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#soft academia
loversexeunt · 12 months ago
critical thinking skills are cancelled ! they have now been replaced with the constant desire to hold hands with someone
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theviralwitch · 21 days ago
I like that “morning baby” kinda relationship. The no games, great communication, lots of kissing, lots of cuddling, lots of flirting, lots of being goofy kind of relationship. That makes you want to run 100 miles, read books, clean up your bad habits kind of love.
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teesatztexte · a year ago
i am so determined to fall more in love with life. intentionally romanticising the walks i am on, the birds chirping, the blooming nature around me, the water in my cup of tea turning from a light peach tone to a dark pink, the poetry i write, the things i am learning, my handwriting, dozing off while sitting in front of my window, all of it and more. I have to take a closer look at the little things that make my heart beat faster.
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theviralwitch · a month ago
Imagine someone creating scenarios in their head about you, thinking of holding your hand, playing with your hair, kissing you and blushing just at the mere thought of it.
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bambihe4rt · 2 months ago
how i romanticize my life:
music, music, music. it makes me feel like im in a movie or tv show
scented candles, perfumes, soap, lotion. anything that smells flowery, fruity and/or soft makes me feel super fancy
making. drawings, poems, food, whatever it is. the important thing for me here is that i feel good doing things and have fun
allowing myself to enjoy things. i don't have to save the fancy delicious tea for extra celebrations to make it special or something, drinking it while reading or watching a movie is good, and maybe it doesn't have to be fancy tea, maybe it can just be one that i like and that will not stop me from enjoying it
learning new things. anything really, maybe a recipe or something historic or chords for guitar or words in a new language. i just like to know things.
making something of my own, like a little distinctive mark. for example: my lipstick, how i drink my coffee, the way i sing or talk, etc.
seeing the beauty in little things. the way sunlight enters through my window, the way my pets like to bask in the sun, the smile of a loved one, the page of a book or magazine. just taking a moment to go "oh wow this looks nice"
in general i just like to try to have fun and feel pleasant and happy with myself
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