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#sometimes you use all your spell slots on a daring heist for cursed jewelry. sometimes that's just how it goes
terezis · 2 days ago
“Why can’t I see you?”
"We-e-ell," Taako starts, "that'd be the invisibility spell."
Lup makes a clicking noise with her tongue that somehow manages to sound both sympathetic and sarcastic as hell. She's talented like that; it's a gift. "Yeah, no, I see that," she says, "but -"
"I think the point is that you don't, actually. You can't see me. I'm invisible."
At that Lup rolls her eyes. she'd expected some primetime bullshit when Taako had called her out here, like just some Grade A, deli-fresh baloney when he'd told her to for once in her life be discreet, but this is ridiculous. Even for Taako. "Aren't you a wizard? Can't you like, I don't know... dispel it?"
"Lulu, if I could dispel it, we wouldn't be having this conversation, would we?"
Lup remains unmoved. She rocks on her heels and makes a real show of considering the negative space where her brother should be. "I mean, I don't know what you want me to do about this, Ko..."
"Look on the bright side," she says cheerily. "Cap'nport can't yell at you for stealing what was clearly a cursed necklace -"
"Hindsight is twenty-twenty, Lup."
"He can't give you any demerits if he can't find you. This is great."
"Okay, one, he absolutely can," Taako says, "he keeps track of them on the white board in his office and you know that. Two, those demerits are bullshit. We've been running from the Vorepocalypse for - what, thirty years? Who's gonna fuckin' court martial us? Our workplace is refried beans. Those demerits are literally nothing!"
"But they make you feel bad, though," Lup says.
Taako groans. "They make me feel bad, though."
Lup hums. "Tell you what, Ko. I'll dispel the invisibility for you."
For obvious reasons, she can't see it, but Lup takes great pleasure in imagining the twitch of Taako's ears and the flat, unimpressed look on his face. She knows it's there. She's a sister; she's got a good sense for these things.
"What's the catch?" Taako asks, and oh, yes, she can practically hear his scowl.
Lup resists the urge to grin and instead places her hand very delicately over her heart. "Taako, I'm hurt. you think I'd take advantage of you in your time of need? Is that what you see me as, Koko? An extortionist?"
"You think I'd extort you? My dear - my only brother?" Silence. Lup presses her lips together to hide her smile. "Your shoes," she says.
Taako groans.
"The red ones. The boots? With the skinny heel? Gimme the shoes and I'll get rid of the curse."
"Those shoes are designer! No!"
Just as Lup opens her mouth to respond, the door to the observation deck opens behind them. Light footsteps sound at the end of the hall.
"Taako, is that you?" Davenport says. "Why didn't you come inside when you got back? How'd the mission go?"
Lup glances back towards her brother's shadow. "Shoes," she mouths.
Taako lets out an audibly annoyed breath. "You're a nightmare," he hisses. "The shoes are under my bed. Hurry up and dispel it before he sees!"
"Well, technically, it's what he wouldn't see -"
There's a team meeting the next morning; when Taako and Lup walk in, their captain is sitting at the kitchen counter, thumbing through a stack of paper and sipping from a chipped mug. He glances up when he hears them arrive.
"Morning, guys. Lup, are those new shoes? They look great on you."
Taako's scowl - plainly visible on his face - is the sweetest prize of all.
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