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Fallout OC 7-Day SPECIAL

Day 6 - Agility


Nat’s Score: 6

How fast can your OC react to sudden changes?

Nat’s agility is a bit of a saving grace for her - it’s her only real “physical” stat (out of strength, endurance, and agility) that’s above 3. 

Her perception helps her take in and assess information about her surroundings quickly. Her agility then enables her to react just as fast: ducking behind a corner, diving for cover, or quickly changing her behavior/demeanor to adjust to new circumstances.

How good are they in combat situations where they are constantly moving?

Nat’s first choice of weapon is a sniper rifle, which is always better when it’s more stable. Her next choice is a suppressed pistol while sneaking, which doesn’t lend itself to very quick movements. If things are happening faster than would allow for her to take either of those two approaches, there’s a high chance she starts chucking explosives and running away from/or past the obstacle. 

Automatic weapons are not her friend. She ends up spraying bullets everywhere, wasting ammo, and probably not hitting all that much. 

Are they quick on the draw with their weapons or not?

Yes! Her perception and agility work well together here. She knows she won’t be able to hit harder, so she’d better fire faster.

Can they maneuver quickly around a slower assailant?

Nat can be slippery and light on her feet when she needs to be, but ultimately, she’s not any good at close-quarters combat. Slow or not, if that’s the situation she’s found herself in, it’s probably already gone very badly and there’s a high chance her opponent could get the better of her in one hit.

BUT, she can be very sneaky. She’s a little proud of that given that other combat skills are not her forte. She will, on occasion, indulge in MacCready’s hobby of sneaking things into her pockets that other’s have left laying around, but her stealth usually comes into play when sneaking past enemies like ghouls or super mutants. 

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What are your favourite DLCS for each fallout game you’ve played?

So fallout 3 and New Vegas I feel like you need the dlcs that extend the games ending, as for favourites I never actually had any other dlcs for those games, sorry everyone.

Fallout 4 this is tricky, I liked far harbour because it had a lot to do with nick and gave lots more dialog for him, also DiMA and the mariner are adorable, but I did hate the quest where you go into DiMAs memories as it was so confusing. Nuka world is awesome, lots of new awesome characters and places but I always felt I had to free the traders which then makes the quests kinda boring, I didn’t like having to go against the minute men but I do love gage. I wasn’t huge on the mechanist, only liked it because of its appearances in some the other games. The others are good but don’t have a storyline as such I’d say. All in all I’d have to say my favourite is Nuka world because I was like a kid in a candy shop when I turned the lights on and went on all the rides, that was just the best feeling

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✖ FINANCIAL – wealthy / moderate / poor / in poverty

✖ MEDICAL – fit / moderate / sickly / disabled / disadvantaged

✖ CLASS OR CASTE – upper / lower / middle / working / unsure

✖ EDUCATION – qualified / unqualified / studying


✖ MARITAL STATUS – married, happily / married, unhappily / engaged / partnered / divorced / widow or widower / separated / single / it’s complicated

✖ CHILDREN – has children / no children / wants children / adopted children

✖ FAMILY – close with siblings / not close with siblings / has no siblings / siblings are deceased / it’s complicated

✖ AFFILIATION – orphaned / adopted / disowned / raised by both parents / raised by a single parent


✖ disorganized / organised / in between

✖ close-minded / open-minded / in between

cautious / reckless / in between

patient / impatient / in between

✖ outspoken / reserved / in between

✖ leader / follower / in between

✖ sympathetic / unsympathetic / in between

✖ optimistic / pessimistic / in between

hardworking / lazy / in between

cultured / uncultured / in between

✖ loyal / disloyal / in between

faithful / unfaithful / in between


✖ SEXUALITY – heterosexual / homosexual / bisexual / asexual / pansexual / omnisexual / demisexual

✖ SEX – sex repulsed / sex neutral / sex favorable

✖ ROMANCE – romance repulsed / romance neutral / romance favorable

✖ SEXUALLY – sexually adventurous / sex experienced / naive / inexperienced / curious / uninterested


✖ COMBAT SKILLS – excellent / good / moderate / poor / none

✖ LITERACY SKILLS – excellent / good / moderate / poor / none

✖ ARTISTIC SKILLS – excellent / good / moderate / poor / none

✖ TECHNICAL SKILLS – excellent / good / moderate / poor / none

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Here’s an attempt to make a pre-war Claudia. She doesn’t really look her age here lol, but she does post-war. I had a hard time finding a hair style I liked for how she looked pre-war, so this is probably the closest I could get to what I wanted. The post-war picture of her may look a little different facial structure wise, because for whatever reason when I use presets other than the default the revert back to the default. 

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Day 5 - Intelligence


Nat’s Score: 4

Can your OC read, write and do basic math?

All of the above! But, she’s better at giving speeches than she is at writing, and anything outside of basic math tends to go over her head. 

What was the basis of their education i.e. were they formally educated or did they have to learn as they went?

A little of both. Nat went to college, and law school after that. Her undergraduate degree was in political science and international studies. She recognizes she was privileged enough to have a chance at that level of formal schooling.

But, in terms of combat and other skills necessary to survive in the wasteland - those were things she had to learn, often times painfully, along the way.

Do they favor brains over brawn?

Given that she’s got no brawn to speak of, brains it is!

Nat tends to overestimate her own intelligence, in part because of her formal schooling. Natasha is smart in a few ways that serve her well. Specifically, problem-solving. She can assess her surroundings quickly and identify Plans A, B, and C to get out of a sticky situation. 

But, where her chaotic dumbass starts to show up is with the  “okay, what now?” that inevitably follows executing one of these plans. Good job, Nat, everyone is dead, you blew up the building, mission accomplished. Now how exactly are we supposed to dig ourselves out of the rubble? Her “solutions” sometime result in a stickier situation than before. 

Actions have consequences, and Nat often falls into the fallacy of thinking her wit is going to save her from having to actually face them. 

How good are they with technology?

Tech is not a strong suit for Nat. She relies on folks like Sturges and Tinker Tom (and even Danse on occasion) to hook her up with improvements for her gear and weapons. She can do some very basic upgrades, but it’s really better if someone else handles it.

She can handle some basic hacking, mostly by making educated guesses, but anything beyond the easiest level is outside of her skill set.

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When the door to the cryo chamber opened up and she fell out, Cherry couldn’t move at first. Her mind was still processing what she had saw before they refroze her. It was terrifying to think that if she got up and it was real, she had to face the fact that her husband was dead and cold.

That was the worst part of waking up.

Facing the truth. And being alone to face it. She hated being alone, more than she hated being away from her baby. Who was stolen with no regard for what she would feel or do if she were to then wake up.

She knew what she would do. After she got over her grief.

She would find the bastards that stole her son away, slowly carve them open with a dull blade, then scoop their eyes out with spoons, and finally watch as they suffer. But that was before she got the strength to push herself upward.

After she was done with getting off the ground, seeing Nate across from her with blood splattered around, a hole in his head, and eyes frozen open broke her completely. Her heart fell into her stomach and refused to go back into place as the tears began to blur her vision.

Even as she wiped at her eyes, begging for it to be her imagination, she could clearly see what had happened and that it wasn’t fake. The worst part of facing it alone was that nobody was there to comfort her but ghosts of years past.

And then, her subconscious decided something for her. If she didn’t leave, none of it was real.

If she stayed, nothing was there to tell her that her husband and son were gone.

If she didn’t go, everything would be normal.

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