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writtenstars · 5 minutes ago
(belated) birthday presents for hubert || not accepting ↪ @vesselmade sent:
“Happy birthday, Hubert,” Byleth’s soft greeting came with the sound of boot heels against stone flooring, tap tap, “I got you something.” In hand, they held a book bound in parchment and scarlet ribbon—One Hundred and One Curiously Poisonous Plants: A Compendium of Murders, procured from a dusty pile in Abyss’ shadow library. They came to a stop, and presented the gift before them with a hint of a smile. If Hubert were to tear past the paper he would find another trinket inside. A balanced and light blade made with swirled Almyran steel rested between the engraved black leather cover and first browned page of the book like a precarious bookmark (Byleth would dare not mention the small weapon took a chunk of their meager savings to procure). It may not be much; it may not mean much either, keeping their strained beginning in mind. Yet, should they not show Hubert a gesture of appreciation on the day he had been welcomed into this horrible and beautiful world?
          HE  GLANCES  UP  AT  THE  SOUND  OF  THEIR  APPROACH,  at  the  tell-tale  sound  of  heavy  boots  on  stone  floor,  his  gaze  settling  on  the  parchment-wrapped  package  in  their  hands.  he  hardly  bothers  to  celebrate  his  birthday,  though  he  supposes  he  should  not  be  surprised  that  byleth  of  all  people  had  thought  to  get  something  for  him  —  they  seemed  to  have  a  knack  for  knowing  the  birthdays  of  all  of  their  subordinates,  don’t  they  ?  though  at  the  very  least,  he  supposes  he  can  trust  them  not  to  make  a  fuss  over  it  —  the  last  thing  he  desires  is  the  entire  black  eagles  strike  force  swarming  him  and  …  singing  at  him,  or  whatever  other  torture  they  might  see  fit  to  subject  him  to.  he  plans  to  avoid  dorothea  until  tomorrow  for  just  that  reason,  if  he  can  help  it.  
          ❝  no  gift  was  necessary,  though  your  effort  is  appreciated.  ❞  hands  extend  to  accept  the  package,  surprisingly  heavy  for  its  size.  fingers  trace  over  the  shape  beneath  the  parchment  paper  —  a  book,  most  likely,  in  his  estimation.  they  have,  he  must  admit,  always  been  rather  adept  at  gift-giving.  he’d  once  thought  them  to  be  disturbingly  astute,  but  now  that  his  initial  suspicious  have  largely  been  proven  false,  he  finds  he  can  appreciate  the  attentiveness  more  readily.
          deft  fingers  tug  the  ribbon  loose,  then  with  one  clean  motion,  he  tears  away  the  paper,  revealing  the  weathered  tome  beneath.  from  the  look  of  the  cover,  it’s  clearly  quite  old  —  the  engraved  writing  on  the  cover  is  speckled  like  it  may  have  once  been  inlaid  with  something  metalic,  but  has  long  since  worn  away.  it’s  not  a  book  he’s  seen  before,  and  one  thin  brow  lifts  in  curiousity  as  his  fingers  trace  over  the  cover.  perhaps  more  curious,  however,  is  the  item  wedged  beneath  the  front  cover  —  he  flips  the  front  cover  back  as  soon  as  he  feels  the  shape  of  something  underneath  it,  and  promptly  slides  the  weapon  from  it’s  leather  sheath  to  inspect  it.
          the  metal  is  thin,  but  deceptively  strong  ;  altogether  the  design  is  rather  simple,  devoid  of  any  ostentatious  filigree  or  unnecessary  ornamentation  apart  from  the  whirling  patters  on  the  steel  itself,  the  craftsmanship  is  indisputably  fine.  he’s  familiar  enough  with  the  style  —  the  particular  method  of  forging  the  metal  leads  to  the  intricate  patterns  that  grace  the  blade.  though  some  may  prize  them  for  their  unique  appearance,  the  purpose  to  it  is  entirely  practical.  just  the  sort  of  thing  he  would  expect  from  the  former  mercenary.  
          ❝  this  is  almyran,  ❞  he  states,  perhaps  somewhat  needlessly,  as  he  glances  back  up  at  byleth,  the  dagger  still  poised  in  one  hand.  ❝  you  must  have  gone  through  some  effort  to  get  this.  the  blacksmiths  at  garreg  mach  would  never  be  capable  of  this  kind  of  craftsmanship.  ❞  he  pointedly  does  not  mention  how  much  he's  certain  such  a  thing  would  cost,  though  he's  well  aware  that  it  was  likely  inordinately  expensive  compared  to  any  number  of  gifts  they  could  have  bought  from  the  market.  
          he  pauses  to  return  the  dagger  to  it’s  case,  then  closes  it  back  inside  the  book.  the  look  he  fixes  byleth  with  is  scrutinizing,  as  if  attempting  to  unravel  a  mystery  five  years  in  the  making.  ❝  you  do  realize,  you  know,  ❞  he  drawls,  ❝  that  were  i  to  still  be  inclined  to  kill  you,  you  would  only  be  making  my  job  easier.  ❞  
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winepresswrath · 8 minutes ago
hello! for future reference, what do you think about people sending you vaguely salty asks that are sort of discourse-adjacent? i don’t .. think any of my opinions are even that bad or bashing and I do try to be fair but I am definitely a little frustrated (at fan behavior specifically) and if you don’t want people to dumb in your inbox I totally understand
Hi anon! I don't mind, but I may not answer if I'm not up for it or I don't think I've got anything useful to say in response. I may also not notice that it's supposed to be discourse adjacent salt, depending on what it's referencing- I'm pretty out of touch right now. I genuinely am not actually sure what is currently happening in the fandom. If it starts to bother me I'll let you know!
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idonotdrinkxwine · 12 minutes ago
//Y’know, I’m seeing the relationship stuff on my dash and it’s interesting that every time I imagine Daryl doing relationship stuff it doesn’t feel exactly right. It feels kinda forced if that makes sense?
//but it’s only in the realm of s/o relationships that it feels like that. Like, friends and familial relationships he’s good with. But when it comes to the bf/gf thing it’s more excited romantic thing without the physical stuff.
//it really makes me think he might be ace, with demiromantic leanings but I’m cool with that. Definitely good with that. UuU b
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izumis · 14 minutes ago
wait i really dont shut up about gojo lately
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michaki · 15 minutes ago
MICH I JUST FINISHED SEASON 3 OF FREE N IM SOBBING WOW (just watch the very VERY ending like the last couple of seconds when/if u get there) BC OW FOR LITERALLY NO REASON
shame sweetie, i still haven’t seen it and i don’t really think i am tbh— free is such a good anime, i’ve seen it a long time ago but i have my list filled at the moment 😞 but maybe? so i can’t give much feedback, sorry :(
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chiken-uh · 15 minutes ago
haha..... I keep on switching from the love in a song dj heartbreaker annihilation mix and the original they r both good....
also I really think this one ship goes with is love in a song but it really doesn't ijustlikethesongalot
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aestuavis · 15 minutes ago
▸ @kataomci​ || starter call ( accepting )
Tumblr media
|| 泉 || :: there was BLOOD around her lips, a shade of dark red smearing over her expression where the corpse of what looked like HUMAN fell from her grasp towards the ground. the moment it hit the dirty surface beneath them, however, the BODY simply disintegrated and disappeared right in front of their eyes, leaving naught but the RESIDUE of crimson which the VAMPIRE HUNTER used her long sleeve to wipe away, not hiding the glow in those hazel hues of hers as they landed upon the stranger.
                “ it’s not human, if that’s what you’re wondering. ” she wasn’t either.
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aro-aro-aro-ace-ace-ace · 16 minutes ago
me at age 14: why do people play matchmaking games? it would be impossible for me not to win a "don't catch feelings" challenge. i am a fully normal, allo teen... i'm too cool to lose. there can't be any other explanation,,
me, now an established aroace: oh so that's what it was huh
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michaki · 16 minutes ago
BABY GURL, What a lovely ending to your SMAU. Thank you for putting up chapters and dealing with all the hate. TBH, I'm expecting (which could also sound demanding) you to take a break, love. Get your health in tip top shape! We care and love you so if you do decided to make another one you'll be ready to handle the amount of shade, hate and love. Thank you again for making the story and giving us a happy ending!! Lots of Love! <3333
ahaha, a little too late for the break. although, thank you so much for reading and for the support that you had given me during the story. but for the amount of shade, hate part— aha, someone to you was the first time i ever received any disclosure but it’s okay. but i can’t wait to release the new series :)
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tender-rosiey · 17 minutes ago
Okay children of mine, I have injured my index finger and thumb so progress might not be as fast as usual 🚶‍♀️
So yeah either than that have a good day/night 💘
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michaki · 18 minutes ago
thank you for someone to you really enjoyed the story and journey, hope you take lots of rest and relax now ❤️
thank you so much for reading, i’m glad you enjoyed 🤍 but it’s a little too late for the last part as i’m already four chapters in the story smau [it’s not released yet]
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thequirkybookaholic · 20 minutes ago
Procrastination mood is watching a 20 mins video explaining the hidden poverty and capitalism in ratatouille movie,, simply to feel something while preparing for exams and at the verge of a full blown meltdown and finding this raw ass metal quote about capitalism abd that will stick with me forever
“These places aren’t made for people like us. Our job is to get in, steal what we can, and get out”
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sodabutch · 24 minutes ago
I blocked everyone I don't know so I now feel comfortable enough to be cringe on main. buckle up besties I'm having Emotions about crowley gomens again.
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