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Alright lady, can you link me some soft boi erik fluff and smut?😊😊😊


- fumbles series, on the rise series (has a mix of both and some angst), warm, home sweet home series- the coninuation to (the very best man series) (fluff), my bad, it’s raining, our house, meet the parents (fluff), just the thought of her, thic(k) ass slice of heaven (fluff), you happy (fluff but will make you cry), my dope man series, three very big words,(good (fucking) morning, remember me series (one of my absolute faves), the end of an era (fluff but angst, evergreen series, coconut series (smut), daddy time? series (fluff)- @killmoncoochie

- barbara walters gives commentary to an exclusive interview with you that feature your husband, rapper erik ‘killmonger stevens and all the blurbs attached (fluff)-search erik killmonger or erik killmonger imagine or rapper erik; erik shows off his new outfit after getting back from the mall (fluff), still not a player (fluff), otis (fluff), you still have time (fluff)- @livingmybestfakelife

- she’s mine fluff), black panther trinity parent drabbles (fluff), nerd, erik’s girl- @black-mcu-imagines

- child of mine series, baby mama, just a friend series (fluff), not your girl mini series - @wakanda-inspired

- kissing strangers series, smile for me daddy series, teach me series, movie night, slow ride, mines, thunderstorm, gir fuck you, eat your breakfast and eat your dinner, secret admirer, amusement park fun, night at the movie theaters, day drunk (fluff), worship, loving the way you love it, just like you (fluff), displays of affection- @thehomierobbstark

- kissing strangers series- @halcyonscry

- all erik fics/headcanons (fluff)- @thebrokenmistakes

- will the bell ring series (with angst), i feel it, you know what i mean.”, you should have seen it (fluff), but if you cannot see it, is it really there?, song of stevens series, n’jadaka’s helpful hands mini series,  @eerythingisshaka

- chunk series, she got game (fluff), written all over your face, baby bump series (with cuddle buddy, and hc: chubby!erik trying on old clothes) (fluff),-@ghostfacekill-monger

- until the quiet comes series, soundtrack series- @muse-of-mbaku

- dance it out (fluff), caught up series- @twistedcharismaaa

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- fight like a girl, erik dating an awkward black girl (fluff), reader is secretly in love with erik, erik and nerdy reader, erik takes reader’s virginity series, erik sercretly buying reader gifts from her watchlist (fluff), reader avoiding erik after play fighting/rough sex, reade being intimate with erik for the first time after being in an abusive relationship, eriking being all soft and comforting to the reaer on her first flight (fluff), erik texts his fiance to come to his bachelor party cuz he wants some pussy. his groomsmen panic when they see her, erik watching the reader sleep (fluff), erik telling the reader how pretty her pussy is, erik having a breastfeeding kink, erik and reader having sex for the first time since their baby was born, erik and reader laying freaky hide and seek, drive in movie date with erik, erik helping his wakandan girlfriend speak english, reader being sy and erik bbreaking her out of her shell, erik catches the reader masterbating and she gets embarrased, reader asking erik, “erik, if i was wakandan, what tribe would i be from?”, reader says in the middle of an argument, “i mean look at me! why would erik stevens want to be with a girl like me?”, pillow talk with erik and reader asked, “which scar hurt the most?”, erik helps reader cope with depression after she loses both of her parents a year after each other, erik helping the  reader with morning sickness (fluff), reader is shy/bashfull/ 

- ember series, seasons series, happy holidays brielle series, it’s been 30 days, mounds, angel series, wet dreams series, oh daddy series, the lagoon series (with angst), class of 2004 series- @eye-raq

-  rainy day savior (fluff), au where erik’s dad wasn’t killed and took him back to wakanda where he grew up. years later his dad is dead and erik moved back to the us where he met y/n, the most beautiful place on earth (fluff), otto’s shrunken head (fluff)- @eyestheyseeyou

- killing em softly series- @eyeknowmywrites

-  fix my crown series (fluff), #tsr bae blow the whistle, all skate: bounce, rock, skate, roll-  @apantherinmypastlife

- insecure series (fluff)- @erikslulbaby

- overstimualted series (fluff)- @princessstevens

- just about everything (a few scary pieces)- @supersizemeplz

- what we used to be series (with some angst), personal trainer series, good moaning, wet dreamz- @dacreskars

- thanksgiving w/mr. stevens with its companion piece: valentine’s gumbo- @mermaidchansons


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The Art of Kissing

Erik Killmonger x Reader

Word Count: 2.2K

Summary: There’s nothing like teaching your lover how to please you, love you, take care of you, and most of all appreciate you. 

A/N: One shot

Warnings: Uh, not really. Just some soft core, Soft!Boi Erik loving. 

*** Cosmic’s Masterlist ***


Football Sunday was boring as hell, today, especially with none of my teams playing. So, I’ve been sitting on this couch for the last two hours just switching through social media apps. As I browsed through people’s snap stories, I saw that you had posted something five minutes ago. I pressed your icon, and saw our bedroom TV displaying an episode of “Broad City.” (Chuckles) You sure do love that show, as this is like the fifth time you’ve watched all of the seasons. Next, was a snap you’d taken with the filter that enlarged your lips, and I watched as you spoke in that high-pitched voice it has.

“Y’all, they need to go ahead and let Keisha and me be in the new season of “Broad City.”” This show is legit us going through our early twenties.” You laugh.

As you spoke about a scenario from the show that reflected you and your best friend, I watched your mouth form every word. The light from the camera shimmered from the gloss on your lips, displaying its fullness in high definition. I loved every part of your gorgeous body, but those lips? Man, if I could just carry them with me everywhere I went, I’d be a happier man. I could be upset over something, but the moment their softness is pressed against me, all of the tension leaves. When they grace my favorite spots, I’m officially a slave to your every need. The middle of my back. All around my neck. My ears. My forehead. My V-cut pelvis, and further down to the tip. But, nothing is sweeter than when they press against my lips. The energy is always different; it’s warm, sensual, passionate, intense, and it silences everything around us. The command of your kisses can leave me speechless, as I wonder what you’re going to do next.

Are you going to climb on top of me?

Are you going to grip my face with your delicate hands?

Are you going to give me that deep, dimpled smile?

Or my favorite… are you going to tell me you love me, while looking directly into my eyes?

Whatever it is, I’m always ready for it, because after every kiss there’s a gift waiting for me.

I glance up from the screen, seeing the beauty from Snapchat saunter into the room. You look back at the TV for a second before turning back to me. I smirk at what you’re wearing, one of my white dress shirts that’s left unbuttoned, so I could see your comfy T-shirt bra and striped boy shorts. Your thighs jiggled with every soft step, reminding me of tranquil water waves.

“Enjoying your football?”

I twist my lips. “Not really, my teams aren’t even playing today.”

“Hmm.” You stand between my spread legs. “Are you busy right now?”

I sat up, scooting closer to your frame. I could smell your signature fragrance, which caused me to bite my lip. “Not at the moment. What’s on your mind?” I grabbed the remote, turning off the TV.

You shook your head coolly. “Nothin’ much, just wanted to show you some love.”

There go those hands, cupping my face and trailing my cheeks with their thumbs. I close my eyes to add more focus to the ‘touch’ sense. It’s like the pads of your fingers painted their prints all over my face, embedding them in every pore. I could feel your body move closer with the help from my hands following the same pattern to the back of your legs. The fragrance grew as your breasts neared closer to my nose. I could just bury it between the cleavage, feeling the warmth from your heart clothe my face. I took in a long inhale, releasing the breath through my lips against your skin, before placing a kiss there. I loved the gasps you produced when my lips touched there, quiet but sharp. Your chest would rise, signaling the energy toward your nipples. My hands gripped the back of your thighs, as I added another kiss to that spot. This time, your eyes shut off the world, focusing everything into my touch. I couldn’t stop looking up at you, watching your features surrender to the small sensations. Could I make you look any more breathtaking than you already are right now?

Of course, I can, and I will.

I braced one hand on your lower back, securing the other around your thigh. What I’m about to do is going to throw you off balance just a little. With parted lips, my tongue slowly bathes the crease between your breasts, leaving behind suctioned kisses. Your hands quickly latched onto my head and shoulder, as your knees shook from your body slightly bending back; trying to maintain your stance. I brought you back forward, motioning for your leg to land on the couch. Instantly, you climbed on my lap, hazy eyes greeting me once again.

“Show me love, then.” I urge.

You drew across my lips with your thumb, before connecting your lips with mine. The charge shooting through me is like an effect you’d get from a drug, it tingles all the way down to my toes. The soft pecks started off short and sweet, transforming into the long and passionate ones that I’ve grown to love. You described it as going from holding someone’s hand to locking your arm around theirs. What I loved most about this type of kissing was the amount of love they carried without the use of your tongue. It was solely these lips. They showed me what they could do on their own. They could make me yearn for them just as much as I would the tongue. They had the power to have me prowling for you like a predator toward its prey. In return, they showed me that my lips could do the same thing. My lips, alone, could weaken you, make you ache for me, send tingles down to your toes, and have you patiently waiting to pin me on my back like Nala did Simba.

“We use our tongues to communicate, keep our mouths lubricated, taste our foods, and as a pleasure tool. But what about our lips? They aren’t just there to keep us quiet, or curve into the shapes of our moods. They can soothe any soul that’s seeking comfort, just by pressing themselves on that person. They’re made to be soft for a reason. They could please you just as well, if not better. We just have to know how to use them.”

I was always a quick, rough kisser, never caring if the kisses had any emotion to them. I didn’t get that chance to see my parents kiss, or been to a wedding where the groom kisses the bride. In high school, I seen teenage couples carelessly kiss in the hallways but nothing worth gazing at. The kissing in porn I’d watch was always sloppy with an excessive use of tongue, or you could just tell it was all for the audience. To see two people kissing from pure romance was taboo in my life, so I always figured that it wasn’t a big deal to do well. Most of the girls I’d been involved with mostly kissed with the intent of becoming aroused for sex, not to simply enjoy that form of intimacy. So, when you spoke that Word to me, I knew that my days of dry lip locking were coming to an end. You reminded me that I was too grown for that, and as a grown woman you deserved more than that from me.

“You know how you marvel at a plate of home cooked food when it’s placed in front of you? There’s this anticipation for the first bite, as the seasoned steam rises toward your nostrils. More saliva forms from just forking through it, blowing some of the heat away, and readying for that first intake. It’s now in your mouth, leaving you to bask in its goodness with every chew. Just from that first bite, you’re ready to savor every last crumb, and soak up every drop of liquid it produced. Then what do you do afterwards? Use your tongue to lick your lips clean, sucking from top to bottom just to taste more, and it’s like that with everything we eat and drink. It’s your lips that hold the most flavor.”

It’s your lips that hold the most flavor.

I didn’t fully grasp that concept until you showed me exactly what it meant. All it took was for you to still my head, pull your lips from mine, and say…

“Let’s try it my way.”

From that moment on, everything I consumed had a better taste. I learned to appreciate and savor, instead of mechanically chewing and swallowing. I wanted more than seconds, and when it came to you I was never full. I was always ravenous for you, desperate for every course you prepared from your lips. This art of kissing wasn’t for the mediocrity, or the feeble minded. It’s what separated the adults from the children, the soulmates from the playmates; the organic from the artificial. It wasn’t to be made a mockery of, or put on display for likes and views. This nature of this kissing transcended our basic beings, forcing us to awaken our higher selves, and make love among the stars like we’re supposed to.

You taught me that.

I broke away from your lips, diving into your neck. You taught me that it didn’t matter where you kissed someone on their neck, they’ll always surrender to you. The neck is a vital instrument that holds the pathway to our lungs and hearts; two main organs that keep us alive.  So, when we have someone’s neck in our possession, we’re in control of their very life source. We start to contribute to the air they breathe by adding in some sort of excitement. We have the power to make them inhale any emotion we want them to feel, just from our lips.

“That’s it, baby.” You whispered, pressing my face onto your neck. “You remembered.”

I surely did, beautiful. I remembered that I could change your breathing pattern. I remembered that I could cause your body to twist and wine. I remembered that I could get you to grip my locs for support. I remembered that when I wanted you at your wettest, this is where I’d go.

“I love you, Erik.”

Most importantly, I remembered that I could get you to say that. It sounded velvety and sweet, just like how you’d say it when I’m kissing your pearl. I knew you meant it. The breathy declaration dripped with passion always ignited me. As I exhaled my response, you’d shiver and smile. With my lips alone, I became fluent in your love language.

“I love you, too.”

Our bodies soon collapsed back onto the couch, my hands moving into the opened shirt. I massaged your back, rubbing my fingers across your spine. My hands roamed over your whole torso, not knowing where to give most of the attention to. Everywhere felt warm, soft, and womanly. I just wish I had more hands to touch you everyone all at once without being selfish toward a specific part. You deserved that.

With the winding of your hips, I can tell that you’re close. Close to squeezing me tighter, as you ride the space in between us. You’re not even grinding on my lap, but I can feel that phantom grind from your raining pearl. My hands gripped your hips, adding more pressure to your rhythm so that you could feel it more. Our lips stayed connected, deepening our kisses to match the intensity that was soon to come.

“Erik.” You sighed, pressing your forehead against mine. “I think you’ve mastered it, baby.”

Your relaxed smile with your eyes closed was all I needed to confirm that I was the attentive lover you needed. I’d mastered a new form of intimacy that I never knew existed. I didn’t think I needed to improve or upgrade from what I had already acquired to get the job done. There were so many indulgent, magical ways to make a woman of your stature climax, and my plain methods just weren’t going to cut it. You made me realize how much I’d been holding myself back from my fullest potential of pleasuring a woman. I could actually do way more than the usual tricks. I could channel energy to any body part during intimacy, and make it the catalyst for an amazing trip to Nirvana.

I returned your smile, bringing you down to the seat cushions with me. As I rested my head on your chest, feeling your heartbeat settle down to its usual tempo, you kissed my forehead tenderly. Your right leg wrapped around my waist, securing me between your legs. Your left hand catered to my head, while the other blessed my face; thumbing over my lips.

Who knew that I could make love and climax just from kissing?

You did. You taught me that, gorgeous, and I’m forever thankful.

I’m forever honored to be both your lover and your student.

“With this art of kissing, you’ll see the goddess within me in a way you’ve never seen her before. She’ll make you feel invincible, desirable, and show you what the Universe is really like. But you have to know how to awaken her, serenade her spirit, and take your time with her. Savor her just like the food you eat, the liquid you drink. Learn her language, and watch her bring out that god within you.”

 The End. 


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I’m Sorry (One Shot)

Something special I wrote for my love @someareblindtoitsbeauty.. hope you enjoy doll!

Pairing: Soft!Boi Erik x Black OC

Word Count: 1,200

Warning: None, just some good old.. never mind, y’all will see 😊

“So you really about to leave a nigga?” he asked with pleading eyes.

“Yes, nigga! I’m tired of you treating me like I don’t exist. You walk over me like I’m a damn doormat, so fuck it! I’m out!” Ashley screamed as she tried to push past the Sasquatch blocking her path to freedom.

“Princess, c’mon don’t do me like this. I’m sorry, ok? I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

He was practically begging at this point, but she didn’t care. She were tired of being treated like a second option. With what little strength she had left, she pushed past the Sasquatch and out of the door, without a second glance.


“So she really left your black ass?” Tremaine asked, taking a pull from the blunt they were passing.

“Yeah,” Erik replied quietly, chugging from his Hennessy bottle.

“Well it’s about damn time,” Lauren called from the couch. Lauren was Tremaine’s older sister and the literal bane of Erik’s existence.. Besides T’Challa, of course. She was always calling him out on his bullshit and sticking her nose where it didn’t belong–her favorite place being his relationship with Ashley. He turned his nose up at her before taking another swig.

“I’m sorry E, you know you like my little brother, but you don’t deserve that girl. She put up with your shit for way too long. She deserves to be happy, even if it’s not with you.”

Although everything she said was true, he didn’t want to hear it. He didn’t want to imagine his Ashley being happy with anyone except him. Just the thought brought a real nigga tear to his eye. He thought fucking around would help rid him of the hold she had on him, but it didn’t. Everything about her had him hooked like a junkie. He was a real nigga gone soft and he didn’t give two fucks. He wanted his girl back.

He quickly downed the rest of the bottle before grabbing his keys and heading outside.

“I’ll catch you niggas later. I got some shit I gotta fix.”

“Erik you shouldn’t drive–“

Lauren’s words were cut off by the sound of tires screeching down the road.


When she arrived at their shared condo, Ashley was surprised to see Erik’s NSX parked outside. When he didn’t call or text her begging for forgiveness, she’d allowed her sisters to convince her that he was out looking for his next jumpoff. She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t happy to see that he was home.

She made her way into their bedroom to find Erik sitting at the foot of the bed, holding the photo that the two took at Disneyland. He never admitted to her that it was his favorite picture because of how adorable she looked in her rose gold Mickey Mouse ears. He absentmindedly traced his finger over her face, committing every detail to memory.

“Erik?” she asked, pulling him from his trance.

He lifted his head slowly, wanting desperately to believe that this was real; that she was real. Everything about her was just as he remembered, though it had only been a week. Just as his fingers had done the picture, his eyes traced over her entire body, memorizing her features like he’d never see her again. He was the first to break the silence.

“I’m sorry,” he blurted out before she had a chance to speak.

She froze. Never in their two years of dating had he uttered anything close to an apology and Ashley was shook. He took her silence as an invitation to come closer.

“Listen, I know I fucked up. I was doing all this wild shit hoping to get you out of my system, but nothing worked. I’m not used to this love shit and when I noticed how my demeanor changed around you, I froze. I was afraid of going soft for you, but I really don’t give a fuck anymore.”

He stepped even closer, wrapping his arms around her waist, his eyes boring into hers.

“Despite the stupid shit I do, you’re on my mind from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep. This last week has been absolute hell and I don’t want to go another second without you, Ashley.”

Their faces were inches apart. She could smell the Hennessy on his breath and almost pulled away from his grasp until his hands cup her face, forcing her eyes back to his.

“I promise this ain’t the Henny talking, babygirl. Please just let me make it up to you.”


She wasn’t really sure when she’s lost her voice or when the ringing in her ears started, but honestly she really didn’t care. Erik was pounding into her body like a freight train, pouring two years worth of ‘I’m sorry’s’ into their lovemaking. His fingers intertwined with hers as their bodies created magic and her voice sang out melodies to rival the most angelic of choruses.

“I love you Ashley Jones,” he purred into her ear while slowly thrusting into her.

“You’re the reason my sun rises and sets and I promise I’ll never hurt you again.”

His words danced around her brain as his dick danced around her wetness.

“Fuck, Erik, I love you too!” she screamed out as her orgasm washed over her. He continued his slow assault on her, relishing in how beautiful she looked taking all he had to give.

“You look so beautiful right now, Princess,” he says as he slowly pushes himself back into her slickness.

She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around his body, reveling in the feeling of his large frame engulfing her. Missionary was her favorite position with him for this reason. She felt safe caged between his huge arms while his massive body threatened to swallow her whole.

“Let’s make a baby,” he states, thrusting deeper into her.

She had always dreamed of having kids and starting a family, but knew how sensitive the subject was to Erik, due to his painful upbringing, so she never pushed the issue.

“You gonna let me put a baby in you, Princess? You’d be sexy as hell waddling around, carrying my mini-me.”

Hearing Erik talked like this triggered something in Ashley. She wasn’t aware that she had an impregnation kink until now. Her entire body tensed, her most powerful orgasm threatening to wreck her entire existence.

“Can I Princess? Can I put a baby in you?” he asked, positioning himself so he was stroking her g-spot.

Her hands found their way into his hair and she bit into his shoulder, groaning loudly.

“Fuck yes, Erik! I want it! Give me a baby, please!”

Her screams pushed them both over the edge. He slammed deep into her, painting her inner walls with his seed. He kissed her forehead as they both came down.

“I meant every word I said, Princess. I’m in love with you and I want you to be my wife and have all my big head ass babies.”

Ashley smiled lightly as sleep took over her body. Nothing would make her happier.

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