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noobsydraws · a day ago
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Not a good boi TM
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lrmeland · a month ago
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You didn’t ask for me, but I’m here anyway, and I brought Casper.
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dora-draws · a month ago
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Photo study I turned into Solas 😍
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schmude · 2 months ago
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miolumie · a month ago
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a quick solavellan drawing  (´• ω •`)
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sinizade · 8 months ago
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I found an old solavellan drawing that I never posted
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banal-nadas · 15 days ago
The gif counterpart to this:
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heyitscuteway · 3 months ago
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some Solavellan things 
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ulavii · a year ago
“My child is fine” your child romanced Solas in Dragon Age : Inquisiton 
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rabentanz · 11 months ago
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At last, joining the solavellan hell
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funkypoacher · 5 months ago
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noobsydraws · 9 days ago
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Bonus: It is no singing bird that greets Solas in the early hours of the next morning. It is Seeker Pentaghast screaming in front of the little house he inhabits.
He has been awake for some time and his guest is gone. Not too long ago Lavellan had left, so when Cassandra bursts into the door there is no questionable circumstances she can find the apostate in. The herald sleeping in his bed (even with him not in it and having chosen the floor) is not a good look. Without knocking Cassandra comes in. Rude but expected.
"Apos-... Solas, have you seen the herald? ", she starts and Solas raises an eyebrow.
"You have lost the chosen child?", he asks only a bit of amusement in his voice. Cassandra's eyes become narrow.
Then a soft voice from behind her says: "Are you looking for me? I'm terribly sorry. Nature called, haha... I probably don't take the heavy food here too well", Lavellan says and looks into the door and gives Solas a small good morning nod, before Cassandra takes her to talk about something important Solas guesses and he resumes to his book.
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lrmeland · 26 days ago
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dora-draws · 7 months ago
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Beware the forms of Fen’Harel.
Please check out my KoFi for commisions and shop, or maybe just to buy me coffee :D ❤ https://t.co/sp532q1rRj?amp=1
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schmude · a month ago
Talia Lavellan
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sad-orlesian · 2 months ago
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"Do not push me, Inquisitor"
Can't be bothered to add shadows or colors these days.
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sinizade · 6 months ago
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The only reason Solas tolerates having Sera around is because she makes Lavellan smile
(The Qunari girl is my other inquisitor Serinah I created an AU where Lyvena Lavellan and Serinah are foster sisters)
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banal-nadas · 16 days ago
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It’s not fair how much hold this egg has on me
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nerd-elf · 10 months ago
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Inquisitor has already given up on understanding what's happening
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alienliterature · 8 months ago
How would Dragon Age Inquisition companions react to someone flirting with an Inquisitor they have a crush on?
A suitor has arrived at Skyhold! They have quite the fancy for the Inquisitor, and come baring gifts and favours. But, not all of your companions are pleased with your new visitor.
The calm, collected seeker would never lose her cool over a crush… right? That’s what she would have everyone believe, herself included, but the truth is written on her screwed up face. Her sharp, cold eyes glare into whoever would dare stand in the way of her romance, frightening off the offending suitor.
And, of course, she denied any and all involvement when the scared suitor requested a different room, one on the opposite end of Skyhold. Anywhere, just away from the angry seeker.
She remembers a novel she read like this, one with a cheesy love triangle and dramatic confessions. She prays, silently, hoping that she is worthy of you.
Blackwall had been enjoying his evening. A few drinks with Sera and Bull always ended with laughter. It was going so well. And then he saw someone following you around. Pompous, draped in frills and fanciful words. The opposite of Blackwall.
And you were smiling, but not truly. You wore that smile you wore around nobles like this, all polite and pretty. Blackwall catches your glance, a glance that says “rescue me, dear warden.”
Blackwall rises, striding across the courtyard and placing himself between the admirer and you. “My Inquisitor,” he takes your hand, eyes warm and inviting, “we need to speak," he whispers, "in private.”
The Iron Bull
You and The Iron Bull were not official. Sure, he was enjoying sleeping with you, but you weren’t partners, not technically. But seeing that admirers hand on your waist, their hips too close to yours, it made Bull’s stomach twist.
It made him think about the time you spent together, not just the sex. He thought about the late night conversations, spilling deep, dark secrets to one another. He thought about the way you sat closer to him when camping, just so your legs touched and shared warmth. He thought about everything he had tried so hard not to think about, so he never had to lose you.
Now, or never, he supposed. He began to walk over, but stopped when you started striding towards him too, the admirer left to watch. His eyes fell to the box you were holding, a dragon’s head carved into its lid.
“I have something for you,” you smiled.
No. This was not happening. Not today, not now, not after you made cookies together.
This man, all frilly and fancy, had come into something good and stuffed himself in it. And with him there, it was no fun. So Sera had to get rid of him. A well placed bucket of piss, or perhaps a beehive under his bed. So many options, so little time. No, she had to act now.
Her heart pounded, her face beet red, but she was determined. Sera, with all her might, strode up to you, her hands reaching for your face. With no regard for their audience, Sera planted a kiss on you cheek and whispered, “bet mines bigger than his.” And W ith a wink, she vanished up to your chambers.
He had no right to be angry, and he knew it. Solas watched your new admirer, his words complimentary and kind.
But they didn’t know you, not the way that Solas did. Solas understood more about you than he ever wanted to admit. He was with you when you rose from the ashes, powerful and unaware of it. Your time was limited, it had been since the anchor first fell into your hand. Solas intended to spend every second he could by your side, waiting for it all to fall apart.
He grabbed your hand, surprising you and your admirer. He stared at your for a moment, his mouth hanging loose before he whispered, “ma vhenan, may we speak alone?”
He hated to admit it, but he was jealous. This overdressed idiot had stolen your attention all day, whether you liked it or not, and Dorian was not impressed.
He had waited in the library all morning, waiting for you to come on your usual visits after breakfast, where you would talk and quietly flirt amongst the books. But, he didn’t blame you for being late. It’s not like you could just turn this man away without any consequences, such as Josephine going on about how rude you were.
Still, when you finally trailed up those stairs, with no overdressed jester in sight, Dorian dragged you into the corner you usually shared. He pressed his lips onto yours, his hands holding your waist close, as if you would disappear again if he let go. Small moans escaped lips, hands holding faces and waists.
When you finally parted, Dorian panted “I’ve been waiting to do that for a while.”
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