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#someone go check it out >:3
unproduciblesmackdown · a month ago
extra appreciating how in do you wanna ride it’s jeremy’s weird over the top performance to successfully interact with brooke as directed / kept in check by his squip and brooke’s weird over the top performance to successfully interact with jeremy as directed / kept in check by chloe
#things that aren't secret but not always focusing on the more zoomed out goings on lol#or even noticing everything going on b/c there is a lot#like having paid attention in ilpr to what all is setup for payoff in The Play (act 2 scene)#fun how many Parallels there are to draw all over the place around here#like that jake and chloe are both the Most Socially Successful People here but jake's trying to kind of break the rules while chloe is#doubling down on them...which means also having essentially the same role as a squip to brooke#and also just kind of in general in trying to Play The Game and strategically Win(tm) all these interactions#also was thinking about like ''bold to claim jeremy dated someone they actually know and could conceivably follow up with on this''#but you can just explain it readily enough like either chloe's so down to accept anything negative about madeline that she's less interested#in potentially getting one over on this random guy than she is having that further verification she is a life ruiner....#And/Or that she just wouldn't want to talk to madeline at all for any reason lmao. plus that she and brooke are also at least somewhat#actually friends rather than it Just being a completely equivalent parallel to brooke having a squip and if brooke's going after jeremy then#possibly chloe would not try to actively fact check these things. like could she have asked jenna? maybe. but would she....guess not#bmc#anyways i just find all jeremy and brooke's dynamic extra fun lmao. both getting on the mall shop floor technically unprompted....#edit: in addition that ending when she like stands up 3 inches from jeremy and then whacks him on the face with the straw....SO funny#some moments sure are extra getting me right now and that's one of them lmfaoooooo
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abombihoney · a day ago
Hi I'm not dead!
Chapter 7 is up.
(Sorry about the delay.)
you don't have to apologize! what you do or dont do is totally up to you!
That said, is the narrator omniscient or third person limited? im too lazy to check the other chapters to look but it super looks like maki has crush on muze lol
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ari-is-anxious · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Look,, look at her,,,, my beloved-
(also I am continuing to flagrantly ignore standard anatomy and I am having the grandest of times thank you for asking)
#okay so izzy (@thewhizzyhead) drew some very smart parallels between checkate & cheerwives in her reblog of my last bit of fanart and so#*phineas voice* ferb...i know what i'm gonna ramble abt today (also please please go check out her tag ramble it's v cool + insightful!)#so the parallels between cheerwives + checkate r especially interesting to me because i always drew similarities between cheerwives + katev#obviously kate and cairo are (on a surface level) pretty similar and their arcs and bestfriend relationship parallel eachother nicely#(again. go read izzy's tags beneath my last post she goes into it in-depth there & i don't intend to retread her super well-put points)#and then riley and eva have multiple similarities between them#the work ethic and focus on success (eva's whole song is basically 'i just came here to pursue a scholarship please. stop') and the-#captaining of their respective teams most obviously#and then it's especially interesting because cheerwives + kateva sort of begin + end the show in opposite states#at the beginning of watt cheerwives is incredibly close and dependent on eachother for support whereas kateva don't even know eachother#and then by the end of watt cheerwives is effectively broken up and not speaking to eachother whereas kateva is in a committed relationship#okay now pivot back into checkate v cheerwives territory because i wanna get this thought down before i forget#okay so while cairo + kate/their sides of their respective relationships parallel eachother thematically#i'd say that chess and riley parallel eachother in their character role as it pertains to their best friend. see- i've always thought of#cairo as a sort of honorary move on member (as by the end of the show she's very much lost someone close to her for the foreseeable future)#but that also comes in viewing riley as an honorary ghost. and that especially becomes true when you draw connections between the state of-#cheerwives + checkate in the lead up to one of the members' 'death': by the time chess is dead/riley's tied up both relationships still-#unresolved conflict with eachother. checkate have a huge fight and kate walks off before they can resolve it. the next time kate sees chess#she's dead. and similarly- cairo and riley have a fight in the kitchen and (after finding 3 dead bodies and blaming the freshman together)-#proceed to not to talk to eachother for an ambiguous period of time. the next time they have a personal conversation w/ eachother is after-#riley's had her breakdown—and even then they're pressed for time bc the police are coming. in both relationships there was a failure in-#communication- a failure to even attempt to resolve it- and now they're out of time. they're respective stories are intended as lessons abt#miscommunication- the shortness of life- etc. so then bringing it back to the kateva parallels i wonder how they're supposed to fit into it#but i'm quickly running out of tag space so i'm afraid that discussion will have to wait 'till another day! soon kateva...soon#we are the tigers#watt#wattroleswapau#roleswapau!mattie#move on tw#death ment in tags
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starstruck-sheikah · 2 months ago
can’t believe it took me this long to realize but hero au mipha with That Tunic....
Tumblr media
more pics under the cut ig!
Tumblr media
yeah that’s ruta on her shawl i wanted to keep this under wraps but ruta’s her motorcycle....the vah rutacycle...idk if i have enough room to stick that in the actual fic tho, i feel like she’d head straight to save zelda asap
also the Difficulty of trying to make her older and her youngerself have the baby face...yearh. one day i’ll reach a good balance
Tumblr media
she gets taller <3 also there’s me trying to figure out if i still love or not zelda’s new hair yeah anyway
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tanzderwhat · 3 months ago
it’s 1 am and i’m thinking abt how in middle school my best friends and i tried to write a story together where the characters were based on ourselves and at first it was supposed to be its own little, well, story, and the characters were supposed to have their own distinct little quirks that distinguished them from us but it eventually just became a rant book. we projected so much. the characters did things we wished we could do; they had classes with each other, something we could never have because we weren’t in the same grade levels. and they stood up to the people who mistreated them; i never had the courage to do so. i reopened the documents the other day—about 200-ish pages in total—and i knew that what i was reading was really stupid and horribly written, but i couldn’t help but feel very sentimental about it because through the ugly writing and odd humor, i could see the parts of our middle school selves that spoke through the story, the parts that longed for friendship and courage. what i read was, at the time, just a fun little hobby, but looking back at it now, that thing is flooded with despair.
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rainimusings · a month ago
shaming music fans for stanning real human beings is capitalist propaganda
#''oh! oh! you support people? you support other human beings so they get to have food on their tables?! shame on music stans for 100 years'#the us model exploits artists they keep saying it they keep asking fans to buy their music merch tix bc streams barely pay#unless you're a megastar with a massive fanbase you're getting nothing from streams#and the payola stuff.. all the money put into streambots and playlisting and radio comes from the artist they in turn get ghorar dim#idk how a big group of music fans still scream that charts shouldn't count sales or sales shouldn't be a thing in ''streaming era''#aside from of course racism lol but really? these people are fans and not antis? why would you pray your artist starves#how many times someone comes on radio is not an indication of their popularity or how rich /they/ are.. it's the label doing their most#to.... idk capitalism is a brainrot. it's the artist who's exploited and in 2021 if they're /more/ exploited it's bc of bigotry#the hot takes like ''stop music sales'' and ''fans buying music is invalid since gp doesn't like the artist'' exist bc there's a korean#group with mostly korean songs selling out the perceived gp favored popular artists...#one day music fans will admit that gp support is a myth but that needs unlearning racism.. which needs /acknowledging/ racism..#something that probably isn't happening anytime soon since media's busy with um... techno-orientalism.. as part of something bigger#but let's not go there the gp here already shrinks at the mention of k- anything like a leech touched by salt they'll call it a reach#the usual the usual#if i go on it'll turn into a rant about * so i'll end here please treat your fave artists like human beings and don't join antifandoms thx#personal#oh yeah reminder that streams get filtered because the algorith is very much anti human and filter rate on bts's streams last i checked#was 46% . that's not ''these are bots streaming'' that's bots deleting. bots don't fill up stadiums#...i want tours back i know my country will get at least 3 days but the increase in numbers scare me just how big is the fandom here now#if i don't get tix bc of rm's ardhangini istfg#r
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kyunsies · a month ago
oh my god someone hug me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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bennetnasch · 5 months ago
man things feel pretty great lately (except for the constant exhaustion) but i keep thinking about how im like, one or two bad days from being convinced that the whole world isn’t real and it’s like. huh. that puts a damper on things
#personal#hallucinating less lately <3 still paranoid as all hell tho#im coping pretty well all things considered but i can't deny that like#a large part of those coping mechanisms IS telling myself that it's all in my head#weeks ago i had a whole Thing happen where i remembered something completely false. like the whole memory was extremely vivid#but it had never happened!!#i had a Real Life Breakdown about it and if i hadn't had a friend to talk to at the time i probably would have hurt myself somehow#like not on purpose just . somehow#very scary in hindsight#and it brought the whooole thing to the forefront and ever since ive just been constantly thinking about how many things i believe#that might not be true??#and god it's soo hard to even go to other people for like. reality checks. so many of the things i would ask about are BLATANTLY weird#and it's like ok if i know for sure that if i asked someone would tell me it wasn't true. but im still convinced it is true. what do i do#like im living my life by imagining 'what would a normal person do' and just like. skirting around the things my paranoid brain believes#living one step removed from my own head cause MY opinions can't be trusted#not in a dissociating way just in a. having to take time to think extra hard about everything kind of way#it's better when im not alone but ... pandemic!#and also once im out of isolation im not convinced this is gonna just go away like it never existed#cause this is obviously just a manifestation of my existing mental health issues in my current situation#haaaate feeling like im actively going completely crazy. also terrified to talk about it to any medical professionals#i already FEEL crazy and i can't have people actually TREATING me like i am!!#ANYWAY im fine right now im just thinking about it all the time. every second i spend not thinking about something else#im like. i dont . know what to do.... i dont know if it's fine or if it'll get worse#and also the feeling that im just a really bad day from completely losing my entire trust in the reality i perceive.......#im here because someone tw'd 'unreality' and i was like. should i heed this warning. will that hurt me...#i feel like... i should be careful.... and just assume if it'll make me go on a rant in the tags i should probably not look
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