, you could eat me for dessert."
"Don't tease," he forced a smirk.
He could feel the words on the tip of tongue. He could ask you now. If you said no he could brush it off and blame it on the heat, dehydration, and then pretend he never said anything of the sort to you. And no one would be able to back up your story because no one would believe Ransom Drysdale had asked such a question.
Tumblr media
You were laying on Ransom's couch, scrolling through Netflix, trying to find something to watch for the evening. When the cursor lingered over Bob's Burgers again, he didn't even complain. He had the whole goddamn show practically memorised because you. It's my comfort show, Hughie, it makes me feel good when I feel like shit.
He hoped he was never the reason you watched that dumb show. You selected an episode, just as the doorbell rang, announcing your pizza had arrived.
"I got it," you said, patting his knee and rushing off towards the door.
He paused the episode and started from the beginning. The inside jokes at the start were some of your favourite parts, next to the musical numbers. The itch to ask you again was there. He watched you return with two steaming boxes, smile on your pretty face. He looked away for a second, the words rising up in his throat like bile. Why was he so goddamned scared? He was Ransom Fucking Drysdale for christ sake.
"You okay Hughie?"
You question jarred him, forcing him to acknowledge the fact that he was actually not fucking okay and that made him fucking angry and it was all your fault. The pizza boxes were discarded on the coffee table and you sat down next to him, taking his clenched fist in your hand.
"Would you," he cleared his throat, trying to find the way it broke slightly. "Would you-"
"Yeah?" You tried to sound encouraging but just came out amused, like you were enjoying his struggling.
"Can we get a kitten?"
"We've been married for 2 years, it's taken you long enough Hughie."
Tumblr media
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fangirlovestuff · 29 days ago
hi there can you please help me findiny this fic; it’s a ransom fic where the reader saw the holes in his knit sweater so she made him a new one, and at the end he liked it so the reader asked him if he’s gonna throw the old one but he said no something like that. thank you and hope this isn’t a bother with you
hey nonnie!!! of course this isn't a bother, I just hope I can help you out💞
the closest thing to this I found was Sweater Weather by @likeahorribledream , which is adorable but I don't think it's exactly what you meant...
can anyone help us out?🤞
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dadplease · 5 months ago
softie | chapter six: to leave her there.
← last chapter | series masterlist | next chapter →
summary | ransom drysdale is the last person anyone would suspect to be a doting father. but when a paternity test reveals his relation to four year old georgia pine, the man finds himself turning into quite the softie for the peculiar little girl who’s been in such desperate need of his love and care.
warnings | mature themes related to child abuse/neglect, ptsd/trauma symptoms in a child (developmental discrepancies, de-humanized behavior, detachment, extreme fears). loss(mother) and gain(father) of custody. unknown/secret child trope. soft!ransom, soft!dad!ransom. lots of hurt/comfort.
Sleep does not come easily to Ransom. He tosses and turns for what feels like an eternity in his cold, oversized bed, trying his hardest to not think about the four year old little girl curled up just inside his front door. But ultimately, his efforts are futile. When sleep finally finds the man, he drifts off with the salt of his tears soaking into his pillow, a heavy lump still caught in his throat.
And in stark contrast to his usually empty slumber, as soon as Ransom’s eyes have closed for good his mind is filled with dreams. Mostly coming in flashes of only a few seconds, he finds himself traversing back through his childhood, catching a glimpse of a birthday party here, a few moments of a school event there. Running through the woods with the boys from his neighborhood, setting nets in the cool brown waters of the Massachusetts creeks and waiting quietly in the reeds. Sports games on the playground and starry nights in hammocks under the moon, the memories are flooded with the gentle scent of pine and bonfires, filled with distant songs from the radio and one of the neighborhood boy’s guitars; everything is soft and safe and familiar, all in its place, until-
“Mom? Dad?”
A young boy’s voice rings through Ransom’s mind, one he quickly recognizes to be his own. Blinking through tears, his eyes focus on what’s now in front of him: a car pulling out of a familiar driveway; he soon realizes he’s standing in the doorway to his childhood home.
“Leaving me here,” he’s said before the words even register in his mind. “Gonna leave me here, just like always. Just like they always do.” Ransom isn’t sure how old he is, or where his parents are even going, but he is surely no stranger to the betrayal rising up in his throat as his eyes darken, the edges of his vision turning red. His fists curl painfully, but the worst part is, he knows he’s not even angry. He’s just hurt. He’s just afraid.
Stepping back into the house, he closes the door shut, catching a glimpse of himself in the reflection of the glass. Two tear-filled eyes gaze back at him, and before he can even blink, the grey in them has shifted to a soft, bambi brown. Standing there, Ransom realizes it’s now a small and frightened Georgia staring back at him, the old driveway behind her disappearing as its replaced with the darkness of the night. Georgia doesn’t even have to open her mouth; she speaks to the shaken man before her with her eyes. Her words are somewhat of an echo of what he was only saying moments earlier.
“Don’t leave me here. Don’t leave me here like everyone else has left me.”
Shooting up in his bed, Ransom can’t help but let out a sob. His face is drenched with sweat as he brings a shaking hand to wipe at his mouth, tears trailing down his cheeks before dripping onto the sheets below. Closing his eyes, he exhales heavily, a truth appearing before him that he simply no longer can deny, no matter how much he would like to.
“I didn’t turn out fine,” he whispers into the darkness. “They didn’t give a shit about me, and now I’m paying for it. Georgia can’t pay for it; she can’t. She doesn’t have anything left in her to give.”
As fast as his body can carry him, he’s up out of bed, hurrying to the bathroom where the sudden white lights cause his eyes to sting. Switching on the sink, Ransom wets a cloth, bringing it up to his face and washing himself off before lowering it again to look at himself in the mirror. Catching the blue of his eyes, he’s almost able to see the brown of Georgia’s hovering behind their shared veil of freckles. “This isn’t about you anymore,” he finds himself whispering to his reflection as he smooths back his hair with his fingers. “For once in your life, it can’t be about you.”
Flipping off the lights as he exits the room, Ransom’s sure to be quiet as he heads for the stairs. It would be best to get her into her bed, he thinks to himself, but if she refuses, I could at least get her up to the room. Maybe spread some pillows and blankets out on the floor, make it as nice of a place as it can be.
Once he’s reached the bottom of the stairs, the man begins to make his way across the living room. But after taking only a few steps, he’s stopped by the faint sound of sniffling, his stomach dropping as he freezes on the rug. In the dim glow of the moonlight, Ransom can just barely make out Georgia’s little form curled up on the welcome mat. Feverishly, the child shakes as she sleeps, the helpless whimpers and whines escaping her lips causing the uncertain man to freeze. “Oh kid,” he sighs sadly, unable to shake the guilt from his chest. Has she been crying like this all night?
Glancing at the arm chairs to his left before the fireplace, Ransom spots a blanket, quietly stepping over and collecting it before finishing his walk over to the front door. At first, he just crouches down, but quickly decides that sitting on the floor next to the sobbing child would probably be a better idea for his ankles. Lowering himself to sit cross-legged at the edge of the welcome mat, he inhales shakily, feeling entirely unqualified to face the task before him. I’ve never comforted a child in my life, he groans to himself. Not even Jacob when he was small. Then again, the little shit was always-
A slight swell in Georgia’s cries snaps Ransom out of his rambling thoughts. And as he stares at the little girl before him, trembling violently as tears soak her little stuffed lamp that’s still tucked under her head, a certain sense of what almost feels like calmness washes over the man as he tells himself, fuck it. Just have to do it. At this point, there’s no way I can make things worse than they already are.
Taking another deep breath, Ransom picks up the blanket from his lap, unfolding the fuzzy fabric a few times before reaching it out and wrapping it around the squirming child. The contact causes the little body to jerk, but beyond that there are no signs to suggest she’s nearing consciousness, something that comforts Ransom a little as he wraps the blanket a little further around the girl before pulling her over onto his lap. She fits into his arms almost perfectly, surprising the man as he realizes he’s now cradling his child for the first time.
Tilting her head up a bit as she continues to cry, Ransom begins to speak softly, “Hey, shhhh.” A subtle rocking motion begins in his arms without him even noticing, a small smile forming on his lips as he notices his efforts beginning to work. Though she continues to remain in a visibly deep sleep, Georgia’s tears have started to slow, the terrible shakes racking through her body subtly settling as she’s held.
“There you go, you’re alright. Just needed someone to hold you, hmm?” Ransom continues to murmur, finding it almost comforting to speak to the child even though she’s unable to hear what he’s saying. “I probably would’ve cried if I tried sleeping on the mat too, kid,” he jokes, his hand somehow finding the side of her cheek as he rubs the soft skin with his thumb. “Pretty sure the thing’s made of straw. Definitely not a place for little guys like you to be sleeping.”
Georgia’s breaths heave a few more times in the quiet as she’s cradled, her little hands beginning to make grabbing motions as a quiet whine sounds in her throat. “Oh, oh, here,” Ransom identifies the problem quickly, grabbing her stuffed animal from where it fell on the floor and bringing it up to her shaking fingers. “Here, here he is. He’s right here, you got him.” The girl’s latches on quickly to the object, though Ransom still feels the need to bring the fabric of the toy up closer to her face anyway. Maybe she can smell it, he thinks to himself. Know it’s there.
As the child in his arms continues to settle, Ransom sighs, looking down on her heavy eyelids draped with thick brown lashes. Don’t wanna risk waking her up, he decides. Guess I’m sleeping down here. For a moment, he debates trying to move to the couch, but in the end decides he’s probably best off just staying put. And though the position he’s in is nowhere near comfortable enough for sleeping, somehow he’s able to find rest much sooner than he thought he would. Finally, after what felt like so much walking away from the little girl, he’s able to be content with holding her in his arms at last. “Didn’t leave you,” he whispers as he drifts off to sleep. “Never leaving you again.”
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