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#soft things
f-airytale · a month ago
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and he says, "you look beautiful tonight"
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soracities · a month ago
Firstly: I adore your blog. It’s like stepping into a café — a warm atmosphere and the scent of coffee with some fragments of conversation overheard here and there. In short, it’s very welcoming, I always feel comforted and at home when I scroll through it ♥️♥️
My question is somewhat related to that. With the end of summer approaching, I’m overcome with immense dread and fear of how the darker seasons will treat us. Summer here was filled with rain and isolation, so I don’t even have particularly warm memories to keep me company come October. In the past I’ve made the mistake of reading books that worsened this state of dread and I’ve lost a few winters to darkness and misery and just endless, endless dripping-dark fatigue. I’m incredibly scared of that happening again and the thought of autumn fills me with fear already. So right now I’m doing my best to compile a list of books that might get me through this, and I was wondering whether you have some suggestions. Anything lighthearted, hopeful, soft, if possible.
Thank you so much for making this blog such a warm and welcoming space, it’s truly an oasis on here ♥️
This is so very kind of you and I'm so sorry for how late this is — to be honest my reading has tended towards the very bittersweet and heavy for a while now so there is very little I can add I’m afraid. I would highly recommend these titles though:
The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery
The Book of Delights, Ross Gay
Little Weirds, Jenny Slate
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams
Stardust, Neil Gaiman
Boy Meets Girl, Ali Smith
The Princess Bride, William Goldman
Letters to a Young Poet, Rilke
Upstream, Mary Oliver
Rapture, Carol Ann Duffy
Haruko/Love Poems, June Jordan
I would also ask that if anyone else has any books that have left you feeling warm, comforted or just imbued with quiet and gentleness in any way, then please feel free to reblog and add them in. Hopefully a thread can be built for whoever needs it  ♡
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bangbangtantansonyeondan · 7 months ago
The concept of people who are meant to be together finding their way to each other over and over again defying all odds and loving other people but falling in love with one person multiple times in a lifetime is just so beautiful. the purity in the concept is almost unbelievable.
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whump3000 · 2 months ago
The caretaker sitting next to Whumpee, squeezing their hand every couple of minutes, unable to fully believe that they’ve finally been reunited.
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the-neighbourhood-elmo · 4 months ago
Types of people: Soft things
Marshmallows: huggable, hot chocolate in winter, deep dimples, mischievous grins, upset pouts, absolute sweetheart, half done homework, has trouble focusing, doodles on arms, trampoline backflips, eating ice-cream straight from the container, squinting to see, endless supply of memes
Stuffed animals: innocence, child-like behaviour, affectionate, mumbling, the cute friend, either hates math or loves it no in-between, nervous tapping, eating lunch alone, coffee shop trips, overalls (dungarees), window shopping, excited wriggling, silly giggles, bubble blowing,
Pillows: napping 24/7, oversized hoodies, death glares, forever cold, Netflix and snacks at 2 am, late nights, a billion alarms yet sleeping through most of them, cutely aggressive, permanent scowl, secretly enjoys compliments, piles of comic books, unmade beds, silent laughing
Cotton candy: pastel colors, pretty clothes, cracked phone screen, confidence, sweater paws, flirty glances, Ferris wheels, generous spending, 90s posters, rollerskating, moonlit sky, astronomy, bike rides, sleepovers,
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kittenkapow · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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sad-house-of-mortality · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1st image - Deda . - Don't be afraid
2nd image - Lotte Gronkjaer - Seedhead
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soracities · a month ago
i need to tell someone, my heart is so full! my nephew is 6 and he is scared of insects. understandably, creepy-crawlers are rather intimidating for a child. however, i love and study bugs, and he knows this. he has seen my collection and even named some of my beetles. he doesn’t mind because i only collect insects that are already dead. he even tells his friends about his aunt who likes bugs! well, the other day he came over to my house, and he reached inside his pocket and took out a green june beetle! one of my favorite beetles due to its iridescence, not that my nephew was aware of that. i hadn’t had one in my collection yet because it’s already september and you just don’t see them around anymore. but! my nephew did! he found one, and thought of me, and probably annoyed his mom about it until he could give it to me. even though he’s usually scared!! i love him so much, and he loves me too….. my heart is full.
this is honest to god one of the sweetest things i have ever read and i’m genuinely about to cry. thank you for sharing something so precious with me, anon ♡ endless love to you and your adorable little nephew ♡ ♡ ♡
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Soft Things 8
Bucky has a nightmare and you know just how to help him through it.
Warnings: smut, sparring, banner being a helpful human being, cussing of course
Words: 6k
Soft Things Masterlist
Tumblr media
A sharp, white-hot pain seared across your face that snapped you awake just in time to see Bucky’s metal arm recoil. You shot up out of bed, immediately landing on the hard wood floor in a defensive position. You turned on the bedside lamp so you could see clearly.
Standing on the other side of the bed was Bucky, angry and clearly not truly awake. Without hesitation, you closed your eyes and broke into his dream. You were standing across from him on an old rugged sparring mat. It was vaguely familiar, probably where he had trained you in one of the bases.
“You lost. My super soldier doesn’t lose,” he ground out. “You don’t miss targets, understood?”
“Bucky, this isn’t real,” you tried to reason. “You’re dreaming and you gotta wake up now.”
“Silence! Who said you could talk back, Krasota?” He took a step toward you and you manipulated the dream to reflect the scene in his bedroom.
“I said wake up, Sergeant Barnes.” You instantly left the dream in order to physically protect yourself form whatever came next. Your eyes opened just in time to see him leap across the bed, arm drawn back to strike you again. You grabbed his supporting leg and flipped him down on the floor, quickly landing on top of him to press your bloody lips to his. It took a few moments, but finally his lips softened against yours and he kissed you back. He groaned and broke the kiss.
“Why are we on the floor, and who’s bloody?” he asked, voice rough from sleep.
“My blood, punched me in your sleep. Not exactly what I meant when I said ‘fuck me awake’.” You grunted as you heaved yourself up. You made a beeline for the bathroom with a hand cupped under your nose to catch the drips.
“Ah, shit,” he muttered as he jumped up and followed you. He got to the door shortly after you did and watched you wash the blood off your hands. “Here. Let me look…” He took his fingertips and pressed feather-light touches down your nose, on the bridge of your nose, across your sinuses, and the bone around your eyes. “Just a bloody nose, doesn’t look like any bones were broken or fractured. Tilt your head forward slightly for me, don’t want that blood running down your throat. Babe, I’m sorry.” He took a washcloth out of a drawer and ran it under cold water before ringing it out and handing it to you.
You set it tenderly on your nose. “Fuuuuuck. You pack a mean left hook.”
“I’m sorry, please forgive me babe. I don’t know what happened.” He held your free hand and you gave a half-hearted laugh.
“Don’t worry about it. Just a nightmare. I should have expected those after our fight, it probably shook loose some shit you didn’t know was there.” You pulled the now-red towel away from your face. “Still bleeding?”
“No, it’s stopped for now. I’m so glad I didn’t break anything.”
“That’s a damn miracle, too, ‘cause you hit me with your metal fist.”
He gaped at you. “I hit you with my metal fist…and it didn’t even break your nose? That’s incredible…” He thought for a minute and studied you in the mirror while you washed your face and neck. “I think I’m gonna sleep on the couch the rest of the night.”
You gave him an incredulous look. “You think you’re really gonna be able to sleep?” The glare he shot at you wasn’t really for you. You knew he was upset with himself. “Well, I’m awake now so I think I’m going to go down to the gym. You wanna spar with me? You owe me that match you promised before our mission. And maybe you want a rematch from tonight since I clearly pinned you first?” You were talking a little calloused, not babying him too much. It may have seemed cold, but he didn’t need coddling right now. He needed help processing, and from years of experience, you knew he did that best on the mats.
“Yeah, I could use a little exercise.” He kissed your temple as you scooted past him to leave the bathroom.
“I’m gonna go change and head down.” You squeezed his arm as you left. “Meet you there.”
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
Bucky walked into the gym feeling sad and nervous. His dreams plagued him, the memories of past abuses swirling through his mind. He couldn’t believe that you had forgiven him, much less loved him now. He wondered what kind of heart it took to do that.
When he rounded the corner, you were warming up with the punching bags, a thin layer of sweat shining on your skin. Instead of coming right in, he leaned against the door frame and watched you. The thud of your fist hitting the bag, your grunts and huffs as you worked the tension out of your body, the way your chest heaved. You were strong. It felt like you had only been getting stronger the past couple of weeks, and it was so sexy. But he knew in his heart that he was part of the reason you had to be so strong. Without his training and the punishments he doled out for seven and a half decades, you wouldn’t be where you are now. He hated himself for the abuse, even though your voice echoed in his head that it wasn’t completely his fault. If he had only been able to stop Hydra. If he could’ve made a different choice. He would change it all in a heartbeat.
~I wouldn’t~ you whispered into his mind. ~I wouldn’t change a second of it. Without you, it would have been a thousand times worse.~
~You don’t know that~ he responded.
Your fists got faster, pummeling the punching bag. ~I do. Hydra would have taken everything from me anyway, the blessing was that I had you, Winter Soldier or Bucky.~
Bucky was quiet and just watched as you wrapped up the sequence you were working on. With a slight huff, you were done and walked over to him. His arms came around your waist and he guided you to him. “You saved me from the Winter Soldier. I’m sorry I couldn’t save you from him, too.”
“Oh, but you did. You soothed it all away, every mission I was with Bucky. You took care of me, loved me. You made the memories easier for me to bear for both of us. I’m sorry I snapped the other day…if I’d been stronger you wouldn’t have to know.” You pulled his head down enough you could press a kiss to his lips. “Let’s get started.”
You turned and lead him to the mat. “Here’s the drill. There’s three practice knives for each of us, two to strap on you somewhere and one to hold. If you drop a knife, it’s out. If you take an opponent’s knife out of their hand, it’s out and you throw it to the side. Neither of us can grab knives once they’re out of play, so be careful. The first one to be pinned or “stabbed” fatally wins. Sound good?”
He smirked at you and grabbed two knives, sticking each one into the waistband of his shorts. He picked up the third and began twirling it in his fingers.
You stuck one knife in the waistband of your own shorts, and the other one you stuck in the strap of your bra. Once you had the third knife in your hand, you both crouched down and the match began.
Knife fights were always Bucky’s forte. He waited and watched, sizing you up. You flew forward and started your attack. Knives sliced the air with sickening whistles, arms and legs flying to strike and block. Bucky lost his first knife in a matter of seconds, and it was your turn to smirk at him. “I thought you were better than that,” you taunted.
“You’re getting better.” He responded.
With a running start, you bounded up onto his shoulders and spun him around and down, flipping so you were standing over him. He slashed out a your leg and you tumbled to the side, narrowly missing the blade. You grinned wickedly and sent him a memory of last night’s fun.
He groaned. “Not fair.”
And then you were at it again. Finally, you were both down to your last knives. After a few moments, Bucky kicked the last knife out of your hand and you bit his flesh shoulder, causing him to yelp and drop his guard enough for you to knock the knife out of his own hand. It was now a hand to hand wrestling match.
“My favorite part,” he whispered. “Wanna raise the stakes?”
You gave him an opened mouth smile as you gasped for breath. “Always.”
“Winner gets to take charge in the bedroom tonight.” His eyes got dark and you knew you were in trouble.
He came at you suddenly, taking out your legs and taking you all the way down. The two of you rolled around on the mat, but eventually his metal arm pressed down on your throat with enough force to trap you. You gripped his arm with both hands to attempt to push him off, and he ripped one of them off with his flesh hand to pin it above your head. You whimpered and rolled your hips up into his. He slacked up a little and leaned down to kiss you, and that’s when you had him. You quickly wrapped your legs around his waist and bucked up, rolling the two of you over and securing you on top of him so he couldn’t do the same. You grabbed his arms and pinned them to his chest.
“I win,” you gasped. His arm whirred and he tried to pull his arms out. Finally, his metal arm came free and he reached up, grabbing a fist full of your hair to pull you down. He kissed you deeply, tongue fighting with yours. You pulled back slightly and let a string of spit fall into his open mouth. “You’re mine tonight, Barnes,” you whispered, watching him lose his mind a little underneath you.
He grunted and rolled you over, not to fight but to kiss you and rut into you on the mat. Your legs were still wrapped around him, and it put you at the perfect angle for the friction he was creating. You moaned into the kiss and started meeting him, dragging your hips up and against him, dry humping like teenagers.
“’m gonna fuck you right here in the gym,” he grunted in your ear.
You whined and kissed his cheek. “Can’t. Bruce is comin’ down the hall. Wants to talk to us.”
He growled. “Shit.” He sat up and your legs released him. He brushed his long hair out of his eyes and winked at you. Bucky stood up and reached a hand down to help you up.
“Hey Bruce,” you breathed from the floor. You forced your mind to clear a little as you took his hand and got up to join Bucky in getting water.
Bruce was so excited he didn’t even seem to notice what was going on between you two. “Sorry to interrupt the fight, but I think I’ve figured it out! Y/n, I need one more vial of blood from you.”
“You ran out already?” you asked with a laugh, holding out your arm.
He stuck you with the needle and shook his head. “No, not out. But I need a fresh sample to test my theory. You two come to my lab in an hour and a half, I think it’s gonna be good.” He shot you both a big smile before turning and nearly running out of the room.
“He’s so precious,” you said, smiling after him.
“Hey.” Bucky quirked an eyebrow at you. “Precious?”
“What, you scared I’m gonna leave you for Banner? He is pretty cute…” you teased, laughing at the mock expression of hurt on Bucky’s face.
“Come on, lover boy. We both need a shower.” His fake pout turned into an excited grin as he grabbed a handful of your ass.
“Yes ma’am! Together, right?”
You laughed and agreed.
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
“Perfect timing!” cried Bruce when the two of you walked into the lab. Well, Bucky walked, feeling rather cocky. You had a little waddle in your step but the scientist didn’t notice, or if he did he didn’t mention it.
“I figured out something so cool, you guys. Come over here.” The DNA strands were back up, yours and Bucky’s. The matching sections were highlighted and expanded a bit so Bruce could manipulate them. “Ok, so when I ran it through the system, I realized there was no was this DNA was planted by Y/n. There would be too many side effects for you, Bucky. Like, you would probably also be able to read minds a little, and things like that. Here’s the thing. Y/n, you’ve been getting stronger, right? Has anything else weird happened since you miraculously healed from your gunshot wounds?”
You thought for a moment. “I got punched in the nose and it didn’t break.”
Bruce’s eyes sparkled. “That’s because Bucky’s bones are significantly stronger than normal people’s bones.”
“And the sex was better than I remembered,” chimed in Bucky, thinking it was hilarious to see both yours and Bruce’s face turn bright red.
Bruce coughed and continued, not daring to touch that topic. “Anyway. That all makes sense. BECAUSE! The DNA came from you, Bucky, not Y/n. Do you believe in soulmates?”
Both of you kind of stuttered. “Well, I haven’t ever really thought about it,” you finally answered.
“I didn’t believe in them, until now. There was some kind of trigger, something in your DNA Bucky, that sparked what I can only describe as a Soulmate Tie. I don’t think it came from the Super Soldier serum, but maybe it reacted with other things they tried on you? I don’t understand all of it, but between when you two met again and the day I took blood, something happened.”
“Buck,” you whispered. “That night you kissed me, everything changed.” He looked at you, wide-eyed. “That’s why I can’t stay out of your head, we’re literally bonded in our genes.”
Bruce was giddy at this point, so thrilled with his discovery. “Yes! So, that’s why you’re able to manipulate his dreams and get in his head so easily. Does distance affect your powers?”
“Yeah, about…I dunno, a couple miles between me and someone I’m communicating with makes it nearly impossible.”
“But you knew I was at the storage facility, and that’s over an hour away,” added Bucky. “You’ve been getting stronger physically, too. I wonder if some of my stuff is causing that.”
You nodded. “Maybe.”
“I have an idea. I built a box to put Wanda in if there ever came a day when she needed to be contained. Every Avenger has a similar cell per government orders. This particular one will stop all mental communication. You wanna try it out and see if you can still talk to Bucky?”
The thought of the cell made your stomach lurch, but you wanted to know. “I’ll do it, because I wanna know, but you only leave me in there for three minutes. No more, ok?”
Banner and Bucky both nodded.
A few minutes later, the three of you were standing outside the box. It had a glass window where you could all see each other, which eased your nerves a little. You took a deep breath and stepped in, pulling the door closed behind you. And the world was quiet. You spun around and saw the two standing on the other side, watching you. Your mind was silent. You had never realized how much white noise you were tuning out from other people around you. “Oh,” you breathed. The box suddenly wasn’t so small and tight. It was wonderful. You reached out to Bucky and found him effortlessly.
~Can you hear me?~
~Yeah, baby. Loud and clear. What’s it like?~
You paused a moment, relishing the silence, before responding, ~Quiet~
You savored the peace for a few more seconds before walking to the door and Bruce clicked it open for you.
He was very pleased with his experiment and prattled on about different things while the three of you walked up towards the lab. You and Buck paused at his door and thanked him, wishing him well as he continued to work.
“Buck,” you said quietly as you walked through the halls toward his room together. “How do you feel about the Soulmate Tie thing?”
He sighed and squeezed your hand. “Doesn’t really change anything for me. I love you, always will, so it just…makes that bond stronger. How do you feel about it?” He glanced down at you with a small smile on his lips.
“Doesn’t change much for me either…I guess I’m glad we have it so I can manipulate your dreams easier. It makes me feel…more loved I think. You seem to know what I need, when I need it, better with it than you did without it years ago. I like it.”
He opened the door to his apartment for you and you walked over to the side table where you had stashed the surprise for him. “I’ve got something for you.”
“Oh yeah? What’s that?” he asked, sitting on the end of the bed. You walked around with the paper behind your back.
“This,” you said softly, bringing it forward and setting it in his open hand.
He took a moment to read it and then looked up at you with watery eyes. “You joined already?” he whispered. You nodded. “Hasn’t even been a month yet…what if you change your mind about us with all the trauma and shit?” his voice was vulnerable, a little scared. You straddled his lap and pulled him close to you, holding his head to your heart.
“There’s nothing you could do, nothing we could find out about our past, that would make me want to change my mind about this. You’re literally tied to me, soulmate. I’m gonna love you until you tell me to stop, and even then I’ll love you from a distance.”
Bucky leaned back so he could look you in the eyes. “But Y/n, what if I hurt you again? You’ve had years to work through the abuse…I just learned about it a couple days ago. It’s going to take time and a lot of work to get past this, if the last round of therapy taught me anything. I can’t protect you from myself, especially the dreams.”
You sighed and took the paper out of his hand, setting it on the bed beside you. “I know, it’s not going to be easy. And there will probably be more stuff we find along the way. I mean, we were working together under Hydra for three quarters of a century. There’s gonna be skeletons around every corner. Not to mention all the kinks you gave me,” you added in an attempt to lighten the mood. Bucky laughed and kissed your chin.
“I’ve been meaning to ask you about that. Are there any I need to know about at the moment? You mentioned breeding last night.” He teased.
You blushed and nodded. “Yeah…Hydra took me to their own version of the Red Room, so I don’t think I can have kids, but I like being bred…and I like it when you put your mask on me…aaaanddd I’m giving you permission now for Free Use. Anytime, anywhere, I’m putting my consent on the table unless it’s dangerous. I trust you to use that permission wisely. The main thing I’d ask you to stay away from is choking me…that’s too triggering for me. What about you, handsome?”
He growled low in his throat. “God I love you. You were fuckin’ made for me, you know that?”
You giggled. “I guess that’s why we’re the only people in the world with a Soulmate Tie.”
He slapped your ass and gripped it tightly, making your laughter become a whine. “You can do anything you want to me, soulmate. I love seeing your belly bulge with my fat cock, and I’m open to try anything you want. And I promise I’ll stay away from the choking, anything for my princess.”
“Would you maybe…” your voice got quiet and your face turned a beautiful shade of pink. “One of these days can you fuck me with the suit on? It’s really hot, and I just think…it might help both of us get past some bad memories if we can make good ones?”
“Hell yeah, we can do that. Not tonight cause I have to clean it up a little, don’t want you getting a UTI or infection cause it’s got junk on it, but yeah. Soon.”
You kissed his forehead and stood up. Bucky groaned at the sudden coolness on his lap, the imprint of his hard dick clear on his gym shorts. “Oops,” you teased.
“Where you goin’?” he asked unhappily.
“I’ve gotta change and go to a few meetings. Avengers business, you know. It’s 7:15 already, and my first meeting is in fifteen minutes.” You scurried to the bathroom and fixed your hair and put on a little mascara. “That was almost bad!” you called from the other room. “I can’t miss this meeting on my first day as an official part of the team!” You came barreling out of the bathroom and into the bedroom to see an outfit laid on the bed for you. It was a dark, stretchy material that looked similar to Nat’s suit, but there was a red star on the left shoulder.
“Is that—”
“For you. It was going to be a surprise if you decided to join,” said Bucky sweetly. “I sewed the red star on it to match my old arm…I hope that was ok.”
“Oooohhh, Buck…I love it! Thank you so much!” Your heart felt so full it could burst. “I’ve never had something so special made for me! Thank you!” you stripped down and quickly shimmied into the suit. “It fits perfectly!”
“Yeah, I helped Tony get measurements while you were asleep the first day in the hospital. Looks damn good on you, too. You better run or you’ll be late.” He swatted your ass as you ran out of the room. “I love you!” he yelled after you.
“I love you too!” came your echo from the hall. He grinned and went to get himself dressed and ready for the day.
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
Evening rolled around and you sat in Bucky’s recliner chair, watching the sun set and waiting for your soldier to be done for the day. It was your turn to control the bedroom tonight, and you had lit the candles Bucky had done for you to illuminate the space. You had opted out of lounge wear and instead dressed in a sheer black lace bra with matching panties and black leather garters holding up thigh high stockings. You played with the leather straps while you waited, impatient. After a moment, you decided to reach out and find him. Thankfully he was coming down the hallway now. You crossed your legs to give yourself a little friction, but it didn’t help the waiting. He opened the door with a thud, tired from the day. He dropped his bag that he kept important files in by the door and kicked off his shoes. “Hey, doll,” he sighed, still hadn’t looked over at you yet.
“Sergeant.” Your voice was warm but commanding. “Do what you need to in order to freshen up and then meet me out here, clothes off.” His head whipped up and gaze landed on you. His mouth fell open and you stood, putting your outfit on full display. “Did you forget, Sergeant? You lost your bet.”
He audibly swallowed as you sauntered toward him. “Uh, no, I just wasn’t expecting…damn…you look good, I’ll be right back.” He took off for the bathroom. He did a few things quickly and came out, the swollen head of his dick bumping against his stomach already. The sight of you was driving him wild. Lace, leather, the way the stockings squeezed your thighs and created a little ridge of flesh at the top, the way your tits were hugged so tight by your bra they were bouncing out of the top. He was practically drooling.
“Lay down for me, soulmate.” Even your voice was dripping sex. He whimpered at the new pet name and obeyed eagerly. “I have a game for us. How do you feel about being tied up tonight?”
“As long as I can get out quickly, I’m good to try.” He automatically raised his hands toward the corners of the mattress.
You smiled kindly and showed him the leather cuffs with the fur lining. “I’ll put these on you nice and loose so you can slip your hands out when you want. We’ll just pretend you’re at my mercy.” He sighed contentedly as you buckled them around his wrists. “Try it out, my love.” He slipped his hands out of the cuffs with a little wiggling and nodded.
“How about your legs? Are you ok with them being tied?”
He nodded again and spread his legs. “You don’t have to be as loose with them, as long as my hands are loose-ish.”
“You got it, darling. We’ll use the color system again, cause that’s easy to remember when your brain is wrecked. Ok?” the buckles clinked as you secured them around his ankles and it took his breath away. “Buck,” you said, serious tone grounding him for a moment. “It’s important to me that you know you can stop what we’re doing at any moment. You understand?”
“Yes ma’am, I understand. I’m ready to play your game,” he panted, his cock dripping precum on his belly as he waited.
“Oh, you look like you’re ready,” you crooned, slipping back into your game. “We’re gonna play with our connection tonight. In a moment, I’m gonna tap into your head so I can feel what you feel, hear what you’re thinking, and you can do the same for me. Are you ready?”
“Yes, please!” he gasped. You solidified the connection between you two and settled between his legs.
Opening your mouth, you let saliva drip from your extended tongue onto his angry red tip. He gasped at the sudden coolness and you clenched your legs, a wave of pleasure going through you, too. This was going to be so much fun. You took him in your hand, remembering how large he is when your fingers couldn’t quite wrap all the way around him. You slowly stroked down and back up, spreading the spit around as lube. When you were satisfied it was spread out enough, you took his tip in your mouth and moaned, feeling something good but you couldn’t put your finger on what the sensation was. Bucky grunted and tried to raise his hips to push his cock further in your mouth, and you obliged. Bobbing up and down, dragging your teeth lightly over the vein on the underside of his dick, swirling your tongue around his tip before taking him all in again. What you couldn’t make fit down your throat you covered with your hand.
You could sense that he wanted to make noise, but was holding it back for some reason.
~Let me hear how good you feel, baby. Walls are soundproof~ you whispered in his mind while you were still swallowing around him.
He grunted and bucked his hips, trying to get in further. You pulled back so he was out of your throat and just filling your mouth so that you could suck hard on him. He nearly screamed, and the motion sent a zing through your own body. After a few moments, you popped your mouth off him and took his balls in your mouth, still using your hands to jack him off. He cried out again when you sucked gently on them.
“’m s’close, please,” he cried above you. “Wanna cum in your mouth.”
You let go of his balls and moved back up to line him up with your lips, tapping his tip against them. “Take your hands out of the restraints, I’m gonna need your help to push my head down.”
Your inner thighs were coated in your slick, and you were sure that if Bucky came you would too because of your connection. He wiggled out of the cuffs and threaded his hands in your hair. “Take a deep breath,” he said. He gave you three seconds and then shoved his cock past your lips, sinking all the way down into your throat. Your nose was pressed into the soft fluffy hair at the base of his cock as he shouted and shot hot ropes of cum down your throat. You choked and your eyes watered, your own release washing over you. Your legs gave out where they were propping you up on the end of the bed and you slipped down to the floor, riding out the end of both of your orgasms. Bucky gasped and wheezed, both of you coming back down from your highs. After a few moments, he sat up and unbuckled his ankles, then peered over the edge of the bed at you.
“You ok, princess?” he asked, chuckling at you.
You giggled and sat up, “Yeah,” you breathed, the taste of him still fresh in your mouth.
“Good. Can it be your turn now? I wanna taste you with the connection thing open.” You nodded and climbed up on the bed, flopping down next to him. He grinned and spread your legs. “Oh damn, you’re soaked! You came too, huh?”
Before you could answer, he was unclasping your lingerie and throwing it around the room. Then he was buried between your legs. His tongue slipped inside you so he could fuck you with it and pressed his nose against your clit. You keened, back arching and legs trying to close around his head. He grunted and pulled his head away, a glint coming into his eyes. “Nuh-uh, you tied me, can I tie you? It’ll be fun, I promise.”
“Yeah, go for it,” you breathed.
Instead of tying your hands to the top, he re-did the ropes a little and attached the ankle cuffs to the ropes at the top of the bed. Then he bent your legs up and tied you so you were bent nearly in half, propped up just for him. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but you couldn’t close your legs if you wanted to. He left your arms free so you could still pull his hair.
Without warning, his head was back between your legs, licking and sucking all the right places. He inserted one finger and quickly found you had relaxed enough for two already. You shared all the sensations he was giving you with him, and he whimpered, mouth around your clit. It was foreign sensations for him as well, but it felt so gooood. He took that chance to explore more of your pussy, wiggling and poking and prodding with his fingers. He found a sweet spot deep inside near your cervix and both of you gasped, your hands flying to his hair. His dick was impossibly hard now, but he was determined to give you one more orgasm before he fucked you. He swapped so his metal hand was fingering you and he made it whir so it was vibrating inside you while he hit that sweet spot over and over. Stars shot across your vision as your whole body seized, a scream ripping through you. You fell over the edge, cumming so hard you sent every feeling through to Bucky unrestricted, causing him to also seize where he was on his hands and knees in front of you. Spurts of cum painted his belly and your opening as he barely held himself up, also crying out as a second orgasm wreaked havoc on his body. You had nearly passed out with this one, a few tears escaping the corners of your eyes as your legs twitched with the aftershocks. Bucky unbuckled your ankles and helped lay you down flat gently. He kissed up your body from your hip to your nipples, giving each attention before continuing the trek to your lips. He kissed you languidly, your taste still coating his mouth.
“You want one more or are you done, soulmate?” he whispered in your ear before sucking on your earlobe.
You whimpered. “One more, Buck, please. Wanna feel you inside me.” He bit down gently and hummed.
“Atta girl.” He stroked himself a few times, becoming hard again. You were grateful he was a super soldier. Ever so slowly, he pushed himself into your overly sensitive cunt, both of you moaning loudly. It was almost too much. You were still sensitive from the other two orgasms, and the mental connection made sharing the sensations doubly intense.
“Oh! Buck!” you shouted as he moved inside you. He pulled out, watching his cum-covered dick slide back into you over and over. You whined and reached out, begging him to kiss you. He lay down on you, propped up on his elbows so he didn’t crush you. Gently and slowly, he rocked his hips enough to move a little and give you friction on your clit. His lips explored every inch of your exposed neck while your nails clawed his back. It didn’t take long for your third orgasm to build, gasping each other’s names. Finally, you reached your climax together. You bit down on his shoulder to muffle your screams. He sank his head down between your shoulder and the pillow, a growl growing to a yell as his overly sensitive cock shot his spend in you, your walls clenching and grasping around him. The combination of orgasms in the mental connection was astronomical. You had never cum like that before. You wrapped your legs around Bucky and held him inside you for a moment.
“Don’t leave yet,” you whispered, hoarse from screaming so much. He sighed and kissed you sloppily.
Minutes later, he slipped his soft dick out of you and stood. “Gonna go get a towel,” he slurred. He cleaned you up and blew out the candles before collapsing in bed beside you. You scooted over to him and intertwined your legs. You felt empty inside after tonight, but having him close was so soothing. His fingertips traced hearts down your spine. It was just as important to him to be able to hold you after sex. It reminded him that you truly loved him and that you weren’t going anywhere. You had no idea the hold you had on his heart or the peace you brought him. He determined then that he would do whatever it took to get help and clear the junk in his mind. He would go to the ends of the earth to have you by his side forever.
“I love you, Buck,” you whispered in his ear. You knew what was going through his mind. “Never goin’ anywhere, you’re stuck with me.”
He pressed you to his chest, your soft breath ghosting over his torso. “I love you, Y/n. I’m gonna marry you one day.” You hummed and squeezed him even closer. He kissed the top of your head and drifted off to sleep, the melody of his soft snores easing you into your own rest.
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