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#somehow I'm the one with more spanish lol
andnowadragon · a month ago
Tumblr media
For some reason, he didn't acquire Spanish as a child despite having a Spanish-fluent mother and grandparents who spoke it around him. So I'm stuck in this weird place as a gringo who grew up in a white-as-hell conservative state, took three years of Spanish in high school, and have to translate for him (who grew up in a Latino-dominant city right on the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas). 😂
I can't speak Spanish very well, but I understand most of it when I hear or read it.
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giowritess · 19 days ago
dangerous games [javier peña]
masterlist. | javier peña
Tumblr media
p a i r i n g | javier peña x female!reader
p l o t | being the ambassador’s daughter, flirting with agent peña has always been harmless and fun. but suddenly, it’s not so harmless anymore.
w o r d - c o u n t | 4,939
w a r n i n g s | NSFW, age gap (twenty years or something, but consensual), unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it kids), dom!sub vibes, swearing, alcohol, choking, language, etc. you’ve been warned.
a u t h o r ’ s n o t e | ITS FINALLY HERE!!!! guys i'm so sorry this took so long, adult life doesn't give a shit if you're dying to write pedro pascal smut lol anyway, i had a lot of fun writing this and it's by far the longest thing i've ever written. i'm *also* thinking about a sequel if you'd be interested. let me know. this was beta'd by @amysteryspot also known as the love of my life. enjoy!
p l a y l i s t | click here
You used to hate days like these. Hot, sticky and windless. But somehow, after moving to Colombia, you were slowly starting to enjoy them.
Any girl your age would never trade the US for Colombia. You did have a choice: your dad wasn’t going to force you to come along, but you saw it as an adventure, so here you were. With your father being the American ambassador, your chances for adventure were cut out, and it didn’t take you long to figure it out. He allowed you some freedom—you had your own apartment, but there were bodyguards with you twenty-four hours, seven days a week.
Somehow, after being disappointed and pissed your first few weeks there, you managed to start enjoying Colombia more than you expected. Life was entirely different than you were used to, so that turned out to be an adventure in itself.
You managed to continue your studies, so that basically took all your time. When you weren’t in class, you were either at home or visiting the Embassy, where you liked to spend your free time. Like now. You were trying to get your father to eat healthier, so you often brought him lunch, especially since he never left his office. Married to the job, he always said.
It was only 1 p.m., but one of your professors had already managed to ruin your entire day after saying your Spanish sucked because “girls are naturally dumb”. So, you were hoping seeing your dad would make your day a bit less awful.
And it did. But it definitely wasn’t because of your dad.
His door was closed when you got there, so you knocked softly and waited until he said to come in.
“I hope you haven’t eaten yet, ‘cause I made you a very special lunch,” you said as you opened the door.
Two heads looked at you, but you hadn’t yet paid attention to the other person in the room.
“Darling!” Your father replied, getting up and hugging you. “I was just about to.”
You dropped the small bowl on his desk and finally turned.
“Agent Peña, let me introduce you to my daughter.”
Your mouth stood agape for a moment while you stared at those eyes, suddenly feeling over conscious about yourself and feeling as a tiny sheep being watched by a wolf. Somehow, you managed to shake his hand and blurt out a “pleasure to meet you”. You didn’t know how, though, because your body simply glitched while staring at the most handsome man you’d ever seen, and you tried your best not to look too dumbfounded.
“Pleasure’s all mine.”
With his deep voice full of a sexy accent, you snapped back to reality, your eyes never leaving his. Sometimes wandering to his lips, but always coming back to his eyes.
You thought this was the first time you met Javier Peña, but you were wrong. Later that same night, while you were laying on your back and staring at the ceiling, you suddenly realized you’d seen his face before, and it was far from the Embassy.
The memory was still clear as day. It was on one of the rare occasions your father authorized you to go out, so you went to a local bar not far from your apartment. Of course, your bodyguards disguised themselves and you had to be home by eleven—those were your father’s terms. You knew it was for your own safety, but it still was a hell of a bummer. Especially when you had just noticed the handsome stranger sitting alone in the back, a pair of yellow aviators hanging from the open buttons of his shirt while he sipped his beer, fatigue creeping over his beautiful features.
You had seen beautiful men, yeah; but he was on a whole new level of beauty that you couldn’t even try to describe. You caught his eyes once, then twice. That was when he sent you a drink and, for the next week, you couldn’t stop wondering what could have happened if you didn’t have to leave in such a Cinderella style, just a lot less glamorous.
Things were quite different now. You knew his name and who he was. After that, you started visiting the Embassy more frequently—the official reason? To see your father, of course, but you knew deep down it was because of Javi. There was no use denying the obvious: you had a huge crush on him. A man who was twenty years your senior and who worked for your father, but you couldn't care less. Besides, it was entirely one-sided: Javier would never look at you like that. Now that he knew who you were, you were probably nothing less than a silly girl to him.
However, you started to notice the way he looked at you. How his eyes took a moment longer than needed on your cleavage, or how his pupils swelled whenever you wore tight skirts. How nervous he seemed when you were just a bit too close to him.
Then, what started as a harmless crush took a twist and became full-on flirting—sometimes teasing too. Well, you knew it wasn't going anywhere. How could it? Only in your dreams, or late at night when you would touch yourself at the thought of him, and all the unholy things he could do to you. But it was still fun to flirt with him, tease him, rile him up with your short skirts, red lips and tight shirts. Swaying your hips when you knew he would be looking, slowly sucking a lollipop while staring at him. Of course, never in front of your father—in front of your father, you were still his baby girl.
There was one day, however, that was quite… different. It was a quiet day in the office, with only a few agents working. Javi was one of them.
"You just missed him," he said when he saw you leaning on his door, still focused on the paper he was writing.
"Actually, I'm here for you," you said, making his eyes shoot up to you. "Are you busy?"
He threw his hands behind his head, a glint of curiosity in his chocolate eyes.
"Never for you, princesa," he replied with his traditional smirk, and you tried to seem unaffected.
"Great," you said, proceeding to sit on his desk, your skirt hiking up involuntarily. "I'm doing a research for school and I'd like to interview you. It's about how Pablo Escobar affects different people's lives."
You knew his eyes were darting to the red lace of your bra, visible under your white shirt.
"Okay," he replied.
You got off of his desk and threw yourself on the comfortable brown leather couch in front of it, fishing the notepad and pencil from your bag. Usually, you were never this alone with him, and that made you a little bit ner­vous, but you did your best to shake off the feeling and go back to your usual sassy, teasing self.
The first questions were basic—name, birthdate, occupation, how Pablo Escobar had affected his life and why. You scribbled his replies on the paper, making the pencil and the ceiling fan the only sounds in the room. It could easily be one of the hottest days ever, and the fan wasn't being too effective, sweat making your hair stick to your forehead. You could feel his eyes following every move you made, as you put the pencil between your red lips to tie your hair in a bun and then opened one more button of your shirt. You caught his eyes for a moment—there was something thick in the air, and it wasn't just the hot weather.
"On a scale from one to ten, how stressed would you say you feel?"
"Easy. Ten," Javier replied blatantly.
Without looking at him, you crossed your legs so you could put the notepad on top of them to make it easier to write. But you knew this would make your skirt hike up and from this position he could, probably—most certainly—, see your matching panties.
You saw the exact moment he noticed, because he shifted in his seat and stared blankly for a moment before clearing his throat.
The expression on your face never changed, as if you hadn't done absolutely anything.
"And what do you do to deal with the stress?" you asked, naturally, and placed the pencil between your lips again.
"Alcohol. Cigarettes," he replied. "Sex."
Your eyes met at his last word, the pencil still hanging in your half-opened mouth. One second passed, then another, and your eyes never left each other's, the atmosphere between you getting heavier by the second, only the ticking clock on the wall and the ceiling fan being heard. And only God knows what could have happened if the telephone hadn't rang. Probably something you both would regret.
"Agent Peña," he answered the phone, but his eyes were still on yours. "Yep. Will be there in a second," he said before han­ging it up and clearing his throat. "Do you need anything else?"
You did. To be thrown against the wall and fucked hard by him, to be left without being able to walk the next day, but you kept those thoughts to yourself.
"Nope," you replied, "I'll let you know if I need anything else."
He nodded. The tension between you was becoming unbearable, you both could feel it. So he grabbed his gun and jacket and left, leaving you with a strange feeling deep down your gut.
After that, it suddenly seemed as if he was doing his best to avoid you. Every time you saw each other, he quickly disappeared, making you feel confused and disappointed. That was when you realized you were too invested in this, whatever "this" was. What you did know was that this wasn't just harmless flirting anymore, and you were going to get yourself hurt soon even without meaning to. So you tried your best to push Javi to the back of your mind, tried your best not to think about him.
Whenever you went to the Embassy, either to bring food to your father or just to spend time with him, you forced yourself not to look at him, forced yourself not to look for him. You even tried dating and going out with people your age. But pushing him away from your mind was a lot harder than you expected, and you felt so stupid for being so affected by nothing more than a stupid crush. It was even harder to stop thinking about him when guys your age were terribly bad at sex, and the only way you could come was when you thought about him. Needless to say, you were tired of giving yourself orgasms.
Surprise wasn’t the right word when he showed up at your door on a rainy night, the same aviators hanging from his shirt.
“Agent Peña,” you said. Javi was long forgotten in your vocabulary.
"Hola, princesa."
"How can I help you?" you asked, trying to act naturally.
He chuckled.
"Yeah, I suppose your dad didn't tell ya. I'm your babysitter for the night," he replied, and you stared at him in confusion. “Can I come in?”
You gave him room to enter, closing the door behind him.
“Care to elaborate?” You asked, raising your eyebrows at him.
He sighed.
“I can’t say much. There’s something big going on and your father needed me here,” he replied, seeming more irritated as the words left his lips.
“If it’s big, why aren’t you there?” You asked, certain this was why he seemed so pissed.
You crossed your arms over your chest and his eyes followed your moviment, and it was only then that you realized you were wearing nothing more than your black satin robe tied around your waist and panties.
How appropriate. Ironic would be a better word.
You cleared your throat and his eyes went back to yours.
“Because I fucked things up, so I have to be your fucking babysitter.”
You laughed right in his face. The look in his eyes was almost threatening, but you didn’t back away.
“So this is your punishment, isn’t it?” You asked, almost in a mocking tone. “Well. Okay. Feel at home, I guess.”
Definitely appropriate. Hell yes, you were pissed at him, and the fact that he had to spend time with you considering how hard he was avoiding you lately because of a mistake he made was like opening a Christmas present you didn’t expect to get.
You could see he was absolutely fuming, but you ignored him. You went back to doing what you were doing when he knocked, reading a book and taking notes. The soft sounds from the radio and the pouring rain outside became the only sounds between you two, and you watched through the corner of your eyes while he took his jacket off and rolled up his sleeves before settling himself on your couch, stretching his arms.
You could hear his breathing, and from time to time you caught him staring at you. Well, only because you were staring at him too. When he wasn’t looking, you couldn’t help but get lost in the rise and fall of his chest, the open buttons of his shirt showing a trail of dark hair.
Every time you caught his eyes, you suddenly felt as if you couldn’t breathe. It almost seemed as if all oxygen had been sucked out of the apartment, and the only thing that there was left was Javier Peña. But something in the way he was shifting in his seat made it seem you weren’t the only one feeling this way.
He cleared his throat.
“Anything to drink?”
Javier nodded.
As you got up and made your way to the kitchen, a new song started playing on the radio, and you chuckled when you recognized it. It was the same song that played that night, when he bought you a drink, and you couldn’t help but speak.
“You bought me a drink that night.”
He took a deep breath before replying.
“Before I knew you were my boss’ daughter.”
You stood in front of him and reached out the beer.
“And would that really make a difference?” You asked, staring deep down into his eyes.
A moment went by in silence, and then another, and you stood there still holding the beer.
When he finally spoke, looking in your eyes, there was a different, deeper tone in his hoarse voice.
“It’s a dangerous game, the one you’ve been playing.”
“But I’m not the only player, am I?”
You watched in silence as he took the beer from your hand and placed it on the floor. His eyes never left yours as his hands slowly cupped each of your thighs, bringing you closer until you finally fell into his lap.
His eyes never left yours. Taking all the time he could, Javier’s hands started to roam up your body. Going up your knees, your thighs, your waist. As he started to dive beneath your robe, you realized you were holding your breath, still not quite believing this was actually happening. Slowly, he finally untied your robe and dragged it down one arm after the other, until it fell to the floor.
As he stripped you, he also stripped you of all your mischievousness, all your courage, making you feel so small and bare under his piercing stare. His eyes finally left yours, wandering and admiring your body, lust and desire glistening in his stare. Suddenly, you didn’t feel so brave and bossy anymore, as you always used to be around him.
“God, you’re so fucking perfect,” he muttered, hands traveling your sides and spending some good time on your breasts.
You couldn’t help the breathy moan that left your lips as his hands kneaded on your hot flesh. But there was something bothering you, something that wasn’t right. You had gotten to know Javi, so you knew he was holding himself back. Holding himself from using all his strength, from being his real self.
“Javi,” you said, making him look up at you. “I’m not gonna break.”
You saw the moment he acknowledged what you meant when his pupils dilated.
He did surprise you when he grabbed a fistful of your hair and pulled you down to finally kiss you. Finally, after so long, after wanting and lusting over each other until it almost hurt. The kiss wasn’t sweet. It was harsh, hot and wild, but so passionate. So much different than you’d expected it to be, so much better.
You moaned as he tugged at your hair, the sharp string of pain being more arousing than you expected. You couldn’t even control your body anymore, he could bend and break you at his will and you would gladly comply, even say “thank you”. That was the effect he had on you, the effect no one else ever had.
Javi placed open-mouthed kisses on your neck, sucking and biting sometimes. You realized you had a weak spot when you curled your toes as he sucked the fragile skin. You rolled your hips on his lap, feeling the hard ridge of his cock, strained against his jeans. The grunt that came out of his lips only made you roll your hips again and again, feeling a bit… powerful knowing you were causing that.
You were quickly knocked out of the feeling as his hands harshly wrapped around your throat, making you come to a halt on your movements as your oxygen supply started to decrease. You looked at him with doe eyes as his thumb found your bottom lip and you made quick work to suck it in your mouth, lapping and swirling your tongue around it.
“Fuck,” he grunted as he watched you, imagining if it was his cock in between your lips, feeling your hot, wet tongue envolving it.
The way he reacted only made you suck harder, and you knew it was getting more difficult for him to control himself. You could feel your panties sticking to your slit, flooded by your desire for him. And he’d barely touched you.
His rough hands left your neck to grab your thighs, sinking his fingers to the hot flesh. He got up from the couch and you wrapped your hands around his neck for support while his mouth found yours again. It was barely a kiss at all—it was a clash of tongue and teeth, both anxious to get more of each other—more to kiss, more to touch, more to explore.
“Bedroom,” he muttered in between kisses from your mouth to your neck.
“Left,” you replied, tugging at his hair and scrapping your nails against his neck.
In quick steps, you both were in your bedroom, only illuminated by the thin light that came from the lampposts below. The rain was still falling heavily outside.
If this was any other circumstance, you’d be terribly worried about your bedroom and what it looked like. Right now, you couldn’t care less.
Javier stole your breath as he dropped you onto the soft mattress and hovered above you for a moment, eyes linked with yours. Even when a lightning threw light to the entire room, his eyes remained on yours, almost as if entranced by a spell. And he wasn’t the only one. By a long moment you stood there, admiring each of his features, mesmerized. There, in that place, you couldn’t help but feel like a prey standing in front of its predator, about to be devoured. A chill went through your entire body as you thought of all the things he could and would do to you.
You were the one who finally broke the spell as you pulled him down by his neck for a kiss, letting your hands finally wander down his body. Now, you finally had some freedom to touch him, but you weren’t in control. He was, and you found yourself enjoying that far more than you should.
His mouth tasted like whisky and cigarettes, and that was so him. His mustache tickled and scraped your skin, but it was such a poetic contrast. As his tongue explored your mouth, you wondered what his mustache would feel in other places of your body.
You suddenly went numb when he grabbed you by your hair again, tugging at your skull making shivers go straight to your core. He took his sweet time at your neck, grazing his teeth against the skin, dragging his mustache through your pulse point.
Then, his mouth started to descend to your collarbone, doing the same path over and over. Kissing, sucking, biting, grazing... One hand still holding you by the hair, the other traveling up and down your thigh. Next, his lips attacked your breasts, earning a throaty moan from you.
“Javi…” you whispered, tugging at his shirt, his jeans.
The feeling of being practically bare in front of him, only one piece of clothing on your body, while he was still fully dressed was arousing, to say the least. It made you feel small, vulnerable, but it also made you feel his. Entirely at his mercy to play, bend and fiddle as he pleased.
He chuckled when he saw you writhing beneath him, pressing your thighs together in search of a release to the growing feeling in the pit of your stomach. But he wasn’t having any of that, pushing one of his knees in between your legs to keep them open.
“Impatient, princesa?” he mocked as his mouth went further down your body, this time kissing your stomach. “Well, I am going to torture you. Just like you’ve been torturing me with your little games, those red lips and those short skirts.”
Javier spoke slowly, each bit of his sentence after a certain amount of kisses. Well, his plan was working, no doubt. It was indeed torture the way his lips felt against your skin, the way it only made you want him even more. You never thought it was possible to want someone so much until you met him.
Unconsciously, you held your breath when his lips finally got to the band of your panties, anxious for his next move.
“I bet you’re already wet for me,” he muttered against your skin, his breath and the thick accent in his voice making you shiver with anticipation, “aren’t you, baby girl?”
All you could do was moan in return, his voice, his words and the pet name making you even wetter, if that was possible. Fuck, yes, you were. There was no way of denying it. You watched with lustful eyes as he expertly pulled your panties down your legs with his teeth, sending it flying somewhere across the room, and then spreading your legs open for him.
He didn’t even leave you any time to think before attacking your cunt mercilessly with his mouth. You gasped and arched your back off the bed with the shock, air leaving your lungs and your eyes closing shut as his tongue swirled your small bundle of nerves. You hadn’t even come yet, but you were already sensitive just from his teasing alone. The feeling of his mustache was new. The way it prickled your sensitive skin only added to your desire.
“Javi, fuck,” you muttered, grabing the sheets with all your strength.
Somehow, you could feel the grin in his lips.
Holding your thighs with his hands, you liked the painful way his fingers dug into your flesh. They dug in harder as his tongue started to speed up its actions, and all that left your lips were a chant of “fuck, fuck, fuck” and also “Javi, Javi, Javi” as the coil inside you finally snapped and you exploded into a world of bliss. But even after that, his skillful mouth never stopped its ministrations, working you throughout your orgasm.
“Javi, please,” you whined, using whatever strength you had to escape from his grip. Of course, it was pointless. His grip on you was like steel.
God, it felt so good, but at the same time it was too much, too high, a burning sensation taking over your entire body, making you feel as if you were being melted from the inside out and then put together all over again.
“Please what, princesa?” he said, steadily holding you in place as you squirmed under him. “Can’t take it anymore, can you?”
You could feel the mocking in his voice, palpable like flesh.
“Please,” you whimpered again, but you didn’t know exactly what you were asking for.
Or maybe you did.
“Tell me what you need, baby girl,” he commanded you, in a deep voice and an authoritative tone that could’ve made you come alone all over again.
“Your cock.”
Javier chuckled and finally let go of your abused cunt, the marks of his fingers on your thighs definitely bound to be purple the next few days. But you didn’t care. It’d be a small reminder that this wasn’t just a dream. A hot, steamy and wild dream.
You watched him through your half-open lids, mesmerized by the sight of that man, his lips and mustache slick with your juices, small beads of sweat prickling on his skin. Goosebumps crawled under your skin as you saw him lick his lips while staring into your eyes, and your arousal only grew more, if that was possible. You could never not be aroused by this man.
Propping yourself on your elbows, you watched as he made a show of taking his clothes off, piece by piece. Unbuckling his belt, pushing it out of the loopholes. Pushing his shirt out of his jeans and taking an eternity to unbutton it. You felt your mouth water as the shirt finally fell off his arms, your eyes focused on his hairy chest. Your attention quickly darted when his jeans finally fell to the floor and all you could focus on was his cock, standing proudly against his abdomen, so perfectly sculpted. Definitely bigger than you’d expected.
You met him halfway as he kneeled in the bed, wrapping your hands around his neck and kissing him hard, tasting yourself on his tongue. Diving your hand down, he growled and cursed as you enveloped his cock in your hand, bobbing it up and down, the pre-cum making it a lot easier. Untangling himself from you, he pushed you so your back met the bed and towered over you.
“Eyes on me, baby girl,” he commanded and you complied.
All air left your lungs when he finally entered you, aided by the pool between your legs, sheathing himself in your hot, tight walls to the hilt. The stretching burned, but it was so good. He didn’t give you much time to adjust, setting a relentless, almost cruel pace.
“Fu… fuck,” you muttered.
You couldn’t think. You couldn’t form a cohesive sentence, because Javier Peña and his cock had short-circuited your brain and the only words you knew were “fuck” and “Javi”. Your moans and cries of his name were the song of angels to him.
“God, look at you,” he growled, one of his hands finding its way to your throat. “You look so fucking good strecthed out by my cock.”
His fingers made their way to your mouth, forcing you to suck on them as his other hand grabbed your right thigh to wrap it around his waist.
“Fuck,” he grunted.
Your moans were muffled by his fingers. The sensations inside you were too much, they were starting to become unbearable, and you couldn’t help the small tears that left your eyes as he fucked you hard.
“Oh, is that too much, princesa?” he mocked, but made no efforts to slow down or ease up on you. “That’s how you wanted, wasn’t it? For me to fuck you hard and rough.”
“Yes, yes, yes,” you replied as his fingers left your mouth to rest on your neck, but not pressing. “Choke me, Javi.”
You didn’t imagine the effect those words would have on him, his eyes becoming darker. He complied with your wish and started to put pressure on your skin, and as he started to choke you harder and cut your air supply, the more heightened every sensation became.
“Come for me, baby girl.”
His command was exactly what you didn’t know you needed, and you came with a shout of his name. Your second orgasm of the night washed over you like waves, one after the other, seeming endless as white pleasure and bliss installed themselves on you, making you feel on cloud nine. As if you were high on a drug called Javier Peña.
Only a moment later he came inside you with a grunt, painting your walls with his cum. His hands softly left your neck and he fell to the mattress next to you, both panting, your chests heaving in search of all the air you’d lost. As your breathing slowed down and the orgasm cloud started to dissipate, you finally managed to pay attention to the rain, still strong and relentless outside.
“Javi?” You called, your voice almost shy.
“Don’t leave yet.”
“I won’t,” he replied and snuggled you in closer.
And that was how you fell asleep, with the rain outside and Javi’s breathing next to you, resting your head on his chest. You didn’t know what the future had in store for you two, but right now this was more than enough.
t a g l i s t | @wickedfrsgrl
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soft--dragon · 2 months ago
Hey :) I was wondering if you had any irl headcannons? Specifically for the duos that haven’t met up yet (eg. dream x gogs, tubbo x ranboo, etc..)
Oooooo lemme see what I have!! (Sorry this took so long-)
Drem and Gogy
Tickle fights are so common once Gogy moves in
Dream is naturally a ler and George is such a lee he's an easy target
He can just pick him up and wreck him (Sapnap is used to walking by when this is happening and George is begging him to help and he's like "lol nope"
Not to say Dream isn't a lee too he isn't as ticklish as George but there are still spots that make him scream
George finds it really funny (and endearing) when Dream starts wheezing like a tea kettle through his protests
Their tickle fights are very common and unsurprisingly chaotic as neither want to give in
Aftercare is platonic snuggles
Tubboat and Ranboozled
These two have such chaotic energy that their tickle fights are more like tickle wars
Ranboo has height to his advantage so he can just pick Tubbo up and sling him over his shoulder (knee and hip squeezes are very effective here)
While Tubbo has the element of surprise as he can fit into small spaces for the perfect surprise attack
Ranboo is just walking along? Boom. Tackled from above, below or from either side by his chaotic platonic husband
Ranboo is usually the one at Tubbo's mercy because he has more to tickle and a bit more sensitive then the bee boy
They both need aftercare and both enjoy the contact after waiting so long to meet up
iKarly, Buff Q, and Snapmap
Ah yes the 3/5 of the Feral Boys
They're all switches so they don't really mind who's getting tickled but they tag team each other constantly
Karl is definitely the most ticklish but it's surprisingly Sapnap who gets ganged up on the most because he's the hardest to break (macho tough guy heh not for long)
Quackity is a very good teaser and sometimes slips into spanish and because he's been tutoring his two beloveds they know exactly what he's saying and it's somehow so much worse than English
Sapnap likes hugging people from behind and giving tickles, it's comforting for both him and his lee
Aftercare is trio cuddling and it's always safe and warm
Birdza and Techno-Chan
Phil is very careful of boundaries around Techno IRL but Techno trusts Phil a lot so he knows Phil won't go too far
Phil is such a good ler and gives out both rough and soft tickles depending on what Techno needs/asks for
Techno is equally skilled and is a master of teasing (he's an english major what do you expect-)
Techno will 100% quote Sun Tzu while he's tickling Phil to make it worse
Phil in return keeps calling Techno flustering nicknames because revenge is sweet
They both make sure each other are comfortable with the tickles and aftercare is very soft with them :3
That's all I got mate again, I'm sorry for how long this took to post 💙💙
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christopherismybuddie · 6 days ago
💕 get to know your mutuals!! when you get this, it means someone wants to know more about you, so list 5 things about yourself you want your followers to know. they can be as simple as your age or as complex as your deepest fear, as long as it’s something you’re comfortable with sharing. when you’re done, send this to 10 people you want to get to know better!! 🥺🌼💕
Seriously you and @lieselfh @eddie-diass @luifairesaigner @buddiextarlos @buckupbuttercup @twofirefighterdads @pinkypurse @cyllaeth are crazily awesome! I love all of you guys ❤!
So since there is 9 of you, I'll have to do 45 things about me.. what an exciting challenge! Here we go:
1. I don't like white chocolate.
2. I never got to finish Harry Potter book series.
3. There was one book series that I was obsessed about it so much that I finished all of them in 2 and half days with no sleep at all. The book series is the selection by Kiera Cass
4. My favorite color is light blue .
5. I love hugs
6. I sometimes miss being a kid.. lol I'm so jealous of my little brother
7. Don't worry, I crazy about him. I couldn't imagine my life without him.
8. I know it sounds strange, but I would never change myself to able-handed. I really love my disability.
9. I miss my dad.
10. I never had braces in my teeth. They were perfect. Well at least the above ones.
11. When I was younger, I wanted to psychologist.
12. I really love shopping and sometimes I feel ashamed about it.
13. I'm allergic to mushrooms and melon.
14. I love doing puzzles.
15. Sometimes I'm not asking right away.. first I'm doing by myself. It's like very intuitive.
16. I know I can be more independent and when I move out away from my mom, I will definitely plan on going out without my caregiver..
17. My deepest fear is to feel helpless. Like when I can't defend myself... especially in natural disaster or worse.
18. I prefer ao3 over books tbh
19. I can't cry, more like sob easily.
20. I really want to learn how to bake. That's my plan for me when I'm moving out.
21. I'm not single, me and my boyfriend are together for kind of 2 months.
22. It's messy for explaining this but actually we are together for 4 years plus two years of friendship. Our relationship was on and off. But this we are serious.
23. I always have a problem with conflicts. I don't know how to deal with it
24. I prefer big dogs
25. I'm touch-starved.
26. I don't like candied pecans
27. I really want to live one year abroad .
28. When I'll start to build a family, I want to adopt first. Because I can't handle myself with the thought that there is so many children who don't have a family and it wouldn't be fair for me to have one for my own.
29. I love to talk with strangers .
30. Somehow Tumblr makes me feel productive lol
31. I don't like being called inspired.
32. My favorite movie genre is mostly action and comedy.
33. I used to love telanovelas and soap operas .
34. The only reality show that I really love to watch is the amazing race
35. I can be without my phone for a whole day long.
36. My mom's boyfriend aka my brother's father, he is my mom's best friend's ex-husband .
37. Funny thing that they were my parent's good friends...
38. I really want to learn Spanish.
39. Honestly I prefer caramel more than chocolate
40. I prefer beer over wine.
41. I really want to visit Tokyo.
42. My favorite small is something fresh. Like lemon or white flowers..
43. Recently my favorite singer is Mindy Gledhil
44. I love Tumblr more than anything else!
45. I love all of you 💛
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fckingpernico · 8 months ago
Mi Vida
A/N: Waddup, waddup! I'm back and better than ever! I had a lot of fun writing this. At first, it was strange writing the smut scenes. You'd think with the amount I've read in my days that it would come easier to me...Oh, well! I guess writing the scenes is very different than reading them lol anyways, let me know if you enjoyed it! write in the tags or comment on it! do your thing (and if you could reblog I would love you to infinity and back *mwah*) P.S. shoutout to ma girl @grandpacal​ for beta reading it and freaking out about it with me
Summary: Calum is upset that Amelia doesn't have a cute pet name for him, so they brainstorm some  👀👀
Warnings: smut, cursing, cuteness overload
Word count: 2.2k words
Tumblr media
“Hey Cal, can you pass me the blanket, please? It’s right next to you,” I asked while I laid on the couch with him sitting by my feet.
I was reading a book while he watched Criminal Minds on the TV. If I was being honest, my eyes kept diverting from the words on the page to the screen to watch Dr. Spencer Reid figure out the team’s case yet again, so it was taking me a bit longer to finish the chapter than it normally would. 
Calum grabbed the white wool blanket laying on the couch’s arm and laid it on my lap with his eyes still glued to the crime show, not sparing me a glance.
Now, normally I would just take his behavior as him being enthralled by whatever was showing on TV, but he had been acting weird in the last hour or so. 
Usually, whenever we were both on the couch, whether we were cuddled up to each other or sitting on opposite ends, he would find a way to touch me somehow. A hand on my thigh, a circling motion with his thumb on my ankle, a tapping rhythm with his fingers on the inside of my hand. It didn’t matter, he would always find a way to be close to me, and I loved it. His love language was physical touch and so was mine.
Yet, there we were, and he had his left arm on the couch arm and the other on his lap when it belonged on my leg.
In an attempt to catch his attention and make laugh, I sneaked my bare and very cold feet under his shirt and pressed them against his warm skin. He just squirmed and continued watching TV, not looking at me once. 
Okay, he was mad. I dog-marked the page I was on in my book and set it down on the coffee table to my right.
“Cal, are you okay?” He ignored me. I pulled myself up from the couch and sat criss-cross with the blanket still covering my lower half. 
“Psst,” I called. “You there, Hood?” He glanced at me briefly and looked away just as quickly, continuing the silent treatment.
“A ver, what did I do? Did I say something wrong? Did I leave the toilet seat up?” I joked trying to lighten up the mood. His face remained stoic, but I saw the side of his mouth twitch as if he wanted to smile. 
“Cal,” I sighed quietly. I honestly didn’t know why he was so upset. I didn’t think I had done anything wrong.
We were having a good day. He woke me up covering my face with wet kisses, making me laugh, and Duke soon joined us on the bed trying to get in on the fun. 30 seconds in, and I was being slobbered all over by two cute, messy boys. 
It was my day off, so we spent the entire day together--we walked Duke and went shopping for ingredients to make my mom’s famous choco flan, and now we were slouching on the couch, each focused on our own source of entertainment. It was the perfect day. Well, it would be if he wasn’t ignoring me so adamantly. 
He finally tore his eyes away from the television and turned his body to look at me. “You call me Calum.”
“You ONLY call me Calum or Cal.”
“No entiendo, it’s your name. What else am I supposed to call you?” I laughed confused.
He sighed with his bottom lip pushed slightly forward, almost pouting. “You don’t call me ‘baby’ or ‘babe’ or anything. You just call me by my name.”
“What? That’s not true! I call you Cal, cool guy Cal, and Calum,” I said the last one in a Spanish accent, the name sounding like Cal-oom. I didn’t do it often, but when I did, he always laughed. 
He shook his head, “It’s not the same! Anyone can call me that, but only you can call me ‘babe’ and ‘baby.’ But you don’t.”
“Cal,” I cooed. He looked at me with a deadpan expression at the nickname, making me laugh. 
“I don’t know,” I started. “I guess that I find those nicknames...vague.” He furrowed his eyebrows, confused. 
“Anyone can call you ‘babe’ or ‘baby.’ One minute you’re in a relationship calling them that, and the next you’re calling someone else by the same name and so are they. I guess, if I call you by a name other than your own, I want it to be specific to you. Specific to us.” 
His features softened with understanding, and he looked down at his hands on his lap with embarrassment. “I’m sorry for being a dick, I just thought you didn’t...,” he said softly. “I was being an insecure prick.”
I bit my lip and flashed him a smile. I moved from my sitting position on the couch and straddled his lap, both of my knees pressing against his sides. “It’s okay. I’ll accept your apology if you give me un besito to make it better,” I quipped. 
“Ah, sí. I can do that.” I laughed at his attempt to speak Spanish as he began to pepper my face with kisses just like he did that morning.
I was still laughing with my head hung back when he stopped and leaned back on the couch, his hands holding on to my fleshy hips. 
He looked up at me with a wide grin that left me breathless. “Okay, let’s make a deal,” I said while I hooked my arms around his neck. “I’ll call you a nickname, one that you approve of, but it can’t be ‘baby’ or ‘babe,’ ‘kay?”
He nodded his head and breathed a “‘kay” against my lips before engulfing them in a heart-fluttering embrace. He kissed and kissed and kissed me, leaving me wanting more.
I would’ve done anything just to keep his lips locked with mine. I would’ve run towards the end of the world with him. I would’ve even called him 'baby.’ 
Calum dipped his pointer finger in the flan mixture and raised it to his lips, tasting the sweet concoction. 
“Calum! No!” I slapped his hand away. “No seas cochino.” 
“Mhm, so good,” he said, licking his finger clean. He gave me a playful smile while I went to grab the fine-grained sugar and a whisk to make the caramel for the flan.
Two strong and tanned arms embraced me from the back, and I felt Cal place a kiss in the nook between my neck and ear. I squirmed away, giggling at the sensation. 
“I thought of a nickname for you to call me,” he said with his chin resting on my right shoulder while I held the whisk in my right hand and looked for the bag of sugar in the cabinets overhead. Donde coño was that damn sugar? 
“Yeah? What is it?” I responded distractedly. Was it with the rice and other grains? I could’ve sworn I stored it with the coffee. 
“You should call me ‘ring’ because I’m wrapped around your finger.”
“Ay, mi vidaaaaa,” I cooed, giggling at the song reference. “You’re too cute.”
“I am, aren’t I?” He smiled. “Hey, what did you just call me?”
“You just called me something. Mi vida?” He repeated the expression, the Spanish words sitting awkwardly on his tongue. 
“Ahhh, Nah. It just means ‘my life.’ It’s like ‘darling’ or ‘sweetheart,’ basically,” I explained.
His eyebrows rose up and his eyes opened up with interest. “Oooooo, I like that.”
“You do?” He nodded excitedly. I chuckled and got on my tippy toes to give him a quick kiss on the lips. “Okay, we’ll consider that one then.”
I turned away to look for the sugar in the cabinet on the other side of the kitchen, but Cal grabbed me by the arm and pulled me back against his chest, leaning down to lock my lips with his.
“Mhm.” Kiss. “I have to.” Kiss. “Make the.” Kiss. “Caramel.”
“Okay,” he responded and started to kiss down the side of my neck. He nipped at it, licking a strip of my skin with his warm tongue.
“Uh, Um-” I struggled to get a word out. “Calum, I n-need to f-finish the flan.”
“Uh-huh,” he mumbled and proceeded to run his tongue up the base of my neck. That’s all he needed to do for me to throw the whisk in my hand off to the side somewhere and wrap my legs around his torso.
I was a little heavy, but it didn’t matter. Calum held on to the bottom of my thick thighs with his hands and continued to kiss me. He bit my bottom lip slightly, and I felt a wetness pool in my panties. 
He placed me on the kitchen counter and spread my legs open to fit in between them, rubbing the insides of my bare thighs with his hands. I threw my head back and moaned at the sensation.
Calum took advantage of the free access and continued kissing my neck as he hooked his fingers into my underwear and booty shorts, pulling them down my legs. 
He leaned down and licked a stripe up my entrance, looking up at me. “Fuck,” I whimpered. He was using the base of his tongue to press against my clit at a delicious pace. I moved my legs to hook over his shoulders, giving him better access.
And God, did he take advantage. 
One of his hands wrapped around my right thigh and held on while the other rubbed slow circles on my clit as he ran his tongue up and down my entrance. He moaned and the vibrations ran throughout my body
“Fingers,” I breathed. “I need your fingers.”
“You want my fingers?” I nodded. “I’ll give you whatever you want, princess.” He inserted his long middle finger and I cried out. I didn’t know if it was due to his finger doing a scooping motion as in “come here” or because he had called me princess.
Either way, after he inserted a second finger, I was done for. He kept moving his fingers and sucking on my clit as I rode out my high.
He rose from in between my legs and nudged my mouth open to suck on his fingers coated in my release. He moaned at the sensation and looked at me with dark lustful eyes.
I grabbed him by the neck and kissed him. I had missed his lips on mine. He gasped into my mouth when I grabbed him with my hand, stroking him up and down. He was ready for me.
As I started pulling down his gray sweatpants, he stopped my hands midway. “Wait. Condoms!” 
I looked at him. “Well, go get ‘em!” 
Before I knew it, he was rushing down the hallway to get to the bedroom where he kept his box of condoms. I could hear him making a ruckus trying to find the box. I laughed out loud at the thought of him looking through the drawers frantically. 
“I GOT IT! I GOT IT!” Cal shouted as he ran back from the bedroom with the condom between his fingers. He ripped the wrapper with his teeth and grinned at me, still breathing heavily from running up and down the hall. 
“What are you waiting for? Dale!” I laughed as he rolled the latex material over his tip and down his shaft.
He lined himself up against my entrance and I wrapped my legs around him, the heels of my feet pressing against his lower back. He pushed himself inside, and I gasped at the stretching sensation.
“You okay?” He asked worriedly.
“Yes,” I panted. “Keep going.” He started thrusting in and out of me, and I let out a moan. I grabbed onto Cal’s shoulder with one hand and held myself up with the other on the counter.
“Fuck, you feel so good,” he groaned, pushing himself in deeper and driving me over the edge. I was a whimpering mess, and I was close. He knew it too.
“C’mon, princess.” God, there he went with that nickname again. “Come for me.” His pace got faster, hitting at the right spot at the right angle and making me come undone with his name on my lips.
As I came down from my high, he kept thrusting at an urgent pace until he reached his own climax. “Princess,” he sighed and pulled himself out of me.
He disposed of the used condom in the kitchen trash can and walked in the direction of the restroom. He came back with a wet towel and helped me clean up.
As I put my underwear and shorts back on, I turned to him and pointed my finger. “Okay, now I really do have to finish the flan.”
He raised his hands defensively and chuckled, “okay, okay.”
Still, he looked at me with a knowing smile while we both washed our hands in the bathroom, and my stomach began to flutter again. Por Dios, what was it with this man?
Remembering the nickname from before, I turned to him and said, “I’ll call you ‘mi vida’ if you keep calling me ‘princess.’”
He laughed and wrapped his arms around my neck, his hands hanging over my shoulders dripping wet, and leaned down to place a chaste kiss on my lips. “Whatever you want, princess.” 
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steeeeeeeviebb · 6 months ago
Hello! You don't know me, so I'll introduce myself: I am 🍪, a woman on two missions: 1- properly conveying my love for your writing and 2- finding out if there's a word limit to these new asks. As #2 gave away, this might get a bit long (EDIT: it's huge), so consider this your first and only warning.
WOMAN - Chapter 1
A great start to a great story. Right off the bat you establish the Woman as a competent and badass woman who know what she's here to do. Javi's not quite subtle glances are 100% in character for him, as is pretty much everything he says and does in this chapter, tbh. The back and forth between Woman and Javi is incredibly entertaining and real, and it masterfully establishes their dynamic.
WOMAN - Chapter 2
A great character-focused chapter in which we get to learn more about Woman, both her past and her present. I really love the slow buildup you're doing to New York Fuckup Reveal, by the way. But my favorite part has to be, naturally, the banter between Javi and Woman. I adored her reaction to his night activities, partly because it was original (in most fics, the Reader character feels jealous from the beginning, but I like how your writing acknowledges that these people have not known each other nearly enough to feel possessive over one another), but mostly because it was HILARIOUS.
WOMAN - Chapter 3
Ah, Kubakis, what an asshole. Steve and Javi being good friends/partners was beautiful to read, both at the beginning when Woman left to find food and near the end when she and Javi came back (also, special mention to Owen, who seems nice and I like him). I'm honestly really happy for Woman, she deserves to have good friends, especially since Kubakis is around. And let me just quickly praise you for your skill in developing a beautiful relationship based on mutual trust and respect between Javi and Woman. Theirs is a relationship that never feels rushed or unnatural, but rather human and real. 10/10
WOMAN - Chapter 4
🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵. Connie&Woman is a BROTP I never knew I needed and I'm LIVING for those two. And Steve's smirk was a lovely detail, dude knows what's up! And the erotically charged dancing was... Yeah. I wonder what was going through Javi's head during that scene. Was it exclusively sexual or was there an emotional component that far back? Guess we'll never know. At any rate, this chapter was great (as always).
WOMAN - Chapter 5
I do love some protective Javi. And some noble Woman. I know how this ends, but every time I read this chapter I inevitably hope that somehow Maya gets to live happily ever after. I understand that for character reasons we need Woman to suffer, but fuck if this chapter isn't always a huge punch to the gut. Thank you for the devastation, Stevie. On the bright side, at least we get some beautifully written hurt/comfort (I'm still in a lot of pain, though)
WOMAN - Chapter 6
JAVI POV YAY!!!! Seriously, I love fics told from the LI perspective, and you in particular write an incredibly believable Javi POV that is always a joy to read. Reading his thoughts on Woman and his futile attempts at resisting the chemistry between them is a wonderful experience. And I love when she starts masturbating in front of him, mostly because of what happens later in the story (apparently masturbating in front of her would-be sexual partner to rile him up is a Thing ™ for her and I love and support that).
WOMAN - Chapter 7
Connie is an angel and I love her. Javi is a bit of an asshole (“I don’t think I was the one begging for it.”) and I love him. Really, the whole chili interaction between them was, as always, an absolute treat, as was the friendly gossiping coming from Connie. Also, I don't know if offering food to your crush is like a well-established flirting practice, but if it's not, it should be (I just really love food, okay? I'm also hungry right now)
WOMAN - Chapter 8
Woman having zero fucking restraint always fucks me up lol. Like, she KNOWS this is wrong, she KNOWS there's a high chance she'll get caught (and she KNOWS what will happen if she gets caught), but she just can't help herself. No judgement here; I, too, would abandon any semblance of rational thought for Javier Peña. And that smut 🥵🥵🥵. Jesus Christ, ma'am, that was good! The intimacy between them during the bath was just *chef's kiss*. And she trusts him enough to tell him about her sister! I am in love. Also, flirty and teasing Javi is the best Javi and you can't change my mind.
WOMAN - Chapter 9
I love Connie? I love Connie. I also very deeply hate Kubakis. He's an asshole and you write him in an appropriately asshole-ish manner, just human enough to remain believable but oozing dismissiveness and condescension. It's a hard balance to strike, but I should know better than to be surprised at your skill. And poor Javi, everyone makes fun of his lines lol, I love him. AND I love his and Woman's banter. I just... I really love this story, okay?
WOMAN - Chapter 10
🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵. Him: “You’re killing me, woman." Me: 💍🥺🥰😍
WOMAN - Chapter 11
Yes, Javi, you go on and pretend you actually slept with the informant. I'm sure that'll turn out fantastically for you. Quick question: how the fuck did Javi become a detective with his godawful lying skills? Seriously, he's shit at playing it cool. And Chucho meeting Woman was everything I never knew I needed. I only wish we had gotten a scene of them roasting Javi together. But Chucho immediately roasting his son for not ~officially~ dating Woman was everything I needed and more.
WOMAN - Chapter 12
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I continue to love Chucho, but the younger Peña is a bit too bold. A crowded restaurant while your dad is literally sitting a foot away? Risky. But we love Woman being a communication queen. The smut was on point, as always, and I continue to consider their banter a gift from God. Special mention to "The directions are in Spanish" "I don’t know, you sounded pretty fluent a few minutes ago. ‘Venganza’."
WOMAN - Chapter 13
Look at these two slowly becoming more couple-y. I love it (even though I know it's not gonna last and I'll be in pain). I also really wanna know what Javi was thinking while Woman was showering. I need to know if he's as much of a pining idiot as I imagine him to be. And poor Steve lmao, he has to deal with their bullshit excuses. But I'm glad he's willing to go along with their story. And I was straight up cackling at the dresser-building scene. I most definitely feel their pain. And that tender scene between them at the end had me going 🥺🥺🥺, I'll admit.
WOMAN - Chapter 14
Ah, we're finally here: my favorite chapter (so far). Steve Murphy is friend-shaped and I love him. Your description of Woman's panic attack here was very well-written, and of course I thoroughly enjoyed how Javi helped her through it. Something else that I also adore is how Javi and Steve always, no matter what, have Woman's back. Their friendship is beautiful. Again, special mention to Javi and Woman's banter because it continues to be a source of joy for me. Javi taking her to that Lake was too 🥺🥺 for my poor heart. He wanted to help her feel better and I love that. Also, I love how clearly in love with her he is. Ah, and the slow start of the painful angst that is coming. Dread, I have missed you, old friend. But at least we got some tenderness out of it (yes, the rumours are true, I am currently soft)
WOMAN - Chapter 15
Javi is so in love with Woman it's killing me. Especially because I know there's only a few paragraphs before it happens. I wonder how their relationship would have gone had Javi been honest from the start. If only... And talking about if only, I will pay you 1 million dollars if you just kill Kubakis. Make him get ran over by a car, fall from a fifth story, I don't even care. I hate this dude more than I thought I was capable of hating a fictional character. But I did love the “Hey, you need me to talk you down, or get out of the way?”. Get you a man who will support and help you no matter what. Ah, and the truth always comes out. I'm never ready for this part. Poor Woman is so heartbroken after finding out her partner, her lover, lied to her not once, but twice. Javi really fucked up this time. It always breaks MY heart to read his POV when they meet up in this chapter. The self-deprecation is painful. He made a huge mistake, don't get me wrong, but I do feel bad for him when we get to this part: "The look of wonderment and adoration you’d given him just last night was long gone as you took him in for what he really was. He’d done his ex-fiance this favour once before, and now it was your turn.". And him quietly admitting to himself his love for Woman at the end ("the side of you he loved the most") is just too much for me 🥺😢😭.
WOMAN - Chapter 16
I also feel bad for Steve. Poor guy just wanted to do his job and now both his partners are dealing with their breakup (I refuse to call it anything else) and he's in the middle, not knowing shit but trying to understand. Again, special mention to Kubakis for awakening a special kind of irrational and primal anger in me (“It’s a good thing feeling isn’t part of the job then, isn’t it? Loosen up, Y/L/N", and anything else he says in this chapter, really). The confrontation between Javi and Woman near the end took what was left of my heart and smashed it with a hammer. Thankfully, Connie is always there when she is needed. Truly the MVP of this story (alongside Chucho, of course). Fun fact: "I was really happy" took the dust left after the hammer and incinerated it.
WOMAN - Chapter 17
Shit, the emotional distance between these two here is a murder weapon. And the way she pushes through the pain to do her job is nothing short of awesome. I mean, it's still painful because we know what she's going through, but she's a professional first and foremost and I respect that. My love for Connie is unwavering, of course. And Javi still hating himself for what he did. Again, he dug his own grave, but... 😔. "She needs water, Steve" is always great, though lol. I've always loved how you wrote his panic at his discovery, and how he acts after it.
WOMAN - Chapter 18
Okay, first of all I have to praise you for how you depicted the inner debate on what to do if the tests came out positive. Well, how you treated the whole pregnancy scare thing, really. You wrote a very complicated subject in a respectful manner, all the while continuing to masterfully write a very believable main character in all her complexity. I am always in awe of your skill, but I do believe this chapter in particular showcases just how good you are at this. And of course the whole part with Javi was also a masterclass in writing. And he's there for her, every step of the way, no matter what. It's... Breathtaking. And honestly, I felt her relief when the tests results came in. In every chapter but especially this one, I felt everything she was feeling and it was a beautiful rollercoaster that only reminded me of why I love this story so much. And their reconciliation felt so... them. It was perfect in every way, because it was suited to these two people in particular, to who they are individually and who they are together. I loved it.
WOMAN - Chapter 19
Javi trying and failing to conceal his still obvious feelings for her has always been cute. And asking her out on a dinner not-date was kind of adorable, I'll admit. They're building their relationship back up, brick by brick, and it's beautiful to watch. But of course Steve gets snatched. Poor Connie, she literally cannot catch a break.
WOMAN - Chapter 20
Javi+Woman+Olivia=🥰. And reading Connie like this is a goddamn kick in the gut. She's always there for everyone, strong no matter what, but everyone has a breaking point. I do love her friendship with Woman, and how much they both trust each other. Narcos is not a show that is known for its wealth of female characters, and most episodes (that's the kind way of saying "none") don't even pass the Bechdel test. But in your story you wrote not only a fully three-dimensional main female character, but you also expanded on Connie's character in a beautiful way, giving her and Woman the female friendship that everyone needs in their life. I'm always sad to see that go, honestly. And the drunk scene... Yeah. I feel for Javi here, I do.
WOMAN - Chapter 21
I love her reaction to last chapter's events, poor woman is in a full-blown panic lmao. And Javi being a little shit about it was glorious to read. But it was his nervousness when questioning her that did me in ("Do you regret asking me to stay?"). He so desperately wants her back but doesn't know if she does too. I am in pain (but, like, a good kind of pain). But, thankfully, they both give in to their desires and get back together (kind of, more or less)! Ah, and Connie leaves. Poor Steve, really, but she did what she needed to do.
WOMAN - What comes next
I honestly do not remember where you left off this story originally. I remembered some scenes from the last few chapters, but I couldn't tell you for the life of me what comes next. In the show, the scene where they shoot all the prostitutes is one that is ingrained in my mind forever because of how sick I felt watching it. It did an amazing job of cementing how horrible of a person is la Quica is, and how dangerous being a CI is in Narcos. In "WOMAN", we have already established both of those things, and I believe that this presents an opportunity for you to call back to Maya and García and have some very emotional moments for Woman and between her and Javi once everything comes crashing down. What I am most curious about, however, is how you plan on developing the Maritza storyline. Javi and Woman haven't discussed exclusivity, but we already know that Javi has stopped sleeping around, so odds are he won't leave work for Gabby, at least not without some heavy changes being made to their dialogue. Eliminating the Maritza Fuckup would completely change the story (in my heart for the best, because Carrillo's death always gets to me) in ways that would give you a lot of creative freedom, but that would make you veer into full AU territory. All I know is that whatever the path you choose, I'm gonna love every second of it.
WOMAN - Character
Woman is a fully three-dimensional fascinating character that manages to be both inspiring and human. She feels like a real person more often than not. She's brave, strong, independent, smart and competent, but also a huge horny mess prone to bursts of anger and irrational decision-making. She's complicated, and I love her.
WOMAN - Relationships
I've already talked about why I love Connie and Woman's friendship so much, but I don't think I've properly explained how beautiful the development of JavixWoman was. The physical attraction was always there, of course, but you built their friendship and mutual respect slowly and steadily. Each chapter peels back at their many layers, emotionally undressing them until they are finally bare to one another in chapter 14 (THAT is why it's my favorite). Then we get the chap 15 reveal and all the walls are back up, at least on Woman's side. But they've both seen to much to become strangers. Theirs is a messy love story: it's their own faults and mistakes (and not the world or some outside force) that are keeping them apart, which makes everything more believable and just purely human. I'm really excited to see what's next for them now that they're back together and mostly acknowledging their feelings (to themselves, if not fully to one another just yet).
WOMAN - General conclusions
I love this story. You have taken the Narcos TV show and made it your own in every way. The relationships and characters you have created fit seamlessly with the canon narrative to create a true work of art. The story is well-paced, beautifully written and you should feel enormously proud of yourself for creating it. Thank you for sharing it with us, truly.
You are an amazing writer. One day I'll come back and review your other stories (if you don't mind), but I'm stopping here for now in fear of scaring you lol. I'm sorry for the length of this thing, and I apologize for being annoying. I just wanted to thank you for your service to the fandom, and this felt like the best way. Have a nice day! ~ 🍪
I just want to preface this by saying there are no words I have for this that could properly convey how happy this made me. This was the most perfect thing to log in and see.
You took so much time and effort into sending me this and I legitimately got emotional about halfway through like this is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done/said pertaining to something I’ve written and my heart is so full right now. TRULY a thousand thank you’s isn’t enough but I am truly so thankful for this ask and for you taking the time to write all of this out?? You’re incredible and I love you so so much. Thank you! 😭😭
Also babe you did not annoy me with this or scare me or come across as annoying as you were worried about. This was truly everything and I’m in awe you took the time to write all of this out. I’m so excited for you to read more in WOMAN and should you get the opportunity to read anything else I’ve written, I hope you enjoy those too. Imma cry now bc honestly this was such a beautiful, kind thing to see first thing and ya girl needs a Kleenex. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you so much ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
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laprincesaelena · 5 months ago
EOA Discord Server Ship Appreciation Week Day 2: Cooling Off
Tumblr media
a/n: hi everyone! to all that left some feedback on day 1’s fic, thank you so much!! i’m so happy to know that people are enjoying my fics, i’m really excited to finally be sharing some with you guys! sorry today’s fic is a bit late, i of course put it off lol, and i intended to have a lot more time to write today, but i ended up having a lot less than i thought. but, regardless, i spent the rest of my night writing this so i could post this as close to on time as possible!
this fic is basically the beach day the four amigos deserved to have in the show, but of course, with some cute gabelena moments scattered in there :) fun fact, the beach they visit is inspired by my local beach, one that i also have many childhood memories of, and still visit every summer! not me projecting my childhood onto elena, what no 😗✌🏻
anyways, a couple quick notes! i chose the name moteada for the horse elena rides, since it was the closest spanish translation i could find to “spotted” (or spotty, as little me would say). if any spanish speakers know of a word that is closer to that (as in spotted in appearance), please let me know! also this could technically be a modern au?? not sure how much of what’s featured in this would exist in avalor, so interpret it as you’d like.
once again, another thank you to @procrastinateland for the absolutely adorable art to go along with the fic!! elena’s smile is just so cute, isn’t it? 🥺
okay, enough of my notes lol, on with the fic! hope you all enjoy! :)
After quite a few of their planned beach days had gotten rained out, Elena, Gabe, Mateo, and Naomi felt like they'd never get a fun and relaxing day together. But, one warm summer day, the sun would be bright and shining all day long, and the four amigos knew they had to take advantage of it.
The four of them met up at the palace that morning, and made sure they were all ready to go. After packing the carriage with all the necessities, they headed off to Avalor City's most popular beach, Playa de la Marea.
Elena smiled as they approached the beach, and took a deep breath, taking in the salty sea air. Playa de la Marea was a nostalgic location for her, as her and her family visited the beach each summer when she was a kid. Some of her happiest memories took place here, and she couldn't wait to create new memories here with her friends.
As the carriage drove them down the avenue, the four of them took in the sights. To their right, was the beautiful Playa de la Marea, which stretched down the coast for about five miles. A concrete wall lifted the road slightly above sea level, but beside it was plenty of space for walking along the ocean, as well as a couple of places to eat. To their left was a boardwalk of sorts, which included plenty of fun things to do. Restaurants, shops, an arcade, mini golf, carousel, ice cream shop, anything to add a bit more fun to a summer day.
The carriage pulled over for the four of them to step out and finally begin their day at the beach. Elena stepped out first, and took a look around. Things had certainly changed around here in the past four decades.
"Where's the amusement park?" Elena asked, as if it had somehow suddenly disappeared. "It used to be right behind those buildings!" she added, pointing over across the street.
"Amusement park?" Gabe asked as he began to unpack the back of the carriage. "What are you talking about?"
"Gabe, she missed out on like, half a century. Who knows what this place looked like when she was a kid?" Naomi said, leaning over the back of the carriage.
"She's right, there was one here. Parque de la Perfección was right where this boardwalk is today." Mateo explained. "My mamá used to visit as a child all the time, it closed about thirty years ago, so I'm sure Elena remembers it just as well. There's only one attraction from it left, maybe we could ride that today."
Elena's eyes lit up as she turned to the group. "Can we?" she asked.
"Uh, can we at least go to the beach first?" Naomi replied with a soft laugh. "We've only been waiting forever for a perfect day like this, let's go!"
With that, Naomi hopped out of the carriage, and each of the amigos grabbed a bag or two to carry down to the beach. After a few minutes of searching for the perfect spot, each of them laid down a blanket, as well as setting up a couple of chairs and an umbrella. Naomi stepped back for a moment, and made a frame with her fingers, before giving the group a thumbs up.
"Looks great, guys!" she said. "Now c'mon! The sea's a'waitin!" She was just about to run off towards the ocean, before a voice stopped her.
"Hang on!" Mateo said, and grabbed a bag from beside him. He emptied the contents of it onto one of their towels, and about all there was to see was every type of sunscreen imaginable.
“Looks like somebody came prepared!" Elena joked with a small laugh.
"My mother came prepared." Mateo responded. "She couldn't have her 'precious baby boy' come home with a sunburn, or any sort of tan, apparently.." he said, before placing the bag aside, having completely emptied it. "So, I've got lotion, spray, a stick, whatever you prefer!"
"I'll take the spray, thanks." Elena answered, and Mateo threw a can over to her.
"I should probably cover myself in this.." Mateo said, taking a bottle of the lotion equivalent. "I'd be afraid to see my mother's reaction if I came home with even the slightest bit of redness." he added with a slight laugh.
"I don't know about you guys, but I'm heading into the water, I'll be fine." Naomi commented.
"But Naomi, you're the palest of all of us!" Mateo replied. "You'll be bright red!"
Naomi rolled her eyes, but smiled, knowing her friend was just looking out for her. "Alright, fine." she said. "Elena, hit me up with some of the spray."
Elena managed to spray on just enough to cover Naomi's body, before she was headed off to the water. She smiled and laughed a bit, before taking off her beach cover-up, and spraying some onto herself as well.
A moment later, the rest of the friends were ready to join Naomi in the water. The waves were just right that day, rough enough to play around in, but calm enough to simply enjoy the shallower end. The water was on the chillier side, but on a hot summer day like this one, it felt quite refreshing.
Elena took Gabe's hand in hers as they reached the water, he could barely keep up with her in that moment! Once the water came to about her waist, she dived right into a wave. A second later, her head popped up from under the water with a big smile, and Gabe couldn't help but smile as well. He loved seeing Elena in rare moments like this one, where she could truly sit back, relax, and let loose. After all she had been through and all she'd done for the kingdom so far, she very much deserved it.
Naomi was still multiple feet out from them, the water had to be much over her head. But being practically raised on a ship, the water was certainly her element. Once she noticed her friends, she waved to them, and began to swim a bit closer to the group.
"Water's perfect today, isn't it?" she asked them. "Got some decent sized waves to jump into as well! I'm not the only one who's always liked to do that, right?"
"Uh, absolutely not!" Elena replied. "I'm in!"
Gabe looked out onto the horizon, and noted the size of some of the waves. A few of them were a bit too rough for his liking, especially for someone like Elena, who was much shorter than he was. What if she got knocked under and never came back up? What if she lost her footing and got sucked into a current? There were too many possibilities of what could go wrong, and even though this was technically an off day for him, his protective royal guard side couldn't help but come out.
"Elena, I don't know.." he said, protectively wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "What if one of them knocks you under and you don't come up? I can't let anything happen to you."
Elena rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Oh, come on Gabe, loosen up a little! I'll be fine, I can swim. Besides, it's an off day for us all, let's just have some fun! You can join us, if you'd like." she offered.
Gabe sighed, he knew that he did have to learn to trust Elena on her own more often, she didn't need to be protected. "Alright, fine, I'll come too." he said. "How about you just don't go any further than you can reach, okay?"
Elena nodded, that was reasonable enough. "Will do!" she said, and took his hand in hers once more. "Now let's go!"
The next few minutes were spent jumping over the waves, diving into them, or even getting knocked down a few times! Elena just couldn't help but smile and laugh each time this happened, especially with Gabe rushing to fix his hair before the next wave came along to mess it up again.
When a break between waves came along, Elena wrapped her arms around Gabe's neck with a smile, and leaned up to kiss him. Gabe wrapped his arms around Elena's waist and pulled her in closer, kissing her right back. Elena couldn't picture a more perfect day, she just wanted this sweet little moment to last forever.
Naomi turned to say something to her best friend, only to see the couple wrapped up in this embrace. She rolled her eyes but laughed to herself, and jokingly called, "Get a room!"
When Naomi turned back towards the sea, she was faced with one of the biggest waves she had seen that day. She dived right into it, and found herself about six feet under the water. Once she reached the surface, the wave hadn't reached her friends yet, but it was pretty close to them. Of course, Gabe and Elena were oblivious to what was heading their way, so Naomi called out to warn them. When not even that broke the couple apart, Naomi knew they'd be finding out on their own soon enough.
Elena could've sworn she had heard a voice a moment earlier, but she didn't think it was directed towards her or Gabe. But, when she heard the roaring of a wave, she opened her eyes for a moment, and pulled away. When he felt Elena shift, Gabe pulled back and looked down at her, concerned. When he turned his head in the same direction as she did, the pair gasped. Before they could do much else, the two found themselves knocked under the water. For a few seconds, they were completely submerged, before they managed to find their footing and push back up to the surface.
Gabe just so happened to reach the surface first, so when Elena was no where to be found, he instinctively feared the worst. Just as he was about to dive back into the water, Elena reached the surface to catch her breath. Before Gabe could quickly wrap his arms around her to make sure she was okay, she started to laugh. Gabe couldn’t believe her, she had practically just drowned, how could she be laughing at a time like this? Unfortunately for Gabe, though, Elena's laugh was quite infectious. If she was laughing, she had to be okay. So, Gabe started to laugh a bit himself.
"I think that's enough ocean for us today." he said through his laughs.
"Maybe so!" Elena agreed with a laugh as well. "How about we head a bit closer to shore?"
"Now that sounds a bit safer, I'm not almost losing you to a wave again!" Gabe joked.
For the next couple of hours, the four amigos had a wonderful time at the beach. They spent plenty of time on the water, had a quick lunch on the shore, bathed in the sun (or under the umbrella, in Mateo's case), and just spent a bit of time talking to one another, about things that didn't have to do with their usual tasks. They were able to spend the day as just a regular group of friends, not a crown princess, royal wizard or guard, and grand councilwoman. The group began to pack up as it began to reach high tide, but their day wasn't over just yet.
The amigos left most of their things back in the carriage before heading across the street to the boardwalk. There was certainly plenty to do, it'd be practically impossible to do it all in one day! But, they decided on the arcade for their first stop, and something immediately caught Elena's eye as they walked in.
"Awww, how cute is this?" she asked the group, pointing up to a yellow and pink jaquin plush hanging on the wall, amongst other prizes to win. "It's just so soft and cuddly..I've got to take that thing home!"
Gabe was not going to let his girlfriend go home without this jaquin, he was determined that he was going to win it for her. It cost a decent amount of tickets, but if he timed it right, it was achievable.
Naomi had already headed over to an air hockey table, and was standing at the ready. "Alright, who wants to try and best me?" she asked. "You know, when I was eight, I beat my whole crew at an arcade in Corinthia."
Gabe raised an eyebrow at her, a spark of determination in his eye. "You're on, Miss Turner." he said.
Determined to bring Elena home a little jaquin, when Naomi won the first match 7-5, Gabe wasn't giving up that easily. Best two out of three soon turned into three out of five, and while Gabe did manage to win a game or two, Naomi came out as the victor, and with a good sum of tickets to show for it. Knowing he probably didn't stand a chance against her, he moved onto another game.
Meanwhile, Elena had been trying out a variety of different games, some she was pretty good at, others she could barely get through a round without getting frustrated at. As much as she really wanted the adorable jaquin plush, all she really wanted was to have fun with her friends. If she left the arcade with a tiny little prize, so be it. She then got herself dragged into a game of air hockey with Naomi, which grew just as competitive as her previous matches with Gabe.
After spending a good hour or two at the arcade, the amigos were in need of a change of scenery. Competition certainly got tiring after a while! But, before they moved on, they had to pick out their prizes! Gabe sighed as he received his final number of tickets, he was only twenty short of Elena's beloved jaquin. He didn't even want to think of her disappointed face when she learned of this. He looked around, was there anything else she might love just as much? But, before he could make a decision, he noticed Elena approaching him.
"Elena, I-" he began to say, ready to apologize for not being able to win her the jaquin. But before he could, Elena pulled something out from behind her back. It was a small plastic sword, similar to one a royal guard might carry, only on a smaller scale.
"This is for you!" she said, holding it out to him with a smile. "Now you can protect me for the rest of the day with this!" she joked.
Gabe couldn't help but smile and laugh, he certainly appreciated the thought. He looked over the sword as she passed it over to him, and then began to try out a couple of moves with it.
"Wow, I've got to say, this is better than my captain's sword back at the palace!" he joked. "I think we should replace our standard issue swords with these ones!"
Elena smiled and laughed as well as Gabe 'tried out' his new sword. "I agree, the ones we have now are just too big and bulky, don't you think?" she joked.
"Oh, absolutely." Gabe agreed with a laugh. "Or maybe, I'll pull this out at our next fencing practice, you won't be able to beat me then!"
"Unfortunately, these swords here are quite pricey, I only had enough tickets for one!" Elena replied. "Well, enough for one and a handful of candy." she added, showing him a couple of pieces of candy she had received as well.
The thought of tickets reminded Gabe of what Elena truly wanted, the jaquin plush. He knew that even though she was excited with her purchase for him, she'd definitely notice the jaquin on their way out, and she'd be so disappointed to be leaving without it. So, he knew he just had to be honest with her.
"Speaking of that, I tried to win you that jaquin, since I knew you really wanted it.." he explained. "But unfortunately, I came a few tickets short of being able to win it for you, I'm sorry."
Before Elena could tell Gabe that it was alright, she was cut off by a female voice.
"One adorable jaquin plush for my beloved princess!" Naomi said, jokingly bowing to Elena, with the prized pink and yellow jaquin in her arms.
Elena gasped with delight, and held the plushie tight once Naomi handed it over to her. It was even softer, and cuddlier, and more adorable in person! Her day was already great as it was, but this just made it that much better! She wrapped Naomi in a hug and thanked her, she was just so excited to have it.
Gabe couldn't help but sigh when he realized that he wasn't the one to win Elena the jaquin, but those feelings quickly faded when he saw how Elena's face just lit up at the sight of it. He tried his best to make this day great for her, but hey, she still got that jaquin! Besides, he knew how she smiled as she took in the sights of the beach, how she laughed as they were both knocked down by a wave, Elena was having a great day for herself no matter what, jaquin or not. And that's what mattered most.
Their next stop was the carousel, the final remaining attraction of Parque de la Perfección. Elena was also looking forward to this, since she had so many memories of riding this very carousel as a child. She remembered her parents mentioning how once they got her on, it was hard to get her off! She especially used to love when Isabel would ride on the horse beside her, and her father would stand between the two, closely watching to see which one of his daughters would ‘win the race’. Elena smiled remembering her parents, she did miss them very much. Though she missed those days, now she was here to make new memories with her best friends, and she couldn’t wait.
As the four of them stepped onto the ride, Elena immediately went searching for a very specific horse. She quickly walked through the rows and rows of them, until finally, she came across the one she was looking for.
“Moteada!” she exclaimed, and hopped onto a small black and white spotted horse.
“Mote-huh?” Naomi asked.
“Moteada!” Elena repeated. “This was the horse I rode on almost every single time I visited as a kid, she was my favorite for some reason! I called her Moteada due to her spots.” she explained.
“That’s cute, I’m glad you could ride her again today!” Naomi replied with a smile, before setting her sights on a large, chestnut brown horse in the same row. “I call the big one!” she called, hopping aboard it.
Elena laughed softly as Naomi grabbed onto the leather ‘reins’ on the horse, sitting up straight and tall. She jokingly waved around, as if she were the most important being on the biggest horse. Mateo was seated atop a grey horse beside Naomi, all four amigos seated right in the same row.
Of course, Gabe was going to be right next to his Elena, so he hopped onto a beige horse beside her. He smiled as Elena took her new jaquin friend and placed it right in front of her, as if they were going for a ride too.
When a bell sounded to signal that their ride was about to begin, Elena felt like she was a child again. It were almost as if she was back here for a beach day with her family, racing to sit atop Moteada before anyone else reached her, giggling with her sister as they each neared ‘the finish line’, and waving to her mother, it felt like nothing had changed.
Gabe knew they’d have to plan beach days like this more often, since this was the happiest he’d seen Elena in a while. Not that Elena wasn’t an overall happy person, you’d always come across her walking down the hall with a smile. But something about today was different, maybe due to the nostalgia this day brought her. Regardless, Gabe couldn’t get enough of seeing Elena’s beautiful face light up with a smile, he couldn’t help but smile as well glancing over at her.
When Elena turned her head to the side for a moment, she noticed Gabe smiling over at her. So, she reached over towards him and pulled him in for a kiss. She pulled back a moment later with a soft laugh, giving him a look of so much love. There wasn’t anyone else she’d rather be sharing these moments with, and she couldn’t wait to create many more memories just like this with him in the future.
A couple of minutes later, their ride was gradually slowing down. Once it had come to a complete stop, Elena’s horse just so happened to have stopped at the highest height possible. She looked down and laughed to herself, even though she was that many years older and that much taller than she was on her last ride, it was still quite a ways down for her!
“Well, this’ll be quite the fall!” she joked to herself, as she began to swing one leg over to hop down.
But, before she could let go of the pole, she felt a pair of hands around her waist, which lifted her up, and placed her softly onto the ground. Elena turned around to see that it was none other than Gabe who softened her landing. She smiled and pulled him in for a quick thank you kiss, before following Naomi and Mateo off of the ride.
To end their day, the four amigos sat along the sea wall with an ice cream, admiring the view as they enjoyed a refreshing treat. Gabe wrapped his arm around Elena and held her close, as she rested her head on his shoulder. Their conversation was filled with their favorite parts of the day, which would continue on as they walked back towards the carriage. Elena loved each aspect of their day, but she had to admit, what she loved the most was her adorable new jaquin plushie. Oh, and being able to spend a fun and relaxing day with her closest friends, and of course, her Gabe, was pretty nice too.
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lilallama · 5 months ago
AAAAAHHHH I'm absolutely loving this Valentine's match ups you're doing!! 🥺
soooo, I'm 165cm (5'4 I think?), my pronouns are she/her and people says I'm the most Libra person they've ever met lol. I'm on my third year of university, majoring in English studies focusing on literature so, of course, I absolutely love reading and writing; I can also speak Spanish (it's my first language actually), a little bit of French and Korean.
I'm a very introverted person, I feel so much better just staying at home watching movies, reading or cooking (I love it! especially desserts!) and I'm really protective over my alone time.
I despise judgemental people, I always like to hear all parts of a story so I can have the whole scene. I'm always up to helping people and hearing their problems but, I'm a very close and private about my things and business, I don't really like sharing my thoughts or feelings if I'm going through something.
I'm a cat person 100%, I enjoy nature and going to long walks on the forest but I prefer to live in a big city. I'm a bit of a disaster and often forget to take care of myself or I'll forget I have to eat if I'm doing anything else 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
and I think that's all? hahaha I hope it was good and I'm looking forward to seeing your answer and all the stories and asks on your blog! I love so so much, you're so talented 💜💜
Your Valentine this year is Yandere Taehyung! Congratulations!
Now, Libras and Capricorns are mostly polar opposites yet that makes them so compatible, they compliment each other.
Taehyung absolutely supports you in whatever you choose to do. You majoring in English literature is no different. Both of you chose very creative majors, as he chose to major in Art. He adores how good you are with words, and believes no poet could ever compare to you. He likes reading books and discussing them with you, after all yours is the most important opinion. While Taehyung doesn't like to admit it his knees get weak everytime you speak spanish. Sure, the language was always very attractive to him but when you speak it? Goodness!
He respects your privacy and would never dare to interrupt your alone time. Surprisingly, Taehyung isn't clingy with you, at all. Yet he still constantly asks for your opinion on things, just to know your preference.
He himself is an Ambivert, neither very outgoing nor shy, so he is very much comfortable with staying inside when you hang out. Besides, he adores seeing you comfortable, and where could you be more comfortable than your own home. One of his favourite activities with you is cooking and baking, he loves how happy it makes you. Seeing you smile fills him with pure bliss.
Unlike his parents, Taehyung is not at all judgmental. He's open for most things and especially happy when he gets to agree with you. You somehow always say the right thing, it's incredible. Although he does respect your independence he likes encouraging you to not bottle everything up but instead share your struggles with him. Nothing you could say or do would be even remotely offputting to him, so you can rant to him about anything for as long as you want. He wants you to see him as someone helpful who you can trust. He appreciates every time you open up to him as if it was the first.
Your kindness is unfathomable to him. Your willingness to listen to peoples problems and help them is what attracted him to you in the first place. You were always so nice, thoughtful and fair, and he admires that to this day. You are a wonderful person, who wouldn't love you?
In case you wish for a cat, he could get you one. He owns enough money to buy you a Villa filled with cats, and he's more than willing to. Another aspect of you that he absolutely loves is how connected to nature you are. When you two are strolling threw the local nature park there is nothing he'd rather do, nowhere he'd rather be.
In case you ever forget to take a break or eat/drink Taehyung will remind you. No way he'd let his beloved neglect their own needs. But despite you being a "mess" he loves you for it, it's just so endearing. Just like everything else about you is incredibly attractive to him.
I hope you enjoy your Valentines day with Yandere Taehyung. He already prepared a nice picnic for the two of you.
Tumblr media
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marcs-writting-concepts · 2 months ago
Fruits Basket thoughts! ( season 1 )
I'm a bit late starting this ( ep 5 ) so I might not say everything in order.
It's 21:40 ( 9:40 pm ) 22/04/2021 I started watching like,, a week ago ( was kinda busy so watching this many episodes is actually amazing )
First impression: Tohru is kind of annoying ngl, but she's okay?? I mean at least I don't hate her.
Yuki,, yuki seems like romantic interestᵗᵐ very basic has me like 😐 tho I like that he likes to take care of a garden.
Kyo, kyo is kinda pissy? At the same time gives me kou vibes ( specially after roof scene ). I'm just gonna call him pissy kou.
What's the dog guy's name again?? *looks at hand* Shigure, yeah him. Couldn't remember the name and he bearly makes any impactful appearances but he's a dog and funny so I like him. Probably the type of person I don't think I am but it's just me at school. I'm very weird when I'm in school, idk why.
Kagura is also annoying. I also don't hate her but I do find incest and very mad characters annoying. Also she gave me boar vibes, which I find extremely funny since I haven't read shit on that sign.
I'd rather Tohru and Kagura end up together than any of the other characters, or just Tohru with any of her girl friends.
This anime gives me otome game vibes.
Smt I forgot to say! Op is very boring, but I like ed, gives me vibes of something that could be in black clover ( melody not lyrics, haven't searched those up )
10:00 ( 10am ) - 04/05/2021
I'm watching episode 6 and lots of thoughts--
1- that dress wasn't as cute as the episode makes it out to be
2- was shigure speaking spanish or Portuguese?
Tumblr media
3- I bet my ass the boy was yuki
( p.s. I'd like to add that I've always thought Tohru was involved in that incident so,, )
10:56 (10:56 am) - episode 7
Momiji is an absolute dumbass and a sweetheart. I love him.
The Soma state is..... something- why is it so empty??
I love that when the characters speak in another language there's no translation, you have to guess what they said by context. They do an awesome job at that too.
Shigure might not have screen time but when he does hE FUCKING STEALS THE SPOTLIGHT-- THIS MAN-
Momiji and Shigure are amazing jdbdnanmajajd
Akito's voice kind of sounds like megumi ogata, but the delivery has less impact- still, very nice voice
+ Akito reminds me of
✨ gaslight gatekeep girlboss ✨
12:15 ( 12:15 pm ) - episode 8
Why is everyone being so dramatic about leaving Tohru alone? Like this girl lived in a tent for gods know how long and everyone feels bad about it?
Honestly if people left me out of new years parties I'd thank them lol
Now her friend showed up and is making a whole ass speech about how alone she'll be this year- babe you're literally not there--
+ it's really funny if you apply this to a normal situation, no one, literally no one would take this shit seriously. And this wouldn't even be a problem-- like??????
Also I find it hilarious that they can't invite her when she has more ties to the clan than the majority of the clan ( I mean, she knows the secret, she lives with three of the zodiacs and has had direct contact with three others ). If she knows all of this literally what is the problem of inviting her?
Not Yuki wanting to see things that aren't there- I feel like Tohru would feel more uncomfortable if y'all skipped the banquet than if you left her there alone-
Everyone seems to hate Akito- I feel like he has his reasons to be so aggressive??? And they know the reason??? Sure it might not be enough to justify hurting them but-- idk feels weird--
For me it would've been better to let her grief... like it's the first new years without her mom, she's allowed to feel sad. With Kyo and Yuki being there I feel like she was forced to mask her feelings again.
???? - ep 9
Highlights: Haru. And flustered yuki. Hdbfnanakka
I forgot to write about it--
14:40 ( 02:40 pm ) - ep 10
Kyo?? What-
Oh kagura-
Shigure, wtf?????
I didn't understand shit about this episode. Please, I beg you: send help
15:55 ( 03:55pm ) - ep 11
Money struggles,, yikes
Momiji-chan my beloved💞
I actually kinda like her more now--
Pissy Kou, was that therapy? Because you sure seem to handle your anger issues better now
22:49 ( 10:49 pm ) 08/05/21 - ep 11
Okay let's write what I remember-- hmm TOHRU'S PING PONG FULL SWING I SWEAR-
Tumblr media
No one can convince me this isn't Yuki x Tohru in a nutshell
22:57 ( 10:57pm ) - ep 12
( Whoops time skip ) 23:41 ( 11:41pm ) - 09/05/2021 - ep 12
I don't like council president fucking asshole
Let momiji dress how he likes, "just my opinion" my ass.
...akito is very pretty--
Suddenly, my adrenaline spikes to 100
He- he doesn't seem to hate you tohru- where did you get that?
Omfgs I'm scared
Yuki, bby, please please please tell me everything is going to be okay-
I cannot sustain emotional damage atm- I'm reading bnha-- please tell me it somehow wasn't abuse, akito, idk is a bad loser and once hit everyone in a game of tag so they all hate him- I can't-
Yes, play badminton. Be happy, I beg you.
Nope nvm he hates Tohru
This sounds very much concerning, please just please stop this-
I don't want to watch this anime anymore
This ep is a fucking emotional rollercoaster
Yup! Psychologically abused yuki confirmed I hate my life!
Also this just proves my point in bnha, dabi is a fucking bitch. Yuki's been through worse and he doesn't do all that shit.
00:27 ( 12:27am ) 10/05/2021 - ep 13
Yuki taking care of his garden. This is it, he's just happy with Tohru gardening. They are collecting strawberries and they're happy.
Hebi?- I mean- snake?
Skin it and cook it💞
Ayame reminds me of Rengoku, Mitsuri and Shinobu at the same time, somehow-
Nvm he scares me- kinda
Wait, he scares me he flirted with Tohru-
I do not like ayame.
Ah yes, tohru: *gets home * // also tohru: do you hate your brother? :D
Yes Yuki, neglect him
Yk what? I don't care, let Shigure have a husband, even if said husband is annoying af.
You know what? I need to hug yuki because OMFGS-- THAT BOY NEEDS IT
What was that-
And that's his cue to ruin everything.
Ayame: *casually comes out as pan*
01:10 ( 01:10am ) - ep 14
...I want to see the maid--
The song is better but the animation is so fast paced I'm kinda dizzy--
Anyways seems like the kids are going to appear on this half of the season so yay!!
I was actually curious about them
Actually: tohru's mom would be my favorite character if she had screen time
Every character is so openly gay i can't--
I lowkey want to meet momo-chan
I... baby-- momiji please--
Kyo?????? Where are you going??????? Come back??????
I feel like he knows more than he's letting on.. I'm scared
01:51 ( 01:51 am ) - ep 15
Tumblr media
Tohru says lakes appreciation, that was very nice Tohru I appreciate you too.
Jfjfjsjjska bad jokes apart- focusing on the episode-
Oh- it's fine now-
Wait what was that picture? Because I could only think about a wlw marriage -
02:14 ( 02:14am ) - 11/05/21 - ep 16
Uo-chan backstory!!
02:15 ( 02:15am ) - ep 17
Okay but: trans uo-chan headcanon
Wig? Snatched.
21:39 ( 09:39 pm ) - 13/05/21 - ep 18
( future me who has just finished the ep warning: this will include some personal experiences and mentions of anxiety. It'svery light hearted but it mightbe uncomfortable + I get mad at one point )
I'm jealous of her *sleeps*
Kisa-chan is so cute -- I can't ejdhdhdhsjsj
" Que será será sachan " SHIGURE YES PLS COMFORT THE CHILD
Tohru's singing remind me of charmy ( black clover )
So not worry momiji-kun for I have been bullied and left out! It sucks♡
Yuki bby do not make me kin you, we will both just end up hurt.
Never fully stopped speaking but oh boy, to this day I have social anxiety!
"But we're humans not animals"... yuki I hate to break it to you but,, humans are animals.
I want to kick the teacher
"Why don't you try a little harder to be friends with everyone " I'M SORRY -- DO I NEED TO REMIND YOU I AM BEING BULLIED AND THAT'S NOT HOW THIS WORKS?????? BITCH?????
Yeah bae, loving yourself is important but please remember this situation caused her enough stress to literally stop talking. Instead of saying: "lol, you should try harder, u self loathing lil shit." MAYBE, JUST MAYBE think about the child's mindset.
Thank you Haru, hope you have common sense and don't say this is sweet because it is not.
きさちゃんの声はかわいいです jgjgnfnnsjama
Tohru, i want a tohru. She'd make me feel better about random things. She doesn't hesitate to praise you- I- I need that.
You can do it yuki
22:33 ( 10:33pm ) - ep 19
Ritsu... ritsu-san trans headcanon,,
Oh no- tell me she didn't just-
No no no ritsu you're not --
Trans headcanon .. or canon?
Oh gender non conforming -
The 3 idiots are just :0 I'm not even kidding-
23:37 ( 11:37pm ) - ep 20
Other kid!! Other kid showed up!!
I don't like this kid but at the same time I want to understand wth made him like this
I mean everyone in the soma clan has trauma so I bet he does aswell
you were being so unreasonable momiji-kun switched to german, are you happy now?
My dude says "I'm not interested " then says "you should have figured it out!" like, bae wth
Ohh his mental illness is sixth grader, makes sense
Kisa-chan find yourself a better person, this guy is an asshole
Character development in an episode huh-
14:00 ( 2pm ) - 18/05/21 - ep 21
Is this a nightmare-?
Huh it was a nightmare-
what the fuck is up with this girl --
That's some teruhashi shit right there-- I'm scared
No but she's in love- I can't--
20:12 ( 08:12pm ) - ep 22
Hana-san no-- bby--
I'm sorry but this op doesn't fit the scene it's such a bop-- I'm trying to feel bad-
I want to hit these kids.
Same hana-san i also hate them
Bby no- you don't deserve it
And that's how they started dating.
They- they're so soft--
20:43 ( 08:43pm ) - ep 23
Honestly same Tohru, same
You're not a disgrace-
Kyo you're not helping-- please-
I'm pretty sure that's not how fevers work but go off
Every character in this house rn my beloveds
Fucking kagura--
Yuki does not like anything from the main family and it shows
That day you?
Random ponitail person?
21:13 ( 09:13 pm ) - ep 24
Kazuma-dONO I- WHAT-
Tohru saying "going for a few rounds" it's probably my favorite thing
Ayo tf is going on-- 😀
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
23:00 ( 11pm ) this was one hell of a spam but I guess it was fun, see y'all for s2
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dandelionpaint · 4 months ago
Anon cause I'm not JatP on main but I was too stoked on someone else being on this train of thought to not say something lol. I've got thoughts - We Laugh At Danger/I Was A Teenage Anarchist hit Bobby right in the "I miss my friends" - Spanish Moss hits him right in the survivor's guilt, being the only one left to carry out their dreams and not knowing how to move on afterward, besides reinventing himself. Norse Truth is like a different kind of angry song, but consider - "All the places that we
Tumblr media
[Img description: anonymous ask that says
“never went/ All the times we never had / Want 'em all back" - Bamboo Bones reminds him of Alex in particular - and absolutely the big potential in the songs on TDB - Dead Friend, Two Coffins, etc.
end img decription]
Anon you are so valid fhfdgd and honestly Im so glad I got someone on this train too. There sjust so much potential in this
Under read more because this turned out way longer than I expected lol
But yes!! I was Teenage Anarchist fits Bobby so well, even though we don’t know that much what he was like as a teen (we need more of his backstroy!!! Please!!) and as Im listening We Laugh At Danger (I haven’t listened this album that much OTZ) and yes!! Anon you are so right!!
Like, my dude my pal, the lyrics from Teenage Anarchist
Do you remember When you were young and you wanted to set the world on fire?
They make me think of Bobby being like, idk, all angry at the world for losing his friends and remembering the times with them. And especially because they all had highkey rough lives back at home. So it’s like, when they all came together and formed a band.
Yes yes yes
Spanish Moss
is so perfect for some Bobby guilt angst . Dunno what more to say about that expect you are so right yet again
I hadn’t even considered Norse Truth for him! Even though its probably my fave song from Shapeshift WIth Me. It fits so well, just right for all the anger. Like, he got over the survivor’s guilt and now he is just!! So angry!! Its perfect for that!!
All the places that we never went All the times we never had Want 'em back now, want 'em all back We all want to be more real than all the others Wanted all of us to be more real than all of the rest But it wasn't 
They were all so young, they had so much to live for and see in the world but fuck! They died! And now Bobby is left all alone in this world! Fuck dude, he just wants his friends back
Alex and Bamboo Bones... yeah... I think there’s quite many songs that could fit him nicely, but rn can’t think of anything in particular from top of my head Like, this part from the song make sme think of like, Alex who was just kicked out by his parents (don’t think this was canon thing but in all honesty, it most likely would have happened to him, considering literally Everything) and his friends are there for him and offering him place to stay
Don't let them break you. Don't let them tell you who you are. Doesn't matter where you come from, You'll always have a floor to sleep on.
FUCKMYLIFE666 is like, that song, yeah
Never wanna say that we grew apart And never wanna say that the feelings changed I don't have the heart to match the one pricked into your finger Of things made to be destroyed All moments meant to pass
Like, there’s just so much to this song dude, especially the very last lines.
This, too, will soon slip out of reach This, too, will soon come to an end
Its like the song where Bobby (Trebor, probably at that point where I imagien this song would fit in his life) is adult, somewhat has moved on what happened and it’s the final song about them, idk. When you listen the full song, it does give me vibes of him like, talkign about one of the bandmates specially. Someone, whom he probably had romantic relationship with.
Dead Friend in other hand sounds more like something soon after funerals and the first hints of (survivor’s) guilt appearing but mkostly it’s jsut him really fuckign missing all his friends he lost.
Needn't worry about tomorrow anymore, because you're dead. Does anything still echo? Is there any trace left?
Tbh this whole album does have like, more romantic feeling to me, but anyway...
When you died, you were only twenty-six, The most real person that I've ever met. 
Adding more to how fuckjing young they all were. 17! That’s so young to die!
Two Coffins is like, the depresison right after hearing your best friends and lover died and then attending their funeral where you have that emotional moment of takign one last look at them and sayign good bye.
How lucky I ever was to see the way that you smiled at me. Your little moon face shining bright at me. One day soon there'll be nothing left of you and me.
Two coffins for sleep. Two coffins for sleep.
All the things I have yet to lose will someday be gone too. Back into annihilation. All things will fade, maybe it's better off that way. I wish you'd stay with me.
Skipping Paralytic States because it doesn’t feel that big of a match for any of them. But instead I’m gonna talk about Black Me Out because hoo boy that got some potential.
Black Me Out really has the vibes of Bobby, who now has changed his name to Trevor, has yet to properly move on on anything.
I don't ever want to talk that way again, I don't want to know people like that anymore. As if there was an obligation, As if I owed you something.
He is angry, but he doesn’t know where or how to channel this. So he kinda is just angry at like, everyone and spends his time getting drunk and high or something.
Black me out. I want to piss on the walls of your house, I want to chop those brass rings off your fat fucking fingers. As if you were a kingmaker. Black me out.
He’s at the graveyard, looking at the graves of his best friends. He is yet again experiencing the survivor’s guilt.
All the young graves filled. Don't the best stars burn out so bright and so fast? All the young graves filled. Don't the best stars burn out so bright and so fast? Full-body high. I'm never coming down.
All Of This And More also got some potential too, but I haven’t thought about it as much as the other songs, as you can see from the above lol.
As nihilistic as you might expect I somehow ended up missing your kind of crazy more than the rest All this and more to forget All this and more to forget  [for many times]
Like, unnffhh. This goes in the “Bobby trying to move on” category, but the memories are too sweet to Just Forget.
I think this is all of it for now, perhaps. If you got more songs by them to add to like, literally any of the boys, you know my inbox is open
Now Im gonna go shed some tears because I made myself emotional when writing this all out
Tumblr media
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@otomeramblings said,
I'm a girl, 23 years old, around 162 cm, with medium length dark brown hair (almost black) and brown eyes. I'm one of those people who are often asked "are you okay? Are you mad?" and no, more often than not that's just how my resting face looks lol
I'm a Scorpio and an INFP. According to my friends, I'm usually very sweet but no one likes to be around me when I get seriously angry ^^; I guess it's because i'm generally very soft spoken and I try to avoid conflict as much as I can, and when I'm upset is one of the times when I actually raise my voice. I have people tell me that I'm smart, but I just consider myself to be an overall average person. It usually takes me a while to fully trust someone but once they've earned my trust, I cherish their friendship for life.
I can fluently speak English and Spanish, and I recently got my English Translation degree. I love to read (both novels and manga) and to discover new music, I also really like dancing (I did ten years of ballet) and I recently rediscovered my love for drawing and writing.
Qualities I would like in a s/o:
-passionate, about anything, really. I'm usually very reserved unless I have something I really want to talk about and I appreciate when others listen, and for that reason I love to listen to people talk about things they're passionate about
-mature, not in relation to his hobbies bit more so in the sense that he can have a serious conversation when needed and take responsibility for his actions.
-patient. Being introverted and kinda awkward, I usually need time to recharge after being social and even while spending time together there will probably be silences when I think of what to say or even times when I'd just rather we spent it doing our own thing while being together.
Qualities I don't like:
-shouting. I hate it when people shout at me when they're mad because it makes me tear up immediately, I would much rather you tell why you're mad in a calm tone so we can work things out.
Tumblr media
✧ The way I scREAMED when I saw your url 🤭 I love your writing so much skdhksdhksjd thank you for requesting a matchup. 😳💞 Stay safe! I hope all goes well for you!
I’d match you with: . . .
Tumblr media
➜ HOW YOU TWO FIRST MET ; The blue sky was dotted with fluffy white clouds that drifted lazily in the gentle breeze while you were on your way to buy new drawing pencils. Your current ones were not exactly in the best condition after being used too many times. A sigh escaped from you as you fastened your pace. In all honesty, you would rather stay at home and maybe watch one of your shows but you knew if you didn’t go out to buy those now, you never would. As one particular building came to your sight, you suddenly stopped in your tracks. It was a flower shop. The vibrant display of flowers covered the table outside. Bold purple, soft pink and light lavender flowers sat right in front of you as well as some others you didn’t know the names of. The sweet smell of blossomed flowers filled your nose as you inhaled and exhaled. They were so beautiful that you couldn’t help but to reach at a lavender, the purple petals felt like soft velvet against your skin. The chime of the door opening ringed into your ears, drawing your attention away from the flowers in front of you. A man with a blue striped T-shirt, a pair of black pants and black leather shoes came out of the building with a bag you thought had flower seeds in it. A brown trench coat with a blue inner lining slung over his shoulder, beautiful, dark blue hair rustling as he gave his thanks to the employee before closing the door. The man turned around and you swear you stop breathing for a moment, because oh my god how dare someone this handsome come in to your field of view without a warning. After realizing that you’ve been staring at a stranger for a good seconds, you hesitantly looked away. But just your luck, while you decided that it was the time to carry on with your mission, you dropped your purse to the ground. You groaned before bending over to pick it up but to your surprise, you see another hand reaching over it? And most importantly, you saw that it was that handsome stranger when you looked up??? He gave you a kind but awkward smile as he hold out your bag to you. You muttered a “thank you” before grabbing it. After that cliche moment, there was an awkward silence between you and the man, but he decided to speak up to start a conversation by asking if you liked flowers. The conversation smoothly flowed from there. He just had that aura of gentleness radiating that you couldn’t help but warm up to the stranger, who you later learned the name of, quickly. He even offered to accompany you to the shop you were going, which you agreed if he didn’t mind. Your relationship steadily developed from there. To be honest, it wouldn't be obvious at all that Tsumugi has a crush on you. He's friendly and sweet to everyone he meets most of the time so nobody thinks twice whenever he's with you, except maybe Tasuku. His underlying feelings for you would show in the little things he does, the way his eyes shine whenever you laugh, how his ears perk up whenever he hears your name, how he somehow memorized all your favorite foods after you offhandedly mentioned it once before. For someone who majored in psychology, it’s kind of hilarious how dense he is regarding his own feelings. He would mistake those feelings of his as a weirdly strong platonic attraction for you and continue spending time with you in hopes to appease the feeling but be confused as to why he always felt unsatisfied. He finally realizes how smitten he is for you after a long internal monologue he had after he almost had a heart attack when you hugged him once for whatever reason.
➜ PERSONALITY COMPATIBILITY ; Tsumugi is the walking epitome of every single thing you’re looking in a S/O. You want someone passionate about something? This man literally couldn’t give up on his dream and love for the performance art. He’d be more than willing to talk about how acting involved a broad range of skills, including a well-developed imagination, emotional facility, physical expressivity, vocal projection, clarity of speech, the ability to interpret drama etc. He’d try bunch of different gestures in front of you and ask you which one you liked the best. He also absolutely loves it when you are the one who does the talking. His strength is CANONLY listening to others after all. He just gives off this aura that compels you to think that you can talk about anything and everything with him. Just like you, Tsumugi has a great need for harmony and dislikes any conflict so if there were to be any fights, they would be resolved in a day or two with the two of you talking it out. He majored in Psychology in university, and is very good at reading people so if you’re both in a social gathering and he senses you need to take a break, he will hold your hand and walk you somewhere with less crowd and noise. When you want to be alone, he’d give you the space you need and if you want to spend time he would be there. He is a pretty clueless baby at the start and would try to ask people for help on dating advice. He will however remember every single memory you two will and have made. You’ll never see him forgetting any milestones in your guys’ relationship. His way of saying “I love you” is through the flowers he picks and grows. As someone who can be shy to vocally express his love for you, he handpicks each flower based on their meanings with the hope that they could accurately convey the emotions he holds for you. The very sight of your smile as you watch each tiny plant grow kindles a budding warmth inside him, as if he’s a bee intoxicated by the nectar of your happiness. And to him, the vision of you happy is prettier than any flower in his garden, pushing him to always keep you bright and blooming.
➜ SHARED ACTIVITIES ; Tsumugi canonly moon/stargazes with Misumi so why wouldn’t he do the same with his S/O? It’s a cool, romantic and surprisingly unique activity to do together. There aren’t many activities one can plan for a date that are sweeter or more intimate than a night spent together under a beautiful, sparkling sky. You would ask each other questions about one another, without being afraid of letting the conversation slow down. This is a date to relax and linger over. If not that, I can totally see him taking you to a botanical garden. These places are beautiful and not too busy in general. Bonus points if you bring a camera and get some nice photos together as a couple. i’m so soft rn 🥺 But I feel like your most common date would be either tending the garden in the mankai dorm or just doing your own little things while being together. You might be writing on the table while he’s going over his script for the winter troupe’s newest play one more time or he might be grading his student’s test, since he’s a tutor and all, while you’re drawing. I see Tsumugi as someone who reads a lot so maybe both of you can read the same book together and discuss it afterwards. These types of dates are great for discovering how the other person views the world. One might learn that their significant other is passionate about a social justice cause, their favorite author, or their philosophy of beauty. These dates are great for sparking good conversations and they are introvert friendly. Or something even better: reading aloud. Reading out loud to each other can be incredibly sweet. And, as spiritual counselor Davida Rappaport says, "just the fact that you are both close and sharing space is ... a nice way to spend an evening."
➜ ZODIAC COMPATIBILITY ; Tsumugi is a Capricorn, his birthday being December 28th. When Scorpio and Capricorn make a love match, they get an opportunity to not only enjoy a loving relationship and learn the value of being a pair, but also to grow and mature as individuals. These two may be wary about sharing themselves with one another at first, and this emotional caution may dampen the initial impact of this relationship. These two tend to be a bit cautious (Capricorn) and pensive (Scorpio), and it takes a while for them to feel comfortable with a significant other. Though they may be shy of getting involved and not the quickest to trust and share, these two Signs will discover that they can have quite a profound connection — one of friendship and deep loyalty. What’s the best thing about the Scorpio-Capricorn love match? Their determination toward shared ideas and their strong devotion to one another. They can open doors to one another’s souls and show one another new ways of perceiving and feeling.
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papirouge · a year ago
Somehow, my blog has drawn a whole bunch of new followers so I shall provide a proper presentation 🙃
My name is Yona
I’m on tumblr since 2013 - initially it was a fashion blog (as I started running this blog while still being a fashion student) but my blog content progressively became more diverse by the years. I came to Christ in 2018 and that's around that time I started posting more Christian content. As a consequence, my following is very heterogeneous (a bunch of my followers are definitely not Christians) but I'm feeling truly blessed to have such a diverse range of people to spread the Gospel to🙂✝️💗
Whether you're Christian or not, thank you everyone for coping up with me!! 🙏🏾
If I described my Christian type of content, it’d probably be "Rogue Christian homeschooled by the Holy Spirit who's very passionate about Spiritual discernment“. I rebuke & blow some whistle from time to time 📯👀
I’m a fashion graduate so I’m quite passionate about the issue of body image, the commodification of the female body and pornocracy. I'm quite a perfectionist.
I live in Paris’ suburbs in a ridiculously cozy place.
I’m 5′8, left handed, and older than you👀
My major strength is my health. I’ve been gifted with good creative skills as well. My weak point are my socializing skills. Although I’m quite outspoken and assertive online, I’m very quiet and awkward IRL lol
I hate beer and milk. My favorite dish is my mom’s home cooked lasagnas. Chocolate cake will NEVER get out of style.
I speak French (native), English (my posts are full of syntax & grammatical errors mostly because I’m lazy at proofreading lol but I’m pretty much fluent at this point), Japanese (conversational, but I’m still studying to become fluent!!), and a bit of Spanish (I used to be pretty good when I left school but out of lack of practice I lost a bunch of my skills... I’m still somehow okay’ish with reading & listening comprehension)
As I said, I’m a fashion school graduate but my real love is actually drawing (I used to dabble into the fanzine scene when I was a teen) and I’m currently working on a “Christian comic novel”.✍🏾🙊
My favorite chapter in the Bible is John 14.
My favorite Bible characters are the prophets because they were bullied, as I did as a kid, so I grew a special fondness for them. I find them very inspiring as of how facing rejection -even from fellow Christians- while spilling biblical soundness & spiritual battle.
“For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.” (2 Tim 4:3). I learned from them to NEVER being intimated or giving up if it’s for standing up in the name of the Lord.
I also have a soft spot for Peter because although he showcased cowardice several times, he ultimately stood up for Christ - he’s pretty relatable and real. We've all been Peter at one moment or another during our walk with Jesus.
Voilààà !!!
Hopefully you’ll enjoy whatever pops out in your dash from me!! my box will always be open to chat/share/reflecting together!
Have a nice day! 🌞
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toxicxxmyth · a year ago
Dating Christopher Vélez headcanon
Authors Note: Don’t know if I rlly have to mention this but I called Chris a fuckboy in this like 20+ times so don’t be offended m8 and just like Richards, this is all over the place
Richard‘s headcanon
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Christopher has mentioned many many MANY times that he is not looking for a relationship
My man is getting that good good PussAy ;))))))
And he ain’t looking for no commitment :(:
We stan a fuck boy ;)
So it probably took him like three encounters to notice you
The first time was at a house party and y’all talked for like five seconds and then went your separate ways
You remember him
He didn’t even remember your hair color lol
The second time was also at a party
You were looking for your car keys but you spotted the cute guy you talked to for like a second
So you asked if he’d seen your keys like a fkn dumbass
And he was like “nah m8 😔”
And you were like “aight 🤘😔”
And he thought you were hot so that’s a start
Then the third time was also another party
And then y’all saw each other again and made a convo this time
He for sure remember you this time cause he wasn’t as tipsy as before
So that’s how y’all met
But just like Richard
It took this boy a long time to actually get his shit together and be like
“I actually like this girl”
Ya feel?
But you already liked him
But you understood his position
You were actually grateful that he didn’t just agree to go out with you if he wasn’t certain about you
It saved you the heart break
But after many MANY months
He gave in, and he was grateful for your patience
Now to the headcanon of dating the Ecuadorian fuck boy who we love
There is never a day where you’re bored
He’s always got something planned for the day
Lazy days are superior tho
His laugh could cure your acne, sadness’s and anxiety
Thank God he laughs every damn day
And if you already know how to skateboard then y’all will ride together like actual goals
He goes all out when it comes to dates
Will take you to the most expensive restaurants in the area
For sure will buy you a fancy ass dress
I highly believe that out of all the members he’s the one who’ll spoil you the most
Like fuck
It’s a lot
When he’s away on tour he’ll have a bIG ASS bouquet of flowers sent to you or chocolate
Will surprise you jewelry, food, clothes aNYTHING
you’ll have to remind him that he doesn’t have to do any of that but he insists on doing them bc he loves spoiling you sm
Yet when you return the favor by buying him something small he’s all like
and you’re like “???? Khe ???”
For sure will teach you Spanish if you don’t already
Staring by cuss words ofc :’)
Whenever y’all go to the club he always comes up to you like you’re a stranger or smth
“I'm new in town. Could you give me directions to your apartment?” ;)
He’d try this the whole night making random guys come to your “rescue”
Chris is laughing his ass off while you calmly tell them that it’s just your bf
He doesn’t seem to be the jealous type
He’s v confident that u love him and only him
Which is true
It takes a lot in him to get jealous
But when he does
You better be scared
He never takes it out on you, just the guy who seemed to cross a boundary that Chris drew in his imagination
You’re the one who gets jealous easily for sure
But he always shows you that you’re the only one he wants if you know what I mean ;)
Honestly, y’all don’t even cook, just order a shit ton of food while watching movies or the both of you just work on your individual projects
If you ever get stressed over work or a project from uni hes always there
Softly rubbing your shoulder as he presses kisses soft kisses along the shell of your ear sending shiver down your spine as you relaax
It might lead to ;) or it could end in you cuddling until you get your mojo back
The sEX is bOmB bTw ;))))))))
Like, this dude is so into overstimulation and subspace that he’ll have you c*mmimg multiple times a night :):
Edging is suCH a big turn on for this boy
Y’all fuck like rabbits no doubt
Public sEx is definitely HIS thing
Expect a quickie after each show in his dressing room when you visit him on tour ;)
Anything you do is such a turn on for him
You literally make him feel like a hormonal teenager again
I’m 92% sure this boy will cry one tour bc he misses you sm
Which leads you to surprising him on the other side of the world
Which he is super grateful for :’)
And then y’all have some bomb sex cause y’all a bunch of sex addicts m8
Whenever he feels down he just rests his head on your boobs and wrap his long arms around your body
You let him rant as much as he wants
And somehow you know whether or not he wants advice or just someone to listen
vice versa
Now imma be 100% honest
Don’t @ me
I feel like it’ll take such a long time for Chris’s mother to actually like you
He’s such a mommas boy that just seeing him with another woman might make her skeptical
Ooff I’m crossing dangerous grounds here
He’s siblings and grandmother automatically loved you, but his mother was distant
Christopher has to have a heartfelt conversation with her about it beCAUSE HE LOVES YOU SM AND HE NEEDS THE WOMAN OF HIS LIFE TO ACCEPT THAT
This lowkey makes you feel like an intruder
You feel as if you’re ruining their relationship
But you’ll also have a heartfelt convo with her and at the end of the day y’all would get along once she sees how much you love and care for her son
It probably took a year for y’all to move in together
But when you do, y’all have even more fun and adventures than before
Y’all goals asf
Most of his ig stories are about you
Videos, promoting your posts etc the whole package deal
Subtle matching tattoos
You say “I love you” first and he’s all blushy and giggle which makes you all bullishly and giggly as well :’)
And y’all just make love as he repeats the words and over and over :’)
He always has his hands around your shoulder
Pulling you closer at the most random times
Omfg this man smells like christmas heaven
Just like his mom, your family wasn’t certain about him first
And by your family i mean your dad(or male figure if you’re dadless :’)
Making him sad
But you’ll do your best to convince you dad that he is a good guy wHICH HE IS!!!!
After a while, he gave Chris a shot
And that’s all you ask for Tbfh
Will subtly mention you in interviews which would cause the guys to give each other knowing stares
Just Like Richard, you receive hate after hate
It sometimes gets to you but Chris is always there to comfort you
Making you go all uwu
He goes full mom mode whenever you get sick
Will google your symptoms
Lowkey has a mental breakdown when google tells him that you only have two weeks to live lol
He later calls his mom and she tells him what he should do
Will try to help you with your work but he just gives you a look and gives tf up
Soft hours late at night
You guys talk about your future and marriage and kids and it just lives you all soft and warm inside
Little did you know that he feels the exact same
You’d be in his arms slightly leaning against the headboard as your dress hands play with each other fingers talking about nothing and everything
Sings to you whenever you have trouble sleeping
Did I mention that? Lol
Just like any new friendship
Y’all were awkward at first but after a few minutes of getting to know each other they all loved you
Especially Erick, that boy is your child and you will protect him from any danger in the world lmao
That’s it my ppl :’)
Deuces once again :’)🤙🏼
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punkscowardschampions · a year ago
Janis & Grace
Janis: what are you up to rn Grace: UM why? Janis: 'cos we can't find Cass and can't take the kid on the decent rides, will you just stand with him for a minute Grace: oh Grace: yeah sure Janis: cheers Janis: give you some cash, he likes the easy shit Grace: OMG don't even mention it Grace: or like worry about it cos I'm not trying to break a nail rn Janis: you've gotta entertain him somehow Grace: Duh Grace: but that's not with waltzers and rollercoasters babes Janis: I've just said he can't come with Janis: we're talking coconut shy level, Grace Grace: & I'm saying I know what I'm doing Janis: well don't fuck it up please Janis: call if he gets too worked up he's shy Grace: obvs! just go Janis: it's serious Janis: and you haven't said where you are Grace: I'm being serious Grace: I'll meet you at the sweet stand Janis: 👍 Grace: 👌👌👌 Grace: [shows up with a very unimpressed lad in tow] Janis: [just such a withering look like who the fuck are you] Grace: [does not intro him and is just intro-ing herself to Bobby and it's cute] Janis: [just in the background letting Jimmy do what he need to do but lowkey trying to walk away like bye] Grace: [it's fine girl we know Grace has got this] Janis: [ahh when you can't stand to be around her for literally five seconds] Grace: [me when Trace is on one] Janis: [go have fun] Grace: is he allowed any more 🍬🍩🍭??? Grace: he says he's had NONE but I know when a boy is feeding me a line 😂 Janis: try and make him have a hot dog or some chips first Janis: if not he'll be 🤢 Grace: me too tbh Janis: such a good influence, like Grace: I'm sorry that my date is a feeder or something 😱😱😱 Grace: does not take no for an answer Janis: bodes well Grace: UGH IKR 🙄🙄🙄 Grace: he's in a mood cos I got 💋 on him earlier like ?? excuse me Grace: I don't have my own makeup line yet, boy Janis: it is grim when you've used a cup Janis: like a crime scene Grace: OMG don't be on his side! Grace: he wouldn't be complaining if it was anywhere but his face Janis: behave Janis: shits probably harder to wash off that herpes Grace: EW Janis: you said it Grace: I literally did not Janis: you did Janis: don't need to hear about you lipsing anyone Grace: Okay hun that makes no sense Grace: if it had staying power it wouldn't have transferred and he wouldn't be 😣😣😣 Grace: & I wouldn't have to go hard on 🍬🍩🍭 to show him my chill vibe or whatever Grace: so #notlikeothergirls & so annoying Janis: what's any of that got to do with me Grace: 🙄🙄 Janis: you talk for the sake of it Janis: talk to your shit date, not me Grace: sure Grace: laters, babes Janis: 👍 Grace: 👋 Janis: [later than you were probably expecting, like] Janis: k where are you Grace: bumper cars Grace: there's a line but we're basically at the front of it now 🙏🙏 Janis: cool we'll jump it Grace: you can take my place, these are NOT driving shoes Janis: babe, you just steer Grace: really!?? Janis: yes 😂 Janis: how do you not know that Grace: Oh thank god! Grace: idk I've never been on them Janis: how is that possible Janis: maybe you should go in with your lad, let Jim take Bobs Grace: Before this date I haven't been to the fair since I was younger than Bobby so Grace: Oh please, he's long gone Grace: Your boy can if he wants to though, that'd be cute Janis: sure, too many sights and smells, can't control her gag reflex when she's abused it that hard Janis: oh, soz Grace: 🙄🙄 not everything I do is with Mia, thank you Grace: & no you're not, babes Janis: pretty much since you were a bit older than him, maybe Janis: well not really but can't blame him Janis: didn't reckon on you bringing a child so Grace: do you see her rn? obvs not Grace: 🤷🤷 if he wants to say that's the reason Janis: can't really bring your missus on a date Janis: got to have some boundaries Grace: can you STOP Janis: what Janis: I said soz, make Jimmy buy you a drink or something Grace: I don't want a drink Grace: I'm gonna have to work out tomorrow Janis: well can you not just take it Janis: you don't need paying but he'll wanna do something so Grace: He knows my coffee order Grace: I'll make time to go Janis: k good Grace: He's a cute kid, I don't even need anything Janis: that just makes you sound like a child snatcher so keep that hush Grace: you're ridiculous Janis: am i Grace: Duh Janis: 👌 Grace: Whatever, I've said my goodbyes so 👋 too Janis: cheers Janis: later Grace: Any message for mum and dad? Janis: lol that's a good idea Grace: I obvs meant about where you'll be or when you'll be back Grace: but 👌👌👌 Janis: that's even stupider then, ain't it Grace: mhmm Grace: my bad, hun Janis: don't mention it Janis: not the easiest mistake to make but 🤷🤷 Grace: 🤷🤷🤷🤷 Grace: I'm so over it Grace: you too, I'm sure Janis: if they're still acting like they don't have answers to either of those questions, I can imagine Janis: could always repurpose my message for yourself Grace: if I wasn't going straight home but tragically Janis: what difference does that make Janis: can still tell them to fuck off Grace: not before dad picks me up thanks Grace: it's not like that boy will be doing a U turn now I'm Bobby free Janis: lol no way he was 17 Janis: looked 12 Janis: and he still would, he's a fucking pushover Grace: he's 19 Janis: so a nonce Janis: cool Grace: You're literally OBSESSED Grace: first I'm a child snatcher then he is Janis: that's literally the definition Janis: you're a child, he ain't, what do you want me to do Janis: didn't work anyways and even if it did, no one's throwing 😍 at it Grace: If you wanna report him, go off Janis: yeah I'll ruin some sad cunts life 'cos you're out here trying to prove something Grace: ???????!!!!!!! Grace: he asked me out, I agreed, it's not a big deal Janis: mhmm Janis: swear guv Grace: OMG SHUT UP Janis: sort it out for fuck's sake Grace: I didn't know he was that old! You literally just said yourself he doesn't look it Janis: don't incriminate yourself Janis: not illegal but just as weird if you're tryna fuck 12 year olds Grace: gross Janis: you said it Grace: No Janis: definitely did Grace: Leave me alone Janis: ooh alright Janis: touchy Grace: OMG why can't you ever stop? Janis: pot kettle Janis: why are you being so sensitive Grace: Why are you still talking to me? Janis: 'cos what's wrong with you Grace: yeah cos I'm gonna tell you Janis: why do you care Janis: you got what you wanted from him anyway Grace: What does that even mean? Grace: you have no idea what I want or wanted Janis: you wish Grace: obvs you do, but I really don't Grace: I'm wishing you'd go away thanks Janis: yeah, can't you tell how much I wanted to see you Janis: good catch up babes Grace: 😂😂😂 Janis: about right Grace: sure Grace: see you at school, like Grace: Spanish is first lesson back Janis: maybe Grace: 💔 Janis: isn't it just Grace: next time you steal a car is fine too Janis: next time it won't be nans so 🤞 no Grace: just don't look up my bad date, his wouldn't get you a mile out of Dublin Janis: got standards, darling Grace: I know, babes Grace: everybody does Grace: You can only wish for secrets Janis: can give the daily vlog a miss then Janis: phew Janis: love it when they put the work in for me Grace: mine's postponed cos I don't film little kids but there's plenty of other content THANK GOD Janis: 💔 should've thought of that before agreeing to go out with one really Janis: not very committed Janis: I'll 🙌 to that Grace: 👌👌👌 Janis: n'awh Janis: say hi to the gals from me Grace: I'd love to but there's been a disconnect Grace: I'll say it to my ex instead, he just got here Janis: less impressive than the 19 year old Janis: forgetting your audience Janis: they'll probably go for it though THANK GOD 👍 Grace: You're forgetting I only need a ride Janis: that's low, man Grace: If you wanna console him, he'll be free later Janis: you know something's gonna happen to you one day yeah Grace: I know you've got your 🤞 Janis: get a grip Grace: obvs the plan Grace: I'll make sure he's parked first tho, wouldn't wanna cause a crash Janis: unlikely Grace: not really Janis: if anyone bought you were a decent ride you wouldn't have to rely on your ex Grace: if I wasn't he wouldn't be back Janis: he's back 'cos your price is a ride Janis: you know it's not even a fiver in petrol Janis: literally the eastern euro girls on the street aren't as cheap Grace: wow Grace: so judgemental Janis: you're dirty Janis: it's disgusting, judgment from me is the least of your worries Grace: Yeah it honestly is Grace: & I'm sure you have better things to do so Janis: yeah talking to mum and dad for a start Grace: cute Grace: say hey from me Janis: you reckon I won't Janis: got no loyalty to you Janis: be more than a hey if they can manage to do even a semi-competent job Grace: I don't care if you do or whatever else you do Janis: Don't need you to Janis: be out of your hands, like Grace: sure Grace: they'll really show up for whatever slut intervention you think is about to happen Janis: you don't reckon Janis: you're delusional if you don't Grace: you are Grace: where's it been, babes? Janis: you're putting yourself in danger Grace: Me and how many of the rest of us Janis: you're stupid, Rio at least has some brains Janis: marginally more self-esteem Janis: born victim, you, trust me, they're gonna get on board Grace: nobody's more devastated than me that I'm not more like Rio, obvs Grace: except maybe dad Grace: 💔 there's not 10 of her Janis: no one cares what he wants Janis: irrelevant beyond being a sperm donor Janis: enjoy your chat 💕 Grace: 💜💜💜 Janis: 😂 Grace: it will be amusing if it happens Grace: I'll keep you a front row seat, hun Janis: don't worry Janis: buzzin' I care, so far in my DMs Janis: must be gutting when you're the only one that does and you get no recognition for it Grace: 😭😭🙄🙄 Janis: that's alright, sure your ex will take you back and console you Janis: epic shag and all around winner that he sees you as 😍 Grace: if he won't, I'll try one of the others Janis: always the shameful hookup when you've run out of lotion, never the girlfriend Grace: mhmm Janis: love that for you Janis: just get her in to help you with your prices Grace: 😂😂😂 Grace: she is good at maths Janis: is she Grace: oh of course she's never helped you with your homework Grace: my bad again, babes Janis: not what she's remembered for is it Janis: being the whore who married her cousin is really all that comes to mind but that's almost sweet Janis: pop it in the eulogy, lovely Grace: if you'll excuse me, I have to make some conversation with this boy Grace: such a good chat tho Janis: not what he's paying for Janis: so don't worry about not being a decent conversationalist Grace: tragically telling him that wouldn't get me where I wanna go so Janis: the tragic thing is you think you're too good for the bus when you're literally selling yourself Janis: wonder how many times this one told you you talk too much? 🤔 Grace: Oh please Grace: & I'm the extra one Grace: everything's a drama tonight, hun Janis: don't act as if you don't understand Janis: he would only pick you up so you blow him Janis: you aren't friends, they don't care about you or even respect you Janis: it's as simple as that Janis: and you're not even trying to get out, you're going home, half an hour away Janis: it's actually the saddest thing I've ever heard Grace: not anymore obvs Grace: why would I go home for the lecture? Janis: because you've got no balls and nowhere to go Janis: fucking hell I hope they pay for a decent shrink, seriously Grace: Thanks to you I've got nowhere to go Janis: go home Janis: sort yourself out Grace: I'll take the party he's offering but thanks again Janis: that's right Janis: get off your face then it ain't your fault Grace: It'll be my fault but I won't care Grace: you always tell me not to so congrats, finally taking that advice Janis: you'll be crying on a stranger's bathroom floor within the hour Janis: you ain't built for it, so tah for the guilt trip but i ain't biting Grace: I love that you've given me that long tbh Janis: got to earn his time and attention and petrol first Grace: Oh honey, I could do that crying Janis: wanna turn your phone off Janis: they'll be out looking now Grace: I would but if it's not on my snap it didn't happen, don't need to tell you tho Janis: your locations on Janis: they aren't that thick Grace: What do you care? You want them to find me Janis: you mean you do Janis: christ Grace: You think you know everything about me Grace: where does the delusion even come from? Janis: you think no one does Janis: let's unpack that one Grace: no-one does know everything Grace: they can't Janis: someone needs to take your netflix away too whilst they're at it Janis: fucking hell Janis: we aren't 13, even then that shit was embarrassing Janis: now it's well Janis: get yourself on the corner with your bessies level Grace: Whatever Janis: you really thought that was a revelation Janis: put it as your next caption, get those kids clicking ❤ Grace: 👌👌👌 Janis: this is what comes of letting stoners breed, jesus Janis: experiment over Grace: we all wish it was Grace: at least they've stopped now Janis: no need to wish Grace: not gonna jump out of this moving car, however much you'd love that Janis: i know Janis: no balls Grace: 💔 Janis: answer your phone yeah Grace: As if Janis: for fuck's sake, Grace Grace: I don't need to hear mum chatting to me like I'm Carly or Edie Grace: or dad telling me that he still loves me Janis: well then, think that it's not about what you need, I don't care Janis: just do it Grace: I literally just said no Janis: I literally don't care Grace: So get out of my inbox Janis: answer your phone and I will Grace: I'd actually rather kms than answer that phone call in front of this boy Grace: it's not happening, go away Janis: no Janis: answer the phone Grace: no Janis: do it Janis: stop being selfish Grace: 😂😂😂 Grace: coming from you Janis: and? Grace: it's just hilarious that you think you can make me do anything Janis: 😂😂😂 Janis: answer the phone Grace: no Janis: do it Janis: he doesn't like you anyway so don't act like that's an excuse Grace: It's not about him Grace: he answered the fastest Janis: then talk to mum and dad Grace: I've nothing to say & like I said I don't wanna hear what they are going to Grace: no thanks Janis: No one cares Janis: pick up the phone and get it over with then Grace: 🙄🙄🙄 Janis: exactly Grace: I'll do it when I'm drunk obvs, there'll be no stopping me then Janis: why not now Grace: I'm busy, like Janis: no you ain't Grace: excuse you Grace: the fact this makeup has no staying power was literally the opener of this convo Janis: and what Grace: & he'd kick me out of the car if he saw me without any Grace: duh Janis: again Janis: so Janis: that's the point Grace: your point, babes Grace: mine was that I wanna be here Janis: no, yours was you need a lift Janis: which you don't now so get out Grace: no, it was that I don't wanna go home thanks Janis: no one does but you have to Grace: Why do I? Grace: I literally don't Janis: yeah you do, you aren't being safe or smart Grace: &? Grace: it's been forever since I was either Janis: exactly Janis: so go home Grace: Why now? Janis: its pretty obvious Grace: No Grace: it would've been obvs if someone had said something at my 13th birthday party when I went further than anyone during 7 mins in heaven cos Connor O'Malley said he really liked me and he wanted my birthday to be special for a good reason again Grace: or when I hooked up with his best friend like a week later cos he lied Grace: You don't care, you've never cared Grace: don't tell me what to do now Janis: yeah, your birthday Janis: and you reckon you got it bad it could've been worse if I hadn't bothered saying anything Janis: you think i'm going to pick up your slack and be 2nd to you Janis: for what Grace: OMG you're just like Mia, putting yourself in the centre of everything Grace: I've never thought that or wanted it Grace: 2nd to me!? I'm not that fucking delusional Janis: how dare I remind you its my birthday and all Janis: bullshit, Grace Grace: That wasn't the point Grace: I'm trying to tell you, it's too little, too late Janis: that's it Janis: that's your problem is it Janis: poor you Janis: get a grip, you and every other girl at school Janis: fucking hell, edie died Grace: Get a clue Grace: this is why I can't talk to you Janis: not trying to talk to you Janis: go home Janis: I'm not there Grace: Even Diego's out so like I said, why should or would I? Janis: because you wanna be Grace: You're actually not on the same planet, I s2g Janis: that heart to heart you're trying to have Janis: they're the only ones that'll listen Janis: so go Grace: They won't Janis: bollocks Janis: all they do Grace: You go Grace: do whatever it is you want Grace: I'm good Janis: no you're not Grace: obvs but as good as I can be 🍾🎊 so 👋 Janis: no Janis: I've told you Grace: Go off, I'll mute you when it gets boring Janis: no you won't Grace: ILYSM but even so Janis: you won't so save us both the hassle Grace: you'll be hassled by drunk me, babes Grace: she'll be living her best life Janis: no one believes that Janis: and you think I wasn't bored before this began Janis: difference between us is I do give a shit Grace: of course I don't think that, we OBVS know each other so well Janis: hurry up Grace: 💃💃 Janis: hilarious Janis: don't reckon I won't show up and bring them with either Janis: get your head out your arse and make it easy for yourself before I make it worse Grace: that's your fave thing tho Grace: it'd be so mean Janis: not stopped you before Janis: go on Grace: drunken portuguese is some drinks off but sure dad's waiting by the phone so Janis: can't even remember any so Janis: what do I care, you're talking to them Grace: this is so annoying now Grace: you're putting me off Janis: now Janis: you are slow Janis: come on Grace: shhhhhhhhhhhhh Janis: no Janis: [rings her all the times] Grace: 🙌💜 Janis: picked you up yet Grace: 😂😂😂 Grace: they're slow too, hello Grace: I've been saying that this entire time Janis: told them where you are or what Grace: mhmmm just gonna send them the location so they can hang Janis: do it then Grace: I 👏 AM 👏 BUSY Janis: no, you aren't Grace: Oooh this boy says he knows you Grace: very ginger, very aggressive 👋 Janis: okay Janis: that's nice Janis: off you pop Grace: he is not cute, babes Janis: what a tragedy Janis: start dialling or I'm gonna come over Grace: No you're not Grace: you never wanna be where I am Grace: & neither does your actually cute bf Janis: correct Janis: that's not what it's about so do it Grace: Just let me have a night off OMG!!!!!!!!! Grace: you get to do everything you want Janis: so Janis: you aren't me and you don't know what you want Janis: sort it out Grace: yeah okay I'll figure all that out in the AM Janis: no, you won't Janis: we're coming so you can think about it all you like once they're done Grace: STOP Janis: why should I Grace: cos I'm asking you to Grace: cos you're my sister & you don't even love me Janis: so you think you can just say and do all that fucked up shit and I'm not gonna stop you Janis: I don't think so Grace: What do you what me to say or do? Janis: I've been clear, call mum and dad and get them to come get you Grace: & after that?? Grace: Why do you want me to be all alone like?????? Janis: they're going to talk to you, work something out Grace: they're gonna talk at me and we'll all 😭😭 & nothing will be any different literally Grace: not drunk enough for that yet soooooo Janis: try listening yeah Grace: they're the MOST cringe though 😱😱😱 Janis: then you should agree Grace: 😂😂 okay bitch Janis: mhm Janis: they're waiting, like Grace: UGH Janis: yeah Janis: they've said they'll text so I'm not going Grace: What did you say? Janis: why? Grace: cos I wanna know how bad the freakout will be Grace: what did you say about me? Janis: what you said Janis: no need to lie, you gave it all up Grace: so you just told them everything Janis: all the relevant info, yeah Grace: I literally can't go home EVER Janis: yeah you can Grace: How could you do that to me!?? OMG Janis: how could I not Janis: not cosigning on that shit Grace: cos it's none of their business what I do Grace: or yours but at least you're not like OLD Janis: you're their kid, that's literally all their business is Grace: So are you! You don't let them tell you anything Janis: they're still meant to try Janis: and they do Grace: I hate this Janis: good Janis: you're not totally crazy then Grace: can't you come instead? Grace: I'd take Rio over them rn Janis: probably don't Janis: when she have her last kid, probably hormonal Janis: well I ain't got a car and we know how you feel about me stealing one but I can come Grace: IOU 💜 Grace: screenshot that in case I'm more drunk than I think I am Janis: you're always more drunk than you think you are Janis: forget about it, like Grace: me or like everyone? Grace: 🤔🤔🤔 Janis: you, specifically but yeah Janis: most in general Grace: my ex isn't if you wanna fight him Grace: cos you wanna fight most people Janis: which one Grace: this one Grace: oh you mean how many hookups ago duh Janis: i mean name, any other identifiers, even then, unlikely i'll remember Grace: Tyler Grace: he's not white that helps him stand out in my exes line up Grace: hmmm Grace: short and mad about it? Grace: that's his identifier with me but shhh Janis: 😂 Janis: oh right, can recall that one then Grace: he does NOT like you, babes Grace: too tall obvs Janis: 💔 Janis: gutted, obvs Janis: his 👀 are chest height and everything, that I remember Grace: IKR?! Grace: he was so 😣😣😣 cos I had my 👠s on Grace: boy they weren't for you! I'm SORRY Janis: probably gonna wanna steal some shoes if you're coming with me though Grace: ??? Janis: 👟 Janis: you'll be like a  baby 🦒 on ice Grace: are we walking all the way home? Janis: depends Janis: send us your location and I'll see what I can do Grace: [does] Janis: we could walk that Janis: but we can get a bus like 10 minutes from there if you need Grace: Today has been the literal WORST from the moment I agreed to the fair idc Janis: that means no complaints then yeah Grace: can I do them now cos I've been so excited to go out with him since I met him and then FINALLY it comes around & ugh Janis: seemed like a moody prick Grace: boys are such liars Grace: like okay you're nothing like you were that day in town & you're actually 19 & I don't think you even wanna be here Janis: yep Janis: girls too, in fairness Janis: you're just used to that and not trying to fuck 'em so Grace: I just thought he was different, nice or something Grace: like you said I should go out with Janis: yeah well Janis: never said it'd be easy, like Janis: few and far between Grace: I tried really hard Grace: Like REALLY Grace: it's so stupid Janis: ain't your fault he was a twat Grace: I fell for it Grace: nice lads aren't here for me, obvs, I should've known Grace: I literally do know Janis: it ain't that simple Grace: It is though Grace: I'm a bitch Grace: Is Jimmy coming? Janis: don't worry about that right now Janis: nah, he don't need to Grace: Tell him I'm sorry then Janis: bit rude i don't get one Janis: it's fine Grace: I mean for everything Grace: Mia Grace: since he got here Janis: yeah Janis: pretty mental, even for you lot Grace: I told her, I keep telling her Grace: cos I am happy for you, like Janis: alright, I'll tell him Grace: Believe me though Janis: I do Janis: don't be weird, like Grace: you have to cos I love you, okay? Grace: but idk what to do about her Janis: I can handle her Janis: he can too Janis: but she's genuinely just Janis: you know Janis: you need to handle her too, yeah Grace: I don't work with her though Grace: or without Grace: cos she's not talking to me rn & look Janis: bollocks Janis: she would've told you to go for it with that lad Janis: come on Grace: I met him because she was being a bitch about you that day he was over at our house & I made her leave Grace: I wouldn't have gone into town on my own otherwise Janis: you could've met him any time Janis: and it's not about him Janis: you've gotta admit, he's not exactly out of character in your ex line-up Janis: can't think like that Grace: she would've said no & none of this would have happened so Tyler wouldn't have picked me up & mum & dad wouldn't think I'm a sex worker Janis: I didn't tell them you were a sex worker Janis: and she only would've said no 'cos she'd wanna be watching us so that's not like she's looking out for you Janis: not like she's got a sixth sense for dickheads herself Grace: I hate her Grace: I hate my life Janis: yeah Janis: I know Janis: you've got to get rid of her at some point Grace: Why don't you love me? Janis: Grace Janis: it'd just be easier if we didn't Janis: for all of us, you especially Grace: what does that mean???? Janis: it only hurts if you love or care or Janis: whatever Grace: but its not about Edie cos you didn't love me before Grace: & you love him, your boyfriend so Grace: what did I do? Janis: that's not true Janis: I don't know Janis: maybe I can't Grace: but you literally love him Janis: no I don't Grace: It's everywhere, all over everything Grace: I can't be on my phone without seeing it Grace: or in the same room as you Janis: yeah and how many of your exes did you actually love Grace: that's not the same Grace: I don't look at them like that & they'd never look at me like it either Grace: it's so fake, it has to be if I'm in it Janis: I've not known him that long Janis: no one has, like Grace: So? Janis: can't be in love with someone you don't know, right Grace: I know when I've done the wrong thing like IMMEDIATELY Grace: maybe you can still feel something that soon when it's good too idk Grace: not the right person to ask about love Janis: noted, babe Janis: just saying, think lots of people fake it Grace: Yeah Grace: sometimes you have to & sometimes you want to Janis: do you want to? Grace: when? Grace: I fake like everything, babes, you need to hit me with specifics Janis: well that's what I mean Janis: if your ratio is mostly wanting to, then I guess that's alright Janis: but it ain't so Grace: it's like I have to pretend I'm not freaking out whenever a boy touches me but I want to pretend that's not always gonna be a thing Grace: specifics Grace: I have to be friends with Mia but I don't want to Janis: Why do you have to Grace: ??????? Janis: be friends with her Grace: like I said, it's too late Grace: I can't go back and not tell her everything or have her with me for everything Grace: idk how to do things without her anymore Grace: I need her even if I don't like her Janis: 'course you can Janis: look at us, we're blood relatives and we manage Janis: you don't want her fucking up everything you do forever Grace: I'll have her to blame that way though Grace: if it's just me, it's literally me Janis: nah Janis: family album full of people you can blame Janis: easy Janis: swear Grace: she hates you & I wanna hate you, sometimes Grace: so I thought that would be easy Janis: yeah but she also wants to live in my skin so Janis: complicates matters Grace: but like same ?? so Janis: now you see why I didn't wanna come to those sleepovers Grace: fine cos I don't want you there being prettier than me Janis: 😏 yeah right Grace: ugh Janis: you alright Grace: I just didn't wanna cry here, you know? Grace: he'll think it's about him Janis: go outside Grace: I wish screaming I DON'T LOVE YOU BYE actually meant that Grace: instead of making people think I do Janis: screaming anything don't really help your case Janis: try 🤐 Grace: actually can't though, sorry Grace: 💘 or 🤐 Janis: I've got headphones Janis: it's fine Grace: Where's Jimmy's mum? Janis: not coming to pick you up, can tell you that for certain Grace: Is she dead? Janis: Don't know Janis: did Bobby talk about her lots then Grace: He asked me if we've got one Grace: & said that he doesn't Janis: yeah, she pissed off, about the sum of it Janis: don't know if he knows that or what though so Grace: Maybe he was too little Grace: he's so sweet Janis: yeah, pretty cute Grace: like really gentle, little lads are normally so loud & annoying Janis: girls are well worse Janis: especially the ones in this family Grace: duh Grace: you can say I'm most annoying, babes 👑 treat yourself Janis: was talking about the actual children, like but you know Janis: fight a toddler if you need to, babe Grace: Oh so I'm an actual child when a 19 year old lies to me but not when I want a 👑 Grace: so rude Janis: that's life Janis: don't make the law up, soz Grace: 💔 Janis: I'll run for PM when I get a sec Grace: I love that for you Janis: obvs Janis: no 👑 Grace: but you have any food?? Janis: food? Grace: I'm so hungry like all the time 😱😱😱 aren't you? Janis: nah 'cos I eat enough and at the right times Janis: I've passed hundreds of kebabbies and shit, we'll go get something Grace: 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Janis: who's gaff even is this Grace: UM idk Grace: his cousin maybe? Grace: no his uncle Grace: no Janis: don't need the family tree, I get the vibe Janis: are there any other girls from school there like Grace: that's a real no Grace: I would not be here Janis: ugh Grace: if I'm gonna commit suicide I'll do it myself thanks Grace: don't need them or their insta stories Janis: not my main concern Grace: ?? Janis: it'd be better if it was an actual party with school people Janis: not his cousin uncle and co Grace: Why? Janis: because why would he bring you around his older male relatives Janis: what do you have in common with him, never mind them Janis: it's so dangerous, Grace Grace: I didn't know it was gonna be this sketchy Grace: that's not what he said Janis: yeah well boys lie, remember Janis: it's fine, I'm only a few streets away now, apparently Grace: I'm outside so we can just leave, yeah? Grace: it's not gonna be like a thing Janis: nah I well fancy going in there and shouting my head off and all Grace: you know what I mean Janis: if you're outside then yeah, what am I gonna do Grace: I'm sorry Janis: at least you are okay this time Janis: I meant it when I said something's gonna happen though Grace: It won't even I'm so done Janis: alright, well you all say that when you feel like shit Janis: general you that time Grace: he's deleted Janis: 👌 Grace: Like, I'll obvs get new shitty exes but no need to go back here Janis: screenshot that one, yeah? Grace: 💜 Grace: he's not that cute, I was just over all the white boys Grace: no offense Janis: variety is the spice of life Janis: though literally no idea who that ginger you're talking about is Grace: I think he thinks you slept with his gf?? Grace: I set him straight on that, literally Janis: ha gutted i did that Janis: shh Grace: No way you would've, he showed me a pic & you can do so much better, babes Grace: trust Janis: awks Janis: poor ginge Grace: he wouldn't stop shouting at me like excuse me we're not the same person Grace: as if I'm gonna turn around and you're the back of my head Janis: you probably telepathically told me to do it though Janis: know what twins are like Grace: if she was cute, sure Janis: i don't think that helps us sound any less weird Janis: glad you went with a different clapback Grace: there's worse things than homewrecking someone that ugh Grace: but 👌👌 Janis: not taking that one for the team Janis: no matter how much of a cunt he was Janis: soz Grace: fine, wouldn't wanna risk barista boy's 💘 anyway Grace: a bitch but not that bitch Janis: shut up idiot Grace: he's so highkey 😍😍😍 & I think that's nice Janis: shame he ain't coming Janis: be hilarious if you said that to his face Janis: for me anyway Grace: I've seen enough PDA thank you Janis: you were definitely told to leave so Grace: I'm still mad at you btw Grace: & you can't make me leave a coffee shop, bitch Grace: I was mid ☕ Janis: that weren't my idea Grace: idc still 😱😱😱 Janis: your mates shouldn't bitch so loudly, like Grace: 🙄🙄 I know Grace: I'm so over it Janis: seems exhausting Janis: having to give a shit about what everyone else is up to all the time Grace: mhmmmmmm Janis: and just to be bitches Janis: seriously Grace: they're just hung up on you specifically cos every boy they want has asked you out & you said no Grace: boys they can't even get Grace: like it's your fault you're prettier than them Grace: when they have nobody to blame for how petty they are trying to be Grace: it's so boring & ridiculous!!! Janis: should fuck 'em just to really make it worth their rage but Janis: do you do it too, when it ain't me Grace: Ew no don't Grace: &? I know what I am, honey Janis: unlikely, reasons I said no Janis: I mean, it's probably easy to fall into that way of being Janis: like when you left all your shit at CG Grace: Okay no Grace: not talking about that with you ever Janis: why not, I literally had to give you your stuff Janis: we all know what it was Grace: exactly so we don't have to go there Janis: alright Grace: are you here or do I have time to kms? Janis: not trying to embarrass you Janis: and yeah not far Janis: this is just the longest street ever for some reason Grace: you should stop smoking with that boy Janis: please Grace: mhmm please do Janis: we're a long way from you giving anyone lectures Janis: let alone me Grace: it's still gross & you're already way thinner than me Janis: the ulterior motive comes out Janis: don't smoke enough for that, or lung disease, tah Grace: you can get fucked up by his sexy smoke rings, babes Grace: but sure Janis: that's 2nd-hand Janis: it's worse 'cos all the co2 you breathe out Janis: smoking yourself, way safer Grace: 🙄🙄🙄 Grace: I'll take it up then Janis: you'd have to get 'em off weird john Janis: no way you ain't getting ID'd Janis: any safety is dashed tbh, wouldn't bother if I were you Grace: excuse you literally have 19 year olds falling at my feet so Grace: well almost Janis: that like underage girls but sure Janis: probably ducked when he realised how virginal you ain't Grace: Yeah Grace: 2 years too late, sorry boy Janis: ick Janis: leave it out Grace: ????? Janis: that's too young Janis: it's depressing Grace: I know, I cried for like a week Janis: stop thinking about it now Janis: and chatting Janis: drive me to drink Grace: you can share this one Janis: alright, had enough earlier Janis: one of us should be vaguely sober Grace: did you sneak it into the fair while I was babysitting? Janis: ha Janis: after, went pub Grace: Oh okay Janis: did you think i was drunk Janis: was just a sugar high, like Grace: you left ASAP and I did when you got back Grace: literally wouldn't know Janis: did think it was a bit of a jump Grace: it's so rude that I can't get in anywhere & you can Janis: I'm tall Janis: and you've got a babyface Grace: like I said, so rude Janis: blame mum and dad Janis: neither of them brought it in the height department Grace: I blame avó, she's who I look like Grace: & she has that direct 🙏🙏🙏 line to god, obvs so Grace: she could have put in a word for me not to look like this Janis: get that you ain't meant to be a braggy cunt Janis: but bit of a slap in the face to call out one of his creations and say 'not again, thanks' Grace: 😂😂 Janis: also she'd give you a slap in the face for that one so let's hope she ain't in the kebab Grace: she'd wanna hit me for lots of things I do but Jesus loves a whore Grace: & she's never ate anywhere that isn't ours either Grace: doubly saved 🙌 Janis: 😏 Janis: not suggesting she's been out on the piss tbh Janis: it's late as hell and not midnight mass vibes, like Grace: if you're going that hard of the blood of christ, maybe just marry him tbh Janis: gutted she didn't Janis: probably can't dump your kid to be a nun though Janis: unfortunate for us all Grace: maybe I'll go become one Grace: can you vlog it? Janis: considering the vow of poverty, don't think you can show up with thousands worth of filming equipment, no Grace: tragic Janis: not even to mention all the others i think you'd struggle with Grace: well it's just mean if you don't tell me now Janis: come on then, I see you Janis: tell you all about it Grace: 👋 Grace: you look so pretty OMG Janis: let's not be texting and walking rn babe Grace: 👌👌👌
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diaryofanangryasianguy · 2 years ago
(1/5) I'm Mexican American, and honestly following this blog not only shows me a lot of commonalities that Asians and Latinos share, but also gives me insight to what a lot of Asians/Asian Americans go through, feel, and think through their own unique perspective, separate from my own Latino heritage. Allows me to grasp a bit of understanding of what my Asian and PI friends experience (though I understand each persons' experience is unique in itself.)
(2/5) these “teachers” stories reminds me of something my BF (of 2 years ❤️, and is Hmong) told me growing up in a white school was like for him. Quick background: He’s the 2nd youngest of 8 siblings, his parents are very traditional Hmong, his mom is a Shaman, and they don’t speak English (they are very kind to me and are 100% accepting of our relationship) (also I’m learning Hmong to communicate with them, I find it very respectful for me to learn, as my BF is learning Spanish for my family)
(3/5) My BF and I grew up in a predominantly Latino and Asian area, but he just happened to be on the line of a white school district/town so went there. Which brings me to my point: We often talk about our minority experiences, even now at our work place, school, every day interaction (especially those of “dealing” at times with white people and how can be). One thing stood out to me, and made me feel bad, was how he was teased for his Hmong physical features and culture.
(4/5) He would hate when his mom would make him some Hmong food and not sandwiches. He was embarrassed when they’d speak Hmong in public or at his school and not English. How his mom would dress him, was not “cool,” but it’s all they could afford because they were outside day laborers and factory workers. How she didn’t do things or have money like the white kids would. He was just internally and externally ashamed of his physical features and culture. *sorry for long post
(5/5) We share so much of this in common, & it’s one way I’ll say our relationship works, we understand one another’s experience as Asian/Latino American in uniqueness & similarities. He’s so much more proud of his culture as am I now it allows me to understand a portion of how Asian Americans experience life growing up here in the US. Even more so getting his perspective as a gay Hmong/Asian American. (also have commonalities culturally, but difference in our LGBT+ community experiences).
I agree with you on both our groups having a lot in common. I also grew up in predominately neighborhoods (and schools) of color with tons of Latino folks too. And when I went to college, I was actually part of a Latino fraternity lol. I was like one of the only Asian dudes but I never felt out of place or at least, they never treated me like I was different. Like even the brothers from the other chapters at different schools and stuff. I was never singled out because of my race. In fact, they even made me the leader of our pledge group (I was the only Asian). So I was the representative of the group even though I wasn’t Latino. But anyway.
So your boyfriend’s mom is a Shaman eh? I’ll admit, that’s pretty rare. As someone who’s half Hmong, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a woman being a Shaman. Maybe one or two somewhere but they’re very rare, more like extremely tbh lol. And that’s really cool, you’re learning Hmong to communicate with his family. I don’t know any Hmong tbh so you probably know more than me! On the flip side, that’s awesome how he’s learning Spanish for your family too. It really says a lot when your partner is open to learning your language.
Yeah, your boyfriend and I have some things in common. Both born poor definitely. Though I wasn’t teased for my features, I was always teased for being half Hmong. I’m Mien and over here, other Asian groups don’t like Hmong people. So somewhat similar to your boyfriend, I’ve always been kind of iffy and off-put about being Hmong too. But at the end of the day, it’s who we are. Regardless if we resent being Hmong (or Mexican) or however someone identifies with, that’s just who we are. And somehow or someway, we should learn to love ourselves even if it’s little by little.
And no worries on the long post! Thank you actually, for writing it all out lol. Appreciate it.
Obviously I can’t go into LGBTQ+ issues but to bring it back around to Asian and Latino groups in the US, we’re definitely similar in many aspects. We have very strong roots when it comes to family and our own cultural values. We’re big on cultural foods and have family-owned restaurants. Many of us and/or our families are multilingual and the older folks always talk about how much they sacrificed for us to get here (which I’ll admit they did and still do lol). Many of our friends or family members are immigrants. And there’s a lot more but with all of these combinations, we’re also treated as outsiders.
People don’t like when we speak our languages in public. Our foods are whitewashed into giant fast-food chains. We’re seen as dirty or breeding too much. Even though there are so many different ethnic groups among Latino and Asian groups, people always think we’re only one group. Both our groups have tons of undocumented workers, many that are tricked or trafficked over here. There’s just a lot to say tbh.
Sorry, I’m rambling on but there’s just a lot lol. Glad that we’re on the same page though because I honestly wish a lot more Asian folks would try to build with Latino groups more. We have a lot in common and even though we aren’t exactly the same (no one is tbh), similarities is a powerful thing. Thanks again for sending this in and you’re always welcome to!
Angry Asian Guy
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crystalrogue · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bitch, I don't communicate with anyone, I don't have time for asks. 😂 However, I do see these all the time and this time I couldn't resist. Time for a MySpace bulletin board survey thst NOBODY asked for. 💜
Lockscreen: The Ruby of the Sea. I honestly forget who painted her. Just search the #criticalrolefanart tag on twitter and look for The Ruby of the Sea.
Tumblr media
Homescreen: Lol, censored rat man. I've no idea who took that photo, I probably found it on this hellsite or pinterest.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
💕 Two favourite fictional characters? I'd probably go with my own D&D Rogue, Syreena. I'd die for her. I'd also die or kill for my dungeon master's NPC Plague. He is a kenku and he's one half of our OTP.
🕹Current Videogame? Hilariously enough, I don't have a computer currently that plays past 2011 games, aside from Stardew Valley. I'm working on it and I have many years of catching up ahead. I am replaying Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns on 3DS. :) Farm life!
🌡Favourite Season? Autumn! I like when the air is warm but a breeze brings along a chill. I hate being hot. I dislike being cold but I can always layer up.
🏫 Are you in grade school? No, I am a crone.
🎒 University studies? I graduated in 2017 with a BA in Music with minor studies in Psychology. I nearly double minored in French but ran into too many schedule conflicts.
🏢 Work? I work in Early Childhood Education! I care for upwards of nine 12-18 month olds. Some of you might find that beyond horrific but I find paradise in it.
📷 Twelfth Picture on Your Phone: I had to edit it to blur some names out.
Tumblr media
📅 Birthday: July 31st (sorry, I am just in love with my birthdate)
🎂 Age: T W E N T Y - F I V E (25)
📏 Height: 5'8.5 - The decimal is ridiculous but it's a habit. I always used it to avoid being 5'9 and now I use it to stay far away from 5'7.
🔑 The Key to My Heart? Somehow understanding how I work internally without me telling you and also loving me without question despite the disaster I am. Also, giving me all the space I require but still communicating often. Fuck, I really sound like a cat.
📖 Favourite book? I'm ashamed to say that I don't really read anymore. I have so many other hobbies and so little time. I guess Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire is my favourite book.
📝 Favourite Quote? "Forget about the practical applications." -Dr. Philip Swanson
🌐 Languages! Languages and etymology are big hobbies of mine. I enjoy picking up new vocabulary words in many languages, especially if I get a new family at work that has a home language other than English. I have had Chinese, Spanish, and Italian familes so far so I know "baby" phrases and common sentences. I know Italian from opera and also some German. I know French the best because I studied it much more recently. I tend to get genders and words confused between the three romance languages. I tried to lesrn Russian but the Cyrillic alphabet fucks me up so badly as an English speaker. My eyes can't get around some of it visually. I learn Japanese for fun. I have hiragana memorized and much katakana. Kanji is challenging. I very much enjoy the genderless language though! I enjoy singing in different languaes but I suck at singing in Spanish.
💻 Technology: I have a galaxy s5 phone and a 2007 laptop, THAT should tell you a lot about me...or at leat my finances. 😂
📔 Do you use a traditional journal? No! I did try to when I was groing up and then I tried to do digital one but I tend to jot down important stuff or just keep it all in my head. I cringe when I find old personal thoughts so it's better to have it in memory.
☠ What makes you angry? Fucking morons make me angry! Idiots. Racists. Sexists. All the ISTs! Drivers who don't use a turn signal! People who text and drive! Loud people! People who have no common courtesy or sense!
🐷 Junkfood! I think I have a big weakness for french fries. I tend to eat them a lot. Also, doritos.
🌼 Favourite flower? This may shock you but I don't have one? I like flowers but only from afar. Flowers attract bees and that stresses me out. Also I tend to kill plants. I even once killed a cactus. A cactus. I think succulents are really pretty.
📺 Favourite Anime: I don't actually watch too much anime anymore but I've enjoyed a dozen or so over the years. Don't judge me but I'll go with Inu Yasha or Rurouni Kenshin. Sub only. Dub can fuck off.
🎥 Favourite Film: I really love The Conjuring. I just think they nailed it in so many aspects.
📻 Current Favourite Song: "Elizabeth" - Ghost
🎙Can you sing? *Thinks back to six years at college, music training, voice lessons* I certainly hope so. Lol. Kidding. I'm a bit rusty now with no lessons in two years but at the time of my recital I was decent! I carry pitch without issue, I have relative pitch, I can sight reas a bit, I can sing phrases, etc. I mean, I'm in no way a singer who could audition for The Met, but at the time I thought I might be a nice fit for a Josephine (H.M.S. Pinafore) or a young, sassy maid character in an opera. 😂 My body matches more of the mama type character or mean hag though. 😂
🎁 Favourite Gift and Why? I have received so many thoughtful gifts over the years but one stands out quickly. My friend ordered me a miniature, hand-made, plague doctor figurine from Russia. It was to be like Plague from our d&d campaign. It was so thoughtful and precious!
👽 Do you believe in Aliens? I don't believe we are the only sentient species in the universe.
👻 Do you believe in ghosts? I do. I at least believe in imprinted energies, spirits, residual hauntings, etc. I think there is too much evidence (and personal experience) to deny something is there. I think it depends on how open you are. If you're closed off, so it will be.
⛪ Religious beliefs? I was raised catholic. I was bullied all through my church education classes (CCD) and the people there did nothing to make me feel better. Like, don't you suppose I should have felt safer under "God's roof" than at school? Jeez. So after a few years of that shit and then all the priests molesting kids, my mum was like "fuck the church, I'm out!" I was thrilled. I never had to get confirmed. Anyways, sometimes I feel like something is there. I definitely believe in inhumane spirits and shit so my core...I must believe in this somehow? Mostly I just believe in the energy of the universe and of nature. I believe in karma. I believe our souls can stay behind if we wish but I also believe we can reincarnate. I believe our soul kind of splits after we die, so you can remain but move on. Which is why I think we experience deja vu sometimes. It's complicated to try and put this into words. I just believe in being a good person to those who deserve it. If you're bad, bad things will come eventually. I am fascinated by religion though and find it very special when soneone truly believes in a faith. It must be so cool to truly feel something like that.
🌎 Where do you live? I live in New England. East coast, USA. :) Sorry my country is a fucking shit show.
📸 "Selfie!" Here is a photo from the night of my first Ritual!
Tumblr media
Thank you for indulging me and my fond rememberance of giving away too much unwanted personal info on myspace dot com!
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not-for-my-personality · 2 years ago
 A Tag
Thank you so much for tagging me @asjannasj  😄💕🙈🙈
I tag  @omgspookykookie @stray-kids-stuff @felixxtrash do it if you want to 💜 also anyone can do it if they want to😂😂😂
Name:  Franciska
Nickname(s): Franci, Fran (given by my dear friend who was lazy to add the -ci),Franyó (only with family, mostly mum), Csirmók (don’t even ask I was young and stupid😂)
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Sexuality: good question lol *finger guns*
Average amount of sleep: schooltime 4-5 hours, breaks 10-12 (don’t test my capability of sleeping I’m just a tired bean😧)
Dogs or cats: both,I grew up with them, can’t imagine life without either of them🙆 love them equally
Dream job: where I can travel a lot, and make my own rules, something free, if it’s more scientific then for example I would like to study sea mammals or big cats; if it’s artistic I’d like to be a writer or actress honestly idk (we love a decisive bean👏👏)
Zodiac: Scorpio sun, Scorpio moon, Gemini rising♏♏♊
Height: somewhere around 168-169cm (around 5′6,5″)
Hair and eyes color: brown hair on the darker side and amber eyes
Tattoos and piercings: none :3 planning on getting a tatto in the future tho
Lucky number: 5,11,14
Number of blankets: always 3, I like to cuddle them ^^’ even if they’re only by my side
When did I make this blog: 2015-01-11 (I had to look this up and now I see that tumblr thinks I’m a ‘02 liner, why tho I’m just a late baby from november leave me alone😳)
Why did I make this blog: for my fangirl needs ofc,it was always mainly about my current interests, it was for my book fandoms then I got interested in astrology at some point then I was in a 1D phase and an emo one also but I don’t think I posted about that and yeah I’m now mainly kpop, but still got other things in here. At one time I also wanted to become a fanfic writing blog but yeah that didn’t happen 😂😂
Hogwarts house: Honestly my sister raised me as a Gryffindor ‘cuz she thought I was one.... I think I’m a misunderstood Slytherin or Hufflepuff. (don't get me wrong I'm a huge potterhead)
Nationality: Hungarian
Languages: Hungarian, English, German, and I learned a little bit of Korean last year also I’m starting French this year and in the future I’d like to learn Spanish
I’m only confident in my English as a foreign language tho.😅
Favourite fruit: Pomegranate, blueberries and watermelon 
Favourite colour: purple, burgundy and aquatic colors
Favourite animals: omg okay so apart from cats and dogs I  really love otters and seals (this was one of the hardest questions tbh)
Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: I love them all but I’ll go with a good tea (fruit)
Favourite fictional character: I don't think I have an ult fave, so I'll go with Newt from the Maze Runner series,he's one of the faves for sure
Dream Trip: Thailand, Brazil and Australia is my top3 at the moment
Last film seen: To all the boys I loved before (my sister watched it like 4 times in 3 days and I was there with her, but cute film👌👍)
Songs on repeat at the moment: Suga - Seesaw, BTS - I’m fine, Selena Gomez - Back to you, MAMAMOO - Egoistic, Day6 - Somehow, Martin Garrix ft. Khalid - Ocean and the whole I am Who album tbh 
Favourite book: Ohh honey, I can’t pick a fave, there are too many; if we’re talking about which book made me think the most then I will choose either The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald or The Giver by Lois Lowry.
But my most recent faves are ones I wanted to read for a long time and those are The darkest minds by Alexandra Bracken and Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare (I know I’m late but I had other things to read....fanfics)
Followers: i have 88 lovely followers who chose to click that button and I still don’t know why 😅💖
Woahh okay, this was fun! 😊 Thank you if you read this through, I hope it wasn't that boring😂😂
Tumblr media
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loqueris-ad-lucem · 4 months ago
Part 3 of... A Brief History of.... Time.
That's Kind of Funny, this has nothing to do with anythint.
I just Read an Article about an actually pretty cute muscle chick responding to "Body Shamers" for her muscles.
And personally, I'm usually not into muscely muscley Women. I actually do Prefer a bit of a fat on my Women. I like Soft Parts. However, I dont UnderStand Criticizing a Man, a Woman, a Trans one way or another for Weightlifting.
I feel if more people UnderStood how Addictively Good Weightlifting Felt, their would be less Drug Use, even.
And that's not to presume everyone needs to or has to in order to be comfortable or to feel good.
I also think it's Funny Body Builders that die of a Heart Atrack at 40, telling everyone they need to get Fit.
But I think it's silly people would "Body Shame" her for being Muscular.
There isnt even any Runners High... I Believe, I dont Know, I dont Run. My Cardio Consists of Farmers Walks and Shit...
That Compares to Holding a Deadlift in Place for that Extra Second.
ooh. Actually, in Shtick... I'm too Big to Run. Does that Count as a Disability? :)
As an Aside, and as a Conservative Issue, very Goos for Small Business.
How about Working out Liability Issurance and a Tax Credit in order to Bring the Cost of Gyms Down.
Very Good Preventative Care and a Free Market Solution :)
Gyms Costs are Exorbitant
And even talk about Normal Ways to meet People for the most Complacent Generation that isn't a Bar.
If more people could Afford even the Local Corner Franchise. That isnt the one where your not allowed to Breathe.
I forget the name of it. That's Kind of a Sick Cult Franchise, by the way. The Met Head Alarm or whatever. Talk about Body Shaming people trying to Work Out.
Gyme Ka... :) Gyme Ka :) Lol
You could call the Bill...
American Plan for Universal Care and Health.
And it could just of Targetted ReForm of the way we View Health Care from a Free Market Angle.
I'm just Saying, cause my Dark Castle, it has a Big Luxury Home Gym and a Underground Sweat Shop of 12 Chackled Demon Monkeys, and a Mouse Familiar that Keeps them Company, that make Magic Ingredients for me.
For all of the Calle'd Fairy Nymphs that I Keep Under Nourished and Force to Train in the Nude.
I dont Know ive touched upon the Nature of Ration'al Market Approaches
It's not as Bad as it Sounds, on the Chackled Demon Monkeys, they there when moved in, they Work for the Stuff.
They seem not to Desire much Food or anything.
They all seem Happy.
I explained it this way today, I was just Talking to the Guy at the Corner Store in my Neighborhood about Corona, Lockdown,
These Colonies Relationship to the West and Mexico is, "She gave me a handshake and a receipt, your honor. Told me have a nice day and schedule an appointment for next month with my secretary. It was Voluntary."
I should've maybe added as its relationship with Florida and the Carribean is then, "I couldn't get her off my Mind. TheRapist told me that I should try reaching out, if I really had feeling about her."
Another thing I was thinking about today.
A lot "white" people need to let go of Preconcieved notions of Gaelician Culture out here.
That in Medieval Times thet might have learned from Druids or the Duetsch or Cathars, from Semitic Italics, or even Jews
I was thinking about these Crazy "White" kids, Columbine or these Rich kids that Burn Homeless people in Transit Authority
Because many of the Terms that "white" people bring to this Continent, are Terms of a Hindu Caste System
And Untouchables, which Gaelician and Hispanic People essentially are, If anything are even Entitled to be Bums, and Fools in the Street.
In fact I Believe it is even Expected, if you are some Standing, to actually be Charitable towards us.
And of course I would never Hold anyone to this. Because I dobt Believe in the Hindu Caste System. Iberians have never been Practitioners of the Values of Hindu Castes
In Reality we do nit even have the Need. And in fact I'm Probably going to set a few homeless people on fire one day.
But that's my Policy, indeed, for people Shit out of Luck in Caste, who maintain such terms on the Premises or in s Set of Premises
As The Constitution Naturally Solves their Entitled Status which Federalism and Federal Securities do not Guarantee.
Where do these kids get these ideas.
That somehow Black kids can be Shot in School? That the Law somehow, is or can Represent some kind of Gag to Attack "People of Color" as they say, in Scuela of the American West.
Potentially so long as Tr's en ch's coat, in their mind?
And again that's for People Like Marilon Manson to Really UnderStand....
Promoting a French Catholic, "White Supremacist" Message about being the Pale Emperor in the Basis of Chu State...
Again when I am, O't'r is, the Inheritor of Chu's Estate, is Ch'S^n, is the Descendent of Chu as she is Known. I Am...
I am Sugar, and this Approximately as Old as most Human UnderStandings Go in Western Academia.
I am Sugar, even From Puerto Rico and as it is the House of Musika.
Not a Mongolian Entitled Diplomatic Status.
Taino not a Souix
It sounds a little Ridiculous, it's not even as though it matters, Really. It doesn't. But I Really Am of the Direct Living Progeny of the Man Invented Civilization. Not in Iraq...
You say shit like that, and I remember watching a Documentary with an Italian Autorney General of some kind, responding to some sort of Criticism. He says, "Italy had a Legal Stystem, while Americans were Still Living in Caves."
And the Accurate Historical Point to Respond is then, "Yeah, I remember when We did that for you. Who the Fuck are you, again?"
As then, where does Zimmerman, in a Generic Hungarian Surnane. get the Idea that it's ok to Hunt a Black Child in Florida to his Lawn, so long as the Media may Promote you as "Spanish"
Maybe Sean Hannity can explain that one from the State of Israel
That's how Crazy that even is, I maintain People Maintaining a Surname of a Hungarian Census may be Subject to Questioning in these Americas, certainly as they Property Claiming.
They can Potentially be Hunted and Shot in the Street. That African Americans may Stand their Ground against them.
That if they are already the Precise Terms. Then such Terms are what may Continue to Justy a Western Block on Mexican National Interesrs, no less.
It's even as Real the Fact that this Concept of Westernism. Of Western Culture, and the Virtues of...
The Russian Federation is Practically the Sole Entity today, which Maintains Western Values as a Rational Discourse. Perhaps Nigeria as well...
The United States, this is Practically just Sumeria, at this Point. Europe, it is India. And even largely Akkadian,
And so even Germany just Kind of rolls over and seem to maintain that it is Surrounded as it is sort of Ideologically rooted in Assyrian Cultire in the Views of people like Angela Merkle for Example.
What the Fuck is even Italy at that Point on the Basis of Milanese Bar Association. Living so deep in Emiro it can not See.
That's again for Politicians, out of these Colonies.
We are not the same People, we do not share Beliefs, we are not Really even Allies, perhaps we may Conduct Business, but Im not even Completely Sure The United State of America can even be Colloquially be Discussed as One Nation.
Your Peoples Sole Purpose is to Distort the things I Believe, the things I Say, and Claim to Practice them on me, as though this is Allowable via a Federal Interest of any Kind.
And its Bullshit, and it needs to Stop. You people Stole from me, Stole from Hispania, and Pretend like you can Legislate a Pinche to maintain a National Interest.
Even again on this Language Game Bullshit, this "Legalistic" Homophone that "White" Liberals Believe in or think is Ok...
As they Practice Progressive Captured Interests, as though there is no Dissausion from them, "Voluntarily."
Jews in Poland, were Really to Be Sent to Gaeli Forno. To their Ovvn Pha'ur...
They were Really on Paper in the Middle Ages. Who who was Maintaining "the Hold?" On American Citizens.
That is even a very Real Metric, that The United States Government should be able to UnderStand, for any Premise that Maintains Hostility toward the Iberian Federal Union at Firma,
Maintains Hostility toward Us, on Our Own Territory, on or with Our Own Property.
I Will Shoot them.
And that's one thing that White Supremacists are Right about, perhaps, there is Little Compatibility between Iberian People, Gaelician People and "white" People, these "White Anglo" or Phillistines.
Your too National, too Supremacist. Too Foreign. Take Foreign Bureacracies too Seriously. Your all too French and this is not American.
Which is so Wrong, InCorrect, not Accurate regard any number of Historical or even Religious or Ideological Facts, and then as they are so Rabid in these Beliefs.
I Really do Maintain all your National Organizations are Sick, Operated by the Mentally Ill, potentially the Criminally Insane. And your Legislative Bodies are a Threat to themselves and Others.
The Standards out West are Constitutional, Period...
And so as they are so Adverse, Specifically because the Colonies are Organized too Expansive on Nationalist and even Nationalized Terms.
As this is even too Religiously, in ways which seek to Form Trusts outside of Defined State Bounds. And so, I do not UnderStand what the Solution might be either, if you do not UnderStand how that could Possibly be the Case.
It's as Real as the Fact that all it Takes is One Lunatic Praying on their Knees, Repeating to himself
"I Am American" "I Am Scuela" "I Am Gael" "I Am Israel" "I Am Free" "I am a 'white' God"
"I Am Sane, I Am Sane, I Am Sane."
Who is Essentially Quartered for doing so in an Illegal Currency...
To be taken Seriously by enough National Trusts Despite Property Rights, and anyone elses Constitutional Liberties to Destory Union Trust.
And never mind the Fact, depending upon the Definition, in many more Cases than not, in the vast majority of ways discussed in Colloquial Language, I dont Really Believe in Sanity.
The more Pressing Question is, are you Capable, are Rational, are you Functional, can you Communicate Coherently?
So of you are, there is Really no Basis by which to Judge or Define Sane.
So as that's how Amazing this is in a lot of ways. "White" Protestants need to Deal with their Own Problems, unfortunately. There is not anything I could do if I wanted to.
You people have made it Impossible for me or other Free Gaelicians and Hispanics to help you, even by Implication of helping myself.
And that is even, perhaps the Essence of Fuedalism itself. And as you Force me to Compete, for my Life even are the Terms in the Trusts of your Allies. Maintaining I am somehow Tradable
Your Sole Purpose is to be a Detriment upon The Federal Union, and the Moods of Gaelician and Hispanic People. That's your Religion? That's Pretty Patetic.
But, that's Fine, take the Speech Equity even, in fact in order to Humiliate us over the Media, that's Fine. Against "The Legal Ones, even"
But keep it the Fuck away from me, Personally, and you even claim to Put your Hands on me I Will Shoot you.
Aa a Legal Position even, for a lot of People to UnderStand. As a Legal Position, on Constitutionalism.
Potentially is Worth Organizations as the Federalist Society, beginning to take Seriously.
Coming to this Continent from Entirelly Different Positions, Entirely Different Standards and even Metrics.
Interpret this Forward or Back, Upside Down, Inside Out; I am not Equal to these People.
I never Will never Be Equal to these People.
People need to Stop trying to Redistribute or even Legislating as though they Possess any Direct Means of Controlling Federal Interests or the Private Market Sector.
And I'm going to Continue to talk about it as such. I'm even going to Continue to Joke about it.
It is Funny to me. It is Funny.
It may not be to you. It is very Serious.
What is that Potentially very Serious, is the Public might not UnderStand how Serious it is...
That is not Funny to me. That is Sad. That is Depressing. That is a Little Scary.
That I Look around today at Global Affairs, and how We are Prepared to Run this Game on you. And I can Win in One Turn.
And the North East, not just its Public or its Ledger, its Politicians, State, Local, Congressional: It is Delusional, and it is in Complete Denial.
They are a Dark Age Social Order living in Rickety Log Cabins in the Forest. They're Playing Crazy Witch in a High End, Full Stakes, LARP Scenario.
And I Kill Crazy Witches.
Read your Bibles, It's not as though you were not Informed.
I remember Watching MSNBC once. Ari Melber, one his "Correct my Dog" sort of Black Entertainment Segments, which isnt fair because you can tell he Genuinly Lives the Medium, has a Job to do. And he does it well. I love those Segments actually I enjoy watching Ari Melber.
But I remember once during a Conservation a Hip Hop artist he was interviewing made the Statement. "I Believe that, in this World, either you are Being Used or you are Useless.."
And in the Context he said it, he was making a Broader argument about something, I cant exactly remember, but I understood what he was trying to say in a Context. But it is the Language, this very Charlemagnic Language that does "irk" me.
Because that's what I'm telling you. I do not Desire to be Useful to you. I am Useless. There is Nothing to Use. Let Go of me, and then Stay the Fuck away from me and mine. We do not Share the Same Set of Beliefs. Where I Come from, One is either Possessed of his Own Function, or he Le's.
Even your peoples "Democracy" via the Currency. I do not Accept any of your Attachments.
Theres no Basis of Federal Law where I have to be Useful to a Fucking Regulatory Capture Scheme. The Iberian Federal Union does not have to Be Useful to you Fucking People and your Bullshit so Deep in a Hole I couldnt even be bothered to ask what it might Smell like. You People think is a "Greek" "Democracy." Stay in your Cubicle Face Down. And Keep your Hands Visible. You should not be here.
People need to be more mindful of what you might potentially be Claiming to Hold in.
In many ways to Put it Bluntly, I think the most Pressing Issue of our day. With Relation to the Colonies and the North Eastern Demand. "White" Liberals, primarily, I'll say, but then Certainly Entitled Colonials.
The most Pressing Issue that will Determine whether or not The United States is Sound enough to Continue at a Federal Trust in Association with the Requisute Carry.
That so long as the Maintain the whole of the National Census in a State of Capture. Writing off at the Progressive Interest of a Workmans Comp. What is it that they Believe is Illegal about Property Ownership in this Country. About Asset Holdings, no less. Never Mind Interest Claims as they are Relevant. They Recognize those even as Transitable. They are the Ones Claiming to Hold everyone via such a Claim, in the First Place. That everyones Interest are Transitable. But what makes them Believe that Property Ownership is Illegal? And then what the Fuck makes you People think anyone has to Give a Fuck about what you want?
Does everyone UnderStand that the Confederate Army Represented the Enforcement of those very Claims?
So as this is Useless to me...
Again, Nominal Claims, Nominal Philosophy. It is the Primary Contribution of "White" Anglo to Western Philosophy. And by Definition it may Be one of the Greatest Threats to a Rational Social Order on the Planet. So long as We Claim to Value such an Idealization, as Rational DisCourse.
Worse than simply Rendering Communication Meaningless, that is what the French are For. It then Claims it is Categorically Entitiled to Alter the Meaning of Language in Accord of it's own Subjective Assessment of its Emotional Value as a Sentiment. "To Hold a Virtue Highly." And then Enforce Restrictions, upon such a Basis. Because that it how it was Written Down. "We are 'White' Angels" In name.
And so it may be the Greatest Threat to the Social Order in the World, is "White" Anglo Heritage.
Gaeli, Hispani, Iberianism. Iberian Federalism is not now, nor has it ever Ben Nominal. Iberianism is Actual.
And the Iberian Federal Union and the Constitution of these Americas, as The Supreme Law of the Land, is not Nominal, it Is Real.
There is nothing that they Say that is Trust Worthy. Be Kauz there is nothing a "White" Anglo can Say that can be Trusted, on Paper.
In so far as I am Aware, I UnderStand that "White' Anglo Possess this Claim to Be Organized as a Global "GovernMental" or Regulatory Body of Some Kind...
It is not, nor has it ever Been the Case Here.
UnderStand, I do not give a Fuck.
Pi'T'r An'u.
Nominalism is even a Staple of Indian Belief Systems.
It comes to Mind when American Hindus got mad at Kamala Harris' niece for Super Imposing her face over a Hindu Goddess Riding a Lion Depicted with the Face of Joe Biden Killing a Buffalo Demon with Trumps Face on it...
People said, "How Dare you Characature our Divinites, their not Tropes for you to play with in such a way."
How dare you Question one of your Goddesses... but that Is what she did... in Spirit...
Yes... They are... Exactly that... Tropes...
Worthless... Templates...
Exactly what they are... And have always Been...
Worthless Charicatures... for whatever you Feel Like...
That is Exactly how it Works in Hinduism. So as we are All the Incarnate of some Divinity of the Three Deaths.
Fucking People need to Practice your Own God Damned Religions,
Stop Pretending that your Free to Believe any Fucking Bullshit you Feel Like...
How Dare You... Speak Out of Caste...
So long as you Maintain that my Head is not on Strait. Fuck your Stupid Cult.
Ohm Namah Sivaya!
I'm gonna Brutally Oppress every "White" Man on the Eastern United States, every Non Iberian Royal of Europe, with Fucking Hinduism...
With everything that they have Inherited.
In their Fucking Fantasy of Wrapping something around my Throat.
Your all Caste...
I Am T'r.
I Am O't'r... d!
And dont Forget to Never Put your Fucking Hands on me.
You Know what's Crazy as Fuck too.
I dont that much about the Group. But I'm willing to bet even in retrospect, it was Probably Greatly Exaggerated the many Reasons to Set them on Fire...
This Country did even Kill those People...
The Branch Dravidians. And I dont Know that much about them or their Culture..
And it did so for Fucking CamElote.
Meanwhile Bill Clinton gets caught on the Island.
That man, as far as I Know was Probably even Less Crazy in his Religious Beliefs than most People Claiming Divine Revelation
Even less crazy than my Positing Memoria of my Own Goddamned Ancestry.
You People set his Children on Fire.
How Dare Hindus not Respect the Depiction of Kamala Harris as Durga, Slaying the Buffalo Kraut.
The "Ole Rasa"
Where were all Vegetable...
The Depiction itself is DRM. Is Worthy of Worship in Itself.
Look at me, I'm Teaching Pure DRM...
Like a True Bodhi Broke on everybody Elses Street that I Paid for, for "Free" because I'm so Fucking Giving...
Stupid Fucking People.
There is no Sicker Religion on this Planet than Hinduism.
The Entire Religion is Ultimately Defined by Slavery, Experimentation on the Poor.
And to Control the Minds and Bodies of "Divine Rulers" and "Untouchables,"
Others, Out-Castes, Literally those without a Recognized Caste, on the Basis of their Free Genetic Lineage, and their Lack of Formal Recognition.
To Automate their Activity in Accordance with Public Needs.
The Entire Religion is entirely Scientific, Biological and Technological.
And "Voluntary" because Hinduism Recognizes and Incorporates everyones Beliefs within its Circles.
And again, Rooted in the Dogon Culture Instituting a Occupation Based, Financial Compound on Metalworking and Masonry in Favor Skinning and Tanning, Leatherworking.
I hope they Nuke themselves
Fun Fact: Semites, World Round earned their Pet Name, "Hook Noses" for the Shape of the Indian Peninsula. So BDSM and Fetish Cultures, Forced to Practice on their own Bodies, in Effigy, to Maintain Self Style. They Invented the Nose Hook.
I Will State my Religion is what I Se
And I will a Kill a Hindu upon hearing a Hare Krishna...
You People Dont Own me...
You dont Control me...
You do not Run my Life.
Know your Caste!
Tumblr media
Would you Like to Know more?
Before ya Know it, well get it Standard that only a Deferential Jew can be President of the United States.
The Executive Branch is Our Law, not of Caste.
Be the Kauz you wish to See in this World.
Word of the Day:
Technocracy - a system of government in which a decision-maker or makers are elected by the population or appointed on the basis of their expertise in a given area of responsibility, particularly with regard to scientific or technical knowledge.
On the Basis of Centally Politicized Metrics, it is Fundamentally Indian.
Day by Day, as even the rest of South Asia becomes Increasingly DisIllusioned by The Caste System or by a Standardized Caste of Untouchables
I wonder what they do with all that Money? All that Papyr? That Schedule, Right? :)
You Know how disgusting it even is I went through my whole life, you People even trying to Depict a Latin American Caste Systems that didn't Exist, but for Private Tiers on the Basis of Unionized Property Rights Leveraged over your Austrian Emperor
Property Rights are Representative of a Hereditary Caste System in your Eyes Apparently.
Everything your Owed by Right of Birth.
The Aryan Race
And no Ut.
No Ut'e... at all.
What was it General Girls Name said? "ART will be our Salvation"
So Sion'se will be Ar'gist of Ur Art.
No one Blind yourselves to the Fact that, before any regard for an Argument Before a Court, Biden invoked the Use of the Pentagon in order to Seat himself.
Is it Legal? Who the Fuck Knows anymore? Is kind of the Point. I Really Wish one of you fine "white" folks would explain to me what it is you think your doing?
Or maybe I wouldn't UnderStand. Cause I Really seem to have difficulty UnderStanding.
You Know a Segment I wanted to do once, it's become an Increasingly Popular Topic, while Trump was in Office, but I Couldnt stop laughing at more Bashic Shtick, and Language Game, was on Conspiracy theories. I used to Read a lot of them on the Internet with my Brother and Laugh, as we would Contribute in FreeStyle or make up our Own.
"So then this is what Princess Diana." "Which is why Tupac Fled to Cuba through a Russian Teleportarion Device. Trapped Biggie in that Movie The Cube." For Exanple.
And you Ask me my Favorite Conspiracy it's the Montauk Project. The Most Elaborate Conspiracy Theory I ever Read. The one where the Government Intelligence Officials, enlists Alester Crowley and a number of Psychics to Perform a Black Magic Ritual to Summon a Demon from a Parallel Dimension that Kills everyone in the Room.
But aside from this one, a subset of this one, more commonly Known, more Popular.The Phillidelphia Project.
The Reality that your all Shtuck in a Wall and cant Move.
Oh man, Speaking of. Something that I love to talk about.
That's as Good Sign. More Indrpendemce from that Ingot, especially Right now. That's just pretty normal.
As I've talked about before, even. That's kind of how Funny it is, the Democratic Party doesnt even Really need Laws. Let alone the Bar. But what its Definitely Representative of, even where it is a greater threat from an American "one nation" policy that is not Natural to the Constitution, it does Represent of more independence of the Democratic Party from State Laws, and Particularly on the basis of a number of Regional Metrics.
A Semi Related note, it hit me kind of late. The Context of much of the last few Posts, which Implied some very Clean Oppositions that Exist according to Lines Drawn. Also defining much of the Break Down in Uniformity. In Communications, even as a matter of Sectors. The Anachronisms of these Colonies as a Bloc even. The way I tend to Discuss Out West, and even myself and the Union, as According to Sectors that Exist outwest as Opposed to in the East.
The West is Almost Entirely Aztek and Meso American Chicanos are all... dur, Technically Aztek. Aztek being the most Recent of the Major Civilizations on this Content. It is in S^, if you will, the Most Modern.
However the Piss Poor Management of this Country Essentially Black Bagged House O't'r and the Carribean and Florida out of South America, Venezuela and the Yucatan, in essentially a Mayan Configuaration.
These distinctions dont Matter obviously for The Union and for Firma Owning Villas. As Representing Proprietary Federal Interests. But it Relevant at the varying National Stages as they Relate to Quartering Issue. And in part, Religiously Speaking Associated with the Spiking or the Impaling of "Veles" as the Devil to Turkic Slavic People, their Cultural Standards, as a National Bloc in a Martial Order.
I Mentioned Depictions. Many Depuctions in Art are also tied to many of the Chinese Prophecy Fulfilment Claims, manifesting Dreams, etc so even Manifest Destiny falls short out West, but Reigns True in the East, within their Own Ranges. And as they've been Claiming to Hold Puerto Rico Nationally on the Basis of Municipals which an Impossible Claim Constitutionally. Basically playing a Game with these Colonies, as though they Represent "The Rod," Coming Down upon Veles with the Rod, as though we all come these Colonies.
Since, I Claim, to have Experienced a Pretty Intense Memoria; Sometimes I Look up at the Sky and Think, "Peron, you MotherFucker."
But again it is even Worth noting with Depictions. They are even the means by which Crowns and Senate Seats were Transitable and even Tradable throughout Europe and the Roman Hegemony. It's very Indian, as Likenesses are Monetized in Luberalized Interests in Order to Fill Gaps in Power Structures. To Fill Vacuums, as they Call it. And its Primarly, if it is not the Primary Means of Competing against The Iberian Union. Then, again, as We are largely Avestan, thus, in that Region of the World, Persia, Bablyon, as Sephaurdi, we are UnderStood to be Zoro Astrians.
As a Regular Aside by the way, I am aware it is a theme of Zizeks Material Dialectic. And as Avestan, I maintain Relates to the Word Vista. And to note as I Believe the Dutch even Maintains thr Vista in its Vocabulary, however as there is Little Direct Association between Avestans and the Ancient Druids, except as they Maintain the Trace, and no Association between Hispani and Contemporary "White" Anglo of Deutsch, whatsoever, that has not been one of the Primary Goals of these United States for the last 200 years. Is Trying Desperately to Establish one. We dont use their Commerce. They use Ours even, which in itself almost isnt even Relevent in this Context, partially is.
But as Vista'n, Relates to Corporatization InterSectionally at Categories of National Interest. This is in part where we get the n from, in Colloquially Describing where people are from, in Certain Liguistic Groups. So as S^ are n, Via, Relating to how Harnessing of Legal Autority in National Sectors, it Occurs at InterSectional Use. And this is a Technical Point regarding the Ancient Phonetic, CUNI Form, amirite? :) Cuomo CDC. But I did just want to make note, at much of this Thinking Relates to M'R, I do not Recognize the Paralax, rather the Principle is I'Per. Directly Through. As Strait into Eyes at Equal Frequency.
So I will State one more Time; it is my Religion
I do not Desire to Do S^ud'e, but I Will, if I Must.
As an aside, you Know there is a Very Simple Principle as it Relates to Color too. Nothing is Colorful. Color is simply Light, Light Passes Directly Through Objects. But as everything is Structured by Atoms, Atoms Resonate at Frequencies and as any given Frequency may Reflect Color, or Light, their Mirror, along any Given Range, as they may be Polarized.
As an aside, you Know Progressive Music, Progressive Metal, "Nominally," is even the Attempt at Bringing Classical Structure and Form to Contemporary Rock and Roll.
Progressive Metal, a Form of Afro Asian Fusion, it is Gaelician Classical, Indeed.
And anyone who has but of UnderStanding ofthe Music Industry, or even Fuedal Clan Politics; there is no Horse Hair in Gaelician Classical. There is no Horse Hair in Gaelician Music. It is not Staple. From the Tamborine, to the Bag Pipe, the Horn, not even the Sansa or the Piano, to the Ele c tric Guitar, and then Certainly not Chuka; there is no Commercial Gaelician Premise in which Horse Hair is Staple. That is even as Funny as the Fact that Hair is not Gael, so as we do not Hail the Gaer. I remember once when Wayne pulled out an Electruc Guitar on Stage Like he Made it. Got Booed on Stage. Shsme on you, go Play the Blues Negro. Blue Lives Matter. Just Like all "White" Anglo were Originally Tori, Birds. Whoever the Fuck all these Whores are, I really do not give a Fuck. That's actually another Reason, now that I think about it, why The United States is just Fucked and seems not to Know it. You People have no Sense or have lost all Sense for Clan Politics as they are Entirely Customs Based and Economic. It's Part of the Absurdity of Vying Nationals Describing themselves as Aryans. Again Dogon is your Clan Head, they are the Proprietary Claim to all of your National Activity, As Firma. You are the Firma, as a Saudi House. Who ever Comes out on Top in Georgia via Caroligns. My money in on TI. And there no Implication out West or in Florida or the Carribean, no Connection. And that's for a lot of Politicians to UnderStand. This about The Law and Property Rights. No one gives a Fuck about your National Interest. These Colonois as The Government, no one gives a Fuck. No one cares about the Size of a Military that you've essentially High Jacked illegally if you claim there are no Property Owners of its Assets or potentially Sponsors of its Personell. No one gives a Fuck. That it may be in everyones Interest who has a Stake to determine that we can Continue Fueding after the US is taken care of. Europe will even Decide that for Dogon as Europe has more Pull according to the Higher Stakes. They would need to Fight in their in their Own Interest, because you have all the Leverage in their Economy. And then as Legally Speaking it is even us, Gaelician and Hispanic Americans that you have an Obligation toward at a Federal Interest. And as this is all the Liability of the United States Governments mismanagement of Federal Interests, and its Refusal to Recognized Proprietary Claims as Authored by Gaelician and Hispanic People, as Independent from the Colonial Expanse. Your Obligation as the Federal Government of the United States is to Us, as it is within our Trust. This is all My Home. This is all my Wealth. Ou'i! They'll say The Queen of England gave me back Florida Voluntarily and I Shot Down 9 Suns. and whoever the Fuck it is. Every black Man Woman or Child on MSNBC, I want to look em in the eye and ask them Persobally. What the Fuck is it that you are Claiming that I have, that is Mine, that Belings to you? Any why? And then as Quick as I say that I Know the Answer, its "their" Ho's. Black Women. And that is the Answer. My Blood, my Gene's. They Su'ute'ne'ur. Mar'El'ou. And that's how Ridiculous this is. This kind of Entrapment. They Define themselves as Ur and Claim a Suit on the Basis of DisContinuity. So I Come from their Ho's and hes their "Daddy." More technically hes their Mica, their Silica, hes their Brains. And then that's the Unfortunate Joke with a lot of this Really Bad Customs Theology, they dont have any Brains. Again, these Colonies Organized Openly Like this, ln the Basis Ancient Archaic Bullshit, its Millenia of Defrauding the Union, and Iberian People.
That's another thing for Southern Poverty Law Center, is they need to get the Fuck off my Dick if their Going to be Operating in their Interest on my Side of a Fence. And if or as it might be no Hard feelings, I would suggest they Operate out of Bew York and take Issue with the Deutsch. That's even how Interesting that whole Jerry Lawyer Kaufman Show was, in fact. I have all the Brains and the Gold. And hate to Break it to Vince McMahon, even. Who I've been Critical of Before, but mostly Rhetorical in his Case. I grew up Boxing, not Wrestling. Jacob could not Throw a Ponce. I Could. However, at the Time what I Lacked was a Standing Army. Rather than one that Le's that's even an aaide thing, I do alwats try to Explain to People, Particularly people into a Concept of "Black" Israel, except Jamaicans who are kind of in a Special Position to Se as it were, some of the people most Free to and fro, as it were. And I do Desire to note again, I have little regard for Black Hebrew Israelites as it were. Tnd I only Bring them up as they are often a Stones throw away from Jamaican Circles, they are Really Hostile people, especially against Hidpanics in some Regions of the country, they pop out of left field start staring you down, get in your face, practically smell you. The fact of the matter is, Hebrew is word with reference for Iberians, Primarily. And Iberians were Elder People of West African Diaspora. And as it is The Brew, the Mix, HRL, if you will, the Tan or the Bi'el, Iberians were all "White," or Pale or High Yellow, as its Known, in Accord with African Segregation Policy. "White" People are a Disease in Africa, it is Claimed to be a Demonic Curse, to be of a Light Skin Tone. Israelites the Offsping of Abraham or Jacob were Black. But I always try to explain to People that despite what they think about Israel or Christianity as some kind of Return of Israel as a People or a Movement. Jacob is Dead. That really was the Point. Jacob is Dead. Isaac had to be "'Razed' as an Offering." Jacob does not even Exist in the First Place. It is the Catholic Church, which to this day, Promotes that the European System must Recognize the Existence of Israel. So The French and Dogon Force West Africans to Speak about them, and to Represent them in their Religious Discourse, as Boca Harem is Funded to Rape and Pilliages in the Street. A Special then, Europa is not Yoruba. EU'Rope is not the Y Ar Uba. There is.. if you'll Excuse the Pun... No Tie. The Consort of the Greek Sirius, Mother of Perses and of Phallus, was even at the Time, The Queen of Aruba. Right there off the Coast of Caracas, indeed.
As an aside Randomly, "Hood Movies" came up today, "Best Hood Flicks of all Time?" and I'm not just Saying this Because I'm Gaelician or Hispani. If you've never Seen it, and you dont Mind Subtitles. City of God, A Braxilian Film, I highly Recommend it to anyone.
And for the Record. I Know what your thinking, it came to mind myself having only Written that Point yesterday and the day before. Not a Premise that Possesses any Stables... Perse... just People. Unless... ah... that's Right... and for the Record here. Part of the Reason why Black People in America can Go Fuck They Self, if need be. if the Liberal Black Political Elite are who you Roll Wit'. I say that indeed as Ms. Maya Lily Devi Harris, is the Vice President of the United States from India... of The Celt... the Iberian Panthera.. you Know how Real it is that that is The One Divinity in all of Santera that does not actually Originate from Africa, as we Know it. It's her Black Money though. Acquired During the Medieval Age. From where? From the Maya-As Sthick Civilization. Maybe one day I'll do an Analysis of BioShock. Kamala Harris is a Pornographic Actress, by the way. That's even for a lot of Conservatives to think back, how Normal Obama really was, he was just Kanji, Brush Strokes on the Floor. Nobody feel too bad about it. Damage is already done, and my Likeness is Long Stolen, I'm not Concerned about Kaurne or Shiva. And no i am not Married to Kamala Harris', her, Likenes, I dont care. But this us How Fraud The Liberal Progressive Movement of the Democratic Party and the Black Political Elite are, and why you have no Pull amongst the Union, or in Meso America. And why we may just Starve you for Energy, cause we Feel Like it, if ever you Feel so Bold. This is why the United States is not Going to Space. But the Era of Big Government is most Certainly Over. Rubio if you catch wind of this, this is for you to UnderStand. We need less welders. Less Ka amal'ga. Rupeer. For perhaps people who dont UnderStand, maybe picked up on some of the Language and Jokes I've been using, this is my EU'Logue. My Eulogy. As I've explained before, I'm Dead is the Joke. No one ever Forget, these 13 Colonies in Full Oraganization, are East India Tau'id, and it is Sumeria. As an aside loosely Related, perhaps my Favorite Nominal Cosplay Models... top 3 then. Catjira, Nonsumerjack, and Mikomin. Again these are Simply Ranked upon their Nominal Value to me Personallt, but Certainly as they may Be Possessed of Great TT's an Asa... and a Special mention for Maria Fernanda, who is just Braxillian and Hot. And who Seems new to Kauz Play. thus Speaking to the Plight of Gaelician People in South America. And for the Record "White" Anglo Culture is Dead. I don't want to hear it anymore. You people are the Worse Traitors upon any Principle of Higher Mind Claiming to Exist above the Crap in Human History. Go be Slaves. If your not Shtuck to Taxes, Prepare take your Ass back to Arabia. And I'll No'se all your Pimp'les you got on that Behind. Be'Kauz, I No'se ur Pimp'le's. I Looove ur Pimp'les, BB. *Suit Tauk* that's another thing I really Do need to go into. Because it's a very Important Point everyone needs to be Aware of. Exactly the Extract Rta. They essentially Hunker everyone Down and then essentially Trace Customs Exchanges via Villas under Duress. And so as they then Produce the Liberal Value of it Defines as a "State" or a "Form" and Entitle people to them via the Transitability and Teadablity of that Identidy as According to any given Shift in the Market. it is essentially the Harvesting of Souls. Of the S^ol, to Define "a Blue" Standard in Luberaluzation as they are Discussed.
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thisdiscontentedwinter · 3 years ago
I'm honestly not sure these people are even reading what you're saying other than like the 2 lines they're quoting back to you. Or maybe they're reading like every other word? I don't know why they are so dead set on thinking you are somehow insulting Scott, or Posey, or trying to insist he's white, when you are clearly not saying that at all. Like all you're saying is that it can be interpreted either way? And that the show really should have done better if they actually wanted him to be a POC.
One little thing about the “Delgado” surname: most of the latin american surname came from the invasion of Spain and Portugal, and they’re more common here than there, and in every latin american country you can find some surname more common than others, like an ex. in my country they’re González, Benítez and Martínez. And in Argentina, they have A LOT of european surnames. But having a “latin american” surname doesn’t mean you’re a latin american.
Another ex. I have a friend who’s last name’s Nara (japanese) and my brother-in-law is Scheffer (german I guess) and none of them are or look at all like a japanese neither a german. My brother-in-law is short and with dark skin.
Well, this comment wasn’t intended to clarify anything, I just wanted to say that surname and “race/body-face-looks-like” can not always match. Years ago, at work I had a co-worker that if you look at her, you’d say “she’s japanese” but NOT, pure carcass. I used to called her “fake japanese” LOL!. Neither she and her parents speak japanese, they grandparents came here a hundred years ago.
Also I thought Melissa Ponzio was latina because the way she looks! And now I think that at the end all these are just stereotypes that we have.
Anonymous said: the surnames aren’t even that reliable. there is josh played by a brazilian actor and with a hispanic surname in the show instead of the brazilian version. i doubt the name Josh díaz was meant to indicate this character was brazilian just bc the actor is
Anonymous said: Latinx denotes geography! Hispanic denotes language! Having a hispanic last name just means you have hispanic roots! Not to mention Delgado is from Spanish AND Portuguese! // Huh, I didn’t know that re Hispanic vs Latinx. Thanks anon! Also, that could mean that Melissa very well could be Spanish, and therefore white, and not have any Latinx heritage at all, right?
Anonymous said: i absolutely understand and support fans and fandoms that support and defend people of colour, plus characters of colour. but get your facts straight?we all know that scott mccall was written as a white character i mean didnt ryan(the guy that played parrish) audition for it, so did dylan too so tyler being mexican has no bearing on this particular character.&the fact that scotts mother and father are not latinx/mexican show how he was orginally meant to be white, disregarding thedelgado name.
Anonymous said: I have my Tumblr filters on, so I can’t see the Scott reblogs but I see fhpoc so I’m assuming it’s more bullshit. LOL
I’m putting all these asks together since they all touch on the same subject. 
Meanwhile, let’s all sit here quietly for a moment and ponder the strange mirror universe we all walked into today, where insisting that a show should have done better for a character of colour is now racism… 
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sinlapinthai · 3 years ago
Hahahha yeah i actually love learning languages and I know english and spanish from school and I also learnt chinese (but i can't really speak that well, mostly understand, especially since my mom is taiwanese so it was easier to learn and understand) and i'm also learning korean on my own so i can speak a bit but yeah hahaha not nearly fluent in both korean & chinese and even spanish is a bit meh. Oooooh !!! if you ever learn french i can help you too if you want haha I'll send you
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wow, I have once learnt basic chinese as well! But i have forgotten almost everything already lol. I can only remember some words tho, but only a few like nǐ , wǒ, and  hǎo  that i remember how to write. ;; And yes, thai grammar is similar to chinese which makes it quite easier for me. Only a bit different tho, like, when you want to describe a noun, in chinese you would place an adj before the noun just like in english, right? But in Thai, we actually place an adj after the noun. And this is how i start wondering why all languages don’t have the same sentence structure. If so, learning them wouldn’t be this hard. ;;
And you’re sooo coooool I have to say this again since you can learn Korean by yourself. I only know how to read the language, but too bad, do not understand any single word lol. It’s also one of the languages i wanna learn. But I don’t know I just feel like korean grammar is so difficult and confusing. And that even makes you way cooler that you can speak it even though just a little bit. :)
Thank you so much! That’s so kind of you. I promise if I start learning french and have any questions, i will surely ask you! Please be prepared! :P But for sure, I definitely will have problems with the pronunciation. T^T Whenever I hear people speak french, i always feel it’s so difficult to pronounce a word. And it kinda makes me afraid that maybe i won’t be able to do it. This is how i actually feel when I speak english. my english pronunciation is not really good, so I’m really not confident to speak the language. And when i pronounce some words wrongly, people around me tend to make fun of me. So it somehow became my trauma. lol But I try to get over it by practicing more and more. ^^
And why not? here’s my line id: musedel (my display name is deldeldel . ☆) you can add me anytime you want. Or if you want me to add you instead, you can dm me your id. :)
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