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#someone please discuss this with me because I am having THOUGTHS but they are very incoherent and a mess xD
theladyyavilee · 9 days ago
no okay I literally just made a funny post about this, but I actually have thoughts about it now because once again there is like SO MUCH DISTANCE between buck and eddie and it has happened so much lately?
ever since the shooting, they keep having these big emotional conversations that are at the core of it so incredibly close and intimate but there is always so so so much physical space between them? and it is starting to feel really pointed?
like obviously we have the will scene and that very intentional space between them that made that scene hit even harder and then we have that talk about ana and the christening from different sides of the pool table and then we have them at the hospital talking about eddie’s ‘heart attack’ again with a very deliberate space in between them and then we have the conversation where eddie comes clean about the panic attacks again lots of space between them and then the scene in the locker room AGAIN so much space between them and now the balcony scene with so so so much space between them when eddie could be standing so much closer to buck?
something about being emotionally AND physically close being too much too handle something about them being so physically far apart during the shooting by force something something control something something about the contrast to scenes like ‘nobody I trust with my son more’ and eddie physically reaching for and touching buck and the rough physcial closeness of buck dragging eddie and lifting him and keeping him alive with his touch and eddie touching buck’s shoulder after the heart attack guy when buck is focused somewhere completely else and it is only physical closeness not emotional one and then something about the fact that they will be SEPARATED at work and struggling
and something that is just a feeling that I can’t figure out just yet, someone please share some thoughts on this because I am losing my mind
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gallavictorious · 2 months ago
i very much enjoyed your take about how mickey might have bottomed for other people than ian, because i personally find it very likely and it generally seems like an unpopular opinion. a lot of the time in fandom (not just this one) people seem to expect bottoming to be something super ~special~, and they tend to treat it like an act of indredible trust reserved for the love of your life, instead of a simple preference in bed. for some people it might be, i guess, but i've literally never met a bottom who feels that way. seems weird to me to expect mickey, of "liking what i like don't make me a bitch" fame, to be someone who thinks that. prison is different simply because in there he seems to see sex as a means of establishing dominance/power, not pleasure. idk that's just what makes sense to me
Hiya, nonnie!
I totally agree that the whole top/bottom discourse can get wildly out of hand (Johnlock shippers, I am looking at you), with all sorts of significance tied to who tops and who bottoms. It should be noted, however, that this doesn't just happen in fandom (even if it sometimes happens a lot in fandom) but that these discourses are prevalent in the ”real” world as well: there are all kinds of ideas floating around about what being a top or being a bottom says about you as a person and about your relationships. Rather than being construed as something that you do, it's often seen (primarily but not exclusively by straight people) as something that you are, and while I don't doubt that there are gay men who do identify strongly with being a top or a bottom, in my experience, as in yours, most don't particularly. It's one of many aspects of sex; it's a thing that you do; and one you might have a clear preference about, but you also might not. It isn't necessarily tied to trust, or at least not more so than any other sex act.
Disclaimer: I'm not actually a gay penis haver, I haven't done any extensive research on the topic, and I don't tend to discuss the details of my friends' sex life with them, so I don't know this. Anecdotal evidence, my dears. In general, however, I think it's a good practise to assume that what a person likes in bed doesn't necessarily say a lot about what sort of person they are, the same way having a certain type of food preference doesn't. (We're putting aside, for the moment, the fact that taste is often at least partially shaped by ones culture becuase I feel that will only muddy the waters on this particular topic.)
All that said – and this is where I suspect you'll stop enjoying my take; sorry about that, nonnie! – I think that for Mickey bottoming does have a lot to do about trust, at least initially. Not in the sense that it's something super special and precious that he wants to reserve for his one true love or anything like that, but in the sense that I believe that Mickey, as a result of the enviroment he grew up in, is very, very aware of the assumptions sometimes made about bottoms (usually by straight people). I've actually written halfway extensively about Mickey's relationship to his own sexuality before, so for a longer and even somewhat coherent explanation of my thougths on this, please check that out.
Here, let me just note that Mickey might well know that liking what he likes doesn't make him a bitch, but he's also highly cognizant of the fact that others might thinkit makes him a bitch, and he can't afford that (especially not in prison; I think his main motivation for fucking me there is mostly to just get off - and it's a good opportunity to actually do it with men without revealing himself as gay - rather than to establish dominance, but he exclusively tops because doing anything else would mark him as a bitch). Except with Ian he chooses to risk it, repeatedly, and I think that does signify a rather large amount of easy trust.
The thing is, though, that I think that after having what he had with Ian and living openly as a gay man, I think Mickey has come to a place of self-acceptance (and, significantly, to a place where the worst has already happened and he survived it) that allows him to truly not give a damn about what anybody but the people close to him assumes, which makes bottoming less of a trust thing and thus no longer something he only feels comfortable doing with Ian. (Which doesn't mean he's comfortable doing it with just anybody he's fucking; see Byron.) I have some thoughts about what this means for his stay in Mexico (LGTB+ unfriendly cartels and all), but I'll get back to that in response to another ask I got on this topic.
So yeah, I think that Mickey probably has bottomed for other people (and that this is a somewhat unpopular opinion in the fandom) but only after he had been in a proper and official relationship with Ian – and I do think that trust is a pretty important component of the whole thing in this particular case; not because bottoming is inherently something that requires extra special levels of trust, but because of Mickey's awareness of prevalent discourses surrounding it.
Finally, I want to note that we'll never know what Mickey did or didn't do before he hooked up with Ian, or what he did or didn't do while they were apart. We can argue one way or the other until the cows come home, and I think we can build a pretty strong case either way, but at the end of the day, it comes down to preferences and what we think makes for a more compelling interpreation. This is the one I vaguely favour (at this time, at least; I've been known to change my mind over time or if a more compelling theory is presented to me); if you prefer another, that's perfectly fine and reasonable. I'm very happy to discuss this and as always I'd love to hear other people's thoughts, but I'm not looking to get involved in any messy fights over it. (Not directed at you, btw, nonnie - loved the ask! Just a general PSA for others who might stumble across this!)
Oh, and other sweet nonnie who sent me an ask on this subject: I'll get back to you with a proper response within a few days! I've saved some thoughts especially for it, so while you already know that we don't fully agree on this, I hope you'll find it somewhat worthwhile. :)
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owpeanuts · 6 months ago
I OWED YOU ONE, chapter 2 | H. ZEMO
Synopses: After your talk with Zemo, Sam came back with something to you eat. You thought that this would make you forget the damn conversation, but the thougths just get worse and worse in your head. And, if it couldn’t get better, Walker and Battlestar show up in the safehouse.
Word count: 2.980~
Warnings: slow burn, violence, tfatws ep 4 spoilers, swearing
A/N: English isn't my first language, so I hope that everything is okay or understandable
part one
Tumblr media
Why didn't you not hesitate when it came to protect your friends and Zemo? You never considered yourself a suicide or a type of martir, you did remember when Steve said to you something about this in you. Like some kind of advice.
That one thing was being brave, do whatever it takes for your allies. But, another thing was when it comes to forgetting about your own life, put the others on top of priorities.
You didn't know if what happened in Madripoor could fit in any of two options. You would like that it did, even if that meant that you didn't care about yourself. However, you had a clear idea that when Steve told this, he meant that you used to put your friends before you. And, for what you knew, Zemo wasn't your friend.
In fact, you had good reasons to let the explosion push him away. Since the beginning, Zemo was trying to make you suspect of Bucky and his other persona, someone that he wasn't anymore. The baron could think that you and Sam didn't realize this, but you were the first to notice this. No wonder, Sam and Bucky had to convince you of not burning that guy.
It was very clear that Zemo would try to manipulate all of you, even when none of you trust him, he could try to find a way to pull a fast one on the three of you.
However, you include him when it comes to protecting your allies from the explosion. And, you couldn't understand why. Or, didn't want to.
You didn't want to think about the "why". Remembering the times you saw sadness and pain in his eyes, when you felt pity. You knew how it was to lose who you love, your family. It wasn't too difficult to imagine how people with broken hearts think and act when your heart was broken for a long time for similar reasons.
But, you didn't like to think that, because if this was true, it would mean that you didn't hate Zemo as much as you say out loud. Even when he was the one who killed innocents in the UN Convention, tearing the Avengers apart… Your friends.
After so many months, you still questioned yourself about how the things could be different before the Blip if your team had stuck together.
Then, you got back to the initial question: Why didn't you not hesitate to protect Zemo from the explosion? Once again, you were trapped in this loop. You knew that if this situation happened years ago, you would have hesitated. You wouldn't let him get hurt, of course, you could never do something like that. However, you would have to think twice.
What, you didn't.
"Y/N?" Sam caught your attention, getting you out of your thoughts, "Are you okay?"
He looked to the cupcake that he and Bucky had brought to you. The candy was almost untouched, you were playing with the fork while going into your loop of questions without answers.
"I'm fine" You whispered, giving him a smile.
"And you, Y/N?" Zemo turned his face in your direction, narrowing his eyes at your face, waiting for a answer.
"What?" You looked at Sam, trying to understand what was the subject of the conversation before you snapped out "What are we talking about?"
Sam montioned to you, maybe, wanting you to know that you didn't need to answer anything. But your curiosity was pointing to the contrary.
"Let's imagine that, hypothetically speaking" Zemo started, gesturing seriously, "You had no powers, you were normal and ordinary as any real people. Would you take the serum if it was offered to you?"
"No" You didn't hesitate to answer.
You used to be a lab rat, you were forced to "unlock" your powers. If you had never got kidnaped and forced to get your powers "actived", you would have continued to live a normal life. The kind of life that, nowadays, you missed.
God, you missed too much to be just an ordinary woman with an ordinary life...
Zemo pointed at you, a little smirk was dancing in his lips, "Some part of me was waiting for this reaction of yours, but still, I'm impressed", he looked at Sam, "Steve was a great figure for both of you, may I say, but you two have the same flaw of his"
Sam and you looked at each other, both of you shared the same strange feeling when Steve was mentioned.
"Look" Zemo sighed, his eyes were focused at you and Sam "You can't hold up hope for Karli. No matter what you saw on her, Sam, she's gone."
Sam didn't say nothing, you just breathed in. No one of you didn't want to believe in this. You could understand what was moving Karli, she only was lost in her principles. She wasn't the kind of monster that Zemo was describing.
"And we can't allow that she and her acolytes become another faction of gods amoung real people" Zemo continued, "Super soldiers cannot be allowed to exist."
"This is not how gods talk?" Sam questioned back to the baron.
You left your fork on the table, giving up from eating.
"If you really believe in what you are saying" You saw Zemo looking back at you, "Then, what about Bucky?"
The sokovian didn't answer you, even though you continued, "There is a grey area in your logic, isn't?"
He silently chuckled, surprise wasn't the word to describe his reaction, but you could say that you caught him off guard. His code had exceptions, he admited this possibility to you early.
Nothing was black and white.
Karli wasn't like any of the supremacists that had the serum in hands. As Bucky and you weren't.
In fact, you noticed that he was "surprised" at you remembering the conversation and what he said to you, using this against him. Damn, you were smarter than he thought.
"Blood isn't always the answer," Sam said, ultimately. He gave a look to you, the one that you knew that meant just ignore him.
In the next second, Bucky went back to the safehouse, you remembered that Sam had said that he would arrive after him — he seemed to need a little bit of space.
"Something's not right about Walker," Bucky pointed, serving himself a drink.
"You don't say", you rolled your eyes and pointed to Zemo. A little reminder of the America guy hitting the baron with the shield.
Since the beggining, you were saying that there was something wrong about the guy. Even if Bucky had agreed with you, Sam said that you were just nagging the blonde before meeting him. Then, you all officially met him and discovered that you were right.
John really was a pain in the ass.
"I know a crazy when I see one, because I am crazy," Bucky said, sipping his drink, like what he said was some kind of common sense.
"Can't argue with that" Sam joked and you shove him in the shoulder, he turned at you, offended "What? He said it!"
"Shut up" You threatened to give him another punch in the shoulder.
"Shouldn't have given him the shield" Bucky stared at Sam, with the same morose of always.
"He didn't, Bucky" You got up and put yourself between the two grown-ups, trying to avoid a discussion and ignoring how your bruises still hurt.
"I didn't give him the shield," Sam said, looking at Bucky.
You sighed, here we go again.
"Well, Steve definitely didn't," Bucky said back.
"Please, children, not today" You stared at the two guys, Zemo seemed to have fun with you trying to calm them down "Or I will burn your asses."
And, suddenly, the door of the safehouse was knocked down and America wannabe and his friend, Battlestar, entered the living room. They didn't have the best of the faces. It wasn’t difficult to understand why, they were beaten by a super-soldier, you could know for just stare at them — especially Walker — that their ego was broken.
“Alright, that's It. Let 's go. I am now ordering you to turn him over” John said out loud, looking at Bucky, requiring Zemo directly to him.
You saw by the corner of your eyes, Zemo getting up from the sofa and approaching between you and Sam. He didn’t seem willing to go with Mister America.
“Slow your roll” Sam narrowed his eyes at the blonde guy, “Let's be clear, shield or no shield the only thing you're running in here is your mouth” John opened his mouth, clearly offended by his words, you needed a lot of will to hold a laugh, “Now, I had Karli and you overstepped, and he actually proved himself useful today”
Sam pointed to Zemo who just stared the discussion, saying nothing.
“We need as much help as possible, Walker” You crossed your arms, “Even more now, after the mess you made”
You already didn’t like John, even before meeting here. Those were news to no one. Since the time you met him and his friend, you just became resentful about him and then, he made Sam miss Karli… What end up with the reason why you were with new bruises.
You didn’t want to use your fire against Karli and her friends, you just tried to calm the things down with hand-to-hand. Obviously, it didn’t work.
“Sorry, but who called you in the conversation?” Walker turned at you, “I’m not talking to you, Lady Hello Kitty”, he motioned to the colourful band aids that covered your face and arm.
Sam hold you before you could jump against John and say anything mean to him. However, you didn't contain to spill out the shit.
“No offense, but I'm not the burden here, so think a little more longer before say something" You shouted, this time, Lemar had to hold John by his shoulder so he couldn’t take a step at your direction.
“How do you want the rest of the conversation to go?” John locked his eyes, getting his friend hands out of him, staring at Sam and you.
Sam was looking at you, making one message crystal clear: do not talk if you gonna say some shit. You sighed, unhappy but nodded, swallowing some curses and being quiet as the rest of the room.
“Yeah, I see” John almost laughed, mockering you, “Should I put down the shield? Make it fair?”
“Yeah, yeah, why not?” You whispered, rolling your eyes and looking at Zemo, “Perhaps Steve’s spirit will be relieved for a while”
However, when America wannabe let the shield down, a spear hit closed to his face, getting stuck into a pillar instead. All of you saw where the spear came from, in less than one second, Dora Milajes entered the safehouse, they were the fighters of Wakanda.
You didn’t know too much about them, but the necessary, they weren’t the type of people to mess with.
One of them said something to Bucky, you considered that it could be about Zemo.
“Release him to us now” This time, the wakandian said in english.
“Hi, John Walker” The America wannabe stretched out his hand, waiting for some kind of meeting, “Captain America”.
To the surprise of no one, except Lemar and John, the Dora Milaje just stared at them, the fighters didn’t care about them or the titles that they had.
“Well, let's…” John cleared his throat, “Let's put down the pointing sticks and we can talk this through, huh?”
“Think twice before say any bullshit, Walker” You looked at John and pointed to the spear stuck in the pillar, “Those are vibranium spears, it’s a very good weapon, even more in the right hands''
Then, you looked at the Dora Milajes. You just nodded at them, in salute, you were impressed with their presence.
“Yeah, John, take it easy” Sam agreed, “You might want fight Bucky or Y/N before tangling with a Dora Milaje”
“The Dora Milaje doesn't have jurisdiction here,” Walker said.
“The Dora Milaje have jurisdiction wherever the Dora Milaje want themself to be” The same Dora Milaje that talked with Bucky, said.
“Okay” Walker muttered, “Look, I think we got off with the wrong foot…”
And, he touched the same Dora Milaje in her shoulder. What was such a bad idea.
The woman attacked John in the next second with the help from the other Dora Milaje that hitted John at the spear in the pillar. It wasn’t too late and America's friend came to help him, fighting against the Dora Milajes.
You were so distracted just watching the fight from a far, with your arms crossed, that almost didn’t notice when Zemo offered you a cup of tea. You just smirked and took the tea, sipping as the four of you continued watching the scene. No one of you seemed interested in helping the government agents.
Who knew, after this, they would snap out?
“This will be fun” You commented to Zemo, the sokovian raised his eyebrows at agreement.
“Very,” He said back, drinking his skotch.
“We should do something” Sam looked at you and Bucky, noticing that both of you couldn’t care less for John and his friend.
“Looking strong, John!” Bucky cheered, it was clear in his mocked tone that he was joking with John and the situation he put himself in.
“In a few seconds you will have just some bruises, nothing to be worry about” You followed Bucky, “I can even borrow you some of my Hello Kitty bandaids, huh?”
“Guys…” Sam censured you both and pointed to the one of the Dora Milajes that was fighting with John, she seemed to be trying to kill the poor guy.
Bucky came in, first, trying to hold on the situation. You stared at Sam before he approach Lemar, “Let me hold this one”
You tried to come into him, but in the first step, you felt your abdomen hurt.
“No, stay there!” Sam commanded, “Keep one eye at Zemo”
And, he went to Lemar.
You turned to Zemo, shrugging and leaving your cup on the desk, “You heard the man”
“Your abdomen still hurts?” Zemo questioned, leaving the rest of his drink on the desk too.
“Yeah, you saw how it was before, it’ll take a little more to get my healing done” You sighed, but alert in case any of them were in danger or needed an extra hand.
“You will still get in the fight even not liking Walker?” He questioned once again, you narrowed your eyes at him, already imagining where this conversation would go, "I thought you hated him".
“You know, it’s impossible to hate someone as much as you say you hate them” You stared at Zemo, giving him a little smile, “Even John. I would maybe let him get some bruises, I’m not gonna lie, but die is another subject”
“I see” Zemo nodded, getting close to you, “I apologise.”
“For what?” You knit your brows, something in the baron’s face seemed not right.
Zemo seemed hurted. Something was bothering him.
“For this” Then, what came was so fast and unexpected that made your eyesight blurry.
That guy punched you in the abdomen, he punched it harder. The air in your lungs disappeared, the stroke made you feel breathless and the words couldn’t get out of your mouth. You fell into the ground, but nobody noticed, as you tried to scream, nothing came from your mouth.
You touched your abdomen, feeling the blood staining your shirt. Shit, shit, shit...
Your eyes were still blurry, but you got to see the moment when Zemo entered the bathroom and locked the doors, giving you a last look. You tried to scream something once again, but just grunts got out of your lips.
One thought came to your mind, you could try to burn the doors or do something to call the attention of the others. However, before you even concentrate about the fire, you felt that the punch was too hard to help you concentrate on one thing that wasn’t the pain.
If you tried to manipulate fire, you wouldn’t have control of it, you could burn everyone in the safehouse. You grant once again, the son of a bitch.
You heard something falling in the ground, you couldn’t see what but it sounded heavy. Some steps came to you, you recognize Sam’s face as one of the Dora Milaje passes behind both of you and went to the bathroom, noticing that Zemo escaped.
“Y/N? He hurt you?” Sam questioned, getting your head in his lap, trying to make you feel better.
“That… Bitch” You whispered, pointing to your abdomen and letting Sam lift your shirt to see that Zemo had hit in your wounds to distract you and run away out of your sight.
“Can you get up?” Bucky stretched his human hand and with Sam’s help, you stood up.
And as you did, you saw James without his metal arm, this one was on the floor. Bucky got it and put it back on his own.
“I didn’t know it could get out” You whispered, feeling a little confused.
“Me neither” Bucky said, looking so confused as you were.
It didn’t take less than one minute and the three of you saw yourselves alone in the safehouse again, except for Mister America and Lemar on the corner. With the help of the boys, you went to the center of the bathroom, seeing that Zemo had gone by the drains or something like that.
“I can't believe he pulled an El Chapo” Sam seemed impressed.
“I can" You rolled your eyes, remembering over and over again the punch, why the hell did he have to punch you?
“C’mon, let’s go” Bucky helped you to leave this part of the house.
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Summoner/M!Corrin (Adrift) C-S Support
Written by @shauni-will-never-write
(y/n): Uh... How late is it? It's pitch black outside... Unbelievable, at my age... I'm just gonna drink some water and go back to bed...
(y/n): Um? Is someone there?
Corrin: Hello, Summoner.
(y/n): Corrin? What are you doing in the kitchen at this hour?
Corrin: I was getting a glass of cherry juice for Azura. She had a nightmare and woke up suddenly, so I thought it'd help her fall asleep again faster.
(y/n): A nightmare, huh? Sounds like she and I can create a club or something...
Corrin: Did you have a bad dream as well?
(y/n): I, ah... Yes. Hadn't had one in a long time, so it caught me off-guard. I'm not one to get scared by my own nightmares but... have to admit this one was pretty bad. I was gonna get some water.
Corrin: I see... Wouldn't you rather have some cherry juice?
(y/n): Huh, sure... Is it better?
Corrin: Indeed. Cherry juice has sleep-inducing properties.
(y/n): Really? Like milk? I had no idea. Well, the more you know, I guess.
Corrin: Haha. Glad I taught you something. Here you go, Summoner.
[Corrin offers them a glass of cherry juice.]
(y/n): Thank you. I haven't drank it yet and I already feel better.
Corrin: Don't mention it. If I may ask, would you like to tell me about your nightmare? It's fine if you don't wish to, but sometimes talking about it makes it easier to forget.
(y/n): Oh, well... Don't you have to go back to Azura?
Corrin: Mother is with her. More than cherry juice, she needs to be comforted. So I can spare you five minutes.
(y/n): Thank you, Corrin. It's really kind of you. But I wouldn't want little Azura to wait for you longer than necessary if she's not feeling well. Besides, I'm a strong independent summoner!...that you just made addicted to cherry juice. Wow, it's delicious.
Corrin *laughs a little*: You can have more, if you wish. I'll take my leave then... Perhaps you can tell me more about this nightmare tomorrow?
(y/n): Sure. Nightmares aren't as scary in broad daylight.
Corrin: Very well. Good night, Summoner. Sleep well.
(y/n): You too, Corrin.
[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank C.]
Corrin: Summoner? I hope I'm not disturbing.
(y/n): Oh, Corrin, good morning! Not at all, I was just working on new skill sets. Did you need something?
Corrin: I have come to discuss the nightmare you had last night, as promised. If you do not mind taking a break, that is.
(y/n): Really? Thank you, Corrin, I appreciate the attention. Um... to be honest, I don't remember much of my nightmare. I wouldn't even be sure it was one if it weren't for this bad feeling I had when I woke up...
Corrin: A bad feeling? Could you be more precise?
(y/n): A sense of dread and helplessness, like I've only felt facing Surtr. Something terrible happened, I'm sure of that... but by the time I had fully woken up, I had already forgotten almost everything. Curious, isn't it?
Corrin: Mh... What do you remember?
(y/n): Sharena... Sharena was there, crying. She seemed so distressed, so desperate... In the real world, I have never seen her nearly as distraught. Somehow, I didn't even think her face could look like that... It felt like the whole world was ending.
Corrin: I think I understand why you woke up in the dead of the night and felt the need to get up and clear your thoughts now. That sounds dreadful.
(y/n): It was. But that's not all... It almost felt... important, somehow. Like... a warning.
Corrin: A warning? A prophetic dream then?
(y/n): To be frank, I'm not sure I even believe in these things, let alone that I, of all people, could have such an ability. But... for some reason, that dream seemed way too real to be a mere dream.
Corrin: ...
(y/n): Um, Corrin? Sorry if I'm bothering you with my rambling.
Corrin: Not at all. It's just... No, nevermind.
Corrin: If your dream is but a dream, then it will be for the best. If it really is the future that came to you in disguise... everyone shall stand warned and ready at your side.
(y/n): Hope for the best but prepare for the worst, huh? You're right. I should go and tell Alfonse and the others about this dream.
Corrin: And I should take my leave now and let you do that in peace.
(y/n): Alright! I'll see you later then. Thanks for listening.
Corrin: Don't mention it.
[Corrin leaves.]
(y/n): ...I wonder what he was about to say earlier. Is it just me or did he look upset?
[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank B.]
Corrin: ...Is that you, Summoner?
(y/n): Oh, Corrin! We sure seem to like meeting in the kitchen at night.
Corrin: You appear to be looking for something.
(y/n): Well... Since you've asked... Got any cherry juice left? It really helped me sleep last time, so I was hoping I could drink some again.
Corrin: Oh. Try checking the bottom shelf on your right, behind the parsley.
(y/n): Behind the- Here it is! What is it doing there?
Corrin: The Order of Heroes happens to have a very sugar-obsessed thief in its ranks. So I hid it where he'd never find it: among vegetables.
(y/n): Pfft! That's genius. Gaius wouldn't touch parsley with a ten foot pole.
Corrin: That's what I thougth... So, why are you not asleep in your bed?
(y/n): Had that nightmare again. It's the first time I dream the same thing twice... so I guess it must mean something.
Corrin: Could you make something else out of it?
(y/n): I'm not sure... Maybe? I... I think someone may have... died. Alfonse was standing by them. But I couldn't tell who it was...
Corrin: ...What if it's really a prophetic dream? What then?
(y/n): I... I don't know. We defeated Surtr, and now something else is coming? Urgh, give me a break...
Corrin: ...
(y/n): ...We'll just have to be ready, I guess. We won't know until it hits us.
Corrin: That means Azura is in danger too. So as long as I'll be here, I'll do my utmost best to help you.
(y/n): As long you as you'll be here? What, are you planning to leave or something?
Corrin: Well... Haven't you realized by now? That I'm not... real.
(y/n): ...
Corrin: ...
(y/n): ...I suspected as much. But I'm surprised that you are conscious of it.
Corrin: The realization comes and goes... Most of the time, I don't seem to know it. But at times, I am hit by the feeling that I do not belong to this world. Why don't I bleed? Do I have organs? Are my senses all simulacrum? But... it's... so hard to... cling to that thought... Every time, it immediately tries to escape...
(y/n): ...As if you weren't supposed to know the truth. I guess Loki hadn't planned this.
Corrin: ...
(y/n): Is that why you seemed upset the other day? Did I say something that made you think?
Corrin: Yes... Your nightmare is not just any regular nightmare. If it really is a vision of the future... A dream that is more than a dream... A dream bound to become reality... I guess I'm jealous.
(y/n): Jealous...?
Corrin: Azura is still so young, scared and lost. She still needs support and comfort. That's why Mother, Camilla and I are here... She needs us. And so she is dreaming about us. But when she'll grow as strong and resolved as these adult Azuras you've already met... what do you suppose will become of us?
(y/n): That's... Oh no...
Corrin: That's right. We're only the residents of Azura's dream. So if she were to decide to “wake up” and be strong, she wouldn't need us anymore. We'd go out. Like candles.
(y/n): ...No... you must be real. These are tears... You're crying...
Corrin: And I won't make myself any more real by crying. I'm nothing, therefore there is nothing to cry about.
(y/n): B-but... If you weren't real, you wouldn't be able to cry!
Corrin: Haha... I hope you don't suppose those are real tears?
(y/n): ...
[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank A.]
Corrin: ...
(y/n): So that's where you were.
Corrin: Ah, Summoner. Is something the matter?
(y/n): I've been looking for you for the past forty minutes! I asked at least ten Heroes and no one knew where you had gone... Please never do that again. I thought that maybe you had...
Corrin: Gone out like a candle?
(y/n): …
(y/n): It's rare to see you so far away from Azura. What are you doing out here?
Corrin: Nothing much. Just stargazing. I'm not sure why, but I felt the need to have some alone time.
(y/n): Sorry to disturb you then, but is this a good moment for us to talk? I'd like to continue our previous conversation.
Corrin: This sounds quite urgent. I'm all ears.
(y/n): I was at a loss for words last time... but not anymore. I've thought a lot about what you said... and about what I feel. I love you, Corrin. I don't want you to disappear.
Corrin: …! I... I...
(y/n): Hehe. Don't know how to react? It's okay. I guess Loki hadn't planned that either.
(y/n): In any case, I can't lose you now. To think that you could be gone in an instant... I can't stand it. I won't let that happen.
Corrin: ...If it's too painful, if it's too hard... it's okay to run away. I don't think it's a bad thing. Sometimes, it's just your safest option. But Azura won't run away her whole life... A day will come when she will decide that she is done covering her eyes and ears and that it's time to face her fears. Time to stop dreaming. And then...
(y/n): No! I refuse!
Corrin: (y/n)... Are you running away as well? From reality?
(y/n): Maybe I am... But as you said, it's my safest option. Listen, I won't just accept your death as inexorable. You said you were just a dream... but haven't you started overcoming your nature recently? You realized what you were, even though you weren't supposed to... You think for yourself... And last time, you cried! You cried because you think you're bound to disappear! Corrin, tell me. How can something that is not real be afraid to die? You can't die if you're not alive. And to be alive is to be real.
Corrin: Can't die... if I'm not alive... real... You wish to make me real... really real...
(y/n): That's right. I want to try... I must try. If Azura won't dream forever, then I'll make sure you can exist outside her dream.
Corrin: Because you love me.
(y/n): ...Yes. I did say that.
Corrin: (y/n)... I really was created to only care about Azura, wasn't I? A strong, caring best friend who will always be there for her. I still cherish her, and I'll still protect her... but... lately, you've been on my mind too.
 Corrin: And... Today, during the battle, when this soldier striked me... I bled.
(y/n): You bled?! But...
Corrin: I know. Dreams can't bleed. It was just a few drops... but they were as warm and red as anyone's blood. Maybe there's a chance for me then... Maybe I really am becoming alive.
Corrin: And if that's the case, then I have to tell you... I love you as well. I think I do. These feelings are still fresh, but time will make them stronger. Realer.
(y/n): Corrin... I've never been this happy. This is almost too good to be true.
Corrin: Haha, no. Believe me, you are very awake.
[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank S.]
Confession quote:
Corrin: You are what dreams are made of. Rest now. I'll fight the nightmares off if they come to get you.
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