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#someday i will have a cape
wantitmyway268 · 2 years ago
Prinxiety! Snow White AU
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just watch “The Dark side of Disney” again and I thought it would be fun to draw this.
So here you go, my first drawing for the Sander Sides fandom or for Prinxiety, to be exact. Enjoy~
Btw, after lurking around for awhile, I finally concluded one thing: I love this Fandom. A lot.
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caitlynkurilich · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tasia, Digital Media, 2020. Commissioned by Josh.
I wouldn’t mind having purple hair and a cape someday.
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mooooooosicals · a year ago
Hey so uh I made something today
It didn't turn out the best but like at this point I'm too worn out to care.
Also I'm posting 2 different versions, I was considering only posting one but for some reason it made me feel dishonest so y'all get both versions
Here's the picture with a blue filter:
Tumblr media
Aaaaand here's the picture without the filter:
Tumblr media
So uh yeah the thought behind this was "what if there were a bigger stage production of tgwdlm?" I'd imagine during Inevitable the infected would have a cool quick change into these sparkling blue suits and ofc with Paul being the leading man he gets a cape, a tophat, and a cane because JAZZY so this is what that'd look like.
I also have some set concepts that I'd like to share with y'all someday but for now you get this.
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lisifa · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
    So happy to have this finish! This time the idea for this one was completely my own. Funny enough, I had something funnier and simpler in mind, where the second panel would just be Rose making a funny face while showing White Diamond’s face in the back. But eh, my mind had other ideas, my mind wanted to do something more dynamic/interesting for the second panel. So that funny idea ended up morphing into this.(that, and with all the time I was taking, and the fact I took the time to try recreating this scene form SU, I thought I may as well go extra. And by extra mean full color with lighting/backgrounds/speech bubble/text that isn’t my crappy handwriting/extra thoughtful placement of speech bubble)
    Feet are hard, shoes are hard, feet+shoes+heels+curved feet from heels=dear god why/what was I thinking! But I think it came out fine as a first attempt at white’s feet.(one day I need to draw white’s cape, I think I’ll have ‘fun’ time trying to recreate that.) I think this is the first time I drew Greg, even if it’s just his back here. (don't worry Greg! someday I’ll draw you from the front!) Overall, I’m really happy with how this came out!
(ps. it’s better to see this full size on my blog)
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astromechovess · a year ago
Tumblr media
Okay so @magichandthing has a killer design for her Clan Leader Din Djarin and I couldn’t resist drawing it, I love the design so much and I love her and I wanna have good art like her someday
Tumblr media
I also went out of control and did CL!Cassius and CL!Nika + soft cape warming
Tumblr media
Hhhhhh okay I will stop ((I hope you like Stevie))
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secret-engima · a year ago
I Did A Thing (What Do I Name It?)
(BEHOLD. A thing. A non-FFXV thing, somehow, amazingly. Look this little drabble grabbed my eyeballs and would not let go, and now I am contemplating a massively AU one-shot collection to go with it. But it needs a name. More info after I show the Thing because I don’t want to spoil the plot twist.
     “You’re an idiot.”
     Toshinori winced a little, and not just from the disinfectant being liberally applied to his injuries. Those were the first words to air in the room since his mentor had swept out to deal with damage control and his best friend had stomped in to help him with his hurts. “I’m sorry.”
     “No. You aren’t.” Was the snapped retort, tense and dark and growling as he carefully picked asphalt pebbles out of one of Toshinori’s gashes and applied yet more disinfectant, “If you were really sorry, you wouldn’t do it again. Yet here we are, doing this again.”
     Toshinori protested softly, “Someone had to help-!”
     “You won’t be helping anyone if you’re dead,” he snarled in response. Blue eyes glanced up at Toshinori’s face, softened almost imperceptibly, “I know you want to help people, and I know you saved lives out there today. But Toshi-,” his friend looked down at all Toshinori’s injuries —scratches really, if nasty ones— and there was something … haunted about his gaze that made Toshinori want to shiver. Something knowing and bleak and not for the first time, Toshinori wondered if his best friend since middle school —only friend during middle school— had a secondary foresight quirk. It might explain … a lot of things about him.
     Blue eyes turned bleak and Toshinori gently patted his friend’s wild hair, “It’s alright now,” he murmured, and tried not to feel horribly guilty when all he got in response is another haunted look. Toshinori leaned forward, trying to reduce the distance between them that their differing heights made, “I am here.” He’d taken to saying that during his patrols with Nana, a little catchphrase that tended to make people laugh, but he had never meant for it to be a catchphrase for his hero form. It had started out just like this, a simple, quiet reassurance for his first —and for the longest time only— friend. An anchor from whatever demons chewed his mind and made him stake out Toshinori’s couch sometimes —even though Toshinori’s apartment was tiny and terrible compared to his friend’s estate—. A shield against whatever nightmares made him … look at Toshinori sometimes, like he was seeing Toshinori’s gravestone already dated and on the ground.
     I am here, Toshinori had started saying, and with it he meant so much more. I am here, he would say, and no matter the situation it meant the same thing.
     I am still alive. I may not be in perfect health right now, but I’m okay. Everything is going to be okay. I haven’t died, I haven’t left. You aren’t alone.
     I am still here.
     A ragged sigh and a tired head shake, “Someday, Toshi,” whispered the gruff, angry boy Toshinori had first met when the former helped him to his feet after a nasty prank and grumpily forced his hoodie onto Toshi’s shoulders like a too-small cape to ward off the rain when they were only thirteen, “you’re going to run in headlong to something you can’t win. Someday that big, kind, endlessly gentle heart of yours is going to send you into a war, and when that day comes, if you don’t have your head on straight, you’re going to lose everything.”
     Seventeen and already scarred from picking fights with villains or indulging in one training session too many, Toshinori tried not to look into tired blue eyes and see Nana in the reflection as she told him about One for All and All for One, and how one could not exist without coming into conflict with the other. He wondered, for one hysterical moment, if his secret was out. If the teenager —student, friend, brother— in front of him knew.
     Then the other boy was standing and stomping toward the door with a growl and tiny sparks dripping from his hair, “Stay here and rest that ankle while I get you something to drink. I saw you twist it in that fight. You might not have sprained it by some miracle, but there’s no sense in you pushing it further and actually managing to f*ck it up.”
     Toshinori fumbled for something to say, because his friend was retreating again, just like he always did when his temper started to rise enough that his quirk came into play. I’m not going to die, Toshinori wanted to promise, I’ll get better, stronger, faster, until I’m Number One and I can save everyone without getting tossed down the street by some thug. You don’t always have to be afraid for me, I’m not quirkless anymore, and I’m not the one who refuses to use his quirk for anything but absolute emergencies! I’m not going anywhere, stop acting like I’m going to leave you behind or like I’m going to hate you for using your quirk!
     He opened his mouth and instead what came out was, “I’m not the only one.”
     His friend paused, hand on the doorknob, but didn’t look over his shoulder. Toshinori swallowed hard and held out his bandaged arms like proof even though the other wasn’t looking and couldn’t see, “With a big, endlessly gentle heart. I’m not the only one.”
     A scoff, “I’m not a good person like you, Toshi.”
     Toshinori frowned, frustration bubbling up over at avoiding one sore topic only to run headfirst into another, “You always say that! You always say things like that! Like you expect me to die and for the world to look at you like you’re a monster! Well I’m not going anywhere and you, Todoroki Enji, are no monster!” His words faltered, he breathed, “You’re the kindest person I’ve ever met, and from now until the end of our careers, I say again, I am here.” And I’m not going anywhere without you.
     Enji sighed and rested his head against the door, shoulders slumped like the entire world was on his back, “I know you are here,” he murmured at last, pointedly ignoring Toshinori’s comments on his character, “and I don’t think you’re going to die.”
     Enji yanked open the door and stomped through it, but before the door shut behind him, Toshinori heard him mutter, “I’m afraid of how many pieces you’re going have to lose before you learn there are worse things than death.”
(Sooo yeah. Rough thing. Interesting thing. For the record I blame you two @wolfsrainrules and @north-peach. You made me like your Favor Fire Enji and now I’m- toying with an AU Enji of my own. He’s a reincarnated soul from somewhere who read the BNHA manga up until the Eri arc, and he’s probably not from our world either because INTERESTING BACKSTORY TIME. Like- FFXV has manga and comics right? Oohhhh I could do a glaive Enji. Or other fandoms set in a semi-modern world and those make for more interesting backstory and Our World Inserts imo. But again, this AU needs a name. Someone suggest an awesome name pls.)
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quotespile · 3 years ago
You’d rather be here than in Africa. The trump card all narrow-minded nativists play. If you put a cupcake to my head, of course, I’d rather be here than any place in Africa, though I hear Johannesburg ain’t that bad and the surf on the Cape Verdean beaches is incredible. However, I’m not so selfish as to believe that my relative happiness, including, but not limited to, twenty-four-hour access to chili burgers, Blu-ray, and Aeron office chairs is worth generations of suffering. I seriously doubt that some slave ship ancestor, in those idle moments between being raped and beaten, was standing knee-deep in their own feces rationalizing that, in the end, the generations of murder, unbearable pain and suffering, mental anguish, and rampant disease will all be worth it because someday my great-great-great-great-grandson will have Wi-Fi, no matter how slow and intermittent the signal is.
Paul Beatty, The Sellout
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asrisartarena · 3 years ago
Hello. I'm new to your blog, and your art seems nice. I just thought I should send this. I'm still learning about all these egos. If your could introduce them, that would be cool. It's okay if you don't. It's really your choice.
Sure!! I don’t see why not!!
It’s gonna get long so I’m gonna put it under a read more!
Okay so first there’s Anti, aka Antisepticeye!! He started off as like a parody of Darkiplier (Mark’s dark ego but that’s another can of worms) created by the fandom some time in 2013-2014, and Jack liked the concept so much that he made a canon appearance on Halloween of 2016 in a video called “S̺͍͉Ḁ̸̰̮Y̶̪ ̳͇̭G̕҉̡̦̲O̤̫͖Ò̴̬̠D̨̺̦B̸̬̻Y҉̫̝̖E̲̩͟”, but Anti’s canon birthday is on October 10th!!
He’s a glitch demon that wants to take over Jack’s channel and calls all his fans his “puppets”! (He’s different in my verse but shh.)
Anti is technically the oldest ego in terms of existence if you don’t count Angus, but still!
Angus the Survival Hunter
Speaking of which, there’s Angus the Survival hunter! He’s not technically an official ego, but back in Jack’s early days on YouTube, he use to do this series called The Survival Hunter, which is where Angus’s character came from!! He speaks with an Australian accent and is basically a parody of Crocodile Dundee! He travels the wilderness a lot and he loves animals! His birthday is on April 4th!
Jackieboy Man
Next is Jackieboy Man! He started off as a joke to be a parody of superheroes (Jack loves superheroes tho so it was playful), but the community developed him into his own serious character! He wears a red-orange jumpsuit and a blue mask, but ppl like adding to his costume and making it more interesting! He’s based off of Spider-Man a bit, since that’s Jack’s fav superhero, and he has powers like flying and x-ray vision along with coding and hacking skills! He’s Jack’s third oldest ego, and his birthday is on July 10th!
Marvin the Magnificent
Then there’s Marvin the Magnificent! He’s only made one canon appearance in one of Jack’s Power Hour videos, but what of his personality is shown is that he’s a magician that wants to make it big someday, but he doesn’t have a lot of self-confidence and can be a bit cynical about his magic, but he’s doing his best! He wears a white cat mask with card symbols on the forehead, a blue shirt, and a black cape! While he canonically can’t do much besides card tricks and sleight of hand, the fandom likes to portray him with actual magic and that he writes sigils and performs spells and does a lot of mystical magic! He also really loves sushi and it’s his favorite food! He’s Jack’s fourth ego, and his birthday is on August 11th!
Henrik von Schneeplestein
Then we have the good doctor, Henrik von Schneeplestein, but everyone usually calls him Dr. Schneeplestein or just Schneep! He appeared in Jack’s second Power Hour video, and he’s also made appearances in Jack’s Bio Inc. Redemption series! Like his title suggests, he’s a doctor of German decent who speaks with a German accent and somewhat broken English! He is very optimistic and energetic about his work, but he’s also a huge sass master! He’s closest with Jack and Chase Brody (an ego I will mention later), and he also saved Chase from death! 
He loves teaching others about his work, even if he gets his words mixed up sometimes. He has a wife and kid(s), but his wife left him for her tennis instructor, Rick, so he doesn’t have the best relationship with her, and it’s heavily implied that they’re divorced. To quote the wiki: “Schneep is highly independent and adaptable. He prefers not to use instructions or conventional tools and works best when he can explain what he’s doing to an audience, even addressing his patients when they’re under anesthetics and acting as if they reply. He tends to get very cranky when he hasn’t had his morning coffee.” He’s a huge coffee addict and it’s basically what he lives on. He’s Jack’s fifth ego, and his birthday is on September 15th!
Chase Brody
#suicide mention 
Next is Chase Brody! Like most of Jack’s egos, he started off as a parody of a video personality called Dude Perfect! Chase appeared in his “own” video called “Teabag Edition | Bro Average”, and that’s why Chase is called Bro Average Chase, and it’s also why his last name is Brody! He’s a video maker and he loves performing trick shots and stunts with his nerf gun! 
In the Teabag video, he throws teabags into coffee cups from various distances! He loves fun and good humor, but he has a bad habit of hiding his vulnerable side behind a smile. He has an ex-wife named Stacy and he has two kids with her, and they have a really bad relationship. Stacy basically hates him and repeatedly threatens to have full custody of his kids, which destroys him. At the end of his vlog, he seemingly commits suicide via his nerf gun, but a real gunshot can be heard when he fires it at his head. The end of the video shows him opening his eyes, though, so he doesn’t end up dying, and it’s canon that Schneep was the one who saved him from dying! 
He wants to be there for his kids and be a good dad to them, but Stacy makes it very hard for him. He’s Jack’s sixth ego, and his birthday is on April 11th!
Robbie the Zombie
Then there’s Robbie the Zombie! He’s not technically an official ego, but the fans love him so much that he might as well be! He came from a thumbnail Jack made for a zombie game called PUBG that he played with Mark, Bob, and Wade, and the thumbnail is where Robbie’s appearance came from! 
At first he was called Zombie Jack or Zombiesepticeye, but then he gained the name Robbie shortly after, which is a small nod to the musician Rob Zombie! He doesn’t have a canon personality, but the fandom likes to depict him as being a sweet soft boy with the mindset of a child who’s doing his best. Common theories as to how he came to be is that Marvin either used black magic to bring him back from the dead (aka my headcanon), or that he’s one of Dr. Schneeplestein’s failed experiments! He’s the seventh ego created, and his birthday is on August 15th, since that was the date the PUBG video was released!
Shawn Flynn
Next we have Shawn Flynn! He’s a character from Chapter 3 of BATIM, but since Jack voices him, some ppl (like myself) consider him a ego! He creates the plush toys for the show, and he’s very salty and sarcastic and very snappy, but actually really sweet once you get to know him! He’s a lone wolf who doesn’t like letting ppl get close to him (except Jameson, but that’s just me and I’ll explain Jameson later), but he will if he trusts you enough! He doesn’t understand modern tech at all, but he’s slowly learning! He’s the eighth ego, and his birthday is on October 5th, since that was the day Jack released the video for his playthrough of Chapter 3!
Jameson Jackson
Finally, there’s Jameson Jackson, Jack’s ninth and youngest ego! He first appeared in “The Jacksepticeye Power Hour - Jameson Jackson”, formerly called “Jacksepticeye: The Silent Movie” and “Good Ole Fashion Pumpkin Carve!”, and he’s based off of old Charlie Chaplin movies! Since those are silent films, Jameson doesn’t talk save for some speech cards that show up after he talks like in old silent films, so he’s canonically mute! People depict him using sign language (which is what I do), or that he has a bit of magic and makes those old speech cards pop around him when he wants to “talk”! He’s depicted as a very sweet boy who’s clumsy and hates mess and clutter, and he twitches his mustache when he’s thinking really hard! He talks all old-timey, too! He was called Dappersepticeye or Dapper Jack before Jack named him Jameson Jackson! His birthday is on October 31st!
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kellyn1604 · 3 years ago
Conversations with my kids...
5 yr old: *wearing Boba Fett costume* Why does Boba have a cape?
Me: He likes capes.
5 yr old: Where did he get it?
Me: Well he probably got it with his the rest of his armor.
9 yr old: I have an idea.
Me: ....
9 yr old: What if Boba stole the cape from...LANDO CALRISSIAN? Because Lando loves capes.
My baby's going to write awesome fanfic someday.
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winterskywrites · 2 years ago
Sanvers + Winn - 35. (You rock and your fics are awesome. I hope you are doing well :) )
You rock, and I hope you’re doing well too!
35. “Take your medicine.”
“Alex, I’m fine-”
“Winn, just let her mother you,” Maggie called from the couch. “She won’t leave until she does. And if she doesn’t leave, then I can’t leave, and then you’ll be stuck with both of us forever.”
“Shut up, Maggie,” Alex said. “Winn, you’re going to sit down and you’re going to eat your goddamn soup. You’ve got the flu, and if you think I’m going to let you run yourself into the ground-”
“Alex, I’m an adult, I can take care of myself,” Winn retorted. It probably would have been more convincing if he weren’t wrapped up in a blanket cape.
“You’re an idiot, and you’re going to eat your soup,” Alex said. “And take your medicine.”
“Take. Your. Medicine.”
Alex was going to make a great (if terrifying) mom someday.
Winn ate his soup and took his medicine.
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oliveyeen · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“each of the guardians is master of an element. i, as you may have surmised, am master of fire. pay attention, and you may be someday to.”
HE IS HERE. THE FIRE MAN HIMSELF IS FINALLY HERE! finally i can check his name off the list!
this fella i started in, i think,, april? maybe march. and this week i managed to finish him off!
ignitus, the guardian of fire and the future chronicler, has two textures; his classic fire colors and the chronicler colors! although the chronicler would later have a blue design in the third game, the chronicler colors in TEN fit so much better!
with his chronicler colors, he has the accessories of the chronicler as well! the cape has a texture but everything else has materials!
needless to say, i can say i am proud of finishing this boy! next, i’ll probably do spyro next and maybe an adult spyro :3c
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art--school--wannabe · 17 days ago
the good news: the republican family member who decided we were gonna have a huge fight on f*cebook because i said something about cops and who i then proceeded to block was not part of the native side of my family because that would make the possibility visiting someday (which is super fucking important to me) a Challenge
the bad news: she lives in cape cod with her husband and children and my mom just decided we’re staying with them for a weekend in like a week or two and i’m gonna have to be in the same house as her for two whole days
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actingvigilante · a month ago
Tumblr media
Questions/Comments to be sent anonymously!
Anonymous said: “Eventually, someone will knock you off your pedestal.”
Tumblr media
“Maybe. The public is a fickle business, and their opinion on a person can change at the drop of a hat. And on top of that, this line of work doesn’t exactly have a high survivability rate. But even though I know that being a superhero will probably kill me, probably before I’m 40? All I can do is try to help people to the best of my ability in the meantime.
May not have been why I started. But these days, there’s a few people who look at me and see someone who can do some good in this world. And if someday I get knocked down and for the first time can’t get back up, morally or literally? Well, then, before that fall, I’ll have helped at least someone.
It’s why I put on the cape.”
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