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rocketmanprops · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
#Soldier76 #lapelpin
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cyberrat · 3 days ago
48th Batch Of Fics: 3rd Fill
Reaper/Soldier76/allkindsofdudes – Milky AU – Part 19 – flashback chapter; fantasy medical things; consensual – Shit works for a while until it doesn't. But nothing dire :)
Reminder: Find a Google Sheets file linked to the top of my tumblr page. It helps you find all my fics/parts of series.
Jack grits his teeth and digs his fingers a little harder into Gabriel. The first snap of his hips only gets him a lazy little moo from the cow. Gabriel isn’t even turning his head, just hanging in the harness Jack has strapped him into and seemingly coasting on the feeling of finally having a real life cock spreading him open instead of fingers, fists or various little toys.
Nikola is snickering behind him which doesn’t make it better. Jack’s ears had to be glowing by now as he swallows down the shame and grabs the base of Gabriel’s tail again, shifting around until he has one foot on the ground for leverage. Leaning over a confused Gabriel, he plants his free hand in the middle of his back, bracing himself further. If Gabriel hadn’t been so trussed up in the harness, he would have been able to push his shoulders to the ground; but this would have to do.
Jack is very aware of the eyes on the back of his neck. Or maybe the screen they had been talking about earlier? He’s not quite sure what Siebren rigged up.
He gets to going just as Gabriel’s tail twitches restlessly, the tuft of fur at the tip of it tickling Jack’s back.
As he starts to lay in on Gabriel- as he begins to fuck him- really drill down into his belly as he grits his teeth and squints his eyes, more people start to drip into the room, either because they have noticed the sign or because Gabriel’s lowing is pulling them like bees to honey, their eyes fixed on the cow as he can’t move away from the harsh, deep fucking he receives.
Not that he would have wanted to, in any case. His tail has wrapped around Jack’s neck, squeezing just enough to make him feel the beat of his heart in his skull as he tries to fuck as deep as possible, balls swinging and slapping in painful little smacks into Gabriel’s testicles. It only adds to the flames burning in his belly.
People move to Gabriel’s head, petting and crooning at him; telling him what a pretty boy he is. How much they have been wanting to stick their cocks into him and give him the ride of his life. Jack doesn’t even start to wonder if that is weird; it doesn’t really matter, does it? They all know the rules… a bit of fantasizing goes a long way.
“Hey Jack- Jack! Look at this, come on!”
Nikola appears next to him while Siebren sounds a bit put out in the corner of the room. He has a screen in his hands which he thrusts at Jack to look at. Jack’s movements slow down as he blinks sweat out of his eyes and stares at the picture. He can see a lot of red and pink… and a fat, moving cock that stutters and comes to a halt alongside his own when his hips come to a standstill.
He doesn’t need anyone to tell him that this is him.
Inside Gabriel.
Having a look at how he is spreading Gabriel’s intestines open on his dick.
Slowly, Jack moves back, eyes fixed on the sight of his dick sliding through the slippery tunnel before snapping his hips back forward, cock surging inside the cow.
He can even see that magic little space of Gabriel’s uterus… just a kiss away from the tip of his angrily flushed dick.
Blood boiling, Jack starts up a new punishing rhythm, eyes fixed on the sight and ears full of Gabriel’s lowing as he is railed like he probably has never been fucked before by anybody.
The room is getting more crowded, the heat rising with the horny staff that is getting ready to pull a train on Gabriel that’ll ensure the cow will never forget this day; headspace or no.
Hands are on Jack’s back, clapping his shoulders or squeezing his neck; silent support for him dripping sweat as he lays into Gabriel as if he were angry; though far from it.
The balls of his feet keep slipping on the ground with how desperately he tries to cram just a little bit more still into him. Just that tiny bit that will make the difference – it won’t – and will satisfy the base need of his lizard brain.
If he manages to do it in the end… he doesn’t know. There are so many voices around him shouting as if they were on a soccer field; people all around them, touching him, touching Gabriel who is gurgling out half-moos, half-moans as he is presented with a few cocks to lick in-between.
His eyes are watering, not giving him a clear view of the screen Nikola is still holding thrust toward his face. All he can see is the sticky white cum splashing from his cock and soaking the insides of Gabriel’s body.
Jack wipes his brow with a towel as he steps out of the way next to Siebren who has pulled the monitor out of Nikola’s fingers with a tut, fussing with putting everything back in his place.
“How’s it going?”
Siebren glances to him, the corners of his eyes creasing as he starts to smile.
“His temperature has already gone down significantly. You did very well.”
Jack flushes a little. He’s not really used to being praised for fucking; he usually is the one doing the praising for the benefit of the cows.
Gabriel’s brown skin is barely visible between the bodies ringing him now. Jack doubts they have made an effort to clean him up; just using the thick pool of cum already inside him to slick their way in.
Siebren is humming under his breath. Jack keeps glancing at him. The old man is so damn tall that even he has to look up. He doesn’t ask him whether he isn’t interested in taking part in breeding Gabriel, though.
Jack wanders around the room. The heat is akin to a sauna, his heart keeping up a steady, hard pump against his ribs while his cock occasionally sticks to his thighs with how tacky it still is.
For a while it seems like Gabriel is calming down; hanging in the harness he has been strapped into and all but drooling onto the ground as he gets railed by staff that has been hoping for this moment for… maybe way too long.
Someone unearths a ball gag soaked in fluid to make sure their cow doesn’t dehydrate as they grunt fuck his slippery hole. Gabriel suckles on it like a calf, his eyes half-closed, taking cock after cock like a champ… but it also invigorates him in a way. He becomes more restless; more needy.
Soon enough he is throwing his head, trying to buck back onto the cocks despite having taken load after load already. They murmur at him what a good cow he is, trying to settle him back down, but it only works marginally until someone nudges Jack toward him.
“Morrison, go and fucking take care of him. You look like shit.”
He hadn’t even realized how large his eyes must have gotten as he stood there staring. He doesn’t fight it, though, accepting that the other staff moves aside to let him sit down at Gabriel’s head and just… take care of him.
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cyberrat · 4 days ago
48th Batch Of Fics: 2nd Fill
Reaper/Soldier76/allkindsofdudes – Milky AU – Part 18 – flashback chapter; impregnation kink; fantasy medicine; fantasy medical equipment; consensual – Their audience slowly starts to filter in.
Reminder: There is a link to a Google Sheets file at the top of my tumblr page. Please use it to find all of my fics/series parts!
Jack puts his hand on Gabriel’s back as he bends over to peer at his face and make sure he is still comfortable. It comes back slick with sweat.
“He’s burning up,” he murmurs, crouching down and gently brushing over Gabriel’s head. The cow is breathing harder, his tongue almost lolling out as he turns his head to look at Jack with wide, dark eyes.
Gabriel is a trooper… but right now he looks miserable – headspace or no.
“Yes. His body temperature and heart rate are worryingly high,” Siebren confirms from a few feet away, eyes fixed on the readings he receives from the sensor. “Who would have thought that the need to be bred could become so… worrisome.”
It sounds like what he really wanted to say was ‘fatal’. The thought has Jack’s stomach do a low, uncomfortable flip. He brushes over Gabriel’s head and down his neck. He shouldn’t be this invested in the cows… but he just can’t help it, alright? None of them can, he thinks.
He murmurs soothing nonsense toward Gabriel, watching his ears flick as he does so. While he keeps him hopefully distracted, he trusses him in nice and tight, making sure that he can’t twist himself away during the breeding and accidentally hurt himself.
Of course the farms are a lot better equipped in terms of breeding stands… but this will just have to do.
Gabriel keeps mooing. It is not quite distressed, but right at the edge of it that makes Jack feel a bit nervous despite him having a disposition of steel after working for so long with needy cows.
In the corner of his eyes he can see the sensor wriggling as Gabriel’s insides play with it; squeezing down and trying to pull it deeper inside with that suckling, fat muscle of his.
Jack has fingered – and fisted – Gabriel often enough to know exactly how it feels. How it just clings and tries so desperately to not let go whatever it has in its grasp. The thought of finally getting to spear his cock into it and feel it squeezing down on his shaft has his fingers tremble as he closes the last clasp of Gabriel’s harness.
“You ready?” he asks the room in general. He has no idea whether he expects Siebren or Gabriel to answer, if he is being honest.
Siebren answers anyway.
“I have been ready since last night, Jack. Please… if you would?”
The gentle admonition in his voice shakes Jack out of staring at Gabriel who has started to almost vibrate on the spot, skin glistening with sweat and heat radiating off of him in a sick fever. He pulls his shirt over his head, throwing it over a chair, then hops awkwardly as he drags his pants down and over his feet.
He is… pathetically grateful for the fact that he is not alone right now. Siebren’s calm demeanor is like balm on his soul.
He should definitely rethink his amused and exasperated stance on the senior staff member.
Jack gently pulls the sensor out of Gabriel’s body, watching how his hole gapes for just a moment before clenching down tight and needy.
Gabriel’s tail swishes around, hitting him in the chest and leaving a quickly flushing stream across his pecs.
“Damn… yeah, yeah I get it. Calm down. Easy now.”
The trigger phrase has Gabriel settle down again. To be honest, while Jack has been working to integrate these phrases and words into the training of the cows, he has never really used them in a situation where needed – just to see whether they could be called on at any given time.
To now see first hand how they would work for the farms the patients would later work at was… kind of humbling, to be honest.
He really is doing a good job.
“There you go…”
He is vaguely aware of the door opening as he finally puts the tip to Gabriel’s butter soft hole, not really bothered about the audience or someone talking to him as they clap him on the shoulder.
Embarrassment is pretty much the first thing one sheds when working here.
He is fully focused on the sight and feeling of finally pushing into Gabriel. Someone is hanging over his shoulder to intently watch with him, but that is alright. Everything is alright. The suckling heat around his dick makes everything else seem just perfectly, wonderfully… alright.
Gabriel’s hips are nice and wide for him to grab on to once he feels him holding his tail to the side on his own accord. He’s just… he’s made for fucking. He’s made to be taking dick any day of the week and crave for more. He’s made to feel good when he gets dicked, his insides rippling flirtatiously around Jack’s cok as he slowly, carefully begins to fuck him.
The thought that his is the first real cock Gabriel has had in a while is almost too much to bear.
The white noise that had been taking over his head recedes a little, allowing for him to start breathing again – oh… – and listen in on Siebren talking to… ah. Nikola. The accent is very easy to recognize even before he manages to lift his gaze from the base of Gabriel’s tail to watch as Nikola moves around and squats down in front of Gabriel’s head.
“I am a lucky one, aren’t I? Pure coincidence I saw the sign. And had free time!” he laughs with a wide grin, big hands with hairy knuckles grasping Gabriel’s head and tilting it up to him gently. “Oh, you are precious. Look at you taking cock like a champ! You look adorable.”
There is just something… special about a man like Nikola using the word adorable. Jack can’t help but start to grin, the tension melting out of his shoulders.
“While Jack is preoccupied, you could go and alert more staff to the possibility of indulging Gabriel’s needs,” Siebren pipes up from behind.
Nikola grunts a “Sure, sure!” but stays right where he is, knuckles rubbing in a little circle motion between Gabriel’s horns. Somehow, his cock is already out, thumb and forefinger curled around it right behind the ridge to offer Gabriel’s tongue only the ruddy tip.
Jack can hear Siebren softly sighing behind him, but nothing else for a few minutes as the room is filled with his panting breaths as he gently fucks Gabriel and Nikola is only having eyes for how the long, slippery tongue curls around the tip of his dick again and again.
That is, until Siebren clears his throat. “Jack. You are nowhere near the uterus yet. Could I suggest a bit more gusto in you movements?”
Nikola’s head snaps up.
“You got an xray?”
“Something of the sort, yes.”
Immediately, Nikola gets up. He pats Gabriel’s head distractedly and moves over to Siebren’s station, his wet cock out and swinging wildly.
Jack can’t see a thing but a second later he hears Nikola whistling between his front teeth.
“Hey Morrison, he’s right! You gotta step it up a notch or Nikola’ll breed that bitch up for you!”
Jack pulls his shoulders up. Hell no.
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cyberrat · 5 days ago
48th Batch of Fics: 1st Fill
Reaper/Soldier76/allkindsofdudes – Milky AU – Part 17 – flashback chapter; trigger word; fantasy medicine; fantasy medical equipment; bit of size kink – Jack and Siebren put Gabriel into the right mindset and put him into position for his big day.
Reminder: There is a link to a google sheets file right on the top of my tumblr page! Please use it to easily find any of my fics/find the different parts of series!
“You are a beautiful cow,” Siebren murmurs gently. His pale blue eyes with the charming crow’s feet all around them are fixed solely on Gabriel. This complete focus of attention is almost making Jack a bit jealous as he stands off to the side to watch the both of them.
Gabriel’s face visibly slackens a bit, his tail swishing behind him. Siebren nods, his large hands framing Gabriel’s face, not letting him pull a way for even a moment. “Yes, you are a beautiful cow. And quite talented too, I might add. You are impossibly promising, Gabriel.”
His thumbs rub against Gabriel’s cheekbones, but the cow starts to become more restless by the moment. The more Siebren uses the universal trigger word they train all their cows into, the more Gabriel slides right down into that headspace.
That I am just a needy little cow headspace. His mouth opens, the ring pierced through his septum glinting in the light of the large inspection room. Usually they used it for training sessions of multiple patients.
Today, it has been booked for just one very special cow.
“Has it been difficult to convince them?” Siebren asks without taking his eyes off of Gabriel. That he is talking to Jack is quite clear, though.
Jack leans back against one of the examination tables. His loose white slacks are already tenting obscenely with an erection that he doesn’t even try to hide. Gabriel keeps rolling his eyes, trying to catch glimpses of it.
“Uh… no, not really.” He drags his hand across his face, trying to make himself focus more on the conversation and less on how Gabriel keeps curling his tail coquettishly to the side like a damn cat to show off his butter soft hole. “I mean… it wasn’t exactly easy either, but definitely not difficult. He would’ve been off to the farms in like… a month or two anyway. Breeding him up now won’t make much of a difference. He won’t get the calfs here.”
His brain keeps getting hung up on the thought of breeding Gabriel. He really is going to do it. He is officially going to do it. He signed papers and everything. They even put out a sign reading ‘breeding in progress’. He would be worried that nobody would show up to help out… but honestly, he knows that Gabriel has a lot of fans among the staff. Soon enough they would start filing in to get a piece of their best cow yet.
Looking at Siebren, though, one would assume that Gabriel is nothing but a cute kitten. He keeps crooning at him and just rubbing his face and his head, massaging the tender skin where his horns protrude out of his forehead.
Siebren is everybody’s grandpa… and it shows. Gabriel has this weird look on his face like he can’t decide whether to snuggle up or nose for the old man’s cock. (Though honestly… Siebren is not that old. He just gives off these vibes-)
“I have prepared everything last night,” Siebren continues without loosing his stride in rubbing his fingertips into Gabriel’s skin to keep him nice and relaxed. “I have to admit, I have never heard of this condition before. But I am glad that you have gotten to the bottom of it all. I have been extremely worried about him… he seemed so exhausted.”
Jack is cynical enough to have not really believed the sentiment of anybody else, but with Siebren it just seems very genuine. The guy really just wants the cows to be happy and healthy.
Jack smiles a little.
“Yeah. I’m glad we found out. We definitely have to do more research into the whole hormone therapy to adjust it better…”
He trails off as Siebren, without missing a beat, slips two long fingers into Gabriel’s mouth, dragging them against his tongue and undoubtedly pushing them way past his uvula.
Gabriel doesn’t even flinch.
It’s not only Jack’s accomplishment of course; all the staff work on trying to rid the cows of their gag reflexes – but he can’t help feel proud of Gabriel nonetheless.
“Yes. But I think it would be more prudent to become more sensitized toward the uniqueness of all our charges,” Siebren says after a beat of silence. His voice has been pitched lower as if whispering as he stares at Gabriel and his reactions, his fingers slowly fucking the cow’s throat. It doesn’t go past Jack that with every inward thrust, Gabriel’s nipples start to pearl white as if the milk is being pressed out of him like that.
Jack quietly watches, his cock slowly flexing every now and then and the tip prominently displayed as it starts to wet through the fabric near his hipbone.
Siebren might be a bit kooky every now and then, but he certainly knows his stuff. He should maybe take his time to just stand back and watch him work every now and then.
“Very well. I think he is ready to start the procedure – and so are we. I am sure there will be volunteers streaming in sooner rather than later, so you should use the opportunity to be the first as long as it is possible. I think Gabriel would quite enjoy that.”
As Siebren talks, he gently pulls his spit slick fingers out of Gabriel’s mouth and wipes them without a second thought against the cow’s cheek and goatee. Gabriel does not seem to mind at all. If anything, he shuffles his knees apart a little wider, back arching down in a classic presenting position that has Jack’s cock throbbing.
He aches for the chance to be the first to sink into Gabriel’s creamy heat and put his load in as far as possible in hopes of being the first to knock him up.
God, he really wants to knock him up. The thought has his ears grow hot. They must be glowing; something that Gabriel undoubtedly would have made fun of him for if he weren’t so deep down in his mindset.
Siebren moves toward the station he has build for himself, waving for Jack to hurry up and help him. As anybody in the facility, he is not phased by the erection swinging ludicrously in Jack’s thin medical garb. Gabriel looks a little lost standing there until Jack hooks his fingers into the wide collar he is wearing and gently guides him toward the rest of the apparatus.
He wonders if Gabriel will decide for the bell of his farm once he has been sorted to one. He would really like listening to it chime while Gabriel got fucked…
“Alright. If you would please slide the sensor in before we start- yes, perfect.”
Jack has looked around and spotted the phallus-shaped metal rod lying on the side, grabbing it and lifting Gabriel’s tail with one hand to expose his swollen, puffy rim to the room, then slides the sensor into him without a hitch.
Gabriel moos long and throaty, angling back as if for a fucking. What a perfect slut.
“Just a moment longer, Gabe… There. A bit further back- yes, that’s it. Just stand there. Good cow.”
He uses the trigger word to get him to slide a bit deeper into his mindspace again. It almost has Gabriel drooling as he stands there, his tail curled up and to the side to show off the metal handle still jutting out of his hole, the rest of the sensor lodged deep in his guts so Siebren can start taking his readings while Jack straps him into the place.
Finally they could begin.
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k0kkili · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
I complimented their battletag and a beautiful friendship was born
Tumblr media
we played the next game together and then they were gone.... YeehawByLaw you beautiful SOB, I wish you only the best *salutes*
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sleightly-sara · 11 days ago
Happy Pride Month!
Friendly reminded that ✨Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes loved each other✨
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cyberrat · 17 days ago
47th Batch Of Fics: 13th Fill
Jack/Gabriel – mer!Jack; pirate!Gabriel – Jack saw Gabriel jump off a cliff and now he has to make sure he really is still alive and well.
“Did you want my attention? Because you certainly got that after this stunt…” Jack rasps right into Gabriel’s ear. He has one arm wrapped around the human’s chest while the other hand idly pushes at his wet clothes, trying to get them out of the way despite them clinging like a second skin to Gabriel’s curves.
Gabriel shudders. His ear heats up against Jack’s lips even as he still struggles to cough the water out of his lungs and put air into them instead. Oh, how interesting the human bodies were… how sensitive…
Gabriel is sturdy as they come, but even he had trouble after plunging into the salty sea from the peak of the cliff. Jack had been watching by pure coincidence, watching the human’s small form against the grey sky as he had rushed to what should have been his sure death.
“You are so very lucky that you did not hit any of the rocks…” Jack has slotted himself right against Gabriel’s back, his tail mimicking the curve of Gabriel’s knees as he holds him close and tries to undress him all the same. He needs to get at Gabriel’s skin; feel it warm against his own body.
“I just… I just gambled on you to be there,” Gabriel wheezes. He coughs one last time before he goes a bit limp in Jack’s arms, just lying there and breathing; gathering himself.
“You could have died,” Jack reiterates. He can feel a pang of… irritation in his chest which is exciting all on its own. He’s been alive for so long that he had thought all emotions had eroded into a grey, constant mess with nothing surprising him enough anymore to actually get a rise out of him. Who would have thought that something as silly as a human could squeeze a drop of irritation out of him…?
“I would’ve died had I stayed up on that cliff,” Gabriel murmurs back. His voice is nice and deep and smooth… Jack could listen to him talk for hours on end.
He finally manages to open the ludicrous bindings of Gabriel’s britches and pushes the clinging fabric down his thick thighs.
“Is that so? Hmmm I am interested to hear your story… later.”
Gabriel laughs breathlessly right until the moment Jack curls his hand around his cock. It is soft and gratifyingly heavy in his hand.
“Does… does rescuing humans arouse you?” he asks with a slightly trembling voice. He reaches down and curls his hand around Jack’s wrist – but only to hold on to him, it seems.
Jack noses behind Gabriel’s ear – he’s fascinated by how delicate and warm they are – and curls his large body even more snugly around him, cock slipping from his slit and wriggling its way between Gabriel’s cheeks to search for his delectable little hole.
“No. Only rescuing you arouses me.”
Gabriel exhales a shuddering breath. His fingers squeeze tighter around Jack’s wrist, cock warming up and moving in his gentle grip.
Gabriel is so easy for him… he always has been. He likes to say that it had been Jack’s siren song loosening his britches so easily, but the truth of the matter is that Jack had not been singing for a few years before meeting Gabriel.
His cock keeps wriggling, sliding along Gabriel’s crack and wetting it with the copious amounts of slime excreted through its surface. Every now and then it slips across the human’s little hole just to tease him; have Gabriel shudder and sigh as he tries to shift his strong legs apart and offer himself up better.
Gabriel arches his head back, his throat bobbing as he swallows hard. “Why are you so insistent?”
“Because you fascinate me… you look delicious in your little garments… your skin shining through so tantalizing…” Jack uses a claw to rip the fabric over one dark little nipple open to let it peek out into the air. Gabriel’s responding grin is more a showing of teeth. He looks wild and free; just as beautiful as the first time Jack had put eyes on him.
“Careful now. Don’t rip them all; I need to go back to town, after all.”
Jack curls his arms tighter around Gabriel, all but crushing him against his front while slowly but surely pushing his cock deeper into his body and wriggling it against the warm, silky walls of his intestines. He doesn’t answer, but the message is more than clear: I don’t want you to go, though.
Gabriel groans softly. He tries to move a little, maybe to help Jack by spreading his cheeks apart; but Jack pins his arms neatly to his body, keeping him as a helpless little package for him to ravage.
The rush of seeing Gabriel plunge to his almost certain death from the cliff is still not out of his system. He holds him close, tail wrapping around Gabriel’s leg to hold his lower body nice and still as well as his cock fucks deeper and deeper into his body.
Gabriel is panting, his body warming up against Jack’s front. The shock from plunging into the water had left him reeling but now he seems to get himself back under control. Oh, but he will have bruises all over his lovely body… Jack definitely should keep him longer. Nurse him back to health to make sure he does not have any broken bones and his delicate insides are not scrambled up…
The motions of his cock inside Gabriel causes soft, slick little sounds; barely there but still very noticeable through Gabriel’s heavy breathing as he just accepts the mounting and Jack’s invasiveness on fucking him.
That’s at least one sign that Gabriel is still a bit out of it; he usually likes to play a lot more. Show Jack the strength of his big human muscles to hold his upper body down…
“I do not like you putting yourself in danger, Gabriel.”
That makes the human laugh; small punched out sounds that have an edge of pain to them. “Comes with the territory of being a pirate and a thief, Jackie! But I swear I’ll come… f-fuck… I’ll come back to you.”
Gabriel is arching his back, his face twisting in what looks like agony but had to be pleasure as Jack finally feeds all of his cock into him and wriggles it through the twists and turns of his intestines.
“Of course you will come back to me… I insist on it,” Jack whispers into that delectable, naked ear, tail curling tighter around Gabriel’s leg as his cock moves in thrusting, undulating motions; trying to rearrange the human’s insides.
Gabriel is groaning, low and guttural, his body restless. He seems unable to just be still and take Jack’s cock. Maybe it is something to do with him being human… they have the most interesting short appendages. Jack had already watched him use it… hips moving strong and fluid as he fucked it into his hand, Gabriel’s face pulled into the same rictus of pleasure-pain.
None of these silly little creatures have ever interested him as much as this single man with his wild grin and smooth voice.
It is a good thing he did not die on the rocks… Jack would have had to go on a rampage otherwise.
This… is much more delectable. And makes him feel so much more alive – especially when he can hold Gabriel through the throes of his orgasm and feel his muscles tremble and twitch.
Absolutely delicious.
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vivaere · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Soldier:76 for the Six Fanarts Challenge.
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cyberrat · 23 days ago
47th Batch of Fics: 9th Fill
Reaper/Soldier76 – intercrural – Jack is a workaholic and Gabriel is horny. So he finds a way to fuck while Jack can keep doing his stupid papers.
“Jackie. You know we’ve had a date tonight, don’t you?” Gabriel asks from his reclined position on Jack’s pretty uncomfortable office couch. He had been waiting for a good hour now, dozing on-and-off as he waited with little faith for Jack to be done with work.
Jack never is done with work, though.
The stack of papers seems just as high as it had been when Gabriel had marched his way inside, hoodie pulled up and hands stuffed in its pockets.
Jack glances up to him at least, looking tired as all hell and apologetic.
“I didn’t forget. Not… completely,” he admits when Gabriel stares at him with a flat expression. “I just have to do these papers tonight. It’s important.”
“My blue fucking balls are also important,” Gabriel purrs. He stretches and then finally swings himself into an upright position. “You don’t want them to fall off just because you weren’t paying attention to them, do you?”
Jack snorts and shakes his head, murmuring something about science and possibilities – or the lack thereof.
“Come on. I got an idea.” Gabriel grabs him by the belt, pulling him up from the chair. Jack grunts in surprise, shaking his head, but before he can say anything, Gabriel continues: “You can do your cute little papers, Jackie. I don’t mind. I just need your meager little ass.”
“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea…”
“Either you let me do this or we’re gonna have a problem. And then you definitely won’t be continuing your stupid reports that you should’ve done ages ago instead of-”
“Alright, alright! Jeez… okay… just don’t jostle me.”
“No promises.”
Jack is a trooper. He tries so hard to keep being professional despite Gabriel’s cock between his thighs and his warm breath puffing hot against the back of one of his brick red ears.
Gabriel had never really tried thigh fucking before… he’s quite frankly amazed at how it feels. Every inward push has his glans snuggling against the back of Jack’s sack and dragging along his taint. It feels soft and silky against his cock; a secret little place that he usually only pays attention to when he has Jack’s legs wrapped around his head and is trying to get him to shoot off so hard he blacks out.
“G-Gabe… I can’t… I can’t move. You can’t grab me like this-”
Jack is protesting, but it doesn’t really sound like he’s minding Gabriel’s bear hug or the heavy weight against his back. He’s at least not struggling enough to inspire Gabriel to stop.
There’s not much Jack can do anyway. He is hobbled by his own pants; doomed to let Gabriel fuck his thighs just as slow and intense as he likes. The way Jack never lets him fuck his ass on the few occasions that he is actually up to bottoming for him.
The little princess is too sensitive for it… but here, Gabriel can do whatever he likes. He can slow down to a crawling pace that makes his own knees go jittery and week as he pushes back into the tight, warm space between Jack’s thighs, feeling in an almost excruciating detail how his foreskin rolls back over his glans and how the stiff little hairs of Jackie’s thighs are dragging against his most sensitive places.
He presses his forehead against Jack’s shoulder, panting through the burn creeping down his legs and up into his belly. He used just enough slick to not make fucking Jack’s thighs agonizing, but the knife’s edge he is walking still has tears springing to his eyes.
And all the while, Jack is writing away with a trembling hand, trying his best to ignore this burly man fucking his thighs and having an existential crisis because of it.
Gabriel should maybe feel a bit inadequate, given that Jack seems to manage focusing on his work just fine… but he has peered over his shoulder and seen just how unreadable his handwriting has become, so it’s all good.
He’d definitely bitch at him for it later, but by then Gabriel can just pull his beanie into his face and hum along as he drifted off to sleep, warm and satisfied.
“Fuck… c-can you clench your thighs a little- ah fuck!”
He hadn’t thought that Jack would just do it like that; without protest or any other argument. The sudden tighter clench around his cock has him feel like his eyes are going to pop out of his goddamn skull. Jack is trying to strangle his dick with his thighs or something; it’s the only way his overheated brain can explain why he is so good at this. He has his ass curved outward, subtly offering up his thighs so Gabriel has easier access while Jack does his work… or pretends to do so.
The sensation is crazy. His cock keeps pushing against Jack’s balls, the skin silky and warm against his slick glans. Gabriel’s blood is boiling. His own sac is smacking against the backs of Jack’s thighs. The sound is almost louder than his labored breathing.
When Jack smacks his pen down, though, it startles even Gabriel through the fog that has descended over his mind.
“Shit… G-Gabe-” Jack’s choked off groan has him relax again. He hooks his chin over Jack’s shoulder, his hips keeping up an easy but fast rhythm; rubbing himself in the slick, warm tunnel Jack’s thighs are offering him.
Jack’s flush has by now crept up spectacularly out of his collar and moved into his cheeks. He somehow manages to look dishevelled despite Gabriel never having touched his hair tonight. He puts his head back, their cheeks pressed against each other, and awkwardly moves his hips to fuck the air- no… to fuck his hand.
His eyes are clenched shut, brows furrowed like he’s angry about it. He probably is; he hates being kept from doing his work; but Gabriel can only take so long of jerking off without Jack nearby. He needs his fill every once in a while.
Even if that fill consists out of frantically fucking Jack’s thighs and into the backs of his low hanging testicles just so he can get his rocks off. He hadn’t even noticed that Jack had gotten hard; his cock curved and flushed just as dark as his cheeks are now.
When Gabriel peers down, he can just about see his own cock peeking out from between Jack’s trembling thighs, but the position for that isn’t too comfortable, so he stops looking after a moment and just presses his forehead back against Jack’s shoulder, his balls churning hot with cum; so full they are aching.
“Fuck… fuck, Jackie… gonna cum- come with me, yeah?”
“Yeah,” comes the breathless reply. “Yeah, yeah, ok-”
Gabriel doesn’t wait for more. He’s sure he’s started coming even before Jack had started his low, punched out chant.
His eyes are clenched shut but he’s sure they’re still rolling up into his head. It feels like his brain is shooting out through his cock, the whole mess thankfully caught by Jack’s junk before he could damage his precious files… but that also means that there’s a lot of cum smeared and dripping all between Jack’s thighs when he slowly pulls back and stumbles a step, eyes fixed on the sight of that tight, warm space he had been jerking off with just now.
He can’t believe he never tried intercrural before.
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scoutdoodles · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
One of Ana's very important mom duties! Making everyone take their meds...
And here's your friendly reminder to take your meds in case you forgot today!
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gadenish · 28 days ago
Winston: Heeey Angela. We returned from the mission! (omg she's gonna kill me)
Mercy: Hi, why there are only you and Lucio?
Winston: Well, Soldier and Tracer have been kidnapped,
Mercy: WHERE are Pharah and Genji?
Winston: (fuck) Please, don't be angry!
Winston: They were injured during we were getting back! They are in med, under Ana's sight.
Mercy: *reloading her gun* I'm tired of this shit.
Meanwhile at Talon base:
Reaper: So how we supposed to torture you?
Widowmaker: I'm not trying to give a hint but I could take Tracer on my own. *diabolical smirking face*
Reaper: Why do you ask me? You took her with us.
Soldier76: What exactly do you want to get from us?
Reaper: Don't take it personal, I just want to beat the crap out of you.
Soldier: Same, and Tracer?
Widowmaker: *smirking face*
Soldier76: Okay, nevermind
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cyberrat · a month ago
47th Batch Of Fics: 4th Fill
Reaper/Soldier76 – Milky AU – Part 16 – pining; kissing; hypnosis – Getting to the root of the problem.
Jack stares at him up close, taking his time to really look at him. When he lifts his hand to gently curl it around the thickest part of one of Gabriel’s horns, right where it protrudes from the forehead, the cow doesn’t even blink. He is still staring into the air, his brain telling him the ball is right there still.
The texture of the horn is coarse, and it is almost blood warm. Like a stone that has been sitting out in the sun. Jack slowly drags his thumb against it, just… feeling it. Feeling Gabriel.
He carefully tugs, manipulating Gabriel’s head to move until his brown eyes are right on Jack, though obviously not really seeing him.
“Tell me, Gabe. What is happening to you? Why are you suffering?”
He does not expect him to have an answer for him straight away, so he is not surprised when Gabriel doesn’t react at all, just staring at him downright dreamily now as he sits there, radiating heat like a furnace. Jack lets the questions sink in, the only sound their slow, even breathing and the gentle thump of Gabriel’s tail against the plastic covering he is sitting on.
“I need…”
Jack’s eyes jerk back to Gabriel, staring at him when he suddenly does talk after all.
“Yes? What do you need, Gabriel? We’re going to give it to you. You know, we only want you happy.” I only want you happy. He doesn’t say that, of course. God, how can he be so unprofessional with this cow? What is so special to Gabriel?
Gabriel’s tongue comes out, swiping against his lower lip and leaving it glistening with saliva. Jack can’t help but stare at it. The motion is almost as hypnotizing to him as the ball is to Gabriel.
“I need to be filled,” Gabriel says. “I need to be pumped full. I need-” his face twists. He presses a hand against his abdomen. “I need to be filled, Jack. Do you understand?”
Jack’s mouth is going dry. Is Gabriel not as deep into the hypnosis as he thought? He begins to let the ball move again as he thinks, his upper body leaning closer still. They are so intimately close; their foreheads almost touching, breath mingling as they both pant despite just sitting there. Just sitting there and talking.
“You need to be filled?” Jack repeats idiotically. Gabriel’s eyes are on the ball again, his lids looking so heavy, gaze glassy. His tail has stopped thumping against the crinkling plastic and instead is dangling over the side, swinging left to right. Left to right.
Time seems to slow down, the air itself stretching between them like gum, clogging up Jack’s throat.
“You need to be filled…” he echoes again, tongue clumsy in his mouth. “You mean… you need to be bred?”
It’s like a switch has been flipped. Gabriel’s face suddenly softens, his eyes growing warmer as he exhales with a long, relieved sigh.
“Yes!” he says with intensity. “Yes. That’s exactly it.”
He seems so thankful for someone finally figuring it out that Jack can’t help but feel kind of like a superhero in that moment. He smiles with Gabriel. He reaches out before he thinks better of it, grasping Gabriel’s hands and weaving their fingers together.
“That’s no problem, then! You don’t need to worry. We’ll just pick up the injections again. Maybe we have underestimated just how much those pregnancy hormones really supported the development of your body. I will talk to the others so we can get you adjusted to a new round of medication until you get to the farm and-”
Gabriel’s head tilts suddenly, cutting Jack off with the movement. His dark eyes are sleepy looking and unfocused, but his face seems weirdly determined.
“That’s not fair.”
Jack blinks slowly. He realizes that he is brushing his thumbs over the backs of Gabriel’s hands. He shouldn’t do this. He should bring more distance between them once more; get the situation under control… but Gabriel is so close, and… damn.
“What is?”
“I don’t just want injections.”
Gabriel lifts their clasped hands. He pushes his cheek against them, eyes closing and a warm sigh escaping him. He looks different like this.
It occurs to Jack that while he has seen Gabriel in all different kinds of positions and situations, he’s never really had an opportunity to see him this… soft before. It is surreal and a bit embarrassing. Gabriel is still somewhere between hypnotized and wide awake, his movements slow and very thought through as he rubs his face against Jack’s hands and slides a little closer on the couch he is sitting on.
The erection heavily lying across his thigh seems like an afterthought. It is not important in the face of getting closer and rubbing his skin against Jack’s. At least that is what it feels like. He almost wants to drag Gabriel to sit on his lap.
Holy shit… He should really get his head on straight. He had been a bit flirty with him, sure, but he shouldn’t get so undone just by Gabriel doing these… things.
“I don’t… Gabriel. Come on. You know this isn’t possible. Whatever you are thinking of, right now.” He straightens his back some and squeezes Gabriel’s hands in his. “Breathe with me. Let’s get you off so you can rest a little easier, and then I’ll talk to-”
Gabriel leans in and kisses him. It is a slow, firm press of his mouth, his head tilted just enough to have Jack feel one of his horns against his temple.
His fingers curl and press into the backs of Gabriel’s hands before his hands go lax once more. Defeated maybe? He is getting bullied by a cow that he has hypnotized. The thought is insane, but here he is: unable to make himself pull away and tell Gabriel off.
It’s not like he hasn’t been thinking about this exact thing a million times; Watching Gabriel get fucked by the equipment in the rec rooms or when they happen to be in the same room during training. Hearing him groan his way through bone deep orgasms that leave him nice and cum-dumb and out of it for minutes, lax and easy and so beautiful-
Gabriel pulls back a little. He hums, eyes still heavy lidded and thoughtful before he leans in again to kiss Jack once more, sucking on his bottom lip, kissing him again and again and just playing with the thought of letting Jack taste his tongue.
Jack’s blood feels on fire. His breath comes in little puffs that linger between them, heating the already thick air up even more. His heart thumps like it is about to burst out of his chest.
But then… just as quick as it had begun… it ends once more. Gabriel stares at him from up close – really looks at him – and then says with the finality of someone who knows they will get what they want:
“I don’t just want injections, Jack.”
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cyberrat · a month ago
47th Batch Of Fics: 3rd Fill
Reaper/Soldier76 – Milky AU – Part 15 – hypnosis; pining; doctor/patient – Jack tries to deny his feelings, but it becomes increasingly harder.
“You’re fine with this, right? Gabriel?” Jack asks for the probably third time. He has been talking the whole way from training room #3 to his personal office where he does most of the hypnosis training.
Gabriel has been burning through his clothes where he’s plastered against him from shoulder to hip. He had thought he’d need to carry him most of the way, but it’s actually been more Gabriel hanging off of him, sweating and shaking as if in withdrawal from some drug he has never been administered in the first place. Jack thinks, at least. Gabriel’s injections had stopped a few weeks back, as they expected his body to do the last bit of adjustment all on its own.
Gabriel lifts his head to look at Jack, lips pulling back from his teeth in a small snarl.
“Yes. I am fine,” he hisses. “Just… come on. Help me out, Jackie.”
Jack swallows. Gabriel manages to move away from him and staggers toward the couch he has always been sitting on for his sessions. Jack has to run to get out a plastic sheet to throw over it so the seats wouldn’t get destroyed. Gabriel’s lips twitch, but it is impossible to tell whether he wanted to grin or something. He just looks… exhausted and out of it.
What is his body doing?
“You don’t seem so fine… what happened back there? You scared Siebren to death.”
Jack moves toward his desk, looking for the weighted black ball that Gabriel responds to best. Not that it had ever been particularly difficult to get him nice and under and make him do… all sorts of nasty shit.
Jack blinks, shaking his head, cheeks dusting red. It’s not even the stuff he’d do so easily and willingly – that’s just part of the job – but he’d look so trusting doing it; staring at Jack like he’s hung the moon and the stars and just…
Shit. He needs to get his act together.
“I dunno, it’s just…”
There’s a sound of utter frustration. Jack pauses his search for the ball in order to glance over to Gabriel who has been rubbing two hands over his face. He is sitting on Jack’s couch as if nothing were amiss; as if he weren’t completely naked and with his cock nestled hard and swollen in the crook of his thigh.
“Feeling him s-so deep-” He puts a hand down on his stomach. He doesn’t usually get to stuttering; Gabriel is someone that is unapologetically horny in Jack’s experience. He doesn’t look flustered now, either. Just… frustrated and confused. Just about how everyone else feels about what he is going through at the moment.
Gabriel’s tail is thumping against the plastic sheet, restless like a cat’s. He lets his head sink back as he keeps rubbing his stomach.
“Does it hurt? Do you have a stomach ache?”
Jack rips open one of his desk drawers and finally finds the ball. He grabs it and comes back over to Gabriel, sitting on the low table in front of him instead of one of the armchairs he usually would seat himself in just to bring a bit of professional distance between himself and the cows.
With Gabriel… a lot of things are different. Like his utter inability to remain a calm and watching bystander.
“Hey, Gabriel.”
“I know you think I’m overdoing it, but I just wanted to ask again. Like… formally. I’ve started a recording, okay? You’re fine that we interrupted your stretch training with Dr. De Kuiper in order to have a hypnosis session?”
Gabriel narrows his eyes at him. When he leans in, it looks more like he’s doubling over, one arm crossed over his stomach. Jack can feel his breath against his face when he snaps: “I am fine, Jack. Now do something for your money, alright?”
Jack knows Gabriel would never get violent, but there is something insanely impressive (and hot) about being so up-close to the wrist thick horns he has protruding from his forehead being so very close to his face.
“Yes. Alright. Noted.”
Satisfied, Gabriel relaxes marginally, settling in with his elbows on his thighs, hands dangling between his knees. He is looking down, staring at the black ball that Jack has clutched in his hand without noticing. He relaxes it.
No other patient keeps continually catching him off-guard like Gabriel does. Is it just Jack’s imagination or is the air between them somehow…. thicker and hotter than anywhere else?
“I’d… uhm.” He clears his throat. He slides a little closer to the edge of the table, knees spread to get closer to Gabriel. As close as possible, one might say.
Gabriel looks up when he speaks, his brown eyes bloodshot and tired but alert. There is sweat springing up along his hairline yet again.
Jack swallows hard. He lifts the ball he has in his hand, and Gabriel’s eyes immediately snap to it.
“I’d like to try and find out what’s up. Maybe you know without knowing. Do you understand what I mean?”
“I’m not an idiot,” Gabriel replies, but it already sounds distracted just from watching as Jack moves his hand, letting the ball slide from the front of his fingers over their tips, to the back of them in a serpentine, repetitive motion. God, he’s always been so easy for it. For… for any of it. Gabriel is such a natural.
“Get on with it. I don’t have any secrets, Jackie.”
He’s not looking at him, but he might as well be. Jack realizes they have dropped their voices into a low murmur. He doubts that the recording he has going would even pick up on them now, but… well.
“That it? I know you love showing yourself off… but I don’t think that’s all that you have to offer,” Jack hears himself say. He’s not sure what he’s doing; his body is just moving, slowly letting the weighted ball dance in front of Gabriel’s face; over his hands and wrists, occasionally down an arm and into the crook of an elbow before letting it fluidly move away again. “I know you can get fucked like the best of them. I know that you’re going to work wonders when you finally get out of here and get bred up by stud after stud. But I know that you are even more than that, Gabriel. You’re… you’re more than that.”
Gabriel’s face is going nice and slack the longer he watches the ball dance, listening to Jack practically opening his heart to him. It’s embarrassing in a… good way.
Jack’s movements slow down and with them the ball; until he grabs it in his hand and has it slip out of Gabriel’s sight. Still, the cow is staring at the spot it last was, just sitting there, body gone nice and calm. His last hypnosis session has been a while back.
Just like with the injections, they are slowly rolling Gabriel out of the other programs. Getting him ready for the real deal. The farm.
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♫ McHanzo Wedding Headcanons ♫
(Asked for by a friend on Discord)
♫ American-Style Wedding ♫
✰ Hanzo has pre-wedding night jitters because he's worried something will go wrong "What if the lights are all wrong? Or the color-" "Hanny-Bee, it's 2 in the morning, go to bed" (There was nothing wrong and it went over smoothly)
✯ Jesse is wearing a beautiful wedding gown and Hanzo is wearing a luxurious suit
✰ Jesse would smash cake against Hanzo's face as the "first bite" together as a couple
✰ Jesse suggests the idea of a birdseed path and Hanzo is considering it until he hears that it would be thrown by their friends and family "Jesse, for the last time, no!" "Oh Hanny, it'll be fine!" "I don't want birdseed thrown at me!" "They won't throw birdseed at us!" (Some of the guests did indeed throw birdseed at them and random pieces of it still fall out of the suit and dress to this day
✰ The first "Father-Daughter" dance is just Jesse dancing with all of his father figures before trying to get Hanzo to join in. It works at some point, but Hanzo avoids Gabe a little bit because he feels like the man may try to kill him for what Hanzo did to Genji
✰ Genji is the best man for both Jesse and Hanzo. He did a lot and made sure that the two enjoyed their moments before marriage
✯ Jesse wears his ring on a rope around his neck after the wedding night because he doesn't want to lose it, which is easy in his line of work, and it doesn't fit under the glove very well. Plus it usually lays close to his heart, so it makes him feel that much closer to Hanzo
✯ They have minor fights over getting presents for each other and where to go on date nights. There is no exception.
♫ Japanese Style Wedding ♫
✰ Hanzo goes down the more traditional route of Japanese weddings, some of the more Westernized traits are there, but there's still evidence of the traditions still. It is more of a "white wedding" rather than a Shinto wedding
✰ As Hanzo doesn't have much alive family, or alive family he would want to invite, most of the crowd are friends, found family, and family of Jesse's
✰ Hanzo and Jesse end up eating dinner with Gabriel / Reaper (Jesse's Dad), Reinhardt (Jesse's other Dad), Ana (Jesse's Mom), Jack (Jesse's other other Dad) and Genji (Shared Brother). There's not a lot of people, but Hanzo is very much welcomed into the small family
✰ The wedding is in Spring, Hanzo is adamant on this and Jesse doesn't question it
✰ As neither of them are technically the bride, Hanzo, being the more responsible one takes choosing the venue into his own hands. "Hanzo, you know I can help, right?" "There's a certain place I would like to go." "Alright t'en, let me know what I can help you with darl'n."
✰ Hanzo is slightly appalled at Jesse asking if they should send out a gift registry because it clashes with what he had been planning. They work out a deal where if the guests want to bring a gift, they can.
✰ Hanzo prepares the hikidemono (gifts from the married couple to the guests) for the guests who are planning to come.
✰ You can bet that Hanzo is planning every single little detail of this despite Jesse and others offering help. He falls asleep every night with a notebook in hand until the day of the celebration
✰ After the wedding and the drinks of sake from the three cups, Jesse is startled at how calm everything is after. Of course that peace ended after Reinhardt and the other parents start going around to tables to say cheers, the man be loud
✰ There's a takasago behind Jesse and Hanzo. Jesse finds it more pretty and doesn't discover what it means until much later. He feels so much happier for it the day he learned of it as Jesse originally thought it was only for photo-shoots and such.
✰ Hanzo is very stubborn about trying to pay for everyone's traveling expenses because just about everyone had traveled overseas to get to the chosen venue. Most politely refuse and he's left confused after
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rebbybearr · a month ago
Tumblr media
he’s got you in his sights!! >:)
i was trying to make him into a sticker, but it didnt work out :( he might be a print though!! still thinkin about that
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