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its bullshit that i have to pay $125 for a required exam for my major. and more later on. and for background checks. its bs. 

new ask game send me a 🌻 and ill just tell you whatever the fuck i want

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hnnng they’re not really hot takes, I would’ve said them regardless, but im/was going through a mania fit so it all spilled out one by one

anyway, leo liberally uses greek fire throughout the entire series. he’s typically careless, but he’s cautious enough with handling it near other people. um, there was a scene that comes to mind in boo with nike, where i think he ducked at greek fire? but besides that, he’s nonchalant about it.

im under the assumption that he is vulnerable to it but its slower. mmm, it’d probably be painful, but technically leo would be able to handle it. i don’t know enough about greek fire, but i do know its highly dangerous but leo seems okay with that.

hopw thag makes sense, my beain is very scattered right now and it was hard trying to focus on the question and slasnwer it properly :)

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