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very-specific-ship-prompts · 10 minutes ago
For unknown reasons related to the Force, Rey and Ben, now both as gray force users and having accepted both their Light and Dark sides, got thrown back in time to the first months of the Clone Wars.
They will get to prevent two wars, while they very much evade the issue that their families (specially Ben's one) are alive and in the most happy moments of their life.
Rey only wants to get rid of Palpatine as soon as possible.
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drowningisinevitable · 27 minutes ago
A Key Change || POTW Solo
TIMING: Current SUMMARY: Mina set out to retrieve something. She ended up returning something, as well. CONTENT: None :----)
Technically, Mina shouldn’t have been driving, but she had been in the pool since they’d made it back from spending the weekend dying in a shack in the forest. She’d been good. She’d been healing. Maybe that was why Morgan had let her take her car with only minimal protest and Morgan eyes. It had almost been enough to make Mina stay. Instead, she’d said she would try to be back as soon as possible. She needed to go back to her house and get a few things.
Mina didn’t just need to go back to her house, though that was the first thing she did. She opened the door and took in the mostly bare rooms, the way it looked less like a home and more like the inside of one of the many hotel rooms she’d lived in throughout her life. It wasn’t a place to stay. It wasn’t a place to settle down. It was a place to do one’s work and sleep and get up to do it all over again. She went to her bedroom and grabbed some of the paperwork that she needed to fill out by the end of the next week for school. She had a meeting with a financial advisor about a loan. She needed to call the bank in charge of her dad’s funds. She needed to figure out her classes.
There was a lot she needed to do.
The key that she’d found with Adam was glowing incessantly in the corner, brighter and brighter the longer she lingered. She had decided that she hated it. She hated its glow. She hated its sickly, disturbing, beautiful color. She hated the feeling of dread that it inspired in her. Most of all, though, she hated that it made her think of that place, and it made her think of how she’d felt there. She’d thought she could stay there. A part of her had wanted to stay there. How different would it have been from her everyday life? Constantly fighting for it, constantly looking for a threat. The only difference was that, in that world, she’d known what the threats were: everything.
Mina wanted to get rid of that key. She went over to it and snatched it up along with all her other stuff. She’d go to the Common, see if there was a way to get rid of it there. After. She had one other stop first.
The drive to the edge of the forest was shorter than Mina expected. Then again, she supposed that time dragged when one was dying. Mina got out slowly, her movements still painful. Not knowing why, she grabbed the key. There wasn’t a reason. She just felt compelled to take it with her. It glowed brightly. She hated it. She limped slowly, her feet bare as she walked, trying to sense the water that she and Bex had travelled for that brief period of time. She’d looked at a map on her phone before she’d gotten there. She knew the river she was looking for. She just needed to find that knife.
She wasn’t facing Frank again without that knife. She didn’t know when she’d see him again, but she thought it was poetic that he’d die with the blade that he’d tried to kill both her and Bex with. It was nothing less than he deserved. She’d bury it in his side as well, let the ragged edges rip him apart from the inside, too. She’d make his life hell, and she’d make sure he was dead before she let him go. He needed to die. He needed to die. He needed to die.
Mina had never killed anyone, but she thought she could kill Frank. She knew she could Frank. She wanted to kill Frank.
There was the river. It was nowhere near where she and Bex had crawled out, but she didn’t need it to be. She could swim. The incessant key was glowing. She remembered that it came from a world full of water. Would going in the water with it make things worse? She didn’t know. She was about to find out.
Mina dove in, the feeling of water always a relief as it touched her skin, the scales breaking out all over her. She soaked it up for a moment, her body having grown unused to being out of the water for the last few days. The river was a balm on her wounds, soothing all the aches and pains and burns. She looked at the key, saw that it was still glowing but nothing outrageous happened.
She nodded to herself and started swimming. It was a long river, and she had a ways to go to get to where their little boat was capsized. Still, Mina kept her eyes out, scouring the riverbed for a glint of the knife. If anyone could find that knife, it would have been her.
Cold iron. A knife made of cold iron. Before Frank, Mina had only really felt the burn of cold iron a handful of times in her life. Regular iron served its purpose. A good portion of her own weapons were made of regular iron. But cold iron… It hurt. It burned. It stuck around. It lingered in her system like a stain on her insides. She still felt it. It was still there. Even if it was gone, it was still there.
She knew it wouldn’t hurt him in quite the same way, but it would still hurt him. Hunters, for all their enhanced senses and faster healing, were still human. They still died like humans, and a knife was a knife.
A knife was a knife that she finally caught a glance of. She dove for it, pulling it out of the silt and muck. She broke the surface holding the knife up to the light just to make sure it was the one she was looking for. Mina recognized those edges. She knew what they felt like against her skin.
Being above the surface called something to her attention, like she was being called to without language, without sound. It was coming from in the forest. She needed to get out of the water and trek out into the forest.
So that was what Mina did. She got out of the water and started stumbling through the forest, pulled in a direct not dissimilar to the way she’d been pulled toward the key. The key. The key was glowing brighter, it’s blue light surrounding her, enveloping her.
It was like how she’d been walking through the forest for all those weeks, trying to find solace in the forest, letting herself be led from body of water to body of water, fighting whatever stood in her way. Only this time, she was headed away from the water. This time, there was something dragging her through the forest, and she couldn’t make it stop.
There was a tree. A large, strange tree in the middle of the forest. There was something about it that Mina distrusted. There was something about Mina that it distrusted. She could tell. She didn’t know how, but she could tell.
Mina wanted to get closer. She backed away instead. Something about this didn’t feel right. She was a water nymph; her connection to nature was through bodies of freshwater. But she’d trekked through forests her entire life. She had a connection to the land through water.
This tree felt… Off wasn’t the right word. It didn’t feel off. It felt like it belonged. It felt like the most alive thing in the forest. It felt connected to everything. The land, the water, her. She didn’t like it. She didn’t like it.
Looking at the tree, her eyes scanning it over, feeling life and water and blood, Mina backed away slowly. The key was glowing. The tree didn’t like it. Mina tripped over a root. A root wrapped around her ankle. Kicking out, she moved away as quickly as she could manage back to the water, breathing heavily. She needed to get away from that tree. She needed to get rid of that key.
The water was a safe haven by the time she waded back in and dived under. She sat on the bottom for a few minutes trying to breathe and relax before she swam back to her car. She had her knife. The next objective was to get rid of the key. Get rid of the key. She had to get rid of the key.
Mina went back to the car, trying not to get water all over Morgan’s seat. She wanted to keep walking, keep moving. Instead, she put the car in drive and went to the Common. That made the most sense, right? That’s what was flooding. Therefore, that should be where she got rid of the key. Right? She hoped so.
Parking and getting out, Mina walked into the mostly empty Common, key in hand. It glowed bright, probably sensing that it was near where it had come from. She walked out, feet sloshing in water that lingered in places, some of them not sucking back into the whirlpool that formed everytime the hell dimension opened up. That was where she should look for a place to put the key. She hoped. She hoped.
There was something there, where the whirlpool formed. There was something. Mina walked closer, closer, closer still, checking to see if anything was going to come out and attack her. Nothing did. She was grateful that nothing did.
The key was glowing. There was a hole. The chances of the glowing key fitting in the hole seemed to be high. With shaky fingers, Mina leaned down and could only hope for the best as she stuck the key in and turned it.
At first, nothing happened. Then, it was like a vacuum of the water being sucked away, the Common clearing out and drying. Mina felt like something was drying out her own skin, the sensation uncomfortable and even a little painful. She fell back, confused. Then she felt it.
Something was rumbling under the ground, something familiar and full of life and angry. A root broke out of the ground, wrapping itself around Mina’s ankle. She cried out, not in pain but in confusion as her scales were forced to the surface where the root touched as it snaked its way up her leg. Everywhere it touched, the scales shifted in color, changing from silver to the same shade of blue as the key. She cried out again, more panicked, her nails shifting into claws as she ripped into the root and finally managed to pull herself away. Her scales were stained, and she tried to wipe it away but she couldn’t. The color stayed. The key was gone. The whirlpool gone. There was nothing left of the water portal to hell but a few stray portals.
Mina wasn’t sure what happened. The places on her leg stung. The root had disappeared into the ground. She was alone. She wanted to go home. She had what she’d come for, and now she wanted to go home. Unlike weeks before, though, this time, when she wanted to go home, Mina did.
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cardiganhouis · 27 minutes ago
“i would not wish any companion in the world but you.” - The Tempest.
“if music be the food of love, play on.” – Twelfth Night.
“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.” – A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.” – Sonnet 18.
larry with shakespeare my everything
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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theresnothingformehere · 34 minutes ago
i made a dating facebook profile again
then deleted it again
now i discovered this reddit thread(? for meeting people
and i'm considering talking to this dude
he seems fucking weird but in a cool not creepy way
i, i just want love
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yejiswife · 34 minutes ago
i have a playlist for all of my favorite ptg songs and it just went past 60.... and thats just the songs i love the most 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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nemesisjoe86 · 37 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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mando-punk · 54 minutes ago
The CGI in Phantom Menace is SO BAD but the costume design and score are SO GOOD 😩😩
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braindeacl · an hour ago
The Skeleton Key | Solo ft. James
SETTING: White Crest National Park TIMING: Current, early morning. SUMMARY: A key returns home. WARNINGS: N/A
It was so close. She could already taste the flesh that would soon get stuck in her teeth. The animal, the prey, was just out of reach. But a fatal mistake sealed its fate. She advanced, eager hands grasping. Her body tensed, ready for the finishing strike.
Her foot caught against a rock—body smacked against the soil. When she lifted her head, the marten was out of sight. Gone.
The key jingled mockingly in her pocket as she returned her footing. Probably that bastard’s fault. Trouble always afflicted her at the most inconvenient times—or when it was convenient for it. But it couldn’t stay trapped in that box forever. That would be cruel. And a mystery still clung to the air, a question with no answer. Another day—another blind dash around town—another attempt with empty hands. But her stomach didn’t need to be empty too. A snack would brighten her day. A snack that just disappeared into the wilderness.
“I think it went… that way? No, that way. Yes. Yes? That way.” James gave an honest try.
“Say it again and you might convince me.” Eilidh gave a smirk.
“… That way?”
Eilidh snorted. Something hissed. They both turned to the sudden sound.
Eyes watched them from the bushes. Eyes this land had not seen for a time. Paw pressed into the Earth, revealing a face. Lips curled back, revealing fangs. Another hiss shot passed those exposed canines. Growl rumbled in its chest. “A puma?” Not a particularly unusual sight. If they were in another place. But here, in Maine, it was more peculiar than coming across a hellhound, or a gnome, or a sprite. A relic of a bygone era.
As its name was spoken, it became lost back into that bush. As if its presence was never known, as if it was never there. But now Eilidh was in pursuit. Shoe prints replaced paw prints—pressed into the ground as the two pressed on. She did not know where it would lead her, and she did not know why she followed. Curiosity was the easy culprit, it was usually so, but it was almost too easy. Something else compelled her, pushed her curiosity to the brink. Pushed a wanting, which she mistook for hunger. Her stomach growled. That key jingled. And the two continued onward.
Distance spread them apart. Caused by a difference in speed, in biology. But Eilidh was no stranger to elusive prey, no stranger to these woods. She soon found it again. The chase continued. Once more it escaped her and once more she found her way back. And the chase continued. Continued. Continued. One track mind made her blind to anything else. She did not notice easier targets. She did not notice James’ questions, concerns. All she could see was the departing tail of the lion. All she could hear was the subtle crunch of paws. All she could feel was the gnawing of hunger. Everything else melted away.
Lights filtered through the leaves. It was too low to be the sun, which still clung to the horizon, not ready for the morning to come. No, this light was below that, overtook the area with its own glow. Closer and concentrated. Another gateway. And the creature was running straight towards it. As if it were heading there all along. No! No! No! No! No! Her teeth yearned. The key ached. She could not let it get away. She needed it.
A pinecone fell upon her head. She did not feel it. A wind brought dirt into her eyes. She blinked it away. A rabbit scurried out if its burrow and tore her leg. She let the flesh fall. The pursuit continued. Legs pushed her forward, hands prepared for the attack. Fingers gripped tightly, desperately, on the tail. The creature finally turned to face her. Its claws bashed against her flank. Intestines peaked from her shirt. Her teeth sunk into its neck. Blood dripped onto the forest floor. They returned blow after blow, and the area began filled in their carnage. Scent of blood filled the air, until the scent of death overtook it all. The puma expelled its last breath, the last movement it would ever take. Gone.
She grew still, as still as the fallen creature below her. Staring. Blinking. She hadn’t meant to do that. Had she meant to do that? Blinking quickened, releasing tears. They fell onto the dead, the blood, the gore covered grass. Why did she do that? Her eyes slammed shut, familiar words whispered pass her lips. It had passed on. Nothing more could be done. Except not let the flesh go to waste.
She tore off an ear first. After a few chews it was consumed, furs and all. Fingers scooped out an eye, plopped it into her mouth. With a crunch, the contents popped onto her tongue, sent a warmth down her throat. Her teeth scrapped against bone as she tore deeper, removed more. Most tumbled into her mouth—few slid down her chin and rejoined the Earth with its brethren. Blood stained her shirt and the dirt and the fur that had moments ago flowed in the breeze with life. And she kept biting. And she kept chewing. And she kept feeding.
Minutes came and went before she was satisfied enough to take a break. She let her head roll back with a sigh, enjoying the tingle of energy coursing her skin. The moment passed and she looked upon the corpse with fresh eyes. And they immediately locked onto a curiosity. Bits of bones poked out of dead muscle, revealed from her efforts, and it was on one of these bones she found a misplaced cavity. A predator was no stranger to the skeletal system, and she was a mighty fine predator. She could spot when something was amiss. Could be a remnant of an old wound, a previous brush with death it had managed to escape from, unlike today. Could be a deformity, an illness, a simple act of nature. But something told her it was more than that. That wanting.
The key jingled. Removed from its place in her pocket, she stared at it. Somehow, she knew what to do. It was so obvious now. She slipped the key into that crack upon the bone. Click! Perfect fit. She turned it. Click!
Everything stopped—as if a great vacuum sucked all the sounds away. Silence so sudden, so strong, her ears buzzed in the absence. The corpse turned gray, then soft to the touch, then just crumbled away. Rendered into simple dust. She coughed, and that dust erupted from her mouth, spewed on the floor. Blood stains darkened and crackled before loosing hold and sprinkling down. No flesh or bone or blood remained. Only dust. A wind blew by and carried that dust away. Until there was nothing left but her memories.
With a single bird chirp, the symphony of the forest came back. As if nothing ever happened. As if the forest had simply forgotten. She looked up. That gateway was gone. Same as the dust and the corpse and the key. All was gone. Except for her and what she saw.
James opened his mouth to say something. A quick intake of air was as far as he got before his lips shut again. He just gawked at her, hoping for answers, for enlightenment. But answers she could not give. 
Eilidh finally spoke. “That was exciting.” She began to wonder about the fates of the other gateways. Did they too just blink out of existence? Or had they simply moved? But other pressing matters were at hand. Realizing flesh no longer filled it, her stomach gave a loud growl. “Help me find something to eat.”
“I... Okay.”
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little-la-luna · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I love shaking what my momma gave me….. do you like the way I move ? 💋
My premium onlyfans page:
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astroshinb · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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grosir434supplierjual · an hour ago
Harga Payung Promosi 08ᑫᏮ–З0lᒿ–Зᜪᜪᑫ{WhatsApp}
Tumblr media
Mengenai kapan anda menginginkan artikel harga payung promosi pastinya sangat beraneka. Karena separuh orang membutuhkannya segera, akan tetapi ada pula yang tidak begitu terburu2. Entah sebabnya, di sini kakak dapat memperhatikan informasi ini secara percuma. Kakak tidak usah mengeluarkan duit, selain jaringan internet serta listrik. Apalagi selain tulisan harga payung promosi, kamu juga dapat mengintip beragam koleksi artikel berbeda yang terkait. Tidak terlalu apabila separuh orang betah menjelajah situs ini. Jika berhasrat mengkontak pengarang, langsung saja whatsapp di angka yang sudah terpampang. Karna payung ialah benda yang simpel dan banyak sekali difungsikan oleh rakyat indonesia. Buah tangan yg harganya hemat yg juga mampu untuk sarana iklan perusahaan dikau. Melalui sablon nama serta logo industri anda yang berada di pada payung, membikin nama perusahaan dikau banyak diingat oleh lanjut orang. Sendirinya harapannya meninggikan daya pemerekan perusahaan dikau.
jual payung tirai
Payung tersedia pada kisaran harga dan titik kualitas, mulai sekitar yang murah, tampilan berkualitas sederhana yang dijual pada toko diskon sampai tampilan mahal, yang dibikin dengan indah, berlabel desainer. Payung yang lagi besar yg mampu menghalangi matahari untuk sebagian insan acap digunakan sebagai alat tetap / semi-tetap, difungsikan dg meja teras / perabot luar ruangan lainnya, atau bagi titik teduh di pantai yg cerah. Pabila anda tengah mencari artikel mengenai jual beli payung yogyakarta, dikau berada pada web yang benar. Pesatnya kemajuan teknologi informasi belakangan ini menyebabkan bagus pada semua kelompok. Anak pendidikan, pelajar perguruan tinggi, misalpun masyarakat bisa dengan mudah menemukan informasi yang mereka inginkan. Tiada usah repot-repot hadir ke tertentu lokasi guna mempunyai informasi mengenai daerah yang sudah disebutkan. Asalkan dapat terhubung dengan network www, dimanasaja kita cukup kami bisa menggali seluruh wawasan yang kami perlukan. Situs berikut ini secara sadar kita bikin guna memberikan info-info sebagai untuk keperluan penelitian, mandat madrasah, atau yang lainnya. Opini / saran yg membangun begitu kita perlukan agar perkembangan informasi yang kami jabarkan
bikin payung custom
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liberoreporter · an hour ago
Da lunedì Italia tutta in zona bianca, tranne Valle d'Aosta ancora gialla
Da lunedì Italia tutta in zona bianca, tranne Valle d’Aosta ancora gialla
Tutta Italia in zona bianca da lunedì 21 giugno tranne la Valle d’Aosta che resta ancora zona gialla ma senza coprifuoco, come tutte le altre regioni. Il ministro della Salute Roberto Speranza ha firmato una nuova ordinanza: misure e regole anti-Covid più leggere saranno in vigore anche in Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Marche, Toscana, Sicilia e la Provincia autonoma di Bolzano. In particolare,…
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senshilegionnaire · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
only made this video to make a stupid kitty pryde joke, am now MONTHS LATER still not over the hilariousness of a literal 14yo trying to pull something ludicrous like this when a) dude's deadass wrong anyway, and b) ive had the thing memorized since like 2000, and c) i mean i think maybe he should get used to queer ska-presenting pan-genre bards doing whatever the fuck we want
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return-to-mirovia · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
reposting from my old blog
I don’t really like it but Julian’s face on the last panel is the best thing I ever drew
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