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Solomiya Krushelnytska as Aida, 1900
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upyrica · 2 years ago
Let the birthday shopping commence!
So far we have: a cezve, a Kamasutra chocolate set, a handmade chocolate candy set named after Solomiya Krushelnytska, which does sound delicious, but actually was chosen because it reminds me of my hometown and is named Salome.
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Below is the translation of this article: https://te.20minut.ua/lyudi/ptashka-zi-stali-yaku-ne-zlamati-istoriya-spivochoyi-oboronitsi-azovst-11602147.html
"A bird made of steel that can't be broken!" We learned the story of our compatriot who defends Azovstal
Tumblr media
Russian occupiers continue to storm Azovstal. The enemy attacked the plant in various ways and with directed aircraft, artillery and infantry at it. Heavy fighting is going on in Mariupol.
Ukrainian soldiers bravely defend themselves under heavy fire. In brief moments of silence, their fighting spirit is supported by the song "Bird" - a defender, whose heroism surprises millions …
The video posted on the night of May 5 on his Facebook page by Mariupol defender Nik Mark is going through. In the dungeons of Azovstal, the third metallurgical enterprise in our country, the fighters perform a group of insurgent songs "We were born at a great hour" and "Our Father Bandera".
The song is sung by a smiling defender Katya - a 21-year-old girl, in whose heart, according to everyone we managed to communicate with, love for the Motherland has been burning with incredible strength since childhood!
Tumblr media
The military conquered social networks with her voice in a few hours. The whole world began to admire the indomitability and power of our Heroes!
Where does the famous defender come from? When did Katya decide to leave art and go to war on the front line? What adventures have you repeatedly had? We learned the story of the "Steel Bird".
"Fiery girl both outside and inside…"
Katya was born in the small village of Sosnivka, which is part of the Shumskaya OTG. She was cheerful and positive as a child, and still got into various situations, because she could not sit still...
- We studied together at the Shum Lyceum. I noticed the courage and desire to be ahead in Katya's character from the moment we met her. She was constantly starting a project, looking for new projects everywhere, in almost all areas, - says Valeria Panasyuk about her friend.
Tumblr media
As a child, Katya constantly went to the school competitions, participated in competitions from the music school. She really loved the stage and performing in front of an audience!
- After the 9th grade, she entered the Ternopil Solomiya Krushelnytska Art Vocational College in the Singing Department. For two years, while she was in high school, Katya always kept in touch with us, often joined the "lyceum" affairs and helped everyone. For example, before the prom, she joined in writing the script and shooting the video. Katya loves to organize something in life! - Valeria shares.
At the Ternopil educational institution, the young woman also proved to be a creative student and the initiator of many creative events.
- Katya is also a wonderful poetess and a very bright child! Teacher Maria Chornenka and I often held evenings of the author's poetry called "Literary Pitchfork". Katya recited her poems there. She has been published in "Free Life" more than once, once the collection "Melody of the Soul" with her poems was published, - Bohdan Romanovych Mayuk, a teacher at the Solomiya Krushelnytska TMFK, enthusiastically comments on his pupil.
In addition, Katya has been writing songs and music since childhood, and for several years she was an actress at the Ternopil People's Drama Theater-Studio "Constellation". Bohdan Romanovych smiles - what roles had’t she played…
- As Katya says - so be it! No one even argued with her, because they knew she would not give up! In the theater, Katya played in productions for about 4-5 years: she was both a gypsy Aza and a crazy Elena… I have never seen such an artist! - Bohdan Mayuk laughs and says that videos from performances are still "walking" on the network.
- Katya is a fire girl! Even her hair color speaks for itself! She always painted it either red, or cherry, or orange. She is a fiery girl both outside and inside! Katya inspires me with her passion and energy all the time! - says Valeria about her friend.
"The bird has to ride me on his motorcycle!"
Kateryna graduated from the College of Music in 2020, but apparently did not want to work in her specialty. Strived to find herself elsewhere…
- Katya and I had and still have good relations. We always talked about the stage, art and everyday life. She graduated from college and could easily have gotten a job, but left music for another occupation that filled her soul. You won’t believe what! - Bohdan Mayuk smiles.
After Ternopil, the fighting girl moved to the capital and got a job at The Riders motorcycle school. Katya literally fell in love with the biker craft.
- Working in Kyiv, she met many people and found new friends. Once we met her in Shumsk after a long separation and Katya said that she decided to buy a motorcycle. And she really bought it! I promised to come to my hometown and ride me there. I am still waiting for this and I hope that the promise will be fulfilled… - says Valeria Panasyuk.
In parallel with motorcycles, "Bird" became interested in military work. According to Valeria, Katya had a clear civic position in high school and was fascinated by the history of Ukraine. Therefore, settling in the capital, the young woman often took part in rallies and even joined a human rights organization.
- Once Katya secretly shared that she was once "captured" during a rally and severely beaten. And she never gives up! When we saw each other, she never looked like she had a problem! She always told me stories that were breathtaking! Oh, and what adventures Katya got into… She is an example of true courage for me! - says Valeria Panasyuk.
Tumblr media
In the spring of 2021, Kateryna told her friend about her plans to go to the front line. The young woman took medical courses in Kyiv and wanted to go to the front line as a military medic.
- During our last meeting last year, we were walking in Sosnyna Park and a little girl nearby hit her head on a swing. Katya approached the terrified parents and said: “Calm down, calm down! I'm a doctor! ”, Although in reality I was only taking courses then. But she calmed people down and called an ambulance. I remember this situation for a long time! - says Valeria.
A warrior of light who sings in the dark!
In 2021, Katya went to fight in the zone of active war on the territory of Donetsk region. The girl did not want to tell anyone where she was so that her relatives would not worry, so she said in her calls that she was working in a hospital. Later, the parents found out where the daughter really was.
"It's a Bird, but a Steel Bird!" She should have put on makeup, carried a bag over her shoulder and gone on dates, but instead chose a machine gun and camouflage! Katya is very strong in spirit! This is a warrior without a drop of fear in her blood! - the teacher of the girl Bogdan Romanovich shares.
The man did not know where his pupil was for a long time, until he came across a famous video in which the young man and the rest of Azovstal's defenders in the darkness of the dungeon, tired but unconquered, sing patriotic songs while real hell is at the hands of the enemy.
- Yesterday a video appeared on social networks showing Katya defending Azovstal, and I was shocked. I could not think that she was in Mariupol! - says Valeria.
- Katruska is already a heroine for all Ukrainians! I can't imagine anyone else in her place, because they just couldn't withstand it! And Katya will! We pray that God will save our soldiers in the city of Mary and that they will return home alive! - concludes Bohdan Mayuk.
Glory to the defenders of Ukraine! We pray for you, for our victory!
Please, sign the petion here: https://www.change.org/p/save-mariupol-192ea846-9fe1-476c-bb72-5474538c7c06
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The Solomiya Krushelnytska Lviv State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ball...
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Solomiya Krushelnytska September 23 [11], 1872 — November 16, 1952) was a Ukrainian soprano, considered to be one of the brightest opera stars of the first half of the 20th century.During her life, Solomiya Krushelnytska was recognized as the most outstanding singer in the world. Among her numerous awards and distinctions, in particular, the title of "Wagner's diva" of the XX century. Singing with her on the same stage was considered an honor for Enrico Caruso, Titta Ruffo, Fedor Chaliapin. Italian composer Giacomo Puccini presented the singer with his portrait with the inscription "The most beautiful and charming Butterfly". She studied at the Ternopil school of Music. She received the basics of musical training at the Ternopil Classical Gymnasium, where she took external exams. Here she became close to the music group of high school students, a member of which was also Denis Sichinsky - later a famous composer, the first professional musician in Galicia. In 1883, at the Shevchenko Concert in Ternopil, Solomiya, who sang in the choir of the Ukrainska Besida society, made her first public performance. In 1891 Solomiya entered the Lviv Conservatory of the Galician Music Society. The leadership of the conservatory praised the abilities of the young singer. At the conservatory, her teacher was the then famous professor in Lviv, Valery Vysotsky, who raised a whole galaxy of famous Ukrainian and Polish singers. During her studies at the conservatory, her first solo performance took place on April 13, 1892, the singer performed the main part in GF Handel's oratorio "Messiah". On June 5, 1892, another performance of the singer took place in the Lviv Boyana, where she performed Mykola Lysenko's song "Why do I have black eyebrows". Solomiya Krushelnytska's first opera debut took place on April 15, 1893: she performed the part of Leonora in the opera "Favorite" by the Italian composer Gaetano Donizetti on the stage of the Lviv City Theater Skarbka. Then her partners were the famous Rudolf Bernhardt and Julian Jerome. Her performances in the role of Sanctuary in P. Mascagni's "Village Honor" were also very successful. In 1893 Krushelnytska graduated from the Lviv Conservatory. Solomiya Krushelnytska followed her 1893 professional debut with additional performances at the Lviv Opera. On the advice of Gemma Bellincioni, who witnessed Solomiya's talents in Lviv that summer, the young Krushelnytksa would travel to Italy in the fall of 1893 to pursue further vocal studies. After her father took out a loan for her travels, Solomiya arrived in Milan where she would study under Fausta Crespi,  while living with Bellincioni's mother. It was under Crespi's tutelage that Solomiya transitioned from her previous training as a mezzo-soprano to a lyric-dramatic soprano. For the following 3 years, she would divide her time between Milan and Lviv, returning regularly for engagements with the Lviv Opera in order to pay for her ongoing studies in Italy. Solomiya would go on to perform in Odessa (1896–1897), Warsaw (1898–1902),  St Petersburg (1901–1902), the Paris Grand Opera (1902), Naples (1903–4), Cairo and Alexandria (1904), and Rome (1904–5).  In 1904, she famously became a savior of Puccini's Madama Butterfly. The opera had been booed by the audience at its premiere in Milan's La Scala, but three months later in Brescia, a revised version of the work, with Krushelnytska singing the leading role, was a major success. Her repertoire totaled 63 parts. In the history of music, Krushelnytska is known as an active promoter of the works of her contemporaries, and of Richard Wagner. In 1902 she starred in a successful production of Lohengrin in Paris. In 1906 she appeared to acclaim at Milan's La Scala in Richard Strauss's Salome, conducted by Arturo Toscanini. She also performed in other theatres across Europe, Egypt, Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and others. Solomiya Krushelnytska died on November 16, 1952, and was subsequently buried at Lviv's Lychakiv Cemetery
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Ukrainian soprano Solomiya Krushelnytska in Milan, 1896
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upyrica · 2 years ago
Fuck, kill or marry with Lesia Ukrainka, Marko Vovchok and Solomiia Krushelnytska 💚💚💚
Asking the important questions, I see.
Fuck Marko Vovchok, marry Solomiya Krushelnytska, kill, to vent one of my many Ukrainian literature frustrations, Lesia Ukrainka.
I would have added killing Hryhorii Skovoroda as a honourary mention, but his grave has been dug already.
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Ukrainian opera singer Solomiya Krushelnytska as Salome, 1900s
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Solomiya Krushelnytska, Ukraine`s most famous opera singer, as Brunhilda in  Die Walküre by Richard Wagner
Milan, 1909
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