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#sol badguy
valentinecult · 8 hours ago
Why is Nagoriyuki attacking the White House and how did you know he and Sol were going to fight in Strive? What is Nagoriyuki's beef with him when Sol is the good guy?
Lol you act like I have all the answers. I do the speculation, not the lore facts of GG. 
Take the trailer with a grain of salt and do not assume without knowing the information. Nagoriyuki isn’t the type of guy who would just do things out of malicious intent, he seems too reasonable. 
My guess is that it looks like he’s searching for someone in the White House. The two likely targets that come to mind is either Sol or I-No. Perhaps there is someone in the G4 summit we don’t know about that is a potential threat to the government and its officials.
As for my prediction, is obvious. Ever since Nagoriyuki appeared in the Strive teaser, something told me that this guy wasn’t no mere samurai. He looks insanely strong, dangerous, and intimidating. Secondly, you notice how in his reveal trailer, Nagoriyuki is fighting Sol, Ky, Chipp, etc? I doubt it is done for no reason, it looks like foreshadowing if you ask me. As a vampire, I knew that this guy could give Sol a run for his money. It is unknown how strong he is, I don’t think he is as strong as Slayer...or at least as experienced, but he may be more skilled and refined than Sol in terms of fighting style. 
I wouldn’t label Guilty Gear characters as ‘good’ or ‘evil’ because these characters are very complex in their personalities and ideologies. 
Yes, Sol may have saved mankind, but you need to remember, Sol is an extremely dangerous man to deal with. Nagoriyuki probably considers Sol as a monster because of his brutal approach in battle or he likely somehow knows about Sol’s Seed and how it could potentially turn him into a literal monster, destroying everything in his path indiscriminately. 
OR....Sol might’ve done something that Nagoriyuki doesn’t approve of. I’m sure Nagoriyuki has his reasons for showing hostility toward Sol. 
But as I’ve said in my other posts, take what I say with a grain of salt. I’m just speculating.
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revsabyss · 20 hours ago
The only reason Sol Badguy should be in smash is to create the ultimate character smash players hate as he
Has a sword
Is very anime
Has command inputs
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dummy-dot-exe · a day ago
Tumblr media
ソルオペちゃん! by はらけんし
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dailyelphelt · a day ago
Tumblr media
Elphelt's first case as a divorce lawyer. Day #16
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gear-project · a day ago
So, That Man states in the trailer that he wants to erase the Tome of Origin and Sol from the world. Is he bluffing, or has he had a change of heart between Revelator and Strive?
It most certainly contradicts the reason he saved Aria for Sol's sake.
And the fact he even spoke to Sol ahead of time as a kind of "challenge" for Sol to overcome.
Here's the thing though... Asuka makes a point to state he is conducting a "World Peace Experiment"...
An Experiment is usually comprised of 4 components:
1. A control. (Standards that are compared, or a Metric.) 2. An Independent Variable. (Adjustments made to produce different results.) 3. A Dependent Variable. (Response variable, making changes in response to the changes in the Independent Variable.) 4. A Constant. (An aspect that never changes.)
Asuka, while he has done things that are very morally compromised to mankind (and others who aren't human), his intentions are still "self righteous" in his own mind, so he has an "altruistic intent" (despite the ends and means).
If he does in fact "do something", it's likely he has full control over the situation to adjust things to his liking accordingly, depending on "everyone else's response".
That's NOT to say everything will "go to plan", or that everything will "become better" automatically....
If Asuka has the ability to craft anything or do anything he wants (via the Tome of Origin/Sage's Testament), then nobody can really stop him from doing so.... at least initially.
But it sounds like that's the very predicament he is trying to resolve... Mankind's desire for power.
Sol "embodies" that desire for power (among other Gears at least)... but so does the Tome of Origin.
Asuka states he wishes to "erase both" (including Sol... or at least, what Sol represents).
Does that mean Asuka seeks to make Sol "human"?  Or does it mean he seeks to kill Sol?
Sol has already "accepted his role" as a "monster" for Asuka's sake.... but in Sol's case, he may be playing another role here... something that the whole world will have no choice but to witness.
In case it's not obvious, Asuka is very manipulative and scheming... but he means well...
I would compare this to a "Batman Gambit" (in TV Tropes lingo).... we don't know how things will go... but I think Asuka is planning on using Sol again, to say the least.
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afanfictionaday · a day ago
Tumblr media
Guilty Gear Strive (2021)
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valentinecult · a day ago
I’ll be frank, it seems my prediction of Sol and Nagoriyuki fighting each other is coming to fruition. 
Aria though....for a moment there, I thought she was Happy Chaos lol
I-No is making me extremely nervous. XD like...I feel like she is going to cause more damage than even what the Universal Will and Justice were capable of.
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Sin: You know how in Greek myths people who die tragically sometimes get placed among the stars by the gods? Call that- call that a—... uhm...
Sol: It’s okay. Take your time.
Sin: ...Constellation Prize!!
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jay-jp-art · a day ago
Tumblr media
unrestrained summer fun
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flamerunn3r · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Sol I started while waiting for the beta to let people in. Hope everyone had fun!!!
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incorrect-guilty-gear · 3 days ago
"You can’t outrun your problems, but you can jog slightly in front of them and pretend you can’t hear them because you have your headphones on."
- Sol Badguy
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gizgunnar · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
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incorrect-guilty-gear · 4 days ago
Dizzy: I just need to hear those three little words.
Sol: I love you!
Dizzy: Try again.
Sol: I will behave.
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jay-jp-art · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
no mercy
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incorrect-guilty-gear · 5 days ago
Ky: I’m getting a brain scan today.
Sol: To check if you have one?
Ky: Thanks for the support.
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