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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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Vanessa Harden is like the ‘Q’ of the guerrilla gardening world. Her designs range from modified shoes that plant seeds to specialized flowerpot-dropping handbags. Surprisingly, those who run our cities don’t look kindly on those seeking to alter the landscape without permission, so Vanessa has integrated clever gardening kit into everyday attire of the urban professional to disguise clandestine gardening activities.

In 2011, Motherboard met Vanessa in her South London studio to find out how she got involved in this “underground” scene, and why she feels her own unique brand of eco-technology may help make the metropolises of the world greener places. She showed us firsthand the different techniques and technologies she employs in her designs and what other innovations she has pioneered.

Then we headed out into the city to meet guerilla gardener guru Richard Reynolds to discover the fruits of his labor blossoming in grass verges and central conservations throughout London. The two put Vanessa’s designs to use, and discussed how they have been received in the guerilla gardening community.

Originally released on Motherboard in 2011.

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Mosaica hours, minutes, and seconds are equal to Earth hours, minutes, and seconds.

Each day has 25 hours, each week has five days, and each months has four weeks. There are 250 Mosaica days to a Mosaica year.

Mosaica has two moons, one on each side of the planet. So a new moon for one of the moons is a full moon for the other.

Each lunar cycle lasts 20 days, which makes up a Mosaica month. Their are 25 months within a two-year cycle, with one of the months being split between two years.

This means that a full moon occurs once every ten days, which also affects many ghosts that can choose to show themselves to non-seers on that years.

Okay, let’s see which of these universes have ghosts.

  1. Troll Universe* (contains ghosts)
  2. Anthro-Animal Universe (no ghosts)
  3. Human Egg Universe (no ghosts)
  4. Candy Land Universe (contains ghosts)
  5. Mermaid Universe (no ghosts, but sylphs)
  6. Greys Earth Universe (contains ghosts)
  7. Daemon Universe (contains ghosts)
  8. Balloon Universe (contains ghosts)
  9. Sandal Universe (contains ghosts)
  10. Medieval Fantasy Universe (no ghosts, but sylphs and guardian angels)
  11. Gothic Fantasy Universe (contains ghosts, cool-spirit and warm-spirit)
  12. Superhero Universe (no ghosts)
  13. Uplifted Animal Universe (no ghosts)
  14. Lunarpunk Universe (contains ghosts)
  15. Post-Plague Universe (no ghosts)
  16. No-Asteroid Post-Plague Universe (no ghosts)
  17. ISOT Multiverse (no ghosts)

I just realized that I still need to figure out more on Greys Earth Universe. If greys (trolls) exist, than ghosts also exist.

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Present year of The Event is the equivalent of AD 3007.

Mosaica has 25-hour days and 250-day years. That’s 6250 hours to a Mosaica year. An Earth year contains 8760 hours - or, on a leap year, 8784 hours. A Mosaica year is about 71.3% that of an Earth year.

Prior to the The Event, there was simple fauna and flora life. The most complex fauna are boneless fish and worms. The most complex flora are ground flowers and fruit, without any wooded plants to be found.

Mosaica is 2.5 times the size of Earth - and, prior to The Event, only 10% of the planet contains landmass.

About ten Earth years after The Event (a little over 14 Mosaica years), people from other celestial bodies in the universe make contact with the inhabitants of Mosaica. More on this will be addressed in a future post.

People and landmasses from these following universes are duplicated onto Mosaica:

  1. Troll Universe*
  2. Anthro-Animal Universe
  3. Human Egg Universe
  4. Candy Land Universe
  5. Mermaid Universe
  6. Greys Earth Universe
  7. Daemon Universe
  8. Balloon Universe
  9. Sandal Universe
  10. Medieval Fantasy Universe
  11. Gothic Fantasy Universe
  12. Superhero Universe
  13. Uplifted Animal Universe
  14. Lunarpunk Universe
  15. Post-Plague Universe
  16. No-Asteroid Post-Plague Universe (2107)
  17. ISOT Multiverse (All timelines prior to respective events are identical.)

* ISOT Mosaic Universe and Troll Universe are technically the same universe (Extraterrestrial Super Universe) - with people and landmasses from the Troll Planet, Jade Moon, and Rose Moon being duplicated to Mosaica 500 solar sweeps (1083.*3* Earth years) into the future.

More of this will be addressed in an upcoming post.

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Happy Pride!

In my solar punk au, the old human tribes explore gender expression a lot more freely than the crew of the Harbinger do. With Native Americans making a resurgence their concepts of ‘Two Spirit’ and other ideas surrounding a separation of gender and biological sex also become more popular; as people discover ancient polytheistic religions, the growth of multiple genders and fluidity between them coincides. Now that governments and the majority of civilisation is gone, societal expectations go with it, especially to do with the fact that people ultimately don’t have the time to keep up with gender norms. They’ve been abandoned on a world that is now ultimately hostile and they need to survive-it doesn’t matter what clothes you wear or what you feel inside, it matters that people group together and learn how to adapt to the new environment.

Thanks for the great ask!

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cottagecore fantasy realized, but at what cost

Uhh so like. I’ve not been posting a lot due to my grandmother being put on hospice. She lived about 20 minutes away on a farm that has been in our family for about 100 or so years. Well, she passed a few weeks ago and it’s been tough. I miss her a lot as we were very close all throughout my childhood and teenage years. When I was a kid I practically lived with her, so it’s been hard seeing the state that the house is in. I’m from the south where things aren’t a problem if we don’t talk about them, so her and my grandfather’s hoarding went unchecked. There’s several rooms of this (big ass) farmhouse that are full of just,,,, junk. Like floor to ceiling, can’t get in the room, type deal. It’s not food trash or dirty, just like… old clothes, dolls, furniture, fake flowers, etc. and there’s also several sheds, 2 like, 18 wheeler bodies(??)/shipling containers, a barn, and a vehicle garage just full of junk. I’ve never seen most of it clean and it breaks my heart bc this house means a lot, yknow? Well, anyway, my father was given the house in her will so we made the decision to start cleaning the house out and start moving in just so my grandfather isn’t alone. His health is declining rapidly. I’m relieved we’ll be there with him. It’s also a tad exciting as we’re gonna make the place beautiful again, we’re gonna have goats and chickens and ducks, and my parents decided to section off part of the house and make it my own little apartment so it’s kinda like a duplex! Also, there’s like 50 half feral barn cats! And lots of heirloom roses and things that my grandmother left behind. As this goes on I’ll post progress photos! Also if anyone has helpful links on tips for how to do small time farming sustainably and like, in a sort of solarpunk way, it would be very appreciated!!

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the ideal of “farms everywhere in every garden!!1!” is a huge selling point of the solarpunk and self-sustainablity communities, especially with farmcore/cottagecore and nature aesthetics being more popular nowadays.

however these posts often overlook a few things

1) we already overproduce food, we don’t need more farms we need better farm and food management.

2) not everyone can farm or wants too. Space, the local environment, disabilities, and lack of interest needs to be acknowledged more. I’m awful with plants no matter how much i love them, and i am certain there are plenty more people who would agree.

3) the idea of farms for everyone and the aesthetic of “everyone having their little plot of land” is not community driven, and sadly comes from a place of colonialism. YES a cute lil cottage with a chicken pen out the back and a garden out the front is cute, but this is not possible for everyone on the planet.

4) NATURAL DIVERSITY IS VERY IMPORTANT. instead of making everyones garden into a food forest, we should aim to grow more native plants and help cultivate the natural environment.

5) not every country is the same, we have our own biodiveristy, and often these posts are *very* american/american based

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