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#solo harry
lolzskye · 2 days ago
pairing: harry styles x reader
warning: fighting 😣 (because ppl like to make the reader a shy cry baby that can’t defend herself…most def not me)
summary: you defend yourself against a “fan”, harry’s there to calm you down
wc: 1.3k
also not proofread because im lazy this time
Tumblr media
“but i don’t want to,” harry pouted childishly, pushing his face more into her neck.
“harry, i’m literally not going anywhere. i’ll be, like, 5 feet away. you’ll be fine.” they had about an hour and a half before harry had to be on stage, but for now, there was a small meet and greet being held backstage. it was a must to be vaccinated and negatively tested, otherwise you were not allowed backstage for the safety of the crew, harry, and everyone else backstage.
“why can’t you just sit by me?”
“because i don’t need to get an autograph signed or get my picture taken with my boyfriend. now, i’ll be eating snacks if you need me.” you were happy when harry smiled at you, letting out a small giggle before leaning down to kiss your forehead.
you knew why he didn’t want you to be alone, he never wanted you to if fans were around because many of them didn’t like you. they didn’t really have a reason not to, you were the type of person who never took shit from anybody and spoke up when need be, they didn’t like that it was about them, though.
you’d get lots of dms, tagged in twitter or instagram posts from “fans” who were blatantly rude and disrespectful. you, being the type of person you are, if something stuck out to you, you would respond to them.
you were sitting down scrolling on your phone when a group of girls walked up and stood in front of you.
“hi,” one of the replied shyly, “we were just wondering if you could take a picture with us. obviously you don’t have to if you don’t want to, we were just wondering.” you were surprised by her question, wondering why they wanted a picture with you. you weren’t anything special, really.
“no, you’re okay! of course i’ll take a picture with you.” you stood up from your seat, putting your phone in your back pocket so you wouldn’t lose it or have it stolen.
you motioned for one of the security guards over to take the photo for you as the five of you moved around to be in the standing positions that fit your interest.
you stood in between the four girls, having two on each of your sides, and wrapped each arm around the two that were standing closer to you. you gently pulled them closer to you, causing the two girls on the end to move closer as well.
you also took individual pictures with them, as requested, and took a few pictures with others who asked as well.
you said your goodbyes to the four girls, watching as they moved to walk over towards the snack section.
you talked to a few more fans before someone, who you had very much so expected, showed up in front of you, making you abruptly stop your movements.
“hello?” you said cautiously, taking two steps back. the girl glared at you. she had a guy behind her, who you had assumed was her boyfriend because of the way she leaned onto him. he paid no attention to the conversation, continuing to stare at whatever was on his phone.
“why are you here?” the girl snared, giving you a dirty look as she crossed her arms over her chest and shifted her weight onto one leg.
“well, i mean harry is my boyfriend. has been since we 21,” you replied, looking back at her with a frown on her face.
“well, he shouldn’t be. he deserves someone better than you. you’re rude and disrespectful.”
“no, i’m just not intimidated by so called fans like you. i speak my mind about anything, including fans like you, and you don’t like it,” you shrugged your shoulders at her, silently laughing at the facial expression she made.
“i hope he comes to his senses. you don’t deserve him because you’re nothing but an attention seeking bitch,” the took one tiny step closer to you. you didn’t move from your spot, knowing that no matter how close she gets, she won’t have the balls to actually touch you.
“oh?” you laughed, “and what would that make you?” you saw rage fill her eyes. you gave her fake, tight lipped smile, setting her off even more by how unintimidated you were by her. you watched as she pulled her cheeks in, and before you knew you-
she spat in your face.
out of reflex, your right hand formed into a fist and was moving straight towards the middle of her face in a quick motion. you watched as her head moved back from the force of the punch you threw before you used both hands to push her onto the floor.
you felt a large arm wrap around your midsection and lift you up from the ground, away from the crowd that was beginning to form around the girl on the floor.
you wiped the spit off of your cheek with the sleeve of the hoodie you were wearing, only then did you realize that you were crying. you weren’t sad, you were upset, beyond upset, and tired. tired of people feeling like they could do or say anything to you without any consequences.
“put me down, please,” your voice was shaky and your vision was blurry from the amount of tears brewing in your eyes.
the guard put you down and walked with you back to harry’s dressing room. you walked inside of the room, seaming the door loudly before walking over to the couch. you sat down, dropping your head in your hands as you finally let the tears fall.
you were so disappointed in yourself for letting someone get to you like that, but at the same time, you were proud of yourself for defending yourself when you needed to.
your body shook as sobs and tears began to flow. finally, the door opened and in came your loving boyfriend. his bewildered expression fell into a worried one once he saw you.
“baby, what happened?” he asked, rushing over to you and pulling you into his embrace.
your sobs and tears continued to flow. harry did everything in his power to sooth you, not asking for you to stop crying, but for you to calm down enough to tell him what happened.
it took a minute for you to calm down, sitting with your head on harry’s chest while he kissed your forehead and rubbed your back.
“she came to me and- and asked me why i was here and then started saying these things like you deserve better and she called me a bitch. she spit on my and,” you paused to take a breath, “i punched her.” harry’s motions didn’t stop, even when he heard your last three words.
“you punched her?”
“yes, but it was a reflex. and she did spit in my face,” you whined in defense. it was silent until he shrugged his shoulders and let out a dramatic sigh.
“she did kind of deserve it.” he smiled when he heard the laugh you let out. he lifted your head, smiling down at you before leaning down to connect his lips with hers.
“i love you, and i’m proud of you for defending yourself. i promise.” and you were very content with that, not worrying about how the girl would change the story of what happened and the backlash you were going to face because of this. you were just happy to have harry with you no matter what you do.
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multipackstuff · 2 days ago
hii, any harry styles header for this icon?? tyyy
Tumblr media
hii i have these
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
like or reblog if you used/saved ♡
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lolzskye · 17 hours ago
apologies (h.s)
Tumblr media
pairing: harry styles x oc (black woman because we don’t see it enough)
summary: she’s pregnant but he doesn’t know if he’s ready yet
warnings: angst, pregnancy, swearing, mentions of abortion, violence
i absolutely love writing about pregnancies i’m sorry 😣 also not proofread
her heart sank to her feet.
the words she was so afraid of had fallen from his lips when she had finally built the courage to tell him.
“you’re what?” he asked, looking at her with a blank stare. honestly, she was scared of repeating herself, not wanting to see the reaction he would give her.
“val,” he called her, desperately wanting to know if he had heard her words correctly. she reverted her eyes from his to the ground in front of her from where she was sitting on their bed.
“i’m pregnant, harry.”
once again, the room was silent. harry stood by the door, staring at her. he didn’t know what to say, his thought process not working properly from the news.
“are you sure?” he asked, causing her to scoff and roll her eyes.
“pretty damn sure, h.” again, another beat of silence. she didn’t like this. this wasn’t the reaction she hoped he’d have. she wanted him to happy, to have a smile on his face while he walked over to her with his arms wide. she wanted to catch him talking to their unborn child, kissing and rubbing her stomach. she wanted him to want this.
“are you going to keep it?” valentine’s eyes widen as her head shot up to look at him, disbelief shown clearly.
“are you fucking serious? am i going to keep it?” she asked in a mocking tone. her voice began to rise, how stupid could he be?
“well, i’m sorry, okay! i don’t how you want me to react!” he shouted back, throwing his arms in the air.
“i want you to be happy, harry! i wanted you walk over here with tears in your eyes and hug and kiss me! i want you to want this with me!” she felt tears began to form as she stood up, taking a few steps closer to him.
“well i don’t know if i can give you that, valentine!”
she remained frozen as she looked into his eyes, only being able to mutter one word, “really?” she was so quiet he could barley hear her, but he understood what she said.
“i don’t know,” he lowered his head, eyes shooting down to his feet as he couldn’t watch her try to keep from falling apart anymore.
she felt the tears finally fall down her cheeks, sniffling to try to get them to stop. “okay,” she nodded, looking at anything but him.
she started to make her way towards their closet, taking out a bag and placing a few clothes in the bag, just in case.
“w-what are you doing?” he stuttered. “where are you going?”
“i’ll be at my mom’s for a few days, let me know if you make a decision.” she never made eye contact with him, moving from place to place packing the things she’d need for a few days.
“val,” he said, attempting to distract her from trying to leave. “you don’t need to leave, val.” once she had her bags packed, she walked around him and out of the room. quickly, she walked down the stairs, trying to get away from him and fast.
“valentine!” he shouted, following after her down the stairs. his legs were much longer than hers which gave him an advantage. he was moving, and moving quickly. just as she reached the door, his hand grabbed one bag out of her hand. he placed it on the floor away from her and went to grab the other one.
“no, give me the other one,” she demanded.
“i’m not doing that. put the bag down, please,” he begged, really not wanting her to leave.
“no!” valentine raised her voice, moving the bag in her hand out of his reach. it didn’t really work since it was kind of too heavy for her to hold up and his arms were long enough to reach it.
harry pried her fingers off of the straps on the bag and threw it on the floor as well. he wrapped both of his arms around valentine trying to stop her from trying to get both bags.
“let go, harry!” she squirmed. her hair was messing up from rubbing her head against harry’s chest, her clothes were wrinkling and moving uncomfortable on her body. she had tears running at an uncomfortable pace down her face as harry picked her up and walked into the living room. he placed her back on her feet and let her turn around to face him.
she tried to move around him and back to the area where the bags were seated on the floor but was blocked by harry’s body. any place she moved, he was right in front of her, stopping her from going anywhere.
“move!” she yelled using both of her hands to push him out of the way, only to have him grab a hold of both of her wrist. she groaned in frustration, violently pulling one hand from his hold, using it to hit and push his other hand.
“baby, stop,” harry pleaded. all he wanted was to talk to her, to sit her down and talk.
“stop touching me!” she began using her legs and feet to get away from him, kicking and kneeing anything she could.
she hadn’t realized that he had both of her wrists in one hand and was moving to wrap his arm around her legs. he picked her up, holding her tightly against his body and moved to lie her on the couch.
she was hysterical at this point, the tears had continued to fall down her cheeks, leaving them slightly, but noticeably red. loud cries and shouts were leaving her mouth as she thrashed around underneath his body. harry sat down on her legs and pinned her arms down to the couch with his hands.
“i just want to talk to you!” he expressed, voice rising to be louder than her cries.
after a while, she realized she wasn’t going to be able to go anywhere due to his body weight on top of hers, so she allowed herself to calm down and listen to what he had to say. she knew he wasn’t doing any of this to hurt her, it was because he cared and wanted to talk it out which was something she wasn’t really good at doing.
harry leaned forward, letting go of her wrist and placing his hands on her head, rubbing her dark, messy hair back and out of her face. he planted kiss after kiss to her forehead, noticing how much it calmed her down as well. he admired how beautiful she looked, even after crying for so long, noticing the light tinge of red on her brown skin.
“calm down, please. you’re okay,” he whispered, resting his head against hers.
“‘kay,” she replied, sniffing and letting out deep breaths.
“i’m sorry. you know i’ve always wanted kids, i just wasn’t expecting it to come so soon. we’re still young, you know? i didn’t mean to hurt you, i was just scared,” he told her, planting a few more kisses on her forehead. “watching you pack your things and seeing how hurt you were just now made me realize that my insecurities aren’t worth it if you’re not here. i love you and i damn sure won’t be missing any of our baby’s first all because i’m scared. i’m so sorry i hurt you,” he told her.
“i’m so mad at you right now.”
“i know. i’m sorry for what i said. i shouldn’t have said it, i’m so sorry. please don’t leave me.” she giggled tearfully, placing a gentle kiss on his lips.
“i wasn’t going to leave you if you weren’t sure. i was going to give you a few days to think it over,” she told him, running her fingers through his hair.
harry eventually got off of her, moving her over so that he could lay beside her. they sat in silence for a moment as harry rubbed her stomach. she didn’t have a bump yet but he could only imagine what she would look like when the baby grew.
“so, we’re having a baby?” he asked, getting a laugh out of valentine.
“we’re having a baby.”
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watermelonlovershigh · 4 months ago
(Here you will find my own Harry Styles one shots fanfictions. I write Smut, Sicfics, & Fluff with occasional Angst. I also write my fics with either boyfriend Harry, husband Harry, dad Harry, and occasional friend/acquaintance or single dad when specifically requested. I dislike Dark Harry in fanfics so keep in mind, in all of my writings Harry is Soft. Basically how his personality is in real life. Caring for others & extra nice to everyone. I WILL NOT WRITE ANY BDSM OR REALLY KINKY SITUATIONS. And there may be some errors in parts of the stories. I'm sorry. I do proof read, but I'm a recovering dyslexic & have had a reading disability when I was in school. I've gotten much better though. Lastly I will say, I love when fanfics have a lot of details in them, so be expecting very detailed stories.) (I will take request so please send them to me. Thank you, & I hope you enjoy.)
(Most if not all of my fanfics are first posted to my Wattpad as well. My Wattpad is @ watermelonlovershigh)
+50 One Shots so enjoy binge reading
-Want to know more about me, the person behind this account? Click here for a All About Me Tag I did.
- Harry Styles blurbs, concepts, & short stories Masterlist
-Fanfiction Recommendations MASTERLIST
-My Harry Styles Series MASTERLIST
-Last Updated: (9/15/2021)
Go check out the Harry Styles series I've created:
Boyfriend Harry-
Harry Makes You Come During a Movie (SMUT) (edited)
(in which you shove Harry’s hand down your panties to make you orgasm)
Fetus Harry Eats You Out for the First Time (SMUT)
(This story takes place before Harry was on X Factor.)
You Ride Harry’s Dick While Watching a Movie with his Bandmates (SMUT)
(You feel horny and Harry is the only one who can help you out)
You Wake Harry Up by Riding His Cock (SMUT)
(You wake up horny & start riding Harry's dick while he's asleep)
Losing Your Virginity to Harry (SMUT)
(Harry does everything slow and filled with love to make the process as painless as possible)
Drunk Thigh Riding (SMUT)
(When drunk, you get horny but you're in public & actual sex would be taken advantage of you in your state, Harry allows you to thigh ride your throbbing pussy instead)
You Puke While Giving Him a Blowjob (SMUT)
(Normally you're great at blowjobs but tonight was a fluke incident)
Harry Teaches You How to Masturbate & You Come for the First Time (SMUT)
(You're very inexperienced but suddenly feel horny and don't understand what's going on, so Harry helps your little problem)
Your Favorite Sex Position with Harry (SMUT)
(3 scenarios of how you and Harry enjoy your favorite sex position)
How Harry Uses Vibrators on You (SMUT)
(Scenario situations of how, when, and where, Harry uses vibrators on you. Includes photos for visuals)
Very Intimate Thigh Riding (SMUT)
(After a night of love making, you wake up & straddle a sleeping Harry's thigh to masturbate while he wakes & jerks his cock off, ending in both of you having intense orgasms)
Grinding on Harry's Hand (pussy cupping)(SMUT)
(In a spooning position, LHH Harry cups your pussy while rocking his hips into and both of your come)
Face Sitting (SMUT)
(You sit on Harry's face while he eats you out for the first time)
Your First Time (Fetus Harry) (SMUT)
(You and fetus Harry loose your virginities together as boyfriend & girlfriend)
Mutual Masturbation in the Shower (SMUT)
(A innocent shower together turns steamy when you rub Harry's dick head on your clit & you both orgasm together)
His Cum Makes You Throw Up (SMUT/SICFIC)
(Wanting to taste Harrys cum for the first time didn't go so well)
Steamy Shower Sex (SMUT)
(Waking up in a bed alone, you find Harry in the shower and surprise him by joining him and end up having shower sex)
Cock Warming in Harry's Home Office (SMUT With FLUFF)
(When you wake up alone and feeling empty, you walk to Harry's home office and he allows you to cock warm in his lap. Leading to you falling asleep and Harry having to carry you back to bed with him, still attached to his cock.)
Cock Warming During a Winter Thunder Storm (SMUT With FLUFF) (blurb ---- >> * )
(You get scared and cold from a winter thunder storm and end up cock warming with Harry to help you relax and fall back asleep.)
Husband Harry-
Shower Head Orgasm & Making Love in the Bathtub (SMUT)
(A stressful day at work is made better by your husband Harry)
How Harry Would Make Love to You (SMUT) pt. 1
(Very detailed description on you and your husbands love making)
How Harry Takes Care of You After Making Love to You (SMUT) pt. 2
(After good intense love making, Harry is there to take care of you)
Intimate & Slow Hot Tub Sex (SMUT)
(You ride Harry's cock in the hot tub, with your bodies pressed together tightly, feeling the love from one another)
Dry Sex (SMUT)
(Wanting to try something new sexually, you recommend dry sex)
You Get Tired During Sex & Harry Has to Take Over (SMUT)
(You ride Harrys cock while he does his nightly reading, but get too tired & Harry has to give in and take over)
Emotionally Horny (SMUT)
(Struggling to masturbate at 4 am due to your pregnant belly, Harry wakes up and helps by using a vibrator on you)
Intimate Skin to Skin Sex w/ Pillow Humping (+ aftercare) (SMUT)
(Laying naked on your stomach, Harry lays on top of you and fucks you while playing with your breast and you grind on a pillow. Then he helps you go to the toilet & tends to your raw pussy with some ointment cream)
Edging Gone Wrong (smut)
(What was supposed to be some harmless edging with vibrating panties, soon turns into public embarrassment when Harry doesn't turn them off & you come in front of everyone at the restaurant)
Early Morning Pussy Eating (SMUT)
(Harry wakes you up by eating your pussy with his experienced tongue)
Harry Gets Caught Masturbating in the Shower (SMUT) (sub!harry)
(You catch Harry using the shower head on his cock and fingering himself in the shower and decide to help him out.)
Giving Harry a Pre-Concert Blowjob (SMUT) {HSLOT}
(Harry is nervous for his first concert of the new tour and to calm his nerves down, you give him a quick blowjob in the dressing rooms bathroom.)
Insecure About Your Sex Life (SMUT)
(When your friends talk about their sex lives and question yours, you get insecure by thinking that Harry doesn't like the type of sex you share together.)
Dad Harry-
Having Sex as Parents (SMUT) (edited)
(Harry's accidental boner turns in intimacy under the sheets)
Late Night Couch Sex (SMUT)
(After putting your kids to bed, cuddling on the couch while watching a film turns sexual real fast)
Riding Harrys Dick on a Toilet
(Sex deprived at Harrys mums house, you sneak in the bathroom late at night to get some action)
Shower Orgasm + Aftercare (SMUT & FLUFF)
(Determined to help you relax, Harry joins you in the shower to give you the number 1 medicine for stress relive. Then takes care of you when your brain has turned fuzzy.)
Harry Gets Sick During Sex (SMUT)
(Riding Harrys cock with a huge pregnant belly was a mistake)
Sleepy Sex (SMUT)
(Before your cockblockers awake, you & Harry have slow, sleepy sex under the blankets)
Pool Sex While the Kids Are Sleeping (SMUT)
(While on vacation, you and Harry have a quick intimate fuck in your condos pool while your kids take a nap)
Stress Relief Sex (SMUT)
(Finding you crying in the closet late at night, Harry comforts you & then you both end up making love on the closet floor)
Cock Warming in a Tent (Barely SMUT/Mostly FLUFF)
(While camping, you get cold & get into Harry's sleeping bag to cuddle. Then he ends up slipping his erect penis into you without any sexual intentions.)
Make Up Sex (SMUT+ lots of Angst)
(After you yell at Harry, you go to apologize but find him crying on the bathroom floor. After forgiveness is shared, you make love to him in the middle of the bathroom on the cold floor to show just how sorry you are.)
Innocent Shaving to Intimate Sex (SMUT)
(You ask Harry to shave your vagina, resulting in you both getting turned on and he eats you out and then fucks you in the shower)
Daughter Hears You Having Sex (SMUT)
(On the way to the zoo, your daughter questions the noises she heard the prior night coming from your bedroom and you and Harry have a flashback to the events that took place)
Paparazzi Catches You Thigh Riding Harry On A Yacht
(On a family vacation in Italy, you ride Harry's thigh out on the upper deck on the yacht while your kids are napping and later find out paparazzi has caught you by taking photos and videos from the town above)
You Quietly Get Pleasured by Harry at His Mum's House (SMUT)
(At Harry's mum's house, right as you thought Harry was falling asleep, he asks to pleasure you and you consent, allowing him to stick his hand in your panties and make you have an orgasm.)
Mummy Gets Interrupted While Giving Daddy a Blowjob (SMUT)
(You were just about to make Harry come in your mouth, when your five year old comes into your bedroom and interrupts you. But eventually you finish Harry off and go down stairs to tend to your awaken children.)
Friends Harry-
You Give Fetus Harry a Blowjob (SMUT)
(Wanting to be each others first, you decide to take it slow and start off with a blowjob)
Boyfriend Harry-
You Get Sick in the Middle of the Night (edited)
(The first night you spend with at your boyfriend Harrys’ house, things go horribly wrong when you get sick suddenly.)
Emetophobia Comfort (Harry)
(Unfortunately you suffer from emetophobia (fear of vomit and or vomiting your self) but with Harry by your side, you manage to get through it.)
You Get Sick in Public and Embarrass Yourself
(Rides at an amusement park don't go to well with food from food stands)
You Have Severe Period Cramps & Harry Comforts You
(You wake up with very painful period cramps & Harry helps the best as he can)
Harry Gets Food Poisoning While at Your House
(Harry gets food poisoning from Chinses take-out during a at-home date and you comfort him & take care of him)
Husband Harry-
You Have a Stomach Virus & Harry Takes Care of You
(You wake up to a pour tummy and Harry takes very good care of you)
You get Drunk at the BRITs & Harry Takes Care of You
(One drink turned into many drinks and the next thing you know you're wasted)
You Accidentally Puke in Harry's Car Pt. 1
(Dodgy fish makes you sick on your way home from a dinner date)
You Accidently Puke in Harry's Car Pt. 2 (helps you wash off & puts you to bed)
(Your loving husband cares for you after you've been sick in his car)
Dad Harry-
Your Daughter Gets Sick in Harry’s Car (edited)
(When a child gets a tummy ache, there is little to no warning before vomit gets everywhere)
Harry Takes Care of His Sick Daughter in the Middle of the Night (edited)
(There is nothing worse than being little and getting a tummy ache in the middle of the night. Well that happened to your daughter and Harry takes good care of her.)
Mummy Gets Car Sick
(On a road trip with your family, you get hit with car sickness & Harry comforts you)
Your Daughter Gets Sick at a Sleepover
(Your daughter falls sick at her first sleepover & Harry drives across the city at 3am to pick her up and bring her back home to comfort her as she's being sick)
Baby Spits Up During Nightly Feedings
(Once your baby finishes feeding from your boob while you sleep under her, Harry takes the baby from your breast & attempts to burp her, only for her to spit up down his back and on his pillow)
You Get Sick in the Back of an Uber
(When you drink too much at the Grammys, you end up having to get sick in the uber ride home and Harry cares for you.)
Friend/Acquaintance Harry-
Harry Takes Care of You at a Party
(From the kindness of his heart, Harry takes care of you while you're being sick at some party)
Fluff (occasionally minor smut):
Boyfriend Harry-
You Come Out as Bisexual to Harry
(You get the courage to finally tell your boyfriend Harry that you're bisexual and it ends in both of you shedding tears.)
Husband Harry-
Bisexual Harry (MILD SMUT w/ MOSTLY FLUFF)
(A bisexual Harry is in a relationship with you and it explains how you help him with his confidence and support him no matter what)
Dad Harry-
Harrys Daughter Gets Her First Period
(Single dad Harry helps his daughter when she gets her first period)
Day in the Life of a Single Dad with a 2 Yr Old
(Harry's daughter is going through her terrible twos and Harry has a day of struggling but ends up comforting his toddler when she genuinely gets upset that night)
Cuddly Night with a Family of Three
(On his way from carry you to bed, Harry picks up his awoken son and allows him to sleep with you both. Then you all cuddle together and fall happily asleep.)
A Day of Breastfeeding
(Through-out your day of breastfeeding your daughter, to Harry finding you breastfeeding in the bathtub, to rubbing cream on your sore nipples before bed)
Your Daughter Gets Scared of a Thunderstorm
(When a loud streak of lightning booms through the house, Harry has to get up and comfort your 3 year old daughter, and brings her to your room where she falls asleep on her daddies chest.)
(idk what category this goes under so it's just gonna stay here)
Love is Love
(This story is about how y/n met Harry, how they begun their relationship & started a life together, and how Emma ( Harry’s step-daughter) is trying to accept and let Harry into her life due to her battle with abandonment issues her biological father gave to her.)
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skepticalarrie · a month ago
Hello Allie! Do you think Sony is involved is this situation of Harry having fake relationships again??
Hello anon, how are you?
Oh I was just discussing that earlier with someone on my DMs. But basically, yes? As I said before, I do think Sony/Columbia interests are always going to prevail compared to Harry’s own wishes and his management’s. This is not 1D anymore but I highly doubt anyone has much *power* over that. I think is very naive of us to think labels don’t highly advise their artists to do something or not to do something in order to achieve whatever they have planned for them.
That being said, I don't think Harry is being punished by his label or whatever. The way I see it is more like Sony is not particularly happy ($$$) that HS3 is not out yet, especially after FL being so big ($$$). But it’s very clear to me that the idea of making Harry this huge untouchable multifaceted artist in the industry is coming from the Azoffs. And it really makes me think about all the reasons Holivia is happening the way it is. It's being pushed hard, it doesn't seem like it's going to end anytime soon. You see, just like Holivia, Haylor happened to promote something for both of them, but just a few weeks was enough to milk it for years and to make One Direction skyrocket in the U.S. So what is the end goal with Holivia? Because as time goes by it seems to me that this stunt is there to *please* everyone. Let's see:
- The label wants Harry to release HS3 asap, they want profit profit profit. In other words, Sony/Columbia is not thrilled about actor Harry instead of a new album. Plus, how successful Harry is going to be in the movies will also affect directly how much his music will be selling. If Holivia wasn't happening, Harry would be MIA this entire time. We would see him filming on set and that's it. Holivia is keeping Harry in the spotlight, it's keeping him a relevant artist while he doesn't have new music. (AND, Holivia will not end silently, so the end of it can also be used to promote new music and they can also use Olivia for the backstory of the new album, just like they did with Hamille)
- His management needs bargaining power. He has a three-album deal with Columbia, which makes this moment (between the second and the third album) a power game since HS3 could be the last one with the label. So as more successful, famous and profitable Harry is, the more power he has in future negotiations because the labels will want him no matter what the conditions are. It's a great moment to market him as a huge artist and not only a musician. So considering DWD is not a small production, and they need this movie to succeed, a stunt is a PR strategy that probably doubles the chances of making this movie successful and making people interested. Not to mention Olivia's interests in this.
- Holivia also allows Harry to make My Policeman, after all, he still has a £75-80M deal and a career that relies on his sexualized heterosexual image. So as ironic as it sounds, having a girlfriend allows a "soft" coming out. He can say he's in fact part of the community without compromising his image too much. People can slowly get used to the idea. And this does make him one step closer to a full and honest coming out in the future.
However, I think they forgot to think about the public's perception about Harry during all of this. Is that what his fans want? Will it come across as genuine as it should? Because people are not buying it, the fans are not happy.
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