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sleekgist · 33 minutes ago
Solomon revealed the truth about TB Joshua's children's he had outside of marriage, Mzansi react
Solomon revealed the truth about TB Joshua’s children’s he had outside of marriage, Mzansi react
Even though TB Joshua had three children with his official wife Evelyn, it is not a secret that he has kids with other women too. Who are his children? “Solomon Let the family mourn a bit. What you are doing is out of character. I support your initiatives, but attacking a dead man is not appropriate. Please, Sir, relax.If you take heed to what I say, I will know you mean well. There’s a time for…
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solomonish · an hour ago
in Too Deep thinking about the second route for the onesie boys and solomon legit forgetting the context of the situation and panicking bc mc took a (rubber) bullet for the lads. "I don't think I'd be able to remain calm if I lost you" OKAY. HM OKAY. JUST KILL ME IT'D BE KINDER. this route is NOT solofucker friendly and also I am apologizing to a bunch of pixels now
I don't know what you're TALKING about nonnie that is one of my FAVORITE tropes ("You could've gotten killed! [In a more drastic version of this scenario] What do you expect ne to do without you??") They're being SUPER kind to me
But for real...YEAH. YEAH it did kinda hurt. I went through all three options just to see and like. Asmo is all "I'd hate to see bruises on your beautiful body!!" and Belphie is like "Aw man, why'd you get to look cool? ....thanks though." And just. Compared to Solomon they're kinda lackluster lol. But that makes Solomon's hurt even worse....for whatever reason the brothers are a little more blasé about it, Solomon sees one possible opportunity for MC to be taken from him and he's SCARED. It's kinda sweet but you're right, it does hurt.....
Not gonna lie! This event has been super weird and part 3 just felt like everyone's descent into insanity until they FINALLY decided they wanted to go home but at least we get a little crumb of Solofluff to keep us going.
(It's also funny how in the same part, if you imply Levi, Lucifer and Mammon got caught Belphie literally says "awesome" under his breath and Solomon overhears and is like "???????". Its so funny to me idk)
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ashxrsbeloveds · an hour ago
sorry if i spam your notifications withlikes lol-
but theres this post you have with this song (i forgot the name but it was sad) and i was wonder if you can write something with that for solomon? a scenario or maybe headcanons? thank you!
please delete this if you want! no big deal
a/n: it's alright anon! i rarely open my notifs 😭 im not sure if you were talking abt the song "immortal" but im pretty sure thats the only sad song i had in my posts aside from ghost of you- if this isnt the song feel free to tell me! i do hope i got the song right lmao-
warning my 12 am brain wrote this and i wanted to atleast post something today- so expect confusing stuff and typos/grammatical errors in this,,,
tw/cw !! mentions of death
Immortality is both a blessing and a curse.
A blessing, because you're free from death and old age.
A curse, because living longer than anyone else comes with a price. You see them die as you stay behind.
Solomon was one of the humans who had the 'gift' of immortality. Be it accidental, he still had it. Despite it being useful at first, it became something he feared later on.
Everyone around him was fading away, and no matter what he did, he was still there.
Still living while his loved ones passed.
It was no different for you.
Your time was already ticking, Solomon was there beside you holding your hand tightly as the seconds pass by, cherishing every bit of it as he knows this would be goodbye.
You couldn't move, your body felt weak. Your lips were pale, and the light in your eyes were slowly losing it's shine.
All you could do was look at Solomon. He gives you a soft smile, it wasn't the one he's always give. It wasn't the cheeky, comfoeting or suspicious smile he had, it was different.
He was scared, and all he could do was smile.
With all the losses he's dealt with, within his memory, he never smiled as his loved ones faded away.
Because he knew he'd never find them again even if they reincarnate,
"S-Solomon..." that was the only word you were able to form, his name. Your eyes felt heavy, your consciousness slowly fading. You didn't want to leave, nor did Solomon want you to leave too.
He gently caresses your cheek, he didn't speak, as he was fighting back the urge to let his tears flow down. Solomon plants a kiss on your forehead, your eyes were starting to shut.
"I don't want to... leave you..." you mumble. Each word felt so difficult to say as your body was giving up on you.
"I don't want you to leave me too." Solomon finally speaks, his voice was soft spoken, just like always. He didn't care if tears were already streaming down his cheeks, he just wanted to spend these last few moments with you.
"But... I'll find you again somehow." He kisses your hand, his soft lips brushed against your knuckles, it made you smile. "Too b-bad we couldn't go stargazing today..." you say. "You'll... be alone when you l-look the stars now..."
You would always go stargazing with him everyday, it became your little bonding. But it seemed like it had to end.
Solomon nods, "Yeah. I wish we could see the stars together no matter how much time passes." He holds your hand tightly, he looked restless. "You said you'll find me again... right?" You ask.
"M-mhm. I'll search the three realms for you, and I won't stop till I find you again."
"That's going to be hard..."
"It won't be, MC. Soulmates will always find each other again and again. No matter how much time it takes, they'll always find each other."
Solomon's words were muffled, you were struggling to stay awake, your eyes finally shut, leaving him all alone once again.
"Till we meet again,MC. I promise, I'll find you again and again."
masterlist ♡
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thepeakygirl · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Im curious 🧐
For me season three and four have always been my favourite but I think it’s because I prefer Tommy when he’s at his most brutal. Also that tux in season three, oh my!
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Tommy: Alfie and I don’t use pet names.
Arthur: I see. Hey, what do bees make?
Tommy: Honey?
Alfie: Yes, dear?
Arthur: Don't ever lie to my face again.
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Tommy: If you had to choose between Alfie and all the money I have in my wallet, which would you choose?
Arthur: That depends, how much money are we taking about?
Alfie: Arthur!
Tommy: 63 cents.
Arthur: I'll take the money.
Alfie: ARTHUR !!!
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fishingcatz · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
He’s the perfect being
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fishingcatz · 3 hours ago
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agirlthatoverfixates · 3 hours ago
I was surprised no one did it already so have my badly edited baby
Shoutout to @frustratedpker for giving me suggestions and help finding good pictures!
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Mc: Why would I fuck a demon? Simple,the status. Imagine you and your friend arriving at the gates of hell, they're all crying, scared to death for eternity and you just walk into the arms of your sugar demon, LEGENDARY.
Simeon: Mc, it's 3am. Stop this and go to bed!
Solomon: No continue you have a point!
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bravefire · 3 hours ago
Feel your words
Chapter 2 of 8
Summary: Beel feels very bad for what happened. He missed both MC and Luke, so he decides to make it up to them before the guilt takes over
Trigger Warnings: Past bullying, implied eating issues, angst, Beel feels very guilty and sad, serious conversation, a reference to a later chapter, and Luke being sad in his room for two seconds
I've decided these following chapters will be all the boys apologising and Luke tries to cope with his own feelings and MC kicks ass and sticks up for him. This is probably the fluffiest chapter you'll get because were going from easiest to most difficult to forgive. Enjoy it while it lasts.
Beel nearly choked on his food when he heard a sob escape from Luke. He had already eaten the majority of contents within the fridge before he turned around to face the scene in front of him. 
The brothers stood in shock for a moment, staring at Luke as he desperately tried to hide his face through the tears. The young angel's shaking making Beel's heart sink within an instant.
Beel still stood frozen in panic, even as he began to hear laughter coming from some of his brothers. He truly hadn't thought that had pushed the child that far.. or, more accurately, he hadn't paid enough attention to see that they had pushed him too far.
He felt guilty already.. His hunger had distracted him from helping his friend. And now he we just standing there as everyone-! 
Why was he just standing there?
Quickly snapped out of his thoughts he was thrown back into the chaos of the scene. He dropped whatever he had in his hands and rushed over to the still crying child.
"Oh no- Luke we really didn't mean it! Look I'll be nicer, I really never wanted to make you upset... Luke I'm so sorr-"
It had been three days since the incident.. MC had been staying with the angels and Solomon, sometimes even staying with Barbatos and Diavolo, but they never came back home... He had already switched through stress eating, to being too upset to eat, that then back to stress eating again. The house was running out of food quick and Beel was starting to get sick to his stomach..
He was cut off as MC walked into the room.
He missed MC. He wanted to hear MC's voice and rest his head on their shoulder while he ate. He held them in the high regards of one of the few people who made him feel full on the inside and the knowledge that they were so upset at him tore a hole through his body. 
Not only that, but it was also fair to say that he missed Luke a fair amount aswell. Luke was a nice kid, he made tasty treats, and Beel just couldn't get the image of how frightened he looked out of his head..
He took to the gym to try to work through his thoughts. Beginning to lift a rather hefty weight, he ran through his options.. 
He wanted to apologize. He felt like he owed it to them, but he didn't know how he could.
What if he showed up uninvited and got rejected?
What if seeing him only made MC even angrier?
What if it only dug up painful memories for Luke?
Beel let out an exhausted sigh and put his weights down, just trying to think. Guilt ate him up from the inside; it was making him really hungry... But then again, every time he thought of the cupcakes Luke left on the counter, he lost his appetite. It was getting to be a tiresome cycle and he wished it would stop...
He looked down at his D.D.D, scrolling through his DevilEats app to order a few things, when he suddenly got an idea. 
Quickly returning to his homepage, he went to his contents, hovering his thumb over MC's icon.
His hands shook slightly. What would he even type? Before he could make a decision, given that he had big hands, his shaky thumb hit the button before he could make up his mind.
He took that as a sign that perhaps he should just give it a shot..
He began to message them, typing 
"Hello MC... I really feel bad about what happened.. And I miss you a lot. If you're okay with it, can I come to wherever you and Luke are and say sorry?"
Beel gave the screen puppy eyes as he waited for a response, anxious of what was to come. He was wondering what was taking MC so long to respond, but as soon as they started typing back he'd almost wished they had left him on read longer.
He almost bit his bottom lip in anticipation before remembering what happened the last time he'd done that and quickly stopped himself just in time for MC's message to send.
He read over it carefully, nervous that MC would be cross with him again. But to his slight surprise the message read calmly.
"Okay Beel. I'm staying with the angels and Solomon right now, you can come over and we can talk."
Instantly the avatar of gluttony stood up and rushed to his room. He changed out of his gym clothing, tugging on a new shirt after throwing his tank top in the laundry basket, before passing through the kitchen briefly to grab a quick snack.
He wanted to show MC that he was on his best behavior, and he knew very well how distracted he could get when he was hungry..
He walked to where MC said they were, his mind full of worry and his stomach full of food, or, as full as Beel could be. He knocked on the door, and waited patiently to be allowed in the house.
Solomon opened the door, looking a bit shocked to see Beel standing at the entrance.
"Oh.. Beel, you're here?"
He said, almost as if it was a question. He must have heard of what happened.. or at the very least that the brothers were no longer in MC's good graces. He quickly clarified
"MC invited me over-! They said it was okay, I'm just here to talk.." Beel pouted slightly, not used to being in an unfavorable position when it came to his favorite human.
Solomon nodded a bit awkwardly, stepping aside and letting Beel in. "They're in the first guest bedroom down that hall.." He directed, unsure of how to respond to this interaction.
Beel quickly thanked him and approached the door, taking one last deep breath before knocking on the door.
There was no more than a moment of uncertain silence before MC's voice rang through clearly.
"Come in Beel.."
Beel followed those instructions swiftly. He turned the knob and opened the door, only to see MC's eyes already set on where he stood in the doorway. 
There was a moment of stunned silence and Beel realized he didn't think about exactly what he would do once he got here. Words were never exactly his best tool..
He bowed his head slightly, a guilty look on his face.
"I'm really sorry..." He said, that having been the only thing to come into his mind.
He heard MC sigh quietly before they spoke up aswell.
"I know you are.. Come inside and close the door, I'd like to talk to you.."
Beel didn't hesitate to shuffle in the door. MC was sitting on the edge of their bed. They patted the space next to them, inviting Beel to sit down. The bed shifted under his weight.
MC sighed quietly. "Beel..." The demons gaze shifted from his feet to MC upon hearing his name.
"I understand that you did not want to hurt Luke. You're a very sweet guy and you're very susceptible to guilt. I know that you and him are actually somewhat close... But that's one of the reasons it hurt so much that you didn't say anything."
MC could feel the guilt in his eyes. It was difficult to scold someone you knew was genuinely sorry, but they knew Beel needed to hear this.
"Luke thinks you're the nicest of all your brothers. He may not trust demons but.. he's just scared.. He is only a child Beel. You know he was incapable of taking that mistreatment. Anyone would be at his age."
Beel simply bowed his head once more, nodding. He did not want to make MC feel as though he wasn't paying attention, but he felt quite ashamed of himself. He flinched as MC put their hand on his shoulder, though it was gentle.
Their eyes seemed unfocused as they looked to the demon. He furrowed his brows in worry, just about to check on them when they began to speak again.
"I know how it feels to be bullied at such a young age... and you've confessed to me that you've been through something similar.. around his age. Adults have a lot of influence over children.. So you have to show him that he can trust you."
Silence filled the room. It was unclear to both if the other was comfortable in that silence, but it was there nonetheless. Beels voice broke through this stillness.
"I need to apologize to Luke.."
MC smiled slightly, nodding at Beels words.
"Does he even want to see me?.." Beel asked, looking to the human with the same big, guilty eyes that he had carried into the room.
Luke sat in his room, focusing on his school work and attempting to get his writing done. The room was still, quiet, and honestly a bit dull, before he heard a knock on his door.
"Well.." MC sighed, gently holding his cheek to soothe him. "There's only one way to find out.."
"MC? If it's you, you can just come in."
He said, not looking up from his desk as he continued to work. There was a still silence and a hitched breath from outside the door. 
"No.. It's not MC.."
Luke paused involuntarily, setting down his quill next to his half-finished paper. For a moment both boys were silent. Beel waited quietly,anxious as if he had already failed, while Luke just silently waited to get his words out. 
"What do you want, demon?"
It wasn't exactly what Luke wanted to say, but those were the words that made their way out of his mouth.
"I came here to apologize.. I can go away if you want me to.."
There was yet another shared silence. Beel was just about to turn away before he heard footsteps approaching the door. Luke cracked the door open, peering up at Beel through the door, surprised to see him with his arms full of baking supplies.
"I'm really sorry Luke.. I wasn't trying to be mean. I wasn't thinking of how me and my brothers were effecting you and I should have stepped in. You are a very nice young angel and I never wanted to make you feel bad..."
He looked down to Luke with big pleading eyes as the child opened up the door fully. Luke was still staring silently at the baking supplies. Beel took a moment to catch on but once he did he quickly explained.
"I bought these for you. I thought maybe we could do baking.. to make it up to you. We can invite MC, they're good at making me not eat the batter.."
They stared at each other for a moment, before Luke could be heard quietly responding.
"Yeah... we can go baking. We should probably invite MC though, I'd like to get the cupcakes in the oven."
Beelzebub was shocked for a moment at Luke's response, before he smiled brightly, processing the forgiveness. It finally felt like the weight of guilt had been lifted off of his shoulders, and he hoped that this meant both MC and Luke were no longer upset at him.
As they began to walk to the kitchen, Beel commented.
"We probably should call MC now.. I ate some sugar on the way here, I was hungry.."
"Why are ya back so late?" Mammon asked from the couch.
Luke sighed, still smiling slightly. "Silly Demon.."
The brothers were gathered around in the common room, playfully bickering as usual when Beel arrived home. He hesitated to respond, unsure of how his brothers would react, but directly put, stated.
"I was with MC and Luke.. We were baking."
He felt the room pause, until Belphegor asked "Are they finally over the teasing thing? It was dumb of them to get mad about it.."
Beel swallowed hard. He looked down to his feel for a moment, before looking up, now with a noticeably more serious expression.
"I apologized.. what happened with Luke is wrong.. And MC actually told me to tell you all something too."
A silent shock fell over a few of the brothers, and after a moment, Lucifer stood to ask,
"And what message would that be?"
Beel responded without hesitation,
"They will not return until all of us have made things right."
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cutiecweepy · 4 hours ago
Solomon: I need help
Mc: no
Solomon: bu-
Mc: no
Solomon: fine, have your way! next time you need someone cursed don't ask me
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devildomsexting · 4 hours ago
RAD Groupchat pt. 3
Can you consider being tricked into eating Solomon’s cookies a assassination attempt?
Get access 1 week early to chat posts like this as well as Patron Exclusive posts by subscribing to my Patreon at the link below🧡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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just-somehuman · 5 hours ago
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littledozerdraws · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
preview of my contribution for @theterrorzine 🐻💦
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sylphiides · 6 hours ago
listening to this podcast is literally just me screaming DEMON whenever something weird appears
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boastinchrist12 · 6 hours ago
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