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#sometimes people are awesome
shorter men (on average) are
closer to face level, easier to talk to
less overbearing physically
lower weight class, a more equal match in hand-to-hand combat
from a dating perspective, these are all things women appreciate 
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randomslasher · a year ago
You know what? Can we please destroy this idea that people should always be striving to ‘improve’ at their hobbies? Like, the literal things they’re doing in their spare time for fun and sharing with others for free?
I see this argument every time I reblog or make posts about the dangers of unsolicited constructive criticism: “well how else will they improve? No one is above criticism! No one is perfect!” 
You’re right: no one is perfect. And if someone wants to improve, and asks for suggestions on how to do so, then offering them those suggestions is perfectly all right. It’s fine to want to improve and it’s fine to ask for criticism if it’s something you want, and it’s fine to offer criticism if you have been requested to do so. 
Let me be abundantly clear that I am not talking about the consensual requesting and giving of criticism, because that is perfectly fine.
And frankly, I’ve already screamed my head off too many times about why unsolicited constructive criticism does more harm than good when people are offering it to those who are literally just creating for fun (not for a job, or for a commission, but literally in their spare time for free). So I won’t go into that here either.
What I would like to say is we really need to destroy this idea that the only proper way to enjoy a hobby is to try to be good at it.
It’s okay to enjoy a hobby without being good at it. 
It’s okay to draw stick figures or wonky anatomy. It’s okay to sing off key. It’s okay to make lumpy, uneven knitting. It’s okay to write choppy prose with grammatical errors and odd pacing. 
It is okay to enjoy a hobby without being good at it.
And more to the point? 
Destroy the idea that to be a valid participant in a hobby, you have to be constantly trying to get good at it. 
You do not have to want to improve. 
It is perfectly okay to enjoy yourself where you are without constantly pushing yourself to get better.
It is totally fine if improvement is not one of your goals--if the only reason you’re doing something is because it’s fun and you enjoy it. 
So please, please, can we stop this crusade to “help others improve” when 1) they haven’t asked for help in doing so, and 2) it’s not anyone else’s place to decide whether improvement should be someone’s goal in the first place? 
Let people enjoy their hobbies without constantly demanding they be trying to get good at them. 
And if you don’t personally like what they’re doing? Move along. Because they don’t owe you anything--certainly not the time, energy, effort or expense to get “good” at something they’re just doing for fun.
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startrekvsfaceapp · 11 months ago
My city can be awesome sometimes
Remember people TRUST NOT DATA LORE
Tumblr media
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xoaspiewriterxo · 2 years ago
Shout  out  to  nonverbal  Autistic  people and  those  who  go  nonverbal  sometimes  you’re not weird you’re  awesome and deserve  respect
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notbecauseofvictories · 5 months ago
svnflowers replied to your post: Does anyone have recommendations for a great...
And for essays “Food Pasts, Food Futures: The Culinary History of COVID-19” has been my go-to recently for both format and content (and you always gotta love a fabricated bibliography of the future)
I don’t know if this is what I’ll end up using, but it is definitely cool as hell---from the description of the “class” to the fact that the interdepartmental collective is sponsored by “Harvard College by Microsoft” and the suggestion that the final paper is due via AmazOnTime.
Also, you are 100% correct: you do have to love a fabricated bibliography from the future.
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She has a crush on sokka lol how is that aroace
Tumblr media
Reminder that sexuality/gender identity is not something that is always clear and finding what identity makes you most comfortable is a journey and our past behavior doesn’t always correlate with what we identify as later on! Being able to headcanon fictional characters as certain identities is a helpful way to think about our own identities and it’s awesome to be able to think about our favorite characters having similar identities as ourselves! 
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deputyash · 3 years ago
To all the Writers, Artists, (and anyone really)
I just wanted to say I have tremendous respect for all the writers, artists, and creators out there! Creating is hard and sometimes inspiration or motivation just doesn’t want to work with you. But don’t let it get you down! Your biggest critic is usually yourself. Remember that there will always be someone who loves your work. Everyone’s writing or drawing style is different and it’s not fair to compare yourself to others. Just do what makes you happy and it will show! Art is in the eye of the beholder! :)
Tagging a few amazing creators (though I’m absolutely positive there are a lot more out there!):
@sivasova @detownley @mccreeandme @radiojamming @auroranotsogreat @deputyrook @deputy-videogamer @edensgay @yes-to-wrath @das-leben-artist @theprojectatedensgate @sparklychainsaw @your-taxidermy @a-villains-refuge @impossible-ancient @senpailucifer @felleyan @yodeki @letsjustanon @lovely-murderous-innerbeast
These are just a few I’ve enjoyed recently, but I know there are many more! Heck, add yourself or your favorite creator! You are all awesome! :)
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queerfictionwriter · a year ago
you're incredible, keep shining your light in the world!!!
Oh gosh--thank you so much, nonny! 
I hope you’re having a great day, wherever you are 
Tumblr media
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astriiformes · 6 days ago
I always get a little nervous about having decked out my entire work lanyard in Pride pins, because even though the worst that has happened is me getting pretty sad about the fact that my pronouns (and! name!) are both extremely visible and visitors still get them wrong most of the time, all would take is one person to get aggressive about it for it to backfire hard. I like being visibly queer to the visitors who appreciate it, but I do worry about the ones who might not.
But today! Today I had a conversation with a wonderful woman who asked what my ace and aro pins represented (and then went “Oh of course, those are definitely both real!” which warmed my heart, because I always worry about an awkward response to the pins for my “weird” identities if people ask), and then followed that up by saying “I actually bought a pronoun pin the other day, and I was wondering what that means for people like you” and we had a really good conversation about how cis people displaying their pronouns helps to normalize it and means trans folks fit in more, even digging some into how it’s good to ask, but not something that should be required, since that can be hard for people who aren’t out. She even went “Oh, I should do that!” when I mentioned another thing people tend to do is put their pronouns in their email signatures.
I of course love getting other queer people who are super excited about my pins, and that feeling alone makes them worth wearing openly, but the chance to start such good conversation with cishet allies who are willing to make that leap and politely ask about things they want to be educated on is worth so much too.
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rquideal · 7 years ago
I'd always assumed you would be there. I looked up and saw only you had come. Thank you.
Her to him Two lovers Series
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noxinamillionyears · 2 years ago
I just started watching Queer Eye and I already love these boys. They’re so positive and happy and kind and are always focused on helping their people find a way to make an effort and take care of themselves. It’s so delightful to watch.
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strigital · 7 days ago
sure, miraak's mask may scream of lovecraftian horror, eldritch monstrosity, and hermaeian corruption, but those eyes are shamelessly undressing ur dovahkiin right there and then as he pompously monologues about his power over u in this realm, and honestly, heck bethesda again for cutting all the best stuff from the dlc in favor of some generic ass ending...
...yes, i've installed Improved Closefaced Helmets, and i'm loving it.
Tumblr media
screenshot credit: Lyreha, the creator of a beautiful Dovah Sonaak - Dragon Priest Masks SE mod
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pike-the-monstah · 2 years ago
honestly, after last night, i will fight anyone who says ashley isn’t a good roleplayer/isn’t as invested in the game as everyone else. we saw plenty of awesome rp with pike but sometimes people seem to think that, because yasha is so quiet, ashley zones out during the game, but like after That Scene??? and after how nervous she was during the lightning man fight??? ashley cares deeply about this game, she’s just playing a quiet character and has to jump in and out every few months so sometimes she forgets things. she’s just as good of a player as the rest of them. “i have so many flowers to bring her” JESUS
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no-droids · 8 months ago
i LOVE THIS STORYYYY you keep talking about symbolism though and I'm wondering what specific symbolism you're using so I can reread?? thank you so much you're impeccable
Tumblr media
OMG yes anon so there are a couple things, mainly some reoccurring motifs that are representative of mando and the reader respectively
Hyperspace (transient, untouchable, unknowable, mysterious, active) vs. The Floor (grounded, steady, tangible, relatable, restful)
Metal (hardened, protective, trained, silent, opaque, deathbringing) vs. Water (flowing, nurturing, pure, loud, transparent, lifegiving)
There are a few more but I want to get the rest of the story completed before I do anymore real narrative breakdowns for y’all but YES I am very stoked you asked about this omfg💕💕 I try to go a little under the surface sometimes and it’s super validating and awesome when people are interested in the metaphors and stuff so thank you
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