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A Random Munkustrap Headcanon
Jellicle cats either have homes or are strays indicated by whether or not they have collars and also what the songs say about them. All cats who have lyrics implying they have owners also have collars, with the exception of Jennyanydots (as far as I could see anyway).
So lets talk about our boy Munkustrap.
Tumblr media
Look at him. What a pretty collar! Even has a little ring on in from which you could attach a lead and walk your pussycat's stress away.
Munkustrap's collar indicates he has owners, but he is also the junkyards' sworn protector. Why? If he has a home he wouldn't be there all the time, why would they all rely on the protection from someone who may or may not be there? Why is this housecat the protector?
Because he was abandoned.
Munkustrap was left behind when his owners moved away (something that sadly happens A LOT in reality) and he took refuge in the junkyard as a young cat. Munkustrap seems to have a special bond with Jennyanydots from the fond way he sings about her and from the trust he seems to have in her charge. Perhaps Jenny helped him out as a stray and took him under her wing until Munkustrap grew up to now thrive as a stray. The Jellicles would only meet once a year before Munkustrap created a safe haven out of the junkyard that they used to meet and that he took refuge in and now he protects those who were also abandoned or lost, not wanting anyone to feel alone, unsafeand abandoned the way he did.
Tumblr media
Alonzo was the first kitten he found and sheltered, they have a mix between a mentor, a brotherly and a parental relationship. After Alonzo the stray group grew with Coricopat and Tantomile, Gus jr and Jellylorum as well as their strayborn kittens Electra, Etcetera, Pouncival and Plato and their oldest brother George, all of them recognizing Munkustrap more and more as their protector and Munkustrap finding purpose in that role. Alonzo follows in his footsteps as his protegé. Soon the junkyard would become a place where those who live near would visit on the daily to spend time with their stray friends, like Victoria, Quaxo/Mr Mistoffelees, Cassandra, Demeter, Jemima, Bombalurina, Pounceval and Rum Tum Tugger who'd spent a lot of time at the junkyard keeping his brother company since the beginning anyway.
In conclusion; Munkustrap is a good boi.
Tumblr media
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I have dozens of small children relying on me to tell them how to say frog and caterpillar in French next Friday but coronavirus said "haha noooo sucks 2 suck you're never seeing those kids again in your LIFE!"
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lesbianwerewolftarot · 6 minutes ago
Horoscope for the Full Moon (4/26/2021)
Use Sun, Moon, and Rising: 
Aries: 6 of Cups Reversed
Your nostalgia is only serving your detriment. The anxieties and doubts you cling to are not ones of your present, but of a you that isn’t here anymore. You need to take a breath, and remember that while remembering the lessons of your past can be beneficial, wallowing in your downfalls will do you no good now.
Taurus: 4 of Swords
Sometimes the only thing you can do is rest. Your problems will still be there in the morning, they won’t have magically gotten worse while you took time to take care of yourself. As a matter of fact, it may be easier for you to solve them after you take the time to rest. Not resting, after all, is in itself a problem.
Gemini:  The Hanged Man Reversed
There’s a good chance that the issue is you refusing to see other points of view. Have you let yourself go stale, so content with who you are now that you’ve given up on personal growth? Is that really what you want to do? Will you be happy with this version of yourself if this is you forever? Start learning again. Expand your point of view. You’ve come so far. Why stop now?
Cancer: 10 of Wands Reversed 
You’ve bit off more than you can chew, if you take on anything more, everything you’ve built is likely to collapse. You need to work on finding a balance of taking care of yourself and seeing to your responsibilities before you even think of adding anything more onto your load.
Leo: 5 of Cups Reversed
You’re at an extremely low point, stricken by grief for everything you have lost in order to get where you are. Some days it doesn’t even feel like reaching this point was worth shedding all those people and things that held importance. You need to take stock of the things you can be grateful for right now, in this moment, and take any hands that are offered to you in this trying time. You still have people who care about you.
Virgo: 9 of Coins
You’ve worked incredibly hard to get where you are right now, and it’s high time you appreciate all you’ve done. The steps you’ve taken have led to resources being a little more abundant than usual, so why not treat yourself a little bit? Let yourself enjoy the fruits of your labor. It will serve as a reminder of what more you can gain if you continue on this path.
Libra: 10 of Swords Reversed
You need to let go of this endless cycle. You’ve been letting wounds fester, and it’s turned into resentment for yourself. You know full well what you need to do, what next step you need to take. It’s scary, and it will most likely be hard. However, releasing this cycle of pain will help you look ahead to a brighter future. Let the cycle be done instead of revisiting old wounds.
Scorpio: 3 of Wands Reversed
You’re having issues looking forward to the future, as the plans you have laid out for yourself seem entirely too dissatisfying for your liking. You need to take stock of what has been fulfilling work and what has not been, and prune your garden of things that do not add to your growth or enjoyment. Get rid of things that are simply a drain on your resources so you can focus on goals that do matter to you.
Sagittarius: The Moon Reversed
Is this gnawing, anxious feeling in the pit of your stomach yours, or was someone else’s doubt about you planted there? You need to examine whether or not you’re listening to real intuition or anxious thoughts that have no room in your growth. Take a hard look at if you’re listening to your needs, or even your wants, or if they’ve taken the back burner in favor of obligation and anxiety. 
Capricorn: King of Cups
There is a good chance a cool head in regards to emotional matters is going to be needed this full moon. Emotions can be explosive, but when met with compassion and patience, even the most volatile of emotional outbursts can be tempered, and untangled. It might not even be for someone else. Maybe you yourself require your own patience and compassion.
Aquarius: 3 of Swords Reversed
You have been hurt, and you find yourself letting it fester. You are doing so by not actually feeling the hurt, but trying to rationalize it away. This isn’t going to help you any, and is stalling you being able to get out of this feeling. Let the wound hurt. Grieve whatever may have caused it. That release is the first step to actually healing.
Pisces: King of Cups Reversed
You need to be on the look out for someone who uses their emotional state as an excuse to mistreat you. You’re kind, and want to help them, but there is a good chance this is going to be more draining for the both of you. They are not going to grow if you coddle their behavior, and you are going to suffer when they have an outburst. Patience is a virtue, yes, but so is knowing when to walk away.
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asknagito-official · 7 minutes ago
Miyuki tilted her head at him. "A... Resort? I mean... This place is pretty... And well established... But... If that's the case... Why isn't there anyone else here? We surely... Can't be the only ones on this island, right?" She asked quietly, her voice was mainly for Nagito but she saw Chiaki looking at her.
"Hey hey, that's a good point. This island seems deserted aside from just us, right?" The gamer added. Before looking up at the ceiling as she spoke again. "Also, if you're really saying we're on a school trip; does that mean this IS a vacation?" She asked.
"Yup yup! A vacation for you aaaaall to enjoy! Now I have another present for you all!" Usami giggled as she handed out bags of swimming gear. "Follow me to the beach when you're done changing! We're going swimming!~" She hurried off, leaving the others standing there.
"You mean.. we're all going to the beach, and all the ladies will be in swimsuits?! Sign me up." Teruteru called, a very perverted look on his face as he thought about the girl's in their outfits.
Miyuki looked inside the bag and frowned, she really didn't think this was the best time to go swimming. It was.. pretty usual, no matter how much she liked the bunny. "What are... You going to do Nagito?" She asked, she was planning to just do whatever he did for now. He seemed to be level headed enough and right now she was so unsure, having someone else take the reigns of what to do might give her time to process everything.
Tumblr media
"Hm... Good question." Nagito thought silently for a few seconds.
"Well, we can swim first if you want, but I do sunburn easily. But most importantly, we should probably investigate the island as soon as we can."
Tumblr media
"I just want to check around to see exactly what this place is and what sorts of things it offers. Who knows, if we're lucky, maybe we'll even find a way to escape." He somehow doubted they'd be able to escape easily if at all, but it would be good to check in case things turned sour.
Tumblr media
"Other than that, there's not much we can do as of now, so let's just enjoy ourselves. This is a nice tropical island afterall."
Tumblr media
"Ah, but my suggestions are probably all but meaningless. I'm fine with anything, really."
Tumblr media
"Though, I'll investigate the island myself later if you're not interested." He added.
(ooc: I'll respond to anymore sent today tomorrow since I'm going to sleep now. This is a really fun rp so I hope we'll be able to continue it for a while :) )
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succubusphan · 9 minutes ago
Excerpt: Overwhelmed by the stress of months upon months of being locked at home without a chance to go out other than to get some groceries or the occasional walk, Phil decided that enough was enough. Once a week, after his home office hours, he would log into his new favourite app, Stereo and just start a livestream with a random person. Rating: G
Tags: Non youtuber au, sort of fluff, references, meet-cute, streaming together, strangers to lovers.
Word Count: 689
A/n: This is part of my project 100 fics: I'm posting 7 fics before April 22nd so that my OSPBB fic can be my 100th story posted. I don't have them written so this could fail but I'm pretty set on it, so I hope to do it. PS: I wrote in an hour and a half so I'm sure there are mistakes but I'll catch them later. This is fic 99 so tomorrow expect my most dedicated work to date around 12.30 pm EST. (My interview is going up a few hours later on the @oldschoolpbb blog.)
Read on ao3
Overwhelmed by the stress of months upon months of being locked at home without a chance to go out other than to get some groceries or the occasional walk, Phil decided that enough was enough. If he was going to survive this situation, he was going to have to improvise.
Once a week, after his home office hours, he would log into his new favourite app, Stereo and just start a livestream with a random person. It started as just a way to reach out into the void, like a message in a bottle sent from his deserted island, hoping that someone would answer back, but eventually, he started to get some attention in the rankings which made it fun.
After a few weeks, people started sending him audio messages and opening new topics of conversation, but the broadcast was always with whoever managed to call him at 9 pm sharp.
A fateful June evening he joined the broadcast a guy named Daniel was inviting him to and everything changed. Phil pulled a card from his pile before picking up, his eyebrows shot up when he saw the knight of wands. “Hello? Who do we have here?”
“Hi, I’m Daniel Howell.”
“Hi Daniel, I’m Phil here, aka the Lockdown Lad,” he giggled. “How’s your night going?”
“Uh, well, it’s my birthday and I decided to call a stranger to do a broadcast, so you tell me.”
“Sounds like you made the right choice on how to start a new year. Happy birthday by the way. Do you have cake?”
“No, I was too sad to get one for myself, I thought it was pathetic.”
“You are from the Uk, right? I could send you some.”
“I’m from London but I don’t know how safe I would feel giving my home address to a stranger.”
“I’m in London too! Well, if you change your mind my Twitter handle is @Amazingphil. So… tell me something about yourself.”
“I am a published author. I published my first book three weeks ago.”
“Wow - I was not expecting that. Do you want to tell our small audience of thirty people about your book?”
“It’s a mental health guide. I speak about my personal experiences and my struggles in what I expect it’s a funny way, hoping that people can relate to some of that and maybe find some sort of comfort and use the advice I put there on what helped me. I co-wrote it with a therapist, by the way; or to be more precise, I wrote it and she checked that I wasn’t giving bad advice.”
“That’s very smart and responsible on your part. It sounds like a great book, I’d like to read it. What’s the name?”
“You will get through this night. I also made it into an audiobook, if you are that kind of a guy.”
“Fancy. I feel like I would enjoy your voice talking to me for many hours, Daniel.”
“Be careful what you wish for,” Daniel snorted.
“Hey Daniel, I like your avatar’s rainbow halo.”
“I like your rainbow sunglasses, Phil.”
There was a moment of silence and Phil smiled to himself. Recognition in the other some people called it. “Would you be interested in being my lockdown streaming pal again tomorrow? I’ve followed you on Twitter.”
“Yeah, why not? Can I be a lockdown lad too?”
“Lockdown lads it is. Alright, guys, I’m going to order myself a pizza. See you tomorrow for our Lockdown Lads stream at 9 pm London time. Have a good one, and happy birthday Daniel, I hope you end your night on a high.”
Daniel laughed softly, airily. “Yeah, I think I will. I just sent you my address so you can send me cake.”
“Thank you, I’ll send you some gayke right away.”
Sometimes it’s a matter of reaching out in the dark, sometimes someone extends their hand to you too, searching, yearning and your hands come together, pulling each other towards the light. Who knows, six months down the line you might be moving into a bigger apartment with them, thinking of a future together for decades to come.
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lyrium · 16 minutes ago
WIP opening to the first chapter of my untitled high/dark fantasy adventure murder mystery novel with minor lesbian/wlw romance --- feedback is welcome. i'm terrible at dialogue punctuation, so please just ignore all of it for now. always looking for more writer mutuals to befriend, so leave a comment if you're interested!
She sat alone at the back of a bustling tavern, the mead-soaked voices of the other patrons providing a melodic ambience by which to think and weave her latest tale. Three days had passed since her most recent investigation had come to a close, another success, if one could ever call any murder investigation a success. Someone was still dead, no matter the outcome, and another family was still left shattered.
"It's finished." She stared at the parchment before her, evaluating each word of the ballad she had spent hours pouring over that evening. "I hope it brings them some comfort, at least." She folded the parchment and secured it within a pocket on the inside of her coat.
"Done writing for the night, Sophronia?" A deep, dulcet voice flooded her thoughts, pulling her from the trance she had succumbed to upon beginning her task hours ago.
"Oh!" She gasped, the sudden question catching her off guard. She had not noticed anyone approach her table. "Osgood..." She smiled as she turned to face the rosy old man standing next to her. "Yes, I'm finished for the night. I managed to write the entire song in one sitting this time."
"Sounds like a cause for celebration then!" Laughter bellowed from the jovial tavern keep as he walked to the nearby bar. "It's rare you finish one of your stories this fast. Any reason this one was different?"
She fell silent, pearly fangs biting into her bottom lip as she contemplated her answer.
"It's always easier with cases like this, I suppose, when the murder isn't just some random act of violence perpetrated by a stranger. Those are the cases that leave me lost for words, because they're always so nonsensical. In the case I wrote about tonight, a man was killed by a scorned business partner turned secret lover. That's easy. That makes sense to me. I'm not saying it's right, but it's easier for my mind to think and write about someone killing a person they knew in the heat of passion rather than someone picking a stranger off the street for slaughter as if selecting a piece of meat at the butcher shop."
As she spoke, Osgood prepared a drink and returned to her table. He sat in the chair next to her and placed a silver tankard filled with shimmering scarlet liquid on the table between them.
"I don't know how you stand thinking about such things so often, regardless of the situation." The aged man's once cheerful face had twisted into a solemn grimace. "Have a drink. It's your favorite." He nodded toward the beverage he had placed upon the table.
She picked up the tankard, but paused before raising it to her lips. "Bloodmilk Cider as usual?"
"Ah, but not just any bloodmilk, Sophi." Osgood grinned. "This bloodmilk is my own special blend, a recipe I've been working on for months, ever since the last harvest. You won't find it anywhere other than right here, at The Blooming Thistle Tavern." The proud brewer beamed, eager to receive feedback on his latest creation.
"I didn't know you were growing bloodmilk fruit."
"That's because I didn't want you to know. I wanted this moment to be a complete surprise. Now drink, enjoy, relax, and tell me that you love it." He chuckled.
Sophronia obliged, tilting the tankard up to her lips, and allowing the sweet liquid within to spill into her mouth. The flavor was unlike anything she had tasted before, refreshing and sweet, warm and relaxing. Osgood had outdone himself.
"How did you make this, Osgood? It's amazing. I've never had bloodmilk cider as good as this before." She was almost baffled that a human brewer could manage to craft such a masterful blend of flavors.
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karlyfr13s · an hour ago
Oathkeeper, Chapter 3
Thank you: @veryverynotgood my phenomenal beta--you keep me going when I'm busy wallowing in doubt, and you make me less of a walking run-on (hooray!).
Bless y'all: the CSMM Discord crew--it's like a community of flails, encouragement, and collaboration...such magic!
Head's up: No description of violence nor abuse; however, they are mentioned.
AO3 Links: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3
Most days, Killian occupied himself either by helping Granny with the more physically taxing chores around the inn and diner or on board his ship ensuring her seaworthiness. Granted, the Jolly was in top form and she certainly had no need of repairs nor did she have a heading before her; but it quieted his mind to see to her every need and to painstakingly mend every frayed hem of a sail and worn bit of paint. Lately, he’d taken to wandering Storybrooke as Granny increasingly gave tasks over to young Felix.
The boy was coming along, a bit less surly now. Killian was certain this was due to Ruby’s unending praise of his efforts--no sixteen year-old lad could resist her charms. He’d had a hard time containing his laughter when he witnessed the latest scene: Ruby, clad in a button-down shirt she must have sewn onto herself each morning, batting her eyes at young Felix as she asked for his help bringing up kegs from the cellar. The boy had practically tripped over his own feet as he scrambled to assist, then struggled mightily as he puffed up the stairs with a metal cylinder that likely outweighed his slight frame. Killian had watched as Felix professed the task “no problem”, but had also seen his eyes widen to immense saucers when Ruby cheerfully called there were only “five more to go”. At that, Killian offered his assistance quietly, assuring the boy Ruby would never know that he had not fulfilled the task single-handedly. She was occupied cleaning up after the lunch crowd filtered out, so Killian helped Felix make short work of the task before ducking out the back and allowing the young man credit for the entire endeavor.
Today, however, there was little for him to do and it made Killian antsy. He took to wandering the shore as his mind drifted to the Crocodile, the Princess, and the confusion of his present state of affairs. His increasingly cloudy thoughts were interrupted by a shouted “Ahoy, Captain Hook!” and Killian’s eyes snapped to a strange wooden contraption where young Henry Mills stood, waving to him and grinning from ear to ear.
“Good afternoon,” he sketched a brief bow to the boy as he stepped up to what he now realized was Henry’s castle. Emma had mentioned it in passing as the place the young lad took refuge in his own thoughts, an all-too-familiar notion for Killian. “I was given to understand this time of day was set aside for studies, lad. Or am I mistaken?” He raised an eyebrow up at the boy who shook his head, informing Killian school had ended an hour ago.
“My moms are busy though,” he explained simply. “Regina has a meeting with someone who wants to open a new store, and Emma is in the mines because ‘ the dwarves are flipping out about some property rights ’.” Killian chuckled at the boy’s impression of his mother. He was invited into Henry’s castle where the two sat and looked out at the waves lapping against the shore. At first, the conversation was largely Henry reporting out about his school day. It seemed he was struggling with something math-related, and while Killian’s formal schooling was long behind him, he did offer the boy assistance.
“If, that is, your parents will allow it,” he added quickly, unsure where he stood in the strange dynamic of this town and particularly this family.
Henry snorted at that. “Regina might get weird about it, but she’s trying to make up for the whole...Evil Queen thing, so I think I can manage one mom. The other mom…” he shrugged “I don’t think she’d mind as long as I’m not asking her the math questions. She said it was her least favorite subject in school.”
Killian steeled himself for his next question, taking a deep breath and levelling his gaze at Henry. “And your father?”
Henry made a face at that. “I don’t really know,” he admitted in a tone Killian couldn’t quite decipher. “He was supposed to pick me up from school today,” Henry tucked up his knees and rested his chin on them in a pose Killian had seen Emma take up as well. It seems they both made themselves smaller in these moments of questioning.  “I don’t know if he forgot, or if something came up...I don’t think he knows what to do with me.” Henry peeked up at Killian, looking so uncertain of himself that it nearly broke the man’s heart. He knew what it was to feel on uneven ground with one’s father, to feel more a burden than a blessing, and he refused to allow Henry’s mind to wander those dark halls. While he could offer no real comfort when it came to the man Neal seemed determined to remain, he could offer a promising distraction that should spark young Henry’s curiosity.
“Well, whatever may be delaying him, it certainly has come at an opportune moment for me. Would you care to join me on board the Jolly , Master Mills? It’s past time she received an inspection from a keen eye such as yours.” The boy’s face lit up immediately and he jumped up, grabbing a device from his jacket pocket. After a moment’s pause, Killian heard a tinny version of Emma's voice as Henry hurriedly explained the plan to his device, suppressing a smile as Henry rolled his eyes at his mother’s questions.
“Yes, we’ll stay in the harbor,” he glanced at Killian who nodded along. “Yes, I will stay away from the railing and listen to everything--did you just call him Killian ? That’s weird, Mom, he’s a Captain...well, you’re supposed to address him by title because it’s his ship, of course…yes, yes, no….Mom, I’m not gonna die. I’m gonna go around the harbor with a master sailor…”
Killian knew the lad had won out when a rushed series of ‘thank you’s’ left his mouth before he tucked the device away once more. “She says, ‘tell The Captain that if you come back with one hair out of place, I’ll shave his off with David’s longsword’. She’s just being weird, I know we’re gonna be great--let’s go!” The lad took hold of Killian’s hook and led him down the small stairs onto the sand, setting off in the direction of his ship.
Once aboard, Henry was clearly overcome with curiosity. His return trip from Neverland hadn’t afforded him much time to explore or ask questions. In fact, he’d largely been asleep from pure exhaustion. For Killian, the afternoon with Henry was a remarkable chance to see his ship through the eyes of another. The boy’s questions seemed endless, and while they started with simple questions of identification--what parts of the rigging were called, the names of the various decks and quarters--they quickly expanded to encompass how everything came together to make her sail. His enthusiasm was infectious, and it brought Killian so fully out of his earlier sour mood that it nearly felt like Henry had his own kind of magic.
“Okay, but how do you get up to the crow’s nest?” Henry scrutinized the location through narrowed eyes. Killian stepped in behind him, pointing out the most logical route through the rigging. “Cool! Can I try?”
“I...don’t think that’s wise, lad. I prefer my head firmly attached, and your mother may well remove it if she finds out I let you free-climb the rigging.” Henry turned to face him, a mischievous smirk on his face as he intoned that she didn’t have to know about it.
“While I appreciate the enthusiasm, I need her to like me far better than she does before I conspire against her wishes. A rogue can only get away with so much when it comes to the tenacity of a mother,” he winked, and hoped like hell the boy would let it go. Of course, as Emma’s child he should have known that would be improbable at best.
“Oh, she likes you well enough.” Killian furrowed his brow at this while Henry grinned. Obviously the lad knew how to catch his attention, though just how aware he was of what Killian felt for Emma was still unclear-- the notorious Captain Hook, bested by a child . “You earned a ton of points with her in Neverland,” Henry clarified. “I know she didn’t tell me everything, but she did tell me you saved my grandpa, and I already know you saved me. Since she just got this part of her family back, you gotta know that earned you like...a million points in her eyes. You could totally stand to lose a few of them and teach me how to get up there.”
It took Killian another five minutes to finally persuade Henry that rather than risk a broken arm, or worse, he should simply ask Emma for permission before he learned to scout from above. The cost of negotiations wasn’t much, Henry simply wanted to learn to steer the ship, and so Killian guided him in his quest as they toured the harbor together. The lad had adventure in his blood, that much Killian was certain of, and it seemed he just might be falling in love with the sea as well. The idea tugged at Killian’s heart, as did the pure joy he saw in the boy’s face when they returned to port after the successful little journey.
After receiving a message on his device, Henry mentioned needing to return to his grandparents’ loft, and Killian was happy to escort him, listening to Henry’s re-telling of their afternoon on the Jolly and basking in the shared moment. To hear Henry tell it, you’d think they’d travelled across a realm or two rather than simply around Storybrooke’s small harbor.  He wondered how the boy would tell it to his mother and what she would think. Would she be angry at Killian and think he had overstepped? Would Henry mention his father’s neglect today?
His thoughts were interrupted when they arrived at the door and Henry flung his arms around Killian. He hesitated only a moment before returning the fierce embrace. “Thanks, Captain,” the boy grinned up at him. “Next time, I’m going up that rigging though. And I’m learning how to use your spyglass up there, right? I wanna see everything--as far out as I can!”
Killian chuckled, “So long as you have it in writing from your mother, aye lad.”
Two nights later, Killian awoke to someone pounding on his door in the middle of the night and he bolted upright, grabbing his hook from the bedside table as he crossed the pitch-black room. He swung the door open to reveal a distraught Emma Swan, her eyes red-rimmed and puffy, and her fingers tapping an uneven rhythm at her side.
“I didn’t know where else to go, but I couldn’t stay in that loft for another minute,” she explained, voice cracking. “Can I come in?”
Killian stepped aside, allowing her to pass before he followed and shut the door behind them, clicking on the lamp by the bed and sitting down. There was little room, and she took a spot near him on the bed, her right leg bouncing as she stared down at the floor. He gave her a moment, but when she showed no signs of relaxing he gently spoke her name, “Swan?” Her leg stilled and she looked up, tears tracking down her cheeks. “Swan, what’s wrong?”
As he waited for her response, Killian wracked his memory--what had happened over the course of the last few days? He’d seen her in the diner each morning when she picked up her coffee and there had been no hint of whatever was on her mind. He’d run into her at the library when Henry was doing research for a school project and he was reading up on this realm’s history, but she’d been perfectly fine and that was only yesterday. They’d even discussed finding volunteer work for Felix as he was starting to grate on Granny’s nerves, Swan mentioning it may be best if the boy also enrolled in school. What could have changed so much since yesterday? He searched her eyes and waited, hoping she would reveal the problem in due time.
“I yelled at them,” she murmured at last, dropping her eyes back to the floor.
“Pardon? At whom?” He’d seen Emma yell at a fair number of people, himself chief among them, and didn’t recall her reacting in this way before.
“My parents,” she clarified, “I yelled at Snow White and Prince Charming of all people, and I know I hurt them...she was crying when I left the loft, but I was just...I was so angry with them that I couldn’t, I mean, I can’t be there right now.” She sniffed, and Killian saw her shoulders start to shake. He took a risk, trying his hand at comfort when he slipped an arm around her shoulders and to his surprise she willingly leaned into him. Silence fell between them. He knew there was far more to the story, but wanted to let her move at her own pace and tell it in her way rather than pry it out of her.
She wiped her eyes and took a few slow, deep breaths. “I’m sorry I woke you up,” she started, “I don’t know what I was doing, I just had to get out and you were the only person I thought might answer the door this late.”
“Always available to help a lady in distress, Swan,” he tried a light jest and was rewarded with poke to his ribs. “Oww--just going to wake a man up and bruise him in his own room?” He pulled back to smile at her and she immediately scooted away, a blush blossoming on her cheeks. It was then he realized they’d never shared a touch that gentle and intimate. Yes, they had kissed-- and gods what a kiss it was --but moments before he’d been granted permission to hold her. It was just the two of them in the quiet hours of the night, and she had spent these vulnerable moments cradled against his bare chest. He cleared his throat and asked softly, “What was it that upset you so? Is there something I can do to help?”
She shook her head, tucking her legs under her as she chewed her bottom lip. With a huff, she continued. “They asked if I wanted to have family dinner, and that’s kind, but I went with it. So Regina dropped Henry at the loft and I thought it was going to be--anyway, it wasn’t what I thought. Neal showed up ten minutes later.” She was picking at the quilt on the bed and wouldn’t meet Killian’s eyes, probably for the best given the sneer he couldn’t quite hide. “I didn’t want to make a scene in front of Henry, so I just went along with things at dinner. I figured I could deal with a couple of hours, plus the kid is a hell of a buffer and good at keeping everyone talking, but I know he didn’t show up the other day when you and Henry went sailing. I know when Henry talks Neal only half listens.” She paused for a long while, and Killian crossed the room, offering her the flask he pulled from the pocket of his greatcoat.
She took a swig and rolled her shoulders, visibly trying to relax before turning back to face him. After a soft word of thanks, she continued. “When Henry left, Neal stuck around. My parents offered him a nightcap and asked if he’d like to stay over .” It didn’t take the experience of Dr. Hopper to see she was disturbed by this. “And I lost it. I am so sick of their meddling, and their bizarrely perfect vision of him that I completely snapped. I spit out the whole story--”
Killian sat up straighter at this, aware she’d built up momentum and certain he was about to have another piece of the puzzle that was Emma Swan click into place.
“How he’d preyed on a goddamn homeless teenager, offering her shelter when he knew she didn’t have any of her own. How he knocked up a fucking seventeen year old and left her to rot in jail for his crimes, never bothering to admit his own guilt, never checking in to learn he’d fathered a child,” her tears flowed freely and her eyes blazed like emerald fire. “I told them the truth. That he was a predator, and I was too young and stupid to know better, and that I didn’t have the luxury of having anyone to warn me about people like him, of having anyone who cared enough to see the situation for what it was.”
Her breathing hitched and Killian instinctively reached for her, pulling her into a tight embrace and stroking her hair as she lost the final shreds of her composure. She sobbed against him and he murmured to her small comforts, that it would be all right and she didn’t have to be alone. After a while, her sobs diminished, lessening to sniffles and gasping breaths. He rubbed slow circles on her back and she finished her tale, tone empty and defeated, “I told them exactly what I finally realized: that I was abused by the man they keep inviting into our family, and that I cannot be in that place if they really think I’m supposed to patch things up with him and act like none of this happened, like it didn’t matter that he used me and threw me away.”
His heart broke for her, eyes stinging with unshed tears as he listened to the culmination of her loss and pain. “I don’t know how to face them again,” she mumbled against Killian’s chest, sagging against him in complete exhaustion. He assured her she needn’t think of that now, that what she needed was rest. And he offered to share the space with her. She nodded quietly, taking the offered shirt and pants and leaving to change in the adjoining bathroom.
Killian lay back, propped up on a pillow while his mind processed all she’d told him. He knew without a doubt her parents would mend this relationship, though it may well take time. He knew as well that whatever he’d promised Neal, that oath had been needless. In fact, the larger problem Killian now faced was how to make it through the next twenty-four hours without gutting Neal with his hook. The man had taken advantage of Emma, had framed her for his crime, and had abandoned her. It seemed Bae had become his father after all, and that did not bode well for him in Killian’s eyes.
His violent contemplations were interrupted by a bashful looking Emma, clad all in his own black attire and softly padding across the small room. “I’ll take the side by the door, Swan. Old habits, you know,” he nodded toward the cutlass by the bed and his hook which once again lay atop the nightstand. She smiled sheepishly as she slid under the covers next to him, offering a soft word of thanks and curling up with her back to him. He clicked off the light, desperately hoping she couldn’t hear the pounding of his heart as Killian tried like hell to fall back asleep.
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falloutjuli · an hour ago
Wait we can request more than once? Okay then... I wish for Craig x Insecure! Reader (and also kind of x Tweek). So basically we get into a relationship with Craig, at first our personalitiy from very cheery and everything is peachy keen at first.
But then Craig starts ignoring us or shrugging us off, thats when we start being insecure and start thinking dark things like: what did I do wrong? Is there someone else? Am I that annoying?.
So trying to be progressive with her life, we take a job at Tweek coffee, (also sidenote everyone noticed our change in behavior and were worried, but didn't know how to ask how). So Tweek becomes the brave soul to ask us what's wrong. And we spill our problems out to him, Tweek doesn't know what to do but gives us a shoulder to cry on , few weeks roll by, and we find we have alot in common with him, so we start hanging out with him, almost completely forgetting about Craig. (It's up to you if you want Tweek to gain feelings for us)
By this time, Craig has started to notice and gets in the same position as we were (although more jealous than insecure), it isn't until a girl makes a comment about how she'd leave Craig too if he treated her like that, does Craig connect the dots and apologizes, they compromise their relationship and try to be a better couple and be peachy again (or you could do another ending where Tweek goes 'Treat you better' and fights for us).
I'm so so so sorry that I took so long! I just really wanted to take my time on this and really get into it, since I love the request! <3
I'm also sorry that Tweeks route is shorter but hey, at least we can choose which of the two deserves our love. :)
Thank you for being so patient and requesting! <3
The sun on your skin felt wonderful. There is nothing better to do, than to hang out outside on a sunny, warm, and beautiful day in South Park.
To your luck your relatively new boyfriend Craig asked if you wanted to hang out with his friends and him when they would go to Starks Pond. Naturally, you said yes, getting finally a chance to also hang out with his friends.
While the guys were busy playing catch with a ball, you and Bebe, Clyde's on/off Girlfriend sat on the picnic blanket that she bought along.
It was also the first time you hung out with her and honestly, you were happy to basically get to know all these different people.
Bebe was a ray of absolute sunshine, and her boyfriend was the funniest dork you had ever seen.
Token was a more serious guy but oh so nice to you as well. Tweek and Jimmy were nice too and the quieter ones of the bunch.
"So... You and Craig huh?" Bebe asked you and you finally preyed your eyes from the black-haired boy away.
"Yeah. I was surprised when he asked me out." You laughed and Bebe did so too.
"How come?"
"I don't know. Kinda thought maybe I was out of his league. I'm not the most popular person around school and most people don't know me. Unlike you guys. You and Stans Friends are basically famous."
"That's only because of all the weird shit that sometimes happens around here." You nodded.
“So, how is he?” Bebe continued her questioning and you thought about it for a second before answering.
“Honestly, he’s a real sweetheart. Totally not like you would imagine him to be when you don’t know him too well.”
“That sounds so cute.” Bebe said dreamingly.
Your conversation was disrupted by a ball flying towards you. It landed just a few feet away from the blanket you and Bebe were seated on and Craig came sprinting.
He smiled when he picked up the ball and came closer to you.
“Sorry for that. I think Token was distracted by your beauty.” Bebe giggled in the background and you had the widest smile possible on your face.
“No problem. But I think you need to tell Token I’m taken then. By the prettiest boy around the school.” Now Bebe rolled her eyes.
“Ahh, to be in love like that again.” Now Craig couldn’t contain his laughter. He looked over to where Clyde was standing and obviously waiting for him to bring their ball back.
“Go back. They are waiting for you.” You said, pointing over to the boys. Craig nodded, but quickly pressed a kiss onto your lips, before sprinting right back to his friends.
 It was a beautiful day that was always on your mind. Now more than ever. Recently Craig had been rather cold to you and you really had no idea why.
He simply became less and less affectionate, when you would do something together, he barely talked, and he generally seemed changed.
He was angrier, cold, and seemed distant. It hurt you a lot, but talking to him about it was impossible, since he would just not admit that something changed.
It started getting to you. It poisoned your heart and mind that he was behaving in such a way towards you.
Maybe…Maybe he was seeing someone else... But no. Craig wouldn’t do that…Would he? Maybe he just realized you're annoying but didn’t want to break up.
“H-Hey Y/N!” Jimmy called out to you.
You waited for him to walk up to you since you were getting books for the weekend out of your locker. When he was finally next to you, he seemed giddy.
“I was wo-wondering if yo-you’d like to help TimTim and m-m-me with a project?” He asked, a pleasant smile on his face while he waited for your answer.
That smile turned into a frown when you shook your head.
“Sorry, I think I will just stay at home this weekend. I'm not feeling too well…” You lied, hoping Jimmy would not see through your fake smile.
Of course, he saw right through it, but he didn’t know what to do. None of your friends did. They all noticed how different you had become, how you smiled less and less and seemed more in thought.
They weren’t sure what to actually do, or how to help, so they just hope that you would maybe come to them and talk about it.
“Oh o-okay. No problem.” Jimmy said, and you could clearly hear that he was hurt, but he already continued walking.
You starred after him, wishing you weren’t so complicated. You felt like you kept only hurting everyone around you. With a deep sigh, you closed your locker and shouldered your backpack.
“Maybe…Maybe I need to change something…” you mumbled while walking towards the school’s entrance.
Craig had football training anyway, so it’s not like anyone was waiting for you, or that you had any desire to talk to anyone.
Someone hesitantly, you pulled out your phone and went onto Craig's contact.
“Hey, you got time this weekend? <3”
The least you could keep doing is trying you told yourself, even if you felt more and more like an idiot. A few minutes later you got an answer from him.
“Sorry, no time. Maybe next weekend.”
You wondered how many times he had said that by now. It felt like a million times.
Were you really that horrible that he couldn’t stand you anymore?
That it was too much to give you a merciful breakup instead of keep dragging this to the inevitable? And yet you also refused to break up with him.
There still was this small hope that maybe he would come around, see he was being a dick, and change his ways.
You loved him a lot.
And whenever you thought about breaking up, your heart ached. It was a horrible situation for you. And you wished you could escape it.
 “Okay, Y/N. I think that’s all you need to know. If you have any more questions, you can ask our son, Tweek when he will arrive. He got a doctor’s appointment today, otherwise, he will be here before you. He’s weird but nice.”
“Eh…Mister Tweak, I know him, we got to the same school and sometimes meet up.” You said, raising an eyebrow.
Mister Tweak, your new employer, simply smiled. You sometimes weren’t sure if he actually listened.
He was an odd fella, but you were just happy to have a little side job, that gave you okay money and had good hours.
You were looking around the shop in your new Tweeks Bros. apron when the door flung open. Tweek stepped into the shop, rambling about god knows what, and took his backpack off.
He stopped dead in his tracks when he laid eyes on you.
“Y-y-you applied here?” He questioned, seeming genuinely surprised.
You and Tweek didn’t hang out that much. He and Jimmy were little busy bees and therefore weren’t at every hangout, unlike Token, Clyde, and Craig.
“Yeah, I thought I…Might need some change or something like that.”
Richard Tweak clapped his hands and proclaimed: “Good, you two seem to get along. Then I will go home. Have a great first day, Y/N!” Tweek and you watched his father leave.
“So…What happened to the well-known fact that your father is a cheapskate and hires no one to save money?” You asked.
“My mother u-urged him to hire someone so that he can be home more. No idea how she convinced him.” Tweek smiled awkwardly, as so did you.
You never noticed before how little you had talked to the twitchy blonde.
Tweek walked behind the counter where you were and also took his apron.
“My dad already explained the basics?” He questioned to which you nodded. “Good, because honestly, I-I suck at explaining things.”
You loved Tweeks smile, and it involuntarily made you smile too.
“Well, I hope this job will get my mind off things.” You mentioned absentmindedly and the blonde cocked his head to the side.
He would love to ask what going on, but he felt awkward. Like it wasn’t his place to ask. And yet in a short-lived moment of bravery, he asked: “Yo-You’re... alright?” His anxiety shortly piped up, making him scared that maybe you didn't appreciate being asked if you're okay and that he already messed up with you.
You let out a deep sigh, the fake smile appearing once more.
“Yeah, don’t worry about it.”
“I feel like you’re lying about it.” Tweek wanted to slap his hands over his mouth, felt incredibly surprised that it just came out of his mouth and he immediately mumbled a quick sorry.
“It is fine. It’s just… I don’t know if I can tell you. You’re friends with Craig and shit.”
“D-don’t worry about that, honestly. I wouldn’t dare to tell anyone anything that yo-you tell me in private.” Tweek said, stepping closer to you. He pressed his index finger onto his lips, smiling at you.
“Well…Since you're the first guy to ever ask me...I just feel like Craig doesn’t like me anymore. Just…Whenever I ask him if we want to hang out, he tells me off, he doesn’t kiss me or anything, I just… Maybe he has someone else on his mind already.”
Tweek felt overwhelmed by your sudden confession, not having thought you would actually tell him.
“If you want to hear my honest opinion as someone who is close friends with him, there is no one. Craig is not that kind of guy. Maybe there’s a lot going on with him right now and he just can’t tell you. M-maybe give him some space and he'll come around. I know we not really all that close or anything, but if you ever need anyone to talk to, I-I’m here.”
You smiled, feeling actually better, even if you never would have thought talking about it would help.
“Maybe you’re right. And I now have a job, so some time apart might be the right thing.” You shrugged.
You heard the bell above the entrance door ring, signaling a customer arrived.
“Well, let’s see how you do on your first day.” Tweek smiled and gave you a little notepad to go and take the customer’s order.
 Weeks had flown by and you had a wonderful time at Tweeks Bros.
Tweek’s parents were incredibly sweet to you, sometimes making you coffee or giving you a cake or cookie free of charge.
Tweek himself had become a really good friend to you. Outside of work, you now hung out at school, sitting together at lunch, or sometimes even hung out on the weekend.
When Craig and you would meet up on rare occasions you texted with him. Tweek was a wonderful person to talk to.
There even was an incident when Craig asked you to hang out and you declined, stating that you had already promised to Tweek that you two would bake cupcakes that day.
“Wait, so you love Fav/Flavor cupcakes too?” Tweek asked feeling giddy, as you two were out shopping.
“Yes. I never found someone who loves them as much as I do!” You happily proclaimed, feeling amazed at how much you and the blonde had in common.
While nearing the checkout area, Craig spotted you two.
He was out shopping with his family. Somewhat angry, he stomped over.
“So you’re busy today, Y/N?” He said sarcastically and let his eyes wander over you two.
“Yeah, like I said. Me and Tweek are baking today.” He nodded, looking obviously not pleased.
Tweek shifted around uncomfortably, hoping this ordeal would end.
“Well, we gotta get going, those cupcakes aren’t making themselves. I'll bring you one on Monday if you’d like.” You smiled.
Craig only stared coldly at Tweek, who wished the earth would just swallow him whole.
“Okay. Have fun then.” Craig mumbled and walked away fuming.
“C-c-come on, Y/N, let’s get going.” Tweek said, tugging you along to the checkout.
“Bullshit. I’m sure Tweek is hitting on them!” Craig fumed, walking up and down in Tokens living room.
Token, Clyde, and Bebe were all there to see Craig's emotional outburst.
Bebe was leaning on Clyde, reading a magazine while Token and Clyde tried their very best to keep their fuming friend calm.
“Tweek? Tweek Tweak? The shyest, weirdest kid in our goddamn school? Are you on fucking drugs?” Token exclaimed, not believing the bullshit Craig kept on spewing.
“Token is right, Tweek is not that kind of guy. He’s our friend and he’s a pure soul. You’re seeing danger where there is none.” Clyde said and looked at Craig with a worrying expression.
Craig huffed and let himself fall onto the opposing couch to where the others were seated.
Bebe kept chewing her bubblegum.
“What ya mean seeing danger where there is none? There is?” Bebe mentioned now sarcastically and kept reading her magazine, obviously not understanding any of the guys here.
Craig made a questioning sound, hoping Bebe would elaborate. She didn’t seem interested in answering until Clyde asked her politely.
“Oh my god.” She exclaimed annoyed and sat up, closing her magazine.
“Craig, do you honestly think you have been a good boyfriend? Because, frankly, you haven’t been great at all. You always ditched Y/N, kept them at distance, you didn’t give two flying fucks about the relationship and now you’re mad they turned to someone how obviously cares more about them? I would have broken up a long time ago. Consider yourself lucky that they didn’t do so already when Tweek seems like a much better option than you are right now.”
Craig's heart stung, and Clyde looked at his girlfriend in shock.
“Honey, you can’t just say that!” Clyde whispered, but Craig stopped him.
“No, I guess she’s right. I was a dick I think. I need to apologize.” Bebe nodded and so did Token. The black boy looked over to the blonde woman, mouthing a “Thank you” to her, to which she smiled.
 Craig felt like an idiot. A big one. He was now standing here, flowers in his hand, looking through the glass windows of Tweek Bros..
He saw his girlfriend laughing together with his blonde friend and his heart hurt when he saw it.
He loved Y/N. He didn’t want to lose them.
So, with a little confidence, he stepped into the coffee shop and Tweek was the first to spot him, he smiled at him waving.
When he spotted the flowers in Craig's arm and his nervous expression, Tweek could easily guess why he was here. So, he excused himself from Y/N and went to that back of the shop.
Confused, you turned around and seeing your black-haired boyfriend standing there, looking all awkward made you smile involuntarily.
“H-Here. These are for you.” Craig mumbled, passing you the beautiful bouquet of different flowers over the counter. He extended his hand, asking for your, which you gladly gave him.
“Hey, I know I have been a dick recently and I wanted to apologize. I really didn’t see that I had hurt you and there was a lot going on for me, which is why I wanted to stay alone for a while. I now know that that’s stupid. So, I am asking, can you please forgive me?”
You felt dumbfounded. This was everything you wished for, ever since Craig started being so cold and here, he was, flowers and apology were already given and now it was up to you to decide if you two still had a future ahead of you.
You kept opening and closing your mouth, not really knowing what to say at all.
You wanted to get words out so desperately, but you simply could not…
  If you choose Craig:
 Finally taking a deep breath, you smiled and with teary eyes said: “You’re forgiven. Just…don’t ever do that again.”
“Never ever again.” Craig agreed and you quickly walked around the counter to hug him.
While he held you close, he whispered to you.
“I’m sorry that I have been so cold. My grandma died recently, and it affected me more than I thought it would…I just wanted to be alone.”
“It’s okay.” You whispered back, just feeling happy that your beloved boyfriend came around.
“So, to make that lost time up to you…” Craig broke away from your hug and you smiled contently at each other.
“Wanna go out for dinner next weekend?”
“I’d love to, honey.” The bell of the shop rang once more, and some elderly men came in.
“Seems like I gotta go back to work.” You mumbled, watching the men get seated.
“Yeah. So, I’ll be on my way, don’t wanna keep you from work. You look cute in your apron though.” You giggled, biting your lower lip.
“I’ll text you when I’m off work.” He nodded, waved, and went outside.
You stared after him for a moment before you took the new customer's orders.
While preparing the coffee and cake Tweek came back and looked at you with a curious expression.
“He apologized and invited me for dinner next weekend.”
“S-sounds amazing. Does that mean… you will stop working here?” He asked and you immediately shook your head.
“Not at all. I love it here and I love working here with you.”
Tweek smiled widely, happy that his friend would stay with him in the shop.
“I really hope you got some nice clothes for that dinner.” Tweek said while he had a glance at your note block to help you prepare.
“I have something in mind. But maybe you’re interested in coming over and help me pick something fitting? And before that, we will try that new recipe for the raspberry cupcakes and banana bread?”
You asked, sincerely hoping Tweek was onboard.
“Yes, that sounds great.” You were somewhat thankful that Craig had been acting so weirdly.
It allowed you to really get to know the blonde coffee addict that you would now even consider your best friend.
“But n-next time he acts up, offer him some cupcakes with la-laxatives in it.”
The customers were looking over to the two laughing idiots behind the counter.
“Oh my god. Where did you get that idea?”
“Have I ever told you the story of W-WikiLeaks and how Cartman got thrown under a bus by t-teachers?”
“You’re in for a treat, trust me.”
The following weekend was wonderful for you.
You had a great afternoon with Tweek, baking and trying on outfits, and your dinner with your boyfriend was amazing too.
You had never seen him so well-kempt and without his signature hat, so it came as a surprise when he stood outside of your door like that.
The dinner itself was a new fond memory of yours. You ordered food and talk for hours on end, catching up on what you two had been missing out on for so long...
  If you choose Tweek:
You didn’t know why your heart arched; you had known it for so long already but just hoped that you didn’t have to do this.
“I-I…” Craig stared at you.
“I am sorry… I just think we should break up…I think I caught feelings for someone else.” You decided to be completely honest and noticed the change in his expression immediately, even if he tried to play it cool.
“I could have guessed that. Tweek is not a bad guy at all… I just want you to know, I am really sorry for how I behaved and maybe we can remain friends?”
“We will see, Craig.” You awkwardly nodded at each other and he left the shop, obviously defeated.
Tweek poked his head out from the backdoor and questioned where your friend went.
“Home, I guess. We broke up.”
Tweek walked towards you and gave you a hug.
“I-I am so sorry to hear, b-but how come. I thought he wanted to apologize?” “I-I-…guess I just don’t feel the same anymore... My time here at the shop and everything made me realize that I can do better…And you proofed me that especially.”
You took his hand in yours, and he jittered and twitched insanely in this for him unusual situation.
You noticed the red blush on his cheeks, and you smiled warmly at him.
“You treated me so much better than he did recently.”
“Well…I-I-…I d-do like you.” Tweek managed to stutter, and you felt your face heat up.
“Hey…Maybe want to hang out next weekend and make dinner together? My parents are out of town.”
Tweek nodded, feeling happy when the bell above the door made you two instantly gain distance.
To Tweek this was new, a close friend of his hinting that they like him and everything.
That was simply too much for him.
The pressure he felt was immense and yet, he felt happy, giddy… In love.
He felt bad for Craig, his friend, and yet happy since you choose to spend time with him.
That slight red blush kept lingering on his cheeks, as he watched you work. With such ease, you managed to make his head spin.
“Just keep doing you. She liked you well enough until now!” He thought to himself to keep calm.
He just had to keep on doing what he did until now and everything would be fine. Basically, a date with the girl he liked the next weekend?
He will try to manage…
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sunset-curve-fantom · an hour ago
Captain's Girl- Steve Rogers x Reader
Tumblr media
“A new recruit is starting today… Remember to play nice Steve” Tony told Steve in a teasing matter, as Steve ducked out of the boxing ring.
Steve couldn’t help but roll his eyes at Tony’s teasing behavior, as sweat began rolling down his forehead.
“What’s his name again?” Steve said, taking a swig out of his water bottle, the cold liquid helping cool him down. He worked out a lot, mostly on the days when you were most busy with your administrative duties as well as your training.
“It’s James… Top of his class, the only one who showed some true Avenger material.” Tony said, the snarky tone clinging onto his words. He was never one for training or dealing with the new recruits. The last recruit accidentally burned down Tony’s lab because he was messing with some experiments instead of just listening.
Steve just smiled at Tony before heading out of the gym for a quick shower, he was always one for meeting the new kids and making sure they felt at home. But he didn’t like the ego that came along with the new recruits, as they think they already know everything.
He was drawn from his overwhelming thoughts by the sound of your laugh, he caught your gaze as you were walking towards him with Bucky close to your side.
The three of you were inseparable, you always had been since the moment they came into your world.
“Hey baby” you giggled, watching as his face lit up at the sound of your voice.
He couldn’t help but smile and tried to wrap his arms tightly around you, but you pushed him away causing an echoing laugh from Buck.
“No- you stink” you said to him, as you dodged his grasp once again. Your laugh echoing through the halls as you used Bucky as a shield between you and your boyfriend.
“I thought you loved me” Steve said, a frown crossing his features. Which only caused a small smile to cross your features as he pouted.
“I do love you… but I don’t wanna stink” you said, placing your hand on his cheek. Making a small smile appear on his face before he wrapped his arms around you.
Your protesting was bouncing off the walls as Steve continued to laugh as your loud protests. It was clear your small frame was no match for the super solider serum.
He gently placed you down, you swiftly punched him in the chest.
“I. don’t. like. to. be. picked. up. And now I stink…” you protested, the playful stomp of your foot making Steve and Bucky laugh.
He placed a swift kiss to your forehead, before beginning to walk away from you.
“Hey Solider” you said, loud enough that he would be able to hear.
He turned towards you, taking in your appearance. Your long hair flowing down your soldiers, your pants clinging to every curve, but your loose shirt leaving some to the imagination. But to him, you looked flawless.
“Take a shower” you said, scrunching your nose up as if to show that he smells.
“Yes Ma’am” he said, sending a swift wink in your direction before taking off down the hallway in a swift jog.
You stood patiently in the hanger, listening to Sam and Buck fight about dinner, but also hearing Wanda and Nat gossip about the new recruit and how cute he apparently is.
Your thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of someone standing behind you, you knew it was Steve.
“Hi baby” you whispered, carefully leaning back into his chest and feeling his gently chuckle.
“You smell stinky, you know?” he said, causing a gasp to erupt from your throat as you turned to face him.
“Steven Rogers” you threatened, trying to sniff yourself. But all you could catch was the scent of your lavender vanilla shampoo. There were no remnants of Steve’s body odor from his early morning workout.
All Steve could do was laugh at your behavior, but you were glaring knives into his soul.
Your comeback was cut off when Fury’s booming voice overtook the training room, drawing everyone’s attention from their gossip.
“Well, it’s nice to have everyone’s attention… I’ll make this quick” Fury started as him and Hill entered the room with a young recruit hot on their heels.
You leaned into Steve, as you all lined up to welcome the new recruit.
The new recruit was definitely cute, but not your type. He was on the shorter side of things, with dark almost black hair, with a leaner body.
You tended to go for the scruffier kind, and you definitely had a thing for blondes. But your type was definitely Steve and no one else.
You leaned over to Nat’s ear, “He’s definitely your type girl.” Which only caused the both of you to fall into a fit of laughter.
“So, this is the team” Fury’s voice boomed again, sending an unapproving look to Nat and you.
“Mr. Stark and Captain Rogers here are going to get you started and introduce you to everyone before your first training here at the compound.” Fury said, sticking his hand out to shake the new recruits.
“Thank you, Mr. Fury, Ms. Hill” The new recruit said, before turning to Steve and Tony. You could almost see him quiver in excitement over this new position.
“Hi, I’m James… It’s a pleasure” He said before sticking his hand out to Tony, and then to Steve.
You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at the welcoming, “it’s a pleasure” – the recruits literally never say anything different.
“They always say that” Bucky said, a smirk playing on his lips as he watches you roll your eyes once again.
You stifled a laugh as the new recruit approached Buck, the clear nervousness was being to cross his features even more.
“This is Sargent Barnes” Steve said as he gestured to Buck, the smirk on his face was clearer as James shook his hand with what seemed like a decent grip.
You weren’t completely paying attention because you were watching Steve as he kept clenching his jaw every time James opened his mouth to speak.
Seeing as you were too busy watching Steve, you missed that James had moved to right in front of you.
Nat carefully nudged you, drawing you from your trance which only caused a blush to erupt onto your features.
“Oh hi… I’m sorry. I’m Agent L/N” you said carefully extending your hand.
He took in a deep breath before taking your hand, shaking it gently. He continued to shake you hand for a few seconds too long.
Pulling your hand away, you wiped your palm on your pants, “Pleasure to meet you.”
“The pleasure is all mine” James said, sending you a quick wink before being shoved by Steve to move on.
Focusing on Steve once again, you could see that his jaw was clenched worse than before. His eyes were a darkened color instead of his normal baby blues. You could see the shift in his appearance in a heartbeat.
But Steve could see the shift in you too, the way the blush crossed your cheeks when James stood in front of you. The way your leggings gripped your thighs, accentuating all of your best features, the way that he knew that James was watching how your body moved. James was looking at you in the way that Steve looked at you the first time and still continues too. The idea of James dreaming about you, was something that he couldn’t stand. Steve couldn’t stand that James was being introduced to an entire team and all this recruit kept doing was looking back at you as you smiled and laughed. So, he kept quiet, just trying to push his thoughts out of his mind.
But he knew deep down that you had an overwhelming effect on people and that was a huge part of who you are. It was the one thing that he loved the most about you, how real you were with everyone.
You were so caught up in talking to Nat and Wanda, you had no idea of the attraction that James was beginning to feel towards you. You never looked at anyone the way you looked at Steve, and that was never going to change but it was more than clear that James didn’t catch the obvious relationship in the room.
“Okay let’s start with some training exercises, we wanna see what you are capable of here.” Tony said as he looked around the room for a participant, but no one was listening.
“Are you ready to start?” Steve said, watching James’ gaze fall onto you once again. Your head was thrown back laughing as you talked with Wanda.
Steve stepped in his eye line with his gaze hard and cold, “I asked you a question, recruit.”
James took a deep gulp, “I’m sorry Captain, yes I’m ready.”
“So, here’s the plan, we are going to do some basic sparring exercises just to see where your training will take you. The whole point is to see what your skill base is and where we can expand your combat training for future missions” Tony said, drawing James’ gaze from your figure.
“Okay, sounds good sir” James said, taking a deep gulp.
“L/N” Tony barked catching your attention from Nat’s excessive gossiping about Buck and the girl from the third floor.
Your eyes went wide as you turned your frame, “Yes Mr. Stark.”
“You are gonna be up first for the training since you have some other things to do before our welcoming dinner tonight” He said, you quickly nodded your head before stepping into the ring with James. He sent you a quick wink, but of course you thought nothing of it.
“Ready?” you teased as James took a deep gulp before nodding towards you.
A smile erupted on your face before running towards him attempting to strike him with your fist. He quickly blocked before attempting to throw his own punch.
You smiled as you quickly dodged his punch, you both continuously threw punching and kicks to throw each other off your game. It was clear that his training was well rounded, but you were trained by Nat and Steve, so you had just as much training as well as in depth skills.
Catching Steve’s eye off the mat, you winked before sweeping your leg under James’ feet sending him down to the mat. The sound of him hitting the mat echoed through the training area.
That’s my girl, Steve thought as he glared hard at James.
He smiled up at you as he laid there, you reached your hand out to help him up.
He placed a swift kiss to your cheek as you backed away from him. You were flattered but you knew Steve was going to mad at the interaction. He loved you so deeply, and the idea of losing you was the hardest idea to face and that was vice versa for you.
Turning off the mat, you caught Steve’s gaze and his jaw was clenched causing the vein in his neck to bulge. You could see the anger and frustration crossing over his features.
You smiled at him as you returned to your spot between Nat and Bucky.
“Oh, someone is jealous” Nat said, nudging your shoulder.
“No, he’s not, he’s fine” You insisted, trying to figure out the true reason that Steve looked so angry.
“Yeah okay… James is flirting with you. Of course, he’s angry” she said, watching your lips form a frown as you tried to think about the last hour.
“No, he’s not, it is more than clear than I’m with Steve” you said, insisting that what Nat is seeing is clearly just a misunderstanding.
“Yeah okay… you say so” she said, a soft laugh coming off her words.
You began to think about the last hour, the wink, the overly kind words, the way he wanted to impress you… No, he had to have just been being nice since it’s his first day.
“Cap, you are up next” Tony barked, the clear annoyance crossing his features. New recruits were something that he always hated especially since we are so close together.
You watched as Steve stepped onto the mat, the clear jealously falling onto his features as he watched James.
His eyes caught yours, you sent him a quick wink before he turned back to James.
You watched carefully as James took a step towards Steve, sending a solid punch towards his upper body. Steve smiled as he carefully dodged the punch before sending his own punch at James. His fist connecting with his jaw, the sound of James’ body hitting the mat echoed through the room.
Steve went and stepped over James, as he clenched his jaw.
“Steve, off the mat” Tony said, approaching the recruit.
He couldn’t help but send a smile towards you as he made his way off the mat. The clear amusement was dancing off his features.
“Oh, you know that felt good” Bucky said next to you, laughing at James still laying on the mat.
“Don’t encourage it” you hissed, knowing good and well this recruit was in need of some improvement hands down.
The rest of the day seemed to rush by with the busyness of training as well as your double duties as administrator for Stark.
The welcoming dinner Stark planned was closer than you had wished, James sadly beat Steve to the dinner table making sure that he took the spot right next to you. You gave Steve a weak smile, knowing this was going to be a conversation for the both of you tonight.
The dinner table was filled with chattering between the team as James kept trying to catch your attention.
You rolled your eyes before turning to him, “so how was the first day?”
“It was amazing” he started, “thank to you.”
You shifted in your seat uncomfortably knowing that Steve was glaring from across the table. Your suspicions were confirmed with you felt his thick leg sliding in between your leg as a sense of comfort. Steve’s heart fluttered as you smiled at him, you saw him for him not the man he has become due to the serum.
“So how long have you been with SHIELD” James said, trying to draw your attention from Steve.
‘Why don’t you ask Steve, I feel very old answering that question” You said, shooting a look at Steve for backup as you were getting uncomfortable.
The conversations continued on into the night, filled with laughter and never-ending jokes. Steve wasn’t the only one watching you, James had a hard time taking his eyes off you and it was clear.
You were telling the story about the time you and Natasha went on a mission, and she accidentally sprayed herself in the face with one of those fancy Japanese toilets. Instead of helping on that mission, you laughed the entire time and could barely focus on what Stark had wanted done.
Steve couldn’t help but smile at your overwhelming laughter as you and Nat continued to tell funny stories about the team.
The laughter ceased though when James very kindly dumped his full glass of wine in your laugh, covering your white satin dress.
“Oh my god” you stood up quickly, trying to escape the dark liquid.
“I am so so sorry, shit” James said, just staring at the mess he had made, while Nat was running back to the table with tons of napkins.
You quickly tried to clean the mess that had been created, but with that happening your cleavage was on full display not only to your lover but to James who could not or would not stop staring at you.
Steve couldn’t help but bit his lip yet tighten his fists as he watched this pathetic excuse of a recruit who insisted on checking out his love.
“Well, I am just going to shower” You laughed gently as you stepped away from the table. The dark stain not only on your dress but surrounding your chair on Tony’s white carpet. “This just isn’t going to come out.”
James stood up as you backed away from the table, “Do you need help?”
Your eyes went wide, as gasps filled the dining room, “Excuse me?” you said, shocked.
“WITH SHOWERING?!?” Steve yelled, his chair quickly clattering to the floor. The anger clearly crossing his features.
“Cap, take a walk” Tony said, his tone stern but the amusement was clear on his face.
Steve quickly walked out of the dining room, hastily walking to your shared living quarters in the compound.
The door slid open, and he could see your white dress thrown to the side with the stain more than clear against the light fabric.
He couldn’t help but sigh at the mess.
He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, laying in on the bed before he heard your soft voice coming from the shower. You were singing along to your phone,
You'll know him when you see him
By the way he looks at me
You'd say he hung the moon
I'd say he hung the galaxy
Nobody does it better
Oh, the way he pulls me in
I've known a couple bad ones
But they all led me to him
He's one of the good ones
He smiled as your voice led him to the shower, he could see your dancing as the suds covered your body.
The shower curtain flung open, causing you to jump at the sight of him, “Jesus Steve, you trying to scare me to death?”
He just chuckled as he stepped closer to you, bringing your back into his chest.
“Can I help you?” you chuckled as you turned around to face him, causing a smile to appear onto your face when you made eye contact with him.
He didn’t answer you instead grabbing the back of you neck, bringing your lips to his causing a soft moan to fall from your lips.
“You are mine” he gritted through his teeth as he pushed you into the wall, you body shuttering from the cold tile.
His free hand ran over your thighs, coming closer to your soaking, pulsating heat. Carefully pushing your thighs apart finding your sensitive nub.
You shuttered as he carefully pushed on your nub, the pleasure starting to overcome your senses. You loved that he wanted to be all over you, that he wanted to be in control.
His lips came into contact with your neck, quickly finding your sweet spot causing you to melt into him. His fingers moved from your sensitive nub, pulling you closer to him causing soft moans to fall from your lips.
He smiled down at you before moving his fingers into your pussy, quickening the speed causing your eyes to roll back into your head. The pleasure becoming overwhelming as you squirmed in his grasp. You felt your orgasm coming over your senses, with Steve’s name falling off your lips you let yourself go.
“Fuck doll” he said, pressing a kiss to your earlobe before picking you up in his arms, the cold against your back once again causing you to shutter.
You felt his tip at your entrance, teasing you gently. You moaned at the contact before he entered you in one quick move, your moans echoing off the walls. Steve pulled you close as you wrapped your legs tight around his waist.
Steve’s lips fell onto your mouth, as he slammed into you repeatedly. The mixture of the cold tile, and Steve inside of you sent your body into overdrive. He quickly picked up his pace, causing your eyes to roll back into your head.
Your climax was fast approaching, and Steve could feel you beginning to tighten around him.
“Are you mine? Tell me baby” He groaned out as he continued to slam into you.
“Y-Y-Yo-Yours” you moaned loudly, as your climax overcame you. Steve could feel you pulsating around him which only caused him to lose it. He moaned as he filled you up with his hot seed, causing you to moan at the contact.
He gently placed you down, your legs wobbling at the contact as you leaned back into Steve’s chest causing him to chuckle at your actions.
“Let me get you cleaned up, and we can go back down” he said, picking up the washcloth and gently washing your bruised back.
The two of you walked into the living room, you were clad in Steve’s clothing and he was holding you close. It was more than clear that you were Steve’s, even though most of the team knew that already.
Steve led you over to an empty seat, pulling you gently into his lap which made a laugh slip past your lips. You leaned your head back into the crook of his neck, taking in his sweet scent that made your world spin.
You could feel Steve playing with your damp hair that fell down your back, which sent a smile onto your cheeks.
“Can we talk?” A weary voice said, causing the both of you to look up, seeing James and his terrified expression.
You carefully nodded, pulling Steve behind you into the hallway. You could see James trying to find his words even though he was focused on your body, but Steve found the right words first.
"I’m hoping you are going to apologize to her, and hope to god she is more forgiving than I'm going to be" Steve sneered at the new recruit, who had barely taken five seconds to not look at your ass.
The new recruit was trembling, you could see his face change as he shrunk into the shadow of one, Captain America. He was terrified of what this man was going to do to him.
"Yes Mr. Rogers" he trembled, releasing a deep breath.
Steve rolled his eyes, bending down to meet the new recruit's terrified eyes.
"That's Captain to you, recruit."
Your soft laugh echoed through the hallway as you watched the young boy cower away from your Captain. You knew you were solid in your relationship, so the flirting was nothing new, but it was great to see him jealous.
"Steve, you don't have to be so tough on him... he's new" you said, the humor in your voice was more than evident.
He stalked towards you, forgetting about the frightening recruit.
"No one messes with my girl" he said, as he wrapped his arms around your smaller frame.
"My girl.... I like the sound of that" you teased, a smile playing on your features. You held him close as you headed back into the living room to enjoy the rest of your night with your man.
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Silver Memories
Chapter Five: Corvus
Warnings: Description of killing someone. This one is a long one as well, so the next chapter will be shorter since this took a lot out of my brain. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Mando listens as you describe the nightmare, or possible vision for lack of a better word, with rapt attention. Every detail is seared into your brain much like the memory of being whipped that keeps playing over and over; this one feels different, though, like an out of reach dream rather than a bone deep memory. You don’t know which is worse and you wouldn’t mind some happy memories to play in the darkness of your mind while drifting to sleep.
He shrugs it off saying it’s just a nightmare or memory before turning back to the flashing lights of hyperspace. You want to argue considering the details seem more recent and there was no sign of pain and destruction while you two were on Pollis Massa, but he cuts you off with a, “We’ll find out from my friend what it is. For now, try not to let it bother you.”
Yes, brilliant idea. Can’t believe I didn’t think about not letting it bother me, you think to yourself. Even with his words, you can’t help but notice that Mando seems much more tense in the shoulders. You’re wondering if he is just trying to make you feel better in his own way.
“Do I have enemies?”
“W-what? Why do you ask?”
“Well, I mean the dream made it seem like that guy wants to kill me or capture me at least, I was found in a cell; I can’t help but feel like people don’t want me around.”
“Everyone has enemies. Yours probably grew in number just from hanging out with me.”
“Why? Do people not like you?”
Mando lets out a small sound like a disbelieving laugh, “Most people aren’t too excited about a bounty hunter sullying their place of business In case we end up causing a mess or chasing after them. I’m not welcome to most places.”
Something twists in your heart. It feels like pity or just discomfort with the idea of people judging based off the armor and job Mando performs. “Don’t you get lonely?”
Mando shifts in his seat, “I’ve never really thought about it,” he says, but you can’t help but feel a wave of sadness wash over you. A desire to fit in and be loved, but only ever being held at arms length or feared. The emotions don’t feel like your own; in fact, you know they aren’t since you can’t place any experience to that feeling. It feels more like Mando’s due to the tinge of anger underneath it all. Why wouldn’t a child be loved unconditionally and why should anyone be untouched by the love and kindness of others?
“You have,” you breathe out more to yourself. The realization hitting you like a punch to the gut, slamming all of your emotions out to be filled with his. “You’re lonely. No one gave you what you really wanted.”
You can almost see the faceless warriors demanding excellence, violence, pure fight from every child instead of the love a child needs. A desire for every child to perform perfectly without any thought or care towards what actually children need to develop and thrive. It hurts. You don’t know why, but your heart feels like there are claws hollowing it out from the inside. Your breath starts to burn in your lungs.
“Stop it.”
“You just want the gentleness and love, you want to be loved, yet you can’t have it now.” The words flow out of your mouth, unwelcome.
“I said stop.”
“Everyone is too scared of you. Mandalorians are warriors first. Nothing else.”
“Snap out of it!” Mando literally snaps his fingers in front of your eyes and just like that, the spell is broken. You can breathe again and once you can, all you feel is numb, as if all of Mando’s emotions took your own, leaving you with nothing. Your eyes focus on Mando again. He’s staring at you. The T Visor reflects the stars of hyperspace making it look like there’s a mini galaxy in his visor instead of the black void you had grown used to. You know he’s angry by his tone and the stiffness of his body language, but you aren’t scared of him now. He won’t hurt you because he’s not angry at you, just exposed from your earlier invasion into his mind. His walls are up even higher now, you can’t help but feel like you’ve backtracked in his trust of you.
“Sorry, I just... felt you. I couldn’t stop it. I didn’t mean to invade your privacy.”
He tilts his helmet subtly. Something has changed between you two and he senses it now. Less fear and mistrust on your side and more on his side now with more questions for each of you.
“The sooner we find my friend, the better. Maybe she can help you control whatever this is.”
The rest of the flight is spent in awkward silence.
Corvus looked absolutely dreadful from the viewport of the Vanguard. A foggy, barren dead planet. Dead trees, fog that clouded everything like a cloak of death. Your mood was already sour from the flight with your emotions plus Mando’s silent brooding now adding to the ever growing list of negative emotions about the current state of affairs. You absolutely hated everything about this place already. The dark gloom ate into your soul.
Mando was quiet as ever. The rest of the flight he remained silent and didn’t even look at you. You figured it was probably the invasion of privacy, but you couldn’t help it. You couldn’t help any of this! He had a right to be angry, but it still pissed you off that he seemed to be taking it out on you when you couldn’t even control what was going on.
Only when the ramp lowered and you were standing on this new planet did he finally speak to you, “Last I saw, Ahsoka was this way.” He hadn’t even stopped walking to say that, so you had no choice except to follow. Begrudgingly, you did. Like I have a choice in which way.
As if this planet couldn’t get worse, there was a silence weighing heavily around you, broken only by animalistic grunts and growls every so often. You jumped each time, scouring the area for any threat. The thought of holding on to Mando’s arm entered your mind once or twice, but his lack of reactions gave you an ounce of courage. Even if he still didn’t speak to break the heavy spell of this planet.
“Are we in danger?” You whispered into the fog.
“No.” Was the short reply.
“Then why are you not speaking?”
“Because I don’t have anything to say.”
“Even back on the ship? We are about to see a friend of yours, I’m apparently able to feel emotions through unknown powers that may be growing, I have creepy visions or dreams and you have nothing to say?” You abandoned the whispering for full volume talking, but still keeping it from yelling just in case.
“Until we know more, there’s nothing I can say.”
“More like won’t.”
The Mandalorian turns to you with a sigh, “We’ve been over this once. I’m not going to trigger you if I can help it and there’s not much to say. I hate to say it, but I’m just clueless as you are and I’m taking a shot in the dark hoping that she can help us. I’m sorry, but this is the best I’ve got right now.”
It hits you like a laser shot. Mando doesn’t know and that terrifies you. This whole time you had been following his lead thinking he knew what to do in order to bring back your memories, but he’s just as lost as you. You had been blindly trusting this man to help you and he doesn’t even have the answers. Sure, he knows more about you than you do, but the visions and emotional tune-ins are new to him as well.
“Did I not have these abilities before?”
“I don’t know.”
Mando leads you through the dead forest. Over logs, around boulders and deeper into the fog. This planet may have flourished at one time, but it looked like a graveyard now to you. There were shapes in the distance of creatures, but the lack of light coming through the fog didn’t show much detail, letting your imagination draw up horrible images of what may lie beyond the fog.
“Why does your friend live on a creepy, haunted planet?”
“It’s not haunted, just damaged. When I met her, she was freeing the locals from a tyrant who tortured those within her walls.”
“Do you think she’s still here then?”
“Maybe. The locals should be able to tell us more. If not, we can at least stock up on supplies.” The idea of people living on this planet is a tad bit surprising to you.
After hours of walking, the forest seems to give way to a grey wall. There are people posted along it, and upon seeing the silver armor, there’s a sudden rush of noise and clamor. A gate housed in the middle of the wall opens revealing an elderly man making his way towards both of you.
“Mandalorian! Welcome back! Come in, come in! Night is falling. You can rest within our walls.”
Mando doesn’t say anything, but does reach up and clasp forearms with the man who now notices you. “Oh, miss! We hadn’t expected you to be back as well. Glad you both could join us.”
You immediately looked to Mando in surprise. You had been here with him too. You must’ve have met this friend while she was here. It made sense, but you were starting to wonder how long and for what reason you stuck around.
Mando kept walking without even noticing you. The village within the walls was lively. Houses lined the main street and bustling with activity. Vendors shouting their wares, children playing in the street and racing off down the winding streets veering off to the rest of the village. Even with the plain grey and brown neutral tones of the buildings, there was life within these walls that made you smile. It was a complete night and day difference compared to outside the walls.
People were happy here and happy to see you and Mando. Villagers would point at you two and wave. Some even clapped Mando on the back or hugged you. It was starting to overwhelm you. Did you know these people? Were you from here?
Mando noticed your growing concern and cut off the old man’s ramblings, “I’m sorry, but I need to find Ahsoka Tano. Is she here? My friend here lost her memories and needs her help.”
The old man looks to you in surprise and sorrow, “Oh, you should have said something earlier! My apologies, miss. Unfortunately, Ahsoka is not here at the moment. She’s taken up a new adventure outside of our walls. She said she would be back in a few days though.”
“And when was this?” You blurt out in despair.
“Two days ago. She will most likely be back very soon if you can wait.”
“Did she say where she was going? Maybe we can find her quicker.” Mando asks.
“No, I’m afraid not. To be honest, I can’t even say if she’s on this planet with absolute certainty.”
It takes all the strength in your body to hold your mouth shut to keep from screaming.
“You and your friend are more than welcome to stay with my family in the meantime, if you wish. After everything you did for us, it’s the least we can do in return.”
Mando accepts the offer for both of you. The man leaves to go tell his wife and family in order to prepare the house for you two. When he’s left, Mando turns to you.
“I’d rather not wait if we don’t have to. Are you alright staying here while I scout out the area and see if I can track her down myself?”
“Mando, I don’t know these people despite their knowing of me! Do you trust them? And what if this Ahsoka lady comes back and you’re not here?”
He holds a hand out as if to calm you, “I won’t leave tonight. That will give me time to see if these people are fully trustworthy and let you get comfortable with them. Is that better?”
You roll your eyes in annoyance. It was, but still not fully satisfying. “Again though, what if she shows up? I won’t know her. What if we miss her?”
Mando tilts his helmet in thought. His hands settle on the belt on his hips. As if the answer came to him from touching his belt, he suddenly reaches in a pouch and grabs something. Gingerly, he reaches out his fist to you. You lift your palm and he drops a black device into your hand. It’s small and round with an oval end and a piece that juts out from the bottom. There’s a blinking blue light on the oval end.
“Here. It’s a communicator that connects directly to my helmet. It may look small, but as long as it’s on and in your ear, it will connect to me. I’ll tell the old man to let everyone know that if Ahsoka shows up, to come to you. If she does, you just press the oval end and tell me. Does that help?”
You look at the device again and gently put it in your ear. The fit is perfect and light. You press the button to test it and Mando nods in confirmation that it worked.
“Okay. That’s fine. Just don’t be gone too long. If I have another episode, I’d rather it be by someone who is already used to my weirdness.”
If you hadn’t turned on the device to test it, you never would have heard the very small breath that passed through your ear. It was a laugh. A gentle huff, but a laugh that you could hear due to the connection to Mando’s helmet. You smiled fully in pride knowing you secretly made him laugh.
The old man returned to find you and Mando shopping for new supplies. Both of your arms were full by the time he came back and showed you to his house that was within eyeshot of another gated larger house in the middle of the street. You didn’t get a good look at it, but you felt like that place held a lot of sorrow and pain within its walls.
The old man, whose name you learned was Ko, introduced you to his family. His wife, Leeda and their eldest son with his wife and a young grandson. They were extremely polite to you and Mando, catering to anything and everything. They took your bags and set them on the table by their laundry room and ushered you into the kitchen for dinner. The food smelled delicious, permeating the whole house with spice, meat and melted butter. You had no idea what it was, but sitting down to eat the seared meat and baked vegetables brought you to the most light-hearted you had felt since waking up. You ate with vigor and listened to the family speak of anything and everything. 
The grandson brought up something you had forgotten until he piped up, “Mr. Mando, why aren’t you eating? Mom says that we have to eat if we are to stay strong!”
You had been distracted with the food and hadn’t even noticed the hunk of metal sitting next to you not saying a word or eating. His creed not even allowing a meal in the presence of others, but there he sat in silence, forgoing any part of impoliteness to even mention that he couldn’t eat. Everyone’s eyes were now on Mando as he sat in awkward silence. You set the silverware down in shame. How could you forget something like that? The poor guy hadn’t had food in who knew how long? He’d been with you this whole time.
“Jax, hush! That is impolite to ask of a Mandalorian.” His mother piped up.
“No, it’s okay. I ate recently. If I can, I’d like to take some to my room for later.” You knew it was a lie. He hadn’t had food recently. There was no way unless he had hidden tubes beneath that armor, but the family seemed to buy his lie. 
You suddenly stood up announcing, “We are actually really tired from traveling so much and shopping, I am afraid we must retire. Can we see our rooms?”
Ko looks up startled, but laughs it off, “Oh yes! Of course! I should’ve known you two would be so tired. Come, come. I will show you to your room.” 
You smile at him as he stands to show you to the rooms. You were just relieved that Mando would eat soon. He must have been starving! It was astonishing you that he was still standing without a hint of exhaustion or shaking.
Following Ko out of the dining room, you were led down the hall full of family photos, to a door at the end. One door. “Here’s where you two will be staying. I’m sure you will find it comfortable.” The two of you. He meant both of you. He meant for you to stay in the same room as Mando. Oh, please have two beds. You opened the door hesitantly and lo and behold, one large bed. It was so cliché you couldn’t help the small giggle that tickled out of your throat. Before you could protest, Mando chimed in that it was perfect and thanked Ko for his hospitality while gently pushing you further into the room to close the door. 
You immediately went on the defense, “Why did you tell him this is fine! You need your privacy to eat! I can’t stay here.”
Mando had been holding up one hand while balancing the food in his other, preparing for a fight. He seemed to pause at your words. “You want to leave?”
“Yes! If it means you get to eat, then yes, I will leave or hide in the bathroom, whatever you need. I know you haven’t eaten for at least a day.”
He sets the food on one of the side tables next to the left side of the bed. He shuffles on his feet thinking about his next move. You move to leave thinking he was trying to come up with a nice way of telling you to get out. Before you can, “You can stay. If you want. Just as long as we sit on the floor facing the opposite way. Only if you’re comfortable, though.”
You can’t tell if it’s a plea or just him trying to make it seem like all of this is no big deal. You have no idea, you can’t really deny the fact that you want to stay. The idea of being out there with people who act like they know you makes you far more uncomfortable. “Alright.”
You cross the room to the right side of the room, pretending to notice all the details of the room instead of thinking about his heavy gaze. He watches you the whole time. You try not to fidget or trip over yourself in the midst of his watchful gaze. You turn your back to him and slide down the side of the bed until your legs are in front of you straight out and your butt hits the cold floor. You awkwardly give him a thumbs up over the side of the bed, “Anytime you’re ready.”
You hear a hiss and a clank of armor onto the wood table. You freeze. Your body immediately wanted to turn towards the noise. The curiosity alone makes you want to look. Maybe you had seen his face before all of this had happened and it would help trigger your memories. The thought leaves as soon as it enters. You weren’t about to betray his trust with something this monumental to him.
The quiet sounds of him sliding down to the floor and then starting to eat greet your ears. It’s so quiet and you can’t help but fill the tormenting silence with anything to distract yourself from what’s right across the room from you. It would be so easy to take a peek and the temptation leads you to studying everything around you. The room is large compared to the small compartments of Boba’s ship and the Vanguard, not large enough to distract you though. The view of the wall and its single picture of Ko’s family isn’t entertaining after a few seconds. The only window is right above the bed so you can’t look out of it without risking seeing Mando.
Boredom finally reaches its peak within your brain so you call out to the other side of the room, “How do they know me? They keep treating us like we are gods. What did we do?”
There was no way to prepare for the voice that greets your ears. You hadn’t thought about how Mando’s voice would sound and even if you had, it would never compare to reality. A warm rumble of whispered honey caresses your ears and slides down your body in a comforting bass, “This planet was under the control of the Empire. The ones that ripped your memories from you. We helped free them.”
“Ahsoka, you and me.”
“How’d I do anything?”
There’s a pause for faint chewing. You felt kinda bad for insisting that he eat and then not letting him have that luxury by constantly asking questions.
“You think that trick you did to catch that little guy on the flying lizard was an accident? Luck? You helped a lot in that fight.”
As if hearing your next question forming, he interjected, “That’s all I will say. Why did you care so much about me eating?”
The change in topic throws you. All bubbling questions leave your mind as you try to focus on the answer.
“You still don’t seem to fully trust me, you haven’t shown any concern earlier, so why now?” He asks as if to clarify his question.
“I don’t know. I’m still struggling with it. These people act like decent people, the Empire must be the bad guys here for what they did to me and this town. I guess you are the closest thing I know to be good. You are trying to help me as far as I can tell, putting in more effort than Boba or anyone else so far, but here I am not offering any sort of help back. I get that I don’t know what I can and can’t do; however, that shouldn’t stop me from making sure my pilot is in fit condition. Maybe I hate your guts with my memories, maybe we were best friends. I’ll try to stay more in the moment and trust you until you prove otherwise, as long as you are more open with me about yourself. And not about your personal stuff, just tell me if you need rest or food, okay? It won’t ruin your scary image, I promise.”
He’s quiet as you hear him finish his food and set the plate back on the table. When you hear his voice again, it’s the blasted coder instead of sweet honey, much to your disappointment.
“Alright. Only if you do the same.”
You take that as permission to look at him again, so you stand and turn to him. His thighs are pressed to the bed as if trying to be close to you without crossing to your side of the room.
“We are pretty much on our own. I’m not used to counting on others, but you are too selfless and caring to be a burden. If I ask you something, I want you to be honest. I can’t help you if you end up passing out, having an episode, or worst of all: dying. I’ll do what I can to earn your trust.”
Your cheeks warm unwillingly. It sounded like Mando cared about you, so maybe you could trust him fully after all.
“Alright. Two-way street. Neither of us breaks these rules.”
“Fine. First question, is it alright if I sleep in here? Just as a precaution. I'll sleep in the chair, so you can have the bed."
The question catches you off guard. You honestly didn't know. The idea of him just watching you while you tried to sleep didn't sound like a lot of fun.
"Uh, are you actually going to sleep or just watch me the whole time?"
He seems to realize the way that sounded stutters a little, "I-no, uh, I meant, stay in here and sleep so I can be here in case something happens. Which it shouldn't, but just in case."
"As long as you promise to actually sleep. You need rest just like anyone else, you know that right? As far as I know, you aren't an android or anything. Are you a species that doesn't require a lot of sleep?"
He sighs and makes his way to the refresher off to the side of the bedroom, "Just get some rest."
Rectuantly, you lay down to get some sleep. The bed is cold from lack of use along with the night temperatures. You can hear water running as you lay there staring at the ceiling along with soft clanging as you imagine Mando removing his armor. You couldn't sleep with that kind of stuff going on. The mental image of what Mando might look like under the armor paired with that voice had your thoughts racing.
Once the door opens again, you catch a glimpse of Mando in just sleep clothes and his helmet before he turns off the light. It's a startling sight. Casual clothes and only his helmet? You never expected this. It was like seeing a rare creature out mythology in comparison to this. Almost intimate. You could see some tan skin barely peeking out of his tunic. He was still broad and large, yet more human. The skin looked human at least.
This was going to be a long night.
Sure enough, the next morning had left you waking up exhausted. Even knowing you were safe with Mando, the thought of a strange man at the foot of you bed still left you feeling restless, almost exposed. You had tossed and turned all night only catching bits and pieces of sleep every so often. When you awoke, Mando was already gone from the room. His weapons and armor were gone as well.
Leaving the room and entering the kitchen brought you back to a life outside of Mando and traveling with possible threats following you everywhere. Ko's family was already up and fixing breakfast together. The grandson, Jax, looked up to see you enter the kitchen. He grabbed your hand and dragged you over to help fix food with them. They were nice people that went to lengths to make you feel safe and at home with them.
You tried to make efforts to get to know them. It felt awkward with the almost hero worship they treated you with though. You had no idea how you had helped these people and if you even deserved it. What if Mando had just made it sound like you had helped so you wouldn't feel worthless?
They all had their own things to do after breakfast. Jax went to school, Ko's wife went out back to tend to her garden, and Jax’s parents, Lillian and Idris, went to visit another family. Ko at least invited you to drink tea on the back porch while watching his wife work in the garden. You gladly accepted.
"It is nice to have you and the Mandalorian back in our city. It's a good reminder that we are not easily forgotten. Mando did tell us you have been forced to forget everything, including yourself.”
You hum into your tea mug, noncommitedly, "Some Empire jerks took my memories. All of them. I don't remember ever being here."
"Well, I'm sure a part of it would be gladly forgotten. We were not a happy place until you and Mando came along. Ahsoka as well. Of course, it's not hard to expect from a Jedi. That is what they do."
"A Jedi?"
"Yes, the guardians of peace in the galaxy. You really have forgotten everything." His gaze of pity just makes your stomach turn. You didn't want pity. You didn't blame anyone but the people who did this to you.
"Is there anything you can tell me about myself? What was I like?"
Ko laughs in response, a genuine belly laugh, "You were a spit fire. You saw the injustice that was going on and you personally wanted to take on every guard and mercenary yourself. Mando had to hold you back. If it hadn't been for the need to find Ahsoka, you would've killed anyone in your way."
You couldn't help your eyes bulging our of your head. You? Killing people? Fighting in general? It was a crazy idea. You wanted to think this old man was crazy, but there was plenty of lucidity in the old man's eyes. He was telling the truth.
"What did I do? How'd I fight?"
"In any and every way. You didn't hold any punches. You used anything within your range. Blasters, staffs, even your fists. You were a sight to behold. You were kind to everyone in the city that was being held hostage here. You did whatever it took to free us. We are extremely grateful. We will do what we can to help you."
Once you had finished your tea, you left Ko to his own devices in order for you to think over everything he told you. You retreated to the solitude of the room you were sharing with Mando to rummage through the thoughts flying through your brain. The fear of accidentally triggering another violent memory had you curled up on the bed. Nothing happened though. You had taken a hot shower to calm down and changed into the clean clothes Leeda provided, yet now here you were with the spear you had stolen from Utapau. Mando had let you keep that at least. You were holding it trying to see if it felt familiar in your hands like a hidden instinct or muscle memory. Nothing was coming to you though.
You waited until night to check in with Mando. Perhaps a tad bit reluctantly, but you did worry about him being out there by himself.
"Mando, you there?"
The crackle in the communicator filled your ear and then his voice filled your head, "I'm here. Is everything okay?"
"That's what I was going to ask. Everything's fine. Just a little boring. It's almost strange to be living a quiet life after the past few days."
He chuckles lightly into the communicator, "I'm sure we will be on our way into trouble eventually. It's typical for me."
You smile tightly. You could wait on the trouble. "Any sign of Ahsoka?"
The answering sigh tells you enough, but still he answers, "None yet. I'm just trying to pick up any sort of trail. I'm found her camp from last time I met her and it looks abandoned. The only clue I found so far. It looks like she dismantled her camp fairly recently so that’s a sign she’s been here at least.”
"Hopefully she's okay and this isn't a wild bantha chase."
"I'm sure she is. She's a powerful warrior."
"Yeah, Ko said she's a Jedi. Apparently that means she's some sort of warrior."
"What else has Ko been telling you?"
"Just that apparently I know how to fight expertly as well." Your tone turns accusatory.
"Yes, you do. Don't ask though, I don't know where you learned or even all the things you can do."
Your pettiness still gets to you a little as wish him a quick goodnight and cut the line. It still frustrated the amount of information everyone knew. You really needed to stop taking it out on Mando. You felt a little guilty as you went to bed that night.
The next morning brought your regrets to the surface again as you awoke to a sudden boom and shaking of the house. Screams followed the explosion as the reverberations faded away. You practically fell out of bed running towards the door to find where you hoped the others would be.
You call out for Ko and the others but there’s no response. You look throughout the house and finally find them all gathered by a door offset from the kitchen. Ko had gathered his family and was leading them down through the door down a set of steps leading to what you assumed was a basement when you cried out to them, "What's going on? What was that sound?"
Ko turns to you and grabs your arm leading you to the basement, "The Empire is back. It's a small party, but they are bombing the city!"
Your heart freezes. Is this because of your vision? Is this all happening because of you? Guilt flares in your heart. If you caused all of this pain and suffering, kriff, probably some deaths, all because of your presence, you didn’t know how you would forgive yourself. You reach up to the communicator in your ear only to find it missing. In your confusion and haste to find the others you had left it behind in the bedroom. You left it on the table like a mindless wamp rat.
You turn to run back to the bedroom all the while Ko tries to yell at you to come back to the safety of the basement. You hear more explosions outside, but you have to let Mando know. The basement won’t be safe for long if the house falls down around them. Mando may not be able to do much, but you have to warn him so he won't walk into a trap and possibly find Ko and his trapped family should the worst happen.
You reach your room and pratically fling yourself onto the table to grab the communicator. Stuffing it into your ear, you immediately open the channel. "Mando!"
"What's wrong? Are you alright?"
"The Empire's here!"
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gambithq · an hour ago
Tumblr media
the reaper
name: adrik odol  gender, pronouns: nonbinary, they/them race: human alignment: lawful good age: 25 faceclaim: amita suman 
STR (11)    DEX (15)    CON (13)   INT (12)   WIS (10)   CHA (08)
There is a beautiful terror to it. Silent footsteps, the careful balance of a knife, the art of deception and the swish of gentle fabric as the priestesses walked by. Adrik seeks comfort in these things the same way another child might with a blanket or a favoured toy. All things within those walls make sense to them, after all, for The Bloodstone Temple is the only home they’ve ever known. Memories from before the temple come only in dreams –– they were too young, too gentle, when the world was ripped out from under them. A child bathed in blood, parents stolen from the world by something or someone dark and horrible. When they awake from the nightmares, they are comforted by the cooing words of their teachers, who assure them that they are safe in the arms of a God who loves them.
The promise of love is not an empty one, as so many others might have been. Their teachers guide Adrik through their lessons, and they thrive at the temple more than any of the other children do. They are… separate, from the others. A quiet thing, not prone to games, never skilled in the art of making friends. But somehow, it makes them better at the rest of it –– at being hidden, at being so quiet that they can hear the blood flowing in their veins, beating in their heart. Not everyone is cut out for what the future holds, but Adrik was practically born to serve Vermir, with skinned elbows and crimson thoughts. They feel settled in their love, with loyalty and safety in the warmth of it. The Blood God loves all those who serve her, whose hearts run red and hot with devotion.
They’ve killed before their pilgrimage. They learned how to do it from the very best within the walls of the Bloodstone temple, those scarlet women who ruled Adrik’s world. The people in the city looked at them like they were monsters, when they believed it wouldn’t be seen, and treated them with respect in every other moment of the day. Part of Adrik wants to stay at home, safe within the walls of the place that made them. But their God is a hungry thing, and even the most beloved child of the temple must make their way out into the world and find tribute, find offerings, spill blood in the name of the blood God. Their mission is a simple one, travel through the fade and answer the call when it comes, end the lives of those whose blood can be put to better use. Adrik must walk down the path of death, and at it’s end they will find their crowning glory: the one life that matters more than all the others, the blood that will sing to them, the death that will mean they’ve come into their own and earned their place within the hallowed halls of the Bloodstone Temple once again.
played by wren
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hanji-is-life · an hour ago
Tumblr media
my bestie sent me this so hello this is my first ever jjk piece 🧍🏽‍♀️if this has been done already, I’m sorry!!! I haven’t read a lotta sukuna/itadori fics as of late so forgive me if this is an overdone trope but my bestie sent it and I just had to write it!!!!
Sukuna was such a sneaky little fucker. He never came out whenever you expected it, even going as far as taunting the king of curses when Yuuji was sleep. No matter how much you’d poke and prod, he never gave you the time of day.
Yuuji tried his best to keep you from fucking with him, but even he was starting to get a little confused with Sukuna’s silence. The king was always rambling off about destruction and mayhem and shit in his head most of the time. But whenever you were around, he would become oddly silent.
Yuuji wasn’t really sure how to take the silence. A good thing maybe, since he could have his own thoughts to himself without someone butting their nose in. But also bad because—what the fuck was he planning in there?
Yuuji couldn’t be worried about it though. Not when you were mewling so sweetly into his mouth. Not when you were writhing on the bed, gripping his wrist and the pillow for dear life. Not when your cunt made the sweetest, wettest sounds whenever his fingers thrusted inside of your soaked walls.
“F-Fuck, Yuuji, right there, right there!” You practically screamed, eyes clenched tightly as you throw your head back. He follows with his mouth, trailing wet hot kisses down your jaw and to your throat. He rests in between your legs, taller form hunched slightly to make sure he could taste the skin of your neck.
“Does it feel good?” He murmurs against the bruising flesh. You wanted to quip back with a smart, no, dumbass, I’m just screaming to hear how loud I can get. But the moment you opened your mouth, your breath was caught in your throat.
It was a...different sensation. Yuuji was a little inexperienced when you first got with him, so you had to teach what and where a clit was. He’s gotten better with playing with it, but still hasn’t fully mastered how to hit your sweet spot with his fingers while simultaneously play with your clit.
But the feeling against you isn’t necessarily something that his fingers could do...?
Your head snapped down quickly, chin butting into the top of Yuuji’s head. He whines, slows his fingers down as he rubs at the sore spot with his free hand.
“Oww, what was that for?” He whines, sitting back slightly so he can look at you. He doesn’t understand why you have that dazed and crazed look on your face until he follows where your eyes are glued.
It’s Sukuna. Where Yuuji’s fingers are pressed snug inside of you, does Sukuna’s mouth appear on his palm, plump lips wrapped tight around your clit. He sucks harshly, just as an eye appears above the lonesome mouth. You and Yuuji scream in unison.
“Sukuna—what the f—you can’t do that man,” Yuuji splutters, rips his hand forcefully away from inside of you. You groan at the lost, thighs quivering wildly, mouth opening and closing like a fish as you stare up at Yuuji’s panicked face.
“And why not?” You shiver at the deep timber of his voice. You hadn’t heard it since you started dating Yuuji. And fuck, was his voice hot as hell.
“The slut obviously loves when we double team her. She was so close before—why stop now?” The mouth that popped up on Yuuji’s cheek grins sharply, all pointed canines and full of mischief. You shrink under the gaze of the eye above it, and Yuuji’s own confused one.
“She, she doesn’t,” Yuuji stutters, confused at the prospect of you actually wanting Sukuna’s filthy little mouth on you.
“You don’t want it, do you?” He asks slowly instead, insistent upon not putting words in your mouth. Not when he felt you tighten up when Sukuna licked your clit. Not with the scream that still echoes in his head from Sukuna’s suck.
You glance away guiltily, the shift in your thighs betraying just how wet you had become at the thought of Sukuna putting his mouth back on you. Before you can answer, a mocking laugh rings throughout the room.
“Look at how wet she is! I told you the bitch loved it.” Sukuna bellows, mouth going from Yuuji’s cheek to the palm of his hand again.
“Don’t call her that,” Yuuji frowns, but Sukuna ignores him.
“Now put your fucking fingers back inside of her, brat, before I come out and do it myself.” This time, they both catch your shiver, how your eyes drop, how your legs fall open even wider in invitation.
When Yuuji doesn’t move fast enough for you, you’re reaching forward and seizing his wrist in your hand. You guide his fingers to your sopping wet hole, look up at him with pleading eyes.
“Please?” You whine. “Just this once?” You and Yuuji—and Sukuna—both know that this won’t become just a one time thing. But the dirty shit that Sukuna has been whispering in Yuuji’s ear prompts him into sliding his fingers inside, all the way to the hilt, until a sneaky mouth can wrap comfortably around your puffy clit.
Definitely not a one time thing.
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troubatrain · an hour ago
good for you - t. jost (part two)
Tumblr media
a/n: apparently the only things i can finish are smut which is honestly on brand for me. this part is a bit of filler but to be fair this entire fic is smut with barely a plot so i meannnn but anyways, let me know how you guys like it :)
big shoutout to @hookingminor because nothing gets posted around here without ilyana fr fr
part one
warnings: it's smush time (smut)
So you fucked?
Mat was confused, posted up in his hotel room in Philly trying to navigate the bits of information he’d been getting out of you. You’d barely spoken to him all week, your classes were already killing you and you’d been missing the nightly Facetimes you promised when you moved. Mat thought there was another reason you were ignoring him, the evidence that you did the diry with Tyson was obvious. He was pretty sure you did, the mark on your neck wasn’t as hidden as you seemed to think it was, and you had a pep in your step that you only got after a good hook up.
“Yes Mat, we fucked,” You sigh, pressing your hands against the cool countertop and staring at Mat through your laptop screen, “This is your fault.”
“Oh it’s my fault two consenting adults had sex? Did he stay over?” Mat asks, trying to grab onto as many details as he could.
“No I kicked him out after a second round in the shower,” You admit, covering your eyes so you wouldn’t see the shit eating grin on your best friend’s face, “I kind of want to do it again.”
“Three’s the limit,” Mat reminds you of the golden rule of hook ups. You both came to the conclusion one day, if you fucked someone more than three times, you had more feelings than you realized and it was time to run or let yourself get hurt. Mat seemed to do just fine with it, and most of the time so did you, but Tyson was tempting you.
“Oh my god, he’s calling me,” You panic, Tyson’s contact flashing across your screen. Mat went to open his mouth, some sort of roast about how nervous you were would probably have followed if you hadn’t hung up on him. You waited for one more ring, not wanting to seem too eager to answer his calls, “Hi?”
“Hey,” Tyson drags out his greeting, pacing around his own apartment trying to figure out what the hell he thought he was doing. He wanted to see you again, clothing optional if he was being honest with himself, he just needed you to know somehow that you weren’t just a booty call, “What are you doing?”
“Drowning in homework already,” You whine, rolling your eyes at the chaos around you. The city has been jackhammering outside your place since the day you moved in, stalling you every time you tried to do anything.
“Everything alright?” Tyson asks, his voice was laced with concern by the crashes coming from your end of the phone.
“Yeah, sorry they’ve been doing construction outside since I moved in,” You sigh, rubbing a hand over your forehead, “I really need to get these done-”
“Bring your stuff over here,” Tyson blurts out, grabbing onto the opportunity to see you. He could handle hanging out while you studied, you were sort of friends before, how hard could it be?
“You want to spend time with me while I study?” You question, genuinely curious about what kind of dude you’re fucking wants to do nothing while you actually get some studying done.
“Yes Y/N, I want to spend time with you,” Tyson chuckles, shaking his head at your shock. Of course you didn’t do that with anyone hooked up with, but you’d never hooked up with anyone you knew outside of the bedroom either. Keeping both of those worlds separate kept your heart safe, “C’mon, I’ll even buy you dinner.”
Okay fine, I’m on my way.
This was much harder than Tyson thought.
It was easy at first, you came over a little while later and Tyson thought he could control himself. You settled on dinner a few minutes ago, and that’s when things went south. It was the pout, the way you looked at when Tyson said he wasn’t in the mood for sushi. You batted your eyes at him, a small pout on your face and the words Tys please following. Tyson was a goner, calling up for sushi almost immediately while you smirked at him for giving in so easily.
Now, Tyson was just watching you, and not even in a way you wouldn’t notice. Your nose was tucked into your notes, it’d scrunch up every once in a while and Tyson assumed that meant you got to something you didn’t want to deal with. Your cardigan had fallen down your shoulder, leaving a spot where Tyson’s lips could have just landed easily. Your feet were across his lap, Tyson’s large hands on your legs while his thumb rubbed along the fabric of your leggings. His hand was creeping up slowly, your lip between your teeth while you watched him, “Don’t get distracted princess.”
“You’re making that a little hard,” You whine, just as Tyson’s finger slid under the waistband on your pants, “Tys-”
“No keep reading,” Tyson reminds you, humming when you let his hands slide your leggings off. His lips pressed softly against your hips, your eyes far more focused on Tyson’s head between your thighs, “I’ll stop if you can’t focus.”
“Don’t do that,” You sigh, feeling Tyson’s smirk against your skin. Tyson chuckled, a finger sliding your panties to the side.
“This wet already huh? Physics must really get you going,” Tyson teases, glancing up at the book in your hands. His breath was hot against your core, “Smart and pretty is a dangerous combination princess.”
“So I’ve been told,” You let out a gasp, Tyson’s tongue lapping at your pussy slowly. Your hand fell from your book, pulling at Tyson’s curls. His mouth unlatched from your core, forcing you to let out a whine, “Tys that’s not fair.”
“I told you keep reading, can’t have you failing on my watch,” Tyson laughs, laying his head on your hips. He had you in the palm of his fucking hand, every bone in your body was on fire and you hated every second of it. The way you were whining for Tyson to touch you was uncharted terrority, a craving you couldn’t satisfy and it was going to get you into trouble. You focused on your work, a small hum came from Tyson before his finger slid up your folds, “Good girl.”
Your eyes were fixated on the words in front of you, retaining as much as you could while Tyson’s fingers were teasing your entrance. He was moving slowly, loving the way your body reacted to his touch in a way he could have only dreamed. One finger slid in, curling against your g-spot and pulling a moan out of you, “Fuck, I’m almost done-”
“Finish pretty girl, go ahead,” Tyson pushes, smirking to himself at your reaction. His mouth moved to your core, swirling his tongue around your clit and sucking on it. Your breathing was heavy, chest rising and falling while you finished the last paragraph before you were seeing stars. You tossed your book on Tyson’s coffee table, throwing your head back and grabbing his hair.
“Faster, Tys, please,” You beg, your hips lifting off the couch. Tyson slipped in another finger, tongue working against your core. He fingered you through your orgasm, fingers moving lazily in and out of
you when you finally came down, “Tyson, holy shit.”
Since when was Tyson this cocky? His smile was smug when you finally met his eyes, the same sparkle in his eye from the first time
you fucked. You pressed your lips to his, grinding your hips against him, “Your turn.”
Tyson’s eyebrows raised, a wave of shock over his face while you lowered yourself off the couch. You weren’t going to let Tyson just get off with a smile that smug. If Tyson wanted to play that game, you
needed to remind who he was playing it with. Your fingers slipped under his sweats, pulling down his boxers and letting his cock spring free. Tyson’s hand ran through your hair, a finger tracing your jawline while his thumb ran across your bottom lip, “You’re so fucking hot.”
“I’m aware,” You tease, licking the underside of his cock. You moved slowly, teasing him just as much he did to you. Tyson’s hands went to push your head down faster, so you pulled back with a smug smile that matched his, “No touching Tys.”
“C’mon, princess, that’s not fair,” Tyson’s hands flew back, a giggle falling through your lips at his whine. You swirl your tongue around the head of his cock, taking his length into your mouth until you couldn’t anymore. Tyson groans, his hands balling up into fists to keep himself from touching you, “Fuck, your mouth babe-”
The echo from Tyson’s doorbell bounced through his apartment, reminding you both of the food you were supposed to be waiting for. You pulled away, a smirk on your face, “I think you need to get that.”
“You did that on purpose,” Tyson groans, collecting himself enough to open the door for your food. You waited patiently, watching the way Tyson snapped back into the incredibly kind man you’d always known. If he thought you were dangerous, then he was absolutely lethal with the way he could speak to you as filthy as he did and smile as kindly as he does to others. He closed the door, watching back over to the couch where you were still sitting in just your panties and a tank top, pressing a quick kiss to your lips, “Let’s get you fed babe, I’ve got plans for us.”
“Hm, how about you eat it off of me?”
“I swear Y/N, you’re never leaving this apartment.”
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paint-the-ravenclaw · an hour ago
Could you plrase talk about how your Lion model works with your Bird primary? I think I may be a Bird who models Lion...
Bird + Lion model
I've written about this a few times before, so before I get to today's post about it, I'll dig up and link the old ones:
First in-depth post about it
Follow-up to above (a lot of people like this metaphor!)
Those posts are from a while ago, and my relationship to my Lion model has changed, so here's an update on that ^^
Bird + Lion v2
I've been working on listening to my Lion model more, since it seems much healthier than the explodey Badger primary model I was using up until recently-ish (and am still trying to drop).
It's nice! This is going to sound odd, but using Lion feels like... it's on your side? It's really different from Bird or Badger, and it feels like it's stabilizing my self-definition a lot, oddly enough. Like, it's there to remind you that you're a reasonable person and you're doing your best, which seems basic but it's very reassuring.
See, Birds' identity can be very fluid, and sometimes we do worry that we can talk ourselves into anything, that if we get too many things wrong we might become someone we don't like. I'd wonder if this was just me, but I've seen other Birds come through my inbox with the same problem. Meanwhile, unhealthy Badger wants to define you by what other people think of you, and that's... really not good at all. It's an anxious place to be.
Plus, there can be pieces of a Bird's system that we've picked up and kept for so long that we don't even see them and can't question them. That was my problem with unhealthy Badger: I absorbed it from my parents (who hold themselves to unhealthy Badger ideals) without getting a chance to think about it. Lion is actually really good at going "that thought doesn't sound right. Is it really coming from you, or is that something you picked up? Do you really believe that? Have you looked at it properly?"
Which, using Lion to pick out parts of my system for Bird to reexamine has to rank for the most oddly specific support role I've ever seen a model take, but it's really good at labeling which thoughts are from the Badger model I'm trying to get rid of.
So lately, when someone asks me a question that gets parsed through my primary, I've actually been getting 3 distinct thoughts: the first one is usually from Bird, and its tone is generally neutral/thoughtful/sounds like my voice. The second one is from Badger, and might just be an overall feeling of "you should actually be like..." (with varying levels of guilt trip). And then the third one is Lion going "hey, no, that doesn't vibe, that's not actually yours, check it again."
It's very, very strange listening to your thoughts argue with each other, but it's not bad. At least two of them like me now 😂
Expectations vs reality
(Please note: I don't mean to imply that I have low expectations of Lion primaries in general--I just didn't expect my model, specifically, to work this well.)
A little while ago, I decided to lean into using Lion on purpose, and I expected that to mean I'd have to start taking leaps of faith based on its judgment, like relying solely on Lion for some smaller decisions. Basically, I thought it had to be developed on its own, using it instead of Bird.
I expected it to need time and use before its judgment would be very good, or even before I'd be able to hear it well. Like it was the lowest level Pokemon on the team and needed to grind xp before it would be useful.
I'm also realizing just now that I lowkey expected it to try to talk over Bird and push its own decisions, which says something of what I'm used to from explodey Badger.
And I was expecting it to be like... "this is my opinion, I will not be taking questions, figure it out yourself." (Which, I still wanted it for that data, just because it isn't Badger.)
None of that is actually how it works. It's surprisingly chill and useful and nothing like as much work as I thought it would be.
Sometimes I "ask" Lion for its opinion, just checking how I feel about things, and it turns out... that's okay too. I don't feel pressure to act on that information, I can just ask myself for it and it's there, readily accessible.
I was expecting mystery, and what I actually got was clarity. Lion actually works with Bird instead of fighting it or yelling over it.
Tumblr media
I'm a fan. 5 stars on Amazon.
I don't know if this information helps you with your Sorting, anon, given that your Lion model might show up in all kinds of different ways and might look nothing like mine.
This is a way it can look, though, apparently, and it definitely surprised me.
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dodo-begone · 2 hours ago
Loyal here! (I’m not sure if someone has thought of this or brought it up and I apologize if that’s the case)
Imagine if y/n is a descendant of Dream. Bonus points for some ✨drama✨ y/n despises Dream and all the things he did. So when Ranbob reveals his devotion towards Dream, they’re like “ew, nasty. I hate that guy. Fuck him. Also, he’s like my great great grandfather or some shit. Bleh.” and gives the middle finger towards the shrine or whatever Ranbob had. LMAOOO. His reaction to finding out that the person he likes is related to his God? He’s sure he can change their opinion of Dream. After all, they’re not going anywhere.
Would he worship them like he does Dream? How would he react if their opinion of Dream only worsens with his actions (killing their friends, trapping them there)?
As for fallen feathers with Philza. This would most likely happen during his molt. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, molting is when birds shed a bunch of feathers to make room for new ones to grow. Depending on the type of bird, some molt only once a year, while others molt multiple times. If I’m not mistaken, Philza has crow wings? Then again, I’m assuming that’s the case because his chat is crows. Crows molt every summer, so it would be once a year for him if this is the case.
When my old bird molted for the first time while within my care, I pretty much had a heart attack. There were feathers everywhere, and I was afraid that he was plucking his feathers, which is something that birds do when incredibly stressed, lonely, bored, traumatized, etc. and it’s incredibly unhealthy. The damage can be permanent if a bird continues to pluck feathers from the same area. This apparently is a common concern for new bird owners tho if they’re not aware of molting being a thing lol
Please ignore the following paragraph if you’re sensitive to topics regarding harm to oneself. Nothing of the sorts is actually done, the paragraph simply has a deeper explanation about feather plucking and implies manipulation involving it, bc yandere.
If Philza’s with a partner who has even a small understanding about birds, they’ll most likely know that a bird plucking their own feathers is the equivalent to self harm. So, if they’re with him while he’s molting but aren’t familiar with the concept, they’d probably panic and try to console him. I see him reacting to this in one of two ways: reassuring them that it’s not the case and explaining the situation, or, if he fears that his darling might leave him, he might up the situation...
Molts involve a major loss of feathers, so I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of Philza’s molt, they’d have enough feathers to, like, idk, stuff four large pillows or somethin. He’d probably start sewing or tying them to objects that belong to his darling, like bags or clothes. Maybe even makes a book mark with a few attached. OR TYING SOME INTO THEIR HAIR LIKE THAT EARLY 2010 PRETEEN TREND WHERE YOU’D PUT FEATHERS IN YOUR HAIR AND I ALWAYS WANTED TO BUT MY PARENTS REFUSED
Anyway, totally not self projecting there.
I personally have had a habit of collecting feathers since I can remember, and I still have it. So, whenever my bird(or previous bird) molts(molted), I’d collect the feathers and put them in a ziplock bag. I’ve got at least five snack sized bags full from my old bird—a cockatiel, for size reference—and we only had him for one and a half years before he passed. If y/n has the same habit, OH BOY. Y/n casually has a closet full of bundles of feathers JKJKJK
Also, seeing that other anons have mentioned the loyalty enchantment makes me so happy! I’m happy to see that the concept has stuck around!! ^^
Yo Loyal comin up here with some tasty meals!!! Sorry if I don’t address everything you sent-
Dream descendent??? Oooo that would be such a PLUS for Ranbob. Omg you were related to DREAM! This is just fated!! He’s Dream’s loyal follower and you’re like Jesus to Christianity. In a way. So he’ll be a a disciple to you. He’d become absolutely upset if you just hate Dream, especially when you see more of Ranbob’s treatment of Dream. Like we dude wtf-
That birdza one??? Yo how can I add to that honestly??? I mean it’s Philza and bird. Wait what if he made you a cloak/cape out of his shed feathers? Good at blocking wind, they look so pretty on you and it claims you as his. What a combo.
Yo I am too tbh. It’s such a cool concept that you brought up-
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Whoo so the no evil tag has picked up some steam since the episode came out so I've got some stuff to say on Not!Corn, with some spoilers ofc
So!! In Judgement, there's a scene where three stars collide in the middle of a constellation, and those stars become Corn. Now this is kinda funky, because the mechanics behind spirits is "when stars fall, they become souls and are given a flesh and blood body of magic", I don't quite remember how it was phrased, but I felt it implied one soul per star, so theoretically, there should have been three spirits.
In the new episode there's this interaction:
"Ma'am, would you mind taking the mirror out of my room please?"
"Self grooming wil aid in your path to becoming a proper citizen."
"Oh, I've already rid myself of the negative qualities. I don't need it."
This is spooky, whether or not you believe that Not!Corn is a different person altogether or someone posessing him or whatever. But in episode 37, there's this interaction:
"You said after we gave blood, he'd be gone."
"I don't appreciate the lies is all."
So. This is my biggest cue into thinking that this is a separate person, combined with the scene with the hands (that look. Suspiciously like Corn's) pushing at what seems to be the surface of a lake?? But more plastic-y?? Because why would he refer to himself in the third person, and if he's not referring to himself, who exactly is he referring to? Because he seems to know him.
Now! I think that there were indeed supposed to be three different spirits but Something Went Wrong when the stars collided, and there ended up only being one body. Our Corn was the one known by everyone, and Not!Corn was sort of hidden away, but still present enough to pick up speech, who everyone is, general social pleasantries, etc etc. He seems to want to get rid of Corn (voluntarily giving blood when he thought it'd make him go away), and if my theory holds, it's because he's tired of not being a person.
The mercy bow factors into this ofc, though I'm not certain how. I came up with: the bow wants a kind owner, our Corn, but sensed this extra person within him that didn't fit the bill, and so tried to get rid of him. But it backfired a little bit, and brought Not!Corn to the surface, instead of yeeting him, and pushed our Corn to wherever Not!Corn was before. Though that most likely my own hole filling brain going "hm. How do we make this work?" because I have to do that A Lot in my own stories fjdnxj, and so I don't believe it'll be canon lol-
Little bonus, a screenshot of a conversation I had discussing Not!Corn fjjdxj
Tumblr media
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mychicagodaddyjohnny · 2 hours ago
Ateez Reaction: Their s/o tries to leave or sleep somewhere else after a big argument
𖤛 Genre ~ angst, fluff
𖤛 Pairing ~ Ot8 x gender neutral!reader
𖤛 Warning ~ none
𖤛 Taglist ~ anon request
𖤛 A/N ~ Helooo anon! Here’s your ateez request, I hope you enjoy 🦋
Hongjoong would be fully understanding if you felt it was best for you both to separate for a bit to cool down and recollect your thoughts but he’d definitely be against you falling asleep on the couch. He’d stop in his tracks, smiling sadly at your shivering figure lying flat on the couch before scooting you over and laying you down onto his chest and arraying a blanket over you both.
“Goodnight jagi. We can work things out in the morning.”
Tumblr media
Like Hongjoong, would flat out refuse to let you sleep on the couch but he’d also refuse to let you leave the house in a fit of rage. Sorry hon but you’re gonna have to try again 😂
“What? You want to leave because you’re angry and don’t want to see my face anymore? Oh no. You want to sleep on the couch tonight? Oh no. Sorry but we’re gonna resolve this argument before anyone leaves or sleeps anywhere besides the bedroom, dear.”
Tumblr media
Yunho was already still emotionally fragile from the argument so seeing you packing a small little bag and announcing that you needed to leave for some time just made his heart shatter even more. He frantically empty out all of the clothes you had already put inside of your bag, then turning to engulf you into the tightest bear hug, some minor tears spilling from his eyes.
“Please. I’m sorry for everything. The whole argument. Do whatever you want. Just please...don’t leave.”
Tumblr media
Yeosang would disfavor the idea of you sleeping on the couch no matter how major the altercation between you both is but he’d be another member to understand if you needed some space. Watching as you walk out to simmer down, he’d have a cold look on his face, tears gradually gathering up in his eyes before his voice, barely higher than a whisper, speaks out.
“I’m sorry Y/N.”
Tumblr media
Would try to use aegyo and cuteness to sway you off of sleeping on the couch after your guys’s bad fight. He’d be the gushiest, fluffiest, loveliest lil twink, hoping and praying that all of this adorableness would be convincing enough to get you off of the couch.
“uWu please, I really miss my jagiya and I hate seeing you like this and not being close to you uwu so please come back and sleep in the bed with meeeee UwU.”
Tumblr media
Mingi would rush to your side, blocking the door with his body while panting and staring into your angry eyes with his broken ones, his voice cracking all while he begins speaking due to the explosive argument that took place between you two not too long ago.
You: *sighs* “Mingi, move now so I can leave.”
Mingi: “No. I won’t. How do I know if you’ll come back? If you’ll leave and forget about me...leave for someone better all because of some stupid little disagreement. I’m not letting you leave Y/N.”
You: “Oh come on, Im just going out to clear my head-”
Mingi: “Nope, we’re going to solve this right now.”, he says sternly, sitting you down so you both could settle things maturely.
Tumblr media
Ngl, would probably be the petty one in this situation. He’d feel bad about everything that had previously happened and had a serious, in depth apology ready but seeing you sleeping all cramped onto the couch made him pretty upset, his sincere heart-felt words seeming to just disappear from his mind as sarcastic and sassy ones fill its place.
“Look I’m extremely sorry for what I said- I- are you freaking kidding me Y/N? You do understand that if you continue sleeping on that couch, you’re gonna have more of an aching back than my own grandma?? Come here, you’re sleeping in the bed. I won’t allow you to have a hurt back, not on my watch.”
Tumblr media
Would give you the most forlorn puppy dog eyes once he notices you laying uncomfortably on your shared couch clutching onto nothing but a single pillow you managed to sneak from the bedroom. Jongho would ease his way up to your resting body before simply scooping you up in his arms and bringing you up the stairs into the bedroom.
“Aish, you’re really gonna be the death of me ya know?”
Tumblr media
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luvbub · 2 hours ago
“it was just a dream”
Tumblr media
feat. literally any one of your favorites
♡ based off of this
♡ a/n: for the people who hate having their heart broken whilst reading angst, please take this. i’ll have this permanently on my pinned post just so you can go back to it if needed!
Tumblr media
You woke up in a jolt. Your heart beating erratically and your breaths were short. Unfortunately for you, your dream- or in this case, nightmare- wasn’t one of the many that you would soon forget.
You didn’t want to replay the events of your nightmare- but you honestly couldn’t help it. It felt all too real. Your heart ached from even thinking about it. Because while that experience was all imaginary, just what if it does happen... If it was so believable for your brain to come up with, it wasn’t all that crazy to think the same thing would occur in real life to you.
And without meaning to, you began softly sobbing to yourself, wishing for the thoughts and fears to go away. You sincerely didn’t want to have these sorts of doubts in your head- but everything just seemed too real and it just scared you to think that about the person you loved the most.
Shortly after you began crying, you feel someone hug you from behind, pulling you closer to them.
You shuffle around to face them. Thank goodness they were still there next to you. You took a mental snapshot of this image, taking in what it’s like to be in their arms at the dead hours of the night.
“Y/n, what’s wrong?” despite being half asleep, there was urgency in their voice. Of course there would be, they just heard you tossing, turning, and eventually crying to yourself. They had every right to be worried for you.
“Nothing’s wrong... just a bad dream” you mumble, trying to give them a small smile of reassurance. But you were unconvincing and they read right through you.
“You sure you don’t want to talk about it? You seemed really restless- and it could help you feel better” they ask, yawning in the process.
You hesitate for a second, before telling them a somewhat watered version of the events of your dream. It even pained you just to talk about it, and as you got to the more saddening parts of your dream, you could feel the tears build up once again.
Now normally, they would be thrilled to hear that you had a dream involving them. But this time, not so much. No one likes hearing such a sad dream like that. You saw their eyes widen, and they pull you even closer to them, hugging you so close as if they were worried to let you go.
It was silent for a few moments. But then they spoke again, their voice clear and no longer groggy.
“Y/n, please know it was just a dream. What happened in your dream would never happen, alright? I promise you.” they said, placing a soft kiss on your forehead to help soothe you.
You pulled your head away for a second to get a better view of their face. You saw the same loving gaze they had since the beginning of the relationship. After being together for this long, the look in their eyes never faltered.
“I know” you reply back, finally smiling at them. And that smile made their heart melt for what might have been the millionth time. God, they were so lucky to have you.
“Good, because I do hope you know that you’re absolutely stuck with me.” they chuckled.
“Pft, you say that as if it’s a problem” you yawn, finally feeling more relaxed.
“I could talk about how it’s an absolute blessing to be with me, but we all know that you’re the absolutely magnificent one Y/n. I love you so much.” they murmur, slowly succumbing to sleep.
As your own eyelids start to get heavier and heavier, you felt so much relief. Because it was just all a dream. And they were right- it would never happen.
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