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Solidago riddellii

less flowers on average compared to Ohio goldenrod,  habitat alkaline upland, sometimes in fens, usually requires dry prairie scenario. individual capitulum are much larger then those of Ohio goldenrod as well. 

Epilobium ciliatum

E. coloratum is found everywhere in Ohio along any wetland and even open mesic woods. This one looks more similar to our fen obligate species Epilobium ciliatum in regards to the fact that it has more upright hairs and glands compared to E. coloratum with it’s hooked and recurved hairs that appear mainly along the veins of the upper most leaves and stems where as this species has them everywhere covering the upper plant among the stems. We do have 2 other species in Ohio known, Epilobium leptophyllum a large flowering species known to only associate with acidic bogs and highly leeched(ericaceous) wet ecosystems and the other is a non native notched hairy species but is easy to tell apart by it’s pink flowers (E. hirsutum ). 

Tavertine fen, Greene co. Ohio.

want to know something more fried, and saddening, ESTE BOG, a bog that was drained way before I was born, and according to Dr. E. L. Braun only 6 miles north of Cincinnati. Has a record of the  Epilobium X wisconsinense hybrid. The nearest bogs that have records are all up north near Toledo or Cleveland. :/ 


^the light green dot at the bottom of Ohio is Este’s bog Hamilton county record. 

fucking why am I just finding out about this bog now. Why couldn’t we have kept the damn bog big sad thumbs down to subdivisions and cookie cutter malarkey 

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Anyway here’s the Goldenrod plant in my yard, at its name is Hannah. After a person from my dream who had a golden eagle / praying mantis friend. Because get it. Golden Eagle, Goldenrod?

Last year it grew perfectly straight upwards. This year… We don’t know what it’s doing. It’s actually tied to the handle of that container there that we use for water, so like. Who knows.

All the random stuff in the background is Peppers that my sister is growing

I have absolutely no idea what species of goldenrod this is.


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