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#someone made this joke earlier
loudly--unladylike · 5 months ago
what's all this about ranboo and tubbo renting an apartment? I'm so lost lol
Ok I'm on my phone rn so I can't link to the timestamp (I'm sure someone's posted a clip aha) but Ranboo and Tubbo explained this funny story on Ranboo's alt stream earlier:
Basically, as the gang where all hanging out in Brighton over the span of two days the boys needed a hotel but they had an issue booking one because they are both under 18 so Tubbo's logical solution from here was to buy a 2 day lease to an apartment for him and Ranboo to stay in for the night
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sandersgrey · 3 months ago
Personally I'm not really into Maria/Kit, mostly because of personal taste, but I'm glad Kit has people on his side and that he has a better support network now, and also i think its hilarious (complimentary) how the fandom already named her and gave her a whole personality. Glad you guys are having fun jrjdjfmmgkgkgmf
My baby deserves to have people his age who care about him <3
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rabble-dabble · a year ago
is that johnkat server still a thing and are you accepting new people?
oh baby it’s ALWAYS a thing!! 
the johnkat server has been running since September, and isn’t closed off for any reason! me and a few other mutual have made multiple (still open) links for our followers, and every month or so I remember to post a new one for all the recently joined so that you’re given the opportunity to join us and talk about johnkat (among other stupid things - we’re ridiculous on tumblr and we’re ridiculous on discord lol). 
everyone and ANYONE are allowed into the discord, so as long you follow the few rules we have (which is mostly about respect) and you’re not there to troll. keep in mind, the server IS focused around johnkat, but it doesn’t have to be if you don’t want it to! (we have multiple channels which include one for games, other hs related ship art and regular art, and just whatever temmie or you guys prompt me to create for what you want.) the server also isn't age-restricted (so no sexual art because not everyone is comfy with that) but we do swear, sometimes go into heavy topics, and do post heavily-themed art (that we tag and spoiler accordingly, and you can read more in the rules of the discord if you join). overall, we’re really nice and are always looking for more peeps to join our little circle for some fun, so don’t feel nervous about joining because me or others will always give you a lil welcome!!! 
and, oops, i used your ask to advertise. well here’s a link for an invite for you and if anyone new is interested!! hope to see you:
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nehraa-asaaranda · 8 months ago
1. Is your muse a romantic? Do they dream of love and marriage?
5. Is your muse comfortable with public displays of affection? 
9. Is your muse attracted to any features in particular?
1. Asaaranda would say she doesn’t dream of being in a relationship. But truly there are some nights that she can’t ignore how cold her bed feels to sleep in all alone. She has watched how others pair up and wonders what it would feel like to have someone look at her with that much love in their eyes.
When she falls she falls hard. She doesn’t have a real understanding of marriage but if she’s with you she’s in it for the long run.
“I’ll leave only when you bid me too. Until then, I’m yours.” 5. Asaaaranda has a strange relationship with public affection. She wouldn’t mind sitting on each other’s laps in a tavern, a playful smack on the ass, or even flirtatious comments. Hell, she’ll even joke about her sex life without batting an eyelash. 
It’s the more delicate and sweet touches that will fluster her beyond belief. The moment it goes past desire and becomes romantic she’s all blushes and checking to see if anyone noticed it.
Answered Here
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awfulphlebotomist · 10 months ago
being sexy would be easier if my fucking VOICE didnt keep cracking
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victory-cookies · a year ago
I feel kinda bad for my sister, bc in her friend group she’s the most... g-rated (like, she doesn’t swear and tends to dislike more adult humour), ig? and I think bc of that all of her friends see her as some innocent, naive, sweet summer child, and are always like “oh poor [sister] she wont get this” when making more adult jokes or they assume she doesn’t know what things are or what they mean. like, they though she didn’t know what tiddy/tit meant. she’s in high school. jesus
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copperpicture · a year ago
me: “haha i am playing video game with my friends and having fun :) i will join the voice chat with the random strangers on the team because i am a profesheeunal gamer :)
some fucking dude WHOLLY out of nowhere the litcheral instant i joined, with a very large amount of passion: “--no! if youre non- nonbinary? you can go die! if you’re nonbinary you can go die. fuck you for making more terms for me to learn”
Tumblr media
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