floweroflaurelin · a day ago
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All twelve rulers of the Empires SMP! One 2-hr painting a day for twelve consecutive days—this was a really fantastic exercise and it was a nice way to relax and take my mind off things while I’m sick with Covid. Thank you to everyone who followed along as I progressed! It’s unfortunate that being sick prevented me from being able to take commissions this winter but I’m glad I was able to do these, if I go too long without painting I get all itchy inside 😅
Some take-aways from doing this series:
- I love painting faces! I feel like this is apparent, but worth mentioning.
- I’m very bi. I feel like this is also apparent, but also worth mentioning ;)
- Speaking of, Empires has a really fantastic gender balance!! This makes me very happy.
- The number of highlights that are visible in the eyes really affects how you interpret the characters’ personalities. I plan to speak more on this later :3
- There are only so many different angles of 3/4 view faces and I think I might have found them all
- While getting Covid is really awful on my body, it turns out to be amazing for my tumblr activity statistics. Silver linings!
I don’t often do this (and I can’t link it because tumblr hates links) but if you enjoyed this series, I have a Ko-Fi I can plug if you’re interested in supporting me that way! The link is in my bio ☕️ 🥰
Bonus reference image under the cut so you can compare my paintings to the original skins:
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pontsalin · 18 hours ago
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Another one
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lamoexxc · 2 days ago
The homies who kiss eachother goodnight like good homies do 😎😎😎
Joel is short
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belovedgamers · a day ago
This guy is either speaking from experience or has zero self awareness. It all makes sense now.
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So I found that like- arcane art filter people were talking about, and I tried it out on bdubs- OMG???
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Got a little confused with rens glasses but I mean-
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The generator does not like Scott and jimmy much (albeit they still look fine but (think it’s the teeth and the eyebrows that are throwing it off), they look like siblings. but Atleast Norman is cute!! But of course he is, when is Norman not
Okay now it’s all just scuffed
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I don’t think ima do anymore of these but if you wanna play around with it you can find the filter here, have fun
It takes a few minutes, and it’s kinda finicky but here ya go I guess
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mcyt-cats · a day ago
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it may not be the best quality, but here is some Norman from today's stream (in the first one Norman's on the bed, I thought he looked funny) also thank you for all your hard work in bringing us serotonin 💜💜💜
This is not a recent stream anymore, but I thought I'd post these pics Norman this afternoon and add two "low quality" pics of my own that I didn't want to make their own post
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here he is! the boy!
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mcyt-lies · 17 hours ago
fun fact: in the upcoming marvel movie captain britain, the title role will be played by jimmy solidarity
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wither-rose-circus · a day ago
Obsessed with the idea that fWhip and Jimmy’s rivalry is the only thing keeping the server in balance
It’s not even that much of a rivalry, Jimmy rarely succeeds in getting back at him, it’s more like if fWhip doesn’t get his proper enrichment by making Jimmy’s life miserable, the server will just collapse, it’s a very delicate ecosystem
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neorazorhands · a day ago
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Prophecy 1:
Oh spirit of the breeze, oh spirit of the deep!
Bound together as two entities for eternity!
One Queen of Queens of the azure seas, hatches and rises, oh glorious she!
But thee hollow abyss has birthed another, thou almost faltered, but the Ocean Queen’s brother has been saved from disorder.
The inferior ruled in swamps and vines, while the pristine conquered and dined with the divine.
Through blood and lyre, ire and fire, diamond and iron—
Destiny knows each of our names.
extra light and dark mode since i liked the feel that they give off
Tumblr media Tumblr media
extra image without the blue since you can’t actually SEE the drawing itself that well
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crazyw3irdo · 10 hours ago
who’s the most attractive empires smp member?
take this survey so we may find out
survey will close in one week (january 24th) and results should (hopefully) be posted a few days after
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pinkflames · 2 days ago
Grian: we don't talk about UNO no no no we don't talk about uno bUT-
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pontsalin · a day ago
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I can't stop doing these
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fanartist-at-times · 16 hours ago
Am I the only one that liked 3rd Life better than Last Life?
Don't get me wrong, I adored LL! It was amazing seeing them all back together, the new alliances born, the new rules; and the Boogeyman curse was the BEST addition, putting everyone on edge every session.
However, there was something off.
The alliances felt a bit weird, didn't feel as strong as they were in the past season. Also, the concept of 'red life', as scary as it still was, felt weaker, especially when many kept coming back from it thanks to the sharing life system.
Plus, in 3rd Life, Green life x Red Life duos had been probably one of the best thing of the season. Thanks to that we got Sand Duo, Flower Husbands, Treebark and Crastle Duo, which we all loved; so it was sad not getting those kind of combos this season (apart from Bdubs and Etho for a while).
Next season, I would love red names to choose themselves if they want to stay with their allies or leave and go off on their own. Because, honestly?, Redname!Joel and Grian would very probably leave any alliance and go apeshit, we all know that.
Of course, Boogeyman Curse is a must (and maybe, just maybe, having a constant Boogey-Curse for red names so they have to kill someone for as long as they're red names)
Moreover, I would love to see the life sharing system reduced to just one (1) share for the ENTIRE season! It would bring to some interesting moments, imo.
What are your thoughts?
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aquello-art · 22 hours ago
Esmp! Jimmy
Tumblr media
i drew this back in october and completely forgot about it lol
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So tada! What you’ve all been waiting for! My Evil jimmy/villain arc skin!!!!!!
Tumblr media
Corrupted Codfather go BRR
(Please don’t repost my works anywhere without explicit permission from me thank you! <3 rbs are appreciated)
If you want a download link for these just ask!
My lovely friend at @knightmare8 also made their own regal version, please check them out, do it.
Anyways bye bye
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noble-hibiscus · 15 hours ago
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A sneak peek at "Lovefool" - a 3rd Life fanfiction in the form of a play, written in iambic pentameter!
Summary: A retelling of the events of 3rd Life (Jimmy's perspective) as a 'Shakespearean' tragedy, focused in especially on Flower Husbands.
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jodragen · a day ago
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Hook Line and Sinker by jodragen
Jimmy on stream: 'fWhip, I’m not going to let you tie me up. Alright?'
What give me ideas is freaking random I swear... ok maybe not. I like the 'person in distress' story lines and with all the stuff fishy boy gets him self into enough trouble in the server and some how keeps coming out of it all good. Also I heard there was a scrapped story line where he did get captured, I mean... there is always time for it to still happen.
Either way.... I wonder who's shadow is that? Well who ever it is, our slimey fishy prince seems pretty scared of them.
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wither-rose-circus · 2 days ago
Do you think the whole “end of a feud will bring chaos” prophecy has to do with Jimmy’s villain arc? Are he and fWhip gonna team up or something??
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shittyempiresconcepts · 2 days ago
Jimmy's full name is Perpendicular Jimmothan
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sweetsweetemo · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
this is definetly not me seeking excuses to not give Jimmy a costume design and also draw him shirtless
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