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bctoastyyy · 15 days ago
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the kid with dead eyes
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asyl-ym · 25 days ago
they went exploring :)
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wastefulreverie · a month ago
tfw you essentially raise your brother and have to keep your parents from accidentally killing him all while not letting him know
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theshadowrealmitself · 3 months ago
Okay but in an au where the ghosts don’t know he’s a halfa and Phantom’s suit is obviously a ghost hunting outfit, I think the ghosts would hate the Fentons
Because even though Phantom clearly died in a ghost hunting suit, his obsession doesn’t seem to actually be hunting down ghosts, and maybe he even offhandedly mentions that while his parents wanted him to be a ghost hunter he never really cared for it
And then there’s the fact that his suit is clearly a Fenton one, and he looks so young, and the Fentons are always trying to aggressively hunt Phantom down specifically, and they never mention missing a child, and oh god what did they do to him
(Essentially, the ghosts theorized that they pushed their kid into ghost hunting which got him killed so they covered it up and now they’re trying to erase Phantom in his afterlife to prevent the truth from coming out)
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ovytia-art · a month ago
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Danny, you look a little different…?
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ghost-postables · 6 days ago
Danny: Mom have you seen Bruno?
Maddie: Your old stuffed tiger?
Danny: Yeah!
Maddie: I think he's in the attic, why?
Danny: Cause it's the year of the tiger and I've been meaning to restore Bruno to his rightful place.
Maddie: I thought you outgrew stuffed animals?
Danny: Actually you outgrew stuffed animals and convinced me I was too old for them. But I've decided that 'being too old' is bullshit-
Maddie: Language!
Danny: -and no one should decide whether my age dictates my likes and interests. So I'm reclaiming my Bruno rights.
Maddie: ... Of course dear, if that's what you want.
Danny: Thank you for understanding. Now, I'll also be needing Kali the lion, Fabio the wolf, Dex the giraffe, Ennui the rabbit, Alphonse the cat and Patches the dog.
Maddie: ...
Danny: ...
Maddie: Attic. Like Bruno.
We see Danny lying on bed surrounded by stuffed animals. He looks happy. He is happy.
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typo-art · 3 months ago
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Ectober Day 5 - Ouija
Vlad decides to capitalize on Phantom’s popularity
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artistfingers · 5 months ago
There’s one ~silver lining~ of my iPad being broken: I’ve had loads of time to think about my many half-formed undercover phantom au ideas! Since I have no idea when or what will make it to comic form, here’s the lowdown…. AKA, everything that’s been rattling around my brain recently :P
For context: Danny, Sam and Tucker have never met, and nobody knows Danny is Phantom. When Vlad’s newest bit of tech gets Danny stuck in ghost mode (with the rest of his powers on the fritz to boot), he meets Tucker and Sam—who instantly see through his disguise and lend a helping hand. (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4!!)
So. After that, Danny—no, Phantom—becomes friends with them. It’s exciting! He was invisible at school even before the ghost powers; he was pretty isolated and lonely and being Phantom for the last year hasn’t exactly been a social boon. Kid’s lonely, ok?
But now… two human friends? Who’re his age & share his interests? It’s like a dream come true! If only they weren’t exclusively friends with his ghost self… and if only they didn’t wanna be so involved in his dangerous ghost hunting things…Uhhh. Hm. Could be a problem.
Danny angsts about the danger he’s putting his new friends in, and about not being able to befriend them as a human. He plays with the idea of telling them Everything but that’s… risky to say the least. He’s only known them a few weeks! ugh….!! it’s too much. maybe he should just throw the towel in.
Buuut Sam & Tucker don’t take no for an answer. Especially after they rescue him a third time.
Thus… Phantom friendship shenanigans!!
Sam filched some parts from the Fentonworks Lab when Phantom took them there, and later convinced Tucker to help her build a custom mini ectogun in case of emergency. They didn’t tell Phantom.
Danny is really sentimental about that DP hat he wore when he first met Sam & Tucker. He wore it as Phantom for a while but it got singed in a fight. He still wears it when he hangs out with Tucker & Sam but otherwise keeps it squirreled away for Sentimental Reasons.
“So Phantom, how old are you?” “I’m 15.” “15 now? Or 15 when you died?” “Yes.”
Tucker has a bunch of awful 90s button up shirts, and gives one to Phantom
They aren’t able to convince Sam to wear one too, but they sure do try.
Phantom won’t tell them when he died, so once he starts wearing 90s shirts they start using terrible 90s slang with him
“I am NOT from the 90s!!! They didn’t even SAY that then!!!” “methinks the lady doth protest too much…..home slice” “NOOO!!!”
“Phantom I have an extremely important question. Like, life or death. SHIT is on the LINE here. Are you listening?? I really need to know…. Do ghosts play video games”
The answer may surprise you (no it won’t)
Sam is completely convinced they can ACTUALLY get a good working guess of when Phantom lived and died based on the fact he liked Nasty Burger when he was alive, since NB’s a regional chain with a not-so-distant past. Tucker meanwhile thinks Phantom probably has a good reason for keeping them at arm’s length—but regardless of method, they can agree: they want to break down Phantom’s walls.
The next arc is less “Undercover Phantom” and more “Undercover Fenton” because the juxtaposition of him having to do hidden identities squared (squared again) is too good for me to pass up. It boils down to this: during a ghost attack at school, Danny finds himself stuck being “protected” by Sam and Tucker.
Sam and Tucker take their new jobs as Phantom’s ghost hunting companions too seriously to let this skinny stranger they just met run TOWARDS the danger. WHY does he keep trying to run TOWARDS the danger
Sam pulls out her ectogun.
Sam does not tell him.
“Wait, your last name’s Fenton? Like Fentonworks Fenton?” “No, the other Fenton.” “Oh… well, that’s too bad…” “YES LIKE FENTONWORKS FENTON”
Sam is initially wary of Danny because of his parents’ super strong anti-ecto views. Danny is clueless as to why she isn’t very friendly to him-as-a-human when she’s great with him-as-a-ghost. but she warms up after he helps resolve the ghost issue in a way that shows he doesn’t subscribe to his parents’ views.
afterwards you get this excellent situation where Danny is now friends with Sam and Tucker as Phantom and as Fenton, and they’re not connecting the dots as quickly as they did when it was just “that’s Phantom wearing a hoodie and a cap with his own logo on it”.
the potential here? *chefs kiss* here’s a few things but honestly? the possibilities are limitless
Danny pretending to not have a cell phone because he already gave them his number as Phantom
Tucker: *dials Phantom*
Danny, standing directly next to him: *frantically attempting to silence his phone*
Sam & Tucker try to introduce Danny and Phantom. Danny has to make excuses to avoid this happening in both forms.
Danny takes Sam & Tucker down to the Fentonworks Lab to get them some real equipment. Sam & Tucker pretend (very badly) that they’ve never been there before
Rooftop chill sessions as Phantom, late night teenage hijinks as Fenton, plus school AND fighting ghosts does not do any favors for Danny’s sleep deprivation. Tucker introduces him to caffeine pills with… mixed results.
Tucker and Sam teach Phantom some sign language. Later Danny slips up and uses it casually with them as Fenton
…. And many other silly mixups that I’ve yet to think of because I live for that shit
Sam & Tucker have theories about the Fenton-Phantom connection and they’re all wrong but somehow also plausible and that freaks Danny out just a little bit if he ever overhears them
Ultimately, I see this AU having a final arc where a New Situation occurs in which Danny-as-Phantom has to—once again—pretend to be human. This time, he’s with Sam & Tucker as Phantom from the get go, and can’t disappear or transform, even if being Phantom is extremely dangerous at that moment. Somehow this scenario would lead to the Fenton-is-Phantom (or, in this case, Phantom-is-Fenton) reveal…. But the details still escape me :P
so in short………… I really like hidden identities
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redrobin-detective · 5 months ago
Here’s a fun little scenario that would be part of a larger story I don’t have the time/energy to write.
Something something, the ghosts need to work together with the humans to stop a larger threat. They meet at Fentonworks to form a plan of attack with the humans’ most knowledgeable about ghosts. It is not Jack and Maddie Fenton. However, Danny Fenton and co do not feel like disclosing the fact that they are Amity’s foremost ghost experts. So the ghosts find themselves in an awkward position of having to pretend to be seeking council from the adult Fentons while watching Danny pretend to hide in his mother’s side in fear. But though his posture is scared and submissive, his eyes are glowing with promise of a violent second death if they don’t play along. Cue shenanigans. Fun points of interest include:
- Danny and the ghosts’ frustration and disbelief as the Fentons or even Valerie get ghost stuff so completely wrong and Danny is literally biting his hand to stop himself from correcting them because he’s not supposed to know anything about ghosts. They look at him with weary annoyance, asking why he is making them submit to this and he just stares back equally annoyed and exhausted. 
- The ghosts and Team Phantom need to do their planning in secret so they steal snatches of time here and there with hilarious results. Danny quickly phasing him and Technus into the bathroom for a quick huddle only to be interrupted by Jack trying to get in or quickly miming ideas and plans when people’s heads are turned then pretending to play on his phone when they look his way (his phone is upside down, no one comments. Fenton is just weird like that). They barely get any time to plan without interruption.
- It gets to the point where nothing is getting done and Danny is forced to kind of intercede but in a casual manner. Making pointed comments to have people piece things together themselves, tripping over important inventions to bring them to people’s attention just... pretending to accidentally acquire knowledge and delicately (and sometimes forcefully) leading them to the correct conclusions.
- I bet there would be some interesting conversations btw the ghosts and Danny about why he does hide. Why does he hide his strength and knowledge? They know by now that Danny is protective of hell of his secret identity but ghosts simply cannot understand why one of the strongest warriors hides behind the façade of weakness. Sometimes Danny himself wants to give up the charade bc the whole thing is too damn confusing and exhausting.
- Danny is not used to his worlds colliding in such an ongoing, intimate setting (lets say both ghosts and humans are essentially trapped together) so his personality is constantly flipping btw Fenton and Phantom’s trying to keep up. Dash is confused watching Fenton growl at ghosts while the ghosts are wondering why such a powerful halfa lets the other humans push him around. It makes both human and ghosts realize they don’t much at all about Danny Fenton.
- A lot of ghosts’ knowledge of humans comes from Danny, Sam and Tucker who are, obviously, outliers. In order to play nice with the ghost kid, they try to engage with some humans and are so far from the mark. (For example just kind of assuming all human kids engage in reckless, world changing activities).
- Also the ghosts know Danny and generally have a lot of respect for his power and sense of duty to his haunt. They treat other humans the same, as annoying interchangeable non-entities almost but for some reason, Danny Fenton is given a weird amount of respect being referred to by name and, when he speaks, all the other ghosts stop and listen. Normal people have no idea what to make of this.
- Again, I simply cannot get over the image of Danny doing his best to cower with his back to the humans but while facing the ghosts his face is a snarling, threatening mess. Both sides treat him as they normally do and find themselves coming up short. The humans wonder why the ghosts look at skinny, useless Fenton like he’s important. The ghosts wonder how the humans look at him and don’t see something dangerous. 
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pika-girl1 · 29 days ago
So, what if some Amity Park citizens find out that Phantom hates Christmas and has never had a good Christmas. After word spreads around, everyone is going to try their best to give him the best Christmas he’ll ever have.
Like, in the middle of town square, where they have this giant, extravagant Christmas tree, almost everyone in town (sans the Fentons and Val) have each left Phantom a gift.
When Danny goes out to fly (to get away from the arguing), the citizens notice him from their windows and manage to go to town square. When he gets there, he’s floored when he sees the gifts. Gifts that are addressed to Phantom.
Comic books, hand-knit cloths, NERF guns, stockings that are filled small toys and candies, stuffed animals, tins of homemade cookies, the list goes on and on. But his absolute favorite is the brand new model rocket ship that comes with a booklet of astronomy facts.
“We heard that you’ve never had a good Christmas,” one citizen steps out of the crowd. “So, we decided to give you the best Christmas in your—… er, life…”
Tear began to well up in Danny’s eyes. He couldn’t believe it, everyone in town had gotten together to give him a good Christmas… just because he was being a grinch about the holiday? They should be glaring at him for bringing down their holiday spirit! Giving him coal, saying he should holiday spirit himself!! Not… giving him such thoughtful gifts.
With a couple green-tinged tears streaming down his cheeks, Danny gives the crowd a watery smile and whispers out a ‘thank you’.
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lexosaurus · 2 months ago
danny phantom writing challenge: reverse dissecc
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abrielarnold · a month ago
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“Do you have siblings?” she asks.
“Yeah. A sister.”
realized that @dp-belongs-in-a-hoodie​ 's wonderful invisobang fic Something’s wrong with danny fenton (https://archiveofourown.org/works/33428749) has an accompanying oneshot (https://archiveofourown.org/works/34666327) and it’s gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.
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ghostey-o-toby · a month ago
“NOW, GHOST CHILD, TREMBLE BEFORE THE MIGHT OF THE BLOCKCHAIN!!! BY SIMPLY EXCHANGING USD FOR CRYPTOCURRENCIES SUCH AS ETHERIUM, WHICH CAN ITSELF BE USED TO PURCHASE NON-FUNGIBLE TOKENS WITH PICTURES OF MONKEYS ATTACHED TO THEM, I, TECHNUS, CAN- wait hold on I just got a discord message. ‘Dear holders of scammypetsNFTs, blah blah blah… unfortunately, the devs haven’t responded to any of our questions….’- A RUG PULL??? I PUT MY AFTERLIFE’S SAVINGS INTO SCAMMYPETS!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggg”- *gets sucked into the thermos*
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soni-dragon · 6 months ago
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Overgrown 🌿
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fablepatron · 11 days ago
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Did I ever show y’all my Val designs…
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coffeecakecafe · a year ago
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still here still doing these lol
some friends, some monsters
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ghost-postables · 4 days ago
Danny texting: At the hospital, I think movie night is cancelled.
Sam: Are you okay?!?
Danny: Yeah I'm fine.
Tucker: Are you visiting someone?
Danny: Oh no I'm getting stitches.
Sam: That's NOT fine!!
Danny: Relax I'll be okay.
Tucker: Why do you need stitches?
Danny: ...
Sam: Danny why do you need stitches?
Danny: I uh... I stood on a cologne bottle and it shattered...
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marzfartz · 2 months ago
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Ectober 26: Autopsy
I was gonna do more for this and give it acceptable context but I’m too tired so... it’s just an older Danny with some questionable scars queue onlookers being very shocked
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artistfingers · 3 months ago
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So we all agree! It's a TRUCE!
Undercover AU - The Concert - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6
Scrolling version on imgur!
and here we are, the conclusion of the concert arc! this part fought me tooth and nail haha i think i revised the script at least 5 times. huge thank yous to @dp-belongs-in-a-hoodie and @sickly-artist for their help and feedback!! and to all of you lovely readers for sticking with this silly comic <3 o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ
[Undercover AU]
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princess-of-the-corner · 3 months ago
I see your "someone tries to summon the Ghost King and gets a very confused Danny" fics and raise you a "Danny gets mail meant for Pariah Dark, but addressed to 'the Ghost King' by people who weren't updated, and now has several invites to join villain leagues.".
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