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#some of these r ass but its ok
neneldi · 4 months ago
#ok this is silly but its driving me fucking crazy#i have a long ass fic in a tiny tag and someone bookmarked it a couple months ago#with the note ''currently rereading'' meaning they slogged thru the whole entire thing at least once and probably twice#and now...Miraculously...they r posting their own longfic for the same tag with the same pairing and the same conceit#(this is muddy waters cause obv i can't lay claim to a retelling BUT)#certain do i put retelling was peculiarly mine (what scenes to highlight#and what to leave out...dialogue...interpersonal conflicts and dumb shit that didnt exist in the orig)...#and some of these fucking scenes are going beat for beat the same way as i wrote them and its driving me Nuts.#some of these turns of phrase are literally verbatim sentences ive written....conversations play out the exact same way...#her main character is a healer with a tragic dead ex and obv i cannot lay claim to that concept cause. fucking#but... here's a cheeky example. i had a scene where the healer character refuses to heal a minor injury (bruises)#because excess use of healing magic might stunt the bodys ability to heal. right?#and thats not groundbreaking by any means but its NOT in canon whatsoever#theres a scene in this persons fic where her healer character Refuses To Heal A Bruise#Because It Might Stunt The Body's Ability To Heal#she also has a dramatic realization halfway thru the story that her 'missing' lover has been dead from the start#again i cant claim ownership but im a tiny tag where i know for a fact that theyve read my fic...#and then they take over these concepts word for word....#up the fucking wall babes.#and like I shouldn't CARE this is DUMB but i poured a lot of time and care into that fic#so yknow....dont go and rip stuff from it without so much as an acknowledgement perhaps#biggest insult is the fact that theyve taken several story beats and been like ''This Except Heterosexual'' like get out of here#get outttttt#ok and the ~Love Interest~ cauterising the healer's wound with fire magic as a bonding experience#thats. Wildly specific dont u think?
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ill-chan · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
𝑌𝑜𝑢 𝑛𝑒𝑒𝑑 𝑚𝑒 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑦𝑜𝑢 𝑘𝑛𝑜𝑤 𝑖𝑡.
An asshole! Atsumu Miya Drabble.
Gender neutral (?). Mentions to reader have a female like body. (Curves, etc)
TW: manipulation, depiction of toxic relationships, intense anger, physical abuse.
Not proof read because I’m lazy
Tumblr media
The beginning was pure magic, how could it have gotten so dark? So full of smoke and mirrors that I couldn’t see through the warm smile that I saw everyday. How did it get to a point that I couldn’t see the way it twisted over time.
Atsumus pov.
The halls reek of sweat and rusted metal as I search for the number of my locker I will have the rest of the year.
1891... 1892... 1893... 1894!
I stop right in front of it to see its very dented, because of course it is. After about a minute of struggling with the twisted metal it pops open, my face twists in disgust and I look to the bottom of the locker.
Is that mold? (yes, it’s fucking mold)
I shut the lock louding catching the keychain on the backpack of another student in the door, Inevitably startling them into jumping forward only to back because of being tethered to the twisted door.
“gAhHH!!” They yelled Almost falling to the ground but instead the land on my chest back still to me.
Holy shit...
they look up I’m stunned as I look into their eyes, they may be shaking in fear as I stare down but their eyes a focused and clear as day, Polarizing and deep and the only good words I can think of. I only snap out of my daze when they stand up and try to turn around to face me, failing of course.
“Ah! Lemme help ya!” I say as I pull their backpack off their tense shoulders.
“M’ so sorry, I got scared cuz of what was in my locker I wasn’t even thinkin straight!” I work on getting my locker open to free their backpack until I feel a hand on my shoulder.
“Hey, it’s fine. And here lemme help.” The grab their backpack and unclog the keychain from the zipper, then hike it back on their back.
“Oh... that’s much smarter...” I mumble to myself.
“Now why the hell didjya slam it so hard for?” They question raising one of their eyebrows at me in suspicion.
“Well ya see...“
The rest is history.
. . .
Until they met Suna.
Until that one fight.
I could tell Suna liked them by the way he watched them walk by and the sneaking pics he would take of their ass in those blue Jeans they know I like. I want to say so bad “hey bucky they wear those jeans for me not you!” But I can’t. Then they’d know I care. they’re friends with him which makes it worse!! Always hugging up on him and acting like he isn’t checking them out! Don’t they know the belong to me?
Maybe I should let them know.
Yeah. Maybe I will.
Tumblr media
Reader 💕💍
A| hey babe, We need to talk
R| oh ok. What’s up?
A| I don’t like how close you are with suna
R| wdym? You know i don’t like him like that bubs
A| yes I know that but I don’t want you to,,, yaknow slip up with him or smth
R| wtf does that mean? Do you really not trust me enough to know that I won’t “sLIp uP” on you??
*after a lot of angry texting and 2 yelling matches over the phone they go back to texting*
Oh no... I’m losing... shit!
A| fine. Go fuck Suna idgaf. You’ll just come crawling back to me when you realize you practically need me to breathe.
R| wait... bubs I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean it like that
Oh. That’s why.
Tumblr media
This pattern continues for two years.
then I’m looking for colleges that have good volleyball teams and y/n just won’t let me be.
“Babe can you quit tapping like that!” I snap after what felt like two hours of
Tap. tap. tap. Of their stupid nails on their stupid chair.
“Shut the fuck up Atsumu, you don’t annoying shit all the time.” They retaliate, something I haven’t seen in a long time. And I’m not about to keep seeing it.
“Who the fuck do you think you talking to?!”
“The brick wall, YOU OBVIOUSLY!!” They yell throwing their hands up dramatically. What’s with all this stupid sass? They’ve been nothing but obedient and sweet for years.
This is stupid. Just put them in their place.
I stand up and grab their neck with both hands.
“Who the fuck do you think you are?? Don’t talk to me like you run shot when I wear the damn pants in this relationship, you wear nothing and sit their waiting to be used. That’s all anyone would ever want you for.” The grip of my hand tightens. “You need me so don’t act like you can even do much more than think on your own.” I push them back in their chair with their neck, crushing their windpipe in the process. “Got it bitch?” They frantically nod to their best ability, so I let go. Face red and tears in their eyes they gasp and pull at their shirt like that will help get their air any faster. They are truly helpless.
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mallr4ts · 12 days ago
can I request a fic idea
basically its me and u right
so one day I see u in a bar yes then I come walking up to u and say “hello” ok and suddenly ur like “omg its u wow I love u so much ur so kind and cool and pretty and sexy”
so then I say “heard u were chatting shit abt me yesterday tho” and u deny all knowledge and pretend u didnt say shit
basically we end up throwing hands when micah busts in and says “hellfire christ alive yeehaw morgan” and breaks up the fight ok then he falls in love with us and we get married the next day then we poison his beer and he fucking dies ok
I'm at the bar, couple of pints with the lads, except I'm all alone with no lads. Whatever. I'll enjoy a solo booze cruise. Suddenly, some hot chick with the fattest ass I've ever seen comes storming in, slaps her hands on the bar top, and demands a beer. She drinks Carling, what a surprise. "Oi love," I call out, and the lass looks and me with a frown. "I dont know u, but you've got a bangin' pair of cheeks and I think I'm in love with you." Ur about to be like "yeah same," but then you realize who I am. "Ur that bitch off Tumblr, the dirty Micah fucker," you growl. Oh no, it seems the sin follows me wherever I go. "Heard u were chattin' shit about me too," u add. Fuck sake. Can't go anywhere these days. "Yeah, it is I," I shrug. "I ain't chatted shit about you tho, you must be clapped." You don't reply with words, but with firsts, as you pounce on me like an angry kitten and try ripping me to shreds. I am just a little rat, a poor little rat who is being mauled by this kitten. "AKLJFDJFKSL!!!!" I cry out. I think I'm going to die, I'll never write my dirty fanfiction again. I'll never get to see the sunrise or bust another nut. This sucks. But God has blessed me, or cursed, as the notorious Micah Bell kicks down the pub doors and comes rushing over, screaming "HELLFIRE CHRIST ALIVE YEEHAW MORGAN," as he breaks us up. He picks us up by the scruff of our necks and threatens to spank us for being norty, but we both raise a brow and flash each other a look, and Micah picks on to sexual tension thickening in the air. "K. Threesome," he states. We do the do, it's great, Micah gets pegged and fisted and cries because it's all too much. Then we get married, the wedding is class with Arthur and Dutch as strippers, and Micah cries when we drunkenly make out with them. He's a cuck tho so he loves it. Time for the speeches and toasts with beans or whatever it is people do at wedding receptions. Micah clinks his glass and spits some bars, telling everybody how much he loves us, and then goes "HELLFIRE!" before cheersing and downing his drink. Fuckin hell he's coughin and cryin and oh shit oh Micah Bell has died. X__X "Poggers," I say. The popo somehow spawn in and we're arrested because we're women and those pigs are sexist. They take us to the station in our lovely wedding gowns and we r shoved into a talking room thing. idk the name. the one where they go "WHY'D YOU DO IT!?" they ask that question n we say "we did it for the inheritance." "Oh ok fairs," the police shrug, and let us go. It's Micah so it's not really a loss, if anything we did the world a favour. We are now 58 cents richer, a pair of black widows, debating who our next victim is going to be........................... The end
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sapphicstarlight · 13 days ago
i have not watched a single supernatural episode so here’s everything i know solely from things ive seen on social media:
there are two guys dean and castiel i think?????
one of them has a brother and idk i think he’s a main character
there are lots of characters but they all die
especially the women i think
castiel and dean and dean’s brother also die but come back but then permanently die at the end i have no clue how any of this happens and i genuinely dont care
so they go around?? fighting supernatural creatures??? i think there’s a demon or something at some point???? help
wai t i think castiel is an angel
there's this one clip where castiel has these dark shadow wings or some shit and all spn fans fucking adore it for some reason
the show has 15 seasons worth of queerbaiting
there’s also a black car that ends up in heaven before a gay angel does
ok castiel wears this coat thats beige and thats the only way ik someone is cosplaying him. if a cosplay account postd a photo of a basic ass beige coat ik theyre cosplsying this mf
there r lots of milfs in this show
no supernatural fan likes supernatural. im not sure why any of you guys watched 15 seasons worth of episodes but im not judging
there’s an episode with sirens in them. i only know this cuz sirens are hot
there r also vampires and witches and werewolves
the witches r very pretty
castiel ends up in turbo hell after coming out and he looks like someone’s holding a gun to his head
dean no homo’s him i think and goes to heaven with his brother
i think he dies of tuberculosis at the ripe old age of 45
i dont even fucking know i genuinely thought this show ended in 2014 before hearing about its ending in 2020
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fairycosmos · 25 days ago
the ppl around me were already having kids when i was 14 (and so were they) :/ we live in latin america and teenage pregnancy is SO common nobody even associates it with what it is: r*pe. not even they realize they're victims. parents do nothing. it was so traumatizing to watch all these girls i used to play w walking around w big bellies and a whole ass adult man by their side and their parents smling along. esp bc i was a csa victim myself. that could have been me. its awful man :/
god!! thats so awful dude. im so sorry you had to witness it 😞😞 its just knocked me sick to my stomach reading this. like full body chills idk why. it was a similiar-ish situation over here, girls getting pregnant during school and being painted as the problematic ones when really it was the grown men taking advantage of them that were at fault. i also remember seeing them with massive bellies in class and just wondering how they could be a kid and a grown up at the same time (in my childish eyes pregnancy equated to adulthood.)  but anyway jesus 14 is so so young and i really can not imagine everyone just smiling along and acting like its something to be celebrated. how can they not even acknowledge the problem. is it just so normalized it’s not even seen as an issue anymore? i can imagine that the economic status of some (ofc not all) latam countries means there may be no support or sex education available for these kids either. obviously we shouldn’t shame teen mothers like thats not the answer at all, but there has to be a conversation about young girls being groomed and raped to the point where teen pregnancy is THIS common like. what the fuck. ppl roll their eyes and judge ‘kids having kids’ when really it should be about ‘kids who can’t legally consent being literally assaulted’ and ‘men being predators.’ feels like the worlds gone mad sometimes. i really hope you’re doing ok now and that you’ve found all the healing and support you truly deserve. sending so much love your way <3
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Discord pt 104
[Date: 25/03, 3:41 AM GMT - 25/03, 4:08 AM GMT]  
[Direct continuation of pt 103]
Tumblr media
Knight 👑: “perhaps, perhaps not. who are we to say what you believe or what you don't?”
jayyyyyyyy: “alright dickhead. uh
ill be taking it as a yes since you didnt correct me”
Tumblr media
Knight 👑: “Anyway, i'm not mad at page :) dickhead”
Tumblr media
Knight 👑: “:)”
jayyyyyyyy: “still taking your response my statement as a yes since you didnt correct me”
Kate 👑: “Dontiiii, are you being bad again?”
jayyyyyyyy: “you basically just said its "up for discussion" which usually means "..yeaaah"”
Knight 👑: “Kate i'm going to tell you right now to stay out of this. i can handle my own affairs.”
Kate 👑: “I... o-okay. Sorry...”
jayyyyyyyy: “hey dont be rude to kate >:(”
[Kate 👑: “Dontiiii, are you being bad again?”]
donti (e) (child): “what”
Tumblr media
Knight 👑: “as for you, jay, "up for discussion" does not always mean "yes." you seem to have a confirmation bias”
jayyyyyyyy: “yknow i think youre just bein quite a dickhead right now
Tumblr media
jayyyyyyyy: “bit rude to just give me something and then not explain what you mean, innit?
Big G (they/them): “Innit lul”
Knight 👑: “Perhaps you're just used to being fed from a silver spoon :)”
Tumblr media
Knight 👑: “The training wheels are off, jay. Its time to really learn.”
Tumblr media
jayyyyyyyy: “okay so. knight. what youre telling me is that youre shoving a song in my face, saying "this means something" and then giving no pointers to the context?
and then telling me to grow up when i call you out on it?
i cant figure out a puzzle if theres no lines to be attached, mate”
Knight 👑: “fine. you want me to be more direct. very well.”
jayyyyyyyy: “thank you.”
Tumblr media
Knight 👑: “I hope youve enjoyed having your precious watchdog around while you can.
E v e r y  d o g  h a s i t s  d a y.” [Every dog has its day]
jayyyyyyyy: “you wouldnt. not if you yourself dont wanna lose a very important vessel”
Tumblr media
jayyyyyyyy: “you see, if you have something to lose, youre careful. if you lose that thing, suddenly, you have nothing to lose
so id be careful who you threaten with what, knight”
Knight 👑: “You think he's important to me? you think i c a r e about him? don't let your desire to be right cloud your jidgement.”
Tumblr media
jayyyyyyyy: “oh i dont think you care about him”
obviously you dont. you're a dreamon, and dont get mad at me for knowing about it. because its public info now
hes just a vessel
but by god is he important to so many of the people fighting you guys and crown
the moment you fuck up is the moment the others snap
a weight being lifted, if you will”
Knight 👑: “Something tells me you have no idea what you're talking about :)”
jayyyyyyyy: “im not saying you have to worry about fetch, oh fuck no”
Tumblr media
Knight 👑: “You're just talking out of your ass, is that right? spitballing and hoping something sticks.”
jayyyyyyyy: “im saying you should worry about what what others will do to fucking demolish you after fetch is hurt”
Tumblr media
jayyyyyyyy: “okay now youre just assuming im an idiot”
Knight 👑: “A knight serves his king, no matter the danger.”
Tumblr media
jayyyyyyyy: “i couldnt care less what happens to fetch either! im not one of the four, and im sure as hell not putting on a crown. i have no risk towards me
however, i dont want to walk away from this
i can leave whenever i want. but i wont. because this is a damn interesting puzzle that i want to finish
and the others here? the ones looking for the right pieces for the right spots? the ones who care about those involved?
what do you think theyll do to you once theyve finished the puzzle?
if you think im spewing this out of my ass, then that just means you have no fucking clue what we've done, and what we're willing to do
you think just because youre some high being that youre smarter than us and that we're dumbasses who reach for nothing
you could not be more fucking wrong
we're coming for your ass. we've done it before, we'll do it again”
Knight 👑: “Are you trying to hurt my feelings? if so, you should try harder:)”
jayyyyyyyy: “i wouldnt stoop so low
besides, i know you dont have feelings”
Tumblr media
Knight 👑: “You don't s c a r e me.”
jayyyyyyyy: “i know i dont. they should”
Tumblr media
jayyyyyyyy: “of course though, like i said, youre dumb and underestimate us”
Tumblr media
King 👑:“Knight fuck off stop talking here you're going to get us all in trouble.”
Knight 👑: “...”
King 👑: “Step off right now. I made soup just cut it the fuck out”
Tumblr media
jayyyyyyyy: “yeah, king. go grab your little puppy, i think hes flown off his leash”
Knight 👑: “Yes, of course. I'm sorry.”
Tumblr media
[jayyyyyyyy: “yeah, king. go grab your little puppy, i think hes flown off his leash”]
King 👑: “You fuck off too”
Tumblr media
King 👑: “Not worth getting hurt over”
jayyyyyyyy: “..actually yea that was a bit uncalled for. my bad, king”
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onehoneybeel · 26 days ago
Brothers' Special powers! Headcanons pt 5
Im sorry about the lack of content y'all, I have been soo busy and I still am but only till Friday hopefully! Meanwhile, after pulling an all nighter, I felt like writing something (I wanted angst but was adviced againts it)
I had some trouble coming up with this so I hope you guys like it!
Lucifer Levi Satan Asmo Beel Belphie
Warnings: none I think
• SP: Probability game
• I had so much trouble coming up with mammon’s power, because I had some ideas but they didn’t feel as interesting as I wanted it to be, so I pondered with people on the server!
• Came to the conclusion that mammon can affect a person’s luck in some sort of luck, so if he wishes for it that person will have either a great or a very bad day
• He doesn’t really control their luck? It’s more like he can modify probability to a certain degree! So say you have 20% chance of finding money? Well mammon can make that .0009% or 100% chance if he wants!
• He can’t use it on himself, unfortunately, but damn it’s a good ability to have in battle
• If he goes too far when using his SP he will get headaches and heartburn, migraines are so common to him cause he absolutely goes overboard and it requires so much concentration too! (you know his glasses? Yeah, that)
• Controlling his ability took him a long while, mostly because he didn’t notice he had one at first, but Levi kept finding money whenever mammon would ask him to lend him some so that gave it away
• Mammon is really good at math ok? Like, it’s almost scary how accurate he is, theory is that it’s a side effect of his sp, cause he need to know how little or much he has to move the % probability
• Mams is very careful to keep control of his sp, we already know he has a lot of control over his demon form after all, but he does let it slip sometimes
• His siblings always find something good happens to them if they are feeling too down or are in distress, they know its mammon caring for them
• But they don’t say anything cause mammon gets a bit embarrassed (they do too, cause they can be so mean to mammon at times, the shameeeeee)
• Mammon will pull the strings to make them fall on their asses from time to time too, but don’t tell on him
If in a relationship with MC:
• Oh MC is now rich smh, they find money stored away e v e r y w h e r e
• But they also find that little good thing happen to them, they get to pet a cute puppy or they get to buy the last of that keychain they wanted or they get to café Lament just in time to buy a buffo milk tea before rush hour!
• It’s very subtle things that make them happy and they find it cute that mammon remembers little details about them
• Take care of mam when he has a migraine! He is so much more cuddly and amicable that way, he will let out this cute little pleased sounds
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dreamternatywa · 26 days ago
So, this happened last year in the middle of quarantine but it's really been weighing on me since then. It was the most lucid dream I've ever had and I just need to tell someone about it. I'll try to keep it short but it's a lot. For background info, I've been having lucid dreams since I was younger and can't induce them. I'm currently 21 and was recently diagnosed with PTSD that can fuck with my sleep patterns. If anyone has had anything like this happen, please let me know.Around this time last year I was sleeping in the basement of my parent's home because of Covid-19 shit. They have a couch outside my bedroom I sometimes nap on. When I fell asleep I immediately was sucked into a dream where I was having sleep paralysis on that couch. It's impossible for me to move and the room is dark.Somehow I become aware that someone is in the room with me. To my left there is a seven-foot tall skeletal figure wearing a floor length gown and veil. The fabric is this very distinctive black floral lace pattern, like something someone would wear at a funeral. It's pretty tight and I can see bones through it. Has anyone just looked at something and "known" things? When I looked at this tall bitch my brain just went "that is Death." No clue why I thought that. I try to look at the face because I kept thinking I wanted to draw it later when I woke up. When I get to the collarbones it says "Don't look at my face." I shit myself a little in my dream because holy fuck, that's creepy. Ok buddy, whatever you say dude. I look at the dress instead. It(?) has a very soft voice with a deep tone and a strong southern accent - think Bayou country. Mouth doesn't seem to move under the veil.It approaches me and it's holding one of those dumb tiny teaspoons. There's like, this bright red powder in it, kind of looks like paprika or chili powder. Death is telling me "It's going to hurt but it'll be good. It'll be good." For some reason my brain is like, oh Death is gonna feed me powdered LSD! Fuck! It feeds me whatever is in this spoon and I can't move so I just start crying. It fucking hurts and I can taste the metal of the spoon very, very vividly. I feel it hit my teeth and it makes this little clink sound, and it feels so fucking real.Somehow I end up walking with "death" through my grandparent's home. It's empty, but you can still see the outlines of where furniture/frames/etc. used to be on the walls and carpet. I'm watching the skeleton feet on the carpet because I can't look up at it. It's telling me something extremely important, like, so important that I keep thinking "I have to remember this when I wake up. This is special, this is different, I need to remember this and write this down when I wake up." I tell death I'm afraid and it just says "It's ok, child." We enter my grandparent's empty living room and the room is full of calico cats. They're all brushing against my legs and I start to pet them. I tell death I don't want bad things to happen again ; it puts its weird ass skeletal arms around me and I just remember how thin and cold they were, but I felt comforted as it hugged me very close. Death is telling me something very special and important about myself but I'm forgetting it as soon as I hear it no matter how hard I tell myself that I need to remember. All I can focus on is the lace pattern on the dress and the calico cat sitting at my feet. I keep telling myself that I need to remember - cannot stress how urgent this thought was. Still don't remember what I was supposed to know.I wake up and sit up in bed, like, fully awake. Not tired at all like I usually am. I feel oddly calm and very aware that I just met death in a dream. Felt so fucking real that I just had to sit there and write it all down, it's around 4 AM in the morning of March 25th. Haven't stopped thinking about it and have basically been shitting myself for the past year. Once again if anyone has any similar experiences let me know because I've just been putting off talking about it. via /r/LucidDreaming
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sailorhyunjinz · 28 days ago
HI BESTIE IMY HEBSBRBS AHH I’ve been so busy ... also recently got super sick and I’ve not been well at all ,, it’s just the flu / a stomach bug tho ! :,) hru ???
Your latest reaction was so good ,, thoughts r being thunk ?? Thinking about skz reaction to you rubbing / jerking their dicks just whenever you’re bored .. and you don’t even really notice that they’re getting off ahah IDK IT JUST SEEMS TO HOT ??
Once they cum or wtv you’re like ;) hsshbrbs
I have a dick but honestly it’s never bothered me reading ur shit directed towards a female reader ? For some reason I really like it bye 😭🤚
BABYBOOOY WHY HAVE YOU BEEN SICK?!?! :((( Hope you’re feeling better now, i should give u some of my healing medicin aka my kisses :(( <33 
Also that last bit AAh thank u T-T i try to be more inclusive but like AAAGH im always so scared that i’ll mess something up from my lack of ~ knowledge ~ BUT I REALLY TRY MY BEST >< so thank uuu for having patience for my dumb ass
warnings: skz x gn!reader. handjobs, blowjobs, cum, orgasm (m), cum eating, slight overstimulation
“w-what the fuck” 
yeah thats his only reaction when you suddenly stick your hand down his pants, wrapping your hand around his dick and slowly stroking it while big spooning him
you werent trying to get him off... more like... you wanted something to play with while watching the movie
boy would be ~ flustered ~ 
he’d find it interesting
why would you jerk him off if you didn’t want him to cum yk?
like that type of thoughs
but of course you can’t expect him to not react LMAO
you were fully immersed in the movie because it started to get interesting now and you didn’t notice how you started jerking him off faster. 
you felt something warm and wet hit your hand paired with his dick twitching
you looked at him and saw that poor boy was biting his bottom lip so hard trying to not disturb you with his moans
“did you cum?” you say, lifiting up his pants to which he yelped and put his hands over yours right at his crotch. “n-no”
be bold with this man 
pull his pants down when he’s just chilling ASHASHA oh god
he doesn’t think it fair 
eventhough he does the exact same to you
when he does it to you it more like he simply wants to feel you all over, not intending for you to get turned on
but make one moan and this mf thinks it a game
“how many times can i get y/n to moan”
it would take sum time to get him to cum
he doesnt strike me as the sensitive type and so you could jerk him for quite a while which hey more fun for you
but ooone faithful day he was more turned on than usual leading to him cumming quicker than he usually does during one of those times where you played with his dick
stroking it, running your thumb across the tip, licking it .. you name it...
you smirk when he accidentally cums on your lips and you lick it off and he just starts complaining (yk when jisung bit his fingernail in that two kids room episode, yeah that tone)
“y-you can’t just do that!!” you start chuckling “what? mad that you came like a bitch?” 
nex thing you know you’re pinned against a wall OOP sorry
he lives for this BUT only if you give him attention
which you dont because you’re simply bored and dont want to get him off, more like... liking the feeling of having him in your hand lmao
“can you at least look at me?” you shake your head, holding his semi-erect dick in your hand “shh,,, im watching something!” 
that would be the everyday conversation ahsahsha
he’d be relativly quiet as well so you wouldnt notice until he actually cums and you’re like “ why is my hand sticky”
but he came anyways so..
you try to escape the situation but he’s not having it
“nah you’re not escaping now, finish what you started baby”
another boy thats lives for this 
why? because a) its a handjob b) he likes the thrill of not knowing when you’re bored c) because you forget what you’re doing and he likes seeing you surprised when he cums ASHAHS god bury me 
would purposefully make you bored 
“the wifi is down y/n,, guess we having nothing to do...w-wanna give me a handjob”
you shrug, “alright” 
you’re completely lost in though, wondering when the wifi will return or what you guys should eat for dinner
suddenly he cums,,, a lot,,,
you laugh at him and he’s kind of blushing with his hair covering parts of his face. 
“i-i’m pretty sure the wifi will be down for a while” ;))
he would already just be naked infront of you at random times
like,,, whats the point in putting on clothes after the shower if he knows that you are going to sneak up on him and jerk him off yk?
but what this boy didn’t know was how you didn’t notice most of the time
your hand just having a mind of it’s own...
but you’d notice pretty quick 
since this boy LOUD YALL 
whiny mf 
“shush!” you say, scrolling on your phone with one hand and jerking him off with the other.
you didnt intend on making him cum,,, just giving him a massage ASKKASJSKSA
he’d act all like “ppfft... you can’t make me cum from just that-”
and then shuts up because “h-hey... this feels too g-good”
not thinking he’d cum this quick you started talking to him but were quickly cut off from him letting out a long moan
“f-fuck,, y/n..h-haa,,,”
after he cums you’re like “heading to bed”
but he pulls you back, grabbing your wrist and looking at you with big doe eyes
“c-could we keep going?” 
boy would be walking around, holding his crotch because he never knows when you attack
because he belong to the more... sensitive bunch of boys... HE DOESNT LIKE IT TOO MUCH
mostly because he’d cum too fast and it would leave him embarrassed (awh poor boy:(( ) 
thats legit the only reason LMAO
noo poor boy wants to appear all tough for you even though you’ve told him over 100 times that he doesn’t have to be, you love him for who he is yk? <33
BUT NOPE stubborn baby sets bets with you
“ok this time i won’t cum that quickly... last time was a practice round”
4 minutes later... YEAH YOU GUESSED IT
and you didnt even notice?!?!
you just thought that those sounds were him in like pain ASHShHAS
because you were to preoccupied thinking watching tv
needless to say,,, he was pouty,, for a while
until you attacked again LMAO
ok gimmie a second,,,, i need to think 
alright... he likes it BUT he’s shy
you need to give the puppy some time to warm up 
do it too fast and he gets scared AHSHASH
so ok lets say that the both of you are doing,, nothing
and you just slowly feel him up and it eventually leads to you jerking him off
you’re not even aware of how good he’s feeling with your hand around his cock
“y-y/n can you stop?” 
“stop what- oh”
looking down you notice that he already came, his cum coating the tip and your hand with white thick ropes
goddamn... seungmin is always so difficult to write for ONLY ME?!?!?
seungmin stans are already knocking on my door SORRY IM TRYING
“w-what are you doing y/n~?” he says while your hand travels down the side of his body while the two of you were chilling in bed. “im bored” you huff out, looking him in those big brown eyes. “we can play videogames!” he says trying to make you get your hand out of his pants but you shake your head. “i wanna play with you instead” 
boy would melt
painfully shy (and hard)
because you it all happened so fast??
the two of you were chilling, everything quiet and peaceful and before he knows it you’re jerking him off vigorously
he covers his face with his hands, occasionally sneaking a glance of your pretty face from inbetween his fingers as you give him a handjob
you’d be too focused watching his face as almost falling asleep not noticing the boy squirming around 
until you hear
thats his cumming sounds btw HAHSHAH IF I WASNT CLEAR ENOUGH
jesus i cant write reactions for shit BUT THEY SEEM TO BE REALLY APPRECIATED SO YEAH!
I have 2 more of these coming up oh and also remember that this is legit word vomit SO ITS NOT PROOF READ AND UHM... i’ll try to do the two other ones this week heheh ^^
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tscampfireau · 29 days ago
danny tell us the embarrassing story,,,
this is long so if anyone wants to read it be my guest lmao
ok so my school for its anniversary had like a spirit week and theyd dived the entire school in big teams of 4. Some grades were in team green, other blue, red, and white
and theyd do competitions and the team w most points won (there was no prize lmao but hey teenagers r competitive and wanna win)
and one the last day all games were on the gym. They had put a stage so everyone could see the hosts and all
(important: my school had uniform but during that week we could go without it)
and one of the games that day was called "opposite gender" i think. Where two members of each team had to go up the stage dresses as the opposite gender, self explanatory i know lmao
So back then i identified as a trans guy. And i wanna say i passed pretty good. Short hair, baggy clothes, beanie, you know. But i wasnt out
And this game was random af, it came out of no where, so there were no participants on any team ready. And like classmate of mine (who was one of the leaders of out team) comes looking for volunteers. And i was just vibing w some other classmates. And i could FEEL her eyes looking at my male presenting ass. I was VERY SHY btw as well.
But anyways she insisted so much that i got annoyed and went OKAY FINE and she DRAGGED me to the bottom of the stage where other participants of others teams were there getting ready. And girls were trying their hair to make it seem short, borrowing boys' clothes. And the guys were putting on makeup and feminine clothes, all of them desperately getting ready and i was just there. Because i was, technically, ready
So all participants went up the stage, the host was doing his thing presenting the couples, and some of them made a small show of acting like a couple but most were awkward bc all of them were strangers
And then there was me and the other guy who was dressed up as a girl obvs. The host "introduced" us to the public as a couple, and they asked to see us dance so we did.
And this guy tells me "do you think we should kiss?" He wasnt weird abt it, he was v polite, just wanted to win. And i went "yeah go for it" and god bless this dude, he went "are YOU okay with it?" and i was like "yeah dw" and i kissed in front of THOUSANDS of kids with this STRANGER, and my OLDER BROTHER was in the PUBLIC AND SAW IT ALL
my SHY INTROVERTED ASS just danced and kissed w a random ass guy whom i never saw again, didnt even knew his name
And after i went back to my group from before, my entire class and everyone and i mean EVERYONE who knew me came up to me like "GDJDHDJDHDJKFHSHRJFHKSHDLRHEMDH?????????????"
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whydowelove · 29 days ago
hey !! i was wondering if u could ship me w enha n treasure ? i'm a 5'2 black girl, an infj, enneagram type 6, i'm introverted but if my social battery fills up or im w people i like i'm quite weird n loud, i like fashion n changing up my hair color n piercings n accessories, i like most animals but i like cats a lot since i have one, i seem quite sleepy n aloof all the time , n i get insecure pretty easily n my love languages r physical touch n acts of service !! thank u sm <3
Ayooo :) Ofc u can get a ship with them pfft , I hope this is ok !!! It’s a lil shorter , I apologize !
In Enhypen I ship you with Jay !!
Tumblr media
You probably already know why
Mr. Fashionista here would love shopping with you
You guys are literally fashion icons pls
Teach me rn
He loves that you love fashion ahhhh
Let’s you wear his shirts !!!! 😩
When your feeling insecure he will hype you tf up !! 👏
Even when you just wake up and look puffy he’ll be like
“Holy shit u look so good when you wake up”
And like kiss ur hand or smth 😭
Some cheesy stuff
He cringes but it’s ok
The only arguments are when your feeling really insecure and you start getting upset bc he’s trying to help you but ur being stubborn and yeah
But he deff makes you feel more confident and it’s amazing how much affect he has on you !!
Same for him, he’s literally wrapped around your finger
He pretends he’s not clingy but we all know he is and he’s cheesy asf
he’ll eventually fall asleep too but not until he’s done admiring your beautiful face 😩
Buys you whatever u want
Loves spoiling you pls
In Treasure I ship you with Hyunsuk !!
Tumblr media
The first Hyunsik ship !! :D
Another fashionista who’s wrapped around your finger
Y’all will take some bomb ass mirror pictures as well !
He loves your height but makes fun of you
It’s bc someone’s finally shorter than him 🙄🤣
He lets you wear his clothes a lot too !
Ur both smol but his clothes are huge on you omg
This man is full energy so be ready for those fun ass dates
He’s really adventurous which lowkey wears you out sometimes
Only bc he likes to go on energy consuming dates
But when ur not drained out u guys are a chaotic duo
Fall asleep together
Get home and go to his room and collapse on the bed and are out for hours
He will want to play video games with you !!!
Pls watch soccer with him 😭
Please, I beg you
He will wake u up at 2am to watch it live
I’m so sorry 😭
- photo cr to rightful owners
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ch0s0 · a month ago
hilove do you have any tips on how to grow your blog ? :D
heyo- i have a few but im not sure if im the best person to ask for this
have a regular post schedule- helps people remember when ur gonna post and they can expect it (it doesn’t have to be exact, just a time frame and NEVER feel guilty if u skip a post)
cohesive theme- i change mine every once in a while so i don’t think it matters too much as long as it is clean and something appealing (look at your favorite blogs and see how they r cohesive)
ur blog should be clean and easily navigable- clean masterlist, upfront links, etc.
link ur masterlist on ur works- if people like what they read, having that link makes it easier for them to find more of ur work (all about easy accessibility)
find the times you have the most and least reach
now here r some more writing tips- (im not sure if they’re good or not, but they helped me)
make ur sentences FLOW! short sentences, as in- they woke up from their sleep. seeing it was 6 am they hoped out of bed. they went to go make some coffee downstairs- IS TIRING TO READ!! they r good in moderation but try to make longer complex ones that get the reader lost in your writing
describe emotion (i suck at this) but people want to know how the characters they r reading would react
try to keep ur writing in one pretense (i suck at this too) but it makes it easier to read
and here r some more random ones
MAKE MOOTS! they make writing on tumblr so much more fun and u get to meet all kinds of amazing people!
hashtags- the way to get your work seen- BUT ALSO TAG APPROPRIATELY! look at how i tag mine for an example (but people scroll through the tag’s works tagged under it so use them to ur advantage)
PLS im begging u- USE THE “READMORES” no one wants to see some long ass fan fic and scroll for 30 minutes just trying to get to the next piece, general rule of thumb, two scrolls should be all that it takes to get to the next post and even then, if u think u should add a readmore, then do it
make the lay out of ur work appealing yet simple, its the content that matters
ok so i really only gave advice on the blog aspect since im not really qualified to give advice on writing- i also think i’ve answered this once before so when i find it- i will link it!
link couldn’t find link
any more questions just lmk
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i-just-want-to-destroy · a month ago
what do you think of bakugou and endeavor redemption arcs?
I feel like bnha is always on the precipice of like. Touching on some REAL stuff but it always backs out at the last moment.
First of all im a big hater of both characters so expect a biased opinion here (lol). But i do think they are “good characters” as in they are interesting and pertinent to the plot, complex etc. bleh. bleh bleh. but the way their arcs are written.... lots of things rly dont sit right with me 
**Fair warning i dont have the english skills to phrase this whole thing better.
1. Bkg first. I remember when bkg took the hit for deku i made fun of the whole thing bc OFCC thats how we r going to “redemp” him. Which in one hand ok, it does stay true to bkgs character bc he literally cannot communicate his feelings to save his life, hes more of an action guy. But also i really do think the buildup for that moment can be pushed more. And im not even gonna blame bkgs character entirely here bc he IS an established stubborn ass with the communication skills of a tadpole etc etc. what im gonna blame is the way horikoshi never lets deku even TOUCH on the bullying he’s endured before UA. Its literally never been discussed. Like the only time it IS brought up is the flashback we get right before bkg sacrificed himself. But deku, instead, never got the chance to process any of it. And i think thats my main problem with the whole bkg thing (and ofc there is a vindictive part where i feel like bkg hasnt got enough “repercussions” for it, which may be arguable, but thats a whole different ballpark).
i especially think bkg should apologize outright/address what he’s done to deku, but if horikoshi wants to drag that speech out (and thats if the speech will ever happen in the first place) i can accept that. BUT. to me. It has to be equal... as in deku should be allowed to address that too.
I get that deku is a virtuous main character who will supposedly forgive kacchan no matter what or whatever. And fuck it you know what, thats okay. But im begging let deku at least process it in some way. Bc the thing about deku’s character is whenever he gets angry, its always on behalf of someone else’s and not himself.
Which, again, is a virtue. But i also think the author tapping out on the whole bullying issue is kinda a coward move. Even when deku dukes it out with bkg its always about “im gonna get stronger and be number one kacchan!!111” and not “man you irreparably damaged my entire childhood and told me to [redacted] myself.”
literally the whole bullying nuance is casted out and replaced immediately with some boys will be boys rivalry. Which, really, just looks like the author taking the easy way out to me.
I can see how much both characters have grown, tho, and its clear that they care about each other. but the development is really :/ it leaves much to be desired wtf. 
I’m not satisfied w bkg’s redemption arc thingy but i dont expect anything better either. I think if i were to reread bnha from the beginning i can have a clearer perspective on the whole thing, but i dont really feel the incentive for that bc it simply doesnt compel me enough to do so LOL.
If its worth anything, i dont really hate bkg anymore. only sometimes lmfao
2. End*avor. Ugh.
Ok. I love family drama its like crack to me. the whole dabi thing had me yelling forreal. And todoroki fam has like some of my most favorite characters in the whole series.
I dont even wanna discuss end*avors character... like honestly, the ones that shine the most in end*avor redemption arc are the other family members and not end*avor himself. Which on one hand i appreciate but also i might be biased? But im really <3 over how we get todoroki rei’s character development from this arc. Not only is rei’s arc cathartic as hell but its also very, very encouraging to see a character stands over her ab*ser like that after suffering for so long. I cant express how much i love that. And fuyumi and natsuo? Insanity. I esp love how fuyumi’s efforts get the appreciation they deserve.
And i liked the surprise where dabi rained on end*avor’s parade right after end*avor thought he could actually redeem himself. Ok im not gonna sugarcoat it i just liked to watch dabi fucked him over, it was a standing applause eureka moment for me.
Honestly i think the whole concept is really delicious, like the son of the number 1 hero is a villain thing, heroes arent saints, etc etc etc. like that is so sexi so dramatic so soap opera literal superhero telenovela and i loved it a lot. Like i really enjoyed reading the whole thing. so like. i am entertained.
Do i feel like end*avor has redeemed himself? Mm NO <3. I appreciate the details that he himself thinks that he is unforgivable (blehh) and he DID suffer which was nice to watch, personally. but its not enough and it will never be <3 
im not sure if i think this way bc i just think what he did is irredeemable or bc the storytelling sucked OR BOTH <3. And i still do feel bnha did that thing where it backed out at the last moment with end*avor’s arc.... like it was touching it but it still didnt want to get its hands dirty, you know? Like what stance is it taking, really? It just never goes all out. 
i think some details about this arc also irk me...... like why does the rest family got to shoulder the burden of his fuck ups? <3 die <3 like this part annoys me so much. and seeing how he got to be comforted after everything he’s done.................................................... i cant even say how much that just ... pisses tf out of me <3 haha
like thats the thing. i feel like both characters (bkg n end*avor) are still coddled despite everything.
im fully aware im biased tho. and no i will not change
leaving that clownery aside, i didnt expect bnha to take this direction, so like. ..Applause i suppose :/. The recent arcs have been a pleasant surprise in some part and i will still be following its developments. i do genuinely think both characters are interesting btw i just kinda hate them lmfaooo. 
honestly, what i do. is just to keep low standards 🙌
TLDR I dont rly feel like either characters have redeemed themselves and i feel some disappointments over their respective arcs but i like the development n direction that the story is taking overall.
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beann-e · a month ago
hi I was on u-tube and saw a bakugou playlist for when he can’t sleep and I thought well , since I just hit 200 followers ( tysm;3 I love everyone who even took the time out of their day to press follow ) why not bring them this idea of y/n not being able to sleep & bakubabe lending his beautifully different services
also abt the sero line I have in here— I personally think it’d be cool if he just learned Spanish because, he has an interest in other cultures and languages but I don’t really see him being actually hispanic
also I really like writing baku bc he’s so rough with everything he says & I kin him so he’s the easiest so, I hope no one thinks I write him too much
Reader with bad mental health & bakugou lends a hand in his own way
No one cares and no one ever asks. Or at least that’s how you felt while standing here in your last period class your hands balled up in fist tightly held at your chest
Your head was pounding and body was aching you couldn’t describe why you were feeling so horrible all of a sudden but
you just were
maybe it was from all the nights you couldn’t fall aleep due to overthinking
maybe it was the way you got stuck on your phone or even your head dropped low eyes trailing over words in a book just trying to find something to take your mind off the fact that you were struggling
whatever the case was
right now in this last period class this wasn’t helping
“ look shitty woman “ you heard the boy huff “ I want to get a good score on this paired project and right now your fucking this up for me “
his anger was visibly present even if his voice was low to where only you could hear the annoyance that sat in it had everyone looking around for the culprit of the sudden change in the air
“ and I don’t like fuckups so get whatever you have going on together and let’s do this —ok? “
you shook your head and let out a soft ‘ok ‘
the fight ending quickly with bakugou staring down on you his hands on his knees face made up in anger “ you keep finding a way to fuck with me “
“ I didn’t even do anything to you “ your voice was soft and tired
his eyes squinting before sighing
“ I didn’t do anything to anyone “
“ cut this shit out right now “ he pulled you up off the ground hands in fists gripping at your shirt standing you up with his muscles alone “ get to your room — sleep off whatever the fucks going on with you “
His eyes dead set on you as you walked off everyone from the class watching as you failed to gain the strength to open the big doors that led you to your shared dorms
“ sero plea— “
“ got it hermosa “
“ really dude “
“ look it’s hot — and just cause we’re in japan doesn’t mean I can’t show off my online spanish lessons “
“ whatever “ denkis voice whined as he shook his head holding the other door open for you “ gonna get some sleep y/n ? “
you ignored the two boys head hung low as you walked to your room door
the strength appearing in your body as you opened it but, quickly dispersing when you found your bed.
Your face hitting your favorite pillow hand coming up to cradle underneath it as you sat on your knees butt high in the air tears coming out pouring into your blankets “ I won’t show — I won’t show it — I won’t get bad again “ you repeated like a chant
The light from outside disappearing as the day grew into night
several footsteps heard departing from your door when you didn’t answer the knocks . Their low calls of dinner was done , lunch was in the microwave , that you’d missed movie time , that you missed denkis attempt of asking jirou out , and todorokis miss understood question of what ‘ cuddles ‘ were when denki offered her his body to do so
“ and you assholes didn’t just think to open the door? ”
your bedroom door swinging open in a crash as the knob hit the wall behind it creating a hole
“ fucking assholes bothering me with this shit “
“ we didn’t even call you out of your room “
“ you came over to her room on your ow— “
bakugous hand moved swiftly to slam the door in their faces
“ bakubro we’ve been trying to get in there all day and your just—“
“ gonna close the door on us “ denki finished in annoyance “ seriously I just know y/n needs my charm right now “
he pouted behind the door “ it always cheers her up and I like her lau— “
“ didn’t ask to hear your fucking crush story charger base “
“ ass — kiri let’s go “
“ so no sleepy boob pics?“
bakugou stiffened hearing the purples freaks voice
“ so I came with you guys because you said she was sad and usually when girls are sad they don’t dres— “
bakugous voice was guttural as he put his forehead to the door voice loud enough for the boy to hear
“ hey — hey purple nurple “
“ I-uh — yes bakugou “
“ come here “ he could hear the small shuffle of feet to the door as he smirked softly
“ put your tiny head to the door — actually press your whole body up to the door —all the way “
“ are you trying to help me get one of y/n’s bras god —- of all people to help I never thought it’d be bakugo—“
“ hey just shh ok — you don’t want to ruin it right and make her wake up right “ he groaned inside his mind
“ she’s slept this long and through all of this— I can’t get you her bra if your loud right purple zit “
“ so so smart “
“ ok so here it is “
the room grew silent as bakugou pressed his palm as low as he could placing it on the door away from his standing body breathing in to suppress his anger so , he didn’t let out a major blast due to his mood
sighing before he felt his hand grow sweaty tiny pops coming out
“ hey bakugou —is my princess ok ? sounds like popcorn in there are her tit—“
it was quick as the door had a hole in it the newly created circle having black burn scratches on it as mineta laid burnt on the floor once purple body now black and smoke wafting off it
Bakugou squatting as he put his left hand above the hole to steady himself and his right one reaching out through it as he grimaced in pain at the stretch his fingers finally wrapping around minetas short body fingers interlocking around his neck as he looked through the new hole in the door eyes piercing into the boy he held
his voice low and dominating “ you ever come back to her room on some creep shit — and I blow your fucking brains out do you hear me “
“ y-yes sir “ mineta let out dazed “ I will stick to yao-“
“ that goes for all the girls you hear me — guys included I know your a little pervy fuck you can’t get your hands on girls underwear you’ll move on to dekus shitty tidy whities”
mineta was silent as bakugou threw him back on the floor watching as he crawled off
his body relaxing as he shook his mind burning.
head in his hands before wiping his face in exhaustion and standing up and turning to you when he felt the air in the room shift , his hands out in jazz hands and a fake smile on his face.
“ ta da “ he was met with your sitting body your pillow covering him from seeing you .
your face dropping in shock moving from his tall figure that stood inching over to the now huge hole that he was trying to hide from you
“ k-katsuki “
“ I told you about that “
“ s-sorry “
“ again I told you about that shit “ his gaze was hard on you
“ do it again and i’ll tell shitty hair to harden in the next hug he gives you — since you and that crappy puppy boy are always touching “ he mumbled
“ bakugou why are you — why does my door have a hole in it “
“ don’t worry about it “
“ h- w-how can I not worry about it my doors black“ you screamed in confusion “ it used to be brown bakugou “
“ bakugou it used to be this — bakugou — katsuki oh my gosh i’m sorry — god do you ever shut the fuck up and just be thankful “ he mocked you soon converting back to his anger ridden voice
“ and whats with this pillow take it away from you — I wanna see your fucked up face “
you sighed bringing the pillow from in front of your head his eyes having a look run through them that you couldn’t figure out but you knew it had something to do with how puffy your eyes felt . Even if they weren’t puffy or couldn’t get puffy you’d never known for a fact because it still felt like they were .
You two stared at each other as the silence grew louder him shoving his hands in his pocket before taking out the packet of pills he’d gotten for you shaking them to show you it wasn’t a weapon like Mr.Aizawa thought after finding him returning to school late and shaking him down like a police officer
his hand putting them on your desk
His other one throwing the water he found in the kitchen to your bed “ not throwing you the pills — need you to move around so you gotta come get em‘ “
your face showed no emotion as he nodded understanding the new tense and uncomfortable emotions thats were present “ ... ok — well got a green headed vegetable to go bully so “
you watched as his hands gripped the door swinging it open as you dropped your head eyes moving to the water in front of you “ why can’t I do anything right “
you cried “ why can’t the world — the days — the stars fucking align for me to feel good for once huh “
you felt even more tears prickle your eyes as your voice grew louder “ why can’t I talk to people without having this voice in the back of my mind screaming — raging like its having a party — why can’t I sit in silence without having to stand up every five seconds and move around because my body screams for attention — for movement because i’ve been sitting still for 5 seconds “
you heard the faint click of the door mouth still moving as if he were still there
“ why can’t I speak what I feel when people ask me“ you laughed shortly “ not like they do — because they can’t tell I just mask so well “
you let your face start to feel heavy and tense as you continued your crying rant into the empty room “ and most importantly why was I so bad at everything “ your eyebrows furrowed
“ why am I so bad at today ? “
“ just a day really ? “ you heard the taller males voice came out questioning
“ just today that’s what your worried about “
“ well I “
“ tch “ he shook his head before turning to face away from you his face dropping into a look he didn’t want you to see.
“ I-i’m sor— “ you knew he didn’t like you saying sorry or even using his first name you two had established that when he finally accepted your friendship or in his words
‘ you can hang around —like shitty hair but one sniff of blabber mouth and your gone ‘
“ I didn’t mean to spill to you I just — I — you can go —no one gives a shit anyways “
“ I will “
your body grew sad at his quick response
“ tell me what your most upset about “
your answer came quick as you let your brain take over “ I wake up in the middle of the night and can never fall back asleep when I do “
he moved to your door for a second time opening it to leave before pausing for a second speaking something to where you couldn’t hear much less make out
“ just knock “
he shook his head before closing the door softly to rival his usual mood.
Your body shaking when you finally realized you’d spilled out your mental thoughts to bakugou letting your body calm down before you grabbed the pills and silently thanked your friend before feeling yourself at some time finally fall asleep
It’s been days since you last felt that horrible it never stopped but you were able to hide it even more and live out your life the happiest you could
until one night you found you beating yourself up surprisingly not in real life but in your dreams
a loud gasp leaving your mouth as you sat up calming down only to bring your knees to your chest arms wrapped around them in a hug
your back moving to the wall to feel comforted after only feeling your cold hands and body wrapped around yourself
“ what I would give to have something warm “
‘warm ‘
your mind raced to bakugou trying to push the thoughts out your mind of him actually being a caring boyfriend who could help you like he did nights ago with bringing you medicine, a boyfriend who would let you snuggle into him and take all his warmt—
stop the track cause that song will never play you thought as you started to think about him again face made up in determination and focus as you tried to remember what he said that night feeling stupid when you finally remembered your quirk
the quirk that brought you pain and contributed to your mental health
your quirk allowed you to take pictures of everyone’s last moments you’d spent together with your thoughts
it was good in some aspects like right now when you could finally remember where sato helped you hide your candy bars from yourself so you wouldn’t indulge in them 2weeks ago
at the same time you can see your problem with it when the last moment you had of your mother was her kissing you goodbye before shapeshifting into a fire extinguisher and landing in your fathers hands as he screamed at you to run out of your home and get more help the last image you seeing of your father was him spraying the fire extinguisher all over the stove in hopes to calm it down before it spread but he couldn’t
it didn’t help when the pictures replayed in your mind like video home movies that you didn’t want to watch
whenever your quirk was used everything spun in your head like a movie reel the downside was it made you watch every single picture you’d taken until you found the one you were looking for
it didn’t take long before you finished your mom and dads memory and got to bakugous last moment you two spent together
you zooming in reading his lips turning up the volume on the moment as he spoke “just knock “
“ just knock ? “ you sat confused in your spot on the bed shaking off your quirk taking as long as needed to process his words only to be even more confused and just knocking on the wall twice between your two shared dorm rooms.
You never paid much attention to him being your neighbor it’s not like you needed him for anything so right now you were a bit curious in why he reminded you that you two shared walls
Eyes closing while you waited for whatever was supposed to happen
“ guess he didn’t mean it like th—“
your body softened when you heard music fill his room and overflow into yours
You heard the drums kick in as the lyrics played muffled through your wall
‘I listened to the cure
I listened to the cure
I listened to the cure
and then I cried ‘
your eyes widened before you felt your body relax against the wall eyebrows made up in content
eyes watering when you heard your two soft knocks returned on the wall behind you
you let your body go tenseness leaving as the song played moving to grab your phone with shaky hands seeing his name light up on your screen
Godzilla wannab
‘ no one gives a shit about your life right ? ‘
you cried even harder when you saw the message fit the song perfectly the words you spoke a couple days ago as if your were singing the lyrics
you looked around your room before falling on the dent he left in your wall grabbing your phone and zooming in on it to take a picture and sending it to him
Godzilla wannab
sorry your room was just so ass you needed some redecorating be thankful people tend to cry when I redecorate—just ask deku
you laughed as you seen him prepare to send a new message your heart swelling when you read it
Godzilla wannab
look this is gonna sound sus as fuck but
you bit your lip at the new message
‘ if you can’t sleep come over — your rooms cold as fuck and I know that pillow your hugging’s not doing shit ‘
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everygildedstar · a month ago
if anything i find it funny because most of the fucked up fanfiction tropes you see peddled around this website pretty much always source back to stuff seen in like p*rn and h*ntai (ddlg, those weird ass yand*re fics, all the n*ncon/d*bcon, huge age gaps, etc.) but people always try and push the idea that women themselves just birthed this bs and it's always on women to somehow stop it. newsflash but even if everyone wrote nothing but vanilla fanfiction, men would still be into the same shit
and i'm telling you that's the kind of dumb bs mra spread to try and minimize their impact when it comes to harmful tropes. of course it's not the dozens of male pandering shows that include things like rape and sexual assault because of ~historical accuracy~, nor is it the hundreds of p*rn sites that feature all sorts of videos promoting things like inc*st,pseudo p*dophilia,r*pe, and every other weird 'kink' under the sun lmao it's dumb fanfiction made for wine moms like 50 shades of grey 😂
Yes, I understand that just making people write less toxic tropes in fanfic is not going to stop men from being exposed to media fueling gross fantasies. I more mean that it is in fact mostly women that read fanfic, and when fanfic writers further portray this terrible stuff under the light of "well, its understandable that they would be this way" or "its hot for them to act this way" it makes women who read it no longer want to stand up against stuff, or even further perpetuate these things as their brains have now been trained to find this things "sexy".
Also the fact that to some this is type of stuff is "dumb fanfiction made for wine moms" doesn't change the fact that is it bad and also needs to stop. The other "male-catered" media makes men think its ok to do this stuff, but "female-catered" fanfic that contains the same stuff makes women think its okay for men to do these things, or even that they should like it and desire it.
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your-nerd-is-showing · a month ago
JJK Boys Headcannons: Losing their Virginity!
Warning: Losing virginity,
So these ended up being much longer than I planned I'm splitting them up into two or possibly three separate posts! So stay tuned if you like the Yuji and Megumi headcannons!!!
Credit to Artist
Tumblr media
~ One day a few weeks ago you and Yuji were making out things got pretty hot. Ever since then Yuji has wanted to do more with you.
~ He’s constantly been dropping not so subtle hints.
~ “(Y/N).” He starts as he places his hand on your thigh. “Do you wanna go back to my place and have some fun?” He tries to be innocent but his eyes are filled with lust.
~ “Babe I can’t stop thinking about that hot make out session we had (Y/N) I wanna do more.”
~ Can you say pussy whipped before he even gets your pussy!
~ He needs a lot of praise and reassurance!
~ This adorable needy boy is just craving your touch. (He's a sweet innocent little cinnamon bun that you just want to eat up)
~ Acts all cool and macho until its time to actually get down to it.
~ Now he is a trembling mess because he has no idea what to do.
~ Kissing? Maybe he should start there.
~ Yuji sloppily kisses you nervous as fuck because he is so worried about being bad his first time or what if he cums within 2.5 seconds. (He is freaking the fuck out inside)
~ His needy hands grab at your ass as he is kissing you.
~ No he wants to grab your waist! No your ass! He can’t figure out where he wants his hands to go.
~ You notice he is a total mess and ask him if he wants you to take control.
~ Now he is freaking out even more because he thinks that you think he is doing a bad job.
~ You reassure him that everything is fine you want take the lead and help him because you want both of your first time to be good.
~ You tell him exactly what to do.
~ “Kiss me while you’re unbuttoning my shirt.”
~ Yuji does so, next you guide his hands down to unzip your skirt.
~ He gets a little too excited getting ahead of himself and accidentally bites your lip a little too hard while he is kissing you.
~ He gets upset because he drew blood.
~ You reassure Yuji that it is ok by pushing him down and kissing is neck while you take off his shirt.
~ After a very long grabby make out session it’s time to explore each other.
~ “I uh I want to take off your bra (Y/N).” Yuji gives you a cute but shy smile.
~ So you turn around for him to do so and he just stares at it like it’s Fort Knox.
~ You reach your hand around and point out the hooks and that he as to undo them. “You have to unhook it.”
~ After five minutes success! he finally gets your bra off.
~ Yuji's jaw almost falls off as he looks at you naked…. It’s like he is seeing you for the first time all over again.
~ He continues to stare captivated by your beautiful jiggly breasts he reaches his hands out to play with them.
~ “Soooooo soft and squishy!” Yuji says with amazement as he pushes his face into them letting out a cute sigh.
~ You can’t help but giggle at how cute he is acting right now.
~ After getting lost in your amazing boobs he finally comes back and kisses you.
~ “Now what?” He asks his nervousness completely gone now..
~ You smirk at him and lay down. “Take off my panties sweetie.”
~ He looks at you all excited. “R-really!? I can take them off!?”
~ Yuji eagerly takes off your panties gazing at your pussy like it holds the answer to everything. (For him it probably does actually)
~ Finally he reaches out his hand running it over your slit making some juices leak onto his palm earning a sweet moan from your lips.
~ He looks at the gooey mess left and licks it off. “You taste pretty good.” He will give you a cute smile as he says that.
~ “Can I try something?” He asks you as he pushes his palm against your wetness again then licking off your juices.
~ You let out a louder moan as you nod your head yes.
~ Yuji gets all happy and lays on his belly scootching himself closer to your pussy.
~ He spreads your lips and lightly licks your clit making you shudder as you feel his warm breath then his tongue flicking it ever so lightly.
~ He catches on and encircles his mouth around your clit sucking on it as he gently pushes a finger inside you.
~ You have to catch your breath from the sudden surprise as he pumps his finger in and out of you while he continues to lick your clit.
~ “Oh Yujiiiii!” You moan out as you grab his soft hair. “Ju-justtttt like that!” You moan praising him.
~ He finally decides to come up his face completely soaked from your juices he gives you the cheesiest smile like he just won the lottery. (Well I guess he did in a way)
~ You look down and notice his pants are soaked from all the pre-cum so you take them off and gently stroke his throbbing cock.
~ “Be ca-careful.” Yuji wines out. “I don’t want to cu-cum to-too soon.”
~ “Okay so do you want to-to d-do it-it then?” You ask shyly.
~ He nods his head so you grab the condom and put it on him. (No babies for you yet)
~ “Do you want me on top or do you want to be on top?” You ask him.
~ “I want you to be on top you seem to have a better handle on this than I do.” He says sweetly.
~ “Okay lay down.”
~ He does so and you straddle his waist.
~ You position yourself and take a deep breath as he enters you.
~ Both of you moaning loudly as he fits in.
~ Slowly you start to rock your hips.
~ Yuji on the other hand is completely lost and his movements are very sporadic.
~ “Okay babe.” You start. “Every time I rock my hips forward you thrust into me.”
~ He listens and finally gets a motion going.
~ “Oh (Y/N)!” He moans out. “Th-this feels soooooo soooooo soooooo amazinggggggg!” He has a huge smile plastered to his face as he grabs your boobs and plays with them.
~ “Yessssss it is Yujiiiiiiiii! You’re do-do-doing soooooooo goooooooood!” You moan out.
~ Yuji loves hearing you praise him, it turns him on so much making him thrust into you faster.
~ He knows he isn’t going to last much longer between those sweet praises coming from you and the way your tight pussy just sucks his cock in he’s slowly losing it.
~ “Yujiiiiiii oh my God! I’m gonna cummmmm!” You moan out as you orgasm.
~ That does it for Yuji feeling your pussy tighten around his cock.
~ “(Y/N) I'm-I'm c-cu-cum-cumminggggggg!” He moans out as a explodes.
~ You lean down and kiss him passionately to know he has done an amazing job. Followed by more praises. “Yuji baby you did an amazing job for your first time!” You kiss him again.
~ You get off of him, take the condom off tossing it away.
~ You snuggle each other soon falling asleep.
Artist Credit to @tyoukeikotu on Tumblr
Tumblr media
~ You and Megumi have been dating for a while now your first year anniversary is coming up.
~ You have both talked about having sex among other things many times.
~ The two of you have done some stuff already. (like you’ve given him hand jobs and he has fingered you)
~ Megumi wants the first time to be really romantic and special so he picks your one year anniversary.
~ You're hoping this will happen so you wear a beautiful dress with extra sexy underwear for the occasion.
~ “(Y/N) you look absolutely beautiful tonight.” He says as he pulls you in for a kiss.
~ Megumi home cooks an amazing dinner really, really romantic with candlelight.
~ You finish dinner and help clean up.
~ You lay down on the bed and he puts a movie on, a romantic comedy. (Something you’ve both seen a thousand times because let’s face it you won’t be paying much attention to it)
~ He lays next to you on the bed pulling you in close.
~ You rest your head close to is neck and gently place your hand at Megumi's waistband.
~ He gently grabs your butt, making you look up at him and kiss him.
~ Megumi always acts all calm and cool but inside his heart is always racing when you touch him.
~ You bring your hand to his face wrapping it around his neck as you pull him in closer deepening the kiss.
~ Before you know it you’re straddling him, feeling his member become hard between your legs you gently buck your hips. (You want to subtly but not so subtly give him a hint)
~ He catches on instantly he still keeps his calm but inside he is becoming more nervous by the second.
~ Tonight it’s all about your pleasure.
~ He unzips your dress and rolls over so he is on top.
~ Megumi takes off your dress staring on in wonder at the sexy lingerie you’re wearing for him. “(Y/N) did you wear that just for me?”
~ He leans in and kisses you again as you unbutton and take off his shirt.
~ He breaks the kiss to look at you in all your glory.
~ He reaches out gently groping your breast as he kisses your neck making you moan.
~ He honesty has no clue what he is doing and he is panicking but as long as you like it he will keep calm on the outside.
~ He slowly kisses down your neck and between your breasts.
~ Slowly he moves his hands and unhooks your bra with ease slipping it off of you.
~ He pulls back to gaze as your breasts, he smiles as he reaches his hand out once again rolling your nipple between his fingers, making you moan louder.
~ He’s getting more and more turned on as you make those sweet lewd noises gaining more confidence.
~ He kisses you deeply as his other hand travels down into your panties he slowly inserts a finger in your soaking core, making you moan some more.
~ You're in such a trance being touched like this every bit of your body is tingeling. “Ohhhhhh!” Is all you can manage to moan out as he gently pushes in another finger.
~ He pulls his fingers out and licks them before taking off your panties.
~ He kisses you one last time before going down on you.
~ Megumi spreads your lips open gently licking your clit as he pushes a couple of fingers inside you again.
~ “Ohhhhh Megumiiiii!” Your body bucks wildly as you run your fingers through his soft raven hair.
~ He gets a little lost in eating you out and makes you squirt taking him by surprise.
~ He licks up your juices continuing to pleasure you as he pumps his fingers in and out of you.
~ “M-Me-Megumi I'm gonna cummmmm!” You wine out as you cum all over his fingers.
~ He comes up and wipes his face off before kissing you again.
~ “Well I liked that a lot more than I thought I would.” He says. (That was his first time ever going down on you)
~ “Me-Megumi…. I want to give you pleasure too.” You say shyly.
~ He turns bright red almost losing his cool when you say that.
~ “Uhhhh you-you want to pleasure me-me?” He gets really flustered.
~ You reach your hand down and unbutton Megumi's pants gently stroking his member outside his boxers making pre-cum leak through.
~ He whimpers at your touch. “(Y-Y/N-N).” He quietly moans out.
~ “Yes I do baby.” You whisper into his neck sending shivers down his spine. “Why don’t you lay back.”
~ He does so and you pull down his boxers taking his member in your soft hands.
~ You run your hands along his smooth shaft making him tremble at your touch.
~ “Ugnh.” He groans out.
~ You lower yourself to his tip licking the pre-cum off.
~ Megumi almost loses it when you encircle your mouth around his throbbing cock. “(Y-Y/N-N) that feels so-so good.” He quietly moans out.
~ He gently grabs your hair as your head bobs up and down watching on in amazement.
~ He has to be careful he doesn’t want to cum too soon so he pulls you off after a few minutes.
~ He grabs a condom and lays you down before putting it on.
~ Megumi takes a deep breath in as he positions himself between your legs.
~ “Are you ready my love?” He asks.
~ “Yes I am Megumi.” You smile at him.
~ He leans in to kiss you as he slips in, both of you moaning out loudly.
~ He slowly starts to thrust his hips.
~ Megumi already knows he won’t last too long the tightness of your pussy is just ruining him.
~ So he picks up the pace thrusting into you deeper.
~ Between hearing your sweet lewd moans and the wetness of your pussy every time he snaps his hips into you, God he can’t take it too much longer.
~ He bites his lip trying to hold on as long as possible, he wants to make sure you have an orgasm too.
~ “Me-gu-mi.” You moan out softly as he goes deeper you grab onto his muscular back. “I-I’m go-going to-to cummmmmm!”
~ Game over he feels your pussy tighten around him and he loses it, thrusting in deeper wining out he cums.
~ You smile at each other as you lean in to kiss him deeply.
~ He pulls out and takes the condom off to throw it away.
~ Turning his attention back to you Megumi can’t stop kissing you. “(Y/N) I love you so much.” He kisses you again.
~ “Megumi really you l-love me?” You can’t stop smiling. (This is the first time he said he loved you…. What a time huh?)
~ He smiles back. “Yes I do (Y/N).”
~ “I love you too Megumi.”
~ He pulls you in close, you lay on top of him falling into a deep blissful sleep.
@mguqiis @milktaro-inc @sassyeahhhh
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juvinile · a month ago
🍷😳💋😱✨😡😬😢😁💕from ella :)
send  🍷  for  a  drunk  text  from  my  muse   @ SUTTER
sean [ 3:33am ]  have you seen the fucking moon dudde the fucking moon
sean [ 3:33am ]  its looking at me with beady fucking eyse r u going to let it get away with this?? 
sean [ 3:34am ]  here im sending a pic
sean [ 3:37am ]  no wait im lookin a tthe pic and its just some guy not the moon NOT THE MOON DISREGARD 
send  😳  for  an  embarrassing  text  from  my  muse   @ AIRI 
sloane [ 12:15pm ]  i think i have bed bugs i have bite marks all over my fucking ass this is an emergency bring poison 
sloane [ 12:17pm ]  fuck this was for rowan. i need to start saving my contacts. not trying to make u think about my ass in some twisted game of reverse psychology 
send  💋  for  a  flirty  text  from  my  muse   @ ROWAN 
sean [ 10:45pm]   [img. rowan from behind at a party] 
sean [ 10:46pm ]  whyre you standing over there when you could be standing on my
sean [ 10:46pm ]  ... 
sean [ 10:47pm ]  otis took my phone and says theyre supervising my messages from now on 
send  😱  for  a  scared  text  from  my  muse    @ LANDON 
sloane [ 11:20pm ]  im outside can u walk me home 
sloane [ 11:22pm ]  ik u probably dont want to hear from me but i was going to go to my dads and i changed my mind and now its late and im a beautiful solitary woman in need of assistance 
send  ✨  for  a  random  text  from  my  muse    @ SUTTER
sean [ 4:56pm ]  you should sign up for freepetpics i did it and i got a pic of a lizard sent to me today its fucking sick 
send  😡  for  an  angry  text  from  my  muse   @ ROWAN 
sloane [ 1:28pm ]  if u stole my favorite belt when u were here with sean i stg 
sloane [ 1:29pm ]  this is cruel this is cruelty i wanted to watch that movie u watched too 
sloane [ 1:30pm ]  u owe me a belt and a movie night 
send  😬  for  a  worried  text  from  my  muse   @ SUTTER 
sloane [ 1:41am ]  where were u tonight? 
sloane [ 1:42am ]  everyone was over. is there still beef
sloane [ 1:43am ]  nvm u were probably on a date or some shit just feels weird when u arent around ig 
send  😢  for  a  sad  text  from  my  muse   @ SUTTER 
sean [ 1:41am ]  i wish things were normal again man fuck 
sean [ UNSENT ]  just reminds me of my parents and shit. 
sean [ 1:42am ]  im going to come over do you want to go to the skatepark 
sean [ 1:44am ]  im high as shit sorry if i smell like a skunk 
send  😁  for  a  happy  text  from  my  muse   @ JULES 
sloane [ 7:47pm ]  just spotted man with a beard and i thought u should know 
sloane [ 7:55pm ]  he asked me for my number i gave him urs this is my charity for the year ur welcome sexy 
send  💕  for  a  loving  text  from  my  muse   @ ROWAN 
sloane [ 8:09pm ]  hey i love u 
sloane [ 8:10pm ]  was just thinking about u and how hot u are
sloane [ 8:11pm ] ok see u in 5 im almost there
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tithesandofferings · a month ago
Gym...Date Raian x Reader
Semi-public sex, Rough- (but is anyone surprised-) Scent kink, spit kink - hes just nasty and we love him for it. 
It wasnt often when you would accompany Raian to workout, but today you felt a spark that you needed to. You did skip a few workout days yourself and its been awhile since you felt that satisfying soreness post workout. You and Raian both had a love for working out and thusly transformed your own gym in one of the downstairs rooms. Throwing your phone on the bed you quickly changed into some short and a sports bra and went down to meet him. When you got there Raian was already starting his routine so you decided to start on your warm ups seeing how he didnt wait for you. Simple stretches is what you decided to begin with before some cardio. 
Your eyes glanced to where Raian was, he looked so focus while he worked out. It was a side to him you hardly saw and it was actually quite refreshing. He seemed so in tuned with every raise of the dumbbell, releasing air whenever it went back down. He truly loved the sport he did, regardless of how dangerous it was. Well he might be more dangerous than the sport itself. You found yourself giggling to yourself, which caught his attention. His eyes met with yours, he smirked, knowing well you were staring at him for some time, causing you to almost choke on your own spit. 
You quickly turned and continued on with your stretches. Slowly raising your hands above your head you stretch and then just as slowly bend over to touch your toes. You repeated that process until you heard a heavy object fall to the ground. You paused mid stretch to look back and saw Raian picking up the dumb bell he apparently let dropped. You stare at him confused. 
"H-how did you manage to-" 
"Shit happens OK!" 
".....ok..." After dragging your eyes from him for at least a minute you finally get into your routine. This one was by far one of the hardest ones you could have picked. It literally worked out your arm, legs, back, glutes and thighs. You finally had a 2 minute break and you so happen to meet eyes with Raians again. He looked done with his routine so he was just sitting on the bench motioning for you to come over by him. "..huh?...but im not don-" 
He raised an eyebrow .
"...Raian almost done-" 
"Y/N if I ask a third time you'll regret it" 
With that you instantly go to his side. You go to sit next to him but he grabs your waist pulling you into his lap. 
"Noooo im sweatyy" 
"So?? I dont wanna-" your words got caught off, feeling something wet along your back. 
 "Just as i taste delicious" he said dragging another wipe across your arm now. He pinned you tightly against his lap and pulled you back even further. He then made his way to the crook of your neck, he kissed up your nape to the bottom of your ear. Slowly licking and nipping, licking and nipping at your wet skin
 "R-raian...please...atleast let me...shower first" 
His grip tightened as he growled into your ear. 
"You see...ive been watching you all that time...ive been finished with my workout from long old time and i couldnt help but observe my little kitten busy with hers." He breathed in your ear. His breath was and dripping in want and need. His voice also seemed to crack a bit which was a sign he was really...really ready to break...or well to break you.
 "But...i...F-FUCK.." He slipped a hand between your leg. At this point you wasnt sure if it was sweat or arousal but your will to care was slowly leaving you. His thumb began running circles up and down your clothed folds, increasingly picking up speed as he continued. 
 "I bet this tastes even better huh? dont know how bad i wanted to bend you over this bench whiles you did your stretches...made it hard for me to concentrate on my own fucking exercise." 
He bit down on your shoulder and then licked around it. "- but you knew what you was doing...right kitty? Thats why you wanted to come work out with me here" 
" didnt"
 "Dont lie to me kitty...what other reason did you have then?" He made use of his other hand, grabbing both breasts at once and squeezing. He always knew the exact location of your nipple and wasted no time in kneading them.
"Speak up kitty...i cant understand a word you're saying" he smirked behind you. At this point his erection was more than visible and even more so notable as you sat on him. The heat alone coming from off of it was enough to make you whimper and try to ground down on him for some type of friction. ANYTHING! 
He stilled his hand from between your legs and grabbed your head back by your hair. Skillfully wrapping them twice around his hand in once quick fluid motion of his wrist. 
"Now now kitty, are you that fucking desperate for my cock? Tryna grind down this naughty ass on me like no gotta earn it first." You could only whimper and whine as his grip tightened in your hair. 
You struggle to even swallow the spit accumulating in your mouth, yet right now only one thing was on your mind. "What color kitty?" 
"Good girl" he smiled before crashing his lips into yours. It took little to no time for you to allow him into your mouth. His tongue quickly taking over your senses as he literally kissed you breathless. His hand flew down into your shorts and swiped up your folds before parting them, causing you to break the kiss. He took advantage of this moment by quickly removing his fingers and placed two of his large digits into your gapping mouth. "Suck it clean kitty...and then i'll clean up the rest downstairs" 
The moan you let out around his fingers was by far the most shameful thing you ever heard but then again you didnt care much. You notice the way his eyes closed as soon as he felt your tongue wrap around his fingers. The wet lapping motion you did with his tongue was enough to drag out a throaty moan from him which even caused him twitch. 
"'re so good with that tongue fucking good" he pulled and pushed his fingers in your mouth, basically face fucking you with his hands. At the last pull you sucked on his fingers and did a small bite as he popped out of your mouth. When he opened his eyes all you saw staring back at you was dark black irises. Oh shit. Without a word he lifted you up and threw you over his shoulder and started off towards the stairs. 
"You caused this on your self kitty" he said smacking your already sore ass. 
"I just wanted to work out...its been so long since i was sore from a workout"
 "If you wanted to be sore from a only needed to ask...i'll make sure you're fucking sore alright. Really fucking sore"
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