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#something's really off about the composition of this outfit now
mid-weast · 4 months ago
Will you keep it down? | Jeon Jungkook
Tumblr media
Summary: You and Jungkook attend the same university and have been neighbors for 3 months now. It drives you crazy that he plays loud music at 2AM, and it drives him crazy that you barely acknowledge his presence.
Pairing: Jungkook x Female!Reader; Black!Reader
Words: 2.6K
Genre: enemies to lovers, student!jungkook, student!reader, fluff, mention of smut, angst? (in the form of bickering back and forth).
Authors note: Hi hi! This is the first fic I’ve ever written so if it’s bad I’m sorry. Also it is unedited so if there's grammar / spelling mistakes I'm sorry again! Also this is catered toward the reader being Black but I hope it can be enjoyed by everyone. Thank you for reading! Feedback is appreciated ok love u bye!
Even though you were studying in your room, his knocks were so loud you nearly jumped out of your skin. You had expected a reaction, but not a full-on explosion.
You and Jungkook have been apartment neighbors for about three months now, and a constant problem is that he blares his music hella loud late at night. Of course he’s a music major so he listens to music a lot, but at this point you don’t care. It doesn’t even seem like he’s working on composition homework anyway, just being an asshole with no regard for his neighbors peace. Now don’t get yourself wrong, you're not just some uptight bitch who complains about everything. Well, you do have several pet peeves but over the years of going to school in Korea you’ve picked and chosen your battles very wisely. In most cases you let things slide. You wouldn’t care at all about someone playing the music loudly, but it is 2 AM, and while you’re up studying you know a lot of your other neighbors are trying to sleep.
You tiptoe toward your front door and twist the knob slowly. You only open the door wide enough to be able to see his face. It’s not that you’re scared that you’re in danger or anything, and you rarely back down from people giving you a hard time. But you were tired, wearing a big ass t- shirt and short shorts (your regular sleep attire), and it was late at night. So if anything was going to pop off you felt pretty vulnerable. Even though you’re the same age, he towers over you and you find his size kinda intimidating.
As usual, you have to crane your neck to see his face, and your view of him is limited by the narrowness in which
you opened the door.
“Can I help you, lil boy?”
From what you can see of him, right away you can tell that he is pissed. Dawning his usual attire of a black sweatshirt with the hood up, black sweats, and stomp a hoe boots, he stood extremely close to your apartment door with his arms crossed. His usually wide, puppy dog eyes are now pressed in narrow slits. His normally pouty lips are formed in a hard line, and his jaw is so clenched you could carve an ice sculpture with his jawline.
"Who the hell do you think you are? You called the cops on me? Are you INSANE???" Jungkook shouts.
Obviously he's mad, and despite the amount of times you've gone back and forth he's never raised your voice at you. The old you would have screamed back at him, but over time you've tried to respond to anger with calmness. Also, you were a little scared because this mf is kind of big.
"I already told you if you keep blaring your music at 2AM, I was going to do something about it!" You respond in a hushed whisper, slightly concerned that your elderly neighbors will be even more disturbed by the noise. "I've told you this a million times, and you barely do anything about it. If anything, it's gotten worse like you're doing it on purpose. People are trying to sleep and I'm trying to study, why is this so hard for you to understand?"
He sucks his teeth. "You're such a little snitch. And I've already told YOU that YOU can't tell me what to do."
"I know I can't...but they can," you nod toward the exit, referring to the police officers that most likely just left out that way with a tiny smirk growing on your face.
If it was possible, he clenched his jaw even harder and you think that he's going to pop a blood vessel. He pushes his way into your apartment, which sends you stumbling back and you grab the door handle to regain your balance. This causes you to close the door shut.
"Hey! What the hell do you think you're-"
He steps right up to you and leans down into your face.
"Who the fuck do you think you are, seriously??? Why are you such an annoying little brat? Just because you're a nerd with no friends who gets no play doesn't mean you can take your bitterness out on me.”
You have to laugh in his face at this point because hello??? First of all, who is he talking to? Second of all, you have told him a BUNCH of times to turn his music down late at night. You didn't think that was too much to ask. As far as you were concerned, being aware of your noise level when you live in an apartment is the universal bare minimum for being a human being.
"ME? Who do you think YOU are? Actually let me tell you. You're an entitled little rich boy who thinks he runs the world. I don't give a fuck about how popular you are on campus, how many people fall at your feet to be around you, and how many hoes you have, you cant talk to ME like that. And how are you going to try and tell me about myself when it's too much of a task for you to be a decent neighbor? I've never done anything to blatantly bother you, so why can you just.." You started to panic because usually when you raise your voice out of anger, your voice cracks and tears threaten to pool out of your eyes, but you tried to get a grip and not back down..."why can you just be nice to me so we can live in peace? Is that too hard for you???"
He looked kind of taken aback by your question. Being nice to you? It never crossed his mind. Also, you kind of had a point. When the semester started and you both moved in on the same day, you would shoot him a small, friendly smile in passing but you never seemed interested in getting to know him. He always wondered why that was. It's not that he had a problem talking with girls, since all he had to do was breathe and girls would come flocking around him, but you would flat out ignore him. Even at all the major parties at the beginning of the year and on Thursday nights when students take over the clubs in the city, you'd barely even acknowledge him. He KNEW that you had seen him too, since you would make eye contact, but you acted like he was just another guy at the club.
And he'd be lying if he said you weren't fine. You had thick thighs, a beautiful face, nice curves, and always wore outfits that hugged you in the right places. He always wondered what it would feel like to wrap his arms around your body and press it against his own. He would constantly sneak peaks of you throughout the night at the club, but something stirred in him when he saw that you were chatting up other guys. Was he...jealous? Jealous that you were so eager to pay attention to these dudes who, in his opinion, were decent looking but they were nowhere near his level, and you never even gave him a second thought? One night he even saw you leaving with a man he knew through mutual friends, and he had to physically stop himself from breaking the glass he was holding, because that guy, while objectively handsome, was nothing compared to him. Jungkook wasn't blatantly cocky, but he let his talent, charm, and looks speak for themselves. He was THEE Jeon Jungkook, and nothing ever really bothered him....except you.
Was he....interested in you? Nah, that can't be it. You were some random chick who happened to be his neighbor, who also is one of the only girls he's met that doesn't give two fucks about even having small talk with him, and that infuriated him for some reason. So the first time you came knocking on his door in an adorable pink satin pajama set with a matching bonnet complaining about his loud music, he knew the game he had to play.
He's still standing over you, centimeters away from you face, but you notice that his eyes soften a little and so does his jaw. He unclenches the fists he was holding crossed against his chest
You continue, “I don't care what you do, and I'm DEFINITELY trying to run your messy ass life. Believe me," you scoff, "you don't have enough money to pay me to do that. But when your dickhole behavior fucks with MY life is when it's a problem. And it's BEEN a problem."
He rolls his eyes. "Whatever, little girl, maybe I should call you little mouse now, since now I know that you'll go squeaking to the cops now, don't fuck with me or my music again.”
Without moving your head you look him up and down with a confused expression. "Am I supposed to be scared of you? No seriously, you look like you cry during Disney movies while wearing footie pajamas, and now here you are throwing a fit because I forced you to stop bothering the entire wing with your music?"
Girl...what are you saying??? This man just barged into YOUR place, is in your face, and is strong enough to pick you up and throw you, and you’re insulting him? But you figured if he's going to be rude, you'll throw it right back because you're tired of his bullshit.
Whatever softness he was feeling for a fleeting moment immediately left, and annoyance once again washed over. He straightens up a bit and puts on that annoying confident smirk he wears when he thinks he's won arguments between you two.
"You should be nicer to me, all it will take is for me to tweet one thing about you, and you'll be the most hated person on campus."
At this point, any suspicions that you had about him annoying you on purpose were confirmed. You've concluded that this mf is a bully and you, small and shy but not one to take mess, will put him in his place to-motherfucking-night.
You take a step toward him, now crossing your arms tightly against your chest, but he doesn't even move a hair backwards.
"Clearly you need a rude awakening so here it is. I don't know what type of people you've dealt with all your life, always saying yes to you, letting you boss them around and taking whatever bullshit you dish out, but let me tell you I am not the one. Never have been and never will be. Unlike the other fools around here who cream their pants at the mention of your name, I don't care about who you are. You'll respect ME and MY peace as long as we're neighbors, you get me?"
Now y/n, you have never so boldly stood up to someone, where did that come from, babes? You've tried to not let this entitled little boy get to you this whole time, but with him standing in front of you in the middle of your apartment with that extremely annoying, yet handsome, smirk on his face, and after all the crap he's said tonight, he had you all the way fucked up.
After you said that, he just laughed and looked away. Now you’re standing there fuming and confused...was there a joke you missed? You were being dead serious!
"Something funny?" you ask, narrowing your eyes.
"Nothing, just thinking about how I want to face fuck that annoying little mouth of yours so you finally shut up.”
Your jaw almost dropped to the floor. You've never had a guy say something so blatantly rude and vulgar literally inches away from your face. But again, you weren't going to back down.
"Oh really?" Scoffing and tilting your head to the side a bit while narrowing your eyes even more, "I'd very much like to do the same. Maybe then you'll learn your place."
"Oh please, princess, you probably blanch when someone around you even mentions the word sex." He chuckles and leans down close toward your face again and cocks his head to the side, scrunching his nose and in a pouty voice said, "you're fooling no one, but keep trying, maybe you'll get there.”
You're even more annoyed than you were before, if that was even possible. But if he wanted to play this game, you might as well go there with him. It's true, you were a bit more prudent than more, but it pissed you off that he could tell. Regardless, you do know some things to say that could have him leaving with his tail between his legs.
You pouted your lips and in a babying tone said, “Aww sweetheart you have no idea. You think you're big and bad but like I said, you probably cry watching Disney movies. The same way you'd be crying, begging me to let you cum down my throat as I mercilessly toy with your cock for hours.”
Now it's his turn to go pale. Y/n, his stuck up neighbor who has barely even spared him five seconds of her time just threatened to edge him into submission? He has to pinch himself because he must be dreaming....
“Well I-“
“But I don't even think we’d make it that far, hun” you continue, “because in order to humble your egotistical, disrespectful ass, I'm gonna have to ride your face until you suffocate. And when the paramedics come and I have to explain how you died, I won't even hesitate to tell them that you were a punk ass loser who LITERALLY drowned in my pussy!”
You don’t know who this person speaking is, but it is not you. All of the pent up hostility you’ve held towards him just flooded out of you and you couldn’t stop the words from coming out. To be honest you shocked yourself, but you still stood there with your arms crossed and your face unfaltering, just waiting for him to say something smart back.
He stared at you silently, eyes wider than you’ve seen before and his mouth hung slightly open. He wasn’t expecting you to respond with so much fire, but now he wouldn’t be able to sleep until the image you painted came true. His brain said fuck it, and his lips crashed down onto yours. The kiss is sloppy but passionate, and you swore you heard him quietly whimper.
When he feels you starting to kiss back, he smirks into the kiss. Your lips are moving against each other in tandem, and all thoughts about how much you despise the prick fades away. As you uncrossed your arms and placed them on his chest, you could feel his heart beating wildly. Was he as nervous as you were this whole time? You wonder. You knew he was a player, so he was experienced. But the thought that you made him nervous gave you a tiny confidence boost. His hands slowly slide up the sides of your body to sneak behind your back, to pull you further into his chest. As much as your brain was telling you to resist him and push him away, you couldn't help but fall victim to how soft his lips felt against yours. Suddenly you feel airborne as he swiftly reaches down behind your thighs and picks you up. You instinctively gasp but he doesn’t miss a beat, simply biting your lower lip and locking your lips together again.
“Maybe we should test that scenario of yours, and if it comes true, that wouldn’t be the worst way for me to go” he says, doing that annoying but soul-crushingly handsome smirk he likes to wear as he carries you off to your bedroom.
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burnedbyshoto · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
— You’re caught in a web after flying a little bit too recklessly and along comes your one and only savior who requests a little help from you too as the price of freeing you.
pairing: naga!kirishima eijirou x fem fairy!reader
warnings: fairy!reader, naga!kirishima, smut, 18+, coercion, dubcon, hypnotism, oviposition, double penetration, begging, heat/rut, size diff
word count: 4,004
a/n: BAHAHA I wrote this in like 3 hours because I decided to instead watch some soul eater last night & I like it so far! ah, well, ive never actually read naga fics before, or oviposition,,, so fair warning, enjoy! also, read the damn warnings.
kinktober day 7 main kink: size difference
The world was a magical one. 
The planet was crawling with mythological creatures steaming from the smallest of pixies to the largest Kraken. The world was full of mystery, wonder, and adventure. Fire breathing dragons and cursed powerful swords were hidden away from the few humans and elves to discover. As in any civilization, there were those who got along and those who didn’t.
Some species of creatures got along with everyone, there were others that were feared beyond reason, and a few that were loved for moments and feared for others. 
You were a fairy.
And you were tiny.
Standing no more than three apples high, you had iridescent wings that curled and shone in the glimmering light whenever you so much as moved. You were a good fairy, you always have been. You were often found assisting with a multitude of mythical creatures and humans on quests and as companions. Despite your small stature, you were fast, zipping, and gliding faster than most could ever dare to catch up with.
You loved your wings, loved flying, loved having the wind whistling through your ears while you dove between branches and branches, laughing while your pixie friends failed to keep up with you. Your mother had always fluttered her wings in annoyance and partial anger when you were younger and would often outspeed her, leaving her screaming your name while she desperately tried to keep up.
What could you say? You were a daring fairy, an adventurous one at that too.
But she always warned you, even back then, of the dangers of being a small, tiny, pretty fairy who flew at speeds much faster than you should be capable of.
The wind whipped against your face, stinging at your nose, chapping your lips, and whooshing through your ears as you grew faster and faster. The traces of magic falling from your wings creating a beautiful, sparkling trail behind you as you whooped out in excitement and thrill. 
“Slow down, y/n!” your friends screamed from what sounded like many trees behind you, and like the daring showoff you were, you cork spiraled around a set of hanging branches with a loud laugh.
But as you straightened out, ready to move onward, you realized that something, thick, heavy, and sticky had caught onto the tip of your wing, and you catapulted backward. 
A spider’s web.
Even in a world of fantasy and mystery, spiders existed to catch flying pests, and to some, you were just that.
Panic consumed you, white fire coursing through every magical vein in your body as you thrashed and shook in the webs. Your hands grabbed onto the sticky strands around your wings, a desperate attempt to free yourself only to find yourself even more tightly wound up in the damp, near-transparent threads. 
A pathetic whimper left your mouth, your head dropping to your chest as silent, hot tears streamed down your cheeks. Your wings fluttered weakly, looking nothing too far from the insects and flies you were so used to seeing caught up in these webs. You strained your ears, trying to listen to the few pixies you had been flying and playing with, but even with your immense speed advantageous over them, you knew that they should be near.
But nothing.
You sat there on the web for minutes that seemed to bleed into hours, silently waiting for your friends to come and save you… but it seemed for naught.
“Please help…”
You had been trapped for hours.
Each passing second both dooming you to a life as spider food for the Arachne that had still yet to return home. Or maybe possibly a snack for any large creature that may pass, or an undeserving elf or human plucking you free and demanding to use their powers on a quest you would never approve of. That, or maybe you’d die of hunger.
There was no stopping the growl in your stomach or the parched dryness of your throat for your desperate, pathetic cry of help.
But it seemed that when your friends not-your-friends anymore said this part of the forest was for the most part void of all pixie and fairy eating creatures, it seemed that it was just void of all creatures. Pouting, you felt another rush of frustrating tears well up in your eyes, your cheeks huffing and face steaming as soft chimes of bells erupted from you while you seemingly threw a temper tantrum, not one-second closer from freedom.
Your breathing turned sharper, heavier, and overall shallow. In a flash of fury, you thrummed your wings as fast as you could, trying your best to fly out of this entrapment. To your slight excitement, you managed to loosen the webs around your wings for just a moment, your smile bursting oh so prematurely onto your face before it all went wrong again. As if the web was alive as well, it seemed to suddenly stiffen and drag you back into its sticky confines only for you to be even more trapped onto the mass web.
Like a broken dam, the tears streaming down your face were stinging, plentiful, and unable to stop.
You mourned the end of your life like this, so pathetic, so absolutely stupid way to go: caught on a spiderweb.
“Now, now, little one, why are you crying?” came a voice so soft yet incredibly loud voice, and you stiffened straight despite having a potential savior. 
You couldn’t see them, and with how the web was wrapped around you, you couldn’t even dare to turn your head around to stare at them. You couldn’t look at him, sure, but you knew just through the tenor and low thunder of his voice that your potential savior or wolf in sheep’s clothing was undoubtedly a robust, powerful mythological creature. 
Despite the way his voice seemed to whisper in your ears, you heard the familiar noise of someone moving through the grounds of the forest. The fallen dead leaves that scattered on the floor crackling with his movement. You trembled although you didn’t make a noise, not even a small bell chime of your wings. 
“Are you in need of assistance, little one?” he continued to ponder as if blind to the was you oh so very not discreetly clammed up at the sudden sound of his voice. “If you so require it, I would be more than willing to assist you in your freedom. It pains me to see such a beautiful, full of potential little fairy go to waste.”
The tongue in your mouth felt pathetically dry, your chest rising and collapsing at incredible speeds for someone of your composition of size.
“Oh, are you fearful of me, little one?” he seemed to laugh, finding your fear to be humorous, comical, really. “Most individuals at least wait until they peer into my eyes to find themselves unwilling to move or speak.”
The web shook with the vibrations of his voice. And you whined at the back of your throat as that small fact merely confirmed the size of the male creature standing behind you. You found yourself fearful of that playful tone on his voice, but you also knew that as a tiny fairy, you were quite foolish in fear when found in predicaments such as this one. You had to trust the creature behind you should you wish to escape.
“W-Would you mind freeing me?” you asked, making an attempt to sound powerful and in control despite the tremor on your lower lip and the way your voice was near childish in comparison to his own. How you actually thought fairies sounded on the same pitch as to many creatures before was beyond you, for at the moment, you deemed yourself to be no greater than a child speaking to an old man. “I was trapped while racing, and well, these frisky spiderwebs are quite the worst at capturing things that don’t deserve to be captured.”
Oh? Is that so?” his voice chuckled. His body, without a doubt, moments from yours if the way the gentle breath of his laugh brushed against your neck had anything to say about it. “I’ve always been told that they’re especially good at capturing pests.”
You flustered. 
“Yet here we are!” you pathetically countered, your wings fluttering in your distress. “If you wouldn’t mind freeing me, I would greatly appreciate it!”
“But, of course,” he spoke with great pride, and you shuddered when warm, large finger seemed to easily scoop you out from the webs. Your wings fluttered when the tight restraints of the traps were done, but not entirely freed from your beautiful wings. “Relax your wings, little one, I know you’re antsy to move, but there are still a great number of leftover webs on those wings of yours. Relax, I promise you no harm as I take these webs off.”
You shivered as his warm, strong fingers worked the plenty of sticky strands of webs off of you as if they were nothing but flyaway thread used for clothing. Speaking of clothing, you peered down at the daisy and red dandelion seed dress you wore, your eyes wide with the hope that it hadn’t been ruined. You loved this outfit. But as you peered down at your cotton shoes, you froze when you finally took in the hand you were resting upon. 
It was huge.
Without a doubt, his palm was the size of your entire body, the fingers long and thick with intimidating claws that demanded a bit of concern.
“There, all done,” he hummed, and you shook your wings, looking at the thing iridescent wings that made you a fairy, and you felt him turn his hand around where you rested. Your eyes, already wide with the looming dread in your stomach, seemed to become saucers the size of the moon when you came face to face with a naga.
Nagas, half-snake half-human, were a few creatures in this world that were both loved and hated by others — your kind included.
His scales were black, glinting red under the setting copper sun, and he was absolutely massive. You had seen nagas only a handful of times, three to be honest, but each other those times, you knew that they were hardly more massive than humans. But this male naga before you was enormous as he was solid. Rippling muscles on every exposed part of his human body and his snake bottom were large, thick, full of rippling coiling muscles that could probably strangle anyone who attempted to fight him. He had full, spikey red hair, scars on his arms, and one splitting his eyebrow. His red, slitted eyes seemed vast, cunning, and terrifying while he lifted you up to eye level. And his smile, oh his smile. Jagged, sharp teeth with lips pulled into a cunning, just a bit too sweet smile.
Naga, for the most part, were peaceful creatures. They were strong fighters, fierce protectors, all due to the fact that they were just so much larger than their co-inhabititors of the world, but they were peaceful. They slithered about most of the year, helping those who came and went, but there were moments in the year where they were of concern.
During the late spring, early summer, they were hit with their heats and ruts. Powerful naga soon filled with the lusting, overwhelming desire to shove their fertile eggs into anything that would hold them. Nagas, who mated with nagas, were known to have wrestled as their mating dance, almost wiping out many towns in their horny, hot desires, and you froze suddenly feeling the thick waves of heat coming off the naga before you.
“W-Well, thank you!” you stammered, your body bowing lowly for the naga before you whose splitting smile was becoming stamped in your brain. “I appreciate you freeing me, but I must go now. Supper is waiting for me!”
“What’s your name, little one?” the naga instead asked, his clawed finger caressing your cheek so softly, so accurately, you nearly thought he was set on taking off your head. “I would like to know the name of the beautiful fairy I saved today.”
There was power in knowing names in this world, fairy names especially, so you couldn’t help the pit that formed in your stomach on account to this, or the way fear stimulated every cell in your body. 
“I-I can’t um, I can’t tell you,” you whimpered when his thick, large finger hooked underneath your chin to raise your head.
“Ah, it’s okay, little one, I promise I won’t do you wrong,” he promised, the lure in his voice — an advantage that nagas held in their times of heat. His voice was a warm blanket, smoothly pulling your eyes closed, making your wings flutter in your lulling excitement. “You can trust me.”
“Trust… you?” you spoke, mimicking his words, feeling like you were swimming in a warm, gooey honey trap. You bit down on your lower lip, heat rushing to your face as you stared upon his still cunning, sly grin as he traced his massive finger down from your wet, pouty lower lip to your hip. “I don’t… I can’t stay for longer?”
“Is that a question on your tone, little one?” he asked, his forked tongue flicking through his pointed teeth. “Can’t you stay? I have a favor to ask of you.”
A heavy, pitchy moan broke through your mouth as the tip of his claw dragged from your navel to your suddenly blistering core. Were you always this wet? How did you get so wet?
“But I…” you struggled to think, your eyes shut tightly, face twisting as you tried to figure out where you were needed right now. “I need to go… somewhere?”
“Somewhere?” he asked, voice light, buttery smooth. “I thought you were coming with me?”
“I… was?”
“Yes, little one, look at me,” he kissed the air, and you found your eyes pressing open, your jaw dropping when his piercing red eyes hypnotizing you. “Open those pretty little legs for me, I want to see if you’re fit enough to be my dam, my mate.”
Why that sent bubbling gasps from your tongue and sent your legs apart was beyond you, but it just seemed like the right thing to do. He had called you his mate… his dam.
His finger shoved between your legs, gently rubbing the massive finger that was probably nearly your height between your legs, catching onto your clit, sending resonating, shaking mewls from your throat. You collapsed forward, hips rutting back against his finger, your tiny fingers holding onto his knuckles, your eyes fluttering in this euphoria.
It felt so good.
So good, so good, “please more!”
You sobbed at the feeling of his finger coming up to allow more friction between you and your throbbing cunt, the bone of his knuckle-dragging so deliciously, so roughly against your throbbing clit that you started to feel weak in your knees.
“Call me Kirishima,” he growled, his finger flipping underneath you so that the pad of his finger could now press onto your clit, gathering your dripping slick as he does so. “Kirishima Eijirou.”
“Ei,” you spluttered, eyes barely open to watch the way his slitted pupils were dilated with his lust, the smell he was emitting without a doubt one of an alpha male plunging further within his rut. “This feels so good, please give meeeEE ahhh, oh god, give me more!”
Kirishima growled out a peal of chilling laughter, one that had your wings fluttering in their heavy, lucid attempt to fly and kiss the man that could swallow your entire body as if you were nothing more than a potato chip to him. You keened, one of your hands shakily removing themselves from his finger, stretching out to him.
“Kiss me, please kiss me,” you beg, your heaving breathes almost in synch with your wildly bucking hips.
“You want a kiss?” he hummed, bringing your tiny body close enough to tease you, but not near enough for you to plant a desperate, small kiss to his smooth, curling large lips. “Promise me two things.”
“Anything,” you promised, watching as his forked tongue flashed between his teeth, his eyes flashing with his shaking control on the situation. Your cheeks scorched at the sight of him wanting you just as badly as you wanted him. The dam in you jittering at the knowledge that he was a good mate, a good person by holding back, trying to keep his control before giving in. But you wanted him as deep as you were. You wanted to feel his finger intruding your clenching, spasming walls, to try and take on his undoubtedly huge cock.
You wanted to try it.
You wanted him.
“Anything you want, I will give you!” you shriek with promise, your clit feeling numb from the overstimulation and lack of release as you could not reach it without penetration. 
“Your name,” Kirishima growled, his lips dangerously close. “And promise to carry my — our children.”
“I promise, I promise, I promise!” you frantically claim, knowing you would do it all just for his lips against yours, and finally, he was close enough, his bottom lip nearly the size of your entire face as you kissed him again and again.
His lips were pursed, allowing your frantic kisses to have lain all over his awaiting soft lips. You shuddered at the electric sensation coursing through you with every second, and your wings fluttered in your excitement, bringing you up into the air, lifting you off his palm.
“Your name?” he commanded, the hand you abandoned running a taloned finger down the spine of your back, pleasantly, orgasmically feeling as he reached the spot between your sensitive wings. You loved the feeling and keened against his mouth. 
“Y/l/n y/n!”
“And you will have my children?”
A possessive, all encompassing cross between a growl and a hiss slipped through his lips, and you looked down with your lust dipped eyes to see the two, twisted cocks he was rutting into his free hand. You cried at the fact that it wasn’t your cunt the sharp, near hook looking tip of his cock wasn’t ramming into. 
“Where do you think you’re going, little one?” Kirishima snarked, his eyes bright and humorous as he caught you by your wings. You moaned loudly at the lusting pull of your wings that you could feel pulsing into your core. “You’re not ready for my cock or eggs just yet.”
“But I wanna…” you cry, fingers stretching out toward the two writhing cocks that seemed to call your name. “I wanna try!”
“Shh, shh,” he cooed, his hand that was not occupied with his massive cocks releasing your wings and gently stroking your face. “It’s okay, it’s okay, you can try in a bit. I just don’t want my little one splitting in half before she’s been made useful!”
Your pouting and mouthwatering person turned to face Kirishima again, whose once red eyes were completely black in his rutting lust. 
“Split in half?” you echoed, a slight pain pinching your pussy, the thought of being split in two for those cocks not quite as horrendous as it should be. “Will I be?”
“Not if you stretch yourself out first,” Kirishima corrected, entirely missing your slight hope to be torn in half by his cock. “I want to see you fuck yourself on my finger at first. Do that, and I’ll let you sit on my cock and birth my eggs.”
A chill ran down your back, and you nodded, suddenly more than willing to throw yourself onto anything he would give you to prove yourself. And with his free hand, he presented his long ring finger whose talon was missing, most likely gone from some sort of battle.
But it didn’t matter. It was enough for you to prove yourself. 
Fluttering over to his finger, you dropped the small panties you owned onto his exposed palm before placing your sopping cunt right above his extended finger. You lowered yourself onto the tip, spreading your essence slick against his skin, your eyes unabashedly half-lidded as you watched the muscles in his arm pick up speed as you made eye contact with the excited naga. 
And with a twirl of your hips and a moan that vibrated straight through your chest, you sank onto his finger. 
It truly did feel like his splitting you in half. You recognized immediately at the way your walls nearly couldn’t keep up with how he opened you up. His finger was already giant within your spongey, tight walls. The heat and the callouses of his appendage unreplicable as you silently screamed, your walls spasming tightly around him, an orgasm taking you out without warning. You heaved, exhaustion ticking your brain as the soft bounces you made to further his finger up your cunt making you whine. He was huge, his finger huge. But you liked the fullness it brought you, the way you struggled not to send yourself flying off his finger like some rocket while you continued to fuck yourself against him.
You could do it, you could do it.
Soft wet noises filled the air as Kirishima’s aggressive stroking of his leaking cocks, and the way his finger seemed to be so loud in your tight cavern filled the forest.
More, give him more.
Pressing the collar of your outfit down, your legs wrapped around his finger as you continued to fuck yourself up and down his finger while your hands groped and pinched at your breasts, your eyes rolling back in your horny excitement. You could feel your orgasm growing again. You could tell by the clenching quivering of your spongey, velvet walls against his finger that you were close yet again.
“Fuck, little one, you’re taking my finger so well,” Kirishima sang in his praise, his snake tail coiling and thrashing wildly beneath the both of you, and you longed to feel the snake scales beneath your blazing core too. “Are you ready for my cock? I’m so close, so close. You made me like this, little one, so fucking hot, so sexy, fuck.”
You mewl loudly, your body well aware of the lewd scene he was creating with the way he wrangled his twin cocks in his hand. Your head dropped backward, a high pitched wail shooting through you when his finger moved within you, and you nodded your head as quickly as you could. Your legs relaxing around him as Kirishima quickly picked you off his finger, and without even three seconds of being empty again, two sharp, writhing cocks slammed within your cunt.
You staggered against his hold, body convulsing at the feeling of his snake cock flicking and twirling within your womb, stimulating the puffy, wet walls that were erratically beating, as the both of you came with loud, joint moans.
White filled your vision as your wet juices splattered down his cock, and the weirdest, almost constipating feeling filled you as solid, cold, and round objects filled your womb. Making the drool in your mouth dribble down the corner of your mouth as your eyes crossed.
Four eggs.
Four eggs for you to grow, four kids you would have with Kirishima, and you sobbed in elation.
“I can feel them, Ei!” you sobbed, content with the babies he just gave you, already expanding your tiny little stomach to the optimal length it could reach. “Our babies!”
Kirishima chuckled, removing your from his cock and placing your pregnant little tiny body onto his shoulder, a sign that he would protect you through anything and everything.
“I can’t wait until they hatch, little one.”
And with that, he nuzzled against your face. And you vibrated in your happiness, more than willing to take on the world as Kirishima continued forward in the world. There was no looking back now.
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trephacards-bogbody · 5 months ago
Alrighty chucklefucks, buckle up because I am back on my Castlevania bullshit. This season, I really want to get into the deeper analyses I’ve been storing in my brain as well as my general thoughts surrounding the series as a whole; boy, I do have a lot of them. But, because I am lazy and busy with school, I shall simply start my deep analysis at season 4. I am thoroughly expecting there to be a lot to sink my teeth into and for me to talk about with you lot. So, let’s start with the poster.
Tumblr media
For this analysis, I will be breaking the poster into horizontal thirds and then analyzing the art from left to right.
Tumblr media
Alright, let’s start with the top third: Trevor.
Trevor stands alone at the top of the poster. The arms of his shirt are all but loose threads, his crest is cracked, and his armor is breaking free. His collar is also somewhat shredded into spikes. An important thing to note overall about him is that he is the ONLY one smiling on the entire poster. He’s looking over his shoulder, looking BACK at something? Is it Sypha and Alucard? His past? The Belmont legacy? I see two paths for Trevor. One, he's letting go of aspects of his family and is breaking free from aspects of the Belmont legacy. Two, he could just be letting go, of everything. From his position as the last Belmont to his connections with Sypha and Alucard. He's definitely got choices to make this season. Aside from the tops of Isaac and Carmilla’s head, the only other thing notable in this third is the wispy shape of a skull. If you look hard enough, you can see the eye sockets and cheekbones. This is a very clear indication of death occurring this season. At first glance, it does seem to hint at being Trevor’s. There are multiple thoughts and questions that come to my head when I see this symbol. Is this just the overall tone for this upcoming season? Is someone specifically going to die? Is the show finally introducing the character Death? I think many would agree that killing Trevor off would be a mistake, for many reasons. I believe having Trevor die would be an ill ending to his character arc, as well as sending a bad message: peace and happiness can only be achieved after death for the likes of Trevor. Considering that the overall tone of Castlevania has gotten much darker over the course of the past three seasons, it seems like some kind of sacrifice/death is about to occur. As I look at how Trevor is partially isolated from Sypha and Alucard here, I feel like he may be emotionally or mentally separating from them, almost like he’s planning on doing something. However, they (Trephacard) are one unit within the main triangular space on the poster. This almost surely means a reunion between our three favorite knuckleheads. Many have speculated this even as early as the day after season 3 dropped. Ultimately, Trevor’s front is facing death. That is not particularly awesome, but I know this season will be exciting no matter what.
On to the next third!
Tumblr media
Herein lies the MEAT of the poster. We have Isaac, Sypha, Alucard, Carmilla, and Hector (for the sake of cropping, let’s just pretend Saint Germain is on the next third). Let’s start with Isaac. He’s back in what appears to be a top/coat reminiscent of his time in Dracula’s court. He is stern, quite normal for him, and with a largely neutral expression. His position on the poster places him in opposition with Carmilla, and by extension, Hector. He and Carmilla are clearly on opposing sides, and it seems like their confrontation may occur this season. I’m also interested in the choice of putting Isaac back in Dracula’s Army-esque clothing. Does this mirror his mindset in season 4? Does he miss Dracula in some way? At the end of season 3 it was clear he was having more complex thoughts on his quest to end humanity rather than “Yes I will be ending humans, no you can’t change my mind, next question”. It seemed like there was some serious introspection happening. It could be nothing, but I just think this black/gold collar could mean something new. Next, we have Them. The Ones. Sypha and Alucard my Beloveds. Sypha is dressed in her usual Speaker attire, holding a battle-ready face with her bright orange hands together in [prayer]. This could simply be her flame powers, or perhaps another new element? {Sidenote: last season, when she first gained control over lightning/electricity, she used it to electrocute a demon standing on ice. Yet, she was also crouching on said ice. Why wasn’t she also electrocuted? Let me know in the comments what you think. This definitely bothered me during the last battle sequence.} It would be really exciting to see her master another element, but to be honest it does just seem like it’s just flames. That IS Sypha’s main element. Next, there he is. My boy. My love. Hooooollly shit guys. Alright. First thing’s first, is his hair much longer than normal? To me, it looks like it is cascading over his shoulders and down his back. It looks much longer to me. I infer he hasn’t cut it since T+S’s betrayal. He is MUCH more serious than usual, his face grim and eyes filled with anger and malice. He’s also wearing his LEGENDARY outfit from SOTN. Or, one very closely inspired by it. As you will notice, the iconic collar that is such a staple in his look is much more floppy and flat. It is much longer than tall. This could just be because a taller collar would look strange within the composition of the poster, or Mr. Deats just didn’t want it to be an exact replica. I’m partial to the taller collar myself, but I digress. He and Sypha are side by side here, which is just so sexy guys holy shit. If you recall, one of my more popular posts included a meme on my concerns on what Alucard and Sypha’s relationship would look like this season. Here, they are overlapping arms. I REALLY do hope they get closer this season, that would be so fucking sick. I DO NOT hope that Trevor is excluded from this, as I mentioned in the aforementioned meme. In general, their relationship is one I would absolutely LOVE to see explored this season. To the right of my most favorite boy and girl in the whole wide world, we have stinky Carmilla and Hector. Carmilla is EXTREMELY angry. Like Dracula, her eyes fill with red (I believe it’s blood) when she gets very, very upset. It could be due to a number of possible things. Her plan might not be going great due to a lack of resources or something to that degree. Hector, below Carmilla, has a nearly identical expression to Alucard. He and Alucard, after suffering their terrible SA, will most likely be guarded emotionally. He’s looking down, with only his head in the frame. His hair curtains his face like he’s separate from everything outside of him. I’m both excited and scared for his new arc this season. But it all should be good... hopefully.
Onto the last third! Oh boy!
Tumblr media
ALRIGHT! First off, we have Saint Germain and his mysterious key. Last season, it was a shiny rock. Now, he’s moved onto bigger and better things. Last season, Saint Germain was looking for his mystery woman. He found her, partially, thanks in part to the help of the stone she gave him during his dream sequence. The world she’s trapped in looked vaguely like a library of some kind (I’m going off of memory, there were shelves and she was upside down, it was weird). At the bottom of the last third, you can see he also received a haircut! Quite interesting, for such a little thing. I’m curious to see how he has changed and what he’s up to right now. Considering he called the main villain a leech of all things, as well as the fact he’s a powerful magician and immortal, his story could go in many different directions. It’s clear his plot line with the infinity corridor will most likely lead to Vlad and Lisa. Speaking of them, there they are! Nearly front and center, holding one another in a sweet embrace {Sidenote: the fact that Alucard and Sypha are front and center.... guys. please). They’re illustrated in black and white, signaling their separateness from the rest of the Castlevania crew. This is also a reference to the SOTN manga! This is such a nice touch, I really enjoyed it. There is a lot to think about when it comes to the potential return of Dracula and Lisa. Last we saw them, they were embracing in the deepest level of hell. Where they will be at the end of season 4, who knows! I’m just REALLY excited about what’s next to them. The Alucard Shield..... it’s so hot. Not only is it a direct reference to SOTN, but the incorporation of a shield into his overall design also makes me immediately think he is guarding himself against harm, both physical and emotional. This was a really interesting character design choice in my opinion, largely due to what post-season 3 Alucard looked like in fanon. In many fics I read, Alucard acted similarly to a wild animal, a feral man on the brink of snapping. This characterization was one I saw in more than 5+ fics. To see his canon self begin to use a shield raises questions. What could be so horrible and terrible that the son and slayer of Dracula and force in his own right would need a shield? I believe this symbolizes more of a need for emotional protection, more than a physical one. I think the difference between the fanon!Alucard vs. canon shows us how our theories might pan out for this season. This may be an optimistic view, but the fact that Alucard is now using a shield MIGHT just be a silent plea for help. Another thing I would like to point out is the fact that the markings from the Binding Cuffs seem to be...gone? Or, they weren’t included in this particular poster. That would be weird, considering it was the penultimate sequence of horror at the end of season 3, it would seem weird to exclude the scars from that. Unless Alucard healed very quickly, it seems like they were left out for some reason. Though, the fact that he couldn’t escape from them makes me think they were designed to hurt vampires/dhampirs. Either way, the inclusion of the Alucard shield is one I absolutely love and am psyched to see in the show. Now, to end, we have Lenore. At the bottom right corner, she is grimacing and looks afraid of something. Perhaps Hector snapped, or still isn’t cooperating, or he’s finding ways to interfere with her work/Carmilla’s work. Out of everyone here, she seems to be the most worried and upset with whatever is going on in her arc. Her frown, furrowed brows, and half-closed eyes all point to emotions of fear, worry, concern, and perhaps even a bit of despair. Loving that. Her grimace is one I revel in. I do sincerely hope Hector gets out of whatever the hell he’s in. Maybe Isaac and Hector reunite, and, after their series of changes, Isaac rescues Hector. Who knows? I, for one, can’t wait to find out.
Thanks for reading! Hopefully, you found a little nugget of something to take with you going into season 4!
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writer-akihiko · 7 months ago
I can’t tell if ur open for Ikevamp requests but ima try anyway😅 I was wondering if you could do Mc as a descendent of one of the boys and them watching Mc falling in love with someone
IkeVamp Boys + Descendant!MC
This work is labelled as #slightly not family friendly because of implied innuendos
This work only includes the boys who have canonically had a wife. Also, Reader’s ethnicity is still your ethnicity, but there might be parts mentioned where you, Reader is also part [ethnicity] of a certain suitor.
I was so glad to bring back the IkeVamp Wife AU [although, it’s not in angst form this time] and this gave me some wholesome family prompts to write! Thank you for always sending really interesting and nice requests to me.
Napolean Bonaparte
You did know that Napolean was one of your ancestors, well, at least on your European side
At first you were uncomfortable so you disclosed it to Comte
Sooner or later Napolean found out, and he connected the dots himself since you reminded him of his wife so much
From that day on, Napolean acted as an older brother to you, making sure you're comfortable in the mansion
The other residents were mostly aware and if they weren't a flirting mistake could lead to overprotective brother Napolean
You were fine with being referred to as his sister or cousin on occasions where it was difficult to explain your familial relationship with him
Additionally you had also gotten close to Jean, Napolean's sparring partner and close friend
Napolean could see the romantic shyness that bloomed around you two
Once you were gone with Sebastian, he confronted Jean
"Do you like YN?"
Jean himself was at a loss for words. He wanted to say yes, but he also didn't want to burden Napolean with a son-in-law such as him
"Jean, I believe that you're a wonderful man for her, but it's YN's decision to accept you as her partner."
Napolean's pep talk to Jean got Jean to confess to you
You two had a very loving and healthy relationship, and Napolean himself had the liberty of walking you down the aisle
"Jean, YN, I wish you the greatest happiness."  
Arthur Conan Doyle
He had this odd feeling about you, because he wasn't his usual flirtatious self around you
Instead, you two would engage in deep thoughtful conversations
Comte eventually dug up some records because Arthur felt like it was a mystery the he couldn't solve
After the revelation of you and Arthur being related, he treated you as a sibling to him
He did become a little overprotective in terms of you travelling outside, but he trusted the residents enough so that you could go out with at least one resident accompanying you
He loves to spoil you most of the time with whatever money he had left to spare
He also loves to take you to town just to see your eyes glimmer of the town
Theo would also accompany you two much to his reluctance
Well, Arthur deduced that Theo was reluctant following you two because of himself but he caught Theo's glances to you
A small drinking game exposed Theo's feelings towards you, particularly about how adorable he thought you were
"Well Theo chap, you're a good man I'll give you that. I'll tolerate you being her lover."
Theo was unfortunately too drunk to remember his confession, so matchmaker Arthur sent him with you in your pretty outfits he got for you on a date errand
Theo eventually got together with you, and Arthur didn't mind much except when you two were being a tad bit too loud for his liking
"Theo you better not be ravaging her too much!"
He eventually gives you two privacy
As a whole, he may not agree with Theo on certain things but he'll let it slide since you were so happy with him
He was shamelessly bawling uncontrollable tears at your wedding
Dazai Osamu
Oh? What's this? You say that you're his descendant?
At first, Dazai seemed quite nonchalant about it, but you felt like something was bothering him by how brash he was with you
You decided to ask him then. "Dazai-san, did I… offend you?"
He shook his head. "No, although I'm afraid I accidentally offended you. If you remember our family history…" He drifted off. "I was a horrible person to your ancestral mother. Please accept my apology."
You smiled. "That's all I needed to hear."
Dazai took on the role of a more caring brother than he'd like to admit
You two weren't necessarily close together, but he does like to take you on mini-adventures
It's either that or he teases Apple-kun, which you had to witness
Ah, but what's this? Apple-kun isn't blushing at his teasing, but he's blushing… at you?
What a turn of events!
Of course Dazai goes to Arthur and tells him of his interesting discovery
Needless to say the teasing does escalate than Isaac would prefer
"Oh, so you took a liking to my pseu-daughter? Apple-kun, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree~"
"Okay fine I like YN! Now please stop it!"
Right on cue, Arthur brought you to the parlour where Dazai was teasing Isaac
You were blushing for sure, so you called out to Isaac.
"Isaac? Do you mean it?"
Dazai himself couldn't help but chip in. "Apple-kun, I don't mind you wooing my pseu-daughter but I don't know how to feel if I got apples as grandkids…"
After rescuing Isaac from his intense embarrassment, Dazai and Arthur left you two lovebirds alone
Theodorus Van Gogh
What's this? +1 big sister?!
Is this heaven?
Well, that's how he perceived it anyway. He was glad to see how his wife handled herself, but he did admit a tiny regret of his where he left her behind
He now has a new sibling, and he does spoil you and Vincent very much so
You turned out to be slightly concerned of his syrup consumption
On days he was busy, you would accompany Vincent to visit William
He was not happy when William shows up at the mansion's door with a bouquet of flowers addressed to you
"Fine, I shall take my leave," Will said
He did not expect William to climb the rose wall
"YN! YN I'm here for you~" He said, waiting for you to open the balcony door
"Will! What are you doing?!"
"Theo won't let me see you through the front door~"
Theo ran out the front, threatening to throw a brick at Will for his attempts at wooing you
He didn't threaten he just grabbed the nearest brick and hurled it at William
You were a little worried about Will, so you decided to pull a power move
"William! Will you go on a date with me?'
Despite his bruised shoulder from the brick, he tosses you the bouquet with a grin on his face. "YES MY LOVE I SHALL!"
In the end, Theo was in tears on the ground
"Now now Theo, YN can choose her lover for herself…"
"Broer! Our precious zuster…"
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
He had the suspicion about you the moment he saw you
Comte's introduction of you only confirmed it
He had this soft smile around you, and would always go out of his way to make sure that you were comfortable in the mansion
You would always help him clean up in his piano room and he'd always tell stories of his married life when you were around
He was fairly quiet with other residents however, and you somehow understood all his moods
You did meet Jean and befriended him. Mozart was usually busy with his compositions, so he makes Jean accompany you
You didn't spend most time outside, so most of the time you assisted Sebastian with the chores
From his balcony view, Mozart could see the way you two were enjoying each other's company
He summoned Sebastian to his room once, and asked him.
"What do you have to offer YN?"
"Herr Mozart are you alright?"
He looked Sebastian up and down, slightly scrutinising him
"If she finds interest in you, I'll allow it."
You were a little surprised to walk in on those two, although you had to admit that you were blushing when Mozart confronted Sebastian about your relationship
"I have no idea what you're talking about Herr Mozart."
Sebastian saw your head peak through the door
You walked in, taking Sebastian's hand in yours and looking at Mozart
"Mozart, we're um.. Childhood sweethearts," You explained. "Even in the future. We broke apart ever since Akihi- I mean, Sebastian left with Comte but we have gotten back together."
Mozart was quite stoic at this revelation, but he certainly shed a few tears when Sebastian told him of his plans to marry you
"I'll… I hope you're good to her Sebastian."
Comte Saint Germain
Comte himself knew who you were, but he wasn't sure if you yourself knew
He had a chat with you, briefly explaining your family history
"Your grandfather, a dhampir, married a sorceress, your grandmother. Your grandfather was my grandnephew… Such a shame he passed so early…"
"Does this mean I have any special abilities?"
He shook his head, quite doubtful. "The humans that married into the branch of the family decreases your chances. You might live a little longer in human years, but I'm unsure if you're semi-immortal like your grandfather."
You didn't keep this a secret from the other residents, but you were also new to the mansion
You worked diligently in Comte's stead, handling the household affairs and sharing chores with Sebastian
Leonardo would often chat you up in return for him to share his knowledge of the vampire world
Comte didn't like that you were getting close to Leo, for many reasons
Leonardo was genuinely interested in you, so he disclosed his awareness of Comte's dislike to his attempts at charming you
You had to admit that Leo was quite an amiable man and you would consider a relationship with him
You appreciated Comte caring about your well-being, but you did want to stay with Leo
"Comte, I love him and nothing can change that."
"Well said cara mia…"
He wasn't happy about it, but seeing you happy gave him enough reassurance
"Leo, if you hurt her I will shoot you at your wedding."
"Oh, so you approved our wedding! How wonderful!"
"Sebastian! Fetch me my gun…"
William Shakespeare
He was a little surprised when Comte introduced you to him
You wanted to live with William as it comforted you with the thought of a relative being nearby, no matter how many decades you two are separated by
You would praise him daily, especially in his writing and he would tell you stories of his life before he was a vampire in return
When a knock on the door was heard, William left you, and with him he brought a gentleman named Vincent
Well, it wasn't any regular Vincent! It was Vincent Van Gogh!
You were a little nervous being in the presence of another famous historical figure…
William left to fetch some tea, but late on you found out that Vincent was an angel
Vincent himself found you to be quite charming and elegant himself, so when William returned, he asked William if he could paint a portrait of you
You did agree to being a model for Vincent, but you wanted William's approval since you'd be going out more often
"As long as someone accompanies you to the mansion, and as long as you take Puck with you to play with Brush. I'll allow it," He said, patting your head
He did notice you returning with a romantic grin on your face, and he was quite intrigued about it
"YN, do you like Vincent?" He simply asked, grinning
You turned away, muttering a slight 'maybe'
He decided to call on Vincent at the mansion, and the residents were having breakfast at the time
"Vincent! My friend… I have news for you!"
Theo and Leonardo weren't happy at his arrival, so William made his announcement quick
"YN is interested in you, so please court her wholesomely!"
With that, he ran off but he still relished in the sound of Arthur spitting out his coffee and Theo choking on his pancakes
Vincent took up on his offer, and you two lead quite the quiet, peaceful relationship
William was eccentric enough, so you two were glad to lead a quiet life
William did try to make your wedding quite jubilant, but he also couldn't help himself from acting a tragic scene when Vincent claimed you as his bride
"Should you stop him?" Vincent asked, as your guests watched on as William blurted out his sonnets of sorrowful marriage
"I'll leave him," You said. "He doesn't truly mean those words… I think."
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t3tsubaby · 5 months ago
Hiii can you do tsukki one where reader is vv shy and insecure about herself anddd she's always been told she's annoying and talkative and she stays awake all night and just forgets to eat sometimes kinda basically not taking care of herself and can it be angst to fluff w tsukki just using all this and more against her but then regretting ofc and boom fluff alsooo can it be in uni????
Thank you smmm for doing thiss
yes this is basically me plz don't judge 😭😭
Aw, this is such a cute idea, I hope I can give you what you requested!! Also, I’m not judging dw haha I’m the biggest fan of angst to fluff fics.
Tumblr media
Tsukishima Kei x Reader 
Word Count: 1.2K
Genre: Angst to Fluff
Typing up your final paragraph for your English Composition class, you clicked submit and shut your laptop. Finally, you were feeling free from the burden of university. For now of course. But you decided to make the most of it and wanted to go visit your boyfriend who lived in a different dorm hall. After cracking your back and stretching your body, you changed into a casual yet very relaxed outfit compared to your previous pair of pajamas. 
You began walking outside, feeling the rays of the sun on your body. This just added to your happy expression. Not only were you excited to see your boyfriend, but the weather was nice, and you finished all your work for the week. You sped over to his dorm hall and got one of his friends to open the door for the building and his room. You saw him on his computer, probably doing some research for internships. You slowly wrapped your arms around his shoulders and greeted him.
“Hi Kei, what’re you doing?” you asked curiously. It was almost as if you could see the lines of irritation growing on his forehead.
“Just on my computer, you can sit on my bed or something,” he replied with a flat tone.
“Oh alright. Well actually since it’s Friday do you wanna catch up on Jujutsu Kaisen? The season finale comes out today and I’m really excited. I know we haven’t been able to watch the last few episodes so we can watch them today. From what I’ve read in the manga, I’m pretty sure we’ll see-,” you rambled on, but were cut off.
“God can you shut up you’re so annoying right now! I don’t want you here. You’re so talkative and irritating, shut up and go back to your room!,” Tsukishima yelled. Left in shock, you didn’t know what to say. Your brain completely blanked and suddenly you felt your body feeling hot with embarrassment. 
“Oh.. uh sorry. I’ll jus-,” “Do you not understand simple language? Are you that dumb? Get out.” he hissed at you. You looked up into his eyes for some support, even a glint of love, but you were only met with cold and hateful eyes. Not wanting to cause any more problems, you quickly walked out of his room, shutting the door. Your hands were shaking and you felt very uneasy.
You got some stares from people on the streets as a few tears were slipping from your eyes.
Once you reached your room you shut the door, took off your shoes, and flopped onto your bed, not bothering to turn the lights on. His words were replaying in your head.
You’re so annoying. You’re so talkative. You’re so irritating. You’re so dumb.
Another tear slipped out but you were quick to wipe it away. You spent the entire night thinking about how much his words hurt. After all, how could you sleep when your heart felt like it was in your stomach? You only realized it was morning when your 7 AM alarm began making noises. You turned it off and sat up to check your phone. Having a shred of hope that maybe he texted you to apologize, you had come to realize Kei hadn’t messaged or called. Not a single notification or sense of acknowledgment. The unsettling feeling in your stomach grew, which filled your stomach with any food your body may crave. How could you eat when your boyfriend thought of you so low.
You laid back down in bed and decided to stare at the ceiling. This routine had continued for a few days. You didn’t even realize the toll it had taken on your body until you decided to get up and get ready to try and distract yourself. Those past few days your thoughts were only consumed with what Tsukishima had said to you. You had barely slept and you were eating barely anything, often forgetting to drink water. Standing up, you felt your legs begin shaking underneath you and the last thing you saw was the carpet in your dorm before passing out.
Tsukishima had just woken up from his slumber. After pulling two all-nighters in a row, with his diet only consisting of $1 ramen and red bulls, he deserved lots of rest. Feeling a blush on his cheeks he got out of bed, excited to see you. However, as soon as he pulled himself out of bed he remembered just what he said to you a few days prior. He felt guilt and shame ooze out of his head and quickly came to the decision to go see you. He felt like his heart was beating at 20x the normal speed as he sprinted to your dorm. After getting a friend of yours to open the room for the hall, he opened the door only to see you lying on the ground.
He rushed to your figure on the ground, the only feeling in his body feeling panic. He picked you up and set you on the bed with your head on his lap and a hand on the top of your head. His thumb brushed upon your nose, eyebrows, and the other beautiful features of your face. He felt disgusted with himself. How could he say that about the person he’s loved for years? Tsukishima pulled a blanket over your figure after seeing your body shivering. Looking closely at your face, he saw the bags under your eyes and how your cheeks had gotten a bit shallow. “I’m so sorry my love,” he whispered to you before kissing your forehead. 
Slowly stirring, you adjusted yourself to the feeling of being in bed, only to realize your head was in your boyfriend's lap. You began to scooch away from him in fear of bothering him. 
“Wait please don’t. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry y/n. I never should’ve said those things. I don’t even know why I said that I was just so stressed and barely eating and not sleeping and I know those aren’t excuses and there is no excuse for what I said. I don’t think any words can show how sorry I am,” he rambled, beginning to cry. “Please don’t leave me. I don’t know what to do. I’m so sorry please y/n,” he finished, fully crying at this point.
You sat a foot away from him crying as well. Slowly you put a hand on his face. He looked up and you grabbed his hands and intertwined your fingers.
“Can I hold you?” he asked gently with his head down in shame.
“Okay,” you replied, unsure of your feelings.
He pulled you into his arms, engulfing you in a warm hug, hiding his face in your neck.
After a few minutes of hugging, he let go of you and began speaking.
“We need to get you something to eat and then you’re going to bed,” he spoke, looking into your eyes. You looked into his golden eyes and only saw the love you’re used to. You gave a soft smile and nodded your head. He stood up and set out a hand for you to hold, pulling you into his arms while standing up. He pulled you into his arms again, wanting to show you the love and affection you deserved. 
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sincerely-nerdeh · 3 months ago
the trailer
takes my glasses off and looks at you all in exhaustion
so! we got the lovely (heavy sarcasm) surprise of the first dear evan hansen movie trailer dropping yesterday. 
if you’re not sure why i say that with so much apprehension, check out this and this. also, here’s the trailer itself if you haven’t seen it yet - i’m going to be talking about stuff from it pretty specifically in this post. 
now, i don’t like being pessimistic, i really don’t. but im sure you understand that i feel protective of stories close to my heart getting adapted. and the signs here are... far from promising. 
[content warning: the usual deh stuff but especially discussion around depictions of suicide attempts]
let’s start with the first and most glaring issue: ben platt. 
hey guys, remember how this movie is supposed to be about high schoolers? how evan is 17? yeah it’s pretty easy to forget after watching that, i know!  i’ve already talked about this in length, so i won’t repeat too much, but dear god, what team of people approved this? the results are even worse than i imagined! 
evan looks twice the age of his classmates - which he nearly is! he looks bad. his clothes don’t fit him well, and in nearly every scene shown he’s very uncomfortably staged in order to try to offset how old and tall he is. in fact, it almost looks like the dinner scene at the murphys is sized up to make him appear smaller. i’m not joking. zoe looks MINUSCULE there
speaking of which. maybe, MAYBE i’d be able to get over how absolutely laughable ben looks playing evan - but it’s much less funny in his scenes next to zoe. zoe is actually cast appropriately, which means that (despite what is canon) he looks MUCH older than her. that casts kind of a creepy predatory light on their relationship! and considering people already clown on the two of them and their complexities that is... so very bad. 
it seems like we’re going to get a lot more scenes of the two of them actually bonding and forming their relationship, which, assuming theyre done alright (please dont dumb down zoe please please please) could offset this! but we’ll have to see. 
continuing to a different concern - there’s one zoe scene that was briefly shown where she is without evan, and to say im worried would be an understatement. i think you know where i’m going here. i DEARLY hope i’m jumping to incorrect conclusions, but it sure does look like zoe is careening down a road in the car, taking her hands off the steering wheel, and waiting to crash mightily. 
it looks like a suicide attempt. and everyone ive spoken to about it agrees.
which. oh boy. where do i even start on why that would be an ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE INCLUSION TO THE STORY.
don’t get me wrong - i know they’re going to add scenes and material. that’s only natural. but i sincerely pray that they’re not adding what i think they are: a scene of zoe, alone, after hearing that evan has been lying to her for months. she’s upset, and she does something very very stupid.
to me, this is really terrible for two main reasons, one of which i will get into a bit later. the other is that this would be a giant, irreversible disservice to zoe murphy’s character. 
arguably zoe’s biggest plight in the musical is that, in light of her brother’s death, she’s not treated as her own person. hell, her whole life she’s been connor murphy’s little sister. time and time again she expresses bitterness over this, asks evan not to always talk about the project to her. 
zoe is an individual with flaws and great strengths, feelings of her own - sometimes tucked away and sometimes worn on her shoulder - and she displays her personhood and struggles quite differently from her brother. this is IMPORTANT to her. 
so showing her attempting to take her life, in the same plot where connor succeeds in his suicide? 
dumbs her down to EXACTLY what she never wanted to be. just connor’s little sister, who nearly reaches the same violent fate. it makes me sick just to think about.
i do think zoe’s pain and what she goes through after the events of words fail deserves highlighting and screentime. in fact this movie could be a great opportunity to show that which we never got to see in the musical! the down and dirty of coming out of the web of lies - rather than skipping straight ahead to a year down the line where shes doing better, getting to see her have a (VERY warranted) emotional reaction to what has happened. to see the effects of evan’s mistakes. 
but not like this. please not like this. 
in a similar vein, there’s another  scene i was aghast to see: evan climbing up the tree. and in this case there’s little doubt of what we’re seeing here. and the fact that we’re seeing his attempt at all is a HUGE problem.
the entire power of this plot point is that the audience realizes right alongside evan that he didn’t just fall back then. so showing this scene instead of just referencing it takes that all away! which is incredibly frustrating considering the “did you fall or did you let go” scene is one of my FAVORITES. i didn’t expect a recreation obviously (no funky ghost/inner monologue connor business please.. i dont trust yall) but come on man, this isnt the way to do it.
(i also think the filming of it was kinda of shitty and awkward, but that’s a relatively minor point)
[this is where the cw mainly comes in]
besides that, the issue with both this and zoe’s possible attempt scene is what i call the 13 reasons why syndrome. yeah if you’ve been here a while you know what i’m getting to here 
stories centering around mental illness and suicide are naturally going to appeal to teenagers who deal with these topics. which means it is common fucking sense that directly depicting suicide attempts is dangerous and triggering to their target audiences. the musical knew better than to ever show connor or evan during their attempts. its crass and shock value storytelling and its fucking disrespectful. if i sound mad it’s because i fucking am. 
this was a HUGE issue when 13rw was showing on netflix - it features an extremely graphic scene of the main character taking her life. and studies that took place afterward pointed conclusively to the fact that this increased teenaged suicidal thoughts and attempts in the country during its heigh of popularity. this stuff is not a joke. if you’re going to talk about topics with as much gravity as this in your stories, you NEED to be responsible enough to do it right. you’d think big media giants would have learned their damn lesson from this shitshow, but it sure doesn’t seem like it here.
[major cw concluded]
moving on to much less weighty criticisms.
look man i know colton has played connor, and i dont know much about his depiction but im assuming it was decent. that is NOT my connor on screen. first of all, his costume choices are just plain lazy. im actually baffled. it doesnt LOOK like connor! he has a very distinct appearance conveyed by his clothing choices and his infamous hair, but none of them are present here. instead he’s wearing a super generic jacket. i’m not saying connor has to always have long hair, but damn it’d sure make him more believable here! 
what happened to his alt/grunge look? what’s the point in remaking him? the outfit layout was already RIGHT THERE for you guys! where’s his bag with pins? his bleached oversized jacket? the combat boots? hell, he’s even SHORTER than evan (coughs, the age discrepancy doesnt help anything)
besides that, even the way he holds himself and acts seems weird. again, i’m not blaming colton. i honestly think this is a result of bad directing. but it’s still incredibly annoying. i’ve said it time and time again: connor gets so few scenes alive, that for his death to have ANY meaning, he has to be portrayed well in them. i’m not really seeing that here :/
i know this is based off of a musical but.. yall........ the way ywbf seems to be included looks SO awkward PLEAAAASE. im x-x hoping the trailer just did it dirty. musical movies dont have to be awkward guys.. guys i promise... 
more general (and minor) notes of mine are that the high school looks Horribly fabricated in some scene, especially the cafeteria one. i mean.. they always are, to an extent, but they can be better for sure. also, maybe this is just me, but the color composition of their filming seems pretty off? get some editors in there pls itll take two seconds
anyway, i’ve been spewing a LOT of negatives, but here’s some positive notes of mine. for example, i already knew jared’s casting was perfect but AAAAH YESSSSSS. plus alana was so cute!! oh my gosh!! i cant wait to see her get more fleshed out. that scene of her and evan on the swings together.. my heart! these two might be the highlights of the whole experience tbh heidi too! her actor seems very lovable. im not too sure about the murphy parents yet but we barely saw them, so ill give them a pass for now.
again, i like the idea of seeing more fun silly bonding moments between evan and zoe, and possibly with jared? its what they deserve!
PHEW. thats all ive got for now. they say, having written a damn essay
the bar was low but im afraid theyre still letting us down :’) i know adaptions all have their flaws, but.... deh is so important to me. the fact that masses of the public might see a terribly watered down and butchered version of it breaks my heart. this isnt what i fell in love with!
but i suppose time will tell. who knows, maybe itll flop and fade into immediate obscurity :’)) we can dream, eh?
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zirkkun · 7 months ago
just before.
Tumblr media
just before. (Undertale fanfic - based off of Wickedtale by @alch3mic​ - rated M by AO3 standards.)
+ soldier!sans x dancer!reader (they/them prns)
+ 4456 words, english
+ prologue to soldier’s story. first time he ever meets dancer.
+ cw: mentions of murder, classism, yandere/obsessive personality, abusive/controlling parents
+ “he hadn't heard that phrase in years. so constantly aware of the corruption plaguing the world... well, as it seemed, there was still one highlight to live to protect.”
+ AO3 link
Ebott City. The corrupted hell hole that was somehow above ground, while the actual hole the "monsters" came from had been far more palatable. At least, in one case. Many didn't have the same experience he did, but… whatever. That didn't really matter. He didn't really care about it anymore. Why dwell on the past? There's too much shit going on in the present to even have time for something like that.
Day-to-day life was flooded: constantly moving, constantly working, never slowing, never stopping. There's no time for that. The day he gets time to take off and sleep, get whatever medication he's sure he needs for his horrifically weak non-stomach, and lead a healthy and safe lifestyle while retaining his wealth? Ha. In dreams, maybe. This city wasn't kind enough for that. Though, maybe if his ambitions weren't so specific, he wouldn't have fallen into this path of endless work… but it's a little late for that.
His brother had made use of their skills the two of them had attained growing up, and with that opened a dance studio where others of all sorts could come through and learn how to dance. A small corner of peace in this awful world, that little building, where monsters and humans could both dance without feud, where rich and poor could both talk without judgement. Maybe it was ironic, maybe it was fate, or maybe it was straight coincidence that his brother had named the place "Enchanted Dancing." He knew that the name was merely in reference to the magic of their home where everyone had their own sort of dances they practiced, which they all soon found was very different from most other monsters who had battle magic specialties. But even still… heh, ah, it just further proved his point. The only decent place in the world was the Underground, before they ever surfaced.
A beep. 6:00 P.M. Work.
Or, rather, his second line of work.
While he'd abandoned his dance skills long ago, he never really fully disconnected with music as a whole. It's not like he really could when he doesn't have anything else to his life or history -- he doesn't know anything else. So, he made it a pastime to make his own musical works, trying to sell them online for money, but quickly found it's not exactly easy for people to find your work… let alone get them to pay for it when they do. He had run low on money fast -- so fast that he needed something quick and easy that he could do to not end up on the curb in a weeks' time.
He doesn't remember how he heard about it, or really what possessed him to go along with it anyway; but somewhere along the line, he'd caught word of some pretentious wealthy human furiously rattling off how their reputation would be "demolished" if the rumor that had begun about their business didn't come to a halt. How they would pay "insane amounts of money" to have that rumor "eradicated." You know, without really doing any work themself, or trying to better the work that they were doing, or fixing the root of their problem to begin with… Yes, because throwing money at the problem until it's pushed onto someone else is the better solution.
And yet… when someone comes up to you in your hour of despair, presenting to you an arguably invisible layer of protection in this world of work or die, something to get you out of the dark and stop the ticking clock of your otherwise inevitable doom…
It's not like he was going to turn down the offer.
He'd forged some sort of alias -- whatever it was at the time no longer mattered, since he'd had many over the half year or so he's been doing this -- and scribbled out a note of sorts explaining what was, at the time, a feigned, short "resume" for work as an information broker. The note was left with the pretentious prick, who did, in fact, end up contacting him in the end, offering more money than he thought he'd ever see in his waking life. Needless to say, he took the job… and found the issue to be so incredibly simple to resolve that even a child could have done it.
Well, no.
A child would have had more sense of morality.
... probably.
Who was he kidding here, honestly? He complains about the rich on a regular basis, their foolish waste of money, their apathy towards those that didn't have any money, just pure care for only money.
But here he was.
Morality erased.
Lives ruined.
Bank account overflowing.
Doing the same things they were doing.
The very least he could do -- and the very least he does do -- is support those whose music he'd wanted to support while he was on the edge of homelessness. Even some of his online friends, music composition friends, were consistently met with the cash they needed in a moment's notice. "Where did you even get this kind of money?" they would ask him. He would just jokingly say that an old witch blessed him with unending wealth, or something else to that extent of unbelievable ridiculousness.
But, unfortunately, not all of his money could go towards such good causes. While he did have far beyond the money to sustain multiple dozen families, at least a third of it was thrown right back into the exchange as he paid person after person for job after job he was unwilling to do.
There was no blood on his hands. No dust caked into his bones.
But it was splattered all over the money he handed out like trick-or-treat candy.
He'd met two others, notably, that did a lot of work alongside him. A crafty cat and a wily wolf… figuratively, of course. The three of them sharing the same first name, they merely tossed nicknames at each other. More often than he probably realized, they took much of his budget for work he was far too lazy to bother with. You know, scouring the dark web for information, stalking people to track their pathing… the occasional hit here and there. Sometimes, he would do it himself, but only if he really felt up to it… and frankly, he was never in the mood for murder. But that damn wolf was shockingly willing -- for the right paycheck.
He did recognize, however, the two of them did seem to have a mutual similarity that he, personally, did not share.
… he did not have anyone close to him. He didn't have anyone who looked after him, cared for him. It didn't bother him until recently, when apparently that damn wolf managed to lock the object of his affection into a relationship. Even the cat seemed bitter when he heard the news. Someone so fucked as him still manages to find someone?
… the world was just trying with his emotions at this point. Taunting happiness at the end of a pole taped to the back of his head, leaving it just out of reach, but always in his way and always in his line of sight.
Of course, he had his brother…
... who he doesn't talk to for weeks at a time…
... and he keeps turning down his offers to meet up again…
… yes, he had his brother. A strong emphasis on the "had."
He was alone. He knew that. But, at least for the case of his brother, he'd done it on purpose.
The last thing he wants is to have his brother, someone so passionate and pure, hands still clearly clean of sin; find out he has the richest humans of the city wrapped around his fingers out of both fear and dependability.
So, frankly, sometimes he found himself jealous of the other two. The other two who had someone to care for them.
He supposed the trio of them could sort of be friends…
He'd met the wolf a few times in person, both intentionally and not.
He'd bumped into the cat, wasted in a bar, more than once.
… No, they really weren't his friends. Co-workers is the best way he could probably describe them.
Yes, he was just jealous of them.
He was alone.
… Well, work isn't going to start itself. He pulled his phone back up to his face, clicking it on to see how long he'd zoned out for. 6:03 P.M. Not too terrible. He slammed shut his laptop, pushing back from his chair as he went to put on the outfit that had practically become his "uniform" at this point. A dark under layer of tight leggings and a fitted long-sleeve athletic tee with a zip-up turtleneck; a desaturated over layer of a baggy, now sleeveless hoodie and equally as baggy gym shorts. And, of course, a hat, as usual… but he wore those no matter the time of day.
His apartment door clicked shut behind him as he left, and once the door was locked, he evaporated into thin air.
-- only to appear, moments later, in front of one of the most lavish mansions in the richest part of Ebott City. It was so bleeding with "I'm such a rich, extra asshole" energy that it made his Soul twist with disgust. The walls were marble, shimmering from small lights below them to show off their sparkling, smooth surface. Each edge of the building was lined with gold-plated metal, even the rails to the stairway. Arching windows stood on either side of the front door, which was probably big enough for an average sized elephant to fit into with some extra ear room to boot.
Thank the stars he didn't have to go inside again. He already knew what his job was for the night, and to be back inside that disgustingly overdone building these pretentious humans called "home"... Just thinking about it made him feel beyond insulted.
He took another shortcut -- this time, finding himself on the rooftop. Although the sun had not yet fully set, even so, it was still much darker here than standing in front of the artificially-lit trophy they called a front entrance. He popped open his phone again. 6:05 P.M.
Unlocking it completely, he pulled up a message from the cat he'd gotten this morning.
morning soldier~ i managed to get done what you needed me to for today last night. which, you owe me BIG-TIME for, mister.
i was up until 4 am doing this!!
Soldier checked the timestamp. Yesterday, 11:34 P.M. Does that cat think he's an idiot? Whatever, it's not like this was the important part of the message. But, if anything, he's getting docked pay for really bad lying. It's not like the guy needs more alcohol money, anyway.
here's a list compiled of all the parties in ebott tonight. i only looked for ones starting after 6 pm like you asked, but there was still far too many… the list is very long (T▽T)
[file download link]
i hope you're happy!!! cause im not looking any more than that!!!!! ☆⌒(> _ <)
He downloaded the file to his phone, browsing through it to see what parties had been collected into the spreadsheet. He only could assume that's what was bringing them out, at the very least.
Oh, yes, his job for the evening. That's integral information, I suppose.
The mansion whose roof he sat upon currently was owned by a human family with the surname King. They had twelve children, all adopted, but were all also kept on very rigorous and strict schedules. The eldest of the children very recently had been caught sneaking out of the house every evening by one of their siblings, and sleeping noticeably late in the morning, their final semester of university was suffering from this all as they refused to finish their thesis. So, naturally as it is for all the rich, they threw their money at the problem hoping that would fix it.
Today's "that" was the skeleton monster sitting on their roof, waiting to see when someone would eventually leave the house.
With a hefty sum of money, upfront payment, as usual; Soldier was told to follow their child for three nights, and to report back after that time with what they had been up to. Seemed easy enough. Of all the jobs he'd gotten, tailing someone for a few days and tracking their every move was probably the easiest he's ever had the misfortune of doing.
He continued to scroll through the list. He had been given absolutely nothing to work with from the Kigngs as to where their kid was headed or when they tended to leave the house, or any information of actual use; so he was going into the job without a clue as to what he was really looking for. It was probably the most difficult aspect of the job -- hence why he outsourced the bulk of it. As for the "where," parties seemed like a reasonable assumption to make for a human college student. That's a rather common stereotype of sorts, college students getting drunk at party after party, is it not? Better than nothing, he supposed. Nothing else really came to mind anyway, but that doesn't mean there wasn't another option. Even still, it's a better start than nothing.
Now he had to just wait for the "when." He had the list in front of him, hoping he could deduce when the human would leave their house… but the more he read it over, the more bored he got. Guess the cat wasted his time. Oh well. That's not Soldier's problem.
Just as he locked his screen shut, planning to come down from the roof and investigate any exits that might be hidden to most of the house, he heard an absurdly loud sound he initially thought was a gunshot, followed by a raspy huff of various curses. Peering over the edge of the rooftop, after shortcutting there silently to avoid making attention towards himself; he noticed there was, in fact, no gunshot, but rather, an awfully messy and junky trap door of sorts, seemingly made of plywood. A human, who he assumed was the one who swore earlier, grabbed a bush that had been sitting next to it, picking it up like it was nothing and placing it over the door. It was in line with several other, similar bushes. The human dusted off their hands before walking, keeping a close eye on the mansion walls to their side.
Well, looks like he's found who he's supposed to tail.
He kept watch over them for as long as his eyes could follow, and then, the moment they left his vision, he shortcutted to where they had been moments ago, though slightly distanced as to be hidden nearby; and simply repeated the process. Soldier knew this part of the city better than the back of his hand, so he knew where he was at all times, as well, making shortcutting silently even easier.
… However, what he didn't understand was where the hell this human was headed. A few times he tried clicking on his phone, scrolling through the list again, but they weren't headed in any direction towards any party. And even when they started heading in the direction of one… they would end up taking a "wrong" turn and dodging it completely.
… this was taking a really long time…
It's… almost been an hour by now. Soldier's starting to recognize this area a little less. He knew the map layout, but not all of the details about where they were or what was distinctly different about each street. They were outside of the rich part of town, but not quite in the poorer side that he was used to, either. If he was remembering correctly, this was in the direction of downtown. Unless this human's planning on breaking into some probably-already-crashed college dorm party for the night, they definitely weren't planning to party at all. Okay, well, that throws that plan out the window.
But now he had no idea what to expect. Were they banned from getting help, so they're actively seeking it out? Unlikely. Were they secretly addicted to drugs? Unless it was alcohol, getting away with drug smuggling in downtown was a horrific, nearly impossible idea. Did they have a significant other that their family wouldn't let them see? Well… he had no idea. Thoughts and questions and possibilities kept cycling in and out, but he never lost sight of where they were going.
And, sure enough, the bright downtown lights descended upon them as they started making their way across the long bridge leading to the most eventful point of the city. Due to the sheer length of the bridge, and the fact that Soldier was not as well-versed in the map of the downtown Ebott area… he resorted to traditional stalking, mimicking their every step as casually and nonchalantly as possible, as though to avoid being spotted.
He pulled his phone out of his pocket. One new message.
weeeeell? was my work useful? >:3c
He merely huffed half a laugh before typing out his response.
i didnt use it at all
what?! Σ(・口・) soldier, i went through all that hard work, and you didn't even LOOK at it???
i looked at it
i didnt use it're at least still paying me, right?
you are the WORST 凸(`△´+)
i'm never doing anything for you again >:(
you dont need the alcohol money anyway
But the cat never responded to that one. Well, Soldier's never been the best at landing most jokes, despite his tendency to make them. Clearly sarcasm wasn't his strong point either. Whatever. He'd pay him later.
He put his phone back in his pocket, putting his attention back to his job as the bridge finally began to end. If the human was suspicious of his following them, they showed no signs of it. Good. Frankly, being silent by stalking someone in this manner isn't his strong suit. He had assumed they would have stayed nearby… not gone to the other side of the city.
The sun had set, but even still, downtown was overwhelmed with artificial lighting, and frankly, it was already giving Soldier a headache and he hadn't even been here for more than 10 minutes. Curse his ridiculously weak and sensitive body.
The human kept walking along, though their pace was beginning to hasten as they flickered their gaze between stepping and a phone screen. Naturally, he also quickened his footing, although unsure as to why. Maybe they were running late for something?
They took a sharp left into a shady alleyway; Soldier shortcut to its entrance, spotting them sprinting down it as fast as they could before eventually climbing up a wooden fence at the end, reaching its peak and jumping over it with ease. Like they'd done this many times before. Soldier, confused, checked the name of the buildings on either side of the alleyway… but neither were significant. One was even an apartment building of sorts, but it looked abandoned at best. Well, might as well continue.
Reaching the end of the alley and pushing himself over the fence with magic to avoid making as much sound as possible, Soldier's feet landed on the concrete of the other side. It was surprisingly… clean. As if someone kept it nice regularly. He went to take a step forward when he heard chattering, and instead, tucked himself behind the smallest edge of the nearby wall, barely peering over its edge to see the rest of the area.
It was like a very small park. Perhaps a courtyard? But it was too barren for that. Well, all except the trees. There were four skinny trunks sprouted from the ground, all of different kinds, and probably no more than two and a half meters tall. Around them was a square-shaped sidewalk of the same concrete he was standing on.
But, at that center of the trees, were two humans, not one. He recognized the one he'd been following up until this point -- vaguely, and mostly just from the color of their clothing -- but the other was new.
"I'm sorry I'm late, I was held up worrying I was going to get caught…" the human he'd followed spoke. "My dad apparently hired someone to follow me for a few days. One of my sisters told me… she apparently ratted me out -- she was forced to -- and now my dad's on a manhunt to find out what I'm doing."
"Yikes," the other person responded. They had a higher pitched voice, but a lower tone of interest. "Sorry to hear about it. You didn't need to come racing here to tell me that, you know. You could have stayed home and texted me to move the lesson."
"No, it's fine. I came because I wanted to. It probably would have been better if I waited… but I was too excited about tonight," the human explained. "It's the first time we're practicing the whole dance routine straight through. I've been practicing on my own some other nights, too."
… dance routine?
The other human let go of a heavy laugh. "You've really been practicing for two weeks straight with no other dance party breaks?"
"I said on some other nights!"
The both of them laughed.
But Soldier was stuck on "dance routine."
A phrase he typically only heard from his brother anymore, and he barely talked to him as is.
A phrase he'd never said himself in… so long.
An act he hasn't tried since they were still trapped Underground…
An act that, even back then, he'd sworn off doing after so many years of it.
It's like he'd been punched directly in the Soul. Possibly even with a knife.
"Well, are you ready to start, then?"
Soldier's attention peered back to the two humans.
"Yup, whenever you are!"
There was a brief period of silence.
Then the music started. He didn't recognize it at first…
But the realization that it was his own piece hit him in the face like a truck. Some sort of shivering heat rushed through his body. … embarrassment? ...maybe? He… wasn't sure.
But even still…
He soon became entranced by their dancing.
Only the human he had been following was dancing the routine. Every step timed perfectly to every beat and measure… so meticulously performed with such dedication. But then, some old part of him started to creep back from where it had been shoved away, as he started judging the technique of their every move. Sure, they had a… beautiful dedication to every step they took… but much of it was wrong. Though, they were not missteps. Everything planned was executed with confident perfection. The moves themselves were wrong. Some of them didn't match the tone of the piece at all, and it was clear that they were self-taught, just based on how they were moving in between each one. He wasn't mad, no… no, rather… he was utterly fascinated.
Soldier stood and watched the whole routine, start to finish. Though, he couldn't help but have a yelp from his own Soul every time they did something his own memory was screeching to be incorrect. It was yelping because… he wanted to correct them. He wanted to walk up to them, tell them what was wrong with their choices, and point them in the right direction. He wanted to… take them by the hand, directing their movements through his, teaching them how to dance the way he was taught. He… couldn't stop staring…
A scream. Soldier shortcut in a panic. He was now on the opposite side of the wooden fence, back in they alleyway.
"What, what is it?" The voice of the second human.
"I… I thought I saw someone." A breathy, horrified tone from the dancer. "I thought someone was watching me but… th-then I blinked and… they were gone."
The second human huffed angrily. "You haven't been getting proper sleep lately, have you? Maybe you should go home and rest."
Still breathing heavily, the dancer hummed a sound of malcontent. "I… Can I finish the routine first?"
"Really, now…" But with a sigh, the second human allowed them to start again from the beginning.
Meanwhile, Soldier…
He was doing his best not to scream on his own. So many emotions overwhelmed him entirely. Most of which he could not identify. But one thing would not stop looping in his mind. One thing other than a raging beat echoing in his skull from the sound of his own Soul racing, that was. In fact, that only heightened.
The thought of taking their hand. Teaching them to dance.
The overwhelming feeling of hearing someone else not just listening to his work… but expanding upon it. Being able to express themself through it. Being able to see themself through him.
The raging passion burning deep inside of him, regretting his forgone dancing career. It ate at his Soul, bit by bit. Begging his laziness to cave for them and them alone.
The fact that all of these thoughts happened in the very same millisecond that he made eye contact with them… he felt unexplainably and weirdly hot.
That eye contact. Their eyes, their face. They were almost as beautiful as the dances they performed… no… perhaps even more so.
Another loud beat echoed in his skull. The song was reaching its end. He knew he needed to start going home before he was caught.
But part of him wanted to be caught.
Part of him wanted to catch them.
… And all of him wanted to see them dancing… just one more time. Once more, that's all he asks.
Just one more time.
Maybe… maybe that will suffice.
Maybe that will drive away the fortissimo thoughts clouding his sense of reality. Maybe he'll be able to go back to…
A thought. A separate one, remembered from earlier this same evening.
He was… alone.
Did he really want to go down the same paths as…?
No, not really.
But it seemed his Soul was not giving him much other option. The mere thought of never being able to label himself as lonely… and if it was because of someone as beautiful as them…
Well. He already was a hypocrite, chanting against a society he partook in regularly. What other damage could be done by reaffirming what he already knew?
Besides. His Soul was desperate.
He wanted that dancer for his own.
No… no, this was most certainly a need.
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cyncerity · 4 months ago
Ok I’m writing the story prompts sent to me this far (they’re really good btw I love them a lot) but I also thought of a new au that I don’t have a name for yet but has a cool premise I think so read and ask about it if you’re interested :D
Phil has a young son named Tommy, who’s around 5 years old and also really bad at making friends. He only really has one, a kid his age named Tubbo, who lived in the apartment next to his with his dad Schlatt.
Phil decides to get his son something to entertain him, and sees an ad for a product that claims to let you “Grow your own Human!” and Phil is instantly intrigued...
He looks it up and sees that you start by buying a semi-transparent pod with some sort of tiny lab made human embryo replica, plant it in a pot, and watch it grow and eventually hatch a tiny teenage-looking human replica (like those fake eggs you put in water and watch, like, dinosaurs or whatever grow out of). The tiny humans have basically the same composition as humans, but they are very obedient and will learn to do what is asked of them with very little training, and they put up with almost anything. The only downside to them is that they need sleep, food, etc to survive.
Phil goes to Schlatt about it who honestly acts pretty weird throughout the entire conversation, but Tubbo interjects saying that it sounds really cool and he’s sure Tommy would like it. Phil ends up buying one for Tommy to try and get him something to keep him entertained and maybe even teach him some patience and responsibility. Tommy is ecstatic and plants the pod immediately, and even carries the pot around the house until the pod looks ready to hatch. Phil doesn’t tell Tommy that there looks like there’s a problem with the pod they bought, though, since he doesn’t want to upset him. Since it’s slightly see-through , Phil assumed there would be a clear silhouette of a miniature person, and he still thinks that there should be, but right now it kinda just looks like a blob.
Neither are prepared when the pod hatches twins.
They’re both sound asleep after exiting the pod and are pretty pale from lack of pigmentation and sunlight exposure, but they’re around the same height, and both are boys who look around the age of 15. The only physical difference is that one had pink hair and the other had dark brown.
Phil calls Schlatt over so he can help teach them basic tasks, and Schlatt just acts off the entire time, even at one point telling Phil that it would be best to just give him the tinies. Phil laughs it off awkwardly, and Schlatt doesn’t bring up the idea again, but Phil can’t help but think he wasn’t joking. In little to no time, both twins are able to walk, run, climb, and understand a bunch of commands, though they seem to be incapable of speech.
Tommy and Tubbo begin playing with them immediately, basically using them as dolls for their adventures. Though both belong to Tommy, whenever Tubbo comes over, he’s in charge of the brunette, and even names him. Tubbo names his “Wilbur” and Tommy names the pinkette “Technoblade.”
They write plenty of stories for the little humans, and make them spar each other for fun often (basically just using them for irl Pokémon battles lmao), and write personalities for them as well.
Tubbo plays Wilbur as a swanky, charismatic but manipulative leader. He’s a decent fighter, but uses his wit and charm to get out of tough situations. Tommy plays Techno as an anarchist with violent voices in his head and advanced fighting skills. He’s smart, skilled, and determined, but socially awkward and emotionally cold.
Tommy wanted to play them as mortal enemies and have them fight against each other way more, but Tubbo said that it was wrong since even if they were “emotionless” and “inhuman,” there was no denying that they were brothers, so they should stick together and make up for each other’s worse skills as such. Tommy found it sappy and stupid, but went along with it.
Almost every day the boys would take their “toys” out to play. They would tell the tinies to walk somewhere, fight something, or interact with something a certain way and they would do it. The boys would also speak in character for their tinies, as little kids do with their dolls. Tubbo was careful with Wilbur, making sure he didn’t fall off something or trip or hurt himself, which he seemed to do often, almost like he couldn’t see more than 10 inches in front of himself (no one suspects that the tiny desperately needs glasses). Tubbo also made sure he was physically ok looking, instructing him to wash himself when he was dirty and giving him nice haircuts.
Tommy was the opposite. Techno’s point as a character was to be a fighter, and Tommy had him constantly jumping off of things, running at danger, and attacking things often. Phil once walked outside to see Tommy instructing Techno to fight a live squirrel, the tiny looking bloodied and worse for wear after Phil scared the rodent off. Tommy never told Techno to get cleaned up (Tubbo did though, fortunately), never cleaned his wounds, instead letting them scar over, and never cut his hair. Phil assumed Tommy was being lazy for the last one, but he actually did that on purpose, finding comfort in braiding and messing with Techno’s long hair. And when Tubbo was at home and both Wilbur and Techno were in Tommy’s possession, he enjoyed sewing clothes for them that matched the outfits of their many adventures.
This went on for years, until one day the tinies went missing from the cabinet in Phil’s room where they slept. Tommy and Tubbo were heartbroken, having grown extremely attached to the twins, but there was no sign of robbery and the “dolls” weren’t responding to being called, so there wasn’t much they could do besides look elsewhere.
Though Phil found it strange that Schlatt pretty much stopped talking to him around this point, though. The only time the other man would reach out to Phil was in regards to their sons, when in the past they talked regularly. But of course Schlatt denied knowing what Phil was talking about when he was questioned about the twins, but that didn’t stop Phil from having his suspicions...
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shortiedreams · 4 months ago
Nobles in the night
Requested by @jwxei
Pairing: Bakugo x (fem) Reader 
Synopsis: You’re a princess set out to kill the king of your nation. Will you succeed?
Word count: 1,821
CW: Attempted murder
A/N: Played ‘Phantom of the Opera’ soundtracks whilst writing this. Dying right now ✌️
“The hour of the ball has transpired.” a hushed voice came from behind the entrance.
With the help of his usual dynamic tone, Bakugo immediately recognises the familiar voice of his fidus Achates, Kirishima Eijiro. 
“Very well.” he sighs, and Kirishima could almost hear a frown through his raspy voice. 
None of this was going the way Bakugo wanted it to, yet he couldn’t back out anymore; it was simply too late.
“I’ll be taking my leave then, your majesty.” Kirishima reports.
“Please do.”
Bakugo examines his profile in the gilded mirror. He glowers at his own reflection, how outlandish he looked in his formal attire. Even short of the mantle cloak he was supposed to wear tonight, everything about what he’s dressed himself was far too extravagant for his liking.
He poses again with several new angles as if his judgements will change in one swift movement, but of course, it still feels improper.
He drops his eyes in defeat, succumbing to the unadorned fact that he was going to have to get used to the policies of being king.
He has no idea why everyone worshipped the throne. All he ever wanted was to live a secluded life with his family and friends. 
In actuality, that was what he had before the Mediterranean War a year prior to the present, wiping out the entirety of his family, ergo his newfound entitlement: the king. Kirishima was the only part of his childhood that remained, the only part of his childhood he still had physical contact with. It wasn’t surprising to say that he was very attached to the man, granting him the chancellor’s position. 
Which is why with Kirishima and his family’s former support, it was impossible for him to deny the tradition of the annual ball no matter how much he opposes it. He hates the notion of prattling aristocrats shattering his peace and quietness. Even more so of his invitation to you, the Princess of Agathinos, under the monarchy’s recommendation. This would be the first time a guest with royal blood would visit the palace ever since his family’s death. 
As always, Bakugo initially wanted to decline, but Kirishima advised him that he should accept it since it was ‘time’ for him to start courting. He thought Kirishima was being a nuisance, then again he also didn’t want to be looked down on by the aristocrats. He already knows there are rumours of him, calling him all sorts of names like ‘boorish to women’ or ‘ a  critter of another nation’. 
Bakugo was a smart man, so it didn’t take him much to realise that if he really terminated these accustomed traditions, the public would cause unnecessary commotions. Therefore, for the sake of his future peace and his reputation, the ball is set to commence tonight.
Bakugo snaps out of his sombre daze as he reaches the doors to his chamberlains. He fixes himself, coughs a little, before the doors open and he’s now striding out into the hallway. 
Two handmaids are waiting outside his chambers on cue, guiding him to the ballroom. Bakugo glances around the normally dimmed hall, spotting the marshals line-up in armour and the walls decorated with large candles and Renaissance artifacts. He could hear the distant melodies of the orchestra, currently playing some melodramatic composition. Amidst the lively energy of the hall, Bakugo thought that these attributes only made the area more inhumane.
Bakugo soon enters the top of the stairway, where he adjusts himself as he sits on his throne. He doesn’t even get a few seconds to himself and the guests are already flooding into the ballroom, producing a discord between the music and the chatters. 
“Just great.” he grumbles to himself, resting his chin atop a fisted hand.
“For the stead of my parents and the kingdom.” you remind yourself.
You too were sitting in front of your vanity mirror, questioning yourself of your affairs. 
You stare into the mirror long and hard. The dress you were currently wearing is the embodiment of an icy blue oasis. The crystal embroidery embellished on the outermost tulle of the skirt was your definition of a wintery wonderland. The rest of your body was touched up with matching accessories too: diamond earrings, silk gloves and silver hair ornaments. Everything about your outfit shone under the moonlight, but you didn’t, you merely blended in with the dark. Especially with the expression you were holding, no one was going to see you as a ‘princess’.
The reason for your morose mien was your parents, who weren’t attending the ball alongside you as they were busied with engagements arranged overseas.
The only thing they left behind for you was the invitation card, and a letter explicitly telling you to the murder the king. 
At the time you read the letter, you were shocked at how your parents could possibly craft up an assassination plot with such detail. You weren’t oblivious to your parents being megalomaniacs; it was why they were away most of the time, focus directed towards any other royalty overseas rather than their own daughter back at home. 
Another reason why they never really bothered with you was because you were a daughter. Although you were an only child, you understood that society’s misogynistic ways definitely influenced their lack of attention towards you.
It's not like you and your family had a bad relationship but you weren’t exactly close either, therefore you didn’t have enough memories to form any opinions on them. Well that is up until now, when the confidential letter telling you the kill the king ceaselessly echoes through your mind. 
Brazen of you, but you wanted to get some of your family’s attention for once. In a sense, you inherited their selfishness. 
You temporarily shake off your thoughts, and with the minimal amount of dignity left in you, tread along to where your chauffeur was, waiting to escort you to the plaza - the location of the castle. 
Inside the privacy of your cart, the thoughts of how the assassination will go runs through your mind as you fiddle nervously on the holster underneath your dress.
You just hope you’ll manage to come out in one piece.
The moment you make your ‘grand’ entrance at the ball, strangers are already gushing at you as a peculiar redhead announces your status. 
You realise that this was probably your first official appearance in public as your parents never let you out, contradicting their own actions. 
You waste no time to ask around for the location of the lavatories. Luckily, the same redhead fills you in on the information you need, and you manage to make a quick escape to the toilets. 
You shut the doors behind you, puffing in pure relief. You were never good with crowds since you haven’t even been outside after all, so the comfort of this cloistered space warms you a little. 
Anyway, you’re here to collect yourself before you even dare to think about killing anyone.  
It takes you a while to calm your breathing as the plan continues to play through your mind for what feels like an eternity. Killing really is all that disturbing.
When you finally muster up enough courage, you step out of the lavatory with undeveloped confidence. Flushing, you look down at your feet as you attempt to make your way back into the ballroom, not even noticing the man standing straight ahead. You stumble into him ungraciously, earning you a merited knock on the head.
“Ouch.” you wince in pain. 
Your eyes drift up to meet with a prepossessing blonde who gazes down at you with an amused guise. He was dressed in haute couture, a form-fitting navy suit pinned with the golden emblem of the Bakugo’s: a griffin.
Without a second glance, you instantly note that he’s the king. 
“Careful, Princess of Agathinos.” he alerts, his voice suiting as the most soothing cord of notes you’ve heard pour out of a mouth in a while.  
How did he recognise you?
“You dropped something, princess.” Stupefied, you watch in awe as he bends down to pick up your possession. 
Moments later, you finally knock yourself out to check what’s fallen off your outfit. In vain, you find all your accessories precisely in their designated locations.
“A dagger?” he taunts, raising a brow in your way, “Mind explaining why you need this in a clearly guarded place?”
“My King, I-”
“Don’t have anything to defend yourself with?” Your eyes widen at his accurate observation.
Unnerved, you flee from his light grasp and begin pacing in the opposite direction witlessly.
“Running away from me in my premises. How fatuous.” he chuckles to himself, inspecting the dagger that played in his hands.
You dash tirelessly past the postern and into what appears to be a garden. You don’t give a second thought as you bolt through a vineyard, the chiffon fabric tufting together under the remiss handling of your silk gloves. 
Reaching the mouth of an inviting forest, you feel a pair of arms repelling you from going any further. Your eyes widen once more, not being able to tell if you were gratified or terrified, or a genuine mixture of both. 
“I wouldn’t go there if I were you.” the flattery music blows into your ear.
Absent from warnings, two strong arms spin your waist around to engage you with a  handsome physique under the moonlight. You shudder at the enchanting sight of the king. 
If he’s run all the way here for you unaccompanied, it is only alright for you to assume that he doesn’t care about the incident back there.
He seems to be more interested in you, like you are with him.
“Please don’t run, princess. I’m not the beast that everyone deems me to be.”
You show no apparent reaction to his comment, still fazed.
“Don’t be afraid.” he adds, sounding ever so sincere. 
“Oh, I won’t.” you promise. It was the only thing you could say after being completely infatuated by him.
“If you’re saying that on account of me releasing you, then you’re wrong, princess.”
“I mean it, your majesty.” you clarify challengingly.
He hums, palpably entertained, “Will you allow me to try something?”
Was the king seriously asking you for permission even after he knew you were a threat?
Oh lord.
“S-sure.” you stutter, making a downright fool out of yourself.
“Well then, forgive me for my bold deed.”
Before you could even say anything, you feel the sensation of his soft lips pressing against yours, juxtaposing to his unyielding image beneath the moonlight. It sent butterflies fluttering down your back impetuously.
Slowly pulling away for air, a silence hovers above the both of you, utterly enraptured by each other.
“Bewitching.” he comments as he leans in for another kiss. This time you lid your eyes, prepared to devote yourself to your king, Bakugo Katsuki.
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ruzek-halstead · 8 months ago
step into my world
pairing: luke patterson x julie molina
written based on the prompt:
"my roommate dragged me out to this off-campus party and then immediately abandons me for the person they’ve been flirting with in class, but you ask if i want to be your partner in beer pong"
university au
masterlist || ao3
Tumblr media
"Get up, underachiever! We're going to a party!"
Julie groaned from her place under the covers. It was late and she was already tucked away for the night. In her university experience, she always managed to tinkle with her schedule enough to always have Friday's off. But this semester, she ended up having a full course load, and three of the classes fell on Friday.
She was absolutely exhausted and all she wanted to do was continue sleeping, so she could do literally nothing but watch Netflix for the remainder of her weekend.
But her roommate and (current questionable) best friend was not having any of it.
"Carrie just texted me. There's a party at this frat on campus. We have to go!"
Julie let out another loud groan.
"We don't have to do anything. You can go. You're probably going to hang out with Carrie the entire time anyway."
After a brief moment of silence, the blanket that was tucked tightly under her neck was violently ripped away and she was hit with an instant wave of cool air. “I won’t, I promise!” Flynn implored.
“I don’t believe you.”
“Your lack of confidence in me is truly offensive,” Flynn replied, placing a hand over her heart to emphasize her exaggeration. “Babe, come on. You need a night out!”
Julie sighed but her wall of defence was starting to crumble. “I’m just so tired, Flynn,” she moaned.
“If you come with me tonight, I promise I’ll spend the entire weekend with you doing whatever you want. Even if it’s literally nothing.”
Flynn looked so hopeful, so excited and Julie didn’t have the heart to tell her bestie no. So, she relented and nodded her head. Flynn squealed and jumped on top of her and Julie could only laugh and try to keep her organs from getting pushed on.
“You are the best,” Flynn told her, but Julie already knew that. “But we need to fix this.”
"Uh — that's rude."
Flynn sent her a sweet smile, but the underlying glint in her brown eyes indicated the slight mischief underneath. "I say this with love, Jules. But you look like a mess right now, and we can't have that. What if you meet someone?
"You're just buttering me up because you're going to ditch me as soon as you see Carrie," Julie rolled her eyes and pushed Flynn off of her.
Flynn had the decency to look slightly sheepish. "But I mean, have you seen her?"
"Yeah, yeah," Julie shrugged her off, but deep down, she was unbelievably happy for her best friend. And it was truly the only reason she was accompanying her to this party tonight. Parties weren't really her scene, but Flynn loved them, so every once in a while, she made an effort to attend. And other times, such as today, Flynn either bribed or guilted her to attend.
By the time Flynn forced Julie out of bed, it was already on the later side (but university parties started late and ended late anyway). With Flynn rushing her, she didn't have much time to get ready so she quickly chose an outfit and applied a layer of mascara and some lip gloss. Her outfit consisted of a pair of black ripped jeans, a soft white long-sleeve cropped shirt and she paired it with white converse. It was a nice outfit considering she put it together within ten minutes.
Julie recognized the frat house as one she'd been to before. A few of Carrie's friends were members of the frat, so whenever they threw a party, Flynn always dragged her along. When they walked in, the music was blaring, there were people everywhere and Julie did her best to keep her cool.
Flynn grabbed her hand and dragged her along when she spotted her (almost?) girlfriend Carrie. Julie recognized the group she was with; they were all in the same music program, but they ran in different groups. It was only because of Flynn that she was starting to see them more and more often.
If she was completely honest, she'd noticed them before. She knew Carrie's three friends were in a band and she'd checked out a few of their gigs before. She'd see Luke a lot at the coffeeshop she liked to study at, and honestly, she thought he was gorgeous. Every time she saw him, he was always smiling, but what really sucked her in was when she first heard him perform and listened to his voice; she was blown away. From there, she started to notice him around campus more often, but she was shy and he was outgoing and she could never bring herself to actually talk to him.
But now, he was right across the room and she was being dragged in his direction.
"Flynn! I'm so happy you could make it!" Carrie cheered, shooting Flynn a coy smile and wrapping her in a hug. They were so adorable, Julie couldn't help but smile. "Jules! I see she dragged you out again."
Julie returned her playful grin. "She's very convincing when she bargains."
"Well, I'm not sure if you've all met," Carrie continued, referencing to the three boys around her. Reggie was chugging his red solo cup and Alex and Luke were quietly whisper-arguing. "This is Alex, Luke and Reggie. They're in this tiny band no one really likes. I think it's called Sunset Swerve or something."
Alex and Luke instantly snapped out of their argument, and the three of them chorused, "Sunset Curve!" in annoyed and whiny tones.
"Yeah, that's what I said," Carrie waved them off, turning back to Flynn. "Hey, I was wondering if we could talk?"
Julie peeked over at Flynn, who seemed to pale slightly. There were very few times Julie had seen Flynn lose her cool, and this happened to be one of them. When Flynn looked over at Julie for approval (since Julie really hated being left alone at parties), Julie nodded enthusiastically and shot her friend a supportive smile.
"Go ahead!" She encouraged with a nod. "I'll just be around."
"Don't worry!" Reggie interrupted, wrapping an arm around Julie's shoulders. She jumped slightly in surprise but he honestly looked like he wouldn't even hurt a fly, and she felt oddly comfortable. "We'll take good care of her!"
Feeling satisfied, Flynn walked off with Carrie. Julie was already dying to know the details of that conversation, but she'd have to wait. Reggie had already removed himself from her, promising to get them all a round of drinks. But Alex and Luke were still whispering to each other, and Julie felt unbelievably awkward, so she started retreating slowly.
Luke caught her eye and immediately stepped closer. "Hey, where are you going?"
She was sure she looked like a deer caught in headlights because she didn't expect them to notice, much less care. And she definitely didn't expect Luke (the stranger she's had a crush on from a distance for months now) to actually talk to her.
"Yeah! We're supposed to keep you company," Alex added, smiling cheerily. His easy going attitude helped her relax.
"Oh, sorry," she mumbled, blushing. "I just thought —"
Alex shook his head, grabbing her wrist to pull her closer. "Nonsense. We would love to get to know you. Jules, is it?"
"It's Julie, actually," she replied. From her other side, Luke was watching their interaction intently. His hot gaze made her nervous, but she fought to ignore it and not make a fool of herself. "You all are in the music program too, right?"
From the corner of her eye, she noted Luke's surprised and slightly impressed expression.
"Yeah!" Alex smiled. "I'm mostly in instrument classes right now; I play the drums. What about you?"
"Composition, mostly," Julie responded. The fact that Luke had yet to say anything since calling for her attention was still unnerving to her. "I'm starting vocal classes next semester."
Alex glanced at Luke, but when he didn't say anything, he rolled his eyes. Unbeknownst to Julie, Luke was a little starstruck and a whole lot speechless. "So is Luke!" He jabbed him with his elbow and Luke whined in response. "He' s our lead singer. He's okay, I guess."
Luke shot Alex a dirty glare and returned his gaze to Julie, and for the first time since they'd starting talking, she didn't tear her eyes away from his. "Have you uh — have you seen us play at all?"
"Yeah, I have," Julie nodded, fighting off the blush she could feel crawling up her neck. "A few times, actually. You guys are really good, by the way.”
A slow, but breathtaking smile spread onto Luke’s face. Alex watched on in amusement.
“Hey, Patterson!” Luke whirled around when his name was called. Another member from the frat was hollering at him from the beer pong table. “Want to tag in? Grab a partner!”
Before Luke had even turned back to face them properly, Alex was already tagging out. “The answer is no,” he stated defiantly, then leaned in to whisper to Julie, “He yells at me every time I miss.”
“You miss all of them!”
“I’m not good at throwing things!”
“Then why do you even p — You know what? Never mind. Julie, you in?”
At Luke’s invitation, her eyes widened and she nearly choked on her own spit. “Uh — me? Are you sure? I’ve never played, I’m probably not any good.”
“Something tells me he won’t yell at you like he does at me,” Alex commented, smirking wildly.
Luke shut him up with a glare. “It’ll be fun!”
“Yeah, okay,” Julie relented.
She was here anyway, may as well have a good time. Plus, her super attractive crush was the one requesting her assistance so how could she possibly turn that down?
“Have fun, you two!” Alex shouted behind them. When Julie peeked behind her, he was still smirking.
“Just ignore him,” Luke mumbled, and Julie jumped when she realized he was whispering in her ear. He placed a gentle hand on her back to guide her on which end of the table they were supposed to go. “You ready?” He asked with a wolfish smirk.
Julie glanced at Luke, the cups set up on the table, and the two frat boys they were playing against. “No, not at all. Can you explain this to me, please?” She asked quietly in embarrassment.
“Hey,” Luke ducked to meet her eyes. “Don’t be embarrassed, this is just for fun! You just want to throw this ball,” he held a white ping pong ball in the palm of his hand, “into any of those cups.”
Julie looked at the ball and up into Luke’s eyes. He was smiling and she was filled with a surge of confidence. “I’m ready. Let’s do it.”
Luke held his palm closer to her. “You’re up first, Brown Eyes.”
Julie barely even minded the newfound nickname because she was so focused in aiming for the cups. The chances it would go disastrously were pretty high, but Luke was so supportive and chanting positive things in her ear, so she ignored it all.
When she threw the first ball, she missed horribly.
“You’re already doing better than Alex!” Luke laughed, touching her wrist comfortingly.
She was embarrassed but he didn’t seem to mind her failure.
Luke took the next shot, and of course, he nailed it. The opposing team missed both their shots, and it made her feel a tiny bit better.
“You just have to relax,” Luke told her, in a soft and comforting voice. “Just relax your shoulders and focus on one cup.”
She followed his direction, and she could hardly believe her eyes when she actually sunk a cup. The crowd that had formed around them cheered, but all Julie could focus on was Luke’s excited laughter, and she found herself throwing her arms around his neck in excitement. Mortified, she pulled away. “Oh God, I’m sorry.”
“No, don’t apologize,” Luke replied, smiling softly. “You did great!” He managed to sink another cup, but so did their opponents. Luke picked up the cup and offered it to Julie. “Do you want me to drink it?”
But Julie was on a high, so with a confident smirk, she grabbed the red cup and gulped it down as fast as she could. She could feel it dribbling down her chin and she squeezed her eyes closed to help with the unpleasant taste. Luke was more impressed than ever, but also slightly concerned, as her reaction didn’t strike him as the type that drank often.
He placed a hand on her waist and leaned in to catch her eyes. “Hey, you okay? You good?”
“I’m fantastic,” Julie replied, slamming the cup down with a newfound ferocity. She grabbed the ball out of his hand and sank another cup.
In quite possibly one of the quickest rounds of beer pong Luke had ever played, they were nearing the end with two cups left to sink, whereas their opponents still had four. It seemed as if Julie had awakened, and she was having the time of her life; Luke loved watching her so carefree and happy. He didn’t know her too well, but seeing this side of her only made it clearer to him that he wanted to get to know her more.
They had the chance to end the game once and for all, but Julie had missed her previous shot and her confidence was wavering.
“You got this, Jules,” Luke cheered quietly in her ear. They’d each downed quite a few beers, and it was safe to say he was officially a bit tipsy. It didn’t help that she was so beautiful and looking amazing; his mind just wouldn’t stop.
When she made the shot with ease, he realized the pressure was all on him.
He also realized that he might actually be in love with this girl.
“You’re amazing. Will you go out on a date with me?”
Luke ended up blurting out these words to an unsuspecting Julie, and this time, she really did choke on her spit.
But the beer had gone straight to her head, and she was feeling a bit spacey. Her brain wasn’t connecting with her mouth and she wasn’t able to form an answer in an appropriate timely manner.
The crowd was cheering so Luke awkwardly grabbed the ball to make his (possibly) last shot. Julie could see the hesitance in his eyes, and she couldn’t help but feel guilty.
So, she leaned her hands on Luke’s shoulder to lower him to her height and she placed her lips close to his ear. “If you make this shot, I’ll go out with you.” Then she placed a kiss on his cheek before backing off.
He turned to her with wide eyes and a surprised smile.
“That really lessened the pressure,” he teased, and was delighted when she blushed.
The pressure was really on now. If he could make this shot, it would be incredibly impressive. Not only to him and Julie, but to the crowd that had accumulated around them.
Luke took a deep breath, closed his eyes for a moment and took the shot. It felt like slow motion, and it was only when he heard the crowd cheering that he realized he sunk the ball, and subsequently, won the game.
Julie cheered from his side, and when he turned to face her, he was ready to catch her when she threw her arms around his neck this time. “That was amazing! Thank you for asking me to do this!”
He held her for a moment longer, but eventually parted. As new teams formed for the next round, he grabbed her hand and pulled her off to the side. “Are you okay? You drank quite a lot in such little time. Are you feeling okay?”
Julie’s heart warmed at his concern. “I’m feeling really good right now, Luke.”
“And did you really mean what you said?” He asked shyly. “About the date, I mean.”
Julie’s smile widened. “Yeah, I did. Ever since I saw you perform with your band, I’ve sort of had this thing for you.” Realizing what she said, her eyes went wide. “Wait — I don’t think I was supposed to tell you that.”
“You have?”
And to Julie’s surprise, and slight discomfort, he started laughing.
“Wait, no, I didn’t mean it like that!” He interrupted, realizing what his actions caused. “It’s just — I’ve seen you at the coffeeshop so many times and I just always thought you were really beautiful, and I knew you were Flynn’s friend but I didn’t want to say anything because well, I’m really not good with rejection. So, this is weirdly hilarious to me right now. That what Alex and I were talking about earlier. He knows, obviously, and wouldn't stop teasing me.”
Julie started laughing with him.
“So tonight was what? Fate?”
Luke’s gaze burned into her eyes. “Whatever it was, it was perfect timing.”
“Yeah, I’d agree.”
At the intensity of his gaze, she could feel herself rising up on her tiptoes and leaning forward. His eyes were so captivating, and the way his lips twisted into a soft grin was just too much for her slightly inebriated brain.
Julie just really wanted to kiss him.
Luke met her halfway, pressing his lips softly against hers. As soon as their lips met, Julie’s hand rested on Luke’s chest and a satisfied sigh left her mouth. They were still in public, and Julie was never a fan of PDA, so she pulled away shortly after. But looking into Luke’s eyes again, and his adorable smile, she couldn’t help but lean in to kiss him again.
“I fucking knew it!”
The two of them could faintly hear Alex’s loud voice over the party, but they both ignored it.
“Where’s Flynn? FLYNN! Look at what our children are doing!”
hope you enjoyed!
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droogiesanddiscourse · 3 months ago
“Lambs to the Slaughter”
Paring: Max Cady x Reader [Cape Fear]
Word Count: 3.3k
Summary: Max Cady and you indulge in one of your unfulfilled fantasies - creating a sex tape together.
A/N: Welcome to day 2 everyone. This is pure smut, no plot. There is a lot of filth here that I cannot accurately warn you for everything, but 18+ ONLY. This is very, very rough, so please proceed with caution. Besties, I’ll see you in Hell. Requested by the icon herself @babyboy-cody​ + featuring some familiar OCs >:3
Tumblr media
You sit patiently waiting on the bed, your legs folded underneath in a rather chaste manner. A beautiful, pink lace teddy adorned your body, see through enough to leave little to the imagination. Your fiddled with your hands nervously on your lap, your heart rate already starting to accelerate with each passing moment.
Max enters the room, a lit cigar between his teeth as he pushes open the door with the side of his hip. His arms were a bit preoccupied, fumbling to hold everything as he drug in a film camera and tripod. You watched as he carefully set it up at the base of your bed, finding the perfect angle and composition.
“Now darlin’, you know we gotta go through a few ground rules before startin.’ Anytime you feel uncomfortable, or wanna stop, just tell me.” Max states this in a low, monotone voice. The tone was oddly impartial, especially considering the act you two were about to engage in. It was almost akin to a professional conversation. 
“Mhmm,” you muse out, fingers playing with the lace along the base of the teddy.
“And you remember our usual safe word?”
“Mhmm,” you say again. 
“.....You gonna saying anything else other than smart mouthin’ me with that little “mhmm,” darlin’?” He smiles, with a small laugh punctuating his sentence.
“Yes, sir,” you look up at him, smirking, a playful glint in your eye. He matches that same look as he hits record, and a red, blinking signal indicates the camera is now on.
Once satisfied with his work, he turns his full, undivided attention to you. He smiles, eyeing your body up and down, and the rather flirtatious attire adorning it that you’ve chosen for the night.
“Did you get all dolled up for me?”
You nod, as he climbs onto the bed with you. 
“I like you’re little outfit you’ve chosen. Too bad you’re not gonna be wearin’ it for long...” Kneeling behind you, the mattress dipping a bit beneath his weight. His hands gently card through your hair, fluffing it up a bit as he forces your head to look into the camera, tilting it in a way that makes you lock eyes with the cold, steely gaze of the lens.
“You’re an angel, look how good you look in the viewfinder. Can you see us?”
You can, as you look at the reflection that mimics the two of you. Something about this entire situation feels so sinful, so wrong, but at the same time has been a secret fantasy Max and you have shared for a while. Something that was just discussed that made the both of you blush, but a fleeting idea that didn’t lead to more than that - an idea. But now, as it comes to fruition, you can’t help but to feel a bit intimidated. Any semblance of confidence you faked earlier waned.
Max’s large hands start groping at your flesh, playfully prepping your body for him. Slowly, he lifts up your little outfit, pulling it overtop your head. While you’ve been naked in front of Max many times before, the inclusion of a voyeur made you slightly self-conscious. You blush, and attempt to cover yourself back up with your arms; a meaningless attempt to keep what little decency you could still maintain.
Quick to notice what you were attempting to do, Max pins your hands behind his back, showing off your nude body to the camera. His hands begin to grope and squeeze at you, making sure not a single inch of your body was untouched.
“And who do we have here tonight? Why don’t you tell the lovely viewers who you are, my little lamb.” 
Your mouth opens, but your brain defies you, an aspect of shyness still holding you back. You could hardly focus on a simple command such as making your voice come out of your throat. You feel so flustered in your undressed state, much in contrast to Max’s fully clothed form. 
“Mhmm, not so smart with those replies now huh darlin’? My baby’s acting all shy now isn’t she? I promise she’s not usually like this—not one bit, let me tell you that. I guess I’ll just have to warm her up then.”
He crawls on top of you, his overbearing presence and added weight making the mattress shift a bit. He looks like a predator - a hungry, wild glint in his eyes as he positions himself over your body.
His hands begin to slowly roam across your stomach, your body jolting upwards a bit from his touch. He smiles at the effect just a simple graze of his fingertips has on your body, further dancing them across your sensitive flesh. His fingers trace down your body, slowly making its way to where you craved his touch the most.
As fingers reach your most sensitive parts, he unceremoniously rubs that little bundle of nerves in a way that makes you squirm beneath him. He smirks to himself, feeling how wet you were based off of a few touches of his fingers. 
“My my my,” he tsks in an almost chastising manner. “I barely even began to touch you, and yet you’re already soaked? You really are a whore. Even just the thought of me defiling you got you all excited.” He gives you exactly what you were craving from him, as he slips two of his large fingers into your core. 
His thumb still rubs your clit gently, the touch making you mewl out—bucking your hips forward in a silent plead for more. Your body language gives you away as to how needy you were becoming with just a few touches of his fingers. 
Max’s other hand grabs onto your waist, a harsh, rough grip that you know will leave some form of mark on your skin. After tonight, you’re sure you will have a lot of bruises you’d need excuses to justify their existence. He uses that hand to push you back on the bed, attempting to keep you from squirming around so much. 
“Just let daddy take care of you.”
Taking in your silent pleads, Max slips two fingers inside your core, pumping them in and out in a rhythmic motion. Your thighs threaten to squeeze around his hand, trying to keep as much contact as humanly possible between your two bodies.
The wet, squelching sound of your sex bounced off the walls of your room, making you blush. Max’s eyes cannot seem to be pried away from yours, almost daring you to challenge him. To say something. To take control for once. You use your hand to toy with your nipples, rolling them around your fingertips to further stimulate you.
Without warning, he pulls away from you, removing his fingers from your sex as well. You whine, and close your legs together—attempting to create an incomparable replacement for his hands. You were close to your first orgasm, rubbing your legs together desperately for some, any friction.
“Are you feelin’ good, my little lamb?” Max coos, taking his fingers that were previously in your sex into his mouth, sucking them clean. “That pretty pussy all warm and tingly now?”
“Mhmm,” you whine out, your head fuzzy, feeling the weight of a brick. Your eyelids threaten to droop down, your vision starting to blur as Max becomes an odd mash of shapes and colors in front of you.
“And now, you’re gonna make me feel real good now too, aren’t ya?” Max smiles down at you, rubbing his prominent erection through his pants. “Wanna make your daddy real proud and happy so he’ll fuck you real good, right?” 
You nod, positioning yourself on your knees in front of him as he undoes his belt above you. The gentle “click” of his pants was followed by the fabric falling off his waist, dropping and pooling around his feet. You look back once more at the camera, and take notice that the red light was still surely blinking. Your heart thumps in your chest, as your head begins to feel woozy. It distracts you for a moment, intimidating you out of the moment. 
Max notices this, and grabs hold of your chin, gently turning your head back to meet his eyes. He strokes your cheek in an almost tender moment, then runs his thumb across your lower lip. You give it a gentle kiss, looking up at him with doe eyes; the salt on the padding of his fingertip touching your tastebuds. 
“Close your eyes and open your mouth,” he croons above you, grabbing the back of your head as he moves you towards his crotch expectantly.
You do as your told, squeezing your eyes shut as tightly as possible, and opening your mouth. You stick your tongue out, further enticing him into your warm, open cavern. You feel the tip of his erection on your tongue, as he grabs the back of your head. It makes you jump a bit at first in surprise, your senses being taken away from you. Without much warning, he slams his entire length into your mouth, reaching the back of your throat easily. His girth stretched your mouth, overwhelming you. 
Without even the slightest hint of pity, or allowing yourself to adjust to him, he beings to thrust into your mouth with no warning. His large hand grips the back of your head, Trying to prevent yourself from gagging, you breathed through your nose. But it was to almost no success, as Max practically fucked your mouth with little remorse. Tears began to form at the corner of your eyes, it was just too much. Max couldn’t help but notice this.
“Oh, look at you,” Max takes a large thumb, running them across your cheeks in a lazy attempt to wipe away your tears. The kind gesture making you look more of a mess than before; black tracts of your mascara were now smudged across your face. “You’re so pretty when you look like the perfect whore, your makeup all ruined like that.”
You moan around his length, the vibrations making Max’s cock in your mouth twitch as he balls up a handful of your hair into his fist. He uses this leverage to guide your head back and forth, bobbing on his cock.
“You see this?” Max leans his head back, as if addressing the unseen “audience” behind the camera. “Look at how good they take me, how obedient they are. You like sucking on daddy’s cock, don’t you darlin’? Say it.” He gives a playful slap to your cheek, treating you as if you were some kind of pet.
“I love it,” you whine, his cock still in your mouth - so your words just slur together into one, incoherent jumble. But Max at least knew what you were saying, giving you yet another playful slap. You put all your attention on Max, as you could tell he was getting close.
You pop him out of your mouth, a string of drool from your lips to the tip of his cock still connecting you two together. “Do you want me to finish you off?” You look up at him through your lashes, batting your eyes at him. You feel his cock twitch in your hands, as Max groans out—shoving himself to the hilt down your throat again.
“Yes ma’am, you’re gonna show everyone what a good little lamb you are for me, aren’t you? Gonna show everyone how well you take my load.” His voice trembles, and you’re amazed that he can even create full sentences right now. You run your tongue along the base of his cock, and he can’t contain himself any longer. Pushing himself all the way to the back of your throat, he finishes with a loud, low moan of your name.
The warm liquid overwhelms you for a moment, before you swallow every last drop. You open your mouth to show Max, and he just gives a reaffirming pat to your head; ruffling your already messy hair.
“That’s my good girl. Show the camera, sweetheart.”
With your back to the camera, you turn your head to the side. You opened up your mouth and stuck out your tongue again, showing that you indeed swallowed everything.
Max smiles, guiding your face to look at his again. Leaning down, he gives you a kiss that takes your breath away. It’s hard, passionate, and tender. His tounge shoves itself into your mouth, fighting for dominance. 
You wonder if he can taste himself on your tongue.
Pulling away from the kiss, he repositions your body, flipping you onto your hands and knees. “And good girls always get their rewards, don’t they?” You look up, now face to face with the camera again. 
“We’re gonna position you this way so everyone can see those pretty little expressions you make when my cock is buried inside you.” 
And he does just that—filling you to the brim with his member as he slowly pushes his length inside you; the slick from your arousal making it easy for him to enter. In sync, you both let out a moan with each other.
Grabbing a fistful of your hair, he pulls your head back, forcing your eyes to lock with the camera in front of you. The tiny red light blinked mockingly at you, capturing every filthy moment on film. Max leans down, hand still buried in your hair, and kisses down your neck. He starts a steady pace, making sure each thrust fills you to the hilt.
“Look at yourself, look how pretty you are when I fuck you,” Max groans out. You could see yourself in the viewfinder of the camera, the both of you slick with sweat. A panting, sweaty mess of limbs. 
The noises escaping your throat were absolutely sinful; just as Max wanted. He wanted you to get loud, let loose, show everyone just how good he makes you feel. Being denied your orgasm earlier, the familiar knot in your stomach starts to build deliciously again at a rapid pace. 
Your hands claw desperately at the sheets in front of you, trying to hold onto something as Max plows into you. You’re desperate to touch him, scratch his back, pull on his hair-- but the angle denies you the luxury. You were in Max’s control, and there was nothing you could do about it. 
Max’s face leans next to yours, as you feel his hot breath on the shell of your ear. “There you go darlin.’ Look how good you take me. Fucked you so many times that pretty pussy isn’t gonna take any other man than me now. Got anything to say to the viewers at home?”
He teases, slowing his thrusts down significantly. Your body trembles at the sudden change of pace, as you attempt to meet his thrusts.
“C’mon, say something...” his hands slowly wrap themselves around your throat from behind, cutting off your airway just enough to make your white out. The only sounds you could make were moans and incoherent attempts at words.
Max teases you, mimicking your sounds in a high-pitched impersonation. “Ahhhh! Aaaaaa!....Can’t even form a proper word huh? Wha’d I do, fuck you dumb?” Your cheeks flushed even more than you think they could. “That’s right, that’s my dumb little lamb...”
You wanted to punch him. 
The knot in your stomach grew tighter tighter tighter still and the only things able to be audible was “oh Max please please Max don’t stop I can’t do this much longer I’m going to ah please harder harder harder....”
Your vision blacks out for a moment, as your orgasm jolts through your body; every nerve ending feeling aflame. Max is right behind you, as you feel his warmth spill into you. Your muscles twitch, as every aspect of you feels completely and thoroughly exhausted. You’re quiet, laying face first down on the mattress—you don’t even know if you can move. You take deep breathes, in and out, pushing the sweat covered hair that’s stuck to your forehead out of the way. 
But Max can, in all his superhuman strength and glory. Wordlessly, Max gets up and moves to the side of the room with the camera, simply shutting down the recording. That was all the footage he needed. 
He looks at you—how absolutely wrecked you looked. A sweaty, naked heap on his bed. He smirks at this, knowing that he and he alone caused this.
Max crawls back into bed next to you, pulling the comforter overtop both your naked bodies. He wraps a protective arm around you, allowing you to nuzzle up into his chest. He radiated warmth, and you basked it in. Max leans down, pressing a protective kiss against your forehead as he pets your hair. 
Neither of you said anything. There was nothing to be said.
Ryan sits in his room, strumming along to a tune he’s attempting to learn on his guitar. He’s been playing for about five years now, but he hasn’t been getting much better. 
A recent tenant in his room - Spud the snail - ate his evening potato in the fuzzy purple light of his heat lamp. Recently put up for adoption at the local pet shop, Ryan couldn’t help but form an odd attachment to the slimy friend when they first locked eyes to eyestalks. 
His phone, sitting on his bedside table, lit up. His best friend Liam’s name in his phone popped up, with a crazy flurry of frantic text messages with an unknown link attached to them.
“NO FUCKING WAY dude you gotta check this out. Is this those weirdos you met working at the drive-in last summer? And at the library? It’s gotta be, they fit the description perfectly. Bro get this, they made a fucking sex tape?!?!?”
Ryan sighed, immediately knowing who Liam was talking about - it could only be Max and you. He looks at the URL send along with Liam’s last text message, and wonders if it’s even worth it to peek into his curiosity. His fingers quickly move on there own, typing out a response to his friend.
“No way, you’re pulling my leg dude. I’m gonna click on this link and it’s gonna take me to some stupid fuckin’ jumpscare prank or something.”
But, curiosity couldn’t help but get the better of Ryan. Hesitantly, and possibly against his better judgement, he clicked on the link. 
A new tab popped up on the internet browser on Ryan’s phone - as well as a bombardment of trashy, horny ads that engulfed the page. Ryan damn well knew there was no “Hot Sexy MILF women in your area!” that were looking to talk to him. 
After controlling the ridiculous ads, he was greeted by the visage of you sitting on the bed, hands folded across your lap demurely. Refusing to watch, but allowing that curiosity to drive him even further, his thumb swiped alongside the playbar at the bottom, moving it right long enough to see Max’s entrance. 
That was all he needed to see before moving his finger towards the large, red “X” button in the corner of the screen. He opens back up his messaging app, quickly sending back another text to Liam.  
“Yup, that’s them alright.” 
He throws his phone aside, already feeling a headache forming. He really just couldn’t get a break. He sighs, maybe a bit dramatically, and closes his eyes for a moment. Spud stretches an eyestalk towards him, as if he too understood Ryan’s pain. For a little pet, he sure had a lot of personality. 
“Spud, buddy, why are there so many weirdos in the world? And why do they seem to gravitate towards me?” 
Spud doesn’t answer him, because he’s a snail. 
“Yeah, that's what I thought.” 
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hufflepuff-deceit · 10 months ago
Logince Week 2020 - Who Needs A Heart When A Heart Can Be Broken
Summary: requested by anon
Tumblr media
“logan accidentally rejecting roman cus he thought that roman was joking around”
Pairing: Logince
Characters: Logan, Roman
Word Count: 1653
CW: n/a
Notes: my trend of picking song lyrics for titles continues and, as yall can probably guess, this is angst. hope yall enjoy
Roman liked to play these jokes.
Oftentimes, apropos to nothing, Logan would receive several texts from Roman. Silly little things. They meant nothing. A regular greeting of “how are you” or “i saw you down the hall. love the new outfit, looks good on you” or maybe even more than a text. Sometimes, when he and Roman passed by each other, Roman would wave and smile, maybe stop for a quick chat, then be quickly pulled away by other obligations. They were college students. They were busy.
For some reason, Roman kept trying to talk to him. To spend time with him. To get to know him.
They were already acquaintances, perhaps even friends. Many of the other students certainly seemed to be under the impression that they were close. Logan wasn’t inclined to disagree with them. He enjoyed “hanging out” with Roman. Watching movies became a lot more enjoyable with someone else, and as much as Roman liked to poke fun at Logan’s interest in space and the stars and astronomy, he listened. He listened and he engaged Logan in conversation and he made Logan feel heard and appreciated.
It was fair for Logan to say that he enjoyed Roman’s company. On occasion, he actively sought  it out. Roman was always eager to accept Logan’s invitations.
But it didn’t explain everything.
It didn’t explain Roman’s incessant flirting. It didn’t explain how Roman sat directly beside Logan even if there was ample space left on the couch. It didn’t explain the late night texts and calls or the expressions Roman gives him when he thought Logan can’t see.
And it didn’t explain why Roman would make those silly jokes.
In the earlier stages of their friendship, Roman had asked him a rather silly question. “Hey Teach, are you from Tennessee? ‘Cause you’re the only ten I see!” Which, in hindsight, wasn’t really a question but more of a statement.
When Logan answered with, “No. My family is pretty significantly rooted in East Asia and to my knowledge, I have no relatives who live in the state,” Roman looked oddly embarrassed.
And that wasn’t the only incident.
One time, Roman knocked on Logan’s door in the middle of the night and introduced himself as, “I’m a thief, and I’m here to steal your heart.” Logan, half-asleep and in the later stages of a caffeine crash, called security. Both of them had to explain themselves to two very disgruntled guards.
There was a moment Logan remembered fondly. They were in Roman’s dorm room, watching a movie and eating snacks. Candy wasn’t particularly healthy, nor was it an acceptable form of nutrition, but sometimes, Logan just wanted to enjoy the simple things. Eat some kitkats, partake in a few chips. Roman in particular was eating a pack of skittles and had consumed so much that his lips and tongue changed colours.
And Logan remembered Roman asking him, with a playful waggle of his brows, “Wanna taste the rainbow?” And even though Roman pouted when Logan took him up on his offer to take a few of the skittles, Roman still laughed when the sour tang of the candy made Logan scrunch up his face. “Not what I meant, Pocket Protector,” said Roman softly. But he didn’t elaborate, and Logan didn’t ask.
In fact, most of their friendship was littered with those moments. Innocent and simple, yet with an oddly intimate feeling that Logan couldn’t put into words. Everyone around him seemed privy to information he had yet to discern.
Their mutual friends, Patton and Virgil, along with Roman’s brother, Remus, seemed to get something that flies over Logan’s head.
“Want to see a picture of a beautiful person?” Roman asked him once, when he and Remus were in Logan’s room to ask him for assistance on their essays. Roman had an interest in photography. Logan enjoyed taking in the subtle intricacies of Roman’s work, the lighting and the framing, the composition and the style that made each shot carry a distinct feeling of ‘Roman’. So he agreed. And Roman, for some reason, held up a mirror.
And when Logan frowned and said, “That isn’t a picture Roman. You can’t submit that to your professor, it would be a failing grade,” Roman’s brilliant smile dimmed, and Remus sighed somewhere in the room.
Just two weeks ago, when Logan was celebrating his birthday in Patton’s home with Roman and Virgil and Remus, Roman made another confusing statement. Logan insisted on helping Patton serve up slices of the cake he made for Logan. And there was a look his friends shared when Roman joined them in the room, looking as immaculate and aesthetically pleasing as ever. Logan never could figure out how someone could look so attractive whilst wearing a silly party hat and holding a paper plate with a slice of strawberry cake.
Roman said to him that day, “Can I have a piece of that?” with a wink that made Virgil roll his eyes.
Logan distinctly remembered Remus banging his head on the counter when Logan just gave Roman another slice of cake.
And on, and on it goes.
Roman would make these jokes when they were the only two people in the room, sitting close enough to touch, their fingers mere centimetres apart. Logan would sometimes get the urge to hold Roman’s hand and always, always, he had to fight to stamp that want down.
It’s the little things that Roman does. His optimism, his support, his attention. Roman understood nothing about science, but he listened intently at every passionate rant Logan went on. He asked questions. He offered his opinions. He let Logan be himself.
When Logan saw the news of the first ever photograph of a black hole, it was Roman whom he ran to first, and it was Roman who beamed at him with the same amount of enthusiasm and sat with Logan for hours as Logan talked and talked and talked.
It was Roman who listened to Logan speak about the vast nothingness of space, and the infinite possibilities it contained.
That day, perhaps, would be something that Logan carries with him until the next life, if something like that exists.
They were in Logan’s room, on the floor, side by side. The lights were turned off. All the essays and papers and projects they both had due were set aside. And they were just talking in the darkness, with nothing but the glow of fake stars in the room. It was a present from Roman, unsurprisingly. Glow-in-the-dark star stickers. “If I can pluck out the stars from the sky,” said Roman, “Then I would do so in a heartbeat. If you wanted me to. But these will have to do for now.”
And it made Logan’s heart skip beats. It made his cheeks flush. It made something flutter in his chest and made him smile so wide it hurt.
Roman was warm beside him. They weren’t touching, but Logan could feel him. He could hear every breath, see the subtle movement of Roman’s chest, and he was overcome with want.
And Roman said to him in that dark room, Roman said, “You said that space is empty. That it’s a void. That it’s nothing.”
That conversation was weeks in the past, yet Roman remembered. Logan nodded even if Roman can’t see and said, “I did.”
When Roman continued, he didn’t so much as speak as he whispered. He turned to his side to look at Logan, and Logan did the same. And he saw the brilliant hazel of Roman’s eyes, shining with an awestruck expression that Logan felt blessed to have been able to see. “You said that nothing lasts forever.” Logan nodded. “If nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing?”
And want want want, gripped Logan’s heart so much he ached. He wanted to lean forward and kiss Roman. Feel those honeyed words against his tongue, taste the sugar of Roman’s lips, acknowledge all the feelings that have been drifting inside him.
“I’ve fallen for you, Logan,” Roman said. “Since the moment I saw you. I’ve fallen.”
Logan will remember that day for the rest of his life. It will haunt him. Torment him. Torture him.
Logan remembered that day because he remembered Roman’s face when Logan said, “Then get up.”
Logan remembered the wide eyes and the soft ‘oh’ that slipped out of Roman’s mouth like a final breath. Logan remembered the sudden tears and Roman’s quick excuse to leave. Logan remembered the pain in his heart, at letting go of something that he could have had in his grasp.
Roman liked to play these jokes. Like all the other men in Logan’s life. Logan was the nerd. The outcast. The weird kid who could talk about space for hours on end, but tripped over his own tongue when asked to talk about himself. There were dozens of people in Logan’s past who made the same jokes.
A handsome man had approached him once and asked, “I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?” And when Logan offered, he would laugh. It was just a joke.
One of his highschool classmates had said, “Your hand looks heavy. Here, let me hold it for you.” And he stretched out his hand. And when Logan hesitantly reached out his own, he had been laughed at and called gullible and stupid. It was just a joke.
It was just a joke.
Roman doesn’t really mean any of those things. Logan knew. Roman was flirtatious by nature. Roman was just playing around with him, teasing like friends do. He must be. No one else in Logan’s life ever took him seriously. He was just a gullible nerd. Someone like that couldn’t possibly hope to find someone who liked him back. It was a joke. A dare. A prank. Roman must be doing the same.
No matter how much Logan wished otherwise.
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captainjaace · 7 months ago
Eren X Armin “Fuck Away the Pain” Chapter 2
“Angel Among Humans”
The next morning leads to an interesting story to Eren's past.
This chapter uses the song “Somebody Out There” by A Rocket to the Moon
*also quick note.
My story is also on Ao3 the link is below I would love it if y’all showed it some love on there too
Eren woke up groaning burying his face back into the pillows. "Reiner!" Eren waited for his roomate's response and when he got nothing, “Seriously Reiner? What the fu-" Eren finally sat up and rubbed his eyes before realizing this wasn't his room. He looked around the Ocean blue room and took in the decor. Various sized seashells covered the dresser and windowsill, by the window there was a hammock hanging from the ceiling. Looking above him he saw the strings of lights covering the ceiling. Eren smiled at the charm the room held before furrowing his eyebrows and rubbing his head, "What happened last night?" Just then Armin, just wearing sweatpants, walked in with two mugs in hand and everything came flooding back. His eyes widened as he looked down at himself and saw he was only in his boxers.
"We didn't do anything if that's what your little freakout's about." Armin chuckled, "You just came over to sleep. I guess you lost track of your roommate after the show. Coffee?" Armin sat down next to Eren on the bed before handing him one of the mugs. Eren smiled taking the coffee before leaning in and pressing his lips to Armin’s gently. Wrapping an arm around Eren’s neck Armin signed softly into the kiss. "Good morning to you too Eren." Armin said as they pulled away from the kiss. The two of them chuckled leaning their foreheads’ against each other's. They finish their coffees setting the mugs down on the nightstand. Eren grabs Armin by the waist pulling him onto his lap. Armin's face goes red as he wraps his arms around Eren’s neck.
"Kiss me.” Eren all but demands as he looks deep into Armin’s eyes. Armin leaned down pressing his lips against Eren’s sighing. Eren groans as he trails one of his hands up Armin's back pulling him closer. "I wouldn't be able to convince you to skip the library today would I?" Eren breathes out in between kisses. Armin giggles as he pulls back. "I'm taking that as a no?" Eren frowns and falls back on the bed.
"I'm already behind on my thesis, and you have yours to work on too!" Armin smiles as he pulls his hair back and puts it up in his signature messy bun. "You can come back over tonight if you'd like. But I need to get dressed." Armin leans down pressing a chaste kiss to Eren’s lips before getting up and walking over to his closet. "Do you need to go home and change?"
“What you don't like my look anymore?" Eren chuckles folding his hands behind his head, "Yea I need to get my laptop and everything too, I'd like to come back tonight if the offer’s there." He looks up at the lights, "I want to see these at night." Eren got up and started getting dressed in last nights’ outfit.
"Oh quiet, you know that's not what I meant." Armin walked out of the closet with a yawn. He had a white button-up on under a blue striped sweater, paired with faded blue skinny jeans. Armin walked over to his dresser and rummaged through one of the drawers for a pair of socks, "I just don't know how well a mesh crop top goes over at the library. I'd offer something of mine but I think you're a little too tall to fit." Grabbing a pair of navy blue socks to match his sweater he walked to the bed and sat down. He pulled on his socks and grabbed his phone from the nightstand. "I don't think Mikasa came home last night, hope she's okay." He went to his messages and shot Mikasa a text.
Eren chuckles, crawling on the bed behind Armin before kissing his head, "I think you just don't want others to see. I'm ready to go whenever you are blondie." Eren nuzzled his face into Armin’s neck, "I just hope Reiner doesn't embarrass me at my place. Please don't take anything he says seriously okay?" Eren wraps an arm around Armin’s waist feeling him nod. “You ready to go?" Eren asks as Armin finishes putting his black doc martens on.
"Yea let's get going to your place, I want to get a window seat at the library." Armin grabs his keys and school bag, slinging it over his shoulder. The door opens to reveal a disheveled looking Mikasa. She groans and drops her keys on the table. "Mikasa! You're okay! Where were you?! I was worried sick!" Armin rushes over to her and hugs her tightly. "You look like you got hit by a bus."
"Thanks Armin, that's so nice of you." Mikasa rolls her eyes as she rubs her head. "That bassist sure knows how to put them down and here I thought I had a-" Mikasa notices Eren walk out of Armin’s room and her eyes widen. "Oh my god, Armin! Are you feeling okay? You never go out and all of a sudden you bring a guy home?!?"She places her hand on his forehead as a mother would before being swatted away by Armin.
“Knock it off Mikasa, nothing even happened, he just slept over. But you must be perfectly fine seeing how you can still flip out over nothing. Eren c'mon let's go." Armin walks out the door and heads downstairs. Eren scratches the back of his neck before following after him. Armin grunts as he tosses his bag in the back seat of his car. "I love Mikasa but my god is she suffocating." He slams the car door shut and sighs.
Eren chuckles, "I think it's sweet she's so caring. Not everyone has a friend like that." Eren walks to the driver's door and opens it for Armin. Armin smiles at him walking over to his door going up on his toes pressing a kiss to Eren’s cheek. He gets in the car and fumbles with his keys as Eren walks to the passenger side. As Eren gets in, Armin starts the car and starts driving towards Eren’s apartment following the GPS's directions. Eren reaches over placing a hand on Armin’s thigh gently rubbing his thumb in little circles. Armin smiles and grabs his hand intertwining their fingers bringing their hands up to his lips. He presses his lips against the back of Eren’s hand. Eren blushes slightly and looks out the window.
"Reiner please be dressed!" Eren called out as he opens the door to the apartment, he walked in with Armin in tow. Reiner rolls his eyes from the couch and stuck his middle finger up at Eren. "Oh thank god, for once you're decent. Reiner this is Armin, Armin this is my roommate Reiner he's kinda like my big brother." Armin and Reiner nod to each other before Reiner turns his attention back to the TV. "Good talk." Eren shakes his head grabbing Armin’s hand leading him to his room down the hall.
Armin looks around Eren’s room, the walls covered in band posters of Rock and Grunge bands Armin’s never heard of, the ceiling outlined with a color-changing light strip. One wall seemed dedicated to trippy posters that change colors with the lights and one corner by the bed had an acoustic guitar propped up on a stand. Even just looking at the two rooms all Armin could think is how different they are. Armin sat down on the bed while Eren slipped off his shirt. Armin stared pulling his lower lip between his teeth. He lets his eyes wander down Eren’s back before Eren walks to his closet and is out of view.
Eren walks back into view putting half his hair up in a ponytail. He's got a black button-up on with a white band t-shirt over it with black ripped jeans. He walked over to his vanity and opened his little box for his piercings. He changes out his eyebrow ring for an all-black one and put in his lip rings, one on each side of his lower lip. He quickly adjusted his skewed nose ring and grabbed a pair of socks from the drawer. He sat next to Armin who was just staring, "Like what you see love?" Eren winked at him before pressing his lips against Armin’s roughly. He ran his thumb along Armin’s cheek before pulling his socks on quickly and sliding on a pair of worn black vans. "Okay, I'm ready to go." Eren grabs his backpack then Armin’s hand and walks out of the apartment.
"Oh perfect! There's still window seats open!" Armin drags Eren to the tables at the window and sets his stuff down on the table. He opens his laptop and rushes over to a section of books and grabs the few books he needs. Eren sat himself down at the table pulling his laptop out along with studio-grade headphones slipping them on his head leaving one ear free. Armin came back and set the books down and sat down himself. He went to start working on his thesis before pausing and looking over at Eren. "Hey, you never told me your major, or what your thesis is on."
"I'm a music major, big surprise, my thesis setup is probably a little different than yours. It’s for my composition class so basically, I'm composing a song. Though I'm struggling, they want it to tell a story." Eren leans back in his chair, scratching at the back of his neck, "Problem is,the topics we have to pick from I have no experience with." He looked over at Armin who was resting his head on his hand smiling gently. Eren looked down awkwardly and cleared his throat, “Heh, sorry I didn't mean to prattle on like that...." He looked back up at Armin smiling, "You're really easy to talk to, Blondie.”
"No I know you a little better now. Besides I guarantee my thesis will sound dull to you in comparison." Armin chuckled as Eren gestured for him to elaborate. "Well, I'm doing a thesis on Upper Ocean and Submesoscale Processes." Armin laughed lightly seeing Eren’s raise an eyebrow in confusion. "It’s interactions of ocean currents with other bodies of water, to put it simply. I'm an oceanography major after all remember?" Armin tucked one of the bits of hair that fell out of his bun behind his ear. “When you finish your song, will you show me? I'd love to hear it." He smiled as Eren nodded before he grabbed one of the books and opened it.
Eren taps his pencil on the table to the instrumental playing through his headphones, and his eyes drift to Armin. He fixes his gaze on Armin’s eyes, smiling at the faint glow behind them. He lets his eyes wander down Armin’s face as he rests his head on his free hand. His eyes catch on Armin’s lip he's chewing on in concentration before taking in the whole view; Armin flipping through pages of 3 different books while taking notes on his laptop, more strands of Armin’s hair having fallen from his bun now frame his face. Armin looks up catching Eren’s stare and his cheeks flush pink as he smiles. Eren felt his heart stop and skip a few beats seeing Armin as nothing short of an angel. "That doesn't look like you're getting any work done." Armin teased giggling lightly before turning back to his book with a small smile.
Eren dragged a hand down his face as a sole thought makes its way to the front of his mind. He scrolls through his recorded instrumentals settling on a simple light sound and putting it on loop. Eren pulls the assignment up on his laptop and stares at one of the possible prompts intently. 'A longing love story’ Eren‘s face drops and he grabs his lyric notebook and titles the new song, ‘Somebody Out There’
"Oh hi Professor Ackerman, what brings you to the library on a weekend?" Armin asks his head slightly tilted to the side. Eren's eyes shoot open before he brings a hand to his forehead to try and hide his face.
"Armin please you can call me Levi, Professor sounds old." Levi says dryly with a stack of books under one arm. His eyes shift to Eren and one of his eyebrows flicks up before he rolls his eyes. "Believe it or not I still enjoy coming to the library to read. Working on your thesis?" Levi asks causing Armin to nod. Levi lets out a sigh. "I can tell it's you Eren. Glad to see you're doing well." He deadpans as Eren lowers his hand shifting his gaze to the table. Armin's eyes shift between the two confused. "Well, I'll quit intruding on your guys’ little study date. Armin, I'll see you in class Tuesday." Levi saunters off to a far corner.
Armin looks at Eren seeing his unease and deciding it not be the best time to ask. "Hey, I'm getting kinda hungry, wanna take a break and go grab some food?" Eren nods silently and puts away his things. Armin takes his books to the shelf he found them on and walks over to Eren, ”You don't have to tell me but are you okay?" He asks cautiously as he places a hand on Eren’s shoulder. Eren places his hand on Armin‘s letting out a sigh and nodding. He stands up as he gently pushes Armin’s hand off his shoulder.
"What do you wanna eat? It's my treat." Eren asks as he walks to Armin grabbing his hand. Eren frowns seeing Armin’s distressed look before sighing. "Levi's my ex-fling, we ended things a few weeks ago. That's all Blondie." Eren groans seeing that the distressed look didn't leave Armin's face. "You know what I'll just go." Eren throws his bag on his shoulder and rushes out of the library before Armin can say anything.
That Thursday Armin let Historia talk him into getting coffee with her and Ymir. Ymir rests her head on her hand frowning at Armin. "I can't believe Eren’s still keeping out of touch with you. He was so smitten with you the night we all met." Armin shrugged running his thumb along the brim of his mug. "I get his ex showing up makes things awkward but still." Ymir lifts her head up as an idea pops into her head. "Why don't you come to his performance? Part of our grade is performing our originals and he's performing tomorrow. I can sneak you in and you can talk to him after, I mean he'll be pissed at me but at least you might be able to talk it out."
"You know what? Yeah, besides he owes me lunch." Armin chuckles before sipping his hot cocoa. He smiled watching Historia’s eyes light up while she talked with Ymir. "Hey did he tell you what his song was about? I never had a chance to ask." Armin asked to which Ymir shook her head.
"Guess we're both in for a surprise."
Armin’s sat on the ground in front of Mikasa who's braiding his bangs and pinning them along the side of his head while they wait for Ymir to get Armin. He's got on an emerald green t-shirt under a black cardigan with a pair of black chino pants. Armin slips on a pair of black Chelsea boots and checks the time. ‘She should be here.’ Just as he finishes his thought he hears a loud knock come from the door. Armin grabs his messenger bag and walks to the door. He waves to Mikasa before opening the door and leaves the apartment with Ymir. They sneak into the classroom and sit in the middle of the classroom.
"Eren! Wake up!" Reiner throws a water bottle at Eren to wake him up. "You've got your thesis performance today!" Eren groans raising an arm to flip off Reiner before sitting up. "I'll make some coffee. Good luck today bro.” Reiner leaves the room to make Eren some coffee. Eren signs as he gets up and walks to his closet. He grabs a random grey sweater and a pair of black jeans with holes in the knees before quickly getting dressed. He threw on a black beanie,a pair of black socks, and his worn-out black vans. He grabbed his backpack and guitar case leaving his room to be greeted with a travel mug of coffee. He mumbles out a 'thanks' before taking the coffee and heads out the door.
Eren quietly drinks his coffee on the bus with his earbuds in, his current obsession being 'You Me At Six'. His mind wanders to Armin and he frowns as he looks out the window. 'He's too good for me.' is the main thought that takes over his brain when he thinks of the precious blonde. He finishes his coffee and tucks the mug in his bag as he tries focusing on the music blasting in his ears. But, a certain blonde has taken residence in the forefront of Eren’s brain. Resting his head against the window Eren becomes plagued with the sound of Armin’s laugh and the way Armin looked at him as they pulled away from a kiss. He lets out a frustrated sigh, 'I hope he doesn't resent me for Saturday, I just would've hurt him eventually. I always hurt them no matter what I do...’ He gets off the bus at his school and makes his way to his classroom with his head down. He sits down near the front and rests his head on his hand taking out one of his earbuds.
"Today we will be finishing the performances and out of the remaining students who have to go looks like only one is here. Looks like it'll be a short class today so Yeager you're up."
Eren grabs his guitar out of his case and makes his way to the front of the class. He sits in the chair and quickly double-checks the tuning on his guitar. He takes a deep breath before he starts playing looking down at his hands. "You deserve someone who listens to you, hears every word, and knows what to do. When you're feeling hopeless lost and confused, there's somebody out there who will."
Eren looks up with his eyes closed and a small frown on his face. “You need a man who holds you for hours, make your friends jealous when he brings you flowers. And laughs when he says they don't have love like ours, there‘s somebody out there who will.” Eren opens his eyes as he looks around the classroom. His eyes meet Armin’s and his heart skips a beat, keeping eye contact with Armin he continues singing “There's somebody out there who's looking for you, someday he'll find you, I swear that its true.” Eren’s eyes tear up as he sings the next line. "He's gonna kiss you and you'll feel the world stand still, there's somebody out there who will."
Armin’s eyes are glued to Eren the moment he walked in the door. While Eren was getting ready to perform, Armin folded his arms on the table in front of him and rests his chin on top of his hands. He lets out a small hum as Eren starts playing, Armin’s eyes wandering down to Eren’s hands. Slowly becoming mesmerized by the way his hands bend to play before shaking his head and looking back up in time to lock eyes with Eren. Armin lifted his head off his hands as he refused to break eye contact. His eyes widened seeing the tears form in Eren’s eyes.
Eren looked away from Armin closing his eyes tightly causing his brows to furrow. “He'll take you dancing and pull you in close, spin you around, and won't let you go, till they turn the lights off and he'll take you home. There's somebody out there who will." He opens his eyes looking off to the side the pained expression still present on his face. “There's somebody out there who's looking for you, someday he'll find you I swear that it's true. He's gonna kiss you and you'll feel the world stand still, there's somebody out there who will."
Eren looks back at Armin with a sad smile before continuing. “Tossing and turning and dreaming at night, about finding him and praying and hoping you might. 'Cause you deserve someone who knows how to treat you right, I know he's out there he's looking for you. Someday he'll find you I swear that it's true, and he's gonna kiss you and you'll feel the world stand still." He keeps his eyes on Armin as he finishes his song. "Oh, you need some who'll miss you, hold you, and kiss you. There's somebody out there who will." He stands up and puts his guitar back in its case.
The class erupts in applause, Eren’s performances are always something the class looks forward to, as Armin gets up and runs up to Eren. Armin throws his arms around Eren’s neck pulling him into a tight hug. "You're a damn idiot, Eren.” Armin mumbles resting his head on Eren's shoulder. "You owe me an explanation."
Eren chuckles as he wraps his arms around Armin’s waist tightly, "Yeah, I've heard that before." He leans his head against Armin’s holding the blonde as close as he can. Eren lets his eyes flutter shut while running one hand up to the back of Armin’s neck. "I know I do, I just can't believe you're here right now."
The class gets dismissed, Ymir hands Armin his bag before giving Eren a 'Don’t fuck this up again' look and she walks out the classroom calling Historia. The two settle on a small, quiet coffee shop near the college to talk. They sit in a corner booth practically closed off from the rest of the coffee shop. Eren sighs as he gathers his thoughts, before he can say anything Armin speaks up. "Look, I think I kinda get what happened, especially after your song, but I don't like when people make my choices for me." Armin looked over at Eren, "I mean no one has ever made me feel so special before, and I was with Jean since sophomore year in high school.",
"I'm not a good person Armin, I don't even know how to do the whole dating or boyfriend thing." Eren cuts Armin off before he can say anything else. "I've never done it. I mean I- I banged Levi for 3 months just ‘cause I thought it'd be fun, knowing he wanted more. You're an angel in comparison, I don't deserve that not after how many people I've hurt." Eren fixes his gaze on his mug refusing to meet Armin’s eyes.
"Who cares? Eren there's a reason it's called the past. It's past you, what good does it do to sulk over it? All you can do is learn from it now, you can't change it." Armin grabs Eren’s chin gently turning his face towards his before he leans in and presses his lips to Eren’s. As he pulls away from the kiss Armin gives Eren the same look that's plagued his mind since they first kissed. Resting his forehead on Eren’s, Armin smiles, "Just so you know I do plan on making fun of you for the whole 'sleeping with my professor' thing for a while." Eren chuckles lightly, a smile forming on his lips. "You want to be with me, yes or no?" Armin asks leaning closer so their lips are just inches apart.
Muttering a 'fuck it' under his breath, Eren grabs the back of Armin’s neck and closes the distance between their lips in a rough kiss. Eren pulls away just enough to talk, "More than anything Blondie," Armin hums in agreement as he grabs Eren’s collar before pulling him back into the kiss, both of them smiling against each other's lips.
 'Damn Blondie what’re you doing to me?'
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felassan · 4 months ago
Thoughts on Dark Fortress #2
(This post is under a cut due to spoilers.)
So late with this one! some stuff irl was keeping me really busy and hyper-distracting me lately, but it’s finally over now so I’m back on my bioware bullshit. :D
Overall there were a lot of beautiful or awe-inspiring scenes in this issue, and a lot of great, meaningful / poignant character interactions and moments between characters. It’s pretty impressive actually how much was able to be packed in. I posted some of my favorite panels here. also omg! the action sequences! the big reveal! the ending!! woww
cool scene-setting, panned out shot of Neromenian and behind it, the Dark Fortress, to immediately pull you back into the world and ‘where we left off’. the combination of ruined dead trees, red lights, lightning and fire/smoke is very atmospheric and hints at what’s ahead
“From this... city, if we can call it that” is a sick burn and reminds you that the Qunari are technologically more advanced than most of the rest of Thedas, from their cannons to their aqueducts
more individually distinct Qunari soldiers, sth I again appreciate
! last issue there were big ‘You haven’t seen the last of Tractus!’ vibes, naturally, but I didn’t expect him to escape by stabbing and killing the Qunari using a chair-leg..!!
the last panel on the first page of Karasten is really good. the way it’s colored, the way it’s lit, the light and shadow, the fiery backdrop, cinders floating, the details of his expression.. 👌 it also makes me think to the possible future, to DA4 when mainland Thedas may be continuing to face the entirety of the Antaam
in Vaea’s acrobatics scene on the bridge, I know rationally that she’ll be fine but couldn’t help but worry for her. again I like how they don’t shy away from showcasing Vaea’s specific abilities. also the attention to detail - you’d think some rocks are just some rocks, but it highlights the risk she’s undertaking that if she falls it’s into rough seas which could dash her against the jagged rocks :’S. Vaea, gooooo!
Fenris’ “Enterprising girl” line has big “Clever girl” meme energy :D
my heart can’t take Fran and Autumn leaning over the edge after Vaea in worry ;; or Aaron looking back in concern over his shoulder ;; or Fran’s tender reassurance ;; or Autumn’s Worried expression ;; the care and bonds which have grown between this group of characters ;;
notice Aaron starts drinking when Vaea’s away from them and they’re beginning to grow worried about her safety. the poor man’s nerves and stress levels
Fran touching the vegetation while she’s considering if she could use her magic to open the entrance from the outside is a nice touch
did Marius leap in front of Fenris and Fran there when the entrance opened?? damn, he’s quick. and the three of them look all scary and formidable here ready for combat. notice how the curve of the door and the spikes that go into the ground, and the composition of this panel, make it look like they’re standing in front of an opened dragon’s maw? ‘teeth’, a rumbling ‘roar’.. some nice foreshadowing here.
the reunion panels are so cute. Autumn’s lil tum as she jumps and Fran and Fenris’ lil smiles of relief and at Autumn’s reaction to seeing Vaea, then a rare happy beam from Aaron.. feel.. the love ;__;
red lighting in the tunnel sets a dangerous, dramatic build-up mood
👀 more info on Fenris’ past, on the specifics of the process which gave him his markings. in the panel where he says that it took a long time, his shadow on the wall behind him reminds me of the shadow of his past that has dogged him for so long :(
Fenris and Marius height difference
discussion of the process shows the power difference between blue and red lyrium. blue lyrium took a long time, red lyrium is almost instant
Autumn is such an intrepid little explorer and alert scout, tail and ears up, head forward. good girl!
“I just... worry about you, my girl”  ‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚  I’ll be so sad if these are death flags for Aaron and he doesn’t make it out of here. also note Fran in this panel, who recently had to kill her own father and is still dealing with that, watching the strongly paternal moment between Aaron and Vaea :(
love Vaea’s faith in Aaron and her sense of humor. also I don’t know why, maybe it’s because Vaea met Sebastian, but her “Maker, no!”, although in a completely different and light-hearted context, reminds me of Sebastian’s “Maker nooo!” at the end of DA2 hh
the reference again to Hawke, who Fenris saw haunted by what they tried to do - save their mother - and couldn’t :’(. also with the shadow in this panel, here’s another person struggling with the shadow of his past qq. this is later emphasized again in Aaron when he continues to talk about his past and in the panel is a chain and manacle. smart visual metaphors, a must in the comic medium with limited space
mushroom skull 💀🍄
“It isn’t about what I’ve done. It isn’t about my failures. Or my choices. It’s about their impact” - he’s misty-eyed here as he thinks back to Ostagar.. does this line btw seem almost meta to anyone else btw? :D it feels like a meta reference to the experience of DA players and PCs, who are always having to deal with the impacts of their choices
I wanna point out that I was right on reading issue #1, when I said “I’m positive that in panel 2 here, it’s the exact moment when he sees Cailan die” ;;
So Aaron is also a veteran of the Battle of Denerim
reference to the Hero of Ferelden - “Those were someone else’s battles”. I’m being captain obvious here but I can’t help but [heart pitter-patter] at any and all references to the HoF
I like the.. parallel? is that the word? Aaron’s stories were him trying to inspire people to make a change, or him trying to convince himself of that. and now here’s Vaea, inspiring Aaron with her words in these panels. the little guys can make a difference! in the world of Thedas, you don’t need to be a big bombastic hero or a Player Character to have an impact 
lmao Fenris right on cue. the moments of humor/light-heartedness are nice because they break up the tension and are sprinkled throughout without derailing build-up or taking away from dramatic story impact. yknow?
yeah Aaron!! leave it behind. leave it to rot with mr mushroom skull (and hey the mushroom skull was there for a reason). again tho if this is a death flag i 
Fenris straight down to business with the tactics
its cute how close Autumn has been sticking to Fran
Tessa checking in on Fran again, as she did in issue 1
Could Vaea’s “Well, shit” be an homage to Varric? :D they have met
I also wanna point out that I was right on reading issue #1, when I said “My guess is that the thing Tractus shows Marquette and Nenealeus is probably a chained up dragon or similar”
the poor dragon :’( big dragon the Qunari had in Trespasser vibes
the sword has a really cool design, kind of reminds me of something a samurai might be depicted wielding
👀 lore-drop! so ancient elven arcane warriors used lyrium-infused swords. this seems to confirm the sarcophagus is an ancient elven artifact, no? makes sense, wasn’t it said that the sarcophagus’ design was based on the architecture/outfit-design type elements of a specific faction, and that this was done intentionally? it looks kinda ancient elfy in make, right? also about the lyrium-infused swords of the arcane warriors, well well well.. remember that the Evanuris and the ancient elves mined the bodies of Titans for lyrium, for power and to use as a resource. here’s an example of that use
as I read through this portion I became increasingly concerned for my boy Shirallas.. we really are in it now aren’t we 😭
the Qunari are launching STRAIGHT-UP ROCKETS ohhhh
pretty ‘lightshow’ over the wall in the “Let’s hope the fortress is as secure as Danarius boasted” panel hh
protective older brother Fenris, impish younger sister Vaea. love that dynamic, we love to see it. sheepish and exasperated Fenris is so cute
the Bone Pit dragon fight with Hawke and co reference!
I wonder how long the dragon has been captive here, and how Danarius/Tractus was able to capture it
lore-wise what are the implications here? when Fenris’ ritual was being undertaken, the sword and the sarcophagus were bombarded with magic, fire spells. in this one they aim to have the dragon bombard it with fire-breathing. is it just fire that makes it work/powers it, or is there magic in dragonfire, in dragons? it reminds me of “Your heart beats with the old blood, as well. Where do you think it comes from? It sings of a time when dragons ruled the skies. A time before the Veil, before the mysteries were forgotten. Can you hear it?”
purple color for the dragon’s growling sounds/typeset is a great idea
lets.. goooo!!!!
Marquette is such a nerd. later on when he activates the sarcophagus he has mad scientist vibes
the dramatic reunion face-offs begin!! as the prophecy foretold!!!!1
true to form, Marius DOES have nothing to say ahahaha, even at this, his personal climax. maybe Marius dies in the next issue, but Tessa lives and gets to go back to Charter
these Venatori look almost Star Wars
Shirallas my boyy.. nooo... don’t do it 😭
ah ah ah! try casting magic with no ARMS
Francesca a beacon of blue light and goodness
the splash combat page is masterful. everyone playing a part, so much going on, everything happening at once. a thing that sticks out to me about it is Aaron’s outstretched hand and alarm as he watches Fran fall 
Autumn with her lil hackles raised
“The Venatori have returned” dun dun dunn
goodbye Shirallas 😭😭😭
the composition of the second to last page with triangle/diamond-shaped panels and the framing of dragon wings is awesome
the Dread Wolf rises, “the Tevinter Imperium will rise again”.. on-point on-point cohesion
there he is, the red wraith
Super Saiyan Shirallas
what a note to end an issue on
wow wow wow!!
and separate to the above, some speculation based on the cover of Issue 3: the piece of metal looks like a broken collar coming off Shirallas, like the one there was on the cover of Issue 2 coming off the dragon. also he’s all bulky now with draconic talons/claws (reminds me of in-world legends of Reavers who dug too deep of their own power after drinking dragon blood and whose bodies consequently began to manifest subtle reptilian traits actually). I’ll be interested to see what results of this allusion between Shirallas and the dragon!!
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misora-msby · 10 months ago
to you
Tumblr media
rating : mature
pairing : semi eita x (fem)reader
word count : 7.5k
themes/warnings : angst, implied sex, toxic relationship, substance abuse, some fluff, talk about some dark topics
notes : reposting because i don’t think this got into the tags :( // this is heavily inspired by and uses lyrics from akiyama kiro’s song Monologue, have a listen to have a better idea of the song he’s performing here!
The cheers and screams of excitement in the livehouse as a drum solo was played alongside the echoing last chord of the song were deafening. Eita wiped the dripping sweat from his forehead with his towel and held his glossy bass high, earning a few extra cheers from the audience.
He could hear his fans chanting his stage name, making a smirk form upon his lips - it did pay quite a bit to be the lead vocalist and bassist of the group.
Soon, the fans quietened down and waited as the drummer and leader of the band took his microphone to speak, “I hope everyone’s having fun because we sure are, especially on the last stop of the tour. We’re thankful so many people came to our first one-man tour! Unfortunately, this is our last song for tonight,” he announced before chuckling at the way the entire audience went “Aww…”
“Oh, you all know we still have the encore after this!” the rhythm guitarist wagged a finger at the audience in a teasing manner, making most of the crowd giggle from the truth they all knew.
Eita finished having a quick sip of water and came back to his microphone stand to speak as well, “This is a new song we completed recently. We weren’t even sure if we should perform it tonight.”
“Watch out for it though! We’ve got some announcements after the show!” their lead guitarist interrupted, making Eita playfully glare at him before turning back to the audience, eyes scanning through the entire crowd, looking for a certain face as he spoke,
“I wrote the lyrics while we worked on the composition together. I’d like to think it’s a very personal story. Please enjoy it - my monologue.”
As soon as he finished his little introduction, the lights dimmed and he gave a little nod to his bandmates in the short pause of complete silence from the audience standing on their tiptoes in anticipation. The drumsticks clicked together, giving the starting tempo before the starting chord was strummed by the guitarist.
A single spotlight shone on Eita as he tenderly gripped the microphone in its stand, eyes closed as he sang the first lyrics in a gentle voice,
“Were you hiding that face with a look that I didn’t know from the start?”
* ・ ゜゚ ・ * : . 。 . . 。 . : * • * : . 。 . . 。 . : * ・ ゜゚ ・ *
“Y/N-chan, we aren’t sitting together anymore!” your best friend, Mio, whined while squeezing your hands.
“We can’t choose it, Mio. It’s a miracle the two of us got to sit together for the first term, you know!” you giggled while patting your overdramatic friend’s hands gently.
She pretended to wipe away tears before looking over at the blackboard where your names were all written, “Speaking of which, who are you sitting with for the term?” she scanned the board for your name before seeing it in the back of the classroom beside the door. “Next to… Semi-kun?”
“Semi?” You looked over to the back to see him already bringing his table and belongings over and sitting down.
You and Eita had been in the same class throughout all of high school but you never talked to him besides a “good morning” or “hey, you dropped this.” All he was to you was the setter in the school’s famous volleyball team, and a classmate who tried not to stand out too much.
You were the opposite, you were popular and stood out quite a bit in the class with your grades you worked so hard for and for your bubbly personality which everyone loved. Though there was more to you that most people, let alone Eita, knew of.
Who knew that sitting together would change that so drastically?
“Nice to meet you, Semi-kun!” you grinned as you sat beside him. He raised an eyebrow, surprised as to why you were so happy to be next to him. Then again, he thought, you were just nice to everyone.
“Mm. Nice to meet you, L/N-san.” he replied, taking out his textbook for the next class.
As he did so, a few loose sheets fell out of his bag, fluttering quietly to the dusty floor. You gasped and quickly helped to pick them up before they got scattered around the room. Unable to avert your gaze, you noticed the messily scribbled music notes and lyrics.
“Don’t look at those.” Eita frowned, practically snatching them from your hands.
“You write music?”
“Don’t… don’t say it so loud please.” His cheeks were tinted pink as he hurriedly sorted them out and stuffed them into his folder, crumpling them slightly.
“I think it’s cool.”
“I remember you played the bass for our class performance last year, right? You’re good. Do you perform? Wait, I thought you were the starting setter in the volleyball team…”
There was an awkward silence which followed.
“But yeah. I perform occasionally… I’ve got some friends outside of school.” he mumbled with cheeks the lightest shade of pink, not wanting anyone besides you to hear it.
“Really?! That’s so cool!” you exclaimed, making Eita wonder why he got placed next to you of all people in the class. “Can I come to watch?”
“Oh, don’t tell me it’s age restricted. Is Semi-kun doing some illegal stuff?” you teased, though you kept your voice low. You could tell this was something he didn’t want simply anyone to know. If he asked you to back off, you would. But at this point, your curiosity was piqued.
“No way! It’s just a little embarrassing,” he frowned.
“I don’t think it would be. Knowing Semi-kun, you put your all into it and it would be good.”
He pondered it for a second silently, wondering if he should really show it to you. Even some of the volleyball team hadn’t attended his concerts yet.
“If you really don’t want me to come then I’ll stop annoying you,” you said upon seeing how hard he was thinking about it.
“I guess if you really want to come, I’m performing on Saturday night.” Eita didn’t know why he was doing this, why he was inviting someone he barely knew. “Don’t bring anyone else though… I don’t want it to be a well known fact.”
You nodded and mimicked zipping your lips. “I won’t say anything.”
* ・ ゜゚ ・ * : . 。 . . 。 . : * • * : . 。 . . 。 . : * ・ ゜゚ ・ *
That weekend you entered the livehouse all dolled up. The event page Eita sent you showed that it was a rock event so you wore a dark but cute outfit and applied your makeup with a slightly heavier hand. It gained a couple of glances while you walked down the street but when you saw half of the other people at the concert dressed in the same way, you felt better.
“Did you hear? There’s a new band playing.”
“Yeah! There’s uh… Ei? From Yukihime… They disbanded two months ago but he’s in this new band, Adler.”
“Is that so? They’re the first band tonight, correct?”
“Well, I hope they’re good. I’m only here for Kurome and Doll.”
“Ah, of course.”
You felt a bit out of place listening to people who were clearly regulars to this hall. You began to wonder why you came to sit through three other bands you had no knowledge of just to support your classmate on a whim. At least he agreed to buy you some late dinner after this.
Suddenly, the lights dimmed and the tiny event space with no more than 300 people was full of screams of excitement. Three men walked onto the stage, only visible by their silhouettes. Just by his hair, you could already recognise Eita. For some reason you stood a little higher on your tiptoes to watch as he began the show with a quick bass solo before screaming into the mic, “Are you ready?!” to which the crowd replied with screams.
The night went by in a flash and you enjoyed it way more than you originally anticipated. Headbanging, jumping around, sweating, and yelling synchronously with everyone else was more fun than you originally thought it would be.
Now you stood about a block away from the venue, leaning against a lamppost with a plastic cup of beer from the venue in your hand while you scrolled through Twitter with the other. “Semi-kun’s taking a while…” you thought, “I’m getting hungry.”
Just as the thought crossed your mind, someone stood in front of you. “Hey, sorry. I had to speak to some people and- wait, is that a beer?” he pointed out.
You nodded and took a small sip, “Got a problem with that? They were serving it there anyways.”
“You’re... you know…” he mumbled, not wanting to bring attention to the fact that they were high school students, let alone students of the famous Shiratorizawa Academy.
“I’ve got an ID. You telling me you don’t?” you smirked at him before handing it over, “Have a sip.”
“... You act like I’ve never tried any.”
“You act like you never did.”
Eita took in a deep sigh, not willing to blow up and tell you about his own drinking habits just yet. Though he did find it a little funny how different you were inside and outside of class. “Come on. Let’s get some dinner.”
“After talking with you for a while, I thought I understood you.”
Laughter filled the air as you kicked your boot-clad legs to the sky. Your dinner was cheap - the show tonight didn’t make Eita as much as he hoped for but it was enough to afford two konbini meals and a couple cans of beer and cider.
“Fuck! That’s so funny!” you giggled while sitting up to take another sip of beer. How many cans had it been… you’d lost count.
“Yeah I really do pity the kid. Shirabu doesn’t make anything easier for Goshiki.” Eita replied with a chuckle before looking over at you sitting on your leather jacket, makeup smudged and hair in a slight disarray as you two ran up the stairs to the top of his family’s apartment’s building. The strong cool wind signaling the coming of Autumn didn’t help much either. You weren’t beautiful, but there was some slight charm to your messy looks. “Enough about me. I want to know you.” he said and scooted to sit right beside you.
Your laughter died down and suddenly the smile on your face held a tinge of sadness. “What is there to know? I’m boring, and… I guess I’m your typical good girl at school.”
“Your tolerance tells me a different story. And your willingness to follow a guy you barely know up to such a place.” He looked over at the dusty rooftop, a few wooden pallets scattered around while rotting abandoned furniture sat in the corners.
“Um… genetics. And naïvety?” you answered hesitantly, though you couldn’t help the chuckle which escaped you.
You decided maybe it was time for you to start opening up properly.
“My story’s boring,” you start and stand up, walking over to the metal railing. It frightens Eita for a second and he rushes over to grab your wrist before you decided to do anything dangerous. “Semi-kun, you’re much nicer than you seem!”
“Anyone would do the same.”
“Don’t worry, I just wanted to get a bit more wind. My cheeks feel hot, you know?” He sighed at your nonchalant words. “It’s nothing no one’s experienced. Everyone’s expectations of me are high and I’m just tired. I guess everyone’s got a different coping mechanism. This is mine.” you sit on the cold cement and put your legs in between the metal bars, swinging them carelessly over the quiet street. Eita joins you in looking at the streets, though he keeps his legs on this side of the railing.
“It’s embarrassing but I’ve stuck to it for a while and I guess it’s my thing,” you mumble and lean your head on his shoulder, “I don’t know why. It just makes me feel better. I don’t feel heavy for once.” Glancing at your half-finished can of beer, you sigh for the umpteenth time and take another sip.
Your gaze slowly makes it’s way down to the empty streets, not a car in sight. It’s a far distance to the asphalt and concrete and Eita’s stomach feels somewhat queasy if he were to look down for too long. Yet, he notices your eyes never left the road as you spoke of your emotions and thoughts about life. Emotions and thoughts that he thought no one else shared.
Eita keeps quiet as you continue to speak though he wants to say so many things. It’s strange but this one conversation made him feel connected to you. This special side of you that no one but him knew.
He was drawn to it.
To you.
“I get it,” he finally says after you finish delivering your monologue on your thoughts and sorrows, “I guess I’m the same.”
He begins to deliver his own speech on his feelings, while you listened in return. His feelings towards losing his starting position on the team to someone younger than him, his music career progressing at a snail’s pace, and the fact he knows that once he graduates he’s going to be another normal person, among other things.
As you listened you realised you understood him too.
You two were the first to understand each other.
Slowly, you reach your hand over to take his and give it a light squeeze, “Hey.”
He looks at your intertwined fingers and bites the inside of his cheek, wondering what you would say.
“I was thinking, we aren’t the protagonists of life, don’t you think so? We’re sort of… pushed aside for the others.”
Your words made Eita pause for a second before he laughed loudly and averted his gaze to the cloudy sky. “That was the last thing I expected you to say. But yeah, I suppose so.” His voice softens towards the end. “Even so, don’t you think the side characters deserve some love and happiness too?”
Your gazes met slowly, small smiles showing on your lips. “I hope we’re thinking of the same thing.”
“Heh. Maybe.”
“We carry the burden of melancholy all our lives. What is ahead of the pain? Tell me.”
* ・ ゜゚ ・ * : . 。 . . 。 . : * • * : . 。 . . 。 . : * ・ ゜゚ ・ *
“You and Semi-kun?!” Mio exclaimed, her grip on your shoulders tight as she shook you back and forth.
“M-Mio-chan, I wouldn’t joke about it! But you’re- you’re being very loud!” you replied with a nervous laugh, trying to stop her from shaking you around.
“One week… one week was all it took for you two to end up together. Ah! The joys of youth!” she cried dramatically, gaining a few stares from the surrounding tables at the dining hall.
“We’re the same age!”
“And yet!”
“I don’t get you!”
“What do you even like about him? He’s like… totally not your type. I mean, he doesn’t stand out that much. Actually, it’s kinda weird, isn’t it?”
“Hey! There’s um… I can’t really mention it.” you mumbled and hurriedly stuffed a spoon of rice into your mouth to avoid having to talk about your night together. Mio furrowed her brow at your suspicious way of talking and gasped as an idea popped into her mind.
“Did you two have sex?” she whispered, making you nearly choke on your rice.
“Semi Semi, is your girlfriend okay?” A certain redhead teased as a group of boys walked past your table.
“O-Oi, Tendou!” Eita frowned until he saw you lightly knocking your chest with your fist while drinking the carton of milk that came with your meal. “Are you okay, L/N?” he asked in a softer voice, making you narrow your eyes as you chugged the milk to clear your throat.
“P- Perfectly fine. See you in class, Ei- Semi-kun.” You smiled at him before glaring at your friend who you knew was about to start lamenting over the way you got on a first name basis so quickly. Eita nodded and walked back to his friends who were already sitting at a table.
“But really… you and L/N-san? I wasn’t expecting that at all,” Tendou teased as Eita sat down, “I thought she’d be more into someone like… Yamagata.”
Said libero raised an eyebrow but continued to eat his curry and rice.
“She didn’t seem like your type.” Ohira chuckled.
“Are you kidding me?! Who doesn’t think L/N is their type? Even our Tsutomu fell for her at the festival when he saw her dancing in the class performance!” Tendou gasped.
“She’s not my type.” Ushijima said in his ever-stoic voice.
“Whatever, she’s,” Eita paused for a moment, wondering what exactly your relationship was. Was it too soon to call you his girlfriend? He didn’t want too many rumours to spread. “She’s going out with me.”
“And that’s what I can’t believe…” Tendou shook his head before grinning at his friend, “Make sure to cherish her for us. You’re so calm right now, but I’ll say, you never know the importance of something until you lose it.”
The words made Semi raise an eyebrow, “What are you acting so wise for? You’ve never had a girlfriend.”
“Split the sorrows into two, combine the joy into one.”
“Your hands are kinda cold.” you mumble as Eita casually rests one hand on your breast and with the other takes a sip of his beer. It’s a bit of a strange position, lying with your head resting on his bicep and the rest of his arm just reaching around enough to comfortably reach your chest.
“Because the room’s cold,” he replies as if that’s obvious.
“I suppose.”
There’s a heavy silence in the room.
Shiratorizawa lost to Karasuno in the qualifiers for the Spring Tournament earlier that day. It was unexpected to say the least. After a teary send off to the juniors, a few serve practices, and a promise from the coach to treat the team to a nice dinner next week, Eita waited outside your dorm. You came down not ten minutes after receiving his message and the two of you made your way to the city and into the nearest love hotel.
It would’ve been cheaper to sneak into the dorms but tonight he just wanted to be with you interrupted, and you didn’t feel like having to suddenly kick your roommate out.
“It’s disappointing,” he spoke softly while absentmindedly fondling your bare chest (not that you really minded), “I didn’t think I’d end my high school volleyball career by losing my starting spot and to a nearly nameless school.”
You shuffled a bit higher on the bed so you could rest your head on his shoulder and chest, hands laying on your slightly sore abdomen. “No one did, Eita. It was really like a miracle for them,” you mumble, drumming your fingers lightly.
There were a few seconds of silence as Eita pieced together his next sentence.
“My parents called while I was waiting for you just now,” he took in a heavy breath, “They told me to focus on my studies now. Go to a good university and get a good job. That kind of bullshit.”
“You sound hesitant.”
“Because I don’t want to. I want to focus on my music now. I know it sounds like a pipedream but I really think it could take off someday.”
“Hm… Well, in the end you’re the only one who can make the decision. You know that, Ei,” you turn your body to make eye contact with him, “but no matter what decision it is, whether it’s good or bad, I’ll be there with you. Believe me.”
Eita’s hand pauses for a bit as he looks into your eyes. It doesn’t take longer than a second for him to see your sincerity, causing a smile to break out on his face. “Yeah, of course. Long as you’re still in Miyagi.”
“I think I’ll still be in Miyagi! Honestly, I have no idea what I wanna do.”
“Yeah. The future’s uncertain and I don’t have any major ambition really… As long as I’m happy, and I don’t have to worry about my finances then that’s fine. So I guess… becoming an office lady is the most stable path. But I don’t wanna work that kinda job!”
“That so… I think you’d look hot in a suit everyday though.”
You hit his bare chest lightly, earning a laugh from him, “I’m kidding! Or am I?” You pout and turn away from him, shuffling to the edge of the bed.
“Y/N, you know you look stunning all the time to me anyways.” You can feel the bed shift as he shuffles over and places his arm over your waist, gently pulling you closer as he places kisses along your shoulder and up towards your neck and chin. Despite doing your best to not react to his kisses, you can’t help the little shiver and overwhelming need to turn to face him again.
After a minute or so of enduring his teasing kisses, you turned to look at Eita and admire his features. Even with his messed up hair from the night’s activities and his eyes and its dark circles which had become a little puffy after the results of today’s match, he was still handsome. Unbelievably so. You move your hand up his toned body to rest it on his sharp jaw, eyes stuck to his pink lips.
“I love you.” The words leave your lips before you could give much thought to it. It makes him chuckle a bit but he leans in and presses his lips to yours.
“I love you too.”
“Though we can pretend to forget, it won’t wither like a flower”
Two years had passed since your graduation the following March, and though your paths had gone in different directions, you still ensured your paths were side by side.
Eita took the civil servant examination right after finishing high school, entering at a rather low but decent-paying level, whereas you entered university. You both moved to Sendai and while you lived a few train stops away from him, you two still managed to meet up frequently. Whether it was to attend the lives he performed at, or just for ever simple and affordable dates, you kept close and tried to prevent yourselves from drifting away as many high school couples did.
Tonight was another date night - you were just bringing some curry and rice you cooked earlier that day to share with Eita. It was simple food, but you two were never ones for extravagance.
Lately, he had been overwhelmed with work and similarly, you had been swamped in assignments and projects, so it had been hard to meet up. Neither of you wanted to admit it, but you were starting to drift apart. Perhaps that was just a normal part of adult life, but it was pretty scary to think about. Even when you did meet, sometimes he would be too tired or drunk to want to do anything too.
You knocked on the door to his apartment before unlocking it with your spare key and entering.
“Ei, I’m coming in,” you called out as you opened the door. A wave of alcoholic stench hit you and you nearly gasped before hurriedly shutting the door and taking off your shoes. “Eita, were you drinking again?” you ask while entering further into the apartment.
It was small, but enough for Eita who rarely spent his days in the apartment, instead spending the time working overtime, at jam sessions, or in love hotels with you.
As you entered the main room, you bit the inside of your cheek as you saw him slumped at the low table, two cans of beer still wet with condensation sitting beside his hand while a few more cans lay strewn haphazardly across the table.
It wasn’t the first time you had seen this sight but it was starting to hurt the more frequently you saw it.
“Eita?” you called out nervously, hoping he was still alright.
“Nngh…” the soft whine was enough to tell you he was in a somewhat decent state.
You put down the bag holding your meals and took out the tupperwares before emptying them into two clean plates to put into the microwave. As they heated up, you helped to place the empty cans into the trashcan and wet a hand towel with cool water.
“Eita, I brought dinner.” You held out the towel to him with a smile. “Here, use this.”
With his head pounding slightly from both exhaustion and the alcohol, he silently took the towel and pressed it to his forehead. “Thanks.” he simply said while you got up to take the plates of curry and placed them onto the table.
You sat onto a cushion with a light thump and after a quiet “Itadakimasu”, you began to eat the curry.
Halfway through the plate, you spoke up. “Was work difficult today?” He simply looks at you as if the answer was obvious. Well, it was, but you wanted to ask anyways.
“Work seems to be hard all the time… Maybe you shouldn’t drink so frequently…” your voice trails off at the sight of his tired and slightly swimming eyes. The recent exhaustion reddened his eyes slightly, making him look a little more scary.
“What I do with my life is my decision,” he states and continues to eat.
“Y-Your life? We’ve been together for years now, don’t think your life belongs to you only anymore. The same goes to me,” you cross your arms and frown, “Can’t I be worried for the way my boyfriend wants to take out his problems?”
“Go ahead and worry all you want. As if you don’t do the exact same things as me. We started dating because of our similar habits.”
By now, Eita had put down his spoon and was glaring at you. He wondered why you were being so pushy. He was thinking maybe something had happened but crossed that thought from his mind; generally you’d say it outright with him.
“That might be so but even I don’t drink as much these days.”
“Mm, that’s your decision. It’s also your decision to worry about me.”
The words “A drunk mind speaks a sober heart” came to your mind and you were starting to worry. Were these the true feelings of the man you had loved for the past few years?
“I- I’m just… Is it- I…”
“Stop stuttering, say what you wanna say.”
His short temper was turning what was meant to be a calm night together into an uncomfortable one. The tiny apartment felt like it was being filled by a stuffy feeling, more than the alcoholic fumes were doing. While Eita felt like it pushed on his head and back, weighing him down, you felt like it was filling you with discomfort and pain.
He could tell there was something on your mind the past few times you met. Even while texting, you seemed a little off. It was starting to annoy him and really, he just wanted you to speak your mind.
You took a moment to piece your thoughts together before taking in a deep breath to gather your courage. “I want us to continue finding our happiness in each other, not in alcohol.”
Eita took in a deep breath, wondering what on earth he could say to such a whimsical thought.
The words that he muttered became the words he regretted the most in his life.
“Were we ever finding happiness in each other purely? We’re always drunk together. Maybe I’d be fine with just a damn bottle of beer.”
His eyes were swimming, unfocused on different parts of his room. On anywhere but you. But when a loud clang came from your metal spoon falling onto the ceramic plate rang loudly, his dark brown eyes immediately being drawn to your pained face.
Your bottom lip was quivering and your body was shaking as it struggled to breathe. Tears began to well up in your eyes in shock.
“You’re… you’re kidding right?” Eita raised an eyebrow at your shaky speech. “I’m no better than a beer?”
The weight of his words suddenly hit him.
He knew he shouldn’t have said it and yet a part of him wondered if that really was the truth.
“Is that what you think of me, Eita?”
He kept silent.
“Eita, say something. Please say you were joking or something…”
His gaze was kept on the plate of curry, refusing to look into your teary eyes as you grabbed your belongings and got up. The sniffling in your voice accompanied by the soft thuds of your socked feet against the floor hurt him but he knew it could never compare to the pain you were feeling. It was a painful symphony Eita realised he had been creating for a while yet he wished he never had.
As the door slammed shut, Eita let out a heavy sigh and with an even heavier hand began to eat the curry you left behind.
“Thank you for the meal.” he mumbled.
“Keep the memories as they are.”
It had become a familiar scene - the two of you sitting on a rooftop with alcohol in one hand and the other holding onto the other’s. Laughter filled the air as your mostly-eaten konbini dinners were left beside you while you sat on leather jackets which substituted for picnic blankets.
However, today was a little more celebratory. You two had just finished your final exams and as a result, you two borrowed a stick-and-poke set from one of Eita’s bandmates. With as much careful precision as a drunk teenager could have, you two made a little heart on the back of each other’s right shoulder. Alas, it was just a bit disfigured, but you two believed that was a bit of the charm.
“Maybe we should’ve gone to get these done at a proper place.” you sigh, pressing the new tattoo with your cold fingertips.
“They wouldn’t let any high school students in.” he shrugged in reply while sitting beside you by the railing of the rooftop. Like before, he kept his legs on this side of the metal bars while you stuck yours through them.
“As if that’s ever stopped us before.”
“That’s true but I’m not fond of them having a record anyways. Not when I’m getting this stupid job with the government. Hopefully.”
“You’re still unhappy with your choice, huh?” you turned your head to look at him with a pout on your lips.
“Let’s just say that there’s always a problem with those old men.” Eita chuckled and flicked your forehead lightly, making you giggle. “But yeah of course I’m unhappy.”
You carefully pulled your legs out from between the bars and shuffled to sit right next to your boyfriend who had already put his arm around you. The sound of clothes ruffling and a faraway motorbike were the only sounds right now before you spoke,
“You’ll be able to quit eventually. I promise. I’ll always support you.”
Just as you two were about to lean in for a kiss, you looked up at the sky and gasped, “Eita, look! There’s a shooting star!”
The sky was clear tonight and while the town lights prevented you from seeing the majority of the stars, the streak left by the shooting star was clearly visible. You quickly clasped your hands and bowed your head with a smile on your face.
“Don’t tell me you believe in shooting stars?” Eita teased, though a big grin was on his face to see that you had still retained some bit of innocence and believed in wishing on shooting stars.
You lifted your head and crossed your arms at him. “Not particularly but I’ll take any extra chance!” Clearly, he wasn’t convinced. “Alright, then let’s make a wish together. Then we can decide after if it worked or not.”
“Eh… What would we wish for?”
“What do you want to wish for?”
There was a small pause as Eita brought a hand to his chin, thinking carefully before saying, “To stay together.”
“That’s so damn cheesy!”
“You asked me to make the wish!” he sighed, though a laugh followed it. “How about… to share our happiness and our sadness together?”
“And that sounds like a marriage vow.”
“If we get married someday then you can bring this up.”
“Sure, sure,” you giggle.
“I don’t want to change them.”
As Eita sings on the stage, he feels flooded with memories. He doesn’t run around the stage riling everyone in the crowd up as he usually does, nor does he interact with the band members to give fanservice. He simply stands in front of his mic stand at the center of the stage, singing the song which was just for you, who he hoped was somewhere in the crowd.
More than once while singing, his voice breaks for a moment as he remembers those days with you. While some fill him with immense sorrow and some cause immense joy, he realises that he wouldn’t ever change them.
And he wonders if you feel the same too.
“We were such fools weren’t we?”
As Eita sings, he wonders if he was being ridiculous for hoping that you were somewhere in the crowd watching him sing. He was already enough of an idiot for losing you. He hoped that he wasn’t being even more stupid for being unable to let you go.
Sweat rolls down the side of his face as he nods his head to the instrumental break preceding the bridge. It was always in these parts of his songs that he was most deep in his wandering thoughts.
Though right now, all he could think about was the ticket he sent you and his hope that you were here tonight.
“I’ve heard the words “You realise the importance of something after you’ve lost it,” so many times that I’ve grown to hate it. Yet I couldn’t notice it all along.”
Eita realises he never apologised for his words that night. You couldn’t bring up the painful thought and neither did he want to. Even though the thought “I should probably apologise to Y/N,” crossed his mind for the following weeks, his pride prevented it. Thus the thought of his words never fully disappeared and stayed lingering in the air between you like a foul stench.
And it caused you two to break up a few weeks after that night.
It was coming anyways, he tried to convince himself. You two were drifting apart and on the occasional times you met, it was just awkward. It was like you were putting up a facade in an attempt to keep the air light, though it only served to make things worse since Eita knew the real you wouldn’t smile no matter what and keep a bubbly personality - learning about the real you was what brought you together in the first place.
But even with that bright personality you kept worrying about him and scolding him for drinking nonstop. You remained insistent that you two were now adults who had to start acting responsible and that you should start relying on each other instead of on alcohol but he just refused to, saying that it was what he had always done and didn’t see a point in changing.
That difference was ultimately what caused your separation.
One winter night with tears in your eyes, you let him into your apartment to drop off the remaining of your belongings from his place while he picked up his own from yours. Almost no words were exchanged and though your presences were gone from each other’s lives, it felt like it never truly left.
For him at least.
He wasn’t too sure about how you felt.
And the words Tendou told him years ago, “You never know the importance of something until you’ve lost it,” echo in his head more than ever these days. As much as he didn’t want to admit it, his friend was right.
“Why aren’t those days fading away?”
Even though it’s been just over two years since that night, he realises that you left a much bigger impact on him than he originally thought.
He continued to drown himself in alcohol almost every night whether with friends, coworkers, or by himself, wishing to find the same happiness he felt months and years ago with you.
It didn’t take too long for the revelation to come to him as he laid on the cold hardwood floor of his tiny apartment, still in his work attire. His tired eyes stared at the set of guitar picks you once bought for his birthday, sitting untouched on top of the fridge since the day you split.
As he slowly pushed himself up to lean against the side of his bed, he realised that the drink could never give him the same happiness he had as when he was with you. It was like the taste of you lingered on his tongue whenever he drank, as if his body was expecting to find yours every time he became inebriated.
Weeks passed by and everyday his heart only longed to see you more and more, but he knew there was no way to ever have you back in his arms.
Eita slowly starts to hate the bitter taste of the cold drink and a few months later, more nights than not, he finds himself soberly writing songs and performing with his band.
He wished you could see him now, no longer slaving away at a desk for 14 hours a day and instead enjoying himself writing songs and standing upon the stage singing his heart out.
He wishes he could know whether you were happy for him or not.
“If we were hiding our misery, we would’ve known we were never attracted to each other.”
“I heard you broke up with L/N.” Ushijima says to Eita.
“Huh?! You did?” Tendou gasps.
“Yeah, like a year ago, what about it?” he sighs and takes a sip from his ice water. “Wakatoshi-kun, how did you find out anyways?”
“I heard from a friend who’s close to her.” he replies while picking a piece of yakiniku from the grill and blowing lightly before eating it.
Eita leaned back in his seat for a second before sitting up straight again. “Yeah. It’s been a while now. And it was my mistake completely. I said some things that shouldn’t have been said and I didn’t want to apologise.” his baritone voice was quiet as he explained the situation.
“I see… but was what you said true?” the redhead asked curiously as he flipped over a piece of yakiniku.
“At the moment it seemed true to me. But obviously it couldn’t be further from the truth.”
“What did you say exactly?” Ushijima asks.
Eita has his palm against the lower half of his face as he looks to the side, face red in embarrassment as he mumbles, “I compared her to beer and said I didn’t actually need her.”
A loud gasp followed, “Semi Semi! The hell’s wrong with you?!”
“Oi Tendou! You think I haven’t been thinking that for the past year?” Eita rubs his face in exasperation. “I know I was completely wrong. I’ve had a lot of time to think about it. And I guess we wanted different things. She was becoming a better person and trying to improve herself and I was still stupidly clinging to the past.” He bit the inside of his cheek for a moment, 
“I wonder if she hadn’t picked up my music sheets and I hadn’t invited her to my live that day, would we have ever gotten together? If it wasn’t for that night where we decided on a whim to show off our sadness then maybe I wouldn’t ever think of her as anything more than a stupidly bubbly deskmate.”
His two former teammates sat silently for a moment, wondering about it as well.
“We won’t ever know the answer to that,” Tendou shrugged, “Maybe it’s best not to think about it.”
Eita could only nod in agreement.
“Do you regret it though?” Wakatoshi speaks up.
To that, Eita pauses for a bit before giving a smile with just a hint of sadness, “Not at all. And I want her to know it.”
“May the wounds we’ve left on each other become part of your everyday.”
The last line of the lyrics left Eita in a near scream, his raw voice conveying his pain, longing, nostalgia, and self-hatred. The man left the mic stand and gripped the neck of his bass tighter than ever, playing his notes more intensely. His bandmates noticed the intensity with which he plucked at his bass strings and played the last instrumental length of the chorus with matching energies.
Eventually the song came to an end with a continuous crashing of cymbals and sustaining chords being played on the guitars. The audience cheered loudly with their hands raised high and fanning like blooming flowers, sad that they had reached the ending of the concert but happy that they got to hear a new passionate song.
He panted heavily while looking over at the crowd. He had finally gotten out the emotions which weighed so heavily on him for so long. 
Eventually, Eita realised he had been standing still for a little too long and walked forward to grab the microphone before going right to the front of the stage, screaming a final, “Thank you everyone!” 
His dark brown eyes, decorated with heavy eye makeup, scanned the crowd a final time, trying to find you. He’d understand if you didn’t come, he just-
Then he spotted a couple slipping out of the hall through the side doors near to the front. A man of average height but still a bit shorter than him, with short white hair and a woman of a familiar height with an off shoulder top. He wonders if it was just his imagination, but he thought he saw a small mark on the back of her right shoulder.
The other band members began interacting with the audience, high fiving a few fans in the front rows and tossing their now empty plastic water bottles into the crowd. While that happened, Eita’s eyes were still scanning the crowd, desperately looking for you. He couldn’t see you anywhere so that person had to be you right?
“Ei.” He was brought out of his thoughts by his bandmate tugging on his shoulder only to pour whatever little water was left in his water bottle onto the bassist’s head. “Calm down. We’ve still got the encore to get through,” the man whispered.
The audience began screaming at their interaction, seeing it as a form of fanservice without realising what was truly happening, which finally snapped Eita out of his trance. “Yeah,” he smirked, “Let’s finish tonight on a high note.”
* ・ ゜゚ ・ * : . 。 . . 。 . : * • * : . 。 . . 。 . : * ・ ゜゚ ・ *
Later that night, Eita sat in his hotel room going through a pile of fanmail he had received. Seeing as it was the final stop of the tour, there were a lot of presents and letters. And as much as his former self would love to accept the expensive bottles of wine and sake, he decided he would just give them to his family or friends and to put out a notice in the future that he wasn’t entirely fond of alcohol.
As he was reading through what felt like the five hundredth letter for the night, he saw a small plain white envelope with a small heart in the top right corner. In familiar handwriting, “For Ei” was written.
While biting the inside of his cheek and holding his breath, Eita carefully opened up the letter.
“Hi Semi.
I watched the concert today. Thank you for the ticket. I wrote this before attending so I won’t compliment you much, otherwise it would seem fake. But I think I would’ve definitely loved it anyways.
I’m glad to see you’re doing well now! I knew you’d make it far in your music career, though I guess that wishing star didn’t work.
There’s something I wanted to tell you. I’ve started seeing someone new recently. He’s kinda loud, crass, passionate about what he does, and is so energetic, but he’s actually really sweet and funny. Maybe Ushijima-kun’s told you about him. I wonder if you’re seeing someone new too and if they always ask about our matching tattoo too.
Either way, I want you to know I still think you were an important part of my life. It hurt a lot to part but I wouldn’t give the world for what we once had.
See you at the class reunion in April, Y/N
P.S. I listened to almost all your songs on YouTube and they’re super good! My coworkers think so too!”
“No, I’m not seeing anyone new yet.” Eita chuckles to himself as he tucks the letter carefully back into its envelope and places it in a separate pile from the rest of the fanmail. But perhaps it was time for him to properly start moving on now.
He’d just have to tell you all about it in April.
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velkynkarma · 11 months ago
do you have any plotlines (like, single episode plotlines AKA "the beach episode/the bodyswap episode") that you really wanted to see happen in a specific series?
Oooh, what a fascinating question, anon.
I remember telling @bosstoaster​ once that I wished in Leverage, in order to get at the big bad of the week, the team had to infiltrate some kind of MMORPG championship. Trying to envision Hardison attempting to teach Elliot, Parker, Sophie and Nate how to properly run dungeons in a tank/healer/3dps composition so they can win the tournament so they can get at their target always sounded hilarious to me. Including but not limited to:
Nate takes point on the con, but Hardison takes point on the cover, which is complicated for everyone
Hardison spends all his time outfitting everyone’s characters with the Absolute Best Gear And Items Ever and nobody appreciates his hard work, the n00bs. They don’t even know what they have. They don’t know how awesome he is. What he’s DONE for them.
Hardison trying so hard to explain gamer terms like mob, aggro, dps, DOT, HOT, mana, MMORPG, experience points, skill trees, etc. The rest of the team is baffled. 
Hardison attempting to explain the rich lore of the game and nobody caring. (”Who’s the hot elf chick?” “Her name is Shalor’am’an and she’s the leader of the entire moon elf faction, show her some respect.” “UGH, this ugly old man has been talking for five minutes already--” “Look, his story is actually really tragic, if you just listened to his speech you’d--” “BORED ALREADY. Nobody talks like this in real life!” “Oh, so it’s okay in your theater plays for characters to ramble for ten minutes after getting stabbed in the back, but it’s not okay here????”)
All of them (but especially Parker) being upset they can’t just steal things off the background or make their characters do things they can do, despite Hardison repeatedly trying to explain that these games are programmed only for certain ways
Everyone (but especially Elliot) struggling with using a keyboard and mouse to do complex things like keybinding, abilities, efficient movement, etc.
Everyone (but especially Elliot) being mad about how long it takes as a team to take stuff down. Why can’t Elliot just punch it. Why can’t the rest of them just let Elliot punch it. Why.
(Elliot secretly slowly getting used to it and enjoying it but playing dumb on purpose to piss Hardison off)
Parker wanting to earn a ton of gold but being upset when it turns out there’s no actual gold to put in a pile and lay on. Money is for having, not for being a number!
Everyone wondering why Hardison doesn’t just hack the game to make them all ridiculously good so they win. Hardison explaining with an affronted look on his face that you don’t just do that, there’s HONOR to MMO’s, he has standards, what are you thinking. (But later admitting he actually did hack the game once and got his first account banned as a result and he just doesn’t wanna deal with that again, he’s invested a lot in his character here)
Everyone (but especially Nate) being mad about the standard MMO boss fighting strategies and tactics. He has better, cleverer ways to deal with this encounter. Why can’t they skip past this boss and pit the next one against the first one to save themselves time? (Hardison: It doesn’t WORK like that Nate they’re warlords/demons/evil wizards/weird cryptids not corrupt businessmen!!!)
Everyone (but especially Nate) being confused by video game logic in general. It’s the inverse of the one time when Hardison got to run a con and made it overly complicated like a video game. Nate can’t understand why everything is so needlessly complex and convoluted. People enjoy this?????
Sophie just hates every part of this. Every part of this. Why do people do this. There isn’t anything fun to do in it. Why. 
Hardison trying for the five hundredth time to explain you can’t PAUSE THE GAME, it’s an MMO, it doesn’t WORK THAT WAY. (They have to run mid-dungeon run to deal with actual work and Hardison is very upset at having to abandon the game partway through)
Hardison is super good at the game and ends up pulling the inverse Elliot where they’re gonna all die and it’ll be a group wipe and he single-handedly carries them. He and every gamer is amazed by what he did. The team has no appreciation for it.
For Elliot’s inevitable actual fight he almost certainly beats the shit out of somebody with specialized MMO equipment (modified keyboards, laptops, mice), a heavy-duty headset, and one prop decorative item from the game. 
Everyone else is really bored and tired while playing at one point trying to practice to get good enough to get into the tournament, at which point Hardison introduces the idea of gamer food/drinks. Most of them now understand why he lives on gummy snacks and orange soda. Parker takes to the idea of a gamer diet a little too enthusiastically and ends up hyper AF on something extremely sugary. 
Sophie attempts to grift as a gamer but knows absolutely nothing about gamer culture so it just ends up being gaming stereotypes and Hardison is offended. 
More could fore sure be added, there’s plenty of material here to go around
It’s tough to say for me, though. As a general rule, while I like those sorts of zany, oddball, or day-in-the-life plotlines most of the time when I experience them in media, I can’t say I particularly desire to see them before I come across them. They tend to be those ‘I didn’t know I needed this until they gave it to us’ types of plots, for me. 
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whirlybirbs · a year ago
a/n: rex gets punched. the 501st are rowdy boys. you help him out. follow up to this.
You two don’t make it home together.
Not in the way you’d both hoped, at least.
Things get… dicey at 79′s, as they usually do, but a fight spills over from the bar between two 501st boys – Rex, morally obligated to intervene since thy were his boys did so with a huff and a pout. He pulls himself from your orbit and hauls himself over to separate the fight… and then, a trooper you recognize to be Corric turns, staggers, and you watch, in slow-motion, as Rex is unceremoniously punched square in the nose. 
Your hands fly to your face to smother a yelp.
It’s an embarrassing trip to the medical bay.
You gather cocktail napkins, all sorts of colors like pink and blue and orange and stamped with 79′s logo, and genlty help Rex stop up his very broken and very bloody nose as Tup, Jesse and Echo handle Corric who hasn’t stopped babbling apologies to his, definitely concussed, Captain who’s cursing on the floor. 
You’re huffing, not bothered by the blood now staining your hands. 
“Is it bad?” he asks, nose clogged and voice sound nasally. 
You wince. “It’s not great, handsome.”
A ragged sigh. 
The boys are kind enough to call a cab, and you get Rex back to the barracks with little complaint – it’s when he gets into the med-bay that the griping begins. 
“M’ fine, Kix,” he grumbles, head tilted up as he sits on a bed; Kix is standing in-front of him, plucking napkins from his nose, while you linger behind the medic’s shoulder, “S’ not that bad.”
“Rex,” a sigh, “We all know you weren’t a looker before but this really ain’t helpin’ your case.”
You smack Kix’s shoulder. “Be nice.”
“Yea,” a chirp, boot kicking Kix’s knee gently, “You ‘eard her.”
Kix has some questions – but they sit on his tongue. You and Rex had stumbled in together. You, in a very short and very glittery little dress that Kix will happily think about for the rest of his days, and him, with a broken god damn nose. You both smell like booze, but that’s probably from just touching the floor of 79′s. From what Kix can tell, you’re both relatively sober and… well, Rex wasn’t easy to convince when it came to a night of merriment, so he wasn’t surprised.
But… you’re both staring at one another. 
So much so that Kix is afraid he missed something. 
“Fine, fine. Whatever – I’m gonna reset your nose,” Kix says, moving across the room to gather what he needs, “Stitch you up, and let your lovely nurse take care of you for the rest of the night.”
You make a face. “Am I even qualified to do that? I do not have a medical degree.”
“… An outfit, maybe?” 
That earns Kix a whack upside the head. “Ow!”
You smother a snort. 
Kix is fast about doing what he needs to do – he’s a good medic like that. In no time, Rex’s nose is reset, albeit coming with a few gruesome noises from both men. By the time Kix has stitched the laceration along the bridge of the Captain’s nose, it’s a little past midnight and Rex has two black eyes to show for his rather eventful evening. 
Kix sends him off with some bacta paste and a stim or two of the pain. 
“Thanks, Kix,” you say, patting the medic’s shoulder as you follow Rex out, “I wasn’t helping much with the napkins.”
The neon squares are still in a bloodied bundle in the compactor bin in the corner of the bay. Rex makes a quiet sound ahead of you – something akin to a laugh – and Kix shoots you a wink.
“Don’t worry about it. You can help him out other ways –”
“Kix, I will hit you again –”
You grin, hands finding the armored waist of the 501st Captain and urging him into the hall. “Noted, Kix. Thanks again.”
Rex is tired – you can tell from the way he trudges back to his quarters, honey brown eyes half-lidded from the hour and full stim worth of bacta. You were keen on making sure he got in alright, but when the Captain punches in the security code for his quarters and holds the now unlocked door open for you? 
Well, you weren’t gonna say no.
It’s a nice space – a bed in the corner, a desk, and a small living area fitted with a couch and screen for the holonet. Perks of rank, you suppose. No doubt the perks of being Skywalker’s fist, too. Rex waves on the lights by his bed and exhales as he lands, making work on his armor piece by piece. They begin to accumulate in a pile on the floor; white, blue and weathered.
You’re wandering around, looking about, when you speak. 
“Nice place.”
“We’re not really salaried,” Rex shrugs, “So they try ‘n’ make up the perks of rank in living quarters and gear.”
“I’d say you got the good end of both,” you move across the room and settle beside him on his cot; the bed shifts and Rex blinks up at you, half-way done with removing his cuirass and bracers and pauldron. 
It’s quiet. “Want help?” you ask. 
He blinks, brain a bit foggy, and then nods.
You’re exceedingly careful of his nose – you lift the pauldron over his head and toss it aside, working carefully on the back straps beneath his chest piece. Slowly, the Captain becomes less composite armor and more human; the blacks beneath his outfit are tight along the muscles of his chest and back and arms… exhausted, Rex ditches his kama, belt and lower pieces with a huff.
You, in a show of solidarity, kick off your high heeled boots.
Rex cracks a grin. “Were those comfortable?”
You watch as the Captain moves to recline against the headboard, propped up and looking worse for wear. Still, his expression is soft, and you smile a bit as you shake your head. 
“Not at all,” you grin, “You have your battle dress, I have mine.”
“Battle dress, huh?” he muses as you crawl up the bed, finding a spot beside him to be where you’re most content. Your body heat burns through his blacks and the clone can’t help but squirm, “Is that what you’re wearing?”
You catch his eyes roaming again. It’s cute.
“I guess,” it’s said in passing as your hand finds his chin and his eyes slip shut. He likes being touched. Your knees press against his thigh and your elbow brushes his chest and you’re warm, “It certainly won me a few things tonight.”
“One dashing clone Captain, to start.”
You cracks open his bruised eyes. There’s a smile on his lips. 
“You had me already,” he croaks, “The dress just sealed the deal. I like blue. You know that. An’ according to Kix, m’not so dashing anymore.”
“You do look like hell,” you pout as concern washes back over you, fingers grazing his jaw, “How’s the pain?”
“What pain?”
You snort. 
He seems proud of himself. 
“… If I kiss you,” you ask slowly with a smile that robs him completely of his train of thought, “Is that gonna hurt?”
Rex’s brain is melting. He blinks a few times, then shrugs.
“Worth it.”
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honeyjaez · 5 months ago
Y’all ready for my shitty opinion on the Introduction Kingdom performances that literally no one asked for?
I preface this by saying I love every single group equally and each of these groups (with the sad exception of iKON) I am a hard core fan of. But I also love practicing thinking subjectively and I pride myself on not being too biased when it comes to performances and Kpop, like I know how to understand sometimes my ult might not be the best vocally or whatnot. I like being unbiased with this. So without further ado.
This is not based on scores already known, just my own thoughts.
(And also like these ranking do not reflect my love for a group or if I think they are untalented because all these groups are so massively talented. but rankings have to happen right?  Like someones gotta be last but i don’t love them any less lol) 
6. Stray Kids (and this hurts as a Stray Kids Ult)
A group that I think really hurt with forced to having to perform the song that they did. (Their only other option was Back Door or levanter but it doesn’t really hit the same as Miroh so I understand why they chose it). The song is still my favorite title track by them (Also Im such a hoe for center Minho like....), but it’s SUCH a hard song to perform live. I remember all the issues they had during the era and still saw a lot of that here, more specifically with the insane rap parts. Its just not something easily done live (I say this like I know how to rap) but it doesn’t take a lot to realize that Changbin’s rap is so insanely fast (which props to him) that it can still be difficult for him. Also I think the backtrack of the song really hindered the performance. It was just too loud. Like you know those performances when you can really tell a group has some relying on the backtrack and others don’t? I have nothing wrong with lip synching, honestly, I could care less by it because I understand they are doing so much movement on stage that I couldn’t understand how to do both. But it takes away from the performance when you hear the difference in members performing live and those who are relying a bit more on it. Stray Kids are AMAZING performers and CAN sing/rap live. It was very cool though I guess with props but it was like they were trying to distract people from the lack of performance. I just think that having to perform Miroh (I know they didn’t get to pick really) was their downfall to me. But the outfits were cool! Regardless, they are still #1 in my heart and I look forward to the other performances!!!  But with more Seungmin!!!!!
Next to The Boyz, I am most excited about seeing ATEEZ on Kingdom. One because Korea seriously needs to stop sleeping on them, but two because they are such intense and talented performers.  True to form they came in crashing! Unfortunately, the only reason they are so low is that there wasn’t anything that really made them stand out from the others to me. I do appreciate the classic ATEEZ intensity (but like also Hongjoong please don’t be all serious and death stare while suddenly saying Hakuna Matata, I couldn’t take it seriously). But the VOCALS win most intense which sells towards their performance. I appreciated Ateez so much for their intense singing (looking at you Seonghwa and Jongho). I do think that having to perform Wave didn’t really help them. (From my understanding is that MNET told them they had to perform a song that placed #1 which for them was only Wave, or Inception  which they already performed at MAMAs (we did Wonderland so dirty)) Not that I hate Wave (its actually my favorite title track by them) and I did enjoy the composition of this new darker Wave, but could you imagine if they had come in swinging with Pirate King or Wonderland? Hell fucking yes. Regardless, looking forward to see how they grow as the youngest group on there! I have nothing but high hopes for them!
4. SF9 
Now You guys know how much I love SF9. They are practically an unofficial ult group for me. But this is not based off song because I actually can’t stand Good Guy (I overplayed it when it came out and now I hate it (not really but ya know) ) I remember people saying SF9′s performance wasn’t really memorable, but I didn’t see that. I saw an idol group coming out for the first time to prove something and actually shocking me with how intense they were. They really looked like Gang Members (handsome ones at that) ready to rule the world with their performance. Their looks and their dancing was great. I love SF9 and they haven’t had a lot of opportunities to showcase their talents like this so I look forward to how they shock the other group (also if they don’t do the wheel from K.O in a single performance I will riot) but all in all I think this was a solid performance by them! I laughed at the beginning with Inseong holding the crystal diamond because I couldn’t help but think back to tbz and the crown on rtk. I hope they also do story driven performances on here because I haven’t seen that from them before and I think it would be great!
Can I just say I appreciate the fact that they are staying true to their vocal roots? So much Kpop these days is intense and in your face with everything, and I worried about a vocally driving group like BTOB being on this program because they’ve never been about the choreography (though I’ll be your man was lit) but just like how everyone reacted, BTOB focusing on their vocals rather than dance was such a breath of fresh air in this round. They really are vocal kings in KPop and the chills that some of those idols felt were so important. Like Wooyoung said after their performance “Vocals are so powerful” (or something like that) and I sometimes feel that people forget that. Intense dancing is great and all, but to wow people with just your voice like they did is a feat not every group can do. The  acapella was such a nice tough too. Beautiful Pain is such a beautiful song (ha) and the remix they did for it was just so nice. My only complaint is that we didn’t get enough Minhyuk vocals :(((((
2. The Boyz
Aight, people might accuse me of being biased based on how whipped I was for The Boyz back during RTK, but I’m really not. Like the other groups agreed on, you can tell The Boyz were on RTK. You can tell they have been through a program like this and they came in swinging. They have a lot of pressure on them after the wonderful performances on RTK and I think the opening performance they did didn’t disappoint. They are such good storytellers when it comes to performances (something Ateez is also really good at as well). They just get you immersed in their performances and thats something unique to certain groups. They were just meant to perform. Regardless of scores, The Boyz are proving to be fierce competitor from the get go and not to name names, but Sunwoo is such an amazing rapper live like holy shit. He needs more credit. RTK was amazing for them and I am sure Kingdom will be just that as well!
1. iKON
God I hope Kingdom will turn me from a casual fan to a hardcore ikonic. What I loved about iKON’s performance is a lot like BTOB’s or even SF9′s. There was a sense of branding, like this style was their’s and theirs alone. Also their performance brought so many smiling and happy faces to the crowd. A lot of younger groups look up to iKON and you even heard how many idols there and evaluations to their songs or what not. They just had so much fun on stage and that reflected on the audience who in turn also had a blast. I wasn’t sure how I would feel watching them since out of all the groups I’m least attached to iKON, but just with that causal, fun, but intense performance of rytham-ta one could easily see them as Kings already.  I didn’t notice any thing out of place because I was just enjoying the performance completely. And to me, thats the most important part of a performance.
Again, these were just my opinions on this introduction stage. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the performances. Your rankings, and who you look forward to see more from! We will have a fun time with Kingdom on my blog! <3 :3
I look forward to future rounds and what other groups have to offer!
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ruzek-halstead · 10 months ago
the one that (almost) got away
"my friend dragged me to this party and i just saw my ex - quick, make out with me"
university au
masterlist || ao3
It was a month before finals and Julie's to-do list was piling up. Her music courses were slowly starting to drive her insane (best program in the country my ass) and she had absolutely zero time to even breathe, much less be dragged to a party by her roommate.
The past few months had been filled with lectures, compositions, performances and impromptu Netflix binging sessions. She was already stressed enough with everything happening academically, it didn't help that she found her boyfriend of two years on a romantic dinner with another woman (I mean, his tongue was down her throat, what would you make of that?). It hurt like hell, don't get her wrong, but having him out of her life didn't bother her as much as it probably should have. Luckily, she kept herself distracted with classes, extra-curricular activities and her best friend and roommate, Flynn.
"You're going," Flynn stated with the utmost serious expression. She busied herself with rummaging through her closet to find the perfect outfit for tonight's frat party, while Julie focused on the lyrics splayed out in front of her for composition class. "You've been so focused on school that you haven't had any time to enjoy the night life."
Julie rolled her eyes without sparing a glance at her best friend. "Yes, because I'm in university because of the night life," she sassed, "it has absolutely nothing to do with excelling in the most prestigious music program in the country so I can become famous and fly you places in my private jet."
"Details," Flynn muttered, waving her hand in her direction. "Alex's frat is throwing the party, so it won't be overly crazy."
Flynn and Julie made eye contact and Flynn cringed at the unimpressed look on Julie's face.
"Okay, so maybe I can't control that," she admitted. "But still, Alex says you have to come! You can finally meet some of his friends!"
Julie snorted. "I know his friends. I don't like his friends."
"You know Luke," Flynn countered, "you haven't met Reggie or Alex's boyfriend, Willie! And Luke isn't that bad, I promise; he's super sweet."
"Sweet?" Julie spit, eyes widening in annoyance. "He pushed me into the pool at that last party!"
Flynn cringed, yet again. "Okay, yes," she relented. "But it was more like 'he knocked you' into the pool because he was trying to catch the football. And he did!"
"Excuse me for not caring!"
"Just trust me, okay?" Flynn busted out her puppy dog eyes as she jumped on Julie's bed. "They're great, and we can't discuss this anymore. You need a break and you're going. I don't care if you leave twenty-minutes after you get there; you are making an appearance."
Julie and Flynn engaged in a brief stare down, to which Flynn ended by pushing against Julie's shoulder.
"Fine," Julie reluctantly agreed, "I'll make a brief appearance, and I'll meet Alex's friends. But as soon as Luke says something stupid, I'm leaving. Is that clear?"
Flynn's face broke into an excited grin. "Crystal clear, girl!" She squealed. "Oh my god, put your lyrics away. We have to start getting ready right now!"
Julie entered the frat party with a newfound attitude and a clear mind. Flynn forced her to take two tequila shots before leaving their apartment, so she could forget about her studies, and so far, it was working. She also didn't want to be the only buzzkill at this party, so she promised herself and Flynn that she would actually try to have some fun.
"There you go, there's that smile!" Flynn cheered, nudging Julie in the direction of the drinks. Together they mixed a creative concoction and set out to find Flynn's good friend, Alex.
They found him relatively quickly; he was dominating at the beer pong table. When he saw  Flynn and Julie, his face lit up and he tapped a random guy next to him, shouting, "sub in for me, my bestie's here!"
With that, he ran over to Flynn to give her a bone-crushing hug and a sloppy kiss on the cheek (he was definitely more than two shots and a cocktail in). "Hey Jules!" He greeted the brunette, wrapping her under his other arm. "Ah, my girls are here. I have to find the guys!"
"Julie's going to love them!" Flynn added, following as Alex pulled them along. He pulled them until they stepped into the backyard where the party was just as lively as inside. "Look, there's Reggie!"
Alex dragged them over to two guys who seemed to be in a heated conversation.
"I can't believe you don't like The Office!" The one with a red flannel shirt tied around his waist exclaimed, throwing his arms up for emphasis. "Michael Scott is the single greatest character ever created."
The other one with his hair tied up in a bun rolled his eyes. "If that's what you think, then you need more help than I can offer."
"Whatever," Red Flannel replied, turning his attention to the newcomers. "Flynn, you're here!" He exclaimed, reaching over to give her a hug. "I'm Reggie!" He told Julie excitedly.
Julie sent him a polite smile. "Hey, nice to meet you. I'm Julie."
"And this," Alex yelled drunkenly, wrapping his arms around the other brunette, "is Willie! He's my boyfriend!"
Willie let out a laugh. "He is so wasted. Nice to meet you, Julie."
Julie sent him a warm smile in response.
Alex turned his attention to Julie. "Julie," he slurred, wrapping an arm around her shoulders again, "is Flynn's best friend and roommate. I've been trying to get her to meet you guys for ages. Wait, where's Luke?"
Julie's shoulders stiffened.
Reggie shrugged. "Who knows."
"I'll go find him," Alex muttered. "Go get another drink, mingle, but you're not allowed to leave until you meet Luke!" He yelled to her as he walked backwards across the room (he was definitely going to trip). "No leaving!"
"Is he forgetting I've already met Luke?" Julie whispered to Flynn, who just shrugged.
Willie hesitantly started after him, turning to say, "I should probably make sure he doesn't do something really stupid."
"And I'm going to go mingle," Julie replied, turning to Flynn who look thoroughly unconvinced.
Flynn pursed her lips. "You better not leave."
"I won't," Julie laughed, "I promise."
With that, they all went their separate ways. Julie stayed outside and watched the beer pong championship for a while, but eventually decided to go back inside because the chill was getting to her. She was also hoping to find Flynn because her 'mingling' was getting boring and she was inching to leave.
She walked back into the building, intent on getting herself a new drink to pass the time. She was about to turn into the kitchen, when she spotted a very familiar face that she hadn't seen in a number of months.
Her ex-boyfriend, Ryan.
And the girl he cheated on her with.
"Oh my god," she muttered, ducking out of the way. She made eye contact solely for a solid millisecond but she knew he saw her. "Fuck."
In her attempt to escape and leave the house party (and the university, if she's being honest), she ran smack into a hard body. "Shit," she heard a deep voice. "Are you okay?"
His hands were wrapped around her upper forearms and she looked up to realize they belonged to her one and only nemesis, Luke Patterson.
"Oh, it's you! Pool girl!"
In any other circumstance, she would probably wrap her hands around his throat and squeeze but she was genuinely too panicked.
Oh god, Ryan was calling out for her.
"You pushed me into a pool months ago, right?"
Luke's eyebrows narrowed. "Okay, well, it was a little more complicated than that..."
"But you owe me!"
"Uh — sure?"
He looked genuinely confused and regardless of how smart Julie considered herself to be, she was incredibly dumb when it came to men and social situations.
Which is why she uttered, "I'm so sorry, but my ex —" before crashing her lips against his. He seemed to freeze, his hands loosening their grip on her forearms.
Julie quickly doubled back, realizing how stupid of an idea it was. It was Luke, and even though she wasn't particularly a fan of him, she had basically just mauled him without even asking for consent.
"Oh my god, I am so sorry," Julie apologized quickly. He was staring at her as if she had three heads. "I'm so sorry. I just saw my ex-boyfriend with the girl he cheated on me with and he was calling my name and I figured, 'oh, why not just make out with someone so he doesn't think I'm a complete —'"
This time, Luke interrupted her with a wicked smirk. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her flush against him. She squeaked in response, but was distracted when he tipped her head back and kissed her. It was soft at first, but he pressed harder against her mouth with an intensity that momentarily took Julie's breath away. His body pressed further against hers, until they rested on the wall behind her.
A moment later, he pulled back and admired her shocked expression.
"How was that?"
His voice was soft and warm and Julie was so stunned, it took her a moment to reply.
But when she did, her recollection and sass came full force.
"Good enough, I guess," she lied through her teeth (it was fucking fantastic). "Your debt is paid, thank you. And stay away from the pool."
With that, she whirled around, dead set on walking away. She was so mind-blown from the kiss, she completely forgot Ryan was still behind her.
She didn't realize she said it out loud until Ryan's eyebrows furrowed.
"Babe! Wait for me!" The obnoxious voice of Luke Patterson rang through her ears before she felt his arm wrap around her shoulders and hang off her neck. "I'm Luke, Julie's boyfriend. Who are you?"
Julie cringed. She wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Right now.
"I'm Ryan," he answered apprehensively; his new girlfriend was nowhere to be found. "Nice to meet you."
"Is it, though?" Luke replied and Julie's eyes widened. She whipped her head to glare at him, but he was too focused on Ryan. He was wearing a playful smirk but the look in his eyes was everything but playful. "You're the one who cheated on my girl, isn't that right?"
Ryan's face went pale. "I should probably go... Nice to see you, Julie."
"Yeah, you probably should go! Wouldn't want my fist accidentally connecting with your nose!"
Julie's eyes widened and she angrily pushed Luke away from her. "Oh my god, what is wrong with you?"
"I was defending you," he explained like it was obvious, "you're welcome, by the way. Or maybe I should be thanking you," he winked.
Julie never wanted to die as much as she did in that moment.
"Oh my god," she muttered, utterly mortified. "Do you even hear yourself?"
Luke smiled cheekily. "Yeah, I do. And that was," he made the chef's kiss motion. He actually made the chef's kiss motion; Julie wanted to throw up. "Do you think we could continue that? Maybe go out to dinner or something?"
Julie blinked.
"This may shock you, but not everyone here likes you," she replied after a moment. God, this whole situation was getting so far away from her.
Luke smirked. "Sounds ridiculous, but go on."
"You pushed me into a pool, I don't need to like you! And I appreciate you helping me out with my ex, but that was all! This ends here!"
Luke's eyes softened, but there was still a wild gleam in them.
"No?" Julie spluttered. "What do you mean no?"
Luke shrugged. "You can deny it all you want, but our kiss was definitely something. And I may have my moments, but I'm not dumb enough to let something like that go."
Julie found herself stunned once again.
"What the hell is going on right now?"
"And yeah, I probably could be more charming," he admitted. "And I really am sorry about the pool thing. That wasn't supposed to happen like that!"
Julie looked around for Flynn or Alex or literally everyone who could save her.
"So, what do you say? Dinner on Friday?"
Julie barked out a laugh, but she had to admit, he looked adorably optimistic. She took a moment to admire his appearance and obviously he was ridiculously attractive but — she really had no reason to object.
"Are you out of your mind? I hardly know you!"
"That's the point of a date, Julie. Keep up," he teased, his hazel eyes sparkling.
Julie was genuinely starting to feel faint. This was too much action for one day.
"Slow your roll, Casanova."
Luke's eyebrows rose in amusement. "Want me to slow it down? Even though you just had your tongue down my throat?" Julie squeaked in indignation and Luke chuckled. "Shit, I'm really bad at this whole charming thing apparently. Can I start by getting your number?"
"I honestly don't understand what's happening right now. So, I'll give you my number, but you have to work your ass off for that date."
Luke nodded, biting his lip to hold back a smile. "Yeah, that sounds fair.”
“Oh, look!” Both of their head swivelled around to see Alex, stumbling drunkenly in their direction with Flynn by his side. “Julie met Luke!”
“Dude, they’ve already met. How drunk are you?”
“Wait, why does Luke have lipstick all over his face?”
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