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#some of u ppl are so weird god bless
miioouu · a month ago
I was like, "lets stalk miou's Tumblr and read some bnha stuff" (i had to scroll down so much and the tag was about ONE chracter, dayum it probably takes a whole day to read it all, not that i mind 👀 better for me so i don't have to search for more amazing fan fics after reading basically everything skdjk-)
Then you went out here and answered my ask after like a minute, and I went :0! You have impeccable timing!
I feel like every time I open up Tumblr, a minute later you post something and I'm like 👁👄👁 how do u do this
This might be a bit tmi and its kind of personal (not really a bad thing or a vent dw just something I hight about)
Also like I had a really bad hiccuping session, it lasted like half an hour BUT EVERY TIME after I hiccupped I would let out a sigh that sounds maybe a bit too much like a moan, look, when I hiccup it hurts like hell, everything in my chest just kinda gets pushed like its trying to escape by busting through my chest, it hurts so much and its kind of relieving after its over you know?
Man, if boiboi was with me he'd pounce, he might also wonder why the fUcK I was moaning and why so often when HES NOT THERE- what are you doing without him >:(
But like, I'm also someone that, doesnt moan, at all, i barely make any faces either, I know I'm a virgin, but like, even when masturbating and some shit like that I still don't. Kinda worried that the person I'm gonna do it with in the furture feels like I dont enjoy it skdjk-
Yeaah, in would be weird but like, not shaming anyone or whatever 👀👀👀 you do you, if you wanna do that then i guess you already did it so... Yeah, thanks I love you too I guess?
Stranger? Nono u stalker 👁👄👁 weird pervert dude poic where to get polis
Yeeees, I had so much trouble figuring out how the actual fUcK I'm supposed to write stuff, like, even small things like biting gets heavily described and irl it lasts like 2 seconds skdjk- but for things that actually lasts a while irl I'm like, how do I explain sex. Thrust thrust moan moan he probably says some possessive shit orgasm or something.
How do I detail this???
Aw yeah! Touching yourself is completely normal! If he could hear us he will die, like why are you guys talking about this are you bullying me 🥺
Look, deciding to kiss him is like the point of no return, when wont let you go now, youre his, you CHOSE to be his, now you wont leave, you can't leave him! Don't lead him on like this! Youre his and only his now! You agreed! You wanted this too! No going back now.
If he was the one confessing he wouldn't think like this as aggressively, since, you know, he was the one who asked, he wanted you enough to make the first move, do you want him too? Of course you do but, how much do you really love him? He wont let you leave! You agreed to it! Look look, he knows that you might've only said yes because you feel bad or you like him the most out of everyone else, but you still agreed! That's got to count for something right?
I feel like if you caught him masturbating then made out with him, he'll definitely either flip you over, or just beg to just let him fuck you.
It depends on his mood at the time, is he stressed? Angry? Jealous? When was the last time you saw him? Stuff like that you know.
Yeeeees, this is lit, we do hot girl shit with Dabi and have sleepovers where we don't actually sleep most of the night ksndkjk-
-🐱nonny who ate shrimpssalad on a sandwich and the fries version of waffles. Don't know the name but its better than normal fries 👌 also I took some pills lol
Well lucky you, i updated it yesterday night, so you probably enjoyed it a lot 👀👀 and man when I first made my masterlist it took me two days, so imagine reading them hwnjsnsns having a lot of works is a blessing and a curse, i genuinely can't remember what i wrote, so whenever i click on a random post of mine,,, i just cringe or be impressed with myself ebjsnsjs
OMG I ALSO HAD A HICCUP SESSION TODAY! I think it's because it was cold this morning, idk. But yeah, and my family tease me for having like a cartoon like hiccup...
Man, he'd be jealous! Imagine if you're on your phone and you start hiccuping (moaning) he'll think you're texting someone else or you're watching something without him... Which leads me to wonder, you think boiboi would get jealous if you watch porn? Like ik some ppl see porn as a way of cheating,,, is he like that?? 👀👀
Also about the moaning thing, dude same, I'm so silent it's actually worrying sjsnsjnssjs poor future partner 😬😬
Yeah totally not judging uebwuwnwje but like if it happens once, please don't do it again! Omg hejensjs imagine like a stalker perv who does that... FANFIC MATERIAL OMG UENSJSNSN
Right, thats why when I'm writing smut, i usually like to write inner thoughts a lot, it fils up and then it make it seems like it's taking longer.
I feel like boiboi would think kissing is much mote intimate then sex. So whenever you kiss him, it's like you're fueling his obsession with you. The more you kiss him, the more he gets possessive and the more he won't be able to let go.... He doesn't care rly about your own opinion, why would you kiss him if you didn't want to be his in the first place..
Omg dabi would use our sleepovers as excuses to get out of missions wjwnwjwnwjwn like he'd be sooo tired the next day, both socially and physically.... The poor lov has to deal with an even more cranky dabi... DON'T WORRY GUYS UMMMM I'LL HELP HIM CALM DOWN
Shigaraki, instead if hearing us yell at you, you could've already taken the shower and be done with it by now! It's only gonna take you like what 10 minutes! Just go alreadyyy.
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randomoutsiders · 2 months ago
also fun? story jfjdj related to dreaming so
i always have had super vivid dreams and i lucid dream accidentally pretty often and all that fun stuff,,, add that to a personality who daydreams all the time and you get me being absolutely fucking obsessed with dreams
so anyways i’m on antidepressants and if i forget to take them i get INTENSE dreams. and like intense for most people is apparently a normal night for me (most people being. all my friends and family) and obviously i do my best not to forget them because. yknow important meds n stuff but when i’ve accidentally forgotten. oh boy
so usually (usually as in. take your meds kids i don’t forget mine often) they will just make me have like. Wow That’s A Lot of Dream dreams but,,,, on occasion they induce sleep paralysis which i’d never experienced before starting the meds lol
i know a lot of ppl are scared of sleep paralysis so lemme share my experiences:
- so the first time it happened i was just confused because i can usually just wake myself up out of a dream with no issue but it took a lot more work than usual to wake up but after i figured it out i was fine
-some times it’s accompanied you like a loud shaking/vibration sound/feeling which is kinda fun tbh
- yknow like. ooh spooky shadow figures?? well i’ve « seen » (? dreamed? don’t know the correct word but you get the idea) two before
- the first one is just. a vague notion that i’m hurting towards/pulled upwards/dragged down towards a far away, ominous, dark/red vibes demonic large god-type concept??
-the second one was a glowing blue-white orb with wings and a sort of pupil light thing and it was like. a holy angel or something (both of these are religious related for some reason but i’m not religious so?? idk lol)
anyways. i think they’re supposed to be scary but uh.
- the glowing blue eyeball tried to bless me and my loved ones and improve my memory (i was like « no! » and managed to wake up) and also told me things like « sometimes things are a matter of life and death. you have to live » before trying to heal me with whatever god-type deal it had going on which i mean. for a sleep hallucination? pretty cool words bdbfbf and it’s trying to be helpful. i appreciate it
-as for the huge demonic one that is just a concept well. for some reason i end up trying to meet him face to face. like. i’ll be in sleep paralysis for a long time thinking « just a few more minutes and then he’ll be Forced to deal with me!! » and i’ve gotten so excited? at the idea of like. either fighting him, meeting him, talking to him or all three (idek) that i’ve broken out of sleep paralysis because i’m so happy
- also tip for breaking out of sleep paralysis: focus on your body,, like. if you can remember falling asleep in a certain way then try to get back to feeling your bed. or try to wiggle a limb. trying to open your eyes can work too lol
anyway moral of the story: take your meds and don’t be scared of sleep paralysis or whatever ominous thing you dream about during it because they’re pretty nice for imaginary nightmares and i have so much fun in sleep paralysis. like. so much lol,,, Eyeball is just doing it’s best and one day i’m gonna trick Ominous Demon Vibes and finally meet him
but i might also just be!! weird!! and have a weird outlook on it!! actually this might be very likely fjjfjf thank u for listening to my rambles isa i hope you’re entertained by my story
<3 🍓
omg wow this is actually so interesting
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sugardaddykenma · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
[real authors note: a crackfic from yours truly. I’m so fucking sorry. No one send this to my therapist because she will actually be worried.]
a/n: oh em gee hey hi hello!!! Feeling blessed that i can write for the whorehouse server collab!!!!!!!!!! I thought i wouldnt post in time because of all of the trauma ive been going thru but we made it! *plays drake music cutely* anywaiiiiz here ya go!!
Warnings! Dont be a pussy, get kidnapped its sexy! Lol hahaha and tw drugs, tw penis (only two for like 5 seconds) so like lime or something less citrus
wc: 2.1k!!!!!
Songs to listen to when reading this: Teen Idle by the QUEEN herself marina and the diamonds, all around me by flyleaf (dw theyre christian), and mgmt kids!!!!
Tumblr media
A great poet once said “Got 56 a gram, 5 a hundred grams though, man I swear I love her how she work that damn pole” and that poet, mister fettison wapersons the third said it with his whole left nut. So im out here hustling the pole.
And by pole i mean working at the local 7/11.
I guess i should introduce myself hehe, my name is (y/n) (l/n) and my hobbies include singing (im not that good thought bc im nervous), smoking darts outside my job because i have a nicotine addiction that makes me mysterious and sexy but in a broken girl kind of way, and reading. Im queer coded but in a way that appeals to compulsory hetereonormativity, and if you relate to me you will come oout within the next five years. Its just like astrology!!!
Anyways, there i am. Smoking a ciggy outside of my shitty, convience store job. I am stocking the new mmonster energy drinks into our stock fridge (theyre watermelon!!! (a/n: my fav flavor btw!!!!!!!)), when i feel a text message coming through on my new samsung flip.
ebony_dementia_raven_way: heyyyyy bbycakes ill pick u up aft3r werk so we can get dranky n partee!!
its-yn-not-yeen: ohmygosh fawk ya!!!!! Ill steal some ciggies from my werk fro us!!!!
That’s my best friend. Shes emo as heck. We’re such opposites but it works, me being like hot in a conventional lowkey way and her being emo.
My shift ends soon and we always like to get drunk and party with older college guys that she knows on the wekeknds. 
“Hey kitten, can you cash me out?” i hear a mans deep voice behind me. It sounds so deep i can feel it in my girly parts.
I whip my head around, my long generic hair wafting the scent of my perfume around the aisle. I lock eyes with a tall man, he has black hair, deep indigusishable eyes, and his gives me the aura of a cat who eats mice outside the back of my store. Hes fucking hot though. In a greasy rich kid way.
“Ugh, fine i guess.” i get up from where im stocking the shelves and even decide to be nice enough to take out my headphones (a/ns: i forgot to mention the reader is wearing headphones and listening to paramore!!!!!) I would die without my music. other people just dont understand how much i love music. they dont get how its saved me.
I pass him, and hes smiling at me. What a fucking weirdo. In a hot way.
I walk towards the cash, and in a sudden movement another man comes running from the parallel aisle with a chloroform rag. I yell lightly, but not in anyway loud enough to garner any attention, let alone from my boss who is most deinifitely railing lines of coke in the bathroom.
“STOP IT” I ccatch the reflection of the man whose drugging me in the mirror next to the hot fritos that go on sale every sunday. Hes a big man, strong, giving me total daddy vibes but not in a weird way like in a sexy way like i read on fanfiction dot net. He also has dark hair and eyes.
“Great work, lets get her in the car,” the cat man comes into view and oh my god? Hes part of this? I have both tall,dark, and handsome men tying me in ropes and shuttling me out of my store.
They move me in the parking lot. I can hear them whispering “calm down” and ‘dont worry” but all i can see is my best friend Ebony’s car!! I start yelling but its muffled against the rag still. She looks up and waves, pointing to her cigarette, which is her tell tale ‘wait-a-min-im-puffing’ look. I get it, i would do the same.
The unnamed sexy men start shoving me into a red kia soul.
I cant believe im getting kidnapped in a kia soul! This is so fucked. Poor people are kidnapping me??? I dont even warrant a rich mans affections?
The chloroform finally kicks in conveniently so long after they initially drugged me and everything fades to black. I suddenly feel like annabeth in percy jackson, when she like gets beat up a little, which im almost ashamed to admit is kinda hot.
I wake up grogily tied to a chair in a huge fancy modernist condo. I suddenly feel underdressed in my vintage seven eleven uniform (my boss hates that i dont wear the right one but craig, fashion is fashion, plus the hot harry potter looking guy from starbucks says its sick!! And i trust british ppl mate xx), and a black tennis skirt, with my cool converse. I wear converse because its a lifestyle not because im edgy.
Anyways! Im sexy! Im groggy! Im confused, its a whole moment. I catch myself in the mirror and realize my mascara has smudged giving me a smokey eye look, but other than that im wearing no makeup. My skin is clear. 
“Oh good, youre awake. We were starting to worry,” the tall man says, this is the one who chlorofrmed me, not the sexy man who called me kitten. However, kitten man is beside him.
“WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS? WHY AM I HERE? WAHT DO YOU WANT WITH ME?” i yell. Once again, not too loud, because yelling isnt that sexy.
“I am daichi sawamura and the skinny man who looks liek a douche is my friend kuroo tetsurou,” i laugh at him calling the other man a douche, “we dont mean to scare you hun, we just needed a moment of your time. 
“wHAT DO YOU MEAN? ALSO WHERE ARE MY HEADPHONES? I CANT COPE WITHOUT LISTENING TO MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS, UGH” i cant find my phone or my cute skullcandy headphones. This should be classified as a war crime. 
The cat man cuts in, holding up my phone and headphones.
“We will give you back your music, if you stay with us. This is going to sound crazy, ou are being hunted by the government because they inputted a chip in your brain when you were a baby,” my head spun from the information overload, i suddenly remember my dads best friend barack obama telling me i was important to the world, “and that chip falling into the wrong hands can kill the world as we know it. We have been tasked to save you. We have been tailing you for weeks and-” 0.O
“By the way, you havent been home in a few weeks, you only go to the 7/11 or to your friends place, thats fucking weird,” Daichi says, shrugging. His shoulders are filled in and muscular, and i had a sudden thought about licking his pecs that i shook off.
“ANYWAYS, we need to protect you. So were here. Do you promise not to run away or yell? We’ll give you back your phone and headphones?” Kuroo finishes and i think about his body being so lean and scrumptious.
“Yeah of course!” i bat my lashes. Im lying through my teeth. My perfect pearly white teeth. I can afford a dentist.
They swiftly untie me and give me my headphones and im quick to start playing skye sweetnam.  I send Ebony and my other friend Princess Mia of Genovia a quick SOS text. Im not dumb, theyll save me. 
theyre the 
I sit down with them and they begin to go in depth with the whole problem. Kuroo explains that theyre part of a program that protects us Chipped Gals, as he’s calling it. Daichi explains that hes the muscle of the operation, which makes sense because he has muscle. Im not usually into the whole jersey shore meathead thing, but he makes it work. Whereas kuroo, now that hes no longer greasy from the 7/11, looks like a frat boy who got lost in london for a bit, so hes hot ya know? Im not even listening to them talk about how my life is in peril, and i dont even consider how convenient the whole thing sounds. I trust them, theyre hot. Hot people are legally nto allowed to lie, everyone knows this, its the first rule from the bible - legally blonde 2.
They put on music to continue their confversation. Its three days grace. I thnk theyre kind of cool, but i dont want to admit it. They even talk about their likes and dislikes, which is only volleyball. In fact i dont even think they have other personality points other than, FBI, Volleyball, being hot, and liking everything i like. Perfect, just how i like my men -- useless hot vapid voids. xD
“Let’s make dinner, you’ve had a long day love,” daichi says. And all of a sudden im starving.
“So where can i sleep?” I ask, yawning. We had a luxurious dinner of italian food that could be from olive garden i guess. They walk me to a room at the back of the condo. There is a huge bed, like a california xl king bed in the corner. Its heart shaped. There is mood lighting, and the bed is vibrating for soem reason. Must be for massages. 
“That’s the problem babe,” kuroo starts and winks, “theres only one bed.”
“We hope thats okay,” Daichi says, lifting up his shift.
It;ll be hard to escape sleeping in the same bed, but im sure it’ll work out.
I nod and begin to take off my 7/11 shirt. All of a sudden i realize im undressing in front of them.
They’re licking their lips. I realize theyre both half naked. Daichi reminds me of a greek god, all strong and big, and kuroo is like a smaller greek god or something because hes skintier.
I drool a little at the sight. [ANS: ME FUCKING TWO1!!! IM FUCKING WHET!]
None of us are speaking, but words dont need to be exchanged. We all begin to undress quietly. Theyre looking at me like prey, and i feel like a small animal being led to the slaughter. If the slaughter was getting railed by strong men. 
They both unzip their pants, pulling them completely off, showing their equally large juicy members. Now im drooling for real. 
Im standing shyly in just my underwear and bra, which are froot of the loom, and cover my body with my hands. What if they dont want me? 
“You’re so fucking hot, isnt she kuroo?” daichi says. Kuroo nods excitedly like acat whose found cat nip or whatever cats like to eat.
“This is so wrong, our boss, the director of the FBI old man ikkei ukai will kill us if we mess around with you,,,, but you’re everything we dream about. I feel like ive waited my whole life for you,” Kuroo says, and daichi begins to advance towards me. 
it is then i decide: if i want to escape these men, the best way is to fuck them senseless. It always works. I wont catch feelings. Plus i havent had some in awhile.
Im going to fuck my kidnappers.
Tumblr media
A/NS: wow that took a lot out of me!!! Theyre so smexxy,,,h ope u guys enjoyed it! If not ill glomp you xD im not sure when ill update since im giving birth lyke tmrw (its a boy!!!) but you’ll be the first to know.
Ang3l: ur lying ur not pregnant ur 14
mEEEKee: youre busy because youre going to soccer camp omfg liar!!!!!
Me: you guys are the worst hahaaha u caught me!!!
y/n: will i get pregnant??????? :3
all of us: probably!!!
Okay!!! ttyl!!pls, like, comment + follow
also this is what youre wearing for this chapter!!!
Tumblr media
like hot working class chic. 
Tumblr media
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fazbearly · 6 months ago
Oh cool! I relate to most of those, I used to write but I can't focus enough for that. I like reading short fanfics as well (it's hard to read for me too, so) and I love drawing and fashion!
Also I'm guessing from the blog one of your fav characters is Freddy? Do you have any HCs of him? 0.0.2
YES I LOVE FREDDY SM he’s always been my fav!!! i was like 10 when fnaf1 came out n he reminded me sm of my irl teddybear that i Couldn’t be scared of him lmao
uhHHh hold on, i’m gonna write out my hcs for All The Freddys- quick warning that i hc genders/sexualities for the animatronics, idk if ppl r uncomfy w that but ah well it’s how i learnt to accept myself oof
he/him (they/them is fine)
I headcanoned him as trans before I knew what trans meant - 10 yr old me was rlly out here like “he used to be a girl but he likes being a boy more”. Shoutout to the trans guy in my class who 100% helped me realise this was a thing that happened
Some flavour of mlm, though I never specified which??? Also possibly ace
Fav colour is blue
Ppl assume he’s the dad of the group, but the only one w a braincell is Chica - he’s a total himbo at heart, he’s just very serious at face value and a bit intimidating
Big campfire-song vibes w his singing sometimes, but vaguely punkish at other times??? He somehow simultaneously sounds like a youth group leader and the singer of an indie soft rock band
Funky song associations: light in the hallway by pentatonix
he/they, but doesn’t rlly care
I don’t have a specific gender hc for him, I just refuse to let My Boy be cis (/lh)
Disaster bi
He rlly genuinely loves video games but he isn’t great at them - animatronic hands weren’t built for this!!! He’s great at detective games n visual novels n shit, though, since they require less dexterity™
No volume control, probably neurodivergent bc I said so
Weird hc maybe, but the staff make him sing mashups of popular songs (in his voice obvi)?? He’s very upbeat abt it, and it’s exciting for the kids. Even if it WAS programmed into him, he takes great pride in his ability to just Switch Songs like that
Funky song associations: polka face by weird al, still alive from portal, any 8-bit song remix
This bear has never seen a gender in his life, god bless
What the fuck is a concrete sense of identity
I don’t have many HCs for him, I just know he’s a confused disaster and deserves better
Ngl I have NOTHING for the nightmares rip
he/they (doesn’t mind any)
Gender whomst? Never met her
Possibly aspec? But also bi/pan
An autistic icon, bc yay for projection (he ALSO has no volume control - and he sometimes happy-flaps so hard that bonbon has to leave before their circuits get scrambled)
2 modes are Deeply Anxious and Aggressively Vibing
Bonbon is his emotional support puppet (and his best friend, and 100% of his impulse control). They’re like siblings.
Funky song associations: anything in that kinda crunchy TLT or penelope scott style
he/it (they/them is also fine)
Vaguely male, mostly a bear
Simply Vibing in a vaguely gay way
Our echolalia king
Will I stop w the neurodivergent bears? No. No I won’t
He IS physically capable of saying other things!! He’s just not very talkative and does his job first and foremost
If u give him 5 coins and u AREN’T william afton being tortured for all eternity in his own personal hell, the band performs a song!!! They’re like an unholy mix of ludo, frank sinatra, the killers, and queen (if that makes sense? They have those Vibes)
He’s a little more standoffish but genuinely nice!! He just doesn’t like people as much
Funky song associations: dance dance by fall out boy, we will rock you by queen
There is no gender, only ZUUL
Arospec and bi/pan
Fun uncle vibes
Kinda shy and wholesome, and a fan of a good ukulele cover every now and again
Funky song associations: BFF from spongebob the musical
GLAMROCK FREDDY (FNAF… the new one idk)
Doesn’t care abt pronouns
Idk this man but he’s a nonbinary bicon and u can fight me on this
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koutawoo · 7 months ago
naps are the best :3 hehe i always fall asleep on my couch and i have soft fuzzy blankets!
omg ahhhh you’re very kind. honestly i truly feel like i am figuring out things still like who is the kind of person i want to be and how much money do i want to make, what brings me happiness, etc. etc. all those big discovering yourself questions.
it’s true it’s true everyone is built differently with different values and life styles they want to have hehe. it is amazing and scary how we can change those at any time and how whatever we want might change either tomorrow or next year my goodness.
acting is a weird strange thing hmmm maybe it’s more accurate to say it’s like a mix of some psychology and philosophy in Olympic sports mode? heh who knows.
omg BUTTER. i have been eating honey and butter on toast my snack and comfort food hehe the bread i have is so good.
how are you doing today? was your day today good? any specific plans for the weekend?
(also omg with the conversation with 🍵 anon - DAZAI omg i read the manga before the anime came out and dazai was always my favourite and to see his epic introduction animated with the coat swaying and the wind and the leaves and that close up and Miyano’s voice omg. It’s the scene at 00:17)
- soulmanon 💘💫
yeah, it’s totally normal fsdkfjds (enough money to buy hq!! merch HHAHA) happiness is such an abstract concept n ppl r kinda lying when they said money doesn’t bring happiness </3 and yeah, it’s even scary how we ourselves can change our mind, sometimes i’m shocked by my own 180 change in belief or whatever fkjdsfd
acting is totally as u said. i can’t lie, and even if i’m forced to ‘lie’, i end up staying quiet or smth. like it’s so hard for me to lie and that’s just a psychological thing. and i say lie, bc when ur acting, ur trying to portray someone else, take their identity and all that fkdjslkfs i also wear my heart on my sleeve fkjsdlk HORRID i can’t even stay mad at someone for long
honey and butter honestly sounds so good rn omg i’m stealing ur bread thanks
i’m literally playing among us w/ my friends rn and some dude named kageyama (a random) WAS TRYING TO KILL ME FDLKSF
dazai is dksflslsf he’s so DSKJFSFDSL omg i can’t believe he’s !!! SKJADLKF god he is such a great glskgs i am so blessed
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wolfsjunge · 8 months ago
Idk if this is a request would work but just imagine Commander Anna noticing some yandere tendencies from some heroes around the summoner, so she monetize this by making a gauntlet winning prize be a date with the summoner. How would like some of your fav yan characters react to her scheme? And the fights are now dramatically intense and tickets to see are just selling like insane lol
this is such a fun idea!!! i just wrote a lil prologue thingy for it so pls pls pls read the notes at the end of this, i had an idea for how to get more out of this idea!! thank u so much for the request!!
[fire emblem heroes x reader] (prologue)
part II
"And you're sure it's a good idea, Anna?"
You nervously looked over at the commander.
"Of course! Plus, we've already* made a QQ of profit." Anna winked at you.
You sighed.
"I just kinda wish you'd told me beforehand, is all."
"I agree", Sharena chimed in. "It's a little mean to plan out something like this and not even warn them."
"Well, we all know they would've refused. But it's worth it, it really is!"
You sighed, quietly thanking Sharena for being on your side.
"But... I'm sure it won't be half as bad as you're fearing it to be!" Sharena smiled, trying to cheer you up. "Most of the heroes here are really nice, and for the ones that aren't, you always have us watching out for you!"
You nodded.
"I guess you're right. And now's too late to refuse, anyways."
That, and it was for the Order of Heroes. You needed the money. It would be horribly selfish to call it off, and you wouldn't dare to, despite your complaints. Everyone was always giving their all, how could you not?
Lost in thought, you felt Alfonse, who had been quietly sitting beside you until now, taking your hand.
"Summoner... I promise you have nothing to worry about. I... plan to participate myself, for you sake."
He seemed nervous.
"Oh", you laughed. "Really? That's very nice of you. I don't doubt that you can win! That'd be a blessing."
Alfonse blushed.
Realizing how you'd sounded, you quickly spoke up again.
"Well, I mean, of course I appreciate everyone here... But some of the heroes can be a little bit... you know. At least you're someone I trust."
Alfonse's grip on your hand tightened. Could the others see him holding your hand under the table? He was only trying to comfort you, of course.
When you'd all finished eating your breakfast, your friends got up and excused themselves to their duties, leaving you to do your morning patrol.
As you were walking through the halls, you couldn't help but feel like everyone was staring at you.
Oh god, did they know you weren't the one who had had the idea for the gauntlet? What if they thought you were some kind of weird narcissist? Hopefully the future would grant some opportunity to clear that up.
If only Anna hadn't...
Honestly, a part of you did feel somewhat betrayed, if you'd dare allow yourself to feel that way.
But, like they'd said, it was just for show. Just another means to pay for the Order of Heroes' expenses. Just another part of your duties as the summoner.
Just another sacrifice for Askr, you told yourself.
so!! i was thinking since a bunch of ppl probably have different favorite heroes, (if anyone wants to!!) you can send in a request asking for which hero you would want to win and then i'll write a part for them if i can!! if anyone does send in a request for this, please clarify whether you want it to be yandere or not!! so yeah im not proud of this writing wise but i couldn't get it 2 b good so matter what since nothing really happens so this part was just 2 set the scene a little bit!! also sorry for posting so much later than i usually do i feel asleep and then woke up at 4 am!! so this is going up at 6 am (for me) instead of 1:45 ajhdhdns
ooh also u can request as many charas as you'd like !! and theres some charas i wanna do of my own accord if they don't get requested as well tbh <33
requests are open!! <33
(will be linked as soon as the post is up!! this is just who i got in my inbox already!!)
(Fallen) Ike
Grima (M)
(Summer) Sylvain
ending requests are closed now!!
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locktobre · 8 months ago
OKAY first impressions of BPA under the cut, in no order just as it came to me
the first 10 minutes had SO much fucking information I was literally screaming... ppl got last names (will post a list of names in a bit don’t u fucking worry)... we know roughly where Floravia is... “It’s like nobody wants me in this movie” TAMMY PLS ASDKJSDFSDFGKDFNG I’VE BEEN SAYING!!!!!
I have so many fucking questions about Floravia and Johanistan, what the fuck, what the entire fuck, were they at war or something?????? how come this treaty has to be re-enacted and how does that mean that Floravia just takes over Johanistan, the fact that Johan exists implies that Johanistan has its own monarchy??????? what the entire fuck is that. also the fact that Johan has his own ppl on the payroll answers some questions but raises a lot more, truly terrifying, also terrifying is the implication that he wouldn’t just take Amelia out to sea for her to live comfortably on a yacht he was probably going to have her killed or just thrown overboard to drown, jesus christ
I feel bad saying this but I like Amelia less than I thought I would? I still like her but the Johanistan thing feels weird, especially at the end where she’s like “I am your rightful queen” like... says who???? you ask the people of Floravia, but what about Johanistan???????? what are their feelings??? what’s the history there, I don’t know, I will never know, this will haunt me forever, thank you
Life in Color was REALLY randomly placed and not where I thought it was going to be, at all and tbh I think I like it less now knowing the context asdkjsf sorry girls
EVERYONE KEPT COCKBLOCKING KEN INCLUDING HIMSELF I KEPT SCREAMING MY NEIGHBORS MIGHT THINK I WAS GETTING MURDERED WITH ALL THE TIME I YELLED “KEN NOOOOO” but at least they danced at the end I guess that has to be enough for now... Ken please be courageous and just talk to her, she is your best friend
poor fucking Trey in this movie nobody paid attention to him at all asdkjnsdfn and he was barely even a nuisance this time!!!!! rude!!!!!! he’s full of himself but so what!!!!
if DA counts as vlog posts in-universe, which I guess makes sense considering that the episodes are framed that way, how do Trey, Ted, and Ned count as friends and not Tammy???? wh
I have 1,000 screencaps to take I only took a few while watching bc I wanted to mostly focus on the actual movie but one scene made me scream so I actually stopped and took some (will be posting this shortly)
also I really liked the focus on media and Amelia, bc it’s pretty much EXACTLY how I’ve pictured modern Barbie monarchies going but it’s never really been addressed in a movie before, thank god I was right on the money as always, I truly know the barbieverse inside and out god bless
I probably have more thoughts but my brain is so scrambled right now I need to watch the movie about 14 more times thanks
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majorxmaggiexboy · 8 months ago
 Watching (one of) the Three Musketeers Musical(s) - first 30 minutes
okay if i understand correctly he just said “Good evening, sir and madame, and welcome [something something]” and then another person says “I say, are they going to do the whole [bally?] announcement in French?” and another person says “I hope not” and then the French Speaker continues, “We are here [something something...i think i caught ‘pret’...ready?] France, [something something] Premier [something something]”
There are goat noises or something happening in the background idk
Ah! “I think he’s saying something about Gascony”
i think we’re on d’Artagnan’s family’s farm then
it’s 1625, April, apparently
i can’t even pretend to be able to keep up with whatever just got said
they’re giving instructions for what to do if there’s an emergency during the show.
they just said not to record anything X’D i think this is probably a proshot tho so it’s not Super Ironic?
Les Trois...Mousqutaires- Mousk- Mousketai- however it’s spelled en Francais idk rn but they just said the title >:}
already know i will not be able to finish this thing tonight bc it’s like two and a half hours and it’s 10 pm and my wifi hates me and doesn’t want me to be happy
they’re sponsored by comcast
the other two voices just dragged the French Announcer Person and said “didn’t think much of his accent, did you?”
ppl are yelling now and it sounds like a fight is happening
this man looks like Mr. Jonas Armstrong’s Robin Hood hey
there is zero background music or anything they’re just fightin and yellin and laughing and there are people just milling about like. it’s a weird vibe ngl
oooh i’m feeling the look of that Shirt. that’s Very Nice.
the boots are So Tall they make the Trousers look Super Weird tbh
That Was Strange. We’ve got blue lighting and some Music now
i think d’Artagnan just won the fight but like, ultra delicately.
they’re all kind of passing this sword the blade...with kind of awed expressions? it just took like three people, all practically up on each other, to hand this man a sword.
ooh it’s The Family Sword okay
d’Artagnan and Grinpayne are in the same category right now
oh nooooo it’s Book!d’Artagnan
the mom’s like “you’re pretty much all set to go get your ass kicked on the daily so i’m preemptively giving you some medicine for the wounds you will Inevitably receive”
“eVERY WOUND?” sir please calm down
if y’all don’t stop yanking on that poor offscreen horse
abruptly we have reached a Song and The Man Can Sing
hashtag let d’Artagnan say ‘maman’ and ‘papa’ 😔🙌
he cute
this is completely absurd dude’s just casually singing while riding on this guy’s shoulders
ohh god now he’s like fully on this dude’s back like an 8-year-old and it looks Ridiculous i’m wheezing
“what the devil is that” I KNOW
they managed to make the Insulting The Horse thing Extremely Uncomfortable negl
he gave the ‘horse’ a sword
the horse is now three people
now he’s riding...a ladder???? and looking completely unimpressed?
youre facing the wrong way dude
i’m gonna need that dog barking sound to stop immediately u-u
they’re dragging the horse again. “That horse, sir, is one of the family” “I Can Well Believe It” OOOOOH
shjdshgsjhjsk the way he just slapped that glove onto the ground. the flair. the finesse. the dazzle
i see the Rochefort situation has a little extra Something Something in this version
the height difference X’D
oh yeah it’s gonna be Like That i guess
where’d the height difference go :O
this is the calmest and most gentle beatdown i have ever witnessed. i can’t even describe what just
the tenderness of that murder that just went down
“*gasp* Could Treville Have Set This Young Idiot Against Me” X’D
oh this is super weird what the heck
slap him as you walk by, Roachfort, i dare u. do it. it’ll be funny.
just smacks d’Artagnan in the face with a rag “wELCOME TO THE PINECONE INN” iconic
d’Artagnan’s really just out here ‘simping’ for every woman he sees huh
i like that he looks thoroughly confused bc it’s v Accurate
that was the single dumbest smile i have ever seen in my life please do it all the time
this man is dopey as hell
“I’d go and have a rest if i were u” “REST????!!!!” my guy please chill
okay now this one kinda slaps
i’m only fifteen minutes in what kind of alternate time continuum is this existing in i thought it was at least the 30 minute mark
kay i am Here for this Aramis hel to the lo my good sir
treville’s so mad he got the line wrong
it’s okay Treville i love u sir
d’Artagnan is Smol and Bi and Severely Alarmed and if that aint a mood...
d’Artagnan’s fully like Hi We Haven’t Actually Met But You Will Be Forced To Adopt Me
is there no one other than Rochefort who can Height Difference. am i to be left cold and Wanting as with the Bee Bee See. u-u
is someone’s phone ringing
oop Rochefort has been sighted. yes my good sir i need you to come back and be taller than d’Artagnan.
Treville “if you want to be a musketeer i’m going to need you to be a good boy and not participate in dueling or shenanigans” d’Artagnan, immediately “brb i gotta go fight that dude over there”
Athos has him by the Wrist(tm)
the tone of this setting up of a duel is. very special.
y’all about to tango or what with this music?
i was skeptical about this d’Artagnan but he’s kinda adorable tbh good job Mr. Tveit
Oop Porthos called him a dog
“How fast one grows up in Paris! A moment ago, I was only a ‘puppy’!” DID YOU REALLY JUST
Porthos please
this Height Difference might be kinda Good
he thinks fighting Athos is going to take 30 minutes to an hour XD
He’s just a little cupcake god bless him i do love a good Absolute Moron :3
“What have I done now?” awwwwww
“I may be late, myself, by then” can’t believe this dude won my heart in 22 minutes u-u
“If I die at least it’s clear, I’ll be killed by a musketeer” 
“oh but all the girls I might have loved if only i’d been spared :(” he’s so dumb i love this guy
this is officially the one true d’Artagnan.
Athos can you please stop prowling around him as he sleeps it’s a little uncomfy my guy
awww he slept in the gardens where he expects to get Murdered
“If I kill you, Treville will accuse me of infanticide” ATHOS
ohhhhhh he’s going to diiiiiiiiie
he smol
“Monsieur Athos has the right to kill me first, which makes your claim, Monsieur Porthos, far less interesting. And yours, Monsieur Aramis, practically worthless. :D” i love him.
oh heck the jacket’s coming off
“I’d like to fight with my doublet on. My wound has begun to bleed again, and I shouldn’t like to taunt you with the sight of blood you yourself haven’t drawn” ATHOS
come on and wreck some stuff Rochefort
Athos: “three against five and i’m not at my best :(” d’Artagnan “Umm there are Four of us actually :D” les inseperables: “BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA”
“Go back to Gascony. I have no wish to kill you.” “But I have every wish to kill you” D’ARTAGNAN
height difference >:}
ooh Athos liked that
the fights in this show...could be...Better...
the fights are...the Worst...
*slides the actors a $5* pls try to kill each other for real
(to the Inseparables, after helping them fight off 5 of the Cardinal’s Men) “And now, Gentlemen, I am ready for You” oh honey 
current verdict: hate the way the fights are done.real slow start. the songs are Okay but Mr. Tveit could sing a phonebook and i’d  gladly listen. d’Artagnan is Adorably Dumb and Chaotic and a complete Disaster and i am having. A Good Time With This. 
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rododaktvlos · 8 months ago
1- hey i saw the catholic ask by that anon and i gotta say everything is in the way u accept it and the people u surround yourself with. im muslim and living in a muslim country. if we had a poll with how many muslims are homophobic, xenophobic etc etc... the number would be high. like my dad liked some muslim scholars on fb bc his friends recommended them to him. i had to unlike them all bc omg the idiocy and like ones that really understood the Qur'an.
2- my friend who is a hijabi and like really really religious doesnt listen to our imams way of portraying our religion bc... most of them are into politics and you know u just cant mix the current state of politics with religion bc it just gives you and the ppl brain damage. while i recommended her good muslim scholars she recommended me christian scholars (i even believe they r from either italy or greece) bc she likes how they talk about christianity and religion in general
3- you wrote the answer so good like u have to read the holy book(s) for yourself bc u wont believe how many muslims come at me with but homosexuality is a sin in islam like stfu im wearing the tightest clothes when going out and i know im sinning like does G.d want me dead(and im bi)? I WISH! love how u answered that anon! if u want to learn about your religion more u gotta do it with your own ears, eyes, hands and be critical of ppl bc some of them are the followers of money and not G.d
4- if i said something wrong or u think its a little weird pls point it out and correct me. u dont even have to answer any of my asks. maybe im just spilling bull. have a nice day! love your blog!!!! love the content! have a nice day! 
I couldn’t have said it better myself, anon! (for reference, this is the post)
At the end of the day we’re all human, no matter our beliefs, and there’s bound to be some rotten apples in all religions, even the ones with the most placid core tenants. My original post was of course about Christianity, but I think it’s something that could really apply to most organized religions: like I said, bigoted people in positions of power can and will use the most widespread religion for their purposes even if it means to distort its original message, and that goes for Christianity as well as Islam, like you said.
I think there’s a lot of value in interfaith discussion, too: I personally love how certain Jewish and Muslim theologians talk about religion, and find that their words greatly enrich my own experience and understanding of my faith! Religion is something so deeply personal and everybody understands it differently, but if we really want the most authentic experience of it we need to go back to our Holy Books and realize that God is everywhere and He loves all His childern equally.
Thank you for showing me your perspective, I greatly appreciate knowing my words resonated with you! God bless you ❤️ 
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chaeryybomb · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
ngl I’m kinda sad bc a lot of y’all don’t like the song ;-; but I can’t do anything about it since it’s your opinion so
but I hope that people know the difference between hating and giving criticism saying the song sucks and that it’s trash music is straight up music
I can get why people are disappointed with the song since everyone wanted almost the same thing, “jennie getting a rap part”, “jisoo saying blackpink in your area” and a high note from rosé
personally I really like the song, to me it’s not the same as dddd and ktl tbh I think it’s different
plus I kinda expected it to be like that bc their songs usually follow that yg style ya know the only songs I say that don’t follow that stereotypical yg style is “love scenario”, “stay” and AKMU’s songs
i mean if you compare the song with other yg artists song, they all have the same vibe to it because of the “yg style” we always say
the song also gives me nct and skz vibes too, like specifically “punch” and “side effects” bc of the heavy edm and also bc their songs has been called noise before dhshd
but enough of that
I really like how the song starts calmly in the beginning and then it starts to be more aggressive
also I like the fact that each of the girls get a chance to say “how you like that”
lisa’s rap????? y e s
personally I feel like this time it had more of a fairer distribution, including lines and center parts
like jisoo actually gets some center parts in the dance break and chorus
i also really like the outfits this era, especially the modernized hanboks! though I have mix feelings about the pink wig dhshdh
speaking of hair, jennie!! she fucking dyed her hair!!!
and rosé is no longer blonde dhsjdj
the parts I found weird is when rosé says “look up in the sky it’s a bird it’s a plane” i have no idea how that fits in the song so
and the “dumdudurum” part at the end, it sounds out of place, like especially after it the song ends
i also think that this is their best choreography! right next to don’t know what to do
overall, I really like the song, if you don’t it’s fine! hylt has the most aesthetic mv’s I’ve seen and the outfits are so much better and it has been said that BLACKPINK’s old stylist left the company in January no not maeng
lisa’s fur coat outfit reminds me of yeji’s outfit in wannabe
would I say that hylt is their best song? no, I think playing with fire was their best song but it’s not a terrible song either
another I like is jisoo owning this era, say what you want, hylt is Jisoo’s era period.
Tumblr media
what even is a concept anymore
we all thought it was going to be some street racer concept
buT NO
it’s a kung fu panda concept dhshdh
felix!!! my baby has lines !!!!
his demonic voice is bACK
hyunjin’s blond hair 😭😭
what the fUCK
the way he tied it up in a ponytail, like sir that is diSRESPECTFUL he really is jaebum’s son huh
okay okay on to the song
it honestly shocked me so much, like the rap parts were so aggressive like and the vocals are kinda angelic???
i really really like the pre-chorus, seungmin’s voice is just so !!!!! i also like seungmin+i.n’s little duet after felix’s part
“looking like a chef I’m a five star Michelin” bro that part is lowkey demonic looking in the dance
like mans pulled his knees up and put his hands through them while looking directly at you
does that not look demonic to you??? my friend said it reminded her of a spider dhshdhr
also the “dududu” part instantly reminded me of bp’s dddd dhshd like can someone edit a part of bp going “oh wait till I do when I hit you with that” and cuts to skz “DUDUDU”
the fact that no one has done it yet astounishes me
also what the fuck is that chain thing on Chan’s face, who put it there and why dhshd
bless whoever gave changbin dual contacts lens
at first I found the choreography a bit funny bc they added like cooking gestures to it dhshd, like stirring the pot in the chorus but my favorite part of the dance is changbin’s part
the entire album was a bop okay, the fact that “god’s menu” wasn’t even the title track and they decided to change it, the fact that jyp has so much TRUST in bang chan also we get to see chan and sana being best friends uwu
“pacemaker” is literally “my pace” 2020 ver dhshd it even has the “nananana” part!
my favorites from the album is “TA”, “blueprint” and “haven”!!
also “easy”,,,, chan what did u do that it can’t be performed in shows
Tumblr media
wow girl groups are really being criticized this month huh
if y’all don’t know what happened with twice, a lot of people are criticizing twice for not singing live during their encore stages
a lot of them are especially going after momo
I’ve watched their encore stages and I don’t know why people are saying they sound bad???? maybe they need a better vocal coach but the fact that people are taking advantages of the situation just to hate on them smh
a n y w a y s
the song definitely gives a whole lot of “dtna” vibes bc of the tropical concept, its like “dtna” but the mature version
if “dance the night away” had an older sister, it would be “more & more”
also I really like the eve & adam concept, “more & more” is also another “creepy”ish song that is hidden behind a catchy tune, like “yes or yes” where ppl think it’s a cute song but the lyrics says otherwise
okay actually writing this out, it’s mv has “dtna” vibe but the song is so much like “yes or yes”
if you read the lyrics, the girls are basically saying that “no matter how hard you try to hide, you’re going to be mine again”
even in dahyun’s rap she says “I’m naturally selfish, I’m sorry if you didn’t know” and “you will fall for me, you can’t say no no”
it’s almost the same as her part in “yes or yes” where she says “there is no letters n and o” dhshdh sorry this becam a whole theory
back the real song review, I’m so glad that momo got a dance break! I think that this is their fairest line distribution yet. jeongyeon got her lines, dubchaeng got their rap parts and momo has a lot of center parts!!
and the girls look so much happier during their promotions especially tzuyu! she was smiling so much, maybe it’s because mina is with them and I’m so happy they get to perform as nine again
i really like their choreography and the part where they do the chest bounce is really satisfying idk why dhsdh
plus jeongyeon got better outfits this era cough feel special era cough
overall, I really like this comeback and it’s nice that nayeon got the high notes this time instead of jihyo
Tumblr media
oh boy this is definitely my favorite song of this month
it’s so much different than their other songs!!!
and there’s so much to go on about!
wonyoung, minju, sakura and hyewon literally improved so much. im so proud of them !!!
hyewon, nako and sakua getting to sing the chorus??? y e s
chaeyena rap parts????? y e s
chaeyeon getting a dance break AND a high note???? Y E S
my favorite parts is eunbi+chaewon pre chorus wow I have a thing for pre choruses don’t I dhsh
i will say that this song vies the girls the chance to show how much they’ve improved throughout the eras, especially the j-line and visual line since a lot of people said they didn’t belong in izone
wonyoung and yujin's expressions are really on point as well
and yena's hip move dhshdhs
it's also rlly cute how eunbi throws confetti at her part dhshd
it’s refreshing to see how the girls improved
unfortunately, izone will be disbanding this year ;-; this is why I never liked the produce series
but we do have some ideas what will happen to the members though, we all know yena will be added into everglow, i having a feeling that eunbi and chaeyeon will be debuting as a soloist, they have so much potential plus the radiate chungha energy
nako, hitomi and sakura would most likely return to Japan, although I see sakura staying in korea to pursue an acting career and hitomi as a producer since she wrote some of izone’s songs
yuri might debut as a solo or debut in a new girl group as main vocalists, the same goes for chaewon
i see minju and hyewon going into acting careers and CF contracts, the same as kang mina, especially since minju is now an mc for music core
whereas for wonyoung and yujin, their both still young so I think they’ll finish school before re-debuting in groups plus yujin will be attending sopa
especially wonyoung, we all know that she’s actually really smart and is good at academics, i also think she might do modeling work, she fits the criteria
i also kinda see yujin pursuing an acting career because she will be in the theatre and film department in sopa. unless starship is going to debut a new girl group, I hope that yujin can debut as a soloist instead
Tumblr media
I’m so happy dhshdhhs
also lua fits the short hairstyle so much, I’ve literally fallen for her help I can’t get up
as much as I love yoojung, it’s nice to see lucy rapping
the song is very catchy, I especially like rina’s part in the second verse of the song
i also love the “wolf & hunter” concept for the album
like the pictures were very beautiful, I also like how they use white for the wolves and black for the hunters, it’s like painting the hunters at the bad guys and the wolves as the good guys
I am in love with Lucy, Lua and Sei’s “nonono” part in the chorus
and the choreography for the chorus too
as much as I love elly’s blue hair, she slays in black hair dhshd I
I really love their outftis this era, i like how it’s all pants for the girls too
my favorite outfits are the black outfits from the gif
overall, this is definitely their fairest line distribution cough tika taka and dazzle dazzle cough
Tumblr media
this is my second favorite song of the month
I love the whole horror concept and I also like the fact that they released the uncensored version of the mv
it’s give the song much more of the horror vibe
I’m new to Nature and as far as I know, a member is stuck in China and another member sat out due to an injury. please correct me if I’m wrong
the outfits might be simple, but it fits so right with the song, I prefer the white dresses over the black ones
it kinda gives out the feeling that the girls are like asylum patients ya know, whereas the black dresses gives out that the girls are rich daughters that were sent away
I really like LU and Haru’s parts
the dance is also kinda a simple but it looks great!
overall, I hope that Nature will do this concept again, actually I hope to see more groups do this kind of concepts more
Tumblr media
did this comeback scare me? yes yes it did
bro the teasers were so scARY
yangyang was literally laughing like a mANIAC
their teasers gave me so much suicide squad vibes
also, why the fuck were 4/7 members not wearing shiRTS
sm do you have a shirt shortage??? I’m sure nctzens are more than happy to donate some shirts to you
okay anyways, I’ve always liked wayv’s sci-fi concept, I don’t know if the mv’s are connected or not but I think they are
“take off” is them basically flying away from earth and they landed in space in “moonwalk” and it seems they have been captured in “turn back time”
very inch resting dhshd
listen, I may be chinese but I can’t understand 70% of the song because of how fast it goES
so with that saying, yANGYANG DID NOT COME TO PLAY
his rap was amazing !!!! he is definitely one of sm’s best rappers along with taeyong and mark
my favorite part is lucas and hendery’s rap parts and then it switches to xiaojun and yangyang + kun, ten and xiaojun getting highnotes
the dance break is so satisfying to watch too
“stop, rewind, turn back time” and “5432” part is so satisfying
also I’m really impressed with how fast LabelV responded when fans pointed out that some of the outfits had offensive phrases in them, they took the time to edit it out of the teasers and the mv, cheers to them
also! i find it funny that wayv released the Korean version of “turn back time” but all of us were much more shocked at the fact that Ten got another cat dhshd
Tumblr media
first of all, dokyeom looks so gOOD IN THE MV
second of all, vernon and wonwoo’s “hana dul set” will forever be iconic
third, seungcheol is back 😭😭
just like twice, they get to perform as 13 again dhsjdsn
also if y’all don’t have tiktok, svt has been doing the “left & right” with so many other idols including chungha and apink’s naeun!
haha joshua hong and wen junhui being real disrespectful with those sleeveless shirts
bonus point we got svt x nct china line + mark and joshua interaction at music bank
their choreography looks so fun too dhshd
the entire comeback is so cute and colorful
my favorite parts are vernon and seungcheol’s rap parts
also vernon be rocking that greaser style
their new album is so versatile, like, “fearless”, “left & right”, “kidult” and “my my”?? who’s doing it like seventeen
i love their new songs so much especially “kidult”
overall, I really really love this comeback
Tumblr media
I couldn’t find a group scene gif pls forgive me
let me say, I am absolutely in love with the concept, the outfit concept for this is so creative, I don’t know if any other groups have done it before but !!
their outfits evovle like a butterfly!!
at first, the outfits were plain pastel colours but they slowly become more detailed and colourful throughout the stages, like a caterpillar to a butterfly!
center yeoreum!!!
and dayoung looks so pretty in short hair 🥺
and again, as far as I know, the Chinese members are in China, two of them are apart of the Chinese group Rocket Girl and I think Chengxiao recently returned to Korea
I really like their ending pose where their hands are in the butterfly gesture and the “wings” are slowly flapping
and how their arms represent their wings during the chorus
by far one of the moor creative comebacks in my opinion
also, it’s nice to hear soobin doing the high note instead of yeonjung, let yeonjung rest her voice once in a while ya know
Tumblr media
also wonder girls reunion uwu
the teaser gave me so much "barbie: island princess" vibes so the entire mv was not what I expected
at all
the mv literally describes sunmi a lot, she basically does whatever the fuck she wants like when she posted that pic of jyp on instagram dhshdhs
it’s so funny especially the scene where sunmi is wearing the teletubbies head
and at the end when she wakes up and goes back to sleep is just a mood lmao
something about the song really gives me a lot of “siren” vibes but happier???
i really like the way she pronounces “pporappipam” it took me one week to finally pronounced it dhshd
idk why but I really like the instrumental, especially the intro, it’s very melancholic
also she wears converse while performing the song bc she has to step on the dancers at one part !!
speaking of that part, it’s so cool!!! the way she climbs up the dancers like stairs and then she just trust-falls into their arms
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freetobegrace · 11 months ago
hellshow liveblog frickn out of hand
back shot of her bun!
thanks for that! oh my g0d ellie
oh my god them Both being annoyed at someone else instead of each other
id like one of everything please!!!!!
the way she smiles at his smark but then rearranges her face 
omg they have to be sarcastic or snarky with ever person they come across eurghuiegirue
i don’t know who committed the crime but i do know their relative age bracket i do think i kind of wish i didn’t know so i could completely go along for the ride. it’s different this time around, first time it didnt matter that i knew bc it was too heavy to handle
beth is like such a warm person it’s so freaky to think abt her shoving ellie that many times out in the road
i was bouta automatically skip through this scene with these divorcees but im kind of doing ok with this case i think so there’s no reason not to watch full eps even tho im not attached to these characters
them for a second slowly looking towards each other when the frickn taxi lady puts the caller on hold to look for records for them ierghie
i really don’t know what it is about this season that doesnt get me to fall into hysterical woman syndome the way the other two did the other two really got me in a way that seems so freaky now that im out of being directly watching it for the first time
him stirring microwaved tea, dumping in uncapped milk and stirring it with a knife is SO me but it’s funnier than a gifset can make it out to be 
those beats when she’s walking alone in the dark and a man comes by GOD
this was teh MIILLAAAH to beat all millahs oh my g0d
i hate him oh my god have lunch with your best mate for once in your god damn life (obv not now tho but like SOME TIME IN LIFE)
grouchy and thin
thin and grouchy!
oh their little cheerful moments well it’s her cheerful moments is just so so cute 
oh that was the first cut in htis show that felt out of the ordinary eighiregei that was a weird cut
oooh so theyre gonna do this now
the most earnest thing hes ever said was agreeing that he hates it here
wait i think i know who did it then based on what i know oh my god 
that accused guy talking about juries sure got her to shut up
oh the color grading, like outside the house that was jarring??? what is up with that whys it so aqua blue
these frickn suited cops are standing there to the side of a sports game like 
looove the moment of her looking back at the ppl who are very much not in focus the COMRADERIE of making fun of the boss 
i suppose this must be the ep where she finds him in the street then n messes around with him y u s
oh bless chloe
i do know this is gonna be awkward so im gonna SIGN OFF now gonna put this off forever i cant deal with this man being cringe thanks!
ok im back on this after a couple hours i forgot where i left off and was given an unpleasant surprise
i cant do this i think im gonna need to turn the sound off 
i think this is the first time hes like Casually sworn
i cant believe we’re getting god damn this wow it’s a treat i guess but i am Stoopid and wish for more time with the dream team
mark is so evil he is STILL not listening oh my god get out of her house
oo i like a funny stakeout with the other detectives
oh that was scary as HELL i cant believe it was them that mcfreaking bumped into theuigiue eahche riguehgie otherherhs iurfei
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seductionreddit · a year ago
If you get to the end, god fucking bless you. I will pass on the karma, and read someone else's super long post, and answer as best as I can.I use to be big into pua, but have since lost the way. I was in a ltr for a bit. Well I'm in a weird situation, and I have no clue how to play it.Basically I found this woman on tinder, she's a model advertising her IG on tinder. Dunno if she went on any dates or just used it to adv. I watched all her snapchats, kept talking to her, she's pretty busy with tons of followers. I end up sending her pics, she probably sent the same messages back to most guys, though one time she send me a pic, and asked what I was studying. Anyways, she was so busy/had some bf's. I have OCD, so I tend to not let things go. It's strongly genetic, father/grandmother are insane about cleaning. literally won't stop until every last leaf is gone...etc So I keep messaging her, taking pics. Basically being an AFC. Well then I find out she does lap dances not too far away. I keep telling her I'm going, but never do, sometimes busy, sometimes to build up excitement. Well, I mistakenly say i'm going to kidnap 'bean', I thought that was a nickname for her dog, but I think it stands for human 'being'. She called me creepy, and blocked me. I made an alt account, and a month later, she figured out it was me (though she vaguely remembered), and blocked me again.4 1/2 months later, I keep inquiring into when she'll be doing stripping (on alt account), I finally show up . I'm not sure if she knew I was the pesky admittedly weird person, but she turned around and jumped into my arms, and asked me my name. I told her my real name, and she probably remembered. She kept asking why I waited so long to see her. I'm decently attractive, bulking but muscular, so my first assumption isn't that she's 110% client/stripper. I knew we had A LOT of chemistry. We just kinda kept looking into each others eyes, and it was quite intense. we both have fairly decent looking pupil/eyes (rofl), so there's an instant connection.I buy 3 dances, it's great, but a bit too sexual, remember i've been following her on Ig/snapchat for like almost a year, so I don't want to just feel her up, but cuddle/hold her. it was amazing. I could tell she felt something, the way she reacted and moved to look at me, but she also has a bf of 2 months.I go home ask her if she does more stuff like holding hands/eye contact/hugging, she says yes! ofc even if she didn't like me, she might type that out, because it's her job.I think she's constantly sexualized, and some of her past bf's seem kinda off, clingy, slightly weird in their own way. Like, just not impressive guys maybe? So when I send her a list of things I want to do with her, she's ecstatic. It's mostly bf/gf stuff like hugging/holding hands. Maybe she craves that intimacy? I certainly am looking for that. She writes hearts, and says she loves that list. Pretty possible still its her job, and she still see's me as a client. More than likely tbh, just as a general rule, cuz it is her job to like me in a way.I go online and read if you want to date/hang out with a stripper as something more, you shouldn't pay for dances. I facepalm. But I think it's okay, because we really had a strong connection. her pupils were dilated, so were mine when we were looking into each others eyes. idk, it feels sooo good to be around her.Well, today (keep in mind i've only seen her once at the club still), I message her if she's working on x day. She says "no i don't, but I could possibly meet up with u"I immediately think it's a date and can't believe it. She's really sweet, but she's also a hustler for money, which I respect, but I don't want to get hurt.So I'm a former "stalker," and she has really weird stalkers, and a LOT of them. I was nervous she send me to the wrong club, 2 1/2 hours away because she knew I was myname somehow. I was shocked when I found her there for real. She sometimes has friends meet up with her at the strip club to check in on her, she's kinda a petite thing. So i'm like, no way would she meet up with me outside of the club, unless she really liked me. Because she's super careful to avoid the weirdos.I can OCD/get oneitis, but once I see a girl in real life, and we talk, because I build them up so high, when I actually meet them, i'm pretty chill, and just act cool. So I was pumped all day. But then it hit me: you can't cuddle in the club, and u can't talk in the club. so what if she just see's me as 100% a client, and in her mind, she's just like, "oh, here's a cool dude. If I meet up with him outside the club, I'll get all $x amount of dollars, i don't have to pay the club, and this guy seems pretty cool. he was a little anxious, but super nice, so i'll just meet up with him, go to dinner, hold hands, have him pay for everything, maybe even cuddle in the car, then send him on his way."I'm not rich by any means. So this week I'll go to meet up with her outside of the club. (Should I pick a place, kinda seems like she might know a place. Hopefully her house :)))) - but I don't know her intention.important info: she lives like 95 mins a way. However, she drives everyday like 2-4 hours min, so she doesn't mind driving all over the place at all. Because she's a model. she actually just drove like 10 mins away from me the other day.So we setup a date this week maybe, what the hell do I even do?? If I meet up, and it's like I said, she might just put me in the client box. I don't want that. But if I show up, and be like, i'm not paying u, she could get mad and leave. The obvious choice for a Seduction forum, what I assume you will say, is go meet up with her, don't pay and just be like "sry, I thought we were just hanging out."The problem is, I don't mind spending money and: If we both drive 2 hours, we meetup, and I say I don't want to pay for your time, I just want to get to know you, she could get rightfully really pissed, and never speak to me again. Spending what little time we have spent together, has given me a lot of confidence with women that I need. So I don't want her to not see me anymore. She's like 1 in a million. I'm fine dating other ppl if it comes down to it, but I really want to get to know her by any means.I've been stressed at work, and when everyone here on /r/sed reads this, they will be embarrassed perhaps because they always play it cool. I kinda need to spend time with her. In person, I always act pretty cool. If the date is going well, and I try to kiss her also, she could be like "umm, wtf r u doing. you're just a client myname.I sent her my #, and she's yet to respond, but she's pretty busy/has so so many messages.After I met her at the club, she's been responding with hearts to me. Another thing which might make me believe she likes me: I got her to sign up for a website, and she's now making like $25k a yr off it at least, along with her job. Not sure if she remembers that was me or not. So at this point she doesn't really need much more money. Her current bf is someone if you saw, you'd be like, "oh thank god, she'll probably move on from him in a bit." Could be wrong, maybe he's super nice, but he's got a swag to him that says maybe he's got issues, that will break a relationship. could be wrong, it's weird as hell for me to judge, but alas that's what we humans do. :/the end: so now she has my number, wants to meet up outside the club, has a bf, we have incredible chemistry, pretty sure she knows i use to stalk her a little bit, but she was sooo ecstatic to see me at the club. Most of the guys there are creepy/not great looking. She hasn't responded to me giving her number yet, which was like 8 hours ago. Her bf, if I had to be rude to judge, and it doesn't always mean anything, because qualities add to attractiveness, is maybe just over a 7 imo. i've been getting a lot of female attention lately, a lot of looks from women in stores...etc. My muscular build helps :p So, I live like 1 hr, 35 mins from her (the club she goes to is like 2:10 mins from me, and maybe 90 min from her??) So: She invites me, or we meet up somewhere. Please don't say, just see other women. I have my whole life to do that, I just want to get to know her now.Should I show up, have dinner with her/lunch, not bring too much money so it doesn't cover $120 that it might cost for her time.She also shared a meme of "living with bf is like this:" on her fb page. Could that complicate things if she lives with her new bf? that would be a bit strange to move in immediately with a newer bf tho. It was just about messy clothes on floor.Normally I know the answer is never pay for her time, because it's unattractive to everyone involved, but my situation is a bit different, in that we both have high chemistry together, so every second we spend together only builds upon that. That's why I had to type more out. We have something. her bf doesn't workout from the looks of it, and has a weird gangster look to him. So, just to REALLY end the post, how should the first date look like. should she come to me? or I to her? we split the difference? should I get out of client mode, or don't care about being in client mode because we have such high chemistry, and things will work itself out fast. If things get heated, go for a kiss? I've been out of seduction for so long, I'm a newbie again. Please help <3tl;dr, there is none, because there's a nuance to the situation a little bit. via /r/seduction
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