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#soft eddie diaz
aa-lionheart · 5 months ago
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Eddie Soft Diaz looking Buck through season 4
Buck's version
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aworldwithoutme · 23 days ago
Established Buddie.
Buck was an abused, neglected, sheltered kid.
And when he left Pensylvania, he was already an adult. When he has sex for the first time, gets a job, experiences life in a ranch, learns construction, mixology, surfing, and Spanish. He's an adult. And between these things, he's traveling with no time to wonder if his childhood was normal--he just assumes so. And the people he meets are all on a shallow level where childhood discussions are never had.
It's only at the 118 that he figures he doesn't know pop culture because of Chimney. And his lack of pop culture knowledge is the tip of the iceberg.
It's Eddie that gets the truth. Because it's Eddie who pieces together, through observation and Buck talking, how devoid of everything Buck's childhood was. It's sad to see a grown man excited over Legos and cotton candy because he didnt know they were a thing.
So, the Diazes are determined to get Buck experienced in all things he was robbed of. They take him to a fair, buy him churros and funnel cake and icees, etc. They take him to the theater, museum, teach him childhood games, get him dressed up for Halloween with a family theme to trick or treat.
As the holidays approach, Eddie only has to stop himself from crying every other day when Buck talks about how the Buckleys didn't do anything. No Christmas tree, cookie baking, movies, music, singing, dinners, gift giving. No hugs, or kisses, or holiday wishes. Nothing.
So, Buck's in awe of all the traditions the Diazes have. Even more so, when Eddie (Chris, Isabel, and Pepa) invite him to everything because he's family. Eddie's just sad that even as their relationship becomes more serious, Buck's still so insecure about his place, about being a burden, in the way, about interrupting family time.
Nevermind that Chris almost had a heart attack when he learned about Buck's childhood and horrible parents and will not tolerate Buck's absence. Chris barely tolerates that Buck still doesn't live with them yet and he's being extra patient with that one. He won't accept Buck being any other type of absent.
Buck's just overwhelmed by how much he's appreciated, cared for, and loved.
No need to claim a prompt. If written on AO3, please gift it to me. On tumblr, tag me. I have the same name on both websites.
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princessfbi · 6 months ago
Buddie accidentally falling asleep together on the station couch
The consensus was that Bobby was ordering Chinese food for the house after a particularly grueling morning and afternoon had ruined his plans for dinner. And it was going to be that way regardless of what Eddie and Buck voted but fair is fair and Bobby wasn’t going to place the order until he heard from everyone on his team so off he went in search for the nearly inseparable pair. 
Everyone had been taking advantage of the slow pace after they’d nearly run themselves ragged from one call to the next. Hen and Chim were restocking the ambulance and gossiping about whatever had caught their attention. Jensen and Will had drifted into the bunk rooms for a power nap. McCoy was sitting outside and talking with his daughter about her field trip. Everyone was happy in their own quiet bubble and relishing in the moment to just breathe. Their job was hard and everyone knew what they signed up for--- or learned very quickly--- but they were still human. Still flesh and blood that sometimes just needed a minute to breathe. 
Hence why Bobby wasn’t stressing himself out trying to squeeze together a meal before another call came in or it got too late to eat. 
But he couldn’t find Eddie or Buck anywhere. Not in the gym, not in the back, not in the bunk rooms. He knew that in order to find one, he had to find the other because it was rare to find Buck without Eddie circling his orbit or Eddie without Buck pressed into his side. It was some kind of magnetic bond they’d had and no one, and Bobby meant no one, had been able to pull them apart. 
It was nice to see after their messy start towards their partnership (and maybe something more who knows). But he’d worried about Buck. Bobby had been able to feel the weight of Buck leaning onto him like a partner, a weight he was happy to carry but couldn’t promise that he would be able to hold for forever, and had seen the way Buck looked at Hen and Chim whenever they would go off and do their own thing. 
Which is why he brought in Eddie. Someone to balance the weight. 
Bobby sighed as he swiveled his gaze around the house and climbed the steps to the loft. 
He worried about Eddie too. Worried about him so much it still managed to surprise him. Because Eddie had this habit of making you forget that you were worried in the first place. He had a stiffness in his shoulders that barely moved. Blink and you would miss it. Miss the slight waver every so often. 
He worried about both of them-- Buck and Eddie-- but thankfully never with each other. 
Bobby spotted the leg first and bit back a smile as he found them. Sure, enough where Eddie was, Buck was sure to follow. 
Eddie looked like he’d fallen asleep where he landed on the couch, his head tucked down to his chest and his legs sprawled across the couch. 
Buck, on the other hand, looked like he’d been trying to reinvent himself into a blanket. His legs were hanging off the couch, one over the side and the other arched onto the armrest, while his arms were curled tight around Eddie’s waist. Eddie had a hand in Buck’s hair but Buck had tucked his face up into the small space between his chin and his throat.
They breathed like they did everything else. Together with a perfect harmony of the rise and fall of their chests as they slept. 
Bobby didn’t think they would mind if he ordered without them anyway. 
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buckleysjareau · 6 months ago
“My attorney said you could refuse.”
“You know I wouldn’t.”
“Nah, I know you wouldn’t.”
is the same fondness as
“Show off.”
“I had to do it.”
“I know you did.”
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buddie-buddie · a month ago
the one with the bar fight 
3.4k - t- white house au one shot (campaign trail) - read on ao3
“I’m fine,” Buck insists. He knows it won’t do much to placate Eddie, but he says it anyway. As the words cross his lips, he wonders if they’re more for himself than they are for Eddie. 
“Buck, let me in.” 
Buck finds himself stuck on Eddie’s phrasing, on the way he switched from ‘open the door’ to ‘let me in.’ He wonders, briefly, if there’s another layer to Eddie’s words, another meaning. One that has less to do with doors and more to do with emotions. He shoves the thought from his mind before he has a chance to really think about it, blaming the alcohol for taking his mind there in the first place. It’s his brain’s way of torturing him, this sick and twisted version of wishful thinking.
Of course Eddie means the door and the door alone. 
Never mind the fact that if Eddie asked, Buck would. Let him in, that is. He’s not sure what exactly he’d find, seeing as Buck’s lived in fear of the deepest, darkest parts of his own mind for as long as he can remember. But there’s something about the thought of exploring that darkness with Eddie by his side, the two of them facing his demons together, that makes it all seem a lot less scary. 
But Eddie means the door. Obviously, he means the door.
read on ao3
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tarlosbuddie · 10 months ago
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Tumblr media
‘Night boys
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buckleymecca · 7 months ago
Season 4 Eddie Diaz is Soft Eddie Diaz.
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221bsunsettowers · 3 months ago
Buck/Eddie High School AU: Everything Will Be Alright If You Keep Me Next to You
Fandom: 9-1-1
Pairing: Buck/Eddie
Buck was used to having no one cheering for him.
And then one day Buck barreled into Eddie Diaz in front of his locker, and nothing was ever the same again.
Buck/Eddie High School AU
This is my first high school AU and my first story for @tropetember 2021! Thanks so much to @officer-highway for the prompt!
Christopher is a national treasure and absolutely exists in this universe, but he isn't born until a few years later when Buck and Eddie have both graduated from college. They use their good friend Shannon as their surrogate ;)
Also I absolutely shrink the age gap between Eddie and Buck to fit this story.
You can also read this on Ao3
CW: Briefly referenced homophobia, Buck’s parents essentially abandoning him
Buck was used to having no one cheering for him.
Maddie had been there for every game when Buck was playing  pee wee football, even buying pom poms to go along with the glitter-covered signs she created, to make up for their parents never bothering to show up. But then Maddie went away, and didn't come back, and the driver their parents hired said he didn't get paid enough to watch some kids fumble around the field.
Most times Buck would be waiting at least an hour after the game for the driver to show back up.
All his friends were on the football team with him, and they all had parents who came to their games and took them home after. Buck always hid in the trees by the field so the rest of the team would think he had parents who had already taken him home too.
And then one day Buck barreled into Eddie Diaz in front of his locker, and nothing was ever the same again.
Eddie's family had moved from Texas to Pennsylvania that summer for his dad's job, just in time for Buck's junior year and Eddie's senior year to begin. Buck was distracted by the grade on his latest Trig exam, hoping that by staring at it hard enough, he could change the marking to something his dad would not only approve of, but celebrate.
It would be one of the only times Buck would ever be grateful to his father.
Because he was so distracted that he walked right into new student Eddie, right as Eddie was reaching to close his locker. Books fell, the test went flying somewhere down the hallway, and as they both squatted down to pick the textbooks back up, Buck found himself staring straight into Eddie's eyes. Their hands brushed, Eddie blushed, Buck smiled shyly, and they realized they both had Lunch next period.
That day Eddie's truck wouldn't start, and Buck drove him home. (Later Eddie would sheepishly admit that his truck had worked just fine, he had just wanted to spend more time with Buck, a fact Buck reacted to with sheer glee.) On the way, they stopped for burgers, Buck eating all his fries and stealing half of Eddie's, and got so caught up in conversation the waitress had to remind them the diner was closing three times before they finally stood up from the table.
Buck dropped Eddie off at his abuela's house, and after they shared their first kiss on that porch, that home became their refuge. Eddie was practically living with his abuela, his parents having let him know quite loudly their lack of approval regarding his bisexuality, and Buck's parents were barely ever home and never noticed when he wasn't there.
They already had their plan for next year in place. Eddie had been accepted into Penn State Harrisburg, a college only seven miles from Hershey, with a full scholarship and a job as the front desk attendant at the Fitness Center. As long as Buck kept his grades up, he knew he had a good shot at getting in as well. He would get a job too, they could share the rent on a one bedroom apartment, and once Buck graduated, they would move somewhere on the opposite coast, officially leaving their parents behind.
But before all that came to pass, there was tonight. There was Buck, running in the game winning touchdown, lifting off his helmet to squint past the bright spotlights surrounding the field, to see Eddie. Eddie, wearing Buck's jersey, Buck's number painted on both his cheeks in their school's colors, cheering and clapping and looking down at Buck with so much pride and love Buck had to blink back tears.
Buck didn't have to hide anymore. He had someone to take him home now.
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I'm Fighting Hard and Strong (To Make You Proud of Me)
Christopher Diaz Week, Day 1: Chris in the future + “I don’t do that anymore!”
Read it on Ao3
“Okay! I’m ready!” Chris brushed the black robe, making sure there wasn’t any dust on it before walking into the living room. His dad and Buck (who he alternated daily between calling him Buck and Pops) were sitting on the couch, quietly talking amongst themselves. They both looked up when he entered, immediately falling silent. “I think it fits.”
 “Heck yeah it does!” Buck said with a wide grin, getting up. “Look at you, graduate.”
 “Almost graduate,” Christopher pointed out. “The ceremony isn’t until Friday.”
 “Yeah but you passed all your finals,” Buck countered, ruffling Christopher’s hair. Christopher attempted a pout, because he was graduating high school and he didn’t need his stepfather ruffling his hair. But it was also Buck, so he was willing to let it slide. “You’re really not that adorable seven-year-old I met all those years ago, are you?” Christopher smiled before hugging Buck. 
 “Love you Pops.”
 “Love you too, kid,” Buck said, hugging him back. When Buck pulled away, Christopher noticed his dad still sitting on the couch, his eyes on his feet. Christopher tilted his head, wondering what he was doing.
 “Dad?” When his dad finally looked up, Christopher saw tears in his eyes. “Oh.”
 “Sorry kid,” Eddie said, coming over. “Just being stupidly emotional.”
 “Nothing stupid about emotions, Eds,” Buck said, before stepping away to give the father and son space. Christopher just watched his dad, who was wiping tears away. 
 “Buck’s right about one thing,” Eddie said, brushing some of Christopher’s hair off his face. “You’re not a little kid anymore.”
 “You’re just figuring that out now?” There was a slight teasing in Christopher’s voice and his dad chuckled. 
 “No, but it’s been hitting me a lot more lately,” Eddie said with a soft sigh. “You’re growing up kid. You have been, for years, right in front of my eyes. You’re not the little kid who watched Finding Nemo on repeat or thought Christmas meant more Chris.”
 “I don’t do that anymore!” Christopher’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment at that particular memory. Because five-year-old Christopher Diaz who had many family members who spoke Spanish absolutely thought Christmas meant more Chris. It was a particularly embarrassing memory, made only more embarrassing by the smirk that crossed his dad’s face or the laugh Buck barked out. 
 “I know,” Eddie said, before pulling Christopher into a hug. “I’m so proud of you, Christopher.”
 “Thanks dad,” Christopher whispered back, knowing that they both knew he was thanking his dad for much more than just the compliment. He was thanking his dad for always being there for him, for supporting him, and most importantly, for loving him. “You’re the best.”
 “Only because I have the best kid,” Eddie said, pulling away. “Now, why don’t you get out of that and we can talk about dinner? Because knowing your grandparents, we’re going to need to iron or steam it before Friday.”
 “How many pictures am I going to have to take?” Christopher asked. Eddie just chuckled and Christopher sighed. 
 “It’s just because they love you,” Eddie said with a smile. “We all do.”
 “Yeah, yeah. I know.” Eddie chuckled again and then nodded towards the hallway. Christopher smirked before heading down to his room. And even though he knew he was due for days of smiling and sentimental relatives, he couldn’t help but smile. 
 Because his dad was right; they were doing it out of love. And he was lucky he had so many people who loved him.
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maymarie9-1-1 · 5 months ago
Secret Touches and Stolen Kisses
It's been two days since Eddie kissed him for the first time and Buck still can't believe Eddie beat him to it.  It's been two days of intoxicating secret touches and stolen kisses and Buck is loving every moment of it.  And now they finally have the house to themselves.
Read On AO3
Originally written for @911fluffweek​ Free Choice day but it’s really late.  Oops?
It's been two days. Two days since Eddie kissed him for the first time and Buck still can't believe that Eddie beat him to it. 
He's not bitter about that. How can he be when he's so deliriously happy? 
The past two days have been filled with secret touches and stolen kisses.  And holy shit how did Buck not realize how tactile Eddie was?  Now that Eddie has permission to take any and all opportunities to touch him, he's not holding back. 
Buck loves the way that Eddie brushes his hand against his lower back whenever he moves past him, even though there's no reason for Eddie to get that close.
And Buck practically forgot to breathe when Eddie pressed himself tight against his side last night when they watched a movie with Christopher.
He loves that he gets to touch Eddie whenever he wants to now, too.
He doesn't have to stop himself whenever he wants to run his fingers through Eddie's hair.  He just gets to do it.
He's amazed that he's allowed to walk up behind Eddie and wrap his arms around his waist anytime he wants.  He gets a little thrill when Eddie's breath catches ever so slightly every time he does it.
Their secret touches and stolen kisses are even more intoxicating when they're hiding them from the entire 118 and not just Christopher.  Neither of them can hide their stupid grins when Eddie secretly links his pinky with Buck's in the back of the firetruck or after Buck pulls Eddie behind the truck for an adrenaline fueled kiss.
It's a miracle nobody's caught them.  They're not exactly subtle.
They pass on getting breakfast with the team after their shift.  Christopher's already at school for the day and they have Eddie's house to themselves until Christopher gets home.  They're not wasting a moment.
They're kicking off their shoes and shrugging out of their jackets before Eddie even closes the front door.
"Are you hungry?" Eddie asks, already pulling at his t-shirt.
Buck shakes his head, his eyes fixed on Eddie the whole time.  "Not tired yet either," he adds with a suggestive eyebrow raise.
"Me neither," agrees Eddie, tossing his shirt aside and going for Buck's shirt next.  Buck drags Eddie forward into a kiss.  Somehow they stumble down the hallway and into Eddie's bed without breaking their kiss.
Afterward, when they're lying there twisted up together in their post-sex stupor, Buck is basking in the feeling of Eddie idly brushing his fingers over his chest and shoulders.
It's not until Buck sees the path Eddie's fingers are taking that he realizes there's nothing idle about their movements.  He's tracing hearts all over Buck's skin. 
It's way too soon for any declarations of love to be spoken out loud, but this tells Buck everything he needs to know about how Eddie's feeling.
Buck responds with a heart of his own to Eddie's shoulder and a kiss to his temple as they both drift to sleep.
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ronordmann · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Later that night when the apartment is dark, Eddie is in bed wishing for sleep to overtake him, but he’s vibrating with nervous energy. He is laying on his back, perfectly still, forcing his breathing into a rhythmic pattern, but he knows he won’t fall asleep anytime soon. He feels Buck moving next to him, and when something brushes the back of his hand, he flinches on instinct, not used to sharing a bed, he’s been sleeping alone for too long. The presence on his hand doesn’t go away. He recognizes it as Buck’s pinky, and it couldn’t have landed there on accident. He could dwell on it, go over what to do, what this means for them, but the exhaustion and despair are stronger than him tonight. So, taking it as a silent invitation, Eddie turns his hand and takes Buck’s in his, interlacing their fingers together. When Buck gently brushes his thumb over the back of Eddie’s hand, Eddie knows he has made the right call. The tension leaves his body, he falls asleep in seconds.
Our bubble by Stlesismylover  9-1-1 | Buddie [Season 4] Fanfiction
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aworldwithoutme · a month ago
Ana is ableist, but she’s not obvious or aggressive about it.
Until Buck mentions having ADHD around her.
He’s not ashamed, and doesn't hide it—especially from Eddie and Chris. 
At first, of course, she’s subtle. She comes across as wanting to hear Buck’s perspective as a neurodivergent—careful to make it seem like she’s interested in how Buck sees the world personally since neurodivergent people are not one and the same. In reality, she’s trying to pry for information on how much she can “trust” Buck when he’s a “liability.”
It takes some time for her to start rubbing Buck the wrong way with backhanded compliments or questionable comments—especially when she’s questioning Buck’s ability to care for Chris alone. She makes jokes on how Eddie has a lot of patience to hear Buck ramble about random information, or how she mentions Buck being a big kid with an air of disapproval. 
Her mistake was to not be more careful with how she acts and talks about Buck where Eddie can see and hear.
Because Eddie is the type of person who doesn’t mind being insulted and punched. But someone touches one hair on Chris or Buck’s body, someone says something about a hair on Chris or Buck’s body? That’s it. They have no place in his life.
Of course, Eddie is also in love with Buck which doesn’t bode well for Ana in a situation where she’s insulting Buck for not being how she would prefer him to be when Eddie loves Buck because of who he is.
No need to claim a prompt. If written on AO3, please gift it to me. On tumblr, tag me. I have the same name on both websites.
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princessfbi · 6 months ago
soft buddie prompt: buck being completely bone dead exhausted, numb, just like barely functioning at the end of a horrific 24 hour, and eddie guiding him through shower/dinner/taking care of minor injuries and just being soft and gentle and tender w his sleepy boy
Took a slight detour on this one Anon but I hope you like it! 
At some point along the way, between the span of his first real inhale in what felt like hours and the first suffering exhale, the ringing of silence in his ears gave way to the white noise of the shower running. The heat was there. Raining down over his scalp as rough fingers that were always trying to remember what it was like to be gentle, circled shampoo into his curls. Gentle fingers made rough by sand and bullets and criticism that would’ve buckled everyone else but him. 
There was another kind of heat to that was still there. A long line of it down the front of him, holding him, keeping him up when Buck thought he would buckle too. His face was tucked against Eddie’s shoulder, lips pressed against his clavicle, and nose settled over peak of strong muscles. He blinked, taking in the the aesthetically pleasing mismatch of tile of his shower. 
His shower. 
So, they were at his loft. 
“Lean back for me,” Eddie instructed, quiet and patient, and breaking through the fog in Buck’s mind to realize that he’d been talking this whole time. 
Buck couldn’t talk yet though and he didn’t think he could manage even an inch of space between them either. His arms were tucked up against Eddie’s chest but he circled them around his waist in slow protest. 
Eddie sighed, soft and patient too, and curled his fingers around the back of Buck’s neck. That was the thing about Eddie. He looked like he’d been sculpted from marble with a jawline that could cut diamonds and hard, rigid muscles that rippled with power Buck had seen both up close and afar. 
But he was so soft. Soft in his laughter, his smiles, his heart. He was sweet like honey, warmed by the sun and generous in his application to anyone who needed him. Buck pressed his fingertips into the soft skin of his waist, feeling muscle and pillowed cushions of the barest fat on his hips give way under his push. Soft in body too. Flesh and blood like the rest of them. 
“You back with me,” Eddie asked it like a question but the answer was already there in the choked off sound that slipped from Buck’s lips and painted his skin with a buckshot of his spit. 
An ugly sound stripped down raw and exposed. 
“Hey,” Eddie said as he swayed movement into them and dragged his fingers up Buck’s neck back into his curls where the shampoo was starting to drip down to sting his eyes. 
“Hey,” Eddie said again. “It’s okay. We’re okay.”
“Don’t...” Buck had to work up the rest of the words into his throat because they felt like they’d been lodged deep in his chest the moment they went down. “Don’t d-d-o t-that again.” 
Eddie hummed and made no promises and Buck held him tighter like he was afraid he was too late, squeezing Eddie’s soft body to his. 
“We can’t make those promises, Buck,” Eddie said, his voice steady but clinging to Buck just as tightly beneath the stream of hot water soothing away their aches and pains. 
Buck croaked out another sound that had no words but all the meaning he could heave up from his heart to try and sooth the balm of Eddie’s scars. 
“We can’t, Buck,” Eddie said, insisted really but Eddie had made peace with Buck’s bravery a long time ago. 
Buck was still struggling with Eddie’s. 
“But I can promise I will never give up. I can promise I’ll fight to come back. I can promise that I will never stop fighting.” 
And it wasn’t good enough. Not by a long shot. Not when the possibility that the sun would rise up and Eddie wouldn’t be around to bask in the heat of it, leaving Buck in the cold. 
But it was enough for then. 
It was enough for now. 
It was enough that the tight vicelike grip on his chest eased up enough for Buck to only feel the tight vicelike grip of Eddie’s arms around him. To feel his leg between Buck’s to hold him up. To feel the scratch of his nails against his scalp as shampoo suds slipped down his hair. To feel the heat of him, of all of him, pressed against Buck just as desperately in the shower at Buck’s loft. Eddie turned his face into the slope of Buck’s throat and kissed the skin there. Firm and soft. Learning to be gentle again.
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etherealtauruss · 9 months ago
me when i see eddie reassuring buck in future fics : 🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽.
you are loved, buck.
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buddie-buddie · 3 months ago
the one with the confession 
3.2k - t - read on ao3
As the smile falls from Buck’s face, Eddie falls with it. If not for the beat of his heart still pounding in his ears, he’d have sworn it shattered into pieces inside his chest.
Eddie’s words have Buck frozen in place, save for his face. His eyes go wide, his brows arching up so high it’s a wonder they don’t fly off his face. His lips part slightly, some combination of surprise and confusion and hurt coloring his expression as he asks, “Y-you did what?”
“I asked for a transfer,” Eddie repeats. “A long time ago. A really long time ago. Before I.. before we… before. It was before.”
Buck blinks slowly, biting down on his bottom lip as he steps back, removes himself from Eddie’s space. Eddie’s hands fall from Buck’s face to his sides, and Eddie thinks a knife to his gut would hurt less than the sudden emptiness in his hands.
read on ao3
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perfectlynervousbeard · a year ago
Eddie Doing His Special Shuffle Walk Toward Those He Loves
There’s only 2 people he does this walk to:
Tumblr media
His son Christopher...
Tumblr media
...and his boyfriend Buck.
While capturing this GIF, I happened to stumble on this frame and TELL ME IT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE THEY’VE JUST KISSED EACH OTHER’S FACES OFF?!!?!?
Tumblr media
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buckleysjareau · a year ago
Buddie prompt! Buck is delirious with fever and Eddie forces a cool bath as a last ditch effort to break it. Otherwise, it's off to the hospital and Buck definitely doesn't want that.
Evan Buckley did not get sick. 
He can vaguely remember the last time he got even the slightest cold, that being when he was twenty-two years old and had a sneeze for a couple of days.
There’s no way he’s sick. It’s just… cold in Eddie’s house. 
“It’s not cold in here.” Eddie raises an eyebrow, arms crossed, the whole I’m a dad and you’re an idiot that’s going to listen to me stance. “You know you’re saying this shit out loud right?”
“...So?” He definitely doesn’t mean to say anything out loud but he’s not about to admit to it. 
Eddie just shakes his head and walks off, Buck couldn’t care less where he’s going, as long as he isn’t in front of him telling him he’s sick. Eddie might be right about mostly everything, but he’s definitely not right about this. 
“You’re right, I am right about everything and I’m right about this. Open your mouth.” Eddie appears in front of him with a thermometer. Ugh.
Buck groans. “Fine, but it’s only gonna prove I’m not sick.”
Eddie snickers. “God, you’re worse than Chris when he’s sick.”
“Not sick,” Buck whines.
Eddie looks at the thermometer and then raises an eyebrow. “So your fever of 102.4 doesn’t make you sick?”
Buck’s eyes widened. “Shit, really?”
Eddie laughs. “Yeah, really. C’mon, let’s go get some Cold & Flu in you and get your ass to bed.”
Buck lets Eddie pull him off of the couch and towards the kitchen. There’s a box of tissues, a bottle of Cold & Flu medicine, three huge bottles of Gatorade, and Eddie goes to get a rag to wet it. “Seriously?”
“I stopped to get it when you were knocked out in my back seat.” Eddie smiles. “Are you gonna take the medicine yourself or am I gonna have to give it to you?”
Buck rolls his eyes and pouts. “I can take it myself, thank you very much.”
Eddie crosses his arms and waits as Buck pours the purple medicine in the cap and grimaces. He goes to take it like a shot but chickens out at the last second. After the fourth time of chickening out, Eddie sighs and takes the cap of medicine from Buck’s fingers. 
“Close your eyes and hold your nose,” Eddie starts before Buck cuts him off with, I can do it myself. “Can you?”
To prove Eddie that he can, he takes it like a shot without holding his nose and he really wishes he hadn't done that. 
Eddie smirks and pats Buck’s head. “Good boy.”
Buck groans. “I hate you.”
“No you don’t,” Eddie grins smugly. “Go lay down in my bed, I’ll keep an eye on you.” 
So Buck follows, and between the medicine and his fever, Buck is out like a light two minutes after his head hits the pillow. 
Buck groans as his eyes flutter open, the sensation of fingers running through his mess of curls being the thing that brings him to consciousness. He shuts his eyes the second they open, a headache springing to life the second his eyes meet light. 
He hears Eddie sigh. “I know you feel like hell, but you gotta wake up. Your fever is getting worse, I think we’ve gotta get you to the hospital…”
That has Buck wide awake. “No hospital.”
Eddie picks up the thermometer from his bedside table. Buck just rolls his eyes and opens his mouth. He’s about to fall asleep by the time it beeps. “Shit, man, it’s up to 103.1, we gotta-”
Buck grabs Eddie’s arm to get his full attention. “No hospital.”
“We try one more thing and if it doesn’t go down, we’re going, you hear me?” Eddie sighs. “Wait here, stay awake,”
Buck doesn’t respond, not really, just lazily gives him a thumbs up and lays back down. He falls asleep again the second his head is on the pillow. 
He hears Eddie groan exasperatedly, feels himself being picked up, knows he’s moving his feet himself, hardly, and then he’s wide awake the second he’s placed in cold water. “Christopher?!”
Eddie sighs again. “Sorry, I should have warned you. I’ll get you more sweats when you’re done, but if this doesn’t bring down your fever, we’re going to the hospital.”
Buck’s not having it. “Where’s Christopher?”
“He’s at Hen’s, remember? He’s safe, you’ve got a fever, you’re at my house, yeah?”
Buck sighs. “Yeah.” 
He’s freezing as Eddie takes a cup of the cold water and pours it over his curls but he’s also the most relaxed he’s been in years. He’s shaking, shivering a lot but he can’t tell if it’s his fever or the water, either way, he wants to not be in wet clothes. 
He doesn’t remember saying as much, but he must have because soon Eddie is helping Buck stand and helps him out of the wet clothes. He’s self conscious but can’t bring himself to care in his feverish state and lets Eddie help him into new clothes. 
“Can I sleep again?” Buck pouts, then winces when Eddie sighs for the eightieth time that day. “Sorry.”
“Don’t be.” He smiles softly. “You can soon, just let me check and see if it’s going down a little, yeah?”
“Why are you being so nice?” 
“Because you’re sick, and I love you,” Eddie grins, eyes softer than Buck’s ever seen them.
“You love me?”
“Yeah.” He shrugs like it’s not a big deal but, to Buck? It’s a huge deal.
“I love you, too.”
Eddie lets out a sigh, this time one of pure relief. “Good. Now, temperature check, let’s go.”
Buck pouts but opens his mouth after Eddie kisses his cheek. 
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rydergrace · a year ago
String That Pulled Me To You
It would be wrong to start the weekend without soft, sleepy Buck and soft, sweet Eddie. At this point, all my k teacher buck is for @madamewriterofwrongs. Without CJ, y’all wouldn’t get this softness. 
The apartment’s dark when Eddie lets himself in at the end of a late shift. Christopher’s sleeping at a friend’s for the night, so it’s one of the rare nights he doesn’t have to worry about him. Taking care of his son is never a burden, but sometimes it’s nice to have a night where he doesn’t have to be a dad. 
He hasn’t let himself into Buck’s apartment very often even though he has a key and has had one for weeks. In the months they’ve been dating, and even before that, Buck’s always gravitated to his house and Eddie’s never questioned it. It’s far more convenient if he’s being honest. 
He can hear the faint buzz of the TV turned down low as he pushes the door closed behind him, toeing his shoes off before coming all the way into Buck’s apartment. He’s almost always struck by how nice it is. And how different it feels from his own home. Buck’s obviously been intentional about adding touches to make it feel like home, but sometimes it feels a little bit like he’s missed that mark - not by much and he thinks if he was looking just at face value, he wouldn’t notice. 
“Buck?” he calls softly, stopping in the kitchen to grab a bottle of water from the fridge before continuing though into the living room. 
Buck’s silhouetted by the glow of the TV and this close, it’s obvious he’s asleep - his face smooth in a way it never is when he’s awake. And just as obvious falling asleep hadn’t been the plan since he’s still wearing what Eddie would bet he wore to work that morning. 
Carefully, so as not to wake him, he settles himself beside the other man. For a moment, he just watches his slow, steady breathing. Marvels at the fact that Buck is clearly comfortable enough with him that his presence hasn’t raised alarm bells for him, hasn’t forced him immediately to wakefulness. 
Buck shifts then, turning his face toward Eddie, a soft sigh leaving his lips. Eddie can’t stop himself from running his fingers through Buck’s soft curls. Curls that have clearly escaped the products Eddie knows he put in them that morning because he always does. Even when in Eddie’s opinion, he looks better without anything in his hair.
Buck snuffles softly, pushing his head into Eddie’s hand, his eyes fluttering for a moment before opening just a crack. 
“Eds?” he mumbles, brows furrowed in confusion. “Time’sit?” His words slur together, it’s pretty obvious he’s barely awake. Probably not really awake at all with the way his eyes slide closed again as soon as Eddie scratches lightly at his scalp.
“It’s late,” he whispers, uncaring about the fact that Buck’s almost certainly asleep again. “C’mon, let’s go to bed.” 
Buck grumbles softly. Shifting his body until his head comes to rest on Eddie’s shoulders as he exhales softly. 
“Buck,” Eddie prompts, voice barely above a whisper, but even he can admit how hard it is to resist his soft, sleepy boyfriend. He shifts then, settling more comfortably beside Buck, fingers trailing down to rest on the back of the other man’s neck. 
“Ten minutes then we’re going up to bed,” he murmurs softly, but he knows they probably won’t make it upstairs tonight. They’ll end up sleeping on the couch because he can’t resist a warm, sleeping Buck. They’ll regret it in the morning. Buck will complain about the crick in his neck and Eddie’s back will ache from sleeping on the couch after a long shift, but somehow, that doesn’t matter. 
Brushing a kiss across Buck’s temple, he reaches for the remote to turn the TV off, plunging the room into darkness. “Love you,” he whispers, kissing Buck’s forehead once more before his own eyes fall closed.
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