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#somehow I want to include this in a fic
allofthefeelings · 3 years ago
You know, I generally believe we have to rely on what the text says, but I don’t know why we trust literally anything Tony says about Pepper Potts’s motivation, considering his gifts for her include strawberries she is allergic to and a giant stuffed rabbit.
Somehow “Pepper doesn’t approve of superheroing” is a huge theme in fic, because Tony thinks that their biggest conflict is that she doesn’t want him to be Iron Man, so we’re apparently all considering that fact?
Like she didn’t enjoy the shit out of Extremis! Like she didn’t support Tony as Iron Man in IM2 or Avengers or any other time when he wasn’t actively being reckless and treating his suit like a giant video game with a restart button! Like Tony’s need to be Iron Man is so great that expecting him to engage with basic self-care and safety measures while doing his job (which, let’s be clear, reflects on her job, given that everything Tony Stark does as Iron Man impacts the Stark Industries bottom line) is her being unreasonable!
I 100% believe that Tony would hear Pepper say “You are pouring all your addictive behaviors into trying to save the world, in a harmful rather than productive way. You need to stop building more and better suits as some type of misguided safety measure, because it’s ultimately hurting you more than helping you” as “You can’t be Iron Man anymore,” I just don’t understand why we’re accepting that as face value.
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the-mad-starker · a year ago
Starker RP: Eight Stops (to Make You Mine)
Tumblr media
Another RP turned fic with @starkerkeyz​
Mads💗: Finally. The chikan fic I've always wanted 😭💗 I have nothing else to say besides 😏
Keyz 💖: Somehow I’d gone this long without writing a train scene like this? 😭 It was so fun, definitely going to ask Mads to do another where Tony gets felt up! 💖
WC: 9437 (AO3 Link)
Note: NSFW moodboard included in Ao3 link. Tiny lil gif but fair warning.
Warnings: ABO dynamics, semi-public/public sex, rutting on a subway, knotting on a subway, mostly anonymous sex, chikan, intersex omegas, vaginal sex, creampie
💗 💗 💗 
Tony watches the subway doors open and close with only passing focus. He’s riding to clear his head while he thinks of a problem (several problems at once actually) and can’t be bothered to devote real brain power to whatever early morning commuters are shuffling on and off.
The usual announcement comes on before the subway doors close.
Peter comes in with the crowd and sees that all the seats are taken which isn't surprising since it's early morning rush. He has an interview in roughly two hours and he knows that mass transit can be finicky.
He places himself smack in the middle of the car to avoid the rush of people coming and going near the doors. He grips the subway pole in front of him lightly, while his other hand holds onto a second-hand briefcase at his side.
He smells a handful of alphas and omegas, all seem to be preoccupied on their phones except for one. 
This new batch brings with it the ripe smell of a sweet young omega and Tony’s head turns, nose pinpointing the source before he's fully aware of where he's going. He finds himself behind a young brunette man dressed in a casual business suit and smelling so divine that Tony wants to bury his nose in his neck and bite him, right here, right now. 
‘Must be coming off a heat.’ Tony tries not to think about the possibilities of the omega’s biology going in the opposite direction. If he's days away from going into heat, then he's hot and fertile now and Tony’s alpha cock yearns to bury itself in his sweet pussy. 
Peter isn't surprised when that particular alpha makes a beeline for him either. Considering what he smells like, he's not surprised at all.
Even so, the omega braces himself for the moment the alpha comes to him. Peter's ready to move out of the way, a rather clear rejection when he catches the alpha's scent. There's something about it that makes Peter wait for him, some subtle hint of sensuality that catches his attention.
Tony knows it’s a little rude to reach out and grip the kid by the back of the neck without even checking in, but he follows it up with a traditional kiss and nuzzle of his scent gland. Then, he  starts gently stroking the omega’s spine with his thumb. 
The omega shivers from the touch, still on the fence about letting this happen. He's turned down several alphas from his first train ride but hmm… maybe… He does have time to waste and he has a couple of scent neutralizers in his bag.
A little fun couldn't hurt, right? Then–
“Hello, sweet thing,” Tony husks. 
He presses his free hand in low to the omega’s back, a heavy weight promising more if the stranger reciprocates. 
The alpha sounds remarkably like Peter's celebrity crush and that seals the deal. He can spare some time.
Peter doesn't want to break the illusion of who he has in mind so he continues to look straight ahead, out the window of the train as it rushes through the tunnels.
"Alpha," he tilts his head a bit, offering his neck in acceptance.
At the same time, he leans back into the alpha's body, brushing against the firm wall of his body. He's trying to get a good idea of what the alpha looks like without actually looking. So far, he likes what he's finding out.
The man is taller than him but not by much. He feels sturdy and solid, maybe someone who works out? Peter licks his lips, his body more than eager for some play, especially since it's so close to that time…
Tony growls in appreciation and makes sure to press the sound against the omega's neck. He drops his hand from the man's tailbone to his ass, rubbing and squeezing with a sigh. 
Peter gives a soft little sigh of his own. The alpha's hand feels strong and so sure. Confidence is damn sexy and Peter's enjoying how this alpha is handling him.
The people around them shift and settle but nobody bats an eye. There's a couple of glances thrown their way but for the most part, no one's really paying much attention. Even if it isn't normal for Peter, it's normal for omegas to give it up to alphas like this. Just a way to let off steam between the secondary genders. 
Some of the other omegas or alphas that Peter smelled earlier are probably observing, but this kinda thing tends to be treated as an out of sight, out of mind kind of thing.
Tony grips the nape of the omega's neck harder and bends him gently forward, arching him slowly so that lovely ass presses close and intimate to the growing bulge of his excited alpha cock. He holds him tight enough that his bulge disappears between lithe omega legs, rubbing up against a hot little pussy. 
 An omega's nape is the easiest way to make an omega soft and pliant to an alpha's touch. So while Peter might be more than an average omega, those same instincts still hold true for him. It's how this alpha gets him to be so malleable, bending and moving in whichever direction the alpha pleases.
It helps that the alpha is rather vocal too, stroking his pride as an omega, a good omega… It only makes Peter all the more eager to be the kind of omega the alpha wants.
"Fuck, you present so nicely, omega…" Tony could imagine using this little omega businessman like a cocksleeve for every train ride. It would certainly get Tony to use community transit more. He thrusts upwards, cockhead nudging against the folds of the omega's pussy. 
"If you think this is nice, you should see me with my clothes off," Peter teases. 
He reaches between his legs, palming the nice, thick alpha cock rubbing against his pussy. His fingers curl around the length of it, measures the girth, and his mouth goes dry. This guy would split him apart if Peter can even take him.
“I’d love to see that, actually.” Tony growls softly in answer. He rubs into the omega's touch eagerly and tugs on his nape approvingly. He loves it when he's touched back by his partners. He loves it when they tease back with him, too.
He's capable of taking charge and getting off without it but having that participation makes it that little bit sweeter when his partners cream their underwear. 
It's too bad they're on a train. Too bad that Peter wouldn't miss his interview, not even for this alpha. He'd just have to make it good for him, give the guy something worth remembering. Maybe he'd even bump into him again during his commute.
Between his legs, he's starting to slick up. His body already feels hot from how the alpha's been pressing up against him, touching him, and heating him up from the inside. If the alpha keeps rubbing against him like this, there's no doubt in Peter's mind that everyone will smell it, even the betas.
Peter presses back against him eagerly, grinding his round ass against the man's hips.
"My name is Tony." Tony slides his hand off the omega's pert ass. He reaches around and plants his hand flat to the guy's surprisingly rigid stomach, feeling something much stiffer and definitely not skin below the outer layer of clothing. 
He raises a brow but doesn't question it, just uses the new hold to anchor the omega in place when his hips snap forward, dry humping his thick cock into the omega's pussy with practiced ease. It's been a while since he's done this; in public or with an omega. His body remembers. It's so easy to move so his fat alpha cock strokes against all his temporary lover's sweet spots.
"Tony…" Pete gives the name a try, exhales it on a breathless sigh. He likes the way it feels on his tongue.
He enjoys the moment, the slow rocking of the train and the rocking of the alpha behind him. He's enjoying the hot press of the alpha's cock against him more though.
"You're going to feel so good on my cock, baby." Tony praises him. He squeezes the guy's nape and rolls his hips like sin, winking at a man that looks with longing at the performance from across the way. 
Tony loves showing off how well he could handle his lovers in public like this. Seeing the jealousy and envy only makes his cock swell bigger and heavier against the guy's pussy. 
Peter shivers at the whispered words. Heat pools in his belly, arousal and need building with every thrust. His thighs tighten too, soft flesh hugging the alpha's cock in a tighter grip.
"Peter–" he says with a moan, "But ah– Baby sounds so nice when you say it like that."
He moves against the alpha, wanting to get in on the action. His hand presses Tony's cock right against his pussy and he's squirming in place.
“Peter, baby,” Tony flexes his arm, holding the younger omega close as he grinds into the hand and pussy petting him so nicely. His hand massages Peter’s nape. “Your pussy feels so good. They all know it, too.”
A glance around has Peter's cheeks heating up. There's people watching. They're trying to be discreet about it but there's no mistaking the darting glances they make when Peter's gaze passes over them.
That's fine. They're not doing anything wrong.
As if in retaliation to those wandering eyes, Peter leans back against the alpha, neck bared and showing off the rather prominent bulge pushing between his legs.
Tony lets go of Peter’s neck to support him leaning back, letting him put himself on display. He growls approvingly and reaches down from Peter’s stomach, rubbing at the hot tented front to his pants. He squeezes, the rough veins of his forearms bulging with promised potential. He wants to lift this omega up and fuck him standing, right in front of the peeping toms intruding on their moment. 
"Too bad we can't test that right here…" Peter murmurs, turning his head to nip the guy's jaw. Coarse bristles of a beard tickle against his cheek and lips. Peter only gets even slicker between his legs.
“If you stay good and quiet, we could test it right here.” Tony murmurs back. 
He nibbles along Peter’s neck and thrusts upwards, rolling the slighter man up onto his toes. He fucks into him again, holding him in place this time with a flex of his arm. They’re grinding so close and tight, it almost feels like he could force himself inside, tearing right through all their clothing.
“I want to, sweetheart. If you’re up for a little game.” 
Tony drags his cock against Peter’s pussy, slow and dirty. He bites into the omega’s offered scent gland, hearing someone gasp softly in the background from the indecency. Tony can rub his cock against Peter’s pussy and ass, going up and down the subway line, and it’s fine; but biting a stranger here is obscene. 
Peter gasps, too, but it's a sound of delight, of breathless anticipation. He considers this stranger's request, fingers running up and down the thrusting cock's length.
He may have time before his interview but his stop is only a couple away. If he wants to be the responsible omega he normally is, he'd have to decline. As much as it would suck, a knot would take time he doesn't have to give.
His lips part as his eyes slip shut, delaying the rejection he knows he's going to regret.
When someone makes a sound suspiciously like a throat clearing, Tony lets loose a deep and guttural alpha growl of disapproval. He lets go of Peter's neck to let it rumble tellingly past long fangs, causing the other passengers to freeze instinctively. 
He's done playing. This omega is his to mount and break in if he so pleases and everyone else can look the fuck away, now, or there'll be hell to pay.
Peter can feel the deep growl reverberate against his back and the words he needs to say die on the tip of his tongue. He's dripping through his clothes now and his pussy throbs at the audacity this alpha has.
He's damn serious about actually fucking Peter in a crowded train while they're speeding through Manhattan. It's all fun and games to whisper about wanting someone so much and what they would want to do to each other, but turning those fantasies into actual reality…?
Peter gives it some serious thought now that he knows the alpha would actually do it. Fuck him, right here.
It makes him feel dirty and so naughty to even consider it. This isn't going to be some quick and harmless fun. This alpha is going to wreck him, leave his pussy fucked open and dripping with his seed… If Peter lets him.
He clutches onto the alpha's forearm and gives Tony another nip, harsher with his spiked up desires.
"Eight stops," he tells the alpha, "that's all the time we got. Think that's enough…?"
They can only have a quickie but Peter thinks it just might be the best sex he's ever going to get. He gives the alpha's cock another squeeze, trying to convince him to say yes.
"Plenty." Tony unbuckles Peter's pants one handed, smirking against pale skin. He rubs his stubble into the omega's lightly bitten scent gland just to rile him up. He kisses tenderly, masking the filth of his words in the romance of the gesture. "If I could take you home, I'd knot you properly, baby. Fuck you open and begging on me."
The subway pulls up to another stop and they sway along with the motion as it comes to a halt. More people board, bodies shifting around to accommodate the influx. It isn't so suspicious now that they're pressed so close, but Peter's sure everyone knows anyway, if not by sight then by scent.
That doesn't matter to him.
Tony pulls the omega's pants and underwear down in the back. There's a rush of red and black that flows after the clothing, so quickly that it might've been an illusion if it wasn't for the light glinting off of whatever material it was.
Tony pauses briefly- what was that color just now? He squints after it, trying to track whatever had just been flashing in the dim light. 
He's distracted by the smell of omega slick and he can't resist slipping a hand between slender thighs, pressing into the slick folds his cock's been teasing mercilessly for the last few minutes. 
Just like that he's redirected. 
"You're so ready for me, baby. Ready to take me without any prep?" His fingers slide in, testing. They glide deep; easy as sin. Peter's so wet that Tony's making a mess just exploring him. It makes his alpha cock throb at him to get inside faster. 
"What do you think…?" Peter gasps out, breathless and legs trembling.
He widens his stance, feet shifting apart to give the alpha more accessibility. His hips jerk at the penetration and has to choke down a moan. He rocks gently against the fingers pushing into him… Nice, thick digits that he knows are no comparison for the nice, thick cock this alpha is packing.
His enhanced hearing picks up the soft, slick sounds as Tony plays with his pussy. His face flushes with heat, eyes slipping shut, and lips parting in a silent moan.
"Undo my pants and then brace yourself." Tony fucks his fingers in knuckle deep as he speaks. He's reluctant to leave Peter's heat now that he's got a part of himself buried inside the cute omega. 
"Oh…" It comes out on a trembling breath.
Heavy eyelids lift to reveal glazed over honey eyes. One blink, two, and the fog clears, at least enough for Peter to do as he's told.
Peter gives the alpha cock another loving squeeze before he reaches behind him. He's never done this before, especially not like this, but his fingers make quick work of the older man's belt. He clumsily drags the man's underwear down until he feels the hot press of the alpha's bare cock against his ass.
Tony has to resist the urge to give that cute little ass a spank when he feels his dick rubbing against it so nicely. They’ve got to be quiet; what they’re doing could get them both arrested. 
He rubs at Peter’s ass instead. He pushes the omega’s cheeks together to hold his cock for a moment and marvels at how promisingly sexy it looks.
Peter braces himself against the subway pole. Like this, his suit jacket is just long enough that it hides the fact that his pants have been pulled down just a bit. As an extra precaution, he tries to position his briefcase in front of his body, but he probably won't pay too much attention to keep that up. He tosses his head back and gives the alpha a devil may care grin when he's set.
"Ready for you, alpha," he purrs, arching his back in such an obscene matter. "Show me what you got."
He's provoking Tony on purpose, wants to see just what this man is capable of.
Tony growls softly from the challenge and grins back wolfishly. He dips his hips, angling his dick to slide across Peter’s skin and drag against his rim. He shoves forward, slow and relentless. His wide cockhead pushes through Peter’s soaked folds and then nudges against his omegan opening. It takes no force at all to breach him and start sinking in, one thick alpha inch at a time.
Even though Peter knows and has braced himself for it, that initial penetration is still a shock. His breath stutters in his chest as the alpha's cock works its way inside him.
The problem is that it keeps on coming. The vague estimation of length and girth does nothing to prepare him for reality. Just when he thinks that's it, he's taken the entire thing, there's more.
Tony runs his hands over Peter’s back, rubbing up and down his spine gently. His cock is too big to just shove in. No matter what his instincts were screaming at him when his omega squirms so pretty from the first half.
Peter’s eyelashes flutter and his knuckles turn white on the pole. He even fights it for a moment, a subconscious move, as his hips nudge forward, pressing him against cool metal and moving his weight onto his toes.
Tony growls and sets his teeth to his omega’s nape. One hand holds Peter at his stomach. The other rubs circles into his lower back, pinning him between his hands so he couldn’t get away.
Nowhere to go. His pussy is forced to take every inch and when their hips are snug tight, Peter shudders in ecstasy.
He feels speared open, his pussy stuffed so full that maybe even his slick can't make its way out. 
“Gonna fuck you silly, omega.” Tony breathes out against teeth warmed skin. 
His body clenches down hard. Peter's already halfway there just from the teasing and now this so he knows the alpha can deliver.
Tony feels, suddenly, the person to his left shift enough that their elbows knock together and a quiet ‘excuse me’ follows. He brightens his expression in a flash and gives them a winning smile, hands landing on Peter’s hips to keep him close and snug and stuffed full.
“No problem. It’s a tight fit.”
Peter breathes through the penetration and gives a breathless laugh. When he's become accustomed to the sheer size of the alpha's cock, he squirms. It's the only thing he can do, shifting his weight from foot to foot to feel the hard length rub against his tender insides.
Even that… fuck… even that feels incredible.
He wants the alpha's attention back on him.
"Alpha…" he says, voice soft, a hint of a moan.
The train rocks them as it moves but he exaggerates the motion so he can get the friction he wants. Even with the alpha's grip tight on his hips, it gives him the chance to push back when a few precious inches drag out of him.
Tony pulls his omega back onto his cock, reclaiming the inches Peter stole with a solid thud of their pelvises meeting. The meaty slap is covered up by the crowd of commuters hemming in their rutting. There are more people shifting and shuffling all around them every stop, pushing them together just from the sheer amount and pressure of bodies. 
“Feel good, omega? Feels nice to get my cock in you, huh?” Tony hooks his chin over the other's shoulder to breathe his questions along his neck and ear. His hands move back to Peter’s stomach and one on his hip, holding him in place. 
Peter doesn't reply, not verbally anyway. He lets his body do all the talking, using one hand to clinging onto the pole while the other clutches the alpha's forearm.
His pussy tightens and releases, squeezing along the thick length and encouraging the alpha to move. He tries to pull the same stunt as before, but their hips are pressed snug and he has nowhere to move. Tony's the one that has to start moving if Peter is to get any satisfaction.
“Mm. Such a good omega for me, Peter.” 
Tony kisses him on the scent gland. He pulls his cock back, hidden from the crowd by their clothing and the crowd itself, and then slowly feeds it back inside. He goes so slowly it’s more like rubbing than thrusting, easing himself in and out of the omega’s slick passage with practiced delicacy; massaging Peter’s pussy walls with each methodical grind of his cock deep inside.
"Alpha…" Peter lets out the softest plea, so close to a moan that it's embarrassing. But he has no choice besides forcefully pushing the bigger alpha away and he doesn't want to do that.
Some part of him actually likes this, pretending to be the helpless omega he knows he isn't and leaving his pleasure in another's hands.
He presses the alpha's hand down over his belly and swears he could feel him there.
“Can you feel me? Spreading you open on my cock so easy, baby. You’re doing so well.” His hand presses down on Peter’s belly, holding him close and intimate, hips still following that same maddening slow glide. 
"So big…" Peter murmurs raggedly. He trembles at the words of praise, that undeniably omegan part of him preening from it. "Alpha… Can feel you here…" 
And God, it's true… He feels like the alpha's cock has to be right there, cockhead nudging the entrance to his womb. The very thought gives Peter's instincts a kick start, especially since he's so close to a heat. 
They’re pushed together from shoulder to knees by the crowds and Tony loves being able to blanket the other with his body. His alpha cock drags along slick insides; slow, thorough, and deep. 
Peter's entire body shudders before he locks it in position. He clamps down the growing need, gritting his teeth together as the alpha takes his body on a test run.
The maddening speed makes sense for where they are but somehow, Peter still feels like it's not enough. He wants to be a good omega and let the alpha savor this but he also wants to get fucked and he wants it hard enough that he feels his bones shaking in his body. 
Tony growls against Peter’s neck, skittering heat searing its way up his spine with every push and pull. Peter’s pussy is sucking him in so well, holding onto him so tightly when he retreats. It’s making him want to plug the omega full of his alpha cum. 
He parts his lips against Peter’s skin, flicking his tongue against him teasingly. His cock sinks in and out with almost hypnotic smoothness and ease. 
Tony wishes he could watch himself stuff Peter’s pussy full to bursting.
Every slow drag teases at Peter’s ability to be good. He feels every inch bury itself inside his body and every single inch as it withdraws. It leaves him biting down on his bottom lip to stop the whimpers from spilling out of it.
Then the alpha presses into him again, pushing that hard, thick cock inside until he squeezes out the very breath in Peter's lungs. And he goes to repeat it again, Peter's vision swims because he can't take it.
"Al–pha…" Peter breathes. His clutches onto Tony's arm, hips jerking in his tight grasp in a half-hearted attempt.
“Yes, omega?” Tony rubs his fangs against Peter’s skin at the same slow pace his cock rubbed in and out of his pussy. 
"Harder–" he murmurs softly, quietly. 
He's so focused on the cock inside him that he's not sure he even said the words loud enough for Tony to hear. He makes sure this time, he hears him.
"Alpha…" the omega groans, "Please– H-harder. I can feel it… But I need– Alpha, please… Fuck my pussy harder… You're…"
He whimpers then, pushing back against the alpha's hold to chase after his retreating cock.
"'M so wet… Can't you feel it… alpha…?" Peter licks his lips, breath shallow with need. "Need alpha's cock inside me… Fucking me… Need it in my pussy, alpha…"
Tony pulls back and thrusts in without warning; then goes right into fucking him hard, timing it to the swaying and lurching of the train.
"God. Baby, Peter, fuck, you just love taking it." Tony pants behind Peter's ear. He can't help the little snarls curling outwards from his chest, vibrating upwards in a bloom of pure alpha claim. 
He jerks his hips faster and tighter as his excitement grows, quick rabbit thrusts, brutal enough to slam Peter into the pole he’s braced on. Any slick noises are eaten by the susurration of the crowd. 
Tony’s cock feels like he’s fucking into heaven; tight heat and wet slick and a sinful ass bouncing in his lap before work. 
"A-Ah…" Peter has been trying so hard to keep quiet, but by then, even he can't stop himself from moaning. And really… it isn't that suspicious. They're obviously rutting, alpha and omega pulled together and having some fun.
Most of the newcomers don't realize how far they've gone.
He's letting out breathless little gasps, just doing what he can to let the alpha get it. He normally hates how bumpy and terrible the subway ride is going into the city but right now, he's loving it.
“That’s right, baby. Let me hear you. Just me; just keep making those soft little whimpers for me, Peter. You’re my omega right now. And my omega is doing so well for me.” Tony praises him with his teeth against Peter’s mating gland. His hand holds him steady at his hip, pinned where Tony wants him. 
The alpha's grip on him is bruisingly tight, it needs to be with how one wrong lurch of the train can dislodge him. Neither of them wants that so Peter holds still, legs tense, pussy dripping, and mouth slack as he's being fucked right there.
Tony wants to cum so deep inside, Peter doesn’t even drip. He wants to breed him. Claim him. Own him.
“Omega…” Tony grunts and thrusts harder, the base of his cock getting tight. If only they could.
That tone is Peter's only warning. He digs his nails into the alpha's arm.
How many stops have passed? He's lost count. But even though he's the one that agreed to this as long as it's a quickie, he doesn't want it to end just yet. He's finally getting what he wants, a nice hard fuck and he knows the alpha won't stop until Peter's more than satisfied.
He digs in deeper, tossing his head back and shaking it almost desperately.
"Not yet, not yet…" he almost begs. Just wants that alpha cock pounding him open just a little bit longer.
Tony set his lips to Peter’s neck, teeth grit to avoid biting. His balls are heavy and drawing up tight despite Peter’s delicious chanting in his ear. He’s going to cum in this omega and send him on his way dripping with it. 
Of course, that's when the train comes to a halt. The doors don't open.
At the lack of movement, some people come alive around them, lifting their heads when they've realized the train has stopped. 
Tony comes to a complete halt with an act of willpower he should be applauded for. He growls softly and unhooks his head from Peter’s shoulder, waiting to see what was going on. 
He puts a little space between his chest and Peter’s back and keeps their lower bodies as still as possible for the appearance of propriety. Buried balls deep inside of Peter’s pussy, his cock aches at him, throbbing and pulsing with the need to keep going. 
"Alpha–" Peter groans, upset at the sudden stop. His squirming begins anew but then he freezes when he realizes everything has stopped.
The intercom turns on.
"Ladies and gentlemen," the announcement comes on, "we are delayed because of train traffic ahead of us. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience."
Peter's groan is drowned out by the surrounding passengers' sounds of dismay. 
“Party’s on pause, sweetheart.” Tony murmurs under his breath. 
Peter leans his head on the back of his hand. He's obviously displeased by the entire thing but it gives him a moment to collect himself. Breathe in deep breaths and cool off.
Tony lets out his own sigh of dismay along with the stirring buzz around them. His balls are tight and ready to fill Peter up. The base of his cock feels swollen and tender, ready to pop a knot at any moment if he could just move.
“Shouldn’t trust the subway. Only good thing it’s brought me was you,” Tony says, hand creeping up to slide along Peter’s sides and chest. Not as good over the clothing but Tony could appreciate this while inadvertently getting his cock warmed. 
The omega sighs and relaxes into the touch. He likes this simple affection but he could still feel the alpha inside him. He can't relax or calm down, not like this… The man hasn't softened at all and it's a whole different kind of dirty he's feeling now that he accesses the situation.
He's… he's letting an alpha stay inside him… deceiving the other passengers who think they're just rubbing against each other. His body ends up tightening down on the alpha's cock and his head hangs, eyes peeking where their hands are pressed over his belly.
Tony brightens with an idea. 
“Do you have an undershirt? Can you unbutton and let me play with your nipples, just while we’re stuck?” 
Proper rules of society allow an alpha to play with an omega’s body so long as it's covered and no penetration is involved. If Peter’s shirt is thin enough, Tony could pluck and strum his nipples and not even have to hide it. 
For some reason, this makes Peter feel a bit shy. Maybe it's because they've already come so far that adding more to it seems even more obscene. This one request is actually something Tony's allowed to do though and Peter can feel his nipples already start to pebble up beneath his shirt at the possibility.
He also knows that he'll become a needy little thing once Tony starts playing with them… They've always been a bit sensitive and with everything else going on, he's not sure how well he'll be able to handle having those played with, too.
"Might be a bit sensitive," he says as he starts to unbutton his button-up. It takes him longer than usual, an understandable delay since he keeps getting distracted by the alpha's cock.
“That’s perfect, baby.” Tony waits patiently for Peter to undress, hand skimming up and down his body all the while. He misses holding onto Peter’s stomach with the omega; it had been surprisingly intimate, especially in combination with the fertile heat scent surrounding Peter. 
Beneath his button-up, he's wearing a plain white v-neck shirt. It's pretty thin since he has multiple layers on. His suit jacket…The button-up, then his Spiderman suit which has retracted… and the undershirt.
Since they're no longer swaying to and fro, he no longer has to hold onto the pole for balance. He shifts into a more comfortable position, making sure to keep the alpha buried deep inside him even then.
“You ready?” Tony asks gently. 
He’s busy kissing up one side of Peter’s nape and down the other. He was never very good at waiting or holding still and having to do both with his erection snug inside such a blistering hot omega pussy makes him restless and somehow even hornier. 
"Here, alpha…" Peter murmurs before leading the man's hands to his chest. Excitement stirs in his body and he almost can't bear the anticipation.
“Good boy, omega.” Tony praises right behind his ear, low and hot. 
He loves a partner that asks for what they want. His fingers spread out, cupping his omega’s chest and squeezing. His thumbs find the pebbled nipples and begin circling, slow; repeating the same teasing dance he’d done with his pelvis earlier. 
It's as Peter expects. His body is more sensitive and receptive than normal. Every slow tease against his nipples has the omega shifting about restlessly. It's not a full out assault, not yet, but it's a slow build of sensation. It tugs on his attention and one hand drifts between his legs towards his hard cocklet.
He clenches down on the alpha's cock, holding back a needy whine.
“You’re such a good boy for me. Holding so still. Waiting so patient. Letting me play with your body.” Tony’s voice lowers until his words are almost more heat than air. He presses his words into Peter’s pulse point and pinches both nipples simultaneously. 
Peter's hand spasms midway down towards his cock. He whimpers, unable to help himself as delicious shocks of pleasure spark from where Tony plays with his chest. The words convince him to forgo touching himself.
"Alpha…" Peter murmurs, arching himself into the man's touch. 
The movement causes his body to shift just enough that the alpha's cock slips out, just the tiniest bit, but Peter's quickly reclaims it. He doesn't want to lose even an inch of the alpha's cock in his pussy, he needs to be the good omega this alpha claims he is. 
“You’re a good cockwarmer. Your pussy is still so tight, even holding my alpha cock for so long. You’re so wet still, too. Slick and horny and sitting nicely on my cock while I enjoy these little nipples. Right where you should be, omega. Where you belong.” Tony can’t move his hips but his cock bucks deep inside of Peter anyway, reacting to his own words. 
He sighs softly and enjoys the zings of pleasure that follow. He rolls Peter’s nipples between his thumb and middle finger, pulling and tweaking, loving every contraction of Peter’s pussy around him it produces. 
The flares of pleasure Peter feels are beautiful distractions, a great way to pass the time while they wait for the train to start up again. He feels the heavy weight of others trying to look at them, a difficult task with all the bodies blocking any clear sight. It still makes him feel hot…
Peter wants to do more than just be a pretty cockwarmer though he's enjoying this far too much that he wouldn't mind doing it again. As long as it's this alpha…
His face turns so he rubs his cheek against the expensive cloth. He can smell the alpha's sweat and musk through his clothing and his mouth waters, hungry to lick the taste from Tony's skin.
Tony turns and nuzzles back, mouthing kisses into Peter’s neck. He rubs his teeth over reddened skin and shifts his weight from foot to foot so his cock moves inside of Peter that delicious little bit. Holding back from pounding into his willing body when he’d been so close to coming was glorious torture.
Tony may not be able to fuck him without giving them away but Peter can do his own bit of teasing.
Even as he's being mercilessly teased, he works on dismantling the alpha's control. If he's going to lose his mind, he's bringing the alpha down with him.
"Not patient," he refutes before he starts purposely contracting and massaging the alpha's cock inside him.
“Baby…” Tony moans, ragged and breathless. 
He kisses Peter’s nape and then his scent gland. His teeth nip and press but don’t leave any real marks. If Tony really was just rutting against Peter, he’d probably be trying to work a hickey onto his mating gland (or very close to it). Instead, he only teases with the promise of that taboo intimacy. 
It doesn't even take much effort. The only true obstacle is his own pleasure building and yet, not getting enough of it. Every clench and squeeze has Tony's cock rubbing against his insides and it feels so good that he wants to start bouncing on the alpha's cock again.
He can't though, so he just reaches back with one hand and feels firm muscle of the alpha's leg beneath his fingers.
His eyes shutter close but he starts whispers of his own, lips parting so sweetly and speaking such filth.
"Alpha's cock feels so good in my pussy…" Peter softly moans, squeezing and massaging, "Wanna feel it again… Alpha fucking me open…"
“Alpha wants that too, baby.” Tony plucks and strums at Peter’s nipples. His cock is still aching, the edge taken off by Peter’s playing while his arousal amped up from the very same thing. He wants to snarl at everyone to leave so he could knot Peter on every available seat, claiming the whole car for their heat nest. 
Peter gives such a harsh nip, desire swirling inside him and restless with how restrained they are.
"Don't think I wanna stop, alpha…" Peter murmurs, "Think we deserve a reward for this… No one even knows you have your cock inside me… What do you think, alpha…? I think I wanna feel how big your knot can get…."
Tony thrusts so hard forward they both tip their weight against the pole and it probably digs uncomfortably into Peter’s shoulder. Tony almost doesn’t care and keeps going anyway. The omega squeaks in surprise, tight little body clenching down like a vice.
He hears a concerned noise beside them and stills, remembering their situation with only a momentary clearing of the gauzy lust covering his gaze. 
“Sorry. Lost my balance.” Tony mutters to no one and doesn’t stop pinning Peter to the pole with his body and cock. It’s almost as good as a wall with the other passengers all around to brace them, too. Tony’s attention tunnels in on how his base is already hot and tight, just a few thrusts from locking them together. 
Tony leans in and puts his teeth to Peter’s neck at the back while a hand comes up to the front, cupping his throat, keeping his vulnerable neck pinned just as securely as his body.
The gesture makes Peter want to melt into his embrace, just caught on the older alpha's cock. He licks his dry lips, pulling in a ragged breath. Just that light pressure on his Adam's apple makes him so hot but it's the teeth at his nape that makes him want to whimper.
“You deserve that, omega. You deserve my knot. You’ve been so good. You’d take it so well, I know you would. When the train starts up again, I’ll give you what you’ve earned.” Tony promises through fanged kisses to Peter’s nape. He holds Peter close. The urge to pull back so he can thrust in and get hot friction is maddening. 
Peter grips Tony's strong arm in a clawed grip. His eyes are squeezed shut now as he concentrates on feeling just how trapped he is here. Hand on his throat, teeth on his skin, and the most perfect alpha cock buried inside him. He wants to get caught on the knot, feels it like an undeniable itch deep inside…
"Alpha," he breathes, "you can smell it, can't you…?"
“Mm?” Tony makes an answering noise. He’s too busy to speak more, kissing and nipping in turn. Teeth igniting the sensitive patches of skin and his lips soothing away the jagged tingles. 
Peter starts to slowly roll his hips in that tight space. It's an agonizing grind and he teases the alpha even more, trying to encourage that knot to pop without the alpha even continuing to fuck him.
"Heat soon," he pants quietly, "Not on any… suppressants… C'mon, alpha, want that knot…"
“Fuck, yes. You’re going to take it so deep for me.” Tony flexes his fingers and bites down, only careful enough not to break skin. He hopes he’s leaving marks. 
How long can the alpha last when they're stuck like this? How long can Peter continue to tease him by using his internal muscles to squeeze and massage the hard length stretching him apart?
Slender fingers drift up towards Tony's and they press down, encouraging the alpha to squeeze just a little bit harder.
Tony’s fingers squeeze at the same time his hips tilt upward, trying to press inside more when he’s already balls deep. His heart is going a mile a minute and he can’t hear the crowd around them anymore. 
"Knot me, Tony," Peter groans when he tips his head back, nipping at the man's jaw and letting his hot breath ghost along reddened skin. "I'll let you do it, let you cum inside me… Just like this. Nothing between us."
Tony’s teeth break skin and his hips jerk back the tightest inch of his life before slamming upwards. They’re held up only by his hold on Peter’s throat -hand and teeth- and his arm around the omega’s body pinning him to the pole. His eyes flutter shut as his knot inflates rapidly and he cums, popping in moments and locking them together in the middle of rush hour.
Peter barely feels the bite but he feels Tony's knot the moment it starts to grow.
His insides grow tight as he's forced to accommodate the knot rapidly inflating. His breath stutters in his chest, caught in his throat as brown eyes widen in surprise. He knows Tony's knot is going to be huge, but even he doesn't expect this. It's massive and the omega struggles to take it. His body is made for this but he can't help groaning, eyes rolling to the back of his head as his pussy accommodates the expanding size of the knot.
Tony buries his snarl in the nape of Peter’s hair, so glad he’d set his mouth somewhere safe before biting. He can’t stop shivering or growling, pressing in all around Peter, surrounding him with his scent and the vibration of his claim. His cock bucks continuously, shooting load after load into this dangerously sexy omega caught on his knot. 
A whimper, soft and dazed, barely escapes before Peter's panting, lips slack and eyes dazed.
He's getting what he wants and it's better than he ever hoped to dream. His lashes flutter closed as he revels in the heat spilling inside him. He presses his palm over his belly where he had felt Tony's cock carving into him, pressing that sensitive place that makes Peter see stars. That's where he feels it... The alpha spilling all that hot heat inside him, feeding it directly into his womb.
It's the last thing he needs before he's coming too. He's forced to be quiet though. The only thing that gives him away is the soundless gasp and the vicious clenching of his body as he rides the high. 
More wetness spills between his legs and he knows he's made a mess in his suit. The consequences don't seem as dire, not when he has an alpha pumping him full.
“Fuck, baby… Peter…” Tony pants, nuzzling the sluggishly bleeding bite mark he’d left dead center on the back of the omega’s neck. 
His body is buzzing all over and aware of the other people around them tangentially. He kisses it and then has to resist biting into it again to deepen the mark. He wants to, though. 
“Should have asked if I could bite you.” Tony murmurs when he can think past his pumping cock. 
It’s a good thing they’d knotted successfully; if the amount of cum he’s flooding Peter with drips out his pussy and down his thigh, there’s no way they could have hidden their activities. 
"Mm…" Peter sighs, content and a little cumdrunk. 
There's never been any scientific proof about alpha cum affecting omegas like this, but Peter still feels like he’s becoming intoxicated, drunk off pleasure . He reaches up and gently traces over the bite mark. It stings a bit but he's had worse.
Tony kisses his fingers as they trace the bite. He nibbles on work rough fingertips, affectionate and easy. He’s got his omega held tight and secure and they’re both safe in the crowd. 
Peter feels so good right now and he leans into the alpha's embrace, seeking out more contact. The idea of this ending, which it has to, is a threat to the afterglow he's currently basking in.
"Maybe next time," Peter decides to murmur. 
He wants to make sure there's a next time.
"Wanna be my alpha, Tony…?" The omega asks even as he continues to milk the alpha's knot. It's just… incentive, really. "Don't think I'm done with you yet. Not when you have such a nice, big knot for me to play with..."
“Oh, fuck, do I ever, baby.” Tony rolls his hips, tugging on Peter’s rim with his knot. His hand finally lets go of his neck to reach down and touch his stomach, petting him where a pup would swell out if this knotting takes. He didn’t think he wanted kids but the thought of Peter getting pregnant has him coming again, teeth gritting back his sounds of pleasure. 
The crowd around them shuffles and murmurs and politely doesn’t react. Tony kisses the sweaty skin of Peter’s bitten nape and smirks at anyone that makes eye contact while he relaxes into knotting Peter’s beautiful pussy.
“Need to… exchange phone numbers.” Tony pants out once the bliss ebbs enough for him to speak. He wants to do this again. He wants to maybe take Peter out to dinner, too. Maybe Peter would let Tony play with him under the table? 
"Sounds perfect." 
Peter relaxes into the knotting, body following instincts and squeezing down whenever he feels a load being pushed inside him. His belly flutters with the sensation, tiny little butterflies that have him smiling and feeling so affectionate for this alpha.
Tony kisses and nuzzles his nape and neck, carding fingers through sweat damp curls. Somehow he’s still filled with burning pleasure but the urgency has abated. So long as Peter stays right where he belongs on Tony’s knot. Tony keeps him blanketed with his body, instincts driving him to keep Peter close and hidden. 
Peter reaches into his briefcase, fingers clumsy as he grabs a pen. Next, he takes Tony's hand, tugging up the alpha's sleeve so he can pen his phone number right on his skin. When he's done, he brings Tony's wrist to his mouth and lays a kiss there.
"You won't make me wait long, will you, alpha?" He murmurs.
“Aren’t you supposed to wait three days to not seem desperate?” Tony teases. He caresses Peter’s cheek, cupping his face tenderly so he could swipe a thumb across his skin.
The omega purrs but chuckles at the words. They’re knotted in a train… Desperate doesn’t seem to really have any meaning between them if this is how they met.
The train starts with a jolt and the quiet audience grumbles with mutters of finally. A brief announcement from the train conductors lets Peter know they're actually two quick stops away from where he gets off.
The knot is still going strong so Peter doesn't think it'll be done by then. He doesn't want to rush the alpha either. There's nothing they could do to hasten a knotting and a quick glance at the time shows he could still make it to his interview.
As expected, the two stops pass quickly and Peter still finds himself in the alpha's arms when the subway doors close and take him to the next stop. He's actually two stops late when he finally feels it soften. Even then, his omega side hates the idea of separating now but he does so with the assurance that they'll meet up again.
“Get ready, sweetheart,” Tony whispers against Peter’s ear. He can tell it’s almost deflated enough to pull out. A few testing tugs and some seconds later and he’s proven right when the knot pulls out reluctantly. 
Peter pulls away with a shiver, feeling the alpha's cock slip from his body. Tony came so deep inside him that he doesn't feel any of his load slipping out, not yet anyway. Maybe later… Maybe during his interview, he'll feel some of that wetness leaking out of him.
The very thought makes him tremble with anticipation.
Tony tucks himself away, zipping up. Within seconds, he looks nothing like a degenerate alpha that knotted a stranger on the train ride to work. He uses his body to shield Peter from view as the omega takes a little longer to straighten up, guarding him partly from instinct and partly from Tony’s own possessive streak.
It only takes a minute more to become perfectly presentable. Peter's clothes are easy to fix and he'll have to clean up in a bathroom somewhere… Use some scent neutralizers or something so he doesn't smell like an omega just recently fucked and seeded, even though that's exactly what's happened.
Peter slips his fingers into the alpha's hair and urges him close. He shares a single kiss with the alpha, eyes drifted closed to maintain the sweet anonymous nature of their meeting. Next time… Next time, he'll take everything in.
"See you later, alpha. Don't keep me waiting too long." 
He's gone with the crowd, feeling every twinge and ache in his lower body and loving every bit of it. He has thirty minutes to get to his interview and decides to take a cab instead of riding the train back down the line.
Tony watches him go. He licks his lips, tasting the lingering traces of their kiss. He looks down at where the numbers been scrawled on his skin and smiles broadly. 
“Well, now I won’t have to use JARVIS to find you, sweetheart.”
“You’re late.” Pepper’s waiting for him. Tony grimaces and swerves away from the labs he’d been trying to duck away into. 
“You’re not getting out of those interviews. You promised those young men and women an appearance and I let you skip three board meetings in exchange. You’re going.” Pepper beats him to the punch and grabs him by the nape like he was an unruly pup. He acquiesces with grace and dignity and no squawking or flailing of any kind.
He’s deposited outside the door to the first interviewee, given a stapled little stack of papers and a pen, and told not to get any lawsuits today. Then Pepper’s on her way with JARVIS’s promise to keep Tony in line. 
“Traitor…” Tony mutters as he opens the door.
Inside, the guy must have gotten bored of waiting for Tony (he’d taken the time to get an iced coffee. Knotting was thirsty work!) and is up out of his seat, reading something on the wall. 
Tony’s eyes automatically dip to catalogue the ass on offer. It's as unconscious as breathing and he does it even when he isn’t residually horny, still thinking about that omega from the train.
He knows that ass...
He just fucked that ass.
It’s Peter!
“Well, well, well. I see you couldn’t wait for a text.” Tony purrs the words out, alpha pride swelling in his chest. Peter has to be smart to make it this far and he’s so beautiful in the improved lighting. Beauty and brains. The combination that always brought him to his knees.
Peter pauses in his task. The wall is lined with testimonies about Stark Industries and all the awards they've received in the past couple years. He knows when Tony Stark enters, even picks up the alpha's scent when he does.
His brain doesn't quite make the connection until he hears Tony's voice. He's been waiting for some time, edging into the second hour actually, so any residual omegan instincts should be well and truly gone.
Except he recognizes that voice and his body does too. Heat sparks in the pit of his belly and he has to take in a breath to compose himself.
The alpha's playful tone breaks all expectations of professionalism between them though.
Peter turns with a smile as though he'd expected this all along.
"You kept me waiting," Peter says with teasing smile. 
He takes a couple steps towards the older man, really taking him in. Dark hair, sharp eyes, a smile that just made him want to melt. Tony Stark is a hard man to forget. His face is plastered all over the media and Peter has had a crush on him since he was a pup…
Tony Stark also doesn't take mass transit or so Peter had thought. 
No wonder it was so easy for Peter to trick himself into thinking it was his celebrity crush. The alpha in the subway had the perfect body build and the voice had been very similar and now, Peter knows why.
His mystery alpha is who he's been fantasizing about all along. What a coincidence, if Peter believes in such things..
"Alpha," Peter dips his head in acknowledgement, flashing Tony Stark a hint of his bruised neck. "My name's Peter Parker and I'm very… passionate about working with you. If you'll have me."
"Hmm." Tony’s eyes lock onto the dark mark. 
He remembers the taste of putting it there and feels heat bloom below his belly button. His cock wants to test out how well his omega has held onto his load. His mouth wants a taste of that tantalizing slick he’d only gotten a sniff of. 
He looks down at his wrist where Peter’s phone number is still written.
“Tell you what. I’ll hire you, right here and now, if you strip and present your hole for me.” Tony smirks. He lifts his iced coffee to his lips and takes a languid sip, eyes sparkling. “I need to check you’ve held onto what I gave you earlier like a good boy before I make my decision.”
Perhaps, any other omega would have gotten offended at such a request. It does make Peter's face flush pink with heat but he's not offended. He got the interview on his own merit and he knows he would've been hired anyway.
Maybe if they hadn't met earlier or done what they did, this game would've been played over a series of weeks, omega teasing alpha and alpha teasing omega. Or maybe it would've gone exactly like it did an hour ago, scent calling to scent and the two of them irresistibly drawn together regardless of being boss and employee.
Either way, Peter starts by taking off his suit jacket. Then with slow, teasing fingers, he pops each button on his shirt from top to bottom and lets the shirt tails hang loosely. The shoes go and his pants drop to his ankles. He steps out without hesitation and despite the way his entire body wants to shake with anticipation, he walks towards the alpha with almost a predatory gait.
His hands rest on Tony's firm chest and he smiles, a dare and lure at the same time. 
"Check then, alpha," Peter says confidently. "No matter what you say, I already got what I want."
He hooks his hand in the alpha's neck, pulling him down as he leans up.
"You." Peter kisses him, leaving no room for questions.
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lemonsandstrawberries · 2 years ago
fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony), MCU
summary: Tony knows a secret and plans to use it. Too bad that Steve also knows some secrets.
length: 1 164 words
a/n: I have very established headcanons, but sometimes I like to add something new. I am really excited to post this fic and I hope you will like it, if you do, I would love to hear from you! includes an idea from here. 
It was never a good sign when Tony was smiling like that. Somehow smug, somehow teasing. As if he had known some big secret, he didn't want to share. It made Steve feel on edge.
"What?" he asked, lowering the book he was reading, as Tony was leaning over the couch, looking down at his boyfriend with that smile. "Seriously, what?" Steve asked again and Tony happily shook his head.
"Oh, nothing. I just remembered something," he explained, in an almost singing voice.
"Does your something has to do with me?"
"It usually does."
Steve didn't like it. Didn't like it all. He rolled on his stomach and propped on his elbows, going back to his book and deciding to ignore the other man. "Tony, I am reading, go away."
Tony brightened as if just waiting for that. "Not when you finally did what I was counting on," he said in a cheery voice and jumped over the couch, softly landing on Steve's back.
"Shhh! Just let me, okay?"
Steve groaned but soon relaxed. "Can't you just ask like a normal person?" he grunted, turning a page in his book.
"And where is the fun in that?"
Steve wanted to reply, but then he felt it. Five fingers dancing under his knee and going in a straight line up his thigh, stopping below his butt. Soft and scratchy. And ticklish.
Instead of scolding, Steve snorted out a laugh and his tickled leg jumped a bit.
"See? Good things happen when you don't question me," Tony justified himself happily, adding his other hand and repeating the touch on both legs. Steve curled his toes and kicked his feet a bit when the motion continued. Up and down, up and down.
"Tohohohohonnyy…" first laughter started to pour out of him. His legs were always somehow sensitive, but this was so gentle and soothing. Enough to make him laugh, but not rough enough to make him want to escape.
"Oh, come on. You know you love it," Tony justified his actions and added little clawing motions in the middle of the thigh.
"Khhhhahahahaha," Steve laughed softly, pressing both hands to his face, almost as if hiding. It was this soothing kind of touch, the one he really loved to be on the receiving end of. When Tony had jumped on him, he hoped for a ticklish back rub as he was a big fan of those, but having back of his legs gently tickled and massaged was great too.
Tony's previously smug smile morphed into a gentler and sweeter one. He knew that Steve was able to knock him down any second, or get him instead, so he appreciated every shared moment when Steve allowed him to play with him without using any intricate bondage. Evening back rubs. Gentle tummy tickles when on some days he was acting as a big spoon. Foot massages that happened from time to time. He treasured those moments. Yet, he never really had an occasion to repeat that kind of touch on his boyfriend's thighs. It was a sweet moment for both of them.
Yet, Tony wouldn't be Tony if he didn't have a hidden motive.
Steve was melting and laughing his heart out, the serene and loving feeling growing in him. He was thinking that maybe he should trust Tony more, always expecting some kind of a sneaky and aggressive attack from his boyfriend when his thoughts were successfully stomped down on when Tony wriggled his fingers in one place he was not allowed too.
Between Steve's thighs, tickling the thin skin with quick, efficient squeezes.
"GAH! BWAAHAHA!!" Steve's whole body jumped, and he slammed his legs together, strongly rolling his back. There were a thud, a yelp and the weight on his back was suddenly gone.
"Ow," Tony grunted, slowly lifting himself up from the splayed on the floor position and sitting up. "Still, totally worth it," he laughed to himself, massaging his hurt elbow.
"What did we discuss, Tony?!" Steve yelled, red-faced and turned on his back, trying to rub off the ticklish feeling of his inner thighs. "You don't get to do that!" he continued to yell. Not only for Steve, who had an extremely ticklish spot on his inner thighs, but also for Tony's own safety. Steve was already going wild when Tony got him in his weakest spots, but his inner thighs were much more sensitive. It was almost absurd.
"But Steeeeve!" Tony whined playfully. "It is such a great spot on you! It is like getting your hips, feet, and neck at the same time!"
Steve blushed, hearing his weakest spots listed so casually. He was feeling giddy already. "No, that spot is off limits for you!" he growled, trying to keep his voice firm and steady.
"Pfff, off limits," Tony mocked, blowing a raspberry with his mouth. "Since when any part of our bodies is off limits to the other one? And who knows! Maybe you are just ticklish there because you never were properly tickled in that spot? Give me one evening and---" Tony yelped when Steve yanked him over and pressed his back to the couch, dragging Tony's butt on the floor.
"You want to talk about off-limit spots?" Steve asked darkly, still sitting on the couch and spreading Tony's arms to the sides. He put his legs over Tony's biceps and pressed them down to the couch, keeping him trapped. That way, Tony's back was pressed to the front of the couch cushions and his torso was left unprotected. Perfect. "How about I go for your off-limit spot?"
"Oh, please," Tony snorted, "there is nothing you can do to me you didn't do before," he said in a mocking voice, although he felt a shiver of panic. Maybe he shouldn't be smartass in such a vulnerable position. And whatever Steve had planned for him, he could take it.
"I didn't mean getting your belly button," Steve explained, and this time he was the one sounding smug.
Tony blinked. If Steve didn't mean his belly button, then---
"NO!" Tony suddenly yelled, trying to wrestle out.
"Glad you remember."
"Come on! I was just joking around! Steve, don't--- DON'T!"
Tony lasted a whole two seconds before he broke into squeaky giggling. It was an unusual spot, so unusual that Steve would never think about targeting it, but the constant smiles and soft giggles after every kiss on that spot made him curious, so one day he went for it. And it was bizarre and wonderful, and Steve dubbed it one of the greatest discoveries.
"STOOP!" Tony howled through his giggles, shaking his head around, but somehow Steve managed to follow and constantly wiggle his finger over the tip of Tony's button nose. "THAT-SO-IRRITATIHIHIHIHNG!"
Steve kept smiling, wriggling his finger over Tony's cheeks and under his chin and sometimes even getting his ears, but always going back to tickle his nose. Maybe Tony was right, and their off-limit spots deserved some attention.
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bakudekuficlibrary · 2 years ago
Any good fics where Bakugou and Deku try and become friends after “Bakugou vs Deku 2”? And Bakugou eventually develops feelings for him after being around him so much. I would prefer if they mainly focused on Bakugou’s feelings. Thank you in advance! Also I really appreciate the things you do on here.
We do have a Post Bakugou vs Deku 2 mini-list! However, unfortunately I couldn’t find the specifics you were looking for. There is no enemies to friends to lovers yet in the tag, so hopefully the fics in this mini-list might peek your interest anyway?
Leftovers by brichibi( T | 6,184 | 1/1 )
When the rest of the class heads down the reality of the situation sets in — they’re both missing class at the best hero academy in the country, their classmates flat out calling their scuffle stupid.
Izuku still doesn’t feel like it was, though, especially when Uraraka asks the million dollar question:
“Did you two make up?”
That. That’s why that fight felt like it was worth it, even if, technically, Izuku can’t answer her. Have they made up? Is this making up?
He actually doesn’t know.
[Or: the house arrest fic where it is, somehow, more awkward to talk through feelings than it is to fight]
Honestly, this one is the closest I could find according to your request, although it is short and sweet, and is in Midoriya’s perspective.
There is this one fic though that I do recommend. It might not explicitly say its Post Kacchan vs Deku 2, but the elements it works with might as well imply it…I don’t want to spoil too much. It’s a good read I promise! it also includes explicit gay doujins just saying
~Eve ❣
Some Read It For The Articles by low_commotion( T | 55,608+ | 10/? )
It all starts because Kirishima lets slip to Kaminari, who whispers it loudly to Sero and is overheard by Ashido, who tells Jirou, who announces it the rest of the girls in the class, that Bakugou has some secret beefy dude mags hidden deep under his bed.OR Bakugou and Midoriya rebuild their relationship on the backs of shared nerdship and a frankly alarming amount of misintentioned homoerotica.
How are we doing? We have a Submitter Feedback Form for anyone who wants to give us a piece of their mind! Thank you in advance if you complete it. If you have never sent an ask, but want to give us feedback, we have a Follower Feedback Form, too!
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skip-beat-manga · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Skip Beat Confession:
I enjoy my Kyoko-drives-Ren-crazy-as-Natsu/Setsu fics as much as anyone, but I LOVE how Ren in the manga only loses it or breaks character when Kyoko is being just herself.
by anonymous
Send us your confession!
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olderthannetfic · 2 months ago
the support and defense of sexualizing minors in any way real or fictional, especially when you’re a grown adult, is not just disgusting/uncomfortable but also morally wrong and dangerous/harmful. like I truly don’t care if you think it being fictional somehow makes it better bc it just continues to perpetuate the normalization of stuff like grooming. go ahead and sympathize with people who want to sexualize children if you choose, but don’t try to tell people they can’t criticize it lol
You know what’s really morally reprehensible? Pretending that abusers care about fanfic in particular and won’t just use any old thing including completely non-sexual things to groom someone.
Deleting a bunch of fic will do nothing to make kids safer, and pretending it will is security theater of the worst kind. Instead, we should be teaching kids about healthy boundaries and managing their own comfort, including seeking out dark shit in the safe medium of fiction or fantasy if they wish and putting down a story if it’s too much.
This rhetoric you’re espousing is far more dangerous to kids than any fic is.
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ao3commentoftheday · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Comment transcription:
im honestly floored by how much you manage to make second person work without it being, like a choose your own adventure book. And like, between this and Paper Moon I am just in love with your writing. You really have a way of dragging me into your worlds. Most fics when i read them are like “oh cool scenario” but then I move on with my day and i dont necessarily live in the world im reading, bit with YOUR FICS my brain settles down in a nice and cozy nest of worldbuilding and i am utterly invested and engaged with the AU. like i never even liked FNAF or payed it much attention even when it was popular but somehow when you write this AU i’m INTO IT. I love your characters and their dynamics, I REALLY like how youve been including those snippets of shouting’s and presumably hanazawa (so we as the reader only need two more names) its so heartbreaking to see shouting’s thinking about wanting to see his family and friends again and wanting to simply be able to leave the restaurant (also I’m pretty sure he wants to kill reigen because he and the other kids see the night guard uniform and assume reigen is the guy that killed them.) ugh I just love your stories and am really eager to see how this and Paper Moon play out. Keep up the good work!
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Are you going to respond? I really want to know your standpoint here; you and all of those people who read that kind of fanfiction. What's so amazing about this fanfiction?
If you wanted to know my standpoint, you would’ve looked at numerous asks, exactly like yours, that I’ve answered in the last four years. Or you would’ve bothered to look at the definition of pedophilia. Or the laws regarding fictional works, why they exist, and what they mean. Or thousands of posts written on tumblr, and other platforms, by people who have legitimate degrees in law, sexual trauma treatment, history of fictional works, or in sociology, like myself, on this exact subject.
But you didn’t. Because you don’t want a response, nor do you care about other people’s standpoint. One of the first things you felt the need to point out in your previous ask (and I won’t sport with my readers intelligence by posting it) is the type of fic that makes you feel sick, somehow convinced that I would care.
Let me make something perfectly clear.
It is not my responsibility to educate the stupid, or change the mind of willfully ignorant. I run a feed. And I have a life, which includes a mountain of work for my PhD degree, a job in combined trauma and SUD treatment, and fiction of my own to write, when I do get some time off. Time off that, by the way, you and every other moral warrior feels entitled to, just like you feel to entitled to answers you’re not willing to look up yourself, or take seriously once they’ve been handed to you on a platter.
Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a flying fuck what you want. I’m currently too busy to care, and pretty tired of people like you taking up my valuable time. 
If something is making you sick, i suggest you don’t read it. You have that option, unlike me, being stuck with whatever nonsense you feel entitled to drop into my mailbox, as if I, or anyone else, owe you a response. 
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captainkirkk · 10 months ago
TUA Fic Rec: "a life still permanent" by iguessyouregonnamissthepantyraid. It's a WIP but also instantly a fav of mine. Set three years after somehow averting the S1 apocalypse, it's about the Hargreeves coping, healing and moving forwards. It's also a lot about their relationship with Claire, who is precious and I love her. Highlights include: Claire's dad is a good dad, Five getting therapy, a giant blanket fort, fluff and on top of that a twisty little plot that makes me want a season of this
This one’s in my marked for later!
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bytheangell · a year ago
i am so in love with time travel fics so if it's not too much trouble can you please write something re: sad!past!magnus (maybe TID-era, or anything really) somehow winding up in the present day, and finding out that he's gonna be ok, he's gonna be so happy with his husband and children (if you want to include the book!malec kids here) and family, and the world might not be perfect but it's going to be better than he thought it could be
Believe in All the Possibilities (Read on AO3)Magnus just wants a carefree night of music, perhaps a bit of dancing, and most definitely more drinking than would be strictly advisable in his current emotional state. Maybe, if he still feels awful enough by the end of the night, he can end up in a den of questionable moral offerings on the shadier side of London. Who knows where the night might take him?
Instead he finds himself staring across the room at Camille, dancing far too close to be publicly decent with her current conquest. That’s all they are, he reminds himself, but it doesn’t help, not when he was in her arms not that long ago (had it been weeks? months? what’s time to an immortal, anyway?). Not when she’s the reason he’s drinking his heartbreak drink alone at the bar in the first place. He watches her for a while, losing track of time (has it been minutes? hours? time matters so little these days…). It’s the amount of time it takes to drink two bottles of whiskey, he can measure it that way. He thinks he might just continue for the rest of the night until Camille meets his eyes, winks at him, and then pushes her suitor against a wall to shove her tongue down his throat and run her hands down the length of his body and-
He needs to leave. 
Magnus pays his tab and walks out of the party, doing his best not to look back. He almost manages it but steals one last glance, not sure if he’s more or less hurt by the realization that she isn’t even watching him for his reaction, now entirely lost in the arms of her new lover. It isn’t a comfort to remind himself that he probably means nothing to her because that’s only a reminder that he meant nothing to her, too. 
He doesn’t have a place in mind when he opens a portal. He’s only just polished up with Henry a more stable way of opening portals for Shadowhunters to use, with runes drawn intricately around where they wish to form it to channel the magic needed. The one he opens now, fueled only by his own raw power, could be considered a prototype at best. It’s unstable and unpredictable without the runes to ground it, but hell, he’s feeling more than a little unstable and unpredictable himself. 
Magnus knows, deep down, that this is a mistake. The first rule to using a portal is to have a clear picture of where you’re going, but instead he steps into it with only one thought in mind: Take me somewhere I can be happy. I just want to feel okay again.
London vanishes behind him, and everything goes black. 
By all accounts he should be dead. Or in limbo. Or some horrifying combination of both.
Instead, Magnus finds himself blinking his eyes open from darkness to take in the scene around him of a city that is most definitely not London. There are street lamps lit along the– no, not lamps. The light coming from them isn’t fire. They’re electric. In fact, electric lights seem to be everywhere, despite the lightbulb barely being functional in the richest of areas testing out electricity in 1878. 
But that’s not the strangest thing. Magnus takes a few tentative steps towards the street only to jump backwards at the speed of the… well, he isn’t sure what the horrifyingly fast cart that passed him is exactly, but he knows that one more step forward and he would’ve been underneath it. Sobering up much faster than he’d like, Magnus starts to realize that however improbable the idea is, he has to face the facts that add up around him. He appears to be in the future - at the very least an alternate timeline, one far more advanced than his own. Regardless, either should be impossible. 
And the most distressing realization (as if all of that isn’t enough) is that since he has no idea how he managed to get here, he isn’t entirely sure how to get himself back. 
If he even can. 
…if he even wants to. 
After all, the past holds little for him outside of disappointments and broken promises. He can hardly find joy in his work at the moment, the one thing he’s consistently turned to as a source of pride and solace, so why bother going back to a life destined for solitude and misery? 
But first things first: he needs to figure out exactly where he is. It takes a bit of poking around and more than a few heavy American accents telling him in no uncertain terms not to so much as look at  them, before he gets the answers he’s looking for. It’s New York in the late 2010s, a little over a hundred years ahead of where he came from. 
But why here? Why now? 
Those questions are answered when he backs up quickly to narrowly avoid two children who turn the corner and nearly run directly into him, followed by the voice of someone calling out after them. No, not someone - that’s his voice. 
“Max! Rafe! This isn’t a game tonight, okay? Something’s wrong and I need to test the wards before you can go inside.”
Magnus glamours himself immediately, pressing up against the side of the building to let them pass while  listening in on the middle of a conversation this future version of himself is holding with a very tall, very attractive Shadowhunter. 
“-I don’t know, Alexander. But something feels off with my magic, like I can sense too much of it? I can’t explain it, but I just want to make sure nothing’s wrong before you and the boys come up.” And then he’s gone, vanishing into the apartment building while the man named Alexander waits on the sidewalk with two children, one warlock and one shadowhunter. Magnus knows because of the runes and blue skin he can see just beyond their glamours; glamours which are good enough to fool mundanes but not strong enough to block out skilled warlocks who are looking hard enough. The children must be keeping their own glamours up rather than relying on ones put on by the two adults. Impressive, especially for children so young. 
The warlock boy starts to poke small jolts of magic into the Shadowhunter boy, who looks about two seconds away from stabbing the warlock boy in the arm with his stele if he doesn’t stop. Magnus has the sudden impulse to give away his own hidden position to stop them but Alexander is already on top of it.  
“Max! No magic on the street, you know that. Rafael, please, if you break another stele this month Izzy’s going to kill both of us. Just stand still for two minutes while Papa checks the wards.” 
“Alright, Dad,” the children say in unison.
And that’s when Magnus realizes. These aren’t just people his future self is working with, or bringing here for a social visit. These are his children. And Alexander is… well, if Dad and Papa weren’t enough, one glance down at the wedding ring on the Shadowhunter’s finger is all the answer he needs there, too. Magnus can sense the magic there, his magic there, laced with more protection charms than should reasonably be contained in an object so small. 
The future version of himself comes back downstairs looking more confused than ever, and just for confirmation Magnus’ eyes immediately drop to the matching wedding band on his hand, standing out in its simplicity compared to the rings surrounding it. I’m married. And more than that, married to a mortal. A Shadowhunter. “Everything’s fine. C’mon kids, grab your things before we drop you back off at the Institute with Aunt Isabelle and Uncle Simon for the weekend.” 
Magnus follows behind as they go upstairs, the wards letting him pass without incident as they’re keyed to his own magic, after all. He’s careful to stay out of the way as he remains hidden from view, listening to the sounds of laughter as the children pack clothing into a bag and his future self enjoys a glass of wine with his husband, eavesdropping on their conversation while he looks around the room at children’s artwork and smiling family photos, feeling the warmth that radiates from this nontraditional family. 
“Once we get back to Alicante I have three meetings, one with Consul Penhallow,” his future self sighs. “Remind me again why I let you talk me into the High Warlock position?” 
Alexander laughs. “Talk you into it? As I remember, the moment you heard Alicante was getting one you practically demanded to be the one to, how did you put it?, ‘put the Clave in their place once and for all’?” 
Magnus nearly chokes on the air he’s breathing. High Warlock is one thing, it’s an honor he’s always dreamed of. But High Warlock of Alicante? It sounds absolutely absurd and he can hardly comprehend the idea of it. Downworlders are barely allowed to exist in the same rooms as Shadowhunters, let alone exist as any sort of authority in their sacred country. He’s broken from his thoughts by his future self speaking again. 
“Yes, well, I also remember the job coming with the clear perk of moving to Alicante with my husband the Inquisitor, so-” 
Magnus watches them smile at one another, leaning in to kiss. It’s a short one, quickly interrupted by a flying pillow and the laughter of children. Soon both wine glasses are magicked away and both his future self and Alexander are each grabbing a child, spinning them before pinning them to the ground, tickling them into submission. 
Suddenly Magnus realizes why he’s here, why now. 
This is what he wanted. This is where he’s happy. 
There is so much love in the room it’s practically palpable. He’s married to someone he clearly trusts, someone he doesn’t believe will hurt him or leave him, because he knows himself. He knows how impossible the idea of finding someone like that feels right now, and how important this Alexander must be for him to go against everything he’s resolutely resigned to in his own mind and allow him into his life in such a monumental way. And a family… as impossible as marriage seems to him, the idea of a family isn’t even up for consideration. This sort of life - settling down, unconditional love, contentment, happiness - it isn’t meant for him. It never has been, and he never thought it would be. 
Until now. 
When his future self opens a portal to the Institute they’re going to drop the children off at Magnus instinctively follows close behind, still glamoured, coming out of the other side and into the New York Institute just as it closes, like it knows to wait for him. The children immediately run into the arms of another Shadowhunter, a woman this time, and then the man beside her. A vampire, who is casually coexisting in the inner sanctum of the Shadowhunters and friendly with his future children. 
“Simon!” The young Shadowhunter boy, Rafe, nearly shouts. “I got my speed rune, I bet I can beat you in a race now!” 
The vampire - Simon - laughs. “Oh yeah? We’ll have to see about that…” 
Magnus almost feels guilty for intruding on these moments. He knows they’re not for him, not yet, but he can’t help himself when Alexander and his future self say goodbye shortly after and he’s ducking quickly behind them into another portal, this time coming out somewhere entirely unfamiliar at first. It takes a few moments before the scenery around him registers. 
He recognizes the demon towers, can feel the strength of the angelic power around him from both the concentrated amount of Shadowhunters and the adamas veins that run beneath the city. He’s immediately uncomfortable, an instinctive sense of unease coming from so much as stepping foot upon the City of Glass… but not his future self. 
He watches his future self visibly relax the moment he steps foot out of the portal and onto the ground of the park below. Can anyone portal into the middle of Alicante at will now or is it just him, Magnus wonders idly. Exactly how much have things changed? 
…exactly how much of that is, potentially, because of him? 
Magnus follows his future self and Alexander down a path he realizes was picked deliberately for the portal to open up at. The pair take their time wandering down it, hand in hand, talking and catching up on each other’s days. Alexander mentions Catarina and Magnus feels his heart swell at the knowledge that they’re still friends, even now. Maybe everyone doesn’t leave him in the end after all. 
When his future self and Alexander finally reach a building that’s most likely their home Magnus decides not to follow them inside. He’s seen enough: enough to know that he may never stop watching this version of his life if he doesn’t leave soon, and more than enough to know that running away from the life he has now is no longer what he wants, not when he has this to look forward to in the end.  It might not be what he thought he wanted out of life, but maybe it’s exactly what he needs.
Magnus feels a lightness in him he didn’t imagine himself capable of just an hour ago. Hope, the smallest seed of it, rests firmly within him after the sights he witnessed tonight. He just has to let it grow, nurture the idea that things may seem bleak now but they won’t be forever. He has proof of that now, a reason to believe that he’s more than just someone to be used and discarded. That one day he’ll find a love powerful enough to see him marrying a Shadowhunter, taking on a job title he never could’ve imagined existing let alone holding personally, and raising a family to come home to at the end of the day. Loved. Accepted. Content. 
Before he came here he simply wanted to dull the ache and numb himself to any feelings at all; now he finds himself overwhelmed by too many emotions to count, and he couldn’t be more grateful for it. 
This may all be his one day, but first he has to get here. Once he’s certain he’s alone he conjures a portal of his own, picturing London and a life that’s only as meaningful as he chooses to make it.His life no longer feels like an inevitable sentence to play out but rather a glowing future that’s his for the taking. ‘Take me home’ he thinks with surprising fondness as he takes his first step towards that light.
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ao3commentoftheday · 3 years ago
Wondering how people feel about commenting on older fics. In the last year or so I've had a few comments on things posted years ago left starting with 'I know this is an old fic but...' and that confused me. Do people think it's not worth commenting on fics posted years ago because maybe the writer isn't writing in that fandom anymore or that writers won't want feedback years later? Interested in others views on this.
There’s a lot of anxiety on the reader side of things that leaving a comment on a story will somehow bother the author. I think part of that could be a result of some of the conversations on tumblr (including on this blog) where writers have negative reactions to comments. 
I’m just theorizing, though. Let’s put it out to the readers. 
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jeenonamit · 2 years ago
3500 Follower Fic Giveaway
Somehow, 3500 people have decided this blog was worth following. I’m... still not totally sure how that happened, but I wanted to do something to commemorate this and to thank you for being here. Specifically: I’d like to write you some special fics (since I suspect my fic is why most of you are here). :)
If you’d like me to write you something as part of this, send me an Ask! Include a prompt if you have one; or just a “how do you do?” if you don’t. :) 
On October 1st I’ll choose three winners at random who will receive:
1. One 5000+ word fic;
2. One 2500 word fic; and
3. One 1000 word fic
I’m just so happy you’re here. :)
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kitsummer · 3 years ago
It has come to my attention that the Barbarian!AU fics are accused of being racist and bad, because they depict natives in a bad light (or something like that). Though I’m not the originator of the AU, my fics were among the firsts and my name is specifically mentioned in the post (which I don’t reblog or link intentionally). The post specifically mentions that instead of a Rome-destroying, Conan-like barbarians, the fics depict native Americans/Indians and that is somehow bad
I have two things I want to say, well, maybe three.
The first is that barbarian is not a Roman concept. It is Greek. Greeks called barbarian anyone not speaking a civilized language (for them it was only Greek, so had English existed back then, it would have been a barbarian language as well), including any number of Turkish, Hun, German, Celt, various Asian, etcetera tribes. Those tribes naturally had very different and varied cultures - including some that were barely forming any societal structures, some very much native Indian-like too, while others were like village farmer-style cultures or at other points of the savage-civilized spectrum. So saying that Barbarians must be like Conan is a crude generalization in itself.
The second point is that the Barbarian!AU fics in the Transformers fandom beautifully represent that colourful and varied scene described in the first point, because there are various descriptions for the tribes, various lifestyles and degrees of ‘civilizedness’, so to speak. To say that they all fics describe native Indians is blatantly untrue, mainly because they are very varied and secondary because they all were created for the TF fandom with its very specific memes. To say that they all describe nomads as utter savages is untrue as well - some of them, in fact quite many describe the city-dwellers’ habits as way more brutal and savage than the nomads’. Some describe settled down tribes, some describe definite fantasy societies, many describe the tribes as having definite and elaborate culture, traditions and customs, some use the established TF backgrounds for the nomad settings.
And thirdly, I can only speak for myself when I say that I used my own history as Hungarian to create a fantasy-barbarian society rather than using something I am less familiar with (like American history). Huns and proto-Hungarian tribes lived a similar lifestyle than American Indians (roaming, mostly hunter-gatherers in loose tribal alliances), but I have no problem with calling them barbarians, since in the context of history, they were called that (by Greeks, by Romans, later by Franks and Germans, etc).
So, all in all, I don’t think the Barbarian!AU fics do anything wrong or being racist. Yes, they work with a stereotype, but it is not the ‘American Indian’ one, it is the ‘Barbarian’ one, meaning that the AU is aptly named. Yes, it could have been called a ‘culture Clash AU’ as well, but it wasn’t and most such fics are marked with culture clash as well.
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firstofficerwiggles · 22 days ago
Clones Victory Ball AU Masterlist
Hi all! To help promote the excellent creative work that people are making for this event, I decided to do a masterlist with weekly round-ups of posts to make them easy to find. If you created something for the event and I somehow missed it, please let me know (feel free to DM me) so I can include it.
Also I’m making a taglist based on those of you that reblogged the initial event post, but if you want to be added just let me know. (Likewise, if you’d like to be taken off the list, just let me know.)
Tumblr media
Sunday, July 11th
Reunion by @domino-twins - a Fives and Echo fic
Commander Wolffe artwork by @501stgirl - see Wolffe all dressed up
Confessions, Confessions by @beehacked - a Tup fic
It’s Over (Part 1) by @imabeautifulbutterfly - a Kix fic
It’s Over (Part 2) by @imabeautifulbutterfly - a Rex fic (x me, I swear I did not put her up to this)
It’s Over (Part 3) by @imabeautifulbutterfly - a Wolffe fic
Tumblr media
Taglist is under the cut
@imabeautifulbutterfly @rexsjaigeyes @bobas-missing-codpiece @saradika @kriffclone @princess-kn1ght @djarrex @famouskittychild @domino-twins @whatanoof @moonstrider9904 @dar-manda-rjct @501stgirl @jollyrancher87 @huntermeshla @lordellbell @zinzinina @craziest-in-the-guild @sprout-fics @ladysongmaster @clonesandjedi @rebelpitstop @shanjedi @xi-fan @frickfrackpattywhacktictac @shiftylookingcrow @starwarsgallery​ @kelpiesummer​ @queencousland101​ @thevalesofanduin​ @lackofhonor​ @crabbvo​ @beehacked​ @commander2794​ 
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heretherebedork · a month ago
I want a crossover of Y-Destiny and He's Coming To Me where Masuk and Jia are somehow gifted with the ability to see ghosts (like the end of HCTM where the dust gives his friend that ability!) and they can see Tir and actually include him in their relationship.
And it turns into a romantic comedy about two boys and their ghost and their love story.
Just imagine...
They set up the incense everywhere they are so Tir can be everywhere with them.
They figure out how to share food and the meals are truly joyous times
Jia and Tir plot out all kinds of surprises and gifts for Masuk
Masuk never has to be alone
Masuk and Jia and Tir fighting over which movie to watch
Masuk and Jia always sit with an 'open' seat between them in the movie theater and their friends are very confused
Turns out Thurs can see Tir sometimes! But no one believes him until Masuk and Jia confirm his existence and the entire friends group is a bit shocked to say the least
How do you include a ghost that only three people can see in a group? Adventures in inclusion!
Masuk and Jia make sure there's always something for Tir to hold up so he can be 'in' the pictures with everyone else.
When it's just the three of them? It's flowers. There's always flowers with them in every picture and it's Tir holding them up.
Tir helps out around the house the best he can. Their love gives him a lot of energy to be able to interact with the world around him.
Jia comes to love Tir the same way Masuk does.
They'd just be adorable, okay?
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fuddlewuddle · a month ago
So I’ve somehow ended up doing a follow up to my bastard husbands fic and it included Tony Balerdi. 😆
If this might be your type of madness and you want to read a winterbaron + Tony fic then here you go…
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antisocialsocialite · 3 days ago
thibking about a series of short fics where jaskier is subjected to every transformation related fanfiction trope including but not limited to getting turned into a werewolf, sex pollen, genderbend, turned into a vampire, bodyswap, transported into an alternate reality... and every time it happens just because he somehow bumbled into something he shouldn't have
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timextoxhajima · a month ago
Hey there, it's Dana <3
Tumblr media
I've been updating ALOT this month and so I thought it'll be a good idea to have a monthly archive whereby nearing the end of the month, I'll compile the fics I've written in the month itself tagged with the dates, so that you guys can kinda gauge if you can remember when you disappeared off the internet and missed certain updates.
They will be linked right at the top of my masterlist right above the request link, so if you're somehow attached to my blog and you want to catch up, you can always head into my masterlist to find the monthly archive post.
Everything in the monthly archive post will include one shots/drabbles tagged with their dates.
As for series updates, I'll just link the series chapter navigation!
[Idk if anybody's gonna bother but I'm taking taglist requests for my monthly archive posts from now on!]
*dates are color coded in yellow
*idols are color coded according to their groups
Tumblr media
June 4th:
Red Lipstick with San [Raider! San/Suggestive]
Purple Skies and Butterflies with Taehyun [Bf! Taehyun/fluff and angst]
Flames of Wealth with Lee Know [Raider! Lee Know/Action?? Suggestiveness??]
June 5th:
I hate you with Sunghoon [Ex! Sunghoon/Angst]
June 15th:
Atlantean with Jake [Atlantean! Jake/fluff and angst]
June 16th:
Boundary with Juyeon [Idol! Juyeon/fluff and ?? suggestiveness??]
June 17th:
like u with Hyunjae [fwb! Hyunjae/smut]
June 19th:
la la lost you in April with Eric [Model! Eric/fluff and angst]
June 20th:
Paris in the Rain with Sangyeon [fluff]
It's On Again with Juyeon [Spiderman! Juyeon/fluff, some violence]
June 24th:
somebody else with Mark [Best friend! Mark (nct)/angst]
June 25th:
Astronomy with Jay [Idol! Jay/angst??]
June 26th:
Bad Boy aesthetics with ENHYPEN [Reactions, fluff????]
June 28th:
once upon a dream with Haknyeon [Soulmate! Haknyeon, fluff, angst?]
Tumblr media
Series Updates
Not For Sale with Heeseung + Jay [Uni! au/Comedy, fluff]
Love Me A Little Less with Juyeon [Arranged Marriage! au/Angst, fluff?]
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Hi! Thanks for the card! I have some questions. How long does the round last or is there no expiry date to use the bingo card? Because I like to black my cards out. Can we use bingo prompts for new chapters of existing WIPs? Can we make sequel oneshots of existing WIPs using a bingo prompt? And lastly, can we combine our warmandfluffy fics with prompts from other bingos? Thank you. <3
There aren't any rounds, and nothing is timed, so nothing expires. (I also like to blackout my card, so I get you!) You can use the prompts however you want. If you want to claim a random chapter of one fic for using a prompt, then go for it! Want to be really ambitious and write a mega-fic that somehow includes everything on your Bingo Card? More power to you! And if you want to combine this card with other cards, that sounds like a fun idea. There aren't any formal rules, but in the spirit of the game, you probably shouldn't count chapters or fics that were already written before receiving the card, since the point is inspire new content in a fun way. Other than that, go ham!
TL;DR: It's your card; use it how you see fit!
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