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#soft grunge

What does it mean

When you drive in the night

And your eyes close

And you wish for it all to stop

Where do I go from here

Where am I supposed to find rest?

My heart is weary

I am tired

People tell me

How wonderful I am

How rare a find

And yet here I sit

Feeling so unloved and unwanted

Why is it that we always want the ones

We can never have?

Youd think by now

I’d be used to the abandonment

You’d think by now

I’d have a callouse towards the pain

Yet here I am

Still tenderhearted

Still soft

Skin breaking

From the painful friction

My heart is bleeding

And I sit and wonder


Why am I still trying

Why do I still have hope?

How can I daydream

How can I imagine

I thought I found something

I really did

Something in you

That grounded me here, in this life

But now

I see what a fool I was

To give someone that power

Who has no qualms

About breaking a human heart

I am cracked


From all that has happened

I am numb


So I guess I’ll just sit here

And close my eyes

And try again tomorrow

Try for what?

I’m not really sure anymore

So I’ll just sit here

Lay back

Let the emptiness take me

Try and rest

Wake up

And do it all again tomorrow

Can I ask someone

Anyone who knows

What kind of fucked up

Groundhog Day

Is this?

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block it out. don’t feel a thing. feeling is weakness. they’ll see right through me. Why are they staring. I’m choking up. Save me. I don’t wanna drown in a sea of doubt.

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I deserve to be slammed into a wall til my brains spill out. I deserve to be impaled til all that’s left of my body is torn skin and bits of punctured organs. I deserve to be lacerated til I apologize 10000 times. I deserve to be treated as a miserable wretch til i repent enough to deserve to be in anyone’s presence.

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