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mermaid waves and growing long hair

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i woke up this morning before everyone else and climb on a tree to watch sky changing it colors to dazzling orange to glistening pink with a little bit of blue in it, i never climbed this far before, the higher i got the more i was amazed by the view, my lungs filled with the sweetest scent of grass and sunshine. from that moment that tree was my happy spot.

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concept: you and i have a picnic in the park and then walk around holding hands while staring at all of the cute dogs.

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↬ my melody icons (4 her birthday!!)

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♡。゚. leave requests in mi ask!! mwah ꒰。 › ·̮ ‹ 。꒱

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hi it’s bunny

I’ve decided to take a break from everything. I’ve been helping and worrying about so many people lately, that I haven’t had any time to take care of myself.

I’ve turned off notifications from social media on my phone, because it was becoming too overwhelming.

I’m still gonna be here, just not as active.

Love, buns

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things that make me anxious make me puke but maybe that’s fine if it’s love

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  🍓 welcome to my blog!!  🍓

here’s some things about me:

  • my name is not savannah
  • i’m soon to be 18
  • brazilian
  • bisexual
  • she/her
  • i’ll be posting mostly about plants, witchcraft and all these kinda stuff
  • cottagecore and softcore are my favorite aesthetics
  • i’m adopted

i hope we can get along and be friends or at least mutuals!!  🥰 

(i’m open to interact with everyone expect +18 accounts or accounts with racist, lgbtphobic, pedophile, etc sort of content)

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i’m not one to put a lot of effort into things but if you call me adorable and say you want us to get married at a sanrio store a bitch will power walk

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