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#something something he fell in love with the fire long ago something something
hisirdovx · 2 days ago
Douxie is an inferno of a star, limitless and burning. He lives as long as there is a world to keep warm, and when he goes, he erupts into cold supernova, shrinking beneath his own weight, consumed once again by space and light. Perhaps there is another world out there that can see him fall. Perhaps they make a wish upon him.
Claire is as destructive as the sea and as serene as a clear night sky, equally capable of kindness and cruelty. She draws in the light around her, fracturing it like a mirror and spitting back the image of shadowed darkness. That darkness swallows her up earnestly, kindly, as if it was always in her destiny to drown. (It always was, and perhaps she knew it, as well.)
Merlin never moved anywhere that the earth did not delegate him to. It was the only thing he trusted more implicitly than himself, the only thing he knew would last as long as his own body. Perhaps it had outpaced him long ago, left him rooted like old trees to the past and to his priorities. Maybe that was why his end had been far from kind. But it was okay. After so many years with a vice over time, it was only fair that that world caught him up coldly.
Morgana wore her darkness differently than Claire. She burned like a fire and painted the sky charcoal with smoke. When she fell, she scattered her ashes on the earth, left scars where her anger had shone the brightest. Perhaps she was alone. Perhaps she was given a witness, one who thought it odd to see the darkness cradling her dying body in a kind embrace, like she was something deserving of love. But then again, the sweetest roots always bleed fresh from a wildfire's wounds.
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a-kind-of-merry-war · 12 days ago
During a contract, Jaskier and Geralt learn something concerning about Jaskier's soul - or lack thereof. 2.3k words, contains mutual pining, love confessions, and one misplaced soul.
The creature has Jaskier, and Geralt is too late. It has a crimson hand wrapped around the bard’s neck, pinning him to the half-collapsed outer wall of the ruin. It looks human—almost human—apart from the swirling colours beneath its skin and the smoke dripping from it in tendrils, like chiffon.
Jaskier chokes, and Geralt is reminded horribly of the djinn. He steps forward, and a dry branch cracks beneath his foot. The creature doesn’t even turn to look.
Geralt knows what this is, but he’s never encountered one face-to-face. He’d hoped that it was just a myth, especially after the stories the terrified villagers had told him about loved ones returning from the ruins with blank eyes and dead expressions, unknowable and unknowing.
Its name in Elder has faded and forgotten, now, but the common tongue describes it well enough: soul-eater.
Jaskier is a meal it cannot resist, and Geralt can’t blame it; he’s full of life and laughter and song. Overflowing with empathy, with trembling, tumbling feelings, an undammed river. His soul must be a feast to a creature like this.
“Put him down.”
The creature does not look at him. It presses closer. It opens its mouth—a gaping, blood-red maw that splits the space where its face should be. Geralt leaps forwards, swinging his sword, but again he’s too slow, and the soul-eater too fast. It grips harder. Jaskier screams.
Then a voice: a voice made of multiples, an echo of an echo.
What is this?
Geralt freezes. Jaskier slumps in the soul-eaters grip.
What is this? It demands again, screeching. He is gone! Empty!
It hisses, and releases Jaskier from its grip. Jaskier tumbles to the ground, a dark bruise around his neck.
This man’s soul was claimed… it pauses, as if inhaling the air, Years ago. Years! Did you think you could trick me, witcher? With your empty bard? Did you think you could win?
It screeches again, and surges forwards, but this time Geralt is ready. He meets it in the middle, sword swinging. They fight in a rush of silver, a heated dance, and when Geralt thrusts the weapon through the soul-eater’s chest it freezes, wails, and crumbles around the silver like spent charcoal.
He pants, exhausted. Jaskier scrambles towards him, reaching for him. Grabbing him.
“What did it mean?” He says, eyes wide. “Geralt, what did it mean about my soul?”
The bed was soft and plush. The room was lowly lit with candles and the last glowing embers of the fire. It was warm: far too warm.
Virginia de Stael beckoned to him from her position sprawled on the rich fur coverlet.
“Why won’t you join me?” She said, her lips quirked in a tempting smile.
Jaskier’s fingers fiddled in the cuff of his chemise. His doublet was long gone, abandoned somewhere downstairs in the rush of the dance. His lips tingled with the ghost of her kiss. Despite the heat in the room, he still felt cold.
“You know why,” he said, finally.
She looked— pleased. Not surprised.
“I do,” she said, sitting up on her elbows. “I just wondered if you did.”
“I’m sorry,” Jaskier said, and he truly meant it. “I just—”
She waved a hand at him and he fell instantly silent.
“It doesn’t matter,” she said. “Really, my love. Now…” she sat up proper, her dark hair, marked with grey streaks, cascading over her breasts. “I think there’s someone you need to talk to.”
Jaskier allowed himself to smile. His heart pounded between his ribs, a painful hammering against his bones.
“Yes,” he breathed. “There is.”
The sweeping stone staircase was cold beneath his bare feet. His room—their room—was high in the keep, far away from the heart of the castle. It wasn’t a slight, he knew; Virginia hadn’t been attempting to make a point by having them quartered so far away. She really was that popular, and his and Geralt’s addition to the festivities had been a last-minute decision after a particularly dramatic hunt right on the border of her lands.
“I reward those who deserve it,” she had drawled, presenting her gloved hand to Jaskier to kiss.
She’d winked at him over the purple silk, and Jaskier had felt nothing.
And now he was right outside his room for the night, waiting on the threshold, the memory of Virginia's kisses just that: a memory.
Their room, he reminded himself. He quietly pushed open the door and slipped inside.
“How do you feel?” Geralt asks, when they’re back somewhere safe and quiet with a bag of coins resting on the bed between them.
Jaskier hesitates before answering, which is unlike him.
“Fine,” he says, finally. “I feel… normal.” He raises a hand to his neck, his pale digits drifting over the bruise. “My throat hurts.”
He laughs, but the sound is strained, melding into a cough.
“Geralt,” he says, once the coughing has stopped. “Can you… can you tell? If someone doesn’t have a—” he stutters. “A soul?”
Geralt sighs. He wants to reach out across the bed and take Jaskier’s hand, to pillow him against his chest and hold him there. He doesn’t.
“You saw the others,” he says. “You’re not like them.”
Jaskier shudders, clearly remembering the soul-eater’s victims. Geralt has seen worse—but not much worse.
“No,” Jaskier mutters. “I’m not.”
“Did you…” Geralt fumbles his words, aware that he’s about to sound insulting. “Did you give it away, Jaskier?”
As predicted, Jaskier splutters at him, eyes wide.
“Did I—” He huffs, “No, Geralt! In fact, I am very much not in the habit of giving away my fucking soul!”
“Last summer,” says Geralt, slowly, “You said you’d sell your soul for new lute strings, just before the Bardic Competition.”
Jaskier scowls at him. “I was utilising hyperbole, Geralt, obviously. I’m not actually going to—” he stops. “Well. I can’t, now.” He kicks at the wooden floor. “Should have used it to get those lute strings after all.”
Geralt stares ahead, thinking. “It must be intact,” he says. “You saw what happened to the others. If it had been destroyed, you’d know. We’d know.”
“So you’re saying that, what? I misplaced it? I’ve accidentally given it away?”
Geralt shrugs, turning to face him. “It doesn’t seem entirely out of character.”
Jaskier splutters at him again, whacking his shoulder. “Fuck you!”
“Well it’s not in here,” Geralt says, dodging a second blow and placing his hand on Jaskier’s chest. “Is it?”
Jaskier goes very still. The delicate shells of his ears turn pink. Beneath his palm, Geralt can feel Jaskier’s heart thumping, picking up speed.
“Well,” Jaskier swallows, licking his lips. “Where is it, then?”
Geralt removes his hand. His skin feels cold, immediately missing the heat of Jaskier’s body.
“I don’t know.”
The Geralt-shaped lump in the bed didn’t move. Perhaps he was ignoring him; Jaskier wouldn’t be surprised. He’d all but abandoned Geralt during the banquet in favour of indulging Virginia, an act, he knew now, that was likely one of self-preservation. To throw himself at the person who wanted him rather than lingering, endlessly, by the side of the one who didn’t.
He’d not taken the direct route to their room, first heading towards the kitchens to steal a bottle of wine. He’d been taking swigs straight from it the whole way up the stairs, and as he stared down at Geralt’s form, facing away from him, he took another gulp to help calm his nerves.
“You don’t have to speak,” he said, and then added, with a chuckle: “I know you hate that.”
Geralt didn’t respond. Jaskier hadn’t expected him to. He shuffled to the bed, perching on the very end, a careful distance away from Geralt’s feet. He drank a little more wine.
“I’ve been with Virginia,” he said. “But you knew that. And I couldn’t—” he took another drink, trying to drown the butterflies in his stomach. “I don’t want her. I don’t want anyone, Geralt.”
Jaskier resisted the urge to reach for him across the suddenly expansive bed.
“I just…” his lips tasted like wine. His tongue was heavy. “I only want you, Geralt.”
Geralt didn’t respond. But— he didn’t tell him to shut up. He didn’t sit up, disgusted. He didn’t do anything, so Jaskier continued.
“It’s—” he sighed, and the words that he’d practised on the stairs turned stale in his mouth. “Geralt, it’s like this…”
And he spoke into the cool dark of the room, rolling the wine bottle between his hands.
Jaskier steps down from the stage, skin flushed, hair wild about his head. Geralt is right there waiting for him. He looks good like this, glowing with the thrill of a performance, face split into a grin, eating up the accolades of the crowd.
“Well?” He says, breathlessly. “What did you think?”
“It was fine,” Geralt says. He thinks they both know it’s a lie.
Jaskier’s expression melds into one of cocky faux-outrage. “Just fine?” He says, haughtily.
“Better than Marx’s attempt.”
Now Geralt is gifted with a real smile. Jaskier preens beneath his gaze. “It was, wasn’t it? Come, let’s get a drink before they announce the winner.”
Geralt follows him to the bar, watching as people move out of his way, the crowds parting around him. There’s something marvellous about him, especially after a good show, and people’s heads turn to watch him even as they move aside to let him pass.
They sit pressed close together at the bar, a bottle of fine mead between them. Jaskier laughs as he pushes his hair from his eyes, his skin lightly sheened with sweat. It’s been three weeks since the incident with the soul-eater, and the only evidence is the lingering yellow bruise still mottled around his neck.
Geralt can’t help but watch him, as entranced as all the other patrons, as lost as the crowd who’d stamped and cheered along with his song.
“I don’t think you need to worry,” he says suddenly.
Jaskier stops laughing, looking at him curiously. “Was I worrying?” He says. “About what?”
“The—” Geralt hesitates, lowering his voice. “About your soul.”
Jaskier’s expression cracks—clearly, he hadn't been expecting this line of conversation—and he takes a sip of mead before speaking again.
“Was I… did I look particularly worried?”
Truthfully, he doesn’t, but Geralt knows the issue has been weighing on him. He knows Jaskier has been a little more cautious with his words, peering into mirrors for too long, struggling to sleep through the night. He can hear Jaskier’s quickened pulse when he lies against him on a cheap mattress in an inn or on the ground beneath the stars, pretending to slumber hours after they’d laid down.
“Not right now,” Geralt says. “But… you’re a poet, Jask. Poets care about things like souls.”
Jaskier smiles at him. “And witchers don’t?”
He shrugs. “Not something I’ve concerned myself with thus far.”
“But you’ve been worrying about mine?” He curls it like a question.
“I’ve been worrying about you,” Geralt says. “You have a soul, Jaskier. I know you do. I can—” oh, shit, he’s saying too much, “—I can see it.”
Jaskier’s eyes widen, and Geralt speaks over him before he can jump to the wrong conclusion.
“Not literally,” he says quickly. “I mean… in the way you sing. In the way you are, when you’re on stage. In the way you laugh. In the way people want you. The way they love you. You’re going to win the competition, and you could only do that if you had a soul.”
Jaskier goes very quiet. Then, finally: “You think I’m going to win?”
“I know you’re going to win.”
“I know you’ve not been sleeping. I know you’re worried, even if you don’t tell me. And I’m telling you—” he’s edged closer, somehow, and the gap between them has suddenly shrunk, “You don’t have anything to worry about. Because you’re you.”
Jaskier’s lips hang open, a little. His eyes are wide, and sparkling.
“Because…” Geralt continues, suddenly unable to breathe. “Because you’re all soul, Jask. All of you.”
And then they’re kissing. Geralt doesn’t know who moved first, but he doesn’t care. Jaskier’s mouth is soft and pliant beneath his own, his skin warm, and as he pushes himself up from the barstool and into Geralt’s arms he lets out a small, soft gasp that's sweeter than any song he could have performed on stage.
Far away, someone calls a name. A crowd cheers. There’s a voice, nearby—
“Master Jaskier, you’ve— ah—”
Jaskier deepens the kiss, sliding his tongue boldly into Geralt’s mouth. He tastes of mead. He tastes of Jaskier. He tastes right, like Geralt has been waiting for this for an age, like some part of himself is coming home; like he’s giving part of himself away.
Perhaps he is.
The wine glugged heavily in the bottle as Jaskier moved it from hand to hand.
“It’s like this,” Jaskier said, feeling his chest tighten and his eyes burn. “I love you, Geralt. I’ve loved you for years. I’ve been in love with you for years. And tonight…” he sighed. “Tonight, I realised that I couldn’t have anyone else. That no one else would get to have me. Because I’m yours, Geralt. Even if you don’t want me. Even if you never want me, I’m yours. All of me.”
He took a final sip from the bottle before placing it beside the bed and turning to look at Geralt’s back.
“All of my parts. My heart. My body, if you ever saw fit to want me like that. My…” a tear escaped his eye, and he hastily wiped it away with the sleeve of his chemise. “My soul,” he said, with a shuddering breath. “It’s yours, Geralt. All yours. Forever.”
There was silence.
In the bed beside him, Geralt slept on, oblivious.
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bucksfucks · 6 months ago
  𝙛𝙞𝙫𝙚 𝙖.𝙢. ; 𝗯𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘆 𝗯𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗲𝘀
summary┃ just when you think you’re free from bucky’s grip, he holds tighter. but truthfully, he just doesn’t ever want to lose you, he just can’t tell you until it all comes out.
pairing┃fuckboy!bucky x f!reader
word count┃1,872 words
warnings┃fwb dynamic, sort of toxic relationship, bucky acts like an asshole, talk of injury, blood, bruises, cliché moment where reader cleans up bucky after a mission, reader breaks down to bucky, bucky opens up (fear of losing you, fear of losing himself), unprotected sex, rough sex (briefly), oral, multiple orgasms, pet-names, taunting, lots of dirty talk, degradation if you squint, angst w/ happy ending — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
notes┃don’t mind me, just posting part two months later 😐
Tumblr media
     The weeks had passed and you hadn’t heard from Bucky. 
     But maybe that was for the best. 
     Yet, you still couldn’t convince yourself that you didn’t miss him. That you didn’t crave his touch or his warmth beside you late at night in bed. It’s not like he ever stuck around for long, but when he did, nothing else mattered.
     You had wondered if he ghosted you, deciding that you were no longer his type or if he got bored of you and just like that, he was done with you. 
     Once again, you were wrong. His name lit up your phone screen the second you thought you were finally done with him. 
     The universe had a funny way of fucking with you, you thought. 
     Back in town, you around tonight? 
     You chewed the inside of you lip as your eyes scanned the text. This was nothing more than a hookup, a booty call, his safety net, but there was something warm blooming in your chest. 
     Same time as always? 
     You quickly typed back, hitting send before you let yourself take the time to regret the decision to fuck Bucky Barnes yet again. 
     He was your toxic paradise, pulling you in and spitting you back out more and more broken each time; but you loved it. 
     Bucky was sore, bruised, and bloodied. 
     The mission with Sam had yet again gone horribly, a simple recon turning into not-so-friendly fire as they both managed to come out just a little more than slightly scratched. 
     “’M goin’ home,” Bucky grumbled as Sam walked beside him, well, limped. 
     “What’s the rush, you got a date finally?” Sam snickered and Bucky’s heart. Why? He didn’t exactly know. All he knew is that he was thinking of you. 
     “That’s none of your business,” he bit back as Sam laughed, “that’s a pretty solid answer, Barnes.” 
     Sam was wrong. 
     He didn’t have a date; he desperately wanted to have a date with you, but every time he seemed to fuck it up as you left his bedroom. 
     “Whatever, jus’ stay out of trouble, okay?” Bucky nearly pleaded with Sam as he chuckled and nodded, bidding him good luck and shouting something about using protection. 
     You found yourself in the same position as you did just weeks ago. 
     Standing at Bucky’s front door, kicking a pebble as your sweater sleeves fell past your knuckles. 
     Finally, you watched him limp up towards the door, head hanging before his tired eyes met yours and he...smiled? 
     “Hey, gumdrop, sorry I left you waiting for so long.” He said as he stuck his key into his front door. 
     You were speechless, watching him jerk the door open before ushering you inside. 
     “It’s okay, I wasn’t waiting long,” you said absentmindedly as you watched the way he groaned as he dropped his bag of gear on the floor.
     “Are you okay?” You suddenly blurted wringing your fingers together as you balanced on the balls of your feet. 
     “Er, yeah,” he grunted, “well, no.” 
     You cracked a smile, not in mockery, but again, the warm feeling in your chest started to bloom. 
     “I can help you get all cleaned up, those wounds need to be cleaned and dressed or they’ll get infected.” 
     Bucky nodded gently, letting you help him into the bathroom as you told him to sit on the edge of his bathtub. 
     The cheap plastic groaned under his weight with him as you looked below his sink. 
     “Is this,” you furrowed your eyebrows, “is this all you have?” 
     It was nothing more than some rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, some bandages and what looked like to be a half empty tube of polysporin. 
     He gave you a weak chuckle, “it’s all I need.” 
     You sighed, but ran a hand towel under some warm water before starting on his face. 
     He winced, but you didn’t blame him. You were gentle and patient, humming to yourself as you continued to disinfect and clean his various cuts and bruises. 
     Bucky was nearly beaming when you finally looked down at him, “what?” 
     You felt like you were under a microscope under his gaze, his blue eyes shining under the fluorescent lights as he shrugged his shoulders. 
     “Nothin’, it’s jus’ that,” he licked his bottom lip, “we never have moments like these.”
     Your heart fluttered at his words, but you suppressed the feeling deep down as you felt his large hands on your hips.
     “C’mon gumdrop,” oh how that nickname made your stomach twist in nots in both dread and excitement.
     “I think you’ve cleaned me up enough,” he purred, standing up and it was then that you were reminded of his tall stature.
     He was broad and thick and absolutely engulfed your smaller frame.
     Something inside of you snapped.
     “All we do is fuck.” You spat, tears brimming your eye-line as you tried to steady your breathing and sudden racing heart.
     Bucky’s hands dropped as he clenched his jaw, backing you up against the bathroom door until your head hit the wood with a thud that made you wince.
     “All we do is fuck?” He spat your words back at you with venom lacing every syllable as you tried not to let your lip quiver.
     “You think that you’re just some fuck? Some plaything that I keep around whenever my dick gets hard?” His words sounded rhetorical but you couldn’t help but nod your head.
     “How could I not when you kick me out as soon as we’re done and only text me when you’re horny?” Your words were equally as poisonous as they stung him more than the hydrogen peroxide did his wounds.
     He cocks his head to the side, “you think I like watchin’ you leave?”
     His voice dropped an octave the same time his fingers raised your chin so you’d be looking at him.
     “I don’t text you because ‘m not even sure if I’m gonna be around after each mission I go on.”
     Your heart twisted and you felt nauseous at his words. You never asked what he did because you were worried about his answer. Rightfully so apparently.
     “All we do is fuck because I’m too goddamn scared of losin’ you or leavin’ you all alone.”
     There it was, the revelation that caused your inevitable breakdown as you fell into his arms and sobbed.
     Sobbed like a child who scraped their knee riding their bike looking for solace in their mother’s arms.
     Bucky squeezed you tight, a shaky breath leaving his parted lips.
     “I’m sorry for th—“
     You shut him up with a kiss; slightly salty with a stuffy nose.
     “All we do is fuck and right now I need that.”
     Bucky didn’t need to be told twice before he was pulling you off the door, ripping it open and nearly off it’s hinges before you were thrown onto the bed.
     The dipped with his weight when he kneeled at the end of it, ripping your pants off with haste before your fingers were tugging at his belt.
     Neither of you wasted your time in getting each other naked until Bucky was peering over you like you were his prey and he was starving.
     “Look at ‘cha,” he clicked his tongue against his teeth, “all we do is fuck,” he seemed to mumble to words to himself as his eyes roamed your body.
     “How could I fuckin’ resist when you look the way you do, gumdrop.” He smirked as he ran his hands down your body and over your hair covered mound until he was spreading your legs.
     “Taste even better too,” he winked, disappearing between your thighs without a single warning as your back arched off the bed and your fingers tangled in his hair and sheets.
     His tongue flattened against your core, licking a hot, thick stripe until he focused his attention on your clit.
     “Every time I get a taste of you, I know there’s no one else in this godforsaken world that would ever quench my thirst like you.”
     He prods at your entrance, fingers still keeping your legs open as his metal digits begin to stretch you out.
     “And trust me,” he smirks wickedly, “I’ve tried.”
     You think those words are going to hurt more than they do, but the thought of Bucky fucking someone else and thinking of you? Well, your ego eats that up.
     “And I know you’ve tried to distract yourself with others, gumdrop. But no ones compared, is that right?” By now his fingers are pumping in and out of you—curling upwards.
     You whine, nodding your head, “answer me and I’ll let you cum.”
     It was a threat and you know damn well better not to play with Bucky’s fire.
     “Fuck—no one compares to you, Buck,” you moan as your legs begin to shake.
     Your orgasm grips you like it always does, crashing over you and consuming you for those few minutes before you feel like you’re breaking through the water and getting a gulp of fresh air.
     “You can try and run,” he growls, locking you underneath him with his large body, “but no one knows you like I do, baby. Remember that.”
     His lips are back on yours hungrily, kissing you as you feel his cock against your folds as you whimper into his mouth.
     Your moans are swallowed when he slides into you, fingers lacing with yours and your hands pinned to each side of your head. 
     “Look at me,” you can hear his voice faltering, “need’ya to look at me, baby.” 
     Your eyes flutter open, meeting his soft ones as he thrusts deeper into you. Your head burrows deeper into his mattress, breathy moans mixing with his deep grunts as he feels every part of you. 
     “’M tired of this game,” he grunts, eyebrows furrowed, “don’ wanna guess if I’ll be able to see you again after this.” 
     Your heart skips a beat, bubbling in your chest as the warmth grows in your lower belly. 
     “Say you’re mine.” He finally growls, stilling his hips deep in you as you let out a whine. 
     “Say you’re mine and I’ll fuck youi ‘til you’re beggin’ me to stop.” 
     You gasp, mouth falling open, “m yours, Bucky. All yours.” 
     It’s exactly what he needs to hear before his hips are moving again, the bed creaking under both your weights and the rocking of the bed causes it’s posts to creak. 
     “Gonna for me, gumdrop?” He smirks wildly as his hands move from between your fingers to your hips as they sink into your flesh. 
     “Gonna cum ‘n mark me as yours, huh?” He taunts and you can’t hold it back before your walls flutter around him. 
     You feel his hot skin against yours, body folding over yours as he spills inside of you with a low, guttural grunt that echoes in your ear. 
     The room is hot and sticky, it smells like sex and Bucky. 
     You’re not sure what to say, so you stay silent as Bucky falls beside you before pulling you into his arms. 
     You’re holding your breath, waiting for those words that are surely going to break your heart. But they never come, instead Bucky asks you a question you never think he will. 
     “Do you wanna be mine, gumdrop?” 
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frogtanii · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
iwaizumi was... overwhelmed, to say the least.
the past few days had been such a whirlwind of change that hajime could barely properly process, much less appropriately react to it all, so he behaved much like a zombie, saying yes when prompted, signing papers when told, and packing up what was his entire life for the past 11 months.
wow. iwaizumi collapsed on his bed as he scanned his now barren bedroom. he’d been here for almost a year and yet, all his belongings were in boxes within a couple of days.
hajime couldn’t keep the disbelieving chuckle from escaping his chest as he leaned back on his bed, dark brown eyes trained on the ceiling.
it felt like he’d spent such a large chunk of his life trapped in this house, under the foot of the woman who he thought he’d marry but in reality, he’d been in little leagues longer than he’d been in love.
iwaizumi scoffed and rolled his eyes. yeah, “in love”. it’d been about a week since his whole life started to unravel and he had hardly seen, let alone spoken to meiko throughout that entire time.
over text, she’d sworn up and down that she loved and cared about him but as she passed by him packing his things a few days ago, she’d barely spared him a second glance.
hajime wasn’t going to lie. it hurt. he’d opened his heart up to her, something he didn’t do easily, and she’d taken his trust and used it to twist him into her weapon.
he always believed he was stronger than this — he’d never forget his mother telling him so when he was younger. he had fallen and scraped his knee yet he refused to cry to keep from upsetting his mom. iwaizumi existed to live up to what his mother thought of him but here he was, completely enveloped in meiko’s shit, doing her dirty work and following her bidding like some mutt.
god, toorū was right. he really was her bitch.
“i could hear you thinking from down the hall, iwa-chan.” speak of the devil...
oikawa stood at his doorway, leaning against the frame with a posture that seemed relaxed at first glance but if you looked a little closer, you’d notice the tenseness in his shoulders and the tightness of his smile.
hajime quickly sat up on his bed before motioning for his old friend to enter. “uh, yeah,” he began, his voice cracking a little from disuse, “i have a lot to think about.”
the light haired brunette let out an understanding hum before wandering into the room, sharp observant eyes darting to look at all the empty walls. “looks like you’re all packed.”
“pretty much,” iwaizumi nodded before the room fell into an awkward silence, the two childhood friends completely avoiding one another’s eyes.
“look, i-“
“iwa-chan, i’m-“
they both paused for a moment before bursting into laughter, the sound carrying into the hall and throughout the house.
hajime wiped a few stray tears from his eyes, shaking his head at their awkwardness. “you first, shittykawa.”
toorū gasped in halfhearted mock offense before quickly sobering up, training iwaizumi with a completely serious look. “i’m sorry and before you go on some bullshit, self sacrificing rant, you’re not the only one to blame for what happened to our friendship.”
he sighed while making his way to iwaizumi’s bed, sitting down gently beside him. “i should’ve known better, okay? i shouldn’t have let my jealousy and insecurities get in between us but i guess i got swept up in the attention, yknow? meiko is actually charming when she wants to be.”
iwaizumi nodded in agreement, knowing all too well how compelling meiko could be. the room fell into a more comfortable silence as both boys escaped into their thoughts, questions about the future of their friendship flitting throughout their minds.
“oh!” oikawa was pulled out of his own head at hajime’s exclamation, his eyes moving to observe his friend dig through his pockets to procure a thick white envelope. “here. i’d like you to give this yn.”
all toorū could do was nod, his brain short circuiting at the sight of iwaizumi’s apparent kindness to the woman he tormented for so long. “uh, what’s in it?” he ventured to ask, his soft hands toying with the sealed envelope flap.
a soft chuckle came from across the bed. “don’t be so nosy toorū, just give it to her, yeah?” oikawa rolled his eyes but obliged, the bed creaking as he stood to his feet.
“so... this is it, huh?” it was like the reality of the situation was just now sinking in — they hadn’t been close in a while but iwaizumi was still his best friend and he wasn’t quite ready to let him go.
they’d been through so much together, practically growing up together and now, they’d only see each other on holidays, if even then, and then he’d never be invited to hajime’s wedding as his best man as they’d planned and he also wouldn’t be the coolest uncle/godfather of iwa’s children and—
“fuck no,” hajime scoffed with a bright grin on his face. “thought you were gonna annoy me til the end of time shittykawa. don’t tell me you’re quitting your job now.”
the hidden meaning behind iwaizumi’s words brought tears to oikawa’s eyes and before he could stop himself, he launched his body into iwa’s arms. hajime hesitated, his hands stuttering at toorū’s sides as though he’d forgotten how to hug but the feeling passed, his arms winding around his friend’s lithe waist.
“‘m gonna miss you hajime,” oikawa’s voice came out as a broken whimper, his arms tightening around his shoulders.
iwaizumi hummed instead of responding, too afraid of his voice cracking under the weight of his emotions. they stood there for a moment but the honk of the moving truck outside signaled the both of them of their limited time.
hurriedly, oikawa wiped the tears off his cheeks before waving awkwardly at iwaizumi as he left the room with a friendly, “don’t be a stranger.”
and then he was gone.
toorū finally allowed himself to collapse into sobs on his best friends empty bed, his palms pressing into his eyes as he sat there and just let himself feel.
apparently, he wasn’t crying very quietly because it took only a few moments for you to find him, your soft footsteps alerting him to your presence. oikawa scrambled to wipe away what he knew was an unattractive mixture of tears and snot as you got closer.
you were one of the last people he wanted to see him like this.
“hey,” you whispered, standing a few feet away from him. “um, i know this is probably a bad time but i just wanted to thank you for apologizing? back at the awards show?”
toorū sniffed as he looked up at you with confusion written on his face. “what? you shouldn’t thank me for apologizing. ‘s common courtesy.”
you laughed softly, nodding in agreement. “well, not always. so, thank you.” finished with your piece and not too keen on lingering where you weren’t wanted, you moved towards the door but were swiftly stopped before you got there.
“um, here. it’s from iwa-chan.” you gaped at the thick envelope oikawa was handing you before taking it and opening it, a low curse falling from your lips.
inside the package was a dense wad of cash, more money than you’d seen in months. accompanied with it was a letter, written in beautifully loopy handwriting.
you shut it quickly before oikawa could see, stuffing the envelope deep within your pocket where you could access it alone in the depths of your room.
“do you wanna come eat? last i heard, bokuto and tsumu were doing a cooking competition and i’m sure it’ll be fun to watch.” you were severely thrown off by the money and letter but you were determined to show toorū that you’d accepted his apology and were on your way to making amends.
he gave you a shy nod and trailed behind you to the kitchen, the loud sounds of fire and screaming coming from down the hall. you wanted to focus on the fun and merriment but the envelope was practically burning a hole in your pocket.
later that night, you finally got the chance to open the letter and read it, your former manager’s words bringing tears to your eyes.
dear yn,
i’m probably the last person you expected to hear from. you probably didn’t want to hear from me at all if i’m being honest and i don’t blame you. i know there is nothing i can say that could make up for what i’ve done to you but i’d like to try.
i’m sorry. those words don’t nearly express in and of themselves how truly remorseful i am but they needed to be said. there’s no excuse for how i treated you — not meiko, not my stress, absolutely nothing.
you deserved my common decency and respect and i didn’t give that to you. instead, i abused my position and made your life hell. i’ll never forgive myself for that.
uh, i bet you’re wondering what the money is? i promise i’m not trying to pay you off, it’s just all the money i’ve denied you since you moved here. i have a lot of wrongs to right and this is one of them.
sorry, i’m not very good with words but i just wanted you to know that i’m very sorry for everything that i’ve done. and i’m in no place to make demands or anything but i just wanted to ask if you’d keep an eye on oikawa for me.
he’s strong but he’s also vulnerable. he might be a pain in my ass but he’s my best friend and since i can’t keep him from drowning, i was wondering if you’d do that - not for me but for him.
anyways, this letter is shit but i suppose you get the gist. use the money for whatever you want and if you’re as unselfish as i’ve heard, you don’t owe me anything. you don’t owe me money, kindness, or forgiveness.
take care of yourself,
iwaizumi hajime
Tumblr media
℗ poker face
so... this is it
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kazewhara · a month ago
Can I request diluc and childe with a strict doctor s/o? In fics their partner is usually portrayed as softer and more patient…but I want to see one who’s unafraid to call the boys out when they’re overworking or not taking care of themselves. Someone who has no qualms to go “you haven’t had a proper meal in DAYS eat your goddamn food” (esp to diluc lmao fire batman needs to rest)
P.s. just found this blog literally two hours ago and I completely fell in love with EVERYTHING? ❤️❤️❤️ You write angst deliciously too!
sick and tired.
Tumblr media
# — pairings: diluc, childe x gn!doctor!reader
# — characters: gender neutral reader, diluc, childe, kaeya, bennett
# — summary: you've never been one to sit idly by and watch someone run themselves ragged, and your lover is no exception.
# — warnings: swearing, blood/injury mention, mildly suggestive content/speech (minors, i've got my eyes on you.)
# — tags: drabble format!!, (physical) hurt/comfort, fluff, a spoonful of angst, childe makes a few dirty jokes, the darknight hero wears a mask (finally.)
# — notes: everyone makes dirty jokes, even in their teenage years.. i'm not gonna tell minors not to interact since it's not explicit (really, it's just a comment or two), but this is the first time i'm writing something containing smth even remotely nsfw, so please don't forget that there may be more explicit stuff down the line! anon i'm sorry for the long note, but it had to be said so YEAH i hope you guys enjoy, and as always, reblogs/reactions are always appreciated!!
Tumblr media
✧ — 𝐝𝐢𝐥𝐮𝐜 — ✧
"you're still awake." you deadpan, folding your arms over your chest as you watch your fiancé from the doorway. it's about 2:30 in the morning and diluc is still in his office, hunched over his desk with a mountain of paper work in front of him. you see his back straighten at the sound of your voice and he spins in his chair to get a better look at you.
"what are you doing up, darling?" he asks, his voice rich and honey-sweet. it's sickening, and not in a good way. you can see the way diluc blinks the fatigue away in an effort to soothe you, but it doesn't work. "are you having trouble sleeping? should i send someone to--"
your icy glare shuts him up immediately. if kaeya were here, he'd bust up about how the almighty diluc was silenced by nothing but a stern look. it'd be funny if you weren't so pissed off.
when you met diluc, you were the esteemed healer of the knights of favonius. your dendro healing capabilities were second to none in all of mondstadt, and adventurers who came from far and wide always came to you for premium treatment. you've seen some gruesome things over the years, but you've since grown numb to it, viewing each new injury as a learning experience. at some point, eight years ago, you thought you'd seen it all.
until you came across the battered body of the darknight hero.
"shit, shit, c'mon, breathe!" you pleaded as you desperately performed compressions on his chest. you had just finished your shift for the night when you heard the dying shriek of an abyss mage by mondstadt's gate. worried that the knights who killed it had gotten hurt, you rushed to their aid only to find a man with flaming red hair collapsed on the ground. you would have ruled it out as exhaustion if not for the fact that you couldn't see him breathing. you leapt into action and flipped the body over to scan him for further damage.
"dear archons," you swore.
you've seen some bad shit in your career. bennett, that poor boy, once came in with his leg crushed after another failed expedition; timaeus has come in (more than once, actually) after albedo accidentally botched some alchemical experiments, and so on. but nothing, nothing could have prepared you for the cryo damage you saw on the darknight hero's torso.
swallowing back the apprehension that never seemed to go away before healing someone, you reached over to check his pulse. when you felt nothing, you took a steadying breath. it's okay; you've dealt with patients like this. you can do this. you can still save him. you fumbled with his clothing and murmured a soft apology as you revealed the skin right over his heart.
fortunately, the cryo that spread across his body didn't seem to have reached his heart just yet, but if you lingered any longer, it would. you got right to work, hoping to at least kickstart his pulse. the flow of blood would raise his body temperature -- not by much, but it would be enough for you to continue healing elsewhere. so you started to perform cpr, lacing your fingers over his chest and began compressions.
that was fifteen minutes ago.
you refused to give up -- like hell you would give up! the darknight hero is... well, he's mondstadt's hero. he couldn't die here; you wouldn't allow it. "please wake up, you can do it..." you murmured to his unmoving body. you shut your eyes for a moment, scolding yourself for nearly considering him to be a corpse. you said a silent prayer to barbatos, begging for him to have mercy on the man beneath you.
a warm, gentle breeze rustled your clothes as you performed one more rescue breath. the very second your lips left the hero's, his body lurched and he gasped in a desperate effort to bring air into his lungs.
you did it.
you sat back on your haunches with a relieved gasp of your own. as much as you wanted to celebrate your success, your job wasn't done yet. "take slow breaths, sir. you just-- uh, what are you doing?"
the darknight hero, the man who literally just came back from the dead, was trying to get up and walk off. he groaned deeply as he rolled himself over and tried to push himself up onto his knees. "did... did you see," he panted, "my face?"
did you? you actually had no idea how to answer that, but the question made you frown. "who cares if i did?" you retorted. you grabbed his shoulders and slowly maneuvered him back down onto the ground. "you nearly died and that's the first thing you have to say?" you could feel him trying to resist you, but his muscles were too weak. it was a miracle he managed to turn himself over at all.
the crimson-haired man coughed. "it's... so cold. what happened?" he started to shiver and shake violently. you figured it was about time that he did.
"you're wasting your breath, sir." you scolded. you glanced at his face briefly. even if you wanted to see his face, you couldn't; there was a mask covering his eyes. but even with such a short look, you knew right away who the darknight hero really was.
really. if diluc ragnvindr wanted to hide his identity better, he should've worn a hooded cloak.
diluc didn't put up a fight after that. he actually drifted to sleep under the influence of your soothing dendro energy. it made the job easier. when he woke up, you sat him up and insisted that you escort him home. he fought you on it right away.
"you saw my face." he grunted. "why else would you offer something like that?"
"a thank you would be nice," you snapped back. you didn't wither under the intense glare he gave you from under his mask. you scoffed after a tense pause. "or not, i guess. you bring a man back to life and all you get is an angry stare." you mumbled to yourself as you stood and dusted off your clothes.
diluc's eyes followed your every movement. you could still feel the irritation rolling off of his weak frame in waves. "forgive my discourtesy," he said after a while. "is the escort offer still available?"
at least you know he isn't some self-absorbed asshole. you nodded and helped him back to the mansion, where adelinde ushered him inside with wide eyes. before leaving, you stopped her.
"make sure he doesn't leave this mansion for two weeks." you instructed. it wasn't a request; if he worked any more in that state, he was bound to hurt himself ever further.
adelinde's eyes jumped between you and the mansion. "oh... that's, um... i'll take it under advisement."
"i'm serious. i'll send someone from the cathedral with some medication; i better not have to save his life like that again."
you left without another word. it wasn't the first time you'd dealt with an ungrateful patient, but damn, he couldn't even spare a thank you? what a prick. if he ever comes back in, you swore you would push him off to some other healer -- you didn't want to have to put up with his shit.
needless to say, that didn't happen. you ended up coming to diluc's aid often after that (much too often, in your opinion). so often in fact, that a few years down the line, a heavily medicated diluc asked you to be his partner. you were livid with him for working himself to the bone again, but damn if the dopey grin he gave you when you accepted wasn't endearing as hell.
(he will deny that ever happened until the day he dies, but you remember. you'll always remember.)
back in the present day, diluc finally sighs through his nose at your angry silence. "honey, i can't figure out what's wrong if you don't tell me." he sounds so patient whenever he speaks to you. there's always unbridled affection that coats his words -- the kind of affection that's reserved for you and only you.
"do you seriously not know why i'm still awake?" you shoot back. you wait for him to figure it out. you've put up with his nonsense for years; if he honest-to-barbatos has no idea why you're upset with him, then you'd have to take drastic measures. "think, diluc. why else would i be awake at ass o'clock in the morning if i'm not working?"
your fiancé has the audacity to turn back to face his work. is he ignoring you? seriously? "diluc," you call. he doesn't answer. you feel your chest burn with white-hot anger.
"i'm a little bit busy right now, darling. i promise i'll finish up soon and come to bed--"
"bullshit!" your voice scares you, coming out much more shrill than you intended, but you've seriously had enough. for years, he would lie to you about his work habits -- about his vigilante work during his down time. for years, you've had to revive diluc again and again, watching him work himself to an early grave. you've brought him back from death once. you don't want to have to do it a second time.
you don't think you'll be able to, anyways. you sure as hell don't want to test that.
diluc jumps at your outburst, swiveling back around with a frown. "must you yell, darling?"
"don't you 'darling' me, diluc ragnvindr," you snarl his name, the pent-up frustration of years finally pouring out of you. "you always, always say that you're going to slow down, going to come to bed, going to rest, but you don't! you never fucking do! how many times are you going to lie to me? i'm tired, diluc!"
he's stunned into silence. you can't stop.
"all i want -- all i have ever wanted was for you to take a goddamn break. is that too much? am i asking for too much? do you want me to care less?" you wince at that last question. it pains you to even think about not caring about him -- not loving him.
but if he doesn't care for himself, there won't be anymore of him for you to love.
diluc opens and closes his mouth in search for an answer, but comes short. he can only say your name. "i... i'm sorry. i'll finish up for you in a moment--"
"how long is a moment supposed to be, diluc?
you caught him. he doesn't have an answer to that. you laugh derisively and turn on your heel, ignoring his calls of your name. "save it. sleep in here for all i care," you speak over your shoulder. you don't look back as you walk back into your shared room. you throw yourself on the bed with a loud groan.
you feel remorse for a moment, but no longer than that. you're right to be so upset with diluc; you've used so much of your energy trying to keep him safe whilst working non-stop at the favonius clinic. you can only take so much. your heart tugs painfully when you think about how much you yelled at him. you've never done that before, but if that's what it takes to get it through his head that you've had enough, then so be it.
you start to doze off about twenty minutes later, but just as your eyes begin to shut for the night, you hear the door to your room open. "adelinde?" you murmur as you sit up and rub your eyes. "is that you?"
"adelinde? that's the first name you call?"
it's diluc.
you must have gasped out loud, because diluc chuckles softly. "lay back down, darling. i'm coming." he says. you watch as diluc quietly prepares himself for bed and slides in beside you, resting his head on the pillow. crimson eyes peer up at you in the darkness. "are you not going to lay down?"
you glare weakly at him. "i dunno, am i?"
diluc sighs. "darling..."
"if you're doing this to appease me, then you may as well have slept in the guest room." you lay down with a huff, turning your back to him. you won't lie -- seeing him here in bed for the first time in three weeks was making your heart soar, but that doesn't erase what's already said and done.
a strong arm snakes around your waist and tugs you back until you hit a solid warmth -- diluc's chest. you can feel him breathing, and that alone brings you a little bit of peace. you don't give in, though. "what do you want?" you grumble.
lips ghost over the shell of your ear, sending shivers down your spine. you try your best to pretend that you didn't react.
"you were right," diluc whispers. he's so... close. you squirm in his hold. "i'll come to bed as soon as you do, and i'll stay as long as you want me to. how does that sound?"
"it sounds fine" gets caught in your throat. you don't know if you could believe him; he could be lying. it wouldn't be the first time. but... call it a gut feeling, but you feel like he's telling the truth this time.
and what kind of fiancé would you be if you didn't trust him?
you give up your fight and turn to face him, your brows still drawn. you all but slap one of your hands on his forehead, feeling his temperature. "fine," you murmur, "but tomorrow morning, i'm healing you before you go to work. don't think i didn't notice you stumbling when you changed your clothes."
you can see the pink rising to diluc's cheeks. "ah... alright."
you sigh. you'd never stop healing him -- you'd do it over and over for him in a heartbeat. but if he really, truly meant what he said, then you could stop. diluc was finally taking a step in the right direction, and that's all you wanted.
baby steps.
Tumblr media
✧ — 𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐝𝐞 — ✧
"hey, gorgeous. your favorite harbinger is back-- ow-- hey! easy! i'm an injured man, knock it off!"
you don't knock it off. you throw rolls of bandages in tartaglia's direction one after the other, emphasizing every word with each throw.
"why! do you! keep! coming! back here?!" you reach down for another bandage and huff when you see you've thrown all you had in stock. it wasn't much anyways. that thought only makes you angrier. you would have more bandages if a certain someone didn't keep coming back to the infirmary.
you knew what you were getting into when you became the resident healer for the fatui. you're busy as hell every single day, scurrying here and there as legionnaires and agents literally form lines outside your clinic to be healed.
you supposed that it was normal for grunts like them to need constant attention; the tsaritsa's missions were unforgiving, and when word of a meddling blonde traveler spread through zapolyarny palace, you eventually figured out what was causing the daily increase in patients.
you didn't mind, really! especially not since you, as a pyro vision holder, were well respected for your exceptional skills. you were valuable to all of the fatui, and despite the lack of genuine comraderie they had amongst their ranks, you still managed to befriend a few regulars.
you wish you didn't have regulars, but they were kind to you when they were being healed. you're allowed to have a soft spot, okay?
naturally, word got around that a certain pyro healer was sending patients away in top condition; it came as no surprise to you that the harbingers had heard of you. it was bound to happen at some point, so you didn't mind when la signora came to poke around your little space.
but then scaramouche paid you a visit, then dottore. he wasn't all that bad, contrary to what you've heard about him.
no, no; the worst of them was tartaglia.
he was the first (and the only, as you later learned) harbinger to come to you as a patient. you heard rumors of his unhinged personality, so you put your guard up as soon as you made eye contact. the line between you two was clear from the get-go, but tartaglia clearly had other plans.
"they never said our healer was easy on the eyes." he crooned as you patched him up. that flirty tone must work on others very well. you silently admitted that yes, you could understand why. tartaglia wasn't half bad himself, but you weren't the flirty type.
"while i appreciate your compliment, lord tartaglia," you replied in your best professional tone, "i'd rather you not show any sort of favoritism towards me. now, hold still -- this might burn a little."
tartaglia raised his eyebrows, clearly intrigued. you hadn't meant to peak his interest, but here you stood, channeling pyro energy to close his shallow wounds. he didn't flinch as you worked; he must have a high pain tolerance.
"you're the objective type. good to know." he mused when you were done. you hand him a few painkillers; he waved you off, but you insisted, so he took them without much fight. "will i be seeing you around, then?"
you were busy organizing your supply shelves, so you didn't look over your shoulder as you replied with a short "no."
the harbinger chuckled as he walked away. you were cute.
you were very cute to him; in fact, you were so cute that tartaglia found ways to injure himself every day in order to come and see you.
it goes without saying that you've since grown callous to his entire presence.
much like your other patients, you managed to form a bond with tartaglia, albeit a bit unwillingly. he made small talk while you dressed his wounds, asking you about everything from your favorite food to your family. he was nuisance in every sense of the word, but if you were being honest, he was really the highlight of your week.
unfortunately, you fell victim to his charms along the way.
in your defense, tartaglia has these bottomless blue eyes that are way too easy to get lost in. you only realized it when he came in for a black eye; you had no choice but to get a closer look, and only when he mentioned that you were quiet for too long did you realize that you were screwed. luckily for you though, he fell for you in return and confessed to you as you were cleaning up for the day.
it's a little thrilling, no? to be in a secret relationship with one of the most powerful men in snezhnaya. (it's not totally a secret, but you'd like to think it is.)
but why would you be throwing bandages at him? because you're sick of seeing him hurt all the time.
you're well aware that tartaglia has a high pain tolerance. he's supposed to have one -- it's kind of in the fine print of being a harbinger. but just because he can handle it doesn't mean you like it. most of the time he sees you in the clinic, he's got some surface wound that needs nothing more than a bandage, but even those leave scars.
high pain tolerance or not, you know it hurts him. he's too careless with himself, and you can't stand it. some days, he comes in genuinely needing help.
like today, for example. he may be laughing at you for throwing all those bandages, but you can see the sag in his shoulders, the way he's bracing himself on the wall, and oh archons, he's passing out--
tartaglia drops to one knee with a soft grunt. he's clearly trying to fight whatever it is that's ailing him, but it'll be a cold day in hell (and an even colder day in snezhnaya, if that was even possible) before you let him try to charm his way out of proper care. you rush to his side and help him over to the bed, where you push him down. it should've taken more effort on your part to knock him over, but he pretty much collapses with the gentlest touch.
"look at you," he pretty much wheezes, "got me falling for you all over again."
"shut up." you hiss. you quickly locate everything you might need before grabbing your clipboard and a pen. "you know the drill, tartaglia; shirt off."
your boyfriend wiggles his eyebrows at you. "if you want me naked, you're gonna have to wait until we're off the clock, sweetheart."
that's his way of saying he can't. you roll your eyes and help him out of his shirt before taking notes on his heart rate, blood pressure, and all the other essentials. and then he tells you the last time he ate and slept for longer than four hours.
"damn you, ajax, you can't keep doing this!" you throw your clipboard aside as you channel pyro energy to your palms. your vision, full of boundless energy, is capable of transferring energy from one source to another. you give tartaglia as much as you can without overwhelming him before sitting at the bedside. "i told you to give it a rest -- why won't you listen?"
tartaglia doesn't meet your eyes. it's that vacant expression again. "i have a job to do, you know that."
"you can't do that job if you're dead, ajax."
"i won't die, though." he looks at you blankly, but you can see the irritation building. "that's your problem; you seem to take me for some weakling. i'm fine, i--"
you slap his shoulder with all your strength. tartaglia winces, and neither of you say anything. you shouldn't be able to make him flinch at all, and yet here he is, rolling his shoulder back to ease the sting.
"fine? the ajax i know would've laughed at me for doing that."
tartaglia -- no, ajax -- sighs. he's a smart man; he knows when he's beat. "fine, doc. what's your recommendation?"
you close your eyes for a moment. he was clearly about to chew you out for underestimating him, but that was going to be a conversation for another day. for now, he needed your help, and you were going to do your best.
when you finish all your suggestions and stand to grab some more supplies, ajax raises an eyebrow at you. "what?" you ask. "did i miss something?"
ajax shakes his head. "no, it's just... you're good at your job." he drops his chin into his palm as he examines you. now that he's feeling better, he's back on his usual shit, ocean blue eyes raking your figure. "it's kinda hot, actually."
you flush against your will and throw a pill bottle at his head, which he catches with a laugh. "what, i can't admire you at work?"
"you can admire me all you want when i'm not working, okay?
another chuckle, but deeper this time. "is that a promise?"
you don't know how you put up with this man. "if it means you'll sleep for now, then yes."
there's some shuffling. you watch as ajax quickly makes himself comfortable. you can't help but laugh. at least he's resting. "i'm not gonna sleep, though!" he says from under the blankets.
he does. he's out after five minutes.
Tumblr media
✧ hi hi anon! it probably wasn't exactly what you were looking for, but i hope it's still to your liking!
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kairakeiji · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
atsumu was tired.
he was so sick of seeing you argue with his best friend. not only did your harsh words scare the shit out of him sometimes, but he wanted to see his two close friends get along for once. it's something he's wanted ever since you and suna met back in middle school, but it seemed as if everything was the complete opposite.
he was running out of options, methods to get the two of you to finally get along. it was maddening, having to make separate plans in fear of the two of you not getting along. sure his twin thought this was all comical, but atsumu truly didn't know how much more he could take. maybe that's why he found himself here barding the door to the gym closet with a volleyball cart and a random stick he found on the ground. atsumu swore he would never do this, most likely because he'd forget about it, but he was desperate.
after all, he was running out of options, and this was his last resort.
"atsumu you dick let us out of here!" you cried, banging on the closet doors.
"i'll let you out when i hear you both apologize!" he yelled, pushing the stick between the two door handles.
suna stood against the wall, his eyes rather relaxed compared to your panicked ones. "atsumu miya, this is ridiculous!!" you cried.
"you can't lock us in here," suna called. "coach is gonna be pissed if i'm not at practice."
he was right of course, but suna couldn't help but smile at the circumstances. your fighting got you both locked in a closet despite you both actually dating. it seemed as if you both deserved awards for your acting, considering how convinced atsumu was that you both despised each other, so much so that he'd end up pushing you into a closet while suna looked for a spare volleyball net that atsumu claimed he needed.
"well i'm captain now!" atsumu noted. "if i say it's fine then it's fine!"
"that's not how it works 'tsumu," osamu noted walking up behind the boy.
your ears pricked up at the sound of the twin's voice. "'samu please," you begged. "let us out of here!"
your heart sunk, "why not?"
osamu sighed, "while i don't agree with 'tsumu's method, you two need to stop fighting. if this is what it takes so be it."
you turned to suna who was silently snickering as you dragging a finger to your throat glaring at him.
"this is funny," he whispered.
"i'm gonna kill you," you replied.
"so what's it gonna be you two?" atsumu called.
"ok fine," you yelled out to the twins standing behind the door, "but just know you'll be waiting a while, this asshole's not worthy of an apology!"
"oh really?" suna asked, brow raised. "don't tell me you're not happy to be locked in here with me."
you rolled your eyes. "locked in here with the boy i despise? sounds like a dream come true."
"you love me," suna replied.
"i hate you."
"drop the act."
and for a split second his eyes turned soft as he leaned off the wall and stepped towards you, the same gaze that you fell for not too long ago. your heart skipped a beat, "rin is something wrong?" the fire in your tone was instantly quelled as he dropped his head on your shoulder.
"i miss you."
he was tired. suna was tired. not only had he gone days without spending time with you due to volleyball training, but every time you both saw each other, there was always hatred in your eyes, a hatred he knew was masking the love you had for him. despite the fun he had with your little game, he was tired of the act. suna wanted the twins gone. in fact, he wanted the world gone if it meant he got to truly be with you. it was so unlike him, to be so soft with you, but he couldn't help it considering the teasing and joking insults you always made with each other.
it just finally felt nice for him to truly mean what he said.
your arms instantly wrapped around him, pulling the boy towards you as you shuffled closer. "i miss you," you mumbled.
"i'm tired," he said, pulling his head up to look at you.
"i know," you sighed, recalling how exhausted he's looked whenever you both found the time to call each other.
"god you're beautiful," he smiled, brushing a strand of hair away from your face.
you placed your hand on top of suna's as it cupped your cheek. "rin lets-"
"let's play a little longer."
your eyes widened at his words, "i thought you were the one who wanted to stop."
"not yet," he mumbled, staring down at you, his soft smile full of pride, joy because you chose him to stay by his side. "i like it being just us."
you laughed, "more like you want to be thrown in a closet with me."
"fair," he shrugged. “it does mean i get more time with you.”
"they'll probably forget we're locked in here."
"so what if they do?" suna asked. "that means we get more time in here."
"fair," you repeated.
"besides," suna added. "it means i get to do this."
before you could think, his lips were on yours.
it was a feeling you missed with all your being, his hands resting on your cheeks as yours wrapped around his neck. it was a kiss full of longing, one that encapsulated the love you two felt for each other despite the constant acting. it was reassurance, reminding the other that you loved each other with your entire being.
you couldn't help but laugh, pulling away as suna looked at you with a confused smile. "is something wrong?" he asked.
"no no nothing's wrong," you laughed. "i just remembered that we're probably gonna be stuck in here for a while. atsumu's quite forgetful"
"we should probably find a way out," suna smiled, as he pressed a kiss to your forehead.
"that can wait," you sighed, pulling the boy back in. "i don't mind being in here a little longer."
suna laughed, "says the one who was banging on the door earlier."
you flicked him in the forehead, "i hate you."
and he smiled, his lips now inches from yours.
"i love you too."
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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stargazingfangirl18 · 7 months ago
Everything Unexpected
Pairing: Ari Levinson x Female!Reader Word Count: 13,351 Summary: You lived a quiet, boring life with your gran, avoiding your omega designation and terrified at the mere concept of alphas...until a kind, handsome alpha buys the cabin up the hill from yours and inadvertently turns your simple, little life upside down. Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. A/B/O dynamics. Innocent!Virgin!Reader. Slight age gap (liiike 10 years). Minor character deaths. Violence. Murder. Reference to domestic violence. Reference to alcoholism. Reference to murder. Kidnapping. Slight bondage. Slight dub con. Vaginal fingering. Unprotected sex. Dirty talk. Praise kink. Slight innocence kink. Soft!dark elements. AU. 18+ only!
A/N: Eeeep this is my first entry into my 5K Soft Dark Challenge 😍As per usual, it’s a long oneshot (can’t stop, won’t stop). But! I come bearing (and baring) lumberjack!alpha!Ari so liiike enjoy 😘
My prompts were: A/B/O trope + Praise kink + (slight) Innocence Kink
P.S. I’m learning as much as I love reading A/B/O fics, it doesn’t seem to come naturally for me to write them, so forgive any misalignments from standards or unstellar trope formulas lol. And massive thanks to @river-soul​ for spitballing with me and letting me pick your A/B/O loving brain, and shoutout to @syntheticavenger​ because I’m obsessed with your A/B/O fics, your alpha!Ransom tho 😍🤤
Tumblr media
You were tending to the garden out back behind the cabin when the unfamiliar scent washed over you.
The musk of sandalwood mixed with the smoky notes of a fire burning in the hearth at the height of winter.
Frowning, you paused in your work, glancing up at the cabin, but you didn’t see any smoke rising from the chimney, which made sense. It was barely mid-September, and the chill of autumn hadn’t quite set in yet, there was no way your gran would be lighting a fire today.
The snap of a twig nearby had your gaze shifting to your right, your eyes going wide when you spied an unfamiliar man a few yards away, looking nearly as thick as the two trees he stood between.
His head was tilted with curiosity, brow furrowed like he was just as surprised to find you out here in the middle of the woods as you were to see him appear on your gran’s property.
Just as he took a step toward you, the wind kicked up, and that unfamiliar scent wrapped around you like a warm blanket, the smokey, musky notes making your eyes flutter as your hindbrain perked to life for the first time in ages.
And that’s when it clicked for you: his scent and your reaction to it…
This stranger was an alpha.
Fear swept through you just as quickly as your sudden realization and had you scrambling away from the man.
Shoving yourself to your feet, you spun on your heel, your foot catching on the strap of the utility bag you kept your gardening tools in, and you went down hard, catching most of your weight on your wrist and feeling it bloom with pain.
You whimpered, rolling onto your back before easing yourself to a sit, clutching your injured wrist to your chest as a shadow fell over you.
The quiet whine that bubbled up from your throat had nothing to do with the throbbing pain in your wrist, and everything to do with the unfamiliar alpha towering over you.
He cut an imposing figure, tall and broad, his shoulders nearly bursting from the worn denim jacket he was wearing. His hair was dark brown and shaggy but soft looking, a perfect compliment to the neatly trimmed beard shadowing his handsome face.
Despite your fear, your eyes drank in his features quickly before getting distracted by the rest of him, because this was the first time you had seen an alpha since you were a small child, and the first time in a long time that you even caught a glimpse of a man in the flesh.
The expanse of his chest was wide beneath his jacket and worn flannel, tapering down into a narrow waist. His thighs were thick in his faded jeans, and everything about this man screamed alpha.
Just being in his presence for mere minutes you could see that he emanated strength and power--effortless dominance. There was a primal masculinity rolling off of him in waves, and it had a new round of panic consuming you as you curled in on yourself with a fearful whine.
“Hey, it’s okay, I’m not gonna hurt you.”
At the sound of his voice, your eyes snapped up, aligning with his gaze, and the soft concern shining in his bright blues made you pause.
You didn’t expect to see such kindness reflected back at you, not from an alpha.
He watched you for a moment, head tilted, and you saw his nostrils flare before he glanced down at your arm and nodded toward it.
“My name’s Ari. Can I check your wrist?”
You blinked at him in confusion, uncomprehending of an alpha asking for permission, for anything, ever.
After a moment of just staring at each other in silence, Ari cracked a small smile, but it looked oddly rusty--more of a grimace--like it was something he hadn’t done in a long time.
Keeping his movements slow, he crouched down before you, his enormous hands reaching for your wrist.
You didn’t resist, but another quiet whimper sounded as Ari gently pulled your wrist toward him, pushing up the sleeve of your sweater with his rough fingers before gently pressing around your injured appendage.
A sharp gasp caught in your throat at the flare of pain, and you tried tugging your arm away from him, but Ari wouldn’t let you.
“I think it’s just a bad sprain,” he murmured.
It was odd to see a big alpha cradling your injured hand so delicately and seeming so concerned for you, someone he didn’t even know.
It spoke of an innate kindness and compassion, which was a far cry from your limited experience with alphas and what your gran always warned you about.
And you knew why she did that, why she kept you out here in the middle of nowhere, far away from the rest of the world and the expectations that went along with your omega designation.
Those memories--the only exposure you ever had to an alpha, your abusive, alcoholic father--stirred to life from the deep recesses of your mind where you had buried them long ago.
The image of your mother in a very similar position as you were now played behind your eyelids as you closed your eyes.
The looming shadow of your father and the sour smell of his rage as his useless omega whined and cried--desperate to be free of him--as you hid beneath their bed, eyes closed and ears covered to protect yourself from all that anger and pain.
Tears gathered in your eyes at the shadow of that sorrow--the wounds of the past--and combined with your very real and current pain, you couldn’t suppress another pathetic mewl.
“Shhh, you’re okay, omega.”
Your eyes snapped open at his words. “D-don’t call me that,” you trembled, swallowing as Ari’s thumb gently drew back and forth against the sensitive underside of your wrist.
He pulled his gaze from your soft skin, brows furrowed as he watched you. “That’s what you are, isn’t it?”
Before you could answer, your gran’s voice was snapping loud and angry over you both.
“Get away from her, you beast,” she growled, creaking down the porch steps of the cabin, her shotgun held aloft and steady, pointing right at Ari’s chest.
“I didn’t mean any harm,” he said quietly, keeping his voice calm as he slowly rose to his feet, his hands up and palms out, a silent gesture of supplication.
Your gran sneered at him before stopping just behind you. “Get up, girl, get inside. Now.”
“Gran, he didn’t do anything, I swear. I hurt my wrist and he was just making sure I was ok--”
“INSIDE,” your gran roared, digging the toe of her boot into your hip so hard you cried out in pain before scrambling to your feet and darting toward the cabin.
“Her wrist is sprained, you’ll want to wrap it,” Ari told your gran.
“Get off my property, dog,” she snarled.
He sighed, slowly dropping his hands to his sides. “I really didn’t mean any harm, ma’am. I just bought the cabin up on the hill and was hiking the woods. I didn’t know anyone else lived out here.”
“Well now you know,” gran gritted, her shotgun clicking as she loaded the chamber. “Your kind isn’t welcome here. Stay in your cabin, because if I catch you on my property again, I’ll shoot you, and I won’t hesitate.”
“I believe you,” Ari replied. His eyes flickered past her, to you just reaching the back door of the cabin and glancing over your shoulder at him.
And then he was grunting as your gran shoved the end of the rifle into his chest hard, pushing him back and further away from you.
You thought it interesting as you watched him, how Ari looked less concerned about the weapon fixed on him and more curious as he caught your gaze a final time before turning on his heel and disappearing back into the woods.
Tumblr media
Later that night you were curled up on the squishy sofa before the fire, reading a book. Well, trying to read a book, but you hadn’t gotten past a few pages before your mind started to wander...
You just couldn’t stop thinking about Ari.
As much as your gran tried to protect you from your omega designation and the fate of ever needing to submit to an alpha, at the end of the day, she couldn’t completely squash your biology.
You were an omega, and despite the suppressants you’d been on since the first--and last time--you went into heat when you were eighteen, your hindbrain was part of you and there was always that deep yearning for an alpha, for a mate and a protector.
Most days you could ignore it, because there really wasn’t much to feed into your curiosity and suppressed desire for something more.
Your gran made sure of that.
But there were days when your hindbrain was more active, just beneath the surface, and you fantasized about a big, strong, handsome alpha stumbling upon you in the woods--much like Ari had today--and instantly falling in love with you.
You dreamt of being swept away by another and allowed yourself, every now and then, to get lost in the girlish dreams of a happily ever after, a simple, happy life with an alpha who loved you and appreciated you and vowed to always keep you safe.
But you knew your imaginings were just that - a dream.
A fantasy.
Because you had seen with your own eyes what it meant to be an omega, what it meant to submit to an alpha.
It meant being used and abused.
It meant being a prisoner in your own home.
It meant death.
“Don’t waste your time thinking about him.”
Your gran’s voice snapped you back to reality and you straightened, frowning over at her. “What?”
“The alpha,” your gran muttered as she sat in her favorite armchair, knitting her latest blanket. “You’ll never see him again, I made sure of that.”
You hesitated before replying, “He seemed nice.”
The clacking of your gran’s knitting needles stilled as her gaze rose to yours. “They all seem nice at first, that’s how they lure you in. And once they have you, you never escape, and if you try to, well, we saw how that ended for your mother.”
You flinched, painful memories rising to the surface of your mind for the second time that day, after being tucked away for years.
Another loud, angry fight. Your mother’s whines and whimpers. Your father’s growls and violence. And then quiet - unnatural, finite quiet, and your mother’s limp body and crushed throat to go along with it.
“We won’t speak of this again,” your gran declared, her knitting picking up once more. “Go to bed now, you’ve had a long day, and we have our supplies arriving tomorrow so we’ll have lots to unpack and put away.”
Nodding, you set your book aside. Pushing yourself to your feet, you cradled your wrapped wrist to your chest as you padded to your room, the image of kind blue eyes haunting you as you got ready for bed.
Tumblr media
You couldn’t stop staring at Ari.
From your place hidden between the trees and brush just behind his cabin on the hill above your home, you watched as he chopped wood, making the arduous task look effortless as the pile of tree trunks grew smaller and the pile of firewood grew bigger.
Today he was dressed in a pair of worn jeans and a red t-shirt, the thin cotton stretching and shifting as he swung his axe over and over again.
You hadn’t encountered many men over the years--and very few alphas--your father being the one you remember the most, and he looked nothing like Ari.
So although you didn’t have much to compare Ari to, you couldn’t help but think him beautiful.
He reminded you of the perfectly carved statues in some of your gran’s art books that you’d spent hours pouring over, wishing you could see such masterpieces in person, just once.
And now you were.
You were seeing with your own eyes the way Ari’s bulging biceps flexed, the way the muscles in his back and shoulders rippled and stretched as he moved. Whenever he swung his axe over his head and his t-shirt rode up, you got a peek of his firm stomach and the dark trail of hair that centered it and disappeared beneath the band of his jeans.
Feeling warm all of the sudden, you pressed the backs of your hands to your cheeks, trying to soothe yourself as an unfamiliar throbbing pulsed between your legs. You took a deep, shaky breath, feeling a small sense of relief as the wind picked up, a cool balm to your discomfort.
“You shouldn’t be here.”
You yelped, eyes shooting open--you didn’t even remember closing them--as you fell back from your crouch and landed on your backside hard.
“I-I’m sorry!” you whispered, swallowing nervously as Ari shifted over you.
You hadn’t even heard him approach, and it was mind boggling to you, that a man this big could move so quietly.
Ari watched as you cowered away from him, getting a whiff of your fear--the scent pungent and bitter--as you trembled at his feet. He sighed, his face softening as his hands dropped to his hips.
“Calm down, omega, I’m not angry.” His lips quirked, his eyes sparkling. “I just don’t look forward to being shot by your grandmother.”
Your shaking began to subside at Ari’s quiet amusement and you shot him a timid smile. “She’s taking her afternoon nap. She doesn’t know I’m gone.”
Ari’s head dropped to the side, his gaze flickering over you slowly, from your secondhand jeans to your pretty--yet conservative--blouse. “Funny, you don’t look like such a little troublemaker. Looks can be deceiving, I guess, huh?”
You startled as he held a hand out to you, your eyes flickering from it to his face--that kindness again evident in his gaze--before you hesitantly slid your hand against his and chirped your surprise as he tugged you to your feet.
Stumbling into him, your hand slid against his chest, feeling the hard muscles beneath his shirt, and your breath hitched. Your eyes fluttered as Ari’s scent settled over you, soothing away the anxiety you’d been stewing in since first being caught.
Ari’s hands were gentle on your wrists, moving your arms down to your sides as he took a measure stepped away from you. He swallowed, breathing in deep and exhaling slow and shaky as he watched you for a long moment, looking conflicted.
And then his voice shook a little with uncertainty as he asked, “You want some lemonade?”
You blinked. “What?”
He huffed a quiet laugh, gesturing over his shoulder toward his cabin. “I was just about to take a break and get a drink. You wanna join me?”
Feeling your belly somersault, you nodded, your smile shy.
Humming, Ari turned and led you toward his cabin.
It was bigger than your gran’s but had a similar wrap around porch, but that was where the likeness ended.
Ari’s cabin was modern and seemed extravagant compared to your home, and you couldn’t help but gasp as you followed him inside and got a better look at the interior.
It was a big open concept and had the traditional wood floors and log walls of a cabin, but instead of an old rickety wood burning stove, a beautiful fireplace took up the main wall of the living room. The windows were large throughout, inviting in the surrounding nature and beauty that encompassed the property.
Your head fell back as your eyes trailed the log staircase that led up to a large loft. You got a glimpse of a big bed before you realized you were staring into Ari’s bedroom--his private space--and quickly looked away as warmth flooded your cheeks.
“Your home’s beautiful,” you said, a touch of awe to your voice, as you followed Ari into the open concept kitchen. You watched as he pulled two glasses from a cabinet and a pitcher of lemonade from the fridge.
“Thank you. I did most of the work myself, actually kind of enjoyed it,” he said, lips twitching as he put the pitcher away and set a glass of lemonade on the counter in front of you.
“Thank you.” You lifted your glass and took a sip, the sweet flavor bursting on your tongue and making you hum in delight. You glanced up to find Ari watching you avidly, the heat blooming once more in your face as your gaze dropped to the counter. “It’s good.”
There was a stretch of awkward silence as you both sipped your drinks, your eyes flickering up to Ari’s and quickly darting away whenever you found his gaze already on you.
You were nervous, fidgeting across from him, wanting to have an actual conversation but not really sure what to say.
And you were excited, you realized quite suddenly.
Because it had been so long--so very long--since you had any other company beyond your gran.
And while you tried to chalk up your excitement to an opportunity at something other than the loneliness and monotony that was your life, you knew it was more than that.
There was a curiosity sparking to life inside of you, the thrill of adventure and the unknown that came along with being in the presence of Ari, of an alpha.
You felt silly when you realized it, but you felt a small flicker of hope that maybe there was more for you than the quiet, lonely life you lived with your gran in your little bubble in the woods.
“Where’d you go?”
You blinked, your gaze no longer distant but focusing on Ari and registering his look of curiosity and the hint of amusement shining from his eyes.
“I’m sorry,” you whispered. “It’s just...I’ve never really been around an alpha before. Well, not since I was little.”
“I thought maybe that was the case,” Ari said, setting his glass aside and leaning against the counter. “Your grandmother seems extremely protective, and like she’s not too fond of alphas.”
You shrugged. “She means well. My uh…” you glanced up to find Ari’s intent gaze firmly fixed on you. “My father...wasn’t a good man, or alpha. He hurt us, my mother especially.” Your eyes burned but you blinked back your tears. Still, your voice quavered when you told Ari, “He killed her when I was eight.”
“I’m real sorry to hear that, sweetheart,” Ari whispered. He hesitated before reaching for your hand, his touch gentle as he caressed your knuckles with his thumb. “Makes sense why your grandmother is so protective of you. You’ve been with her ever since?”
You nodded, unable to stop watching as Ari played with your hand. His looked so big compared to yours, the calluses on his fingers catching against your soft skin and making you shiver.
It was a strange sensation, being so desperate for more contact, and not just from anyone, but Ari specifically, this alpha that you hardly knew.
As you watched his ridiculously gentle touch continue to map your skin, you got the distinct impression in the back of your mind--in your hindbrain--that your inner omega was, at long last, waking from a much overdue hibernation.
“Yeah, for…” you finally replied, doing the math in your head. “Nineteen years now.”
Ari stilled, eyes lifting from your hand to your face, his head falling to the side as he watched you. He waited till your gaze met his before saying, “I thought you were much younger than you are.”
You shrugged, unsure of what to say to that.
“Guess it’s the sheltered thing you have going on, and you look real innocent,” his lips quirked, his tone teasing and making you smile despite the embarrassment stirring in your gut. “So you haven’t been around any alphas or omegas since your parents?”
You shook your head.
Another stretch of silence had your gaze dipping and watching the way Ari continued to play with your fingers.
It felt nice and it was making you warm again, that foreign tingle returning between your legs as you squirmed and reached for your lemonade to distract yourself.
“I had an omega once,” Ari confessed quietly.
Your gaze snapped to him, but he was staring down at your hand, his thumb gliding back and forth over your knuckles.
“You remind me of her a bit, quiet and shy, sweet.” He exhaled shakily. “She got sick though, a long time ago. Didn’t make it.”
You glanced at his neck, trying to get a glimpse of his bite, but couldn’t really see past the collar of his t-shirt.
“We didn’t bond.”
Your eyes snapped to his guiltily, but he didn’t look angry.
“I wanted to, especially once she got sick, but she refused. Wanted me to move on and have a happy life once she was gone.” Ari snorted, finally releasing your hand and straightening. “Now I feel like I need something much stronger than lemonade to drink,” he muttered.
He stared at you for a long moment, watching as you fidgeted beneath his gaze. “You should probably get back home, omega.”
You murmured your name, realizing in that moment that he still didn’t know it.
Ari’s smile was soft as he said your name for the first time, making your heart skip a beat.
Returning his smile, you nodded. “Thank you for the lemonade.”
“Any time, sweetheart.”
You shivered at the endearment, your belly swooping in delight. You stared at Ari for a beat, drinking in his handsome features so you’d remember every single detail of his beauty long after you left, before giving him a small wave and taking your leave.
Tumblr media
It was a few days later when you were able to return to Ari’s once your gran settled in for her daily nap.
The urge to visit him every day was strong, but you knew the more you tempted fate, the more likely you would eventually get caught, so you stuck to just a few visits each week.
The days in between dragged, long and lonely, as the kind alpha occupied your mind endlessly, but it was a bittersweet kind of torture that made your secret visits up the hill all the more satisfying.
Today you had brought him some chocolate chip cookies that you had made from scratch, a warm glee taking over as you watched him take his first taste and groan his appreciation.
Both your rational mind and hindbrain rejoiced, happy to please the alpha, and your body positively thrummed as he watched you with a warm gaze as he finished the sweet treat and licked the melted chocolate from his fingertips.
You felt overly aware of the way Ari was watching you, clocking the slight flare of his nostrils and the way he sighed quietly to himself before turning away. You watched as he busied himself with storing the container of cookies you brought away in the pantry.
You frowned but didn’t let it deter you. You knew by now that it usually took a little while for Ari to warm up to you. It was like he was having some kind of inner war whenever you were around, torn between keeping his distance and being overly respectful and then drawing you into long conversations as he played with your fingers or sat just a little too close.
It was part of the routine now, so you gave Ari his space, taking a second to bask in his scent before padding into his living room and slipping off your shoes. You curled up on the end of his dark, comfy sofa, reaching for a nearby book and flipping it over to read the back.
Smiling as you realized it was a horror novel, you turned it over and flipped to the first page, getting lost in the story--and the comfort of just being with Ari, in his home--as he puttered around the kitchen making you both some tea.
You must have dozed off, because the next thing you knew you were drowning in that moment.
You watched helplessly as your father gripped your mother’s throat tight, his sneer cruel as she twitched and struggled wildly in his grip.
The worst part was always the sounds, the final gurgle she made, the soft thump as her lifeless body hit the floor. Then the bright wash of light as your father stepped over her prone form and opened the fridge, fishing out a beer before sauntering away and into the living room to watch TV.
You whispered to her quietly, crawling out from beneath the rickety dining table, skittering across the cold kitchen tiles to where she laid, unmoving and still warm. Crying as you shook her and she didn’t respond, you curled against her side, burying your face against her chest with an anguished whine.
The soft murmur of your name and a gentle caress against your cheek pulled you from your nightmare.
You gasped awake suddenly, blinking the room back into focus, distantly aware that your cheeks were wet with tears as you caught sight of Ari perched next to you on the sofa, watching you in concern.
You couldn’t quiet the frightened whines falling from your lips or the way you were shaking so hard you could barely sit up.
Ari’s hands were gentle as he helped you. “It’s okay, sweetheart, it was just a bad dream. You’re okay.”
You whimpered as that awful gurgling sound echoed in your mind--like it was on some kind of loop--pressing your hands to your ears as you rocked back and forth, your shaking only getting worse.
“It’s okay, I’ve got you, omega,” Ari murmured, pulling you into his arms.
Whining, you closed your eyes at the firm press of Ari’s chest beneath your cheek. You quivered as his arms wrapped around you tight, his soft, musky scent filling your nose and combating the distress swirling through you.
You couldn’t even remember the last time someone held you, let alone finding safety and comfort in someone else’s arms.
It was startling, the degree to which you were touch starved, and it only added to your upset, this reminder of the desolate life you had led until now, everything you’d gone without and missed, including something as simple as a caring touch.
And from an alpha, of all people.
You sobbed as confusion and sorrow overwhelmed you, as your emotions bubbled to the surface all at once, sweeping you away in a tide of grief that had you a whimpering, crying mess against Ari’s chest.
“It’s okay, omega,” he crooned quietly, hugging you tighter, his big hand smoothing up and down your back slowly as a purr rumbled from his chest.
It shocked you, the way the vibration immediately soothed your distress. You felt your body go pliant against him, and you whimpered in relief as all the internal noise and overwhelm slowly began to recede.
You wrapped your arms around Ari’s broad back, your fingers clawing against the soft cotton of his henley as you clung to him.
As the ebb of sadness and loss began to fade, you slowly came back to yourself and this moment, in Ari’s strong arms. Your eyes felt pleasantly heavy as you listened to the soothing rumble of his alpha purr, still amazed by its effect on you.
Your mind and body began to take inventory of all the new and unfamiliar things you were feeling and experiencing, and how Ari’s presence was all consuming and overwhelming, but in a good way.
His strength and stature made you feel safe, his body heat that was beginning to mingle with your own was like a blanket of protection, keeping the ugliness of the world--and your memories--at bay.
Ari’s scent was all around you now--on you, even--and it made you dizzy and wanting as his big, warm hand pressed between your shoulder blades before smoothing down the curve of your spine to rest at the dip of your lower back.
Your bad dream was a distant memory now, but the sensory overload of this moment--of all the new things you were experiencing with Ari for the first time--was a delightful kind of torture.
It was an unknown frenzy of too much and not enough that rose through you quickly--powerfully--and had you choking on a distraught whine at the thought of losing this, of losing him.
“Shhh, you’re okay, sweetheart, I promise,” Ari whispered against the top of your head. You felt his warm lips brush against your forehead and you couldn’t help it as you tipped your face up, seeking more comfort and reassurance, and hoping to find it in that beautiful, kind gaze of his.
Ari’s eyes met yours, looking darker than normal, but soft still as his hand cradled the back of your head.
You shuddered, suddenly overwhelmed in a different kind of way as you drowned in Ari’s warm stare, feeling a desperate kind of want you’d never felt before sweep through you.
The word fell from your lips unbidden, and the way in which you said it--your pleading, sultry tone--was completely foreign to you. “Alpha.”
Ari’s nostrils flared, a quiet grunt getting lodged in the back of his throat as his thick arm curled around your waist tighter and pulled you close. His head dipped and tilted, his nose brushing yours, the warmth of his lips hovering over yours.
It was your quiet gasp at the soft, intimate contact--the desire for more--that broke Ari’s daze.
He blinked a few times, inhaling sharply and then shuddering at the taste of your scent on his tongue. He straightened, his grip on you loosening. Ari’s smile was soft but strained as his hands fell away from you, breaking the spell you’d both been under.
“You okay now?” Ari asked, his voice sounding rough around the edges, his gaze refusing to meet yours.
You nodded as he rose to his feet and stepped away. Clearing his throat, Ari tucked his hands into the pockets of his jeans.
“You should probably go on home now,” Ari murmured. “Before your grandmother wakes up.”
“Yeah,” you whispered, feeling your eyes fill at the dismissal after the moment you just shared.
You shot to your feet, hugging yourself tightly as you moved to the door. Pausing, you glanced back at Ari.
“I’m sorry,” you whispered. “For being such a bother to you.”
His face fell. “You’re not.” He took a step closer, shaking his hands from his pockets. He paused, fingers curling into fists at his sides as he sighed, and then he was striding toward you, until he was towering close. “You’re not a bother, sweetheart, I promise.”
You shyly met his gaze, eyes searching his as his hand slid against your arm and gave it a gentle squeeze. “I like spending time with you,” you whispered.
“I like spending time with you too.” Still, Ari looked pained as another sigh bled from his lips. “I just...don’t like lying to your grandmother. And I’m trying to do right by you.”
“What do you mean?”
He licked his lips, eyes dancing all over your face, his touch lifting from your arm to your cheek until he was cupping your jaw and you were instinctively leaning into his touch.
“You’re such a beautiful light,” he murmured, his thumb sweeping along the apple of your cheek. “Such a good girl, unblemished and pure with so much to offer and I don’t wanna pull you down into my darkness. I came out here to be by myself for a reason, there’s too much…” Ari shook his head, his voice catching. “I lost too much too soon and I...I can’t be fixed. I’m no good for you, sweetheart. You deserve better.”
“Ari,” you breathed his name as your heart broke for him.
Fingers curling around his wrist, you moved closer, your free hand sliding against his chest, until you could feel his heart thumping strong and steady beneath your touch.
“I have my own darkness too,” you told him. “And you have your own light. And besides, dark and light, they’re not opposites, they’re a pair--a perfect pair--they belong together.”
You watched as an unfamiliar shine sparkled in Ari’s gaze, and it took you a second to realize he was blinking back tears.
His exhale was shaky as he gently pulled his hand from your face, glancing away as he reached for the door and pulled it open.
“I’m feeling a little tired,” he muttered, mustering a smile that was more of a grimace as he glanced at you. “So…”
“I’ll see you in a few days?” you wavered, unsure as you stepped through the doorway. “Unless you don’t want to see me anymore--”
“No,” Ari intervened so quickly that you saw a rosy flush spread across his cheeks. He laughed, raking a hand through his hair as he glanced away. “I always wanna see you. Probably too much.”
Biting your lip to stifle the brilliant smile that was dying to break free at his admission, you nodded, gaze ducking as you stepped outside.
“See you soon then,” you promised, giving Ari one final glance over your shoulder before jogging down the porch steps and hurrying home.
Tumblr media
You lost track of the dozens of secret visits you paid Ari in the following weeks, but what you knew to be true was that each one you enjoyed a little bit more, and every time, it became harder and harder to leave.
You cherished everything he shared with you and getting to know him better. Every time he asked you questions about yourself and your interests--and he looked so genuinely enraptured by you--you felt your heart glow.
As the days went by, you and Ari grew closer, and not just figuratively, but literally too.
His stray touches became lingering, his sweet goodbye kisses migrated from the crown of your head to your always warm cheek, to the corner of your mouth.
The more you found yourself in the presence of the alpha--falling in love with him--the more you felt your inner omega flourish.
And that was another thing you appreciated about Ari. He didn’t make you feel stupid, inadequate, or other for being so uneducated when it came to your designation or his.
You found yourself peppering him with questions and begging him for demonstrations and lessons in being alpha, omega, or beta, and he always kindly obliged your requests.
Which is why you were sitting so close to him now, your belly fluttering excitedly as Ari gently held your hand between his.
“Scent glands are strongest in your wrists and throat,” he explained, turning your hand over and brushing his thumb along the soft underside of your wrist.
You shivered, squirming in your seat as you felt a warm throb flare to life deep in your belly. A mirroring heat flooded your cheeks as you stared at Ari, your lips parting as he slowly raised your wrist to his face.
His eyes met yours as he dragged his nose against the bottom of your wrist, his lashes fluttering as a quiet hum caught in his throat at your scent.
Your breath hitched at his reaction to you. “What do I smell like to you?” you whispered, leaning in closer and shivering as Ari inhaled your scent more deeply.
“Like warm spices mixed with the crisp, sweet bite of apple, but there’s something soft and woodsy underneath, too,” Ari murmured, his nose dragging along your skin on another deep sniff. “You smell like autumn feels, all fresh and cozy and home.”
Ari leaned closer, making the sofa cushion dip between you, and you fell against him with a startled, “Oh!”
A loud purr rumbled from his chest as his hand slid against your jaw, tilting your head so he could nose along the curve of your neck.
When you felt the teasing caress of Ari’s nose against the mating gland in your throat followed by the wet, rough drag of his tongue against your sensitive skin, you froze. Warmth pooled in your panties at the quiet, wrecked sound of Ari’s voice as he said--
“Fuck, you smell so good, omega.”
You gasped as Ari kissed along your throat, making you whimper as you curled into him, tilting your head to give him better access.
“You like that?” he rumbled, his hands sliding against your hips and gripping as he pulled you across his lap and sat back against the sofa, tugging you with him.
Your knees settled against the outside of Ari’s thick thighs, your dress riding up as you whined and tried to press as close to him as possible.
“Yes, alpha,” you whispered, fingers digging into Ari’s shoulders. Your eyes fell heavy, head falling to the side as he kissed and nibbled along your skin, pushing your collar aside so he had access to more of you.
The sound that fell from your lips when Ari’s teeth scraped against the mating gland in your throat was indecent, and you didn’t realize you were rocking against him, desperate to quell the throbbing ache between your legs, until Ari’s hands settled on your waist and gently stilled your movements.
“Shit,” Ari breathed, dropping his forehead to yours and squeezing his eyes shut. “I’m sorry, sweetheart. I got carried away.” He swallowed. “’s been a long time since I’ve been with an omega I felt so drawn to.”
Whining your distress--your need--you squirmed against him, desperate to fulfill the unfamiliar want raging through you and setting you ablaze.
“Please, Ari,” you whispered against his ear, your fingers sliding through his hair and gripping as you mewled pathetically. “I need…” you trailed off, not sure what you needed exactly, but knowing you needed it--from him--nonetheless.
“I know what you need, omega,” Ari’s voice was a hot whisper in your ear, making you shudder as you moaned and dropped your forehead to his shoulder.
You felt his hand squeeze your hip, and then it was wandering lower, between your legs, beneath your dress…
The first brush of his thick fingers against the front of your panties had your body going rigid as you keened at the unfamiliar touch.
“Shhh, it’s okay sweetheart, I’m gonna take care of you,” Ari murmured against your shoulder, giving you a kiss through your dress as his fingers drew lightly up and down the cotton between your legs that was quickly soaking through.
Whimpering, you couldn’t stifle the wanton rock of your hips. And when Ari’s hand slid into your panties, his finger brushing over that little bundle of nerves crowning your core, you couldn’t suppress your sob as you buried your face against the crook of his neck.
“You’re so wet for me, honey,” Ari cooed, circling your nub a few times before his touch moved lower. “Have you ever been touched like this before?”
You shook your head, your face growing even hotter than it already was, a quiet whine--the song of your embarrassment--bubbling out of you.
“It’s okay, sweetheart. It’s ‘cause you’re such a good girl,” Ari murmured, teasing your quivering hole with one thick finger. “Look at me, honey.”
When you didn’t move to obey him, Ari’s touch retreated from where you wanted it most.
Mewling your distress, you sat up, pouting at him, the urge to hide from his dark, knowing gaze making you tense.
“I wanna watch that beautiful face of yours as I touch your cunt for the first time, omega,” Ari growled softly.
Breath catching, you couldn’t look away from the possessive, reverent look in Ari’s eyes. You clutched his flannel as his fingers dipped back down toward your entrance, falling deeper and deeper into his heated gaze as you felt a few teasing swipes against your wet, throbbing core.
And then Ari was finally pressing one long thick finger into your tight channel, cooing at your sharp, trembling gasp.
“Fuck, you’re so tight, omega,” he breathed, his touch pressing slow and deep, stretching out your untried walls before retreating and then stroking into you all over again. “Does that feel good?”
You nodded, swallowing another whine as your eyes fluttered and your hips began to rock against the push and pull of Ari’s fingers.
“You want more?”
You nodded again, more eagerly this time, drinking in Ari’s smug smirk as he withdrew his finger from your cunt before pairing it with another on his next drive into your core.
“Oh my god,” you moaned, biting at your bottom lip as Ari’s fingers moved harder than before, deeper, scissoring and stretching you out for him, then curling and searching until--
Your cry was wordless and airy--a high-pitched keen of delight--as Ari hit a spot inside of you that had the low simmer in your belly blazing bright and hot as your body tensed and trembled, on the edge of an unfamiliar precipice.
You were shameless as you writhed in Ari’s lap, relentless in your quest for whatever end your body so desperately sought. The coil of want twisting taut and tight in your belly sent you higher and higher, and when Ari’s thumb swiped at your clit, swirling hard circles around your clit, you shattered.
Exquisite relief spread through you in a warm rush, making your body quake and quiver as you rode out your pleasure. You could feel your cunt pulse and throb around Ari’s fingers, sucking them further into your greedy body and making you gasp and moan at just how deep he could reach.
“You’re so pretty when you fall apart for me, omega,” Ari’s voice was a satisfied rumble as you rode his fingers until it was too much.
Your hand fell to his, stopping the tweak of his thumb against your overwrought bundle of nerves as you collapsed against his chest with an exhausted whine. Burying your face against the crook of Ari’s neck, you nosed at his mating gland, making him shudder as you breathed in his warm, musky scent.
“Hey,” he murmured as he gently pulled his fingers from your heat.
Your moan was soft and spent as you sat up, blinking tiredly as you watched Ari in question.
He raised his shining fingers to your mouth and gently pressed them against your lips.
You sucked them into your mouth without resistance, mesmerized by how dark Ari’s eyes were, how avidly he watched you as a quiet groan sounded at the back of his throat.
He slowly pulled his fingers from your mouth, eyes flickering between yours, and then his hand was sliding to the back of your head and gently pulling you close for a searing kiss.
Ari deepened the kiss quickly, moaning at the tangy sweetness of your own cunt on your tongue.
You got lost in the taste of him, the tug and tease of his plump lips against yours, the nip and scrape of his teeth followed by the soothing sweep of his tongue.
It took you a moment to realize the strange sound you were hearing was your own pathetic whimper, the need for air growing desperate as you broke away from Ari’s sinful lips.
His forehead pressed against yours, hands sliding around your back and gliding up and down in soothing sweeps as you struggled to catch your breath. After a long moment, Ari pressed a kiss to your forehead, heaving a heavy sigh as he sat back and watched you with a mixture of adoration and concern.
“Do you wanna be with me, sweetheart?” Ari asked you.
“Yes,” you answered so quickly he smiled.
Laughing quietly, Ari shook his head, gently gathering your hands in his. “I mean it, for real, not just these stolen moments every few days.”
His thumb played over your fingers as he lifted his gaze to yours, looking as shy as you’d ever seen him.
“I never thought I’d have a second chance at this, but fuck, sweetheart, I love you so much. I feel like you brought me back to life and I don’t wanna waste anymore time being apart.”
Emotion swelled in you quickly, and it was a struggle to reply, to get any words--let alone meaningful ones--past the lump in your throat, but you tried your best.
“I love you, too, Ari.” You pressed your forehead to his, closing your eyes because you were too shy to meet his gaze as you confessed, “And you’ve made me love all that I am and all that you are, and all that we could be together and I...I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do that after...after everything.”
“A perfect pair,” he smiled, nudging your nose with his until you were peeking your eyes open and gifting him with a sweet smile.
“Yeah,” you laughed, kissing him slowly, fingers digging into his hair and making him groan against your lips as his mouth played against yours until you were both panting.
Ari parted from you slowly, hand sliding against your cheek and eyes crinkling as he smiled at the way you pressed into his touch like an eager kitten. His voice was quiet--almost regretful--as he told you, “We need to tell your grandmother.”
You went rigid instantly, a whine sounding as your eyes rounded with fear. “We can’t--”
“We have to,” Ari said firmly, gently stroking your face. “I’m not hiding this anymore, and I want you living here with me, if that’s what you want.”
“That’s all I want,” you whispered, voice tinged with tears as you shook your head. “But she won’t let me.”
“Sweetheart,” Ari smiled. “You’re an adult, and she may not agree with your choices, but she can’t make them for you anymore.”
“But...she’s always taken care of me. She’s the only family I have.”
“I know, honey, and I don’t want to take her away from you. She can always be part of your life, and we can help support her and take care of her, together.” He kissed you gently on the lips, then on the forehead, smoothing a hand over the back of your head. “I’m not trying to spirit you away from her, just a coupla miles up the hill, and she’ll always be welcome in our home as far as I’m concerned.”
The fear constricting your chest eased ever so slightly, your voice small as you asked, “Really?”
“I promise,” Ari whispered, pressing a kiss to the tip of your nose. “Now let’s head over there together and see if we can break the news to her gently, talk some sense into her.”
“I wouldn’t hold your breath,” you warned him, gently climbing off of his lap. “She’s stubborn.”
“She loves you,” Ari grinned, rising to his feet. “And she should want to see you happy. It’ll all work out because it’s meant to.”
By the time you both cleaned up and looked presentable, Ari had you hopeful that telling your gran about you and him--that he wanted to be with you, forever--wouldn’t be so bad.
Because you knew it in your heart of hearts that Ari was right - he was it for you, and you were meant to be together.
If only you didn’t take for granted just how deep your gran’s alpha hatred ran.
Tumblr media
It was nearly dark by the time you got back to your gran’s cabin, so when you finally worked up the courage to enter--Ari pressed close to your back, his hands gently squeezing your shoulders in support--you found your gran in her outerwear, tugging on her boots.
She froze when she saw you and Ari, a sneer so dark shadowing her wrinkled face that you made a quiet noise of distress and stepped back into Ari.
“So this is where you ran off to?” your gran gritted, slowly straightening. “With that dog.”
“Gran, please…” your voice wavered as you glanced over your shoulder, feeling a little less scared at the kind determination shining in Ari’s eyes.
He nodded, gently easing you further into the cabin, until the screen door swung shut behind him and you were all standing in the middle of the tiny, dim living room.
“I told you to stay off my property,” gran snarled at Ari.
“And I have, till now,” he said.
“Gran, please, can we just talk?” you pleaded, moving closer to her, your eyes big and already wet with tears. “Please. I’ve never asked you for anything, ever. Please.”
You took another step closer but froze as your gran’s nostrils flared, her eyes going wide as she physically recoiled from you.
“I can smell him all over you,” she whispered. “How could you?”
Your heart clenched as you watched the realization flood her gaze, quickly followed by disgust.
For you.
“I raised you better than this, you filthy whore!” She lunged at you then, backhanding you across the face, chest heaving as she watched you hit the floor hard.
Cupping your hand to your cheek, you scrambled away from her, until your back was pressed against the peek through wall and eat in counter that led into the kitchen.
Ari filled your tearful vision then, his big hands so gentle as he lowered your hand and inspected your face. His eyes flashed with something you’d never seen before--something dark--his jaw clenching as he slowly rose to his feet and turned toward your gran.
“That’s the last time you lay a hand on her, I can promise you that,” he snarled quietly, his words more growl than speech as a hint of fear bled into your gran’s features and her scent turned sour.
Fists clenched at his sides, Ari took a step toward her, watching as she stumbled away, her hand digging beside the sofa.
Your gasp was sharp as gran tugged her rifle into sight, swinging it up into her hands with confidence as the loud click of the chamber filling sounded.
Ari went still, taking a step to his right, until you were completely shielded from your gran’s gaze, and the rifle.
“We didn’t come here for trouble,” Ari said quietly, holding his hands out at his sides. His voice was still firm and shadowed with a growl as he warily watched your gran. “We came here as a courtesy, because your granddaughter loves you, because you’re her family.”
“She ain’t no family of mine, not anymore,” your gran raged.
Choking on a sob at her words, you slowly pulled yourself to your feet behind Ari, leaning against the counter for support as your knees went wobbly.
Gran’s lips pulled back over her teeth as she said, “Still doesn’t mean you can have her though, beast.”
The shot of the rifle was deafening, and you blinked--stunned--by how quickly Ari dove out of the way. And then he was lunging at your grandmother, trying to wrestle the gun from her grip without hurting her.
A distant part of you fell in love with him a little more at the realization, that despite what was happening in the heat of the moment, that your grandmother had just tried to shoot him--kill him--Ari was still trying to disarm her without hurting her.
Your gran wasn’t going down without a fight though, and once she realized Ari was trying to avoid hurting her, she used it to her advantage, loosening her grip on the rifle enough to surprise Ari, and then yanking it back and twisting.
The sound of the rifle butt cracking into the side of Ari’s head had you screaming. As you watched him stagger to his knees--dazed--your gran breathing heavily as she shakily pointed the rifle his way, you acted without thinking.
Grabbing the large, heavy, cast iron skillet from the kitchen counter, you darted around Ari, toward your gran, tears blurring your vision as you watched her raise the rifle. Refill the chamber. Aim at Ari and--
You swung as hard as you could, the sound of the skillet hitting your gran’s head making your stomach lurch as the impact of it reverberated up both your arms, making you cry out in pain.
Gran crumpled to the floor, unmoving, as you stood over her, arms shaking and heart skittering in your chest so hard your head started to spin.
Dropping the skillet to the floor, you tried to breathe slowly, feeling an overwhelming surge of panic, fear, and remorse clawing at your chest, climbing up your throat, lodging there and slowly suffocating you as you watched Ari crawl toward your gran.
He was gentle as he turned her over onto her back, the dark puddle pooling quickly beneath her head as he reached for her throat, checking for a pulse.
Ari’s adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed, his wide eyes slowly lifting to yours. “She’s dead. You killed her.”
“No,” you whined in disbelief, shaky hand covering your mouth as you felt your stomach churn with bile, the acrid taste rising up the back of your throat. You shook your head, swallowing it down, eyes darting to Ari.
He sank back on his heels, blinking quickly, raking a trembling hand through his hair as his eyes flickered between you and your gran. The shock and regret was rolling off of him in waves, his usually comforting scent turning sharp and salty as you whimpered at the smell of it, at the distress you were causing him.
“I-I didn’t mean to,” you whispered, feeling sick as you stared down at your gran’s body.
Her face was smooth and lax, like she was sleeping. But you knew--even as your mind was slow to accept the truth--that this was a nap from which she would never wake.
“This is all my fault,” Ari breathed, his voice wavering as he watched you with a look you couldn’t quite identify.
All you knew was that you didn’t like that look in his eye, not when he was looking at you.
“I should have never come here,” he muttered to himself, glancing back at your gran and wiping a hand over his mouth. “Fuck! I knew I wasn’t good for you.” He shoved himself to his feet, fingers digging into his hair as he stared at you in horror before turning away. “I can’t...I can’t be here right now. I need to leave…”
It was like you weren’t in control of your own body as you processed Ari’s words. His desire to get away from you--leave you--had something inside of you snapping as a panicked, feral fear rose up in you quickly.
You were picking up the skillet from the floor before you realized what you were doing, and as Ari took a step toward the door--a step away from you--you swung.
Tumblr media
When Ari woke up shackled to the wall in your gran’s basement, you were curled up in the nest you’d made for yourself a few feet away.
You watched as he blinked the sleepy daze from his eyes, confusion furrowing his brow as he slowly took in his surroundings. He realized he was restrained just as his wide gaze landed on you.
“What did you do?” his voice was quiet but rough as he yanked on the manacles around his wrists, the chains securing him to the wall rattling loudly.
“I’m sorry,” you trembled, sniffling as you pushed yourself up from the pile of blankets and pillows surrounding you.
You tried to crawl closer to him but froze, your body going rigid with pain as you whined through your gritted teeth.
Despite his current circumstances, Ari tensed, his face showing his worry as he watched you.
Watched the way your head hung, your face dotted with sweat as your fingers dug into the blankets beneath you. He drank in the short sleep cami and not much else you were wearing, unable not to  stare as he caught sight of your hard nipples poking through the thin material.
And then he got a whiff of your scent, his own body going rigid as he realized, “You’re in heat.”
Ari swallowed as the warmth of awareness and want washed over him--slowly pushing down his confusion and distress--as his inner alpha stirred to life and began to shove its way to the forefront of his mind as he restlessly shifted in his restraints.
“I thought you were on suppressants.”
“I was,” you whimpered as another wave of pain tore through you, the place between your legs throbbing with a desperate need as you shuddered. “Until a few weeks ago. I liked being with you and connecting with my omega side and I didn’t want to stifle her anymore. B-but I didn’t think I’d go into heat this quickly.”
“It’s probably a breakthrough heat,” Ari murmured. “Heats and ruts can be brought on suddenly by high stress situations.”
You cried out as another ripple of white hot agony flooded through you, feeling like your body was being stabbed from the inside out by a million tiny little red-hot pokers. You curled in on yourself as tears wet your cheeks, your sleep dress sticking to your sweaty body and your inner thighs soaked with slick as you clenched them together.
“Come here, sweetheart,” Ari’s voice was quiet but commanding and had you lifting your head to stare at him.
You swallowed nervously, shifting closer to him, until your bare knees were cold and aching from the dirty cement floor, your body wanting nothing more than to curl up in Ari’s lap and let him take care of you.
“You won’t...hurt me?”
His face crumpled at your question, the chains holding him to the wall clanking as he leaned toward you, his voice firm with conviction as he told you, “I would never hurt you, you must know that by now.”
“But after what I did,” you whispered, biting your lower lip as it trembled. “To my gran.” A sob caught in your chest as you inched closer to Ari, your eyes unflinching as you met his gaze. “I didn’t mean to, I swear.”
His face softened at your distress, at the truth shining from your eyes.
“I know. It was an accident.” A small, kind smile curled his lips as he watched you, head ducking to keep your gaze as he whispered, “But what’s all this?” He yanked against the manacles locked around his wrists.
“I was afraid you were gonna leave me,” you whimpered, kneeling as close as you could get without Ari being able to reach you if he tried. “This is...this is where we used to chain up my father until he dried out when we stayed here for the summers. My gran made sure it was strong enough to hold an alpha.”
“I can see that,” Ari sighed, giving another fruitless tug to his chains before sagging back against the wall. He watched you silently for a long moment before asking, “How did you get me down here?”
Your gaze dropped then, shy. “Adrenaline, I think?” you shrugged. “I just...needed to make sure you wouldn’t leave me. And then I...took care of my gran.” You went on at his questioning look. “I buried her out back, behind her garden.” You sniffled. “T-that was her favorite spot.”
Ari tried to move toward you to comfort you as you began to weep, growling quietly as his shackles pulled against his wrists. Sighing, he called to you. “Sweetheart--”
“Just promise that you won’t leave me,” you begged, swaying closer to Ari as you pushed through another wave of pain. “I love you, and you’re all I have now. You can’t leave me, I won’t let you.”
Ari huffed, shaking his head as his patience began to wane. “I wouldn’t do that to you--”
“But you were going to,” you argued.
“I was in shock and I needed a minute to think--”
“You think you’re bad for me, but you’re not,” you told him. “You said it before, I know you think that but,” you shook your head as Ari’s face fell. “I’m already a bad person, I guess I always have been, like my father and--
“You’re not a bad person,” Ari interrupted you. “It was an accident. She was trying to kill me, she got violent with you, everything happened so quickly.” He trailed off as you began to cry harder. “You’re not bad, sweetheart. Now let me out of here, please. Let me take care of you.”
“No,” you cried, shaking your head. You gasped, clutching your stomach as agony flared inside you, hot and impossible to ignore. “I don’t believe you.” You hunched over, whining as the pain intensified.
“Omega,” Ari implored you. “Please, I can’t watch you suffer like this, let me help you.”
He shifted, restless and distraught, as he yanked on his restraints and growled in irritation as the manacles dug into his skin, drawing blood. He closed his eyes for a moment against the symphony of your hurt--the agonizing whines and mewls--before an idea struck him.
“I can still help you, even like this.”
“What?” you whimpered, wiping the most recent flood of tears from your cheeks as you panted in pain.
“You need me, you need your alpha, and my cock,” Ari said softly, lips twitching as your gaze dropped to your lap, shy despite everything. “So come over here and take it like a good girl.”
You shuddered at his tone, and his words, feeling a new gush of arousal flood your ruined panties. The desperation flowed through you hotter, burning you up, the wicked promise and allure in Ari’s voice dampening the pain for a moment.
That small reprieve was all you needed to move toward him, no longer wary because it wasn’t your logical mind running the show anymore, it was your hindbrain, and your body.
All you could think about was slaking your lust, making the pain go away, itching the perpetual scratch you’d been suffering since that first moment you met Ari all those months ago.
“That’s it, sweetheart,” Ari encouraged as you straddled his lap. “Take what you need from me.” At your wary look, the worry shining bright in your gaze as you watched him with regret and shame swirling in your eyes, Ari murmured, “I want you to, I promise.”
Shivering, you pressed flush to his chest, hands cupping his neck as you caught his lips in a frenzied kiss. Ari’s scent--back to its usual soothing, musky tones--wove around you so completely you could taste it on your tongue and moaned softly at the flavor, kissing him harder.
“I’m sorry,” you whispered, pulling away enough to meet his gaze. “I’m so sorry.”
“It’s okay, honey, I’ve got you,” Ari promised, gently knocking his nose against yours. “Whatever you need.”
You gave him another short, messy kiss before pain rattled through you, making you choke on a scream and quickly drop your hands to the front of Ari’s jeans. He wasn’t wearing anything beneath them and grunted at the first touch of your fingers against his warm flesh.
“Fuck,” he swallowed, head dropping back against the wall with a thunk. He lifted his hips, even with your weight over his--the show of strength making more slick wet your thighs--so you could shove his jeans down more.
You took a moment to rid yourself of your panties before settling against him once more, your gaze wide and avid as your hand gripped Ari’s cock for the first time. Your fingers didn’t even touch as you held his girth, but you didn’t think on it long, too focused on the quiet grunts and groans Ari was making as you stroked him slow and unsure.
“Hold it tighter,” he instructed through a gasp. “That’s it,” he moaned, lips parted as he dropped his gaze to watch you touch him.
“I need you,” you mewled, trembling over him as you shifted closer.
You froze, gaze snapping to Ari’s.
“Work yourself open with your fingers first,” he murmured, licking his lips. “I don’t want to hurt you.”
“I already hurt,” you whined.
“Omega, do as your alpha says,” Ari growled.
Whining some more, you pressed impossible close to him, tucking your face in the crook of Ari’s neck as you snaked your hand between your legs and slid two fingers into your dripping cunt.
Your moan was loud and needy as you began to fuck yourself with your fingers, arching against Ari and pressing your lips to his throat.
His breath hitched as he felt your tongue sneak out to taste his skin, felt your mouth suckle at his mating gland until his hard cock was twitching against you and leaking pre-cum all over your soft thigh.
“Fuck, that’s it, sweetheart,” Ari whispered against your bare shoulder, mouthing along your skin. “I can hear how wet you are for me, so desperate for my cock, isn’t that right, omega?”
“Yeah,” you gasped, pressing a third finger inside your quivering channel and rocking your hips hard. “Ari!”
“Don’t you cum on those pretty fingers, sweetheart,” he hummed, nipping at your shoulder. “Save that for my cock.”
Moaning, you sat up, pulling your fingers from your heat and wrapping them around Ari’s length.
“Rise up on your knees,” he instructed, groaning as you did as you were told, hiking your slip up with your free hand so he could see the warm, wanting mess between your legs. “Fuck, look at you, you’re so perfect.”
Mewling wordlessly, you guided Ari’s cock between your folds.
“Get me real wet with you,” Ari whispered. “That’s it, drag me along that pretty cunt. You’re doing so well for me, sweetheart, such a good girl. Fuck.”
Unable to take it anymore, you lined up Ari’s cock, vaguely aware of his breath catching as he caught at your quivering entrance. Your eyes snapped to his, getting lost in that dark, unblinking stare of his as you slowly began to lower yourself along his length.
The sound that fell from your lips was the love child of a sob and a whine as you got about halfway and had to stop, the stretch and burn too much.
“Shhh, you’re doing so good, honey,” Ari praised, leaning in close until your foreheads were touching and he was breathing the same air as you. “Gimme a kiss, omega, let me taste you.”
Mewling, you kissed Ari desperately, your free hand clawing through his hair as he deepened the kiss and swallowed your moan. As you loosened against him, getting lost in the kiss, Ari shifted beneath you, gently rocking his hips up, until you were taking more of him.
He kept that up, kissing you until you were a mindless mess for him and slowly taking more and more of his cock, until he was settled to the hilt and you were gasping against his lips, trembling as you sank against his chest with a broken moan.
“Ari,” you whispered, eyes glazed over as you tilted your head up and stared at him. “I can feel you everywhere. So full.”
He groaned as you clenched around him. “Rock your hips, sweetheart, wanna make you feel good. Wanna make you cum all over my cock.”
Mewling, you did as he told you, fingers curling around either side of Ari’s neck as you rocked your hips, gasping every time your clit lit up at the stimulation.
“God, it feels so good,” you whimpered, head falling back as you began to lift and drop your hips, riding him in earnest.
A low purr sounded from Ari’s chest--intermingled with his own grunts and moans--as your pace picked up, fueled by your desperation as you hurtled closer and closer to your peak.
As a litany of endless, sharp cries began to rain from your lips, Ari growled, relentlessly shifting beneath you as you took what you needed from him. Wrapping his hands around his chains to gain some leverage, he bucked up into you hard, grunting at the ragged cry that pulled from you.
“Play with your clit,” he panted, rutting up into you over and over again, unable to look away from your beautiful face and your features twisted with pleasure as you bounced on his cock like some kind of shameless, wanton goddess.
Slinging your arm around Ari’s neck for balance, you dropped your other hand between your legs, fingers rubbing circles around your clit. Your mouth parted on a wrecked gasp as Ari fucked up into you harder, your cunt clenching and pulsing until--
The pleasure crested over you, your body going rigid as your back bowed and you tossed your head back on a wordless cry.
It was like the fire sparked to life in your core before raging through the rest of your body, burning up every single inch of you with the kind of ecstasy you never knew existed.
Whimpering, you mindlessly rocked and worked yourself through your orgasm on Ari’s cock, distantly aware of his grunts and groans, and then a strange sound you couldn’t identify.
Before you knew what was happening, Ari had you on your back in the middle of your nest, dust and debris from where he’d ripped the manacles from the wall still raining down around you both as he loomed over you.
You swallowed, eyes wide as your pleasure slowly receded, quickly being replaced by fear as Ari gripped your wrists in his hands and pressed them into the mattress at either side of your head.
His closed his eyes as you tensed, your cunt unconsciously squeezing around his still hard cock. His nostrils flared and a tick popped in his jaw as he clenched his teeth with a muffled growl. Finally, Ari blinked his eyes open, the bright blue long gone as feral need darkened his gaze.
When he finally spoke, his words weren’t what you expected:
“You did so good, omega,” he praised, releasing one of your wrists to cup the side of your face.
You struggled to breathe as his thumb caressed the soft skin beneath your eye. “Ari, please--”
He hushed you quietly, dipping his head low until you were nose to nose, his gaze unblinking as he met your frightened stare. “You had your fun, now it’s my turn.”
Swallowing thickly, you didn’t move a muscle as Ari tucked his face against the curve of your neck, dragging his nose along your skin and scenting you slowly, his tongue teasing along your mating gland, lips curling against your skin at your responding gasp.
And then he was releasing his hold on you and slowly rising to his feet. He held up his hands, manacles and chains on full display. “How do I get these off?”
Keeping your eyes on him, you twisted onto your side, hand digging beneath the mattress until you fished out a key. You held it out to him, fingers shaking as he crouched and took it before standing over you and removing the manacles from his wrists.
He tossed them aside, watching as you winced at the loud bang and rattle as they hit the floor. Then Ari slowly began to undress, his gaze never moving away from you as he unbuttoned his flannel, shrugged it off, and tossed it aside.
His lips twitched into a smirk as your eyes went big and round at your first look at his bare torso. His smooth golden flesh was dotted with dark hair, the muscles of his stomach firm and flexing as his biceps bulged with every movement, his glorious body all laid bare for you and you alone.
Ari toed off his boots before working on his jeans next, and soon he was looming over you completely naked, his hand dropping to fist around his hard cock and uncaring of the way his skin was still stained with your slick.
In fact, he paused at the realization, holding up his wet fingers before sucking them into his mouth.
A moan got caught in your throat at the erotic sight of him, a new wave of desperate need buzzing it’s way through your body.
Shivering in anticipation as Ari knelt before you, you didn’t resist as his big hands pressed your legs open. His eyes dipped to your swollen, messy core, and he licked his lips before his gaze was flickering back up to yours.
“I’m gonna spend hours drinking from your cunt, omega, but first I’m gonna fuck you until your milking my cock and taking my knot.”
Your moan was more of a pathetic tremble as Ari’s thumb teased over your clit. He drew the crown of his cock along your slit, until he was soaked all over again, and then he was pulling back so suddenly you just blinked at him - shocked.
“Present for me,” he rumbled, fingers gripping the base of his cock as he watched you with smoky eyes.
Whining quietly, you pushed yourself up to a sit before turning over onto your hands and knees, feeling your face warm as you spread your legs until you felt the cool air of the basement on the hottest part of you.
Ari hummed low in his throat at the sight of you all pretty and spread open for him, waiting like a good little omega as he slowly stalked closer.
You gasped as his big hands slid up the back of your thighs, fingers gripping the fleshy globes of your ass hard. When he pulled your cheeks apart to get a good look at you--all of you--you mewled, head dropping as the fire of vulnerability toasted your cheeks and made you quiver.
“Won’t be long before I take this too,” Ari purred, brushing a thumb over your puckered hole and chuckling as you gasped and rocked forward and away from his lewd touch.
Tucking his thighs up against yours, Ari spread your legs as far as they could go, splaying you open nice and wide for him. You moaned as you felt the head of him against your clit, and then he was drawing his length down until he found your entrance and pushed his way inside.
Groaning as your quivering body slowly swallowed up every inch of him, Ari breathed in slowly, his hand pushing your sleep cami up your back. “Take this off.”
You did as you were told, tossing it aside, and then you were curling your fingers into the mattress with a ragged keen as Ari thrust into you even more, giving a dirty grind until he was bottoming out and you were struggling to breathe, overwhelmed by just how deep inside of you he was.
Whatever restraint Ari had shown up until now--months and months of being patient and respectful--and the last little while as he let you fuck him how you wanted while also feeling safe…
That restraint was now gone.
With a quiet snarl, he began to fuck into you slow and hard--stroking you deep--the most primal part of him taking over as he lost himself in your trembling body. Ari grunted and moaned as your tight, perfect cunt drew him back home over and over again, your sweet little cries and mewls like music to his ears.
“You may have hid from it your whole life,” he panted, stretching out over your back as his hand slid around to cup the front of your throat. “But you were made for this, omega.”
You could only whine your agreement as Ari pounding into you harder, his thick cock dragging along every sweet spot you didn’t even know you had until you were a babbling mess, begging him to make you cum.
“Yeah, you want my cum, sweetheart?” Ari moaned, dragging his beard along your shoulder and grinning against your skin as you whimpered for him. “Want me to fill that belly up with my seed? Until you’re creaming all over my knot and keeping me warm?”
“Yes! Yes, Ari, please, I want it,” you sobbed, rocking back into him just as hard as he was thrusting forward. “Please! Please!”
Your pleas were like a wicked prayer, the song of your ruin growing more high pitched and desperate by the second, until Ari’s fingers were strumming against your clit and a particularly hard thrust of his cock was tipping you over the edge of ecstasy.
“Mmm, fuck, that’s it, omega, milk my cock with that sweet pussy. ‘Cause you’re mine, isn’t that right?”
“Yes! I’m yours, all yours,” you gasped, body still quaking with aftershocks as you struggled to hold your weight up on your shaking arms.
Ari groaned against the nape of your neck, his hips driving faster and harder as his nose drew along your skin, his teeth nipping. The swipe of his tongue against your mating gland made you shudder, and it was all the warning you got before Ari’s teeth were sinking into your skin, claiming you as his.
Another orgasm ripped through you so suddenly, your arms collapsed beneath you. You could only lay there and take it as Ari drove into you with a new sense of urgency, the frenzied rhythm of hips a sharp contrast to the way his tongue was gently lapping against your bite mark, soothing the pain away until it didn’t hurt so much anymore.
“Oh fuck, I’m gonna--” Ari groaned, a few more ragged plunges of his hips sending him over the edge before you felt the swell of his knot at the base of his cock.
“Ari!” you mewled, squirming beneath him at the strange sensation. The added pressure and stretch had your cunt fluttering with another small orgasm as you gasped and rocked beneath him.
Ari purred against your shoulder, his arms wrapping around you tight and twisting until he had you both curled up on your sides in the middle of your nest, his nose nuzzling against your fresh bite mark as his legs tangled with yours.
“You bonded me,” you said softly, eyes filling with tears as you blindly reached up to touch the imprint of Ari’s teeth against the side of your throat.
He was quiet for a few seconds, his voice sounding a little unsure as he murmured, “That’s what you want, right?”
“Yes,” you breathed, eyes closing at just how much you wanted it.
At the realization that you got the thing you wanted most of all. Yet still…
“But is it what you want?” you quavered.
“You know it is.”
You hesitated before asking, “Even after everything that’s happened?”
Ari sighed, pressing up onto his elbow and leaning over you. His hand slid against your cheek, tilting your face to meet his gaze.
“Nothing has changed for me, do you understand?” There was a bit of his alpha tone in his voice, and it had you swallowing nervously and watching him with big eyes. “Do you?”
Ari’s face softened at your quiet squeak. His fingers were gentle as they trailed along your warm cheek, his thumb a firm caress against your swollen bottom lip. “I love you, sweetheart. Do you believe me?”
You stared into his eyes and found them bright and blue once more, shining with that kindness that always swept you away--since that very first day--and making your heart swell so big it felt like your chest couldn’t contain it.
“Yes,” you smiled, sounding more sure this time.
The small grin that broke across Ari’s face was a thing of beauty, and it had you laughing quietly as he ducked close and peppered your face with kisses before settling behind you and hugging you close.
“Once my knot goes down, you’re gonna bond me,” he murmured against your ear, kissing the shell of it. “And then we’re gonna take whatever you want from here before going home. To our home.” Ari kissed the hollow behind your ear, the soft bristles of his beard making you shiver. “How’s that sound, sweetheart?”
Twining your fingers with Ari’s, you brought your clasped hands up to your chest, hugging them to your heart as you answered, “Sounds perfect, alpha.”
Tumblr media
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anlian-aishang · a month ago
Tumblr media
Kinktober Day 9: Angry Sex & Outdoors & In The Rain
Tumblr media
“Angry heated sex? Reader and Levi have an extremely heated argument. Reader flees in tears. It’s raining outside. Levi follows. They argue again, readers voice breaks. Levi just goes to kiss them because he doesn’t know what else to do. That stirs something primal in him - and reader. And it’s just this heated need to /feel/ one another. Outside. Against a tree. In the rain. Where anyone can see them. Albeit they’re a bit hidden but still, it’s a possibility. Summer rain though so it’s not cold for them. Still gotta look after our babies!”
word count: 2100
tags: nsfw, levi x reader, angst-to-smut, canonverse, implied petra slander, relationship insecurity, smoking cigarettes, voyeurism mention, fem!reader
while writing this, i listened to this then that
Tumblr media
“You didn’t think to ask me first?”
“I didn’t think you’d care.”
“Who wouldn’t care, Levi?”
“We’ve gone over it so many times already.”
You rolled your eyes and scoffed, “That should’ve told you!” Raising your voice now, “How many times we talked about it, you should’ve known it would be an issue!”
Levi felt his pulse heighten, uncharacteristic for him. Of all the hardships he had been through, he never would have thought that you would be the one thing to disrupt his composure. Levi balled his fists at his sides, “Well,” his voice cracked, “I guess I’m a dumbass, then.”
You may have been angry at him, but you did not want him to feel bad about himself, you just wanted him to understand where you were coming from, why you were upset. Your expression softened, you began to reach out to him, No, babe, it’s just...
But with his arms crossed and his gaze to the floor, he failed to see your sympathy. Each second felt like years as you failed to reassure him. A moment of silence after his insult, he mistook your uncertainty for agreement: you must have thought he was an idiot.
Levi Ackerman never cared what others thought of him. Whether praised by the higher-ups as humanity’s strongest or harassed by civilians on retreats from failed expeditions, none of it mattered to him. But, as in many other respects, you were his one exception. Your opinion was the only one he cared about, and if you thought he was stupid, well, that was not something he could swallow.
It sparked a raging fire that he was helpless to smother. Don’t say it. Don’t say it. Relentlessly authentic, it was the reason you fell in love with him. Yet now, it would come back to hurt you. Levi clenched his teeth but he could not help himself, “Or maybe I expected too much of you.”
Your pace towards him immediately stopped, H’huh? Did he just… “Sorry,” you doubted, “What was that?”
Expected too much of you. He thought you knew better than this. He thought you knew him better than this. He loved you, didn’t you know that? It was not any secret, no attempt at betrayal, not even that he forgot to ask, it was that he thought you had more faith in him. For this venture, you had invited the veterans so he invited his squad, seemingly forgetting that his ex-girlfriend was among them. Just like he explained to you earlier, It was so long ago, just a summer fling, after all.
You had started dating in spring, Like us?
How long had the fighting continued since then? Still, those two words were what stung the most. Levi was slow to attachment, so to see that you had no appreciation nor reciprocation for his...
Looking up through sullen bangs, Levi glared at you and spat, “You heard me.”
Maybe this thing had run its course, and at the thought, you ran away.
// // //
The silence was deafening.
A yelling match was won by forfeit, but he had never felt like more of a loser. Tears were the only trace of you left behind. Levi stared at them intently, watching as they faded away. A ringing in his ears, his heartbeat pounding, at last realizing how loudly he had been panting. Deep breaths, a drink of water, they could not fix the taste left in his mouth. With you gone, there was only one way he knew how to fix it.
His gaze drifted towards the locked drawer that held his vice. A couple more inhales and exhales could not subdue the craving. Levi cursed himself, “Fuck it.”
Hands shaking as he whipped open the drawer, fingers quick to clutch that pack of cigarettes and even faster to bring one to his lips. The dry rift of a match strike and the ensuing roar of flame. An ensemble he simultaneously hated and adored - hating the sound of his submission, adoring the solace that relief was soon to come. It had been a while since his last indulgence, but a couple of irritated coughs were worth the serenity that began to sink in. Levi rolled his head back over his chair and sighed. Translucent smoke rose to the ceiling, his attention stayed soundly on it. One thing to distract him. One thing at a time.
Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed how dark the sky had become. Grey, cloudy, everything became shrouded. Another break in that quiet - a pitter, then a patter, then a pour. Levi flicked the ash off his cigarette and huffed, Of fucking course. The rain always seemed to sign off on his worst days. A world supposedly so cruel and so beautiful, he could only see the former today.
As his room grew foggy, his head became clearer. It was as though the tobacco was his filter, able to draw out his mental haze and expel it to the air instead. With each heavy draw in and thorough sigh out, he was able to find one more piece of the puzzle. In doing so, he was scared to think, and even more scared to realize, that he may have had everything completely wrong from the start. Maybe you were not actually mad at him, maybe you were simply scared of losing him. Perhaps it was not that you put yourself on a pedestal, but that you felt you were in second place. What if neither of you had really been in the wrong? Things were looking more and more like a misunderstanding, which meant that all this heartache had been for nothing; and there was nothing he hated more than meaningless loss.
As much as he wanted to keep his mind off of you, as hard as he attempted to, as he tried to cool himself down, he wondered how you were. Here he was smoking a cigarette to keep from spiraling, he hoped you were doing better than him. Maybe I expected too much of you, Levi cringed at his former words. Perhaps it was conceited of him to wish better for you. At the very least, though, he hoped you were out of the rain.
No, when you got like this… there was only one place you would go, even in a rainstorm.
Levi ground his cigarette into his silver tray. His flame still yet to burn out, and without even grabbing a jacket, Levi sprinted outside.
// // //
You were right where he knew you would be. Even with that knowledge, the sight of you caught him off guard. Levi had seen a lot, but to find his lover alone in the rain, soaking wet, knees tucked in, and sat shivering under a lone tree - made his stomach drop.
Overprotection came off as anger, “What the hell are you doing out here?”
“Could say the same to you,” you argued. “Why are you out here?”
Isn’t that obvious? His first instinct was to retort. However, a lesson had just been painfully learned. This time, he managed to bite his tongue.
In his pause, you assumed the worst, just like he had earlier. You meant to speak soundly, but flowing tears and swollen throat had other plans. Your voice creaked between whispers and outbursts, “Came to tell me it’s over?”
Levi narrowed his gaze. That couldn’t have been more opposite of his intent. In the face of your delusion, he stumbled, unsure how to combat it.
So, instead, you continued to combat him. “Just forget about me…” those four words hurt to say, they hurt to hear. You threw your thumb back towards the castle that housed the others, “Fuck her, that’ll make it easier.” For both of us.
Despite your scathing suggestions, still, Levi gave no response. It was so jarringly unlike him, alarmingly atypical. When you envisioned this scene in your head, you thought you would be able to stay stone cold and commanding. You thought he would get all pissed off, so when he didn’t, you were the one thrown off - it was he who took control - even more so when you gave in to curiosity and summoned the courage to peek.
Knit brows and straight lips suggested neutrality, but in your time together, you had learned to read Levi. You could tell there was something more there, but a blend of emotions you had never seen before, a blend he had never felt before, you were lost in discerning it.
Tire in how long this fight had dragged on. Dazed with how many remedies he had parsed through. Fatigued from chasing after you in the mud and the rain and the hot summer humidity. Sweat on his brow. Flush in his cheeks - a flush that looked familiar even though you had never fought like this - it always appeared in more sensuous times - though this fight was just as intimate as them.
Red seeped into his vision and burned in his veins. Things had gone so backwards, a total clusterfuck, Levi saw only one way out of it - through.
Neither of you saw it coming, how he ripped down your hood and pressed his lips hard and fast against yours. Just like the dispute that started this all, it was not something he consciously thought out, but rather an innate need to feel you, to fix things, to fix you.
He had tried all he could to convince you, but somehow, it was the taste of cigarette smoke that finally got to you. Levi was not a habitual smoker. In the course of your dating, you could count on one hand the amount of times that he had reached for a cigarette. Expeditions with heavy losses, after visiting the families of the fallen, those were the only instances you could recall. Your mind started to wander - just the thought of losing you was on par with those tragedies, would have been just as catastrophic to him.
That was how much he cared about you.
At last, your anxiety was quelled. But still, pent-up emotions had yet to be dealt with. Tinge of anger still felt as you grabbed him by the collar and kept him pulled to your lips. Tongue demanded its entrance while teeth left bite marks on their belongings. Hands furiously ravaged his body - scrambling over his chest, tracing his abdomen, finishing the trail with a selfish squeeze of his raging cock.
A mix of longing and rage for you created the purest form of passion. Bruises sucked along your jawline, neck, and chest. Calloused fingers made haste to win you back over - tight hold of your breast, rigorous pumps of your cunt, ceaseless circles at your clit - all imploring you to recall how good he made you feel. When he felt your arousal reach his knuckles and heard your breaths grow faster and lighter, Levi’s hands made a rapid switch. Grappled underneath your thighs, divots imprinted and circulation cut off as he dug his grip in your curves and hoisted you up against the tree. Rigid bark scarred your back as your nails did his.
The desire to demolish that version of you, the one that had angered him so, the one that dared to suggest that he fuck you and forget you. He would fuck you till you forgot your name, let alone the hopes that he would leave you.
And your longing to see him crumble, to see his knees weak and buckling, to see humanity’s strongest melt to nothing in your presence. An air always about him, you needed to see the proof that you were special to him, even if that proof blew your back out and ripped you in two. The day had been so horrendous so far, you threw your hands above your head and writhed, Do your worst, I dare you.
The tip of his leaking member lined up with your dripping slit, A perfect match - this familiar feeling in an unfamiliar setting. 
Wait… the setting!
“L-Levi?!” You yelped, “the… the others!”
He thought you might ask. Little did you know, that potential was not a deterrent, but an incentive. Rough hand cupped behind your nape and forced your ear to his lips. Nibbling teeth were soothed by a swipe of his tongue, harsh breath growled, sending shivers down your spine, “I don’t give a fuck.”
This time, it was something he had actually thought of. On day one, you had even remarked, You can see everything from here! The comrades in the castle, he did not give a single fuck if they saw. In fact, it established a twisted motive in him. Maybe it was even for the better - fucking you against the tree, your screams echoing throughout the forest - Let them watch. Let them hear. I fucking hope they do. A reminder to all that you were all his and he all yours.
A reminder to you, “You’re mine, all mine…” Down there, within you, you felt a ferociousness to match the one he spoke with, “you know that?”
A storm you did not know how to handle then, one you were powerless to wait out now. His energy was lightning, zaps felt at every limb. Drenched in the rain, too stunning to stave off. Legs wrapped around him, arms shackled, clinging to the one man who you would stick with you through all your lows and highs - arguments and climaxes alike, “Y’Yes, Levi!”
“Mine...! All mine!”
Screamed over the deafening downpour. Repeated until you lost your voices. Conveyed in tearful eye contact. Swallowed through his inhales of your exhales.
The memory of this night and its permanent scars, whenever you questioned it, these would answer - how fucking much you loved each other.
Tumblr media
// Kinktober 2021 Masterlist //
Tumblr media
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genshin-no-simp · 7 months ago
Diluc x Reader - Birthday Boy (Smut)
Pairing: Diluc x You/Reader (Female)
Sexual conent below the cut
Warnings: semi-public sex, tummy bulge? fluff ending.
It took a weeks worth of preparation on your part to get everything in place, all for this one day. This one special day. But it was worth it.
After all, Diluc did deserve rest on his birthday.
You made sure there was nothing that needed doing, nothing that warranted Diluc to leave the comfort of the Manor. You were exhausted but you knew this was only a fraction of the work that Diluc did. It was your motivation to make sure everything was in order, of course with the help of Elzer and Adelinde.
And when the night before his birthday approached, you reassured him that he could take this chance to sleep in for once. Diluc wasn't against the idea but he wasn't sure if his body clock would allow him to sleep in. But little did he know, he was exhausted and only once he hit this pillows did he realize this.
When Diluc had finally woken, he groaned softly bringing his hand up as he ran his fingers through his unruly morning hair, that's when he noticed you weren't beside him. In an instant he shot out of bed, looking around. You never got out of bed before him. About to leave the bed himself his door opened and your figure came into view. You were still in your night dress. Diluc sighed in relief, then raised his eyebrow at the tray.
"What's this?" His voice low and husky since he had just woken up.
You weren't going to lie, his voice was enough to set a fire burning inside you. But today was about him. You smiled with a giggle.
"What does it look like? Breakfast of course. So sit back in bed." You came to his side of the bed.
From this close up Diluc could see properly just how little your night dress left to the imagination. Then he realized, you went to the kitchen like that, and he frowned, anyone could have seen you, which seemed to pissed him off.
"Don't worry I had the kitchen to myself, only Adelinde, Moco and Hillie are here at the moment." You knew what was running through his head. Diluc had a tendency to get overly possessive sometimes. But it's one of his faults that you fell in love with regardless.
Diluc looked away, half embarrassed and half ashamed that you knew without a doubt that he didn't want other people, especially men to see you like this. You gave another soft giggle setting the bed table down.
Diluc cleared his throat and looked at you, "what's the occasion?" He then lowered his gaze to the food and didn't know where to start, everything looked so enticing. He smiled at the eggs that you put a little extra effort in to make look like hearts.
You sat on the opposite side of him careful not to knock the glasses of grape juice over on the tray. You gave a little hum.
"Well what day is it?" You asked him instead. Diluc tilted his head, pulling the fork from his mouth. Once he was finished chewing he spoke.
"Friday." He stated matter of factly.
"Yes, but what date is it?" You cocked your head to the side, watching him. He totally forgot about his birthday didn't he? You thought to yourself.
"Um..." Diluc didn't know why but he felt pressured, as if you would give out to him, if he got this wrong.
Was it your birthday? No that's not till a few months.
Was it your anniversary? No that just passed.
At this point you were struggling to keep your laughter in.
"Luc, come on. It's your birthday." You rolled your eyes laughing.
Then it clicked, it suddenly made sense, from why you told him to sleep in, to breakfast in bed.
"That's it?" He asked, indifferently.
"What do you mean 'that's it's? You only get one birthday, and I'm going to make sure you get the most out of it." Diluc could hardly deny you, not with how passionate you were about it. But it's just another day, birthday or not.
"I appreciate the sentiment, but there's still work-"
"I do believe there is nothing for you to do today. Everything is already taken care of. It's you day." This time you were much more calmer as you smiled sweetly at him.
Now he definitely couldn't say no. He had a feeling you did a lot to get him this day of peace. Besides it's been so long since he's actually celebrated his birthday. Not that he cared to remember it considering what happened all those years ago...but maybe now is the time to move on from that, it's getting real tiring anyway.
Diluc smiled at you, yes from now on he will celebrate his birthday with you.
Diluc had to admit, it was nice, having all this free  time AND getting to spend it with you. The two of you spent most your time outside, walking through the vineyard and occasionally eating a grape or two, at one point you started playing hide and seek. Instead of finding it childish, Diluc found it oddly refreshing. Just being able to let loose for once.
Currently he was hiding, making sure to keep his eye out for you and staying on the move, it was cheating of course but it added to the fun, but you were an expert at hide and seek and knew all the tricks in the book. Just as he turned around, you seemingly popped out of nowhere.
"Found yooou~" you giggled tackling him into a hug.
Caught of by both your sudden appearance and the hug he fell backwards onto the ground.
"Thought you could escape me huh?" You nuzzled into his neck.
Diluc chuckled holding you close to his body.
"I thought I would've had a better chance than that." He admitted.
You sat up on his chest, while he propped himself up his elbows. The light from the sun creeped through the cracks of the vineyards many grape pergolas. It wasn't the most private of places but nobody would notice the two of you unless they looked.
Cupping Diluc's cheek, you leaned down to kiss him, which without hesitation he accepted. It was a delicate kiss, both of you could feel the love and affection that you held for each other. It was truly something.
When you went to pull away from the kiss, Diluc pulled you back for more, shifting his weight onto his left arm, his right arm snaked around your waist his hand pressing agaisnt the middle of your back, giving you no chance to move. Diluc wasn't done with you just yet.
Gripping his shoulders you pushed him back down onto his back, Diluc gave a mental sigh finally able to take the pressure off his left arm. Now he had both his around wrapped around you securely. He made you feel so safe, you never wanted to leave his arms but lucky for you, he wasn't going to let go anytime soon.
It wasn't long before his hands started to wander, touching and caressing your body. Soft gasps and pants escaped from you, Diluc used every opportunity to dive into your mouth. The intensity of the kiss was making you lightheaded, but in a good way. Your body burned and your heart was racing. You could tell Diluc was the same, you could feel his heart pounding against his chest right under your hand, not only that but at how brazenly he lifted your pale mint dress up to touch your bare skin. It made you shudder, Diluc had opted to be gloveless today, it was certainly a change in pace compared to his usual leather. Being able to feel his skin on yours right away was making you feel impatient.
Finally allowed to pull away from the kiss, a string of saliva followed. Diluc gazed at you with hooded eyes, his normally bright ruby eyes, dark and heavy with lust. You licked your lips, sitting up on him once again. One of the straps on your dress slipped down your shoulder. Diluc held back his growl and his urge to flip you over. You weren't even trying to seduce him and he was already under your spell.
Gripping your thighs he pushed you lower down until your clothed womanhood rubbed against the bulge in his pants. You failed to catch the moan before it fell from your lips. Diluc smirked, knowing you were just as excited as he was right now.
Diluc was planning on teasing you some more before you had decided to take back some control. Abruptly you grinded yourself against him, biting your lip. It was Diluc's turn to let out a surprised moan as his hips bucked up into yours.
"Ah~ Diluc." You fumbled for his belt buckle. If Diluc wasn't as impatient he would've chuckled and teased you. Maybe it was the sun, maybe it was the free time or maybe it was just you. But he wasn't complaining. Diluc hissed in relief, feeling his member finally free of its painful confinement.
You were going to lower yourself further but he grabbed your arm pulling you into a kiss.
"No time for that." He breathed heavily between kisses. Of course there was time he just wasn't interested in that right now, he just wanted you, in which case he used his Vision to burn the sides of your underwear and discard the rest.
Now with your underwear out the way, Diluc could feel how wet you really were. It was cute how excited you had gotten without any foreplay, perhaps the fact that you were technically out in the open played a part but regardless, he was happy that it was him who made you feel like this.
You moaned against the kiss feeling the tip of his member push against your awaiting hole. Breaking away from the kiss you pushed down against him, taking him all in at once.
"Fuck!" It was so strange hearing Diluc swear but it filled you with a strange sense of pride knowing you were able to break his nobility.
The stretch of taking him all at once burned but it felt good. It was certainly much greater compared to when he would prepare you first. But you weren't complaining at all. Tilting your head back with a moan you began to bounce up and down, your slick made it easy to slide up and down. You gripped the front of Diluc's shirt for support as he snapped his hips up into yours. A series of wanton moans escaped your lips, the harder and faster Diluc went.
Your head fell forward your eyes glossy and your pupils blown wide with pleasure. Now both your dress straps had slid down your shoulders, making Diluc lose his mind. He gripped your hips so tight, there wasn't a doubt that there would be fingerprints even through the dress. You choked on your moans as you swore you could feel Diluc in your stomach. He was reaching places you never thought possible, or your were so drunk on pleasure it just felt that way, but it didn't matter what was the truth, it was fantastic.
"Ngh, haA~ mm close..." you struggled to get the words out.
Diluc grunted thrusting upwards even faster, you had struggled to keep up before but now it was just impossible. It wasn't long before you came all over him. Diluc wasn't too far behind, feeling your release edged him into his, you felt his hot seed fill you up more than your already were, you threw your head back with a shameless moan of his name. You were certain everyone around and in the Manor had heard you. But Diluc didn't care, let them know who was and had made you feel good.
You panted heavily as your body shook from the after math of your orgasm. Diluc too was desperately gasping for air as he came down from his high. Letting a soft puff of air, you looked down at Diluc and grinned leaning in to kiss him. He chuckled kissing you back.
Getting off Diluc he fixed his pants as you picked up what was left of your underwear.
"Luc." You pouted, "you ruined my panties." You huffed and rubbed your legs together, you could feel some of his cum dripped down your thigh.
"My love, they were ruined before I even touched them." He winked with a cocky smirk.
Your face flushed a deep crimson as you looked away from him, Diluc smiled wrapping his arm around your waist tenderly.
"Come on, let's go take a bath." He smiled gently, ushering you back towards the Manor. You snuggled into his side contently.
During the short trip back inside, not one of the employees dared to look in your direction. Instead of it making you feel better you felt embarrassed. You weren't surprised that they heard you but they didn't have to make it so obvious.
"Luc, nobody would look at me." You sounded more mortified than you intended as you pulled your dress off, which only added to Diluc's amusement.
"Good, they shouldn't be looking at you in the first place." He stated stripping himself of his own clothes.
Upon returning to Diluc's private quarters, you were both pleasantly surprised by the already drawn bath, with scattered rose petals and scented candles. It seems Adelinde knew exactly what the two of you needed. You were the first to settle into the bath despite Diluc's confusion, usually he got in first so you could rest against him, it felt weird that he was resting against you.
"Are you sure I'm not too heavy against you?" It was the fourth time he asked now.
"Oh for Celestia's sake Luc, I'm not made out of glass, I'm fine. But you won't be if you keep asking." At least you gave him a warning which he took to heart, despite not having a Vision yourself, you were very capable of looking after yourself.
"Alright, alright." Diluc sunk a little lower into the tub, his head now resting between your boobs.
"Oh." He said softly, he hadn't expected this to be so comfortable. You giggled softly.
"Someone looks content." There was a lot of fondness in your voice that made Diluc's chest flutter. He let out a soft hum and closed his eyes when he felt your fingers massage some herbal shampoo into his scalp.
Diluc couldn't help but think about how lucky he was to have someone like you. Someone so caring and aware of his needs. He didn't expect to meet someone like you, or anyone in general for that matter. He thought he was going to be alone, forever, and he was okay with that. Until he had met you, he didn't at the time realize just how important you would be to him, but he knows now and he's incredibly grateful towards you and towards himself, for letting him step out of his comfort zone and let someone in again.
Before he knew it, Diluc had fallen asleep, between the soothing heat of the water, your massaging and the sweet sound of your voice, they had all lulled him into sleep.
"Luc? You listening?" You asked softly, "Luuuc~" you cooed. Perplexed with his quietness, you tilted your head to the side to peer into his face, where you noticed he had fallen asleep. You grinned with a giggle.
You were so preoccupied with talking, you didn't notice the change in his breathing, as it steadied out. But now you didn't know what to do. You knew you couldn't stay in the bath but you didn't want to wake him either. But you also knew the water wouldn't go cold anytime soon thanks to Diluc, placing a kiss to his damp hair, you decided to let him sleep for a little while longer. After all he deserved it.
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witch-hazels-musings · 3 months ago
aaa requests! open! thats great ,, maybe edging or overstimming reader hcs or scenario thingies for kaeya, albedo, and childe. preferably gn or m reader because my dysphoric self just prefers m reader stuff. and uhh great! don't overwhelm urself with requests and have a nice time!
It never ends
Warning -> 18+ NS-FW (overstimulation, multiple orgasms, slight crying, holding from behind (Ch), fingering, from behind (K))
Character X M Reader | Anthology 
Includes: Albedo, Childe, Kaeya
He has a thing for seeing just how far someone can go, how far the human body can go - every push, every additional result tells him more and can lead him to the answers just beyond the threshold 
Now, having you so willingly at his disposal, he can find those results at every possible opportunity 
He guided you again, for the fourth time through your orgasm and as your head fell back onto the cushions he so lovingly placed, you pleaded with him to end it. 
“Albedo, I … I can’t.” You begged, hips moving on their own as his hand moved up your trembling shaft, his fingers grazed your sensitive thighs, and the closer they got to your core the more violent your legs shook. You shuttered, rolled your head on the pillow, and tried to desperately hide from his always observant eyes. “Ah!” His fingers ran underneath your cock and the sensitivity sent a shockwave through your body. 
“Interesting results. So you have grown more sensitive in many places.” He wrapped his finger around his chin, nodding his head as he logged the mental note. “Let’s try something else, shall we.” He reached to your shirt and slowly began to undo the buttons that kept you covered, but as soon as your skin was bare and his hands had access to you, it was like every inch of your skin was on fire. 
“Alb- … ah.” His fingers trailed across your chest, his thumbs finding enjoyment at your arching back the more he touched you. His lips pressed against your stomach but his eyes never once stopped observing you. The way you grabbed tightly onto anything close: his pants, your shirt, the couch, your hair. It was a lovely sight that he couldn’t get enough of. It wasn’t long before he knew you were reaching another orgasm. The sound of your dangerous and eager breaths mixed with delicious moans filled his drive to see what another climax could do to you and just as his fingers found your cock again, he stroked you until you screamed into the stuffy room. 
Tears slipped from the corner of your eyes, your hands shook as they moved to wipe them away. Everything tasted strange, your saliva, the air, your lips but no matter how electric your body was, there was no mistaking the care from the man at your side. Albedo brushed the edge of your face with the back of his hand, his interested and scientific eyes transitioning into one of compassion. 
“Are you alright?” He asked as he leaned over to cover you in the blanket draped over the back of the couch. You only nodded at him, your cheek rolling into his palm but before you knew what was happening, sleep found you. 
“Ah, perhaps I pushed too hard. I shall be more careful in the future.” His fingers brushed the hair from your face, ran along your cheek. "You did so well, rest properly and I'll be here when you wake up.” 
To see you shake, to feel your body react to him and every touch he provides makes him practically feral. He loves to command to you, practically worships the ground you break apart on - and if you call out his name in absolute desperation, he will trap it in his soul
He cannot get enough of you and as he pushes you to the edge, again and again, it seems you cannot get enough of him either 
“That’s a good boy.” Childe coos in your ear as you move without comprehension. Your body stopped listening to you long ago - perhaps after the third or fourth climax, you weren't really sure - but now all you were was a heaving mess in Childe’s lap. Your head rolled into his neck as he slowly moved his hand up and down on your sensitive cock and every time he reached the tip you moaned against his skin. 
His arm wrapped around your shoulders, his stretching fingers pushing your chin up so he could see the delicious expression you were hiding from him. The way your mouth hung open, the glossy sheen of your eyes as you tried to understand the world around you - he’d molded your brain into mush, just as he intended. With a quicker pace, he tightened his grip around you and the added intensity made you whine until there was no other option than the orgasm. 
“That’s it, perfect.” His teeth bit your lip just enough for you to know he was there and as the pitch in your voice rose, your hips rocked to reach the orgasm just within your grasp, he silenced you with his mouth. In the office no one was allowed to enter, he swallowed your sinful cries. 
Your hands gripped onto Childe’s pants as your body was pulled to the ground. You’d been using your toes to keep you partially upright but now that you couldn’t feel them, or your legs in general, you didn’t have the strength anymore. Luckily, Childe’s fervor kept you from completely crumbling like the disaster he had made you onto the floor. Instead, he wrapped his arm around your chest and lifted you until your legs draped over his, your shoulder rested against his chest, and your head fell perfectly against him. 
“You’re so damn cute.” Childe hummed against your damp hair, his lips pressed against your skin while you tried to find the words your throat didn’t have the ability to vocalize. “Relax, I won’t touch you.” You whimpered and the sound made him laugh, “Unless you want me to, I’d happily keep going, is that what you want?” He grabbed your chin and held your face in front of him. Your eyes were begging even if your mind was screaming for a break. He made you feel so good and no matter how much your body was ravaged, you would happily fall apart in his arms. 
“Childe … I want you.” His eyes went wide at your comment but only for a moment. 
“Be careful what you ask for, I can’t be held responsible when it comes to you.” Quickly, you sat on the desk, and while your heart began to pound and the blood in your body rushed to every corner, it was so hard to hear over the delicious and exciting sound of his ringing buckle. 
Physical touch is one of his favorite things - to be intimate in every possible way is the game he likes to play and while he is content with wrapping his arms around you, holding you close, getting lost in your scent - he finds it hard to stop himself when you are breaking apart around him  
To get every possible secret from your body - to watch a person become just a shell of themselves is how you can know the real them, and in this manner, he can see just what type of person you really are 
You shivered under Kaeya’s body. His chest, his arms, his weight crushed you but even on your trembling arms you vowed to stay upright otherwise he would win, and this time you swore you’d hold out. 
Cold kisses pressed against your exposed shoulders, your shirt dangled toward the bed as it hung loosely off your body and every once in a while you felt it against your dry lips. You knew he was using his vision to enhance everything that he did because when his fingers slid into your mouth the chillness of them made you yelp while the heat between your legs as he pumped you made you moan. Inside of your chest was a battle of hot and cold and you had no control over the winner; you were, just as Kaeya had anticipated, at the mercy of his will. 
“Come on, you can cum one more time can’t you?” His voice rattled your spine, it seeped into your ear and made you whine into the blankets now bunched underneath you. “Now, don’t be shy.” 
“What was that, I couldn’t hear you.” His quick and steady movements slowed and you didn’t know what was worse, all you knew was that you needed, without a shadow of a doubt, release. 
“Yes, yes -- please.”
“That's a good boy.” Kaeya lifted himself from your back and just when you thought you’d have a simple release, Kaeya took all those thoughts away. As he picked up the pace, you felt an immense amount of pressure as he slipped two fingers into you. “You’ve made them so slick, how could I not let you feel them.” 
“Ah-I can-can’t.” You screamed, your arms giving way as you fell into the pleasure of Kaeya’s hands. His fingers wrapped so perfectly, skillfully around your shaft while he stimulated you with his other hand - it was like nothing you’d felt and everything you ever wanted. Your vision went white, your cries of pleasure became muffled by the sheets underneath you, and like a sudden crashing wave you came violently because of him. 
You collapsed into a heap under him. Your body finally giving way as it spasmed in unparalleled pleasure. Rolling your head into the sheets, you tried to recover your sanity, but you found it left you so long ago there was no way to bring it back. 
“Kaeya…” You whimpered, desperate to feel him even if you knew it would be dangerous and when you felt the bed shift only to see Kaeya laying in front of you with a diabolical grin, you knew he had won - again. 
“Yes my, dear?” He asked, head propped up by his hand as he trailed his free fingers across your shaking thighs. 
“I submit, you won.” 
“I certainly did.” His voice was like honey and when he moved to kiss your sore lips, so too was the taste of his tongue. 
( sending so much love to all the male readers out there <3, you deserve smexy times too! ) 
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wooloo-inc · 8 months ago
Sbi with a small butterfly hybrid reader?
sbi au! remember sbi isn’t canon
The house is quiet, far too quiet. It is an early morning, the birds not even chirping yet. All the others are still asleep, soft snores escaping from their rooms. Your feet are light against the hardwood, hardly making any noise. You couldn’t sleep, the chill of the tundra keeping you awake. But, now is the perfect chance. You saw it, outside of your window. The snowflakes falling gently from the sky, the sight like no other. Your family didn’t let you outside often, especially when it snows. They say that your wings are too fragile, but you’re far too curious. 
You move slowly, across the house and to the front door. Freezing in place momentarily, when you hear random noises or when a plank squeaks under your steps. Usually, Techno would be the first to wake up but he was out late last night. You doubt anyone will show to stop you. It’ll only be a few minutes, you reassure yourself. A few minutes just to see what it is like outside. Then you’ll come right back inside. 
The knob is cold under your touch, the feeling making your wings flutter anxiously. Although it squeaks as you open it, you don’t pay too much attention. It shouldn’t be loud enough to wake anyone. Your bare feet sink into the snow below, a shiver pushing through your limbs. You walk farther from the house, admiring the view. Snow covers the branches of trees, clumping beautifully together. Icicles hang from the roof, their crystal surfaces shining in the sun’s rays. The snow falls in large pieces, floating down in glorious shimmers. 
So this is what snowflakes look like. You’ve seen it snow many times before, but from the captures of the house. Although it is cold, it is too pleasant to ignore. A few land on your wings, the features flicking at their cool touch. You stand there, watching it snow. Your hair and clothes are covered in white specks, wings drooping from the moisture. Although you are shivering, you do not feel cold anymore. It’s warm, very warm. Like a blanket. 
You feel like shedding some of your clothes, even though you are just in pajamas. Ignoring the thought, you sit down in a nearby snow pile. It welcomes you, engulfing your figure softly. You stretch out, wings expanding with the movement. 
“What do you think you are doing!” You spin around quickly at the loud voice, shock settling into your features. Philza stands in the doorway, his appearance messy from just waking up. His wings stretch out behind him intimidatingly. He stomps towards you, harshly gripping your arm and yanking you back to the house. A cold glare stops any words from falling out of your mouth. 
He drags you inside, the door slamming behind the two. His fingers dig into your skin, most likely bruising the spot, when you try to protest his actions. He forces you to sit in front of the fireplace finally letting go to light it. The flames simmer to life, cracking the wood beneath them. The feeling is nice, one that urges you closer to the structure. Philza tosses a blanket to you along with a towel. 
“What were you thinking? Going outside like that and when it is snowing!” His nostrils flare with his anger, his voice getting louder. “You could die out there! You’re a butterfly hybrid, your body can’t handle the cold.” 
You ignore his scolding, not wanting to hear the same things again. You turn to him, scowling. 
“It’s not like I want to live here! If you’d just let me leave I wouldn’t have to worry about that.” 
“I took you in all those years ago, you should be grateful that I’m doing this for you!” 
“I didn’t ask for your help.” You stand up, fists clenching by your side. “You let my brothers leave the house but won’t let me. I’m not weak, I can handle myself.” 
“Obviously not with how you’re shaking.” He runs a hand through his hair roughly, pushing it out of his face for a second. “We will discuss this later, you better not leave this house again.” He storms away, wings sticking out tensely behind up. He passes by some of your brothers on the way to his room. You didn’t even realize they were watching. Rolling your eyes, you sit back down in front of the fireplace. 
You don’t look over at the others even when they call out your name. Wilbur and Technoblade sit nearby, while Tommy relaxes on the couch clearly still tired. Your wings are starting to dry, although some of the scales did fall off. You feel more awake too, not only from the fight but from the heat. As a hybrid, you took on the wings of a butterfly but also some of their abilities. You get sick extremely quickly for being in cold weather too long. Like a butterfly, your wings also do not feel pain, which leads to you being careless sometimes. But, you can still feel when people touch them, like now. Wilbur runs one his hands down your wing, before it lands on your back. He rubs circles reassuringly.
“It may not seem like it, but dad means well.” 
A red cloak is thrown over your shoulders, given to you by your older brother. Techno stares into the flames, the oranges showing in his red eyes. 
“You should apologize to him. He just wants the best for you.”
“Easy for you to say. You’ve always been dad’s favorite.” You shrug his cloak off, not wanting to accept the gift. He grunts at that, ears flicking in disapproval. Being the more awkward of the brothers, Techno gestures for Wilbur to take over again. 
Wilbur tugs you into a side hug, being mindful of your wings. He is silent for a bit, just watching the fire ahead. He can feel your body shake and shiver beneath his arm, but doesn’t mention it. The brothers do worry for you, but he understands your wanting to leave the house. 
“Dad has always been protective of us. All of us.” Wilbur adds onto his previous sentence upon seeing your side glare. He hums to himself in thought before talking again. 
“Remember the first time you decided to join me on a trip to the village?” Seeing your nod, Wilbur continues. “Your wing got a small tear on the trip and we didn’t even notice. Dad saw it right away when we got home and nearly passed out. He wouldn’t let you out of his sight for weeks.” 
“I know Wilbur, but I’m not that young anymore. I just want to go exploring on my own.” 
“I understand that but I think he just overreacts sometimes. You are the first butterfly hybrid he’s met, let alone take care of. He found you when you were just a child, he barely knew how to take care of you.” 
“I just, I sometimes wish he left me there.” It’s silent after you say that, the only noise coming from the fire. 
“You don’t mean that.” 
“...I know.” You sigh heavily. “I love him but I just want some freedom.” 
“And, you’ll get that freedom. We will talk to dad about it.” Techno speaks up this time, trying to get on your good side again. You offer a weak smile to the older brother, thanking him quietly. You thank Wilbur as well, him ruffling your hair in response. You turn to Tommy, about to question his silence until you notice his strewed out form. His limbs overhang the couch, his mouth wide open with drool falling out. He snores quietly, blatantly tired. 
You laugh with the other brothers finding the boy’s tiredness out of place for the one serious moment. You glance around at the others with a smile on your face. Maybe they’re right about everything they’ve said. You’ll have to apologize to dadza tomorrow, if you get the chance. 
. . . 
“I heard everything the other day.” You look over your shoulder at your younger brother, wondering what he even means. You raise an eyebrow in confusion, turning back to the stove. “Well, not everything, but a good amount before I fell asleep.”
You continue to stir the eggs in the pan, although the twitch in your wings convey your emotions enough to teen. He grins mischievously, looking around briefly for a sight of the other brothers before talking again. 
“We can prove to dad, that you’re strong enough on your own.” You stop stirring the eggs, fingers twitching at the suggestion. 
“I’m listening.” 
“There’s an abandoned mineshaft only a few hours away from here. I found it yesterday while getting cobblestone. There’s probably some major loot in there we can find.” 
He pauses in his rambling, tugging at his bandana briefly. “If we can go in there and make it out, dad will have no choice but to listen to you. It’s a great way to prove that you’re strong since that entire place is full of monsters!” 
You turn, facing the brother completely, eggs long forgotten. 
“What do you get out of this?” 
“If there’s any music disks, I want them.” 
You laugh at his seriousness, realizing how Tommy hasn’t changed in so long. He punches your arm multiple times, waiting for you to stop laughing. When your laughs turn to stifled chuckles, you nod lightly. Your cheeks burn from laughing, something that hasn’t happened in a while. 
“When should we do this?” 
. . . 
“We’re just going to get some cobblestone!” Philza groans at the mention of the rock, hating to see another tower erupt near the house. There are already two nearby, adding another seems unnecessary to him. He simply drinks more of his coffee, not wanting to let his thoughts escape his tongue. But, seeing you tag along with the teen makes him stiffen up. Neither of you have apologized to each other, simply avoiding talking all together. It’s dumb to hold a grudge this long, but you didn’t want to be the one to confront him first. 
He watches with a cold expression as you grab a cloak and head out. The cloak is long enough to cover your entire body and wings. It’s soft and warm enough to keep you from freezing over. For a couple hours you trudge through the snow with Tommy by your side. You two talk for a bit about random topics. Occasionally, you fight over small disagreements but nothing too dramatic. 
Soon enough the two arrive at the mineshaft, both peering down into the structure. A small staircase leads down to the creation. The inside is dark but one can still see the shadowy figures of monsters lurking about. With a silent agreement, the two of you head down into the mine. 
You pull out a stone sword from your inventory, along with an old shield. Tommy does the same although he owns an iron sword. The pair roam around for a while, looting chests when they can, collecting ore and occasionally fighting monsters. You eye the cave spider spawner suspiciously, feeling a sense of dread kick in from seeing your hybrid’s natural predator. Your younger brother offers a confused look then destroys the spawner. He mumbles something about ‘weird instincts’ and continues exploring. 
It is a decent haul from the trip, a few diamonds, ores, enchanted books and one disc for Tommy. He seems oddly happy about the find. You’re about to leave when you spot one final chest sitting farther away from the tunnel. You walk towards it, kneeling down to open the chest. Pushing various items around, you notice something glimmer insider. An enchanted golden apple shines in the dark, the object laying gently in your hands. You put it quickly into your inventory, knowing it’ll be an amazing item to give to you dad. 
Something touches one of your wings and when Tommy yells out, you realize it isn’t him touching your wing. It doesn’t feel like anything happened, but from the lightness in your wing, it is easy to tell what occurred. You spin around, swinging the sword frantically at the creature. The zombie groans when the weapon slices through its skin. Tommy runs over, defeating the monster quickly. His breath is shaky when he looks at your figure. 
Turning slightly to look at your back, you see the problem. The bottom of your wing is torn messily from the zombie. Although you’ve lost pieces of your wings before, it’s only been small cuts and tears. But, this is enough to impend flying. A large enough tear that Philza would notice it in seconds. You push the cloak back over your wings, hiding them from view. 
“Does it hurt?” Tommy looks concerned, fear wavering in his voice. 
“It doesn’t. Butterflies can’t feel pain in their wings.” 
He looks relieved at the knowledge but still overall concerned. You both leave the structure, heading to the surface after that. He’s silent the entire trip up. It’s cloudy when you return to the surface, nearing midday. With your younger brother by your side, you begin walking home. 
“So, what disc did you get?” He perks up from the question, beginning a rant about the object. Stal, is the name of the one he found. Arguably, he claims it is better than the ones he found a couple months ago. Despite not even listening to it yet, he is confident in his words. 
“Are you really sure about feeling okay?” Tommy asks after a bit, gesturing to your wings. You sigh and although you appreciate his concern, it is getting a little repetitive. 
“I’m sure. I didn’t feel any pain when it happened.” 
“What will dad say?” You pause, tugging the cloak closer to your body. What will he say? If he finds out, I’ll never hear the end of it. He won’t let me go traveling alone ever. He’ll keep me locked up in the house. I’ll never be free. He will be so angry. He will- 
You're cut off by your frantic thoughts with Tommy calling out your name. He puts a hand on your shoulder, talking even if you can’t hear him. Your chest feels tight, and your breathing gets faster. Tears rise to your eyes and knees feel wobbly. It takes minutes of your brother by your side, to get you to calm down. 
Your breathing is still shaky but ultimately you feel better. 
“I’m sorry, Tommy. I don’t know what happened.” 
“Fuck, it’s okay just, that was some scary shit.” He pauses. “Has that happened before?” 
You shake your head, ‘no’. Taking a deep breath, you stand up straight again. 
“I’ll just hide my wings from dad for now. I’ll think of something in the future.” He nods, looking unsure in your plan. But, he doesn’t say anything about it. On the way home, he stands closer to you as a precaution. Although, the conversation picks back up and resumes like normal. He doesn’t treat you anything differently even with what just happened. The two of you are laughing, when you clamber inside of the house. 
However, you both quiet down, spotting your family resting inside of the house. They all sit around the furniture in silence, watching you both. Philza’s stare is the most uncomfortable, obviously checking over the younger siblings carefully. You clear your throat, greeting the rest with a weak wave. Tommy doesn’t seem to notice the tension, bounding right past the group. You nervously join him, keeping the cloak tightly around your form. 
“How was the trip?” Philza asks, his voice stern. 
“Good, we had fun together.” 
“Gathered plenty of cobblestone?”
You stop momentarily, remembering the excuse you gave him. You and Tommy forgot to get some cobblestone on the way back. You hum in response, not wanting to let out words. 
“Empty your inventories, now.” Philza crosses his arms, anger brewing in his stomach from your lying. You’re about to fight back, when Tommy interrupts. 
“No need to be upset, old man. We found a mineshaft along the way and decided to explore it. No biggie.” He’s nonchalant in his words, trying to hide the original plan you both had. He gestures for you to step forward.
“Right-” you fumble to bring the enchanted golden apple from your inventory- “This is for you.” You hold out the object to you dad, his eyes widening with shock. He takes it into his hands, looking back at you a few times. 
“How did you…” 
“I found it in a chest. But, I also wanted to apologize.” The brothers exchange directed looks amongst one another at that. “I’m very thankful that you’ve been taking such good care of me, but I want some more freedom. I overreacted the other day, I hope you understand.” 
He is quiet, his fingers running over the surface of the food cautiously. He sighs. “I’m sorry too. I just want the best for you, but I shouldn’t be treating you like a child anymore.” He opens his arms for a hug, pulling you closer when you return the affection. He ruffles your hair, tucking the apple into his inventory. 
“I’ll go make dinner, go get cleaned up.” You grin and hurry up to your room. You don’t bother to shower, finding it'll be something you can do later. Your boots are taken off and you throw on cleaner, comfier clothes. You are about to head back downstairs until you catch sight of your form in the mirror. Right, your wings. The tear isn’t too bad when looked at in the light again. 
You grab the cloak from your bed, putting it on again. It covers your wings completely, but the fabric still smells of gunpowder and the mine. You head downstairs, joining your brothers at the kitchen table. Philza is cooking at the stove, a bright pink apron around his body. It was a gift for his birthday many years ago, but seeing him wear it is always a blast. 
“Why are you still wearing a cloak, dear?” Dadza asks, raising an eyebrow in confusion. Technoblade and Wilbur halt their conversation to listen in, just noticing your presence. Tommy freezes up at the question.
“I’m just a little cold.” You pull the fabric tighter around you to try and convince them. 
“Why don’t you take Techno’s cape? He isn’t wearing it now and it’s warmer.” 
“No!” Tommy is the one to interrupt, yelling across the table. He sinks into his seat when everyone looks at him. “Techno has gross germs, yeah, cooties! He has cooties.” Tommy reasons, struggling to come up with an explanation. 
“What are you two hiding.” Techno is monotone with his words, like always, but one can detect his curiosity. Philza leans against the counter, looking between the two youngest siblings. You pull the cloak closer unconsciously. 
“We aren’t hiding anything, it’s true.” 
They’re suspicious, highly suspicious of that. 
“Take off the cloak.” You and Tommy tense momentarily. Philza urges you again, his voice unwavering. He states your full name, with a strong sense of authority. Your hand hovers over the fabric, before pulling it down. Your wings stretch out slightly. Your head ducks down as they check over your figure. 
Wilbur whispers your name softly, seeing the tear across your lower wing. The tension in the room is thick, a storm of emotions brewing amongst the family. 
“What happened.” Philza’s attempts to speak calmly, not wanting to yell right away. Starting an argument wouldn’t be helpful at all. 
“It’s not a big deal, a zombie surprised me that’s all.” There’s so many things your dad wants to say at the moment. I told you so. This is why I don’t let you leave the house. You’re reckless, careless, clumsy. But, he doesn’t. You're his child and injured. Scolding you now would only make the situation much worse. He sees the tears catching in your eyes and looks at his other children. He pulls you into a hug, being mindful of the wings. 
“There’s no reason to cry. We can help you through this. I’m just glad you’re safe.” 
“You’re not mad?”
He bites his tongue. “No, this isn’t your fault.” You smile at his words, pulling him tighter into the hug. It isn’t long until you feel your brothers join the hug, offering their own reassuring words to you. The family moment is ruined though, when a strong smell invades the room. You lift your nose, sniffing the air curiously. 
“Is something burning?” 
Philza pulls away from the hug immediately, running to the stove. He’s dramatic in his actions, accidentally knocking things over. The food he was previously cooking is smoking on the stove. He fans the pan rapidly, screaming when it catches on fire. Techno runs past him to grab the pan, yelping at the hot touch. Your older brother runs it out of the kitchen and outside. He swings the front door open, throwing the pan into the snow. The fire extinguishes in the snow, steam rising to the sky above. 
The family watches in the doorway as the meal sinks in the snow, its burnt appearance sticking out against the tundra floor. 
“Maybe we should eat something that doesn’t require the stove.” 
“Yeah, dad you’re banned from cooking for a month.” 
“A month?”
“You’re right, make it two.” 
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taegularities · 8 months ago
dirty | kth (m)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: Your more than eager boyfriend helps you relieve stress after a hard day at work - and what better place is there to do so than the shower?
pairing: Taehyung x female reader
rating: 18+
genre: established relationship, pwp, fluff, literally mostly just... smut
warnings: explicit sexual content, soft dom!taehyung, dirty talk, handjob, marking/biting, fingering, praise kink, rough sex, shower sex, unprotected sex (reader is on the pill *thumbs up*), light choking, breast play, some pet names, teasing, orgasm delay, cockwarming kinda, tae is the bestest boyfriend! ... i hope i didn’t forget anything haaa
word count: 2.4k (RID. WROTE. SMTH. SHORT!!)
a/n: i wasn’t going to post anything, really - but SOMEONE (*cough* @kookie-chimchim) practically urged me to write this. damn these horny moods. also, thank you @kithtaehyung​, my love, for being my beta, banner-maker, title-giver and for listening to my tae-breakdowns for the past few hours LMAO i love you looootts!! 💞 okay, so - here’s another taehyung-filth (and this guy is definitely getting a break now); i hope you guys enjoy!
Tumblr media
“A little more to the left?”
The man behind you registered your request, his large hands moving to the spot that he knew always hurt the most. And after experiencing one of the most demanding days in a long while, it was an understatement to say that you needed to relax.
When you’d arrived forty minutes ago, you were met with more than you’d ever expected: walking over the threshold, you immediately noticed the calming and pleasant scent of lit candles, the softness of lavender wafting into your direction. Going in further, you soon detected that Taehyung’s preparations didn’t end here - a plate of fresh Pasta Carbonara awaited you on the dinner table, still steaming hot and ready for you to consume and having you break out in the biggest smile that he’d seen in the last week.
So, that had been the reason he’d called and asked you when you’d be home - his tone had been so casual that there’d been no way to figure that he’d had more in mind than just to check on you.
And now, your tummy full and satisfied, you sat between his legs, his skilled hands massaging your back and shoulders that were aching from hours of dancing and repeating the same routines to your students over and over again. You barely registered the voices of the characters in the terrible movie you’d put on, more indulged in Taehyung’s touches and how much relief they brought you.
He, however, was going half insane behind you - since he’d started putting just the right pressure onto the sensitive parts of your muscles, you’d started eliciting sounds that stirred something dangerous in him. He knew how exhausted you were, how much you needed a refreshing shower and sleep; yet, he couldn’t help but shiver a little at your moans that clouded his mind.
“Baby,” he whispered, forcing you to open your eyes at the unusual husky tone.
Taehyung pulled you closer until you almost sat on his lap, your ass brushed his unexpected erection and shaking you awake. His full lips kissed your shoulder softly, his arms stopping the massage and wrapping around your torso instead. “Just want to say that I love you.”
You chuckled, licking your lips as you closed your eyes, purposely tilting your head to reveal the smooth skin of your neck. You felt his warm breath graze your flesh, and you could vividly imagine his gaze on your veins, the urge to kiss, lick and bite you being expressed by the way his cock twitched under you. “I can feel that.”
“Yeah?” he asked, leaning his forehead against your shoulder to control himself - to not extend this night further but to make sure you fell asleep on time.
Little did he know that you had come up with entirely different plans just seconds ago. Moving your hips just a little, you smirked, soon feeling his hands wandering down to your hips to still you before he inquired, “What are you doing, Y/N?”
“Shifting, so I can go and take a shower,” you answered nonchalantly, moving to stand up and face him as you added, “Come with me?”
“To- to the shower?” Taehyung’s soft eyes widened, molten gems staring at you as if it was unbelievably hard to believe that you wanted to shower with the hottest man on this planet.
“Yes, baby,” you said, stretching out your hand for him, “to the shower.”
Hesitating and teeth worrying his lower lip, he eventually intertwined your fingers with his, following you to the bathroom as he felt his pants become uncomfortably tighter. You’d been together for years - and yet, your effect on him never faded.
The next minutes were a fog - in your excitement, you barely knew when the water had become scolding hot, when your lips had collided, your clothes thrown into a corner haphazardly, and you’d landed under the showerhead.
Things like these always started harmlessly: you’d giggle while undressing him awkwardly and screech when you’d step into the water that’d be too cold at first. It would always begin with you styling your hair with shampoo in a funny way and wash and clean each other until you were done enough to dirty each other again.
So when you traced the delicate muscles of his soaked, tanned stomach and chest, focused on the way he was still breathing steadily - his eyes fixed on your fingers -, you knew you were initiating the first steps tonight. Taehyung was weak for your touches - and the further down you went, the more he felt his heart beat faster, the urge to kiss every inch of your body growing.
“You’re so,” you began, eyes shooting up to meet his, watching you fondly, carefully, “so beautiful.”
A gasp escaped him when you wrapped your fingers around his semi-hard cock, starting to move slowly as he came closer, licking his lips suggestively. “Says you,” he whispered, breathing becoming erratic.
“Says I, the luckiest girl in the world.”
With a smirk, he gripped your hips, leaning in to crash his wet lips against yours, immediately molding you into one as his tongue sought out yours. He moaned into your mouth when you increased the pace of your hand moving up and down his shaft, pushing you back slowly until you hit the wall behind you.
“Tell me why you’re the luckiest girl,” he demanded when he parted from you, half-lidded eyes and his baritone voice, coated in lust, causing the coil in your stomach to tighten at a rapid speed.
“Well, firstly, you’re the most handsome man in th- Taehyung, wha-” Your words were cut short when his long fingers, suddenly and without a warning, reached your folds, skipping the tease and directly pushing two of his digits into your needy core.
“You were saying?” he mumbled as your grip around him loosened, mind clearly distracted by what he was doing between your trembling thighs.
“I’m just- I’m just gonna stay silent,” you breathed, chuckling under your breath as he pressed himself closer, his cock basically stabbing your stomach.
His teeth nibbled at your ears, eyes closing as he explored your walls, seeking that one spot that he knew would drive you crazy. And when he curled his fingers, pumping them in and out faster, you mewled as your nails dug into his bicep - and he knew he’d found it. “That doesn’t sound like silence to me.”
Before you could answer, he pulled his fingers out, turning you around and pushing you flush against the cold wall, your nipples perking up at the impact. His cock rubbing between your ass cheeks had you moan and your eyelids flutter shut. He leaned back for a second, turning the water off before he shifted his attention back to your beautiful, naked, perfectly sculptured body.
Admirable. You were so beautiful. The way you stretched your ass towards him, cheeks and palms pressed against the tiles, whimpering although he wasn’t even doing anything to you right now - it had his cock jerk, screaming at him to fuck you sore.
“You’re so fucking hot,” Taehyung whispered behind you, his lips pressing kisses and licking stripes onto the sweet spots of your shoulder. His hand found your clit again as he started to rub slow circles against it. Seeing you falter under his touch, he smiled at your expression - your lips were parted and eyebrows furrowed, and the promise to himself to relieve your stress entirely tonight burned inside him like a forest fire.
“Unfair,” you whined, opening your eyes to meet his hazy ones, “I wanted to finish what I- I started.”
His voice laced with lust, he told you, “Baby. I’ll make sure we both finish today. Just let things flow.”
He continued rubbing his cock against your ass, and you stretched it out just a little further, hinting at him to step up the game he was playing. Instead, he bit the soft flesh of your neck, his tongue lapping at your pulse making you yelp. The movements on your clit sped up, both of your breaths melding as you went crazy for each other, your hand reaching behind you to touch his face.
Taehyung leaned into your palm, kissing it while moving his hand to finger-fuck you hard and roughly - and just as you felt your high near, he pulled his digits out of you entirely, leaving you a whiny mess, sandwiched between him and the wall.
“You ass,” you complained, only to be provoked further when you heard his guttural laugh.
“Don’t worry, baby.” You were still pinned in place when you saw him lick his fingers clean and then reach for the lube that you’d placed in the shower caddy - just in case. “I’ll wreck your world.”
You laughed at his cheesy words, your fingers moving behind you to ghost over his thick cock between your ass cheeks. He sighed deeply as he thrusted in once, putting some lube into his hand before he backed away. He reached down to his cock before fingering your hungry pussy for a few seconds again to coat you both in the slick substance.
And soon, he gripped your waist again, pulling your lower body back just a little to bend you before aligning his throbbing cock with your entrance. His teasing self only rubbed himself between your folds, always pushing in a tiny inch, but backing away again. When he didn’t stop for what felt like an eternity, you exhaled in frustration, slapping his thigh which made him snicker anew.
“My impatient girl,” he said in the sweetest voice, pressing multiple chaste kisses on your cheek, “you’re so incredibly cute.”
“Hey, I’m here in front of you, splendidly naked. Can you not call me cute?”
“But you are. You’re the sweetest, little angel in this world.” He peppered your face with more gentle kisses, making the crease between your eyebrows soften while your pout didn’t falter. “That’s exactly what I mean!”
“Just fuck me,” you ordered, unable to control the grin that appeared on your face.
And with one last lick on your jaw and a quiet “As you wish”, he thrusted in powerfully, shoving his cock deep into you until he was completely buried and wrapped in your walls.
“What the fu-” you screamed out in pleasure, fingers grabbing his wet, black locks.
“Just listening to you,” he said in a shaky voice, starting to move slowly while his bruising grip on your waist tightened.
Your moans soon became a single melody as he stretched you with his cock, each thrust filling you up so perfectly; as if he was made for you, and you only. But his pace was so agonizingly slow, and although you could feel every inch of him that way, you rather wanted him to destroy you entirely.
Taehyung knew, and he was only waiting patiently for you to speak up, your twitching mouth amusing him more than he cared to admit. And then, eventually, his chest filled with pride and excitement as you stuttered, “Taehyung… baby - faster.”
“Such a dirty girl,” he said close to your lips before capturing them, kissing you so fervently as he increased his pace in an instant, going from soft and slow to relentless and unforgiving within seconds.
You moaned muffled into his mouth as his fingers snaked around your body to settle on your tits, squeezing them until you felt like you were losing your mind - just like he was right now. He bathed in the sounds that escaped you, making his hips snap harder against yours. His nimble fingers pinched your nipples, rolling them between his fingertips, and drawing a cry out of you as a result.
Nearly slipping, not from the wetness of the bathtub but from his ministrations, you managed to say, “I love you. So - ah, so fucking much.”
Taehyung slowed his movements as he pulled out until only the tip of his cock remained inside; but then, he thrusted in sharply again, having your cheek slide up against the tiles and elicite a lewd groan out of you. He repeated his action a few times as his fingers found your clit yet again, a low growl rumbling in his chest at your whines as he confessed, “I love you, too, angel. My gorgeous, gorgeous girl. I adore you so much.”
His words had you tripping over the edge, the rubs on your aching bud combined with his lips on your neck and harsh thrusts leaving you gasping for air. You closed your eyes when you unwinded under his touch, and he fucked you through it, whispering sweet promises into your ear that contradicted his raw actions immensely.
“So good for me,” he told you, putting a palm on your neck to pull you back and press your back against his sweaty chest. “So hot. You’re everything to me, princess.”
The pressure on your neck rose slightly, having you gasp as the clenching and releasing of your walls around him made him moan loudly. His lips pressed more wet kisses on your cheek and jaw as he let go, too. Finally, you felt hot ropes of cum shoot through you, colouring your dark walls white as he groaned, nothing but clipped vowels leaving his tongue.
He laughed between shaky breaths as he pulled you close to him, hugging your body as you felt his cock soften inside you. You turned your head to face him, capturing his lips for a deep, delightful kiss.
“God, Taehyung,” you whispered, trying to catch your breath, “you’ll never not fuck me until I feel like I’m floating, right?
Still inside you, he went a few steps back, dragging you with him before he pulled you both down to sit in the bathtub, turning on the water again. As the warm liquid ran over your face, sitting here in his embrace, you noticed just how much at peace you were right now - no one in this world could make your stress vanish like he could.
“Why did you turn on the shower again?” you asked after a while, exhaustion taking over you again.
Taehyung’s steady breathing against your back felt like a lullaby, soothing and pleasant. He ran his fingers through your wet hair, calming your nerves further. “Figured we should clean each other for real. Again.”
You laughed lightly as you said, “We were supposed to wash up, not get filthy in here.”
“Do you regret it?”
“Do I look like I regret it?” you scoffed, looking back at him with a grin.
“Good. Because cleaning up will take some time today,” he said - and after a split second, you felt his cock move inside you again.
“We’re not done yet.”
Tumblr media
taglist: @biaswreckme​ @sugasbabiie​ @ttaechwita​ @hoebii​ @kookie-chimchim​
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Tumblr media
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agentofbarnes · 6 months ago
Hey! I'm new here, and gotta say I really like your writing.
Like, A LOT.
Don't know if you're taking any request, and this may be dumb either way. But this idea has been stuck in my mind and I just know how cliché it is, but what if Reader was a fan of Chris and they happen to go to the same bar and he hears when she's talking to her friends about how much she likes him and they start joking around like
You know what would look good on those shoulders?
Yeah, my legs.
Like I would just love to see his reaction to her saying how horny she is for him.
request | Don't know if you're taking any request, and this may be dumb either way. But this idea has been stuck in my mind and I just know how cliché it is, but what if Reader was a fan of Chris and they happen to go to the same bar and he hears when she's talking to her friends about how much she likes him and they start joking around like You know what would look good on those shoulders? Yeah, my legs. Like I would just love to see his reaction to her saying how horny she is for him.
summary | you can’t help but thirst over your favorite celebrity. chris can’t help but make your dreams come true
warnings | smut, minors DNI, tipsy sex, hookup, chris cums on the reader, unprotected sex (which you should not do w/ hookups), embarrassment
authors’s note | this might be the most fun I’ve had writing, sorry it took so long! seriously, this has been one of my fav requests.
requests are still open, so feel free to request! (rules listed here)
Tumblr media
“Oh, fuck, marry, kill, let’s play!”
“Okay, okay, uh, Henry Cavill, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Robert Downey Jr,” You offered to your group of friends. The table was surround with five girls including yourself. You were celebrating your friend’s birthday at your favorite bar.
“Wait, that sounds like you want us to tell you our favorite Sherlock Holmes,” your best friend chuckles, but I guess Fuck Henry, cause he’s wow...uh, Marry RDJ because he’s Tony fucking Stark and I would probably kill Benedict even though he’s awesome.”
“Oh I got one for Y/N,” Your other friend squealed.”Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and Chris Pratt.”
“Nooo, don’t make me choose!”
“You have to!”
“Can I just fuck, marry, and kiss Chris Evans?” You laughed,”Forget the other two, I want Captain America!”
Chris could help but smirk at that, making his ego inflate. He had been listening for while from the bar, your table nearby enough so he listen to the interesting conversation.
What had drawn him to the table had been you. You in your tight top and infectious smile. You were glowing in the light of the bar. Oh, your voice was angelic and he wanted to know how you sounded when you moaned.
Chris really wanted to get to know you when you talked about your job and the passion you had for helping people. But really got to him is when you started talking about him.
“That’s not the game, Y/N!” Your friend told you.
“Have you seen Chris Evans?” You told her,”Trust me, you won’t want anyone else but him, he looks like he knows his way around in bed.”
“Oh for sure,” another friend interjected,”Those biceps are enough to get me going.”
“He’s so big, I want him to pin me against a wall and just...”
“Oh we get it!” Your best friend laughed.
“I’m sorry, but he does things to me, those biceps, his broad shoulders, I would do anything that man said.” You admitted.
“You know what would look good on those shoulders?” Your friend asked with a smirk, and you know exactly what she’s about to say.
You giggled, taking a sip of your margarita as your friends lean in to hear you.”Yeah, my legs.”
Chris thinks he might combust right there, whether it be from shame or want. He couldn’t help but glance over at you, admiring how beautiful you were. Yeah, your legs would look good on his shoulders and suddenly, that’s all he wanted.
That when Chris formulated a plan, just listening to how aroused you seemed to get as you talked about him.
“Do you remember that scene in Civil War? When he pulls the helicopter—“
“Oh my god, yes, his biceps, oh my god,” You practically moaned before taking another drink of your water. You had switched to water about an hour ago.
“He really gets you going, doesn’t he, Y/N?” Your friend teased,”Bet you’re gonna go home and get that pink vibe out, yeah?”
“Shut up!” You laughed.
“Speaking of home, it’s about time to head back. You wanna stay with us tonight?” Your best friend asked.
“Oh no, I’ve got brunch in the morning with my boss,”You lied. Honestly, you just didn’t want to go over there. You wanted to have your morning to yourself and you knew your friends would want to go out shopping the next day or go to breakfast.
They all hugged you before they left. You had waved them off, assuring them you’d order an Uber after you settled your tab. You managed to get the bartender’s attention, asking for him to settle your tab. Though you didn’t drink that much, you weren’t looking forward to paying off the tab.
“Actually, your tab has been taken care of, ma’m,”The bartender told you.
“Um, what?” You asked very curiously,”By who?”
“Him, in the booth.”
You turned around and you felt your heart sink into your chest as you laid eyes upon none other than Chris Evans. The smirk on his face was unbelievably attractive and you think you might die right there. Your face got all hot, and you wanted to cover up your face in embarrassment. Clearly, he had heart your dirty comments.
You probably wouldn’t have stepped forward if he hadn’t motioned you over there, and honestly, you would probably do anything he said.
“Hi,”You managed to squeak out.
Chris grinned at you, his ego more than inflated by how flustered he made you.
“You always go to bars and talk about men you don’t know?” He asked, wanting to see you squirm.
“Uh...well, I don’t usually come to bars, so no?”You bit down on your lip nervously. You felt like you were about to be scolded.
“No need to be embarrassed,”He assured you, standing up from the booth. Chris towerd over you, stepping ridiculously close.”What’s your name?”
“Y/N,” you answered
“Well, Y/N, I think you’re right,”He whispered, bringing his hand to brush your hair out of your face.
“Those pretty legs of yours would look fantastic on my shoulders, but...there’s only way to really find out.”
Your cheeks heat up like never before, and you feel like your body is on fire as you look down. You can feel the wetness starting to pool in your lace panties. You thanked the universe you wore your prettiest set of undergarments tonight.
You feel his finger hook under your chin to make you look up at him,”So what do you say? Wanna try that out, hm?”
“Yes,”You gasped just before Chris leaned down, connecting his lips against yours. You can taste the beers on his breath, but you didn’t care. You were too engrossed in his touch. His hand slid down your sides and came around to grab a full hand of your ass.
Chris swallowed all the whines that left your mouth. He carefully pulled away, playfully nipping on your bottom lip and it makes you press against him.
His phone buzzed, telling him his driver had arrived.”C’mon,”He uttered against your lips, hands on your hips as he leads you to the nice car outside.
When you get in the back seat, he pulled you into his lap. His hands run up your bare thighs and under the short skirt.
“Think you can be quiet?”Chris whispered against your ear, sending a shiver down your spine.
You nodded until he squeeze your hips,”Yes,” You told him and then his lips were on yours once again. His tongue swirled around yours as he invaded your mouth. He invaded you completely, your senses were devoured by him. He smelled so good, like lilac and sage. You could get lost in his kiss, in him for hours.
Chris’ fingers danced over your thighs until his digits were slipping past your wet folds. You moan out as two fingers tease your sensitive bud. With an arch in your back, Chris groans as you roll your hips against him.
“Been dreaming about this, hm?”Chris almost taunted, his lips trailing down your jaw and took his time to pull those whines from your lips.
You ached with pleasure, grinding your hips down against him and he tutted at you.
“Patience, baby,”He told you, adding just a little more pressure against your clit as he circled around it.
“I want you,”You whimpered.
“I know you do,” Chris rasped,”First you’re gonna cum for me, right here, like naughty girl you are.”
Chris rubbed you intensely, making your thighs tremble over his, your hands go to his shoulders to find something grip onto as pleasure rips through you.
“Chris,” You moaned, head falling on his shoulder as you heave.
“Just in time,”Chris grinned almost proudly. The car stopped in front of this huge house, which you assumed belonged to Chris himself. He helped you out of the car and into the expensive home.
As soon as you pass the threshold, Chris slammed you against the wall. You mewl in response as he gripped your thighs and picked you up. Your hands fell to his biceps, which flexed under your weight.
You kissed down his neck, making him grunt in response. His cock was harder than ever before with how eager you were.
Chris threw you on the bed, making quick work of your clothes.”As much as I love this’s gotta come off.” He peeled the skirt from your body to reveal the red lace you were hiding ,”Fuck, these panties, baby, it’s like you wanted to get fucked tonight.”
He kissed down your chest, down the valley of your breasts, and the your tummy. His fingers hooked in the fabric, pulling them down your pretty legs. Without any second thought, he positioned himself between your thighs.
Your back arched off the bed as he hooks one of your legs over his shoulder, his hand going up to massage your tits. His mouth licked and sucked at your cunt, tongue circling over your clit. His fingers prodded at your entrance, pushing forward into the dripping wetness and making you shake under his touch.
“God, you taste as sweet as you look, baby,”He groaned, kissing thighs as his fingers rubbed your velvety walls. His tongue made contact once again, flattening it against your bud before sucking on it relentlessly.
You swear you see stars by the time he mouth brings your next orgasm around, but before you topple over the edge. He pulls away, licking his lips as he completely pulled away from you.
You cried out at the loss of his touch, wanting nothing more than to cum from his mouth.”Chris, please, please.”
Chris smirked,”You want my cock or not?” He unbuckled his belt, stripping the rest of his clothes. Your mouth fell open at the sight of his thick cock, hanging heavy in the air.
If this is a dream, you hope you never wake up.
Chris smirked down at you, grabbing you by the ankles and pulling you to the end of the bed. You get flustered at how easy it is for him to manhandle you. He pulled your legs up, positioning your legs to where your calves set perfectly on his broad shoulders. Your thighs pressed against his chest as he buried his cock inside your tight pussy with a groan.
Your head leaned back, a moan escaping from your lips which now parted in bliss. You feel so fucking full and you swear this might be the best day of your life.
“I gotta say, your legs do look really good on my shoulders,” Chris huffed out, giving you just a little time to process the stretch of his cock before he drove forward again.
You cover your face at his words, not believing that this was even real until his cock prodding at that sensitive spot so deep inside of you.
Chris briefly moved his hand from your thighs to uncover your face. He wanted to see you fall apart on his cock.
“Fuck, Chris,” You moaned out, wanting to cover your face again like you were embarrassed by how good he was making you feel.
“Baby, if you don’t keep your hands away from your face, I’m gonna tie them to the bed.”
You whined at that, making his smirk even more,”So whiny, God, such a whore for me,”Chris’ fingers dug into your thighs from where he was holding you tight against him as he thrusted into your sensitive cunt.
He stilled his hips, making you whimper desperately for him to continue. Your pussy clenched around him eagerly, yearning for the release you had been denied.
“Tell me what you want,”Chris grilled your thighs tightly,”Come on, you had so much to say before, tell me, what’d you want, Y/N?”
“I want you to fuck me,” You begged, your hands going to fist the sheets as you wiggled your hips against him. He groaned in response, smacking your thigh. That only made you want him more.”Please, Chris, I want you, just fuck me, please, please, ruin me.”
That was exactly what he wanted. He thrusted forward at a harsh speed, fucking into your tight little pussy with no mercy.”You gonna cum on my cock, hm?” Chris huffed, the sound of skin smacking together echoed off the walls mixed with both of your moans and whines.
“Yes,”You cried out, eyes rolling back as your walls clung to his cock and it was almost enough to milk him dry, but he held back, waiting for you to ride your high before he spread your legs and pulled out.
Chris fisted his cock in his hand, quickly rubbing himself until he spurted cum all over your stomach. Your stomach and tits were coated in white. Chris licked his lips at the sight.
“Wanna taste...”You purred and Chris chuckled darkly, running his fingers over his mess before bring them up to your lips. You happily suck his cum off his fingers with a moan.
“You might just be the sexiest thing I’ve ever come across,” Chris grinned, kissing your lips once again.”Might have to keep you around.”
“You won’t see me complaining,”You told him with grin, no longer ashamed of your actions. You wanted him, and as it turned out, he wanted you.
So, when you woke up the next day, you were surprised when Chris made you breakfast, or how he gave you his number. You were a little surprised when he called you that night, and when he stuck around in your life, you were suddenly very happy you chose to fuck, marry, and kiss Chris Evans.
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hpalways · 7 months ago
when they see your tears
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Characters Included: Venti, Albedo, Childe, Diluc
Warnings: None
Venti saw tears in your eyes and halted mid-step. Face dropping in concern, he could only stare at you. He was being reminded of his dear, old friend and the tragedy that happened eons ago, but still left a fresh scar in its wake that could never seem to fade overtime. 
He felt useless during the war of Mondstadt, but it only further added to his determination this time. This time, he would be there for his loved one. This time, he was going to protect you. 
Pocketing his lyre away, he stepped up to you and brushed a finger beneath your eyes to wipe the tears away. His skin wet from the action, he began to think of Dvalin’s tears. Just like Davlin, he cared for you very much. Giving you a smile, he proceeded to comfort you. 
While he did that, he began to sing a soft melody under his breath, to distract you from the internal pain you were going through. It made you pause in your crying, for it was beautifully sad and expressed exactly as you felt. 
When he was done, you had wrapped your arms around him to thank him. Face growing red, he scratched his head in embarrassment. 
On the inside though, he was bursting at the seams in joy, for he had comforted you successfully. He hoped to never see another sad look on your face again... because the sight of it hurt him as well.
With the embrace over, he decided to bring you somewhere else. Of course, he had a great idea to cheer you up some more. 
“Let’s go to the tavern!”
When he first saw the crystal droplets falling down your face, he felt enraged. Who did this to you? Who made you cry? While he battled his inner demons and the fury that always erupted regarding anything including you, you had turned away to try and hide them.
He stopped your actions midway, his cold hand curled around your wrist. Asking you what was wrong, he was met by disappointment when you didn’t respond. 
You were brought into the vicinity of his workshop and Albedo set you down by the fire, which crackled warmly within. Pressing a soft kiss on the top of your head, he then cradled you in his arms awkwardly. 
As you poured out your troubling problems, he would listen patiently. Eyes trained on you solely, he analyzed the situation and calmed when he found out that your tears were from no one’s doings. It had happened because it happened.
Giving you advice on the situation, he was careful of his words and knew exactly what to say to comfort you the most. In due time, you learned a lot from him, being motivated by his encouragement. Albedo was the one who kept you from giving up. 
With tears dried and a stronger resolve from earlier, your heart warmed for the male. Thanking him profusely and giving him a bone-crushing hug, you stood up with a grin on your lips. There was no time to waste. It was time to confront your fears and make Albedo proud.
The blond alchemist wanted to tag along, to make sure things go well. Too embarrassed to fully admit that he was worried about you, he painted his reason with a lie.
“I’ll tag along. For research purposes.”
He never knew what to do when someone is crying, especially if that person was you. To see your twisted expression and the ongoing stream of sadness rush down was a sight to behold. He felt a lot of things in that moment: anger, fear, worry, love. 
Thinking back to the days where he spent living with his precious siblings, he had to comfort them too at times. Maybe this could be deemed helpful -- all he had to do was follow his gut. 
His pockets were full of mora, so he took them out to present them to you. This was going to work, right? His siblings always cheered up after being given money. Reaching out to you with the glittering gold coins in his gloved hands, he shot you a charming smile and tilted his head endearingly. 
You knitted your brows together and scowled. Burying your face into your hands and heaving out a sob, you ignored his attempt to cheer you up. His face fell and he quickly hurried to you. Well, that didn’t go as planned.
Hesitantly placing his hand on your back, he pat your back clumsily. He asked you what was wrong, calling you by the nickname he gave you. His voice sounded desperate, as if he wished you’d stop crying. 
You suddenly choked out a laugh. Childe was so, so terrible at comforting you, but in your opinion, it was adorable to see. You had never seen him so confused about something.
The Fatui man dropped his jaw, but was tremendously relieved to see a smile crack on your face. He dropped his face to your hand and kissed the back of it. 
“We’ve been sitting for long enough. Why don’t we fight some ruin guards together?”
The tears in your eyes made him drop everything. Striding up to you in three brisk strides, he wrapped his arms around you and your face was buried into his warm chest. 
He asked you what was wrong, but when you did not answer, he was sweet and had not pried. You were silently brought outside the gates of Mondstadt, far from the public eye and was set down beside the stretching lake near the city. 
You leaned into him and closed your tear stained eyes shut. Whispering your thanks to him, you slowly and steadily began to doze off. 
He watched as you sleep, feeling a surge of protectiveness towards you. Diluc knew that if you didn’t want to talk about, he wasn’t ever going to force you. But he also knew that he would do anything to ensure you never cry again. Your happiness was his happiness. 
Stroking your hair with a hand, he breathed in your aroma and appreciated the silence. Now that you were sleeping, the stress lines were fading and a peaceful look took over. The sight of it left his heart racing. 
Grabbing a dandelion nearby, he gingerly took it from the ground and tucked the yellow flower behind your ear. 
When you woke up, his red, fiery eyes greeted you. Taking a staggering breath from the cry earlier today, you gave him a small smile and instinctively touched the dandelion. He took you in, relief pouring into him.
“Are you feeling better?”
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whirlybirbs · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
         (  chapter 6′s gif by @buckysbarnes​​ from this lovely set !  )
✪   —   VACANT MIRRORS  ;  B.B.  |  6/?
summary: gunshot wounds, panic attacks, and evil next door neighbors.
pairing: bucky barnes / f!reader
tags: set before & during tfatws, friends to lovers, therapy positive, trauma healing techniques, ptsd mentions, the normalization of anxiety disorders, and a good ol’ slow burn
word count: 5.3k, a filler before the real sexual tension.
a/n: be warned, this chapter has a diy medical procedure where bucky removes the slug from rabbit’s shoulder. it’s nothing too graphic, but keep that in mind! also, i wanted to say thank you to everyone who has rec’d, reblogged, commented, kudos, liked, looked at this fic. the response to every chapter has been so overwhelmingly kind and i’m so thankful that i have the oppurtunity to share this fic with you all. that being said, i broke this chapter up. next week has some spice. ;-)
        (   PREVIOUSLY   |    AO3    |    MASTERLIST  |   NEXT )
Bucky wakes up with a headache that feels like someone’s tapped an icepick between his eyes. A fire-bright burn radiates under his ribs.
It’s a slow creep back to reality — he just lays there and stares at the peeling wallpaper that meets the corner of the ceiling for a while, knowing deep in the back of his muddled, confused thoughts that he most likely has a nasty concussion, maybe a few broken ribs.
How? Hm. Fighting. Music? The club.
He sits up fast and Bucky’s blue eyes struggle to adjust in the low-light of the scarcely furnished apartment. The searing pang of his headache is enough to make his stomach churn, but he’s had worse. So much worse. This is manageable. So, he swallows down the nausea and looks around the room like a wounded animal — and almost immediately, relief greets him at the sight of you in the armchair across from the couch.
Your hair is a mess, falling from it’s previous style that you’d proudly worn to The Glass Cannon. Your lipstick is smeared, there’s glitter on your cheeks, and your make-up has transitioned from starlet beauty to broken-hearted bombshell. Bucky notices, with a bit of dismay, that you’re even missing an earring. There’s a nasty bruise forming along the peak of your cheekbone and a gash there from when Alexei had cracked you across the face with the pistol — and even despite all this, Bucky can feel his heart clench at the sight of you. A good clench. The sort that makes his heart kick into a stutter step.
You look… well, you look like someone who’d had the shit choked out of them and then was shot.
Your jacket, punched clean through with the single bullet hole, is hanging over the back of the chair and there’s gauze taped to your shoulder. You’re leaning your good cheek in your hand, attention turned totally to Bucky, where you’ve fallen asleep. From here, you’re a picture of exhaustion.
Anxiety flashes in his heart and he swings his legs over the edge of the couch.
Suddenly, there’s a hand on his shoulder.
“Take it easy.”
It’s the woman from before, Kiwi, and she’s got an ice pack in her hands. It’s wrapped in a ratty, green dish towel, and she hands it off to Bucky with a pitiful little look. Rounding the couch, Bucky finally gets a better look at her.
She’s older than you, maybe by a handful of years, but sharp and beautiful nonetheless. Her hair is dark as night and the tips are drenched in a lime colored dye. Her eyes are dark, too, ringed by kohl and glitter, and Bucky wonders if he’s ever seen her before.
“You heal quick,” she says quietly as she plops down into the chair across the room. On a makeshift desk, there’s a laptop, “Care to explain how you know our dear friend Rabbit here?”
Bucky shifts uncomfortably. Again, his eyes fall on your sleeping form.
He maneuvers the ice pack in his hands, then gently presses it to his ribs. He melts a bit, ignoring the evident tears in the silk shirt. He feels bad — he’d busted some of the seams in the midst of the brutal scuffle and it seems like this artifact of Jaimie’s was most likely beyond salvation.
His dog tags jingle against his chest.
“Therapy,” Bucky croaks, “We, uh, we met in therapy.”
A new voice comes into the picture now, one that’s muffled by a mouthful of food.
“That’s cute.”
It’s the other one, Climber. He’s traded in his all-black, all-polyurethane outfit for an expensive looking t-shirt. Without the strobes, without the tunnel vision, Bucky can now see the intricate buzz cut that sits beneath the mountain of blue curls on his head. There are patterns buzzed into his tight-shave. He’s got a smile, too, the glimmers a little too artificially. Bucky spies crystals inset on his incisors between bites of what looks like a bowl of cereal with no milk. Spoon and all.
“I don’t think we’ve properly met,” Climber says as he plops down next to Bucky on the couch, “What’d you say your name was?”
A hand is jutted his way. Bucky blinks. He shakes it with his vibranium hand.
“I’m Bucky.”
“Well, I’m gay and you’re gorgeous,” he says candidly, giving it a good shake, “So, if that’s of any interest—”
“Can you please shut up, Climber?” comes an irritated rasp from you in your armchair. Bucky turns to watch as you raise your head and rub your eyes, “Christ, I just fell asleep.”
“And your little supersoldier just woke up,” Kiwi chirps from her preoccupation with the laptop and contents on it, “So why don’t you stop being a little baby and let him look at that gunshot wound.”
Bucky’s face falls flat. He drops the ice pack to the coffee table with a thwunk.
You sit up, gingerly trying to maneuver yourself so as to not bother both your ribs and your shoulder. It takes a moment, but finally you’re sitting up with only a dull ache of pain throbbing beneath your skin. Now, the real sting comes from the bitter look Bucky has pinned you with.
“You haven’t cleaned it yet?”
“The shits in the kitchen,” Kiwi waves at Bucky, as if to say told you so, “She fuckin’ refused to let me take care of it.”
“You’re going to get an infection if it stays in you any longer,” he snaps, standing to his feet, “Get up.”
“Kiwi isn’t exactly the most gentle person I know,” you manage to supply as an excuse as you move through the room, “And I know that thing isn’t coming out without a fight.”
He can feel the grey hairs coming in already.
You stand slowly, and Bucky looms behind you as you weave into the small apartment’s kitchen.
It’s barely lived in, but a few years ago it most definitely had life. Now, it’s mostly abandoned save for a few necessities. Kiwi had told you, a long time ago, about this spot — it was her parent’s place before the Snap. After the Blip, they ended up moving back to Massachusetts. Now abandoned by anyone seeking to really live in the one bedroom, it sits collecting dust until Kiwi inevitably needs it.
Like now.
“Up on the counter.”
You wince at his tone, but still thankful to be away from Kiwi and Climber’s prying eyes.
For the entire time Bucky had been out, you’d been subjected to a myriad of questions — all were fair, really, since Bucky did just bust out the Avenger-level super-moves on some Russian mafiosos for your sake, vibranium arm and all. The arm was really the biggest stuck point in the conversation as you tried your best to explain the nature of your relationship with the unconscious supersoldier on the couch. It was met with plenty of looks, both curious and skeptical.
You’re slow to hop up on the dusty marble countertop. From there, you watch Bucky poke through the kit that Kiwi had pulled from under the sink.
Then, with the calculated process of a man who has pulled one too many bullets from himself, Bucky slams the kit shut and wanders into the bathroom.
He returns with a pair of large tweezers. He’s silent as the dead as he rummages for a pan, fills it with water, and sets the gas burner on. He stares, watching the pot boil, as his foot taps against the floor.
You swallow down any comments.
There’s a clean towel beside you, and Bucky casually reached into the boiling water with his vibranium hand to retrieve the tweezers — whether or not he purposely ignored the pain is lost on you. You’re too busy anxiously spiraling into silence.
(He’s trying to ground himself, to feel something other than panic. It’s a mild spike, but it’s still panic. Because you’re hurt. Because you still have a fucking casing lodged in your shoulder and he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to you. Ever. Because he saw it happen and then it was black, and now that anxiousness is creeping in.)
Rubbing alcohol, tweezers, gauze, tape, and… Jack Daniel’s.
It’s from the top of the fridge. It’s got a layer of dust on it — and it’s unopened.
Bucky unceremoniously pops the cap and hands the open bottle to you.
You take it and pause.
Bucky’s gaze is cold.
“You’re gonna want to take a few swigs, Doll.”
You almost snarl. You take a long drink then, ignoring the burn of the whiskey down your throat. It’s only when you’ve had enough to nearly gag that you hand the bottle back and then hiss:
“Don’t call me Doll.”
He takes the bottle and unceremoniously slams it down on the counter.
His movements are rough as he washes his hands — and if Bucky was a better person, maybe he’d take a second and parse through why he was feeling so damn irritable. But, no, no, he could figure out that he was angry at himself and you and Alexei Gardzov and Innessa Sidrova and fucking… everyone because he can’t have any normal relationships in his life without there being bloodshed or pain or suffering. That was enough, and he didn’t want to dig deeper into the nipping fear of losing you, not now, not when he had a job to do—
You suck in a sharp breath when his fingers brush your collarbone. He gently moves the delicate strap of your bodysuit, ignoring the soft skin beneath, and pulls the gauze away from your shoulder.
Your jacket had taken most of the impact it seems. Bucky frowns deeply at the pink fibers clinging to the entry wound. It’s a nasty puckered bit of flesh, smeared with blood, right in the soft muscle of your left shoulder. The hole is a little smaller than a quarter — Bucky recognizes it as shot from a 9mm almost immediately. He’s taken a few of these in his days. He’s glad it wasn’t close range. The burns from the muzzle flash make for nasty scars. He’d know. He has one on his back, right above his hip.
Bucky’s jaw is tight. He’s gritting his back teeth. His headache throbs angrily behind his eyes.
Bucky leans, eyeing the wound carefully. His limited reaction is enough to spark a little light of bravery in your gut, and you move to look at the hole — only to find a vibranium hand rooting your jaw in place. It’s gentle enough as it recorrects the line of your gaze straight ahead. His thumb rests on the curve of your chin as his index climbs your jaw, and the vibranium is warm and cold all at once. It’s an odd sensation. Not bad, but not flesh.
You like it.
(You find your mind quickly flashing with the thought of what that hand would feel like in other places. You ignore it.)
Your eyes are stuck on Bucky.
He’s clearly upset — the pinch between his brows and the evident scowl on his lips is enough of an indication. The bridge of his nose is busted and there’s a bruise crawling under his left eye. The shirt you’d given him is a wreck, and as he bends to snatch up a rubbing alcohol soaked pad, the feeling of shame creeps up on you. The anxiousness that’s settled in the pit of your stomach doesn’t help.
Arguably, it exacerbates the symptom.
The whiskey is slow to make an impact.
But, when Bucky finally swipes the gauze across the wound, your ankles have begun to tingle and it isn’t blinding white pain you feel — not yet. It’s sharp and it feels like he’s touching your shoulder blade when he presses his fingers into the holes to clean the immediate area. That has you grimacing tightly.
His obsidian-hued hand holds your face still through it.
So, you opt to stare.
His arm reminds you of some pottery you’d seen back at the Museum of Modern Art once, on a school trip. In a dimly lit room, spotlights lit up a row of vases that had been gilded back together with gold-dusted sap. You’d sat there for nearly an hour, staring at those things. You can’t remember the name now, not while Bucky does one more pass across the wound. It started with a ‘k’. It was beautiful. You loved that exhibit. Why can’t you — fuck — remember the name? Kinsi… kinsigumi? Gumi. Kintsi —
You grit your teeth and grip the counter tightly. He pauses. You exhale.
You inhale.
The seams of his arm remind you of Kintsugi.
It’s beautiful.
Bucky’s eyes flit to yours. He sees your stare.
Maybe it’s the pain, or the half-cocked daze, but the look in your eyes is enough to spur an immediate reaction. Bucky scowls. He yanks his hand back, retreating to the supplies on the counter. He’s pulled, hard and fast, and now he seems miles away.
Quietly, and with a bit more chill than he intended, he speaks. “If it was making you nervous, you should have said something.”
Your head snaps to him.
“What?” you ask, nearly incredulously.
He’s silent. He has the tweezers in his hand now.
Your eyes narrow critically — and instead of shame and anxiety, it’s hurt that flies off your tongue. It’s drenched in enough pain that Bucky hears it in the waver of your voice.
“You think I’m afraid of you?”
It’s nearly a whisper.
He swallows.
He ignores it. He has to. He doesn’t want to know the answer. Either way that conversation goes is enough to drag him into territory he can’t handle right now. Not when he needs to do this without his hands shaking.
“This is going to hurt.”
Your mouth is open — be it shock or anger, he’s not sure. Bucky, however, makes a point of ignoring your expression and your reaction by handing over the whiskey once more. You snatch it from his hands quickly. There’s a look on your face that makes his chest ache. With one last pass over him with your eyes, you take a long swig.
You feel like crying.
You won’t, though. Not now. Not while he does this.
You deserve this.
And holy fucking hell does it hurt. It’s like someone’s taken a hot poker and punctured your skin, then rotated it around and around and around. You can feel every time the tweezers touch the bullet because the metallic little click echoes in your chest. It’s enough to make your head spin, and you grit your teeth and close your eyes and try to breathe — but even after a handful of minutes, when Bucky finally retrieves the slug, there’s no relief. Just a desperate throb.
Your hands are shaking when you reach for the whiskey once more.
You do cry, finally, when Bucky packs the hole.
He rolls the gauze up tightly into a cylinder and, as gently as he can, pushes it in.
It’s a horrible choke of pain that you smother into your palm and pant through. It reminds you to breathe, and while you stare up at the water damage on the kitchen ceiling, Bucky tapes a square piece of gauze over the bruised wound and wraps your shoulder tightly. He takes his time, but there’s a curtness to his actions.
Finally, when he begins to clean up the mess of bloodied gauze, you speak.
“If you’re mad at me, then just say it.”
He snaps almost immediately, like a kicked dog. “And say what, Rabbit? That I almost lost you?”
Your mouth slips shut.
Bucky pauses what he’s doing. He drops the gauze onto the towel and he bares both hands against the counter top. He leans and exhales and drops his own head back — then, you can see his own waves of anxiety knocking him against the shore of composure. His eyes move back and forth, he inhales, and then after a long while he speaks.
It’s calmer. Not so horribly mean.
“You should have told me about Alexei.”
You go to speak — but he stops you.
“I mean really, really told me,” he explains, “Had I known he wanted your fucking head mounted on a spike, I would have kept you far away from that place.”
“We had to—”
“No,” he says sternly, standing up full height, “No, we didn’t. We never have to do anything that’s going to put you in danger. Never. I won’t do it again. You should have fuckin’ told me.”
You’re quiet.
“A few more inches to the right,” he says, gesturing to your throat with his finger. His eyes are expressive and he’s speaking like he’s lived this experience, “You’d be dead. Cold and dead and I’d be here, carrying the fucking guilt around with me because I wouldn’t have been able to do anything.”
His voice splinters at the end — but he’s moved to throw away the gauze and dump the tweezers in the sink. He can’t look at you as he says it, and you know that. Because, just like before, people like you and him have a hard time looking the truth in the eyes.
You slide off the counter.
Your heart is sad. It’s heavy and mournful and weighed down with guilt.
It’s soft. He’s scrubbing your blood from his hands.
He doesn’t turn around. He can’t. He can feel the prick of an anxious breakdown beginning to climb into his eyes. Instead, he scrubs and scrubs and scrubs and your blood is stuck in the plating of his hand and it’s not going to come out—
Think of what could have happened if it had been a few inches to the right. The arched spray. Blood everywhere. She can’t speak through the gargle, she’s going cold, she’s gone. And, like always, you’re alone again, Bucky.
Then, your hands are on his.
The touch is enough to stop him. It’s enough for him to move aside at the large, inset kitchen sink. You exhale slowly as you run the water a little warmer and gingerly run his hands under the tap. Your hands are smaller than his, a bit more delicate, and he’s stunned into a sharp silence at the feeling of your fingertips gently washing away the crimson blood.
You grab another dish towel from a drawer beside the stove.
Then, in the dim light of the kitchen, you take both his hands and dry them.
It’s the vibranium hand that you pay special attention to, though. And Bucky feels like a fucking idiot — just standing there, just watching as you run the rag between the gilded plating and use gentle pressure to get into the harder to reach spots. You turn it over, and you dry his knuckles.
You take your time.
You don’t look up when you speak. You’re focused. Almost reverent.
He doesn’t deserve this.
“I’m not afraid of you,” you say sternly.
His mouth is dry. “Rabbit…”
Bucky shifts on his feet and takes a deep inhale. He feels lightheaded.
The whiskey, and the closeness of the two of you, makes your skin warm. His whole nervous system feels like it’s on fire.
“I didn’t mean to stare, I don’t ever mean to,” you apologize as your hands still over his arm. He watches your irises trace the plating above his wrist. The rag is forgotten, its purpose null. Your words are heavy, and Bucky can hear a little shake in them as you swallow, “I just… think it’s beautiful.”
You’re beautiful.
Even now, blood-soaked and sweat-stained. With makeup running down your cheeks and your composure in shambles. Even now, on the run and apparently wanted, you’re incredibly beautiful. Bucky hates how easy it is to admit and how hard it is to keep off his tongue. It nearly gets the better of him. He watches your eyelashes flutter. When you look up at him, the world is suddenly drowned in honey.
“I’m sorry.”
You mean it.
Your bottom lip wobbles.
Bucky, immediately, regrets being so goddamn cold.
You were just trying to help — you were just trying to do the right thing.
“Stop it. Come here.”
The hug is the first time you can remember touching him like this. You think you’ll always remember it, too. It’s sturdy and warm and gentle and honest and you bury your face into the shoulder as his arms come up around your neck. He’s careful of your own injured shoulder, and his fingers find the base of your neck. Around his waist, your fingers dig into the back of his shirt. Both of you ground yourselves in the other’s arms, and for the first time in a handful of hours, you both find peace.
Quiet, sturdy, lovely peace.
And the two of you stay like that for a while in the quiet little kitchen.
It’s not until Climber’s voice rises from the living room that you’re pulled away from Bucky — and even then, your face linger inches from one another for a moment too long. Neither of you say a word, only swallow down confessions that could have been, and move on.
“Oh, girlie, you’re gonna wanna see this.”
Bucky frowns. With your brows knotted tightly together, you weave through the kitchen and back into the living room.
Kiwi has sat up and both her and Climber have their eyes on the bulky flat screen on the dust-covered entertainment center. It’s cable news, and as Climber leans to turn the television up, a picture of you flashes across the screen.
It’s a photo from your arrest six months ago.
“Local authorities are asking that anyone with information on the whereabouts of this young woman call the FBI’s anonymous tip line—”
“Is there a reward?” Climber whispers almost excitedly, eyes on the screen.
“—Authorities are offering $100,000 dollars to the person who provides enough information to lead up to this dangerous fugitive’s capture.”
“Dangerous fugitive?” hisses Bucky.
“A hundred thousand dollars?” cries Kiwi, “Who the fuck did you piss off?”
You inhale deeply as you wave your hands. “The bigger question is who the fuck knew I was going to The Glass Cannon last night. Because they’re looking for me — not you.”
You point at Bucky and the gears are turning in your head.
The pacing is almost immediate, and Bucky crosses his arms tightly as you begin to walk back and forth behind the full length couch that Climber is currently spread out on.
It’s cut short, though, by Kiwi’s laptop chiming successfully.
“Well,” she stands quickly, “I have a feeling that someone knows you’re onto them. And the facial recognition software just got a match. A three point one, too.”
Your eyes brighten.
You’d given Kiwi the photo of the young Innessa, with all her decorated furs and blonde curls. She’s laughing and she’s young and she’s in love and it’s hard for you to imagine a woman like her to be dangerous. While you’d made sure Bucky was propped up comfortably on the couch and then finally calmed down from the adrenaline high enough to get comfortable yourself, Kiwi had dug out the hard-drive she kept on her at all times and began pulling data from the Alexandria Library files.
It had been a handful of hours, so it was clear that Innessa had hid herself well in the vast, expansive database SHIELD kept for all those years while it was in operation.
Bucky is quick to gather behind Kiwi, eyes scanning the screen.
Sure enough, when you come to look at the photos pulled up on Kiwi’s screen, there’s a hit. There’s an identification card photo of an older woman, maybe in her forties, pulled up alongside the photo Bucky had given you. Her hair is no longer blonde, but deep auburn color. She’s marked as having worked with Rumlow — a supervisor of some sort. Makes sense. You didn’t need to see a picture of Crossbones to remember Brock. Even when you’d interned, he’d been infamous.
And that was when he was one of the good guys.
There’s a handful of other photos of her — candids, professional photos, and even one where she is shaking Tony Stark’s hand.
And in all of them, you see your next door neighbor Bonnie McLayne.
Bucky blinks. Kiwi turns to look at you over her shoulder.
Again, you speak. Your eyes are wide. You can’t look away from the screen.
“Fuck, fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”
Bucky’s face narrows considerably, confusion melting to make room for realization.
His voice is quiet.
“Do you know her?”
“Oh my god,” you say loudly, shaking your head and blinking, “Oh my fucking god, that’s my neighbor.”
Bucky can feel his whole face go clammy.
“The neighbor who—”
“—Who I showed your fucking picture to,” you nearly shriek, “Like it was some cute little matchmaking game!”
Immediately both hands are over your face as you throw your head back. Now, the pacing has begun, and like you’re being carried on autopilot, you begin to move back and forth and back and forth and—
“You don’t think she’d hurt Poke, do you?”
“Oh god, oh god—”
Oh, you’re having a panic attack.
Oh, that was quick. Brutally fast. Nearly immediate.
After all, she knows where your family lives. She gets Holiday cards from mom to give to you. She’s been your closest friend for nearly six years. But she’s not Bonnie, she’s Innessa fucking Sidrova. She’s seen you with Bucky. She knows — she knows a lot and you don’t know anything and you’re miles from home, from Poke, from Mom, from Ana… Oh, god, the baby. The baby.
“The baby.”
Bucky’s voice is level. “Rabbit, you gotta calm down.”
“I have to call my mom.”
“No,” Kiwi snaps immediately, “They’re going to be watching for your cell phone pings. No calls, no texting, none of it. And god forbid this woman is one step ahead of the FBI—”
“Oh, god.”
You gasp like a fish out of water, paralyzing fear sending you to lean against the back of the couch.
You claw at your chest and try to remember what Dr. Hart said about these sorts of moments. Square breathing. In and hold and out and hold. Again and again.  
“Sit down,” Bucky says as he returns to your side, nearly sweeping you up long enough to plop you down into the armchair from before, “And do me a favor and breathe.”
The whiskey isn’t helping right now.
“I’m trying.”
Another gasped breath.
Climber and Kiwi watch.
Bucky shakes his head sternly, kneeling on one knee and snagging your hands. “Don’t try. Just do it. You can do it. Just follow my lead — you’re the sidekick, after all. Remember? C’mon. There’s the smile. Breathe.”
So you do.
In, hold. Out, hold. You draw a square with one hand on your jeans and hold onto Bucky’s with the other.
Again, in and hold. Out and hold.
And again.
And then, you just listen to Bucky’s breathing.
You’re not sure how long it takes — half an hour, ten minutes, who knows — but finally you’re able to calm the spiraling thoughts in your head. Finally, the loudness quiets down, you catch your breath, and the world isn’t falling apart. The bite of anxiety still remains in the hollow of your chest and Bucky can see that when you finally open your eyes and squeeze his hand.
There’s that look again between the two of you. The one from before, in the kitchen.
“Good?” he asks quietly, blue eyes swimming with some sort of emotion you can’t really pin down. Not now. Maybe, if you’d been a bit more collected, you would have seen it as infatuation. But, no. It’s just… nice.
You swallow and nod.
“Damn, girl,” says Climber from his spot on the couch, “Now I’m starting to get the whole therapy thing.”
“Thanks, dickhead.”
“That’s recent, isn’t it?” he asks, genuine worry crossing his face as he stands to gently pass a hand over your back, “I don’t remember it ever being this bad.”
Your face is sad. “I was just partying through it back then. Distraction was always the best method and then… When I had no more distractions and it was just me? Alone? And, psh, the accident with Jaimie? It got worse. So much worse.”
Climber’s eyes soften. “I’m sorry, bunny.”
You try to put on a brave face.
Bucky stands from in front of you and begins his own pacing. This one isn’t so much born out of anxious nature — but more of a tactical logic born out of keeping you safe.
This wasn’t exactly the turn he was expecting.
“You didn’t recognize her?” he asks after a moment, voice high and tight.
“I’m sorry,” you wave a hand, exasperated, “She doesn’t exactly look the same as she did in the 70s.”
Kiwi frowns at the screen. “Definitely botox.”
Bucky squints. He looks to you for an explanation.
You vaguely gesture to your face.
His brow lifts, he closes his eyes, and he sighs.
Kiwi is next to pipe up. “It explains why the feds are looking for you, especially if she saw you with the one man she knows is looking to hunt her down — so, I think it’s best the both of you lay low for a couple of days.”
“Not to mention,” Climber wags a finger, “Bucky the Babe over here did just piss off one the smaller Russian crime families in New York. So, there’s always that ontop of the evil Nazi-HYDRA-woman-next-door.”
You groan.
“Poke has enough food for a week,” Bucky says nearly reading your mind, “He’ll be fine.”
“So, what? We just wait here? Until something happens?”
“Sidrova is going to try and bait us out,” Bucky mutters, “She knows she can’t just disappear. She’s been settled for too long and we know too much. Engaging us in an altercation is how she’ll do it. Plus, I have a feeling she wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to shoot me in the knees after a few decades. So, we wait.”
“Few decades?” Kiwi whispers.
“How old are you?” Climber asks.
“Hundred and six.”
Both of them just blink at an unphased Bucky.
You sigh, finally standing on wobbly legs. “This feels like a bad idea. I’m just stating that for the record.”
“Better than her hunting the both of you down,” Kiwi supplies, “You can stay here. There’s cable, there’s booze, and there’s plenty of instant ramen to last you until winter.”
“Stale cereal, too.”
“Wait— where are you two going?” you ask, narrowing your eyes, “You’re leaving?”
“Keeping our hands clean,” Kiwi says, closing her laptop, “And letting you be the sidekick, bunny.”
The sadness in your heart grows a little heavier at those words, but there’s a little bit of pride in Kiwi’s tone. As she stands, she moves to wrap her arms around you in a gentle hug. Quietly, she murmurs into your hair.
“Your dad would be proud of you, y’know.”
Bucky watches.
Climber is next, and that hug is bigger, more brotherly, more like sunshine and less like autumn.
“Don’t be a stranger, Rabbit.”
“I’m sorry,” you blurt out as the two of them gather their belongings, “For dragging you both into this. But, thank you. You didn’t have to help me—”
“Yeah, we did,” Kiwi chirps as she knocks Bucky on the arm three times, “Keep her safe, aakarshak purush.”
The Hindi rolls off her tongue with ease.
Bucky laughs. “Bahut lamba.”
Kiwi pauses mid-step. She narrows her eyes. There’s a smile on her lips. “Your pronunciation isn’t bad.”
He shrugs plainly. “I get lunch almost everyday at the Indian place below my apartment, so. The owner has been teaching me some stuff on the side.”
An approving nod.
Kiwi hucks you the keys across the room.
She points at Bucky.
“I like him. Try not to fuck that up, eh?”
And then, the two of them are gone.
And it’s just you and Bucky in the empty apartment.
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inacatastrophicmind · 18 days ago
The fire was crackling as the rain fell outside, which drummed softly against the walls and the windows of their house. Every now and then, there was the distant sound of the occasional thunder, never too loud to silence the sound of the falling rain.
Cas closed his eyes and hummed pleased. He was sitting on the floor, feeling the warmth of the fire Dean had started as he relaxed with the sounds of nature.
It was so peaceful.
He heard Dean’s steps, but Castiel didn’t open his eyes until he knew Dean had reached his side. Dean was carrying two mugs; one with tea for Castiel, and another one with hot chocolate for himself, because Dean despised tea. Both beverages smelled great, which added to the feeling of coziness of that rainy afternoon.
“Thank you, Dean,” Castiel said as he took his mug.
“No problem, Cas,” Dean said before he sat down next to Cas.
Once Dean was settled on the carpet, next to Cas’ side, Castiel leaned towards him for a soft kiss. Dean hummed happily once their lips pressed.
“Not so fast,” Dean grunted when Cas was pulling away.
He chased Cas’ lips for another kiss, and Castiel chuckled, both happily and amused.
By the time they pulled away, both of them were grinning.
Closing his eyes, Castiel took a sip of the tea Dean had made him, letting himself enjoy the taste of the hot beverage. He opened his eyes and smiled, which made Dean kiss his cheek.
Dean let out a happy sigh before he rested his head on Cas’ shoulder. Immediately, Cas pressed a lingering kiss on Dean’s hair, earning him a happy and relaxed smile from the former hunter.
Castiel put his mug aside, and reached for Dean’s hand, wanting to hold his hand. Judging by the comforting squeeze Dean gave him, he had also wanted that touch.
“This is so fucking nice,” Dean confessed, sounding really happy.
“It really is,” Cas agreed, feeling the same happiness as his husband.
Dean hummed, pleased. “Just you, me, a nice fire, the soothing sound of the rain, some damn good hot chocolate, and that nasty hot leaf soup you like so much.”
Castiel rolled his eyes and pushed Dean away. “You are insufferable, Dean.”
Dean laughed, and that sound always made it hard for Castiel to stay mad at him. Dean seemed to have that same problem when the situation was reversed.
Still, Castiel managed to keep an annoyed look. However, Dean could see through that, and he rested his chin on Cas’ shoulder, giving him a cocky and amused look, waiting patiently for Cas to drop the pretense.
“Keep giving me that look and I’m gonna be turned on,” Dean said with a teasing smile.
Castiel snorted and, against his will, a smile appeared on his lips. “You are terrible, Dean.”
“I’m the fucking worst, sweetheart,” Dean teased. Not so long ago, Dean might have meant that, but it had been some time since he started to accept himself, just like Castiel did. They helped each other on that. “But you still love me,” Dean added, softly.
“Of course that I love you,” Cas said, with eyes full of love.
Dean smiled, in that way he always did when Castiel told him he loved him. The one smile only Castiel could see.
“And I love you too, Cas,” Dean said, with so much love in both his voice and in his eyes.
Then, Dean leaned and kissed Castiel softly but passionately.
They sighed happily and smiled at each other when their lips separated. Dean then proceeded to rest his head back on Cas’ shoulder and they kept watching the flames of the fire, hearing its crackling, its sound accompanied by the constant sound of the falling rain.
Dean squeezed Cas’ hand and Cas squeezed Dean’s hand back.
It was something so simple, to be there with the love of his life while hearing the rain and feeling the warmth of the fire in front of them, but it was the definition of love and happiness for the two of them.
Castiel smiled again and pressed a lingering kiss on Dean’s hair, feeling loved, happy and safe.
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lettersfromkhaenriah · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Oohh another request haha. I love this thank you and i hope you like it :>
Tumblr media
were the bruises to your heart worth it?
Childe angst
You mulled over your sister's words for the nth time today. Her voice playing on loop inside your head, drifting in and out of a mundane daydream.
"why are you still with him?" you wondered as well as to why you still stuck with Ajax, all these days in 3 years of being wit him. Perhaps it was devotion, it was love to persevere even in the wrath of crumbling times and yet why does your heart ache a little more these days he's been far from you.
The days when he would come home, wounded and tired you were there to nurse him back. Back then it was something you'd do out of care and worry, which was until these recent days where it felt as if it were a job you didnt want to do as he would shrug you off instead and locking himself in another room. You barely remember the time where you both shared a quiet night basking in each other's presence, with limbs in a tangle and your forehead upon his beating chest, it was almost none existent as the home you both had felt so utterly desolate, void of the homey ambience.
Youve endured a month of his uncalled behaviour, breaking you even further as things slipped from your grasp leaving you empty and in agony. There were times you'd silently let tears fall as he slept so soundly beside you, unbothered by your pain. He's become more and more as the harbinger you forgot him to be and not your darling lover Ajax.
He never noticed your puffy eyes, sunken cheeks and dwindling weight yet he noticed all the small mistakes youve made. Where one day, left you with a bruise on the arm due his snake like grip after blowing up on you right after he came home from a long journey to sumeru.
You left. 
Childe came home earlier than expected, once again tired and nursing a few minor wounds on his body. All he wanted was your touch on his skin as you lulled him to sleep only that to his utter surprise that the house was empty. Perhaps you went out for an errand or for another pot of your favourite flower that you kept in the small garden at the back.
Not giving it too much thought, he lounged on the couch awaiting your return, eyelids soon drooping as the soft pillow coaxed him to sleep.
As the grandfather clock swings its pendulum, the sound echoing through the whole room signifying the arrival of midnight, an eerie sound waking Childe back to consciousness. Groggy from rising he scanned the room only to find it darker than before, if it werent for the nearby lamp he switched open, he swore he couldve been swallowed by the darkness.
Were you not home yet?
A dreadful feeling washed over him as your presence was nowhere around the house. He called out for you as he rushed through the halls, a sliver of hope vanishing every corner turned and every door opened led to nothing but misery.
You always leave a note as to where you are going and yet it was another one out of the many abnormalities in his home.
"Darling? Please i hope youre not playing with me!" he calls out to no one in particular, denying the fact of your existence gone with the wind. Your clothes were all intact and so does your other belongings. He thought of every possibility of what couldve befallen his lover, mostly gravitating towards the worst of the worst case scenarious and may the archons forbid, he would never recover from the blow.
"Where are you?!"
Then it dawned on him after much pondering and pulling his falling parts together. The things he did, the words he said it all came flooding through him like a rushing cold river, hitting him fair and square in the chest and came forth an otherworldly pain and regret. He gasps, almost suffocating by the weight of his sins and he wished he had died right then and there in atonement for his crimes.
Soon his vision became bleary as eyes misted over with tears that fell freely from his ocean eyes. He ruined it. Ruined you.
And yet he could not let you go.
Days seemed to pass by so fast that it had already been 5 months of liberation from Ajax's presence. You were slowly building yourself up once again, the temple that was torn down by a single crack, slowly being rebuilt brick by brick.
Your love for Ajax, even if it left quite the bruise to your heart, it was still there, lingering in the air and a part of you missed him so. You wondered how he would be doing, you wondered if he looked for you just as you did when he didnt come home on the date set, you wonder if he wept when he couldnt feel you next to him, just as you did 150 days ago. You wondered if he ever called your name all the while giving a lingering kiss to the painting that hung on the foyer. You wondered if what you both had, had any significance to him at all.
"Stop doing that." you jolted from where you sat, the book falling off your lap as you met your sister's stern glare from across the room.
"Stop doing what?"
"You are thinking about Tartaglia again. Its been over 5 months and that blundering fool never made an effort to find you much less apologize for what he did when you were still there." there was anger in her voice as she recounted the day you came to her door, teary eyed and just utterly torn. Never once did she felt like murdering someone so bad, especially when it had you, her only family involved.
"Im sorry, I-i just--"
"Hush now." she came over in her elegant strides to take you in her arms, the familiar scent of your mother's favorite perfume stayed on her like second skin and you were so grateful that you had her. You let yourself cry in her embrace in quiet comfort.
Childe never stopped.
Secretly searching for atleast a tiny clue of your whereabouts wore him down to the bone and yet he never gave up. How could he? Even if he thought he was so undeserving of you he still pushed on to right what wrong he's made. The details gathered had been insufficient to serve as a lead making Childe more desperate in his attempt to search for you. Nights were spent on scouring places and information seeking and his work, only done in the daytime. He never wasted a wink on sleep as it was an obstacle to getting closer to you and even when his body collapsed due to exhaustion of overworking all he could think was you.
The search has led a certain fatui informant who works for one of the harbingers. With a note slipped in secrecy on a specific time containing an address on the small parchment. It was all Childe needed to fuel his buried hope as he took off towards snezhenaya.
He never imagined he'd arrive right in front of the iron gates that encased the whole estate atop a mountain. The wind bellowed stronger than before as the snow rained harder upon the place. Luckily, he was born in this region and had survived throughout. 
He wondered why you came here, to such a dreadful place but then again, anywhere was better than right by him.
Trying to push open the gates only to be repelled by cryo magic, burning through his gloves and into his skin, leaving fresh burns on his palms as he gasped in pain. Whoever lives here clearly didnt want anyone trespassing much less had a fancy for guests.
He was starting to grow cold as his energy was slowly being siphoned by days of travel, it would only take a matter of time before he passes out.
He calls out, hoping someone inside would hear him.
And you did, only that it seemed like the wind but the time you looked outside the library window, you saw a person outside the gates. The familiar ginger hair tousled with the wind and as you strained your ears to hear and that was when it filled your ears, Ajax's voice. Something you havent heard in quite a long time.
As quick as lightning you stood, half running half gliding through the halways and down the stairs, there was no coherent thought, only him. He was freezing outside the barrier and you pushed yourself more to reach him.
Your figure stepping out through the door was almost like a dream to him. Your name oh so longingly leaving his bluing lips.
"Ajax!" you were in time as you caught his figure which seemed lighter than before. He clung to you, legs desperately tryinf to hold him up. You were here, right in his arms, alive and warm.
"Im sorry. Im so sorry. Please I love you." he rambles on, like a mantra he apologizes over and over again, sobbing and stumbling on his words as he held you so achingly close "Forgive me. Forgive me..."
"Step away from him this instant." your sister, Signora hisses from behind you, just as you were about to coax Ajax she already had a cryo dagger aimed at his head
"Sister please!" you plead, your panic growing as you saw Ajax huffing in labored breaths "Let him come inside or he will freeze to death."
Signora sees the urgency in your eyes and the undying devotion you still hold for the man in your arms. She dematerializes the dagger with a wave of her hand.
"Fine but if I see tears in your eyes then dont you ever dare stop me from what Im going to do to him."
"Thank you sister." you smile at her as she steps backs inside the house and you follow in after her with Ajax leaning on you for support. Once inside, you had him lay on the couch by the fire after helping him out of his winter garments and replacing it for a knitted quilt.
"Im sorry." bloodshot ocean eyes looked at you with so much guilt and a love that you almost forgot "I-i im so so sorry."
"Lets talk about this after youve rested." this time you couldnt look at him, the ache in your heart throbs from the bruises it still nursed. You stood before falling further only for him to catch your shaking hand with his equally shaking one.
"Dont leave." he whimpers, the fear of abandonment increasing as he pleaded for you to stay. instead, you let go of his hand and placed yours instead over his eyes making him uncharacteristically shriek surprising you even more, making you think what other worldly pain he was experiencing as of  the moment. "No! No No.  Please Its dark." 
Ajax cries as he thrashed around because he feared that if he sleeps he would go back to the nightmare of you not by his side and that would leave him all cold and alone just like in the past. he didnt want to go back there, not now when he's seen you. As much as he'd hate to admit, he was truly and utterly terrified but you had to let him rest and with the help of your vision he finally succumbed to a dreamless, peaceful sleep. Only that he calmed down did you notice how much he's lost, where your once sunken cheeks, puffy eyes and weight loss now transferred to him and it made you sick to your stomach. your lips found his forehead as you wished him a good rest, you left the room after bandaging his burned hands to gather yourself for when he finally came to his sensible self.
when you thought it was going to take a full day for him to wake up  only to find him stumbling about in the living room calling your name on his lips like a broken record. you immediately rushed down and burst into the room to find him clutching his head and gasping breathlessly. he looked crazed until he caught sight of you standing by the door, a worried look on your face was when he finally came to. he ran to you, clung to you like it was the last day of the world to live and sighed into your welcoming smell. 
"are you alright now?" you ask him as you part in arms width 
"Hit me." he tells you in all seriousness in his worn out state 
"W-what?" you were certain he was still out of it until he grabbed your hand in an attempt to hit himself to which you stopped immediately 
"Hit me! Scream at me all you want. Call me words Ive called you. Ive broken you! Do you not see that?!" funny how he couldnt see himself, he who's become worse over the course of the months . his tone rose and fell until it was only a whisper above his panting 
"Just dont abandon me." he shuts his eyes, steeling himself for your judgment  until he felt your hands on his face again, making soothing circles on his cheek 
"look at me Ajax." you coax him and he did and he could see assurance and the love for him still remained and he wanted to cry again but tears have long gone abandoned him and left him in such a regretful state, he truly didnt deserve you and you never deserved to be treated that way. "Youve hurt me yes and nothing can change that but I wasnt planning on you leaving you. I couldnt as I love you too much that I wouldnt imagine life without you but Ajax, the things you did to me, to us,  was painful." 
"I know and Im so sorry." he held himself from rambling as the pain in chest grew even more burdensome, something he would willingly carry as he vows to himself to never hurt you and if he did  then he would tear himself down "I love you" 
"and I to you Ajax. Just promise me that when you are having a hard time, let us talk it out and not result to screaming and painful banters." 
"I promise darling. on my life and everything in this world. I vow to never cause you pain like I did and to only give you love and care that someone like you deserve." 
there he was, your Ajax. He was home. 
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fairyevans · 6 months ago
— 𝐚 𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐥𝐲 𝐯𝐢𝐬𝐢𝐭, 𝐚.𝐥
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* word count; 2.1k *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
[ari levinson x fem!reader]
warnings; SMUT! MINORS DNI, 18+, corruption kink, oral sex (f receiving), mentions/use of marijuana, beard kink, daddy kink, slight reference to dd/lg, reader is unexperienced but not a virgin, bondage, vibrator use, overstimulation, unprotected sex, if uncomfortable please don’t read. press keep reading for smut :)
Tumblr media
“everyone on your best behavior, i’m not in the mood to get fired.”
your choreographer mumbled with a cigarette dangling across her lips as she attempted to light it, she appeared more on edge than usual.
not long ago had you begun to work at the neonlux night club, your passion for dancing had drove you to their front door, second thoughts vanishing once you were accepted— something about how the boss will love you.
 of course, if walls could talk, they’d confess about this said boss on how much this precious lounge meant to him, employees included.
they’d say he was generous with his women, giving them what they wanted—what they needed.
how his body was a temple and was meant to be worshipped everywhere he went.
“ready for tonight, babe?” you positioned to your assigned pole as you glanced over to your only friend, eva, who was spreading lotion on her long legs and tosses her glossy hair over her shoulder, revealing her expensive lingerie.
“i’m guessing it’ll be like any other night-” you were cut off by her laughing, which only made the choreographer narrow her glaring eyes, desperately tapping at her clipboard.
“today we get a visit from ari levinson.” the name rolled off her tongue like silk, intrigue drifted through your veins as you scanned at your figure through the mirror.
“should i be worried?” you nibbled your dark red lips, leaning your head on the pole, staring at her with hopeful eyes as she hummed, clicking her acrylic nails against the metal, 
“guess we’ll find out.”
men after men, you feel your toes begin to swell, making you wish you hadn’t broken in your new stilletos for tonight, considering it was a full house.
although, you couldn’t deny you’d been distracted, stealing moments to peek through the black, velvet curtain, attempting to locate the boss you had internally been begging to meet deeply.
as the current client spent his last penny on you, he sent a wink that made your smoothie from earlier threaten to come up, but you forced it down with a bright smile, convincing him to come back soon.
you groaned, propping on the leather couch as you massaged your worn-out feet, praying there’d be pedicure appointments first thing tomorrow morning.
“time for one more?” you whipped your head up and saw a man in an extremely elegant suit, you could tell it was worth your whole apartment—he immediately caught your attention, with his dominating posture, the way his hair was slicked back and his beard—oh, his beard.
“always,” you spoke softly, dismissing the way you winced as you stood on your ardous heels, taking his hand as he took a seat, gazing at you in awe as your [h/c] hair fell in your face.
“what’s your name, doll?” his deep rumbled voice sent shivered down your spine as your leg curled around the pole, permitting you to give a slow and seductive spin around.
“[y/n],” never had you gave your name to a client, it was more likely adding a stalker to the list, but for some reason, you had a gut -feeling that this wasn’t the case.
you somehow felt... protected.
“well, [y/n], do you mind?” your eyes flickered to his sealed-tight blunt between his middle and pointer finger that were dazzled with apparent lavish rings.
“not at all, be my guest.” you head tilted back slowly as you held on to the metallic pole, lidding your [e/c] eyes at him as the thick scent of cannabis filling the air.
after a while of his dark blue eyes piercing through your restrained cleavage and your see-through panties, he cleared his throat, causing you to halt your rehearsed dance.
“come sit on my lap, doll.” he suggested, although it sounded like the complete opposite, not leaving you an option for rejection.
as his free hand rested on your bare thighs, he hummed, taking a drag from the blunt and exhaled, most of the dense air hitting you face and you took in the smell, watching intently how quickly his eyes became softer, letting his facade fall for just a second.
“i need you,” he began to whisper, shoving your [h/c] hair to bare your shoulder and press light kisses to your shuddering skin, fluttering your eyes shut as you let yourself take a minute of pleasure and care.
“to sit on my cock.” you gulped at his request, feeling the obvious imprint poking between your ass, pleading to be taken into your warmth and wetness that had suddenly began to form.
“i-i don’t think it’s allowed.” your nervous statement caused him to groan and buck his hips up as he caressed your hair, you fought the arousel dripping from your core and stood up quickly.
“the boss will be very angry with me, i can’t afford to be kicked out.” your cupped your hands over your bare stomach, hating yourself for denying this gorgeous man you knew you deserved.
“what if the boss says it’s okay for me to eat that little tight pussy of yours? for you to be a good girl? would you let me destroy you?” you mouth gaped at his filthy words as you glanced through the mirror, watching your friend practically squealing and giving you thumbs up.
and only then you realized.
“what if the boss wants to be buried in this cunt, and wants to you ride his face til you’re all fucked out and squirting that sweet cum on his tongue?” he intensely rose to his feet, circling around you, dragging his finger down your curves and hooking it through your panties, letting it snap back into place.
“i-i’ve...” you trailed off, swallowing hard as you memorized the trails his touch left behind, craving more as his warm breath drifted from his nose to your neck.
“what? never had your pretty pussy eaten? not an ounce of attention, huh?” you could sense his smirk as you shut your eyes, softly shaking your head til he placed his finger under your chin, silently forcing you to affix your [e/c] eyes onto his.
“surely you’ve had a cock before?” he cooed, watching you clench your jaw and tilt your head at him, narrowing your eyes at him, “yes... once.”
taking his last drag of the joint, he left it on the small table and interlocked his hand in yours, escorting you from your usual setting and practically sneaking into a room—even if the place belonged to him.
he flickered the led lights in hopes of maintaining the omnious atmosphere; an obvious buzzing noise wandered through the almost silent ambience, considering the muffled music.
he towered over you, sneaking his hand through the back of your neck and tugged back on your [h/c] hair, you instinctively shut your eyes as he attached his lips to yours, hungrily.
his large, rough hands lingered just beneath the curve of your ass, gripping your thighs as you instinctevly jumped, wrapping your bare legs around his torso, the feeling of his hard on pressing against you, driving you up the wall.
“they said you were beautiful,” his lowered voice broke the tension as he carefully placed you on the brand-new sheets he purchased for this very occasion,  “but they didn’t do you justice, because you’re so goddamn breathtaking.”
you could’ve pronounced him as a smooth-talker to get you in bed, but when his darkening eyes preyed upon you, how he revealed his greek god physique and how your entire body was on fire, yearning for his touch, you just couldn’t help but become submissive, unevitably falling into your little space.
“i’m gonna warm you up, sweetheart, can’t have my fat cock tearing you apart, can we?” you softly whimpered as positioned himself between your legs, licking a stripe up your clothed core, adoring the way you squirmed and held your breast in your palms, vulnerably gazing at the ceiling.
he dragged your panties down your ravishing legs and set them over his shoulder as he pulled you to the edge, allowing him to kneel on the cold, hard floor but paid it no mind.
a puzzled look rose to your face as he slipped down a tiny device, flipping the switch and almost instantly pressing it against you, the vibrations causing you to squeal and close your legs around his hand.
“hm, responsive,” he noted, standing as he reached beneath the bed and stood, pulling you to the headbord, forcing each hand to the corner and agilely tied you with his trusty ropes, your doe-eyes intentely analyzing his every move.
“you gonna get just what you’ve been missing, doll,” he hovered over you, turning the vibrator on once again, directly on your button, but this time, he slipped your panties on and made sure the device kept in place.
“oh fuck!” you screeched, your hips jerking off the bed til he slammed them down, a stern look covering his face as his chest heaved, his dick hardening at your scrunching nose, and how you began to twist and turn in hopes of being set free.
“cum as many times as you want, baby, want you all soaked when i fuck this little pussy,” he groaned, holding his heavy cock in his hand as he began to jerk it in the pace he pictured himself shoving in and out of you.
soon, he mentally repeated, soon.
“pleasepleaseplease!” you cried out, toes curling at the sweet release, black and white spots covering your sight as you began to feel dizzy at the way you continued to be simulated, more than you could physically handle.
“do it again, baby, do it for daddy..” your eyes rolled back at the self-appointed nickname for himself, it was like he knew what drove you insane; between blurry and glossy [e/c] eyes, you gawked at his huge cock spewling drips of pre-cum as he groaned, watching your stomach flex at the feeling of reaching your high once more.
“daddy! no- i can’t- fuck!” your throat began to sore at your helpless screams, feeling as your panties began to stick to your core uncomfortably. ari, on the other hand, enjoyed every second of it.
you sighed out in relief when he removed the vibrator along with your underwear but shrieked when his tongue began to flicker against your abused and red clit, slurping your honey, not intending to leave a drop behind as you sobbed out but subconsciously grinding your pussy into his face, and he gladly let you ride his wet muscle, drenching his beard.
“shit!” your heart almost beat out of your chest as your juices began to squirt across his face and he moaned, his dick in agony, needing your clenching cunt, just where it needed to be.
laying there, stunned, you struggled to catch your breath as ari pulled away, watched your wetness glimmered with the led lights and he licked at his pink lips; he could’ve sworn he fell in love with the way you came, and it sure as hell wouldn’t be the last time he made you drown in such bliss.
he swiftly un-tightened you from the restraints and flipped you on your stomach, not giving you a chance to rub your wrists that had almost possessed purple and red marks.
“come ‘ere, baby.” he raised your ass to his hips as he kneeled on the bed and forced your head down, pressed against the soft blankets as you panted, awaiting his penetration.
“holy fuck...” he groaned as he pulled your ass apart, watching your cunt swallowed him whole, taking every inch, feeling every vein against your velvet walls.
“fuck me... hard,” your worn-out voice pleaded and he tilted his head, admiring the way your mascara had stained your pretty cheeks, and your lip had begun to swell at how badly you bit it just a second ago.
“yeah? want me to fuck your pussy raw? bet no one’s made your pussy cry like this before... look at this little pussy taking my big cock, such a good girl for me.” you had no idea whether to focus on his dirty speech, the way his cock pistoned in and out of you with ease, or how the squelching noises from your wet cunt invaded the room.
“fuck, you wanna milk my cock, baby?” he grunted, referring to how you tightened around him, sucking him in as if your pussy dreaded to let him sneak away.
“daddy! i’m cumming!” you choked out, creaming his cock as your arms gave out, having your body completely pressed against the bed as ari followed, toppling onto you as his arms held him up, caging you between them as he fucked into you in prone position, his cock twitching at the sound of your muffled mewls.
“take my cum, baby, gonna fill this little fucking pussy-” he gasped out, grasping at the sheets as his hips stuttered and he released his load, painting your walls as wanton moans escaped your lips at the warmth.
he gently pulled out and let his body rest, pulling you onto his chest as your [e/c] fluttered shut, fingers caressing at his hairy chest and he smiled.
“you’re definitely coming home with me, baby.”
[a/n; not gonna lie, this made me EXTREMELY horny, hope you enjoyed this lil ari smut ;) ]
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xtodorcki · 10 months ago
Levi x Reader (AOT) where the cadets find out Levi is married to another captain
“Dirty Secret” Levi x Reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: None! No spoilers.
All the cadets were convinced that Levi was a dried up lonely man who was always angry and had a tall wall built in front of his heart. They knew no one would even be able to handle him so when it came up that Levi was in fact married to Captain Y/N, they were all shocked and speechless.
It came up randomly after a long day of training as well as cleaning up the main headquarters they stayed at for the time being. As the sun went down and the moon shined down, they all sat around the campfire outside enjoying the peaceful night, something they rarely did.
They all started to drink a bit to ease the stress away and Eren was actually the first to bring up the conversation of Levi being lonely.
“Do you ever see yourself not being a built up wall?” He asked him, curious to see what his answer would be.
Levi just gave him a plain stare, it was amusing to know that they thought of him as someone so empty and scary all the time but he gave that off to look like a stern and serious Captain which worked to keep his team in top shape.
He may be stone cold but years ago when he had met you when you first joined the scouts, it was in an instant that you melted the ice wall he built around himself and the only one to truly see the real him behind closed doors was you and he took that chance, he risked something he told himself not to do which was keep you close to him forever and with that, he quickly married you.
Now you never complained, Levi was a teddy bear in your eyes and even though he had promised himself to not give into emotions because he knew it’ll just vanish and get killed by the huge beasts that stood on the other side of the wall, within months he had open up to you more than he ever did before.
And with that, the warmth he felt when he was around you was something he never thought he needed.
After some time, you became your own Captain and had a small team of your own and you told everyone it was because of Levi’s skills that he taught you led you to where you are today. He would definitely disagree and talk about how good you are at your job.
You both had agreed to keep your relationship as well as your marriage private and only two people truly knew about it and that was Erwin and Hange, the two people Levi trusted the most.
Now he stood there, staring at Eren trying to think of an answer to give to the young boy to sastify his curious thoughts about his Captain’s love life.
“Having emotions in a time like this just gets you hurt or killed in the future.” He spoke coldly at him until he had heard a group of people approaching.
His eyes had landed on you as you led your team inside the base to rest for the rest of the night, watching everyone stumble into the place while you went to take your spot next to Levi.
“I think you just need to get laid.” Eren grumbled towards his grumpy Captain and noticed his cold stare back on him, making his mouth shut.
“Maybe then you’ll ease up a bit.” Eren continued, the only cadet off his team bold enough to speak a little bit of truth here and there, which got him in a lot of trouble at times.
“He does get laid.” You spoke, reaching down to grab Levi’s cup and took a sip from it and all the cadets froze and stared at you.
“Who would want to sleep with Captain Levi? The most plain grumpy person there is.” The team laughed at the thought of it and you simply shrugged.
“Me, I sleep with him.” You abruptly said and Levi stared over at you like you were crazy to reveal hints of their private life together.
Their eyes almost popped out of their eye sockets as they looked at you like you were lying to their faces and that made a laugh leave your lips, your eyes moving to look at the sizzling camp fire in front of you.
“As hard as it is to believe that someone like Levi can have a relationship with someone, it’s true, actually- he’s a married man.” You teased, nudging Levi’s side with your elbow and he scoffed under his breath.
“I don’t think these idiots needed to know that.” Levi spoke up, sending you a dirty look for revealing their secret relationship to the cadets.
“There’s no way Captain Levi is married.” One of the cadets, Connie spoke while trying to stifle a laugh as he stared at the both of you.
“Why is it such a surprise?” You questioned, leaning forward as you stared him down intently with your elbow on your knee and your chin sitting on the palm of your hand.
Connie gulped down the lump his throat when he saw the intense stare you had on him. He looked at you as another Levi, plain and cold and you would agree that his manners had rubbed off on you from time to time.
“Uh- I- it’s just surprising that someone would want to deal with Captain... forever?” He stuttered out, trying to find the right words to not piss either Captain off.
“I’m not that heartless, kid.” Levi muttered out, his arms crossed over his chest.
“I think it’s cute.. I mean, I think both Captains balance each other out.” Another cadet, Christa, spoke up and she had a small cute smile on her face.
“Why did you two keep this a secret?” Eren asked which made you glance over at Levi then back to the young boy.
“Many reasons. We didn’t want it ruining our position or affecting our job in anyway. Plus, it’s truly nobody’s business but ours.” You gave off a simple answer, getting up and leaving the cadets to wonder.
Once both Captains had left the campfire to go inside in the warm cozy bedroom, the cadets stayed outside whispering about how shocking it is that you would be willingly enough to deal with Levi to marry him. They all still believe that he could be a rock, no emotion and no feelings, he was always strict and always scared everyone off which made him very good at his job.
What they don’t know is that once the bedroom door has closed and been locked, he would be next to you in bed peppering soft kisses on your face with your body cuddled close under his arms and talking to you about his day. The smile on his face never faded when he was with you in private and that’s the side no one has ever seen from Levi.
He would definitely compliment you a lot more behind the closed door, he would be clingy and over protective of you. His hair tickling the side of your face every time he would lean down to plant more kisses than you can count.
Levi was a character in front of everyone but he was quick to turn into that soft teddy bear you love the most. He felt like having to put up that cold act everyday was easy but deep down painful to not be able to do things like hug and kiss you until the sun fell and it was time for bed.
He wouldn’t admit it to you though but revealing the dirty secret they kept for years did lift a weight off his shoulders but it didn’t mean he would put down his wall in front of his cadets. He would definitely be more of a pain to them than before but at least they knew, even just a little, that he wasn’t as heartless as he puts on.
I actually enjoyed writing this, thank you for requesting and continue to send in more❤️
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