#soft suggestion
gfmaterials · 21 days ago
i think when people hear gift giving as a love language they think oh you’re greedy and money-minded but that’s not true at all. gift me flowers you picked on the way home while thinking of me. gift me a scrapbook you made of all our silly little adventures together. gift me a cd you put all of our favorite songs on. gift me love in such a considerate form.
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just-a-hopeless-romantic · 24 days ago
if you’re still soft after being hurt, crushed, broken… then you’re so much stronger than you think you are sweetheart
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unsenttextstou · 2 months ago
i see my future in you. with you.
we spoke of our future aspirations
what we look for in people
our current family
our FUTURE family
you spoke of becoming:
my househusband
a man who’d learn to cook for me as i work
a man who can raise children well
a man who loves children
a man who children love
you spoke of matching:
my goals in life
my preferences
you highlighted being complimentary:
to my friends
to my family
to ME
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mydarling-suggestions · 2 months ago
You’re sleeping soundly as you always do, and you’re always the first to go to sleep. And somehow, you always end up on my side of the bed, but I never move you. Sometimes you start snoring a little, but it’s never for too long. And sometimes you say funny things in your sleep, I even managed to record it one time and show you the next morning. And here I lay, not too far off falling asleep myself, looking forward to the morning when I’ll get to wake up next to you again.
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strawbeb · 3 months ago
someone asking ‘can i kiss you?’ is literally the hottest thing ever, whether it’s the first time or the hundredth time
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softsappysuggestion · 4 months ago
i like that you make me feel whole, not in a “you’re my missing piece” way but as if we were two right triangles who were whole as individuals but together we make a perfect square
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hugglesuggestions · 4 months ago
I could never sleep again as long as I spend my nights with you.
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cutiesuggestions · 6 months ago
i’m once again thinking about holding hands and forehead kisses
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mossijuniper · 6 months ago
Soft suggestion: you give me a mushroom, I give you a smooch. It’s golden hour in the meadow and we’re holding hands
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gfmaterials · a month ago
i told her once: you’re my bookmark. she asked me what i had meant. “i bookmark pages that i love so i can read them over and over again. on bad days, on good days, and even on those days in-between. i savor every word, every line, every punctuation mark. i paint the image in my head and i let it stay there for weeks even after i’m done with the chapter. i know i can always go back to it though because of the bookmark. i’m not lost in the pages of everything else. bookmarks remind us that the rest doesn’t matter, not the previous pages, not the ones ahead, if you don’t want it to. you can be okay right there, where it is. you can be happy. you can be in love forever.” 
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just-a-hopeless-romantic · 4 months ago
Wanting genuine love and affection doesn’t make you weak. Your softness is your strength. And don’t you dare let anyone tell you otherwise.
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i-rationality · 7 months ago
I just want to experience love that feels like Beige by Yoke Lore. 
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britishstan02 · 7 months ago
Boyfriend Jack would be very considerate and cuddly. On a rainy day he would beg you to stay in bed with him and snuggle into your neck
Definitely urban would HATE it be would wake up and hear the rain and know that whatever plans jack has would be canceled and you guys would have a movie stay in bed and snuggle relaxing day his excuse for it would be he's been touring and working hard even over Christmas and thanksgiving so he deserves a day off every now and then
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a-softer-chaos · 8 months ago
Love is truly making food for others. Strangers, acquaintances, friends, family, lovers, I want to make you dinner sometime.
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softsappysuggestion · 6 months ago
don’t mind me, just sitting here thinking about how much I love you
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hugglesuggestions · 5 months ago
I can’t believe you’re finally mine, and I’m finally yours. How long has it been since we first began to fall? Now here we are miles apart yet closer than ever. I can’t wait to fall in love with you entirely.
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softsweetsuggestion · 8 months ago
It is not necessary to love yourself in order to be loved, but self-love will bring a satisfaction greater than can be found anywhere else ♡
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