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kittenscully · 7 months ago
top 5 msr fics that are full of fluff <3
okay! not in order
amateur tasseography by @seek-its-opposite. warm, romantic s7 fluff. it has absolutely everything and i can’t recommend it enough – it’s my favorite of her work.
far away to the west and south by audries. thanksgiving at the gunmen’s, unparalleled fluff, to this day.
what msr did with the credit card after hollywood ad by @o6666666. self explanatory and so, so sweet that all of it lives in my head rent free 24/7. who knows how many times its influenced me without me even knowing.
knock three times by @wtfmulder. fluffy post-plus one blowjob that i’ve already recommended at least once 
vox mulder: fired and wired by darwin_xf. fluffy, smutty, romantic saga. you cannot go wrong with husband material mulder and his 3/4 scale model of a girlfriend
ask me my top 5/top 10 anything!
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qqueenofhades · 2 months ago
17 for helnik?? <3
fleurdufeu asked: 63 for helnik?
Anonymous asked: Uhm so if you still accept prompt requests (damn these time differences, my sorry european ass didnt see the prompt post till now), could you do #43 for helnik pls: “You have no idea how much I want you right now.” 💙
17. “I can’t sleep, can I stay here?”
43. “You have no idea how much I want you right now.”
63. “I am home.”
The distant whine of Spitfires and Lancaster bombers in the sky, heading across the Channel as they do every night to tangle with the Luftwaffe, has become akin to a soothing lullaby. How else would they sleep, Nina thinks, except to this strange howl that is almost comforting, the promise that they have a better-than-even chance of not dying in their beds tonight. Not when it's October 1943, and the world has been coming apart at the seams for almost four years.
That is not to say that she isn't unbelievably lucky to be here. She is. She knows full well the horror that is unfolding back home in Leningrad right now, at least when news manages to make it out from behind the siege lines. She is stationed in London as a member of Soviet intelligence, and since the British and the Russians are, of course, allies, she has been welcomed in particularly by the deputy head of MI6's Section Five, Harold Russell "Kim" Philby. Nina is responsible for running a covert network of informants across Europe, trying to keep Westminster apprised on how the Soviets are holding out on the Eastern Front, and other such responsibilities. It's good for a tiny apartment in the Blitz-battered East End, a more-or-less guarantee that she will get to eat once a day, and an utterly obnoxious tall blond Norwegian roommate. Matthias Helvar.
Matthias is, of course, also a spy, and the two of them didn't break protocol and tell each other their real names until after they had already been stationed here for almost eighteen months. His country is presently occupied by the Nazis and run by a man whose name will become synonymous with "craven collaborationist": Vidkun Quisling. Matthias himself runs a ring of Scandinavian informants and tries to recruit sympathizers inside Norway to join the anti-Nazi resistance. Since it would be improper and attention-grabbing for a young couple, especially a young foreign couple, to live here together otherwise, he and Nina are posing as husband and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Trassel.
The furniture on the table rocks as a particularly heavy Lancaster rumbles overhead. Nina twiddles the dial on the radio and tries to concentrate on copying down the transmission on her one-time pad. It will make its way via a byzantine network of sympathizers to the Soviet high command in Moscow -- some things that the British know Nina knows, and some things they don't. That is how this works.
Another boom out there in the darkness. She grimaces, struggling to still her shaking hand, lights a candle since the power is at best unreliable, and finishes her work. Then she gets up, hides everything away, and goes upstairs. Climbs onto her narrow bed, pulls up the scanty covers, and tries to sleep. She can't.
After almost two hours of tossing and turning, Nina gives up. Climbs out of bed, crosses the creaky hallway, and knocks. Quietly, though she doesn't think he's asleep either, she whispers, "Can I come in?"
A pause. Then. "Yes. Of course."
Nina bites her lip and enters Matthias's equally small garret of a room. He's sitting up on his bed, trying to read a cheap paperback book, but he puts it aside at the sight of her. "Is everything all right?"
"I can't sleep," Nina says. "Can I stay here?"
Matthias blinks owlishly. No matter how good they have gotten at playing an ordinary married couple to their neighbors' eyes, they've been careful -- perhaps a little too careful -- at maintaining private boundaries. Not that anyone would be surprised if they didn't. They're young and otherwise unattached, it's war and everyone is clinging onto whoever they can find, and it's not like Nina isn't interested. Truly, Matthias has no idea (or maybe he does, and is pretending otherwise) how much she wants him right now. Just to hold her, if nothing else. To keep her close in the dark, and tell her that this will end.
He moves aside, and she squirms into his bed. He's large enough that there's not really room in it for him, much less her, but he gallantly does not protest when she edges onto his lap. He wraps his arms around her and rests his chin on her hair, and Nina lets loose a shuddering sigh, tracing her fingers on his broad chest. His breath catches, and he gulps. She looks up, and their eyes meet.
Slowly, ever so slowly, as if he is holding something fragile and perfect and lovely in his hands, as if he can't believe it's there and has to take care not to frighten it, Matthias says, "Nina...?"
"Shh," she whispers. "Shh. Just kiss me."
For once, for bloody once, he does as told without arguing. He bends his head, as she fists her hands in his rough blond hair and pulls his mouth to hers. They kiss and kiss in almost-silence, in their lonely attic kingdom in the middle of a broken world and shivering city, on a long dark night that seems, in more ways than one, as if it will never end. And yet, be all that as it may, much as her heart still lies in Russia and always will, Nina Zenik is not unhappy.
Don't you want to go home? he asked her, the other day. She knew the answer, but did not say it. Yet now, she does, and it is not London that she means. Not a place, but a person.
I am home.
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scullysflannel · 3 months ago
top 5 movie casts that u would love to hang out with (inspired by me seeing pics of the mamma mia cast party again today)
1. clue!!! I want to vibe with madeline kahn and young michael mkean and tim curry and company. 
2. mamma mia, clearly
3. that one movie I’ve never seen where victor garber plays gillian anderson’s dad? hello????
4. assuming I could hang out with them while filming... the x-files: fight the future. but not because I think it would be fun. I just want to observe.
5. bridesmaids. this is for jon hamm.
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tomatosoup2001 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
thought u might appreciate this homemade song supremacy!!!
literally yeah why dont u let the doctor put her hands over your liver and tell you your resentments getting smaller and maybe youll calm down....
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iconicscullyoutfits · 9 months ago
fmk season 4 scully, season 8 scully, season 2 scully
for the record this is cyberbullying
f: season 4 scully obviously m: season 2 scully was soft and wifely, i want to look after her k: season 8 scully, put her out of her misery, she can be with mulder again. but then again, you can’t kill a pregnant woman!!!!
send me sleepover questions
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mulderbaby · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
for @softiescully
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scullysflannel · a month ago
Tumblr media
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dnscully · 6 months ago
(3) things: favorite bones moment so far?? do you have any siblings?? do u like dark chocolate??
SKSJDJDJDJSJDJDJ the moment booth says he wants to give them a chance and bones says no and they’re both crying and they walk off with linked arms,,,,,, i screamed
i have 2!! i’m the oldest and my youngest brother is my secret twin. we are the same person and i miss him like every day 🥺 my older younger brother is probably the nicest person i know
i love dark chocolate ✋🏻😩
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aliendyke · 3 months ago
3, 6!!
3. An actor/actress you’ve seen in more than 8 movies? Name the movies.
honestly bestie I really can’t think of a good answer so I’m gonna go with Emma Watson and the 8 Harry Potter movies + that Beauty and the Beast remake I’m so sorry
6. A film you wish you hadn’t watched?
A.I Artificial Intelligence scared the fuck out of me when I was a kid...why did my dad show me that movie...
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iconicscullyoutfits · 8 months ago
41, 48, 50 🤝
41: Last movie you watched
rewatched Before Sunset. 'i feel like if somebody were to touch me, i would dissolve into molecules’ and ‘when you’re young you think there will be so many people with whom you have a connection, but then you get older and you realise it only happens a few times’ have been integrated via osmosis as a substantial part of my personality
48: Are you a forgiving person? Do you like being that way?
i have big disappointments, and they hurt and i forgave because anger and regret were worse pain, but i never let my guard down with those people again. and often it was proven wise to have stayed on my guard. 
50: What’s your “type”?
reflective, insightful, quiet, humble, intelligent, gentle, principled, deep-feeling. i want someone in private, i don’t want a public charmer. and i need to be daunted by them a little or i go cold feeling like the more impressive half. i need to respect and admire.
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ice and one breath bestie 😌
Ice: What’s one underrated form of physical intimacy for example, searching your coworker’s neck for parasites which really butters your egg-roll?
i hate to be mulder here but hand on lower back? yeah. just being physically super close? yeah. and my all time favorite is someone’s hand in ur jeans back pocket or vice versa or. like linking arms. this is more than one so i’ll keep going. kissing someone by the side of their mouth. okay i’m done. <3
One Breath: What’s a small, meaningful gift you have given/received in an underwhelming attempt to convey immense affection?
oh man. i think when i bake or give food to others, i feel like. it’s my way of being like. i love you and here is something that will Make u happy i hope. or drawing stuff for people?? yeah. like both are things that take time and attention to create i guess. maybe making playlists also. and my fav gift received is a tswift mug. i use it every day for coffee. and hershey’s kisses as. kisses in the mail hehe. and pink 🧿 earrings. and just. cards. letters. i love anything like that i keep everything. little post its and cards and etc etc
personal xfiles episode asks
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o6666666 · 27 days ago
carrie, halloween, the evil dead <3
carrie already answered <3
halloween: what’s ur favorite holiday?
they are all nice in the spending time with family way but once we got a puppy for christmas so that is prob my favorite.
the evil dead: do u have any weird/obscure interests?
i am very interested in or hyperfixated on “true” “crime” BUT i hate the conventional approach and am fascinated by affect theory so how can we witness the pain of others in a way that emphasizes testimony or isn’t voyeuristic blah blah blah
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keanurevees · 3 months ago
what does she find in his pocket payton i’ve never seen this movie
her shoe it’s her shoe what more do expect of tarantino
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yeehaw and sunny d 🤠
hey maria? ur the yee to my haw <3
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x-files1993 · 7 months ago
thoughts on your favorite x files ep?? mwah
I can’t think of my fave episode rn so I’m gonna talk abt Wet Wired bc that’s a good one and the first one I thought of
I love that they made him colorblind and then it literally never comes up again along with his fear of fire.......We Stan
Overall, I really like this episode! I love that Scully’s greatest fear is that he would ever betray her like.....makes me cry every time i think abt it.....
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scullysflannel · a month ago
☕️ coffee ice cream 🥸
francie doesn't like it
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o6666666 · a month ago
closure, je souhaite 🤝
Closure: What’s one comforting spiritual belief you have about the world? Any cosmic elements in life?
there is no god, we are bound for doom. but the people will be good to each other ♡
Tumblr media
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aliendyke · 3 months ago
watch while you were sleeping alyssa
maria i’m literally going to watch it tonight!
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keanurevees · 6 months ago
payton i’m in love w u
stop i would take the first bite of a hot pocket and risk burning my entire mouth with molten lava to tell u if it was safe to eat
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tomatosoup2001 · 8 months ago
16, 44, 87!!
16 - rock and roll by the velvet underground. surprise surprise. i like hearing lou reed tell me it’s alright
44 - andalucia by john cale i am begging you all to listen to this song it’s so fucking tender i love welsh people
87 - lola by the raincoats. again i Love women !
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