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#solstice art

guys. this took forever HHHH

This week’s drawing features: Merlin’s burn scar!! Enjoy!

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some rendering and lighting practice! have some froogs! Enjoy!

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I missed the Solstice but here’s to Winter, and finding coziness and friendship in the coldest days.

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idky i thought this was a good pose but its all i could come up with jksdfjshf the boy just wants to help, guys

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TA DAH!!!! after about a week of working on this, its finally finished!!! Kilgharrah and Merlin!

Edit: I added scales :3

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My entry for the #galaxyscutest contest on instagram/facebook/twitter! go check it out!

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Boys who deserved : None of that -

Collab with the wonderful and talented @solsticedraws!! there’s a part two to this that she’s gonna attach in a reblog so 👀 take a look!! This was so much fun :)

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I finally have a super cool, super pretty icon like all the other cool blogs and it’s all thanks to @s0lstice1200

Her art is beautiful and so is she

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Winter Solstice Ritual Art Project

Winter Solstice is an important time for me. In early 2020, I took an old peanut butter jar and designated it my grief jar. Over the year, I put in notes of grief and the names of people who died with whom I had a connection. On Winter Solstice night 2020, I took the names and notes, read them out loud in my own personal ritual and put the papers in a bowl with the snow from that night’s new fall, and the incense ash I burned during the reading. I created a paper sludge, and in the next few days I worked that sludge daily into a paper sheet. I let it dry under weights for several days more to make a hard paper sheet that I plan to use further in art.

For 2021, I decorated my grief jar with thread, pine sprigs and a dried carnation from a bouquet sent to my family when my father died. I write my father notes. I write my grandparents. Short prayers. It’s my ritual for the year, and for Winter Solstice 2021, I’ll do the same burn and water ritual to lay these things to rest.

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dunno whose car this is but fuck ‘em I took a picture on it and there’s nothing they can do now 🤷🏻

[right click + open new tab for hq]

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A Tapestry

Continuing with the 100DayProject and my focus on continuity and connectivity…
From what I have been reading in a variety of books, and from my own experiential evidence, I want to try tuning into the landscape here—have an openness to what is around me when I walk or when I stop to listen and look.  And then I want to come back to my studio and “ooze” it out into an art work…as if I could shed…


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I drew this one back in December for:

The first night of yule (for those who actually wish to celebrate all 12 days)(and this is neopaganism (in my own personal experience)) is called Mother’s Night and there’s a tradition of staying up the entire night.


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All I want for the new year is $300 dollars worth of copic markers so I can give you guys the shading you deserve lol

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