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#someone sample this
mwg-7 · 11 months ago
mushroom synths
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worstloki · 8 months ago
Loki: your wish is my command
Loki: unless i don't want to do it
Loki: then i won't
#all these AUs where Loki’s stuck working for people#as if he wouldn't oppose anything you ask him to do on sheer principle#as if being magically bound to serve someone would stop him making the most of the situation#and what's up with people commenting on Loki's pride in fics#I daresay Loki flaunts himself but I'd also argue any doubts in his esteem would stop that being a weak point#oohhhhh now I want a fic where some sorts of punishments crash and burn because Loki just isn't effected#you know those Avengers-era fics where Loki's been handed over to the Avengers to serve a sentence and/or do what they say?#that except Clint doesn't understand why threatening to use the sceptre to control him in return leaves him unfazed and shrugging#Tony would go for pride I think since he made fun of the showboating hmmm would probably ask Loki to kneel or do weird house chores#I just imagine Loki gets to cleaning and whistles as he goes because hey this is relaxing after whatever the h*ck Thanos' goons were#Natasha prodding for answers on his suicide but Loki doesn't mind sharing bc Thanos already messed with his head to relive it over and over#Loki be like 'free therapist! finally i won't have to practice telling my sob story to a cell wall to work through it!! :D!!!'#i reckon Clint/Nat could team up with the questions actually and maybe even poke at Loki with the adopted/jotun thing#Thor insists Loki needs to relearn how to be good and keeps trying to instill morals in him but Loki's actually the one helping Thor out#idk about Steve but he can argue that he'd beat the dictatorship fascism out of him hsggsaDUSHSHisduhi cue sparring matches#sparring matches where Loki isn't supposed to fight back and/or solely defend himself so he can learn what it is to be the 'little guy'#i bet Loki figures Cap gets flustered easily and uses the sparring sessions as stand-up innuendo sessions lmao poor Steve#Bruce ain't a sadist but could request the easiest punishment in everyone's opinions#it involves not talking and just sitting quietly in the lab so he can ethically get blood/tissue samples and observe things like healing#Loki of course only reacts badly to that punishment and it might have to do with scars and remnants of torture maybe maybe not who can say#hmm I like fics where everyone assumes Loki is super evil and guilty and he's just there chilling and accepting any punishment he gets#probably thinks he deserves it but also it'd be a conscious decision to just take the fall so he isn't seen weak or accused of lying
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mydaystan · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
💌  #HappySungjinDay - Happy birthday to our dearest leader our favorite bear. I know this last year has been rough for you so i wish you all the best in this new one. You deserve the best. You are the most caring leader, you’re always here for the members, in the quiet of your usual self, you’re always here for us too. For once, this year, we were here for you. It was only fair. Now, i hope you’re feeling a lot better. You should know that we’re proud of you, that we love you and we always will. My days are by your side. You don’t have to handle all this alone. Thank you for being so strong, passionate, talented, caring, kind, precious. Thank you for all your beautiful words. Thank you for taking care of the others. Thank you for everything you do for the world. It is a better place with you in it. Happy birthday Sungjin. I hope you have the best one, with your members, with your friends, with your family and with us. We love you more thant anything else in this world. You’ll always have a family with us. 🖤
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samwpmarleau · 7 months ago
aegon’s attitude towards maekar in the latter two dunk and egg books will never not be hilarious (and heartwarming) to me
what we see of his relationship with his dad in the first novella is quite contentious and maekar is notoriously grouchy and uncompromising. yet afterwards, the minute some rando says something even mildly disrespectful about him, this tiny little 10-year-old is all, “SAY THAT AGAIN, ASSHOLE. I’LL BREAK YOUR FUCKIN ARM”
i mean:
“[...] King Aerys hides amongst his books, Prince Rhaegel prances naked through the Red Keep’s halls, and Prince Maekar broods at Summerhall.”
Egg was prodding at the fire with a stick, to send sparks floating up into the night. Dunk was pleased to see him ignoring the mention of his father’s name. Perhaps he’s finally learned to hold that tongue of his.
“Rhaegel is feeble-minded. Why, I bear him no ill will, but the man is good as dead, and those twins of his as well, though whether they will die of Maekar’s mace or Bloodraven’s spells …”
Seven save us, Dunk thought as Egg spoke up shrill and loud. “Prince Maekar is Prince Rhaegel’s brother. He loves him well. He’d never do harm to him or his.”
Dunk was about to tell Egg about the men he’d overheard when he noticed his face. “What happened to your lip?”
“A fight, ser.” [...]
“Who were you fighting?”
“Some other squires. They said —”
“Never mind what they said. What did I tell you?”
“To hold my tongue and make no trouble.” The boy touched his broken lip. “They called my father a kinslayer, though.”
He is, lad, though I do not think he meant it. Dunk had told Egg half a hundred times not to take such words to heart. [...] “What did you tell these other squires, instead of holding your tongue?”
Egg looked abashed. “That Prince Baelor’s death was just a mishap. Only when I said Prince Maekar loved his brother Baelor, Ser Addam’s squire said he loved him to death, and Ser Mallor’s squire said he meant to love his brother Aerys the same way. That was when I hit him. I hit him good.”
even with dunk he’s ready to throw down:
“When the king named Lord Bloodraven his Hand, your lord father refused to be part of his council and departed King’s Landing for his own seat,” [Dunk] reminded Egg. “He has been at Summerhall for a year, and half of another. What do you call that, if not sulking?”
“I call it being wroth,” Egg declared loftily. “His Grace should have made my father Hand. He’s his brother, and the finest battle commander in the realm since Uncle Baelor died. Lord Bloodraven’s not even a real lord, that's just some stupid courtesy. He's a sorcerer, and baseborn besides.”
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dialovers-translations · a month ago
Hello, very good work, please translate the daylight ruki series good luck your best🙃❤
Ruki's Daylight CD is not out yet.
If you mean the samples, I will translate them when I have the time.
Right now, Laito's Daylight CD (yes, someone passed me the audio) is higher on my priority list.
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simply-sithel · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Another weekend spent next to a campfire. Tried adding some lichen found at campsite to the pot, got an interesting gold/tan from it. Added the avocado rind & pit from our sandwiches to the pot and... just got a deeper purple.
Kept my phone in airplane mode from Friday afternoon to Monday morning and it was pretty darn calming... 
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howdydowdy · 5 months ago
today's english question is for both native english speakers and people who learned english as a non-native language: how do you say four-digit numbers, especially four-digit numbers that are multiples of 100 but not multiples of 1000? examples:
like, what are the words you say aloud if you need to say "3100"? because for me, the words i would write on a check for $3100 are different than the words i would say if i were to say $3100 out loud.
if you reply, please include your dialect or region (if you're a native speaker) or the country where you learned english (if you are not a native speaker).
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coollyinterferes · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
//just finished watching a blo.odb.orne playthrough. being the nerd i am i decided to look through the credits part for the japanese voice actors, mainly just out of curiosity in case i saw any familiar names (mind you, all the times i’ve watched bb playthroughs all have been with the english dub).
so yeah, picture my huge surprise when i noticed that Robert’s seiyuu voiced the Blood Minister (the funky and enigmatic old guy that you see in the opening cutscene). And ofc i had to go look for the scene/audio in Japanese, just to make sure it was the same seiyuu. idk if there are currently other active seiyuus who have the exact same name but it can happen, along with typos and seiyuus w/similar names and etc. So.......
those old!Robert-and-the-remants-of-his-younger-self vibes there, hell fucking yeah~ 😩♡♡♡♡
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lexicals · 5 months ago
I feel like the reason a lot of holmes adaptations miss the mark (aside from characterisation) is the fact that a lot of them have a fundamental misunderstanding of what deductive reasoning actually is
#wastepaper basket#Like. It's not enough to notice someone has cat hair on their clothes and conclude they have a cat#The whole point of deduction is that you're removing options from the pool#So instead you have to ask what is every possible circumstance that could have led to this person having cat hair on their clothes#And then Rule Each One Out One By One. Which takes so much more time and energy bc you're not assuming literally anything#Which is why everyone thinks he's so fucking weird and why he does shit like collect ash samples of 50 different types of cigar#Like what these adaptations miss is the amount of WORK it takes to fully commit to that operating method. Holmes isn't (just) smart#He puts in hours of research so that when someone points at a swan and claims it's a swan#He can say 'ah but we can't know that until we've ruled out EVERYTHING IT ISN'T' and have the evidence to get that done#Which is ridiculous but also means he can consider the batshit options without bias bc well. They haven't ruled it out yet#I got more heated abt this than I expected.#I just think holmes adaptations would be better & more interesting if they rly committed to the mantra of#'When you've eliminated the impossible whatever remains however improbable must be the truth'#Rather than just jumping to the most improbable option bc he's just so smart! Which misses the whole point#Elementary did this well fwiw iirc#Anyway. Sorry I poked an old hyperfixation and this came out#Also sorry I forgot the more important thing: make it gay
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brivit · a month ago
godd there’s a comment on youtube that says they like how spamton’s theme (the overworld one not his battle) sounds like some shady keygen installation music and it DOESS very strong memories of seeing cracktros with techno music for ps1 games and the like
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deitiesofduat · a month ago
(( So I found some asks that must have been sent to my art account @ tenicola a while back, though there’s no time stamp for when?? This may be a delayed answer, sorry! ))
@inanrishadowacademy​ asked: “So just a question, but what happened to the Spotify Playlists for the Deities project?”
Ah, not sure what you mean by that, but the DEITIES Spotify playlists are still active / online! I haven’t stopped updating them either, I try to check the account every now and then to review new songs for each of the lists.
Though while we’re on the topic -- I did manage to create something to better organize them outside of Spotify, since the web browser won’t display all the playlists unless you have an account (why Spotify does this, I don’t know...)
You can now browse all the playlists and their written tracklists (song + artist) on the DEITIES website. It’s less clicks/taps for you to see what playlist has which songs, and you can even listen to track samples on the site itself, even if you’re not logged into a Spotify account. It needs some sprucing up, but it’s functional and good to go for those interested!
DEITIES Playlists:
DEITIES Tracklists:
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